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Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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Thank you!

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10:02 am BBT  We have FoTH again. 


10:19 am BBT  Feeds are back.  Sam is making her coffee in the KT, Kaycee is doing ADLs in the WA.  Fessy comes out of the WC, gets a towel and washes his hands, then leaves.  No talking with Kaycee who is right there. 

Sam is called to the DR.

10:22 am BBT  Kaycee goes into the KT.  BB tells the house guests there are fresh batteries in the storage room, please exchange them.  They don't call out individuals.  Sam comes out of the DR and joins Kaycee in the KT.  Feeds 1 & 2 are on JC sleeping in the PBR

10:25 am BBT  Kaycee is talking to Sam about liking old school things.  Converse, old classic cars, even colors.  They are talking how JC looked like the baby from the Hangover yesterday.  He had on a hat, glasses, no shirt and was sitting in the corner.  BB is telling house guests to bet up.  They say 4 different ones in a row, the last one was stern.  Sam says they better get up!

No movement.

10:30 am BBT  Sam comes out of the wash area and says she almost forgot to feed the fish.  She said you can't put the absent minded goober in charge of it.  Kaycee gets up to fold her clothes.  Kaycee goes to the BBR, where Tyler is still sleeping, and Sam goes to the SR to get the fish food.  Sam takes the food upstairs and talks to the fish as she feeds them.

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10:42 am BBT  BB tells the HGs again to wake up.  They do about 6 different ones this time, reminding them the lights must remain on.  Brett mimics them, don't see him.  Kaycee is at the table in the KT.  Not sure where Sam went after feeding the fish.  BB sternly says it is time to get up for the day, then "wakey wakey house guests".  Brett gets up.

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 10:20AM BBT Feeds are  back. Kaycee doing ADLs and Sam getting coffee. She looks at the camera and says good morning.


10:28AM BBT BB Is repeating for the HG to getup. All HG except Kaycee and Sam still snoozing.


10:40AM BBT Sam fe3eds the fish. Kaycee is folding and putting away her laundry.


10:45AM BBT BB tells the HG to get up again. Brett crawls out of bed and goes to the SR for batteries. No other movement.

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10:45 am BBT  Brett exchanges his battery,  then goes back to bed in the PBR.  He talks like BB as he climbs back in bed. BB then tells them a couple of get up/wake up messages.  Angela comes downstairs.  Kaycee tells her that her knee hurts, from sleeping in the saucers.  Angela said she slept so good.  Her butt and legs hurt, but it is a good hurt (from working out yesterday).

10:48 am BBT  BB calls out Tyler and JC to exchange their batteries, then asks have you changed your battery?  Angela and Kaycee are taling in the KT, Brett is throwing pillows at JC telling him to wakey wakey.  Then he laughs as JC is not happy.

Angela and Sam are talking in the WA.  Angela said for some reason production was transmitting everything being said in the HOH room.  Sam said she thought they were doing it on purpose, so she didn't pay attention.  Sam was washing dishes and making iced coffee, then feeds cut.



(Will be gone for a while)

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 10:46AM BBT Brett goes right back to bed. BB tells the HG that they must be awake between 10AM and 10PM. Angela comes down from HOH to get new batteries.


10:50AM BBT Angela and Sam in the WCA. Sames is telling her that she was doing dishes and ignored when the intercom went off. She thought they were dong it on purpose. The cams cut to the SR and Tyler getting his batteries.


10:55AM BBT Sam and Angela back in the WCA. Sam is telling Angela if they have something to ask her about, they should just ask her. She is honest. She says she doesn't lie and all they have to do is come talk to her. Angela says she is glad it was nothing. Tyler comes in to use the WC. Angela and Sam both say they like his hair. Angela says it is all done and Brett needs to stop acting like a little girl.


11:03AM BBT Tyler, Kaycee and Angela discuss the build outside. They are counting the days to build. Angela says maybe a HOH and a Veto all at the same time.


11:14AM BBT Angela tells Kaycee that she had a bad situation in NY. She says that she can't go into details but basically she was trapped with a group of people and held against her will. There was no cell service or Uber but her friend in CA was able to call the cops and get her out of the situation.


11:19AM BBT Angela and Kaycee talk about Angela's ex. She says she wonders if he is watching the show with his pregnant girl friend. 4 cams all on Tyler and Hayleigh in the KT discussing food.


11:31AM BBT KAycee talking about Fessy using the same fork in their food after he eats off of it. JC was complaining. Angela says it is so inconsiderate. Kaycee says she tried to like him but it irks her.



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 11:37AM BBT Tyler and Sam in the WCA discussing one of Tyler's exes in Australia. They discuss what traits he looks for. He says she was immature and he needed to go back to the US anyways.


11:52AM Hayleigh, Brett and JC resting in one of the PBR beds. Kaycee listening to HOH music. Angela lying in the HOH bed.



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12:00 pm BBT.  Angela and Kaycee in the HOHR, not really talking.  Kaycee is listening to music and Angela is in bed.  


Brett, JC and Haleigh in the PBR.  Brett is telling a story about a vacation.  JC

appears to be sleeping.  


12:04 pm BBT.  In the PBR, Brett says on a trip his girlfriend got sick and then everyone else got sick.  He said he was the sickest he has ever been in his life and missed 4 days of the vacation.  Haleigh says she has never been that sick and away from home.  


12:09 pm BBT.  BB announces HGs must be awake between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm.  Kaycee wonders how many people are sleeping.  Her and Angela ask what are we supposed to do?


12:11 pm BBT.  BB calls for objects to moved away from the window.  Angela gets up and looks around.  They think it must be somewhere else.  BB calls out the message again. Angela says me?  BB says Angela.  She moves something that is hanging on the little screen in the HOHR.  Kaycee says well fix you f***ing technology.  She says everyone in the house could hear our whole conversation.  Them she says I get all mad.  


12:16 pm BBT.  In the WA are Tyler and Sam.  She says she never made lifelong friends in high school and this is that for her, this will be her group.  She says that helps her not wanna slap the s**t out of Fessy when he flicks water all over.  Tyler and Sam hug.  Sam says the men in the house are forced to talk about their feelings and it’ll help when they have a wife.  Sam says Tyler has gained a lot of confidence and will leave the house like Adonis.  (There is still a lot of construction noise going on).  



12:20 pm BBT.  Sam comes into the PBR and tells Brett she has a bone to pick with him.  She says u are gonna go upstairs and cluck and s**t and have your little hen party and get all aggravated like u have a problem.  He says I didn’t have a problem, I was a little frustrated by the way u came at me.  He says I didn’t want to make it a big deal and I was talking to JC so I mentioned it.  He says I was cranky too Sam.  She says if u ever feel that way i want u to come to me.  She says so it’s ok and squashed?  He says ues and they hug.  


12:28 pm BBT.  In the WA, Haleigh and Brett doing ADLs and talking about weddings.  In the HOHR, Tyler, Kaycee and Angela.  Tyler and Angela laying with their backs to each other on the bed. Kaycee is on the couch listening to music.  No talking.  

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12:35 pm BBT.  The trio in the HOHR are quiet.  In the KT, Brett and Haleigh are making coffee.  Haleigh is convinced they don’t have a wisk.  Brett says they do, finds it and hands it to her.  She says I really thought I was right.  Brett says he wishes they had a toaster [I never knew they didn’t have one and I find that odd- MonkeyGirl44]


12:40 pm BBT.  In the KT, Brett and Haleigh are making eggs.  Haleigh boiled some milk and pours it into her coffee (she spills as much on the counter as she gets in the cup).


12:43 pm BBT.  Haleigh and Brett sitting at the counter in the KT.  He is eating eggs and they are both drinking coffee.  In the HOHR, the trio is laying around not talking.  [this is absolutely riveting stuff, sorry there is not more to report- MonkeyGirl44]


12:52 pm BBT.  In the KT, Tyler, Haleigh and Brett.  Tyler is making some food.  Brett says the oven is smoking and there is nothing in there.  Tyler says it knew u were coming.  Brett says JC is going to call Tyler “Victoria” now

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1:35PM BBT JC tells Brett that he dreamed they closed the HN BR and just put chairs in there. In the HOHBR, Angela is telling Tyler about a dream she had where she was at an airport which made no sense since she was supposed to drive to her destination.


1:51PM BBT Brett and JC talking. JC explaining that if they can get Angela on the block they have the votes to get her out. JC says that Hayleigh would rather work with Brett then Tyler and Angela.


1:58PM BBT Tyler tells Angela he has no idea what Hayleigh would do if she won HOH. Angela thinks Hayleigh would put up her and Sam. Tyler thinks maybe him and Sam. Angela says that Hayleigh told her she was over it but at the same time, she can see Hayleigh putting Tyler up.



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2:02PM BBT Brett in the KT asking Sam if she wants to play with his hair today. She says she can make it look like Ace Ventura. He says that would be really cool. Brett says he is bored today.


2:13PM BBT Kaycee and Hayleigh are trying to learn checkers. Sam is putting away the dishes. JC and Brett eating. Tyler and Angela still chatting and snuggling.


2:20PM BBT Hayleigh tells Kaycee she hasn't decided on her speech. She thinks she will just keep it simple. She says there is no reason to be dramatic. Kaycee tells her to keep it simple.


2:28PM BBT Hayleigh talks to Kaycee about how she regrets some things that occurred. Kaycee says she understands an that Hayleigh was never on her radar. She says going forward she wants her to know she is going to change how she plays. She isn't blaming anyone. She says that she just went with the people she had and what they wanted.

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2:47PM BBT Tyler and Angela are snuggling. They think they hear Kaycee come in. They quickly separate and lay side by side but Kaycee doesn't come in.


 2:55PM BBT Fessy is in the KT and asks why BB was tripping today with making them get up (he just got up about 20 minutes ago). He says the BY is closed and he is on slop, what do they want them to do.



3:13PM BBT Sam is making the beds. Brett helped her and now they are just general chatting. In the HOH BR, Tyler and Angela nap and snuggle.


3:21PM BBT Hayleigh and Brett chatting. Hayleigh tells him she feels like she isn't supposed to be talking to him. She says she doesn't need a back handed comment about it. He says he understands. He says he is in a mood today. Tyler watching the HOH screen in the HOH BR.


3:29PM BBT Tyler tells Angela he is going to go down. Angela says that Kaycee was just in the HOH and told her Sam was sitting in a place on the landing. She tells Tyler to wait a few to go down so he doens't run into Sam.



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3:47PM BBT Haylegh, Kaycee and Brett are playing "would you rather". All 4 cams on them.


 3:55PM BBT Tyler makes himself a lunch of veggies, lettuce, chicken, rice, ranch dressing and hot sauce all in one bowl. He cleans up the KT and takes it to the BR to eat. He chats with Brett, Kaycee and Hayleigh.



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4:08PM BBT Sam is doing some yoga on the landing. In the BR, the other HG just chatting in general.


 4:10PM BBT They discuss not wearing shoes. Brett says he hates the no shoes/no shirt policy. Haleigh asks him how many places he is trying to get into without shoes.


 4:23PM BBT Sam has moved on to doing some ballet. The HG are still playing "would you rather" JC and Fessy are not in the room. Fessy may be napping in the HN room.



4:35PM BBT HG in the BR have moved on to movies. Sam is still doing ballet positions on the landing.


4:51PM BBT Hayleigh, Brett, Tyler and Kaycee have moved on to discussing haunted places and stories.



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6:59 pm In the HOHR, BBT Tyler asks Ang what her favorite color is. "Black.  It's the color of my heart".  His favorite is green.  Her favorite animal is panda because they're cute. While they do Q&A, Haleigh listens to music.  Angela calls to JC to come up and play with them.


7:02 pm BBT JC goes into the HN room where Fessy is laying.  Fess asks him if he's talked to Sam, and he says no because Sam is batsh*t crazy.  "what am I gonna say?"


7:04 pm BBT Fessy tells JC that whoever stays between Haleigh and him, they're not going for Tyler - they're going for Angela.


7:08 pm BBT Fess tells JC is going to try to turn Sam, Tyler and Brett against Angela in his speech.  JC suggests that Fess tell Haleigh to not turn on Sam.


7:18 pm BBT JC, Brett, Tyler, Haleigh and Angela are up in the HOHR.  Brett has newly coiffed hair per Sam.  They are discussing what to make for dinner, talk of ribs.  Sam and KC are stretching in the KT.


7:24 pm BBT Angela and Haleigh are laughing in the HOHR bed about how they wish they could turn the game from BB to The Real World going forward.  No evictions, just living together.  They're happy with who is left.


7:26 pm BBT Sam has now started working with Kaycee's hair.  They're going to try to wash it first in the sink.


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