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Tuesday, August 28, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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7:37 pm BBT Angela and Haleigh believe that Sam's win for HOH was just a fluke and was easy for her because of her body size and welder's grip.


7:40 pm BBT Haleigh said that she thinks that Thursday's comp will be physical, so she won't be able to dress up.


7:53 pm BBT Sam continues to work on KC's hair.  Angela and Haleigh are watching the HOH monitor where Brett, Fessy and Tyler are in the KT.  They says that there haven't been many arguments this year because all of the HG are so intelligent and know better.


7:57 pm BBT JC joins H and A in the HOHR and says that they will not be the same people when they leave the house.  They'll all have different personalities.  Haleigh said she'll be grabbing her neck to check on her mic.  Angela is called to the DR.

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8:12 pm BBT Haleigh, Tyler, Brett and JC are in the KT making dinner.  Brett sweeps.  Haleigh tells them that she only dreams about people in the house.


8:21 pm BBT Brett joins Sam and KC in the WA.  Brett tells them that there's pizza cooking because the ribs won't be ready for another 40 minutes.  They're also making bacon and potato skins.




8:34 pm BBT Sam explains to KC how the flat iron works with the hair, and then about hot oil treatment that will deep condition her hair.   KC has never had her hair professionally treated, so this is new to her.  Her mother used to trim her hair for her, and she never wears it down.


8:37 pm BBT In the KT, Tyler tells JC that he's going to win on Thursday.  


8:42 pm BBT Haleigh is in the PBR with Fessy telling him she has a stomach ache. He says he's tired, and she says "but you've been sleeping all day".  She tells him he should do his eyebrows before Thursday.


8:47 pm BBT Kaycee's hair is done and the other HG rush in to see and feel it.  They all praise how beautiful she is.















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BB Time 9:01pm


While Kaycee is enjoying her hair makeover done by Sam earlier, the other house guests are in the kitchen.


It looks like they have made baked potatoes and pizza. Angela is watching Brett struggle with plastic covering the ribs they had in the oven.


Kaycee comes into the kitchen to compliments from Tyler and Angela.


Haleigh: Kaycee's so hot. .. annoying. She continues walking.


Tyler is trying to cut the ribs into servings using a cake server. He says he did not use excessive sauce, he wasn't sure how people like it.


Sam: are they done?

JC: yeah you gonna eat some?

Sam: yeah..


JC is watching Brett intently, he has a very focused look, he is asking about bones.


Faysal comes in and sees what they have made, he looks into the refrigerator, probably because none of the food they have ready is within his eating guidelines. He slams around, something is in the microwave, he is not talking to anyone in the room.


The others are just chatting, no game talk.


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9:50pm HOH Room

Angela and Kaycee


Angela tells Kaycee that when Haleigh asked her if she (Haleigh) should approach Sam for a vote, she (Angela) told her that it was not worth it. Angela wants to continue to feed dislike between Sam and Haleigh.


BB Time 10:59pm

Haleigh and Faysal


The two of them are talking in the have not room, Haleigh gets called out by production, she mentions “the people”, she says “is that production?” BB answers “YES!” Haleigh and Faysal laugh.


They get into a squabble about Faysal's opinion of Haleigh's eyebrows. He starts to say something, stops, then says “they are defined.”.


Haleigh: I don't think either of us is leaving.

Faysal: what?

Haleigh: I don't want it to happen, so I am thinking that way.

Haleigh whispers: I have a power

Faysal: what the crappy Hamlet power??

He laughs because he knows she does not.


In the kitchen Brett, JC and Tyler are talking, no game talk, just chatter


Faysal tells Haleigh he is certain he is going out of the house on Thursday. She tells him she does not want to hear that.


Haleigh tells him whichever of us leave, we will come back in the battle back, she tells Faysal Angela is terrified of that.


Faysal thinks that could work out if the battle back is physical, she would stay and he would return.


very slow night, i will keep with it til 12am est just in case.....

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Kaycee and Angela


Angela tells Kaycee that Haleigh asked what she should wear on Thursday. Angela offered to loan her a dress she had mentioned liking earlier.. Angela says Haleigh was excited about the offer.





Angela and Kaycee continue to talk, they believe Haleigh sees the two of them and Tyler as a final three, and she will try to attach herself to them moving forward.

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11:00PM BBT: Angela and Kaycee are talking in the HOHR, Tyler is showering in the WA while JC brushes his teeth, Faysal walks in and comments on Tyler's hair going back to curly. 

11:03PM BBT: JC jokes around that Faysal looks at everyone when they're in the shower. JC says Haleigh also looks at him in the shower, from the KT, Haleigh says she doesn't. 

11:04PM BBT: Kaycee and Angela are talking about the competitions, Angela says she's more nervous for these competitions than she was for the Olympics. Haleigh walks into the HOHR and gets into the HOH bed. 

11:05PM BBT: Brett is facedown on his bed in the PBR. JC walks in and talks about the sliding wall before he walks back intot he WA. Faysal says tomorrow is "going to be boring as f**k too."

11:07PM BBT: Angela goes into the HOH WA to get dressed, Haleigh and Kaycee talk about Haleigh's new braid.

11:11PM BBT: Tyler is out of the shower, Faysal makes fun of Tyler's boxers. 

11:15PM BBT: Angela is stretching on the HOHR floor, Haleigh is braiding Kaycee's hair. Kaycee says she loves it, Angela says it's "so cool" and looks like a rope. 

11:20PM BBT: Sam is in the KT making a bowl of ice cream, JC is just wandering around, waiting to shower. Sam goes to sit on the stairs, she says "the cameras can only see part of me." She says it's her favorite part of the house, because it's "kinda dark."

11:22PM BBT: Tyler is in the KT eating, JC says all of the cameras in the house need to be oiled, because they sound like robots. JC jokes around about messing with the cameras. 

11:30PM BBT: Kaycee tries to crack Angela's back. After, the girls watch the feeds. Faysal is in the KT, holding Sam. Sam asks him to hold her like a baby. The girls in the HOHR laugh about it. 



11:40PM BBT: Just general conversation throughout the house. Sam asks Faysal who he misses from work, the girls in the HOHR talk about their day. Haleigh talks about shooting herself with a needle. 

11:53PM BBT: Sam is in the KT with Faysal, showing off her serving skills. The girls watch in the HOHR while they decide to make nachos this week. 



12:01AM BBT: Sam, Tyler, and Faysal are in the KT chatting. Sam is talking about one of her ex's. JC walks in. Sam asks if JC knows how to play hacky sack, JC doesn't know what that is. 

12:07am BBT: JC and Tyler are in the BBR chatting. Tyler asks if JC feels better today. JC says he feels better, but it gets lonely in the house.

12:08AM BBT: Tyler and JC talk about how mean Sam is to Brett. They both feel sorry for him. 

12:09AM BBT: Haleigh, Angela, and Kaycee are talking in the HOHR. Haleigh says she's starving and she's craving everything, she's excited for nachos (when she's off slop). 

12:09AM BBT: JC says Sam hasn't talked any game with him lately, he says he doesn't know what's in her head or what she's going to do. JC wonders if Sam really thinks they're voting Haleigh out. 

12:11AM BBT: JC tells Tyler about a dream he had. 

12:14AM BBT: The girls in the HOHR talk about the last nomination ceremony. JC and Tyler are trying to listen in on the conversation Sam and Faysal are having. Tyler is a little frustrated that Sam keeps saying she's the only "real" one in the house. 

12:16AM BBT: JC and Tyler talk about Sam potentially winning HOH on Thursday. JC says Brett is a little concerned he might be going home soon, JC tells Tyler that he can't work too hard to "save" Brett because it might look suspicious. 

12:18AM BBT: Tyler says Sam and Haleigh are going to both go for each other, JC isn't so sure. JC says Angela and Kaycee might go up if they [Tyler and JC] don't interfere. Tyler doesn't think they will, JC tells Tyler to stick to "plan A."

12:21AM BBT: Tyler starts to talk about the final four, JC tells him they'll talk about that later. JC tries to figure out how many weeks vs. people there are, he says there will be a double eviction. JC explains how the final three works to Tyler, he asks Tyler if he's "ever seen the show?" Tyler giggles and says, "no."

12:24AM BBT: JC says he doesn't think there will be a Battle Back comp, he just tells Faysal that there will be one to make him feel better. JC comes up with random scenarios on what might happen the rest of the weeks. 

12:28AM BBT: It sounds like JC and Tyler are talking about their final three and who to bring with them. JC says he hates to say it, but he throws out Sam's name. Tyler shakes his head no and then JC says Kaycee before then suggesting Sam again and then Haleigh. 

12:34AM BBT: JC tells Tyler they need to stick to the main plan of letting the girls all go after each other. JC says Haleigh is coming for Tyler, but she won't have the votes. Tyler says if Haleigh is HOH and he's on the block with Kaycee, it would be a tie and Haleigh would send him home. 

12:36AM BBT: Tyler says if he's HOH, Haleigh is going home. JC says if Brett wins HOH, he'll put up Kaycee and Haleigh. Tyler doesn't say anything. JC says he doesn't want to put up Sam, "because all of the craziness." Tyler says to tell her she's a pawn. 

12:39AM BBT: Tyler says "there comes a point where you can't control everyone." JC and Tyler continue to whisper about who they think will be HOH and who they will put up. Tyler says Brett is getting close to JC so that JC will "defend him."

12:48AM BBT: JC tells Tyler they'll talk tomorrow. Tyler gets up to refill his water, JC leaves the BBR to go to the PBR. Brett is sleeping with clothing over his eyes, JC goes back to the BBR and then eventually back to the PBR to sleep. 

12:56AM BBT: Haleigh and Kaycee say good night to Angela before they leave the room to go to sleep. Haleigh and Kaycee talk on the way downstairs, Haleigh says they need to wake up as soon as they're woken up and dance to the songs. Haleigh says, "tomorrow is going to be a good day."

12:57AM BBT: Sam compliments Kaycee's braid. Haleigh gives Kaycee a piggyback ride through the KT, LR, and BBR. 

1:11AM BBT: Everyone seems to be settling in for bed. Sam is in the WA, picking up after everyone. 

1:13AM BBT: The lights are off, but Tyler and JC are chatting in bed. Tyler says he's sorry if he made JC feel sad, JC says he didn't. 

1:30AM BBT: Everyone is asleep or trying to go to sleep, Sam is making coffee for the morning and then cleans the KT. 

2:00AM BBT: Sam is now cleaning the mirrors in the KT. 



2:15AM BBT: Sam has moved into the WA, she brushes her teeth and takes off her make up before getting in the shower. 

3:15AM BBT: Sam is out of the shower and drying her hair. 

3:30AM BBT: Sam gets into bed and all is quiet in the BB House. 


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