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Friday July 28, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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2:26am BBT Paul has "Game Chat" alone in HOH room to camera. This is the cliffs notes version of what he said, all opinions are that of paul not myself lol 


He does a recap of everything he's done so far. Says he knew right away Cody was an alfa male and threw the first HOH comp to him so he would win and show his cards said he rallied the votes to keep Christmas and get Jillian out of the house. The next week he won HOH and backdoored Cody "flawlessly". The alex wins HOH and he solidified a relationship with her. Dom goes home and leaves seeds about Mark. He takes credit for 3 targets gone. 


Then Jessica wins HOH and does the dumbest move ever by putting up Ramses and Josh, and he doesn't know how he skated that one by. Even though he was safe he still had the power and rallied the votes to get Ramses out. He talks about planting the seed that Ramses won the $25k just so Kevin owes him a solid. He mentions Ramses had to go and josh had to stay since josh will never take a shot at him but might take wild shots and jess and Cody. Does give him a shout out and that he likes him as a person and hopes to hang with him after the game. 


He claims Elena was the only other person that knew the tats for the comp as well as he did and he purposely gave her misinformation on the arm tat that she got wrong. Saying he told her it was Miami. 


He calls BS on Jess having a temptation that keeps her and another person safe for 3 weeks and is putting her and Cody up anyway. Worst case Mark goes home this week. He's trying to get Elena away from Mark game wise. 


He thinks things are going pretty well so far but thinks he's had to win too many comps but since he's the only vet he's had to. He's thinks it's hilarious that everyone listens to him and does what he says and haven't tried to get him out yet. 


His plan is to have an operation each week and so far he's 3 for 3 and this week will make 4 for 4 and he's the puppet master of the house. 

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10:04 BBT Josh is alone talking to the cameras in the apple room.  He says this was the best week.  He hopes his family are keeping up with his business so he'll have a business to return to.  He says he prays for his family every morning and night.  He assures them he's having the time of his life.  Josh says it feels good to see others have his back.


10:05 BBT Cody is up and just brushed his teeth.  Matt is getting out of the shower.


10:06 BBT Josh is still alone says to the camera he feels like he's in a good place and just wants to dance.  He says he doesn't like going back and forth with girls so he hopes they stay out of the drama with the men since it's a man's battle and he doesn't want to argue with girls.  He says it's funny because Mark and Elena were trying hard to get him out this past week and now they're saying they can start over.  Josh tells the camera he isn't going to be friends with them. 


10:09 BBT Cody , Alex and Jason are in the kitchen.  Alex checks to see if the SR has been restocked.  Jason's complaining that they have decaf coffee. 


10:10 BBT Josh is still alone in the apple room doing the dance of the day to the viewers before he leaves the room.  He tells the camera, "it's been real.  Guys, I f*ing love this house.  Mom, you can sell my bed because I'm living in the big brother house."


10:12 Matt is in the bathroom alone.  And we get puppies on the screen.

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10:00 AM BBT Matt is in the shower. Josh is in the KT dancing. BB tells them no napping. Josh goes to the lounge room and says good morning sunnies. He does a shoutout to his family and he hopes everyone is feeling as good as he does. BB announcer says I’ll ask politely again. Please no napping. Pretty please? Cody asks Matt if he thinks veto will be played today. Josh hopes they are maintaining his business so he has a business to go back to when he gets home. Josh prays for his family every single night and no matter what they see him going through, this is the best experience of his life.


10:05 AM BBT Josh says he has a lot of love for Paul and Christmas because they look out for him. He says Jason is the man and Kevin is Kevin and Kevin isn’t going anywhere on his watch. He feels good this week, whatever Paul wants to do, he’ll go to bat for him. Josh says Mark and Elena campaigned against him all week and now Mark wants to play nice. Josh says he doesn’t want to be friends with Mark, quite frankly. Josh says the house has two public enemies, well four, but Cody and Elena. Cody goes to the WC and Matt is in the WA after his shower. Josh is still taking in the lounge room about not getting evicted. HG MUST be awake between the hours of 10 am and 10 pm. No napping HG. What don’t you understand about please? Wake up! Cody says he’s aggressive today, I like it. Alex and Jason are in the KT. Josh says today is his last day on slop. Josh is talking about how hungry he is, how much weight he probably lost, and his back hurts.


10:10 AM BBT Matt is in the WA doing ADL’s. Josh, Jason, and Cody are in the KT. Cody is making some sort of cake stuff. Jason is looking through the fridge. We get puppies.


10:27 AM BBT Feeds are back and the HG are leaving the LR. They have been informed about the Temptation Competition. Raven, Alex, and Matt are whispering in the WA about the temptation. Elena and Jessica are in the LR and they are whispering a little too. Elena is going back to lay down. Josh comes in to the WA. Jessica says she likes that they get to fight for safety to Paul as he walks through. Paul says if it’s like roadkill, they will be physical/mental.

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10:28AM BBT Feeds are back up. 


10:32BBT Matt and Raven are in the storage room hugging.  Talking about Raven talking in her sleep. 


10:33BBT Josh, Jason, Cody, Kevin in the kitchen. Alex brushing her teeth.  Paul is locked out of the HOH room.  It looks like nominations are about to happen.


10:34 BBT

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10:36 AM BBT Paul is explaining the temptation competition to Kevin with Jason.  Paul:  "but not everybody will compete."  Josh asked Kevin if Kevin will compete.  Kevin says he doesn't know.


10:37 BBT:  Mark and Elena talking alone in the RBR about the temptation competition.  "and they automatically get to compete in veto."


10:38 BBT: Kevin and Alex in the storage room.  Kevin:  "why should I play today? paul is not gonna put me up?" alex: "because it blocks them from competing."  Kevin tells Alex that Cody and Jessica aren't going to compete in the temptation comp.  Alex tells Kevin that probably just told him that.  they've lied before, they're probably lying again.  Alex:  "If you get put on the block as the 3rd nominee, you know you won't go home."  Kevin:  "I'm gonna pass."


10:40 BBT We get WBRB

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10:30 AM BBT Mark and Kevin are in the have not room. Alex comes in and asks if Kevin has had his protein shake. Christmas is called to the DR. Raven and Matt are in the SR and Raven says Paul told her not to compete. Matt says he’s going to ask Paul what he wants him to do. Cody is on top of Jessica on the couch and he sticks his crotch in her face and she laughs and says too much. Cody says it’s weird waking up in the downstairs BR. Jessica and Cody are talking about they don’t have to play in the temptation competition since they are safe this week.


10:35 AM BBT Elena and Mark are in the RBR and they are talking about competing. They are talking about it in the KT also. Jason, Kevin, Josh, and Paul are talking that it’s for three weeks. Josh wants to compete and Jason says if he does he’ll come in last. Kevin and Alex are in the SR and Kevin says it’s a mind game. Why should he play if he isn’t going to be nominated. Alex says but it blocks them from winning. Kevin says Jess and Cody said they aren’t going to play and Alex says they are probably just lying about that. Kevin is going to pass this week. FotH.


10:40 AM BBT Elena and Mark come out of the RBR and most of the other HG are in the KT chatting. FotH. Elena, Raven, and Christmas are in the WA doing ADL’s.


10:45 AM BBT General chatter around the house. Most of the HG are doing ADL’s or getting something to eat. Jason and Alex are in the DBR and Alex tells Jason that Kevin says Jessica and Cody aren’t playing. Alex says she doesn’t like Kevin is cuddling up to Cody and Jessica. Alex wants Kevin out and Paul knows that because he’ll win if they don’t get him out. Alex says Mark is now on her radar too. Alex says every able-bodied person should play to make sure Cody and Jess don’t win.


10:50 AM BBT Josh comes in and asks if they think he should play. Jason says you should do what you want. Paul, Jason, Alex, and Kevin are in the have-not room talking about the competition. Alex tells Paul that Cody told Kevin he and Jess aren’t playing. Jason says they can’t stop you from putting them up. Paul says he knows. Josh tries to come in and Paul kicks him out. Mark wants to use Paul’s restroom.


10:55 AM BBT Alex says she’s playing for sure. Mark says if Josh wins and someone else loses? Kevin says the house would collapse. Mark comes in to the HN room and he thinks Cody and Jess are safe. Alex says do you know if they are safe? Mark says he doesn’t know. Alex says what do they say when you ask them and Mark says they tell him they can’t answer. Alex she thinks they’re lying they don’t have it. Mark says he’s just going off what Jessica said last night. Paul and Matt go in the SR room and Paul says Alex and Cowboy are playing. Paul asks Matt if he thinks Mark and Elena are going to play? Matt asks what happens if Cody and Jessica ARE safe and then Mark or Elena wins and then they also win veto? Paul says that’s doomsday. Paul says Cody said it sucks he can’t play for the next two weeks and Paul said it only last for two weeks. Cody then back pedaled and said he can play. Matt says no way does that temptation keep multiple people safe for three weeks.

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10:44AM BBT:  Kevin and Matt talking in the green bedroom.  Kevin: "I don't see the point in doing it today." matt: if they want me to, I will. im just going to ask them.  kevin: it's really difficult when you don't eat for a week. matt: you just sit down and chill buddy.


10:45AM BBT:  Paul realizes they're out of coffee. They joke that this is the curse.  Elena, Raven and Christmas are in the bathroom fixing their hair and makeup.  The rest of the HGs are all in the kitchen just having general talk.


10:48 BBT Alex and Jason are talking in the green bedroom. Alex says she doesn't like the way Kevin cuddles up to them (not sure who them is).  Alex: mark is now on my radar. the whole group is on my radar."  Alex: Kevin says he's not playing. (in the temptation comp)  josh comes into the room with Jason and Alex and asks them what they think he should do.  Jason: "whatever you want. Alex: you want to lay low for a little bit.  just keep off the block though. If you want to compete in it, do it." josh: "I just want to do it so I have something to do."  Jason is out of the room and back into the kitchen.


10:51 BBT Josh: "I kinda have an idea of where Paul's going to go with it so I'll just watch." josh asks Alex how she's feeling and if she's achy at all.  he says he has a bad back.


10:52 BBT Jason and Kevin are talking alone about how much longer Kevin is on slop.  Kevin wants the others to stay out of his business about how long he's gotta be on slop. 


10:53 BBT Paul and Alex join Kevin and Jason. josh follows them in and Paul tells him to leave.  they make him leave the room and shut the door.  they're talking about Cody and Jessica.  they're speculating on if Jessica and Cody are going to play.  the comps are timed mental and physical (Paul says).  mark walks in. he says he wants to compete.


10:56 BBT:  Alex tells mark to look at her directly and tell her if he knows if they're really safe or not.  he says he doesn't know because they wont tell him anything.  mark: "you're assuming because if I hang out with Cody, then I must know." Paul is back in the kitchen with Cody and Jessica.


10:59 BBT: Paul and matt in storage room.  Paul: "did you catch Cody's bullshit?" referring to Cody pretending he can't play.. but he can play but it's pointless.


11:00 BBT:  in green bedroom. Alex tells Paul they're playing. 


11:01 bbt: Alex calls Jason into the storage room.  Alex  goes over comps w/ Jason to make sure he wins by telling him how to do certain comps. Jason tells her to stay calm because she's good at comps.  Alex is worried it's math.  Alex: "ok you get one hug."  they joke and alex tells Jason he better not cry again [he hasn't cried as far as I know all morning. she's likely referring to another time before today]. Jason says he's sensitive.


11:03 BBT:  Paul and mark talking.  Paul says he doesn't know who's playing, who will win and who will lose."  mark can't figure out if this situation will help him out or not (the temptation comp).  Paul tells him to try it.  "it's up to you. whatever's gonna make you feel comfortable, really.  I don't want to tell people what to do.  mark asks what would paul do if the roles were reversed.  Paul says he would play. but there's risks. Paul: "if you lose and you go on the block, I can't help you."  paul asked mark If alena is gonna play. mark says no.


11:06 BBT Cody and Jessica are alone talking.  Jessica doesn't want paul to realize he can only use this power once. cody is telling Jessica she should tell paul that it would be a waste of his week if he puts them up on the block. Jessica doesn't want to. 


11:08 BBT Paul in matt in Storage room. he tells matt he should play.  matt says he will do whatever paul wants him to.  paul says he wants him to compete so the odds are in their favor more.  paul tells matt they're good w/ the votes no matter what b/c they're good w/ the numbers.


11:09 BBT Jessica goes to find paul since cody wants her to. she's going to tell him her temptation.



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I"m not sure where to put updates, but last night I happened to stay up late to watch what was going on, so here is an update:


12:20 - 3:00 am BBT - Matt told Paul that he already made his goal - he just wanted to make it to jury.  He said he's been playing the nice guy up until now, but now that they are at jury, he will do whatever they need him to do to help them out.  Christmas came in and Paul told the three of them (Matt, Raven, Christmas) that from the "original group" they are the only four who have stuck together, so he wants them to stay strong.  They can tell the rest of the "group" (Alex, Jason, Kevin, Josh ED: he didn't mention those names but I believe that is who he means) what they feel is necessary but full game discussions will only be between the four of them.


So Paul's plan is to put up Jessica and Cody because he thinks what she is saying about her temptation is BS - he believes she has one, but doesn't believe it's as good as she is claiming - he believes they are both acting scared and nervous and they wouldn't be acting that way if it is what she is claiming it is.  IF the temptation is that she can immediately remove both of them from the block, he will replace them with Mark and Elena;  If she can only remove herself he will replace her with Mark.  His preference, if it comes to that, is to keep Elena because she has already talked to him about distancing herself from Mark and she does NOT like/trust Cody.  Matt & Raven were a little reluctant about this, (Ed. Raven is really pissed at Elena because she won't even look at Raven and she has been saying stuff about them).  Paul pointed out that if Elena goes, Mark is definitely going to stick with Cody/Jess and that is 3 strong people they need to play against.  If Mark goes home, Elena will come to them, and even if she doesn't, she is not going to want to win an HOH, because she either sticks with Jess/Cody and goes against 8, or she goes against Jess/Cody, so he believes if the temptation keeps Cody/Jess safe and he needs to replace them, it will be Mark going home.  They all seem to be on the same page with this and Paul explained his reasoning.


Paul talked to Alex and told her all the above (they are "secretly" working together but nobody has picked up on that at all and they are both very excited about that).  Alex completely agrees with Paul's plan.  Paul talked to her about Jason and told her she has to keep her eye on him and not give him all the information, because he talks and lets stuff slip, so the less he knows the better - just tell him he is safe - there is a plan and not to worry.  He asked Alex to tell Christmas she can send Elena up.


Elena comes up and Paul starts off slowly, kind of hinting that Mark is screwing up her game - he told her this week might be a pivotal moment for her in the game.  She can pivot, and be ok, or she can keep doing what she is doing (hanging out with Mark, Cody & Jess) and he has no idea what her fate will be moving forward.  He said he is not putting her on the block but if he has to put two more people up because of the temptation, he might put her up as a pawn.  She expressed concern that Ramses was the pawn last week and he went home - Paul corrected her and said he was NOT the pawn - that might have been what Jessica wanted, but that move wasn't right for the rest of the house.  Paul said that is why he said it could be a pivotal moment for her this week.  He said that IF she ends up on the block with Mark, that will give her an opportunity to campaign and talk to people (without Mark there) and gain some trust with the rest of the house to still go after Cody and Jess.  They repeated themselves over and over (as most house guests tend to do).  Elena told Paul she trusts him more than anyone in the house.  Mark finally made his way up to HOH saying he can't sleep - he said he didn't want to be "in that room" (HN).  Paul told them both to go to bed and get some sleep and not to sweat anything.


NOTE:  There was a couple of hours that Jess, Cody, Mark and Elena were in the bathroom talking and at one point Elena was saying that when they were studying, she said "Miami" and asked Paul if it was Miami and he said yes - however, I was focused on HOH convo and didn't really catch convos in the other part of the house during this time.

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11:16AM BBT  Jessica and Cody are alone.  Jessica won't go to tell Paul about her temptation deal.  Cody's trying to tell her she should because what if Cody is on the block and then Jessica has to use her power.  Jessica: this is a guy who wants to use every tool big brother uses.  Cody says Paul hasn't made any big moves like that yet.  Jessica tells cody all the reasons why she thinks it's a bad idea to tell Paul what her power is.  Cody: "I think you're thinking he's more of a master mind than he really is." Jessica: "I think I've been right about a lot of stuff and this time I'm following my gut."  Cody: "very well." Jessica: "im not gambling your game." Cody: I mean I trust you. Jessica: really, it doesn't sound like it. Cody: "Jessica. could you not.  I trust you."  Jessica tells Cody they don't even know if he's going up yet. Jessica: "I have a feeling he's going after somebody and I have a feeling it's not us. every time I second guess my intuition, I've kicked myself in the ass for it."

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20 minutes ago, Coop said:

I"m not sure where to put updates, but last night I happened to stay up late to watch what was going on, so here is an update:


This fine Coop, nice job.

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11:01am BBT: Jason and Alex in STR hugging and laughing, Mark and Paul in the KT making food and talking about how Paul cant say what he is going to do or how he can not tell people how to play.

11:06am BBT: Cody telling Jessica to just tell the Hg about her power and Jessica says i did not want to go to him i wanted him to come to me. Cody says ok well and then silence.

 11:08am BBT: Cody tells Jessica just do it then Jessica jumps up and says ok fine i will just do it and leaves the room. Feeds go back to Paul in the KT cooking and Matt taking the trash out.

11:19am BBT: Jessica and Cody in the red br talking and Jessica says she does not want to keep having this conversation and Cody says ok. Elena in the WA doing ADL's with Kevin combing his hair.

11:38am BBT:Mark talking to Matt and raven about Elena not talking to him and raven tells him she will talk to her later she just wanted to give her  some space. Matt says yeah Ramses was her best friend in the house so she is upset. 

11:41am BBT: Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason, Josh and Kevin in the BR talking about movies on Netflix. Mark in the red BR talking to Elena now, Elena is yelling at Mark and he says i am not mad at you Elena and she says i am not yelling at you i am just saying they lied to me.

11:44am BBT: Elena is mad at Raven for telling Jessica that she promised to vote josh out in the room with everyone in it and then she votes out Ramses so I am mad yes. Mark ask why are you so mad and she says i am mad for several reasons and i do not want to talk about it right now i will just get madder.

11:47am BBt: Cody walks in the room then Christmas all is silent  as Elena gets dressed and Christmas looks through her clothes.

 11:50am BBT:we now have FOTH.

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2:39PM BBT Still dogs. The houseguests are clearly out at the Temptation comp, almost 3 hours now, so should be over soon.


3:52PM BBT Feeds are back.  Mark won, seems like Jason lost, and it sounds like maybe Elena is a block pawn for Paul?

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3:53PM BBT We are back. Mark is in a tutu. Raven is in a tutu as well. Paul tells Elena if they are the pawn, Josh goes home. He says he has options but he shall see. Looks like Mark won the comp.


4:01PM BBT Jason telling ALex that he knows Raven and Matt want him out. He said this will be a good week to see where he stands. He lost the tempt comp.


4:05PM BBT Paul and Alex in the SR. He asks her if he should go with Josh and Elena if he can't get Cody and Jess. She say s it's risky.


4:09PM BBT Elena, Jess and Cody talking. Elena upset that she was most likely going home this week. She says if she does it's fine but if not it's okay too. She says that the house would vote her out over Josh.


4:11PM BBT Raven goes into the HOH room. Paul and Josh in there. Paul tells Josh that he may be used as a pawn (He just told Elena the same). Josh leaves. Paul tells Raven that this comp mess up his plan. Raven brings up BD Elena. Paul says it's too risky. Raven suggests Kev as the pawn. Paul says no one will go up as a pawn. Paul tells her unless one of them volunteers to go up as a pawn BD Elena is not a good idea.


4:15PM BBT Matt comes into HOH room. He questions why Cody didn't play today. Paul says it is part of Cody's bluff. Paul trying to figure to who to put up. Raven suggests Alex. Paul tells her that she would have to ask her.Raven says she isn't going to ask Alex.

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4:20PM BBT Paul explains he is trying to see if he is even allowed to nominated Jess. Jess and Cody will go up if Jess can be nominated. His Plan A is Jess and Cody goes up if he can. Plan B is someone strong against Elena.


4:22PM BBT Jason and Xmas enter HOH. Paul tells Jason if he wins POV, he can not use it on himself and has to take someone off from their side of the house and trust him. Paul says if Jess and Cody are up against Jason, Jason can take himself off. Paul says as long as Cody or Jess is up there, one of them going home. Xmas says that Cody doesn't have safety. Paul says that he knows for a fact that Cody doesn't have safety. Paul says he isn't happy that Mark won. Paul says if they need to they can send Josh home.


4:26PM BBT Alex volunteers and Jason fusses at her. Paul tells Xmas that she is out of the running and Xmas says she is pissed that she can not compete. Paul tells Raven, Matt and Alex it is one of those three. If worst case comes to it, Josh goes home. He says they control every situation. He says Cody, Elena or Josh will go home.


4:31PM BBT Paul says they have to go this direction and one of them go up. He says he would rather do the pawns before the veto then after. He doesn't want Elena playing Veto. Paul says he can play off of Jason and put up Alex. Matt says that he doesn't want to go up but he is willing to do it. ALex says she is good with it too because they don't feel Cody is safe.

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4:34PM BTT Paul says that if he noms Cody and Jess and not medal thing comes up then he knows Jess and Cody are not safe and they can go ahead. He said if Jess can't be nominated then Elena goes up. This is Plan B.


4:40PM BBT Paul tells Josh he won't be a pawn. He tells Josh that he believes Jess is bluffing. Josh says Paul is too smart for not calling her bluff. Kevin enters the HOH. He says that they got him out of the shower. Paul tells him that he knows Jess is bluffing.


4:44PM BBT Mark tries telling Paul about something he said. Paul cuts him off and says that if Mark thinks he is made that he won, he is wrong. Paul says if anyone said that he will punch them in the face (Paul did say he was mad mark won. Mark said no one said Paul was mad.


4:52PM BBT In the WCA Mark tells Jess that he thinks Paul would like to talk to her. Jess asks if Paul said he wanted to talk to her. Mark says no but he thinks Paul would like clarification on the comment she gave Julie last night. Xmas comes in and convo ends.


4:58PM BBT Kevin and Jason talking. Jason upset Alex volunteered. Kevin said she should never have volunteered. Paul comes into the room. Jason upset that Alex was rooting on Matt. Paul tells him to keep it together.

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6:09PM BBT Paul, Raven. Matt, Elena and Alex in the KT. Cooking and eating going on. General chit chat. Elena says that when she gets home she will have to live with her mom. She no longer has a job or place to live.


6:18PM BBT All 4 cams on Matt and Raven talking about Elena being upset at being blindsided. Matt flossing his teeth and picking food out.


6:22PM BBT Paul and Jess talking. Paul being very vague that he has plans. Jess says they may be on the same page on some HG. Paul says maybe not. He says that he is not an emotional player nor a petty players. BB calls him to DR and we get puppies.



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7:21PM BBT Feeds are back. Cody and Jess nominated. In HOH Jess is telling Paul that he did the worse thing he could have for his HOH. Jess tells Paul she told him if he had any questions before the noms. Cody telling Paul that he claims to know the game so well and didn't listen. Jess is trying to tell Paul that her tempt has never been used before in the game. Cody tells Paul that he treats the HG like dogs.Paul tells him to get out. Cody tells him f you. Jess and Cody leave.


7:26PM BBT Jess tells Paul that she told him right before noms that she had power and asked him if he had questions and he didn't. Paul comes down to the KT. Paul says that one of them is going down. Josh says if America gave them the twist they are doing something wrong. Paul is going off on Cody. The HG in the KT say there is no way they are both safe. Paul says that there is no way they are safe. Paul says apparently he will be "dissatisfied", Josh is yelling how they all hate Cody.


7:32PM BBT Josh yelling at Mark that he better not get in his face. Mark says go ahead and Josh just yells F you from behind the KT counter. Josh keeps yelling that he hates them and f yu and f that. Mark tells him go ahead and Josh says he has already destroyed Mark.

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7:36 PM BBT JOsh keeps saying things to Mark. Mark asks him questions and Josh only deflects. Josh says he should s*** on Mark on national TV. Josh just tells Mark he sucks.


 7:40PM BBT Jason says he feels that Josh just went a little Jozea there. Josh starts banging on pots again. He gets right near Mark and Mark gets up and grabs them out of Josh's hands. We get FOTH.

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7:46PM BBT Paul telling Jess that this week was repairable until Cody went off. Jess tells Paul that it is insulting that the 9 people she tried to repair relationships with would bring her up. Paul says that the house decided the Jess and Cody would go up. Paul says he is safe in the house and he knows it.


7:49PM BBT Mark and Cody are laughing. Mark says he had to be a guy in a tutu taking pans away from Josh. Cody says that the HG hugging them after the nom is ridiculous. Cody says they all knew they were being nominated.Cody tells Mark that Paul told Cody and Jess that he only put up who the house wanted. Cody told Paul that since when does Paul take direction from anyone. (this convo with Paul did happen in HOH a few minutes before.)


7:56PM BBT Paul telling Jess how no one has a problem with her without Cody. Paul tells Jess that she is no threat in the house. The only thing she has against her is that she is with Cody.


 8:04PM BBT Paul goes into the wave room. Kev, Alex and Elena tell hm what happened with Mark/Josh. Alex says Kev broke it up. Paul goes to HOH and tells Matt and Raven that he may be able to get Cody out. He feels Jess will let them kick Cody out of the house. Paul tells them he thinks Jess will let Cody go.

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8:12PM BBT Elena and Jess talking in the WCA. Elena asking if she is going home this week. Jess tells her she isn't even on the block. Elena starts to tell Jess about the fight with Josh and we got o the HOH room when Raven is telling Pal that mark smiled when Jess and Cody were nominated.


8:17PM BBT Cody in the HN room. Kevin comes in. he asks if Cody is okay. Cody says yeah. He is going to tell Jess not to use the power and just let him go. He said it's the best thing he can d for Jess' game.


 8:21PM BBT Paul in the HOH holding court with the HG. Telling the story of his and Cody's convo again. In the KT Kev, Alex and Jason talk about everyone being up in the HOH. Alex running around saying Cody is crying (he wasn't). Josh comes down from HOH yelling "Meatball" but Alex tells him Mark in in the DR.

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8:26PM BBT Josh is starting again. He is screaming and yelling at Cody to stop crying in the room (again he wasn't). He is slamming pans and the stools. Josh is screaming that the others played dirty and he isn't disrespectful. Josh screams that he doesn't like bullies. Alex dancing around saying she likes chaos.



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