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Sunday July 9, 2017 Big Brother 19 Live Feed Updates


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1:42AM BBT Ramses, Pao-Pao/Alex, and Mark talking in KT. Mark asking Ramses to do squats with him. Well, begging really. Ramses agrees and they do a secret fist bump and then dab.  Pao-Pao can't believe they just dabbed.  They chat for a bit then break up.


1:46AM BBT Mark is doing REALLY POOR FORM pushups on bottom stair of stairs to HoH.  Camera changes


1:47AM BBT Ramses, Kevin, and Paolex are talking in bed.  Kevin says if Paolex hasn't been called, she'll be called to dairy at like 2:30am.


1:48AM BBT Dominique and Paul are talking about Cody in HoH bed. Saying Cody is so bitter and seems really cut off from friends and everything. Paul gets up to take a shower and camera changes.


1:50AM BBT Raven and Matt cuddling and talking in bed, lights on. Ravens calves are draped perpendicular across Matt's thighs. Talk turns into whispering.  Raven says "we have this thing called a brain" - Matt points to her head and says "sometimes it's never used", Raven tickles him, mock mad.  They laugh when Matt calls her a nerd and she protests until admitting "maybe a smidgen."


1:56AM BBT Raven tells a story about Kevin and Viagra that Kevin was telling earlier when Raven just woke up, and Matt tries to be interested. They end up tickle-wrestling again.  Matt asks if she's going to take a shower. Raven is non committal.


1:58AM BBT Mark and Christmas are in WA chatting.  Christmas says she's grateful to be in the house/game because she needed this reset in her life. She says she has trust issues and says the last 5 years of her life have been the best of times and the worst of times where she felt crushed. She just wonders when it's going to fuckin' stop.  She's realized that her life is just kind of like that, and she has to accept the lows because the highs are part of that, too [sounds bi-polar - BBLurkerPlus]. 


2:01AM BBT Christmas admits she feels close to Mark since their "magical emotional conversation" [the one when he cried] and says they're way more similar than she thought initially. Mark says he's emotional around emotional people. He says he felt like with Cody the relationship was "Game" but with Christmas and Dominique he doesn't feel like the relationship is "game."


2:00AM BBT Meanwhile, the exact opposite conversation is happening with Matt and Raven, with more tickling and flirting and goofiness.


2:05AM BBT Christmas confesses she's grateful to have met Mark, and admits her first impression of him was wrong.  She says he's in a different perspective for her, which is all positive. Mark appreciates that.  Christmas hopes Mark receives what he deserves from "this process."  Mark says his time in the house is more about him just growing as a person.


2:08AM BBT Mark slips up and says "the sex will come" and Christmas is like "wha?" and he corrects it to "the success will come."


2:09AM BBT Mark and Christmas saying they don't like yes men, but like friends that call them on their stuff.  Mark says he's very glad Christmas is still in the house.


2:10:30AM BBT Awkward silence.


2:14AM BBT Christmas admits that BB fell into her lap and she had the Summer free because she was planning a fucking wedding [that sounds like it fell through - BBBLurkerPlus] and this process and time in the house will help heal her heart.  Both her and Matt are dancing around admitting that they want to move to LA and live the life as reality stars after the show because that seems lame and stereotypical. But that's clearly the plan of both from this conversation.


2:19AM BBT Paul in HoH bed with Dom talking about life after Big Brother.  He says he's just a Z list bullshit reality star and didn't think it would be a big thing in LA with so many famous people, but when he got out it was INSANE.  People stopping him, airlines holding planes for him, pilots taking pictures with him, paparazzi following him in Canada, border patrol recognizing him and all kinds of stupid shit.  He said he couldn't walk 2 steps in new Orleans without getting stopped.  He left bourbon street because he was so uncomfortable.  He says he has anxiety with every meet and greet, but it makes a ton of people happy, so why not?  The whole experience blew his mind.


2:41AM BBT Paul and Dom quiet down and go to sleep.


2:42AM BBT Mark and Christmas still talking in WA.  Christmas apparently is a mini-mogul, and runs down her employee for Mark: operations girl, two interns, a guy launching her nutrition program, her IT guy, business advisor/agent, and a social media guru.  She encourages mark to develop a weight loss nutrition program based on what he knows.  They note the time and decide to eat, heading to KT.


2:46AM BBT Someone in DBR, Kevin, Ramses, or Josh snores. A lot.






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8:30am -9:00am BBT: Bb wakes Hg, Hg get up and make coffee and go to WA.
Bb calls an outdoor lockdown, Cody, Jessica and jason have to stay on the lilly pad and Cody complains about not being able to sit elsewhere.

9:00am-10:00am BBT: Cody talking about if there is a battle back and how he will win it and come back into the house. mark and Dom talk aboit mark missing his EX. Kevin is walking around the BY alone as jason can only be on the lily pad unless he is hopping. The lockdown is now over as the Hg make their way back into the house.

10:00am-11:00am BBT: Jason and kevin in the KT talking about Slop and jason saying it is so hard to eat this stuff and it is making him sick, a few of the HG haved gona back to bed for awhile, Alex comes inside and talks to jason about people thinking he switched his vote last week to keep Christmas then she tells him that Christmas does not like him, Cody comes in and joins them and tells them that they got him so they need to target tyhe guys hearts and take out the women they are close to so when there is a battle back he can beat them all and get back into the game. Alex tyhen tells jason that Cody is right though we need to target the women.

11:00am-11:30am BBT: Cody and Alex talking about the past HG they did and did not like, Alex did not like derrick and Cody but Cody loved beastmode cowboy.
Alex is upset with herself for messing up in the math part of the compitition yesterday, Jason and Cody then say that Alex will go far in this game then complain about everyone giving paul tickets through the HOh comp Thursday night.

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11:45 bbt - Kevin tells Ramses to cover his mouth when he yawns.  Also production tells the hg that the storage room is now open. Everyone cheers.  

11:55 bbt - Raven is cleaning the kitchen. Josh is just walking around doing nothing.  Kevin, Alex, and Ramses are talking random, non-game chat on the couch.  

12:00 bbt - ANTS, the ants have finally arrived.  Josh tells Raven and Matt that they're attracted to the maple syrup spilled on the counter.  None of them know what to do about the ants.  Matt suggest spraying them down with bleach.  Kevin, Ramses walk to the kitchen to observe the ants.   All 4 cams on the kitchen now as Raven and Josh continue washing dishes.  Raven finds an open bag of chips on the microwave and now they think that's what the ants are after.  She grunts and says "We're all adults", slightly mad about the messiness of the other HG

12:05 bbt - Matt prepares the bleach ant-spray.  They move the microwave and spray down the counter.  all 4 cams still on the kitchen.  Matt also said something about looking like a fool in yesterday's veto comp.  Raven is now stretched out on the counter to reach the far back corner with bleach spray.

12:10 bbt - All 4 cams STILL on the kitchen as Raven, Matt, Josh clean.  Ramses walks in from outside and thanks them for trying to kill the ants.  Ramses asks if he can help clean because he doesn't want to go outside.  They ask him to wash the pots under the sink.   Kevin comes in from outside and takes over bleach spray duty from Raven. He imparts roach-killing wisdom to all of them. 


Pretty much nothing interesting going on  for the past 30 min I've been watching... unless you find an ant infestation interesting lol.






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12:17 bbt - FINALLY cams switch to outside where Jason is telling Cody and Jessica that he thinks Paul is going to win the game (they're all 3 in the pool)  Cody hypothesizes that Paul is probably really popular with the BB fans outside the house and that he is not because he didn't get a temptation.  

12:30 bbt - Jason, Jessica, Cody talk about Paul glamorizing how great the jury house is. They think it's intentional so that people will not care as much about winning and just care about getting to Jury.

12:32 bbt - Cody says he felt completely crushed and wanted to cry when last week's 8-4 vote tally was read.  Cody says he thinks Pauls current alliance with Mark and Elana will fall apart soon.  Kevin walks over and Cody tells him to be ready to strike when that happens.

12:35 bbt - Cody relives his HoH reign and says he was selfless through the whole week but nobody cared.  That the other HG only notice when people are selfish but don't appreciate selflessness.  (I'm guessing someone commented about him not washing his dishes)

12:40 bbt - Kevin walks toward the pool.  Production tells him to put on his microphone (for the 100th time ?)  Kevin does so and then playfully kicks the blow-up swan as if he's angry.  Says he's loosing his mind in the house.  Lies down in the tanning chair.  Jason asks Kevin to explain why he keeps his hair that way.  Kevin doesn't really have a good reason says it only costs 12 bucks to keep it cut that way.  Jason says it's a 90's style that people in his high school used to have.  

12:45 bbt - Production tells Cody and Jessica to stop whispering/whistling (not sure?).  Sounds like he was giving her game advice for when he's gone next week.  Feeds switch to Josh in the padded, blue room.  Josh is talking to the live feeders saying that he knows his anxiety got the best of him up until now but that he's going to do better.  That he'll try to get on everyone's good side now by helping clean the house. (I guess Matt and Raven gave him some positive reinforcement when he was helping clean the kitchen earlier)  Says his strategy now is to also lay low and just make it to jury.  He stops talking and starts reading his Bible.  He stops, recaps his strategy again... to lay low.  Says he wants Ramses out the door next.  Says he wants to keep working with Dom, Paul, Christmas, Kevin, doesn't like all the showmances.  Dom walks in for a sec and he stops talking.  She walks out and now Josh says that Dom is cool but talks too much.  He just keeps rambling on and on and repeating himself... doesn't really make a lot of sense.   He wraps up his chat by giving shout outs to everyone in his family.  Says this is the coolest experience ever.

12:55 bbt - Paul to the DR


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12:37pm BBT: Jason, Cody and Jessica in the pool talking about what happens at the jury house. Ramses, raven and Josh cleaning the KT

12:46pm BBT: Josh in the Lounge rm talking to the camera , Raven and Ramses and Matt in the KT still cleaning and we get FOTH

12:48pm BBT: Josh says his strategy right now is to lay low and be friends with everyone in the house then he is going to start comparing notes. he flips through pages on the bible then starts singing to cause a FOTH.

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1:20 PM BBT Kevin and Christmas are in the KT. Christmas teaches him, and us, how to turn a standard high protein yogurt into something that tastes like chocolate pudding. They start talking directly to the camera as if it were some kind of infomercial.


1:25 PM BBT Josh and Christmas are in the lounge. He tells her that the thing with Ramses has flipped him out. Christmas says they are not going to talk game to him directly but he still needs to listen. He can't stay mad at Ramses. Josh says Matt has really opened up to him and he feels he is really good with the crew now. Christmas advises him how to listen and ask questions. She advises him on how to use his insecurity to open a doorway of conversation. She said that will make them feel good about the opportunity to pick him up and use him. Christmas says this means she will be trusting him a lot more. 


1:38 PM BBT Dominique is sitting on the floor of the bathroom doing her makeup and sniffling. Mark is sitting there by her but saying very little. Meanwhile Christmas is in the lounge with Elena. She is explaining to Elena that she just needed to calm Josh down. Elena said he was freaking her out. Christmas tells her that she just wants to take out a line of boys next week. Elena says Jessica would have a problem with that. 


1:45 PM BBT Christmas and Elena are in the lounge. They are talking about how it is never wise to feel safe. Anytime you feel safe, you never know what can happen. 

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1:52 PM BBT Christmas and Elena are still in the lounge. Christmas is explaining about how it is possible to be hugely successful but completely depressed at the same time if you don't take time in life to do something that has meaning. Meanwhile Alex, Josh and Matt are hanging out in the KT talking about working out.


1:57 PM BBT Elena is explaining to Christmas in the lounge that she is a survivor but what makes her the most nervous about leaving the game early is that she quit her job. She has her cell phone and car payments to make and she is going to have to do that when she gets out. Christmas says to call them and give them the biggest sob story and don't take no for an answer. Push and keep talking to managers until they agree to work with her. 

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2:00 PM BBT Matt, Dominique, Josh, Alex and Kevin are in the KT. Just general chit chat. Christmas and Elena are in the lounge talking finances. 


2:08 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 are still on Christmas and Elena in the lounge discussing their moms and their financial hardship in the past. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Dominique, Alex, Kevin, Josh, and Raven in the KT either eating or preparing food. Just general chit chat. 


2:12 PM BBT BB tells Jessica and Cody to put their microphones on. In the lounge Christmas and Elena say that they (Jessica and Cody) are scheming. They then discuss how they feel like their own team is doing pretty well. Christmas says they are a good team and she works best that way. She does better with a team than an individual performance. 


2:17 PM BBT Christmas tells Elena that it doesn't matter that she is wounded. Give her a body condom and she will crawl her way through competitions. She won't even use the crutches.


2:19 PM BBT The feeds change showing Kevin and Ramses on a chair in the BY. Kevin is fussing that the schools don't teach the kids anything anymore. Ramses didn't know that Malcolm X was dead. Kevin tells him that he died in 1965 at the Audobon Theater in NY. Ramses didn't know anything about him. 

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2:22 PM BBT Paul comes out into the BY where Ramses and Kevin are. He complains how hot it is outside. Ramses says that he gives up too. Paul and Ramses go inside. Kevin stays outside because he is cleaning towels. 


2:25 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 are on Paul, Elena and Matt in the BR discussing Battle Back. The conversation changes when Kevin walks in showing that the onyx has fallen out of his ring. Paul says they are putting too much stock in Battle Back. Paul asks Kevin what he talked to Ramses about yesterday. Kevin says Ramses claimed that he tried to do right (POV). Paul says bull and that Josh told he that he went all out. Paul says that makes no sense because all he had to do was wait a little bit to delay the time. 

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3:50 PM BBT Christmas and Matt are talking in the WA and Christmas thinks Ramses is loyal to Cody, Jessica, and Jason. Christmas is talking about backdooring Ramses next week. She suggests putting Jason and Jessica up with Ramses as a backdoor option. Christmas says Jason is a loose cannon. Christmas thinks her and Elena are Jessica’s targets and Jessica will try and backdoor Christmas. Matt is concerned she might see Raven as a target, but Christmas doesn’t think so.


3:55 PM BBT They think the other side is banking on Cody competing in a battle back and that’s why they are going to target the girls to compete against Cody. Kevin is sitting in the KT doing shout outs to his family. Elena is irritated the turkey is gone and she says it was probably Mark who ate. She says the fact she doesn’t eat food in the house is starting to become a problem. Kevin calls Elena over and she says hi to Kevin’s family and says she loves having him around. Kevin says Debbie what are you doing? You don’t call me, text, email, or anything? What’s up with that?

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4:00 PM BBT Kevin says the temperature is hot, but everything is cool. He hopes the lawn is being mowed, weedwhacked, and blown. He starts naming people and we get FotH.


4:02 PM BBT Paul comes downstairs and Kevin pulls him over to say hi to his family too. Elena screams because of ants in the KT. Ramses comes into the KT. Raven, Christmas, and Mark are in the WA still talking about next week’s HOH and nominations.


4:05 PM BBT Paul comes into the WA with Mark and Christmas and Christmas tells him those three can’t win next week. Paul says Jason, Jessica, and Ramses? Christmas says yes. Paul says Jason told him if he won HOH he would put up Jessica and Ramses and Christmas doesn’t believe that. Christmas says we need to repair relationships with Ramses and Jessica and Paul says F no. Mark and Kevin are outside playing pool. Jessica hops into the WA to go to the WC.


4:10 PM BBT Paul says he will not trust anything that comes from Ramses. He says it left a bad taste in his mouth after yesterday. Paul says he’s pretty sure Josh is going to die outside because it’s hot and he’s biking like he’s Lance Armstrong. Paul says he’s curious what the next comp will be and Raven says maybe a wall comp. Paul says you all say you’re ready for a wall comp, but it’s not as enjoyable as you think it is. Paul says 41/2 hours depending on if anyone can last that long. Paul says the last HOH comp threw him for a loop. Raven says aside from getting pelted by candy she had a lot of fun. We hear a ribbit over the intercom and everyone is trying to figure out what it means. Paul says it means you’re not doing something you’re supposed to. He asks Jessica where her frog hat is and she says by the pool. Paul says that’s it.


4:15 PM BBT Paul is still talking about Ramses and the veto comp. Kevin gets excited when a plane flies overhead. [No there is no message] Kevin says oh there is a show tonight and he asks if it’s 8 or 9 and Mark doesn’t remember. Kevin says he’s not even in the show because he hasn’t done anything. Mark says veto will be Wednesday and Kevin says oh tonight will be nominations. Dominique joins Paul, Christmas, and Mark in the WA. Christmas says Ramses shares information without realizing and Paul says no he does it on purpose. He absorbs everything and then goes and shares. Matt doesn’t think Jason is playing with a full deck. Paul says there is no guarantee they will do a battle back again.


4:20 PM BBT Matt says Alex is being a good little soldier right now. He’s really impressed. Christmas says Jessica doesn’t know how to cook slop. Cody does it for her and then feeds it to her. Paul says she won’t have any energy to compete. Paul wants to intimidate Ramses because clearly he doesn’t operate well under intimidation. Matt says I don’t know well, that didn’t work yesterday and he almost killed that veto comp. Christmas says she wants to test the waters because Ramses said he wants to talk to her later.


4:25 PM BBT Matt asked Cody why he wanted to get Alex and Jason to jury because he didn’t understand. Cody told Matt the reason he wanted to take them is because he wouldn’t be able to evict Raven or Jessica, so he needed someone else who would. Cody wanted to get Jessica jury, but he needed someone else to get her out. Cody says so your girlfriend and the terminally sick girl? Christmas says he’s a nasty player. Cody says that’s why he’s leaving tomorrow in a frog suit.

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4:30 PM BBT Jason and Cody are in the pool and Jessica is in the hot tub. Christmas, Paul, and Dominique are talking in the WA about the possible battle back and Cody is probably getting Jason on his side. Christmas thinks Jason should be next to go.


4:35 PM BBT Paul says HOH’s are usually more physical and vetos are more mental. Christmas says Jason thinks Kevin voted out Jillian too and Paul says let’s keep him thinking that. Christmas says Jason doesn’t trust anyone. Cody and Jess are talking about music and what they listen to, what they like, and what they don’t like.


4:40 PM BBT Matt, Paul, Dominique, and Christmas are still in the WA having the same conversations about Jason and Ramses. Jason is in the pool yelling across the yard to Kevin. Jason asks Kevin if he is going to come sit outside and Kevin says he will at 5:00. Cody is in the pool and Jessica is in the hot tub and they are chatting and kissing.


4:45 PM BBT Elena gets called out for sleeping and we hear the reminder that HG must be awake between 10-10. Christmas and Dominique are now alone in the WA. They’re talking about Christmas’ dog. Matt is out of the WC and Christmas asks Matt what he can do to entertain them and he laughs. Paul and Kevin are going upstairs.


4:50 PM BBT Kevin says he trusts Mark more than Matt and he doesn’t trust Jason anymore. Paul says everyone is now associating Jason with Cody and Jessica and Kevin says he doesn’t care. Kevin says Jason says he wanted to leave and Paul says when did he say that. Jason is lifting weights in the corner of the pool and Cody and Jessica are still talking and making out. Paul tells Kevin that Josh is off the radar and actually doing well for himself. Paul says Jessica, Ramses, and Jason are the ones on the radar. Paul says that big group is going to eat themselves up soon. Kevin asks if they are going to work out tonight. Paul tells Kevin you do a blog when you’re HOH and he says really? Kevin puts Paul’s towels away and he says Paul needs to tell people to clean up after themselves.

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4:17 pm BBT - Paul, Matt, Dom and Christmas are in the washroom area. Talking about how Raven cleaned kitchen earlier and then Jessica and Cody came in and messed it up. They discuss Jason and Matt says that he is not playing with a full deck. Then they discuss Kevin and how they have to explain everything to him. 

Matt says the only threat they have in the game is losing HOH.  They talk about how rattle Jessica and get her to lose HOH. 



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6:25 pm Jessica and Cody in the lounge room.  Cody says if it gets any worse then he's going to leave. Raven comes in and says "Hello, little frogs" and then leaves.


Jessica says that Christmas plays a victim and that is her strategy. 


Cody says "She is a victim."  Then adds, "she's smug.  So smug."


Cody talks about how he should watch a youtube video to replace the alternator in his vehicle and by the time he's done he will have purchase more tools and the alternator still won't be replaced. Jessica talks about how everything she needs is within walking distance of where she lives. 

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7:29PM BBT: In the HOH Room - Paul, Christmas, Ramses and Paul talking about a walking with a cute dog. Christmas says they're babe magnets. Paul is talking about his own dogs and how people love them bc they're pretty. In the KT, Jason and Cody are doing dishes in their toads costumes. Alex is hanging out at the island eating. We can hear Elena talking but can't see her. Kev walks in and Jason says Kev you better get a good story ready. Alex is giving Jason tips on sifting his slop - she tells him to use a colander. 


7:31PM BBT: Back in the HOH room, Kev is telling a story about having a jacket for Richie's team and one of the people being called "the cheese." Paul tells them about one of his new shirts he has for Deadskull apparel. He says it goes with this years BB theme. Paul continues to describe more of his shirts. 

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9:57pm BBT: Kevin, Ramses, Alex, Jason, and Jessica in the DBR, Kevin discussing Wiz Kalifa and then Drake. In the RBR, Paul, Mark, Elena, Xmas, Matt, and Raven general chit chat. No game talk.


10:07pm BBT: In the DBR, talk turn to Harry Potter. Jessica explains some to Kevin. RBR crew has moved to the KT, still general chit chat.


10:17pm BBT: Jason and Dom yelling back and forth from upstairs and the KT (jokingly). Elena then says “look at your hand!” Ants were all over Mark’s hand and were apparently on the syrup bottle. Yelling/talking about the ants and keeping food put away.


10:22pm BBT: BY opens and numerous HGs go outside. Ramses finds the source of the ants. Alex looks at the camera and does shout outs through quick bouts of FoTH.


10:26pm BBT: Paul asks the camera what they are so interested in in the HOH bathroom [cameras have been following him consistently]. In the BY, Elena telling Mark that he will not make a bad decision. She says they don’t need to go over all of the catalysts for bad decisions.  


10:35pm BBT: In the BY, Jason and Mark playing pool being observed by Ramses, Alex, Kevin, and Xmas. Paul is setting up the rope for working out. On the other feeds, Elena and Raven doing ADLs.


10:37 BBT: Paul doing a bench press and BB tells him “Stop that!”. In the RBR, Elena talks about Mark always messing up the sheets, Raven says that he’s such a large man that’s what likely causes it.


10:45pm BBT: All feeds on the BY, Paul and Josh are working out, Xmas and Kevin chatting with Xmas giving Josh advice, Jason and Alex are playing pool.


10:47pm BBT: Ramses and Dom on the BY couch discussing Dom’s gluten intolerance while Alex and Jason continue to play pool.


11:06pm BBT: Feeds 1/2 on Dom doing her hair in the BA. In the BY, Ramses and Jason now playing pool with Mark watching. Paul and Josh still working out, with Kevin and Xmas on the lounge chair.


11:17pm BBT:  Dom talking to the camera about her birthday being in two days, and getting prepared for it. In the BY, Jason and Mark now paying pool with Alex watching.


11:24pm BBT: Elena comes to the BA and tells Dom that she was called to the DR but needed to look like she did yesterday [she was already in bed]. In the BY, Kevin, Xmas, and Ramses on the lounge chair with Mark and Jason still playing pool.


11:31pm BBT: Elena and Dom still in BA doing ADLs. Mark and Kevin now playing pool in the BY, BB tells Jason he has to remain on the lily pad if he isn’t doing a task that requires him not to be on it.


11:38pm BBT: Ramses and Xmas in the BY, Ramses saying that “he” asked him to throw it [the veto], he said that he wasn’t going to do that. Xmas says that he should have said something before, and Ramses says he did. Xmas asks if he has tried to talk to Paul, and says he should because he was pissed. Ramses said he’s been trying all day to get him alone but hasn’t been able to.


11:47pm BBT:  In the BY, Kevin, Xmas, and Ramses toast on the lounge chair, with Paul and Josh working out. Dom still working on her hair in the BA.


11:53pm BBT: In the DBR, Alex tells Jason that he should wash his frog suit while he sleeps, he says he’ll just wash it tomorrow. Alex says she cannot stand Jessica, that she hasn’t been downstairs in two weeks and that she’s mean.


11:54pm BBT:  Alex and Jason say Cody think Kevin flipped on the vote, but they both agree that he wouldn’t have done that. Alex tells Jason everyone likes him, except Xmas. She tells him he needs to become her friend.


11:58pm BBT: Alex tells Jason that they shouldn’t hang out with “them’ [Jody], that they are bad juju. She warns him to watch out for Jessica, that she’ll try to cling to him once Cody leaves.

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