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  1. 2:25PM BBT Brett and Winston playing jenga in Kaleidoscope room. Angela, Steve and Bayleigh watching. Steve commentating. Rachel joins the watchers. Winston wins. 2:55PM BBT Winston, Brett and JC sitting at table in the kitchen talking about food and exercising. Other houseguests general chit chat in the kitchen. 3:00PM BBT Swaggy, Haleigh and Fessy watching tv in HOHr talking about houseguests. Tyler comes in and they discuss their social media accounts and the veto competition.
  2. I agree. I'm surprised she has fallen under Paul's spell. Maybe she just knows that he is under protection right now and can't do anything about it.
  3. 5:01 pm BBT Christmas and Elena are in the lounge room. Christmas says that before Cody left he had spoken to her about why he targeted her. She rehashed how Cody did not think that she was a strong competitor and that the girls felt uncomfortable with her. Elena says that there are a lot of alpha females in the house. Christmas agrees. Christmas says that she told Cody that he under estimated her. He said that his target was originally Paul. There is discussion about the Mark and Elena showmance. Elena talks about a time when she was in the bathroom with Matt and Raven discussing her doubts in the relationship with Mark. Whether Mark is actually really attracted to Elena or if she was just the most attractive woman that he saw that came into the house. And how during Dominique's talk show Mark didn't answer the question clearly. Elena says that Christmas asked the question during the talk show, very cutely. But when Matt walked in, he was direct. Elena says that her and Mark have a brother-sister type relationship. Matt was being protective but Mark took it as attacking. Elena says that she told Mark that Matt was being cheeky and cute. Matt cares about Elana and was also participating the talks show.
  4. 8:43 pm BBT Cody and Jessica are playing chess (checkers?) upstairs. Kevin shouts up to Cody and they talk back and forth (about Dominque's upcoming talk show). Jessica is going to monitor what Cody says in response to the questions he is asked.
  5. 8:37 pm BBT Paul, Alex, Dominque and Paul in the HOH room. Discussing competitions in past seasons. Then they discuss Christmas' upcoming surgery. Paul asks who is paying for it Christmas says she doesnt know. That she doesn't have insurance and the camera switches to the backyard for a few minutes. Back to the HOH room they are discussing the first competition of the season in which someone took 25k and unleashed Paul in the house. They speculate that it's Ramsey. They discuss Cody and why he dislikes Christmas so much. Christmas has no idea. Someone asked if they knew any of the same military people. Christmas suspects that they do but that she has a good reputation in the community. Cody not so much. 8:52pm BBT Ramsey, Josh, Mark, Elena and Kevin are in the storage room looking at towels that Big Brother left them. Some have the Big Brother logo, some with the money log and others with ZingBot. Paul, Dominique, Christmas and Alex join them.
  6. 6:25 pm Jessica and Cody in the lounge room. Cody says if it gets any worse then he's going to leave. Raven comes in and says "Hello, little frogs" and then leaves. Jessica says that Christmas plays a victim and that is her strategy. Cody says "She is a victim." Then adds, "she's smug. So smug." Cody talks about how he should watch a youtube video to replace the alternator in his vehicle and by the time he's done he will have purchase more tools and the alternator still won't be replaced. Jessica talks about how everything she needs is within walking distance of where she lives.
  7. 4:17 pm BBT - Paul, Matt, Dom and Christmas are in the washroom area. Talking about how Raven cleaned kitchen earlier and then Jessica and Cody came in and messed it up. They discuss Jason and Matt says that he is not playing with a full deck. Then they discuss Kevin and how they have to explain everything to him. Matt says the only threat they have in the game is losing HOH. They talk about how rattle Jessica and get her to lose HOH.
  8. 9:51pm BBT Christmas in rose room with Paul and Dom. Christmas tells them that she has to have surgery on Monday. She will be back Monday night. Christmas indicates that she didn't want to tell the team because she didn't want them to worry. Paul says he has a beautiful plan. If all goes well Cody goes home. But it is dependent on the Temptation.
  9. 9:10 pm BBT Mark, Matt, Rave, Elena and Paul in rose bedroom pound their fists together "to friendship". They all discuss how they passed off their tickets which ended up to Paul. They were all looking for tickets that they didn't get to see Paul roll. 9:19 pm BBT Alex and Jason discussing if/how much you get paid to be on BB when Josh walks in the bedroom. Alex tells him to go away. That she doesn't want to talk to him. Josh leaves the room.
  10. 5:00 pm BBT - Christmas, Matt & Raven are in lounge room discussing Cody. Christmas believes that Cody threw the veto comp. 5:21pm BBT - Jessica and Cody are in backyard. Jessica asks if Cody will stay with her a bit after the show is over. He asks "and to do what?" Cody says he is not an LA person. He will give her one week. Cody says that he picked Christmas because he felt that she was the poison of the group. Besides Paul, he adds. 5:46pm BBT Mark and Matt in lounge room discussing upcoming HOH comp. Mark says that he hopes in an endurance competition and they could throw it to Paul. Matt agrees.
  11. 10:34am BBT in HOHR - Cody trying to make a deal with Alex to move forward in the game. He says he will put up someone from his side of the house to even out the numbers. C says that he will save Jillian this week. C says that he wants A to protect the couples and Dominique until jury. A says that he need to trim the fat. That she only has two people to she wants to protect. They hug and both leave and to the KT.
  12. 9:53 am BBT in KT - Christmas and Jillian discussing Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and visiting Las Vegas. Matthew washing dishes. Raven is cooking. 9:56am BBT in BY - Jason is riding stationary bicycle in jeans and cowboy hat. Does some stretching and weight lifting.

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