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Monday, July 3, 2017 BB19 Live Feed Updates


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1:48 AM BBT: Jessica and Cody are talking in the HOHR. She tells Cody that if Paul wins, he will put her and Cody up. Jessica wants to know why Cody wants to keep Alex, Cody says that Alex deserves to be here and that Christmas hasn't done anything. Jessica says she hasn't done anything and Cody disagrees. She wants to know where she is on his totem pole. "At the top," Cody says.


1:51 AM BBT: Jessica is upset by a comment that Alex made earlier in the day. She wants to put her head through a wall and says that Alex isn't playing a good social game. Cody tells Jessica she needs to relax, hang out with the people she likes, and "be natural." Jessica says that Alex is also targeting her and Cody. Jessica wants to tell Elena about her earlier conversation with Alex to try and change her mind to get Alex out. Jessica also wants to try and talk to Raven and Matt. Jessica wants everyone to trust her and vote for Alex instead of Christmas. 


1:55 AM BBT: Paul talks to Alex in the SR. He tells her that she needs to ignore all the stuff in the house and lay low so she doesn't get any more heat in the house. Paul tells her to make a strategic move because Christmas is already upset and that if Alex talks to her she will explode. Paul wants them to work together.


2:00 AM BBT: Paul walks into the WA. Paul tells Mark that Cody has put a knife in his back and that some sh** is about to go down. Elena walks over and Paul tells her and Mark that Cody has put knives in everyone's back and that he has to win HOH. Josh walks in and jokes around with Mark that he is the "jealous type" and then walks out. Paul and Mark are confused.


2:03 AM BBT: Cody tells Jessica that she's going to lose her mind in this game. Jessica promises to stay level headed and Cody wants her to trust him. Cody then tells Jessica that he's actually 32 and not 27. He then tells her about serving in the Air Force and then about his intelligence work and then about the Marine Corps. Jessica laughs and asked why he's so dumb then. Jessica then asks for an explanation. 


2:06 AM BBT: Paul talks to Elena in the kitchen and tells her anything said between them has to stay between them, but that she can tell Mark. Paul then lists off the people he trusts and doesn't trust, he doesn't trust Raven or Matt right now. He says Matt's relationship with Cody is really strong and he can't trust him with small things. Josh walks in and Paul walks out.


 2:08 AM BBT: Jessica tells Cody that he's "one of a kind," after he explains his background. Cody promises that he can pull himself out of any situation and that he has a lot more faith in himself than Paul or Christmas. He also says he has "a ton of faith" in Jessica because of her intuition. Jessica loves when Cody tells her secrets. 


 2:11 AM BBT: Jessica says that although the last few days have been stressful, they have also been really good. Cody says she has someone good on her side. "These people should be scared," Cody says. He then proceeds to talk about the Obama Administration and the camera changes to the DBR, where Paul and Jason are talking with Kevin and Christmas. "I'm not an idiot," Paul tells Jason and Jason agrees that Cody is fishy but he's not listening to anyone right now. Paul tells him to let the actions speak for themselves. Christmas is upset because she was stabbed in the back. Jason says he would vote Jessica out tomorrow. Paul says that Cody has been lying to everyone so that the can jump from side to side. Mark and Elena walk in and Paul and Jason stop talking. They start talking about how strange Josh is and how Mark doesn't understand the "jealous type" comment from earlier. 


2:21 AM BBT: The cameras are back to the HOHR, where Jessica and Cody are talking about WWII movies. Jessica gets up to use the restroom. Back in the DBR, Mark is called into the DR. Paul tells everyone goodnight. Josh asks everyone to keep it down so he can sleep. Kevin wants to know why Paul isn't doing the "friendship talk with Paul." Paul says he hasn't had time.


2:28 AM BBT: Cody gives Jessica a massage in bed and asks if Jessica would campaign for him. Jessica says she'll talk to Elena tomorrow about keeping Jillian. Cody calls the cameras perverts. 


2:30 AM BBT: In the kitchen, Elena asks Christmas if she's ok. Christmas says, "yeah," and that she's built to handle much more. Paul and Ramses walk up and start to talk about seeing people and the exit sign through the mirrors. The cameras are all on the HOHR now as Cody continues to give Jessica a massage. Jessica turns off the lights and she and Cody get into bed.


2:40 AM BBT: Jessica thinks it's funny they started their relationship on lies and asks if Cody has any more secrets. "Not much else," Cody says, "nothing interesting" and then tells her he was a PI for awhile. Cody wants a fan in the HOHR and then he and Jessica start talking about the Superbowl. Cody rooted for the Patriots. They talk about Tom Brady for awhile. Jessica asks about Cody's secrets again. He changes the subject to talk about friendships and relationships in the house. They discuss voting Christmas out again. Cody says that Paul is going to come after him next week. "That's just one person," Jessica replies. Cody says he doesn't want to win HOH again for a few weeks, until he can take Paul out. Jessica tells Cody that by aligning himself with Alex, everyone is doubting his loyalty. Jessica doesn't like that Cody let Alex win the veto, even though Cody says he didn't. Jessica says she hates Alex and thinks that Cody is dumb enough to believe Alex over their group. 


2:55 AM BBT: All is quiet in the house. 

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9:49 AM BBT: The houseguests are all talking about Christmas' foot. Jason says that she broke it when she slipped on the grass when they were dancing this morning. Cody says she was outside with two nurses. Matt isn't sure if she broke it, but he does know that it did not look good. Cody is worried that she'll leave and he'll have to nominate someone else again. 


9:52 AM BBT: Jason says that Christmas was on his back and he slipped and fell and her foot landed on the grass wrong. Jessica, Paul, Jason, Cody, and Matt are wondering if she'll need surgery. Jessica says she heard the producers say that Christmas will be coming back no matter what as they took her out. "This is the best week of my life," says Jessica.

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 9:43am BBT: Cody, Matt and Jessica are up and in the KT making breakfast and drinking coffee.

9:46am BBT: Jason is now up in the STR changing his batteries. Cody and Jessica also changing batteries, Jessica leaves the STr and goes to the KT to talk to Matt. Jason and Cody talking about  Someone laying in the BY and all Cody seen was nurses around her. Jason says Christmas its over as he walks away from the sliding glass door. Cody says worse thing that can happen is she  won't come back she might have to have surgery.

9:50am BBT: Jessica and Cody talking about it will be crazy if he has to pick another nominee since Christmas  has hurt her leg in the BY. Paul is now up and  heading to KT he ask what happened. Jason says  Christmas was on his back and he was running in the BY with her  and he slipped and fell and her ankle went into the ground. He says Christmas thinks it is broke and they took her to the ER.

9:55am BBT: Jason in the BY showing Paul what happened to Christmas and how she hurt her ankle. BB tells them to stop talking about production.

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10:00am-11:00am BBT: Jason describes what happened to Christmas and what her foot looked like. Paul and Jason wonder what will happen if Christmas doesn't come back. Paul says he is mad at Megan for leaving and it messed up the game. Paul then wonders if Cody gets to make another nomination.
  Jessica tells Matt she did not like the way Paul used the pendant yesterday at all and made Cody pick someone else to nominate.
  Jason and Kevin are now walking in the BY and Mark is working out. In the HOH WA Cody is brushing his teeth.

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11:41 BBT Mark and Elena in the storage room having a discussion. He says he's a bit mad at her because he just came in and caught her talking to Jess and hearing them say they are on the same page. She says she and Jess are on the same page as far as how they feel about "it", but not really on the same page about "it". No mention of what "it" is. 

She is still wearing the orange hoodie that someone cut the bottom off of that she was wearing last night. 

Mark is really upset and shaking his head at everything Elena says. He is telling her that they are not working (with them)  towards getting to jury. They will fight us all the way to jury. He says there is nothing they can do until Thursday and that's all up in the air because of Christmas. They don't know of shes coming back or not and he says they can't vote her out if she's broken.

Matt walks in looking for protein powder. He stays there listening and asks if he can stay. Elena tells him she in voting for Christmas to say no matter what anyone else says. Matt says the only thing that has really changed is Christmas will stay. Elena says if they don't show an allegiance to the other side they will be viewed as floaters. Or... should we stay viewed as floaters for another week? Matt tells her to go ask Cody what the original agreement was because she doesn't believe Mark. Matt walks out and Elena says, I love you as he leaves. She keeps looking in the mirror and putting her arms over her head so the bottom of her breasts show. Now she wants to know why they (BB) shop at Ralph's AND Kroger? Do they have to shop in two different stores? Smooching ensues. 

Jess walks back in and the smooching stops. She is looking for bananas. WTF happened? No yogurt, no nannas, no protein powder!



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11:03am BBT: Jessica and Elena in the STr talking about how Christmas and how she said that Christmas told her that everyone is coming after Cody and herself. Jessica says Christmas told her to stop doing things with Cody. Elena says that she does not know if Cody will even talk to her anymore. Paul walks in and ask if everything is chill and Jessica says yeah it is all chill. Paul leaves and goes to KT to make french toast.
  Jessica then says she told Cody yesterday if he ever blind sides her again like that then she will put him up and boot him out of the house.

11:09am BBT: Jessica tells Elena that that her allegiance is to her and Cody and she thought Paul but not Paul anymore because he is after me because of Cody's moves now. Elena says i was on Paul and Christmas side and i made a promise to them we are not in an alliance but we made a promise. She then says so now i am torn between 2 sides and we promised not to put each other up.

11:15am BBT: Mark and Cody in the BY talking about shaving. Kevin and Jason still walking. Mark now doing laundry. 
  Jessica and Elena still in the STR repeating themselves.

 11:19am BBT: Jason walking in the KT worried about Christmas as Paul is making french toast. Paul tells him to stop worrying and blaming himself. raven comes in asking about Christmas and Paul says she came back with her ankle wrapped and is in the DR and he says i hope and pray she doesn't have to leave the game. raven tells Paul that Jason said she never even cried , Paul says no she is tough.

11:29am BBT: Elena and Mark in the STR talking about Cody and Jessica and what they are doing as the HOH. Mark says i am trying to figure this stuff out and Elena said yeah me too but Jessica is my best friend in this house and mark says hold on right there. Elena says i know but what they have done has effected me. Mark puts his head down and sighs.Mark says you do understand that if Paul thinks you are with Jessica and Cody then we wont have him. Elena says i know but until things settle down and lines are drawn i have to make a decision. Elena ask can you trust Cody after he has put up five people  already and mark says i do not know what to do.

11:35am BBT: Mark tells Elena that she needs to talk to Cody and she tells him she plans to but she has not decided when that will be yet. She says after what Paul said lastnight i am not sure what to do. She says i have decided that i am not voting Christmas out and i said i made  a decision on my vote yesterday not my game play so if that gets me out then so be it and mark says ok.

11:40am BBT: Paul still cooking in the KT, Alex, Jason, raven, Ramses, Kevin and Matt in the Kt eating and drinking coffee with general talk about dancing.

11:58am BBT: Alex and Jason talking  in the BY about Jason and Jessica and how Alex feels like  they are playing people. Jason and Jessica on the hammock and Jason says he has to go put sunscreen on. 
   Most Hg are heading to the BY to lay in the sun.

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12:00 BBT Jess is mad about what Cody did and assures Matt that they still have a plan and they are still on the same page. Jess wants Christmas gone. She has to go. Matt says he told Cody that this morning. Matt notices there is no milk. WTF Happened???? Jess starts again. No Milk? No almond milk! WTF she keeps screaming. Production, we need milk. whole milk! they exit to the kitchen with jess still screaming WTF happened???


Ramses in the kitchen making breakfast and says he was a fat kid with high cholesterol. 


Cody and Jess outside in the hammock eating the loudest grapes. They both sound like they are chewing on gravel. Matt joins them. Raven walks over. Matt says, Hollllla! raven says he is super sweet letting her sleep while he made coffee. Raven says Cowboy and (?Ramses?) are deep in a conversation over there. Jess says, yes I know. They stopped talking when I walked out. They are talking about who would you put up against Ramses? Josh, says Matt. No, says Jess, too many people would want Josh out and it wouldn't work. They mention Cowboy and Ramses. Ramses would go home then. 

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12:15 BBT Jillian, Alex, Jason, Kevin on the patio. Alex says Cody is worried Ramses will not vote for you. Not to worry, we are all saying thing we aren't going to do. Jillian is stirring Kool aid in her plastic water mug and it sounds like stirring gravel. She has it pressed right on her mic. Jillian says she thinks they need to take the lead and stop letting people lead us around. Jason says, "Lets pump the f'ing brakes till we find out whats up with Christmas, cause Jess is staring over here like a mother f'er."  I'm going walking he says. He takes off his hat and shirt, then puts his hat back on and walks out in the sun and sits down with Kevin and says he's just going to do sit-ups and not walk. Jason says both sides want to take Kevin to jury so they are trying to split us all up. 



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 12:04pm BBT: Jason telling Alex and Jillian that Paul and Cody both are trying to take over their little side of the house. Jason says i dont know what to do. Alex tells Jillian to make sure  that he is voting for you before you make a deal with him. Alex then says  they say they are keeping Christmas in the game.

12:10pm BBT: Jessica and raven on the hammock talking and Jessica keeps watching Alex, Jillian and Jason talking. Jillian says she does not like her staring, Jason says don't worry about it as he walks off and heads back over to Kevin to do sit ups.

12:20pm BBT: Cody gets called to the DR. Raven says she hopes it is not about Christmas as Cody heads in the house.

12:23pm BBT: Most Hg in the BY laying in the sun or working out. Jillian talking to Josh about wanting to stay in the game. 

12:30pm BBT: Alex and Jason working out and Alex ask wonder what is going on in the world as Jason tells her not to worry about it. Paul comes out and ask if anyone else wants french toast they all say no thank you.

12:36pm BBT: Alex, Jason and josh speculating about what is happening in the DR with Cody and if Christmas is coming back. Alex says if she doesn't come back there is still time for another comp or someone else to come back.

12:43pm BBT: Paul talking to Jason about him campaigning and Jason says i was campaigning for the new HOh and Paul tells him no. Jason says But and Paul says NO she is not on your side. Jason says ok that all i need to know. Paul says just keep your mouth shut do not talk to her. Jason ask is Christmas out and paul says no we do not know yet as he walks off.

12:51pm BBT: Jessica, Raven and Matt in the lounge rm talking about Cody not talking to her. raven tells her come hang out with us in the KT and he will come around when he wants to as they leave the lounge.

12:53pm BBT: Jason telling Jillian and josh about what happened to Christmas. he said she did not even cry and her foot was not swelling. Jillian tells him  Christmas will be ok. josh ask what happened and Alex says he was giving her a horse back ride and she fell off.

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12:57 BBT Matt and Raven in the Storage room. Fridge is restocked, they are pumped about that. She is going to cook some pork chops and calls matt "babe". Feeds switch back to Dom and Mark. Dom says she trusts Cody but doesn't understand why he didn't talk to them first. Mark is trying to explain how Cody wanted Paul out because he had already been on the show and has money so he doesn't need to win.

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12:59 BBT Dom tells Mark that the perception of the house is that he is aligned with Cody. Mark explains how Elena is making him mad because she says she is on the same side as Jess. Dom tells Mark that Jess is very fickle in the sense that she wanted to get Xmas out first and now is suddenly on Elena's side to keep Christmas. Jessica walks up to them angry at Cody and the feeds switch.

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1:05 BBT Paul and Elena continue their talk. Elena is hoping that the next few days provide clarity and she is going to try to not make any waves. Paul tells her that is good but she needs to watch her G-talk and to be careful who she does it with. Paul only extended his hand to her and she better not F it up because he knows what he is doing and has a good plan. He plans to set things back on track.


Elena asks about Dom. Paul says D is very smart and has a hand on everyone. He says thats good now but dangerous for later. He hasn't had a 1 on 1 with her and therefore cannot say for sure how he feels about her. He says she is playing her own game and not creating waves. Paul and her are on good terms.


Elena is still trying to discuss the Cody situation. She is telling Paul that Cody F'ed her whole game. Paul warns Elena about Jess because she will always bat for Cody. Paul now telling her how showmances are bad and earn you a target on your back.

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 12:58pm BBT Mark and Dom talking on OD couch, Dom has an issue with ppl being fickle. Jess comes up to them saying she was so worried about Cody, she waited outside HOH and the only thing she could hear was him saying to production...could have them stop coming up and knocking on my door. Cam changes to Jillian, Ramses and Kevin on OD lounge with Matt in the shade by the wall. Ramses is upset because there is no chicken. (SR was restocked a little bit ago.)


1:05pm BBT Paul says showmances are great cuz they create in internal problem. Paul says if anyone but Mark asks they were talking about showmances in general. On the couch, Mark,  Dom and Jess talk about what might happen if Christmas is really gone. They cant have 3 evictions in one week, will they just cancel the live show?


 1:11pm BBT Dom telling Jess that some one told her, her leader went rogue. She wont say who. Jillian tells Josh he needs to lay low. Josh wants to compare notes. Josh takes Ramses glasses and Ramses says not to stretch them. Josh holds them up to his eyes and looks around then hands them back to Ramses.


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1:41 BBT Elena tells Mark that she thinks they are a target now because they are an "us". She doesn't want either of them to become a target due to their allegiance to one another. She thinks they should be careful and spend time with others in the house. Mark says that as long as Him, her, Raven, or Matt win HOH he will be happy. Elena wouldn't mind Paul winning because she thinks it will bring clarity to the house. Elena thinks Paul has a plan and she believes that Cody did more than what her or Mark know. 

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 2:08pm BBT: Most Hg are laying in the BY in the sun. Jessica and Cody in the HOH RM snuggling and talking about stripping and general talk.

2:15pm BBT: Mark in the HOHRM talking to Cody and Jessica about people over reacting yesterday and he says that is what happened to Christmas.Cody says he talked to Alex and Jason  and if Jillian gets picked off they will be mad and Cody says well if she does can you protect my people and they agreed. mark says that is good. Mark says there is no way Christmas will be voted out. Jessica says nope no way after what happened she will not be voted out cause no one will vote her out after her getting hurt she will make jury.

2:20pm BBT: Christmas just entered into the House on crutches and Jessica says welcome back. Dom gave her a hug. She says she tore ligaments and has to go back Wednesday to get an MRI done to see if there is any cracks. Christmas asking if Jason is ok. Jessica says he was upset.

2:23pm BBT: Christmas goes to the red BR to put her bikini on so she can lay in the sun with her leg propped up and then wants french toast.

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 2:27pm BBT: Dom and Elena talking to Christmas as she gets her bikini on about Jessica and Cody staying together and Jessica wont talk to anyone else hardly. Christmas says yeah like we would be in the KT and she wouldn't talk to me.

2:29pm BBT: Kevin comes in and gives Christmas a kiss on the cheek and ask how she is and She tells him she is ok they gave her a pain shit that she wants to go out and get some food and coffee. Kevin says lets go get you some then. they leave the BR going outside.

2:33pm BBT: Christmas goes to the KT as everyone is coming in and they all hug her she then tells Jason to check his guilt no guilt. he looks at her and says ok no guilt.

2:35pm BBT: Paul ask Christmas if she is still here to play and Christmas tells them that they told her they will figure this out as they go but they will not taker me out of the game then we get BRB.

2:47pm BBT: In the HOH rm Jillian is talking to Cody and Jessica and mark about her staying this week after the HOh group was just talking about if they have the votes to take Christmas out this week as she has told people she is gunning after mark and Cody.

2:49pm BBT: Hg are making burgers to eat since Christmas wants to eat. Paul and Elena in the STR talking about how the house is split and how she does not want to pick sides but she will have to. Paul leaves the STR as Kevin comes in and Elena says we are just trying to get things for the burgers.

2:56pm BBT: Most HG making burgers . Paul and Elena stay in the STR talking about the sides of the house. mark leaves HOHRM as Josh comes in to talk to Jason.

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3:02pm BBT: Jason and Josh in HNBR talking about Paul and asking why Paul wants to keep Christmas. josh says he does not know.  They hear a noise and josh grabs something saying he needs a shower. Bb says Josh are you wearing someone elses mic? He laughs and says i dropped my mic in the toilet and told you i took someone elses. Hg are laughing.

3:10pm BBT: Jessica and Paul talking in the BY about how Cody is being shady and Jessica tells him that she heard Christmas was coming after her and Cody and  Paul tells her he has not heard her say that and she talks to him alot. 

3:18pm BBT: Josh is talking about tomorrow they get food back to mark and Elena. he wants food now. Mark is laying on the bed just looking at Elena and Elena is just sitting in silence. Elena gets up and walks out and mark shrugs his shoulders then josh walks out leaving mark alone.

3:24pm BBT: Christmas gets up and goes in the house. Kevin tells her that Jason will do anything she ask from now on. She just laughs at them.Raven has Christmas sit in a chair in the KT and helps her prop her foot up so she can watch raven cook burgers.

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BBT 5:32 Alex and Jason in the money bedroom. Production gives them a warning. "Houseguests must be awake from the hours of 10 AM to 10 PM." Alex - "I think that was for us. I was praying!" Alex says Christmas never asked her to vote to keep her. Jason says, of course you're Jillian's friend. Alex says that Christmas is cool but she won't back them 100% when they need her. She will go straight back to Paul. She saw Paul's season and he was only loyal 100% to Victor. Alex is wondering if Paul is America's Player or something where he has to do things to the houseguests for money. "Maybe he's the twist."


Alex and Jason remind themselves how they have to be careful about who they back for the next two weeks because Paul is safe. Alex says she thinks Cody was going to pull her off if he won veto. They discuss going to final four with Cody. Alex doesn't want to be in a final four with Cody and Jessica. Jason "Oh f**k No, we'll get rid of her. Put Mark in there. That would be all right, wouldn't it?" Alex agrees. 


Jason says Paul has been going around today campaigning for Christmas and he thinks that is a bunch of s**t. Alex says Jessica and Cody sitting in that room all day every day since he won HOH is completely useless. 




BBT 5:41 PM Ramses and Dominique in the kitchen. Ramses is eating cereal and Dominique is cleaning up. Cody and Jessica in HOH. He asks what she would have done if she had been HOH this week. Jessica said that Alex has been on her radar since day one. She hated how after that first competition Alex went around bragging about how awesome she was. Cody asks who else and Jessica says probably Megan but she's not sure. But she definitely would have put up Alex and she (Jessica) wouldn't have thrown the veto comp so Alex would have definitely gone home. (So Jessica thinks Cody threw the Veto comp too? Hmmm...interesting.) 


Cody defends himself and says that he wasn't making any progress in that 28 minutes. The Veto had something to do with sand, clams,  and starfish and he couldn't get them to stay the right way. He and Jessica start discussing various strategies of how the Veto went and what seemed to work best. Jessica is critiquing Cody's gameplay and Paul's advice to other players to lock in their time. Cody said the wind died down at the end and that's how people got better stacks. (Jessica is sure she would have done so much better if she had been HOH or played Veto....spare me)


Cody says he is feeling much more chill around Mark. Jessica agrees. 


BBT 5:48 Matthew, Paul, Christmas, and Raven in the blue lounge room talking about how she went off on someone. Paul said he was on standby mode and now he has to play the game. Raven says the look on Matt's face was priceless. Matt says he was so uncomfortable. Now Matt is imitating Cody's posture and they are all laughing. Mark comes into the room and doesn't get the joke. (Big Surprise.) "Why is he sitting like that?" Raven plays it off and says it's Matt being Matt. Mark goes off to workout. Matt says he is going to shower and admits that he didn't shower yesterday. Raven says she could tell. (Ew.)


Back in the HOH room Jessica says that she hopes Jillian can swing this vote. Cody agrees.  He says that they know Ramses's biggest secret and Jessica says that she bets that Elena knew because there was no way he would tell them and not Elena. Jessica says she is pretty sure Kevin isn't going to keep Jillian. Cody says Kevin is a bullsh**ter. Jessica says that she can't see Kevin voting out someone on crutches. Cody argues that why should any of them vote to keep someone who hasn't talked to them in two weeks? Cody says that he is doing this, trying to keep Jillian, for Alex. He has no loyalty to Jillian, his loyalty is to Alex.


The duo complain about how Christmas refused to give up her double bed to Mark and Elena. Christmas said one of them could sleep with her but she had cleaned that bed and she wasn't giving it up. Cody - "God, c**kblock!" They hope that if Jessica doesn't win this week that another couple does so they can just switch beds. Jessica "Because...I kinda need you." Cody - "Same." They start a conversation about the path of their relationship and the questions the DR people would ask them at the beginning compared to what they ask now. 








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6:00 BBT Paul and Jason playing pool in the backyard. Paul is working hard on having Jason blow smoke up Cody's butt. Paul says "If you back out, then I'll know where you stand."  Jason doesn't want to be the guy that comes over and the girls on that side then want him out. Paul said he isn't working with all of them, he is really selling it. "Just have a little faith in me dude. I've been transparent since the first day. You choose to be with me, I'll back you up to the end. If you choose to f**k with me, I'll f**k you twice as hard with no lube." (Ouch!) He finishes his very appealing pitch (/sarcasm) by saying "If you need some time to see me work, that's totally fine with me baby."


Jason asks where Mark is and Paul says that Mark is with them. Paul continues that Mark and Jason are acting the same, they are acting like nice guys who don't want to upset anyone. Paul tells Jason that he gets excited and he is warning/telling him that the more he goes up to Cody the more his name comes up in conversation, which endangers Paul somehow.  Jason says he doesn't want Paul to take Cody's place as the kingpin and Paul takes all the showmances. Paul shoots back that he and Victor were the showmance killer because they split up three different showmances week after week. Jason is on board with this. Paul warns Jason that he can't throw that s**t around because it makes him a huge target. "Don't ever talk about it again. The more you talk about it, the more they gun for you." Paul alludes that there are priorities and that this is a marathon, not a sprint and Jason needs to pump the brakes. Paul says this is his 112th day in the BB house and Jason's 13th. Paul reminds Jason of how all the alpha males from his season last year went down in a blaze of glory. Jason is excited to win HOH so he can then pick off who he wants. Paul - "All I'm saying is work with me and not against me because I think together we can do some solid s**t to get to a certain point.  I'm not saying we work with these people forever, we work with them until jury which means you're paid to vacation and everyone makes money. The end of this game is a whole lot of chance, a whole lot of luck, and a whole lot of twists still to come. Just wait until this next temptation comes. I'm not in it and guess who just pissed off a lot of people. Does that make sense?" Jason agrees.  (Honestly only half of it made sense to me.) 

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9:16 - 9:25 PM, BBT --- Paul, Elena, and Dominique talking game in the backyard. Elena saying she hasn't really talked to Cody since his surprise Christmas nom. But Elena talked to Cody today. She says it was "productive," and that Cody realizes he's up against the wall. Elena asking Paul what his game plan is going forward. He won't give details, but says, "It's beautiful. It's like butter on a skillet. It's checkmate." Elena and Dominique talking how to reel Mark away from Cody. They say Mark feels bad about voting to keep Christmas because he's still loyal to Cody. Elena says she's telling Mark they can still be friends with Cody, but that he betrayed their trust by going rogue with the post-PoV nom. Paul saying that Jessica has been "coming in way too hot" with him, trying to "call the shots" when he's safe for the next two weeks. She's playing a "very aggressive game." Trio weighing the strategic pros and cons of showmances. 


9:31 - 9:41 PM, BBT --- Mark and Christmas in a different area of the backyard. She's resting her leg up on a pillow on the couch. She's vowing to keep her integrity in this game. Cut back to Paul / Elena / Dominique. Paul says Cody told him, "I very much know I may be going home next week." Speculating on how Jessica's going to react if that comes to fruition. Dominique reiterating what she told Mark: if Cody goes next week, Jessica's going to fall in with the group, but they shouldn't trust her based on her defending Cody with the Christmas nom. When Jessica came to Paul, he gave her two options. Option A was to abandon Cody. She said she won't do that. Option B was to "stick to her guns and get shot at." Paul said that since she's not taking Option A --- "which I'm not telling you to take" --- it's Option B. Elena stressing that she's maintaining a strategic distance from Mark: "I am NOT in a showmance with him." She doesn't want to be targeted just because of the appearance that she's in a showmance with Mark ("It's not fair to me."). Elena says she was very clear to Mark about what they are and what they are not.


9:50 - 9:57 PM, BBT --- Ramses, Raven, Jessica, and Cody in the kitchen. Raven's going to make a "quesadiller." Paul / Elena / Dominique still going strong in the backyard. Paul still hyping his "A+" plan without giving the smallest detail; he's putting it into action regardless of whether Christmas or Jillian goes. Raven heads outside and joins the group. Paul feels for Jessica, but says she's "stubborn" and clinging to the idea that if you're not with her it's because you're against her; Paul says no, I'm not with you "because you're wrong."


10:02 PM, BBT --- Main kitchen group is now Jessica, Jillian, and Ramses, with Alex, Jason, and Kevin on the periphery. Mainly food talk. They love Chipotle and hope they sponsor BB this year so they'll get to eat it in the house. Jillian waxing poetic about Outback Steakhouse, a sponsor of the last two seasons [their words; I definitely recall Outback sponsoring BB18, don't recall 17]. Jessica's a big fan of the Las Vegas food scene and discussing restaurants with Vegas resident Jillian. Mark and Christmas still off on the the backyard couch. 


10:17 - 10:27 PM, BBT --- Mark crying messily into Christmas's lap on the backyard couch. [I missed exactly what this is all over, but they've been having what seems like a serious, if vague, heart-to-heart for a while now.] Elsewhere in the backyard, some Kevin and Alex gametalk. Kevin: "If you win HoH, you've gotta put M and M up, the M&Ms. [Mark and Matthew, logic dictates.] ... The girls [on that side of the house: Elena, Jessica, Raven] can't beat us."

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10:04 BBT: Jillian, Ramses, Jessica in the kitchen, talking about eating at restaurants. Ramses hopes Chipotle sponsors BB, so they could get a meal as part of a party. They mention Outback Steakhouse, Jillian said she has been there a lot, Ramses said he wanted to try a Bloomin Onion, he'd never had one. Jessica said she doesn't like onions. At the same time, they are trying to cook salmon and someone (not sure who) claimed it smelled like rank vagina. 

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 10:02PM BBT Paul, Elena, and Dominique sit in the BY. The girls are chatting about doing their nails.


10:06PM BBT All 4 cams still on Paul and the girls. They are discussing other HG and how the guys behave.


10:09PM BBT Christmas and Mark on the BY couch discussing how positive people influence lives. Christmas says she has a great team and she wants to share her resources and mentor him. He tells her he appreciates it.


10:18PM BBT Paul and the girls discussing HN and how it will work and when they will pick them. Paul says he isn't sure where they will sleep. On the BY couch Christmas is rubbing Mark's back.


10:24PM BBT Matthew is in the HOH WC - trimming his facial hair. Raven taking a shower. They are discussing if the HN come off tonight where they will sleep.


10:27PM BBT Kevin and Alex talking by the pool.Discussing HG social game. Kevin says he hasn't done anything athletic yet in the house.

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