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  1. 7:50 pm - Camera 1 Swaggy and Fessy in Kitchen Swaggy: Interesting. Fessy: I wonder if Kaitlyn is the one who flipped. Swaggy: I know she is. Fessy: You Think? Swaggy: She got dug up. So she went...(unintelligble) Listen, Listen. Fessy: You feel straight? You feel straight though? Swaggy: Yeah I'm good. Just being near her all week. She has to keep, doing what you gotta do it, gotta do it. She said if she won HOH she would look at A los A(have no idea who he's talking about, JC?) I'm like ' You, You're a doctor. So do it. Do it." Fessy: But they gonna find out. Who else would she put up? Swaggy: Me or Bailey. Cause that's what been happened all week. Fessy: Nah, she wouldn't do that. Cause then she knows you all are with me and Hailey. She just then throws everything under the bridge. Swaggy: You're right. Also, also there's something. Rockstar might have been it. It might not have been Kaitlyn. I think it might be Rockstar. Fessy: I think was Rockstar. Because you were telling me she was thinking about it. Swaggy: And then in the room, she told me she was conflicted between them. Fessy: Who did? Swaggy: Rockstar. Fessy: Yeah cause... Swaggy: She was telling me... Fessy: She was like "I really like Sam." In the meantime... Swaggy: She was telling me. And I was like (shakes his head and mumbles back and forth) (both talking over each other) Fessy: So she might have had a lot of talks with Sam. Swaggy: She might of thought we were solid and then f'd it up. Fessy: No I think the thing is Rockstar knows you have Bailey and I have Hailey so she might have thought she was the fifth wheel and she might have thought, "I need Sam." Swaggy: I'm starting to believe it was Rockstar and not Katie. Fessy: I don't think...Kaitlyn wouldn't do that to me. This early in the game. (Umm..I think she just did.) Swaggy: Okay, cool. Cool. No I trust you. Fessy: Because, this thing. Me and Kaitlyn talked about an option. I swear. She don't know. Swaggy: She don't know what? Fessy: Like me and Kaitlyn, she told me she wanted me, like first couple days in the house. She wouldn't jeopardize me. (Hehehehe...his level of self-confidence kills me) Swaggy: She never came up. Fessy: No, I'm saying. Listen to me, . Because if she did that... she wouldn't want me *micmics his hands talking* Swaggy: If she put me up then you would be first Fessy: Not only that but she's torn. Swaggy: Is she? About? Fessy: About s*t in general. Swaggy: *agrees* Fessy: Yes! Then why would she do that? Like I'll tell you. *Rockstar joins them carrying a big stuffed owl and the conversation quickly switches*
  2. I love Scottie! I hope he goes far in the game!
  3. 9:45 BBT They are still speculating about what is going on in the BY. Reset, Care Packages, etc. They say the producers must be editing double time to deal with all the stuff they are doing. Paul says last season they were doing something every day. Christmas says they are best cast ever. (Debatable...) Talk turns to Jason messing up the Veto comp. He is laughing at how he messed up the last part, something about ginger. Ramses gets up and walks in and yells, "Man, f*ck ginger!" (Maybe this was the chemistry veto?) Jessica talking about how she counted on her fingers the entire time to help her remember. Discussing how they used to do it and possible strategies to use. Jessica said she talked to production and her explanation confused them so they told her they were going to say something a little different in the show. Christmas said that was the strategy she used as well. Jessica demonstrates what she did and Paul says he is confused as well. They joke how they lasted longer on the discs than they did on remembering things. Alex is waking up in the den bedroom.
  4. 9:29 BBT Paul in the kitchen talking about how it is Monday and what is going to happen today. They suspect maybe the curse is going to happen today. Paul says it might be a reset. Everyone groans and Jessica says "We will be the first two out!" Paul says, "There is nothing that takes four days to set up." (I guess the BY is closed.) They start talking about how Paul felt better today, he didn't feel well yesterday. Discussion switches to Matt and Raven yelling last night. Paul says he slept through it. Josh said he heard it and jumped up because he thought it was serious. Cody starts telling military stories about hearing when people were shooting at him. He says his hearing is all messed up now and he can only hear low tones really well. Cody says it's the one sense that really is affected with being a soldier but as far senses go, its implants and how Rush Limbaugh uses it.
  5. 9:25 BBT Production says "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." Ramses, who is asleep, opens his eyes, looks around, and goes back to sleep. The group in the kitchen is still just having coffee and chit chat. Nothing game related. Production talks about the bedroom lights again and Ramses sits up in bed. Jason comes in and tells Ramses and someone else in the other den bed to get up. (I can't tell how, but I think it's a girl so maybe Raven?) Josh and Jason whisper in the SR about what Jason said about last night. Jason assures Josh that he didn't really say anything, but they still don't actually talk about what happened.
  6. 9:24 BBT Christmas, Paul, Cody, and Jason talking about the morning music in the kitchen. Portugal Man? Josh still getting ready in the bathroom. Christmas says she was cold last night and Jason says he was sweating to death. Christmas wants protein powder. Jason starts talking about breakfast and Christmas says she needs to wait a minute because she just brushed her teeth. We keep getting FOTH cuts in and out. Jason now talking about Air BNB's and he had never heard of them before he got here. BB tells Jessica and someone else to change their batteries. Kevin appears in the kitchen and people greet him. Kevin complaining about not sleeping well and they start talking about something that happened last night. Paul asks where he was and Jason says he was sleeping. (They never go into what exactly happened.) Josh comes into the kitchen and Jason pretends to hush everyone like they were talking about him. Everyone drinking coffee standing/sitting around the kitchen bar/island. Cody says he has only had expresso once or twice and he didn't know what to do with it. Paul likes it and that Armenian coffee is the stuff. He says they will have it when they come to his house for dinner. Jason shouts out that his refilled coffee is Mf'king hot! Josh asks if anyone wants more coffee before he refills the pot. He tops off Cody, Jason, and Paul before he starts washing the pot out. Jess comes down the stairs with sunglassess on and joins the group. At least half of them have sunglassess on. (Are BB lights just that bright?) BB tells more people to change their batteries. General chit-chat and laughing from everyone.
  7. 9:21 BBT Hamsters are moving around. Chrimstas, Josh, and Jason in the bathroom. Paul in the kitchen. Christmas and Jason talking about the Veto competition and Christmas says how she sucked at it. All four cameras on Christmas and Josh doing ADL's. No talking. 9:23 BBT Paul talking to Jason in the kitchen imitating Forrest Gump and they are told by BB to "Cut that out". They complain about how they are not going to be able to survive the summer without quoting Forrest Gump. Cody comes down from the HOH and starts joking with Jason. Jason is pretending to smash a chair in anger over not being able to quote the movie. FOTH
  8. I agree. If she doesn't use the power she has, there won't be another time. She will definitely deserve to lose.
  9. I don't think bringing back Cody is anymore 'rigged' than bringing back Paul. In fact, I would say Paul's re-entrance was MUCH more scripted in his favor than Cody's. Not only did he get to come back, he got to pick who was 'safe' (making immediate alliances/bonds), taking someone's spot which got someone out of the house, and then miraculously got THREE weeks of pure safety from "America". Yeah...right. Cody had to compete in and win three different competitions to win a spot back in the house, one of which was against Paul who did a similar challenge last year as well. Paul did nothing and got a lot more power and safety in return. In the end it's all about the drama, and Cody brings that in spades. He is the only one I think out of the four outed houseguests who would truly give Paul a run for his money. Oh, and welcome to Morty's.
  10. Agreed! He plays the part so well, I am having a hard time hating him for it. I don't like his Godfatheresque style of play but these people are so gullible that you almost just have to give it to him. If he gets by this week without Jessica backdooring him then I will just have to take my hat off and give him his props. He is definitely playing a good game. I don't want him to win but if he makes it to the end he will deserve it.
  11. I like this assesssment. I don't think it's rigged, as in the outcome is pre-determined, but they definitely do seem to pick and choose the right comps/advantages/etc. at the most coincidental times for maximum impact. Having watched Survivor, Amazing Race, etc. I don't think BB is anymore scripted than those shows. The producers are trying to make compelling television where people will still watch to the end. I would honestly rather have seasons like this than the one with Andy and his pack where I stopped at the final five because it was so boring and awful. At least I'm interested and there are people to root for at the moment, which is really all I want in BB. But that's just me.
  12. Matt is a sleeper pick for me. I get he's just in it for the experience but he's likable enough, he stays out of stuff when he should, but keeps himself close enough to the right people at the right time. If he has been downplaying his ability to win comps and turns it on at the right time, he could definitely be someone to watch.
  13. Truth. I don't know how he has gotten to this point in life with people skills like this. It's like he doesn't know how to have a proper conversation and he backtracks so much that you never know what he actually thinks or feels. It's enough to give you a headache.
  14. When I saw Jessica had won HOH Friday night I was thrilled. I was super busy this weekend and when I come back Monday I feel like I'm Scooby Doo in a "urgh?" moment. What happened to her HOH? Ramses and Josh? I thought at first maybe it would just be backdoor but checking on other live feeder updates they are leaning toward not using the POV. Seriously?? How can they not take a shot at Paul? Or Matt? Or Mark? Or SOMEONE who is actually a threat??? These people will turn on them in a hot second come Thursday night when she is no longer in power. I don't get it. Even Alex, who I like and don't want to be nominated, would have been a better choice than two guys who are not really threats, aren't going to win things, and are so unlikeable that even IF they made it to the end they wouldn't win. Even though she has that Halting Hex in her back pocket, this is not a good game move. In fact, because she has the Halting Hex it's an even better argument to go after a big fish. Take the shot and if it blows up, use the halting hex next week. I don't get it. I thought Jessica and Cody would be smarter than this. SMH...
  15. 2:43 BBT The den bedroom starts giggling as Josh walks into the have not room. Josh comes out of the have not room and starts accusing Kevin of messing up his bed. Josh says he's going to get him back. Kevin jokes about carrying a screw around with him tomorrow for protection. Josh goes back into the havenot room and starts trying to piece his bed back together. Ramses tells him that he did not mess up his bed. Jason is trying to sleep with the lights o. Josh walks back into the den bedroom and brings something to Kevin about putting M&M's in his bed. Kevin still denies messing with his bed. "Why would I do that? I didn't do it. Scout's honor." Josh starts dropping M&M's on the floor and gets yelled out by the other people in there. Kevin keeps trying to convince Josh it wasn't him, saying that if it was him he wouldn't have left the food he eats all the time as evidence. Josh finally leaves and Kevin lays into Ramses for putting M&M's into the bed and Ramses says he didn't do it. Josh comes back and asks who put the cocoa butter on the door. Kevin says it's not cocoa butter, it's semen. They joke that Christmas jacked off on the door and Ramses goes "Ewww". (This whole conversation is ewww...) Ramses leaves and Paul goes to the havenot room to mess with Josh's bed again. He does something and runs back to his bed. They start reviewing little history stuff until Josh comes back. They all deny that anyone did anything to his bed. Josh says "That's fine. Tomrrow the games begin." Paul: "The games began a month ago." Josh comes back and accuses Ramses of putting semen on his door. Ramses whines and denies it. Josh goes into the HN room and Paul has Ramses go spy on Josh at the door. They whisper about who really did stuff to Josh's bed. They think it was Alex. Paul calls out for Josh but he doesn't answer. Christmas asks for Paul's Crackle and he gives it to her. Ramses and Paul start smack talking each other jokingly. Josh comes out with a bandana and is wiping off the greased door. Kevin reiterates that he didn't do anything and Josh says again that tomorrow the games begin. Kevin goes back to his history lessons. He asks what happened on 7/20/69? Josh hesitates and Paul says the moon landing. Josh says he knew that, he didn't get to finish. He says that it was Louis Armstrong. The others repeat what he said and start laughing. Paul says "NEIL Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was the f**king trumpet player!"



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