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Afterthoughts from the PM - Musings in Hindsight

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Welcome to PaganMom, who will be contributing to the Morty's TV Fan Forums as a Blogger for Season 19.  PaganMom has been part of the Big Brother LFU and TFU Team for a number of years and we are excited for her to share her perspective on this 19th season of the game, featuring all new Houseguests!  This is a two way street, though, so when PaganMom tells you want she thinks, feel free to reply back with your own reactions to the game - and her posts!

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Thank you for the intro, Fuskie!


I hope you all are ready for another great season. This is going to be a first for me, so if you want to see something different as the season goes, please feel free to let me know! Here is how my blog will work:

Either Thursday night or Friday morning (depends on hubby's schedule and how late I can stay up lol!) I will post about the last week, from HoH comp to eviction. I will break down what was on the feeds that lead to each decision as well as my thoughts on what happened.


I am super excited to start this journey. We will see what happens during the opening nights (Wednesday and Thursday) before I can say when my next post will be!


Have a great week y'all!



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