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  1. #BB19 7:30 BBT- Dom, Alex and Elena are in the HOH and Dom is telling them how she is going to do what God wants her to do and she will walk out with her integrity intact. Alex is talking about Ramses and how he was telling Elena that Mark and Dom have an alliance. They think Ramses is playing everyone and is a liar. Alex doesn't understand why he never gets called out for sleeping when the others do. Dom thinks they should all be on the same page. Elena is worried about Jason. She thinks he is a wild card and she isn't sure what he would do if he won HOH. #BB19 7:35pm BBT - Alex says thi
  2. #BB19 6:21pm BBT Jess and Christmas are in the HN room talking. Christmas is explaining that she never meant that Jess was her target. Jessica started to say something, and Christmas said "are you going to listen or interrupt?" Jess does a head jerk but lets her continue. Christmas doesn't get why she didn't ask about her foot. Says it felt like it wasn't sincere. #BB19 6:25PM BBT Christmas says she understands that this is a hard week for Jess, she is losing her "ride or die", she is stuck in a toad costume, but she is having a hard week too. She doesn't feel that Jess even cares. Jess s
  3. #BB19 7:35pm BBT Jessica is talking about Raven and she is wondering what her DR sessions must be like. She says she thrives on drama. Jessica's saying Matt's relationship with Raven has cost him the game and then she jokes it cost her and Cody the game. They high five each other.
  4. July 7, 2017 Not a shocker. At least 99% of us weren't shocked about who was evicted. I know Jillian was shocked . It took her 5 minutes to pick her lower jaw up off the floor . I kind of felt sorry for her. She was not a good player, schemer, or talker. She had ZERO game. She reminded me of Kathy from season 12. She was a cop but a sloth. And Jillian played the same way. She did let Alex do all her work for her which is a big mistake. If you can't fight for yourself you don't belong in the game. Even Kevin has game as funny as it is, but so far it is working for him. Either way, i
  5. Well here we are again. It really has been a packed week. I feel like I watched a whole season of Big Brother in less than 7 days. We left off with Megan leaving. I watched the show tonight and they really didn't explain why she left. We know what she posted, but the show did a crappy job of editing her. They did do a great job of editing Jessica as a beotch. Can you tell I don't like her? She comes off as every mean girl I have ever met. Case in point - yesterday after the POV comp which Alex won, she was up in the HOH room with Cody, he was showering, he comes out in a towel and she is layin
  6. #bb19 10am BBT - HG's are up and making breakfast in the kitchen. Jason is outside working out. Alex and Kevin have joined Jason outside, they are trying to figure out who Cody's replacement nom will be. They think it will be Josh but they aren't sure. #bb19 10:17am BBT - Josh has now come outside to join them. Kevin is giving Josh exercise advice. Just general chatting #bb19 10:30am BBT- Jason is up in the HOH talking with Cody. Cody is explaining that there are 2 sides of the house, his side and the other. Cody says he hasn't formed an alliance. He says everyone thinks he is goin
  7. #bb19 7:24pm BBT Kevin is talking about what he does on Sunday night with his kids. Josh is pretty quiet. He is talking about Living Color and Paul and Josh are too young to remember the show. #BB19 7:31pm BBT - Mark, Elana, Jason, Cody and Jessica are all in the kitchen. No game talk going on but they are talking about someone in pre interviews who was asking the girls about the summer bodies. Talk has turned to sex. The others are doing dished and chatting. #BB19 7:38 BBT- Jillian and Alex are in the HN room talking about different strategies. They are talking about who voted for C
  8. OMG! The feeds have not even been up for 24 hours and we are getting more drama than we can handle. I am trying to think back to the very beginning of BB and I can't remember a season with this much drama at this early stage. People need to SIMMER DOWN and not play so hard. The game isn't won in the 1st 2 weeks, but you can lose the game in that time by coming in hot. I will start where I came in this morning: Megan has left the game! I was in shock. It was being rumored that she left last night after a 3 hour DR session. The other houseguests were convinced it was bec
  9. I won't bother asking who's ready for the premier of Big Brother tomorrow night since I have a feeling we have all been ready since BBOTT ended. I know I have been. I read somewhere that Allison Grodner tweeted that the houseguests are already pairing up and fighting. To me, that's the best news I could hear, I mean after all that's why we watch, plan our vacations, call in sick from work all in the hopes that something juicy happens. I was just reading Afterthoughts from PM's poll and I am going to go vote. There is some good questions. Polls are fun . So lets all go over and vot
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. I can't wait to get started. Be sure to check out all the blogs from all of us. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/TweetChik. I can't wait to get to know everyone.
  11. Hi Marty, how are you dealing with the heat... I'm melting over here. I'm on the border of Riverside and Corona.
  12. By now I hope you have had a chance to read my opinions about the 1st 8 houseguests and have formed some of your own. I can't wait to read what you all think of our cast but let me continue on with the last 8. 9. Megan- she says she is a dog walker but to me that means she is unemployed which isn't a problem. When you sign up to play the game, you agree to give up 3 months (hopefully) of your life. I love the color of her hair. I like that she is a fan and submitted a video of herself. She seems like she will be a strong player. I mean this girl worked a prison in the Mi
  13. Let me start by saying I have been a fan of Big Brother from season 1. I have seen every season and when they started live feeds, I signed up for that. I love this show and the potential it has to entertain, madden, amuse, confuse and enlighten anyone who is watching it. Don't take it to seriously. The people who don't like you will not like you it's that simple. That being said: Let's start with my 1st impressions of the first 8 of our new crop of houseguests. Jason – He's a Rodeo Clown who goes by the name "WhistleNut" I could just stop here but this guy
  14. Thanks Fuskie. I can't wait to get started. I am already forming my initial thoughts on the houseguests reveals and will be posting soon. So stay tuned to find out what I think of them and I am looking forward to hearing what you all think of them. We are in for a GREAT season.. oy I'm so excited...

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