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Friday October 7, 2016 Big Brother OTT Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BBOTT discussions are in the Big Brother OTT Discussion section.

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Thank you!

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1:05 pm Care package was delivered to Kryssie. She got a few small things and cookies and the save a Friend pass. It has to be used before the safety ceremony tomorrow. (I voted but then tried for my second days voting and it would not let me. Cbs is not doing things too well this new season, IMHO)

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1:00PM BBT Special Delivery!  Kryssie won the America's Care Package and can save a friend from eviction this week.  She must announce who she safes before the Safety Ceremony Saturday.  Neely and Justin are psyched.  Alex and Shelby were not happy and Monte thinks America was trying to cause chaos.  Scott says America's been showing her love this week. 

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Here’s what’s been happening for the past 24 hours on Big Brother Over The Top…HOH Alex had Shane & Danielle in her crosshairs, but Monte was intent on keeping his best bro safe. (Monte wants Alex to put Jason, Justin or Danielle up in any of the combinations.) Monte says his & Shane’s bromance is very important to his game, so it’s important he stays loyal to him. As of right now he thinks if either Justin & Jason goes home it will help him tremendously.


But, the secret all-girl alliance wasn’t hiding. (Alex says they have to keep letting Monte think he’s running them & then control him.) Alex says she wants to go after Danielle & Shane. She does not trust them. They are a showmance & a huge power duo in the house. She says, however, Monte wants her to target Justin & Jason, who she has no intention of nominating.


Fearing their showmance might put a target on them, Shane & Danielle offered Alex a deal. (Danielle told Alex if she is willing to keep them safe, they would not only vote the way she needs them to vote, but also ensure her safety. Danielle says she would much rather work with her than against her.) Danielle says, after talking to Alex she is feeling a lot more confident than she did when Alex first won HOH. But, you never know how things are going  to happen in this game. As of now she’s feeling pretty good.


When Jason checked in with Alex, she offered a deal of her own. (Alex wants to keep Jason, as he’s not her target. She says she would love to make a deal with him without anyone else knowing.) Jason says he would actually really love to work with Alex, but he’s afraid of the people Alex has been surrounded by thus far. She is clearly on the side of the house that is blatantly targeting him. He’s hopeful that she is really wanting to work with him, but he’s definitely cautious. He says this game makes him think to much & he’s going to go home & get a damn lobotomy.


Taking a break from strategy, Shane gave Danielle the ride of her life. (Shane gave Danielle a lap dance in the BY.) Neeley says, Shane is twerking & definitely needs some oil in those joints. But, he’s caught up in that brown sugar, thick bootie magic that she personally understands, because she’s got it.


Later that night, the Creole Chef was hoping safety was on the menu. (Justin told Alex he definitely wants to stay & compete, but he thinks Monte has had it out from him since Day 1. He promises Alex safety when & if he becomes HOH.)


After a long night of holding court, Alex sought sisterly comfort. Morgan says she was kind of pissed off when Alex came in the house, but now it’s done a complete 180. She says she has her sister there to talk to & it’s a stress reliever. She says, she’s HOH, it’s not too bad.


 The next day, a special delivery arrived, & America gave the first Care Package to Kryssie. “Congratulations Kryssie, America has sent you the power to save a friend. Although, you are not safe this week, with this power you can save one housemate of your choosing. This person may not be nominated by the HOH or America, & can not be put up as a replacement nominee. Prior to tomorrow’s Safety Ceremony you will be asked to announce which HG you want to make safe.” Kryssie says she is super excited to get the Care Package first. She thanks America for the responsibility & says now she’s in a position where she needs to prove to everyone that she knows what she is doing.


Who will Kryssie save from eviction, & which HG’s will Alex put on the chopping block? Watch the Safety Ceremonies this Saturday & Sunday at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT to find out. Plus, check out the next weekday replay, Monday night at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT. And for all the action keep watching live right now on Big Brother Over The Top.

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 Live DR sessions

Justin is first. Question #1-How do you feel about Cornbread being evicted on Wednesday? Justin says Cornbread being evicted made the game real. He thought he was a really good guy and was pretty funny, but it’s part of the game they are supposed to be playing. It is what it is.

Question #2-How do you feel about the outcome of the head of household competition? Justin says the HOH comp was very competitive. He says he talked way too much shit, and did way too many tootsie rolls obviously and that caused him to lose. He was freezing his balls off, it was crazy. It was something he hadn’t done before and next time he will wear warmer clothes.

Question #3-How does the outcome of the HOH affect your gameplay this week? Justin says the outcome of the HOH is different. He says he doesn’t know much about Alex and after he talked to her he doesn’t think he’s a target, which is good, but it’s hard to trust anybody in this house.

Question #4-How has your strategy changed since your last live DR session? Justin says his strategy has changed significantly since his last live DR session. He says there were some people in there that he thought he could trust and it’s looking real meager. He says it’s one of those things where everyone is for themselves. It’s really crazy because he’s really authentic and he’d like that returned. He doesn’t like people who pretend to be his friend.

Question #5-What do you think of America’s Care package contents and power? Justin thinks the Care package and America’s power gives a different perspective of the game. It just shows the power America has on the game and it will be interesting to see how it manifests.

Question #6-Are you happy with the recipient of the care package? Justin says he’s very happy Kryssie got the care package and she’s a genuine person and really cool. She’s one of the few that Justin can trust besides Jason. He thought he had some friends, but he doesn’t know. Justin made a deal that if Alex doesn’t put him up, then he wouldn’t gun for her. He says it’s funny how people brown nose to get through the competition.

Question #7-Who would you like to see nominated and who do you think will be nominated? Justin has no idea who he would like to see nominated or who will be nominated. He’s curious to see what will happen. He’s ready for the next HOH and veto challenge. He says he thinks he knows who he can trust. He says there are snakes in there and he’s about to cut the grass.

Question #8-Anything else you want to tell America about your strategy or personal relationships in the house? Justin says America, I’m just trying to keep it real and authentic, you know what I’m saying? I’m just trying to lay all my cards on the table and basically just be transparent and I just want to show you all a good time and show you that I’m myself the same as outside of this house, you know what I’m saying. This is a game, but then again I feel like loyalty and being real and true to yourself means more than anything. More than a game and more than anything. Being real and true is my strategy. I just want to keep on cooking for everybody and making them laugh. I feel like I’m the biggest personality in this house because I keep everybody laughing and everybody having a good time. I feel like this experience is about having a good time and basically showing everybody who you are and I don’t want to be a snake. I’m just going to be myself baby and I love you all. Shout outs to his mom in New Orleans. Thank you America! Good Night.


Alex is next. Hi America! Alex knows America didn’t like Cornbread, but she didn’t really mind him. She says she didn’t want him to go because he was a vote for her. She says it was bittersweet and she understands why he left but she adapted and she can’t wait to see what happens this week.

Alex is so excited that she won HOH. Winning an endurance challenge has been on her bucket list forever and ever. She is still on cloud 9 that she pulled that off. She’s really stoked for this week.

Alex says right now she has the power in the house, well actually America has the power, but she’s doing the best she can with it. She’s going to make moves that will help propel her forward in the game and she knows she’ll be a target next week.

Alex says last time she was in a live DR she wasn’t HOH and she was with her “alliance” waiting to see what happened and right now she has power, which is really cool and she’s figuring out what to do with it. She has a few ideas, and a couple of people in mind to put up, and right now she’s waiting to see who America’s nominee is and once she knows that game on! We’ll see what happens.

Alex honestly thinks the care package is cool and she’s glad they have it again. She thinks it’s cool that Kryssie got the first one. She says it’s given her a chance to pick Kryssie’s head and work together, which might not have happened if America had given her the care package. They’re going to see if they can make something happened.

Alex is happy America picked Kryssie and she hopes America is saving a better one for her. She says Kryssie is in the middle of the house and it gives her an opportunity to try and get Kryssie to do what she wants with it where if America had given it to Shane or Danielle, she wouldn’t have been able to work with them.

Alex says right now she plans on nominating Shane and Danielle, sorry to their fans. She says it’s just smart for her game because they are a really strong duo. She says Danielle was on the block last week and managed to flip the entire house, and if you can do that, then it is a red flag that you’re a major power player in this game and honestly Shane kind of controls Monte and Monte is supposed to be working with her. So she has to get one of them and she knows they are coming after her next week so it’s time for her to make a big move.

Alex says the Monte and the Pythons alliance is the stupidest name of all time, but she needs to play it up because she needs Monte this week. She says she’s working with her sister, which is weird. She’s not promising they will not get in a fight later on, but right now they are bonding.


Shane is next. Shane says Cornbread was a snorer so he’s very happy because he couldn’t sleep and now he can. He says it’s sad because they were in a little alliance, more like a friendship, and he was blindsided. He says it was sad but a good thing for him.

Shane says it sucks because he doesn’t know where Alex is. He knows she’s on the other side with those girls, but he does have some sway because he has Danielle and Monte. He says it sucks she won, but they’ll see what happens by tonight how it will go.

Shane says the outcome of the HOH affects him a lot because he feels like he’s a big target. He’s going to talk to Alex and promise to do what she wants if Alex will keep them safe. Shane says this might mean they’d have to vote out a member of their own alliance, either Justin, Jason, or Kryssie. He says if America puts Monte up, they’ll definitely take him out because he’s a way bigger target and it will keep their alliance still together. He’s praying Monte gets put up.

Shane says his strategy is still the same as the last live DR. He says he’s still playing both sides of the house and if Monte gets put up it takes some of the spotlight off of him. He says his hands are still in both pots, but he’s most likely still with Justin, Jason, and Danielle. He has a better connection with them. He doesn’t talk with Whitney or Morgan.

Shane thinks the care package sucks. He’s glad it’s on their side, but it puts a lot of pressure on Kryssie. He says Kryssie said she might give it to him, but he’s not sure. He says he’s glad he didn’t get it and if she has to get her hands dirty, they’ll back her up.

Shane is completely happy with the recipient of the care package because Kryssie is a smart girl.

Shane thinks Justin, Jason, or Kryssie or himself will be nominated. He hopes they don’t bring Danielle in, but his mindset is he will be up for eviction.

Shane says him and Danielle are doing amazing. She’s beautiful inside and out. He says it’s a big threat, it’s putting a target on them, but it helps them too because the created an alliance. He says the showmance is working out perfectly for both of them. He says this will be the hardest week for them. He really hopes America would put Monte up. He doesn’t have anything in common with Alex, and she reminds him of Scott. He says it’s interesting that she doesn’t want to be with the girls. He says they threw out the bait that maybe they can work together. As long as they can survive and get to next week. His strategy is to go day by day. He says his mind is constantly racing and you never really feel safe. He was pretty pissed that he dropped the damn sword and he thought he was doing well and he’s sorry if he let anybody down. Shane says Justin was dancing around like a fool, but he was burned out. They’ll see how this week goes. He says America, pick someone good on their side, maybe Monte or Shelby. He says maybe Whitney, but maybe not he likes her. Shane says Whitney has come around more and hung out with them a little bit.


Monte is up. Monte says hey everybody, it’s so good to be here and it’s good to see everybody. Kind of. Cornbread going home was worst case scenario for his HOH. He put up three people and all of them are back. He says people may not be strictly targeting him, but it’s definitely a bad taste in his mouth. He says he thinks Cornbread got misread a little bit, that Cornbread may have done a few things to rub people the wrong way, but there are way worse people in the house. He says Cornbread, he didn’t put you up and he didn’t vote you out.

Monte is pumped about the outcome of the HOH. He was sweating so nervous when it was down to Justin, Neely, and Alex and he was hoping Alex would pull it off. He says he and Justin don’t exactly get along and he was excited Alex got the W.

Monte says he’s going to try to get in Alex’s mind and tell her they really have to get after some big targets on the other side of the divided house. He says you can’t make decisions off of emotion, you have to think strategically and make the best strategic move for their side of the house. He says if we haven’t heard they have an alliance name of Monte and the Pythons and he thinks it’s pretty interesting. It’s pretty cool.

Monte says his strategy has changed a little bit. He says him and Shane are still bros but he thinks Shane has gotten shady because of his relationship with Danielle and him getting close to the other side of the house. He isn’t going to target Shane, but he trusts Morgan and Whitney a lot more right now.

Monte says the care package was huge and gave Kryssie tons of power. He says she’s probably worried about a few of her friends and with that power it’s a big deal. He says it’s a little risky though because she’s not safe and she’s kind of a target herself. He says it makes it a lot more fun and entertaining.

Monte says he’s not really happy with the recipient of the care package. He wishes it was someone on his side of the house. He says it’s not worst case scenario. He would have hoped Justin got it so he couldn’t be safe.

Monte says please (several times) put Justin up. He says Justin’s been trying to get under Monte’s skin every day. Monte says that joker needs to go home. He says they are 180s which is ok because everyone is different. But when you walk into a room and ignore someone and talk like you can’t be sent home, it’s annoying. Plus he’s sexist and full nudity in front of one of his closest friends in the house and make her blush and feel awkward and say you don’t care that’s not classy. He lost all the respect he had for Justin.

Monte says he’s covered a lot. He says it’s light-hearted. He says it’s a game and the house is divided. He says it’s expected people would be threatened by him because he’s a leader and he won the first HOH. He says he’s not a violent person, but come at him, don’t make a girl blush. He hopes Justin gets the heck out of here. He wants to see 12 people in the house when they are done, and Justin is not one of them. He wishes a Happy Birthday to Anna and says go Vols, hopefully they’re doing good.


Neely is next. She says hey everybody! Neely says Cornbread being evicted was a play by her, Danielle, and Kryssie. She says everyone was trying to get Kryssie out and that wasn’t good for her game. She says she liked Cornbread, but it was best for him to go.

Neely says the outcome of the HOH competition sucks. She really wanted to win for her alliance. She says she wanted to keep them safe and she feels bad for not winning. She feels like she safe, but she still wanted to win.

Neely says she’s trying to be real chill this week and not campaign for anyone and show she’s cool with people on both sides and she’s open to people working with her. She’s not making any major moves.

Neely says her strategy is more chill. She says she played hard last week to make sure Kryssie stayed and this week she’s trying to be more observant and chill and not make herself look too strong.

Neely thinks the care package is dope. She says it’s a great care package and she knows Kryssie is stressed about it. She says it’s a huge responsibility but Kryssie can make a power play with it. Thank you America so much.

Neely says hell yeah she’s happy with the recipient. She feels like Kryssie is the person she can trust the most, besides Jason. She knows Kryssie will make a wise decision.

Neely hopes it would be Monte and Morgan, but she knows that won’t happen. She thinks it will be Danielle and Shane or Shane and a pawn, probably Jason or maybe Justin. Neely thinks Alex wants to get rid of a power couple and she’s really gunning for Shane.

Neely says her strategy is to still be cool with everyone on both sides, but she’s definitely working with one side. She just wants to be cool and friendly and fly under the radar. She feels really strong with Kryssie and Jason and Justin, but Justin is getting paranoid. She thinks the four of them can do some things in the house if they work together. She doesn’t want Danielle or Shane to leave this week because it keeps their side with numbers, but if Shane has to go, then that’s what has to be done. She says this game is stressful and she thanks America.


Kryssie is next. Kryssie says hi everybody. Kryssie says she loves Cornbread, but it was hard to be up next to him. She says he’s a great guy, but he’s not a big brother player. She says he was done before he walked in the door.

Kryssie says she is happy Alex won because she was a female, but it freaks her out because Alex isn’t on her side of the house.

Kryssie says her and Alex are closer this week because of her involvement with HOH because of the care package. She didn’t want to come out swinging too early, but it’s unavoidable at this point.

Kryssie says her loyalties haven’t changed at all. She’s staying loyal to the one person she promised she would and trying to be cool with everyone else.

Kryssie thought the first care package would be silly, like a slop pass. She thought it was really rad it was actually something that could affect the game.

Kryssie is happy with the recipient of the care package. She says thank you for you picking her. She says as someone who is used to being picked last, it was nice to get something first. She feels like it’s a vote of confidence for her alliance and she feels like they might be behind the people aren’t always relatable.

Kryssie says this is a chess game. She says their team has Morgan and Monte and she’d like to see them go up. She says Alex isn’t stupid and wouldn’t do that. She thinks Danielle and Shane are going up and that freaks her out. She’s going to stick with Jason because he deserves his second chance and if she has to lose to anyone, she wants it to be someone like Jason.

Kryssie says the midnight jamboree is exactly what you want to be watching. She says they don’t become functional human beings until 9 pm. She says feeders need to watch the late night when they are slap happy and giggly. She says if you can’t tune in live, then rewind because that’s where people become real people and it’s a break from strategizing and it’s a lot of fun. She says thank you again for the care package and please keep helping their side represent the people who aren’t usually represented on reality TV.


Scott is up. Scott wants to thank America for giving Kryssie the care package today. He says she’s his biggest target and he’s glad her care package is out of the way. Scott feels a little bad that he had to betray Cornbread. But he had to go.

Scott is so happy Alex won. She’s one of his closest allies in the house. She’s very smart and strong and a good social player. He’s looking forward to working with her in the future. He says it should be smooth sailing this week and hopefully for the rest of the game.

Scott says he’s going to do whatever Alex wants and his strategy doesn’t change very much. He says Alex has four votes and he will support her and be her fifth vote. He’s going to be relaxing a lot more than he normally would. He knows him and Alex are tight.

Scott says his strategy hasn’t changed a whole lot. He’s been getting closer to the people he’s aligning with and he’s trying to distance himself from Justin. Scott says Justin seems to be turning into a loose cannon.

Scott is happy Kryssie got the care package and as long as it wasn’t going to affect the voting numbers he didn’t care. Shelby is another close ally of Scott’s and Kryssie is gunning for Scott and Shelby and Kryssie is Scott’s biggest target.

Scott repeats his response for this question. He says everyone in the house probably knows Kryssie is his target, except Kryssie and Neely. He’s going to fight like hell for HOH’s until he can put them up together.

Scott says he thinks Alex will put up Shane and Danielle and she wants to get out Danielle. He says he’s fine with that because that will make Shane more loyal to Monte and himself. He trusts Alex and he knows she isn’t going to do anything to screw him over. He says he’s all for taking Danielle out if that’s what she wants.

Scott says him and Shelby are getting even closer. He thinks Shelby might be a good choice to take to final two with him. He says Shelby is loyal and smart and talks about the National parks sign in the back yard. He feels like Shelby and him are really tight but he also thinks Alex deserves to be there. He’s not offering anyone final two at this point, but he thinks Shelby should be the person he takes with him. He says he’s been getting closer with Jason. Scott says he told Jason there is no way he can take him to final two and he thinks Jason respects that. He is a big fan of Jason and wants to spend time with him, but can’t take him to final two. Scott is going to keep his distance from Alex because he doesn’t want people targeting her. He says people in the house see him as a threat and just accept the fact that he’s going to be a threat. He says Justin has been letting the game get to his head. He’s been getting closer with Monte as well. He thinks he’s playing very well and he hopes we’re having a good time watching. Thanks America!

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Live DR Continued:

Just a reminder, these were the questions:

Question #1-How do you feel about Cornbread being evicted on Wednesday?
Question #2-How do you feel about the outcome of the head of household competition?
Question #3-How does the outcome of the HOH affect your gameplay this week?
Question #4-How has your strategy changed since your last live DR session? 
Question #5-What do you think of America’s Care package contents and power? 
Question #6-Are you happy with the recipient of the care package?
Question #7-Who would you like to see nominated and who do you think will be nominated?
Question #8-Anything else you want to tell America about your strategy or personal relationships in the house?


Danielle is up!
HI America. Ok let's get right to the questions.

Question 1. It's never great to lose a houseguest, it just kind of made the game more real. But if I had to chose between him, me and Kryssie, I'm glad that it was him that went out of the house and not myself. Or Kryssie because we have built a strong friendship I think and it benefited my game to keep her around so I'm happy that I was able to get the votes to keep her  and to keep myself in the game for another week. It's a bittersweet eviction.
Question 2. I'm not HoH so I can't be too happy about it but if anyone from the other side of the house was going to win I think it benefits me the most that Alex won because she is a big fan of the show and I think I can pull that string to keep myself safe this week. I think she is the one that will listen to strategy the most and not be like, full-fledged "this is what I am going to do and there's no changing it". I think that she is a really smart player and is going to consider every option. Not being HoH and someone from our side not being HoH, I think she is our best bet this week.
Question 3. It's definitely making me a little worried. I've definitely had to try to make a deal with her to keep me and Shane safe. Definitely feel really uncertain but I think that with the deal that we made, if she follows through, I think it will be an easy week for Shane and I. It really all depends on what she does. Just trying to play nice with the other side of the house for now, not put a target on us, trying not to draw too much attention to us. Trying to just lay low this week.
Question 4. It hasn't really changed too much. Just, kind of, before I think I was pretty much, just um, I was talking a lot of game, I was making a lot of moves trying to keep me and Kryssie safe. And I guess the biggest change would be that now I am just trying to lay low. Just trying to get a feel for Alex and just trying to enjoy the time the next few days before things get stressful and nominations get put up.
Question 5. I am very happy that America gave it to Kryssie because I think that makes her feel important and being on the block last week as the veto replacement kind of made her feel uneasy so I'm really glad America gave it to her. It makes her feel like she has play and power this week and that makes me really happy for her. I think America wants her to have it to help someone that the other side of the house is targeting, someone on our side of the house. Like Jason or Justin if they are being targeted or Shane or I. I think it was really really smart of America to give it to her for more than one reason, so I am really happy with this weeks ACP.
Question 6. I guess I kind of jumped ahead and answered that in the last one. I am definitely happy. I completely adore Kryssie and I am glad she gets some power in the house this week and gets to make a decision. I absolutely adore her. I think she is going to make a very smart decision. If she uses it on me AWESOME but if not I know that she will use it to save someone that I am really close to. Either way we will take it and continue stratagizing for the week to come.
Question 7. If I had my choice it would be Shelby and Monte on the block but we all know that's not going to happen unless America puts up Monte. I think that Kryssie and either Justin or Jason will be put on the block or it could be me and Shane. Alex is such a smart competitor, she is really going to analyze every possible scenario. I think that if Kryssie doesn't use ACP on him, Jason will be on the block this week and probably Justin because he has been very vocal that he doesn't want Shelby or Monte here. So those would have to be my guesses.
Question 8. Ok America. I know you are going to be voting on who will be a have not and I would really like to not be a have not because I love to eat food and I will miss it very much. And if you do make me a have not, please make me a have not with Shane so that way I don't have to sleep alone. I would much rather do it alone than do it apart. Also, I am really enjoying getting to know Shane. He is super awesome and super sweet. It's nice to have someone that you connect with on a game level and a personal level. My strategy in the house is just to be myself and remain loyal to the people that I am playing with. My thing is that I don't need to say I have an alliance with anyone because my actions speak for themselves. Helping for Jason even though I am sitting on the block next to him. Helping Kryssie even though I am on the block next to her. I think that really shows that I really care about the people and the relationships that I have been building and that I am willing to stick my neck out on the line to save them because who I am inside of the house is who I am outside of the house and I would go above and beyond for my friends outside of the house and I do the same for the ones here and that wont change. I think that having a showmance has put a taget on my back but I will take it. You can't just push away the feelings. I will take that and run with it. I hope that Shane and I are together for weeks to come. I hope you noticed that we were matching today. It wasn't intentional, it just happened. I can't wait to talk to you again America. Bye!


Jason's turn.
Hey yo, feedster fam! What's crackin?
Question 1. Well it was not in my best interest for either Kryssie or Danielle to be evicted and I am just glad that people decided to play the game and ran around trying to figure out how the hell we got Corn Flakes outta here. I think he's a great guy. Well I don't know if he is a great guy but he was sweet at heart and not really prepared for this game. He was here for the fodder for all so it's great to get someone like that out of the house. Because the side of the house that blatantly targets me non-stop clearly had CornBread in their pocket so for me it was best that he left. Sayonara.
Question 2. Obviously I wanted to win because I felt like I was in a bad spot this week. Now Alex is the winner and she has tried to say that she wants to make a deal with me and wants to keep me safe this week but this could be a smoke screen, a back door, all types of stuff. I would really like to trust Alex and work with Alex but it's really hard to do when her friends are so blatantly and are openly saying they are coming after me. Nothing I can do about it now. I would like to have faith in Alex but I don't really know how that is going to go.
Question 3. Like I said, I am talking to Alex now and hoping that her and Scott are really working to keep me safe even though the other side of the house is in power this week. But I also know that this means my side of the house will scramble like chickens and throw anyone else up except them. But I find myself in a similar situation. If one of us has to go, it's got to be anyone but me. It has affected my game play but I'm not going to be one of these fake people up in the room all the time. Even if I have my own HoH room I'm not going to be sitting up there all the time. I think my social game has stayed the same as in, Imma do me and you either respect that and see that I'm not going to be fake or you think "Oh why isn't this person kissing my ass", because your ass tastes like crap. 
Question 4. I was still a little bit all over the place about where I trusted people and I think I am getting on a stronger path now of who I am beginning to trust, who I'm pretending to trust and who I know I don't trust. I am wanting to trust Alex though I don't know if I really can this week. I've been in cahoots with Danielle and Shane but I know that Danielle and Shane will stab me in the back in about five seconds. Now Kryssie and Neeley I see as probably the people that maybe have my back but are also going to do what they have to do. And Justin is like my little round. Me and Justin have bonded on like so many levels and usually in this game I don't bond with men like that. Justin is like a blessing in this house because he is entertaining me, entertaining other people and yet I know that he is really someone that I can trust. But if it comes down to it, some people might take him out over me, not that I would want that to happen but if it has to happen and one of us has to stay, obviously I am here playing for myself.
Question 5. I thought it was great that Kristy all of the scary Halloween stuff because that is so Kryssie. I think it's a great power. I am hoping that she is going to use it this week to save me because if not I could really be in trouble. I think that me and her have a really close bond. We are the last two up every night, we've talked lots of strategy with each other and I also know that she is a very smart player and she is going to do what's best for her but I think she could get away with using it on me because it's blatant and like I had a hard last week and so giving me a week off is not really an excuse on why. It wouldn't make it any worse for either one of us to continue on in the game. I mean that kind of goes along with what we see in question 6.
Question 6. I am very happy with the recipient of ACP. Obviously I don't want a care package if it isn't going to keep me safe. It would be nice to keep my friends safe but I'm here for me this week and I know that I am going to have an uphill battle this entire time. Things are not going to be easy so I'm hoping that Kryssie will see that I got her back even though things shuffle in here and her name has come out of my mouth to people but that is strategy to make it seem like she isn't one of my closest allies. Because as much as she can be negative sometimes, I need her here. Because clearly not many of these other people need me here.
Question 7. I hope that America nominates Monte or Shelby or someone. I don't know if we would have the votes, but maybe it would be enough to shake up that side of the house a little bit more. Because really I have no chance if Monte and the Southern Power Rangers stay together because clearly he is targeting me because I was sitting in his room waiting for him to get out of the bathroom and had his headphones on. I don't think it's necessarily a "he's coming at me because I'm gay" thing but I do think he coming at me because we are very different and he doesn't appreciate my language and he doesn't feel that it's right. But I'm not like judging anyone on what their beliefs are or how they want to speak so I don't think that I should be judged for having a personality a little bit more brash and a little bit more humor than he could ever. I am not really concerned with who is nominated this week as long as it isn't me. However I could always be a back door option and that is why I need Kryssie to help me out this week and I'm really waiting to try to lock her down when all these other hookers go to bed.
Question 8. I think that I have been kind of all over the place. I have been trying to sus out on who I can really work with long term and I can basically see that no one is really willing to work with me long term. I talked to Scott and he said he was going to try to take me far in this game but he's not going to like try to take me to a Final 2.  I know that. I know that coming in as the only veteran, on a season when America has all this power. Whether y'all like me anymore or not is really not my concern. It's these people are always going to believe that "he's got sta-la-la-la-la followers and that means that blah blah blah many people like him" and that is always going to put a big target on my back. So I am definitely going to have the hardest road in this game but as the last week has showed, I am ready for it this time and I'm just going to do anything I can to stay. My relationships with people are constantly changing. Sometimes I tell people that "I really want to roll with you all hard core" but am I really rolling with anyone that hard core? Not so much, probably only Justin. Because like I said, that's my dude and I'm glad I have that. I'm missing my real people. My real Meg's, my real DaVonne's, my real Jackie's, my Becky's. But I just have to play on on this and see how it goes. It's definitely going to be a difficult road but I'm just hoping to get somewhere and I'm hoping that America keeps helping us because thus far, because America, you really have been a big help to my misfit toys of the house. And I would just like to see my people have a chance to win. A lot of these other people are here for what I'm ...Well I have two minutes (BB gave the warning) Well he better hurry up because he is just rambling. America I love you all. BB fam, I love you all. Feedsters I love y'all. Twitter, I love y'all.Keep it real ratchet for me. Snatch all these wigs of these people and I'm hoping that you guys are enjoying the season because it's stressful in here but part of me is enjoying it as well. BAM!



Shelby is next.
Question 1. Well I feel great about it. Logistically, Cornbread is old enough to be my father but decided to go on a few tirades around the house calling me "little bitch" now he gets to watch me play from home and he was the first one home so yeah. I feel really great about it. Honestly I was fine with anybody on the block but I'm not crying about CB leaving. Everyone else is but I'm glad to see him go. Buh-bye Cornbread. 
Question 2. First of all it was really embarrassing to fall within like two minutes but I was thrilled Alex won. I am pretty sure she is going to keep me safe, if I'm not your nominee. Once Justin fell I saw Neeley's legs shaking and I knew Alex had it. I was thrilled. I got to sleep in the HoH room last night and it went great. 
Question 3. It basically doesn't. I'm not going to switch my friends around especially when my friend won HoH. It didn't change anything. My friend won.
Question 4. Well, more and more people keep coming out of the woodwork on who hates me. I'm going to kind of roll with it I guess. I can't do anything about my personality. I'm not really happy with Justin friggen pulling his dick out at Morgan so he might be my target but I might just let Monte and him play out. I haven't really decided yet. I'm not in power so it's not my call anyway. My strategy hasn't really changed. I am going to stick with my group. Scott wants me to switch sides but I'm not ready to do that yet. I'm not ready to betray my friends because I know everybody was throwing my name out there literally this morning so I'm sticking with them.
Question 5. I think it's good that you guys gave it to Kryssie. It can screw up the plan a little bit this week which is probably to put up Shane and Danielle. But it's probably going to end up with two of that... It's probably going to end up with some combination of the other side of the house, whenever that division formed, on the block so. It may not be Danielle, but it will be somebody we want gone so thanks America. Thanks for sending her that one and please save the good ones for me! Unless that was the best one. I don't know.
Question 6. I don't really care. I know nobody is going to use this on me this week because I was the first one to hug Alex when she won. Absolutely no one was cheering for her. I don't really care. No one was going to use it on me anyway.
Question 7. I would love for Shane & Danielle to go up. I don't know if you guys love that, love the showmance or what, but I can't stand someone that says they are a Harry Potter fan and hasn't even read the books. We just need to split up the showmance because they are a voting block. It might have to be Shane who goes home instead of Danielle, we don't know yet. I also wouldn't mind Justin going home, like I said, because he friggen pulled out his dick at Morgan and I think that's just disrespectful and disgusting. I wouldn't mind him going up. Who do I think is going up? It depends on Kryssie's choice. It might end up being Jason and Justin. It might end up being Justin and Danielle, Justin and Shane. I don't think Alex is putting up Neeley because they are kinda like friends. I don't think Kryssie is going up and we need Scott's vote and Monte's vote and she needs my vote so it's probably going to be one of those four. Two of those four.
Question 8. Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm. Like I said earlier, Scott wants me to think about flipping. OH MY GOD! I forgot to tell you guys. Everyone, especially Kryssie is trying to tell us that Whitney is flipping to the other side of the house, that she is trying to betray us this early. I think they are just trying to split us up as a group. I really hope so. She has been hanging out with them a lot but I think that's not stupid. Everybody hates me and nobody is throwing her name around so it's pretty smart of her to hang out with them. I just really hope she is not flipping on us. That's really.. I don't want to worry about that too much, I want to have trust in her so. Still trying to have that showmance with Jason. He doesn't seem down for some reason. Who wouldn't want me? And yeah I think that's about it so that's it. I'll see you guys later. Bye.



Morgan's turn.
Hi America. I'm so happy to be back. First of all hi Mom, hi Dad, hi Connor. I love you all so so so so much and I miss you all like crazy. And America I'm just going to go ahead and say that this is going to be a way better live diary room session than my last one because I left and then realized I went on and on and ranted about how mad I was at my sister for making me wear makeup and she didn't have to wear makeup. So I'm going to think through this one a little bit more now that I have been in here a week and kind of know what's going on.
Question 1. Cornbread we all loved you. I hated your snoring. It was miserable but you know. I mean, my one vote wasn't going to help CB stay. At that point I did kind of feel like he took that crab from me and gave it to Jason because I didn't want to get that target on my back so I did feel kind of bad that I couldn't help him out and get him to stay but you're going against the whole house and my one vote wasn't going to change anyone elses so I honestly did feel a little guity about CB leaving and now it's funny because this week we need his vote. So it's just like we should have just stuck to the original plan because you know I wouldn't have minded Kryssie going home because CB is a vote on our side that we really need. I mean it sucks but you live and you learn *blows kiss* CB love you. 
Question 2. Well my sister won so I share her genetics so I feel like I kind of won, but not really, but I was so proud of her. I kind of tear up thinking about it because I know I sucked at that competition. I am still super bitter about it but if anyone besides me could have won that competition I am so freaking proud that my sister did. We had so much on the line. She knew she needed to win that and to see her freaking stand up there with a long pole for like two and a half hours and win, I am so freaking proud of her like, "Hey Willett Sisters for the win", even though I suck but so I'm proud. 
Question 3. Obviously we've got me, Alex, Whitney, Shelby and Monte, even though he thinks he is running the girls. We have "Monty and his Pythons" working together so obviously know that the whole freaking house is just seperated and awkward and so obvious so Alex winning HoH is major key because that is our way of splitting up Shane and Danielle or Justin and.. just that whole group and very loud personalities who think they are running this thing. It's time to get one of them out and by Alex winning this HoH it's like finally it can happen but I don't know if it will happen because of America's nomination, but America if you are listening to me. I know I am one of the last ones to go and I pray that you are not falling asleep at your computer, please if you want to see this house just implode, if Alex puts up Shane and Danielle, please put up Justin. I just want to see that side of the house completely freak out and figure out which one of those has to go home. I think it would be hysterical to see Shane and Danielle freak out all week and have to figure out which one will go home and who they are going to cuddle with if the other person goes home. Please America, I'm begging you.
Question 4. Obviously in the last diary room I said I was working with the girls which I didn't want to do but at this point it's just like it's obvious to work with them but at the same time I'm thinking of every situation and I know Shelby is in our group and I know how much people in this house don't want her here. If America puts her up, I know she is gone this week. The numbers are not in our favor. Since my last live DR session, I have been very very well aware of how many people have come up to Alex and said, "I want Shelby out". And now that I have associated with her that is now a target on me because I'm working with her and I love that girl to death I peronsaly think she is hysterical but I can see how her humor gets on peoples nerves. I mean, love the girl to death but I can see how it would get annoying. So I am thinking about that, thinking about the weeks ahead. Obviously me and Monte have our "Mon-gance", worst name ever, going and he has told me that he likes me and that he trusts me. That he wants to see me in the end. Do I believe him? No. Like I want to trust him, I think, but he is still obsessed with this Shane bromance thing, but if something happens and the numbers with Monty and his Pythons dwindle, I want to have Monte with me. I want to have his trust, I want him to have my trust. I want him to listen to what I have to say because you know he is still close to Danielle and Shane and that's two votes in somebodys favor. I want to stay close to Monte because he is close to Shane and that two votes and they are going to vote for me or against me. So that is kind of in the back of my mind. I'm thinking about weeks going ahead because if Shelby goes home this week or any of the girls from our group go home this week, we are in trouble and we have to completely rethink alliances. Part of me.. I can't tell with Whitney. She is so sweet and I just want to hear her talk about sweet tea but part of me, I mean she is thinking about next week too. She has already brought it up. I think she is starting to get into another alliance so I think it's time for me, I think my best bet is to team up with Monte even though he's pissing some people off and so I've kind of got to think going forward. Yeah he may want to work with Shane and Danielle and that may suck but I may have to suck it up for a week and I may have to convince Monte that, "hey, ya know, let's work with them but they gotta go at some point." 
Question 5. Obviously this is HUGE. Especially because Kryssie got it you know. If it was Whitney or Shelby who got it, it would be very very different you know because you have to save someone and obviously Kryssie is going to save Jason or Justin because she is in love with them and she can't even go two seconds without laughing at Justin even though, yes he is a little funny, but it does get a little old. I think it's huge that Kryssie got it. She thinks she got it because she is America's favorite, and I don't know, you may love Kryssie but personally I think she got it because usually the care packages go from the lesser to the more important. So I think maybe you guys voted for her because this is the smallest care package, I don't know. Obviously it's a huge deal and I'm just like fingers crossed, I need Alex to convince her to save Jason because I want Justin gone. At this point I think he has crossed the line too many times. Yes I think he is hysterical, yes I think America thinks he is funny too, but this guy is about to have a mental break down, especially if I am alligning with Monte. These two don't get along and personally I am tired of seeing Justin's penis and butt. It's getting a little old. But you know, fingers crossed. Hopefully Kryssie saves Jason and not Justin. But you know it could go either way and whoever she saves could be trouble for Monty and his Pythons. I hate that name. (BB giving 2 minute warning) Oh! Two minutes! OH!
Question 7. Obviously I want Shane and Danielle nominated and I hope Alex follows through with that. Obviously I'm telling them that I'm telling Alex she should save them. God forbid I should have to work with them in the future, I don't want to be on their bad side but fingers crossed that it's Justin, Shane or Danielle. I want someone on that side of the house out or we are in trouble next week.
Question 8.  Obviously me and Monte are getting close in the house. I'm working to try to break up the bromance so that's my goal. If I'm getting close to Monte (blows kiss) Connor I love you to death but I need him to trust me and not Shane at this point. I think that's it. America I love you so much. I can't wait to be back in here. Bye!

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