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Wednesday August 17, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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12:05 AM BBT Paul says he might just stay up all night and sleep all day. He says tomorrow is a show so they won’t really have DR’s. Michelle says well we’ll have our good-byes. Michelle made her puppy chow and gave a sample to Corey, Paulie, and Paul. Corey says it’s really good and Paulie says wow. Paul says it’s bomb as fuck. He tells her to not make her shakes and make that instead. Michelle can’t believe they order food out in jury and Paul says yeah they want you to relax. Paulie can’t believe the live finale is on the 22nd. He asks why they’re contracted until the 30th. Paul says just in case something comes up like Bold and the Beautiful. He thinks they give them a week just in case. Paulie washes his plate.


12:10 AM BBT They are talking about Ziggy Marley and that he only did one song. Michelle says he looked familiar and Paulie says he looks just like his dad. Paulie says he looks just like Bob Marley. Michelle says is Bob Marley married? Paulie says um, Bob Marley is dead, he died awhile ago. Michelle says that’s sad. So he has a dead dad? Paulie says his dad was one of the most influential voices of reggae. Michelle asks how he died and none of them know. They say he died when he wasn’t supposed to. Michelle asks if he had dreads too and they say yes. Michelle says she likes dread locks. Michelle says out of who left who would have enjoyed that. They think Frank and Glenn and maybe Da’Vonne would have enjoyed that.


12:12 AM BBT Victor and Paul in the HOH. Victor is laying down and tells Paul he just went on a rampage in his head. Victor says he was so pissed about Nicole and he wants to make a passing comment that someone made up that rumor that I asked you out on a date. Then Victor will say but I know it was you and when Nicole denies it Victor will say I was trying to get between you guys? And when Corey says something Victor will say what are you going to do? Win a comp? Victor says there’s a better chance that I’ll lose a comp than you’ll win one. Victor says that frustrates him and Paul says fuck it they’re gonna be gone. Victor says he wants to add that little bit of salt on the open wound.  Vic says he laid down and felt sticky so he went and took a shower.  Vic says tomorrow is going to be a long fucking day. They talk about drinking coffee and staying awake. They don’t have to talk about game anymore, they know what they need to do. Vic says he can sit on the side lines and say oh Nicole slipped again, she isn’t super safe anymore. All feeds go back to the KT.


12:13 AM BBT Nicole is now up and Michelle tells her she made puppy chow. Nicole asks what time it is and Michelle says midnight. Nicole says good I can turn the lights out now. Michelle is going to make more cookies. Paulie asks if him and Corey are going to stay up all night and Corey says he’s thinking about going to bed. Paulie says he hopes he don’t stay out. He says if he’s the only one up he’ll probably go nuts. Michelle says she’s wired right now. Paulie says good I’ll be able to talk to someone and get himself tired. Paulie starts singing and we get FotH.


12:18 AM BBT Nicole comes out of the WA and Michelle says she’s making cookies. Nicole says I thought we evicted Bridgette. They say that most of the cookies Bridgette made had peanut butter in them. Michelle asks what other musical guests have been on and she mentions Keith Urban. Corey asks Nicole if that was her season and Nicole says no Brett Eldredge and she says it was during the week she was gone. Nicole says Jeff and Jordan also got engaged. Paulie says how many more BB couples can get engaged. Michelle mentions Daniele Donato and Nicole says they’re already married. Corey asks how many showmances have gotten married. Nicole says three and Corey says three of all time? Michelle says more than The Bachelor. [She’s wrong. There are 5 of those with 3 additional still engaged]


12:22 AM BBT Paulie says he’s ready to not be locked behind walls. He hopes the jury house doesn’t drive him nuts. Michelle says it won’t he’ll be fine. They are talking about jury and when it started. They bring up that Da’Vonne has to stay in jury for 49 days and had to be there by herself for the first week.  Michelle asks if 4th place goes to jury and Nicole says no they go to a hotel. Nicole says that would suck though because Caleb was by himself at the hotel. Nicole says Frankie was only in jury for like two days. Paulie didn’t think Christine should have been booed because it was just a game. Paulie says Cody had a mini break down because he heard Christine get booed. Paulie says Derrick had to calm him down. Nicole says Christine thought it was for throwing a comp with Donny or for backstabbing Nicole. She didn’t know it was about Cody until later.

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12:33 AM BBT Victor thinks this is the high life and he can get used to. He just wants a new set of pictures. Paul goes in to take a shower.


12:35 AM BBT Paulie, Corey, Michelle, and Nicole in the KT. Paulie asks the girls what they’re going to do when they get out. Michelle says go shopping and Corey asks for what. Michelle says make-up, but I just want to shop. She mentions guess jeans. Nicole wants to cuddle her pups and go with her mom to get pumpkins and sleep with her window open and see her friends. Corey says finale night, then wrap party, and then vegas. Paulie says you can go straight home. Paulie says Cody and Derrick didn’t go to Vegas and Nicole says she didn’t. Nicole says Brittany and Amber both went.


12:40-1:00 AM BBT General chit chat in the KT. Really nothing of interest. Michelle is making more cookies. Michelle says they’re going to have a dessert bar. Puppy chow, cookies, and pie. Paulie says they told him baking was a stress reliever and Michelle says in the DR? Paulie says yes. He asks if Corey went to bed. Michelle pulls one batch of cookies out and smacks the cookie sheet against the counter four or five times. The cookies are stuck to the cookie sheet. Paulie asks Michelle if she wants to join him for some life talk in the safari room. Topic of discussion-paulie asks Michelle where did she live the longest, because her family moved around a lot. She says North Muskegon and talks about moving every few years. Paulie lived in the same place his whole life. He said the most difficult thing he dealt with was redistricting in his school district.


12:51 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR laying down. Nicole feels the worst she has felt the entire season. Corey says Michelle told her she had nothing to worry about and she asked Corey how he felt about being a HN next week. He says he was worried about next week. Nicole says she doesn’t know how to act around Paulie anymore. She feels like Paulie is trying to control everything, like where she goes and what she does. She talks about Paulie sleeping in her spot and Corey says this is our spot. Corey says if he gets evicted he’s going to strip off the Patriotard and Nicole says he looks cute in it. Nicole says Corey needs to pray a lot to get that care package. They think if Paulie stays he won’t get it, but they hope Corey does. Nicole says she needs him here though. Corey doesn’t want to be in jury house with those three girls. Corey says the next three weeks will be tough. Nicole says they have to do everything they can to get to final five. Nicole feels like Corey has been crapped on a lot lately. Corey says he’s always the good guy and he feels like this type of stuff is the kind of thing that would happen in his real life.  

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1:05 AM BBT Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR.  Nicole says there will be someone coming back. Corey says maybe a rewind. Nicole says she hears Paul up and Corey says he never went to sleep. Nicole and Corey seem to be having some sort of argument (it’s hard to follow).

Paul comes down to the KT and says he’s going to talk to live feeders for the rest of the night. Michelle says her and Paulie were talking in the safari room.  Paul goes to eat more of Michelle’s puppy chow. They are singing Holiday Inn now by Chingy. Paul asks if Paulie is going to bed and he said no he wants to stay up and talk so he doesn’t go nuts. Paul says they can go in the safari room and talk to the live feeders. Paulie says they are just waiting for the cookies to get done.


1:12 AM BBT Paul and Paulie go into the safari room. Paulie asks if there is anything he can do because he’s looking at 5-0 vote. Paul says he hasn’t talked to anyone and he thinks Victor wants him out and no one in the house wants to against Victor.  Paul says you can still go to talk to people and try and make your pitch. It’s down to 7 so big targets are an issue. He asks if Corey has been campaigning and Paulie says I don’t think so, he’s just chilling. Paulie says I only want to stay one more week for my own sanity.


1:15 AM BBT Michelle joins Paul and Paulie and Paul asks what’s the topic. Michelle what’s your favorite make-up looks on girls. Paulie doesn’t like girls wearing make up and Paul agrees. Paul likes the cat eye with eye liner and no lipstick and he doesn’t give a shit about other things. Michelle asks if they notice cake face and the boys say yes. Paul says when your face is a different color than your neck something is wrong. Paulie goes to check on the cookies and Paul whispers to Michelle about what Paulie said. Then talk returns to make-up and mascara. Talk has turned to hair and they like it when a girl puts her hair up.  Paul likes a bad girl look on a good girl. Paulie doesn’t like the idea of not portraying something you are not.


1:18 AM BBT Nicole says her and Corey should just not see each other after the show. She feels like she knows him inside and out by now. Corey says I’m going to think of something and I want you to tell me what I’m thinking. Nicole asks how many guesses she gets. She guesses ice cream, his dog, and ummm she doesn’t know she doesn’t want to get it wrong.  Nicole thinks Corey is a hunk.


1:21 AM BBT Corey wants to get up and hang out with all the others. Nicole says Corey’s bossy, he’s the boy you all love to hate. Corey says he loves that song and BB tells Nic to stop singing.


1:23 AM BBT Corey joins the discussion in the safari room. Michelle asks what types of outfits they like to see girls in. Paulie likes a girl who can rock a gown. (He really means formal wear) He wants to take her some place classy and he’s dressed in a suit and she’s in a tight dress that’s flowy and no make up and with accessories.


1:26 AM BBT Paulie likes when he goes places and people’s heads turn because of the girl he’s with. Paulie says he loves the female form. He says the beauty of her essence is everything to him. It’s not just their body or their face, it’s everything about them.

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1:31 AM BBT Michelle says Paulie is a romantic. If he said the things he just said to another girl, they’d fall at his feet. Michelle says she liked the smell of Frank. Paulie asks if women are attracted to the scent of men like men are to women. Paul calls it man musk.


1:35 AM BBT Michelle says she can’t wait to get out and go to the library. She wants to get books on astrology, philosophy, and business. Paul gets called to the DR. Paulie can’t wait to be able to interact with people. Like the actual outside world. Talk turns to the wrap party and after parties. BB tells them they’re not allowed to talk about production.


1:40 AM BBT They talk about what emojis everyone would be. Da would be a bible, James the Asian one, Jozea the messiah one, Zakiyah the one kissing with big lips. (Those are the only ones I caught) Paulie’s parents are the biggest Bachelor and Bachelorette fans. Michelle likes the show Pretty Little Liars.


1:47 AM BBT Michelle asks if Paulie watched Dexter. Michelle wonders what episode they are on. Michelle loves looking at the memory wall and see how far they’ve come. Michelle says she doesn’t really remember Bronte, that’s how long ago it was. Paulie says he remembers her floating in the pool. Michelle thought she was standoffish and Paulie says no she was shy.


1:50 AM BBT General chit chat about dancing and music and drinking.

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2:00 AM BBT Paulie on a soliloquy. He likes to travel. Talk turns to season 16. [Again} They are talking about Frankie and Nicole and all the others. Paulie says Derrick and Cody were two of the best BB players. They will go down as two of the greats and the second best alliance behind chilltown.


2:27 AM BBT Paulie says Cody put a guys head through a wall for yelling at a girl.

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8:32AM BBT James & Nat up in WC doing ADLs.  Nat says she wants to shower, but she just put a heat patch on her neck so she has to wait a little bit.  Nat asks James if he was the one who put all the snackies next to her bed.  He said yea because he thought if she woke up in the middle of the night & was hungry but was in too much pain, then she wouldn't have to get out of bed to eat.
8:34AM BBT James & Nat head back to UKBR.  Nat comments that BB is building hard in BY.  James thinks its a wall comp.  He said that he is going to go out there and start making deals.  He plans on telling people that if they don't have at least 5 hours to be able to put in on the wall, then they might as well drop out right away.
8:35AM BBT Nat says that this might be her chance at winning a comp if James would drop off before her.  James said that him not winning a wall comp is like saying Paul's beard is going to fall off tomorrow.
8:36AM BBT Nat then says if it were just you & I up on the wall.  James said that would be the only time he would purposefully drop.
8:37AM BBT James tells Nat that once they are out of the BB house, she is going to get a nice care package from him.  Nat jokingly says she is going to mark it return to sender & then I am going to send you a box of tampons.
8:37AM BBT James is called to DR.  He said it is probably for good byes.  Nat said she needs to go take a shower then. She doesn't want to look crusty in her good bye.  On the way to WA, she falls & hurts her ankle.
8:52AM BBT James is in WA while Nat taking shower.  James says we are hunters.  Nat says yea you are a hunter.  That means you have to look good to get a woman, have babies with her & get food for your family.
8:53AM BBT Nic is called to the DR.  Nat says she only has to sit back, look pretty, wash her hair, shave her arm pits.  Paulie walks in to WA & asked if James uses Nat's razor.  Talk then turns to how nasty the shower stall is.  James says that there is literally black gooey grunge in the corners of the shower.
8:55AM BBT Nic is getting parts of her costume from different rooms on her way to DR.
8:55AM BBT James says to feeders "Sorry BB fans, you will never catch me in a unitard ever. You know why?  Because I deflect these.  I bounce them off like."  He then holds up his arm in front of himself.  Nat tells him that he will be in one next week.  She said it is going to be a leotard, tights & a tutu that is pink with a pink bow on his head.  James said he would rather take a penalty vote.
9:28AM BBT Nat & Paulie finishing up doing ADLs in WA.  Paulie is trying to get Nat to vote to keep him in.  He tells her what his speech is going to be.  James is cooking in the KT.  
9:37AM BBT Nat is asking James if she needs to tell BB that she doesn't think that she can't compete tomorrow or will she have to compete.  She said she wants to compete.  James said they will probably tell her to compete if she feels that she can.  But if she doesn't compete, then to be aware that she risks going up on the block.
9:42AM BBT Nat tells James that she thinks her eyelash glue is the best.  James tells her that Gorilla Glue is the best.  Her eyelashes would never fall off then.
9:43AM BBT Nat is called to DR.
9:54AM BBT Nat got called to DR, but she wasn't dressed yet.  So James went in there.  BB announced that Nat needed to put on her mic.
9:57AM BBT Nat is finally finished getting ready & is called to DR again.  As she is passing by James on her way to DR, James says "Wow look at you.  America, I am the luckiest man in the world right now!"
10:03AM BBT James is filling up his & Nat's water bottles.  You can hear hammering from the BY.  The HGs are on ILD.
10:09AM BBT Nat is still in DR.  James went back to bed.  All other HGs asleep.
10:14AM BBT James is called to DR.  He says "What?  I just left out of there."  Nat complains to James that there is white powder in her pockets.  James looks & says its baby powder.  She calls James a poop stain.  James tells her she is beautiful.  James tells Nat to go try one of his eggs.  Nat says Hi America the the cam.
10:21AM BBT Nat in KT eating breakfast.
10:25AM BBT James comes out of DR.  Nat tells him that she has been eating this yogurt, but she thinks its bad.  He asks what the date on it is.  She says sell by Aug 2nd.  He said that it was way past that date.  He found a yogurt for her that hadn't expired. She tells him that he smells like a walking garlic.
10:36AM BBT Nat was shocked that people have sex in the BB house.  James said why do you think they have condoms in the supply closet.  Nat was shocked that people would have sex with someone that they barely know.  James says he knows people who have had sex with someone in the 1st hour of meeting each other.  
10:39AM BBT Nat says that at one point, she thought about becoming a nun.  She says that her mom had thought that when she was younger too.  James asked if Nat was really religious.  Nat says that she doesn't believe everything in the bible, but she does go to Church every Sunday, she prays in her head & she tries to be a good person.  James said that it is a hard lifestyle.  James said he could never live in that type of situation.
10:54AM BBT James keeps saying BB we need a security breech.  Nat says to let him sleep.  They are zinging him more than the pie baker.  James says to do a security breech so he can hide.


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11:01am BBT: Natalie and James talking. James talks to the live feeders then Natalie works out with a roller to pop her back and says it is hurting.

11:09am BBT: Natalie and James head back to their beds and talk about how bad it smells in their rm. James is now rubbing Natalie's shoulders and neck.

11:27am BBT: All feeds on Victor asleep in the HOHR.

11:34am BBT: BB calls Michelle to the DR. She gets up and heads to the WC.

 11:37am BBT: BB calls Victor to the DR as Michelle puts her make up on. Victor gets up walks down the stairs and goes to the DR.

11:43am BBT: Victor is now out of the DR and Bb calls Michelle in. Victor goes back to the HNR scratches himself then puts his mic on then gets a shirt out then goes to the WA to do his ADL's.

11:56am BBT: Michelle and victor in the KT making breakfast but no talking going on.

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12:05pm BBT: Michelle and Victor talking general talk about their weight and height. All other Hg still in bed sleeping.

12:18pm BBT: Michelle and victor still in the KT talking general talk about birth control. Paul now up in the BR getting dressed for the day.

 12:22pm BBT: Paul is walking around the house and going to check points in the house saying they are clear. Victor and Michelle still talking in the KT about their outside life and medical conditions.

12:28pm BBT: Paul comes to the KT and talks about making a sandwich after he does his check points. Victor and Michelle still talking about dreams and what they dream about.

12:32pm BBT: Michelle asking victor what he is doing with the ham and turkey and he says making a sandwich with layers of ham and turkey. She says oh ok.

12:37pm BBT: Victor and Michelle still talking about food at different places they have been to and about salad bars. Paul is now back in bed with his eyes covered. All other Hg are in bed sleeping.

12:43pm BBT: Victor and Michelle now go to the safari RM and close the door. victor says ok what would the live feeders want to know about the show and Michelle says i do not know i think i talked to much crap in the beginning. Michelle says we can talk about how nasty this house is and Victor says yeah it is a mess. Michelle says there is razors on the floor and tissues everywhere dirty dishes everywhere. She says the only clean rm in the house is the HOHR. victor says yeah this house is a mess for sure.

12:50pm BBT: BB plays zingbot singing oh say can you zing.  Paulie raises his head and lays back down. Bb plays it again and paulie raises his head again and lays back down then he gets up and heads to the STR.

12:56pm BBT: Paulie  went to the WC washed his hands and is now listening at the Safari rm door to Michelle and victor talking to the feeders about food and messes. he then goes to the KT putting his hat on adjust his mic then takes jacket off, picks his nose then grabs the apron to put on so he can bake his Apple Pie.

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 1:06PM BBT Michelle and Vic talking in the Safari room. Michelle says that she is upset that Paulie implied she knew he was being nominated. Vic says that he didn't tell anyone what he was doing. Vic says he is just salty that he got nominated. Michelle says it is annoying to be hassled about it.


1:10PM BBT Michelle is reliving her epic speeches she gave when on the block. She is laughing about what she said. Paulie making a pie in the KT.


1:19PM BBT Michelle and Vic talk. Michele tells him he is one of the good guys and he is perceived as a really nice guy. Vic tells her that he played one evicted HG and then he goes back to the... and we get FOTH.


1:22PM BBT Corey asks James if he is safe tomorrow. James says he thinks so.  He says that Paulie has been trying to get votes. James tells him Texas honor, he is not voting him out. Corey says he doesn't want to campaign. He asks about Natalie. James says that he tells her to vote how she wants to so he should talk to her.

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1:30PM BBT Vic and Michelle talking about targets. Vic says that he is upset at Nicole and Corey because they said things about him. Michelle says that she has never said anything negative about Nicole or Corey except that Corey lacks substance. Michelle says she never spoke bad about Bridgette either. She says Zak imitated her voice but she couldn't.


1:35PM BBT Corey wakes up Nicole and tells her about his convo with James. He says he has to talk to Natalie about her vote. He says Paulie is going to ask her for a sympathy vote.


1:44PM BBT Michelle says that she is so excited that BB cast such different personalities this year for the girls. Last year all of the girls were so similar. She asks Paulie and Vic if she has a big personality. Paulie says it depends on people views of what is big.


1:53PM BBT Paulie and Michelle talk about Derrick and Coy were in LA in July. He thinks they have been on the BB property. He tells Michelle he is going to take her advice and campaign. She says eh might as well.

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3:38PM BBT Paulie is called to the DR as Paul comes out. Corey wakes up from the announcement. Corey debating if he wants to drink his beers tonight. In the TBR, James and Nat talk. Nat trying to talk with a mouthful of crackers. James tells her that he feels Corey told Nicole what he told him about talking to Nat about her vote. Natalie not understandable. Back in the UKBR Paul telling Corey that it doesn't hurt to campaign.


3:46PM BBT Natalie in the KT sampling food with Paul. She is stuffing food in her mouth and laughing about her strategy to play dumb. Paul tells her to whisper because she is loud. she spills food on the floor and cleans picks it up and then says she shouldn't have eaten cake.


3:48PM BBT Natalie shows Paul that she can move her neck every way. She says she is feeling better. They got her a roller and James gave her neck massages.


3:57PM BBT Natalie tells Paulie, Paul and Corey how Brittney Spears is idol. She danced to all of her music. She does shout outs to her and that she loves her.



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4:02PM BBT Natalie tells them that she also loves Selena Gomez. Paul laughs. Natalie does a shout out that Paul is going to take her to a concert.


4:06PM BBT Paul and James doing a dating interview. James says he needs a woman who is not a player hating woman. Dating him and texting other guys. He also needs a woman who is easy going and understands she will be taken care of.


4:08PM BBT BB has called Natalie into the DR several minutes ago but she is applying another layer of make up. She keeps telling BB she is coming.


4:16PM BBT Vic, Paul and James doing their interview still in the Safari Lounge. About how live feeders can contact them on social media etc.



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7:02 PM BBT We come back from FOTH. In the UKBR, Paul is talking about putting a blackberry in a bottle of water. He has Victor, Natalie, Michelle, Nicole, Paulie & Corey all listening to him. We see FOTH 3 times briefly. Paul continues his story about a girl calling him out on putting the blackberry in her water. He says that the girl went crazy & left the room. He says the girl sits away from him, & she had water in her backpack the next day. He says her purse was sort of open, so he was going to throw berries in her purse. We see FOTH.

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7:06 PM BBT Paul says that he was tossing the berries to his friend & he was putting them in her purse. He says that he & his friend were called to the office. He says that he got out of it because he said he was tossing them to his friend. James goes in the UKBR. Paulie gets called to the DR & leaves the UKBR. Paul says he was waiting for pink slips. We see FOTH briefly. Paul says that she probably still hated him to this day, but he never cared. We see FOTH again.

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7:09 PM BBT We come back to live feeds. Corey talks about someone trying to get him to win a Blackberry cell phone. He says that the lady in the booth was crying because he won, & she didn't think he would win to get his ticket for the free Blackberry. Nicole tells Corey that he didn't make her cry. She says that not that long ago they were all in the UKBR for a Roadkill comp. She says they were long days. Victor says, hungry. Michelle says when they were locked in the HOHR, they were really long days. Victor is using the black foam roller on the left side of his torso. We see FOTH.

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7:19 PM BBT Live feeds come back for a second & go to FOTH again. We come back to all cams on Paulie walking through the KT into the WA. He puts his green towel up on the shower door. Natalie comes out of the WC to wash her hands. Paulie asks Natalie to tell them in the UKBR that it's 7:20 PM BBT. Paulie tells Natalie that he wasn't trying to say things without her in the UKBR earlier. He says they can all discuss everything, & they can talk at a later time. He says, that way he will know his fate. Natalie says she will be honest which way she is going to vote. He says he wants to keep them clear of any potential backlash. He says he wants to keep the target on himself, that's the whole reason for all of it. We see FOTH briefly, & then the cams come back on UKBR & WA. In the UKBR, Victor says he's going to the WA. Paul says he was in the Honor Society.

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7:22 PM BBT Natalie asks Paulie if he's o.k.? He says it's going to be tough to be locked in the HOHR tomorrow. He says he is petrified of being locked in the jury house for 5 weeks. Natalie asks him why? He says it's the feeling of not being able to leave somewhere or talk to the people he cares about the most. Natalie says he will be with the other people that are already there. Paulie says he may be able to deal with it. He says the whole has been against him, but now he thinks it's more about strategy than anything else. He says he's made his mends on a personal level with everyone & he's broken down on a personal level He says the goodbyes were hard. Michelle gets told to please stop playing with her microphone. Paulie tells Natalie that he was thinking strategically.

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7:25 PM BBT Paulie says that he thinks he has two more comps in him, & then he will "Hang up the boots," as they say in the soccer world when you retire. Natalie says she didn't understand the game in the beginning & now she loves it & gets it. Paulie tells her that James was probably schooling her on the game. She says that he wasn't, he was very tight-lipped with her. She says that he would give her advice to lay low & not be known. She says she learned things on her own from listening & observing. She tells Paulie that James didn't even tell her how to vote. She says she's always voted on her own & he knows that. Paulie says they know that also. Natalie says that she told James that if she was affecting his game he could have separated from her.

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7:28 PM BBT Paulie says that he always tried to keep the heat off James, & he would always get the topic of discussion changed. He says they don't really need to talk about it anymore. He says he's not going to watch this season at all. Natalie tells Paulie she hopes that he doesn't have any negative feelings towards James, because a lot of it was her. He says he doesn't have any animosity against James at all. He says that James helped him separate the game from everything else. Natalie says that James was always defending him no matter what. Paulie says that he had talks with him a lot. 

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7:30 PM BBT Natalie tells Paulie that she heard him say she is a fake Jersey girl, but she's not. She says, this is her, & she's peppy & always tries to make people feel good. Paulie says he got over all that stuff. He says it's hard in the house to put on a mask when there are several conversations going on in the house. He says she was even misinformed of things that were going on that pertained to him. He says if he had a problem with his boys he would go to them directly. He says that he knows things that Zakiyah had said. Natalie says that she knows that Zakiyah really cares about him. She says she made it difficult with how jealous she was of everything just when people were hanging out with him in the house. She says she had to reassure her a lot, every day, & it was a lot for her to handle. Paulie says they may have been her game, because he had to keep reassuring her as well. They both find out they were saying the same things to her.

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7:34 PM BBT Paulie says that Nicole was even scared to talk to him because of Zakiyah. He says that Nicole told him that she played with Cody the whole time she was here on her season, she loves him & his family, but she couldn't take it. Paulie says Zakiyah was egging him on saying that Natalie was a fake little b*tch. Natalie can't believe she said that, because she never called her names like that. She says that Zakiyah was always saying that he never paid attention to her. She says that Zakiyah even told her that he asked her one time if she was having an f'n pitty party. Paulie says that's not true. He says he doesn't do drama outside the house. Natalie says she never talked about people or did anything like that. She says that Zakiyah cried about him so many times, & then got jealous over everything. She says it was a headache for her. She says that Zakiyah was crying to everyone. She says she would tell everyone they were the only ones that she trusted & crying as she did it.

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(UPDATE)6:00PM BBT Nat and James talking strategy. 
Paulie talking to Corey in Tokyo room. 
6:09 PM BBT James, Nat and Paul talking about Corey being on the block. 
Nat keeps saying I don't feel bad at all. No sympathy on my end. My goodbye is not gonna be nice.
6:10PM BBT Paulie tells Corey that it's scary when you're flying overseas and you hit turbulence.
6:12pm BBT Victor, Paulie and Corey in Tokyo room talking about flights.
6:15pm BBT Nat, James, Paul talking about people losing comps.
6:21pm BBT BB calls Michelle to the DR
6:22pm BBT Nicole came out of the DR all upset.
6:23pm BBT Corey is hugging Nicole and trying to console her.
6:31pm BBT Paulie is talking to Paul and James about making a deal.
6:35pm BBT Nicole tells Corey that Meech reminds her of Christine
6:40pm BBT Nicole tells Corey If I win HOH I'm putting up Vic and Paul
6:44pm BBT Natalie called to the DR
6:52pm BBT Corey goes into UKBR w/ other HGs, but BB calls him to DR.
6:54pm BBT Nicole is now in the UKBR w/HGs. Everyone except Corey is in there and Paul says it's weird that they're all in there together.
6:59pm BBT James is called to DR. Corey joins HGs in UKBR

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