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Tuesday August 16, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Tokyo Bedroom (TBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen Area (KA)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program, and "Day" is confusing, so use Dae.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


Thank you!

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5:21am BBT Michelle is at the island in the kitchen eating sunflower seeds. Victor is next to her. Paul is pacing and talking about putting something in his water. Victor says he has a ton of powerade upstairs. Paulie is in the background. They start teasing Michelle about peeing her pants.  

Paul talks about a place near his home that has great ice cream floats. Corey and Nicole come in.

5:25am Corey's making slop, discussion about making it with Silk. Paul still intermittently teasing Michelle about how she smells.

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5:28am BBT Michelle is smelling a mixture of paprika and olive oil, Paul says that is what smells like urine. Paul starts talking about a drinking game his friends play with Bertie Bots beans, putting them in flavored sodas (bacon etc) if you don't finish the soda you have to drink.


Paul gets his command to pat down houseguests. He runs out of the Kitchen, cartwheels over the couch and into the UKBR. He pats down a figure in the bed and then realizes it's just a pillow with a cantalope and hat on the pillow. Natalie is laughing and James is nowhere to be found. Natalie gives her word that James isn't in the room and Paul picks up his duck and leaves.

Camera one goes to the kitchen where Paulie is undressing. He realizes the camera is on him and he stops.

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Paul comes in the room and is laughing because he's supposed to pat down Paulie, tells Pablo it's a job for him.

5:38am BBT Paulie still completing his rounds, says checkpoint secure at each spot. Then operation friendship complete.

Paulie now fully dressed at the kitchen island.

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12:00 AM BBT Paulie, Nicole, and Corey in the KT talking about the game. Paulie says he thinks Michelle, Paul, and Victor have gotten very close. He also thinks James and Nat are close with them, but still on the outside. Paulie says next week Nicole and Corey will go up and then the week after if Victor wins HOH, James and Natalie will be sitting next to each other on the block. He advises Nicole and Corey to try and get something with James if they can stay safe next week. Corey says it sucks that Natalie is just going to float until the freaking end. Corey says even he wouldn’t even go after her. He says she knows nothing of the game, she can’t win a comp to save her life, and she does nothing.  Everyone else seems to be laying down.


12:13 AM BBT Paulie goes out to do laundry. Corey is also doing laundry. Corey forgets his eagle and sign and has to go back in for them. They go out to put their feet in the HT.


12:19 AM BBT Nicole comes out and sits on the grass by the HT.


12:22 AM BBT Nicole asks Corey what the name of the eagle is and Corey tells her Baldwin. Paulie says they are like the fucking lepers of the house. Corey says he knows, it sucks. Paulie thought James would hang out with them and Natalie. Corey says James has been weird, he’s changed. Nicole says James is rethinking his thing with Natalie too and acting differently with her. Nicole says they are sleeping in different beds and it’s the second night in a row. Nicole says Natalie told her they were going to be just friends after the show. Paulie says he doesn’t understand why if Natalie isn’t serious about James why would she tell him Paulie was making passes at her when she was the one doing it to him. Paulie says he hopes James starts to see it so he can know what a mistake it was to screw them over. Nicole says if he makes it to the end it wasn’t a mistake, it was a good move. Nicole says he’s treated them differently since the night before D/E and she sees him being normal with Paul and Victor.


12:26 AM BBT Nicole says James told her it was very emotional for him. Paulie says he wished he had thought about it in front of everyone, but he thinks the reason James got those votes was because there was talk about backdooring him all the previous week, and Paulie keep diverting attention to the girls, Michelle and Zakiyah. Paulie explained their game plan and how it would have worked in getting Vic and Paul out and Nicole says you guys are lucky I’m not in power, because I’d put you two schemers up. She takes her dishes inside. Corey says he doesn’t think Paul really threw that POV to Bridgette. They talk about Victor complaining about Paulie calling his POV a win a crap shoot.


12:31 AM BBT Corey says James thought he was going up after the nomination ceremony and Paulie says Paul said the same thing. Corey says Victor might have wanted Nicole out, but she got the safety. Paulie thinks Paul is behind the shift and the nominations. He thinks Paul went to James and Victor and told them lies about Paulie’s game. Paulie asks Nicole where she stands with Michelle. Paulie says Nicole should utilize her. He says she’s a vindictive person and if they give her attention they can get Michelle on their side to help them. Paulie says Michelle told him Paul messed with him before veto comp to try and get in his head. Paulie says Michelle is sitting in the middle ground right now. If one of the couples wins, they will likely go after Paul or Victor. If Paul and Victor win they are going after one of the couples. Corey says he hopes James or even Natalie wins HOH. Nicole says you think he’ll keep us safe and Corey says he’d be stupid not to. Nicole says if James is playing strategically, then he’ll go after Victor and Paul.


12:38 AM BBT Paulie didn’t think Michelle and Bridgette had that much pull to get James to go against them. They talk about the last week and how Paul probably should have been next to Victor for D/E. Then Paulie says we really shouldn’t dwell on it.


12:44 AM BBT Paulie says he was so confident Michelle and Nat were going up his head wasn’t even in the HOH. He never thought their butts were on the line. And if he was a BD option he was comfortable thinking he could campaign against the girl to stay. He literally had every option covered except him and Corey sitting next to each other. Corey says he could have easily taken Bridgette down in D/E and put Vic up and bye bye. Paulie says it wouldn’t have mattered because Bridgette would have put them up too because that’s the plan Frank gave her.


12:49 AM BBT Nicole says James told them 40 minutes before eviction that they were voting Zakiyah out. Nicole says she has nightmares about D/E night and it happened again getting blindsided. Paulie says James told him he was getting aggressive and when people do that and say that to him, it makes him want to get aggressive. Paulie says he was just hyped up.


12:54 AM BBT Paulie says Natalie was practicing days was James and said she was so bad at days. Paulie and Nicole start quizzing each other on days. Nicole going over road kill days and then moves on to when care packages started arriving. Paulie quizzes her on the days of the nominations and who was nominated. Paulie says days will be veto and Nicole says no it’s HOH. Cody won the punching bag comp and it was HOH. Paulie thought it was veto. (There have been intermittent FotH, so some conversations have been hard to follow)

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1:00 AM BBT Paulie, Corey, and Nicole still sitting at the HT going over days and the house in general. Paulie is telling them the things he’s seen in the house like how many lamps are outside the HOH or how many ducks are swimming in the BR’s. Paulie tells Corey and Nicole to use him while he’s there.


1:18 AM BBT Paulie tells Nicole and Corey to throw Vic and Paul under the bus. He tells them to play the fucking game. Try and reel Michelle back in, talk girl talk to Natalie, and ask James for help.


1:34 AM BBT Paulie does shoutouts to Cody, Derrick, and Frankie and tells them to get his boy a care package. Corey says it’s funny he’s campaigning America for a care package while wearing a patriotard. They resume quizzing each other on the things in the house.


1:55 AM BBT Still general quizzing going on. Nicole tells Paulie to slow down. She goes inside to get something to drink. Corey and Paulie talking about the round trip ticket and Corey doesn’t think it’s going to go unused. Nicole says Michelle is up and Paulie tells her to go get her. Nicole says Michelle thinks she betrayed her because she didn’t tell her about the Da vote. Nicole wants to go back to quizzing and she tells Paulie not to talk so fast.

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10:30pm-11:00pm BBT: Paulie making another Pie in the KT being silent and waving his flag. Corey sitting in theKT asking paulie about Cody's movie and if it is out yet. paulie says it went in theaters in August.Nicole is getting ready to go to the DR. Corey says  it must suck to haver to get ready every time. Paulie tells them his sister never wears makeup.

11:00pm-12:00am BBT: Nicole continues getting ready for her DR session. Corey sits alone in the KT. Nicole comes to the KT and Her and Corey talk about make up then Nicole says she stays with Corey so much that she can tell when he has to go to the bathroom. Paulie comes in and talks about he will be leaving Thursday cause everyone is scared of  Victor and paul has control of everyone  also. They then talk about  if there will be a buy back from jury and then about the HOH comp thursday and Paulie thinks it will be the slip and slide comp. Paulie then talks about the round trip ticket and he thinks he might have it cause his is number 10 and that was Codys number so it is a lucky number.

12:00am-1:00am BBT: Paulie talking bad about Victor and paul and telling Nicole and Corey that he knows he is going home because of those two.
BB announces the BY is now open. Paulie, Nicole and Corey head to the hot tub where they talk about James and how he is acting different and he wants to sleep all the time now. Corey tells paulie that he thinks Victor is playing alone and just wanted to make a big move in the game so he put  us up. Paulie says he blames paul for the flip of the house and not Victor. Corey says they do not trust paul at all.
Nicole  says if James is playing the game strategically then he will not put her and Corey on the block. She says Corey and i have not won anything really. Paulie then ask why James went for the 5K instead of the veto and Nicole says she does not know. They then talk about getting blind sided on DE night and how james blind sided them and voted Zak out.

1:00am-2:00am BBT: Paulie is telling Nicole and corey how to study for the upcomiung comps. he said he counted everything in the house while people were sleeping. Paulie tells them he does not want to sit in jury for weeks. They all get out of the hot tub and head inside.
Nicole tells then that America did not save her for no reason this week so she needs to step up her game this week.
Paulie starts coaching Nicole and Corey asking them querstions about how many of what is in the house.

2:00am-3:00am BBT:  Michelle is up in the HNR going through clothes then head to the BY with paulie, Nicole and corey. Paulie then starts again about not staying in jury house. 
James is massaging natalies neck in the LBR. She tells him the muscle rub is irritating her skin and he tells her she needs a heating pad instead.they then go out to the BY and join the restr of the HG that are outside. Just general talk going on then natalie and james head to the KT to make food, Nicole goes to do laundry.
Michelle and Nicole are at the hammock and talk about Paulie and Zak and how Zak still likes him. Nicole tells about how she met paulie before the show and had seen pictures of his girl friend on instagram. Nicole starts talking about derrick and how good he was at the game.

3:00am-4:00am BBT: Corey has now joined Nicole and Michelle  in the BY and they talk about how bad the girls suck at comps. Michelle then talks about finding her dream guy and nicole says Ian terry. Michelle says she can dream then laughs. talk turns to laundry and being sleepy. Nicole and Michelle then talk about how far apart they live from each other and the decide it is like an hour apart.Michelle gets called to the DR and Corey ask Nicole how her talk with Michelle went and she tells him they do not talk game. Corey says we need her on our side. Nicole says if i try that then i go on the block and get voted out.

4:00am-5:00am BBT: Paulie out of the WC and  heads back to Nicole and Corey for more studying. Nicole says her head hurts from studying so much now. Paulie tells thwem that Victor is a douch. Nicole says if he gets the next care package i will be mad cause he does not deserve it. Paulie thinks that Nicole's and Cody's friends will hook him up withj the care package this week.

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2:01 AM BBT Nicole, Corey, and Paulie in the hammock. Michelle comes out and joins them. FotH


2:06 AM BBT Still chatting at the hammock about days. They are going over what happened every day and they talk about their photo shoot they did. FotH again.


2:09 AM BBT Paulie talks about when the others get to jury house they are going to have him in a straight jacket and giving him a sedative.  Nicole says do you like vacation, that it’s going to be like that. Plus he’ll get to cuddle with Zakiyah and find out how she really feels. Nicole says they get such food. They order out and they get to pick anything off the menu. BB says you are not allowed to talk about production. He tells them to quit trying to talk him into staying in jury. Paulie says maybe it’ll be better than I think. Nicole says there was a ping pong table and Paulie says who am I going to play with? Nicole says she played with Zach all the time. Nicole says there was an infinity pool where she was.  Paulie says you don’t get to talk to family and you don’t get to leave and his mind is best when he’s kept busy. When he has time to think, he thinks too deeply and it messes him up. Nicole says Zakiyah will help him get through jury. Paulie says when he gets out of the house he doesn’t want to talk about the game at all. He’s afraid he’ll freak out like he did the other day when he was crying when he was talking about his ex. He says he never got closure from that and we get FotH.


2:16 AM BBT All feeds on UKBR. James is rubbing Natalie’s neck with icy hot because she is in pain. Back to the hammock. Michelle asks if Paulie would have told them he was Cody’s brother if he didn’t have the tattoo. Paulie says yeah because it didn’t work out so well for Elissa. Nicole brings up Willie being related to Russell. They talk about Ian trying to break up the confrontation between Willie and who he was arguing with. Paulie starts talking about his ex again so we get all feeds back on the UKBR.


2:22 AM BBT Natalie gets up to go to the restroom and James goes with her. Natalie did something to her neck and she was afraid no one would help her and she was sad and she would have self-evicted. They go out to join the others by the hammock.


2:28 AM BBT They talk about the BY being closed down at 2 later today. They tease Natalie that because her neck hurts, the next comp will be a wall comp. Natalie decides to go lay back down because of her neck. Natalie complains when her and James go back inside and James says I’m just teasing you. He says if you know it’s me and you I’ll give it to you.


2:35 AM BBT Paulie and Corey in the Tokyo BR putting clothes away. Nat and James in the KT chatting. Nicole and Michelle in the hammock. Nicole and Michelle talking about Paulie and Z in the jury house and exes in general. Nicole says she won’t be surprised if Paulie does try and leave though. Nicole says Paulie wanted them to open their round trip tickets so he could see if he had a chance to come back. Nicole says she wouldn’t do it because what if it’s another double or they extend it. Michelle says she just doesn’t want Paulie to feel alone.


2:42 AM BBT Natalie and James in the KT and Nat says she won a gold fish at a carnival once. James asked her how she won it. Corey comes in and says he was good at the basketball game. James says he was good at the guess my age because no one ever guesses his age right.


2:44 AM BBT Natalie is called to the DR.


2:45 AM BBT Michelle and Nicole talk about Derrick and how much money he won and Team America. Nicole says Frank set the tempo for their house by the way he played the game out of the gate. Nicole says she isn’t the type to talk game all the time and she feels like there was a ton of game talk. Michelle says she only thought it happened Wednesdays and Thursdays. Nicole says Bridgette stressed her out. They talk about Bridgette spying and running to others with the information. Michelle says she was surprised Bridgette voted for her to stay. Nicole says she has to.


2:48 AM BBT Corey, Paulie, and James talking about the slip n slide comp and the motion. Paulie talks about how Caleb did it and James says once you get the motion down, the strategy is all in how you hold the cup. Nat comes out of the DR and they ask if they gave her anything. She says no they are going to talk to her in the morning. They think she has a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve. James thinks it happened during the excitement of the concert from jumping around.


2:53 AM BBT Paul comes into the KT. Victor pops out of the HOH and goes back in. Talk in the KT about spicy foods. Paul asks if they’ve been to sleep yet and Corey comes in and says no. Corey says they are pulling an all weeker. Nat says the one and only time she pulled an all nighter she crashed her car the next day. Paul says very cool how did you do that. Nat says she fell asleep.


2:55 AM BBT Michelle asks if Nicole thinks their season is interesting. Nicole says yeah based on what the producers say. She asks Michelle what she thinks. Michelle says she doesn’t know because things happen slower in the house than they do when you watch it.  They talk about Frank and how he was talking to some of the girls and calling others out. Nicole says the FT thing was so dumb and she wanted to say something about it but she was afraid she’d get sent home. Nicole says you want to stick up for people, but you don’t want to put a target on your back. They start talking about Zakiyah and how they were glad she went when she did. Michelle says she really trusted her. Michelle says she might be the girl that doesn’t get along with other girls.


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9:00AM BBT Lights still off, HGs still asleep.
9:31AM BBT BB Announces "Good Morning HGs.  It's time to get up for the day.  The morning lights..."  The feeds go to FotH for the morning music.
9:53AM BBT Feeds are finally back up.  The lights are on in the house.  Cams are focused on HNBR & UKBR.  HGs in both rooms are asleep.  You can hear someone in background opening & closing doors.
9:55AM BBT Michelle is called to DR.
9:56AM BBT Cams follow Michelle as she leaves HNBR & heads to WA.  Feeds then go down.
9:57AM BBT  Feeds come back up and you can see Nat going into Storage to change batteries.
9:58AM BBT Nat walks back to UKBR.  She wakes up James & tells him that she just got more good luck today.  He asked what happened.  She said when I get sh*t on, I get diarrhea'd on.  James again asked what happened.  She said guess what finally happened after 2 months.  He said "period".  She said yep, after not having it for 2 months.  Both Paul & James say f*ck. Paul said so this flow is coming back with a vengeance.
9:59AM BBT James said so what you are saying is that I am in the clear.  Nat said to James that it wasn't funny because she has been abstinent for a long time.  James says that if Paul makes a joke, its funny.  But if he makes a joke then it isn't funny.  
10:07AM BBT Michelle is laying down in the BY getting some sun.  BB announces to please lower household awnings.  Vic comes outside to help.
10:08AM BBT Vic said that he just got kicked out of his room.  Michelle asked why.  He said because there is a b... Feeds went down.
10:12AM BBT After awnings are done, Michelle lays out in sun again.  Vic heads inside to WA for ADLs.
10:16AM BBT Vic goes into KT to make coffee.  Michelle laying in BY just randomly saying sh*t over and over again.  
10:20AM BBT Vic is pissed.  He is muttering in KT that no one wants to take dishes out.  No one wants to clean up after themselves.  Then he says "and I'm the douche bag".  And when they do clean the dishes, they don't clean them properly.
10:25AM BBT BB announced "Head of Household please go to your room."  
10:26AM BBT Vic heads up to HoH.  Michelle still in BY in sun.  Cams now showing UKBR & BY.  All HGs in UKBR are asleep.  BB calls Michelle's name.  She says what... I'm not sleeping.  She starts reciting statistics about the house thinking that the upcoming comp is going to be a mental one.
10:33AM BBT  Michelle says she is so hot & that is enough sun for now.  She heads back inside to go to WC.
10:36AM BBT Michelle comes out of WC dressed in bikini now.  She stops in WA to brush hair.  Then heads back outside.  
10:38AM BBT Vic still in HoHR, not on cams though.  Michelle putting on suntan lotion in BY.  All other HGs asleep.
10:40AM BBT Michelle has gone back to spouting random facts about the house & comps.  10:45AM BBT Michelle said that the strategy right now is to get Paulie, Nic & Corey back-to-back-to-back.  She plans to align with Paul & Vic so that they will keep her safe.  She is saying that she has been slowly trying to piss everyone off so that people would take her to final 2.
10:48AM BBT Michelle says that she doesn't know what else to talk about, but she has to keep talking so that BB doesn't think she is sleeping.  She says that she doesn't want to take a cold shower later so she might just take one outside.  She is expecting another double eviction this week, but doesn't know why.


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11:06am BBT: Michelle called to the DR. Victor in the HOHR doing his Blog. All other HG sleeping.

 11:17am BBT: Paul is now up and going to the DR. Michelle doing her make up.

1:21am BBT: Victor is now out of the HOHR and in the KT. Michelle comes in and he says hi to her. She says she is waiting to go to the DR and then going to get a shower outside. Victor tells her he just finished his blog and loved doing it.

11:23am BBT: Victor goes to the WA. Nicole is in the shower.

11:30am BBT: Victor and Michelle talking in safari rm about paulie and Corey and who thinks they are leaving. Victor says that Paul set it up to make Corey think he is leaving. Michele ask him if he thinks Paulie will leave the jury house and victor says no. They then talk about the care package and thinks that Corey might get it because of Nicole's fans. Victor gets called to the DR to get his camera.

11:45am BBT: Michelle called to the DR as Victor comes out of there with the camera. Victor now taking pictures of sleeping HG.

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12:05pm BBT: Victor doing pictures alone as Nicole is doing her makeup and refused pictures of herself. Michelle is still in the DR and all other Hg are sleeping.

12:22pm BBT: Victor in the HOHR alone doing ADL's. Nicole getting dressed in the WA and blow drying her hair. most HG still sleeping.

12:30pm BBT: Natalie in the WA brushing her teeth, James in the KT with Michelle and Victor as Victor takes pictures of himself and we get FOTH.

12:34pm BBT: James talking to Natalie, Natalie says she feels sick and feels like she is going to throw up again.She says i can not sleep and i can not rest and everyone that talks or makes a noise wakes me up. James says i can talk to Paul about going elsewhere. Natalie says no it is me not them i should remove myself from this game and go home and James tells her no you will not go home. Natalie says i started my period today too and it got on the sheets and i need to wash them and James tells her he will wash her sheets for her.

12:40pm BBT: BB calls Victor to the DR. James tells Natalie that hopefully she feels better in a few hours. Natalie says no it wont it happens every 2 years and i can not move my neck for a week.

12:42pm BBT: James tells Natalie that he knows she is hurting and just think of everything you have been through and work through it.

12:45pm BBT: Corey in the shower changing clothes. Nicole gets a new unitard to put on. Corey says this is to small, he comes out of the shower with a speedo on saying it is to tight. 

12:53pm BBT: Corey is in the pool, Michelle laying by the pool, James still in Safari rm talking to Natalie and trying to keep her from going home. He tells her how strong she is.

12:56pm BBT: paulie is now at the pool with Michelle and Corey he says it is to hot so he goes into the water.

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1:08PM BBT The HG are getting settled in the BY. Natalie forgets her mic and has to go back in for it. Vic finds some chewed gum in the BY and starts calling out BB to see who had gum. James gets Natalie all comfortable and offers to get her anything she needs.


1:24PM BBT All HG in the BY just chatting. They are on ODLD.


 1:29PM BBT Michelle has found Natalie's water cup that she has been missing. It was in the BY storage. Natalie lying on the bench looking in pain. Talk of Olympics and Michael Phelps.


1:43PM BBT Most HG snoozing or sitting quietly. Michelle and James talking about general things.



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1:55PM BBT HG are allowed back inside. The smaller table is inside. Nicole runs and sits at it. Paul says they need a dinner tonight. Natalie is at the table with Corey. Vic gets up and says that was fun and never sitting there again. Paul says he is going back to bed. Natalie bends her head to look at the design on the table and then gets up and heads out of the room. Vic getting food.


2:09PM BBT Paul is back in bed. Natalie is in bed. Paulie, Corey and Nicole looking at the memory wall.


2:15PM BBT James comes into the UKBR. Natalie tells James that Paulie came into the BR and didn't say anything and then went right back out and sat next to Nicole. She says that he sat right next to Nicole. (Natalie hasn't left the BR so I am not sure how she saw where he sat). A red alert is called and Paul is slowly moving around the house to clear his suspects.


2:34PM BBT James and Vic in the KT cooking. James tells Vic that Nat went to the DR. He says she needs muscles relaxers. Corey and Nicole cuddling in the TBR.


2:44PM BBT Nicole and Corey whispering. Nicole says something about Paulie saying who he would put up. Hard to hear. She has the blanket near her mouth. She says something about people not keeping them safe.

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3:07PM BBT James showing Natalie the eagle puppet. Natalie realizes it is a puppet. She said she had no idea. She asks James if she can take 2 more Advil now that she has eaten. He said he assumes so but he isn't a Dr. Natalie washes her dishes. Vic is cooking up a storm. Natalie tells Vic she is going to go lay down to feel better. She waves good bye to the cams. James follows her. He says she is her shadow. Nat lays down and applies a hot pack asking James to throw the wrapping out.


3:26PM BBT HG sleeping except for Vic who has just finished eating.


3:40PM BBT BBT All feeds on sleeping HG.



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3:56PM BBT Vic putting clothes away in HOH. All other HG sleeping.


4:03PM BBT Vic making the HOH his own personal gym. Nat and James sleeping on the other cams. BB then calls Natalie to the DR.


4:19PM BBT Vic working out in the HOH and Paulie working out in the KT area.



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4:36PM BBT Vic comes downstairs and he and Paulie compare work outs. They discuss shaving. Paulie wants to get rid of the hair around his nipples. Vic says that he plucks his.


4:48PM BBT Vic and Paulie talk about how bad the house is clean wise. Vic says that the KT is his domain. He says he won't even step foot in the bathroom. They say the other HG sleep all day.


4:56PM BT Paulie and Vic talk about dogs. Vic says his Mom's dog is a b*tch. His name is Gizmo. Vic says he is lazy. Vic says that when the neighbors dog gets out, Gizmo comes running.

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6:42PM BBT Victor is streching alone in the HoH room while Paul is baking a pie wearing nothing but his birthday suite and smock (and hat).  James is pleading with BB to call a Red Alert for Agent Paul, while Corey is cutting up in the KT. 

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6:42PM BBT Victor is stretching alone in the HoH room while Paul is baking a pie wearing nothing but his birthday suite and smock (and hat).  James is pleading with BB to call a Red Alert for Agent Paul, while Corey is cutting up in the KT. 

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6:45PM BBT Agent Paul receives a Red Alert and he has to do pat downs on all the HG.  He pats down Paulie's front, but refuses to pat down his exposed backside.  Corey is preparing chicken for dinner. 



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6:55PM BBT A bare-chested Victor comes downstairs and gives James a bear hug from behind.  Woah, James says, a little too much mail bonding going on here.  Paul completes his checkpoint reports.  Paulie is complimented by the other guys for his cheeks.  The camera did too.



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7:10PM BBT Michelle joined James at the new smaller table in the KT and Paulie got his shorts back from James.  Nat is sleeping in the UK room and I'm guessing Nicole is sleeping too.  "That's really annoying," BB says as Victor makes an annoying sound.  James quietly enters the UKBR to clear food bowls and classes.  Nicole is up in the HNR and makes her way to the KT. 

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7:25pm BBT Paulie grabs James for a side chat, saying he thinks he can get one or two more votes if he has James and Natalie's.  James says he only needs one more.  Paulie offers to be a weapon against Victor, to be a shield for James.  If there's an endurance wall comp, he can outlast anyone.  James says it sounds good but he has to run it past Natalie.  Paulie says she's so sick he doesn't want to bother her directly.  James promises to think about it strategically.  Paulie says James is his only option, so he won't let him down if James and Natalie keep him in the game.

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7:40pm BBT Victor takes Baldwin, Corey's bald eagle hand puppet and proceeds to lay into James for being a deadbeat and owing him money.  The whole house but Natalie (who is sound asleep in the UKBR) is tearing up laughing as James plays along.  I'm going to put my talon up your a$$, Baldwin says, what you gonna do?  After it was over, James says I really thought I owed the eagle money!

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