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Friday July 1, 2016 Big Brother 18 Live Feed Updates


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This forum thread is for posting live feed updates & screen caps that reflect what's going on in the BB house.  Comments and BB18 discussions are in the Big Brother 18 Discussion section.

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 18 Time is West Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter. I've been tripped up not knowing if "B" is Bronte or Bridgette.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. Download PDF And here's DRG's guide by team Cast Cards PDF.

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

British Bedroom (UKBR)

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)


When referring to Da'Vonne, you can use "Da," "Dav," and, of course, "Da'Vonne," but for some reason "Da' " with the apostrophe, jams my proofreader program.

You are all encouraged to add info in your posts letting others know that you can only stay an hour, or, "I'm done, can someone else take over!" or whatever, so that lurkers, or "floaters" will be encouraged to fill the gaps.  


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 

Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at  http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/chat.html/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds and dish about the HGs at the same time.  


I'm in dire need of late night updaters, newbies always welcome, no invitation required,  just please start posting!

Thank you!

One more favor-- Please include AM or PM when noting the time.

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12:34 AM BBT Paulie comes out of the door from the DR. He says, "Who wants to see my HOH room?" Everyone gets excited, & they run to head upstairs. Paulie waits by the door, until all the HG's get upstairs. Natalie says the girls are all waxing, & they are in the middle of it. Paulie puts the HOH key in the door, it seems to be sticking, & it finally opens. All the HG's file into the HOHR. All the HG's are making noises & loving what they see.

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12:39 AM BBT PAULIE'S HOH LETTER: Paulinoooo, I love you brother & miss you. I'm obviously holding down the fort over here on the East Coast. You already know the deal and are welcome. Keep killing it man. Just be yourself & have a blast. It's an amazing game to play, but it can be over before you know it. So, enjoy every second of being in that house. It has been brutal since you left. Every single day something comes up, where I just say let me give Paulie a call & find out...Awake. Definitely a very odd feeling. I now completely understand what you went through man. If you ever get down when you're in the house just remember stop being soft & get it together. Love, Your stud younger brother

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12:00-12:30 AM BBT Paulie and Zakiyah upstairs on the landing chatting about strategy and who they trust. Paulie wants "them five" (Victor, Paul, Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette) gone. He has discussed putting up two of the girls because they might be stronger than the guys. He says he wanted to rub it in that he stayed and then won HOH, but he decided not to. He mentions Bronte pitched to him saying she was loyal. Zakiyah feels like things went great. Paulie mentions putting up Paul and Victor and pulling Paul to the side and telling him he's a competition beast and he wants him to win veto to leave Victor on the block and Bronte can go next week. Zakiyah says Bronte has to go though because the longer she's in the game the more dangerous she is. Paulie says Natalie will have to go too because he thinks she'll be a floater. Zakiyah did not like Bridgette's speech to be saved from eviction. Zakiyah goes downstairs and Da'Vonne comes up.


Paul and Bronte in the safari room. Paul wants to convince Paulie they need James out of the game. He's hoping Paulie would put up Victor and James and hopefully Victor would win POV. Paul thinks he can convince Paulie to turn him. Bronte said she knew in 30 seconds that James was going to throw the HOH comp. Bronte doesn't know why Da and Zakiyah sided with the vets and Paul said they're stupid. Paul asks if Bronte is 1000% sure Natalie is with them and Bronte says yes. Paul wants Natalie to spy for them. Bronte doesn't think Zakiyah and Da'Vonne are going to win a lot of competitions and Paul says they suck. Paul isn't worried about Nicole and Frank. Paul says they need to win roadkill. Bronte says she can't believe this day went so badly and Paul said because people are stupid and he keeps repeating that. Bronte says to tell Paulie they just want to get to jury. Paul says we can get rid of all four vets before jury. Bronte says no one on the other side asked her last week who she was voting for and that Paulie never talked to her either. Bronte was so livid when she seen Paulie was going to win that it took everything in her not to flip a pitch and say send her home. Bronte wonders why they didn't just say I'm sorry Jozea we're on their side. At least we aren't liars. Paul says it's funny how the worst case things keep happening. Bronte says it's like the Big Brother universe is against them, she just doesn't understand, because she's not a liar. She can't believe Da'Vonne and Zakiyah just flat out lied. Paul doesn't like Da. Paul just really doesn't like James. Paul only wants to play with Bronte, Jozea, and Victor because they are good people. Paul says when it comes to POV he will rape James. He swept them all under the rug in the last POV. Bronte thinks the 7 who sent Jozea home are like tight and she doesn't know how to squeeze her way in there. Bronte said James would go out of his way to waste time and Paul said because he's an idiot. Paul said they are obvious because they go in and out of rooms but if you ask them something, they don't know anything. Paul is going to try and convince Paulie they are using him to get power and they're going to vote him out when they don't need him anymore. Paul said when he was put up Paulie's face turned red. Bridgette comes in and asks if they're ok. Natalie comes in and the three girls go to wax.


Da'Vonne, Nicole, Bridgette, Bronte, and Natalie all in the WA and having a "waxing party". 


Paulie called to DR.

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1:00 AM BBT Everyone still in HOH room and still just general chit chat. They are reading where products from Paulie's basket are made.


1:02 AM BBT Natalie called to change her microphone.


1:15 AM BBT No one is leaving the HOH room. Everyone still just telling stories. They are telling stories on the wildest things they did in high school.


1:20 AM BBT Paul called to DR. Tiffany told to exchange her microphone. [Yes, it's really this boring]



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1:34 AM BBT Bridgette, Natalie, and Bronte go back downstairs to have their "wax party". James leaves the HOH and the girls squeal and invite him to the wax party.


1:35 AM BBT Natalie tells Bronte not to trust any of the guys. Bronte please stop singing.


1:38 AM BBT Frank comes down and goes to the WC.


1:40 AM BBT Frank lets Natalie wax his "unibrow".


1:43 AM BBT They call James to the DR and Frank and James say who? The voice says "James!".


1:45 AM BBT Paul hanging out in HOH hoping to get Paulie alone. Corey is lingering in the HOH room.


1:47 AM BBT Frank, Da, and Nicole in the Tokyo room and Frank tells them Victor was pitching they have to get girls out because there are 8 girls and 6 guys. Frank says he's throwing the girls under the bus. Frank asks what they think about the BD action? Zakiyah comes in to talk too. More talk about a possible BD and Victor comes in and interrupts.


1:48 AM BBT Paul says he bets Cody was stoked he got called to write a letter. Paulie explains they pre-write them or they wouldn't get them in time.


1:50 AM BBT Paulie, Paul, and Corey in HOH and Paul says he fell and hit his head hard. He has a headache.


1:50 AM BBT Bronte, Bridgette, and Natalie still in WA. Bronte telling them about her conversation with Paul and that he's going overboard. More re-hashing about Jozea going home and Natalie having a feeling he was going. Zakiyah comes in and interrupts the convo. Bridgette was saying someone told her she might get votes and she thought they were so mean.


1:51 AM BBT Paul tells Paulie he knew they had numbers at 7-4, but Victor did not. Paul says the girls were a mess. He says Victor is loyal and he has no animosity toward Paulie. Paul says we need to look at the bigger picture, not that the Vets are out to get us, but that two noobs are gone. He said not to go after the vets, but to point out that it's happening. Paul says it's not necessarily a priority or that they are being sneaky, but he wanted to point it out. Paul says he trusts Bronte and Natalie because they were honest with Jozea. Paulie says he trusts Paul and he is the most liked out of that group. On a personal level, Paulie says he likes and trusts Paul, but he doesn't trust Vic. Paulie says he feels like even if feels like Vic is loyal that he'd cut their throats, even about Corey.


1:57 AM BBT Paul asks Corey to lock the door. He said he wants to have ONE conversation with Paulie and only for like five minutes.


1:58 AM BBT Nicole says her mom got a twitter, but she said she might have cancelled depending on how people were. Da says she told her mom not to because her mom would be wanting to know where people lived.




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2:00 AM BBT Paulie tells Paul he'd like to put him up to fight for POV so they can keep Victor on the block because Paulie doesn't trust him. He says if Victor comes down, then one of the girls will go up and they will go home because they will keep Paul safe.


Corey tells Paul people don't like the way Victor talks to them. Paulie said they tried to get Paul to break away from Victor and Jozea and Paul said it was hard because Jozea was on his team. Paul asks so was he put up by the roadkill to ensure Jozea out and Paulie says we don't know who won roadkill. Paul said that's why Bridgette went up, Paul knew she went up to ensure Jozea out. Paul said Jozea was genuinely nice to him and Paulie said he wasn't genuine, he called himself the Messiah.


Paulie tells Paul if he won POV he'd use it on Paul because he just doesn't trust Vic. Paulie thinks the girls will go after each other. Bronte comes up to use the WC and Paul tried to continue talking and Paulie motioned him not to. Talk turns to the competition until Bronte leaves. Paul immediately says you're the HOH, and you've been observing and maybe i'm getting played, and Paulie interrupts and said you were getting played. Tiffany interrupts to use the WC and talk goes back to the competition. Paulie says they jumped over some of the logs to the circle and Paul said he didn't even know he could jump and that he didn't know if he could use his hands. Paulie says it was fun. Corey said Natalie was upset because she was a gymnast and she was the first to fall off. Paulie asks Tiffany if she wants to kick it and listen to his CD. Paulie has been struggling with the remote for about 15 minutes now and asks Tiffany how to use the remote. Corey says he's going to bed and leaves.


In the Tokyo room, Victor and Frank talking about the comp and Victor complaining about James throwing the challenge. He doesn't like James and James spread lies about him.


Tiffany says in the competition she gets tired easily because she doesn't work out like some of the others. So she helped Corey finish the third column and then asked if he could finish and she said as that third row was finished. They talk about people's strengths and weaknesses and Tiffany says Paul is brilliant and Paulie says yeah he is he went to Pepperdine. Paulie thinks they picked a super smart, super diverse, super fit cast. Tiffany says MMA fighters, personal trainers, nutritionist, nurses. Paul says it would be a good zombie apocalypse house. Paul says he just wants to have a good time. He doesn't like talking about serious stuff, he just wants to dress like a woman and make PB&J. Paulie still can't get the remote to work.


Frank comes in and Tiffany gives the remote to him. Frank says they have to turn it on.


Nicole tells Zakiyah should go up and stay in the room and find out what's going on. Zakiyah said she wants to give Paulie some space. Da says Zakiyah should go up too.


2:21 AM BBT Natalie and Bronte in UKBR. Bronte says she wants to tell Paulie she just wants to get to jury. She tried for two years to get on the show and she just wants there. She said vets have already played and been to jury and two of them won America's favorite, why do they need to make it to jury. Natalie says Bronte should go talk to people and that she just doesn't feel safe. Bronte said she doesn't know who to talk to besides Paulie and James. Natalie wonders what the guys will say and they could potentially throw them under the bus. Bronte says all Jozea had to do was tell Da and Zak that he was a newbie and Paulie has been trained for this. Bronte seen Da and Zakiyah talk to Jozea and they seemed honest and sincere. They fooled her. Natalie says they're planning and plotting and there's nothing they can do. Natalie says as long as me and you make it to jury together. They need to get to jury because they need the paycheck. Bronte says if she wins the roachcoach she's only telling Natalie and Natalie says she's only telling her. Bronte says if they put up Paul and Victor she'd want to nominate someone that could have been put up by their own alliance. Like Tiffany since there was that fight.






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2:30 AM BBT Nicole, Da'Vonne, James, and Corey in the WA. They wonder if Paulie would flip to the other side. Da and Corey don't think so. General chatter on the HOH comp, the upcoming nominations, and other general talk about Victor.


2:35 AM BBT Natalie tells Bronte in the UKBR if they have to throw a comp, they might have to if they feel secure. They have to get the house to like them and keep winning.


2:45 AM BBT Tiffany and Natalie in the UKBR. General chat about Jozea and Victor. Advice they gave Jozea and talk about Victor and Natalie.



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Friday, 07/01  8:25a    Nicole is up and in the downstairs bathroom.  Paulie and Frank are sleeping in the HOH bed upstairs.  They are chatting a bit, but mostly sleeping.  No other HG's are shown at this time.  Apparently, they were all up until about 6:30a this morning.  Nicole is sitting on the dock in the bathroom popping pimples.  Now she's doing her makeup.  The house is quiet.

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9:00 am BBT  Cameras 1 and 2 are on the HOHR and sleeping HG. Cameras 3 is on Nicole awake on the couch. She has just come back from the WA. Camera 4 is on the Anime BR. Camera 1 and 2 switches to the UKBR and Bronte is awake and getting some things together. It looks like she will be heading to the WA to start her ADLs. We get FoTH.


9:05 am BBT  We still see FotH. It might be time for the morning wake up call.


9:08 am BBT Feeds return. Bronte is in the showr. Natalie is doing ADLs in the WA and Zakiyah is in the HNR doing her makeup. Camera 3 is on the Anime BR with many sleeping HG. Bronte is talking to Natalie, but since she’s showering she’s not wearing her mic so we can’t hear her. Michelle enters the WA and asks where everyone is. She asks Natalie if she is crying but Natalie says she is just tired. Michelle says that she and Bridgette didn’t go to sleep until after 5 am.  Michelle says she was called to the DR at 4:45 am.


9:12 am BBT Michelle said that when she changed her battery the last time she accidentally threw out the dead battery. She dug it out of the trash though. Michelle says that she feels like no one is taking “his 30 minute warning seriously.” Zakiyah is still putting on her makeup in the HNR. Now Bronte is out of the shower and Natalie gets in. Bronte goes into the WC to change into her clothes. When she comes out Michelle asks if it was in her head that he said 30 minute warning and we get FotH. Michelle, Bronte, and Zakiyah all doing ADLs.


9:16 am BBT  Natalie is out of the shower and asks if they think they will find out who is a HN today. Michelle says probably and that everything is happening so fast. Michelle uses the WC and when she comes out she asks if anyone else’s arms are sore. She wonders why hers are sore because it wasn’t a labor intensive comp. Bronte says that they used their arms to balance. Michelle tells them that Bridgette got to say HELLO to her mom since she was up so late. They talk about how they will get first dibs on the new food in the SR since they are the first ones up this morning.


9:21 am BBT  Michelle says that she volunteered to be a HN this week if it’s individuals. If it’s not individuals, she thinks their team will be chosen since they were safe last time. We get FotH… probably another attempt to get the rest of the HG to get out of bed.

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9:27 am BBT  We now have Jeff’s Reels. The HG speculated last night that Paulie would nominate today, but as of a few minutes ago, very few HG were awake. They also thought HN would be chosen, so that could be happening. I guess we will know soon.

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9:40 am BBT  We are still on Jeff’s Reels… stick with Morty’s and we will let you know as soon as we know what’s going on this morning in the BB House!


9:55 am BBT  Patiently waiting for the feeds to return.

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10:10 am BBT  The reels have repeated several times. We are still here, patiently awaiting the return of the feeds.


10:25 am BBT  Jeff’s Reels started just about an hour ago. The feeds still haven’t returned, but we are going to be here ready and waiting when they do.


10:45 am BBT The feeds have not yet returned.

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 11:30am BBT: feeds are back Bronte and Paul have been nominated. 

11:38am BBT: Michelle and Nicole talking about how Paul is walking around smiling. Nicole says they need to win the roadkill comp and make sure victor goes up with Paul and Bronte.

11:40am BBT: Paulie in the HOHR talking to frank and Corey about Paul and victor wanted to talk to them now and how all of a sudden they want to talk and last week they had nothing to say to each other. 

11:43am BBT: James and Natalie in the WA whispering as Bronte comes out of the WC and says we are on Big brother. James tells her just win the veto and you come down and he will put someone else up. Bronte tells James yeah i talked to Paulie already and he said i had a good chance of winning veto and come down. James says i will win if you pick me.

 11:50am BBT: Hg are gathering in the KT making food. frank says he needs protein and James says i had cream cheese and bacon so i am good. James gets up and tells Natalie that he is going to go lay down.

11:55am BBT: Pailie and Tiffany in HOHR talking. paulie says Victor wouldn't not leave his room lastnight and leave him alone.

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 12:05pm BBT: Nicole and Natalie whispering in the LVR are about they need to win the next HOH and the roadkill comp. James has gone to the HOHR talking to paulie about the fish that got eaten by the other fish.

12:10pm BBT: Nicole tells Natalie to stand up for herself with Victor and Natalie says i do not like him like that and it is weird. James creeps up yells what are you doing to Nicole and Natalie.

12:17pm BBT: frank and Bridgette in the KT cooking. Victor in the HOHR talking to paulie and watching the fish as they talk about different fish and how the little fish must be scared for their life in that tank.

12:21pm BBT: Paulie and Victor in HOHR talking about people on Facebook. in the LVR Corey and Nicole  talking with Tiffany and James about girls and the way they act. Bridgette and Natalie are putting on James shirts they walk out to the LVR and James just looks at them as they walk through smiling.

12:30pm BBT: HG just sitting around the house eating and general talk going on.

 12:34pm BBT: Paulie and Victor playing chess talking about carrying each other to the final 2. Victor says i thought we would get each other to jury then let it all happen.

12:36pm BBT: Victor says we have to get rid of all the floaters. Paulie says that Tiffany is smart and victor says Michelle is smart and Paulie says she is super smart. Paulie says yeah but we do not have to worry about them in physical comps. Victor agrees.

12:45pm BBT: Paulie and Victor still whispering at the chess table but Frank and James are being very loud in the LVR and can not hear what is being said. They break up the talk and says they better go down stairs before someone gets suspicious.

12:47pm BBT: Frank, James, Nicole, Corey and Victor in the LVR relaxing and talking about flying and general talk. In the HOHR Natalie and Bridgette are playing chess.

12:51pm BBT: WE now have WBRB  then we go to Jeffs reels as the HG may be playing the roadkill competition.

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4:15 PM BBT We are still on Jeff's reels.


5:30 PM BBT We are still on Jeff's reels as we await for the results of the Roadkill competition.


5:52 PM BBT We have officially been on Jeff's reels for 5 hours. This must be one heck of a Road Kill  Competition! 

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5:56 PM BBT The feeds return. Corey is in the safari lounge with Tiffany. She asks him if he won. He says no. He tells her that he thinks Victor won. Meanwhile we hear Nicole saying that she actually timed out during the competition. We get WBRB and back to Jeff's reels. 


6:10 PM BBT The feeds come back and we have Victor in the Tokyo room. Frank comes up to him and says it nice, it's perfect. "Good job, good job, yes". It appears that Victor has won the BB Road Kill Competition.


6:13 Victor and Paul are in the Tokyo BR. Paul tells him to keep everything to himself. Paul warns him not to tell anyone and that they are all freaking out. Victor says he has nothing to lose at this point. Victor says he wants to tell them and to put James up because he is a strong player. Paul says there are smarter ways to do this. Victor "I don't think so bro". 


6:20 PM BBT Bronte, Natalie and Tiffany are in the BR. Bronte tells Tiffany that she ratted Paul out. She did it because she doesn't want to be associated with Paulie. Tiffany says that a good move. Bronte says Paul is a bully. He wants Paulie to use the information she has but she doesn't want Paul to come up and yell at her later.


6:29 PM BBT Victor and Paulie are in the HoH. Victor tells Paulie that he trusts him but he is unsure about Paul. Paulie says that he doesn't trust him either. Victor asks who Paulie might replace the nom with if one of the girls pulled themselves off. He said  probably Natalie. 


6:29 PM BBT In the HoH Victor tells Paulie he may put Tiffany up. He says she is rubbing the girls the wrong way. That might be easier.


6:34 PM BBT In the Tokyo BR we have Michelle, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, James and Frank. They have figured out that Victor has won because of the way Paulie is acting. He magically has decided he no longer wants to back door Victor. Paulie walks in so they change the topic. Paulie tells them he changed his mind because of the way that Paul is running his mouth. 


6:38 PM BBT In the Britain BR James, Tiffany, Bronte and Natalie are talking about the possibility that James or Tiffany may be put on the block. James says he will high five Victor if he is put up. That will be his way of telling Victor that he knows it was him. James says that Victor not playing in the POV is the best thing. Then they can still backdoor him. Victor can't win POV. 


6:43 PM BBT Frank and Nicole are in the Tokyo BR. Frank says that everyone in the house knows that Victor won. Nicole says if she went upstairs she wonders if Victor would tell her that he won. Frank says it really doesn't matter who he puts up. AS long as he doesn't win POV he is going home. 


6:46 PM BBT James joins them in the Tokyo BR. Frank tells him not to worry if he does go up. They still have the votes. James says he wants to go put a pizza in Victor's bed right now.


6:48 PM BBT Paul and James are now in the Safari Lounge. Paul says that he is in a bad position. Being paired up with Jozea has him laying down in hostile territory. He says that Jozea had been telling him lies all along. James says that he wouldn't be worried about it. He is about to right next to him on the block. Paul says that it's different because James has people willing to vote for him. He isn't in hostile territory.


6:51 PM BBT Paul is telling James that Jozea made him paranoid with all his misinformation. James said that's the mistake Jozea made. He tried to put together  a huge group to sweep through the house too early. Paul refers to Jozea as a manipulative liar who made stuff up and now Paul is paired up with that. 


6:55 PM BBT Paulie has joined Paul and James in the Safari Lounge. Paul is sharing with Paulie what he just shared with James. He feels that Jozea lied to him and he was led to believe his propaganda. 


6:58 PM BBT Paul tells Paulie he isn't upset he was put up because he knows the reason. He just wish it wasn't because of what Jozea had him thinking.



I am out!! 

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6:20 PM BBT Bronte and Natalie talking in bedroom. Bronte had to explain why they didn't put Victor up right away to Nat (backdoor him). Tiffany joins them. 

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6:20PM BBT: Vic is in HOH BR and they are discussing how they want to go to bed, but have to wait up for the nom.  Vic says he will probably shower and relax until he's called.  Frank wondering how many votes they have this week  -14 people -10 votes  (it's Frank, Vic, and Paulie chatting in the HOH BR), and he says "1, 2 <vic and Frank>, Natalie 3 - Paulie reminds them he can't vote - ___someone - maybe you can talk to her <missed who they said> ...

Vic is saying "I don't want him in the house"  - referring to James. 

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