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Monday, March 28, 2016 BBCAN4 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:05am BBT The lights are on and the house guests are getting ready for their day. The BY is open so some of the house guests make their way out there to drink their coffee and eat their breakfast. Cassandra, Ramsey and Jared are sitting on the BY couches talking about their dreams. Phil is swimming in the pool while Raul sits on the lounge chair watching him. 

8:48am BBT Tim is in the KT fixing food, Joel is sitting at the KT table and as Phil walks Joel tells him he is a great swimmer. Cassandra, Jared and Ramsey still out in the BY now talking about jobs that they have done. Tim and Joel join the others out in the BY and talk turns to cleaning the BB house. Tim thinks they should boil water for cleaning the dishes since their hot water was taken away by BB for punishment. 

8:55am BBT Dallas is heading to the pool to swim and Joel told him to be careful and not splash too much because BB had to yell at him to many times before. Discussion at the BY couch turns to how to make eggs. Up in the WA, it is quiet while Maddy and Raul are putting on their makeup. Cassandra thinks that if they clean maybe BB will be happy with them. 


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9:02am BBT As Cassandra, Tim, Nick and Joel were sitting on the BY couch, BB yells out this is the final warning the BY is off limits so the house guests get up to go inside. Up in the WA Raul is telling Mitch how he is pissed off at Jared for covering his mouth last night when Raul was trying to talk. Mitch keeps telling Raul that he needs to talk to Jared about it. Raul said that he does love Jared so much and he is just annoyed with him right now. 

9:08am BBT Tim and Maddy are in the pink BR talking about working out deals with other house guests. Tim tells Maddy she will be fine going on the block if Ramsey uses the veto. Tim is urging Maddy to use being on the block as a time to get Canada on her side. Tim leaves the pink BR and joins Cassandra at the KT table. Tim said that Maddy's deal is that if Cassandra saves her this week then she cant come after the ones that save her next week if she (Maddy) wins HOH.

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9:23am BBT Down in the KT, talk is just about cleaning the BB house and who is going to do what jobs.Up in the blue BR Maddy, Raul, Mitch and Ramsey are talking about Maddy's jeans that ripped Raul and Mitch left the room and Maddy is talking about how she made a deal with Tim, Cassandra and Nikki that she would keep them safe next week. Maddy and Ramsey are counting the votes if Maddy goes up on the block. Ramsey is going to tell Dallas that he is going to vote for him to stay. Maddy is sure that she is going on the block and that she will have the votes to stay. She is so happy that she is staying. Jared walks in and talk turns to cleaning. 

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9:45am BBT in the secret room, Kelsey is putting on her makeup while Loveita makes her bed. They are talking about who would put Tim on the block while they watch the spy screen with all house guests in the HOH room. Loveita goes over best case for each of them going back in the BB house. They both wonder if Cassandra is faking her foot hurting because she goes without her boot sometimes and then she puts it back on again. 

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5:45pm BBT - Emmett is helping Loveita and Kelsey with a task.  They are hiding poker chips all over the house.  The house guests are going to have a limited amount of time to find them.

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Thanks ScarletKate & App for this screen cap:


:help:Important:  I no longer have updaters on a schedule!  Everyone is just posting updates when they can.  Please help!  Post your updates in this forum, so it can be used on the update page.

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6:10 PM BBT Loveita and Kelsey are back in their secret suite.  There are two boards set up that are labelled "white team" and black team"  Each board has pictures of HGs on them.  Loveita and Kelsey are talking about how the HGs are going to rip things apart looking for the chips that Kelsey and Loveita just hid all over the house in every little nook and cranny that they could find.  They left chips in food containers in the storage room and kitchen, in the pockets of clothing in HG bags in the bedrooms, in kleenex boxes in the WA.  Even the HOHR was not off-limits, so the HGs must be on lockdown in the BY. 

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1:36 PM BBT In the storage room, Phil is telling Ramsey that he is probably better off without Maddy. Ramsey tells the brothers that he isn't sure yet who he is going to vote to evict.  Just because he sleeps next to Maddy doesn't mean he will not vote her out.  Ramsey tells them that he knows that it's not them.  He says that if he wins HOH, he wants people to fear that he thinks it's them [that put gummy koala points against him?].   But the brothers should know that he knows it wasn't them. 


1:38 PM BBT  Maddy and Ramsey are out in the BY talking about Dallas.  Maddy is shocked that Dallas has already asked Ramsey for his vote.


1:57 PM BBT Dallas is talking to Cass in the pink room.  Cass tells Dallas that if the vote goes against him, she will have to go with it.  Dallas thinks that people need to speak up.  Cass says that she has, but people are getting irritated with her for bringing it up.  Cass confides that Tim does want him out.  She says that Tim has been so phony and she is not falling for it.  Dallas says to keep the faith and not give up on him yet.  Dallas leaves the room, as Cass drinks from her mug and continues to ponder.


2:13 PM BBT Dallas and Joel play a game of pool.  Both are very quiet, and there is no game talk.


2:30 PM BBT Nikki and Tim are in the pink room talking to Cass.  They are talking about bugs for Marinara, their pet spider.  If they can't find a bug for food for Marinara within the week, they will let him go.  That will be today or tomorrow.  Tim tells Cass that they will have a fun night, and she says she is fine, but she is irritated.  She has been trying to convince Tim to send Maddy home instead of Dallas. Tim tells her that in BB a lot of things are irritating.  BB is not living comfortably and powerful, and as soon as you think you can win by voting out people [that you don't like].  Cass complains that she is not being emotional.  She believes Maddy will come after Cass.  Tim says he has made Maddy promise that she won't, but Cass says Maddy is lying.  Tim leaves to go have a bath.  After Tim leaves, Nikki whispers to Cass that she agrees with her.  Cass says that she is not going to hang around with people who won't listen to her.  Cass tells Nikki that she feels that Dallas is being much more straight with her than Maddy.  Cass tells Nikki about something Dallas told her.  Maddy told Dallas and Ramsey that she is telling Tim whatever he wants to hear, but next week her target is the brothers and Cassandra.  Nikki suggests that Cass talk to Tim about it tonight, but Cass says Tim doesn't listen.  Cass says it's frustrating that you build all these relationships and then it doesn't matter unless you win HOH because she supports the group, and then the group doesn't listen to what she has to say.  Cass says that she will vote Dallas out.  She isn't going against the group, but what ticks her off is that Tim threatens her that she is done if she votes against him.  Cass insists that she always supports her group, and she was even nice to Loveita because she is NOT playing an emotional game.  Cass is irritated that Tim won't consider making a deal for safety with Dallas like he made with Maddy.  Cass repeats that Dallas has been straight with her, but that Maddy is constantly talking crap.  Maddy is completely fake and only nice to people when she is on the block. They keep talking examples of Maddy's treachery.

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2:48 PM BBT Tim and Nikki are talking in the blue room and discussing available beds.  Nikki says that Ramsey and Maddy's bed will be available because they will be in the HOH room.  Tim didn't realize that Maddy had invited Ramsey.  Nikki says that they were supposed to have a girl's night, but Maddy changed her mind and invited Ramsey instead.  Tim says Maddy will make her own bed, and proceeds to point out that there is no promise that Maddy won't be put up again next week.  Ramsey and Maddy are only 2 of 8 people, so their chances of winning are quite low.  Tim tells Nikki that if she or anyone who wants to save Dallas come to him with a reason other than that Dallas wants Tim out, he is all ears, but that is the only reason anyone has given him.  Nikki tells Tim that he knows where he stands with Dallas, and Nikki trusts Dallas' word way more than Maddy's.  Tim asks Nikki if she thinks that Maddy will put up Nikki and Cass, and Nikki says yes.  Tim won't credit that Maddy would be that stupid to go back on a deal with him, because then she will be out next  [guess he doesn't mind if Cass or Nikki are collateral damage in the meantime ~app].  Tim is 95% sure that Maddy will not do that.  And if Nikki and Cass are up, he believes that Nikki is safe.  No one will send Nikki out over Cassandra.  Nikki says that she will vote out Dallas because she doesn't want Dallas coming after Tim, but she trusts Dallas much more than Maddy. Tim says maybe this is the real Maddy.  Tim says that if it becomes a tie, he will tell them both that he will keep the person who promises to never put him up or vote against him ever in this game.  If they both agree, then he will flip a coin.  He advises Nikki that when you have power, use it, but not in a way that you turn people against you.  It's about using your power to work with people. 

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7:12 PM BBT HGs are tearing around the house turning things upside down searching.  As HGs begin to gather in the LR, they are excitedly chattering about what a mess it is and shouting about the number of chips they found and where they found them.  Tim is in the LR standing between two podiums, one white and one black. Tim says the house is a mess and some people are bleeding. 

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7:26 PM BBT Loveita and Kelsey are sitting watching the HGs search.  As HGs gather in the LR when time is up, the screen goes black and Kelsey and Loveita are frustrated [welcome to our live-feeders' world ~app].  Loveita thinks that the white team won, but it could be either team. Loveita hid the black chips and Kelsey hid the white. 

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7:45 PM BBT Feeds come back to HGs going through the rooms and noting the chaos left in the aftermath.  Raul is asking about whether they should dress up and is told yes.  It sounds like the white team won, and that there will be some sort of cocktail party. 

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7:46 PM BBT Kelsey and Loveita are watching a silent feed that shows Nikki sitting alone at the KT counter.  They note that Nikki looks really bummed, and that the white team must have won.  They chat a little bit while they watch HGs cleaning up.  The HGs had just cleaned up the house this morning, and now they are having to do it again. They comment that Phil is SO annoyed.  Loveita notes that if they won, at least Phil will get a party. 


7:54 PM BBT Kelsey wonders what Loveita will get.  Loveita says maybe it will be something they can share.  Kelsey suggests that maybe it will be a letter from home. 


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7:59 PM BBT Nikki is at the KT counter eating and the Jackpot alarm is going off.  Ramsey and Jared are there as well.  Ramsey asks how many they got.  Jared says that they had 36 and the other team had 46.  Ramsey goes for a smoke.  Nikki points out that everything has been touched and now she can't eat any of it. 

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10:03PM BBT: Winning team from today's find the poker chips task still in the High Roller Suite with Emmet the Milkman holding court.  The losers are still going about the task of trying to put the house back in order. The ladies in waiting in the secret room are being shown the feed of the party in the High Roller Suite. 

Feed from the coctail party cuts to the rest of the house who have apparently just finished cleaning up. Jared is making a final inspection.

Feed goes back to the party where Tim asks Emmet how he dealt with the masturbation and he replies that it was the worst part of being in the house and that some mornings he woke up and went, "Oh shit!" He goes on to say that BBCA is so much tamer than when he was on BB South Africa when a couple was going at it in the open.  He was only there for a weeks visit and was their counterpart to Dan Ghesling. 

Clean up crew now mostly in the blue bedroom complimenting themselves. 

Emmet encouraging the folks to give themselves a little pat on the back every time they make it through an eviction.  He relates that he was DQd from three comps in his season.  He says the adrenaline is flowing when you go out for a comp and concentrating on the rules is difficult. The more he and Jillian won the more they felt like they had to win.  He says he won one comp becasue he made out with Jill in the middle. When he had fun with comps he did well because he was more relaxed. 

The other half of the house has mostly wandered down to the kitchen then disperse again.  Jared and Dallas outside for a smoke.  They are talking about who that dude was referring to Emmet. They think he has nothing to tell them as the way he played his game has nothing to do with their game.  Dallas suspects that have already downed all the liquor to which Jared responds, "Well we would have."

The party group is talking about how Jillian made Emmet eat when they were in the house especially when he was on slop. He suggests heating syrup up to make like a gum to suck on for energy before the HOH comps the week after they are on slop. This will Jill's idea.  Tim asks what to do about the girls leaving tampons in the toilet. 

Back outside the guys continue with their sour grapes discussion about not wanting to see Emmet and then try to figure out what day it is in the game.  They finish their cigarettes and head back inside.

Dallas walks up behind Nikki who is standing facing the High Roller Suite doors listening to what is going on inside. 

In the secret room the ladies in waiting are discussing Mitch and how everything was a secret to him.  They both trusted Mitch to their current regret. Kelsey really wants to get back in the house becasue she allowed Mitch to influence things. they are still watching the party but have no audio. 

Nikki still at the door and Mitch comes up behind her briefly a few times.  

In the party now they are finally talking about their season with most dissing Dallas to Emmett who thinks that Dallas' willingness to go after the big players is a plus.  He asks what Maddy is like to live with and is told that she is a headache but she does not win comps. He asks if she is reliable at all and to a person they say NO.  He says they should look at who is trustworthy and reliable and can be controlled just a little bit.  Tim asks/tells if it is not true that sometimes you have to put yourself in a risky situation because afterwards you will be safer.  

Kelsy and Loveita now talking about how they saw each other in the game with Kelsey saying she did not see Love as a bad person.

Emmett reminding the party crew that it is only Monday and they can use the next three days to watch and see what the nominees reveal about themselves in the interim. He tells them not to give it all away to the nominees and if you do not give them bullets they cannot shoot you. 

Not much to see in the main part of the house with folks wandering about spread out.

The door to the High Roller Suite springs open and Nikki charges in and they promptly tell her to leave. The party crew starts saying their goodbyes to Emmett and leave the room. The doors close behind them leaving Emmett alone. 

Cass keeps carrying on about how wonderful Emmett was. Raul compliments the other team on their cleaning job. Tim and Nikki head to the HOH where he is relating Emmetts tips on eating slop. 

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10:35PM BBT: Nikki quizing Tim on what Emmett had to say. 

Raul and Jared chatting on the green couches on the landing about sticking together to the end and what Emmett said about his end game strategy and the feeds fade to black. 


10:38 PM BBT: Feeds back with 1 and 2 in the hidden room and the others on the landing where Tim has joined Raul and Jared and Joel still talking about things Emmett said. 

Loveita and Kelsey talking about how Maddy getting rid of Loveita was a dumb move. Kelsey thinks if she goes back in she will have to lie and be fake and sneaky and conniving as she was too honest and open before. Also she needs to not spend all her time with Jared.  Love telling Kelsey she will have to make peace with folks who may put her on the block if she stays.  

Landing crew still relating Emmett stories and Tim comments that Mitch has a little Emmett erection.  Now the party crew again complements the others about their clean up job. 

Maddy getting teased about her comp performance and she takes offence and points out she did win one HOH and has been close in other comps. Mostly everyone is there now. 

Kelsey now reviewing her HOH decisions in excruciating detail. 

Landing crew talking about how much each had to drink at the party and wondering if they have any more.  Joel now relating the story of the challenge where Emmett and Jill made out during a comp and he still won. Topaz's famous screw up is described by Joel and Raul who acts out her reaction on stage.  Tim relates Emmett's advice to not be bitter when you are evicted and they all talk about how the women need to stick together and there has been a lot of cattiness so far in this season. they check the time and talk about dinner while Cass wants to keep partying.  Raul says Emmett looked like James Bond and Cass says he was attractive and it was nice to see a real man.  Raul going on and on to Mitch about how beautiful Emmett was in person.

Back in the secret room the ladies in waiting are nibbling on the remains of their dinner which is still on the table under a dome cover as they keep talking about what they did in the game. Love complains about how she was not aloud to cry in the house based on the reactions of the others if she started to cry. 


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10:53PM BBT: Landing crew talks about having a new game, table shuffleboard, which they learned from Emmett. 

Love going on and on about her emotional response in the game before and how she could do so much better if given a second chance. (Not sure I buy that. - DRG) Kelsey goes back to dissing Maddy as being so full of shit. She tells Love to not trust Ramsey and to not tell him a single thing if she goes back in. She knew he was not trustworthy and tried to tell Jared time and time again.  They used to go silent as soon as Ramsey came into a room. Love will still talk to Ramsey and Kelsey again insists that she not tell him any game shit.

Good natured banter continuing on the landing where Nikki is now being teased for the way she listened at the door and walked right in when they opened. 

Kelsey complaining about having been put on the block twice and then about what Joel said at the nomination ceremony. 

Raul and Jared now outside having a smoke and Kelsey remarks, "Oh my boys." when they appear on the spy screen. Raul saying he cannot trust the brothers and how Emmett saying you should not give away your cards in the game. He repeats more of what Emmett said. Raul talking about how Dallas cannot be controlled but Maddy can and based on Emmett's advice that means they need to get Dallas out.  Jared says he would not change anything that they did before this point as he had a ton of fun.  Then out comes the BB chestnut, "We gotta win next week!" Raul thanks Jared for the smoke and says it was amazing. 

Watching her boys has finally quieted Kelsey down for a few minutes.

Raul continuing to recount things Emmett said at the party.

Secret room feed changes to show Ramsey and Phil playing pool.

The boys finish their smokes and head back inside.

Ramsey is told to stop talking about production for saying he did not want to talk about anything until after they had to go and talk about their feelings (DR sessions)

Upstairs Joel still talking about Emmett and his reasons for taking Gary and not Talla to the final three. Tim describing the ice carving at the party then repeating Emmetts comment about being able to take the heat because he could put out the fire. Joel recalling asking Emmett questions about what it was like when Dan came into their house.

Other switches to Cass and Maddy in the pantry where Maddy is eating toast and Cass is talking about how she demanded to sit next to Emmett. Now she is going on about not wanting to see the women keep leaving the house and how they need to work together even though they find each other annoying at times.  She tells Maddy that she needs to trust her that she is voting Dallas out this week and next week they need to trust each other to not put one another up. Cass now teases Maddy to stop looking at her tits you are a girl you have a vagina even Emmett knew enough to look at my face. Maddy apologizes saying that her  boobs are very distracting. Cass talking about having gained ten full pounds since the holidays then goes back to Emmett talking about how this was a mean girls carry season and that the women need to work together.  She thinks it may have helped her relationship with Ramsey since she told him she is not going to go after Maddy. They hug it out. 

Landing crew chatting about nothing much then talk turns to how they got the spices off the floor. Joel says the house looks like night and day from what it was at the end of the task.  

Maddy and Cass talking about how to improve the dynamic with Ramsey. Tim comes in and Maddy announces that she is going to go to bed then says she will stay up a bit to listen to his iPod. 

Nikki now talking to BB about her Stevia and how she needs a new supply since someone put their hand in it before.  Cass now with Tim and the brothers in the kitchen telling them she is a very affectionate person.  

Landing group that remains is discussing about the sleeping arrangements for the night. (May I suggest sooner rather than later?? - DRG)

Cass and Tim now walking through the HOH talking about how they will sleep tonight. She complains that he was so mean to her last night and he says he knew she was not drunk but Nikki was and together they were being naughty and he was not in the mood for it. He accuses her of going against him the last 24 hours and she denies that she is. He warns her she needs to be careful and make the right decisions. She assures him she is and she just had a good chat with Maddy and that Dallas is going home this week. Maddy comes in and sprawls on the bed and Cass says she is going to give her the room tonight when Maddy offers her to stay with her in the HOH. Cass tells Tim that Maddy is worried about Tim being in Cassandra's bed. Cass tells Maddy she has a crush on Ramsey and she should cuddle him and Tim wants her to try and kiss him tonight. They want her to wear sexy PJs and she claims not to have any. They are on either side of her on the bed continuing to tease her about coming on to Ramsey. Cass says they really need to make out she she feels the romance between the two of them.  She knew it was a joke with Nick but it is real with Ramsey. After telling her not to have sex in his bed Tim points out to Maddy where the condoms are in the room.

Out on the landing Raul and Mitch and Joel still talking about Emmett and then connecting with the BB community when the game is over.  

Tim and Cass leave the HOH and Maddy takes the throw pillows off the bed and climbs into the bed with the iPod.

Tim and CAss in the kitchen now with Jared and Nick talking about how it is the real deal with Maddy and Ramsey and then tease Nick asking him what happened with him and her. They talk about the condoms and then if they will have to wash the linens to get rid of the pubes tomorrow.  They keep speculating if the two will get it on tonight.  Maddy in the bathroom now also complaining about how dry her skin is.  Raul and the brothers talking about cooking some bacon and the wonder if Maddy is hungry. they all head out of the room 

Most head to the blue room where Jared announces that this will be the first time that he has his own bed.  Talk again returns to Maddy and Ramsey getting it on tonight. 

Phil followed Maddy into the HOH and they are chatting about her being excited that she is staying this week and how she will know when it will be her time to go. She does not think she will win. Phil tells her she needs to turn her game into a positive. She responds that she does not really want to have power next week. He and his brother will have her back next week as will Tim. He does not think that she is dead in the water. Tim told her she was positive today and that is more how she should be going forward.  He says his brother likes her as a friend but does wonder what happened with the two of them. Phil points out that she also has a boyfriend on the outside.




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11:39PM BBT: Feeds one and two switch to the BY where Dallas and Ramsey are playing pool again. Ramsey is also relating what Emmett said about Dallas and whether he was controllable or not. 

Back in the secret room the ladies are talking about how they know what went on now and thinking it might be scary to watch the episodes. Kelsey is worried about the nights when she was drunk. Loveita is worried about what others said about her and not so much about her behavior. Kelsey tells her that folks thought she was weird because they never really go to know her.  Love says she is a gamer and she did not want to be emotional. Kelsey tells her that this is not a board game and the HGs are not playing pieces like the top hat or thimble (from Monopoly). 

Tim and Cass enter the HOH again and he teases her asking who put you on the block this week.  He gathers a few things and heads out advising her to tell BB to turn the TV off. She gets up and aligns the bed against the wall.and the feed switches to the blue bedroom.  

Nikki complaining about how Maddy is so sour about everything with Jared and Nick. they think that she is not the type to have girlfriends on the outside only boyfriends. 

Pool game continues where they talk about the show being 80 days and they are getting close to half way.  

Nikki complains that Maddy is cozying up to Tim and Jared says that Tims is not stupid especially when it comes to Maddy.  

Outside the guys agree to play another game of pool and talk about how Emmett said the season is pretty entertaining. They watched the party on the TV screen in the house but did not get any audio. 

Other feed in the secret room now where there is a blissful silence. Then Love starts talking about how she was HOH then a Have Not and then HOH so she spent three weeks segregated from the house. (Like BB locked you and Sharry in the HOH honey????? 0 = DRG)

Cass and Tim with Raul and Phil in the kitchen now along with Joel, General silliness going on and Cass teases them about this is why she gets excited about another man being in the house.  The tease her back about Jillian winning competitions and not wearing a mumu. 

Ladies in waiting discussing who will be their noms if they go back and win an HOH. Kelsey thinks her smartest move might be to put up Raul and Mitch and Love wonders why she would put up Mitch. 

Raul losing it laughing in the kitchen and someone remarks that it is becoming a frat house.  The group is again imitating Nikki bursting into the High Roller Suite when the doors open to signal the end of the party. Cass asks what they can all do together tonight and Tim states that he is sleeping in the peasants area tonight. Ramsey wanders past and they all commence to shoo him to the HOH. 

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