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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. 

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open media thread of the forum! 
If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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#BBCAN4 12:15AM BBT Cassandra tells Tim that Loveita tried to pick a fight with her during the Veto comp.  She doesn't trust Phil because he talks to everyone. Jared admits to Kelsey that he'd be less of a target if she was evicted. Tim tells Jared & Kelsey that Loveita insults people then pretends it's a joke. They don't think Canada likes Loveita.  Loveita is camped out in HoH with Joel, Mitch, Nick  & Phil and Ramsey.

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1:30AM BBT Joel wants to keep nominations the same and Dallas agrees to not use the Veto.  Dallas knows he has a Veto-winninng target on his back now. He, Loveita, Maddy, Ramsey and Joel agree to work together.  Joel thinks evicting Kelsey would be the best move.

1:45AM BBT Joel plans to tell Tim he will be the pawn if Dallas uses the Veto.  He thinks Tim will try to get Dallas to use the Veto if he thinks he will be the replacement nom because he got himself nominated on his season of BBAUS.  

2:10AM BBT Phil thinks keeping the showmance (Jared and Kelsey) would keep a bigger target in the house and off them. Dallas agreed they should evict Raul.  Phil says Tim and Maddy will also vote out Raul. Dallas says if Jared loses Kelsey, it might unleash a beast. Dallas doesn't understand why no one nominates Jared.  Phil says Dallas could use the Veto, but Dallas says Joel doesn't want it used.

2:40AM BBT Ramsey is skeptical of an alliance with Maddy and Loveita - he doesn't think the two can work together. Loveita says Maddy's just on the side.  Ramsey wants Phil/Nick instead of Maddy, but Loveita doesn't know if they can be trusted.  Ramsey doesn't understand why they need an alliance if they are just on the same page.  He only really trusts Joel and Loveita.

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10:26 AM BBT Nick and Mitch are in the BY helping Raul, who is in western wear, including a large cowboy hat.  There is an apparatus with a cow figure on a railing, and Raul is repeatedly roping it and drawing it forward.  Nick draws the "cow" back to the starting position. 


10:28 AM BBT Jared and Kelsey in the HN chapel.  Kelsey is talking about deciding to go home, and if she does decide that, should she just call everyone together to tell them?


10:30 AM BBT Some HGs getting ready to go to the HT.  Ramsey half in the shower.  Maddy putting on make-up in the WA.  Tim in the HT area with a large quilt exclaiming about sunshine.  He moves some pillows and notes there is ice.  He pulls a large round cushion into the sunshine.  Sun is glinting off of the disco ball over the HT.  Cassandra comes in with a mug and suggests getting under the warm blankie.  Feeds are "Locked out!"



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10;36 AM BBT Feeds come back to Tim and Cassandra moving cushions around near the HT while Mitch sits on the bar looking on.  Tim and Cassandra get settled under the quilt.  Tim says he didn't expect to see the sun in Canada.  In the HOHR, Joel and Loveita are talking about BB17 and how careful you have to be in the way you talk to others.

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10:46 AM BBT Kelsey, Phil, Jared getting into the HT. Cass is snuggled under a blanket.  Maddy is sitting on the sectional.  Mitch is sitting cross-legged on the bar and watching.  Jared complaings that the water is way too hot...he feels like an egg in hot water. Phil gets in and sinks right down into the hot water.  The sun is shining.  BB tells Jared, Kelsey and Phil t ofix their microphones.


10:48 AM BBT Joel and Loveita still talking in the HOHR about being cautious with the Wildcards in case they are Canada's players.  Joel says that they haven't done that in Canada before.  They speculate that the Wildcards have a different mission each week, and that will mean that they can't make a consistent commitment.  Loveita speculates that last week Tim was told he had a mission to vote to evict Cassandra, but that his personal preference was to keep Cassandra so he campaigned to keep her.  Loveita refers back to the catch phrase that things are not what they seem.  Loveita notes that Tim seems to hang out with whoever is on the block.  She thinks that might be an indication that Canada is having a say in Tim's choices.  Joel says that a hallmark of BB Canada is that Canadians are given more say in the game. 

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10:53 AM BBT Several HGs out in the HT area.  Mitch and Maddy on the bar, Cassandra on a lounger, cuddled in blankets.  Tim, Jared, Kelsey and Phil in the HT.  Phil leaves and Tim talks about being in the house being like Gilligan's Island.  They talk about Bachelor's Paradise, The Bachelor/ette.  Phil returns and gets back in the water.  Mitch joins Cassandra on the lounger.


11:06 AM BBT Raul in the BY still roping the mechanical steer and bringing it back to the starting position himself.  Maddy and Ramsey are playing pool.  Inside the house, Dallas passes the doorway on his way upstairs, and says he doesn't have to do "it" because he won the veto.


11:09 AM BBT Ramsey comes over to help Raul.  He asks Raul if he will take a break, and Raul says he can't except to use the bathroom.  Maddy comes over to keep him company.  She asks if it hurts his arms, and Raul says it hurts his hands.  Maddy asks if she can try it, and Raul says yes.  Maddy can't rope the steer at first, so Raul demonstrates.  Maddy is surprised at how heavy the apparatus is when she pulls it forward.  Raul takes the rope back and continues his task.



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11:36 AM BBT Joel and Loveita are in the KT. Joel says he is planning to make a chicken breast with some bell peppers and some shrimp.  Loveita suggests some seasoning. 


11:38 AM BBT Several HGs gathering in the LR.  Jared, Tim, Kelsey, Maddy, Ramsey, Phil.  Lots of coming and going.  They ask if Dallas is in the DR, and speculate that this might be him coming out in his cactus suit.  While they wait, they talk about swim wear. Ramsey is called to the DR, and Tim thinks maybe they were wrong about Dallas in the cactus suit...unless he needs Ramsey to guide him out of the DR. 

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11:42 AM BBT Nikki joins the group in the LR and Tim tells her they have been told to gather in the LR.  Nikki thinks maybe they have a fun activity for them, but Tim tells her it is probably for Dallas to come out in his cactus outfit.  Cassandra and Joel take seats in the LR.  As they speculate about what the episodes will air, feeds go out.  Feeds are in and out.  Each time they return, the group is having general discussion in the LR. 


11:57 AM BBT Feeds return and Dallas is wearing his cactus suit, complaining how warm it is. 

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12:04 PM BBT In the blue room, Tim and Nikki talk about the nominations and who will vote for who. Tim thinks Raul is a bigger threat because Raul might make a deal with Dallas to take Jared down.  Nikki thinks that Maddy and Ramsey are voting to keep Raul.  Tim says it's still early and it will likely develop over the next 24 hours.  Tim says he holds to wanting to work with Joel and Loveita until Dallas and Maddy are broken apart.  You can't break apart the three and not recognize that the other side is dangerous too.  Tim thinks Dallas and Maddy are more dangerous in a way.  Tim is glad that Dallas won because it makes him a bigger target because of being a competiton threat.  Tim doesn't understand why Loveita is joking the way she is...she is really just provoking fake arguments.  He thinks she is doing it in order to be able to point fingers at people.  Tim thinks Loveita is driving wedges between the girls who are working with guys that Loveita wants to work with.  Nikki asks why Loveita hasn't done that with Nikki, and Tim says it's because she thinks Tim is closer to Cass than Nikki.  Nikki says that she is voting for Raul to stay.  Tim says he likes Raul too, but he doesn't make his decisions that way.  His vote will be strategic and not about how much he likes people.  Loveita comes into the room and sits on the bed.

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2:40 PM BBT Loveita and Joel still in the HOHR talking.  Loveita looking ahead.  They see themselves with Mitch as a core, and are counting on Nikki to vote with them.  They are keeping Mitch deeply inserted.  He needs to lay low with his game play.  Loveita is not certain of Mitch's loyalties, but thinks he is with them.  She trusts that Mitch is playing a smart game. Loveita wants to make sure MItch feels solid with them.


2:43 PM BBT Dallas is flaked out on top of the covered HT in his cactus outfit [might be the only place cool enough for him to wear that!  --app]


2:44 PM BBT In the HOHR, Joel and Loveita are talking about mitigation and damage control when twists happen.  Loveita says that Joel's advantage is that he knows all the seasons and knows about some of the twists.  They want to have plans in place so they know what to do.  Joel asks Loveita how she is with days and knowing what things happened which days.  Loveita says she isn't good with that.  Loveita thinks Maddy has a perfect memory.  Joel thinks he would do well in that sort of comp as well. 



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2:50 PM BBT Tim, Jared, Phil, and Cass are at the KT table talking about laying outside later on.  Nikki is in the KT.  At the table they are talking about the time.  Tim says he set the clock 2 hours forward.  Jared says that people have messed with it so much that no one has any idea of the real time now.  Kelsey comes to the table with bottles of water for herself and Jared.


2:52 PM BBT Kelsey points out that they have 4 days til the next eviction.  Tim says it's different in Australia because the show is on every night. 

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2:53 PM BBT In the HOHR, Loveita tells Joel that she knows Ramsey's cousin, so they have a real-life connection.  Loveita and Joel hope that Dallas will win the next HOH.  Loveita says that as soon as she sees the comp, she will know whether she can win it.  Joel tells Loveita that when he saw endurance in the first HOH comp, he was glad that the twist meant he only had to hang on for one other person. 

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10:00AM BBT Cowboy Up, Raul! As a punishment from Saturday's Veto comp, Raul is wearing a cowboy outfit and must lasso a wooden bull and pull it along a track 1000 times.  

11:00AM BBT Loveita is worried that the house isn't going to send Kelsey home. She says she should be a member of two alliances so she could know what both sides are thinking.  (Maybe she should just leave Joel's side once in a while and talk to other HG.  -- Morty)

12:00PM BBT Dallas is wearing a cactus costume that exposes only his head, the prickly price of Veto.  Tim tells Nikki he wants to evict Raul because Kelsey makes Jared a weaker player. He worries Jared will become more focused and dangerous alone.  Tim thinks Dallas and Maddy want to keep Raul.  

12:15PM BBT Tim and Nikki will continue working with Joel and Loveita at least until they can send Dallas or Maddy home.  Tim thinks whether Joel realizes it or not, he's doing Loveita's dirty work. He thinks Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey and Mitch are more dangerous than Jared, Kelsey and Raul.  Nikki is going to vote to keep Raul because she likes him now.

12:30pm BBT Loveita joins Tim and Nikki, trying to convince them that the logical choice is to break up the showmance, though she claims she hasn't made up her mind.  Mitch tells Raul he needs him to stay. Raul doesn't know what happens if he fails to complete his punishment.  Mitch says if it is not being able to compete for HoH, that could be a reason to keep him in the house.

12:45pm BBT Cassandra tries to push Dallas towards voting out Raul, saying that as long as they are in the house, they'll be bigger targets.  Dallas counters that Raul is more likely to win HoH and come after him.  Cassandra says Loveita wants Kelsey gone.  Dallas doesn't care what Loveita wants. Dallas promises her he would not nominate her if he wins HoH.

1:00pm BBT Cassandra thinks Raul and Jared would vote together just like Jared and Kelsey. Dallas thinks Jared might be more reckless without Kelsey. Cassandra thinks Mitch would be on his own without Raul.   Dallas thinks Mitch is with the Third Wheel alliance.  Cassandra thinks Loveita picks fights so everyone will hate her and not see her as a threat.

1:15PM BBT Tim, Dallas and Cassandra realize they are on the same page about a number of things, including keeping Jared week by keeping Kelsey.  They also think Nick/Phil are in an alliance with Loveita and Joel.  Tim calls Loveita this season's Sabrina (BB2).  (so much for pretending you know nothing about BBCAN, Tim. -- Morty)

1:30pm BBT Tim doesn't think Nick and Phil will be split into individual players like Dallas said.  He thinks Nick isn't there to win but to have a good time.  Loveita wants to bring Joel, Dallas, Ramsey, Maddy and Nikki together late tonight to form an alliance.  Maddy says Nick is sponging information off their side and Phil is sponging off the other side, then they share information and float to whichever side benefits them the most.

#BBAN4 1:45pm BBT Loveita is worried Nikki would tell Tim about the alliance so they decide not to invite her.  Ramsey comits to evicting Kelsey.  Maddy doesn't want it to be a close vote.  Maddy doesn't trust Mitch's claim to be risking his game by spying on the other side.

2:15pm BBT Raul completes his 1000 lassos.  

3:30pm BBT Nick and Phil think Loveita has been poisoning Joel.  Phil warns Nick not to kiss Maddy.  Nick says it's too late for that.  She'll sewer our game, Phil warns.  If you want to stay neutral, Phil tells him, don't make out with the enemy.  Jared, Kelsey, Nikki, Tim and Cassandra all think Joel has changed under Loveita's influence.

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10:04PM BBT: Jared Raul and Kelsey in the bathroom complaining about Loveita and how she goes where the power is and then talking about how Jared needs to keep in touch with Mitch so he can give them advance warning about what is happening with the vote this week.


Mitch and Phil talking in the High Roller suite also about how Loveita seems to have been in the driver's seat so far.  


Kelsey tells a joke about a pirate and the three start some horseplay.  


Mitch now talking about how he would be campainging if he were Kelsey or Raul. They speculate that before long Ramsey will fall into their middle group.  They think Mitch will be OK even if there is a double eviction this week.  When asked he says he would be ok if he went and would not have any regrets. 


Kelsey and Raul play fighting in the bathroom and Ramsey has joined the trio and is watching.  He asks the two what they want and Kelsey says they go back and forth.  they debate the merits of saying what they want vs. keeping quiet on the matter.


After talking about how much influence Nick has over Maddy to reassure Mitch that she would not put him up the guys break of their conversation and head out of the room. 


Feed switches to the backyard. With folks on the red couch and the bathroom crew also breaks up and heads out. Joel asks Nikki if she would like a goodnight hug and gets up to deliver it. As he does Nikki says goodnight Tim. He was also there and got up off the couch at the same time.  Joel is playing with his hacky sack as Loveita lies on the couch and watches. They head into the kitchen.


the other feeds have been on Dallas lying on the chair outside seemingly by himself.


Now Tim and Nikki are in the chapel talking about sleeping arrangements for the night. She thinks it is a very nice aura in the room while Tim say he cannot deal with the noise.  She feels it is very cozy and romantic for Jared and Kelsey but thinks they should have more padding. (They are using clothes for padding.) 


The lobster is all but snoring outside still.


Tim says he has not been complaining and if he were not still sick it would not be too bad.  She can't believe he is still wearing wet swim trunks and he assures her they are dry now and do not affect his internal temperature anyway. She says she is going to be and tells him goodnight and leaves.  He continues making preparations of his bedding and asks BB if they can get his medication ready as he is really struggling and is going to bed soon.


Feed switches to the BY pooltable as the other feed switches to the kitchen where Loveita and Phil are talking.


Pool group now heading out to the hot tub area and rouse the losbter with their arrival. Jared Mitch Raul Kelsey and Cass are chatting while Jared and Kelsey smoke away at the counter. 


Tim and Nikki now shown in the bathroom doing ADLs. Nick comes through shirtless and heads to the bedroom where Nikki is complaining about her bedding having been tossed about earlier.  She heads out looking for a suspect and wants her duvet put in the dryer on the sanitize setting.  She sits down in the bathroom looking as if she just lost her best friend.  She asks how it can sanitize without washing and Nick tells her there is a spray in there but basically it uses a really high heat to kill the germs.  


General chatter going on outside.


Ramsey sits down near Nikki who says she now feels like she is at the launderette waiting for her duvet to dry. She is told she has forty minutes to wait and her reply is "Oh my God!" and sits twisting her hair nervously.


Outside they are talking about what they are craving since being on slop. Then how long it takes to cook slop to get the moisture out and the it tastes like cardboard anyway.  Kelsey talks about how she drank beer then ate slop after the comp the other day and felt like shit.


Nikki is going to give up waiting on the dryer and go to bed and the feed switches to the kitchen where the brothers Joel and Loveita are sitting and talking about how it will never be the same to watch the show again. They debate whether they want to know what others said about them that they did not know at the time.  


Outside Kelsey is asking Dallas if he is going to use the veto or not. He says he is not so she should start to campaign to stay. She says OK and she just wanted to make sure and says goodnight and leaves.  Tim comes out and remarks about the moon then says goodnight and heads back in. Mitch Dallas and Cass stay outside sitting quietly. Dallas now wishes someone other than him had won this veto but given who was still in at the time he felt he needed the veto to be sure he was safe this week.  He let Kelsey and Raul know he likes them, but they are on the other side.  Mitch says it is better off he won it so he knew he was safe.  They talk about Jared being reassured that he would not be back doored this week. 






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10:49PM BBT: Outside group talk about how similar this situation is to when Love and Sharry were up together then they get up and head back inside joining the folks in the kitchen. 


Cass wanders intot he chapel and talks to Tim who is changing before retiring for the evening.  She tells him she was outside by herself for about an hour and how nice it was.  She says there was no game talk outside and it was actually the first conversation she ever had with Dallas.  Kelsey comes in and takes off her coat. She tells Tim she and Raul will talk with people and ask them where their heads are at and how they are equal competitors and they both want to be here and they have not decided themselves who they want to stay but when they do she would hope the others would respect their wishes. Who ever stays they will be in the game and will fight to win. She does not want to leave but she is preparing for the possibility. Jared has come in while she was talking and is also prepping for bed. Kelsey says she talked to Joel and told him she was disappointed and did not understand why he did it and she and Tim think Joel is walking around like he has no emotions about it.  She says Jared is really bummed out and is walking around that way all the time. Tim tells her they should make the vote a tie so that it all falls on Joel who goes and who stays. She does not want to do that as she wants to decide who goes. (Neat trick with only one vote to work with dear. - DRG) She says Jared now thinks he has to redo his whole game plan and does not know who he can trust. She is having a really hard time being fake and has not even said two words to Loveita. Cass and Tim tell her not to even try to speak with Love.  


Cooking and general chatter continues in the kitchen. Kelsey reviewing her history with Loveita then stops and says that Jared told her to get over the whole thing with Loveita and she is trying but she hates being fake.  


Other feed switches to the High Roller suite and the red arches that were constructed from the couch rear cushions earlier. Someone wanders in and out but we only see their feet.


Back in the chapel Kelsey wonders what Love and Joel talk about all the time in the HOH now and Tim says not game all the time but drama and drama games. Kelsey and Cass wonder how and when Joel became such a big part of her game now. (He won HOH, fools. - DRG) Kelsy remarks that Love is paranoid and sketchy about every single person in the house and how she says she is not like this in her real life. 


Other feed jumps to the HOH with Joel, Love and Mitch talking about what the votes will be after this eviction when Dallas walks in interrupting them.  Mitch relates about how he has seen the other group getting closer with Tim and wonders if the Veto was used and Tim was put up as a pawn. That would cause the power group to campaign against Tim and break up the forming bond between them and him. Love thinks that Mitch is on to something and Joel says he likes it too.  Love thinks that then she could talk to Raul personally. Nick comes in with the iPod and game talks ends as the guys start talking about music.  Love heads down to the kitchen.


Downstairs Raul is now cleaning up and chatting with Dallas who is sitting at the counter.  They are speculating that Nikki is rolling in dough and talking about the preferential treatment she gets from BB. 


Love is back in the HOH again. Joel asks if his playlist is the most random ever and the others agree that it pretty much is. Love wants to turn up the AC in the HOH so Dallas does not burn up in there tonigh`t`  





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11:11PM BBT: Nikki is now pitching a fit about her duvet still being wet and she wants to go to bed. She wants to know why they put the whole thing in the wash instead of just the cover.  Love tells her she can sleep in Mitch's bed and she will put her duvet back in the dryer for another half hour to finish it. She has getten into Mitch's bed and is donning her sleep mask and dives under the covers.


Feed jumps back to the HOH as the crises has literally been put to bed. Mitch leaves the HOH as Love is telling him about Nikki's melt down and why she is in his bed.  He offers her his duvet for her bed and she would rather sleep with him tonight. They decide to put his duvet in on sanitize as it is warm enough he will sleep with just the sheet tonight. Her duvet will be put on her bed to finish drying and his will be sanitized in the dryer and he will bring it to her when it is done.  (Is it just me or does Nikki seem to be auditioning for the Princess role in The Princess and the Pea??? - DRG)


Dallas in the kitchen now talking about how there are five cards on each side now and they know something is going to happen in the High Roller suite this week.  Jared says that it is BB and of course something is going to happen it always does on BB.  Kelsey out in the kitchen now as Raul is explaining how he is preparing his latest slop dish. Kelsey tries to tell Raul she made the same dish before and he shuts her down saying she made a soup but he is doing something different. 


The brothers have entered the HOH with Joel and Love now. Feed jumps to the BR where Mitch is chatting with Jared who is saying he will have no one to talk to after this week and Mitch promises he will be there for him. Kelsey barges in telling the story of her argument with Raul down in the kitchen. Kelsy says to Jared she feels like giving up and just leaving it all to fate.  Phil comes in and she tells him that his brother came and talked to them earlier. Mitch is brushing his teeth.  Phil jokes they could both stay and refuse to leave and her reply is that they could both leave. He asks if she really thinks it is her decision and Jared says it is not at all.  


Dallas and Raul now outside talking about how they will get out of the show in the simmer and all the fun things they will be able to do then.


Mitch explaining to the BR group that the house will decide who will make the remaining team strongest and vote that person out.  They talk more about whether she can really have much input into the vote or not. He says it is out of her control and she disagrees saying she can campagne. He tells her she can only give reasons why folks should stay or go and the other HGs will make the decision.  She and Phil go round and round about how she does not want to campaign but she wants to determine who it is that stays and who goes. (You would think a stewardess would know she is not flying the plane. - DRG)


Over in the HOH Joel is saying to Mitch and Love he can't know for certain that Dallas is not using the POV and then they again talk about using Tim as a pawn and they try and figure the likely votes if Tim was on the block.  Mitch going on about Tim needing to know he was a pawn ahead of time so as not to damage Joel's relationship with him.  Mitch says it would only be a good move if they think the trio and Tim are growing more together.  


BB tells the BR group to stop talking about name brands.  Then that feed switches to the chapel where Jared in boxers is talking with Tim and Cass about how he is feeling that Kelsey is becoming a detriment to his game and it is not his decision but he thinks it would be better for him if she was the one who left. He thinks she will stay based on how well liked she is in the house. 


HOH crew still trying to figure out if Tim would be safe if he was used as a pawn.


Jared still talking about how Kelsey is distracting him from the game and how she and Raul are both good competitors.  He is happy whatever happens and he can play with both sides. He continues to complain about how she flirts with other guys and he does not want to look like a fool to be falling for a gal on reality TV and be one of three who does that. He has talked with her about it and she told him she cannot change how she is. Raul has come in now and complains about Kelsey having made fun of him about food. they go out to the kitchen to keep talking and the feed follows them. Raul is relating his slop recipe story in great detail. (which drives me back to the HOH - DRG)


In the HOH Mitch is still mumbling on with Joel as Loveita may be sleeping.  Mitch doubts the vote will be a tie and he does not think Tim vs. Kelsey would be a risk. They wonder if it would be more clear cut with Tim on the block instead of Raul and decide they would never know for sure.  Mitch wonders what would be best for them all to stay in tact for the following week.  Love is up and tries to weigh in but Mitch cuts her off.  He thinks Joel is in bigger risk if Kelsey stays this week and that is why he would want her to go.  Then he wonders what the odds are of Raul putting Mitch up next week as a pawn. Love thinks he is close with Raul.


In the kitchen Jared is telling Raul the same line about Kelsey flirting with other guys and that dug her own grave. He needs to do well in the game and just made the decision fifteen minutes ago.  Kelsey comes running in asking what is wrong and jumps up on the counter wrapping her legs around Jared.  She says that Love is going to tell Raul that Kelsey is the target.  Dallas comes in and game talk stops and Raul goes back to talking about his croquets recipe.  The other guys leave and Kelsey asks Jared why he is mad at her. Is it because I was talking to Phil. NO, He stomps off and she follows behind asking him to please not do this to me.  They go back to the chapel and the feed switches to Raul and Loveita in the BY. 


She is telling him her history in the house basically to get to the point that Joel made the decision about the noms this week and not her. 







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