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Sunday, September 6 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:00AM BBT Jonny Mac and Steve are in the HOH room, Steve is telling Johnny that he has been able to hear some of his DR Sessions. Steve promises Jmac that he is not trying to take advantage of it. Jmac thanks steve.


12:02AM BBT Austin and Julia are in the CBR. Austin and Julia are talking about how excited they were when Mr. Pectacular showed up in the comp. Julia tells Austin that he has an in with TNT wrestling now. Austin says he hasn’t wrestled in a long time and he would be really rusty. He says he needs training.


12:05AM BBT Austin is talking about the property rights that WWE has on a name of his. He said since he couldn’t use the WWE name he came up with Judas. More and more wrestling talk.


12:09AM BBT Surprise!! Austin is still talking about wrestling and telling Julia about the time during his injury. Austin says BB contacted him to be on the show a year before this season. This is why Austin was all about his Judas name.


12:12AM BBT Julia tells Austin that Liz wants to talk to him. She says not tonight, but sometime. Austin is talking about the Veto comp when he was thinking the whole house, even Liz, may be against him. He says he really feels bad over the things he was saying. Liz is out of the DR and is doing ADLs in the WA now.


12:15AM BBT Vanessa joins Liz in the WA for ADLs. Julia and Austin are still talking about the Veto comp. Austin says that no matter what he will do whatever Julia and Liz wants to do. He says that he will stay and protect whomever is left. Austin says if Liz goes to the finals, she will win the game, nobody will beat her. Julia brings up Austin going after Steve next week. Austin kind of blows her off.


12:18AM BBT Julia tells Austin that the reason why it hurts so bad to leave the house now is because the end of the game is near, we can all taste it. Austin brings up the fact that someone is going to have to be the odd man out. He also says for his speech he is going to talk Liz up. He tells Julia that Liz asked him if He has been playing her the whole time.


12:20AM BBT Liz walks into the CBR with Julia and Austin. She walks right past Austin and crawls in the bed. You can tell she is very mad at Austin. He seems hurt about it.  Austin walks out. Julia is now whispering about her conversation with Austin. She seems fed up with his wrestling talk. What is clear is that Liz will not be in the same bed as Austin tonight.


12:23AM BBT Jmac and Austin are in the BY. Austin is telling Jmac that he just had a good conversation with Julia. Jmac says this is a high tense situation. Jmac also says that he hopes the next HOH is a physical comp. The conversation then switches to what the theme of the comp could be.


12:26AM BBT Julia and Liz are still in the CBR. Liz seems to be very upset still.


12:28AM BBT Jmac and Austin are still talking about comps. Austin says you cant let your nerves get to you. Jmac says that is hard to do. Oh Austin is eating ice cream at the hot tub. Austin brings up that Jessie is a wrestler again. So we get more wrestling talk. Jmac asks if people even like it when Jessie coms back. Austin says it’s a novelty thing because he is a villain.


12:31AM BBT Julia in the CBR says I hear you, sneakies (BB people). She is now eating sour candies. Julia tells Liz that Austin thought Julia threw is stuff all over the place because the twins were mad at him. Just general words are being spoke in the CBR no game talk.


12:34AM BBT FOTH pops up for a quick second and we are back to Austin and Jmac at the hot tub. They are making jokes about certain scenarios. Austin says that he was in the mode during the veto comp. He said he blacked out and woke up with the veto, he was in the mode. Austin says he knows that he is in the dog house. Jmac asks, does Liz want someone who is a wimp or someone that will come out here and fight???


12:37AM BBT Julia is now in the WA doing some ADLs. Steve walks in to use the blow dryer. No game talk. Steve just asks Julia if this is a good hair dryer or is it the straighteners that suck. Julia says yes. Steve walks out of the WA and Vanessa corners him for a hug. They whisper about something, but all you can here is Julia brushing her teeth.


12:40AM BBT Vanessa asks Julia if Liz is sleeping with her tonight. They are both amazed that she is not in a bed with Austin tonight. They realize that this is the first time this season. Vanessa asks if Liz is really mad with Austin, and Julia says no she just wanted to sleep.


12:43AM BBT Julia tells Vanessa that there is no way he would have thrown the comp to her. Vanessa tells Julia that she trust Austin more than the others. The conversation goes to the veto comp. Vanessa is talking about details of the comp that won’t be clear until the show on Wednesday.


12:45AM BBT Julia tells Vanessa that she would have rather had Jmac go up over Liz. Julia is saying that people would have felt sorry for the twins if they were up there against each other.


12:46AM BBT Julia tells Vanessa about Austin saying that Liz will beat anybody in the final. Vanessa tells Julia that Austin is so scared if Julia is on the block with him. She says he thinks he will go home. Julia is eating up every word that Vanessa is saying.


12:50AM BBT Steve and Austin are in the BY. Austin says that he is the first in BB history to be in a twinmance. Austin says that it is a huge burden, but he doesn’t care because he loves Liz. Steve says “ I know exactly how you feel”. There is a girl from Steve’s home that he is crushing on. Austin started talking about his old girlfriend. Liz would be a little upset. Steve is now talking about several girls that he has been friendzoned with.


12:53AM BBT Steve tells Austin that they are the same inside. Austin says yeah BB probably wanted to pick two people that looked completely different but the same inside. Steve mentions the scamper squad in DR discussions and we get FOTH.


12:53AM BBT Feeds are back on. Austin and Steve are still talking about love and women. Steve says he is getting love sick again. Steve says he told this girl everything about BB. Steve looks at the camera and tells the girl, I am sorry I lied to you. Steve says he struggles with his emotions around her at school. He says he cried a lot. Austin is telling Steve about ways that he can vent all of that pain.


12:56AM BBT Julia and Liz are in the LR. BB tells Liz to not obstruct her mic. Julia tells Liz that they cannot cry on Monday no matter what. Liz says that she is not going to be able to help it. Julia says she is just going to smile. Julia tells Liz that Austin told Vanessa that he was not going to throw the comp. Julia said that it would have been Steve’s worst scenario if she would have won the Veto.


01:00AM BBT Julia and Liz say that they hope they do not get booed walking out the door. Liz says why would we get booed. Julia calls her a homewrecker. Liz makes a little noise and dismisses the comment. Liz says that she is not ready to go to the Jury house.


01:02AM BBT Back to Austin and Steve in the BY. Steve says he wants to tell Austin a story, but he doesn’t know if he can. Steve says he went to a casino for no apparent reason. He said he wanted to judge someone else and make fun of them. He said he ran into a comedian, and they end up talking about him wanting to make fun of people. Steve says he got invited to the comedians show. Steve has this guy’s flier, and Steve says that he used the comedians story and flier and acted like he was the comedian.


01:04AM BBT Julia and Liz are trying to listen in on Jmacs DR. Julia tells Liz that she needs to shave her mustache. LOL. Liz says she is now really embarrassed.


01:06AM BBT Jmac comes out of the DR. Liz walks into the DR to request a lighter from BB so they can smoke a cigarette. Jmac says that it is such a turn off. Julia switches to telling Jmac that she is nervous about making a speech again. She says that it is a lot of pressure because Julie is looking at you.  


01:08AM BBT Production shot down Liz and Julias request for a lighter. They are very upset. Production support went home for the evening, that’s why they couldn’t get one.


01:10AM BBT Liz asks Julia, do we take the small chance of winning 500k or do we take a better chance and go for the 50k. They switch to game talk. Julia says that the only one going after her is Jmac, she says that he is afraid of her.


01:12AM BBT The twins are talking in the BR talking, they realize that they are really playing by themselves at this point. They do not trust Austin to do what they ask. Like throwing comps to them. Liz says the only thing that makes her sad is the fact that her and Liz are going through this. Liz realizes that this is just a game and met Austin under weird circumstances and will probably be different outside of the house. Liz says the only reason this hurts so bad is because they have made it so far. Julia agrees and says that your always going to second guess yourself.


01:15AM BBT Julia tells Liz to remember that there is more to the story that they do not know. Liz says it makes her sick to her stomach thinking about watching the show after the season. Julia then says that she cant believe that people are watching them right now.


01:17AM BBT The twins are very worried at this point. They are trying to calm each other down, by saying that it’s only a game and stuff like that. Julia says it would be cool that if a fan won the game, but she also hopes that all girls are in the finals. Liz says that if Jmac wins she will blow her brains out. Liz says that Jmac will not win because he is not well rounded. She actually says that Steve has a better social game than Jmac.


01:19AM BBT The boys are in the BY. There is a little bit of game talk going on. Austin is still telling people about his excitement that Jessie was at the Veto comp. Steve switches the conversation saying I wonder how your relationship is being perceived. Austin says he thinks it is being perceived well. Steve jumps in and relates Austins relationship to Amanda and McCrea and says some curs words about Amanda that meant she was mean


01:24AM BBT Austin says that he regrets coming into the house blurting out that he has a girlfriend. Steve switches the conversation about the game in general. He says every year there is a liar. They agree that MD was a liar. They still think that MD is a teacher, but Steve says that she could have lied. They start talking about people lying because they don’t want other HG knowing how smart they are, like Jmac being a dentist. Jmac says that lying about it would be to much work.


01:26AM BBT Steve says that he thought about lying about his messed up situation coming into the game. He said that Vanessa was all over him about quitting an Ivy league school and didn’t believe him. Steve says that he got to teach a class. Austin joins in the conversation about school. Jmac is staying out of the conversation.


01:28AM BBT Liz and Julia are now laying down with the lights off in the CBR. All of the guys are still in the BY talking about school. Jmac is still not saying much about this conversation.


01:35AM BBT The boys are still in the BY talking about Academic stuff. Austin is talking about his time being a TA and Steve is commenting on it. Jmac still is just listening and not joining the conversation. Steve just shouts out that he is nervous about after the game. Austin says yeah life after BB? Steve says yeah. Jmac brings up bad social media comments. Steve is really worried about that. They are all saying that they hope their parents are not reading stuff online that is bad about them.


01:36AM BBT Steve starts laughing out of nowhere and brings up Judas in a tutu. They all start laughing. Jmac says that comp was the toughest comp and they were all wearing tutus. Austin brings up Jessie again and some more wrestling comments about Jessie. He hopes that Jessie is at the wrap party. They are talking about old HG that BB has brought back. Steve says that BB would never want Amanda back.


01:39AM BBT Austin says that he is going to take a shower. Jmac says that is time for bed. Steve gets up and apologizes to Jmac for telling him about how he can hear the DR comments. Jmac tells him thank you. Steve tells Dr.John good night. Then he says he will go scamper to see if anyone else is awake. He realizes that the girls are asleep.


01:44AM BBT Jmac is doing ADLs getting ready for bed. Steve and Austin are in the KT talking about who they thought would have been final five. Austin says that he would have thought Audrey would have been before her melt down. He also though Becky and James would be there. Steve then brings up the scamper cam. They joke and laugh a little bit about it. Steve has ADHD, he randomly brings up different topics than what they initially talk about.


01:45AM BBT Steve is talking to himself while is going up to the HOHR. Austin goes into the WA with Jmac. Austin starts asking Jmac about what Liz may have been saying about him tonight. Jmac reassures him that it wastn bad stuff. Jmac then leaves the WA and Austin gets into the shower. Steve is leaving the HOHR and is walking downstairs. He is scampering into the KT for a midnight snack.


01:48AM BBT Steve is in the KT getting a bottle to make Koolaid with. He is humming while making the Koolaid. Steve has to read the instructions on the bottle for the Koolaid a couple of times.


01:52AM BBT Steve  is laughing about the ingredients of the Koolaid like the corn syrup. Austin says that it is very unhealthy. Austin then goes into the KT, he is hungry again. Steve finally pours the Koolaid mix into the bottle. Steve is still talking about his drink and Austin is talking to himself about the food in the fridge.


01:54 AM BBT Johnny mac is in bed with a cloth wrapped over his eyes. The girls are asleep. Austin is making a midnight snack with Steve before going to bed. Steve and Austin are talking a little about the game early on. Austin says that Jeff and him were doing the POD casts together and he thought they were boys, but realized they were not when Austin won HOH and Jeff was not happy about it. Austin says that Clay made him a hamburger when Austin was HOH. He said that Clay never did that before his HOH nor after. 


01:54 AM BBT Steve and Austin are now eating, so we get some really good chewing sounds, with little conversation. Austin asks Steve how much sugar is in the koolaid bottle. Steve says there are 264g. Austin says oh, well it’s not even real sugar. 

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203AM BBT  Austin and Steve talking in the Kitchen, Steve still eating.  They are talking about BDoors that never happened.  People that have left the house and how many people that came to Austin to get out certain people. 


210AM BBT Steve and Austin have moved to the picture wall and are comparing chins and such on the players.  Eyebrows and Jaw of Liz/Julia


220AM BBT  Steve and Austin still in kitchen talking, general chat and all the alliances in the house.  Austin says they called me and the girls "three headed monster"  and you Steve you just scampered.  All the stuff about Becky after Steve got out Jackie.  Austin talking to Steve about the 'goblins' and how wishy washy they were.  This chat continues.


232AM BBT  Discussing now about when Steve put Jackie and Meg on the block during last DE.  Austin says Jackie was a big liar.  [claiming that Jackie blamed Austin for Jeff leaving--he is tooting his own horn now-Granny]  Steve says the Goblins were shocked by his noms during his DE noms.  [they keep trying to up one on what they have done]


234AM BBT  Austin says it is bedtime.  Austin says he does not want to hurt Steve's game and what Steve needs to tell Liz.  That it was Steve's choice with Vanessa's help. 


236AM BBT Steve in HoH room humming and no one stopping him.  Austin doing ADLs in WA.  Steve snacking on food in HoH room, pacing, humming and he mumbles about something to do with the humming and says yes I know it is me.  Now Steve starts to chatter to himself.  then stops, gets his glasses. leaves HoH room, heads back down to kitchen, then to storage room, checks in on purple bedroom, then goes back to storage. We see Austin still in WA.  In storage, Steve checks fridge and gets something out of cupboard, leaves and retuurns to kitchen area, says good night to Austin again, goes back up stairs to HoH room.  Austin heads towards bedrooms.  Austin turns out lights in purple room, heads for the bed that James slept in and crawls in by himself.  Julia and Liz are in bed together in Comic room.  Steve brushes his teeth, humming again.  uses WC, Steve comes out, washes hands, put towel over top of shower door, walks back to bedroom area, checks his fridge, humming, then starts talking. 


He says "I got to figure this out, why did she tell Liz" and he wants to scare her for doing what she did. [Vanessa has told Liz about who the replacement nom will be, even though she is not the HoH] he has now put on his headphones.  Still wandering around HoH room.  He is acting like a Music leader, waving his arms and hands in the air.  Says "hey can I get" and stops  "it felt wrong" 

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249AM BBT  Steve is saying it is Sept 6th just started, OMG, that is insane.  Jeff got to 5th, he is wandering the backyard, Why is the pool green, is it usable, safe, why is it green.  He goes back inside the house wanders around.  Goes into DR.  We hear him removing his mic, [probably letting them know about green pool-Granny]  We hear an "okay" and see Steve coming out of DR.  He starts to mutter to himself as he walks back thru the LR to the kitchen and out the door.  "Remember when Jason told me I would make top 5, Steve says he told Jason he would not make top 5, but guess what I did make it and I is HoH." " I wonder if I would have been better off with James staying.  I have been a complete, no BS, player".  He racks the balls on the pool table.  Spinningarrow-10x10.png is not my thing never has been, never will be.  He then talks to the camera figuring out he is on feeds right now.  He is now playing pool by himself.  As he plays pool, he keeps mumbling to himself, then says he could become a gnome man [not sure he seems to talk as he is hitting the balls and hard to hear what he is saying].  In the show this is a big thing, keeping things to yourself is hard, night after night.  my scampering helped me.  all of a sudden he announces he is going to bed, says Good Night BB and heads inside and up the steps to the HoH room. 


[258AM BBT]  He goes in hoH room and puts on headphones, all is quiet, no muttering or talking. 

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301AM BBT  [lost sound]  Steve is jamming to his head set, his lips are moving but no sound.  oh wait maybe it was just muted by BB cause he is talking now about "why should I not have a chance at 1Mil"  he starts to sing and stops.  We see Austin in bed laying with his eyes wide open.  Steve coughs to the point you think he is going to vomit, but doesn't.   you hear a "hmm" and then nothing.  he is still pacing in HoH with head phones on.  now he is dancing and muttering words to the song, BB has not said a word.  he stops, starts, standing in front of mirror acting like rock star, walks back to the bed.  fiddles with his mic, walks back to mirror in WA, [his pacing is hard to watch-Granny] He is now dancing in the doorway of the WA, watching himself in the mirrors.  He is still listening to music, jumping up and down [bunny hop] moving his lips dancing still pacing back and forth to the bed then the WA. 


322AM BBT  Austin restless in bed, Steve still pacing in HoH room listening to music. 

335AM BBT  Steve still pacing in HoH with headphones on

336AM BBT  Steve heads out to chess takes off hoodie, goes down to kitchen, turns and goes back to WA, turns and goes back to the door, looks outside, closes door and back up steps to HoH area.  Stands on Sky Bridge looking down at kitchen.  Sits down on black couch in Chess area.  eats a piece of candy.  eats a second piece of candy.  picks up magnifying glass and examines it, he scratches his head [can you tell this is boring-Granny]  he is muttering something but no sound is he making. lips moving.  puts down the glass, gets up and stands at rail looking into kitchen and LR area.  walks back into HoH room. muttering to himself that Julia not going up,  climbs into bed.  picks up his letter, plays with his foot which he has taken the black sock off of.  puts his black sock back on,    now muttering about nominating her, crumbled strategy, what does the girl expect, didn't.  he is reading his letter again.  puts his hoodie on.  making baby noises, he keeps rereading his letter.  he starts talking I like how Julia like..... and wanders to a stop, he is rereading his letter again, he looks directly at the camera and goes back to reading again.  folds up his letter, looks at pictures, looks at camera, reaches over to night stand moving something, folds and reopens his letter, looking at pictures with his letter in hand.   Gets back up out of bed, puts glasses on table, goes to WA runs water over his face, goes back, gets his glasses and climbs back in bed, adjusting himself, playing with his foot and Teddy while adjusting himself and reading his letter again.  He is reading some of his letter outloud, laughing, and cuddling his Teddy Bear.  Again he says Good Night to BB.


351AM BBT We are still watching Steve "scamper" in the HoH room. he is now playing with the remote, no one else is up in the house with him.  He walks over to the TV and something about the remote not working right and he has to "hold it"  something about it is non responsive and the ISD is not right.  Good Night BB again, and he turns off lights and hops into bed.  Covers up, and lays down. 

444AM BBT Everyone in bed, but all of them seem restless tonight, lots of tossing and turning between Austin and Steve.


759AM BBT  Yep, everyone still asleep

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#BB17 7:53 am BBT Good Morning to all! The house guests are still sleeping. Recap of what has happened so far: Steve is the HoH this week and Austin and Liz are on the block. It was a very tense day yesterday in the BB house as Austin won the PoV which made Liz mad because he was bragging about winning it. The twins think that he should have thrown the PoV to Julia. Liz broke up with Austin and slept with Julia in her bed last night. There has not been much talk so far about who the replacement nominee will be when Austin takes himself off of the block tomorrow, but speculation is that Julia will go up and one of the twins will go home. The twins did admit that now they know how the others felt while being on the block and why they cried and slept so much. Who would you like to see on the block next to Liz and who would you like to see sent to the jury house?

#BB17 9:00 am BBT Lights are still out in the BB house with all of the house guests still sleeping.

#BB17 9:15 am BBT There has been no change in the BB house. All of the lights are still off with all house guests still sleeping. There should be a lot of game talk today with the anticipation of Austin using the PoV on himself tomorrow and Steve having to name a replacement nominee.

#BB17 9:45 am BBT All is still quiet in the BB house because the house guests are all still sleeping.

#BB17 9:59 am BBT Looks like BB is letting the house guests sleep in today. Still no wakeup call and everyone is sleeping.

#BB17 10:25 am BBT The lights are still out with all of the house guests sleeping. In other news: there was an Americas vote this week if we wanted to see the house guests use rabbit ears or jazz hands in the photo booth next week and it looks like the rabbit ears won.

#BB17 10:30 am BBT 

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11:00AM BBT BB gave the HG a wakeup call. All of the lights have been turned on. Everybody except Vanessa is still in bed. Sometime during the night Liz crawled back into bed with Austin. Once the lights were turned on you can see them cuddling.


11:04AM BBT Austin talks about a marinade that he made, he said it was the best one. Austin is now on top of Liz and they are smooching.


11:12AM BBT Make out session is still going on between Austin and Liz. BB thought that the live feeders needed a better view so they zoomed in on them.


11:25AM BBT The make out session between Austin and Liz has now stopped. All HG are in bed sleeping.


11:44AM BBT The only change in the BB house is Liz is now laying on top of Austin. It may be the start of another make session. 

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12:00PM BBT No change in the BB house. Everybody is still in bed, Austin and Liz are still cuddling. No much talking going on at all.


12:07AM BBT Liz tells Austin that his fingers smell like garlic, her favorite she says!!


12:09AM BBT Vanessa gets out of bed and walks into the KT. She is getting some advil or Tylenol and takes them. We can here more kissing coming from Austin and Liz. Vanessa goes to the BY and sits on the round couch. Vanessa is trying to get some sun this morning. Nobody else is getting up yet.


12:15AM BBT Austin finally sits up in bed, grabs a drink of water, and just sits there. Liz is cuddling with his butt while he sits there.


12:19AM BBT Liz asks Austin what they should make for breakfast. Austin says eggs. They agree on eggs with ham and stuff, but they are not moving off the bed yet. Liz then tells him that this was their longest fight yet. Austin agrees and says it was the worst.


12:23AM BBT Vanessa comes back inside and goes to the WC. 

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12:24 PM BBT Austin and Liz finally get up and they go to the BY Door and look outside. They are now in the KT. They are going to start making breakfast. The feeds are now showing Steve sleeping in the HOHR. Austin finds ants in the house. Liz is a little bit disgusting. It seems like the BB house is infested with ants.


12:26 PM BBT Vanessa is in the WA doing ADLs, it looks like she went to one of the mirror windows and tried to pop a zit. Vanessa walks into the KT with Liz and Austin, but does not help with any of the cleanup. Vanessa asks what is going on today. Austin says the Grandma Meg Memorial Tournament.


12:29 PM BBT Vanessa confirms that she took 3 Advil earlier. Liz tells Vanessa that the ants are still bad. Then there is silence. The camera shows Steve at a different angle and we can see that he is cuddling with a stuffed animal.


12:32 PM BBT Austin, Liz, and Vanessa are talking about who came up with the cinnamon in the coffee. Vanessa and Austin think its clay, Liz says that shelly was the one that came up with the cinnamon in the coffee. Vanessa asks if it is healthy that they sleep so much. Austin says that they slept 30 hours and it is now Monday.


12:34PM BBT Vanessa says that the pool is still green. They do not know if it the chemicals or something growing in the pool. Austin wants to know if they are going to get anything for Labor Day. They are now discussing the two holidays that they are in the BB house for. Vanessa asks if they were there on Memorial Day. Austin says no they were not in the house yet. BB tells the HG to not talk about production and to turn the BR lights on.


12:37PM BBT Austin tries the ham for the eggs. He thinks that the ham is bad and it doesn’t taste good. BB says Buenos Dias HG. The HG wants to know why BB said that. Julia says it back to BB. Liz says that BB saying Buenos Dias was really creepy. They do not really know how to respond to it.


12:42PM BBT Cameras are still on Liztin cooking in the KT. Liz is still talking about the ants. Cameras are also on Steve still sleeping with his stuffed animal in the HOHR. Liz asks Austin what time he went to sleep last night. Austin says 0230 BBT. Liz asks him why he stayed up so late. He says he was talking to Jmac and Steve and he didn’t want to go to bed alone.


12:45PM BBT Austin finds ants on some more dishes. Vanessa tells him that they cannot keep their dishes down there anymore. The HG keep finding ants almost everywhere they look in the KT. They are still cooking eggs for breakfast though. The KT has a bad infestation of ants.


12:49PM BBT Julia is now awake. We see her for a glance walking through the KT. Feeds are still on a sleeping Steve and Liztin making breakfast.


12:51PM BBT Austin realizes that he tried the bad ham earlier when they find the newer ham in the fridge. Liz says yeah you get a sour taste from the other ham. Vanessa comes walking into the KT. A mistake was made, Julia is not awake it was Vanessa that walked through.


12:54PM BBT Austin is now making new eggs because of the rotten ham. Now Julia is awake and in the KT. Vanessa goes to the BY to get ready for her work out today. Austin is talking about the greenish brown ham that they put in their mouth earlier.


12:58PM BBT Julia asks if they heard BB say Buenos Dias HG. They all say that it was weird. Austin says it could be visitors coming to the house. Liz and Julia dismiss that idea. Liz is eating the eggs with the bad ham in it. She says if she gets sick from the ham she will be mad. Jmac walks into the KT. They are still talking about BB saying Buenos Dias. Liz really ate the rotten ham in her eggs. 

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2:30PM BBT: Liz: "Either Steve or Austin is coming after me." Julia: "I feel like 100% Steve and Austin have a Final Two deal." Liz: "Seriously? No way." Julia: "Who do you think Austin is bringing to the finals?" Liz: "I don't know, probably Vanessa." Julia: "I feel like one of us leaving is best for our game anyways. We're not a threat anymore. I wish you and Austin weren't a thing. If Austin was gone and it was us two, you would 100% be the one to stay. I'm just worried that you and Austin are 100% going to be nominated again." Liz: "From here on out, with me, if I don't win I'm going on the block. You are not touching the block. If you stay, you just win one more HoH, you are good. We can't ever say what we are doing with the money-- ever." Julia: "That's what I told you."

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1:20pm BBT Liz jokes at Austin that first he tried to feed her ants in the chicken, now rotten ham.  Austin says sleeping alone last night was scary. Johnny Mac tells Vanessa they should evict Liz.  Vanessa agrees, it would make it easier for them to win HoH. They wonder if Austin would target Steve if he won HoH. For sure Julia would.  They don't think either of them are anyone's targets.

2:30pm BBT Vanessa brags to Liz and Julia that she had something to do with every eviction besides Jackie.  (She planted the seed with Steve that Jackie was coming after him - Morty).  Liz tells Julia she should stay because Liz is too big of a target. They are trying to figure out which one has the best chance to still win.  Julia doesn't think she has any chance of winning.  

3:00pm BBT The twins want to wear the same outfits Thursday night that they came in with. Outside, Austin and Steve talk about past BB seasons and HG they would like to meet. Steve is a big Sheela fan and wants to meet Jodie. He says this is his last season of playing BB - once was enough. They discuss why Dan lost BB to Ian.  Steve explains Survivor to the twins.  Julia would do Survivor but Liz wouldn't.  

3:25pm BBT Steve doesn't really like wine - he doesn't drink much except when facing peer pressure.  If women are mad at you, you should give them wine and chocolate and leave, he says. The twins head into the KT and discover a ton of ants.  Steve has moved from the pool to the HT.  Julia teases Vanessa that Jesse kept staring at her and wishes he'd been staring at her instead.  He's barking up the wrong tree, Vanessa says.

3:50pm BBT Julia thought Jeff was 40 yrs old based on his memory wall picture. Austin tosses some chocolates at Liz and they both seem to melt a little before Liz is called into the DR.  She says she had a dream where she was walking around the BB House topless. Austin says he has that dream too.  JMac offers to talk game with Austin any time he wants. Austin wants the twins to decide who goes and then tell him what to do. They go over different scenarios and come to no conclusion.

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3.54pm Liz and Julia in kitchen. Johnny Mac and Austin in backyard on couches. Steve wonders in kitchen and asks if people are outside. Julia says yes, the boys. Liz and Steve join Austin and JMac. Julia making chicken nuggets. No sign of Vanessa.


3:57pm Julia grabs towels from bathroom and dumps outside for washing. Goes back in bathroom and takes all the rest of towels outside. She can barely carry them all!


4:02pm Julia back in bathroom cleaning. BB says "Houseguests remember to enjoy yourselves today, these are the good ole days" Julia says OMG thanks for reminding me I'm about to be evicted.

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4:30pm BBT DISPUTE! JMac, Steve, Austin and Liz argue about who started saying "scamper" first.  JMac says he'll vote however the Twins decide.  John tells Steve they can't let either Twin make it to the F4. Steve asks John if he's voting out Liz.  John says Liz is stronger at competitions. Either way, the remaining twin has to win HoH.  John says the twins will pick between them and let them know what to.


4:35pm BBT If Liz stays, Austin could go back to her, John thinks, but if Liz goes, Austin's a free agent.   It's all about winning competitions, John and Steve agree, and they need to keep the weaker of the two twins when it comes to winning.  There is no other good move for them.  Steve tells John to continue building a relationship with Austin.

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5:30pm BBT Austin compares Julia to Victoria and she's not amused.  Liz isn't sure if Austin would take her to the F2.  Julia says this is another reason for Liz to be voted out this week. She thinks Austin is definitely going to make it to the finale.


6:10pm BBT Johnny Mac is watching Austin and Liz working out while Vanessa and Steve chat on the BY couches. Julia is there somewhere.  There's been no game talk for the last hour, pretty much just relaxing and working out on a Sunday afternoon.

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6:01pm JMac and Austin working out. Vanessa and Steve sitting on couches talking about Steve working out. Steve wants to work on upper body but not dead weights. Steve telling Vanessa he hasn't seen himself naked in 81 days. He took off his bathing suit and say he hasn't seen his body in so long. Has to be careful to cover it all the time.


6:04pm Vanessa changes subject. Have you seen the tree in the back corner, the leaves are changing. A red leaf came in the backyard she tells Steve. Steve hadn't noticed.


6:05pm Steve thinks that Clay used to be the "Bachelor". Could easily be he says. Steve says he was totally wrong what he thought about Vanessa and JMac (I think he's talking about pre-show)


6:07pm Austin's gonna do his set now. Liz says I'll watch you. Talking about someone who takes supplements but he (Austin)  is all natural.


6:09pm Steve did (2) 9 minute miles. Vanessa says not impressed. He could have done much better. Tells Steve could have big beefy biceps if he did Clay's workout. Vanessa tells him she should not be able to beat him in arm wrestling. Steve tells Vanessa she is an adult. Vanessa says you are too! He says no he's not! Name one thing that I'm an adult. Steve doesn't want to be an adult. He's a 12 year old trapped in a 22 year old body.

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6:30pm BBT Vanessa says she would do All Stars next year if they offer. Steve says you might be playing with Derrick, Frankie, Devin and Zach. Van doesn't think Derrick would come.  Steve wonders what would happen if they put Amanda and McRae back in the house together. She didn't treat him well, Steve says, and he broke up with her over Twitter.

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6:35pm BBT Steve is on the elliptical while Austin coaches Liz with the hand weights. Julia is exercising her abs nearby.  John is watching from the couches. Don't know where Vanessa is. Steve looks like at the end of a marathon.  Liz trades places with him. Austin now doing leg curls.

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7:01 PM BBT The excitement in the BB house is riveting. Julia is doing stretches in the BY, while Liz & Austin go in the house. Vanessa is in the HOHR listening to Steve's music, & he's sitting near her on the couch. They are talking about the Veto Competition.


7:04 PM BBT Steve starts to annoy Vanessa. She tells him to be careful because she has a lot of bruises. She says, she's old & bruised. Steve says, he knows & he's taking advantage. Vanessa tells Steve that Liz & Austin look so cute, as they watch them on the TV. Vanessa tells Steve they must have made up. She says, Austin told Liz he loves her. Steve says, he knows.


7:05 PM BBT Vanessa wants to make a big meal of tacos tonight. Steve tries to annoy her more. She tells him not to mess with her knees, because they are bruised. She tells him to be normal & not be soo annoying. Vanessa says, she wants a big salad right now. Vanessa says, she's soo tired tonight & she can't figure out why, unless it's because she's menstrual. Vanessa tells Steve he hasn't had a girlfriend long enough to understand. Steve says, he has, but he can't elaborate on feeds.


7:07 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that there is only 17 more days left in the BB house. She tells him the game is going to start going soo fast like taking a band aid off. Steve says, he's nervous. They joke around about being in BB hospice. Steve says, he's been in hospice, but not in BB. Vanessa says, It's BB death. Vanessa says, Monopoly death isn't as bad as BB death, & BB death isn't as bad as real death. Vanessa says, it's a death of a dream. Steve says, he didn't have that dream when he walked through the door, & he can't fathom that. He says, he can't put a scenario where it happens for him to win.


7:11 PM BBT Vanessa gives Steve a scenario of where Vanessa, him, Johnny Mac & Austin go to final 4. She says, they take Austin to final 3, & they will make final 2. She says, Steve would beat her & win. Steve doubts that scenario. Vanessa says, she's fought with everyone in the house multiple times, so she won't win. She says, Steve would beat everyone in the house. Steve says, he can't make it to finals. Vanessa says, he can with her, because she gives her word that she would take him there.


7:13 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that he's her final 2, even though she's already promised that to Austin. Vanessa says, Johnny Mac & Julia would be targets. Steve asks, "Next week?" Vanessa says, "Yeah." She says, people may pick them to go to finals. She says, them with Austin in the final 3 there wouldn't be a Victoria there. She says, they need to get Julia out, & Johnny Mac may be chosen, so they get him out also. She asks Steve what his ideal final 3 would be? Steve says, he doesn't know.


7:15 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve she thinks he wins the game. Steve asks her why she wouldn't target him then? Vanessa says, because he helps with her path to finals. She says, it's better to go with him than someone that would drop her. She tells him they gave their word to each other. She says, they can tell Austin that his number 2 was Liz the whole game.


7:17 PM BBT Liz & Austin are in the BY playing pool. Vanessa talks about how much better Steve will be in the end over Austin. Steve says, this game is scary, & he doesn't like thinking about these scenarios. She tells Steve that he needs to keep this private. She says, she hopes the girls will say to keep Julia. She says, if they want Liz to stay, she needs to figure out how to get keep Julia. Steve asks if they have to do what they want? Vanessa says, no. She says, she wants to win an HOH, so Liz has to go.


7:20 PM BBT Vanessa talks about Liz being the connection between Liz & Julia. Steve asks Vanessa what she would do if he puts her up as a pawn tomorrow? She says, he can't do that. Steve says, he could send her home this week. Vanessa says, he can, & then he will be following her out the door next. Vanessa tells Steve if he wins the game he needs to put $100 on a bet. Steve says, no, absolutely not. He says, he's not making a $100 bet on anything. Vanessa says, that's awful, he would have hated her former life, incredible.


7:22 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that her making him think about end game is awful. He says, he's not ready to think about that. Steve says, he doesn't want to hurt people. He says, he didn't think he would get this far. Vanessa says, she always thought he would get far in this game. She says, he had one rough patch in week 5. She says, once they got past that it was smooth sailing. Steve says, he doesn't like thinking about end game. He says, he hates it several times. He says, he doesn't like thinking about it at all.


7:25 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve why he's there then? Steve says, he was hesitant on even applying because of how he might feel. Vanessa tells him to breath. Steve says, he hates putting the twins up. Vanessa says, it's going to be o.k. Steve wonders how their family is feeling. Vanessa says, they know it's a game & they will be fine. Steve says, Austin is making a defensive move & he is making the offensive move. Vanessa tells Steve his hands are forced. Vanessa says, they made it their problem by becoming a huge target.


7:27 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that the twins have gotten great exposure, & one of them got a boyfriend out of it. She says, they will be o.k. Vanessa says, they are the social rejects. Steve was going to move a pillow that's on Vanessa's legs. She tells him no, it's her blanket & she's cold. Steve tells Vanessa that her dad was woodworking. He explains to her what that is, & how it's his hobby.


7:29 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he made 2 towers of Connex he made in high school. He says, it almost took up his whole basement. Vanessa how big of one he made for the show? Steve says, a lot smaller, but it was still pretty big. Steve tells Vanessa how scared he is, & he's wondering what the outside world is thinking. Vanessa says, it scares her to. Steve is really worried. Vanessa tells him he will be o.k. Steve says, his grad school portfolio isn't ready for Grad School. He tells her the applications are due in December, & he doesn't have the content for it.


7:32 PM BBT Steve says, he hopes his Adviser doesn't rip his face off. He says, if he would have known when he got his key that he would make it this far, he doesn't know if he would have done it. He says, he can't believe he made jury. Vanessa says, she has to face reality that she's playing at least for second. She says, she's o.k. with 5th place also. Steve says, he's o.k. with 5th, & he knew this game wasn't for him.


7:35 PM BBT Steve says, he doesn't want this game to keep coming. Vanessa tells him not to say that, because he may get what he wishes for. Steve says, he's scared. Vannesa says, it's going to be o.k. She tells him to do his best. Steve says, he can walk out next week in 5th place. He says, this has been soo stressful.


7:36 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve that there is no game without risk. She tells him to do what he can do to minimize the risk. She says, ride the wave & enjoy himself. Vanessa talks about her HOH's.


7:37 PM BBT Vanessa tells Steve he was the first one that talked to her about game. Steve reads over his HOH Letter. He says, his dogs enjoy steak & food in general. He says, they love food, like it's the most exciting bestest thing ever. Vanessa says, her dogs too. Steve says, his dog will howell at them. Steve says, he's never lived with them, because he said no dogs. He says, his dogs smell & one of them has mange. He says, they were both rescue dogs. Vanessa asks if it ever went away? Steve says, it's getting better.


7:40 PM BBT Vanessa says, she hears Liztin. Steve says, he hates doing this to them. Vanessa says, they got lucky to get this far, it's a game. Steve says, Austin doesn't think it's a game. Vanessa says, he made the mistake of aligning himself like this, & you have to play the game. Steve says, he needs Vanessa's emotional support. She tells him he's done everything right, he's done all he can up to this point, & he needs to keep on going.

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7:42 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa about a time he forgot to do a homework assignment & was really nervous. Steve tells Vanessa he's very wound up & he's been steadily unwinding his whole life. Steve says, he's calmed down a lot. Vanessa says, he must have been wound up tight. Steve says, he would run between classes in middle school to minimize the risk of being late to class. He says, he never used his locker & he carried his winter jacket with him in case they had a fire drill. Vanessa says, they set it up so you can go to your locker. Steve says, they were outside for hours without coats. Vanessa says, they should have time between classes to go to their lockers. Steve says, he never did.


7:45 PM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if he carried his trombone also? He says, no, that stayed in his mom's room. He tells her his case he has now is called the tank. He says, it has wheels & you can roll it. He says, he gets made fun of at Fredonia for how large his case is. He describes how large the trombone is.


7:47 PM BBT Steve explains to Vanessa has to play the trombone for the notes. Steve says, "I'm scareded of this game," as he leans over to Vanessa's legs. Vanessa asks him why? He says, because of everything going on. Vanessa says, at least he doesn't have to play in the next HOH Comp. Steve says, he would love to play in it. They talk about the speech he has to give tomorrow. Vanessa tells him to say he has to finish what he started. Steve asks if he should give another inside joke about Julia, & he makes the cat hissing sound. Vanessa says, you can tell he has a crush on Julia, not Liz. He says, as much as he can, & he told her why. Vanessa asks, because you're on TV? Steve says, no, the other thing.


7:50 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that his parents always told him to spend less time on school, & spend more time hanging out with friends & playing video games. Steve is eating candy. Vanessa tells him that his teeth are going to rot out. Steve says, he will brush his teeth. Steve says, he's a 12 year old trapped in his body. He says, he doesn't want to put Julia up tomorrow though. Vanessa tells him that he was thinking about putting both of them up at first. Steve says, until they thought of Austin winning Veto. Vanessa says, and who won Veto? Steve says, Austin. Steve talks about how far Amanda & McCrae got in their season.


7:53 PM BBT Steve says, he & Austin came to a conclusion that they think all the James' that played in BB has been evicted at 7th place. He says, the only one they aren't sure of is Crazy James from Season 9. He thinks he was out in either 7th or 6th place. Steve says, he hates Thursday's. Vanessa says, because of the risk. Steve says, yes, he hates Thursday's. He brushes his teeth, while walking back & forth from the HOHR WA to the bedroom area.


7:56 PM BBT Steve says, he's going to go downstairs & say how awful he feels right now. He says, he just realized that with everyone on feeds that would love to be in his place right now, he's as asshole for complaining. He says, how about how thankful he is that he's there. He leaves the HOHR. Vanessa stays there to listen to Steve's music on the headphones, while laying on the couch.

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7:57 PM BBT Steve goes downstairs where Julia & Liz are in the KT cooking dinner. Liz finds ants again. Julia is peeling red potatoes on a cutting board. Austin is walking back & forth from the WA to the bedroom area & back to the WA. He looks like he has the same shorts on that he had on yesterday & has worked out in for the past two days.


8:02 PM BBT Julia cuts up the red potatoes & starts to put them on a cookies sheet. Liz is putting the meat on a cookie sheet & adding some of the marinade to the top of it with her hands. She washes her hands in the sink. Julia asks Austin how he thinks the ants got in Liz' chicken last night? Liz thinks he put them there & tried to poison her. Austin walks back to the WA, & you can see the wet spot on the back of his shirt from his hair still being wet.


8:04 PM BBT Austin keeps going back & forth now & grabbing & kissing Liz on the neck. Liz says, the three of them get first dibs on the food, & if there's not enough left too bad. She says, she doesn't have to slave in the KT all day, especially with being on the block. Liz says, "So, ya'll can go f*ck yourselves." Liz wants to play chess with Julia tonight, but she doesn't want to. Julia wants to play Pot Ball. Julia says, she would be happy if anyone wins, except one. Julia says, she'd be happy if Steve wins. Julia says, Ian Terry strikes again.


8:07 PM BBT Julia says, she will make the sauce for the potatoes. She wants to put olive oil & garlic. Liz wants her to make a sauce for the veggies while she's at it. Julia says the potatoes will take a while. Liz says, she's not feeling good & almost pukes by the KT sink. She says, she thinks it's from the ham. Julia says, "What else can it be?" Liz says, "No Sey." (That's Spanish for I don't know.)


8:10 PM BBT Liz dances around the KT. She has her hair up in a ponytail & doesn't have any make-up. Julia talks in Spanish a few more times with no English translation. In the BY Steve & Austin are talking about Rachel's wrap party. Austin has his knee propped up on the pool table as they talk. Steve asks if Rachel has a guest list? Austin says, yes, there may be only a few people not invited. Steve says, he feels that Rachel is a really nice person, & she seems to like him. Steve asks if Austin knows Rachel? Austin says, he hosted an after show with Rachel for Season 15. He says, he had to do the after show interview also. He says, they knew each other a little. Steve wants him to send him the interviews. Austin says, he will. Austin talks about cracking jokes with Jeff & how he was dying.


8:14 PM BBT They talk about when Austin got his Judas name. He says, he got it in 2012. He says, he was using for wrestling. Steve talks about Brittany misquoting Jerry at her eviction.


8:15 PM BBT Steve tells Austin this game gets scary now. Austin says, it's not as sneaky & you don't have to keep sh*t in. Steve says, it's getting scary & he doesn't like it. Steve says, he thinks the next HOH Competition will be the shovel one. He explains it to Austin.


8:16 PM BBT Austin asks if anyone messed up or didn't mess up last year? Steve says, he doesn't remember. Austin says, it could be a Johnny Mac Competition. Austin asks if anyone ran on it? Steve says, he doesn't remember it that well. He says, he's glad he's not playing it because he would be horrible. Steve says, he will just have to feel it out when he's up there & adjust. Austin says, next week is a scary one. Steve says, this week is awful for him. He tells Austin he's sorry. Austin says, he doesn't know which one he wants to go. Steve tells Austin he doesn't think Liz would hold a grudge for voting for Liz' sister. Austin says, he feels if Liz leaves it would be like Janelle just walking out. Steve says, that didn't happen. (Liz is on the block, not just walking out.)

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8:19 PM BBT Austin & Steve say how bad they did in some of the comps this year. They discuss the ones they played in. Austin says, he may try to crawl in the HOH Comp if he can. Steve asks what the dinner situation is tonight? Austin says, he thinks steak. Steve says, steak, nice. Steve goes inside & to the HOHR.


8:23 PM BBT Steve bloes his nose in the HOHR WA, & then he opens his Sour Cream & Onion Pringles & takes some out of the can. He begins to eat them, & he didn't wash his hands after blowing his nose.


8:24 PM BBT In the KT, Austin is sitting by the glass table. He & Liz are hugging on each other. Julia is still cooking dinner. Austin tells Liz she's sneaky with he side smile. She says, she's not sneaky at all, & she can't stand him. She punches & hits him lightly.


8:26 PM BBT Liz says, she has Austin soo paranoid that he thinks she's going to tickle him all the time. They are acting like little kids, not wanting to be tickled. Liz screams as Austin traps her. He says, he's got her & she's done. Liz wants a hug. They mess around all the way to the LR. Liz tells Austin that Steve wants to talk to Julia. Austin asks why? Liz says, maybe to break the news to her. Liz goes back to the KT to check the food in the oven.


8:29 PM BBT Julia chomps on potato chips while they are cooking. Liz says, it's taking too damn long, as she flips the potatoes over. Julia says, "Dude, you don't have to sit me down to tell me what's going to happen, we already know." She is still chomping on the potato chips & smacking her lips with each one she eats.


8:31 PM BBT Liz tells Austin she hopes there's enough broccoli. She tells him she's not cooking for everyone anymore, it's all about Twinstin. She says, this is the last week of Twinstin. Julia says, they made it so far because other people played the game so hard & they stayed out of it. She says, they stuck to their one alliance & they are there. Austin starts to eat potato chips also. Liz says, her only regret was not telling Austin that they were twins.


8:34 PM BBT Liz starts to eat potato chips also, smacking her lips, chomping & talking with food in her mouth. She says, she really wanted to tell him like week 2. She asks Austin who told him about them being twins? Austin says, Vanessa told him. He says, he played dumb when Jeff went to talk to him.


8:37 PM BBT Johnny Mac is napping in his bed in the CBR, & Steve is now laying in his HOHR bed under the covers with his green hoodie hat pulled over his head.


8:38 PM BBT Austin & the twins talk about things Austin's dad has said. The twins make shout outs to their families. Liz can't remember the twins’ sisters name. He says, it's on the tip of his tongue & he can't remember. Julia quizzes Austin on things about Liz & he answers them.


8:39 PM BBT Julia gives a hint, & Austin finally guesses their sister's name of Angel. Julia says, Angela. BB says, "You've got to be kidding me." Austin thinks it's because he couldn't remember Angela's name. Vanessa walks in to find out what's going on, & she says, it's Ang, come on. Austin says, he's out of there. Vanessa tells him he's fires. Steve & Johnny Mac come out of their bedrooms also to see what happened.


8:41 PM BBT Liz says, she knows all of Austin's family members names. Julia talks to Austin about his family. Austin says, he told his 19 year old brother what bars to go to Santa Monica & who to ask for to be able to drink. He says, he may have a fake I.D. by now, but he didn't then. Liz talks about how they went clubbing on their 18th birthday. Julia says, the club got raided because of underage people being there. Vanessa asks how they didn't get caught? Julia says, their older sister talked to the cops & they let them go.


8:43 PM BBT Julia says, it's Mokai in Miami. Austin asks if they got closed down? Julia says, no. Julia says, they had fake I.D.'s because they didn't have a sibling that they looked like. Julia asks Austin when he was a bouncer if he knew someone had a fake I.D. if he would let them in? Austin says, he would usually take it & charge $20.00 for them to get it back, since you really can't take them. He says, he would show his boss. He says, the scanners are crazy, because people have I.D.'s that can be scanned.


8:46 PM BBT Vanessa asks the twins if they've ever been in a fight? Both of them say, never at the same time. Liz says, she acts tough, but she's only ever been in a fight with Julia. Vanessa asks if they've ever seen a fight? Liz says, yes. Vanessa says, she's never seen a fight. Austin says, he's seen a ton. Austin says, he walks out & people stop fighting when he's around.


8:47 PM BBT Austin says, you have to practice to make the fights look real in wrestling. Austin says, he would use his foot or his elbow first. BB says, "That's what she said." The twins go crazy over this happening tonight. Austin says, the voices are not recorded, they are typing them. Vanessa says, they would have not recorded, that's what she said. Austin asks, "What else do you have, how about the beef cakes?" Austin says, it's that time of the season they start messing with them. Julia asks for a zombie to scare her in the mirror.


8:51 PM BBT Austin says, he's wants adult beverages. Liz says, the veggies are everything. Austin is checking the steak, & some of them are not done. Liz tells him which ones are done & not done. Julia gets plates out, & says, that's really annoying. They are putting 3 pieces of steak back in the oven. Julia, Liz & Austin keep repeating phrases that BB says. Liz tells Austin she doesn't play wrestling with him anymore. Julia asks which HG she is as she makes fun of Jackie in the mirror in the KT. They guess Jackie. Julia asks Austin if he ever told Liz the story about Jackie giving him a lap dance? He says, no.


8:53 BBT Vanessa tells Liz that Austin had to put a pillow in his lap. Julia says, she really jumped on him & started grinding. Liz asks why he didn't tell her about this? Austin says, someone could have already told her about it. Liz asks him what if it was her that kissed John twice? Austin says, he knows it wasn't. Liz asks Austin if he was excited & enjoyed it? Austin says, no to both. Austin starts talking about Jace. He says, he didn't sleep in bed with Jackie. Julia says, Jace crawled in bed with Liz. She says, nothing happened & two days later he was gone.


8:55 PM BBT Vanessa says, you can cut the awkwardness in the KT with a knife. Julia talks about when Austin gave Jackie a massage on the bed. Austin says, 10 minutes later she was under the covers with Jeff scampering. Liz says, whatever. She is chomping on food she is eating as she takes it out of the oven. Vanessa says, she wants one fry. There is enough fries for everyone.

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8:57 PM BBT They talk about how good the food is. Liz says, "That would be soo clutch if they would give them alcohol tonight." Austin says, it's so easy for BB to play along with them when no one else is around. Vanessa sits down at the glass table & says, she can't believe it's only 9:00 PM. She tells them she read the Bible, did her cardio, & did her laundry. Austin says, he wants to get back to chess. Julia wants to play Pot Ball. Everyone wants to. Austin says, the grandma Meg memorial. Austin & the twins are talking about the dishes they eat at home. The chomping, smacking, & talking with food in their mouths continues.


9:00 PM BBT They talk about it being day 81 in the house. Austin says, it's that much closer until he's at the Craps table. He says, Liz can hold his wallet. Vanessa asks when they have to go back to work? Austin says, never. The twins don't answer. Liz says, the steaks are alright, she doesn't know what's wrong. Austin says, they didn't grill them first. Julia asks if they think they are going to get something like Pandora's Box, a room or a button? Austin says, maybe. Vanessa wants to know how things are going to go for the rest of the time in the house.


9:04 PM BBT Austin thinks they will have this week normal, & then they go back & forth about what may happen. Austin thinks this may be the last Thursday live show because football could be getting away. Vanessa asks if all of the gremlins (goblins) are in jury? Austin says, yes, & Shelli is one now. Julia says, we beat the gremlins so that shows the nice guys finish last. Vanessa says, one for the good guys. Julia says, yes, that's what she meant. Vanessa says, the goblin wars. Julia repeats that. Vanessa asks who called the goblins the gremlins first. They try to figure it out, & thinks she called them that.


9:08 PM BBT Austin says, they moved in a pack like gremlins do. Liz says, they are all short. Austin says, they were always in the BY talking. He says, they were always sneaky. Vanessa says, it was James, Jackie, Meg, Jason & Becky. Liz says, Jason was their King, & they all cried when he was leaving. Vanessa says, Jason shouldn't have told everyone how much he knew about the game & he would have done better. Liz says, he came in saying he was there for the check. Austin says, he has a big ego. (That's the pot calling the kettle black.)


9:11 PM BBT Liz tells Austin he was really close to Audrey. Austin tries to say he wasn't. Julia says, tells them about Audrey taking her in the SR telling her that James had a crush on her & he popped out of the trash bag. Austin says, "Oh, that, it was just a set up for a trick." Julia says, it wasn't right. She says, she tried it with Jason, & he got pi**ed off. Vanessa wonders if Jason is watching the feeds. John says, he has to because it's his thing.

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9:13 PM BBT Julia asks if people place bets on who will win each season? John says, probably, there are soo many gambling addictions out there. Julia says, they should bet & she give two steak dinners.


9:14 PM BBT Austin says, the steak is good. Vanessa says, things got weird in the house from day 43 on when Jason left & James got power. John says, things got weird when Julia came in the house. Julia says, "Hey, rude." Vanessa is making shivering noises that she's cold. Austin says, it's cold. Julia says, Pot Ball at like 10:00 PM BBT. John & Vanessa are still sitting at the DT. Julia is washing dishes & Austin walks out of the KT.


9:16 PM BBT Julia says, today is September 6, & tomorrow is Labor Day. John says, they should get Sparklers to play with. Julia asks is that what people do on Labor Day? John says, no, but it sounds fun. Vanessa is excited that she will get to be home soon. She tries to figure out how many weeks they've been there. Liz screams. She goes to the BY to get an armful of clothes. Vanessa keeps saying she was backdoored by Becky. (If she was backdoored she would have been evicted & wouldn't be in the house anymore. She was only put on the block as a replacement nominee.)


9:19 PM BBT BB tells Steve to please put on his microphone. Julia says, "Steveeeee." Steve goes to the HOHR. Julia keep saying Pot Ball will be at different times. She tells Liz to take a shower so they can play Pot Ball. Vanessa hears a growling sound & asks John if he heard it? John says, he did. He says, "There's a lion in here, come out wherever you are." Vanessa says eating ice cream was a bad idea. Vanessa asks Julia how she's doing? She says, very good, & they both start singing. BB says, "Please, stop singing." Vanessa tells them they're really fast on that thing today.


9:22 PM BBT In the WA, Liz is in the HOT side of the shower. Liz is sitting on the couch with his legs bent up, clipping his nails. Vanessa goes in the WC.


9:23 PM BBT BB says, "Steve, please put on your microphone." Steve says, he just went upstairs & put it on. Julia tells him he didn't. Austin complains about how hard the clippers are for him to use. Vanessa comes out of the WC & rinses her hands off not using soap. She wipes them on a towel & tells Austin the clippers look really small for him. She leaves the WA.


9:26 PM BBT Austin has gone to the BY & Liz is getting out of the shower. Austin starts to sing, On The Wings Of Love. He pretends to kick one of the scattered weights that are all over the BY. Vanessa is on the hammock & tells Austin to let her know when he wants to play chess. He says, maybe after Pot Ball. Vanessa asks if they are setting up? Austin says, they said they were. He tells Vanessa how fast the rest of the game will go & they think it's the shovel HOH Comp this time. Julia goes to the BY & goes back in the house.


9:35 PM BBT Austin & Vanessa talk about the shovel comp. He asks if anyone ran on it? Vanessa says, nooo, you can't do that. She says, it has to do with balance & if you go too quickly the balls or eggs will roll out. He tries to get a strategy for this competition. He says, he will see what he can do. He says, he may try to do the bear crawl. Vanessa says, he may get tired of that. Austin says, he won't get tired. He says, Jace or Jackie would have been good at that comp. Vanessa says, Jackie wasn't as good as she thought she would have been.


9:37 PM BBT Austin talks about calling Jackie out in the competition because she was sitting on her butt, & he didn't want other people to do it & think they were safe. Austin says, those jurors were there for 5 seconds, literally 5 minutes & they were back in the Jury House. He says, they are a cult now. He says, they just went in the house to party. Vanessa says, they don't know what jury is like. She says, it might be the best place. Vanessa asks if Austin thinks James will get a kiss from Meg? Austin says, without camera's who knows.


9:39 PM BBT Austin & Vanessa talk about how much James really likes Meg. Austin says, they can have ice cream treats. Vanessa asks why Austin has soo many things on his wrist? He says, he collecting the hair ties he keeps finding. Liz gets told to please put on her microphone. Austin hums, On The Wings Of Love. Vanessa talks about her & Austin making top 4. He says, they have a good chance of making it. He says, worst case scenario is making it to final 3 with Steve & Johnny Mac. He says, they are the two pawns, & if they get the top 3 it will be very difficult to beat them. Austin says, he really wants to win the top 5 HOH to prevent them from being in the final 4. He says, they will take each other. Vanessa asks who he would think to go out? Austin says, Steve. Vanessa says, it has to be Johnny Mac or they are less desirable to go with him. She says, Steve will take them, & he will win. Austin asks if they jury will vote for Steve though? He says, he was told by Meg that she would vote for Johnny Mac over Steve. Austin says, they don't want Ian Terry winning again. Vanessa says, he's very likely to win.


9:44 PM BBT Vanessa talks about how much Steve has done to stay out of the lime light, how many comps he's won, & how he's such a fan. Austin says, he's done a lot, that's why it's better to take him out when they have the chance. Austin says, if Johnny Mac wins the final 4 HOH they're f'd. Austin says, if John wins Veto he picks who goes to the final 3. Austin says, either or is bad. He says, if he wins HOH it's sealed that he's in the final 3.


9:46 PM BBT Vanessa & Austin say they are fine as long as one of them wins Veto. Austin is worried about the final 4 Veto if it's Steve. They run through the scenarios of what will happen.


9:47 PM BBT Austin says, if you make it to the finals the questions are a crap shoot from the jury. Vanessa asks Austin what his best case scenario for final 3 is? Austin says, that's a good question. He says, worst case would be Johnny Mac & Steve, best case would be her & Julia. He runs down things & says, Vanessa, him & a twin.


9:48 PM BBT Austin says, they need to shut out the competition & get there. He says, he would lose the final 3 & it would be her & the twin in the finals. Austin says, if it comes down to it they can say they have been together since the beginning. He says are people just going to get pi**ed at them? He says, oh well, they are together.


9:50 PM BBT Austin says, they can threaten the others to take them & if they don't they will lose their votes for the finals. He says, it's worth a shot. He says, they can poison the jury against the two that are in the finals. (Like that will work.) Austin says, it will be such a boring final if Steve & Johnny Mac both make it to the finals. Vanessa says, it would be a great final if the two of them are in it. Austin says, it's doable. Vanessa says, if it's shovels she can try, but she doesn't know. Austin says, he can go aggressive at it within reason to get it done. They are hoping that Johnny Mac will make a mistake during the competition. Austin talks about the Getting Nutty Competition. Austin says, he will try to keep pace with Johnny Mac to put the pressure on him, see what he's doing & hopefully win. Vanessa says, if one of them wins they will put Johnny Mac & Steve up & use Julia as a pawn. Austin says, he'll make that deal & he's ready to push the envelope. Vanessa says, if one of them go up as a pawn, the vote can flip & then they are f*cked. Austin says, if Julia wins HOH, even better. He says, though, he's not going to count on that. Vanessa says, it can happen.

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9:55 PM BBT Vanessa says, all she's doing is finding a different spot to sit in the house. Austin asks if they have an urn to remember grandma Meg. He puts coffee grounds in the Glory Hole to remember grandma Meg. Julia gets called to the DR. John says, they will delay Pot Ball until she's done. Julia goes in the WA to put make-up on. The HG's are looking for the paper to use for the Glory Hole. Liz is looking for the balls. They are going to play in 3 teams. Liz says, if they do it separately it will be boring.


9:57 PM BBT Vanessa asks why they always go last? Steve says, so they remember the order & it's tradition. Vanessa tells John she wants to break tradition & they need to win. Julia asks them to wait for her. She tells them to find the paper for the Glory Hole.


9:59 PM BBT Austin finds the paper & puts it in the Glory Hole. (That is usually added for the extra points, no during the game.) Austin is talking, but we can't hear him on his microphone. Liz says, they need to wait for Juj. Vanessa asks if Juj went to the DR? Liz says, yes. Liz says, she needs to blow dry her hair so they need to wait. Vanessa asks where the Swiffer is? Austin is looking for Irish Spring. Vanessa asks if they stopped giving them Irish Spring, or do they still give it to them? Austin says, he thinks they still do. Steve goes to the SR & finds some Irish Spring. He gets the Swiffer items, as well as a few others they use for sponsors.


10:02 PM BBT Steve moves the set-up over some & he didn't realize the bowls were already filled with soo much water. He tells them he had to move it for better aim. He says, it might have been better if he didn't move it. Austin is still talking, but his microphone is not working. Steve is looking for the TreSemme.


10:03 PM BBT Steve tells Austin that Liz packed the TreSemme for James. Austin says, no she didn't. Liz says, it was his TreSemme. Liz blow drys her hair in the WA & then she puts some type of cream all over her hair after she is done. She washes her hands in the sink, & then dries them off using a towel that is hanging near the WC. She brushes her hair out. Austin goes to the WA & tells her good luck. Austin tells her she looks soo pretty. Liz says, "Oh, I look so ugly." They kiss each other. Austin says, "You look very pretty." Liz says, she's wearing her lucky shirt. Austin asks if it's her lucky Pot Ball shirt? She says, no, she wore if for Office Splash. They leave the WA. Liz says, look at those sponsors. She tells Austin he made the balls way to big, they need to be cut in half.


10:06 PM BBT Steve tells Liz why he had to move everything over now. Steve is attaching band aids to each pot or pan to attach it to the floor. Vanessa tells Steve about the difference in the Glory Hole & the Blow Hole. Julia comes out of the DR & says, she's ready to play. Steve gets called to the DR. Steve wants them to wait for him to come back so he can keep score. Vanessa sneezes twice. Liz blesses her. Vanessa thanks her. Julia belches & doesn't excuse herself. Julia asks who did the sponsors? Liz says, Steve. The twins start to practice.


10:09 PM BBT Austin wants to have their moment of silence for grandma Meg so they can start. Liz says, they aren't starting yet. Austin asks where Steve is? Liz tells him he's in the DR. Austin starts a speech.

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10:10 PM BBT Austin talks about how their pretend family was formed. Liz calls Vanessa Meg, & tells her she's good at this. HG's continue to practice Pot Ball. Julia wonders if they are on POP TV. Austin says, yeah. Vanessa talks about Steve leaving his dishes laying around. She says, he really thinks they are his maids. She says, he needs to wash his own dishes. Julia says, they are probably always going to be called to the DR, so when he comes out they need to start. Vanessa tells Austin he's the star of the show right now. Julia requests some songs for tomorrow. Austin snaps his finger at the cameras.


10:14 PM BBT They talk about not hearing I Can't Feel My Face Without You. John wonders if it's big on the outside. John says, it's about time for Taylor Swift to have another single out. They talk about Becky, Meg & James liking Taylor Swift. Vanessa asks who has the biggest twist they don't know about. They think Audrey is America's Player. Vanessa thinks Becky is an ex professional soccer player. They think there is something with Jackie & Jeff. Vanessa asks if Meg could be related to Taylor Swift. Vanessa thinks Jason has more money than he actually said because of his shoes & clothes being soo expensive. Vanessa says, there has to be someone that has something. Julia says, Da'Vonne lied about her occupation. John says, Liz lied about Julia. Julia asks if Jace has a secret. Vanessa asks if there was a Team America this year. Julia says, she will put money on America's Player. John thinks it was Jason. Austin says, it has to be Audrey because of her antics.


10:17 PM BBT Austin says, he just did what Audrey asked him to do. Vanessa tells him he just gave her $5,000. (We didn't have an America's Player this season.) The timer goes off for the cookies. Austin refuses to get up & check the cookies. Liz won't check them either. Julia turns off the timer. She belches again not excusing herself. Julia asks what else Audrey had them do? Austin says, they did a musical. Julia says, she had to be America's Player for sure. Steve comes out of DR, & they do their moment of silence for grandma Meg.


10:19 PM BBT Austin takes his first turn for Pot Ball & scores 10 points. Vanessa gets called to the DR, she takes her turns & doesn't score. Julia takes her turns missing both times. Steve takes his turns & misses both of them also. John sinks his first shot & misses his second one. He scores 15 points to end round 1.


10:21 PM BBT Austin tells Steve to do a commercial so he does. Austin misses his next two shots. Liz misses her next two shots. John misses his shots. Julia says, the cookies are everything. Austin says, they needs points they are desperate. Steve says, they are in second place. Julia makes her first shot & misses her second one. Steve says, they are tied for the lead. Steve misses his two turns. Austin does a commercial for Swiffer. John takes his turn now, & they take the lead.


10:24 PM BBT Austin makes 25 points on his two turns. Liz makes one shot. John takes Vanessa's turn & misses both of them. Julia makes 25 points for her & Austin's team. Steve sinks his first ball for 5 points, & misses his second shot. John misses both of his actual turns. John almost trips on Steve's shoes.


10:26 PM BBT Austin misses his two shots & says, it's o.k. because they have a comfortable lead. Liz misses her first shot & makes 10 points on her second shot. Austin gets called to the DR. Vanessa misses her two turns. Austin says, "As expected." Julia makes both of her shots again for 25 more points. Steve misses both of his shots. John misses both of his shots.


10:28 PM BBT Julia takes Austin's turn & makes her first shot, they had a 60 point lead & now it's a 75 point lead. Liz misses her two shots. Vanessa misses her two shots. Julia misses her first shot & makes her second shot. Liz tells her to stop scoring. Julia says, she never used to be able to score. Steve says, they have a 90 point lead. John says, it's her best game ever. Steve misses his next two shots. Vanessa says, a Glory Hole will help that. Liz wants the game restarted or to skip Julia. John misses his two shots.


10:30 PM BBT Julia takes Austin's turn & scores 10 points, for a 100 point lead. Liz misses her two shots. Vanessa makes her next two shots & scores 15 points. Julia & Austin are leading by 85 points now. Vanessa dances around. Julia takes her turn making her second shot. Liz says, Austin will have a heart attack when he comes out. Steve makes his second shot for 15 points. Vanessa says, Steve loves keeping score, & he's in nerd heaven now. John misses his next two shots.


10:32 PM BBT Julia takes Austin's turn & misses both shots. Austin comes out of the DR & Liz tells Austin not even to ask. Liz misses both of her next two shots. Vanessa misses her next two shots. John gets called to the DR. Austin takes Julia's turn & scores 5 points. Steve misses his first turn & he misses his second turn as well. Vanessa takes John's turn & misses the first shot & makes the second shot for 10 points.


10:34 PM BBT Julia misses both of her shots. Liz makes her second shot for 5 points. Austin says, "As expected." Vanessa misses both of her shots. Austin scores 10 points. Steve tells Austin he didn't get his balls. Austin says, he has to get his treats first. Liz says, he gets a treat every night. Steve makes both of his shots for 20 points. Vanessa takes John's turn & misses both shots. Julia wants to change the score for the big pot.


10:36 PM BBT Julia scores 10 points on her turn. Liz makes both of her shots for 25 points. Vanessa keep saying it's ma's spirit as to why Julia is scoring so much. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Julia talks in Spanish with no interpretation. Austin scores 15 points on his turn. Steve scores 5 points because Vanessa was annoying him. Vanessa scores 5 points on her first shot & misses her second shot.


10:38 PM BBT Julia scores 5 points. Liz scores 10 points. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Julia tells everyone that they cheated one time when they tied. Austin makes 10 points on his turn. Vanessa says, that's actually funny. Vanessa is bothering Steve & he's getting upset. He misses both of his shots. He tells Vanessa she's being mean. He says, he's not going to predict zero for her because he's not an asshole. Vanessa misses both of her shots.


10:41 PM BBT Julia misses her next two shots. Austin says, "A rare zero." Liz scores 5 points on her next turn. Vanessa makes 10 points on her second shot. Liz says, if her or Julia are going to get called to the DR they need to know 10 minutes ahead to do their make-up. (They aren't going to wait for them.) Austin misses his next two shots. Steve scores 10 points on his turn. Vanessa misses her two shots for John's turn.


10:43 PM BBT Liz is holding Austin from behind. Julia misses her two shots. Liz misses her next two shots & says, the set-up is off center. They do a commercial. Vanessa misses her two shots. Austin scores 10 points on his turn. Steve says, 10 points is a successful turn. Steve misses his next two shots. Vanessa gets up to take John's turn. She says, she's going a lot. She misses both shots.


10:45 PM BBT Liz tells Julia it's her turn & her microphone is obstructed by Austin. Julia misses both shots. Liz scores 10 points on her next turn. Steve left his cookie & orange juice laying around. Steve says, he will take care of it after the game. Vanessa tells him she's worried about him. She misses both of her shots. Austin misses both of his shots. Austin & Julia have a 70 point lead. Austin says, that's not good enough. Steve misses his two shots. John comes out of DR & asks how they are doing. John misses his first shot & makes his second shot.


10:48 PM BBT Julia missed her next two shots. Liz misses hers as well. Vanessa tells John he can go for a while since she took his turn. Vanessa does an Irish Spring commercial. Liz is fixing the set-up. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Austin misses both of his shots as well. Steve says, "As expected." Steve misses his first shot & makes his second one. Vanessa asks John if they used cocaine on people's gums? John says, not anymore. Julia says, cocaine used to be in Coca Cola. John makes his second shot.


10:51 PM BBT Julia scores 10 points on her turn. Liz scores 10 points on her turn. Austin says, "As unexpected." Liz says, "As expected, I've been doing good you asshole." Vanessa scores 10 points on her turn. Austin misses both of his shots. Steve misses both of his shots. John misses both of his shots.


10:53 PM BBT Julia makes both of her shots for 20 points. Liz is jealous & keeps being mean to her, as she misses both of her shots. Vanessa tells her she's happy for her. Vanessa makes her second shot, scoring 5 points. Julia does a 7th Generation commercial. Austin scores 15 points on his turn. They do an Irish Spring commercial. Steve misses his first shot & makes his second one. Julia does another 7th Generation commercial. John makes his first shot & misses his second one.


10:55 PM BBT Julia makes both of her shots. Austin says, it's Glory Hole time. Julia tells him to shut-up because they are having a good time. Liz misses both of her shots. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Austin makes his first shot, scoring 20 points, but he misses his second shot. Julia is playing with the ends of her hair. Steve misses both of his shots. Liz gets called to the DR. Liz says, "That's going to be 10 minutes, I told you to give me some time, now I have to do my make-up." Julia tells her not to be a brat. John misses his next two shots.


10:57 PM BBT Julia makes her next two shots. Steve makes his first shot, scoring 5 points. Vanessa misses both of her shots. Austin makes his second shot for 5 points. Julia says, they need to wait for Liz to be out for the Glory Hole. Vanessa & John want to concede. Steve scores 10 points on his second shot. Liz says, if they make the Glory Hole they win the game. Austin says, now they are back to that? John makes 15 points on his first shot & misses his second shot. Glory Hole time.


10:59 PM BBT Julia says, they can't have chocolate wars now. They clean up the bowls & pans to get ready for the Glory Hole round. John is ready to take his 10 shots. John misses the first 5 shots. John makes the 6th shot for 50 points. He misses the other 4 shots.


11:02 PM BBT Austin says, they just lost grandma's ashes. Steve says, he misses her & misses pelting her with chocolates. Vanessa is next to take her 10 shots. Steve says, she's 2 Glory Hole's away from the lead. Vanessa misses her first 5 shots. She misses her next 5 shots also for a score of zero.


11:04 PM BBT Austin wants to go next because they have the lead. He makes his 2nd shot, 4th shot, 5th shot, 6th shot, & 9th shot. He just scored 250 points. Austin says, he found a system of going underhand.


11:05 PM BBT Liz comes out of the WA, & still has not gone to the DR. Steve wants them to look at the scoreboard. Julia tells Liz she has to go to the DR. Liz misses all 10 of her shots, even though she actually takes 11 shots, but they don't catch it. Liz runs to get earrings on to go to the DR.


11:08 PM BBT Julia makes her 2nd shot for 50 points. She says, "I made one, I'm happy with that." Steve comes up with a new system to make a Chex with a dot showing 100 points. Steve & Julia have 605 points total.


11:10 PM BBT Julia & Austin have 605 points, Steve & Liz have 160 points, & Vanessa & John have 195 points. Steve makes his 5th & 6th shots for 100 points. Third place with 195 is Vanessa & John. In second place with 260 is Steve & Liz. In first place is Steve & Julia with 605 points.

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