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  1. 4:30PM The Six Minus Neda have a Conference. Sindy tells Bruno she told Ika that she trusts Bruno "so much." Bruno: "Good." Sindy: "They [Demetres and Ika} really like you. I said we [The Six] are all going to have different targets and have to respect whoever is HoH." Sindy says Neda defends keeping Dillon and Emily, saying Neda feels like "They are only going after Ika &Demetres." Sindy tells Bruno that Ika got upset with Neda because she wont support her going after Dillon and Emily if she wins HoH. Sindy: "They [Ika&Demetres] are doing what they said. They are divertin
  2. 2:30PM BBT: Liz: "Either Steve or Austin is coming after me." Julia: "I feel like 100% Steve and Austin have a Final Two deal." Liz: "Seriously? No way." Julia: "Who do you think Austin is bringing to the finals?" Liz: "I don't know, probably Vanessa." Julia: "I feel like one of us leaving is best for our game anyways. We're not a threat anymore. I wish you and Austin weren't a thing. If Austin was gone and it was us two, you would 100% be the one to stay. I'm just worried that you and Austin are 100% going to be nominated again." Liz: "From here on out, with me, if I don't win I'm going on th
  3. 1:31PM BBT:: Godfrey and Sindy talked about sticking together if they make it through the week. Sindy said that she does not trust Bobby at all. Godfrey said she shouldn't trust Bobby, it seems like he wants her out. Sindy said if Bobby wins the PoV she'll call him out if he wins the veto, saying that he is her target. Sindy doen't believe that Bobby has a secret PoV veto that he claimed to find in the vault, but only told her about it after the timer ran out. Sindy said that Bobby told her that he did this so that she would not push the button. 2:00PM BBT:: Godfrey told Bobby and Bruno that
  4. It looks like the SSB alliance is already over. Brittnee and Sarah agree they're not putting their neck on the line for Sindy. 12:25AM BBT: Bobby tells Ashleigh: "Sindy's a big target, Godfrey's a big target. You guys can take them out in whatever order you want." Bobby says he was the last person they approached about the flip so he doesn't feel too good about them. In the HoH room, Pili tells Kevin that she wants to make the best move for them and Ashleigh and Zach. After some snogging, Kevin and Pilar break out the M&Ms to do some strategic planning. Pilar asks Kevin who flipped th
  5. Willow tells Bobby that it was a smart move to vote out JP, Willow tells Bobby she still tight to him and Bruno. Willow asks if he thinks they're still good with Zach. Bobby tells her that he hopes so, "It's not like it was just me and Bruno, clearly everyone was scared of JP." Willow: "It was a smart move, if you are going to put your best friend on the block, why not take a shot at them?" Willow says she wants to wring Sindy's neck for lying to her. She tells Bobby, Kevin and Sarah that Sindy said it was Kevin that voted JP out, and Sindy told Kevin it was Willow. Bobby tells Bruno, Ke
  6. Donald Trump on 'Brutal' New Season of 'Celebrity Apprentice' Donald Trump, executive producer and star of NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice,” announced on TODAY this morning the new and exciting lineup of famous faces that will compete in the seventh installment of the series. The new season will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 4 from 9-11p.m. ET/PT before settling in its
  7. After spending an entire season moping over her dead husband Matthew and then setting Blake (Julian Ovenden) off against Gillingham (Tom Cullen), it really is about time that Lady Mary (Michelle Dockery) committed to one man. This year, Dockery promises that Mary will start to move forward. "Mary will never get over the death of her husband," she says, in her trailer on lunch break in a dressing gown and hairnet, "but she wants to experience things — she wants to experience another man again." And by experience, she means… exactly what you think. At first, at least, it seems that she has final
  8. AMERICAN IDOL Season 5 Finalist Chris Daughtry recorded the theme to UTOPIA. You can download the MP3 of it here: https://app.box.com/s/vidduwusa8hdtujrvkhh It’s a little rock, a little pop -- a great addition to the American Idol alum’s sound. Listen to the song above, and check out the lyrics below. (As Daughtry sings, “That’s a good place to start.”) Hear his sweet voice again when UTOPIA premieres this Sunday, Sept. 7! Chris Daughtry is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the rock band Daughtry and as the fourth-place contestant on the fifth season of American Idol. After h
  9. Joan Rivers -- who made the world laugh for over 50 years with her jokes, put-downs and one-liners -- has died in NYC ... a week after her heart suddenly stopped beating during vocal cord surgery. She was 81. Joan's daughter Melissa Rivers took her mom off life support so she could pass comfortably in a private room. The death has been reported to the NYC Medical Examiner's Office -- and officials tell TMZ the office will open an investigation to determine cause of death. Melissa just issued a statement saying, "It is with great sadness that I announce the death of my mother, Joan Rivers."
  10. Utopia has no prize, few rules and little of the highly structured, tension-building design of a standard reality TV show. That doesn't mean Fox's experiment in society-building (Sunday, 8 p.m. ET/PT), based on a Dutch series from Big Brother creator John de Mol, has lacked drama. In just the first weekend of production, Utopia's 130 robotic cameras have recorded one participant coming dangerously close to expulsion after an alcohol-fueled outburst; another being treated for dehydration; a third threatening to leave after an argument over a chicken; and two more, a preacher and a former inm
  11. CBS has just dropped huge Big Brother 16 spoilers on us! We now know who are the first 8 Houseguests in to the house on premiere night and by extension who will be the second group on Thursday. Not only that we get to see the first Big Brother Head of Household competition as well! Julie Chen is there hosting the first HoH comp, an endurance battle, which is a repeat of the Bull In A China Shop comp from last season. HGs are playing it as “Go Fly A Kite” this season and it’s them holding on to a rope and walking along the rolling barrel. Last player standing wins HoH for Group 1. We still do
  12. Denzel Mwiyeretsi, one of Uganda's last BBA representative The ninth edition of Africa’s biggest reality series, Big Brother Africa, kicks off in September. To dispel earlier gossip that countries would be represented by people who had participated before, the organisers came out to clear the air, saying there would be new faces, and now fresh auditions are here. Uganda auditions will take place on July 7 and 8, at Kampala Sheraton hotel. Unlike in previous years, this year’s entry process is slightly different, as potential housemates are invited to come in their numbers for auditions in thei
  13. Ariana Grande is used to paparazzi following her every move, but now her half brother Frankie is the one who will have cameras on him 24 hours a day as a contestant on the new season of Big Brother. "I've always said I was funny and I should have my own reality show," Frankie, 31, tells PEOPLE of what inspired him to audition for the CBS reality competition's 16th season. "And then I thought, 'Maybe I should be on somebody else's show!' " While he initially auditioned for Survivor, a chance meeting with a Big Brother casting director led to Frankie becoming one of the 16 contestants competin

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