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Sunday, September 6 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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11:14 PM BBT After the game, John heads out to the BY and finds a spot by the HT and soaks his feet.  Julia and Liz come out to the BY couches.  The twins are smoking.... Julia calls is a “Jason ceremony.”  Liz asks Austin if he minds if she has a cigarette.  Steve tells Liz that if it makes her happy and it doesn’t hurt anyone, she should go ahead and do it.  Liz talks about tomorrow being epic. 


11:17 PM BBT Vanessa has gone inside to the CBR and turned the lights out.  Steve goes into CBR and asks Vanessa if she is in bed.  Vanessa tells him she has bad cramps and is just laying down for a little bit.  Steve is suspicious that she is up to something and tells her she is not allowed to do it to him.  Vanessa says she won’t do it then.  Steve says not to be mean and Vanessa asks him if his pranks are mean.  Steve tries to get her to tell him what she was planning to do.  She wants him to turn the light out, and he does but then she calls him “banana face” and he comes back and turns it on and leaves.  Steve returns and turns the light off again before going finally.


11:20 PM BBT Steve has joined the twins on the BY couch.  John and Austin are sitting by the HT and talking about “dipping” [taking a pinch of smokeless tobacco and holding it between the bottom lip and gums].  John says he can tell when someone dips because it leaves a white spot in their mouth.  He talks about the cancer risk. 


11:25 PM BBT Julia joins John and Austin at the HT.  John is talking about Gatorade and that you shouldn’t drink it unless you are working out because it can mess up your kidneys. 


11:29 PM BBT Liz is in the WA vigorously brushing her teeth.  Steve has joined Julia, John, and Austin around the HT.  They are talking about veneers.


11:31 PM BBT Austin and Liz are in the KT hugging and kissing.  By the HT, Julia, John, and Steve are talking about casting. Julia asks Steve if they thought it was weird that they didn’t see Liz.  Steve says no one saw Liz, Audrey or Austin.  Steve says he would like to know what Julia went through the week before.  John says “you guys keep talking about it” and then says “shhh”.  Liz joins them at the HT.


11:34 PM BBT John, Julia and Liz ask Steve who is his type....who is his celebrity crush.  Steve says he can’t judge his attraction to someone without meeting them.  John says you can’t meet them, just pick one, and Steve says Emma Watson.  He mentions that she is a Brown graduate.  Steve talks about different colleges he applied to.


11:40 PM BBT Liz and Austin play pool.  John and Julia are still sitting by the HT talking about competitions.  Julia says she has only played in three vetos.  John has only missed 3 vetos. 


11:43 PM BBT Liz is getting frustrated playing pool.  She tells Austin she doesn’t like playing him in anything.  She makes a couple of shots and seems happier.  John and Julia are talking about HOH competitions.  Julia says she thought that live feeders can’t watch HOH competitions because then they have to watch the show. John says they can...the endurance comps.  Julia asks if live feeders got to watch “On the Edge” and John says yes.  Steve comes back to the HT as Julia leaves to go inside.  Steve comments on the pool being green.


11:48 PM BBT Steve is watching Liz and Austin playing pool.  John and Julia are soaking their feet in the HT and talking about “Lost.” 


11:51 PM BBT Steve goes back to the HT to join John and Julia.  Conversation turns to Game of Thrones.


11:55 PM BBT Liz and Austin are close to finishing their game of pool.  Liz wins. Austin congratulates her and demands a hug.  She makes him chase her.  They head to the hammock to cuddle. 


11:57 PM BBT Liz complains that Austin never wants to hammock with her anymore.  He wants to play chess or pool and doesn’t want to hang out with her.  Austin says that’s not true.  He only wants to hang out with her.  He tells her he missed her so much yesterday. 

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