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Monday, August 31 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


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12:09 AM BBT Meg and James have joined the rest of the house at the chess board.  Austin and Johnny are now playing chess.  Vanessa continues to give Austin pointers.  Johnny plays aggressively and Austin is shocked.


12:12 AM BBT Austin wins the first game.  Johnny was playing aggressively with his King.  Austin commends him on his game because he wasn't expecting it.  Vanessa agrees she's never seen a strategy like that played either.  Steve heads down to SR.


12:17 AM BBT Meg and James head back out to play pool.  Meg comments that it's just awkward now with everyone.  FoTH.  Feeds back quickly.  James continues to offer tips to Meg on her pool game.  Meg says he's a good teacher.  Austin and Johnny continue to play chess.  


12:21 AM BBT Steve asks where Liz went.  Julia says his (Austin's) real Queen has left him to go shower.  Chess continues up on the skybridge with everyone present except for James and Meg whom are in the BY playing pool.


12:26 AM BBT Johnny and Austin continue to play chess, the game is tied.  Down in the BY James and Meg start a new game.  James says Meg has the concepts down and he wants to play a real game with her.  She agrees.


12:33 AM BBT Meg wants to get a pool table when she gets home.  Lots of griping at Steve coming from Julia and Austin and occasionally Vanessa at the chess board.  Steve is apparently being annoying.  Julia keeps repeatedly saying "Steve..." after almost everything he says.


12:43 AM BBT Nothing new to report.  Chess continues on the sky bridge and pool continues in the BY.  Austin is beating Johnny but is frustrated because Johnny plays aggressively and unpredictably.  Steve is over using the phrase "Very sneaky..." and gets scolded by Julia and Austin and occasionally Vanessa.  But once the phrase hasn't been used for a bit, Julia and Austin will use it and it will be fine.


12:50 AM BBT Vanessa asks Steve if he's going downstairs to get something.  She asks him to walk out and get her some water from outside.  She's afraid of getting cornered.


12:51 AM BBT Liz is out of the shower and offers to go get some water for Vanessa.  Julia says Liz isn't scared.  Vanessa says she's not scared either she just doesn't want to talk game to them because she's tired.


12:55 AM BBT Chess feeds switch to Liz and Vanessa in the HOH.  Vanessa wonders what she should say with them.  Liz says Austin just listened and stuck with his own plan which is what she needs to do.  She wonders how to end the conversation if it starts otherwise they will just sit there and go on and on and on.


01:02 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz continue to chat in the HOH.  Vanessa and Liz agree that they doubt James and Meg would try to throw the next HOH if it's offered as a deal.  Vanessa is going to try and go to bed.  Liz wishes her a good night.  Steve comes in and Vanessa explains to him that she's going to bed and that she doesn't want to scamper tonight.  Steve says he tried to make Meg feel part of the group a bit ago.


01:07 AM BBT Meg continues to get pointers from James about the game of pool in the BY.  Up in the HOH Vanessa hashes out her speech for tomorrow.  Steve tells her just to relax and not worry about things.  Steve wants to go so it's not super suspicious.  They both agree that they want to be friendly to Meg but if she chooses to ostracize herself from the group then it's her.  Steve leaves and turns out the light for her.  Vanessa turns on the spyscreen.


01:14 AM BBT Steve rejoins Johnny and Austin's game of chess with Julia watching.  Meg and James continue to play pool in the BY.


01:23 AM BBT Austin finally beat Johnny at chess.  Steve goes in to check on Vanessa.  She wants to try and sleep that way she is asleep if they come in.  Vanessa tells Steve goodnight and she'll see him in the AM.  Meg and James continue play pool in the BY.  


01:25 AM BBT Austin and Liz cuddle in the OBR while Johnny heads outside.  Steve comes in and they stop.  James tells Johnny he needs to play Meg at pool because she's getting good.


01:30 AM BBT Austin and Liz go back to tickling and making out in the OBR.  James heads in to "blow up" the toilet.  Steve is going to run, swim, shower and probably scamper.


01:32 AM BBT Meg heads up to the HOH and knocks on the door and says "I'm sorry I always catch you when you're sleeping!"  Vanessa says it's probably because she sleeps a lot.  Meg is sorry.  Vanessa tells her not to worry about it.  Meg says they are getting down to the wire and her back is against the wall.  Meg has the sense that Vanessa wants her to go "well...not go...but Meg has ideas why she should be kept."  Vanessa will hear her out.  Meg would throw HOH which she herself wouldn't expect to win anyway.


01:34 AM BBT Meg says she could control the vote a bit she believes by convincing James to keep Vanessa if she was on the block.  Vanessa believes her with that and that she knows her word is good in the game.  Meg says she's talked to James and that if James wins HOH she (Vanessa) will not go up.  But Meg would instead.  Vanessa wonders why.  Meg says because she wants one more week and James will do what Meg wants.  Meg says James will absolutely do it.


01:42 AM Vanessa would like to sleep on it.  She says it's a great deal but she doesn't understand why Meg would do that.  Meg says it's a good deal.  Vanessa says she's concerned that she didn't keep a deal with James and that he may be upset with her still.  She tells Meg to send James up after music in the morning.  Meg says she'd rather go home next week after being saved this week by Vanessa.  If James doesn't adhere to her deal with Vanessa then he would be going back on a deal with her (Meg) which is not ok.


01:45 AM BBT Vanessa says she doesn't know James and Meg all that well so she isn't sure.  Austin and she (Vanessa) have been through some stuff.  Vanessa asks Meg if she realizes that she and James will be back on the block again in the future.  Meg realizes this.  Vanessa says this wasn't the way things were supposed to go this week because James won veto.  Out in the BY Steve and Johnny Mac chat, quizzing each other on events.


01:49 AM BBT Vanessa wants to sleep on it.  She's very impressed that Meg came up with it and she says it's pretty much the strongest offer she could have made.  Meg assures Vanessa that if James wins HOH that she (Meg) will go up on the block.  If James were to go back on his word to Meg and put Vanessa up then Meg would vote to keep Vanessa.  Meg understands throwing the HOH wouldn't have been the best offer.  Meg assures Vanessa that she will throw the HOH and rehashes that James will not put her up (Vanessa) front door or back door.


02:00 AM BBT Vanessa this really is an appealing offer for her.  She wonders who would go up in James' place.  Meg has heard that people would be ok with Johnny.  Vanessa will think about it.  Meg will send James up in the morning.  Meg says James expects to be on the block every week moving forward and is planning on winning vetos.  Vanessa says he's a skillful guy and is impressed with him.  Out in the BY Johnny and Steve continue to run dates of previous events.  Meg heads out and turns the lights off for Vanessa.


02:04 AM Meg heads outside briefly before heading back inside.  Austin has joined Steve and Johnny in the BY.  Talk turns to video games.  Meg goes into HNR and gets James and asks him if he needs to brush his teeth.  They head into the SR instead.  Meg says she just blew Vanessa's mind.  Meg tells James that Vanessa is worried about James' side of the deal but he's supposed to go talk to her tomorrow after the music.  James wonders who would go up instead.  Meg says Johnny.  James agrees the votes would be there to keep Meg.  Meg says next week is a double eviction so Vanessa could be safe for a week and then be targeted immediately.  Meg begins to rehash the conversation with her.


02:08 AM BBT Steve, Johnny and Austin continue to chat about video games in the BY.


02:21 AM BBT Meg and James continue to talk in the SR hoping that they can pull this off.  Meg reassured James that she didn't tell her that he would throw the HOH but he can't front door or back door her.  Out in the BY talk continues about video games with Steve and Austin leading the conversation.  Video game primarily is about Mario Party and Legend of Zelda.  Conversation briefly jumps to BB1 before going back to video games.


02:27 AM BBT Meg and James agree that Vanessa wants someone to take out Austin and the twins but she won't say it.    They think she has a final 2 deal with Steve.  Idle chit chat in the BY between Steve, Austin and Johnny about video games.


02:31 AM BBT James and Meg head into the WA and Meg begins to brush her teeth.  James says if Vanessa still puts Julia up then...  Meg agrees and says it gives him more of a reason to go after her.


02:35 AM BBT Meg and James climb into the shower clothed to wash the bottom of their feet.  James playfully jokes around asking her what she's doing and telling her to calm down.  James laughs saying he should have taken his shirt off to make it look like they were showering together.


02:39 AM BBT Meg into the darkened OBR to get her pajama pants.  She and James head back to WA.  Meg into WC to change.  Out in the BY video game chat continues.  They've talked everything from Atari, to Sega CD to Nintendo 64 and even some PC gaming.


02:45 AM BBT James and Meg head into the darkened HNR and James unhooks her bra through the back of her shirt in one try.  He and she both laugh.  James says he wanted to see if he still had it.


02:53 AM BBT Meg and James in HNR whispering, James being James by being flirty with Meg causing her to giggle.  Out in the BY Austin, Steve and Johnny continue to chat.  Johnny heading in for a moment.  He'll be right back.


02:58 AM BBT Johnny back and talk turns to how James and Meg are going to be all over them about getting votes.  Johnny plans on telling them that they didn't vote to save him last week so tough.


03:03 AM BBT Steve heads into use WC.  Johnny and Austin now chatting about previous comps.  In the HNR James continues to whisper to Meg.  He wants to move their relationship further from a six to a seven.  "Oh my God..." Meg says while laughing.  James wants to offer several reasons why he and Meg should "camp together".  Meg just laughs softly, saying "Oh my God.  He's crazy...he's lost it"  James says it's been a lot of dates.  He's just sayin'. 


03:05 AM BBT Austin, Steve and Johnny all agree to say that they had to agree to vote out Meg otherwise they would have ended up on the block next to her.


03:11 AM BBT James plays with floss while in his chair in the HNR.  Out in the BY talk has turned to previous comps that they've all competed in.


03:19 AM BBT James and Meg begin to tire out.  James asks Meg "Did you take your meds?  Did you take your contacts out?  How about your birth control?"  Meg grumbles and laughs.  The BY party breaks up.  Johnny wants to go to bed.  Austin agrees.  They head in.  Steve says he's going to take a shower first.


03:23 AM BBT Johnny Mac into HNR and gets in his chair.  


03:28 AM BBT All four feeds currently display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  Austin leans over and kisses Liz briefly.  Otherwise quiet.  Steve should be in the shower.


03:49 AM BBT All four feeds continue to show horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.  It is presumed we can hear Steve's mic on as the occasional sound can be heard (running water, etc...) , but no feeds currently display him.

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2:45 - 3:00 AM BBT - [Flashback--pretty cute and funny] Meg and James are having "pillow talk" in the dentist chairs.  James offers her a pillow and swats her jokingly that she wants it.  He asks her to wake him up when she gets up.  He tells her, "those eyes man, they're dangerous and the pillow too."  He's teasing her about giving her the pillow and she jokes about wanting to cuddle it.  She does motions of cuddling a pillow and James tells her that she looks like she's having a seizure!  James said that it would be kind of hard for them to cuddle in those chairs and that it would be hard but they could try.  She said that she's not a good cuddler.  He says that he feels sorry for her boyfriends.  She says that she's a blast.    If you were my girlfriend, how would you be a blast.  She said that she's fun and goes above and beyond.  He asks her if she's just messing with him.  As a girlfriend she would be so much.  Would she be spontaneous and down for trying new things.  He says, jeez Meg, it doesn't have to be about sex.  She plans a lot of fun things.  She says that she's a very fun girlfriend and James was like damn.  She says that she's not usually a girlfriend.  He asks what are you a friend with benefits?  She calls them "dude friends."  It's kind of a joke.  Meg hopes that people aren't watching and James says that they are watching and laughing [yes we are!]  A dude friend is someone you go out with and have fun on dates.  So she explains the four stages with her fingers, Going out, Dating, Dude Friend, Boyfriend.  James asks, "Where am I at on this?  and tells her to point at the finger.  She tells him that he's totally at a different stage, way over there.  James says, I'm over here and we skipped all these levels, my question is when does the "camping" come in?  How did I skip all these stages and get way over here and not get any camping?  He tells her that she jipped him..

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3:03 AM - James is negotiating with Meg about if they both are in jury and how can he get to the "camping" stage.  He points to the fingers and says how does he gets back there?  He's asking her for some hope, just like 2 times even if she doesn't mean it!  [James is working it]  If anyone has a chance at camping, this guy.  Been together for 98 days, they are best friends, they've had each other's backs, double solid, and they've been on a lot of dates.  Slop dates, tennis chair dates, shower date washing their feet.  Meg tells her microphone that he's crazy and has lost it.  James said, Bro-Dude and she corrects him with Dude Friend but tells him that he can't bring it up.  James says that he's starting to see the real Meg.  He finishes up negotiations with that she'll be in NY and he'll be in TX so that it won't matter.  He tells her to just sleep on it!


3:15 AM BBT - James asks to hold his hand and she declines.  James says, "Good night, Baby!"  She cracks up.  At level 6, I can go from Sweetheart to Baby now.  She's like, Oh my God.  Baby is like here (finger 5) and he says that it doesn't matter because he's way over here.  He asks why she won't say good night.  She says it's because he didn't call her the right name.  So, he says, Good night, Baby again...then says, Good night Sweetheart.  She says good night, sugar muffin.


3:19 AM BBT - James turns and asks Meg if she took her meds.  She nods.  He asks her if she took her contacts out.  She nods.  He then asks her if she took her birth control and they both giggled.

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448AM BBT  Johnny Mac gets up to go to WC.  He almost fell off his chair.  Liz is restless.  Johnny Mac washes his hands, leaves WA to return to HN room.  He lays down n his stomach, has no covers on him.   

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9:00am BBT: Lights are still out in the BB house as Hg are still sleeping.

9:33am BBT: HG still sound asleep.
9:37am BBT: We now have FOTH this could be their wake up call as BB called Vanessa to the DR.
 9:50am BBT: James is going to the OBR where meg is and talking about doing the pov. James heads to the Kt then looks outside, He heads up the stairs and ask if Vanessa is up there. Steve says i do not think so, I did not see her come out. Bb then says Vanessa please  relocate your transmitter. Vanessa is laying in the HOH bed. James heads up to HOH rm.
 9:54pm BBT: James goes in and Vanessa says meg came up lastnight with a good offer and it is a good offer if i can believe it. James says yeah that was my thought. Vanessa says it is a good offer  and I want to believe it so is it a good thing and do i believe her or not so i told her i would talk to you about it. James says i am just coming up here and we get FOTH.
9:56pm BBT: James telling Vanessa that if he wins he will keep her off the block and i do not want to see meg go home i want her here with me and  she is no threat. Vanessa says if you and meg stay together then you two will always be put up together cause you are strong. She ask are you willing to make these deals if i can not promise she will stay? James says i know i will be going up again and i am basically doing this for meg and i told her i would try to keep her here one more week.
9:59pm BBT: James says i just want you to know that if she stays you know we will work with you and i will not break deals or do anything crazy. I promised meg i would talk to you and she does  does not want to go home this week so i promised her i would talk to you cause she feels like it is my fault  she is going home and it kinda is. Vanessa says why because you won? James says yeah
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10:01am BBT: Vanessa says i do believe you James I do but this is what i think it is like first of all you are in the exact same spot in the house that I am and if she goes she goes and there are groups left in this house that are identifiable and you know who they are and you and I are alone in this house. People are going to get in a mind set that if there are duo's then people will try to break those up and if meg goes you wont be a duo anymore and i think it is better for your game. Vanessa says i think meg is a very cool person and i would love to hang out with her and I love her.

10:05pm BBT: Vanessa says i put you up together and i always thought you would stay . Vanessa says I do believe you but this is a one week thing so what happens the next week? She goes on about how it would benefit her if Meg stays and She says everyone respects you in this house and you have come out of really tough  situations like sending home Shelli and clay  and you came out good in that.
10:08am BBT: Vanessa says i think i need to do what i need to do here and it still is not safe for me next week at all and i need to make myself safe. James just keeps saying yeah. Vanessa says i will say also that i think things in the house  will change next week cause things are going to happen that i did not see either and i am not sure what it is but i know that people are going to play safe and i know i will be saying the same to the HOh next week and it will be scary like people think it is super scary in the house now. She says I am sorry if i hurt your feeling and i tried to do this with  as much class as I know how but i am not perfect.
10:11am BBT: Vanessa says i want you to see i am alone in this house and i had to break up a duo and i want you to see that and I think you will be stronger  if meg leaves. You are strong but meg has won no comps you see? I really hope you see that cause it is really not [personal and if i go to jury and you are there i will be your friend cause i like hanging out with you. 
10:14am BBT: Vanessa tells James that she could not put Austin or the twins up cause she is so close to them and she knows they will stick together and I know it is better for his game to get John out but it is not good for my game and when i leave this house i will be good friends with him and hang out with him you know what I mean? Vanessa says ok if you win HOh and you have a good chance and  i know you will and i hope you keep this in mind that you use your own mind cause i trust in this game  as long as you do not cross me.
10:17am BBT: Vanessa is going on about Austin and the twins being close and she says i might be Austins number 4 but probably not it could be Steve as he is close to Austin too. James says yeah. Vanessa says i appreciate you talking to me and i thought about it for two hours lastnight and i have to do what i have to do and we get foth.
10:21am BBT: James says i just want to spend as much time with Meg as i can before she goes and Vanessa ask if there is anything  she can say in her speech to make it easier on meg so she does not feel so bad? James says just maybe tell her that she has some hope to stay so she doesn't  feel so sad all week and I do not want to go down there and tell her that she is going. 
10:25pm BBT: Vanessa talking about she does not want everyone mad in the jury house and i have had to make alot of moves in this house and it is a tough game in here and if i make it to finals i hope people looks at it like a strategic move and i wish i had friends in here but i don't i been alone but i am gay and  it made it rough in here. 
10:27am BBT: BB calls Vanessa to the dr so James leaves and goes down stairs. Julia and meg in the Wa doing ADL's.
 10:34am BBT: Vanessa comes into the HOH rm and Vanessa says so  here is the thing i stayed up for 2 hours lastnight thinking about what you said and it was almost to good to be true and i actually believe James will do this  so if i do this i will be left with a duo and a trio and i can not piss anyone else off cause i already pissed you two off and johnny Mack off so games wise it is not a good play and i have more respect for you than anyone else in this house and i really like you but i do not know what to do and this is not personal  and I do not want to blind side you but i can say it will be a replacement nom you will not like but i have to finish the job.
10:37am BBT: Vanessa says just please do not stop fighting but after noms it is out of my hands so just fight for it. Meg says ok and starts crying and starts to leave the HOh rm. Vanessa says meg i thought about this seriously and i  thought about BB and what i know about game play and so i thought it was safe to finish the job and i started.
10:40am BBT: Meg says i do not think you understand i and i feel like you are making the wrong move i know i am not supposed to leave like this. Vanessa says i understand but i can not get any more blood on my hands. meg says i understand but you could have it better if you got rid of  two people then you would have two people on your side and  before i would have thought this was a good game  move but you are making a bad game move. Vanessa says i have one more reason for you and i think if i leave you in the house over john or Steve then i have  loo at who i will go home over and i think i have a better chance with them than i do you.
 10:43am BBT: Vanessa says i Just want to give you A big hug and say i am sorry i am sorry i am sorry and that's it. meg says that's ok and leaves the HOh rm crying.
10:47am BBT: Meg is in the OBR going through her things then goes to the HNBR where James is standing just watching her go lay down and cry. Austin and Liz in the KT making breakfast.
10:52am BBT: James talking to Meg in the HNBR. James says Vanessa is saying that we are the easiest couple to go after she is scared of going after austin and so we was the easiest. She said that if she took Johnny Mack out then she would have two people pissed at her and she didn't want that but I feel like Johnny Mack and Steve are together and she will not go after them. Meg says it is ok i am over it. James says as long as you and I are together we will always go up together.
10:56am BBT: meg is  sitting in her dentist chair crying, James going through his things . James changes clothes. Johnny Mack sitting in the  BY alone.
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11:01am BBT: Meg still crying in the HNBR James in the chair beside her silent. BB says Please lower the outside awnings and Austin and johnny Mack yell then get up to lower them.


11:06am BBT: Meg tells James as she is crying I can not even fight to stay here. BB calls James to the DR. He ask Meg you going to be ok? Meg shakes her head yeah. James says ok be tough  out there be tough. James takes a deep breath and heads to the DR.


 11:08am BBT: Most hg in the Kt making food, Meg heads to the wc and BB says this is a lock down and we get FOTH then Jeff Reels as  Hg do the POV ceremony.

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11:45PM BBT Feeds are back. James is telling Meg it was a hard decision for him. It really was. he says he wanted to use the veto on her. Meg tells him she wouldn't have taken it.


11:52 AM BBT Julia is the renomination. Vanessa talking about how all of the HG faces look terrified when she said she only had 5 f them to choose from.


11:47AM BBT Meg and James talk. Meg says that she hates that Vanessa says to her that she is the type of girl she would hang out with at home. Mg says Vanessa is nothing like her friends. She also hates that she has kissed Vanessa's butt for 2 days. James reminds here that she did it for the game.


12:10PM BBT In the KT Austin and John talking about chess. Meg is hoping that they don't have to be in athletic wear on Thursday.

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12:12PM BBT Julia talks about how awkward it is being in the HN room with James and Meg. Vanessa asks her how she is going with the food. Julia tells her the food is awful. Vanessa says "really"?


12:20PM BBT In the KT the HG discuss the last names of the HG. Julia says that she can't remembers Audrey's last name but remembers it being a really common name.


12:33PM BBT Liz and Julia talk in the SR. Liz tells Julia that James isn't even going to campaign for Meg. Julia says that she is going to talk to Meg and tell her that she is an amazing person and that she isn't going to campaign against her. She says she will tell her that she hopes they can do this amicably.

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12:35PM BBT Julia goes into the HBN room. She tells Meg that this sucks. Meg tells her that it will be fine for her. Meg says there isn't much she can do. She tells Julia to do what she needs to do. Meg tells Julia that she has nothing against her. Julia says the same.


12:37PM BBT Austin and Vanessa in the KT. She is asking where each of the others. She tells Austin that James isn't going to campaign for her. He feels it is better for his game that she is gone. He feels he will always be on the block with her. Julia comes out and tells them that she just talked to Meg.


12:42PM BBT Vanessa checks with John that he will keep Julia. He says yes he will. Vanessa tells John how great it is that James isn't going to campaign. She says that he sees it is bad for his game.


12:43PM BBT Vanessa tells John it was really tough putting up Meg. She was crying and begging Vanessa not to do it. Vanessa says it almost makes you want to cry yourself.

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12:48PM BBT Austin tells the twins in the BY that he and Steve and John are buddies now. he says they had a hammock date until 3AM. Austin tells the girls that he would do this for them.


12:54PM BBT James and Meg talk about how to go about talking to Steve and John. The twins talk about that Vanessa told Meg straight out that she was going out. The twins talk about that it isn't their fault Meg is going.

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1:06PM BBT Austin heads off to exercise. Liz asks for a kiss before he leaves. Julia  tells them to stop being so cute. Julia starts talking about her talk with Meg. Liz says that is she hears Meg say one thing about Julia then she will go after her. Julia tells her no. Liz says that she is going to threaten Meg with that she tried to flip the vote on Steve. Julia tells her that is too bitchy.


1:12PM BBT Julia telling Liz that James has no respect. She is trying to sleep in the HN room and James is talking. Liz says that she hates that James calls her woman and tells her to make him a sandwich.


1:22PM BBT Austin and John are working out. James, Meg and the twins are general chit chatting about slop and such.

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1:37PM BBT We currently have FOTH. Not sure reason why. Everyone was just general chit chatting.


1:45PM BBT Austin and John continue to work out. Liz and Julia asked James questions about his cat and wondering if Gizmo misses James.


1:55PM BBT The twins, James and Meg are calling out to Austin to put more weight on the bar. They are yelling they can smell him from the other side of the yard. John gets up to work out and they erupt in cheers. Austin yells out to Liz that he has no water and she isn't doing her job.


1:59PM BBT Austin kicks a stuffed whale. Liz goes up and tells him to stop. He hugs her from behind and the HG tell her that her back is all wet from his sweat. She goes into the pool to get rid of it.

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2:16PM BBT We are getting FOTH off and on as the Hg discuss people outside of the house who have not signed releases as well as famous people.


2:28PM BBT Austin and John come in from working out for water. John heads back outside. Austin heads to the Cabana room and peels off his socks and drops them on the floor. He heads to the WA and grabs a towel from the seat. It knocks another onto the floor but he ignores it and heads to the KT. John is back in. Austin wipes himself off with the towel and drops it on the KT chair. They discuss more exercising.

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2:40pm BBT: Vanessa and johnny Mack in the HOh rm and she tells him that James wants to very badly win HOh. johnny Mack says if  he does put you up Steve and I have 2 of the votes next week and it will be a tie break. Vanessa says that he will break it though and he wants me gone.


2:42pm BBTL: Vanessa says James concerns me personally and when you guys win HOh you have to do what you have to do personally but it will also be good for  my game and I think they the next comps will be questions and he is not good at that so i think we will be ok. johnny Mack says yeah the  last veto his ball was to close to the edge and Vanessa says i did not see that.


  2:46pm BBT: Johnny Mack and Vanessa still going over who will be stronger in comps and how they can beat Julia, Liz and Austin and we get FOTH.


2:54pm BBT: johnny Mack tells Vanessa that if they had backdoored her last week we would still be in the same position we are in now. He tells her that Julia asked him who he would target if he got to go back in and he told her meg and he says Julie looked at him funny. Vanessa said i did not  want James to win the POV cause it was not that i was targeting him i was targeting meg and that's what James is so mad about but at the end of the day i did him a favor, him being with meg is bad for his game.She says after this week you have to start taking out people who are winning comps  so James's game is better for this.


2:57pm BBT: Vanessa ask Johnny Mack if he  would be willing to put James up next week as a pawn? johnny Mack says would it  be good to do that or what? Vanessa says well if you put Liz up then I don't know maybe Julia no Liz is the better one to take out. putting Liz up against James  makes is where she will not win a veto. She ask  is there one who sits out of veto next week? johnny Mack says no it is irrelevant . Vanessa says  we have to assume that everyone will play and it will depend on who wins veto next week.

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3:00pm BBT: Vanessa says  Austin and the twins wanted you up there this week but i know they could have flipped then my game would be screwed but i wanted to show you that i keep my word and at the end of the day i did not betray you.


3:10pm BBT: Vanessa and Johnny Mack are  studying for comps and Liz is in the KT getting food while Steve eats a banana. 


 3:16pm BBT: All HG except for Vanessa and Johnny Mack are in the BY talking general talk. Vanessa and johnny Mack are talking in the HOH rm about  dating sites.


3:22pm BBt: In the BY Steve is telling everyone that Ian had 20/20 vision, meg says what and Steve says yeah  the glasses was his character so he had to wear them unlike Vanessa and her glasses.


3:42pm BBT: HG just sitting around the pool and hot tub talking general talk and john in the WA flossing his teeth.


3:45pm BBT: Steve and meg talking about being worried about what has been said in the DR about  them. Steve says tell me Jason did not rail me in the DR and meg says i do not know.


3:52pm BBT: Meg in the KT cooking slop. Steve reading calories and grams on the fun dip packs. He says there is more sugar in soda than in fun dip and meg says she is never drinking soda again. John is standing there listening and laughing. IN the BY Austin and Liz are at the hot tub looking into each others eyes. Julia is getting a  rinse off in the shower in the BY.


 3:58pm BBT: talk in the KT with Steve, John and meg are about farts and how people can not help their bodily gases.

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4:16pm BBT: Austin and Liz in the OBr in bed making out under the covers. Vanessa and Steve playing Chess as Julia watches.


4:27pm BBT: Liz rolls over and says you got me all wet now and then looks at the camera and says he got me all wet from the shorts they was wet from the pool earlier.


4:33pm BBT: Vanessa and Steve still playing Chess and Julia still watching them play and asking question. Austin and Liz still  making out in the OBR.


4:46pm BBT: Chess game still going on with Steve and Vanessa . Austin and Liz are looking into each others eyes and smiling as Liz wants to take a nap now.


4:55pm BBT: Steve saying that Vanessa wants him to make a bad move and he can not do it  he points all over the board and says that is what i am missing and he ask am i missing something? Vanessa just looks at him . Liz and Austin have finally gone to sleep in the OBR.

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5:04PM BBT Austin is snoring away in the PBR. Vanessa and Steve play chess.


5:12PM BBT Vanessa gets called for her meds in the DR. She tells Steve to not make a move til she gets back.


5:23PM BBT BB calls Liz to the DR. Liz wakes up and screams. She is not happy since she was sleeping. Julia tells her that she doesn't need make up. It is just for her birth control. Liz says "oh good" and heads into the DR.

5:29PM BBT Meg and James in the HNR. Napping the afternoon away.

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5:31 PM BBT Liz and Austin are kissing and cuddling in the OBR.  Meg and James are in their dentist chairs in the HNR.  Meg is wishing she could cook something delicious right now.  She says the slop is killing her stomach. 


5:32 PM BBT James says that there should be good food in the jury house.  Meg says that she just doesn’t want it to be long in there.  Meg says if she leaves this week, she would be there for 20 days and she feels like that is a long time.  James says it will go fast because there’s no game play.  Meg feels it will be the opposite.  James says the first five days will be fast because of being in a new house.  Meg agrees and says there will be movies and stuff.  Meg is thankful that Jackie is there, and there will be two more people coming next week, so that will make it more interesting too.


5:33 PM BBT Vanessa is on the hammock in the BY, and quizzing John and Steve on days and details of events. 


5:35 PM BBT James and Meg are talking in the HNR about how tiring it is to play the game.  James thinks Vanessa is tired too, but Meg disagrees.  James whispers that Vanessa stuck to her guns because of being offended by James telling her she was playing the game too hard.  Meg says this week is hard because she wants to fight to stay, but it’s been 75 days and they have been fighting the whole time. 


5:38 PM BBT James says that Jason probably wouldn’t have thought that Meg and James would still be there.  Meg asks James if he realizes that they are the only people left from the people in the room for the six am meeting with Audrey.  James says they have come a long way.


5:42 PM BBT James tells Meg that if she goes, he will probably try to link up with Johnny Mac.  Meg tells him to stay close to Austin too.  She doesn’t trust Steve because he’s too tied to Vanessa.


5:46 PM BBT Meg and James consider who to work with and who is close to Vanessa.  Meg wonders why Vanessa would keep Johnny Mac over her.  Meg says that Vanessa thinks in terms of people she can manipulate.  Meg asks James who he would put up... James says Steve and someone else.  Meg suggests that he put up Steve and Vanessa. 


5:51 PM BBT James says that Vanessa is up to sneaky stuff, regardless of whether James is part of her plan or not.  Meg says she’ll be so mad if Vanessa gets to final two.  James says what if he got number 1 and Vanessa got number 2?  Meg says she would still be mad that he took her to final 2.  James says not to worry, he said he would pay her rent for a year, and Meg laughs.


5:52 PM BBT James imagines trying to get to final two with Austin.  They are both physical competitors and neither are good at mental comps, but they could duke it out in the physical comps.  James says that any of the remaining people could win.  Meg says it better not be Vanessa.  They all keep letting her get by.  James says she’s the villain.  Meg says she doesn’t know if Vanessa is the villain.  James says Vanessa is the emotional villain.  Meg says that she is glad she got to jury.  That was what she wanted. She says she just hopes she made a contribution somehow in the game.


5:55 PM BBT Julia is working out on the elliptical in the BY.  Steve and James are standing by the pool.  Austin comes out into the BY.  Julia says “the beast has awoken!”  Liz and Vanessa are talking, and when Austin starts working out, Liz joins him and Vanessa goes inside to change so she can join their workout.    

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6:01 PM BBT Meg says that her bruise is still kind of there.  They talk about how easily Meg bruises.  She says she is probably a little anemic because she doesn’t eat red meat.  They are eating dots.  Meg ate all the good ones so only the ones she doesn’t like are left.  Meg is craving gum and says she’ll be a gum addict when she gets out of the house.  James says this is the most candy he’s eaten.  Meg agrees.  She isn’t a big candy person.


6:08 PM BBT Austin is about to tell everyone the workout plan and the twins start him off with a cheer.   All three of Austin’s angels follow Austin around the BY as he takes them through the workout plan. 


6:15 PM BBT James and Meg are talking about favorite colors.  James says he doesn’t have one.  He likes orange and camo.  Meg says he hasn’t even asked her what her favorite color.  He says he doesn’t have to ask because he already knows.  Meg asks what he thinks it is.  He says “pink” and she says “hell no.”  James says it’s every girl’s favorite color.  He guess “blue.”  No.  “yellow”.  Yes!  Meg loves yellow because it’s like sunshine.  She likes pink too, but it’s secondary. 


6:22 PM BBT Meg is complaining about how long it’s taking her scar to turn white.  She says that when it turns white they can fix it.  Meg and James head to the KT and find John sitting at the DT.  They continue to the WA.


6:26 PM BBT Austin’s Angels are working out in the BY.  Austin tells them that he thinks that’s a very effective circuit. 


6:27 PM BBT James comes out to the BY saying that he has a card from live feeders.  They are skeptical at first because they didn’t hear BB call him to the DR, but he tells them he went to the DR and they gave him a card.  We get Fish.  When feeds return, James is laughing and they are all laughing and saying that was random.  James pranked them [since we got Fish, it looks like he pranked production too!]


6:32 PM BBT Meg and James are laying out on the loungers in the BY while Austin’s Angels work out.  James is flirting with Meg.  Austin is helping Vanessa stretch out a spot on her leg that is bothering her.

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6:40 PM BBT The workout continues in the BY.  Meg is sitting by herself on the lounger.  James is in the KT.  Austin tells them that he has multiple certifications.  He is certified in strength and conditioning coaching.  You have to have a college degree to have what he has.  The twins sound suitably impressed.   


6:44 PM BBT Meg is at the DT doing her nails and chatting with James in the KT.  Meg says she could really go for some food food.  The slop bothers her stomach so much. 


6:46 PM BBT James sits down at the DT with Meg and comments that her fingernail polish matches the sauce in his bowl.  James says he likes red.  It’s the color of passion.  Meg says she thought that he would say that red was his favorite. 


6:50 PM BBT Meg says that double eviction is the worst to go out on.  You don’t have your stuff packed.  They are looking at the memory wall and James comments that Clay got screwed over too.  Meg scoffs and says it was his own doing.  James says Clay told him in the beginning that he wasn’t there for a showmance.  James thinks Clay had his eye on Shelli from the first week when James was HOH.  Clay went to bat for Shelli saying that he thought they could trust her. 


6:52 PM BBT Meg and James look at the memory wall and talk about different HGs that have left.


6:57 PM BBT Meg tells James that you can go back and look at Live Feeds.  James doubts it.  He thinks there will be transcripts, but why would they record feeds...they are supposed to be live.  James says he wants to get live feeds next year and watch them go crazy in the house.  He saw them in a previous year and thought they were boring to watch.  Meg says “I’m bored.”  Meg says that Jason said it’s interesting when game talk is going on.

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7:01 PM BBT In the BY, Liz asks Austin if your hamstrings make your butt bigger? Austin says, no, it can actually be the opposite. He goes over to Liz to help her with her glut exercises. We see FOTH.


7:03 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Austin tells Vanessa & the twins how people can get trapped without a spotter when you are lifting weights. He tells them about a story of someone crushing their vocal cords. Julia says, her mom catered a funeral of a guy that died from getting crushed. Austin says, people don't get hurt as much from weight lifting, as they do in other sports, but it does happen.


7:06 PM BBT Vanessa tells them that she loves the weather. Meg & James go by the hot tub in the BY. Vanessa talks to Austin about Las Vegas. Julia, Liz, Meg & James are chilling by the hot tub now. Steve goes to the BY to try out the elliptical. Austin is doing hand stands. Steve gets told to please exchange his microphone with one in the SR. James says, like father like son. Austin says, that's it Boi, break your microphone. Julia says, she is going to request for Chinese food. Vanessa says, she did & they are going to see. Julia says, they haven't had alcohol in 2 weeks, & now half of them can't drink it.


7:10 PM BBT The HG's in the BY discuss when they've had alcohol this season. Meg says, "Game Of Throws, love that competition." They all discuss the competition. Austin is up against a wall in the BY, doing his glut exercises. Steve goes back on the elliptical when he goes back to the BY.


7:12 PM BBT The HG's talk about other competitions. James says, the slowest competition was the Hide N Go Veto now. Julia starts to sing a couple different times in the BY, & she's not getting buzzed by BB.


7:13 PM BBT Julia talks about when Zach left the house last season & how he called everyone "Raisin Brand morons." They discuss with Steve who was in jury, & the order the HG's were evicted last season. James says, "Victoria made it to final 3, woe." He says, all she had to do was win one Veto. Steve says, Victoria got nominated 9 times. He says, they talked about it in jury.


7:15 PM BBT They say that Johnny Mac has been nominated 6 times this season. Meg says, 9 times is a lot. The HG's talk about the BOTB still going on at this time last season. Julia says, she can't wait for the black box Veto competition. Austin asks if they think they cancelled it this year. Steve thinks it started in season 15. Steve says, it was new for you know who, a male. The twins don't understand who it was new for. We see FOTH.


7:17 PM BBT Live feeds come back on with Austin in the CBR looks for clothes to wear. Steve gets told again to please exchange his microphone with one in the SR. Steve says, his name keeps coming off all the time, so they may have just replaced the sticker on his microphone pack. The HG's by the hot tub talk about how to make slop for dinner.


7:19 PM BBT Julia says, she's over how many different ways they can make it. She says, Johnny Mac makes it only with oil & vinegar. Julia says, the hardest part for her is the slop. Meg's hardest part is the dentist chairs. James says, his hardest part is trying to get in the cold shower. He says, he gets in a good position to sleep in the dentist chair. He says, it's better for your breathing & posture.


7:20 PM BBT Steve goes back to the BY. Meg says, when her & James came off of HN's last time both of them got stuffy noses the first night they slept back in the OBR. Steve says, he thinks that the black box Veto competition may be coming up soon. He says, it's Heath's brain child. We see FOTH.


7:22 PM BBT The HG's are talking about working out. Steve says, his time started over on the elliptical. James tells Meg, he got blindfold training when he was in the military. He says, they used pop-up targets with paint ball & had weapon training to rely on their hearing, in case you lose your eye site. Meg says, he'd probably be good at it. James says, he will probably run in there, smack himself into a wall & do it again.


7:24 PM BBT James asks Meg if she's ready for some pictures tomorrow? Meg says, yeah. She asks him if he's ready for pictures? James says, they can be together on their dentist chairs & pretend to cuddle up when Vanessa tries to wake them up.


7:26 PM BBT An airplane flies over & is really loud. James tells Meg that this may be their last week to take pictures together. Meg tells him he's being all sappy. James thought there was a beer bottle by the couch, & it was one of the couch legs. Steve is making noises while he works out on the elliptical. He says, he has to get more done. He says, he did 4 minutes last time, & his almost at 5 minutes. HG's cheer him on.


7:27 PM BBT James asks Meg if she will play pool with him later? Meg says, they have all night, so she's going to take a nap. She asks what else are they going to do? James says, it's a surprise, she'll see later & he wants to see how spontaneous she is. Meg laughs, & tells him she's going to take a nap. Steve can't believe he's only burned 55 calories so far on the elliptical. He says, he's getting into it, & feels better now.


7:29 PM BBT Julia starts to sing the Wackstreet Boy's song. We see FOTH. James is jumping rope in the BY now. Vanessa is sitting on the double lounger. Liz & Julia are playing pool. Steve says, in 10 minutes he's going to stop, get a Gatorade, & go back to do another 6 minutes. He says, he will get in his 20 minutes today.


7:33 PM BBT Liz & Julia continue their pool game. Liz scratches, & almost scratches again. All that's left is the 8 ball. Liz misses her shot, & tells Julia she will win. Julia sinks the 8 ball. Julia wins! Liz tells her good game. Julia says, fantastic game. Liz goes to the KT & washes her hands in the sink. Austin goes to the KT. Julia tells him she beat Liz in pool Austin says, "As expected."


7:36 PM BBT Austin asks Liz if she's ready for dinner? Liz says, yes, that's why she summoned him. Julia goes to the WA. In the HNR, James is using a dental floss pick on his teeth using the mirror on the wall. Meg is laying in her dental chair. John has his light blue bandana covering his eyes, & he's sleeping in his dental chair. Meg tells James he's soo foul. She says, that's disgusting when he messes around with her with his dental floss pic.


7:38 PM BBT Meg gets told to please not obstruct her microphone. Meg says, they're being so rude to wake up John. James jokes around with her about taking a nap with her. Meg asks what he will do when she's gone? James belches, not excusing himself, & says, he'll look at her shoe. She says, she will leave her water shoes for him to look at.


7:40 PM BBT James messes around in the HNR. He tells Meg her tennis shoes look like baby shoes, & look like she stepped in dog pooh. He goes to check what time it is. Meg asks him why he's going to go? James says, he wants to know. He goes back to the HNR, closing the door lightly. He says, it's time for a nap. He tries to push Meg’s dental chair. Meg asks him what time it is? He says, he doesn't know. Meg laughs.

7:45 PM BBT James asks if they are too close? Meg says, yes. James says, he can see the top of Meg's head & how he can't see her face. James says, "Good Lord, Boo," & he gets up. We see FOTH. James asks Meg to see her nails to see how well she did when she painted them. Meg tells James that he hoards all the lotion, that's why his hands are so soft. James tells Meg she has a cute nose. Meg says, she has a boy's nose.


7:49 PM BBT James tells Meg the camera doesn't know what it wants to do. The camera man shoes us close-up shots of Meg's finger nails & her nose. They show us a close-up shot of James' right foot. We see FOTH.


7:51 PM BBT The twins are talking to Austin about him being part of the WWE in the KT, while Liz cooks dinner. Austin asks if they just played pool? Julia says, yes, she won. (Does he not remember Julia just telling him a little bit ago that she won against her?) Austin says, he & Liz are going to have a tournament & he doesn't want Liz to lose anymore. Liz tells Austin she's in a good mood. He says, he doesn't think she's in a mood to lose. She says, she will make cookies after they play.


7:54 PM BBT They talk about Liz having an attitude & a tone with him all the time. She says, she only gets that when she's cooking. Austin tells Liz he had to concentrate on the chess game last night, & he almost lost it, after Liz tells him he was salty. Austin looks out the back sliding door, & says, he's watching the Boi scamper.


7:56 PM BBT Austin says, they need to end the HN's on Wednesday, since it's the last week. He says, live feeders are probably over it also. Julia says, they gave them Fun Dip. Austin says, they were probably forced to do that against their will. Julia goes to the WA to get the nail polish remover & cotton balls. Austin kisses Liz on her forehead & tells her she smells good. Liz says, she's gross.

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7:58 PM BBT Liz & Austin talk about the different types of fish they've made in the house. Liz says, she made one that was almost raw for Austin once. Julia says, she needs to be careful. They talk about the type of salsa they want to use tonight. Austin goes to the SR. Steve comes in from the BY. Julia asks how his swim was? Steve says, it was good, but his gut is hurting. Austin comes back to the KT with a bottle of salsa.


8:00 PM BBT Steve asks if they are cooking dinner? Liz says, yes. He asks what they are making? She says, fish tacos. He asks if he can have some? Liz says, yes. Steve asks what he can do? Liz says, it's almost done. Steve wants to contribute something if he's going to eat. Liz tells him he can wash the dishes. Steve leaves the KT. Liz says, it's ready. Austin finds sour cream that was hidden in the refrigerator. Austin says, the microwave is not working. Steve walks by, & asks if it's even plugged in? Austin says, he thinks so. He checks & it is plugged in. Steve tells him to check another outlet.


8:03 PM BBT Liz tells Austin the tuna will warm up the cheese. Austin says, no, no, no, no, that's how you ruin a tortilla. He says, they need to heat it up. Julia tells Liz to listen to BAE. Austin tells Liz he's over her attitude issues tonight. Liz tells him he didn't shut the refrigerator. Austin says, he wants to make everything perfect for her. Julia & Liz talk in Spanish with no translation. Julia starts to sing in Spanish. Liz says, that's going to be everything.


8:05 PM BBT The HNR is quiet. Meg, James & John all seem to be napping now. In the KT, Julia starts to sing in Spanish again. Austin starts to sing. Liz tells Julia not to look at the food. Steve asks if Vanessa went upstairs? Liz says, yes. Steve says, he's going to yell at her for telling him to run for 20 minutes. Steve goes in the HOHR. He tells Vanessa they are going to have problems. He says, he's in terrible shape. Vanessa asks him how he will do in the final 3 if he doesn't get in shape? He says, the first round is usually a puzzle. She tells him that he's falling off way to early.


8:08 PM BBT Vanessa gets told to please put on her microphone. She asks Steve to get it for her off the bath tub. Vanessa says, she's sore also. Steve says, he could barely get up the stairs. Vanessa tells him they need to add 2 more minutes to the work out each day. Steve says, that's awful. Vanessa asks Steve if he's glad she's pushing him, deep down? Steve says, people are going to see him in better shape. She tells him to do it at night.


8:10 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that the fish tacos are ready. Vanessa tells Steve there can be a double eviction this week or next week. Steve says, or the week after. He says, it's been done from 6-4 in season 8. Vanessa says, ouchies. Steve asks if she saw season 8? She says, she doesn't know. Steve tells her it was Evel Dick's season. She tells Steve she's watched from season 10 on. She says, she read Wikipedia on all of the seasons though. She says, she can't remember everything though.


8:12 PM BBT Vanessa says, so they have no reason to think it will be next week then. Steve says, it could be then or after. Vanessa says, she'll be down in a few minutes, she has to get dressed. Steve tells her he will talk to her more tonight. Vanessa says, she would love to talk to him. He leaves the HOHR. Liz says, dinner. Vanessa goes in the WA in the HOHR to get dressed. The camera view changes to the HNR room with John, James & Meg all napping.


8:15 PM BBT Steve tells Austwins that he doesn't like trying new foods. He says, he eats because he has to. Julia says, he's not a foodie then. Steve says, no. They talk about fish. Vanessa goes to the KT to eat as well. Julia is still using the nail polish remover on her fingernails while sitting at the glass table.


8:16 PM BBT The refrigerator beeps twice, & Liz tells him he left it open. Steve gets up to close it. Julia calls him Boi. Liz calls him Oscar. Julia asks what pasta dish has sour cream on it? Steve says, he doesn't know, something his mom made. The HG's are sitting down to eat at the DT. Austin is already finished, & he gets up to make himself more.


8:18 PM BBT The HG's talk about different food. Steve tells Austin that he went to a restaurant in Morocco in Disneyland & he belly danced at 8 years old. We see FOTH.

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