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All time BB favorites


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I have to post that I completely agree with Morty that Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy were by far two of the best alliances and Danielle Reyes in my opinion the Best player of all time.

What is messed up is back then, they didn't sequester the jury. So everybody on the jury saw how Danielle and Jason played both sides perfectly but got angry and gave the prize to Lisa who rode the coat tails of her showmance.

It was a tragic loss and when they brought Danielle back for All Stars, by then, everybody knew she was a keen player and a threat. She deserved the prize!!

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Hi I'm a long time lurker. But I have to agree here. Danielle Reyes is by far my favorite player. She was swindalled. After rewatching seasin 3 though I will grudginly admit that Lisa did play a slightly better game than I first gave her credit for. That being said there was from season 4 on a sequestered jury for a reason.

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So many favorites. I'll try to list at least one from each season I've watched


BB3 - Danielle and Jason

BB4 - Erika and Jack.  Who doesn't love the Buzzard Crotch comment?

BB5 - Nakomis

BB6 - Janelle

BB7 - Will and Janelle

BB8 - Jen Johnson

BB9 - Sharon

BB10 - Dan, Renny, Keesha

BB11 - Jordan and Jeff (not in season 13 though), Michele

BB12 - Britney

BB13 - Shelly (I actually liked her)

BB14 - Ian, Britney, Dan

BB15 - Elissa, Candice, Jessie

BB16 - Nicole, Donny

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Houseguests are like originals and remakes/sequels:  if they are great the first time they are usually horrible when they play again (I think Dan is the only one I would cite as being almost as good the 2nd time).


Dr. Will and Mike Boogie were amazing in Season 2.  After that I would not trade a plug nickle for seeing them again.


Dani & Jason were my Super Faves of Season 3.  They had a flawless game and I almost spit my juice when Amy came back in and sing-song'd how great it was to be back in a house free of alliances!  When Dani played All Stars she was still  a favorite but she came to play the game and the rest came to screw around (worst season ever except 9)


Jack was probably one of my all-time favorites (who also doesn't like a guy who misses his Miata and has a great relationship with his ex)


Dan!  "The Dan Mist"!  It just doesn't get any better than that!


Ian Terry (I adore Nerds)


Nakomis:  the 6 finger plan was a hoot (and woke BB up big time).


Derrick only because he came in with a story, stuck to it like bubble-gum on hot pavement, and never wavered from his alliance or lost sight of what he was doing or why he was there!

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I'm surprised on one has picked Will & Boogie.

My all time fav has to be Dick Donato. The guy told it like he meant it.


Well, let me be the one to pick Dr. Will and Mike Boogie as my all time favorites!!!  They were so entertaining to watch.  Just thinking about the two of them makes me smile....  : :giggle:

Chill Town by a mile. The others were great but Will & Mike's DR sessions are BB classics.


I agree with you 100%.  Those diary room sessions were classic, LOL

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My favorite HGs just for their entertainment value:


Britney Haynes- I thought she was the funniest character in BB history!


Dan Gheesling- I don't think he's the greatest player ever but he is great while also being very flashy and entertaining, which is rare.


Danielle Reyes- Like everyone says, she was probably the best female player of all time and got screwed


Danielle Donato- Her season 13 character was my favorite villain in BB history. Had so much fun rooting for her downfall!


Dick Donato- One of a kind character never afraid to speak his mind!


Enzo Palumbo- It was like this guy was straight out of a bad mafia movie. I found his accent and humor hilarious!


Frank Eudy- It was fun watching him survive week after week with the whole house gunning for him and I found his smooth talking ways kind of entertaining.


Jeff Shroeder- His funny sense of humor, charisma and fiery temper made him fun to watch


Nicole Franzel- So cute, quirky, and likeable!


Rachel Reilly- Her crazy emotional rollercoaster ways came to be endearing to me after 2 seasons and I started to root hard for her by the end of season 13.


Shelly Moore- Her ability to play every side in the house was amazing and fun to watch!

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