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  1. I'm surprised on one has picked Will & Boogie. My all time fav has to be Dick Donato. The guy told it like he meant it.
  2. I just wish she'd go home. Her voice and her laugh are annoying. She laid in the back room for the first four weeks and once Jeff was gone, she decided to come out and play.
  3. While some think Donny is boring, I'd rather listen to him and his jokes over listening to any other person left in the house. As for Donny's game play, he is a very strong competitor otherwise he would not have been able to save himself multiple times. He is a stronger player than Derrick, Caleb or Frankie. He is definitely stronger and more competitive than either Creepy Cheating Christine or Lazy Victoria. Watching the rest of the players bores me to death and their paranoia about Donny's real life is so ridiculous it isn't even entertaining. I was hoping that after last seasons house of horrors, this season would be worth watching. Now that Zach is gone and taken his manic manipulations with him, once Donny & Nicole are gone, the show might as well be over. The only reason I will catch any of the finale is to see if Donny honestly wins AF. I could care less which hg wins the finale and can only hope that Creepy's hubby stays away. She is so transparent with her pawing of Cody, her hubby would be crazy to think it was only a ploy to win the money. She has no chance in hell of winning. After Victoria, she is the next expendable thing in the house. I'm very happy that Donny is the one player that can leave the house with his head held high. He is so aware of everything else in the house and between his knowledge and Nicole's, they should be able to make the right decision regarding the winner. We are following BB on Morty's this year because the antics in the house are not worth our time. We had hoped that the producers would wisen up after last year's disgusting McCranda debacle, but apparently, they don't give a damn about the viewer's opinions. To continue to disregard the viewer's input, to continue to "fix/rig" comps and put such disgusting people in the house such as Frankie, just shows that our valuable time can be better spent on other viewing options.
  4. It has gotten to the point where I just check up on Morty's because I don't believe half the crap that goes on in this house. It's too bad that the show had to reverse from the original show where the fans got to vote out those they didn't like or didn't feel were playing the game. It is all to obvious anymore when things are rigged or fixed. If Frankie does win AF this season, then I am definitely tuning out for any further seasons. After last years debacle of that cow running the house with her filthy mouth, I was not sure I would check into this season. However, I was pulling for Nicole, Hayden & Donny to go far. Hell, I even enjoyed Zach's explosions. Now, when Donny is evicted this week, if Nicole doesn't win HOH, I'll be tuning out. The rest of the houseguest are unbearable to watch or listen to. And I'm sure there will be more fixing heading to the finale. This show needs to go to the graveyard. It has lost any integrity it ever had and knowing the fixes are in don't really make it a competition by any means.
  5. My Americas Favourite vote has always been for Donny. He is playing with integrity and proving that you can go far without having to rely on other sheep to take you there. He is honest, likable and so much more intelligent then the other players give him credit for. He knows that he is leaving this week. Many say he is late in playing the game. He has been playing all along. His social game is somewhat a little awkward, but he's playing a much better game than Victoria or Creepy Christine. If AF doesn't go to Donny, I think Zach would be an honestly good second.
  6. I totally agree. Once Donny figured out that they were all out to get him after last weeks BOB, I would opt out of anything the other TA members wanted to do. I also believe that once one member of TA is evicted, the TA missions should cease altogether. If either Derrick or Frankie had asked Donny to join one of their alliances, then things would probably be different. Let's face it, neither Derrick or Frankie are as strong as Donny when it comes to comps. As for a BB Broadway show, once again it's all about Freaky Frankie. I choose not to watch if this is the mission chosen. I also choose not to vote on it either. I surely hope that Nicole takes HOH next week and bd's Frankie. She has to put Creepy Christine on the block along side Cody. That would be awesome. If Donny leaves this week, as I'm certain he will, other than Nicole, there is not one person in that house that really deserves a jury vote.
  7. Once one of TA gets voted out, that should be the end of it. It is somewhat of a lame issue anyway. The popularity vote comprises "TA", yet this seasons TA rarely talks to each other. If you're going to have an idea like TA, the players should be working together throughout the show, not just during TA missions. Neither Derrick nor Frankie offered an alliance to Donny other than TA. Since they had already formed their ten different alliances, why would they invite Donny into any of them. In addition, Donny is probably the smartest, most intelligent person in that house. He has figured out where alliances are and that he is not part of any one of them. He is playing for himself, and after all, in the long run, this is an individual's game being that only one will win in the end.
  8. Donny. If not him, the only other choice would be Zach. His manic actions have made it fun to watch. He is Donny's polar opposite.
  9. Simple. Can't stand him!!! As for who his sister is, never heard of her, don't care to have ever heard of her. He says she's a mega, mega superstar. Where? In NY?
  10. I don't understand how anyone can say Donny isn't playing the game. He has won three POVs, one HOH and two BOBs. He hasn't made any NEW alliances. He was in two original alliances at the start, "The Original Eight" and the "D&D" alliance. They both broke down very quickly. He is more aware than any of us know as to who is playing who where alliances are concerned. He shouldn't have to look to others to help him play his game. He is strong enough mentally and physically to win for himself. He has already proven this, especially after being on the block at least three times and saving himself. His game is honest which is a rarity in any season. The only other person who has played an honest game is Evil Dick, and look where he finished. Mind you, his game play wasn't as nice as Donny's but he still finished first. Last time I checked, Donny was AP by a long shot with Frankie being at the bottom. I am pulling for Donny to at least get AP. He has played the type of game that has integrity and honesty in it. For that, his wins and how far he has managed to carry himself without help, he should receive AP.
  11. I believe the Bible has been there every season, not brought in by certain house guests. It is probably there for those that find they need something to read and believe it gives them piece of mind. While I believe all persons should be allowed to practise their own form of religion, I don't believe it should be incorporated as part of a "game", in the same way I don't believe anyone should have to pay for the purpose of entering a building to praise their god or idols.
  12. Early in the show, she was always with him, feeling his muscles, telling him how good he smells, how strong he is. This is usually called flirting, or in her case leading him on or c*ck-teasing. We know he doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but come on. Most guys would get the same idea from her. Caleb needs to realize that she isn't worth his time or energy and he could possibly take this whole thing.
  13. IMHO, Brittany only went on the block this week because she hit a nerve with Cody. If anyone recalls, when Brittany first entered the house, Cody was saying that if she happened to hit her head on the boat in the pool, he'd be the first one there to give her mouth to mouth. He thought she was hot, especially for a mother of three. However, when this week came and she mentioned that she wouldn't be snuggling up to him like the other girls in the house, Cody took it personally and Brittany became a target. First off, Cody is NOT that special or hot. Secondly, as someone pointed out earlier, she is an older player and has children to think of. She was not there looking for a showmance. As for referring to her saying she deserves to be there, every player in that house has that mentality. As for needing the money, couldn't everyone use some extra cash? To refer to her as selfish, arrogant, snobbish, entitled and whatever other adjectives you may throw out about her, I recall all those same things being said about Victoria. However, Victoria introduced herself that way. Brittany played the game from the start. When she was first nominated, she had to coach Victoria on how to swing. Who in the hell has no idea how a swing operates. If it hadn't been for Brittany's coaxing, they may have both stayed on the block the first week. Brittany played each BOB without complaint. She spent the first two weeks on slop and in the ice room. She managed to stay even though Paola threw their second BOB. To say she was not playing the game is wrong. To dislike her is each persons personal choice. I would prefer to see Brittany there over Victoria, Jacosta or Zach any day. As for who I'd like to see in final three, I have only four people who might fit any combination of final three: Donny, Nicole, Christine and Hayden. I'd be more than happy to see any combination of three from these four in the final. Who do I most not want to see there: Victoria, Jacosta, Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Amber or Cody. If she needs to go home and be with her kids, then so does Derrick for whatever reason everyone thinks someone with kids shouldn't be there. At least Brittany went it with the truth. Derrick's been lying since before he entered the house. I can't wait for someone to figure out his "secret life".
  14. I almost forgot how entertaining he was....even more so minus Boogie.
  15. I think it was because Julie really couldn't repeat ANY of the things Amanda said in the house given that every single thing that came out of her mouth was filled with expletives. She did mention anything and everything Amanda said on the live feeds. She didn't go into detail. Probably figure that Amanda would blame Julie for all the crass crap that she, Amanda, spewed OR that she would put the blame on Elissa yet again. You could see that Amanda knew what Julie was getting at though. She just didn't care.

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