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Saturday, July 18 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:05 PM BBT  Liz returns to the Comic Book Room saying that the power went out, and the feeds go to “We’ll Be Right Back”


12:07 PM BBT Feeds return with John coming into the Comic Book Room.  Austin asks if everyone is freaking out.  John says they all think it’s cool and they should tell ghost stories.  John asks who he is sleeping with, and then figures out that he doesn’t have to share.

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9:30am BBT What's that I hear? NOTHING! HG are all snug as bugs in their beds.


9:34am BBT lights in CBR flicker (like a florescence bulb burning out) the camera aims at the floor, the light comes and now at 9:38am BBT we have FOTH. Could be wake up call.


9:52am BBT Feeds back, Meg in the shower with Jason talking to her about weither James would take him off the block if he won POV. They think he would take down John before Jason. Shelli comes in to WA looking for a hair brush, she is missing 2 of them. She says DR talked to her 4hrs ago and just called her back, why couldnt they have asked her that 4hrs ago...FOTH


9:56am BBT Jason says its pretty much him unless he can figure out a way to pull himself off. He says she's not the back dooring type. Shelli washes her face in the HOH.


9:59am BBT Jason says he's going to go lay in bed until she calls them out. (for POV comp) He thinks that's why they are calling her to DR. Meg asks already?


10:04am BBT BB: Vanessa, Clay there are fresh batteries in the SR. Shelli wakes Clay up and tells him to they want him to get new batteries. He asks her if she heard them call him to DR at 6 this morning...FOTH (someone is fast on the button today.)Shelli says they need stuff for the show tomorrow.

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10:15am BBT Vanessa/Shelli talk about who John would pick if he got HG choice. Austin had said John would pick him but Vanessa was told it would be her. They wonder what Austins motive is for saying he would be picked. Vanessa felt like she was sleeping with the enemy last night. After that B* (Audrey) spent hours and hours in the HOH yesterday talking crap about her (Vanessa). Vanessa loaths her and she slept next to her last night. Now she believes Jason.


10:20am BBT Clay says that how Shelli stuck by her side and then Audrey had the audacity to go behind Shelli's back. Vanessa says she is panicking that Vanessa was going to tell them. Audrey told Clay that this weeks twist would be a rewind and this whole week would be rewound.


10:24am BBT Vanessa feels hurt, she is going to explode. Shelli tells her not to explode. Clay says that Audrey is doing everything she can to stay week to week, she has to be here for so many week or she doesnt get paid. (they still think Audrey is Americas Choice)


10:27am BBT Clay tells Vanessa to not say anything until they draw for POV or even play POV. Shelli says dont say anything important w/o me and she goes to DR. Vanessa keeps saying she (Audrey) took advantage of her, she is so hurt. Clay says for Audrey to go against Shelli....


10:35am BBT Clays tells Vanessa that he trust Jason 10x more then Audrey. Jason and James are not as close as ppl think, Meg is the connection between Jason and James. Clay says he likes Jason as a person, he is funny, he stuck by Da no matter what. He is a good hearted person. Vanessa asks who would be better to be up with Audrey? Jason or John? Vanessa counts the votes against Audrey then says it would be unanimous and then no more Americas Player.

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10:41am BBT Meanwhile downstairs: Meg is in the KT, she finishes a drink, puts her glass in the sink. She then goes to LR, lays on the floor and does some stretches.


10:44am BBT Vanessa says the house will feel better with Audrey gone. Clay agrees. Vanessa asks about how he feels about Austin. Clays says he doesnt think that he is disloyal but him running and telling things is to cover his ass, it makes them a target. But he wouldnt feel bad with him going.


10:47am BBT Clays says Austin is playing more and more with his emotions. That's why Jeff left, he let his emotions get in the way. Clays says on a personal level he would miss Austin but not on a game level.


10:49am BBT Clays not to pressure Shelli to put Audrey up. Shelli is afraid that if she puts her up she wont go home. Vanessa says the whole house wants her out. All the alliances she made early are done. Vanessa admires Clay for keeping it cool around Audrey. Clay says he feels the way Vanessa does.


10:55am BBT Austin joins Vanessa/Clay in HOH talk changes to who want to play for POV. Clay says if Jason was up against John on Thurs Jason would go home. Clays says until they see who is picked for pov and who wins POV they will just be talking in circles. (Ummmm...no comment--Dade)

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11:02AM BBT Jason and Meg whispering. Can't understand what they are saying. In HOH Vanessa, Austin and Clay talking. Talking about Audrey and her flip flopping.


11:08AM BBT BB just announces to HG that it is time to get up for the day.


11:18AM BBT Liz doing her make up and John in the shower.


11:21AM BBT We had a couple minutes of FOTH and return to Shelli in bed with Clay crying. She is upset about Audrey and saying that she wants to trust her.


11:24AM BBT BB has told the HG that ALL of them must shower. Jason says that are getting an outfit.


11:27AM BBT Jason telling HG in WA that he feels one of them will have a costume and that's why BB wanted them to shower. Clay trying to calm Shelly down.

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11:30AM BBT Shelli and Clay discuss if she puts up Audrey and some twist keeps her there. Clay says that they will put her up next week - no question.


11:39AM BBT Shelli and Clay now discussing lunch meat in the HOH room. In the KT Austin and John discussing music.


11:44AM BBT We currently have FOTH.

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11:50AM BBT We are back and Vanessa is in the HOH thanking Shelli for including her. She says that is what an alliance is.


11:55AM BBT Vanessa telling Clay and Shelli how much energy she poured into every conversation she has had trying to help Audrey. That she has gone above and beyond several times. Vanessa tells them that she really wants to play Veto.


11:58AM BBT Vanessa asks Shelli is she is ready to put Audrey up. Shelli says she isn't yet. Vanessa says that if she does put up Audrey that she will campaign and make sure Audrey goes home.


12:07PM BBT In the KT, Austin, Shelli and Clay talk. Austin tells them that he is trying to encourage Liz to move to Los Angeles for her career. Clay jokes about that Austin is already planning the wedding and babies. Austin jokes that CBS should pay to show it on TV,

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12:16PM BBT Vanessa asks Shelli about Atlanta. She wants to know if it is country or city. Now talk changes to flying. Austin likes Delta. He can upgrade for $70.00 and get all the alcohol he wants.


12:19PM BBT Clay has made Shelli an omelette. Shelli gushes on how beautiful it is and how amazing Clay is for making her an omelette.


12:26PM BBT Vanessa, Clay and Shelli discuss food. Vanessa says she can't have anymore carb food. James and Austin in the WA talking about how tired they are and wish BB could move along.


12:35PM BBT Just general chit chat in the KT. No game talk.

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12:52pm BBT FOTH


12:56pm BBT still FOTH1:05pm BBT Still FOTH. Are they picking players for POV? Is BB playing them some more 90's music? Are getting ready for POV? When we know you'll know. Stay tuned.


1:15pm BBT Feeds back, HG talking about music. Jason says: Johnny Mac is going to go solo, Liz will be the one to develop a drug problem.  Liz and Jason are wearing white tops. They cant sing any more Backstreet Boys songs.





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12:42PM BBT Austin says that rehearsal outside is taking forever. Says that Jason and John are in the BY practicing. The HG says it is Backstreet Boys themed.

1:26PM BBT In the LR Austin, Meg, Steve, and Vanessa talk about bone structure and their favorite words.


1:30PM BBT We have Jeff's reels.

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1:57PM BBT Feeds are back. Waiting to hear who is playing POV.


1:58PM BBT Steve is host. Meg and Steve playing.


2:01PM BBT Clay, Meg and Shelli talk about who will go up against Jason to ensure that Jason stays.

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2:26pm BBT Jackie says she lost her clothes she wore in the last comp. They were nasty and her top and pants got thrown out. She got her sports bra at least. Shelli asks Jackie if she wanted to talk to her lastnight. Jackie says no Audrey said that. Jackie doesnt feel comfortable with Audrey. Audrey waits in the lounge room.


2:29pm BBT John comes in and asks what the plan is. Shelli says the plan is for you to do what you do. She figures it will be used and sleep head (Shelli) has a lot to think about. In SR: James/Audrey talk, he tells her HOH said they will have to see who wins POV before they talk. James says Jason picked him to play so if he wins he feels he has to take Jason off. Audrey asks about replacements and he says no. James says she doesnt have anything to worry about with Shelli.

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2:04PM BBT Meg has stated that James is playing as well.


2:07PM BBT Jason talking to James. Says that he feels good. he has 3 people playing for him.


2:11PM BBT Veto players are Vanessa, James, Meg, Shelli, Jason and John.


2:15PM BBT James asks Shelli what she wants done if one of the three win POV. Meg says that she already said that she would take Jason off. Shelli says that James should take Jason off because Jason picked him and gave him the chance for 5K.


2:16PM BBT The HG are guessing that the veto will be a prize veto compared to last year.


2:38PM BBT In the HOH Jackie and Shelli are discussing who the 4 votes were for Jeff. Jackie thinks that the HG are covering themselves.

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2:42PM BBT Vanessa in LR. She has a headband on and is stretching and jogging in place. She is prepping for the competition.


2:48PM BBT Shelli still talking to Jackie in HOH. Say that she has spoken so much in the last 2 days that she has lost her voice. Meg and Austin in the KT laughing about being called about mics.


2:57PM BBT Vanessa has crawled into bed next to Audrey. No convo.

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#BB17 3:08PM BBT HG just sitting around chatting. No game talk.


3:14PM BBT All 4 feeds on Austin stabbing his lunch and eating.


3:18 PM BBT Austin finishes eating. He puts some soap in the bowl and rinses the bowl out only. All 4 feeds on him wandering through the house and rinsing out his mouth with mouthwash.


3:21PM BBT Jason, Meg and Liz talking about doing shout outs during evictions. Jason says he wants to shout out to his hookers at home. He says they will probably yell at him.


3:33PM BBT we keep getting FOTH as the Hg continue to sing lyrics to different songs.

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3:32 PM BBT  Liz, Jason, Austin, JMac, and Steve are hanging out in the living room.  Fish keep turning on and off because they keep singing bits of songs.


Meg rejoins the group in the living room.


Jason says that today is the day that he would have had to go back to work if he wanted to keep his job.  So he is "technically" fired today, and he says he has to start back over at his job at minimum wage.  Other guests are in disbelief.  Meg is stretching on the floor.


3:37 PM  BBT:  Steve hides behind couch and Liz screams.  Jason says it's creepy when Steve hides behind furniture when people know that he is there.


Austin brings up the movie "It Follows" and gives a description of the plot.   James wanders in and out again to kitchen.  [total movie spoilers during this part if you haven't seen it yet]


They asks Steve what he likes in movies.  He says "innocent" movies.  They all give him a hard time about that description.  Steve says that he doesn't have Netflix and doesn't watch a lot of movies. 


3:43  PM BBT: Jason says that last movie he saw in theater was I, Robot.   Steve says he doesn't like horror movies at all. 


Vanessa wanders past.  Everyone talking at once about scary movies. [surprised Steve isn't hiding again]


3:46 PM BBT: Talk has turned to Halloween.  Jason says he doesn't dress up, and Austin says he went trick or treating last year.

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3:36PM BBT Jason confirms that as of today he has lost his job. Says they will probably be hired back as long as he doesn't make an idiot of himself.


3:39PM BBT Steve hides behind the couch and jumps out. Austin reminds him of "social cues" and tells Steve that they are all adults and not in the best mood right now.


3:42 PM BBT James talking to John. Says that no matter what John will be okay. James promises. They talk about comps. This is John's 12th comp.


3:48PM BBT Liz, Jason and John are called to the DR. The HG joke about why they are called to the DR. Some guess frosted tips or a costume change.


3:51PM BBT Jason, Liz and John come out of the DR and say house meeting in the LR. And we get FOTH.

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3:53PM BBT Jason says that BB was just refining the rules for their punishment.


3:56PM BBT John had called everyone into the LR and then went to the BR and is lying down. HG now moving about. No game talk.


4:08PM BBT We have all 4 feeds on a sleeping John.

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4:19PM BBT Talk in the LR about other versions of BB in other countries.


4:24PM BBT HG get tired of waiting for the POV and head off to nap. Steve is alone in the LR.


4:32PM BBT Jason, Meg and Liz making chicken nuggets in the KT. Steve lying in the LR with his eyes closed.

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4:37PM BBT Steve is called to the DR.


4:39PM BBT Vanessa goes to HOH to talk to Clay and Shelli. Vanessa wants to confirm that they want her to play. Vanessa says that when she pulled during her HOH she could feel the letters on the chip. Shelli says that she left it up to fate.


4:47PM BBT Vanessa and Shelli discuss how to feel the POV chips for certain names. Also creating signals for each other during the POV comp.


4:47PM BBT We have Jeff's reels. Time for POV.

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8:00PM BBT: Johnny Mac, is wearing his white Whack Street Boys outfit, that includes a white fedora, it looks good-- for the 90's. Meg still has blue paint on her cloths from the PoV competition. Vanessa is in bed in the ocean bedroom.


8:05PM BBT: Audrey is now in the HoH room with Shelli. BB told Shelli that everyone has to go to her room.

James is now in the ocean bedroom talking to Becky, her back is hurting and she thinks she may need someone to look at it.

8:20PM BBT:  The feeds go back to Jeff Schroeder's Highlight Reels.


8:40PM BBT: Shelli selected the Have-Nots for the week, they are: Jackie, Audrey, Johnny, and Becky, The Have-Nots will get slop and Grunge Cake (sponge cake and gravy) for the week.


8:55PM BBT: Vanessa is back in bed in the ocean bedroom. Austin tells Meg that she still has blue in her hair.

Jason, Audrey, and James are all in the Have-Not room. Clay is making hamburger paddies, he is going to put eggs in the middle of the burgers.


9:00PM BBT: Audrey is in the HoH room and says she has a update for Shelli, "OK make it quick, What?" Shelli replies. Audrey: "While it's on the top of my mind," Audrey says at least she can spy on John, Becky and Jackie because she'll be in the Have-Not room.

Audrey helps Shelli with her hair extensions.

9:05PM BBT: The Whack Street Boys music plays and the three of them (Jason, Johnny and Liz [Julia]) head upstairs to do their band routine. They do some singing and dancing, it only lasted a few minutes.

9:10PM BBT: Shelli is still doing her extensions, and tells Audrey she doesn't want to talk game. Audrey says, "I guess Ill keep my mouth shut then."

Everyone else is downstairs in the kitchen chatting

9:15PM BBT: They want alcohol and asked Jason if he asked in the DR. He said they wouldn't let him ask.

They are now talking about the competition and how they looked on TV. Becky says Megs was the best one.

9:20PM BBT: Jason is showing off his shelf stocking skills by putting away the grunge cake gravy in the storage room.

Shelli is still doing her hair.


9:45PM BBT: They are eating and James is telling them about his YouTube channel. James does DIY and repair instructions, like how to repair an outboard motor. He says a lot of his videos get around 30,000 hits.

9:50PM BBT: They are talking about their different phone plans, James has Straight Talk while Jason is on a phone plan with his mommy. They are discuss being on TV and Jason steers the conversation to Steven Daigle from BB10, who is now very big in gay porn.


10:00PM BBT: Jackie is doing her hair, Vanessa is washing her hands, everyone else is still sitting around the table talking. No game talk. Meg is talking about what gum she likes, Orbit.

10:05PM BBT: Jason says that Audrey goes to Wal-Mart just to scare people.

James is talking to Jackie in the bathroom, "People say your the pawn in this game when you are actually the target." Jackie: "Yeah just wait until I win HoH." James is brushing his teeth, and uses the mouthwash. Jackie says she is capable of winning HoH.

10:10PM BBT: Austin is in the ocean bedroom talking to Vanessa who wants to use the PoV and have Shelli back-door Audrey. Austin says he is worried about James, and Becky.

Austin tells Vanessa to keep Audrey away from Shelli for the next 24hrs or she'll be up up in the the HoH room trying to manipulate Shelli. "Audrey is going to go ape shit."

10:15PM BBT: James is still talking to Jackie he says, "When I win HoH next week, watch out' time for a little pay back."

Johnny Mac comes in. Jason is talking to Vanessa, He is asking her to use the veto on him. Vanessa tells him she has to talk to Shelli, "If she's on board, then yeah I'll take you off." They also discuss Audrey.


10:40 PM BBT: Austin tells Shelli that he would be happy with Audrey going on the block on the block, since she keeps throwing him under the bus. Shelli tells him that people have been trying to talk her into nominating Audrey, but it's not necessarily what she wants to do.

Later, Vanessa asks Shelli if she has her blessing to use the PoV? Shelli: "Hhmm, I really don't want to send Jason home. It would be great to use it, and get him off and put someone bigger on the block."

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10:30 PM BBT Shelli, Clay and Vanessa in the HOHR talking about Austin.  Shirley questioning Austin’s loyalty because he warned Jackie about Liz possibly nominating her.  Shelli advises Vanessa to approach Jackie.  They find Jackie very tight-lipped, and vague in her communication.


10:45 PM BBT Shelli, Clay, Austin and Vanessa are talking in the HOHR.  Vanessa asks Shelli if she has Shelli’s permission to use the veto.  Shelli says yes.  Even if they decide they are no longer protecting Audrey, Shelli thinks there are bigger targets than Jason and John and she doesn’t really want to send Jason home.  


11:00 PM BBT The group in the HOHR are talking about Jason’s game and whether or not he would throw HOH next week.  Austin points out that Audrey’s main contribution has been that she was throwing HOH each week and that was one less person to compete against, but she was supposed to help in HOH, so that’s been a waste.  She’s not voting with them, she’s not winning HOH…what is she doing?  She’s creating doubts and discord and making it hard for them to work as a team.


11:05 PM BBT  Steve comes into the HOHR and tells the group that everyone is sleeping.  Vanessa and Austin leave while Steve shows off his “boy band” routine.  Steve tells them about something happening right after veto picks.  James, Meg, and Jason were talking openly in the LR that they should help Meg with Veto because then Meg would be safe, she could take Jason off, and James couldn’t be put up because he won BotB. 


11:17 PM BBT Austin is talking Liz(Julia) in the WA, repeating his comments about how Audrey does not contribute in the house.  Liz (Julia) agrees and says that Jason is a lot more fun.  Austin likes the idea of getting Jeff and Audrey out back to back.  Liz (Julia) is worried about Becky putting her up, but Austin points out that Liz kept Becky safe.  They discuss who they think is coming for Liz.  Austin thinks Jackie is the one that Liz(Julia) should worry about. 


11:22 PM BBT Shelli and Clay are in the HOHR discussing getting Audrey out.  Shelli is debating because she would feel bad about it.  Clay encourages Shelli to be objective and see that Audrey is hurting her game.  Clay reiterates what Austin said about Audrey not contributing anything positive to their alliance.  Clay points out that putting Audrey up would probably show what kind of person she is.  Clay tells Shelli that she doesn’t owe Audrey anything.  Shelli is thinking about how hard the veto ceremony will be and then the days between the ceremony and eviction night.  Clay tells her that if they are going to do this, they are doing what the house wants, and it’s an opportunity to make deals for safety.


11:29 PM BBT Shelli is telling Clay what she would say to Jason about wanting to use the Veto to save Jason. 


11:36 PM BBT Jason talking to Shelli in the HOHR about how fun the Veto comp was.  Shelli tells Jason that he should not be worried.  Shelli thinks John is safer on the block than Jason, so Shelli is on board for Vanessa to use the Veto on Jason.  Shelli promises that she and Clay will not put Jason up again, and they would ask the same from him.  She asks who Jason would like to go up as the replacement nom.  Jason picks Audrey, and points out that she would have a hard time to campaign against John.  Austin is his second choice. 


11:41 PM BBT Shelli asks Jason’s opinion on who in the house that Audrey might be able to get support from, and also who would tell her about any conversations about putting her up.  Jason thinks that James is the one most likely to tell Audrey about it.  Shelli wants to know how dangerous Jason thinks this is.  Jason thinks this week is the least dangerous it could be. 


11:48 PM BBT Shelli, Clay and Jason talking about how to prepare for Audrey’s campaigning, and that everyone has to be on board to not believe what Audrey is telling them.  They all need to be solid in order to prevent any damage that Audrey might do in terms of blowing up peoples’ games.   In the KT, John and Steve are talking about Bill Nye. Steve tells John that his major at Cornell was actually Mechnical and Aerospace Engineering, but he never did the Aerospace part. 


11:52 PM BBT Jason commenting that Audrey can’t not play and repeats an earlier comment that they must have found her at manipulator boot camp!  She’s so adamant and because she believes it so much she is convincing.  Jason thinks she lies so much that she doesn’t even know what is true. 


11:56 PM BBT Shelli, Clay and Jason talk about how Audrey operates and how good she is at controlling her expressions so that there are no telltale signs when she is lying. 

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