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Wednesday, July 15 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC

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Thank you!

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12:00-12:22 AM BBT Idle chit chat around the house continues.  No game chat whatsoever.  Topics have included the weirdness of the house today, pets and cookies.


12:23 AM BBT Jeff out of the DR.  He’s bored and can’t sleep.


12:25 AM BBT Jeff is still bored.  Jeff questions something about the HOH to Liz just outside the OR.  Liz says “Yeah…everyone is asking about James, every HOH is different”.  Jeff says a lot of people are scared right now because people they think have their backs may not.  Jeff finds it odd that Clay and Shelli are up there right now and he knows James in.  Jeff wanders off.  Jeff needs to take a shower, he smells like BO.


12:30 AM BBT Up in the HOH James, Clay, Vanessa, Shelli and Audrey are chatting about one night stands.  Out in the BY Austin, Jackie, Jason and Jeff are talking about movies.


12:39 AM BBT Becky leaves the HOH.  Shelli says Day 26 was the best day.  Out in the BB they’re talking about Oregon Trail the computer game.


12:40 AM BBT In the SR Becky tells James she really appreciates the fact that he didn’t put her up his week of HOH and she didn’t put him up her week.  Becky appreciates the fact that he can keep his emotions in check and she hopes he’ll keep it quiet.  He says absolutely.  She hopes that if she’s ever in his position that he’ll remember this.  He agrees and thanks her.  James runs out into the OR room and ransacks it, throwing pillows and blankets everywhere before running up to the HOH to use the bathroom.


12:43 AM BBT Clay walks into the OR and just pauses to look at the room, with a knowing smile on his face.  Clay walks back out and asks if James just did that.  Becky wonders what, she saw him scurrying away from the room.  Clay saw him too.  He looks up at one of the spy screen cams and and the HOHers laugh because they see him, they think he’s posing.


12:44 AM BBT James says “Someone tell him this isn’t Abercrombie and Fitch this is BB!”  Clay says he’s looking at one of the cams because he knows they’re watching him on the spy screen and he knows James will see him.  He starts calling for James.  Becky heads up-stairs while Clay heads back to the rooms.  Becky says Shelli “We have some unfortunate news…we need you come down to the Purple Room (OR/Ocean Room).  Audrey says it’s because bedmates are going to be switched.  Shelli leaves and James says he’s in trouble, and Vanessa wonders why “I’m in so much doodoo right now, you know how ya’ll cleaned up the room…” and Audrey says “No!”


12:45 AM Shelli walks into the OR room with a look of amusement but irritation on her face.  Clay is laying on the bed saying “I caught him scurrying away….”  She says “Audrey…is this real life?!”  Shelli looks for something to do to him.  Clay suggests putting mayonnaise in his crocks.  James gets nervous and heads down with Vanessa and acts shocked.   They do.  Meg walks in tired and says “Ah!”  James scurries off across the house again.


12:49 AM BBT James says he found someone messing the room up and they ran away.  He’s going to be the bigger man to help clean the room.  James cleans while Audrey, Meg and Shelli sing “Is this real?”


*Flashback Alert* 12:41-12:50 AM BBT (Quad Cams) The whole James vs the bedroom thing is quite amusing really.  Even Jeff walks in wondering what happened.


12:50 AM BBT Out in the BY Jason points out that if James doesn’t find the mayo in his shoe then it will stink.  Steve tells James what the girls did (putting mayo in his crocs) and Meg says that makes her mad for telling him.


12:53 AM BBT The girls dance around Steve in the KT singing “We can’t believe it…you know you did it…you’re going on the block!”  A few men’s voices can be heard chiming in with them.  They know about his mayonnaise alliance (jokingly).


12:54 AM BBT Out in the BY Jackie and Jason think Shelli lost her mind.  They point out that the showmance between Clay and Shelli is no different than the twins because they will be close.  Up in the HOH Vanessa and Steve chat.  Steve says James told him earlier he can chat at any time.  Steve doesn’t want to stay long and chat to not seem suspicious.  He asks for any new info.  Vanessa says the Austin and Liz showmance is heating up.  Steve is shocked.  Vanessa says they’re becoming very obvious.  She wonders how he feels.  He says it’s great because the rest of them can hide behind those two.


11:57 AM BBT Jeff joins the BY group and Jackie says she wants Audrey out just because she has the potential to ruin her game.  Jeff agrees.  Jeff says she’s done great damage control.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Vanessa and Steve continue to chat and she asks him if he farted and he remains quiet.  She points out it wasn’t her and that he’s a very gassy fellow.


12:58 AM BBT BY feeds switch to Liz, Austin and Clay doing nightly ADLs.  Up in the HOH Vanessa points out that when Julia comes into the game she’ll play rationale.  Steve points out that he said Austin was like that with Jace.  Vanessa wonders if that makes him co-dependent?  Steve says clearly he’s not playing the game with his mind.  Vanessa agrees and says that’s something to keep in mind.


01:00 AM BBT Vanessa wonders if the twin thing is out.  Steve says it is and that’s not proven but the house knows.  Steve really wants to go so it’s not suspicious.  Down in the KT Meg, Shelli and James are chatting about the memory wall photos.  In the WA Liz is brushing her teeth.


01:02 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie are out in the hammock.  Jeff says he’s good at reading people and if he goes then she has to watch herself because people are very fake in the house.  Jeff says he’s getting a bad vibe from Clay and Shelli.  Jeff says he should have went with his gut feeling.  BB calls Jackie out for obstructing her mic.  Jeff isn’t sure how the votes are going to go.  Jeff doesn’t even want to participate in the fakeness going on right now.  Jackie points out the whole thing is fake.


01:05 AM BBT Jackie says she takes time to herself.  Jeff says even Austin has started showing some true colors today.  Jeff says he wants to help expose people for their fakeness.  He says people are starting to show their true colors now that they think he’s on his way out the door.  Jackie says she learned the first week that the house was so fake.  Meanwhile in the house Shelli, Meg, Liz, James, Steve and Audrey continue to sing (acting like they’re in a musical).  Steve carries/runs Liz through the LR to the HOH stairs.


01:07 AM BBT Jeff says it’s weird how everyone is turning their backs on him.  Jackie feels like there is a wall with them.


1:10 AM BBT Jeff continues to rehash how the weird the day is/was and how weird everyone is acting.  Austin and Liz in the SR briefly.  Liz appears to be fixing her mic.


1:12 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie continue to chat in the hammock.  Now they’re talking about Clay and Shelli and how they’re always having conversations (somewhere) and then Jackie leaves her stuff in there and comes across them and then they include her in the conversation and then when they go to leave they open the door and they almost hit the door with Audrey listening.  Jackie isn’t sure what she will do when he goes.  Jeff doesn’t want to stay with these fake people.  Jackie points out that it’s bad to break up an alliance and he should just ignore it.


01:15 AM BBT Jeff tells Jackie about the three person alliance of Jason, Meg and himself because they were hanging out late at night.  Meanwhile in the KT James recites the first stanza of the Gettysburg Address.  Those gathered are impressed.  James says he had to memorize it because of extra credit because of how poor he did in school.


01:18 AM BBT Austin wanders out into the BY and Jeff and he shout/chat across the yard with pleasantries.  Jackie points out that Audrey is peeking her head/gaze out the door.  Austin goes in.  Meanwhile in the WA Shelli and Jason are chatting about Jeff and how weird/annoying he’s getting.


01:22 AM BBT Meg and James chat in the KT.  James wants cookies.  Jason heads outside after stopping to chat briefly.  Out in the hammock Jeff and Jackie continue to chat about how they can’t trust people.


01:25 AM BBT Jason comes back inside.  Out in the hammock Jeff says Jackie, Becky and Johnny Mac will vote to keep him.  Jackie questions about Becky.  He says yes he has that vibe.  Jackie didn’t expect people to turn against him.  Jeff didn’t either.  Jason back outside.  In the kT James and Meg agree that it sucks that the fun is ending.  Jackie and Jeff agree that Steve is about to start dominating the game and Jackie wants to be there as a friend with him.  Jeff says he has no loyalty to anyone.


01:30 AM BBT Jeff continues to lament over trusting people.


01:34 AM BBT Inside the KT chat is about Steve and his canker sores.  Steve says he’s had them his whole life.  James tells him to put salt in it to heal it.  Steve says he’s had them all his life.  Out in the BY Jackie points out that everyone wants to get rid of the strong people.  Jackie wants to keep them close and be close to them when they win.  Jeff says Austin can’t be trusted and it sucks because he gave him a second chance and he’s regretting it now.


01:37-01:46 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie continue to chat in the hammock about previous conversations and HGs.  Steve practiced juggling 2 oranges in the KT (not really juggling, just throwing them back and forth).


01:52 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the KT between Jason, Meg, Steve and James.  Jason is rewashing “foul” dishes that weren’t properly cleaned the first time.  Out in the hammock talk has turned to the twins and how Austin was the last one to notice there were two different girls.  Jeff noticed after sharing a bed with her a few times.  (Suuuure he did - Niteslacker)


01:59 AM BBT HG bashing/alliance failure lamenting continues in the BY hammock with Jeff leading the conversation.  Idle chit chat continues in the KT.


02:00 AM BBT HG Hammock chat turns to how Vanessa is a terrible HG because she’s slept the game and she says she made friendships in the house but she hasn’t.  Jackie says she only friends now because everyone is sucking her d**** because she’s in power.  Jeff is ready to go to battle at this point to stay.  Random chit chat continues in the KT.


02:06 AM BBT Jackie points out that Shelli and Clay’s days are numbered because they have to be split apart.  Jeff starts to try and count votes.  


02:11 AM BBT Hammock party is over.  Jeff and Jackie are going to head inside.  In the KT the talk is about home.


02:13 AM BBT Jeff and James heads out to the BY to play pool.  Jeff says he needs to approach James about something because he’s heard rumors are being spread.  Jeff says they need to clear the air that anything Austin says is completely f-ing untrue.  James says ok.  In the WA Meg and Jackie are sitting on the lounger.  Clay got up.  He needs to use the WC.  He sits and chats with the girls.


02:15 AM BBT Jeff rehashing conversations he’s had with Austin today.  Jeff says James is the last person he wants to be up against.  Jeff says the way people are treating him it’s clear that James is one of the few people he can trust.  In the WA Jackie is out of the WC and Jason is starting nightly ADLs.  Steve slowly wanders in.  Clay into the WC.


02:18 AM BBT Jeff and James continues to chat in the BY.  Jeff says his (Jeff’s) name is being thrown under the bus.  Jeff says he only has two people that he knows are voting for him this week.  James says he was pulled off to the side and told that Jeff was campaigning against him he felt a little hurt.  Jeff understands.  James says Jeff has the right to campaign.  Idle chit continues in the WA by Meg and Jackie about their nails.


02:21 AM BBT Jackie says she hasn’t been up to the HOH and it’s weird.  Meg agrees.  Jackie says she’s not one to force things and not end up owing something or being fake.  Meg agrees.  Jackie says that’s what she was telling Jeff outside earlier.  Meg asks how he’s doing, she says he looked out of it.  Jackie agrees and says he felt weird today and she did too as well.  Jackie says he’s getting weird vibes and she is too.  Meg says she hates this week.  Out in the BY James and Jeff continue to chat.  Jeff says he just wanted clear the air and keep things straight.  James appreciates that and when he heard there was campaigning he was like “Jeff…no….”


02:24 AM Pool continues in the BY James wants one of them to go out with class on Thursday without any ill feelings.  James is glad they had this talk because he would have felt bad on Thursday.  Back in the WA Jackie and Meg continue to chat.  Jackie says Vanessa will have a lot of relationships to rebuild moving forward.  Meg agrees.


02:27 AM BBT Jackie says the sees the way people are moving around and acting and she’s glad she’s seeing this now so she’ll have the information moving forward.  Austin up and heads into the WC.  Jeff and James continue to chat in the BY while playing pool.  Jeff says he’s not going to call anyone out for negative things on Thursday.  Instead he’s going to list the things he enjoyed in the house and everyone in the house.  James agrees.


02:29 AM BBT Austin washes his hands and heads back to bed.  Jason inside from from smoking and says he’s tempted to go to bed just so Steve will stop following him around.  Meg, and Jackie laugh saying he doesn’t want to miss anyone talking.


02:32 AM BBT Inside the WA Meg, Jackie and Jason are chatting about wondering what kind of edit Steve will be getting on the show.  James wins the pool game.  They decide to head in.  Steve was watching the game and is going to bed.  He goes into the WA and tells them goodnight.  Jeff comes in thanking the girls for his new bedmate.  Steve walks out looking for his hoodie.  The WA sees him wander through and Jason points out that he probably won’t go to bed until they do.  Steve gets his jacket and heads inside to bed.


02:35 AM BBT Jeff’s bed mate is going to be Audrey.  Jeff wonders why she isn’t going to be in HOH tonight like she has been for the past two weeks.  James gets to sleep in HOH with Vanessa tonight.  Steve went to the HN room and is laying in a dentist chair.


02:36 AM BBT Talk in the WA is about Austin and the twins.  Jason figures they all know about the twins and are going to use it to their advantage.


02:38 AM BBT Steve starts flossing in the dentist chair and flings the used floss onto the nearby stand.  Back in the WA Jason is telling a story about a DR request.  He says he asked for toenail clippers because he has goblin feet.  Everyone laughs.


02:40-02:45 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the WA about grandmas and who signed releases and we get all four feeds put on.…  Steve as he chews on the toothpaste cap and plays with the toothpaste tube from the HN chair table/display.  He’s mumbling something under neath his breath before dropping the tube on the ground.


02:47-02:50 AM Steve gets up and the camera follows him.  He says he’s glad him sitting here is so exciting.  He plays hide and seek with the camera by squatting down to the ground quickly, the camera zooms in/out to keep him in frame.  He wonders if someone’s job is to use a joystick and to move the camera at night.  The camera doesn’t move/react.  He plays briefly with the fake teeth before flipping off the lights and heading into the CR for the night.


02:53 AM BBT Steve is back up and heads into the KT to get a pillow.  He pauses a moment because he can hear the awake HG’s voices.  He turns and heads back into the BR.  Jeff’s voice can be heard repeatedly saying “Change your batteries.  There are batteries in the storage room.  Change your batteries!”  Steve heads back into the CR and heads to bed.  Cams remain on the sleeping HGs until…


02:58 AM BBT James and Jeff are heading back out to play another game of pool.  Jeff wonders if James and Vanessa are getting close.  James says no.  James says he just has a don’t care attitude, not like Jase did.  Jeff understands and says the rest of the house wondered what he and Clay and Shelli was having a meeting with her earlier.  James says the only time their name came up was for the sleeping arrangements.


03:33 AM BBT Amazing Race chat continues about the rules they have now (You can’t beg for money, etc…)  Jackie says they have security with them so they’re not harassed by police.  Several different conversations going on here at once.


03:40 AM BBT BY chat continues.  The Amazing Race wins Emmy’s all the time.  Talk turns to last season’s BB.


03:45 AM BBT James is going to go to bed.  Jeff doesn’t really want to sleep in the bed with Audrey.  Jackie wonders why she’s not upstairs with Vanessa.  James heads into the KT and checks the fridge.  Awkward silence (minus Meg’s giggles) in the BY.  Jeff wonders what she’s giggling about.  James heads back to the door and heads outside once more.  Jeff wants to sleep in the HN room.  James is not looking forward to be a HN again.


03:47 AM BBT Talk turns to Jace sleeping on the floor of his last night.  Jackie says it’s not allowed.  Jason says he said he “fell” out of the chair and slept on the floor.  The rest of the HGs say there wasn’t much they could do to him.  Meg heads inside.  Steve is surprised that the twin twist hasn’t been revealed yet now that they’ve figured it out.  Steve feels it’s an 80%-90% chance.  Jackie thinks 50% chance.


03:50 AM BBT BB calls out Steve for playing with the medical kit.  Meg heads into the darkened BRs.  Talk turns to whether or not they want two Liz’s in the house.  Jackie says “No!”  She didn’t mean it like that, she loves her she just wants people gone.  Jason points out he doesn’t think any of the pre-jury players are sequestered.  He thinks that if the twins don’t make it to whatever the week was that one of jury HGs will have a chance to come back in.


03:53 AM BBT Jason says the twin(s) know he knows about them and he treats them that way.  Jason says they just switched the other day.  They have Helga now.  Cruella will be here the BoTB.  Jason believes they swap out in between comps.  He can tell them apart.


04:04 AM BBT Talk in the BY is about who’s turn it is to be a HN coming up (if they get to pick then the people that haven’t done it need to raise their hands).  Jackie is ready for bed.  Jeff won the pool game.


04:06 AM BBT Jason and James head into the bed.  Steve is left behind outside with Jeff and Jackie.  Jeff questions if Steve is alright today.  Jeff asks if he’s missing his family.  Steve says yes.  Jeff says he’s had a lot on his mind.  Steve understands because getting backdoored is terrible.


04:10 AM BBT Talk in the BY is about Jeff and James.  Steve wonders if they made an agreement not to campaign.  Jeff says they mutually agreed to let the house vote as they wanted to.  Meanwhile Meg and Jason whisper in the OR, the conversation is very hard to hear.  Something about discrepancies in Jeff and Austin stories.  Jason wonders about who this super secret mystery group is.  They know people from both sides.  


04:13 AM BBT Meg and Jason continue to whisper in ultra hushed tones in their bed.  Johnny Mac is such a listener.  Both agree that he’s just there and listening a lot of times.  Out in the BY Jeff, Jackie and Steve continue to chat about Jeff and James being on the block together this week.


04:18 AM BBT Meg and Jason continue to whisper.  Still difficult to follow.  Austin and Vanessa have been talking.  Meg is trying to figure out what something means.  A bridge to Jason is a bridge to Meg.  Jason doesn’t want to be the one vote to evict Jeff.  Meg laughs in a hushed tone.  Meg agrees and doesn’t want to be on the opposite team by some weird thing.  Meanwhile Jeff, Steve and Jackie continue to chat in the BY about things.  Jeff isn’t very suspicious of Steve and he expects him to win a few HOHs soon.


04:22 AM BBT Jason and Meg continue to whisper in the darkened OR room.  Conversation comes and goes due to mic holding, hushed volume and blankets/clothes.


04:33 AM BBT Jason and Meg continue to whisper.  Out in the BY Jeff offers Steve advice of learning to be aware.


04:39 AM BBT Jeff and Jackie offer advice that he shouldn’t be paranoid and he shouldn’t make it look like he’s trying to eavesdrop.  Jeff points out that someone might open a door and close it without saying anything and think it was weird.  Jackie points out that it’s just their insecurities.  Meg and Jason’s whispering has become even more difficult to understand.  FoTH.


04:45-05:00 AM BBT Feeds back and Jason is outside smoking.  Jeff, Jackie and Steve are still up and they’re talking about the feeders and what they think about them among other things including partying after the show is over and The Amazing Race.


05:00 AM BBT Jeff into the WC.  Jackie, Jason and Steve continue to chat in the BY.


05:06 AM BBT Jeff out into the BY.  Talk is about things missing from the house.


05:09 AM BBT Jason into bed.  Jackie, Jeff and Steve remain up in the BY.


05:16 AM BBT Jackie into the WC.  Jeff tells Steve that if he has any questions to let him know.  Steve appreciates that.  Steve says Jeff isn’t the first person to tell him that his attempt at socializing is weird at times.  Jeff tells Steve that he sees he’s close with Johnny Mac and he absolutely should keep up that friendship.  Jeff says that he knows Jackie as well and she’s good people.


05:18 AM BBT Steve asks if he was Plan B if Jace didn’t get backdoored.  Jeff says he (Jeff) was and he found out that he was real close to it.  Steve wonders how he ended up as the pawn then.  Jeff says he (Steve) was probably plan C.  Steve understands.  Rehashing/advice continues


05:37 AM BBT Jeff and Steve head inside.  Jeff brushes his teeth.


05:40 AM BBT Jeff heads out to play a solo game of pool.


05:42 AM BBT Shelli into the WC.


05:45 AM BBT Shelli back into darkened BRs.  Jeff continues to play pool.


05:48 AM BBT Jeff heads inside and into the darkened BRs.


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9:35am BBT: James in the KT saying  everyone is anti grape jelly in this house. Vanessa is eating her cereal in the KT. Jason and John are out in the BY so Jason can smoke before they lock down the BY today.

 9:39am BBT: Becky is now in the BY laying on the couch telling Jason and John it is so nice  in the sun.  Meg is up and going to the WC. James is washing his dishes while Vanessa is still eating her cereal. Clay comes in the KT and gets milk.

9:43am BBT: Jason and Becky talking about going on lock downs and Becky says i wish they would give us like a thirty minute warning before they lock us down. Clay in the KT eating cereal. talking to James and Vanessa and Audrey who is sitting at the table. James is called to the DR.

9:51am BBT: Audrey and Vanessa talking in the KT about how Jeff tells Audrey that he has no ammunition and then Audrey says you have now idea how bad i wanted to jump across the couch and punch him the Vanessa laughs. In the BY John, Jason, Becky and clay talking about traveling and general talk.

9:55am BBT: Vanessa is washing  her dishes, Becky is making breakfast, James is finishing his food after he went to the DR. Audrey is sitting at the table silent. Becky heads back outside with her food and BB says" HG this is a lock down please go inside and close the sliding glass door" Jason yells NOOOO! They all grab their things and head inside.

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9:58AM BBT Houseguest are called inside for a lockdown.


10:00AM BBT Becky said she had a dream where she was the 2 houseguest evicted but she left her stuff in the house. Venessa is putting on makeup in the HOH WA. Audrey is eating a bowl of cereal.  
10:05AM BBT Jeff is called to the DR. Audrey,Jason, Meg are talking about tv shows. They are told from BB to put on their mic.
10:06AM BBT FotH
10:10AM BBT Feeds are back up. Audrey is now in bed, talking to Jason and James in the Purple BR.
10:12AM BBT Vanessa are talking to Austin about DR. She ask if Austin had to do Goodbyes. He said no, they only ask question about yesterday.
10:19AM BBT James is packing his suitcase.
10:21AM BBT FotH
10:25AM BBT All the camera shows James in the Storage Room. 
10:28AM BBT James is ironing his clothes.
10:43AM BBT James is still ironing his clothes
10:52AM BBT Everyone else in the house (Besides James, Austin, and Venessa) are sleeping.
10:56AM BBT Austin says he going to make protein pancakes.
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11:02AM BBT Vanessa and Austin talk in the HOH room. They discuss the Clay, Shellie, James, John and Jeff alliance. Austin says that he told Clay that James was going to tell him about an alliance.


11:7AMM BBT Austin and Vanessa talk about who they should bring into their alliance. He says it is like two war lords in a truce. he feels that Clay and Shellie are shape shifters who will come in and stab them.


11:13AM BBT Vanessa and Austin continue to talk about things Clay has said. Vanessa wondering if Clay is lying about some things. Austin says he feels Clay is and has said so in the DR.


11:26AM BBT Austin and Vanessa continue to go round and round of who can win HOH. Austin jokes about BB setting up so he can win. Austin They talk about Steve trying to come between Austin and Liz. Austin says that BB will make it so that Austin is shown as the jock who takes the girl from the kid (Steve).


11:35AM BBT Austin heads out of HOH after Vanessa says she wants to meditate on things. He heads to the kitchen to prepare food.

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12:11PM BBT Jason pouring some cereal in the KT. Everyone else still sleeping.


12:20PM BBT Jason finishes up slurping his cereal and washes his dish. Other HG still sleeping.


12:25PM BBT Austin goes to HOH as Steve gets called to DR. Austin tells Vanessa that everyone is asleep and the cameras have just been following him. Says that he went to DR to clear his head. Says he feels better. He has decided that he needs to talk to Liz about things growing more on his end then hers. He needs things to grow more organically. Says that even with the Steve angle that it will be interesting.

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 12:28pm BBT Austin says he wishes he could go say the right thing right now. He wrote his thesis on this stuff. Vanessa says that's where Philosophy collides with science. The minute we feel connected we no longer want it. Austin says in here we're the last of our kind and it changes that. This becomes our life.


12:35pm BBT Talk changes to the twin thing. Ppl don't talk about it with Austin. If one of the twins leaves they lose both votes. Austin says back up plan would be to try to get Becky/Jackie. Austin says he has showmances across the board, its a crazy trippy showmance thing going on.


12:40pm BBT Austin says the girls were staring at him working out yesterday. The girls are ready for a showmance. They are all single. He picks up on the little things. He doesnt know whats going on any more. Vanessa says things keep going and he will be the last guy in here.


12:47pm BBT Austin says he altered his life for a girl he loved, they were good friends but she had a boyfriend. Her best friend asked him out and Austin turned her down..the friend told him that the girl would never be into him. He got into wrestling, looking back on it he was in love with the situation.


12:51pm BBT Austen went on to find a new girl but she also loved someone else. That didnt work out either. Let's go to the WA where Shelli is washing her face and putting lotion on her legs.


12:57pm BBT Austin ends his story saying they broke up over his favorite color. In WA, Shelli is doing her make up.

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1:01PM BBT Shelli continues to do her makeup in WA. Austin is going on a rant on his beliefs.
1:04PM BBT FotH
1:05PM BBT Feeds are back, Nothing has change between Austin and Vanessa, they are talking about literature and what degree he got in college. Liz is now in the WA with Shelli.
1:08PM BBT Liz and Shelli briefly talk about tomorrow's eviction. Austin is talking society in the Bible and religion.
1:12PM BBT Liz is telling Shelli that a HG told her she look like she has a twin.
1:15PM BBT FotH
1:25PM BBT Shelli is cleaning the WA. Audrey is talking to her from the couches. There talking about Jeff and how they slept last night.
1:29PM BBT Audrey believes that Becky dream is a sign about a Double Eviction. FotH.
1:31PM BBT Audrey said James approached her trying to explain that the house is afraid of her and they want to throw her under the bus.
1:35PM BBT Steve walks in on Shelli and Audrey conversation he grab something and leaves. Audrey said if she wins she would put up Meg.
1:38PM BBT Steve thinks the lockdown for a Physical HoH. 
1:42PM BBT Shelli is planning on making breakfest. 
1:44PM BBT Austin and Vanessa are watching people over the HOH T.V
1:47PM BBT Austin and Vanessa are wondering how Liz and Julia were going 
to play the game without telling anyone. Random chit chat in the KT.
1:50PM BBT Audrey is told to put her mic on. Austin is telling stories about his old job as a bouncer.
1:56PM BBT HG joke about everyone sleeping during the day. More Random Cit Chat.
1:57PM BBT FotH
2:02PM BBT Venessa and Austin leave the HOH BR.They head to the KT.
2:03PM BBT FotH. 
2:04PM BBT Austin is grabbing stuff out of the Have Not BR. Jason is sleeping. 
2:06PM BBT FotH
2:09PM BBT Vanessa is wondering why a camera so high up.
2:13PM BBT Meg got in bed with Jason.
2:15PM BBT HG are theroizing the up comming HOH competition.
2:17PM BBT Liz is told to put her mic on.
2:20PM BBT Becky is doing yoga in the Comic BR. Liz ask how to sleep in the Have-Not BR.
2:23PM BBT Austin is massaging Liz. Audrey is talking to herself.
2:27PM BBT Shelli is called to the DR. Steve is doing the dishes.
2:35PM BBT All the camera are on a conversation in the KT between Steve,Venessa, and Audrey about a wired dream Steve had.
2:42PM BBT Steve is talking about a girl he had a crush on.


2:45PM BBT Steve and Venessa attempt to do pull-up on the stairs and were told to stop.
2:47PM BBT Clay is making coffee and Steve is cleaning the dishes. 
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3:03 PM BBT In the HOHR Liz tells Vanessa that she really doesn't want to hook up on TV with Austin. She says, her parents at home are watching this. She says, her parents are very conservative, & doesn't want her to be with someone with tattoos & long hair. Liz says, she's not going to lie, that's in the back of her mind also. Vanessa says, her parents would probably have liked her to bring someone home with tattoos.


3:05 PM BBT Vanessa says, when her parents found out about her girlfriend, they got over it. She says, in the end, your parents just want you to be happy. Vanessa tells Liz about Steve thinking she likes him. Vanessa says, Steve told her (Vanessa) that she likes dirty guys in glasses. Liz says, she told him she likes nerdy guys, but not glasses. Vanessa says, he really likes her. Vanessa says, he's has the maturity of a 13 year old, because he's only kissed 4 guys, & only 2 were with tongue, so he doesn't have that much experience.


3:07 PM BBT Liz says, why would Steve think she likes him? She says, she done everything in the book. Vanessa says, it's specifically Liz. She says, she's the twin that's f***ing all the guys up in the house. Liz asks what she can do about it? Vanessa says, she needs to just stop be flirty around him. Austin comes in the HOHR. Vanessa tells Austin she told her about the Steve thing. Liz says, he (Austin) knows about it to?


3:09 PM BBT Vanessa, Austin & Liz all talk about the Steve tossing a pillow at her, & how he was carrying her around the house. Vanessa says, Steve is going to get his poor little heart hurt. Liz says, he hasn't even lost his virginity yet. Vanessa says, you can't treat him like a normal guy. She says, you have to be gentle. Liz says, she wouldn't expect a virgin guy to go after her. She says, she's dated one nerdy guy. Vanessa asks if it was Julia or her that told him this? Liz says, she thinks she did.


3:12 PM BBT Liz says, Julia goes after the a**hole tool guys. Vanessa asks if they've ever fought over a guy? Liz says, no way. She says, if her lips have ever touched a guy, she says good bye. She says, they would never fight over a guy ever. Austin says, that's good. Liz says, there are to many guys in this world. Austin says, not in this world, they are dropping like flies. Liz & Vanessa laugh. Liz says, Steve shouldn't flatter himself, because she doesn't like him.


3:13 PM BBT Liz wonders if Steve is going to have a conversation with her. Austin says, he hopes Steve doesn't get really jealous, & go after him now. Vanessa tells Liz to tell Steve that she has a crush on someone else. Vanessa says, that will just be an informational que, & he'll readjust quickly. Liz says, she likes nerdy guys, but not virgins. She says, she likes guys with bigger arms, not skinny little twigs. Vanessa says, that's why he wants Austin to work him out.


3:15 PM BBT Vanessa says, at these times, it's great to be gay. Audrey comes up to the HOHR. She tells Vanessa that Shelli is using the bathroom downstairs, & asks to use hers? Vanessa tells her to go ahead. Austin asks what's wrong with Shelli today? Audrey says, she realizes that her name has been thrown out there. Austin & Audrey go back & forth that they could be put up on the block, & not actually be targets.


3:17 PM BBT Audrey says, if one of their people are on the block, she hopes they have the votes. Vanessa tells Audrey not to scare Shelli to much. She says, she will panic. Austin says, Shelli can't throw it, & she will probably tell Clay to work hard. Audrey says, they'll be fine. Austin says, he doesn't thing that many people will avenge Jeff. Audrey says, Johnny Mac is. Austin says, he's loyal to a fault. Austin says, he can throw a comp, since he has in the past.


3:19 PM BBT Audrey says, she thinks if people put her up, she may not be the target. She says, people may feel they would have to back-door her to get her out. She says, they have a good team. Austin says, they lucked into the HOH last week, & it depends how it falls. Audrey says, they power seems to go back & forth some seasons. Austin says, if it's something with skill, they may have a chance. Vanessa says, they have all the small people. Audrey says, if it's endurance, they'll have to peel her off.


3:21 PM BBT Audrey goes into the HOH WA. Austin says, the hour of the live show is the worst feeling for him. He says, he gets so nervous for the competition. He is sitting next to Liz on the couch in the HOHR. He has his hand on her arm. Vanessa is sitting up in her bed. Austin says, they should all just throw the comps, since they have the numbers. Vanessa wonders if anyone last year just threw all the comps. Austin says, the level of manipulation was not the same last season.


3:25 PM BBT Austin says, Jeff said that the guys in the comic room (CBR) should have made an alliance. BB tells Audrey to please put on her microphone. Audrey is wanting some of the candy in the HOHR. Austin says, "Oh, Mylantis." The HG's in the HOHR go over the questions from last season about the zombies. Audrey says, they had news alerts, so she doesn't think it's going to be questions. Vanessa asks what the time of all the parties were? Austin says, it all has to be based on facts, like get to the living room, it's time for a costume party.


3:28 PM BBT Vanessa says, she knows how many times Gronk was said. Austin tells her he will give him all of his HOH treats. Vanessa says, that's not good enough. Audrey says, she will give her all of her alcohol. Vanessa says, that's the best offer so far. Austin says, he got 4 beers last time. Vanessa tells them she knows how many times Gronk was said when it was on the reel. She says, it could be a puzzle type of comp where they have to put the parties in order.


3:30 PM BBT Vanessa says, she hopes it a pair competition so they can fix it. Audrey says, they could put Becky with James. Vanessa says, Becky can be manipulated, because she's sure she's not in an alliance. Austin says, Jeff says, he thinks he really has 3 votes for sure. Audrey thinks, Jackie, John & Jason probably will vote for him. Austin says, if Jeff stays, then people didn't keep their word, & they would just stick someone in his place. Audrey thinks Jason can be covering up for Jeff, & lying about it.


3:33 PM BBT Audrey says, if Steve votes to keep Jeff, they will know by the number of votes. (Audrey voted to keep Da'Vonne last week). Liz says, it could be the comp that you have to fill up something. Austin says, he would dominate in that comp, because of his physical ability. Austin asks what the rules are? He asks if he can dip his hair & shirt, so he can dump it in there. Liz says, she would've put the BBQ sauce in her mouth. He says, if it's just to fill the cup, some people will crap out half-way through the comp.


3:36 PM BBT Liz says, she wants to win this HOH so bad, & she doesn't care if her legs go numb. Audrey says, she told her parents she would literally die before giving up on an endurance comp. They all agree that Becky would do good, but her back is hurting. Jason smokes, so he may not last. They say that others may do good as well. Audrey says, she has a feeling she may be paired with Jason. Austin says, that means she would have to throw it. Audrey says, they just have to make sure their side doesn't have a duo that's working together.


3:39 PM BBT Austin thinks everyone will throw the comps for them. Audrey asks about her goodbye message, & is she can say they Jeff was put down by an alliance called Sleeper Cell, & to have a good nap. Vanessa says, she will say that Jeff was the real target all along. Audrey says, she's not sure that they would show him them if he could come back. BB tells them, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's.


3:41 PM BBT Austin tells BB that they are discussing what they can say in the future. Audrey says, her goodbye message for Da'Vonne was mean. She says, she did them for Jace & Da'Vonne. Vanessa & Austin say they only did them for Jace. BB tells them, they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions with other HG's again. Austin & Vanessa say, that was more stern. Audrey says, she has a feeling that Shelli can win. She says, she feels it in her gut when she says her name.


3:44 PM BBT Audrey wants Austin to tell Becky that she doesn't have to try to win the HOH comp again. Audrey says, she doesn't want Becky to try to win the HOH comp, because it will be better for them. (Why in the world do these HG's think other HG's will just throw a comp that they can win for them? Aren't they playing for themselves?) Austin says, they can tell Becky that she's coming on way to strong.


3:45 PM BBT Austin says, he knows that Becky definitely has something wrong with her back, but it might not be as bad as she makes it out to be. Austin says, Clay really needs to protect Shelli this week, because he thinks that Jason will be coming on strong. Vanessa talks about the HOH comp from last week, & how she aimed for the higher number, & then she actually won it. Vanessa says, it was a swish. Austin says, he jumped up when she hit it in, & he couldn't believe it was a 50. He says, he wanted to do cartwheels.


3:48 PM BBT Vanessa & Austin try to figure out how many trash cans there were in the BY for the last HOH comp. Austin says, that could definitely be a tie-breaker question. Vanessa says, there were 55 trash cans for that competition. Vanessa asks if there were really 10 trash cans across the back? Audrey says, yes. Vanessa asks what the first trash can number was. Austin says, it was 1, & Meg hit that one.


3:50 PM BBT Audrey says, she thinks Johnny Mac will try to win this HOH. Austin says, why is John acting weird? Audrey says, she thinks he's a bro type of guy. Austin asks why he can't be a bro to him? Audrey says, it's because of Jeff. Steve comes up to the HOHR. He tells them he thinks that's the only room with more than 1 person awake. He sits at the end of the couch by Liz.


3:51 PM BBT The HG's in the HOHR ask Steve about the HOH comps from last year. They wonder when the chicken wire comp was. Steve doesn't remember. Steve says, the Under The Sea comp putt putt was the third competition. Steve says, one of the comps Caleb took $5,000. Steve asks to have one of the chewy Jolly Ranchers. Audrey thinks it's a team competition this week. Steve says, it could have prizes for numbers 1 - 6. Audrey says, she doesn't want to wear the costume. She says, she wants to go to Hawaii.


3:54 PM BBT Vanessa says, in Season 10 they had 5 $1,000 gold bars. She says, she feels she could use that for negotiations. Austin says, this cast may not be receptive to that, & it didn't work in that season. Austin says, he's going to sit in the DR & not say anything when they ask him questions. Steve says, that's not good when you do that in the DR. Austin says, he's being sarcastic.


3:56 PM BBT Vanessa says, she has a huge bruise on her right hip from falling in the hallway. She says, she didn't see the step down, & hit the ground hard core. She says, it happened yesterday. Steve says, he didn't even know, & she never said anything to him about it. Audrey tells Steve he's making her want Gatorade. Steve says, he should have brought some chicken nuggets up there to eat. Audrey says, that would be great. Steve says, he would have eaten them all, & not give her any. Steve says, but he can't, because she already ate them all. Audrey tells them, they have to be quick to get them.


3:58 PM BBT Audrey leaves the HOHR. Steve & Austin goes back & forth about Jeff, & whether he may actually leave this week. Austin tells Steve that Jeff's in so many alliances, he may be a wild card, & go after him. (Why use scare tactics with the HG's, let them play their own game.) Austin says, if Jeff stays, it could get nuts, because they will have to go around & try to question everyone to find out who they actually voted for.


4:00 PM BBT Vanessa asks how America's Player works, & when they would actually be told what to do. She asks if they only have to vote a certain way, or do they have to campaign also? Steve says, he really doesn't  know. Austin how Jeff & Jackie did on TAR? Steve says, he really doesn't know a whole lot, because he casually watched it after the season was over. He says, he should have been watching BB, but he was watching TAR instead. Vanessa says, she's figuring things out.


4:04 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he's going to keep annoying her like his little brother. She says, she's in deep thought, because she thinks something from last week ties in with this week. Steve asks if he can know what it is? Vanessa says, when she figures it out. Steve leaves the HOHR. Austin asks Vanessa if Liz told him about their conversation? Vanessa says, yes. Vanessa tells Austin that that Audrey talked about Sleeper Cell in front of Liz. She says, that's probably the first time she's seen Audrey slip up.


4:07 PM BBT Vanessa tells Austin that Liz said she doesn't want to kiss on camera. Austin says, he just wants to know if she's interested. Vanessa says, she needs to get this out, & not talk about Liz right now. Vanessa says, Audrey is America's Player for sure. She says, she keeps telling them that if things don't go the way they want it to that it's Steve voting the opposite way. Vanessa says, she tried to say that last week about Steve voting the other way also.


4:10 PM BBT Austin says, will she tell them if she's America's Player? Vanessa says, she can't tell them, & will never admit it. Vanessa says, she's not a number for them. Austin says, they need to get rid of her. Vanessa says, she could be Team America also with Clay & Shelli. Then, they think she's working alone, & Vanessa says, she's America's Player. Austin says, last week Audrey voted Da'Vonne. Vanessa tells Austin how TA & America's Player both worked in previous seasons.


4:12 PM BBT Austin tells Vanessa that the first America's Player was on Evil Dick's season. He says, Eric would've won that season, but got knocked out way early. Vanessa says, America only watches the shows, they don't watch the feeds. Austin says, America votes for their favorites from the shows. In the CRL, Jeff is talking to Clay & Shelli. Audrey is covered up with a blanket & listening to everything that is going on.


4:15 PM BBT Jeff says, he can see himself being friends with all of the HG's outside of the house. Clay says, except for some. Audrey says, she won't lose sleep not being friends with Clay outside the house. Audrey & Shelli live about 45 minutes away from each other. Shelli says, Jace is around them also. Audrey says, she doesn't really know about hanging out with Jace, unless she needs to get some tree.


4:16 PM BBT Audrey says, all of her social media accounts are private, but she can be found at oddreym on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Shelli brings up the name combo abbreviations. She tells Jeff that her & Audrey will be Audlli. Shelli says, that's hilarious. Jeff says, they would be Jelli. Shelli says, that's cute. Shelli sings a little. Audrey says, she's going to laugh if some Broadway Musical contacts her after this. Shelli says, she's singing terribly.


4:19 PM BBT Shelli asks Jeff if they are going to do a Podcast tonight? Jeff says, definitely. Audrey says, he has to introduce the musical act. She says, it's her, Clay, Shelli & Becky. Jeff says, it can be an after show performance. Jeff says, he has to figure out what he's going to wear on eviction night. He says, he & James are just going to be sitting there, & it's not a good feeling. He says, they really won't know anything, until Julie tells them.


4:22 PM BBT Jeff says, he's had people asking why he's not talking to them? Jeff says, he really doesn't feeling like talking, & he doesn't feel like being cornered like Jace did to them would be good. Shelli says, Jace didn't really campaign. She says, he was just trying to sit there, & stare at people. She says, he really didn't have anything to say, & really didn't know what to do since it was the first week. She says, he really didn't have a game plan. Jeff says, he agrees.


4:23 PM BBT Audrey says, obviously Da'Vonne didn't have a good plan either. Jeff says, she never even talked to him, & it is what it is. Clay walks out of the CRL. Jeff says, when you actually go on the block, you learn if you can really trust people. He says, people say things, & shoot themselves in the foot. He says, sometimes people that aren't on the block, expose their games more than they should. He says, it's pretty interesting, & it's a great educational experience. Audrey says, she definitely witnessed that.


4:25 PM BBT Jeff says, this weeks been hard. He says, anything that's said about him, he's letting just roll of his back. Audrey says, it's been interesting with people collaborating that don't usually compare notes. Jeff says, he hopes the votes are on an individual basis. Shelli leaves to go to the WC. Jeff says, the green tea is really good, & he thinks that he & Becky are the only 2 that drink it. We can hear Shelli using the bathroom in her microphone.


4:27 PM BBT Jeff asks Audrey what she thinks about this week? Audrey says, she has an idea of what's going to happen, but she doesn't know for sure. Shelli comes back to the CRL. Jeff wonders why they were locked down so early today. Shelli talks about her nails. Clay comes back in the CRL. Jeff tells Clay after the photo booth he should be about 2 weeks pregnant by now. They discuss who would be the mom or the dad. Clay says, he would be the mom. Shelli says, he cooks. They are joking about this of course. Shelli says, he's pretty. Jeff tells him to shave his beard, grow his hair out, & get highlights. Jeff says, he needs to shave his beard, it's a little long.


4:32 PM BBT Audrey asks the HG's in the CRL if they hear that? Jeff asks if it's the music she's talking about. She says, yes. Jeff says, that's outside. He says, it sounds tropical. We see FOTH.


4:33 PM BBT The HG's in the CRL discuss Shelli's dream that she had. Jeff asks where James is, because he hasn't seen him today. Shelli says, she thinks James is sleeping. Jeff says, his suitcase is all packed. Shelli says, she remembers seeing pictures of last season's HG's just sitting around, & that's what they are doing. Jeff asks if they are nervous for evictions? Shelli says, yeah, a little. Jeff says, he doesn't want to campaign if James isn't. Shelli says, if she was on the block she would want to talk to people.


4:37 PM BBT Jeff says, as much as he's seen on previous seasons, he feels that campaigning doesn't really work. He says, if it's someone that he hasn't really talked to, then he could give them his loyalty, but they are adults, & should be able to make up their own minds. Audrey says, she feels that some people don't want to stand up against other people, & it's still early. Jeff agrees. He says, it sucks in the position he's in, but it's also beneficial.


4:39 PM BBT Jeff says, no matter if he or James stays in the game, they both have been able to hold things together under all the pressure of being on the block, when HG's usually blow up with the pressure. He says, that will be good for both of their characters. Clay asks how Meg & Jason have been? Jeff says, they have both been really hush hush. He says, Meg says, it's not fair to have to do this.


4:41 PM BBT Audrey says, she investigated everything fully, & she wanted to find out who started everything, & it all worked out. Jeff says, if he stays, he's already discovered someone that's not working with him, & he'll have to ax that person. He says, he actually wanted to be thrown up on the block as a volunteer. He says, as for game play, he wishes he had the chance to take himself off the block by being back-doored, & not even having the chance to play. Clay gets called to the DR. Jeff says, he can use one of his hats, if he doesn't want to do his hair.


4:44 PM BBT Jeff says, he may actually donate a hat & a shirt to Clay if he leaves the house. A dull silence goes over the room. Jeff tells Audrey he didn't see her until later when he was looking for a bed in the cheese room. (CBR). Jeff says, looking back, he was an outsider more in the first week, than he was. He says, when he started getting to know Shelli, he didn't realize just how much he didn't know. Audrey says, she realized that when she was in her bed for 2 days.


***CORRECTION TO 3:05 PM BBT POST*** Steve actually kissed only 4 GIRLS not GUYS as previously stated in the update.


4:48 PM BBT Clay comes back to the CRL from the DR. James gets called to the DR. Shelli leaves the CRL. Jeff starts telling Clay & Audrey about the things that Austin was telling him again. Clay gets called to the DR again. Clay says, really? Jeff says, they probably didn't like how you said it. Clay walks out. Jeff tells Audrey, now she's heard. Audrey asks about what? Jeff says, about Austin. Audrey says, she only heard through the grapevine.


4:51 PM BBT Jeff explains to Audrey about Austin being Austin. Jeff says, he hopes his obvious friends are going to stay loyal to him. Audrey says, you mean like Johnny, Becky, Steve? Jeff says, like Shelli, Clay, Johnny Mac, possibly Meg, & he's not sure what Audrey will do. He says, it's very up in the air. Jeff says, he has no idea about Liz for a couple of reasons. We see FOTH.


4:55 PM BBT When live feeds come back, Jeff says, he wishes they had the yard. He says, it feels like it's really cooped up in here. Audrey says, there's probably a purpose for that. Jeff says, yes, it causes a lot of tension. Jason & Meg are in the SR looking in the refrigerator for food. Jason reads the directions on the back of a box of pancakes. Meg says, she wants to get a shower, because she knows she's going to get called to the DR.


4:47 PM BBT In the OBR, Meg is laying in a bed, Austin is laying on the floor & John is sitting in the chair. Austin asks what BB can do next week instead of parties? He says, it could be detentions. Austin says, they could all be made HN's. Liz says, there's only 5 dentist chairs. Meg is gathering stuff for her shower. We see FOTH. Jeff comes back & lays in his bed with Liz. Liz says, his bed is comfortable. She asks him if he's packed yet? Jeff says, no. Jeff comments on the fact that Jeff's black BB bag was fixed yesterday, & that he could go pack. Liz says, that seemed like a dig, but it wasn't.

4:59 PM BBT Jeff says, he hopes BB didn't find all that horny goat weed he had stashed to take home. He says, BB didn't have to really get them performance enhancing vitality pills. He says, when people started to talk about waking up with wet dreams, they probably cut it out. John says, did people really wake up with wet dreams? Jeff says, yes. Austin says, Clay woke up this morning looking like something happened. We see FOTH.


5:02 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Jeff still talking about getting hard on's from girls wearing tight clothes. Shelli is in the OBR now. Jeff says, he remembers about 8th grade, when he would get hard on's from dancing with girls. He says, that's so young. The HG's in the OBR discuss how old you are in 8th grade. Jeff says, he graduated high school at 17, because his birthday is June 21. Austin says, if you have an earlier birthday, that makes a big difference in a lot of ways. John says, freaking boners, they ruin everything. The conversation changes to what Jeff should wear tomorrow night.


5:04 PM BBT Shelli tells Jeff to wear dark jeans. Liz says, dark jeans are hot. Shelli tells him to wear a long sleeve shirt, not tucked, with the sleeves rolled up. John says, he doesn't think that Steve's had a wet dream yet. Liz says, he probably has. She says, it's inevitable, & guys are such horn dogs. Shelli leaves the OBR. Jeff goes to check the pizza he's cooking. James comes out of the CBR, & gets some clothes out of his suitcase to wear. Jackie comes out of the CBR.


5:09 PM BBT Liz tells Austin they are having steaks tonight for dinner, but she doesn't know what to put on the side with it. James says, steak yum. Liz says, there are only 2, back off. She tells Austin he could eat both of them, but he's getting one. Liz & Austin discuss how to make potatoes. Liz says, her dad doesn't like anything healthy, & she thinks he made potatoes one time with almond milk, thinking it was regular milk. They talk about accents that some HG's have.


5:10 PM BBT Audrey comes in the OBR. BB tells Jackie to please put her microphone on. John says, most of the states are just plain. He says, there was a girl in his dental class from Minnesota, & it was strong. Liz says, Nicole from last season had a strong accent. Her, Audrey & John all try to imitate her. John says, she was talking about the silver fillings & said amalgam funny. Liz goes to take Motrin for her back, because it hurts really bad.


5:15 PM BBT Jeff comes back in the OBR, & asks John & Austin what he should wear tomorrow. They give their thoughts. Jeff asks what he should pack in the black BB bag? Austin says, it's probably like when they went in, it's mostly for looks. Jeff says, James is really on it, & he's ready to bounce. John tells Jeff that he's voting for him to stay after Austin leaves the OBR. He tells him everyone is acting weird around him, & doesn't want to tell him anything. He gives Jeff a hug, & walks out.


5:17 PM BBT Jeff goes in the SR, where James is ironing his shirt. James asks Jeff if they fixed his black BB bag? Jeff says, it looks like they did. James says, they probably didn't fix it, they probably gave him a whole new one. Jeff tells James he feels like he's going home. He asks Jeff what he should pack in his BB bag? James says, not to much, probably a change of clothes & shoes or something. He tells him to pack the rest in his suitcase, so he's not hauling it around with him.


5:19 PM BBT Jeff leaves the SR. James puts the iron & ironing board up that he was using, & leaves the SR also. Jeff, Austin, Shelli & Audrey are all by the glass table in the KT. Austin asks JEff what the topic should be tonight for their Podcast. Jeff says, they'll have to figure that out. Jackie walks in, & asks what's going on in there? Jeff says, nothing, he's just waiting for his d*** pizza.

5:21 PM BBT Audrey tells live feeders they need a web series of Austin just eating fish. Jeff goes in the CBR to talk more with John. Steve is there also. John tells jeff that no one will talk game with him. Jeff says, he told Steve that the people he though would vote for him, probably aren't. He says, the people he thought he could trust in the house aren't the ones that he was hanging out with. Jeff says, he needs to figure some things out. He needs to figure out who he can get on his side now. John says, maybe Clay & Shelli are, you never know. Jeff tells John they need to have a meeting in private tonight.


5:24 PM BBT John tells Jeff that he talked to Steve last night. Jeff leaves the CBR. Steve puts his microphone on. John says, Jeff just talked to much, he's not a bad guy. Steve says, this games just screwed up. He doesn't think anyone there is a bad person. Steve asks John if he wants to let Jeff know he's in there by himself? John says, no, because he's going to sleep for realz. Steve tells him goodnight, grabs clothes to put on, & walks to the WA.


5:27 PM BBT Jason is getting dressed in the WA, after taking a shower. Steve goes in the WC to change his clothes. Liz & Meg are sitting on the couch. James is starting the hot shower. Jason talks about his accent. Liz says, it's such a big accent. Steve sits on the couch near Liz. Jason says, if you go to where he lives, everyone talks like that. James asks if his accent is real? Jason says, he'll be able to tell even more after the show.


5:30 PM BBT James says, the shower is hot, & he's not used to that. Liz says, she likes Jason's cardi. Jason says, it's nice, & it's ladies. meg is putting her make-up on, & asks Jason if the pancakes were good? Jason says, they were foul. Meg says, she's craving pancakes. Jason says, they should give him real food, it's not 1971. Jason says, eating in the house is so hard for him, because everyone wants to suck on avocado's. Jason talks about the less expensive juice being on sale all the time, & no one buys them. Meg says, she loves them, & they are really expensive. Liz says, she likes La Croix sparkling flavored water. She says, they come in cans, & they aren't expensive. Jason says, vendors take care of the can stuff.


5:34 PM BBT Liz says, Coke is so gross, & so is Dasani water. Jason says, yes, it is, & you know it's just like your local tap water put in a bottle. We see FOTH.


5:35 PM BBT Jason says, people only buy Dasani when... We see FOTH again. Live feeds come back to the DT. Austin is laying on the table. Jackie, Jeff, Steve & Audrey are all eating. Shelli is sitting at the table with them. Steve is eating really loudly. Austin & Jeff are trying to figure out what to do for the Podcast tonight. Audrey takes a blanket off her legs, goes to get salad dressing, comes back to the table & covers up again.


5:38 PM BBT Liz goes to the WA in the HOHR. Vanessa is laying in her bed. Shelli comes up there as well. Shelli tells Vanessa that today is so boring. BB tells Vanessa to please put on her microphone. She says, it's on. Vanessa tells Shelli that Audrey mentioned Sleeper Cell in front of Liz. Shelli gets in the bed with Vanessa. Shelli says, they've talked then. Vanessa says, she said the name of it. Shelli asks if she said the name? Vanessa says, yes. Shelli says, it may not be that big of a deal.


5:41 PM BBT Vanessa asks Shelli if Audrey went to talk to her about numbers, & if the votes don't go the right way, it may be Steve. Shelli says, no. Vanessa tells Shelli that her thought is that Audrey is America's Player. Shelli says, she's always thought she's America's Player. Vanessa tells Shelli she thinks that Jeff is probably going to try to get Shelli & Clay's votes. Shelli says, they were talking to Jeff & he didn't ask them for his vote. Jason gets called to the DR.


5:45 PM BBT Clay comes to the HOHR, when Vanessa is telling Shelli her thoughts for Audrey being America's Player. Clay sits on the bed with Vanessa & Shelli. Vanessa compliments Clay's cologne. She tells Clay the story as well. Vanessa says, she really wants to work with Audrey, but they can't count her vote if she's America's Player. Shelli asks how America's Player works? Vanessa says, she has to vote how America tells her to, & she gets paid extra every week she's in the house.


5:48 PM BBT Clay says, he really thinks Audrey is a great person. He says, they argue like brother & sister. He hopes they would stay friends outside the house. Vanessa tells Clay about her slipping up & talking about Sleeper Cell in front of Liz. Clay says, he feels she's America's Player also, & he knows they are getting close to her in the house. Clay says, it can hurt them down the road.


5:50 PM BBT Vanessa tells Clay & Shelli that if she's America's Player, that she will control one of the nom's at some point. Shelli asks how she knows that? Vanessa says, because it happened in Season 8. Clay says, he thinks that Audrey would try to get him out. BB tells Audrey to please put on her microphone. Then, BB tells Audrey to please not hold her microphone in her hand. Vanessa spills more to Clay.


5:53 PM BBT Vanessa tells Clay that she tried to twists things so if the numbers are off, that it's Steve who did it. None of them believe this. Clay is going to try to get out of Jeff who he has voting for him. Clay says, a lot of things are suspicious. Vanessa says, she did something else today that was suspicious. Vanessa says, she was going to try & tell something to Jason to see if it got back to her. Shelli says, she said that to her also. Shelli thinks she was involved with Jason's missing sock, trying to get Clay & Shelli to kiss, the black clothes alliance, & deflecting on Steve.


5:56 PM BBT Clay says, no one else in the house has ever had all of this stuff coming back to them, except her. Clay asks how long they should keep her in the game? He says, they all want her there as a player. Vanessa says, & as a human being. Vanessa says, she can take the fall this week if she's America's Player, & things don't go their way. clay says, if they keep going & keep her, they may wait to long, & then they may go instead of her.


5:58 PM BBT Shelli & Clay tell Vanessa about Becky coming in the HNR yesterday, & saying something about keeping Jeff, because he might be like Audrey. Shelli says, she's being persuaded to keep Jeff. Clay says, by Becky? Shelli says, no. She says, the conversation with Becky just went over her head. Shelli says, she can’t say anything because she doesn't want to get in trouble. Clay says, because of your sesh? Shelli shakes her head, up & down, for yes. We see FOTH.


6:01 PM BBT Live feeds come back. The conversation in the HOHR is still about the way they feel they are being persuaded to vote. In the CRL, Austin tells James that Liz wants to talk to him one on one, as much as he tries to keep her away from Jeff. James says, he thinks they are o.k. with the votes for him to stay. They discuss how many lies Jeff has been caught in. Meg gets called to the DR.


6:06 PM BBT James & Austin rehash the time when they all cornered Jeff the other day. Back in the HOHR, Shelli says, she believes she's being led to believe that Clay would be the next big player out of the house. Clay asks, by who? Shelli doesn't answer him. Vanessa tells Clay & Shelli how much Austin wants to keep Clay in the game. Shelli says, that may be so he can be the target. Vanessa says, no, because you become a target when you're the last of something.


6:09 PM BBT Vanessa says, when you're the last girl, guy, or alliance member, it's no bueno. Vanessa tells them that Jason had told her at one point that there was a power couple in the house, & it couldn't be Austin & Liz at that point, & he didn't know they are working together. Jackie comes up to the HOHR with her bin of stuff. Vanessa says, she thinks that Audrey is trying to manipulate her with side swipes, because it's not being done directly. Clay says, he has the same feeling.


6:11 PM BBT Clay tells Vanessa that he feels if he's put on the block it will come from her, but she won't do it in a way that anyone will know about it. She will make sure it doesn't come from her. Vanessa says, if that happens, it would be the most heavy campaign for a back-door in the history of BB. Vanessa asks if they've ever noticed that Audrey wants to be around them every time they are together? Shelli & Clay both say that makes them uncomfortable.


6:13 PM BBT Vanessa & Shelli both tell each other that Audrey is trying to make them both paranoid for working together. Shelli says, if she's America's Player, how could America ever want to break her & Clay up? Vanessa says, Audrey doesn't know everything that Vanessa has told Shelli in confidence. Vanessa realizes Liz & Jackie are in the HOHR WA. They get candy. Shelli says, she has cramps.


6:15 PM BBT Vanessa asks Shelli & Clay if they get HOH, if they would put her up? Clay says, they can't, because she will exploit. Vanessa tells them that Audrey doesn't know she went to them about the twins, & everything she's told them in confidence. Vanessa says, she's trying to make her paranoid. Vanessa says, Audrey is Audrey. Austin comes up to the HOHR. Before he gets in there, Vanessa says, "What the f***?" Vanessa tells Austin a little bit about Audrey.


6:17 PM BBT Austin tells them that Audrey just went & started crap with James. Austin says, things are riled up now. Vanessa wants Austin to find out from Steve to see who he's voting for, & then they will know if Audrey is America's Player or not. Audrey comes up to the HOHR trying to start riling things up even more. Steve gets called to the DR. Austin says, he can't be by Jeff, or he will be evicted, because he will punch him. Audrey tells them that more stuff is going on. Vanessa tells Audrey that she wants to smack her, for talking about Sleeper Cell.


6:23 PM BBT Audrey wants to open more of Austin's food in the HOHR. She takes the remote control to see what's going on in the house. Vanessa, Clay & Shelli try to figure out why James & Jeff aren't campaigning to stay. Vanessa then says, Jeff tries to use pressure tactics against James. Shelli stands up on the bed, & says, she wants them all to know that her & Clay are the black alliance, because they are both dressed in all black. Austin says, he doesn't know if they can say that. Austin wants to know why people are saying he back-stabbed Jeff? He says, it's not back-stabbing, it's front-stabbing, & he's stabbing him in his eye.


6:26 PM BBT Audrey tells Austin to go to the purple room (OBR), because everyone is in there. Vanessa tells him to walk a little softer, because he sounds like a giant. Austin leaves, & stomps away, so they can hear him. Audrey talks about the dream that Shelli had, & how it coincides with things going on. Shelli says, Jeff was the first one on the floats. Vanessa says, she thought it was just about dishes.


6:28 PM BBT In the WA, Liz & talking to James. James tells her that Vanessa was caught in the fire with Jace. He says, she wasn't part of the plan, so he didn't have a reason to fill her in on it off the bat. James tells Liz that if he wins HOH next week, if he's still there, he gives his word that he will not put up Vanessa, Austin or her. He says, he has bigger fish to fry. James says, Vanessa & Austin literally had to squeeze the sh** out of Jeff to get the truth out of him. Liz says, she knows that sucks. She says, it sucks that it comes down to Jeff & James being friends, & one having to leave. She says, it's like her & Austin, because they are bff's.


6:32 PM BBT Liz tells James she knows he doesn't have a big mouth in the house. She says, she knows who does, & she hopes they can work together. James says, he thinks everyone is out for themselves. James says, everyone is literally there for themselves, but that would be like her winning HOH this week, & putting Austin up. Liz says, she just passed by & saw Jeff & Audrey talking, & she wonders what's going on. James says, Jeff is trying to get Meg reeled in. James says, he won't do something like that. Liz says, he's doing things at any costs to stay in this game.


6:34 PM BBT Austin goes in the WC, & comes back out. Jason tells Liz that he knows her & Austin have had his back the whole time. Austin sits down on a couch, & says, he hasn't been by everyone in the house either. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back. Liz tells James, she thinks he'll be o.k. Austin says, by 7 PM BBT tomorrow it will be all over, & it seems so far away. James says, he wants to be cool with Jeff, but he's making it feel so weird.


6:37 PM BBT Clay goes to the WC. Clay says, he's still rocking the top hat. James says, yes he is, because he can't wear his camo hat anymore. He says, Clay wore it in the DR, & all the girls saw him wearing it. We see FOTH again. Live feeds come back with Liz using a flat iron on her hair. Clay is messing with his hair, & says, he may have it trimmed. BB tells Clay to please reattach his microphone. Clay asks James if he's o.k.? James says, he's o.k.


6:39 PM BBT James says, your word in the house pulls a lot of weight. Clay says, it does, because that's all you have. Austin says, there are more reasons. Austin says, Dan lost his season. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's. Austin & Clay say, it's not them. Back in the HOHR, Audrey says, she doesn't trust Johnny Mac. Vanessa asks why he's sticking to Jeff so much? Audrey leaves the HOHR. Shelli says, he's not trying to be secretive about it, because he's helped him since the first week. Vanessa & Shelli look for the remote for the TV. (It's on the couch where Audrey was).


6:42 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli that Audrey told her that she had a final 3 deal with Clay & Shelli before they made Sleeper Cell. Vanessa says, she told her that she doesn't think she can win in the final 3 with them. Jackie comes out of the shower, & says, she shaved everything. Shelli says, once a week, you have to have that really big shower, & the rest are maintenance showers. Jackie says, she's going to volunteer to be a HN next week.


6:44 PM BBT Jackie says, she's surprised they had this week off from being HN's. Vanessa says, it's party week. Shelly says, everyone is sleeping all day. Vanessa says, it's a 24-hour lull. Jackie tells them she was up until 6 a.m. talking. BB tells her to please put on her microphone. Shelli says, sketch. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back with Vanessa telling Shelli that Audrey is planting seeds all over, & she doesn't have loyalty. Vanessa says, she thinks Shelli is a certain way, & it may be different when she watches the show back. Shelli says, she is how she is in real life.


6:49 PM BBT Shelli says, she's friends with everyone in the house, but she has her core group to work with. She says, in real life she'd rather have a few close friends, than a ton of acquaintances. In the HNR, Jeff & Clay are whispering to each other. Jeff says, he talked to Becky, but she didn't want to tell him who she's voting for. Jeff says, this Liz would vote for him to stay, but she's terrified of Austin. Jeff says, he never knew that Austin was the one creating all these rumors about him.


6:51 PM BBT Jeff says, Austin was the first one to abandon Jace, his best friend in the house. He says, Austin staged a fake blow up. Jeff says, you will know when Austin is lying, because he will talk all frantic. We see FOTH. Live feeds come back with Jeff still talking to Clay. Jeff says, Austin almost threatened him. He tells Clay about when Austin came in the CBR when he & Liz were talking yesterday.


6:54 PM BBT Jeff continues to tell Clay about all that happened with Austin. Clay tells Jeff that he was close to him in the beginning, but after everything that happened he's a little worried. Jeff tells Clay that he's made some big mistakes in this game, & he just got caught with his. We see FOTH.

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5:24 PM BBT - Jeff, John and Steve are discussing votes in the cheese room.  Jeff said people he thought would have his back don't.   John says Clay and Shelli don't talk game with him and he doesn't know how they are voting.


5:33 PM BBT - Its a party in the BR, Jason, Liz, James, Steve and Meg talking about food.

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5:42 PM BBT Van telling Shelli about Audrey making a critical mistake talking about Sleeper Cell in front of Liz.  Van is going to tell Audrey about it when she comes up to HOH.  


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5:43 PM BBT Van and Shelli talking about Audrey being Americas Player.  They agree that it makes sense with all the things she done and why she is so paranoid. [why are they so convinced there even is an America's player]


5:44 PM BBT  Van telling Shelli that Jeff told Austin that he has a 3rd vote.  Shelli says that Jeff has not even attempted to talk to her and Clay about their vote. 


5:47 PM BBT  Clay has now joined Shelli and Van in the HOH, discussing America's Player being Audrey.

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7:04PM BBT Jeff and Clay talking. Going back and forth on what Jeff has told others.  In HOH, Vanessa explaining to Jackie why she had to put up Jeff. Jackie says that either way it's fine with whatever happens.


7:13PM BBT Alcohol has arrived and there is cheering and screaming. They got a 12 pack and wine. Jason says tomorrow can't be physical comp.


7:16PM BBT Jeff telling Clay that Audrey made worse mistakes then he did and the HG forgave her.


7:24PM BBT The HG put together some type of beatboxing. Clay and Jeff talking in the WA. Jeff telling Clay that he might manipulate others but he hasn't said anything to Clay and Shelli to manipulate.

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7:32PM BBT Jeff and Clay still talking. Clay telling Jeff that he trusts Shelli. Jeff saying that he will become transparent on who he is with if he stays.


7:44PM BBT We are getting intermediate FOTH. Becky curling her hair in HOH WA. Other HG still laughing and chatting in the KT.


7:52PM BBT Becky listening to Vanessa's CD while Vanessa applies her nightly face mask.

7:56PM BBT A game of dare has started. First up is James has to give a peck on the lips to Meg. They comply.

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8:07PM BBT Dinner is being started. In the WA Megan, Audrey and Jason are doing duck lips in unison in a mirror.


8:09PM BBT The duck lips trio is actually in the BR. They are practicing for the girl's podcast night. Jackie is putting on make up since she says she will be called to DR tonight.


8:14PM BBT Jackie tells Jeff that Vanessa told her this morning that they think Audrey is AP. Jeff gets upset. Jackie tells him to calm down. Jeff says that Vanessa realizes that she made a mistake.


8:19PM BBT In the purple BR - the HG are getting ready to watch the performance by Audrey, Jason and Meg.

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8:38 PM BBT On feeds 1/3 Jason and Audrey are in the SR discussing the abundance of pork. On feeds 2/4 are Vanessa and Austin setting up the HoH discussing the votes and assumptions that Audrey is America's Player.


8:45 PM BBT After a brief WBRB the feeds return to Steve and James in the BR. Steve asks James if he can guarantee him two weeks. James agrees and they shake on it.


8:48 PM BBT Steve and James are in the BR. Steve is asking for advice on how to improve his social game. Steve feels awkward when he walks in on game talk. James says that can't be helped, but he needs to talk to people more so they know where he is at.


8:51 PM BBT JFeeds 1/3 James is still giving Steve social game advice. James encourages Steve to show the others his hand once in a while. He doesn't have to show the whole deck, but he can show one card. "Don't keep everything a secret in this house."


8:53 PM BBT Steve tells James he fears people are over exaggerating his book smarts. James admits that his "trombonists" scared everyone. James "It's over 50% social because if the others don't like you, you go home. 20% is trust. The rest is crazy stuff to get you through the game."  James and Steve are also both tired of seeing John put up. James is ready to put up anyone who decides to use John again.


8:58 PM BBT Steve and James are still in the BR. James is going through his votes. He thinks he has what he needs to stay. James tells Steve that he thinks Audrey is America's Player. He asks him if Audrey asked to work with him. Steve admits yes, but they never shook on anything.

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9:00 PM BBT The feeds switch to Jackie and Jeff in the WA. They are both bored and Jackie vents that she is ready to blow up. She said Vanessa told her straight out that Jeff is leaving. If Vanessa is that confident, then it has to be a house decision. Everyone must be telling them lies.


9:05 PM BBT Jackie says Austin probably wants Jeff gone so he can control her like he controls Liz. She says it will be the exact opposite. She will wrap him around her finger. Jeff advises that she go upstairs to see what they are up to. Jackie says it wouldn't help. No one is talking game to her.


9:06 PM BBT Jackie tells Jeff that she knows how hard it is for him to keep his cool when he knows everyone is telling him lies. They think the others are being fake and neither of them care about fake people.


9:10 PM BBT On feeds 2/4 Shelli is venting to Clay, Vanessa, and Austin. She says the only reason Clay trusted Jeff to begin with was because she told him too. Now, Jeff is trying to tell people to not trust Clay because of his relationship with her. She says she is pissed and her vote is now sealed. She feels betrayed.


9:14 PM BBT Austin has set up a dinner for two with Liz in the HoH. They appear to be enjoying their meal together. Meanwhile in the BR James and Steve are discussing potential nominations if either of them win the next HoH. They both want to nominate people who have not been on the block yet.


9:17 PM BBT Shelli and Clay have left the HoH to give Austin and Liz privacy for their dinner. They go to the lounge. Shelli continues to discuss how Jeff is trying to get rid of her so he can take Clay to the final 2. She is angry and says Clay doesn't understand how she feels.


9:20 PM BBT Shelli tells Clay that he needs to pick an alliance and stick with it, and Jeff is not it. She says that if someone talked about him like they are her, she would be guns blazing. She appears to be doubting his loyalty but Clay is trying to reassure her that he would pick her over him.


9:25 PM BBT Austin and Liz continue to enjoy their private dinner in the HoH. They are discussing life outside the house. In the lounge Shelli is still venting about how she has been on Jeff's side from the beginning. Him not noticing her loyalty hurts her feelings. Meg joins them.


9:27 PM BBT Meg has joined Shelli and Clay. She says she can't make a decision this week. She is in a bad spot. She trusts both of the nominees. Clay asked her to choose who she trusts more. After stalling, she admits that she trusts Jeff more.


9:32 PM BBT In the lounge Clay and Shelli tell Meg about Jeff's betrayal. Clay admits he has heard several times that Jeff wants to split them up. They tell Meg that Jeff has promised them final three and he has turned on Shelli. Meg says Jeff is the one causing drama this week and that doesn't help his case to stay at all.


9:35 PM BBT Meg tells Clay and Shelli that Jason said he wishes he could work with them. Shelli says she is surprised by that because she heard she was Jason's target for getting rid of Da'Vonne. Meg says she has never heard Shelli's name come out of Jason's mouth so they don't need to worry about that.


9:40 PM BBT Meg tells Clay and Shelli that she is having a hard time. Jeff and James are both her boys. She is not ready to decide on how she will vote yet. Meanwhile Liz and Austin are still in the HoH enjoying their private dinner and talking about life outside the house.


9:46 PM BBT Meg tells Clay and Shelli in the lounge that she knows Jeff is the one probably leaving this week. She asks that if something changes that she not be left out of the loop and then leaves. Shelli tells Clay that she really wants to confront Jeff.


9:48 PM BBT Shelli and Clay are now alone in the lounge again. Clay tells her that Audrey is doing to him exactly what Jeff is doing to her. He doesn't trust her and wishes Shelli would trust her less. Shelli said he never gave Audrey a chance and that's why Audrey doesn't trust him. Jackie comes in and interrupts them.


9:52 PM BBT Jackie wants to talk to Clay and Shelli about keeping Jeff. Shelli tells her how she feels about Jeff now. She rehashes how she feels betrayed by Jeff and will be confronting him about it later.

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10:01PM BBT Liz and Austin in HOH on their dinner date. Talk ranges from jobs they have had to about Jeff being sent home.


10:05PM BBT Austin and Liz in the KT. Vanessa asks how the date went. Austin said good food and conversation. Liz says Austin has a romantic side. Austin says they still have to clean up some more.


10:12PM BBT Clay and Shelli rehash their reason for voting out Jeff with Jackie.


10:14PM BBT Austin talking in the KT to Steve. Says that Jeff has locked down their room but other HG are going in and out of the room. Says that he promised James his vote because Jeff lied to him. Says it is his vote. Steve agrees.


10:19PM BBT Vanessa in the HOH with Austin and Liz. She tells them that she got in a fight with Clay because he told her that he was 90% sure that he was voting out Jeff. She says that she was furious. In the end she says he apologized and said he was 100%.

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10:23PM BBT Vanessa is telling them about how the argument went. She says she has an eidetic memory and she can remember everything. She is saying how if these HG start things with her - she will take them down.


10:29PM BBT Clay, Shelli and Audrey, and Jackie are called out by BB for talking about DR. Austin says that BB is letting them know that the 4 of them are in an alliance. Austin says BB is doing it on purpose to let Austin know.



10:32PM BBT Austin says that BB is calling the 4 out to reward the "good guys" Austin, Vanessa and Liz.


10:36PM BBT Steve comes into the HOH room. Trying to make Vanessa laugh with a beach ball. Austin tells him not a good time and reminds him of social cues. Audrey has come in and says the DR convo they were having was about goodbye messages.

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10:39PM BBT Vanessa now tells Audrey about Clay only being 90% now. She says that she took a bath in blood for these people. She is cursing up a storm. Says that she would never have put Jeff up if they weren't 100%.



10:46PM BBT Shelli enters the HOH and Vanessa starts grilling her on Clay's 90%. they go round and round. Shelli says that they are voting Jeff out. Vanessa wants Shelli to put herself in Van's shoes. Shelli says she understands.


10:54PM BBT Clay is no in the HOH room. He swears that he is 1000% that he is voting Jeff out. Vanessa rehashing the convo.

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