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Monday, July 13 2015 Big Brother Live Feed Updates


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Back Yard = BY

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Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

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Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC

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12:00 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz practice conversations with Jeff.  They role-play him asking her if she is asked about being a twin.  Liz has a deer-in-the-headlights look.  Vanessa says when her sister was asked she laughed and said "Oh my God is that why everyone has been staring at me?!"  Liz says that's great!  She's a way better actor.  Vanessa is glad they're practicing this.  They go over it a few times.  Vanessa recommends saying that "...someone made 5 g's (grand) off that rumor…”


12:05 AM BBT Shelli and Clay continue to cuddle in the hammock, whispering.  Clays says they'll do things exact opposite she did the first wedding.  Clay says if her dress was white it will be black this time around.  Shelli giggles saying her mom agrees.  Up in the HOH Vanessa and Liz continue to chat.


12:08 AM BBT Technical difficulties.  Feeds back and Audrey is standing near the hammock chatting with Shelli and Clay.  Audrey says she wants to clear things up.  Clay says she needs to drop it and that's what stirs things up.  Audrey has a seat and Clay is telling her that Jason and Jeff were fighting earlier.  Up in the HOH Vanessa and Liz continue to chat.  Liz likes Audrey and feels bad because she's being bullied.


12:10 AM BBT Audrey says it was Jace's downfall and Da'vonne's downfall and now it will be Jeff's downfall.  They all tried to exploit her (Audrey) before they left and they don't get realize that game isn't working.  Audrey wants them to talk to Vanessa tonight to clear up what she said to Jeff.  Audrey is really stressed out.  Clay and Shelli again stress to her to let it go.  Audrey says when the house is against her three weeks in a row it's pretty stressful.  Audrey says ok and heads in to make an omelette.  They laugh softly and wonder what they were talking about.  Clay mouths "our future wedding" to the (wrong) camera.


12:15 AM BBT It's time to party in the BY. Bring something to make noise and head to the BY. Everyone starts finding things to make noise with and head into the BY.


12:20 AM BBT Party is over.  Jeff chases Shelli to the hammock and comments on Audrey coming over earlier.  Shelli says she was asking how to make an omelette.  Jeff is glad to hear, he was afraid she was trying to stir more stuff up.  Jeff says Johnny said he has his vote.  Jeff says being up against James is going to be tough.  Meanwhile in the house James is doing dishes.  Becky joins him.


12:23 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz back up in the HOH.  Liz told Austin about Jeff wanting to talk to her, he thinks it's about the twin thing.  Vanessa wonders if maybe she should play the B**** card and not give him any information at all because he's on his way out the door.


12:28 AM BBT Up in the HOH Liz and Vanessa continue to chat about who Liz (Julia) really is.  Down near the hammock Shelli, Clay and Jeff continue to chat.  Clay says Vanessa doesn't like being attacked or pecked at.  Clay says you have to be calm when you talk to her and stay calm.  Jeff wonders if he should take Jackie up.  Shelli doesn't think that's a great idea.  Either does Clay.


12:34 AM BBT Brief FoTH.  All four feeds back on Clay, Shelli and Jeff.  Jeff says he was part of the group that helped keep Audrey here.  Shelli calls him out saying that's not really true because Shelli didn't put Audrey up.  Shelli says Jeff absolutely would have voted her out if she would have put her up and Jeff mumbles his agreement.  Shelli says that's not a good thing to say because it's not entirely accurate.


12:38 AM BBT Jeff is going to ask Austin to help talk to Vanessa.  Jeff heads in.  Shelli says (sarcastically) that yeah he really did help keep Audrey in the house last week.  Shelli says he's a salesman and he's making great pitches but he keeps failing and this last conversation really back sold her.  Jeff heads into the WA to talk to Austin.  Jeff sees people in the KT listening and says if they want to join in they can come in.


12:40 AM BBT Austin and Jeff continue to chat in the WA about going to talk to Vanessa and what to say.  Out in the hammock Clay and Shelli continue to chat.  Clay tells her to get closer.  She lays down next to him and he says "Hey there mama...  Do you mind if I call you mama?"  She says yeah it's cute just don't call me grandmama.  


12:46 AM BBT Jeff and Austin's conversation finishes up and Austin heads up to HOH.  Just as he opens the door he is called to DR.  He steps in and questions whether or not Johnny said he is going to vote for Jeff to stay.  Vanessa said she doesn't care who he votes for.  Austin says Jeff was going to bring a group up but she would see it as bullying.  Vanessa says he's going up 120%.  Vanessa tells him to go do his DR.


12:49 AM BBT Out in the BY Becky has joined Clay and Shelli.  Becky says she had a chat with Vanessa earlier and told her just to do what she has to do.  Don't get her hands dirty over this.  Put whoever up and just run with it.  Let the house make the decision on whom goes.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Liz and Vanessa continue to chat about Vanessa's hair color.


12:56 AM BBT HOH feeds switch to Jackie and Jeff in the Cabana room.  Meg joins them.  They need to find something Audrey has said about Vanessa.  They know there is something...they just have to figure it out.  Jeff wants Jackie to go up there.  He needs a female mind to help rationalize what's going down.  Out in the BY James and Audrey join Becky, Clay and Shelli.  Audrey made cheese eggs moreso than an omelette.


12:59 AM BBT Shelli and Audrey leave James and Clay behind at the hammock.  James says Jeff and Jackie were in the Cabana room and Meg just went in there and closed the door.  James says normally he's a part of those conversations.  He can't help but wonder if he's being campaigned against already.  Clay says he probably is but he thinks he would get the votes to stay.


01:02 AM BBT In the Cabana room Meg asks what Vanessa's main problem.  Meg and Jackie wonder if Vanessa was just looking for a reason to put him up.  Jeff says he hasn't done to Vanessa what Audrey has done to Vanessa.  Back and forth between the three about going to talk to Vanessa and what to say.  Meg says he has to go tonight before the meeting.


01:08 AM BBT  Jackie and Meg are mad at Vanessa saying that Jeff will probably go home if this goes down.  Meg says she's next after he goes.  Out in the hammock James and Clay continue to chat rehashing conversations and how James can look better than Jeff.  Vanessa likes honesty especially up front.  Whereas Jeff she had to repeatedly ask him before he coughed up the truth.


01:10 AM BBT Jeff is now in the CR talking to Johnny.  Jeff needs Johnny to talk to Steve to get Jeff's vote.  Johnny says alright.  Steve only trusts Johnny.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Vanessa, Liz and Austin are chatting.  Austin hopes that the group isn't going to try and storm the HOH as a group.  Vanessa wants to know if he has any insight.  Vanessa says there's 0% chance to NOT get put on the block.  Austin says all of those people could end up on the block.


01:16 AM BBT Down in the cabana room Meg and Jackie continue to wonder about who will go home next week if they don't win HOH.  Up in the HOH Vanessa, Austin and Liz start to come up with a speech for her to put Jeff on the block when Johnny takes himself off.


01:19 AM BBT Meg and Jackie agree that they have to go after Vanessa this week.  They agree.  Up in the HOH Austin says they should just go to bed.  They keep track of the cabana room door using the spy screen in an effort to see who is in the meeting.  Vanessa sends Austin down to check on what the enemy is doing.  Austin and Jackie agree that they don't entirely trust Austin.  Austin can be seen walking by the door in his pink jacket.


01:23 AM BBT Cabana feeds switch to Austin and Jeff in the BY.  Austin says she's set in her ways and there's nothing we can do to make her change her mind.  Jeff runs through a speech he wants to give her and wants Austin's input on it.  Meanwhile up in the HOH Vanessa and Liz continue to chat, the current topic is Jackie and her lack of personality in the house.  Liz hates Jackie apparently (per Julia).


01:28 AM BBT Jackie says she needs to start winning comps. (Now is the time?  Is someone regretting throwing last week's HOH comp? - Niteslacker) Feeds run around.  Shelli is washing her hair in the sink.  Steve is going to bed.  Jeff looks towards the HOH stairs and paces back and forth before heading back into the WA.  Out in the BY Jason, James, and Becky are chatting about Vanessa.


01:32 AM BBT Meg comes outside saying Jeff saw her peeing in the WC.  Jeff wanders upstairs and the girls scramble to turn the lights off and jump into bed.  Jeff nudges open the door and apologizes and says he'll talk tomorrow.  She says they can talk now.  Vanessa asks Liz if she's awake.  She says she can leave she'll head down to go pee.  


01:35 AM BBT Jeff wants to get some things off his chest so he can sleep.  Jeff knows that he's going to go on the block.  Jeff says there is someone else in the house that has dragged her name way worse through the mud.  Jeff says what he said hasn't jeopardized her game play.  Vanessa clarifies the conversation from earlier.  Meanwhile Liz has joined Johnny and Steve in the CR.  Audrey can't be trusted because she (Audrey) asked who Liz was voting for and Liz said she didn't know but Da'vonne had talked to her and then the next day Audrey said Liz was voting to keep Da'vonne.  Audrey is EVERYWHERE!


01:38 AM BBT Jeff and Vanessa continue to chat.  Vanessa knows a lot of what Jeff is telling her about what Audrey said.  Vanessa says she's sceptical about Audrey but it was long ago and she's said other things that really makes her distrust her but she doesn't distrust her like she distrusts Jeff.  Vanessa says she's going to have to live with the consequences of her decisions.  Vanessa understands what Jeff is saying he thinks the house thinks but she thinks it's a silly concept.  The house mentality is a silly concept.  Everyone is individuals.


01:43 AM Jeff wonders how Audrey regained her trust so quickly.  Vanessa says he misunderstands her.  She doesn't trust Audrey at all but she feels his words were more damaging.  Vanessa points out that again she's HOH and this decision is hers and this is what she's choosing.  Vanessa points out that all of Jeff's double talk that has been discovered over the past 24 hours and he's pointing out things that Audrey has been doing, which are things he's doing.


01:46 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the CR between Steve, Johnny and Liz.  Johnny doesn't do his parents teeth because his mom is an anxious individual.  Johnny is wearing his retainer.  Liz should have brought hers.  Johnny says they could have had a retainer party.  "Gronk!  Gronk!  Gronk!  Put your retainer in!"  Steve has been inspired, he's going to put his in.


01:49 AM BBT Vanessa says if the house wants to keep him she doesn't care, but she has to put him up because it will allow her to sleep at night.  She says she put James on the block for a reason and Jeff is going up as well for reasons.  James apologized in the most responsible way possible and handled with grace and sportsmanship and she had such respect for the way he handled it.  She doesn't want him to go out.  This is not the game for second chances.


01:52 AM BBT Vanessa says one mistake in the game can cost you.  She imagines he forgot she was HOH when he threw her name out there and that she needed a replacement nom.  She doesn't want this to be the end of his game but it is what it is.  Vanessa says it's not going to change anything if other people say they will go after her.  She would consider it a bullying tactic and it would work in the opposite way.  Jeff understands and says he's a fighter.  She gives him best wishes.


01:54 AM BBT Jeff thanks her and wishes her a good night before flipping the light out and heading downstairs.  Meanwhile Meg and James are in the OR (Ocean room) wondering how they can keep Jeff off the block.  HOH feeds switch to Jeff, Clay, Vanessa and Shelli in the WA.  Jeff out of the WA.


01:57 AM BBT Austin heads into the BY and tells Austin, Jason and Jackie that she's set in her ways and wants him or James out.  Jeff doesn't want to have to campaign but he kind of has to.  Meanwhile over in the CR James and Meg giggle and joke wondering how to make a Dan Gheesling move to keep Jeff off the block.  "He should run up there and throw up in her toilet.”


02:03 AM BBT Jeff continues to stress over surviving this week.  Jackie says if Jeff stays Vanessa should be worried if he does stay.  Austin asks how Dan's Bible thing worked (Dan's funeral Season 14) and Jason explains it.  Over in the OR Meg and James continue to giggle and laugh.  Becky walks through and says "Where are your hands?  Boys are blue and girls are pink, don't make purple!" before heading into the CR.  Meg and James say “Eewwwww!"


02:08 AM BBT Jason says some people in the cast were found on Tinder, Shelli was found through her brother, Audrey was supposed to be on another show.  Intermittent FoTH.  Jackie says "her story is interesting...."  Intermittent FoTH continues.


02:11 AM BBT Feeds back and Liz is checking on Vanessa.  They're going to bed in the HOH.  Lights are off as they do nightly ADLs.  Down in the OR James says John will probably kill someone if he has to go on the block again.  Meg laughs saying probably so.  James hopes she doesn't end up on the block anytime soon again.  Up in the HOH it sounds like Liz is taking a shower.  The two HOH feeds are on Vanessa.  But...Liz walks in, so maybe it's Shelli or Becky in the shower?  The voice was female.


02:15 AM BBT Get up everyone it's time to party!  Becky is in the shower.  Liz and Vanessa ask how they can help her.  James starts throwing pillows around in the LR and BB gives him a "James, stop that!"  Vanessa is down from the HOH telling everyone Becky was in the shower.  Everyone is shouting for Becky to hurry.  She can be heard saying she's hurrying.


02:18 AM BBT "It's midnight give someone a kiss."  Jason gives Meg a kiss.  "Have a good night."  Vanessa called to DR.  Jason and Jeff head to the BY.  James cleans up the LR table.


02:20 AM BBT James and Meg come to the BY and tell Jeff they have a plan.  James says Jeff can be up in the HOH and Meg can come up and throw up in his lap and say she's pregnant because of a one night stand she had with him that first week.  Meg will take some tums to make herself throw up.  Vanessa won't be able put Meg's baby's daddy on the block.  The mood turns somber real quick when they wonder who would go up instead.


02:24 AM BBT In the KT Steve asks Clay what his favorite party was thus far.  Clay says it was the shower.  Steve agrees.  Idle chit chat in the BY.


02:26 AM BBT James says if he goes home this week and they don't put up Vanessa or BD her this week he'll fly a banner plane over the house that says "F**** you all!".  Jeff points out that Liz started living in the HOH this week when Vanessa got it.  Jackie disagrees saying she did just the two nights Austin was up there.  Jeff thinks they have a new Liz because she's got a fuller backside.  Jackie points out that Liz has been wearing baggy pants.


02:30 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa are heading back to bed.  Audrey was sitting in the KT and runs after Clay as we walks out the door.  Audrey heads towards the bedroom instead.  Shelli and Audrey aren't tired at all.  Out in the BY Jeff is now rehashing the conversation he had with Vanessa to Jason, Clay, Meg, and James.  Jackie was called to the DR.  Talk turns to DR in the darkened OR and those feeds switch to the HOH.  Becky is in there somewhere but she doesn't respond.


02:33 AM BBT Austin comes up to the HOH and they turn the lights on so they can chat.  Vanessa tells Becky she was so close to being a HN because she took too long.  They give you thirty seconds to come when they call your name and she was like forty five seconds.  Feeds switch to Steve and Johnny in the CR laughing.  Johnny likes Becky but she's into taller guys.  Steve thinks Becky is awesome.  Steve says he likes the sisters.  Johnny says what are you talking about they're just one girl!  BB calls out Steve for holding his mic in his hand.


02:38 AM BBT Jeff, Clay, James, Meg and Jason continue to chat in the BY trying to figure out how Audrey is dodging another bullet this week.  The further Steve goes in the game the more likely he is to win.  Jason says after Audrey goes home he will gladly spend an HOH to target him.  Clay points out that Steve knows Shelli and her siblings birthdays.  Clay just learned it tonight.  Jason knows Shelli's birthday.


02:41 AM BBT Johnny Mac is going to go to sleep.  Steve says he's ready as well and asks if he can turn the light off.  John called to DR right after Steve flips the light off.  Steve laughs.  Johnny says "Sounds like fun!"  Becky and Jackie join the BY party.  CR feeds switch to Liz, Vanessa and Austin in the HOH chatting.  Vanessa wonders if Austin feels bad about Jeff.  Austin does and he hoped that Jeff wasn't doing the things they thought he was.  Clearly he was though and it bothers him.  Austin says they have to do it.


02:44 AM BBT Vanessa wonders if this is a big move this week.  Austin says it absolutely is.  Liz agrees.  BB tells Jackie to check her microphone.  Jason checks it and says her battery cable is broken.  BB tells Jackie to replace her microphone with one in the SR.  


02:50 AM BBT In the darkened OR room Audrey is chatting with Shelli about what might or might not be being said about Shelli and Clay's relationship outside the house.  Audrey asks if she feels like she's getting a good based upon the...FoTH.  Feeds back.  Idle chit chat continues.  Audrey says it sucks being the smartest person in the house.  Shelli says it's a lot of weight to bear.  Audrey says it's gotta be hard for Shelli to be the prettiest.  Shelli says "not even.”


02:55 AM BBT Up in the HOH talk continues between Liz, Vanessa and Austin, running scenarios about who might win HOH and previous seasons of BB.  Down in the OR Shelli and Audrey are having a riveting discussion about foods they miss.  Clay walks in with a box of fruit loops and Audrey kicks the box out of his hands.  Audrey starts to clean up what fell out of the box because she doesn't want ants.  She's amused.  Shelli says that was mean.


03:04 AM BBT Audrey and Shelli talk to the camera above their bed about the Gronk parties they've had.  Up in the HOH they're checking the spy screen and see Clay eating.  They wonder if he's stress eating.  Clay is hard to read.


03:09 AM BBT James joins Shelli and Audrey in bed to chat with the camera and then Shelli is called to DR.  James gets in the bed across the way from Audrey and they chat.  James wonders if Audrey and Meg are close.  Audrey feels like they're ok.  Audrey rehashes a conversation she had with Jeff earlier.  Up in the HOH Austin, Liz and Vanessa continue to chat about various HGs.


03:17 AM BBT Idle chit chat about HGs and previous conversations in both the HOH and darkened OR.  James says he's like to hang out with Audrey and folks as well.  James says even if it's his time to go on Thurs because he wants to enjoy his days here.


03:20 AM BBT Jeff and Meg walk into the darkened OR room and Audrey and James' conversation cease.  Audrey gets up and leaves the room and Jeff says "I hate her so much!"  James says he was called to join Shelli in bed when he got out of DR and then she was called to DR leaving him with Audrey.  Up in the HOH Austin is going to head down to bed and be the eyes and ears for Vanessa and Liz.


03:26 AM BBT Austin flips the light off in the HOH and the girls comment on the fact that he's such a flirt with the ladies (they spied Jackie walking around on the screen wearing cowboy boots and a hat, knowing that she was trying to tempt Austin).


03:27 AM BBT Clay is in the shower with Audrey sitting on the lounger.  Austin walks into the darkened OR room and Meg and James asks if Austin saw Jackie.  Right now, James, and Jeff are cuddling Meg in the bed.  Talk is currently whether or not it's possible for a woman to have twins from two separate fathers.  BB tells the HGs that lights have to be on.  Austin grumbles.  BB calls him out specifically to turn on the lights.


03:33 AM BBT Clay out of the shower in the WA.  Jackie doing nightly ADLs.  In the OR we have idle chit chat once more.


03:34 AM BBT Audrey walks up to HOH and cracks open the door.  Vanessa tells her that she was sleeping because she's afraid they'll call for an early morning.  Audrey is restless.  Vanessa asks Audrey if she thinks her fight with Jeff looked bad.  Vanessa doesn't think so.  Down in the OR everyone is comparing kisses from this evening.  Austin gave a kiss to Jason and he has soft lips, he didn't want to be a HN.


03:38 AM BBT Vanessa and Audrey continue to chat in the HOH about the conversations Vanessa had with Jeff earlier.  Down in the OR Austin has turned off the light and goes into the CR.  Jackie follows behind.  Clay returns to the room.  James wonders why he didn't get a kiss.  Clay tried but James turned his head.  Jeff tells Clay he better not snore tonight.  Clay says he doesn't.  Clay absolutely does.  BB calls Audrey and Vanessa out to turn on the lights.  They wonder if it was in their room only.  The other HGs doesn't react so it's likely it was only in their room.


03:42 AM BBT James and Jeff continue to harass Meg in her bed.  Meg is laughing and giggling hysterically.  Jason walks in and the guys laugh saying if he would have walked in thirty seconds earlier he would have been creeped out.  Jason is creeped out already.  Up in the HOH Vanessa and Audrey continue to chat, running scenarios about who might go home in the future or go up against each other.


03:45 AM BBT Jason is going to take a shower.  James tells Jason to be careful because they have a tendency to call for Gronk parties when people are in showers.  Up in the HOH Audrey flips the lights off and Vanessa rolls over to go to sleep.  Vanessa tells Liz that she really thinks Audrey is a psychic because her name Audrey means "I dream" and clearly she picked it for a reason.


03:48 AM BBT Down in the OR the room has erupted into a giggle fest with Shelli trying to do her crazy laugh.  BB reminds HGs that the lights are to remain on.  They say no.  BB gives them a sterner "The bedroom lights must remain on...."  Brief FoTH.  Feeds back and Jeff says "they should be more specific."  Someone comments on that they're being loud.  Someone else comments that it's more that they're being too loud with the lights off.  Talk turns to cameras.  Audrey has rejoined this group.


03:53 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz continue to chat in the HOH talking about Audrey and her dreams and how Vanessa has her psychic abilities.  Idle chit chat continues in the OR.  BB reminds HGs that lights must remain on.  


03:57 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz continue to chat in the darkened HOH.  Vanessa feels James is gunning for her after this week.  Down in the darkened OR we continue to have fits of giggles.  Audrey is in her bed with Shelli and Clay while James, Meg and Jeff are all sharing the same bed.


03:59 AM BBT Liz and Vanessa continue to chat in the darkened HOH.  Talk is about how how Liz doesn't want to model because there is no money there.  Feeds switch to briefly to Jason doing ADLs in front of the mirror.


04:02 AM BBT  The OR has quieted down now while Vanessa and Liz continue to chat randomly in the HOH about previous competitions and the need to win HOH moving forward.  Jason comes into the OR and Clay says he can sleep with him.  Clay sits up.  Jason is going to smoke first.  He said he figured everyone was going to sleep because every camera in the house began to follow him.  Clay gets in the empty bed in the OR.  


04:09 AM BBT Out in the BY Jason runs days and events matching everything up.  Up in the HOH Liz and Vanessa continue to chit chat about Liz and Julia.


04:11 AM BBT Liz says that she only had to do four days of slop because of a switch with her sister.  She feels bad that they all had to go for seven days.  She says it was miserable.


04:13 AM BBT Liz tells Vanessa that as the twin outside the house you can watch movies during down time.  That's it.  Jason heads inside and crawls into bed with Clay.  Up in the HOH Liz and Vanessa continue to chat.  Johnny confirmed with her that he threw the HOH and at least he was honest with her.


04:21 AM BBT Vanessa and Liz finally decide to call it a night hoping that they don't get called out for a Gronk party.  On that note we have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds...quiet now as well.

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8:45 AM BBT The feeds go off


8:55 AM BBT The feeds are back everyone is awake  and now we see Clay and Jason in the BR.


8:56 AM We see  Steve in the KR alone .


8:59 AM We see Meg ,Clay and Jason in the BR just talking .


9:01 AM We hear Liz saying that Be our guest is stuck in her head at the WA.


9:03 AM Liz saying that their are stuck in inside .


9:07 AM She still is in the WA talking to Meg about what is going on today .


9:53 AM BBT Liz is making breakfast in the KR and now Shelli , Audrey walk in to go outside and see that the doors are locked .


10:26 AM BBT The feeds are off .


10:37 AM BBT The feeds are back up and we Austin and Jeff talking  in the WA.


10:38 AM BBT Everyone is awake .

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8:55am BBt: Shelli,Becky, Liz, Audrey are up. Steve in the KT getting breakfast. Shelli goes back to bed and Jason and Meg are talking laying in their bed about getting the camera today. Liz and Becky in the WA talking about the music this morning and Liz says Cher is awesome.

 8:58am BBT: meg is now up and saying she really wants a shower but i feel like we are going to do something. Jason says why you feel like we are going to do something and Meg says cause they woke us up so early.

 9:01am BBT: Liz, Meg and Becky in WA doing ADL's . liz goes to the KT where Steve is and is looking around. 

 9:06am BBT: Meg is sitting in silence in the WA as Audrey gets her shower. Liz is getting ready to do her hair. Most Hg back in bed going back to sleep.

9:20am BBt: Audrey, Liz and shelli are in the Wa doing makeup with no talking going on all other Hg are in bed going back to sleep in silence.

9:36am BBT: meg  and Audrey doing make up and Shelli is now in the shower. No talking between any of them and other Hg are in bed sleeping.

 9:49am BBT: Liz in the Kt making herself some breakfast. Shelli out of the shower finishing up her ADL's. 

9:53am BBt: Liz talking in the Kt about why the BY is locked down and she says maybe they are making us a party out there.  Audrey is listening at the sliding glass door and Liz says they are building something out there right? Do you hear them? BB yells stop that and  the girls jump and laugh.

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9:59AM BBT Liz and Audrey is in the KT. Jason woke up and is walking to the KT. Shelli and Jason join in the conversation in the KT.


10:06AM BBT Shelli ask where Venessa. Just random chit chat in the KT.


10:13AM BBT Jeff Schroeder Recap Video started. 


10:31AM BBT The feeds are back up. Everyone is up and wake. Austin and Steve are brushing their teeth. Jeff is getting in the shower. Everyone else is in the KT.


10:36AM BBT James is making his bed.  Austin is blow-drying his hair. 


10:40AM BBT Steve is called to the DR.


10:46AM BBT Clay is making breakfast. Liz is putting on makeup. Shelli is making coffee. 


10:50AM BBT Clay and Shelli are talking in the KT. Vanessa is putting makeup on. John is sitting in the KT with Austin.


10:53AM BBT Liz and Vanessa are talking in the HOH WA. Liz is asking if she nervous and if anyone has talked to her. Their trying to figure out how to confront Jeff.

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11:00am BBT: BB calls Vanessa to the DR as Hg are getting ready for the POV ceremony. General talk going on as they wait.

11:03am BBT: Vanessa heads to the DR and Austin tells her not to worry cause she will not do the POV yet and she ask how do you know and Austin says cause John will go in there right before.

 11:05am BBT: Hg just sitting around talking general talk.Clay is getting coffee as John and Clay are talking about kissing people  at midnight lastnight.

 11:07am BBT: Clay starts singing and Bb yells at him to Please stop singing. he says my bad and laughs.Clay walks to the Grey BR and throws a pillow on Audrey. Jason and John head outside to the BY as it is now open.

11:15am BBT: Jackie and Liz are still doing their make up in the WA while Austin  is walking around in there. Jason, John and Clay in the BY just talking general talk.

11:21am BBT: John and Clay talking alone in the BY about how  john can trust Becky that she will not tell anything. In the Wa Liz and Jackie are doing their hair and talking general talk.

 11:27am BBt: Hg start heading outside to get their seats before the POV ceremony starts. Just general talk going on in the BY with Jason, Clay and Austin about working out.

 11:31am BBT: Jeff and meg laying in bed and Jeff says lets just get this veto meeting over with. Meg says Jeff is the worst cuddlier in the world and Jeff turns over and says you want to cuddle  ok. He goes under the covers to cuddle with  her and she laughs and says see you are the worst.

 11:35am BBt: Vanessa in the HOh rm talking to Shelli saying she is trying to figure this out so no one is mad. Shelli says just tell them that well it looks like Jeff is trying to be the quiet type. Vanessa says maybe i should use this opportunity to bring things up. Shelli says you turned on Jeff and now have him as your target and that James is no longer your target so that is what you need to tell them  and i think everyone understands that Jeff is your target now.

11:47am BBT: Jason in the BY  talking general talk to  John, Jackie  and Audrey. In the HOh rm shelli is still talking to Vanessa about Jeff and all the alliances he has made.

11:53am BBT: Shelli still going on about Jeff and how he wanted to talk to Clay when she was HOh and she had to tell him that she was HOH not clay. 

Jason in the BY talking about people he knows and how they signed releases but he will not say their names.

11:57am BBt: Shelli still going on about the other Hg  and who she can trust  in this game. Jason still talking to Audrey and John in the BY about HOh comps and when they might have an endurance.

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12:00 PM BBT In HOHR, Shelli is letting Vanessa know that Austin is distancing himself from Vanessa’s decisions and making it sound like he had nothing to do with it, so that Vanessa is alone in taking the heat for unpopular choices.  Clay and Austin come in and Vanessa shares her concern about the fact that she is taking all the heat.  Austin points out that Jeff acts like they are good when Austin is with him, and then when he leaves, he tells others that Austin is masterminding things with Vanessa. 


12:05 PM BBT  As Austin begins to explain what he’s been trying to do, we get Jeff’s Reels.  Must be time for the PoV ceremony!


1:09 PM BBT Feeds are back.  Jeff, Jason, Clay, James, and Meg talking together about how Audrey knew she wasn’t going up on the block and this is the second week that she has done that.  In the HOHR, John tells Vanessa that she did it the best she could do it.  She didn’t want her speech to come off harsh.  John lets her know that he is voting to keep him.  Vanessa cautions him that it’s dangerous having Jeff in the house.  It sounds like Jeff was nominated in John’s place, as expected.


1:20 PM BBT Vanessa tells John that Audrey has to go home next week or the week after.  John tells Vanessa that he doesn’t understand why Audrey makes stuff up about him even though he doesn’t talk game with her.  He heard about something from another person, and Vanessa cautions him that if he heard it from Jeff, it might be untrue. 


1:21 PM BBT Jason, Jackie, Meg, and Jeff talking in the BY and speculating about Vanessa’s motives and questioning her rationale’s.  Jeff questions that she is worried about sending an “innocent” person home, and then she nominates him.  They think Vanessa is ruining her game.  He is curious to see who goes home between him and James.  Jackie didn’t think it was a good speech.  Meg asks Jeff who he thinks he has, but he hasn’t campaigned yet so he isn’t sure. 


1:24 PM BBT In the BY, Jeff tells Meg and Jackie that if he had the chance to block 3 votes, it would make a difference this week. 


1:26 PM BBT In the WA, Clay, Jason and Meg whispering about votes they think Jeff has to stay… Jackie and Johnny Mac.  Meg is uncertain who to keep. They think that James could win the game because he is more likable than Jeff.  Jason suggests sacrificing Jeff so as not to cut all ties with Vanessa.   Jason thinks the majority is going to vote for Jeff to stay.  They are going back and forth trying to guess who has whose vote.


1:35 PM BBT Clay and Shelli in the HNR.  Shelli is relating something she saw in the Comic Book Room.  Clay relates his conversation with Jason and Meg in the WA.  Jason thinks they trust James more, but Meg thinks that no one can beat James at the end.  Clay points out it’s too early to think about that.  Shelli thinks that Meg’s comment indicates that Jeff and Meg have talked about that.  Shelli telling Clay that a conversation she had with Vanessa confirms that Jeff is selling them out.  She lays out her reasons why she wants Jeff to go. 


1:41 PM BBT  Becky comes into the HNR.  Clay and Shelli tell her what they are hearing about Jeff, and that he may blow up peoples’ games on his way out.  They talk about Jeff playing similarly to Audrey.


1:46 PM BBT Audrey is called to the DR room.  Becky joins Jeff and Jason on the BY couches.  Liz is nearby.  Liz goes inside, and Jason reminds Jeff to watch Liz the next time Liz goes to the DR because they are due for a switch. 


1:48 PM BBT  Jackie comes into the HNR where Shelli and Clay are still whispering.  They tell Jackie they are trying to figure things out.  Shelli feels badly for Jackie.  Clay asks Jackie who has helped her game the most, and Jackie confirms she will vote to keep Jeff.  She isn’t going to campaign but she has to vote to keep her teammate. 


1:49 PM BBT Becky, Jason and Jeff are on the BY couches chatting about the unpredictability of reality shows. 


1:54 PM BBT Vanessa, John, Audrey, and Liz talking in the HOHR.  Vanessa telling them she had to rile herself up this morning, and remind herself that she has the most compelling reasons to put Jeff up.  Vanessa thinks that if Jeff blames anyone but himself, then he’s sorely self-deluding.

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2:01 PM BBT In the BY by the couches, Jason tells Austin, he thinks he getting serious death race points on Joker's or Hamsterwatch for his hair this season. Austin says, Hamsterwatch has a lot though. He & Jason talk about someone getting burnt by a grill. Austin walks away. Clay & Jeff walk by the couches. Becky is there as well. Clay walks away, eating something out of a bowl.


2:04 PM BBT Jason tells Jeff & Becky he loves red onions. He shouts out to Pizza's Etc. He says, he rode around in a car with no brakes. He says, on the car he has right now, he has a recall from Chevy. He says, he would have to drive 1 1/2 hours to Boston to get it done, & his car is a death bomb. He says, he may go to German cars next. Becky says, she loves Honda Civic's. Jason says, his Honda Civic was cursed with spiders, mice, etc. He says it was a 2001 that he got in 2005.


2:06 PM BBT Jason says, he has a Chevy Cobalt now that has the shimmer coat (probably the clear coat) peeling, & it has white flakes on it. He says, it looks like it has a bad sunburn. Austin is working out in the BY, & Jason directs his conversation to him, & says, his car has like 4,000 recalls on it. He says, he likes Chevy, but feels his car is a death trap. Camera view switches to the HOHR. Audrrey tells Vanessa that she thinks Jeff is basically playing the victim.


2:09 PM BBT Shelli goes to the HOHR & asks Vanessa if she has any trash to go out? Vanessa tells her she already took it out. She takes the trash downstairs. Vanessa tells Audrey & John that she's going to live the rough life the next 4 days. She says, she's gained wrinkles, or she feels her inside has aged. She says, the stress hormone got released. She asks John if that's not good for you? He says, no, it's not good.


2:11 PM BBT Vanessa wants to just chill lax over the next 4 days by getting tanned, & pampering herself. Audrey says, she just thought about a big animal getting ready to attack her, & what she would do in that situation. That brings Vanessa to say, that it seems like Jeff was in survival mode. She says, she was called in to verify some stuff. She says, when his adrenaline gets out, he tried to attack her. She says, it was crazy. John asks to go pee in her bathroom.


2:13 PM BBT Vanessa asks John if he's the one that wrapped a tampon? John says, no. Vanessa says, someone unwrapped a tampon, put the tampon back in the box, & left the wrapper on the floor. She says, maybe someone wanted to see what a tampon looks like, & though that you could put it back in the box to use them. Audrey asks if you wait to you need one to use it? Vanessa says, yes, you wait until you need it to use it. Audrey asks if there's ever a false moment when you think you need one, but don't?


2:15 PM BBT Camera view changes to the BY by the couches. Jason tells Becky that he needs to get back into clothes, & other things he's in to. He says, he needs to get away from the grocery store. He says, he wasn't just ringing a register. He says, he was building displays, & doing overnight stock at Home Quarters (HQ). Becky asks Jason if he's interested in sales? She tells him he can get paid well doing that, & being professional. She says, he should be able to get into that, especially with his exposure right now.


2:17 PM BBT Jason says, if he gets a job out of this that would be great. He says, if someone would call him & offer him a job, that would be good. He says, he would like to make more than $11.00 an hour. He says, it's more than some people make in Massachusetts, but in the grand scheme of things, it's not a lot. Becky tells Jason about her 5-year loan on her car, & all of the dental bills she's had, & needs to pay for.


2:19 PM BBT The camera view goes back to the HOHR. Audrey & Vanessa are still deep in conversation about Jeff. Vanessa is wondering what Jeff is going to say when he leaves, since he wants to blow things up. Vanessa says, she had to dispel to Jason that they are working together. She says, she told him that she really doesn't have any reason to distrust her. She tells Audrey that the things they had go on, they already had worked out. She says, she told Jeff, unless he has something new to tell her, than she doesn't want to hear it.


2:21 PM BBT Vanessa says, part of her wants to just sit back, & let people do what they are going to do. She says, she has been defending Audrey to everyone. She says, some of the things that Jeff says, are literally just nuts, & there's no way he would say them. Vanessa tells Audrey, Jeff is vary devious. She says, everything she paints Audrey as, he is. She says, she paints this to everyone, & she can see right through it.


2:23 PM BBT Vanessa says, everyone seems to be scared of her, because she knows he's trying to manipulate people. Audrey says, Cancer's are the most passionate sign in astrology, because they are the most affectionate. She says, they are water signs. She says, Cancer, Scorpio, & Pieces are the worst. She says, Pieces are usually real victim's. She says, the air signs are Aquarius, Libra & Gemini. She says, Aquarius is the most pure.


2:25 PM BBT Audrey says, Aquarius, Scorpio, Torus & Leo are the fixed signs. She says, you investigate about things, & are fixed about it. Vanessa says, her mind was made up, & the only way she was going to change it was if someone else did her worse. Vanessa says, she wanted to laugh, & Jeff must think she's dumb. She says, this is like child's play, & she really hopes he goes home. Audrey says, she thinks he will for sure.


2:27 PM BBT Audrey says, Jason & Meg are most likely going to vote for Jeff to go home. Vanessa & Audrey think there's something between Jeff & Jackie. Vanessa says, when she looks at Jackie she can tell. She says, Jackie was genuinely sad when she found out Jeff was going up. Vanessa says, she is very logically though. Audrey says, she saw Austin's face at the Veto Ceremony, & he acted really surprised, with his mouth open.


2:29 PM BBT Audrey says, she thinks that Jeff isn't fully aware that Austin has been a part of this. Vanessa says, Austin, Shelli & Clay really wanted it, & she thinks Audrey did as well. She says, she just wanted anyone on the other side. She says, she wanted to put James up, & they Jeff gave her the reason to put him up. She says, she thinks she actually got as little blood on her hands as possible.


2:31 PM BBT Audrey says, Austin didn't get any blood on his hands, because he's still talking to Jeff, she can tell. Vanessa tells Audrey she can trust her & Shelli the most, but she can really trust her (Vanessa) even more. Vanessa gets called to the DR. Audrey asks if she should wait a second? Vanessa tells her to chill a little while, & don't unwrap any tampons. Vanessa leaves the HOHR to go to the DR.


2:33 PM BBT Vanessa walks through the KT, & Austin tells her he was working out. Vanessa says, she wants to work out. Austin tells her to wait until the sun goes down. Austin asks if they got the phone booth last Monday? Jason says, yes, it was today last week. Austin says, they got the Gronk thing this week. He says, he actually though they were going to pick people to go to an actual party with them. We see FOTH.


2:37 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Jason tells Austin, he's going to go outside & sit on his thrown, if he wants to join him. They walk out of the KT, to the BY by the couches. Jason says, this week will draw the line where people are. Austin says, he wouldn't put Jeff up, because he told him he wouldn't. He says, he saw it coming though. Austin says, Jeff kept telling him that Liz is a twin, & trying to drag him into things.


2:39 PM BBT Austin says, Jeff tried to blame James for saying things. He says, Clay & Shelli disappointed him some for not standing up more. He says, they may want to appear not to take a side. Austin says, he's worried that if Jeff goes, it may not be good for his game. Jason says, he's a salesman for sure. Austin agrees. Austin says, he's still trying to figure out who to trust at this point, because it keeps changing.


2:40 PM BBT Austin says, he feels that Jeff may think if he's not there, he might have a chance to showmance Liz or something. Jason says, that could be. Austin says, Jeff also told him to try to get with Jackie, because he can get it. Jason says, he thinks there's something more with Jeff & Jackie, like they may be married & have 4 kids or something. Austin says, they could get a good amount of money if they make it to the end together, like in TAR.


2:42 PM BBT Jason tells Austin that he knows what he wants to do in his mind, & he's keeping his mouth shut until people start saying what they want to do. Vanessa comes & sits on the couches with them. She asks Jason if he knows what went down? Jason says, he's heard somethings, & Da'Vonne left him with some vital information. He says, he smiles to everyone's faces, but he knows people that have plotted his demise. Austin tells Jason, he's someone that he's always wanted to talk to anyway.


2:45 PM BBT Jason says, he keeps his game talk close to his chest. He says, otherwise people will have their hands in the cookie jar, & he says, others will say, he's baking their cookies. They continue talking about some things Jeff has done. Jason says, he told Jeff that he may look like he's 12, but he knows what's going on. He says, he was waiting for a competition with Meg, & Jeff seemed to want to get her more upset.


2:47 PM BBT Jason says, he wasn't the gay kid that got bullied in school. Austin jokingly says, he was. Vanessa says, he doesn't miss a beat. Steve comes to sit by them on the couches. Jason says, Austin may not have a reference to his girlfriend in the next letters. Jason says, he thinks the letters may be done earlier. Austin says, he thinks the beginning of his letter was changed, because he told his family to put a W for Warriors & a C for Cavaliers to let him know who won the NBA Finals.


2:49 PM BBT Jason says, that's very smart. Austin says, "Caught ya." We see FOTH.


2:50 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Clay is napping in the OBR. Meg is laying in her bed talking to Jeff. BB says, please do not obstruct your microphone. Meg asks Jeff if it's him. He says, it's probably on the floor. She says, that was probably to him. Jeff whispers so low, we can't hear him. We can see the BY by the couches on camera 4, but we still hear Meg & Jeff from camera 3.


2:53 PM BBT In the HOHR, Audrey is trying to get Shelli to campaign for her for the upcoming weeks. Audrey tells Shelli that she told Jeff he was the male Audrey. Shelli says, she told Clay behind closed doors, & somehow it got to Jeff, & she would never say that to his face. Shelli says, that was behind closed doors, & now everyone thinks Audrey is a target. Shelli says, she's not going to be gunning for her, & she will be straight to her.


2:55 PM BBT Audrey asks Shelli who told her that she (Audrey) wanted to break her & Clay up? Shelli tries to think about it, & says, seriously, there have been soo many conversations since then. She says, she could just say it was Jeff, because that's easy, but she needs to think about it. She looks at the Memory Wall of pictures on the TV. Audrey says, she wants to know who's starting things so she can target them.


2:57 PM BBT Shelli tells Audrey that Jeff said he wanted to put one of the power couple up. Audrey says, she will truly work with her & Clay, & wants to go to the final 3 with them. She says, she thinks she can beat both her & Clay in the final challenge. Shelli says, that's fair. Audrey says, she feels that Clay doesn't have her back, like she had his back with Da'Vonne. She says, Clay's made it clear that he only has both of their backs.


2:59 PM BBT Audrey says, she feels all alone. Shelli says, stuff started at 6 a.m. BBT in the morning. She says, she literally woke up the next morning, when she was trying to get coffee in the KT, & got called into the room by Da'Vonne, & then everything started. Shelli tells Audrey to stop harping on stuff. Audrey says, she has, & she's let it go. Austin comes to the HOHR. Shelli tells Audrey, people were saying stuff to her, & it was nothing new.


6:02 PM BBT Shelli says, she's been pretty upset, but she's needed time. She tells Audrey that it looks bad to everyone that they are going off together in rooms. Shelli says, she's not going to hide the fact that she (Audrey) is her friend. Austin jumps in, & says, it's really hard, because of Jeff's bullying techniques. He says, when he (Jeff) leaves, he feels this will blow calm down, & all of this will blow over.


3:04 PM BBT Shelli says, when Jeff is confronted & asked who told him stuff, he usually says it's Audrey. Shelli says, she's not going to believe that, & she knows it didn't come from her. Shelli says, she knows people have to lie a certain amount when you are put in that position, you can't lie that much.


3:06 PM BBT Austin says, when you are in a bullying group no one is going to speak up. Shelli says, she's trying to help Audrey. Austin says, the last thing you want is to be shut out of that conversation. Shelli says, she won't get information from anyone is she speaks up to them. Audrey asks what people? Shelli says, Jeff, Jason, Meg. Shelli says, they just use her name, & it's bad.


3:08 PM BBT Shelli & Austin tell Audrey that the people are just trying to keep people away from talking to Audrey, & if they don't they will alienate them. Austin tells Jackie that he thinks Jackie through the HOH comp. He says, she wore heels out there, & she could have nailed it. Audrey says, she thinks John threw that comp. Austin says, that's the way to play the game. Audrey says, she had a dream that John won, & he & another guy was in the finals.


3:10 PM BBT Austin & Shelli tell Audrey to remember the order of the parties that they just had for an upcoming comp. They all try to figure out what angles can be used. Austin says, he's trying not to tell to many people about them. Audrey tells Austin to tell them things to throw them off, so they can't remember the stuff. Audrey wonders who Becky would put up, because she says, she won't put up Steve.


3:12 PM BBT Audrey says, she feels that Becky is logical, & she feels that someone could reason with her to put up someone like Meg. Austin says, Meg just won. Shelli asks what she think Steve will do if he wins HOH? Audrey says, he will do what the house wants. Audrey thinks he will target her. She says, she thinks that's what Becky wants, & it will deflect things off him. Audrey asks if she would have the votes to stay? Austin says, it depends on how things go.


3:14 PM BBT Austin says, getting over this third week is critical. He says, now it's getting harder to back-door people. He says, Johnny Mack would probably be the only one to go up & throw a competition. He says, everyone else would be to scared to throw the comps. Audrey says, she talked to Johnny Mack, because other people may have made deals with him. Audrey says, she's concerned that Becky & Jackie are using Austin. Austin says, let them think that.


3:16 PM BBT Austin tells Audrey & Shelli that Jeff has told him to go & try to have a showmance with Jackie. Audrey says, Jeff really does insult a lot of people's intelligence. Austin says, Jeff is using Jackie as an object. Shelli &  Audrey both agree. Austin says, it's degrading, & it makes him sick. He says, she's a nice girl. Shelli asks if he's said disrespectful things about her? Austin says, yes, & he doesn't want to tell her while he's still here.


3:18 PM BBT Shelli tells Austin that she would want to know if Clay was saying stuff like that while he was still there, so she could clarify things. Austin says, maybe she doesn't think she should know at all. Audrey says, what if she finds out later, & then questions Austin about him knowing. Vanessa goes to the HOHR. Steve comes to the HOHR.


3:19 PM BBT Shelli wants to dip a Cheez-It in peanut better. Shelli says, she's been eating the peanut butter with her finger in the middle of the night. They both like the crackers with the peanut butter. Shelli asks everyone is she knows what Lance brand crackers are. No one seems to know. Vanessa tells Austin he has new shorts on. Austin says, he busted them out. Audrey tells him, he has a donkey bootie.


3:21 PM BBT Austin says, he thinks he's starting to get a pelvic tilt, so that may be why it's higher. He talks about Becky's pelvic tilt, & how her back is having the spasms. Vanessa tells Steve to eat what he wants. Steve is eating beef jerky in the HOHR. Shelli covers up at the end of the bed. Vanessa is laying in the bed. Vanessa asks if anyone hear anything after the Veto Ceremony. No one seems to have heard anything.


3:24 PM BBT Shelli says, she needs to go & fold her laundry, because she doesn't want anyone else folding her laundry. Vanessa says, John did tell her that he's going to vote to keep Jeff. Shelli says, she keeps hearing things that Jeff is saying about her, so she's voting to keep James. Shelli leaves. Austin asks if that's really a good decision? Vanessa says, she doesn't know. Steve says, there are still things to consider, so he's not sure about his vote yet.


3:25 PM BBT Austin says, he's in a moral dilemma if he should say something to Jackie about what Jeff has said about her in the house. He says, she can find out afterwards, but he thinks that may make him look like he's condoning it. Vanessa asks Steve what he thinks? Steve asks what Jeff says? Austin says, he doesn't want to repeat it. Audrey says, it was about her sexually. Austin says, he was joking when he said the stuff, but they were nasty.


3:28 PM BBT Austin says, he doesn't think it's bad enough to stir things up on the feeds. Steve says, he could tell her in his journal. Austin says, but then she still wouldn't know. Steve says, correct. Austin says, he doesn't know what to do. He says, it wasn't just one conversation, but he keeps making the comments. Steve says, it's a weird situation. Austin says, it's something a bro would say at a bar, but not on national TV. He says, he doesn't condone it, but doesn't want to be portrayed that he does.


3:30 PM BBT Vanessa asks when he's said it? Austin says, he's said it at various places around the house, & that he's implying she's easy, or at least she was at one time. Steve says, he doesn't think that about her, & she can be a great girlfriend for someone in the future. Vanessa says, he can tell her out of concern. Austin says, he does want to talk to her, but may wait until Wednesday.


3:32 PM BBT Austin says, he'll joke with anyone, but when it crosses the line, he feels he should say something. He says, he likes her, & wants her to know. Steve says, she's a great girl. Vanessa asks if Jason was implying that he wants Jeff to go? Austin says, he thinks so, but he's not sure. He says, he wants to have a conversation with Jason alone, because he feels that Jeff is throwing Jason under the bus to him.


3:33 PM BBT Austin says, Jeff told him if he gets passed the hurdle this week, he'll probably go farther, because of his connections. Austin says, o.k., he'll vote him out. Audrey asks how he has all of these connections? She says, he's going Da'Vonne's direction. Vanessa tells Austin to tell Johnny Mack everything that went down. Austin is by the door in the HOHR. He hears the cameras moving towards him, & says, "Easy bro," before he leaves.


3:35 PM BBT Steve says, it's absolutely freezing in the HOHR. Jason & Shelli leave the WA, & go through the kitchen. They are talking about how comfortable Clay's bed is compared to Shelli's. Jason goes to the OBR, gets a cup, & goes to the KT. He says, he thought he was a person that loves sleep, until he got to the BB house. He says, he's only in the house for the summer, & doesn't want to be the one that slept all summer.


3:37 PM BBT Jason says, he's probably going to go home & say he doesn't want to go back to work yet, & then he'll sleep to probably October. He gets up from the couches, & comes back. He lights a cigarette. Shelli is doing her nails at the DT. Steve says, he may go to the BY by Jason. He says, the pool doesn't get used as much as it has in past seasons. Shelli agrees. Steve asks her what would make for a good lunch? Shelli tells him a sandwich, & tells him what he could put on it.


3:39 PM BBT The camera view goes to the BY, with Austin & John sitting on the patio chairs. Austin tells John he feels like he's on the outside, because of Jeff's lies. Austin tells John, Jeff has thrown his name to him as well. Austin says, he's always on the fence about who he wants to get out. He says, Jeff is just throwing out names that aren't on people's radar. He says, he doesn't want to say someone he's working with, & it doesn't really make sense.


3:41 PM BBT Austin says, he promised James his vote right after the fight. He says, he probably shouldn't have done that soo quickly, & he will listen to what Jeff has to say this week. He says, it's going to take a lot though. John says, he woke up hearing from people the next day about what happened. Becky gets called to the DR. Austin says, Jeff came up to him about the whole Liz twin thing, trying to get him closer to him.


3:42 PM BBT Austin says, he's worried about the whole Liz twin thing, because he's been getting hot & cold feelings from her. John asks if he kissed both of them last night? Austin says, he doesn't think they switched out. Austin says, he was wondering what was going on, & now he understands. John says, he can see the differences. Austin says, he can see when a the prettier girl comes in. He says, she may be the heart breaker though.


3:44 PM BBT Austin tells John he feels that Jeff is trying to orchestrate something against him (Austin). He says, he really likes doing the Podcasts with him. Austin tells John that he's in a moral dilemma about Jeff telling him some things about Jackie. He says, Jeff was telling him that she's sort of easy, & he could do a showmance with him if he wanted to. Austin says, Jeff may have been using that as a distraction, & he feels that Jackie should know before she sees it on TV after the show.


3:46 PM BBT Austin says, if he says something to her now, she may think he's just trying to get Jeff out, & may not even believe him. John says, he shouldn't say anything right now. Austin says, he does kind of like her to, & it's a weird dilemma. He says, it doesn't even have anything to do with the game. John says, it could affect him game though. John says, she will understand if he puts it on hold for the game.


3:47 PM BBT Austin says, he can say something only if things happen in the next few days that are worse. John says, this is on film now. Austin says, that's true. He says, he feels that Jeff was trying to plant things in his head to have a showmance. Austin says, he's there to have fun. He says, he kissed James on the lips yesterday. John says, he woke up this morning that he was going to go around like Jason last week to tell people to keep him. Austin tells him just to tell people he really doesn't know what to do.


3:49 PM BBT Austin tells John that he feels people have told Jeff to his face, that they will vote for him, won't actually vote James out. Clay gets called to the DR. Austin says, Jeff's a salesman, so he could be good. He says, the only solid vote that Jeff has would be Jackie's, & they all know that. Austin says, Jeff has his hands in to many cookie jars. He says, he hopes Jeff doesn't blow things up to bad.


3:51 PM BBT Austin says, he just wants some straight shooting for once, instead of this paranoia. He says, the chance of him going home was so small. Austin says, if he was honest right away, he wouldn't be on the block. He says, Vanessa has the power, & he can't believe that Jeff did that, when she has the power. Austin says, it was shocking to him. He says, he's worried about the upcoming HOH.


3:52 PM BBT Austin tells John that he's worried he'll be the target next week since he was part of this HOH. He says, the target is supposed to be Audrey. John says, no, he was out. Austin says, even if he had stayed the HOH, he wouldn't have put Jeff up, because he made a promise to him. John says, before all this happened, he though Jeff was in his corner. Austin says, Audrey could have been manipulating him to begin with, but then it happened again, & Audrey had nothing to do with it.


3:54 PM BBT Austin says, he feels that the stuff with Jeff has to do with jealousy. He says, Jeff straight up told him he wants Liz, & he feels that Jeff blames him. He says, maybe half of her wants him & the other half doesn't. Austin says, he doesn't understand why else he would want Austin out week 3 doesn't make sense. He says, he could be just saying that to keep himself out of the line of fire.


3:56 PM BBT John asks Austin if he thinks he will blow up what they did week 2 when they wanted Da'Vonne out? Austin says, he doesn't know. John says, if so, they could be in trouble. Austin says, he's working with people, & in the next couple days he will give Austin the names. Austin & John both agree James isn't working with him. Austin says, he will go to John, & it could be a trap anyway.


3:57 PM BBT Austin says, Jeff never created an official alliance with him that he knows about. He says, that Jeff had a secret alliance, & wanted to bring him in, but they wanted to get Audrey out first to get her out of his ear. Austin says, Audrey never has been in his ear. John says, Jeff said the same thing to him since the beginning. Austin says, he's said the same thing to both of them.


3:59 PM BBT In the HOHR, Audrey says, depending who comes in power, they need to watch the people who Austin are trying to protect. Audrey says, they need to figure out who he's trying to protect & why. Vanessa says, she started thinking about what he said about sleeping with the enemy. Vanessa says, he's very good with words. Audrey asks if he's a wordsmith? Vanessa says, yes. She says, she's very aware also, but a few steps behind.


4:01 PM BBT Vanessa asks Audrey if she thinks the crush with Liz is genuine? Audrey says, yes. She says, Liz follows him around like a puppy, & they are always together. Audrey says, she feels like there's some attachment there, even if it's not deep & romantic. Audrey says, she does her own thing in the house, & she's more independent. Audrey says, she does think it's more genuine.


4:02 PM BBT Audrey says, she made a comment once on Austin's beard once, & she says, Austin was sweating. She says, he looks like a celebrity. Audrey says, Austin told her that he took a page from Derek's book, & is playing like he did. She says, his necklace is totally a Dan thing. Vanessa says, if it's meaningful to you, then you would wear it all the time, & not just for comps. Audrey says, he had multiple people untangle the necklace in a matter of minutes.


4:04 PM BBT Audrey says, Austin is very smart & he's come inside with good ideas. She says, there's smarter than average people on this cast. Audrey says, there are people on the cast that are really deep, & they can't see that from the outside. Vanessa says, they don't have any highly manipulative people there. Vanessa says, there aren't really any floaters. Audrey says, she thinks Megs is a calculated manipulator.


4:06 PM BBT Vanessa says, Meg seems like she's loyal to people helping her. Audrey says, she's loyal to the guys helping her, because she hasn't really done anything. Audrey says, she told her that she really isn't going to be good at any competitions. Audrey tosses the remote to Vanessa. Audrey tells Vanessa that she feels that John is starting to slip up, because he told her that his assistant refers her to Doctor, but he feels he's just a Dentist.


4:08 PM BBT Vanessa tells Audrey that Dentists are actually Doctors. She says, they have to go through the same medical school. Vanessa says, John only cares about money & he feels dead inside. She says, she doesn't believe that, & he seems really nice. Audrey says, yes, but Ted Bundy was nice to. She says, he was charming also. Vanessa says, he's not that charming. Audrey says, he's a dork charmer. She says, to watch how people blink also, because sociopaths don't hardly blink. Audrey gets called to the DR.


4:10 PM BBT John gets called to the DR, because Audrey didn't go. Vanessa says, that's weird. She says, when they were talking about James, he got called to the DR. Audrey says, it's ironic that he got called. Audrey talks about her weaknesses, & how she was crying for a couple days. Vanessa says, that makes her human, as opposed to not. She says, they've all made mistakes for sure.


4:14 PM BBT Audrey says, you can't tell an HOH that they aren't really good for their game. She says, she shouldn't have really gotten close to Da'Vonne like he did. Clay comes to the HOHR. He walks & loud. Audrey asks Clay why he's soo stupid to draw attention up there? Clay says, Audrey brings it on herself, because everyone says, she lives up there. Shelli walks in. Audrey tells Clay to be more subtle about her coming up there. Clay tells Audrey to worry about herself.


4:16 PM BBT Shelli asks Clay why he won't take advice? Audrey asks Clay why he said she's the new Steve yesterday in front of Jason & Meg, two people that hate her guts. She changes the conversation. They all begin to talk about astrology. Vanessa says, it's very interesting. Clay tells Audrey to be quiet. He tells Shelli, before she (Audrey) blows up, & acts crazy. Arguing keeps going back & forth with Clay & Audrey. Audrey is questioning everything to Clay.


4:19 PM BBT Clay tells Audrey she is everywhere all the time. Audrey tells Clay he is in a lot of places. Clay tells Audrey, she's in the HOHR 24 hours a day. Audrey asks Vanessa if she's up there that much? Vanessa says, no, but she's not as aware of others are that come & go quickly. Vanessa says, she comes up there & stays for a long time. She tells her to think about it. Clay says, for her to say he's up there all the time is not right, & she needs to take a step back.


4:21 PM BBT Vanessa says, Clay is up in the HOHR the least of everyone. Audrey keeps going on and on about Clay coming in & saying, WOW, so loud with Steve in the KT. Clay says, Steve was already up there, & knows she is there. Clay tells Audrey to take his advice. Audrey says, she wants him to take her advice. Clay tells them to stop. Audrey says, Shelli wanted a flirtmance, not to adopt a baby? Clay says, what?


4:23 PM BBT Shelli says, Audrey watches who goes in & out of the HOHR, & darts up there as fast as she can. Vanessa asks, just when she's been HOH? Shelli says, no, when everyone has been up there. Audrey gives her excuses for going up there when James was, & tells Shelli & Clay their can kiss her a**.


4:24 PM BBT Vanessa tells them who's been up  there. Clay says, clearly Audrey needs to take a break, & stop going up there so much. Vanessa says, it looks bad on Audrey, but now that she can't go on the block, it's affecting the group. Audrey says, she can go take a dump, & it will affect someone. Vanessa says, there has been some bogus throwing Audrey under the bus. She says, she can't say that Audrey has lied, but it would behoove them to do an Audrey clean-up campaign.


4:27 PM BBT More talking rehashes things from when Da'Vonne was in the house for several more minutes.


4:33 PM BBT Meg & Jason are chilling on the couches in the BY. Shelli says to Audrey that 75 percent of the times she tells them things, she says, she overhears other people's conversations, & wants to know how she can get that much information? Audrey says, but they all check out. Shelli says, that doesn't answer the question. Clay brings up the different instances to Audrey. There is an instance that Audrey says, she told them the next day. Shelli says, no, she told them days later, but it doesn't make sense.


4:35 PM BBT Audrey says, she tells them she doesn't say things because she doesn't know if she can really trust them. She says, she's being excluded from conversations, & they can't be seen with her. Shelli says, they can't be seen talking game. Clay says, he can't sit there in a middle of a conversation to expose that he's working with Audrey, or it will blow them up. He says, he did say, that wasn't the best way to approach Audrey in a certain situation.


4:37 PM BBT Clay says, he can't campaign for Audrey every day, otherwise it will blow their game up. Audrey says, she is concerned when Jackie & Becky get in power. Clay says, he can only say so much to change their minds. He says, they already have their minds made up. Audrey says, they don't have that much time. Clay says, they have until the end of the week. Shelli says, everything is calm now, because people are sleeping. She says, it will get heated tonight.


4:39 PM BBT Shelli says, Audrey's name will get thrown under the bus again. Vanessa says, it's all coming from Jeff. Vanessa gets called to the DR. She says, it's to take her medicine. Shelli says, transmitter, transmitter, transmitter, to Vanessa, & then it hits the floor. Vanessa goes to the DR. Clay tells Audrey she gets really paranoid, & they don't necessarily want her out of the house.


4:40 PM BBT Audrey tells Clay that he may be a bit paranoid with FOMO (Fear of Missing OUt). Shelli says, he has more of FOMI (Fear Of Missing Information). Clay tells Audrey about something she said about Meg going on the block. Audrey says, she never said that. Clay tells her he's trying to help her sort of as a friend, even though they're not friends, but they're in the same alliance. Audrey tells Clay she wants to sit by a campfire & push Clay in it.


4:44 PM BBT Clay says, he's was freezing in the DR, so he put on Becky's shirt. Audrey asks if that's her Nike sweater she was looking for? All 3 of them complain about how loud Steve eats & gulps.


4:47 PM BBT Shelli, Clay & Audrey talk about the way each HG laughs in the house. Audrey says, she thinks the secret alliance is Becky, Jeff, John, & maybe Steve. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's. Clay says, he may be in a secret alliance he doesn't know about. Audrey says, he does go into secret rooms at times. Audrey tells them that she's the only true advocate to go to the final 3 with them. She says, she honestly thinks she can beat them in the final competition.


4:51 PM BBT Clay says, "No." Clay tells Audrey he's going to be totally honest with her, as he always is. He says, he has a very hard time trusting her. Audrey says, he (Clay) was close to Jeff, even though he's not now. Clay says, he's heard stuff about Audrey from other people. Audrey thinks it came from Jeff. Clay says, as a person or friend, she (Audrey) is one of his friends in the house. Audrey says, she was trying to turn him (Clay) against Jeff, to work with him.


4:53 PM BBT Clay asks Audrey why she couldn't tell him that before? Audrey says, if she was skeptical about how close he was to Jeff, she wouldn't say that time to him. Shelli brings up the fact that Audrey said she was going to get Jackie & Shelli out at some point. Shelli says, she's going to have to go home & watch Clay agreeing to things. Shelli says, she never agreed to do that.


4:54 PM BBT The loyalty talk continues in the HOHR with Clay, Shelli & Audrey. Audrey keeps saying she's the most loyal to the two of them, & to protect them from Jeff. Shelli says, her name is probably being thrown out the most. She says, she understands that Jeff wanted to go to the end of the game with Clay. She says, that means she would be voted out at some point. Clay says, they never got to the point of him taking him over her.


4:57 PM BBT Becky in by the couches in the BY putting a long sleeve shirt on. Austin says, she looks fine to him. She says, from the side. He  goes in the house. Becky goes in also. Jason says, he's having a chicken sandwich, as he's in the KT making himself something to eat. Austin is washing out his dishes. Steve walks in.


4:59 PM BBT Jason says, there used to be something in the SR that said, if they don't answer the DR door, they are busy making a TV show, but he hasn't seen anything. Jason starts singing a song about condiments. He tells CBS to enjoy the mayonnaise song, since they own it now. Austin gets told to move his microphone higher. Steve, Austin & Jason start singing another song about buns & condiments. Steve says, he's going in the pool.


5:01 PM BBT Jason says, Austin likes tuna, & begins to sing about it. He says, it's not vagina, it's tuna. He says, they smell the same, but are difference. Austin says, "Oh, Mylanta." Jason keeps making his sandwich & singing. (BB hasn't told him to stop singing). Jason asks why Meg doesn't have a theme song, because John does. Austin says, theme songs are brutal. He sings the Step By Step theme song. They try to remember Full House's Theme Song.


5:04 PM BBT Meg walks in the KT. She remembers part of the tune. She says, she called it the Michelle song, because she only cared about Michelle. Jason says, he liked Stephanie. Austin asks Meg if she cared about D.J.? Meg says, no. Back in the HOHR, Becky is up there with Vanessa, Clay & Shelli. Shelli says, she was called a coward for not putting Audrey up on the block.


5:06 PM BBT Becky says, if someone is getting back-doored & they know about it ahead of time, they get extra time before hand to start to campaign for votes. Becky says, the shock of the block is so freaking hard, & it sucks. She says, none of them have been on it yet. She says, it's like a black cloud. Shelli says, trust her, she's ready for it, when the time comes. Becky says, the worst thing you can do is panic.


5:07 PM BBT Becky says, it's a blessing & a curse. She says, the BOTB & POV are a blessing. She says, she was happy when she won in week 1, & got off, & she was safe. Clay asks Becky if she was in the van with them? Becky was in the van with Clay. We see FOTH.


5:09 PM BBT Live feeds come back. The HG's in the HOHR say it's so great how they all got together. Vanessa says, they can't talk about it at all. Shelli says, you bet when we get out of here, we will talk about it. Becky says, that's not what our 3-year contract says. Shelli says, they will talk only with people from the show. BB says, you are not allowed to talk about production.


5:11 PM BBT Becky says, Jackie told her that she can't control Jeff in the house. She says, she told her being on TAR was different, but she can't do anything about it in the BB house. Vanessa says, Johnny Mack told her that he was voting for Jeff to stay. Clay says, he's doing it out of respect. Vanessa says, if it's close, that could come back to bite them, if the vote is close. Clay says, she should have that conversation with him.


5:13 PM BBT Becky says, they should wait until later in the week to have that conversation with Johnny to see where he stands. The camera view switches to the KT. Jason says, he's going outside to smoke legal cigarettes. Liz gets called to the DR. Audrey says, she's been waiting for soo long to go to the DR. Audrey has Clay's Texas A & M shirt on. She says, she wants to dress up in all of Clay's clothes, & go to the DR.


5:14 PM BBT Audrey doesn't think Clay will be mad she has his shirt on. Meg says, he may be mad, because it may be his only shirt, he doesn't have a whole lot of clothes there. Austin asks what happened, did they take them all. Meg says, she thinks so. Audrey says, the shirt still smells like Shelli. Meg says, she's eaten a peach & potato chips today. She wants to know where the take out button is.


5:16 PM BBT Audrey says, they may get something like that next week, since they will have HN's again. Audrey says, she's been in the DR all day. She says, she went in the DR this morning, since she was a strong consideration. She says, she was still paranoid, & only heard small amounts of information. She says, she feels bad that Jeff thinks she's responsible, at least that's what she's been hearing. Meg says, she doesn't think he feels that way.


5:18 PM BBT Audrey says, she's excited for people to see everything that went down the week of her drama. Meg asks, after the fact? Audrey says, she will feel vindicated when people watch it. She says, the house makes you crazy. The camera vie switches to the BY. Jason & Austin are talking about beef cakes. Austin says, they are very protective of those beef cakes. Jason looks & finds his drink. Austin says, "Oh, Mylanta," once again, & yawns.


5:20 PM BBT Jason says, today is a day with nothing to do. He says, he will take a shower, work out, take another shower, sit around for hours, & take a shower again. Jason says, today is Monday, day 26. Steve tells him, from across the BY, of a way to figure it out. Jason says, he doesn't have any friends with July birthday's. He says, his dad's is in September. He says he's sorry for always forgetting his birthday. He says, he missed his mom's birthday this year, because his dad didn't remind him.


5:22 PM BBT Steve asks if he gets them anything for their birthday? Jason says, he's soo broke in his real life that they don't expect him to get them anything. Steve says, he's cold, so he's going back in the hot tub. Steve asks if it's cold out? Austin says, not really. Jason says, there's 4 minutes left on his laundry. He & Austin go in the house. Jason asks if anyone requested detergent? Someone requested Advil, & it's supposed to be in the SR.


5:24 PM BBT Meg & Jason go in the SR. Meg find the Motrin in a different cabinet, then where they had it originally. Jason goes to the OBR & gets his black BB bag, & goes to the BY. Austin follows him out. Audrey asks if Liz came out of the DR yet? The camera view switches to the BY. Austin says, BB shrunk his stuff in sequester. Jason says, he shrunk his shirt. He says, he buys them small, but now it looks like a little kid’s shirt.


5:29 PM BBT Audrey tells Steve & Austin that she's really not wearing Clay's underwear. Steve says, so you just want him to think you are? Audrey says, yes, she really just wants to bug him. In the BY, Jason tells Clay, who's sitting on the pool table, that he thinks Liz & her twin are switching today. He says, Helga will come in to play in the next HOH comp. Clay says, what do you think about them? Jason says, they will come in. Clay says, then they will both just come in to play? Jason says, it won't be a bad thing.


5:31 PM BBT Jason says, even if the twins both play, no one will align with them, except if they're weak. Clay tells Jason he talked to Vanessa earlier, but she doesn't tell him much information. They talk about making it further in the game. Jason says, instead of having to pull the plug later with Jeff, this makes it easier. Clay says, he put himself in this situation. Jason says, exactly.


5:34 PM Jason tells Clay, you can only do so much to help them, without jeopardizing their game. Clay asks if he ever mentioned targeting him? Jason says, there was only the one time that he told him about. Clay says, James told him the other day that this would be the perfect time to back-door him or Shelli. Jason says, that would be such a fatal flaw. Jason says, it's not like him & shelli are like Brendon & Rachel. He says, they are playing more like Jeff & Jordan.


5:36 PM BBT Jason continues to fold his laundry, & Clay is now helping him. Jason says, he was worried when Meg started cuddling with Jeff, & had to talk to her. Jason says, a lot of them are hungry for it next week. Clay says, he just wants to take things in his hands, so he doesn't have to worry. Jason says, these other people are buying what people are telling them. He says, he told Vanessa, she needs to sort through all of the information.


5:38 PM BBT Jason says, everyone is going to try to force their agenda on the HOH. Clay says, he tries not to push his opinion on people. Jason says, you have to feed your bank account before you feed anyone else. Jason says, he lost a black ankle sock. He says, it's been lost since week one. Clay says, Audrey has been wearing his shirt & his sweats. Jason says, it's not like he has a whole lot of clothes in there. Jason says, he put Meg's headband on for about a minute, & she snatched it off his head. Jason found his missing socks. Jason says, next week will be questions. He says, he can't remember the third HOH competition. He says, last year’s HOH this week was the zombie questions.


5:41 PM BBT Jason says, Audrey even asked him what kind of competition it will be, & he's too honest, & told her that he thinks it's questions. He says, she will be up on it. He says, it's soo hot out there, & he needs to work on his abs tonight. He takes his clothes inside. Clay goes in with him as well. Jason gives him comp shorts to Steve. Steve wonders if they will fit him. Jason says, they will fit Johnny Mack, if not him. Steve thanks him.


5:43 PM BBT Steve is cooking something in the toaster oven, & something is smoking on the bottom rack. Jason is putting his clothes away in the OBR. He's singing about doing laundry, & says, he's going to wear Da'Vonne's cap around. He thinks it's her shower cap, & Meg agrees.


5:45 PM BBT The camera view switches to the HOHR. Shelli tells Vanessa that Audrey told Clay that it wasn't something that was supposed to hurt him. She says, Audrey said, it was to be used so they would come to her side, when they wanted to get close to Jeff. Shelli says, now that she's retelling the story, it sounds shady as he**. Shelli says, that is what she said to her.


5:48 PM BBT Shelli says, Jeff started warning her very early in the game about Audrey. Vanessa says, she's scared to keep Jeff in the game, because of how sincere he acts. Shelli says, Jeff looked scared as hell when they wanted to have the conversation with him. Liz goes to the HOHR. Vanessa & Shelli both are so excited that it's Liz again. She says, Julia almost left with the nail polish, & she had to get it back from her.


5:51 PM BBT Liz says, Audrey was looking at her when she came out of the DR. Clay gets called to the DR. Vanessa & Shelli are filling Liz in on the conversation with Jackie this morning, & kissing Johnny Mack twice yesterday for 10 seconds. Audrey was coming up the stairs. Vanessa & Shelli think she's trying to hear their conversation. Audrey says, the DR wouldn't let her in. She says, Steve presses the button at night to go to the DR.


5:52 PM BBT Austin goes to the HOHR. He says, nothing is really going on downstairs because people are still sleeping. Vanessa says, so the flood gates haven't opened yet? Austin says, no, but they are about to. Audrey says, no, it's still light out. Vanessa says, she's done, her work is done. Audrey tells Vanessa, she should relax, & finish her wine. Austin says, he had a conversation with Johnny Mack, & he may be second guessing his vote to keep Jeff.


5:55 PM BBT Austin says, someone told him that Jeff is talking to John in the cheese room (CBR). Audrey says, she told him that. Shelli says, the first person that told her (Shelli) to beware of her (Audrey) was Jeff. She tells her the story. Shelli says, it was the day they found Clay in the hammock room, & how it looked sketchy. Shelli says, that's when she cornered Jeff, & he couldn't tell her, & then Clay went in the hammock room, & Jeff spilled it all.


5:59 PM BBT Austin tells them about the alliance that Jeff is supposed to tell him about. Liz says, it's bullsh**. Shelli says, Jeff keeps making pretend alliances, just to stir things up. She says, as far as she knows, none of these alliances are legitimate or are working. Liz cracks her fingers. Shelli wonders which one of the alliances he's trying to expose, since he has them all over the house. Audrey says, it may be the big group, that everyone already knows about.


6:01 PM BBT Vanessa says, Jeff's fatal flaw is that he's an untrustworthy alliance. None of them can figure out what alliance Jeff would be talking about. Shelli asks if there was anything she ever did or said to Jeff. Vanessa says, she thinks it's because they both wanted to work with Shelli & Clay. Shelli asks Audrey why she didn't try to have a twosome with Jeff. Austin says, because he has it with Jackie.


6:04 PM BBT Shelli says, Jeff's trying to make a final two deal with James and Clay. Austin says, he never tried to make one with him. In the CBR, Jeff tells Jackie to watch herself in the house, because they are all little rats. He says, he doesn't trust them. Jeff says, he tried to trust James the most, but he threw him under the bus with Austin. Jackie wants him to tell her everything.


6:06 PM BBT Jeff tells Jackie he may know more than she does. She says, he does, & everyone says he talks to everyone. She says, that's good, but it can bite you in the butt in the end. Jeff says, Clay & Shelli are always going to be Clay & Shelli. He says, they will stick together. Jeff says, he was waiting for Audrey to leave, & then he was going to draw his line in the sand. Jackie says, she was for sure they would've taken them out first.


6:07 PM BBT Jeff says, Shelli is like Clay's mom. Jackie says, he will probably go before him. Jeff says, he's a 22 year old little boy. Jackie says, she's (Shelli) not stupid. Jeff says, she's not stupid, but she's clinging to him to use him.


6:09 PM BBT Jeff tells Jackie that he didn't wanted to work with Shelli, & that's why he thinks he's being put up. We see FOTH.


6:19 PM BBT Live feeds come back with James talking to Jeff & Jackie in the CBR. Jackie tells them that Audrey has not won once in this game. James says, she's (Audrey) is just skating on by. Jackie says, Audrey knows not to mess with her. She says, she knows she doesn't take that sh**. James says, she knows if some people get HOH, then she's gone. Jeff asks who her real friends are? Jackie says, no one, they are just fake.


6:21 PM BBT Jackie says, she really doesn't have a reason to put her up. She says, she just doesn't like her sh** in the house, & she needs to go home. Jeff tells them that Vanessa wouldn't listen to a word he had to say. He repeats what happened with his talk with Vanessa yesterday.


6:22 PM BBT Jeff says, he feels Vanessa may have 2 friends in the house. In the HOHR, Audrey tells Vanessa & Shelli that she never said anything to Da'Vonne about being a psychic. Audrey says, she told her about astrology. Vanessa says, she has thought that also. Audrey says, she feels everyone has the ability to be a psychic. Audrey says, she talks to a psychic, & loves astrology. She says, she reads Taro to her friends, but doesn't get paid for it.


6:25 PM BBT Liz & Austin are in the BY on the hammock. Liz asks him who did his nails? Austin says, you did. She laughs, & says, no way. Austin fills Liz on what happened at the BOTB competition. He tells her it was the giant dice game, & they were trying to throw it to Audrey, so they didn't get any blood on their hands, because they were going to back-door James or Jeff. Liz says, Julia is soo stupid. She says, she smoked a cigarette, & she slipped up.


6:27 PM BBT Austin tells Liz, he was doing a Frogger hop in the die because he was to big for it. He says, he forgot that Shelli wanted him to win. Liz asks him how he could do it so well? He says, it's just like the Rubix Cube. He tells Liz that he acted confused when Johnny Mack was there, even though he knew how to do it, because he wanted to throw it to him. He says, he told Vanessa he did throw it to him, because he didn't want to have to use it, or not use it, so it didn't look like a set-up.


6:30 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that he confronted James about things going on in the house. He says, Vanessa wanted to put James up from the beginning. He says, he cornered Jeff in the WA, & he dropped James' name. Austin says, then it was a done deal after the whole ordeal. Austin says, Jeff wants to find out about the twin thing. Liz asks him if he said anything to Julia? Austin says, no. Liz says, good, because she wants to be the one to respond to it.


6:33 PM BBT Austin tells Liz, he wanted to do Jeff's goodbye message with Liz & Julia. Liz says, they already did it today. Austin says, BB still has time to do it. Austin tells Liz to confide in Jeff with something, but then tell everyone it's a lie. Austin says, she should tell Jeff that she is a twin, & the twin can't come in until they make it to the top 10. Austin says, then he will spread it around the house, & he (Austin) should not bet there for it. He tells Liz, if he confronts her about it, she can say she never said it, & can walk away.


6:35 PM BBT Austin says, he wants to talk to Meg about the twin thing, because he wants to see if he can flip her. He says, everyone is talking about the twin twist. Austin tells her that Julia slept upstairs last night, & he slept with James. Austin tells Liz, everyone in the house thinks they have to make it past week 4. Liz says, it was week 5 the last time. Austin says, Jeff may not be saying anything about the twins for now to save his own a**.


6:37 PM BBT Becky is now in the CBR talking with Jeff, Jackie & James. Jeff is talking about the argument that happened with Audrey & Vanessa. He says, you don't just forget that stuff. Jeff says, he asked Vanessa how his comments impact her game? He says, Vanessa was going nuts, saying it does. Jeff says, he told Vanessa that she's all about not sending innocent people home, so how will she feel if James goes home?


6:41 PM BBT Liz & Austin are still on the hammock in the BY talking about the upcoming HOH comp. The OBR convo is about Audrey possibly being America's Player.


6:43 PM BBT Jeff says, Vanessa believes Audrey above everyone else. James says, it's because Audrey is transgender, & belongs to a group that Vanessa belongs to. Jeff says, how awful is that Audrey would pull that card? James says, that would be like him pulling a race card on her. Jackie says, it's a sensitive subject. All Audrey has to do is tell Vanessa she's being bullied, & it's done.


6:45 PM BBT Jackie says, if Audrey can say that Becky was racist, all she has to do is say someone is bullying her as well. Liz & Austin are still discussing Jeff not being sure about her being a twin. He tells her, it's worth a shot to try to get Jeff to spread that info about the top 10. Liz asks why no one is confronting her about it? Austin says, they won't.


6:46 PM BBT Liz says, she's over Becky, & these fake a** bi*****. Austin says, Becky's on his side. Austin tells Liz, he wants to tell Jackie what Jeff said about her when he leaves. Liz laughs about what Jason is saying across the yard. Austin says, "Oh, Mylanta." Liz asks why everyone is trusting Audrey now? Austin says, he's trying to stay away. Austin says, she (Audrey) thinks they are working together. Liz says, Julia told her to stay away from Audrey.


6:49 PM BBT Liz says, she needs to win HOH. Austin says, it would be a good thing. Liz says, that would suck if it's a comp about stuff when she wasn't in there? Austin says, they may do it later. She says, they told BB that it's not fair for her in the HOH comps, because she's not in the house. She says, BB said that's a good point, & they would work on that. We see FOTH.


6:51 PM BBT HG's in the BY get asked to please lift the outside awnings. Austin tells Liz HG's are probably going to change their minds before Thursday. Austin tells Liz that Vanessa has ADHD, & takes medication 2 times a day.


6:54 PM BBT Austin tells Liz about Gronk's Bahamas vacation. They want to get on it. Austin tells Liz about the Truth or Dare competition.

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7:06 PM BBT - Jeff said to Jackie he would rather go against anyone else in the house but James.

7:09 PM BBT  Jeff says to Jackie "there is a lot more of sketchiness this season"

7:11 PM  BBT  Jackie says "I don't want to work with Clay and Shelli if they are making a final 3 and I am not in it"

7:14 PM  BBT  Jeff says to Jackie "to be honest with you I don't trust anyone here"

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7:00PM BBT: Austin and Liz are talking in the hammock, Austin is updating Liz on what has happened, since her and Julia changed lasted, Jeff and James and Jackie are talking Jeff wants to talk to Austin to try to get his vote, )little does he know that Austin has said that he is voting for Jeff.) Jeff, who says that Vanessa is too emotionally unstable. Jackie, says she is going after Vanessa now. 


7:05PM BBT: Liz is now saying that Jeff needs to go, Austin says he is loyal to Vanessa. Jeff and Jackie are just going over the same thing.


Austin is saying that their alliance is Clay, Shelli, Becky, Johnny mack. Jeff, and Jackie. Austin is telling Liz that they are going to keep grilling to order of things. 


7:10PM BBT: Austin, is saying that we need to talk to James. "Im going to tell him that if you don't come after me, I won't backdoor or front-door you. You (Liz) need to asked him for the same deal."

Jackie is talking about what she needs to do when Jeff leaves to Jeff. She is saying that maybe she should work with Johnny mack. "But I don't know if I trust him." Jeff is telling her not to go to Clay.


7:15PM BBT: Austin is telling Liz, "I'll protect you has much has I can. But I don't know how much I can protect you." Liz, "I don't want you to do that." Austin, "I need to do something this game is boring." FotH.


7:20PM BBT: Austin says "Im the dark hero, I'm the bat man, Jeff is the joker," Liz "Im going to lay low." Austin "Yeah just stay away from Jeff don't give him anything to use against you." Now going over why Vanessa is mad at him. He is now saying the whole thing was a setup. And he is now going around helping Jeff and he is not doing that. 

While Jeff and Jackie are still talking about what she should do when he leaves. And he walks out of the room now. 


7:25PM BBT: Jason and James are talking in the backyard, Jason is talking the Liz/Julia and who has what. One has a mold one doesn't. One has a crown one doesn't. Jame is saying that he is going to pay more attention to them. Clay and Becky are playing pool. Becky asked Jason to help them move the pool table to level it more. Jason and Jeff and Clay are now trying to move the table. BB comes on twice and says "stop that"


7:31PM BBT: Austin and Liz are now talking about how to keep fooling people about her twin. Austin is telling her to just lie. "But you really don't need to now. You are safe for now." They are just going over how to keep fooling people about her twin. That she doesn't have one. And that Jeff is a good salesman. Jason is talking about how bored he is. James, is now at the pool table they are moving it again, and BB keeps telling them "Stop that" They guys finally got it. well no, it's still uneven. 


7:35PM BBT: the guys Clay and James, are still trying to level out the pool table, BB keeps telling them to "Stop That" And now BB says "Hey I said Stop That" Pentality vote if you don't. BB didn't say that James says I can't get another one of those. So they have to deal with the uneven pool table. Clay is doing golf pool with the pool stick.

And Jeff is now talking to Austin. 


7:40PM BBT: They are talking about Vanessa, Jeff asked, "how can I make it more clearer to people what she is doing." Austin is saying,"Im just scared that when you leave she will come after me next." Jeff is telling Austin that he can trust Jackie after he leaves and to stick with Clay. Austin is saying that he doesn't know where everyone stands with the vote. He doesn't know where the votes will fall, Jeff is saying that people are telling him it will be like a 5-2 vote. People don't want to vote. Meg doesn't want to vote and James doesn't want to vote. 


7:45PM BBT: Jeff is saying that he doesn't really want to campaign. He is just telling people to vote for what's good for his game. Jason is talking about how on BBCAN they played building noises, He is talking to Vanessa, Becky comes over to join them. Jason asked them what color your ora would be. Becky says she would be purple, Shelli is a pink. they are just telling what their ora's James is a orange, Steve is green Johnny mack is a blue, Clay is a blue. Jeff, orange. 


7:50PM BBT: The talk with Jeff and Austin ends, Jeff is now playing pool with James. Jason is talking about what kind of dog he wants, a little dog. 


7:55PM BBT: Most of the HGs are just sitting around, chatting about dogs. And Jeff and James are still playing pool. James says that his mic is broken. BB tells him to go to the storage room to replace it. Vanessa is telling a dog story. Now Becky chimes in on her dog story. 


8:00PM BBT: Austin is in the kitchen cooking hot dogs. and everyone else is still telling dog stories. FotH


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8:45pm BBT Sorry, that last update may have been yesterday.  Still having issues with BBViewer not showing live feeds.  Clay, Meg, John, Jason and others are in the BY by the sofas.  Clay is laying on his stomach while Austin pretends to be doing an handstand on his back. The HG are just having casual conversations.  James is setting up the pool table. Clay comes over to play.

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9:00PM BBT The BY group is talking about Jackie and Jeff's experience on TAR. They didn't get paid but they won $4000 as a team.  They joke about their celebrity status (Kathy Griffin is known for joking about being on the D list, as opposed to the A list).  Jason says he's on the J list.  James is now dead-lifting weights.

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11:32pm (min) BBT: houseguests all at KT playing truth or dare, Clay dares James to lick cool whip off of Austins chest, Jackie gets a butter knife and smears cool whip on Austins chest. all house guests chanting james james james as he goes in 2x and licks it off of Austin

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9:00 PM BBT In the BY, James and Clay finish a game of pool while Liz looks on.   Then James begins working out.  Clay wins it.  James says “good game” and razzes Clay a bit as he goes to work out.   He chats with Jason and Becky as he works out.


9:03 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa, Austin and Liz are discussing what votes Jeff may have, and the votes that Jeff thinks he has.  Jeff has not asked Austin for his vote, and says he won’t campaign until the last day.  Austin has tried to confirm Jeff’s comments with the people Jeff was talking about, so Austin is skeptical that Jeff has the numbers he says he has.  Austin wants to see if they can get a one-week deal out of James. 


9:09 PM BBT  Jeff and Steve join John, Jason, and James at the BY couches.  Jeff complaining about irrational justifications.  In the HOHR, Austin, Liz and Vanessa talking about the deal they made with John for safety until top 10.  John has said that Jeff doesn’t know about that.  Liz stressing that she NEEDS to win HOH next week in order to be safe.


9:16 PM BBT Jeff, Jason, and John still talking in the BY talking about skydiving, zip lines, and other height-related challenges.  Jeff has respect for the guy that tight-rope walks with just a bar for balance.  In the HOHR, they are hatching a plan for Liz to confront Jeff about throwing Austin under the bus in front of a room full of people after Jace’s veto meeting…and then they realize that it wasn’t even Liz that was there for it…it was Julia.  So Liz doesn’t even know what was in the conversation.  That won’t work!


9:18 PM BBT Liz thinks that the next switch will be on Friday morning.  Liz says she has not competed in an HOH for two times. 


9:22 PM BBT Jeff talking to Clay in the BY about Clay’s sister’s job.  Jeff wants Clay to get him connected…he’ll move anywhere for it.  Jeff asks Clay how he’s feeling about things, and they begin talking about the situation.  Jeff doesn’t want to campaign.  Jeff doesn’t know where Becky, Austin, and Liz stand.  He feels that Austin is acting sketchy, asking for information.  They start talking about the twins again, and Jeff is wondering which one will be there for the vote because one likes him more than the other.  Jeff says he can easily tell between them now, but he didn’t know that they switched today.


9:29 PM BBT  In the BY, Clay is sharing his philosophy with Jeff.  If Clay goes home, he will trust that it’s for a reason and that maybe if he stayed longer he would compromise his integrity.   Jeff isn’t taking it in much…he points out that he has votes that he is confident in …Clay, Shelli, Johnny Mack, and Jackie.  He doesn’t think Meg and Jason will vote for him because they are closer to James than to Jeff. He won’t even ask them.


9:40 PM BBT John joins Vanessa, Austin and Liz in the HOHR.  John is concerned about his back shifting when he does an exercise.  Austin has him show the exercise and advises him to do a slightly different ab exercise.  John spills the beans on a prank they’re planning downstairs…they smeared chocolate on the toilet seat.


9:42 PM BBT In the BY, Jeff is expressing the hope that Clay and Shelli know that he wants to work with them.  Clay doesn’t pull any punches…he tells Jeff that he and Shelli have pulled back a bit on him, and that Jeff needs to understand that they have to look after their own game.  Clay’s alliance with Shelli is his standard for how he judges other alliances.  Jeff asks how he feels about their alliance, and Clay says good…Johnny Mack has proven himself, he doesn’t talk game with Jackie but trusts Jeff’s connection with Jackie.  But it’s not as high a level of trust as he has with Shelli.


10:01 PM BBT  Jason, Jackie, and James on the BY couches chatting about Steve.  Audrey and Steve are Jason’s targets.  Jackie is convinced that Steve knew that Jeff was going up because he was very sympathetic toward Jackie.  They think he is more of a threat than people give him credit for.  Steven is alone a lot, and he eavesdrops on conversations. 


10:15 PM BBT Meg, Jeff, Jason, James, and Jackie on the BY couch.  James thinks John has been leaking information quite a bit.  They note that he has been upstairs quite a bit.  Jason points out that the HOHR group had heard a group was going to “storm the castle” and that John may have been the one to tell them that.  James feels that there is a group forming.  Not saying there is one, but probably Vanessa, Liz, Austin, John, Steve and Audrey…James: “that’s six and they are trying to lawn-mower us.”  Meg thinks they have Becky, so they have 7 and the other group is 6.   Jeff sees Liz on the hammock and decides to go over and see which twin it is.  Jason is sure they have switched.


10:18 PM BBT Jason is 100% sure about the twins, and tells the group that Vanessa and Austin are in on it and are using it to their advantage.  They are determined to study hard so that they can win the next HOH if the comp is facts. 


10:30 PM BBT Jeff asking James what it would be like going out with Meg.  James says it’s hard to tell, and Meg is like “what do you mean it’s hard to tell?”  Jeff joking around about using Meg as bait to bring other girls over.  Austin, John, Steve, and Clay working out while Liz lounges on the hammock.


10:33 PM BBT Austin doing a headstand and lifting up to a handstand before somersaulting.  Liz is duly impressed!  Austin does a somersault over Johnny Mack.  


10:35 PM BBT  Becky and Jeff talking about beers they like.  Jason asks if anyone has been to Canada and comments on how weird-looking the beer bottles are.  Meg wants to go to Alaska to see Northern Lights, but Jeff says Norway is the place to see them.  Jason goes inside, and Jackie and James jump up to follow him in.  Jason opens the WC and sees the smeared chocolate…he gasps and shuts the door saying “MORTIFIED” as he turns away.  The whole group has followed him….lots of laughing and razzing.  Jason heads up to HOHR to use the bathroom up there. 


10:39 PM BBT  Meg and Jackie, still chuckling about Jason, stop in the KT for munchies before heading upstairs.  James and Jeff are playing pool in the BY while Austin, Steve, John, and Clay resume their workout. 


10:42 PM BBT Liz, Becky, Vanessa, Jackie, and Meg still laughing at Jason’s reaction to the bathroom prank.  Vanessa commenting that it was set up so well, it was toilet art.  They waited a long time for it. 


10:46 PM BBT Vanessa asking the group on the BY couches if it’s no Have-nots again next week.  They say no…warped wishful thinking!  They start talking about different comps in past seasons, and then about working out. 


10:48 PM BBT Vanessa is chiding herself for being so lazy…she’s on TV 24 hrs a day…she should care enough about how she looks to work out.  Jason laughs and points out that he brought all kinds of make-up and hasn’t bothered wearing it.   They start talking about high school assignments where they have to look after an egg. 


10:50 PM BBT  Steve comes up to Vanessa and shows his abs.  Vanessa is impressed and Steve jokes that he isn’t Cody and no one ever asked him to take his shirt off or anything.  Vanessa encourages Steve to keep at it…he’s looking good. 


10:52 PM BBT Liz watches James and Jeff play pool.  John is called to the Diary Room. 


10:53 PM BBT The BY group gets up cheering at the news that they got more beer.  Everyone streams into the KT to check it out.


10:54 PM BBT James goes into the Ocean BR to wake up Audrey and Shelli to tell them that they got beer and wine.  


10:57 PM BBT Jackie and Jeff in the WA with several others …they are saying that there’s not enough alcohol to make it worth it.  Steve is having a shower.


11:00 PM BBT In the KT, they are setting up a drinking game called King’s cup.  Vanessa has never heard of the game, but is ready to take part. 


11:03 PM BBT Steve is having a shower.  He asks Liz to hand him a towel.  Liz asks him who she is, and he correctly says that she is Liz.  Austin comes in Liz pulls him away to the Cabana Room Lounge. 


11:05 PM BBT  The group in the KT are trying to work out the rules for the King’s Cup game.  https://www.beerfestboots.com/kings-cup-rules


11:06 PM BBT  Liz and Austin in the Cabana Room Lounge talking.  Liz is upset that [Jeff] is taking credit for saving Liz and has told her that she owes him.  She feels it was Austin that saved her.  Austin says him and Vanessa saved her.   Liz tells Austin she was able to defer the conversation with Jeff. 


11:13 PM BBT  In the KT, they are still figuring out the game.  They each have a paper cup and some are sitting at the dining table practising flipping the cup.


11:15 PM BBT  Meg is trying to get everyone to get together and play the game already [it’s worse than herding cats].


11:17 PM BBT Everyone is finally gathered around the Dining Table.  They are playing “flip cup” instead of King’s Cup.  It’s a team-based game.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flip_cup  Jeff suggests that they challenge one another, and you can’t drink until you win a challenge.  The winner passes it on.  They are still debating rules and so far no one is drinking!


11:20 PM BBT They all had water in their cups, but they drink it down before starting.  Jeff designates the teams and tells James and Audrey to start.  They are still debating.  Shelli says “let’s just play the game so we can all drink!”  Shelli takes charge and they start.  Each side flips the cup in a relay.  The first team to finish gets to drink. The team on Jeff’s side of the table gets to drink.


11:25 PM BBT  Vanessa suggests a chugging contest and the winner gets a reward… a double shot of port.  They make sure everyone has the same amount of liquid in their cup.  Vanessa gives the rules… both hands on the table, they have to drink everything in their cup, flip the cup successfully, say flip so Vanessa can verify that their cup is flipped, and the first person to finish wins the glass of port.  They start standing with hands up.  Vanessa says “Go!”  and they all go for it.  Shelli wins! 


11:30 PM BBT They decide to play truth or dare.  Vanessa says you can only drink if you do your dare.

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