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Sunday, July 12 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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12:00 AM BBT In the BY, Meg telling Vanessa that until this week, she would never have come up to Vanessa with her concerns about Audrey.  Meg can’t even understand why there was an argument.  Vanessa reassuring Meg that she is a fair person and she had no intention to make Meg cry and she didn’t want Meg to think she was taking sides. Meg just feels that Audrey is always in the middle of the drama.  Where there’s smoke, there must be fire.  Meg asks if Vanessa is okay, and Vanessa admits she is a bit stressed.   


12:08 AM BBT  Audrey sets up blankets to make it look like there is someone sleeping in the bed, and then corners Clay in the WA, asking him to create a diversion so that she can go back up.  Clay is irritated, but he does as she asks and Audrey heads up to the HOHR.


12:13 AM BBT Audrey checks in with Vanessa, who tells Audrey that Austin is planning to call Jeff out on some things to create justification to nominate Jeff. 


12:15 AM BBT Steve, Meg, Liz, Jeff, and Becky are hanging out at the hot tub.  Meg is talking about how great her parents are. 


12:17 AM BBT Jason, Jackie, Shelli and Clay are sitting on the couches in the BY talking about Liz being a twin.  Jason begins relating moments that made him suspicious.  Jason speculates about the timing of the twin switches, and that they might be timed to give the twins equal opportunity to take part in competitions.


12:25 AM BBT Jeff and James told Audrey something about getting the power couple [shelli/Clay] out just to see how long it would take for it to come back.  It took 3 or 4 days.  Audrey pulled Clay aside today.  Jason speculates that she was waiting for the veto before using that information, and commends Audrey for fighting.  


12:26 AM BBT  Jason thinks that it wasn’t random that Da’Vonne got the Last Laugh power.  Shelli thinks it might have been something that America voted for. 


12:29 AM BBT Audrey talking to Vanessa about Jason’s game and warning her that Jason is good.  Vanessa has nothing to say, and Audrey goes on to complain about Becky targeting her and John throwing a challenge.  Audrey wants to take out Jason, and says she has a perfect speech in her head for calling out Jason on everything he’s done and said. 


12:45 AM BBT James and Steve talking on the hammock in the BY and congratulating themselves on how far they have come, and even for getting on BB in the first place.  James notes that he’s on the block even though he’s a strong player.   They discuss the number of votes needed, and that Vanessa will not be a tie-breaker. 


12:54 AM BBT  In the HOHR, Vanessa telling Jason that she is feeling manipulated.  She tells Jason he is worried that if she does what the house wants and gets Audrey out, then she is acting on hearsay when she personally has no beef with Audrey.  They rehash the disagreement between Meg and Audrey. 


1:00 AM BBT  Vanessa tells Jason (tearfully) that even if she puts Audrey up against James, she isn’t sure that Audrey would go home.  She says that if Audrey is the way that Jason says, then she is afraid of Audrey and doesn’t want to be her enemy.  Jason tries to comfort Vanessa and reiterates that he knows for fact that Audrey is a liar.


1:03 AM BBT Jason advises Vanessa to follow her gut.  Jason says that some people are chosen for BB because they are manipulators and Audrey is one of them.  He jokes that they found her at manipulator boot camp.  Jason continues to push Vanessa to put Audrey up by listing all her offenses.


1:40 AM BBT Jeff is talking to Vanessa in the HOHR. 


2:12 AM BBT Jeff, Jason and Clay on the BY couches.  Jeff and Jason relating their conversations with Vanessa.  Jeff tells Clay that Vanessa wants James gone, and Clay acts surprised.  Jeff is saying that Vanessa is brainwashed and that she is looking for something miniscule to send James home, and she’ll put an innocent person next to James, but Jeff doesn’t think anyone will go home against James.  Jeff thinks Austin is the sketchiest person in the house.  Jason chimes in to corroborate what Jeff is saying.


2:20 AM BBT James telling Jason, Jeff, Austin and Clay about how he lost respect for Audrey.  Audrey does crazy and thoughtless things like running the shower just as a ruse to cover her presence even when there is a drought.  Jeff comments that Vanessa genuinely doesn’t believe the votes are there for Audrey to leave.  James tells the group that Vanessa said she’s afraid to be the one to send the transgender person home.  Austin leaves and Jason tells the others that Austin was lying, and that it was obvious to Jason that Austin knew that the target was James. 


2:26 AM BBT Austin goes up to HOHR to report to Vanessa what the BY group is saying and how Jeff is flipping out.  Vanessa tells Austin her view of the conversations and the way she explained things to Jeff and James.  Audrey comes in, and Vanessa carries on with verbalizing her narrative.  Audrey warns Vanessa that Jeff, Jason, and James are planning to come up to the HOHR and confront her.

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7:20 AM BBT Takeover.  Gronk announces a hot tub party.  Jason and Steve get in while the other HGs put their feet in.  Lots of yawning going on.


7:25 AM BBT Shelli finally comes out to BY.  Music plays. No one really excited to be here.


7:27 AM BBT More music in BY, briefly and announcement, "Don't stop partying yet."  Jason says this is the sorriest party ever. 


7:32 AM BBT Still yawning and speculating about how long this "party" is going to last.  Most exciting moment so far was an ant crawling on someone.   More brief music; a few guests clap and wave arms.


7:34 AM BBT Announcement by Gronk "That was a killer party." HG leave BY except Jason who goes to couch to smoke and complains that Audrey didn't put on a swimsuit and should be punished.
 Steve gets into shower to change, and most of the others head back to bed.

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2:30-7:15am HG re-rehashed Audrey not going up this week. HOH talking of putting Jeff up, the house wants him out.


7:18am BBT Gront calls a Hot Tub party, get in your bikinis and boy shorts and get to the hot tub. Vanessa says she doesnt want to but gets up. She puts her top on over her hoodie. They are gathered around the hot tub with their feet in it. Some of the guys still have their hoodies on. Shelli is late coming out and BB calls her name playing the music.


7:25am BBT Music stops and the half asleep HG stop waving their arms and giggle. Jason says its a party get us out. (if I was Gronk I would put them all in HN.)


7:34am BBT Party finally over and HG head to bed. That brings us Live at 8:50am BBT with all the HG sleeping.

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1140am BBT: in HoH Vanessa, Liz and Austin rehash the earlier 420am (bbt) fight Vanessa/Austin had with Jeff. Steve comes in the HoH and they tell Steve the entire story. Before Steve leaves HoH he tells Liz, Austin and Vanessa that for appearances they should not be sleeping in the same beds. They need to separate themselves some.

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2:00 PM BBT In the CRL, Jeff tells Jackie that Vanessa wants to get James out of the house. He says, no one is going to vote James out at this point. In the HOHR, Vanessa tells Shelli that most people have been thrown under the bus, except for Becky. Vanessa tells Shelli Jeff was trying to save face in front of them. Vanessa says, he admitted it was a lie. She says, she wouldn't talk to Jeff, until he admitted what he said was a lie.


2:03 PM BBT ***CORRECTION...Jeff & Jackie are in the CRL not the CBR.*** In the HOHR, Vanessa tells Shelli that Jeff finally admitted everything he said was a lie, & everything she said was the truth. Vanessa says, Jeff wants to get her (Shelli) out of the way, so he can work with Clay. Shelli tells Vanessa she wants to let her know about something. She says, while she was HOH, Jeff came upstairs wanting to get a group together.


2:05 PM BBT Shelli wants to tell Vanessa exactly what's happened. She says, it's valid information for getting Jeff out. Shelli says, her, Clay & Jackie were in the HOHR. She says, Jeff definitely set this up, because he came up a little while after Jackie. She says, Johnny Mack went in shortly after Jeff. Jeff told her that he wanted the 5 of them in an alliance, & Jeff wanted to come up with a name.


2:07 PM BBT Shelli says, they never met again after that. She says, ever since that meeting happened, she's in tight with Johnny Mack. He says, he threw the BOTB's & won the POV's, & is doing great. She's says, that's great that she (Vanessa) is in tight with him. She says, last night, Jeff says, the only reason he told Shelli they need to break her & Clay up is to break up their alliance.


2:09 PM BBT Shelli says, there is no alliance, & her & Clay are in tight with Vanessa. Vanessa says, that doesn't make sense to break her & Clay up since they are working with her (Vanessa). Vanessa says, that exact thing came from Clay about the twin thing also. Vanessa says, she wants to be there for her. Vanessa says, the details she's about to tell Shelli, she's never told anyone else.


2:11 PM BBT Vanessa says, she told Clay that she thinks he's a twin. Shelli says, they don't doubt her at all. Vanessa says, she doesn't tell Austin everything she tells Shelli & Clay. Shelli says, she knows, & she needs to keep her voice down. Shelli says, she told Clay they are with Vanessa 100 percent. Vanessa says, they have something special, & very rarely are you going to find an alliance like that.


2:12 PM BBT Vanessa says, at the end of the day, it's going to be Shelli & Clay she trusts the most. Vanessa says, they need to have information sharing, & working together. she says, it worked very well with this HOH, & that's the way the alliance should work. Shelli says, she knows. She says, people are forming these groups, & calling themselves an alliance. She says, they are sticking together a couple days, & then throwing people under the bus.


2:14 PM BBT Jeff comes to the HOHR. Shelli says, she'll let him talk if she wants. He says, he can let them finish. Vanessa asks him to come back in about 15 minutes. Vanessa says, there's nothing he can say to change her mind. She says, she hopes he says something that will make her want to be on a friend level, but she really doesn't really even want that. Shelli says, da**.


2:16 PM BBT Vanessa tells Shelli, they need to make some side deals, but say that they have a no alliance policy, so they can make it further in the game. She says, as long as they have maximum loyalty to each other, they can respect each other to talk to others, not wanting to know every little thing that's going on. Vanessa says, she's not going to ask things that are unreasonable.


2:17 PM BBT Shelli tells Vanessa that they can talk to each other about anything, & tell them is something is irking them. In the BY by the couches. John tells Jeff he really doesn't know what's going on right now. BB tells Clay to please put on his microphone. James go by the couches where John & Jeff are. John asks James what's going on? James says, he's been trying to put out fires.


2:19 PM BBT Jeff is smoking. He asks James if he drug his name through the mud to Austin. John walks away. James whispers to Jeff that he hasn't said anything bad. James says, that Austin told him, that people were talking to him & Vanessa about how Jeff had an issue with him, & was a target. Jeff says, that doesn't make sense. Jeff says, has that ever been said? Jeff says, of course it has, because they clearly had a problem with each other.


2:21 PM BBT James tells Jeff that Audrey has been running her mouth, & she is probably twisting stuff with Vanessa. He says, she probably told Vanessa to throw Jeff up next to James, because she's a puppet master. James says, she has probably told Vanessa anything she's heard about Jeff & Austin. James says, he just see that this is a last minute type thing. He says, it seems to have exploded all at once.


2:23 PM BBT Jeff tells James, he doesn't feel that Clay & Shelli have his back anymore. James says, Clay is a little worried, but seems to still want to look out for him. James says, he hasn't talked to Shelli at all. He says, they are trying to deflect the situation, & they still need to get Audrey out this week. Jeff asks James if they can get a group together to go & talk to Vanessa after he does? James says, yes.


2:25 PM BBT Jeff says, it's not going to be good if they are put up against each other, because it's not going to be unanimous. James says, he's not sure where everyone stands. Jeff says, they need to get a big group of people to go upstairs. Jeff says, it seems that Vanessa doesn't want to get someone out from the special interest group. He says, from the gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. group. He says, it's almost like a slap in the face for the group.


2:27 PM BBT Jeff & James discuss that they've never treated Audrey any different. James says, that would be like them sending home him, as an Asian. James says, he's trying to get far in this game because of his daughter, & he was HOH in week one, & has not lied since then. He says, he told Vanessa that he respects her & her decision. He says, he told her if he goes home, he's there with a great cast. He says, he threw him at her mercy.


2:29 PM BBT Jeff says, if they get put up together, then it's 50/50 on which one of them has to go. He says, it's not right that someone this deserving goes home this early. James says, good people always get sent home early because of lies. Jeff says, he probably shouldn't say anything about Audrey when he goes up there. James says, Audrey went up in the HOHR when he was HOH. He says, she turned the water on in the shower, & pretended to take a shower.


2:31 PM BBT James says, Audrey sat in the HOHR talking to him, & BB came over the intercom telling her to cut the water off because they're in a drought. James says, he doesn't trust her. James says, he stuck with his plan as HOH, & had 15 days to stir on it. Jeff asks if he should talk to Vanessa & Austin? James says, just talk to them, but not together. James tells him to see what they say. He tells him to be straight up, & admit he was wrong. He says, hopefully she will save him.


2:34 PM BBT Jeff & James go in the house, & goes to the HOHR. Shelli & Clay go by the chess table. Jeff sits on the couch. He tells Vanessa, when he got approached by her, he had Austin freaking out, because they are boys. He says, Shelli & Clay looked sad. He felt like his back was against the wall, & he was in complete shock. Vanessa says, that what she thinks also. Jeff says, he wants to say he's sorry for what he said, & making it look like she was lying.


2:36 PM BBT Clay comes in the HOHR to get sunglasses. He says, he's sorry, & walks out. Jeff says, when they were attacking him, he felt like he was up against the wall. Vanessa says, she wasn't attacking him, she was just talking to him. He says, o.k. He says, in this game he never wanted Vanessa to be against him, he wanted her on his side. He says, he's sorry about everything.


2:38 PM BBT Jeff tells Vanessa that Clay went up to him saying that she wanted to work with him as well. Vanessa says, she doesn't know that he said that, & can't believe him right now. Jeff says, he doesn't know if Audrey has been talking to her, trying to spin things. Vanessa says, he (Jeff) wasn't even on her radar. She tells Jeff, when she asked him about the plan about back-dooring Jace, & James was lying to her.


2:40 PM BBT Vanessa continues to tell Jeff about the whole James ordeal, & the reason she doesn't trust him. She says, as a gay person, & understands about Audrey being there. She says, if she gets Audrey out of there, & finds out people are just talking bad about her, she doesn't want that on her hands. She says, she has actual facts that James was lying to her face, & that's a reason to put him up.


2:41 PM BBT Vanessa says, James told her that he was sorry about everything, & he says, he's there to play for his daughter. She says, any other combination of words that he would have used, other than admitting he was wrong wouldn't have worked. Vanessa says, she's investigating the whole Audrey thing. She says, she had to talk to her, to get her story straight, & then ask everyone about it. She says, she has yet to catch her in a lie.


2:43 PM BBT Vanessa says, she was working on figuring things out about back-dooring Audrey. She says, Jeff was soo not on her radar, & she wasn't going to use him as a pawn, because that doesn't make sense. She says, she doesn't know why he did it, & he severed her trust. She says, he threw his closest bros, & friends in the house under the bus. She says, he even hurt Clay, who was close to him. She says, he may not even have any loyalty to anyone in the game.


2:45 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jeff that really nothing he is going to say is going to make a difference, but if he wants to say anything to bring light to the situation he can. Jeff says, he would like to tell her about his experience there, & then maybe she'll understand. He says, she is right, & he's been working with Clay for a while. He says, Clay & Shelli both were working with him. Vanessa says, just Clay or both? He says, both, because they are a pair.


2:46 PM BBT Jeff says, Clay & Shelli were both shocked last night with the blow up. He says, they asked why he would turn their back on them? Vanessa says, this doesn't make sense. She says, she never heard a rumor, & he started to want to split up Clay & Shelli. Vanessa says, if you are wanting to work to protect them, if you want to split them up? Jeff says, he needed to protect the fact of them working together, because Clay told him that she wanted to work with them.


2:48 PM BBT Vanessa says, she wants open communication with Clay & Shelli, & to help them, sure. She says, she's not in an alliance with them. Vanessa says, of course she trusts Clay & Shelli. Jeff says, Clay's name never came up. He says, it was only Shelli & Austin that she said she trusted. He says, he got all these red flags, because he didn't hear Clay's name. Vanessa says, he's overthinking things, & he should've called her in the meeting.


2:50 PM BBT Jeff says, he's had a huge target on his back since coming in the house, & as soon as he deflects one thing, there's something else his name is being dropped into. Vanessa says, Jackie has had the same target, & she's not having that problem. Vanessa says, he's done the same thing that Audrey did, by keeping his options open, & not being loyal to everyone. She says, you have to constantly break your integrity by not being loyal.


2:52 PM BBT Jeff says, he was a last minute pull-in for the 8-person alliance, because they were going to try to back-door him. He says, he felt that he needed to group with them, because he didn't want to go home. Vanessa says, she's not a bullsh**er. She says, when she lays it out black & white, Jackie is very loyal to him. Jeff says, she's amazing. Vanessa says, Jeff is her number 1 target, & she doesn't even want to be friends with him. He says, he crossed the line.


2:54 PM BBT Vanessa says, Jackie poured her heart out to him, & she could see the pain in her eyes, because she has his (Jeff's) back. She says, he made himself the reason he's going up against James. Vanessa says, he's right with the fact that Jackie was really the only one he could trust. Jeff says, he always gave Audrey the benefit of the doubt. He says, a lot of the reason she has stayed in the house was because of him, Clay & Shelli.


2:56 PM BBT Vanessa says, Audrey has never thrown him (Jeff) under the bus to her. Jeff says, he still has been talking to Audrey, even knowing that they wanted to still back-door her this week, because he's not that type of person to just ignore her. He says, he was trying to be friendly with everybody, try to align with some people, & see what he can do. He says, he was told he has too many friends now.


2:57 PM BBT Jeff says, he's been told he's the male version of Audrey, & needs to watch out. Jeff says, as far as things with her (Vanessa), he was really happy with the fact he was going to be able to work with her. He says, he really doesn't remember her saying Clay's name. Vanessa says, they were all in the room, & she told all of them in the hammock room (CRL), that she trusted all of them & wanted to work with them.


2:59 PM BBT Jeff says, he noticed that Audrey was clinging mostly to Austin & Vanessa. Vanessa says, she talks to everyone in the house. Jeff says, he doesn't know if Audrey was in on getting him back-doored. Vanessa says, she was talking to Audrey, being she was being shunned, but didn't want to talk game with her. She says, if she wants to talk about sexuality, human rights, astrology, anything, she will talk to her about it.


3:01 PM BBT Jeff says, he just felt hurt. He says, he felt like he was getting a slap in the face. He says, he's been very very vocal with Austin, & he doesn't know if she can believe it. Vanessa says, he was very vocal with her, so she does believe it. Jeff says, one thing he's beggin her for, his game it at her mercy, he wants her to know that he had her best game in mind. He says, he went to Austin asking where her game is, because of the house's wanting Audrey to leave.


3:03 PM BBT Jeff says, he told Austin that they needed to talk to Vanessa, because he knows she wavering, & he came clean with Austin about throwing each other under the bus. He says, they shook hands, & ever since the Jeff & Austin show, he's been team Austin. He says, he told Austin that he didn't want Vanessa to have a target on her back. He says, he went to Austin mostly, because he was the link between the two of them, & he likes her 130 percent.


3:04 PM BBT Jeff says, he has told Austin soo much. He says, he could have blown his game up last week with everything he's told him. Jeff says, with the Liz thing being a twin, he was staying loyal to her. He says, ever since he & Austin made a deal to get to jury, he's been team Austin. Jeff says, he not saying Audrey made the rumors in this game, he's just very scared of her.


3:06 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jeff, when you are HOH, you have to feel in your gut that you feel o.k. with sending someone home, & ruining their chance to win this game. Vanessa says, she's sure there are things she's lied about, & she can't fully trust her. She says, she will not fully trust her, but she has zero evidence that she has been caught in a lie in this game. She says, as a gay person herself, she wants to make sure she does her investigating.


3:08 PM BBT Vanessa says, during her investigation, she found out that James straight up lied to her, & that gave her a reason to put him up. She says, she has to fully have a reason to put a person up, not just put them up because the house wants her to. She asks Jeff if Audrey did this between them? She says, she doesn't think so. So, that's her reason for putting him up. She says, he won't know that feeling unless he's the HOH.


3:10 PM BBT Vanessa says, Audrey is not pulling her puppet strings, she's doing this on her own. Jeff says, he's sorry for everything. Vanessa says, she's not a dumb girl. She says, he (Jeff) was trying to mastermind an alliance, & control things. Jeff says, he didn't create an alliance, he was pulled into one. He says, the people that he's working with will remain nameless. He says, he told them about her & Austin.


3:11 PM BBT Jeff says, some of the people he's working with are close to her. Jeff says, he basically got screwed over by 8 people that were going to help him in the house. He says, he became close to Austin. He says, he did want to get him out of the house, but he became close to him, & he's now one of the people that he can trust in the house. He says, she is another person he wants to trust also.


3:13 PM BBT Vanessa figures out things, & says, she's not an idiot again. She says, she figures that she was HOH, & they didn't want to drag her into it. She says, she doesn't know why the ultimate decision was not to pull her in. Jeff says, he's going to be totally honest with her. He says, he has to be careful with some things he says, because it will expose other people's games in the house. Jeff is almost in tears.


3:15 PM BBT Vanessa tells him that he should have just taken the fall, & that's his fault. Jeff wipes tears from his eyes. She asks Jeff if he was the ultimate one to decide not to pull her in? He says, it was a group discussion. She says, so he wasn't the only one to decide that? He says, no. Vanessa says, she gets he's trying to be loyal to that, for whatever reason. She says, she won't put his name out there.


3:17 PM BBT Vanessa says, she can let bygones be bygones, & it's going to take a lot of time to get trust in him, & she would be foolish otherwise. Jeff tells Vanessa, he hopes she will just talk to Austin. She says, Austin has not said anything bad about him, & ultimately she makes her own decisions. She says, she opened the lines of communication with Jeff, was because of Austin. She says, he put his neck out for him.


3:18 PM BBT Jeff says, Austin knows how he (Jeff) talked behind her back. Vanessa says, there was no target on him (Jeff), & she was only slightly skeptical. She says, until he did what he did downstairs, she had no reason to trust him. She says, until he had his back against the wall. Jeff says, he had to do it, because he was being called out in front of the very people that he was trying to protect.


3:20 PM BBT Vanessa says, if that was her, that would have ruined her integrity in the game, because she's never lied, & won't lie. She says, she will never be in that spot. She says, she has integrity in the game, & she will give her full explanation of everything when she makes her decision. Vanessa says, in this game, people put each other on the block for soo much less. She says, she has to do what's best for her game, & at this point it doesn't look good.


3:22 PM BBT Jeff tells Vanessa she needs to look at what's going to be best for her game. Vanessa says, at this point, Audrey will not be gunning for her, & she thinks he will. Jeff says, he would not. Vanessa says, she's extremely careful with her words. She says, she was very careful in the language she used, & she did not make a deal for back-dooring him. She says, she doesn't talk a lot of sh**. She says, she doesn't talk to more than one person at a time.


3:24 PM BBT Vanessa says, she did not put him on the block, & really didn't think about back-dooring him. Vanessa says, in the moment, all deals are severed. Jeff says, if Vanessa had pulled her aside, & they had a conversation, not in a public manner, it may be different. Vanessa asks Jeff if he never would've thrown the names out there if they weren't in a public situation? Jeff says, yes. Vanessa says, she doesn't believe that.


3:26 PM BBT Vanessa calls Jeff out on him lying. She tells him if he's going to keep lying, & not open the lines of communication, then she will just ask him to leave. She says, there's no reason for him to lie, & keep covering his a**. She says, her hand is sort of forced in this situation. Jeff tells her, at the end of the day, she has to make her decision, & he could possibly continue playing in this game.


3:28 PM BBT Jeff says, it's not set in stone that it will be him going home, or definitely James going home. Jeff says, he will not hold this against her. Vanessa says, he has every right to campaign, & she's not going to tell everyone to vote him out. She says, she's going to tell the house to do what they want. Vanessa says, she will miss him if he leaves, because he's hilarious, & she likes his shows. Jeff says, if he makes it past this week, he won't hold this against her.


3:30 PM BBT Jeff says, if he stays in the house, he will not think of her as a villain. He says, he totally understands her reasoning. Jeff says, if he stays in the house & he can regain his trust, he would like to work with her. Vanessa says, it's completely possible, but it's going to take a lot to recover from last night. She says, there's a significant amount of work to do. If he targets her, that's his choice.


3:32 PM BBT Vanessa says, if he does stay, & has the chance to target her, but doesn't, she will count that as a show of good faith to regain her trust. Jeff says, he can see that. Vanessa tells him, best wishes with everything. She says, between him & James, she'd rather see him go home, because she trusts him less. She says, who knows, this house is nuts, & who knows what the next 24 hours will hold.


3:33 PM BBT Vanessa says, she's probably going to pump the brakes on all the conversations today, because people are trying to do a little bit of mud-slinging today. She says, she wants to do mud masks, paint her nails, sleep & lay in the sun. Austin goes in the HOHR to use the bathroom. Jeff asks Austin to find him outside when he's done. Austin says, o.k. Jeff & Vanessa exchange hugs. She offers him some food, but he declines. He goes downstairs.


3:35 PM BBT Vanessa puts her headphones on, & covers her head with the comforter in the HOHR bed. In the BY, Jeff & Jackie walk over & sit on the couches. Jackie asks Jeff how he feels? Jeff says, because of the lesbian, gay, transgender stuff, Vanessa is not going to send her home. He says, he knew this was going to become an issue. He says, he's 99 percent sure he's going up, & this might be his last week here.


3:38 PM BBT Jeff lights a cigarette. Jackie says, if he goes up, it's not good. Jeff says, he knows. He says, he should've just made an alliance with her when she wanted to. Jackie says, she didn't mention anything to her. She said they all saw them that day. Jeff says, she's not going to put Audrey up, & she's 110 percent sure of that. He says, she basically told him he's going up.


3:39 PM BBT Jeff tells Jackie what he said to Vanessa in the HOHR, about needing to protect people's loyalties. Jackie says, obviously that's not going to work with her, she doesn't give a f***. Jeff says, Vanessa has 2 people that have lied to her, & she's going to put them on the block. He says, Audrey hasn't lied to her. Jackie says, yes she has, what the f***? Jeff asks her if she thinks he can get the votes to stay?


3:42 PM BBT Jackie says, she owes James her loyalty because he kept her safe, but he would understand if she voted for him. Jackie says, everyone says, it's not looking good, & he wasn't supposed to be going up in the first place. Jeff says, he's not a very emotional person when it comes to getting upset. He says, he tried to create an illusion, but it didn't work, because she says, he was a mastermind.


3:43 PM BBT Jackie says, Vanessa was saying he'e the male version of Audrey. She says, that's soo not even close. Jackie asks if he dropped her name? Jeff says, no. He says, he told Vanessa that she (Jackie) is the only person he can trust, because he knows her on the outside. Jeff says, he doesn't know, he doesn't know, it's just f***ed up. Jeff says, he needs to go talk to them. Jackie says, he should go start now. Liz gets called to the DR.


3:46 PM BBT Jeff goes to talkk to Jason & Meg. Jackie comes over by them. Jeff tells them the story about the other day when Vanessa wanted to talk to him about game, but didn't revisit it. He says, Vanessa is under the impression that he started his own alliance. Jason says, with who? Jeff says, he told Vanessa he thinks she's a trustworthy player in the game, & goes over what he said to Vanessa in the HOHR.


3:47 PM BBT Jason & Meg are listening intently to what Jeff is telling them. He is telling them the true story about what transpired. He tells them that Vanessa said she can't pull the trigger on Audrey, because she's a gay person. Jason says, he's a gay person, & doesn't have a problem. Jason says, 3 seasons from now it could be different, but it's such a hot button topic now.


3:49 PM BBT Jeff says, people need to tell Vanessa that they really do want Audrey up, because she doesn't believe that everyone wants her to go. Jason says, she's so dumb. He says, why are these people so f***ing dumb? Jeff tells them the story about last night? Jeff says, he told her she basically attacked him, & he says, she said she didn't. Jason says, she's the one that started the argument. Jason says, Vanessa was one of the few people that were there when Audrey did stuff.


3:51 PM BBT Meg says, Vanessa believes Audrey over her. Jeff says, he's not even to ask them to vote for him, because he's not even going to campaign against James, until he has to. Jason says, there target was James the whole time, but now they are flipping it, because James apologized & said he's playing for his daughter, just like Audrey did. Music is played over the loudspeaker. Gronk says, "Everyone get in your suits, & get to the pool to have a wild good time."


3:53 PM BBT Jason says, he's not bringing out the wild wh***kini this time. We see FOTH. Feeds come back. Austin says, it's a pool party right. They complement Steve's swim trunks. The HG's are in the pool. They realize they've all been put on lock-down.


3:59 PM BBT We hear the Gronk music overhead, & then we see FOTH again.

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 4:03pm BBT: Hg sitting around the Pool and in the Pool the Gronk music plays and they start clapping.

 4:05pm BBT: BB says Clay , Jeff as they are laying by the pool and the other Hg start laughing telling them to join the party.They both sit up and put their feet in the pool.

4:09pm BBT: Hg are talking about they hope  someone actually comes in the house like Cathy did. All went quiet then everyone is talking at one time.

4:11pm BBt: Jason says all i can say is if Gronk ever wants to do a party then none of us are ever invited. Hg laugh and we get FOTH.

4:16pm BBT: Feeds come back with Hg still sitting at the pool saying the doors are opening. Becky and James get up to go in and Gronk says that was an awesome party. they run inside and yell Oh MY GOD there is no awesome party.

4:17pm BBT: Austin  and Jeff go to working out in the BY. some Hg are laying out in the sun and James is making food in the KT.

 4:22pm BBT: Jeff and Austin talking about what happened lastnight and what his talk with Vanessa was today. Austin sitting there with his hands on his face just saying mmmm hmmmmm . Austin says I told Her lastnight that we could go up and talk to him and he will listen and i was on your side. Jeff says I was on your side also.

4:29pm BBT: James, Clay and Jackie in the KT getting something to eat. Jeff and Austin still talking in the CBR about trusting each other. and what Jeff said to Vanessa earlier. Jeff tells Austin dude you know  what my line up is and it will never change.

 4:33pm BBt: Meg and Jason laying on the hammock and Shelli says i can not wait for the twins to come in and Jason says me either i can not wait to shove that in peoples faces.

 4:35pm BBt: Austin ask Jeff can you beat James with my vote and Jeff says yeah with your vote i can. Austin says i told James lastnight i would vote for him so that is something i will have to think about.

 4:40pm BBT: Audrey, Shelli and Liz in the BY talking general talk as they sit in the BY in the sun. Jeff and Austin still in CBR repeating themselves.

4:47pm BBt: Austin and Jeff still in the CBR talking about Austin being in the HOh rm and Austin says she moves in and I moved out. Austin says every person i talk to i take to heart  and i am generally trying to play as an honest game as i can. Jeff ask what is the deal with Audrey? Austin says she literally built a list yesterday why Audrey does not need to go. Jeff ask if all that lastnight was orchestrated and Austin says not that in know of unless i got played.

4:55pm BBt: Jeff is still going on talking to Austin about how Vanessa is making a mistake sending him home. Austin says this is my deal here i have to protect my game and i do not want to be in the middle of this but i keep getting pulled in but i do not want in it.

4:57pm BBt: Jeff and Austin leave the CBR, Jeff goes to the WA  and Austin goes in the KT to get an apple. Shelli is washing dishes. Meg and Jason  still on the hammock talking to Clay who is walking around about all the chances Audrey keeps getting.

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 5:07pm BBT: Jason and Jeff in the BY on the couches talking, Jeff says do you know what you are doing? Jason says i have no idea this is one of them times in the game i feel stumped. Jeff says i need to talk to James. BB calls Clay to the Dr and Jason says like we do not have enough male nipples this season call Clay to the DR.

5:09pm BBt: Jason says i do not what to say to her to put up Audrey except to tell her she  did not vote DA out other than that i have no idea what to say to get her to put up Audrey.

 5:11pm BBt: Jeff goes to talk to Austin and Austin thanks him for saying something cause Vanessa is making it look like i am with her  and you made me see that now. Clay walks up and Jeff says look Audrey is doing damage control now. Clay says what is going on then says what the hell has gotten into Vanessa's mind? Jeff says she told me i do not trust you. Dude she is smart and she might be smarter than Audrey.

 5:21pm BBT: Jeff still going over  his conversation  with Clay and Austin about why Vanessa will not put Audrey up on the block. Jeff says i do not want to go against James but i have to much information not to.

5:28pm BBt: Jeff leave the BY and Clay tells Austin so he is a salesman. Clay says i was told yesterday that he was trying to get either me or Shelli  backdoor. Austin said he had that thought and he wanted to get shelli and get Jason next week.

5:35pm BBT: Austin and Clay are working out in the BY. Liz and Shelli whispering in the WA . Clay ask to talk to Meg and Jason He ask then can you Jeff and meg says i can but that is not my priority ( plane flies over  and can not hear the conversation.) After the plane is gone meg is saying i just know that Jeff talks to much and i am so much more comfortable in this house with Audrey. Meg says there is no way  the house will go against James. The house is now making 2 sides.

5:41pm BBT: Meg said some things were said and some one  who is a target was trusted more than me and it hurt my feelings and i am so upset over it. She tells Austin and Clay that  this is a game and you have to know that no one in this house is telling the truth but you have to know with like James the picture is getting bigger.

5:50pm BBT: All is quiet in thew BB House as some are working out and some are making food and some Hg are sleeping. Austin walks outside and says you got to tell her to stop blowing us up and everything. Audrey goes to bed and whispers to Jeff. She says i understand that people want to use me as a escape goat in here. Jeff tells her about his conversation to Vanessa and tells her that  he told Vanessa that when no one wanted to protect Audrey then a few of us in the house wanted to.

 5:57pm BBt: Jeff says i am starting to not trust people, Audrey says i tell you it was not Clay or shelli and Jeff says no it was not them. Jeff says Audrey you staying in this game does not effect me cause when no one else in this house  wouldn't communicate with you  then i did.

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6:02pm BBt: Jeff and Audrey still talking about  going o the block and not being picked for POV and Audrey says she still wants to know who turned things on her she she can get revenge. Vanessa and Shelli in HOh rm talking about being throwed under the bus and how Jeff  threw them all under the bus. Shelli ask does Steve know about the twin thing and Vanessa says no and shelli says ok i think he screwed up. He says that he just calls them Misses Nolan so he does not disrespect them. Vanessa says maybe she told him then i do not know.

6:13pm BBT: Vanessa,Steve, Audrey, and Liz in the KT eating and just talking general talk. Clay in the HOh rm waiting for shelli to come out of the bathroom.

 6:15pm BBT: Clay eating and waiting for shelli to get out of the shower in the HOh rm. Shelli comes out and tells him  she just got out of the shower and she has to do her thang. In the Wa Vanessa is talking to Liz and Austin about what shelli said that Steve told her and Liz says i do not remember saying that. Vanessa says you just have to be careful of what you say now.

620pm BBT: Steve and Austin NOW IN THE kT MAKING FOOD.Audrey is sitting there watching them. 

6:25pm BBT: Austin tells Steve to try to balance everything just not over the top when they come to you. Steve says i am trying to.  Steve goes to the microwave and says another 3 minutes and Austin says yep.

6:29pm BBt: Vanessa and Clay in the HOh rm. Clay says that Audrey wears my clothes all the time but what does she not understand we are helping her but and Vanessa says we are not working together. Clay says right. Vanessa says so it is looking good against Jeff right? Clay says yeah yeah for sure.

 6:42pm BBT: Austin in the KT eating alone then Audrey walks in and just looks at him as she slowly walk around the KT. Vanessa and clay still in the HOh rm talking and repeating themselves about them being in an alliance and protecting each other in the game so they can not hang out as much together so people will not think they are together.

6:45pm BBt: Audrey goes to the HOh rm and Vanessa says we have to literally stop hanging out so much no more than 2 of us together at a time cause people are saying that i am working with you and Austin and i am but do you understand that? Audrey says yeah. Vanessa says people are talking and it is going to take us not  hanging out together  so they will not  think we are working together cause if they knew i threw that comp to you it would be bad. James is not dumb he is catching on to this stuff and that is not a good thing

6:52pm BBt: Audrey says Jason and meg will not hang out with me and Johnny Mack will not be seen with me or talk to me either. Vanessa says go talk to them and say i know people are throwing me under the bus but i am willing to let by gones be by gones or i do not know how you will do it but you have to try to talk to them.

6:55pm BBt: Clay and shelli in the KT talking  general talk as Shelli is eating. Austin is in the Wa looking in the mirror. Clay goes out to the BY where Jason and Steve are sitting on the couches then Austin joins them.

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7:00 BBT: Liz, Audrey, and Vanessa are in the kitchen, Liz is saying something smells like fish, Steve is in there just standing around, Liz in wiping off the counter, and Audrey walks out. Jason is in the backyard with Austin, Johnny is talking to Vanessa in the HoH.


7:05PM BBT: In the backyard they are closing the covers to the windows, Vanessa is on a rant about James and Jason. It appears someone has lied to her, (can you guess who) 


7:10PM BBT: Clay and Shelli are laying in the hammock and Vanessa is still going on with her rant and who threw her under the bus. She says it's James. Vanessa is just going on and on about how James lied to her and threw her under the bus. Shelli is asking Clay about his talk with Jeff, He says it was good.


7:15PM BBT: Clay is saying that Jeff told him that they need to take out Austin, Shelli is like Austin isn't doing nothing. Clay I know, Clay says he told Jeff to stop talking so. as soon as someone betrays my trust they need to go. Yeah, He is pointing finger's at people like you, and you he is a good player says Shelli. And James hasn't done anything though. Clay yeah but it's just that he would go that way. I don't want to play with people like that. 


7:20PM BBT: I will miss James when he goes says Shelli. Clay yeah the house won't be the same. And by the way, The double eviction will be the prefect time to get Audrey out. I want to trust her, but she has lied too much. She's no not but that makes her dangerous. And James is now blaming everything on Audrey, but it's not like everything that is happening in the house is Audrey. Yeah I know, says Clay.


7:25PM BBT: Vanessa is no onto Austin, and how he lied to her to Johnny, And how he is masterminding this HoH.

And now he is trying to get me to take the fall for him. 

she is saying that everything that Audrey is being blamed for he masterminded. And on and on.


7:31PM BBT: Clay and Shelli are still talking about Jeff, while Vanessa is still ranting about Austin to Steve. it's just that same things over and over again. Vanessa is saying that Jeff as thrown everyone but Johnny under the bus. Now she wants Jeff up and not James, So if someone wins veto Jeff will go up. I now don't want James out I want Jeff out for what he has done to me. The lying and throwing me under the bus. I thought it was Austin but it's Jeff.


7:35PM BBT: Vanessa says that she is going to talk to everyone in the house and asked them to vote out Jeff. Because he threw her under the bus. Dude you are safe with me. You did what I asked you to do, I will never put you up again. Everyone thinks that I'm working with Audrey, This isn't Audrey's doing, This is Jeff's undoing. Do I think we can trust Audrey no, Johnny yeah she messes with my head. 


7:40PM BBT: The house wanted me to put her up, But I needed a reason and I didn't have one, it's my a** is on the line, I want everyone to know this isn't Audrey's fault. it's Jeff's fault Audrey didn't do this. But you can't trust her. But if it doesn't work out then James goes home, and James is pretty standoffish. So I hope Jeff goes not James. I was just trying to figure it all out and now I have. This is just my justification of what I'm about to do. She asked him to use the veto. So he has won the veto. He says he will use it. We get the parting music


7:45PM BBT: it's a kitchen party, Music starts up and they are dancing in the kitchen, with kitchen utensils

and pot banging, they are waving their arms in the air, and banging, Lets get this party going. The party is now over.


7:50PM BBT: Out in the backyard now Johnny, James and Clay are playing pool, and Steve is getting laundry, Jason, Austin, and Meg are in the wash room, and BB comes on and says Liz stop that she is on the toilet, and Jason is like what you are not allowed to pee. Vanessa is in her HoH. Now they are back in the kitchen. Becky is sleeping or trying too. Meg and Jason are now going to bed in the same bed. Vanessa is just sitting there alone. Becky comes in they talk


7:55PM BBT: OK so Vanessa is now rehashing what she was saying to Johnny, Going over the same thing with Becky, 

About the Jeff and James, and Audrey thing, Austin and Liz are laying in the bed, Austin is trying to figure out where he is going to sleep, Liz asked if he is going to sleep in HoH with Vanessa, No I don't want to be in all that s****.

Austin is saying that James now wants to work with him now if he stays, Jason thinks it was all staged and that we are all working with Audrey now. I don't know what to believe. 

Vanessa is all emotional now, Ill talk to her later Austin is telling Liz to stay away from Jeff now. 


8:00PM BBT: Austin and Liz are talking about the party order, there have been 8 parties so far. And it sounds like that's Julia that he is talking to. He told Julia that when Liz comes back she won't know that party order, That's going to be part of the next HoH competition. Austin says that Johnnymac doesn't know who to trust right now. Talking about Jeff now and how they caught him at his lies.

James as been very respectful now, I think it's Shelli, Audrey, Clay and Jeff. But we will see. 


BB17 8:05PM BBT: Vanessa is just ranting to Becky about the whole Jeff thing, So Austin and Liz, are going over the Jeff thing too. Liz is talking about Becky being aligned with Jackie and she can't believe that. Now they are going over the party order and which ones was which. 


8:10PM BBT: Austin says that Jeff said he is going to blow shit up before he leaves, Austin is saying that I'm glad we talked this helps. Jackie has been crying because she knows he is going home. Yeah she knows and there is nothing she can do about it. 


8:15PM BBT: Liz says it's like world war three in here, I don't need to be involved it this. Austin says I'm not good at this, I'm not good at the lying, it's funny how everyone is trying to pin this all on me. When I'm not good at lying and I'm not trying to lie. Audrey is up there too much. Vanessa is good at this yeah.


8:20PM BBT: James, is talking to Jeff while playing pool out in the backyard James is saying may the best man win. The light comes on over the pool table, game talk stops and they are now just talking. 


8:25PM BBT: Becky is saying well you give someone enough rope they will hang themselves. Austin and Liz are just going over the same thing. 


8:31PM BBT: Vanessa is now out in the backyard talking to Meg, same thing, And the guys are playing pool Liz is talking to Jason. Clay is now playing Jeff.


8:35PM BBT: Vanessa and Meg are now onto the Audrey thing, and how she always seems to get the blame for everything, Clay tells Jeff that he is giving him the game, Jeff says I'm giving you the game. Austin is working out. pool game is over, Jason, Jeff, Jackie, Becky and Liz are sitting in the smoking area just talking no game talk.


8:40PM BBT: Clay goes in and whispers something to Audrey about Jeff,, Audrey was in bed with the lights off, she now gets up and walks around. OH goes to the bathroom. and sits on the bench, Clay comes in she wants him to crate a diversion so she can go outside, Vanessa and Meg's talk is done. Audrey says she is scared to go out there. James as the cat hat on and the HGs are sitting around the hot-tub. Becky is in the tub everyone else has their feet in it.


8:45PM BBT: Audrey is in the HoH with Vanessa who tells Audrey that Austin is going to call Jeff out on his lies, and throw him under the bus to take the blame off of her, Everyone else is out in the backyard talking about drinking and who drinks what kind of alcohol.


8:50PM BBT: Jason is talking about the twins, and this one smokes, the other doesn't, and this one is more friendly with a drink in her. Now talking about how stressful this game is. Whose talking with Jason is Jackie and Becky. In the HoH Vanessa is still on her rant over Jeff with Audrey now. Jason is saying that Vanessa is onto the twists. He is saying that most of us in here are one of a kind. Now saying that Audrey is saying something about Clay and Shelli. 


8:55PM BBT: Jason is saying that Audrey is here to fight you have to give her that. Now talking about how Da'Vonne stole Clay's number in the phone call twists. He is telling them what Da'Vonne told him. He still doesn't know why she picked who she didn't. He says James was going to give her a vote, but couldn't vote for Meg. But that's why I won the BotB so I can hang out the rest of the week.


9:00PM BBT: Steve and Clay are laying in the hammock they are talking about Clay's family back home. 

He is talking about his brother and sister now, They are half brother and sister actually. Joey and Brianna and their names. 


9:05PM BBT: Clay is talking about how this money will help him out a lot, Steve asked him if he likes this game. Clay is like yeah, How this game has changed him a lot. Steve is talking about who is important to him, his mom and dad. Clay is saying everyone is here for their own reasons. But that's just the game you never know it's just one of those things. 


9:10PM BBT: Steve says that he still can't believe he is here in the game. Everything happens for a reason. Clay comes over, and starts talking about why he's here and how this game has changed him couldn't hear it he didn't have on his mic. James is now talking to Steve. and Vanessa and Audrey are still talking in the HoH about the same thing. 

James is saying that "they" are trying to get out all the strong players first.


9:20PM BBT: Steve is saying how everyone is so kind to each other on a personal level. Steve is telling James that Juse was telling him that he and others were calling him names and stuff. Now saying how people are so mad about Audrey now. James is saying that Audrey first week was sitting pretty good she didn't have to do anything and now. Jason is now in the HoH talking to Vanessa saying how everyone is your best friend when your up here. Vanessa is no, says Vanessa. Jason is telling her try not to be emotional try to keep your heart out of the game. Vanessa is saying that there is a chance that this whole thing with Audrey is a misunderstanding. 


9:25PM BBT: Johnny is now talking to Audrey, saying I don't know what all you have been told or by who but you did hurt me. Johnny says I'm sorry I hurt you, No I completely understand. I just think there's a better side that you can do much better with. I'm telling you the same deal that they give you they are giving to other people. OK I understand. But at the time I'm on the block so I had to come at it from there. Says Johnny,


9:31PM BBT: Jason is still in the HoH talking to Vanessa about Audrey, Vanessa still thinks that Audrey isn't has bad has everyone says, Well what if I'm doing wrong by her, Jason is saying yeah but she has done things, personally I would love to see her go this week, now she has changed a little, but she has done me dirty, she has made final two deals with me. now talking about Juse you have a fight on your hands there is plenty of people in here who want her gone. Follow your gut with her.

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10:14PM BBT: Johnny, Clay and Shelli are by the hot-tub Clay is in the hot-tub, Clay is talking to Johnny about Jeff. Shelli is saying that the reason why Jeff is going down is because he threw us under the bus Jeff walks over talk stops.


10:20PM BBT: Jeff is talking about Audrey, He tells Johnny that she threw him under the bus, Johnny says that he is going to confront her about that, Jeff is saying that she staged it. Jeff is saying that he put his game in jeopardy a week ago when he tried to save her. 


10:25PM BBT: Jeff says that Audrey says that he yelled at her first when she yelled at him first. Jeff is saying that I'm tired of hearing that I'm gay and her playing the gay card. That's like a slap in the face for the gay community. I'm been thinking about that all day. even if I was going around saying like I don't trust Clay, or James what does that have to do with her game. Now talking about Vanessa, he has changed from Audrey to Vanessa and how it all doesn't make any sense to him. Shelli it just makes me all so sleepy. 


10:31PM BBT: Jeff, is now talking about Johnny, Jeff is saying "Johnny is scared now to go up there(HoH) Vanessa is just saying the same thing our side is being attacked now." He is just going on and on with Shelli, Jackie, and Clay, Johnny has walked off. Jeff, is saying that he feels like he is being attacked personally now. 


10:35PM BBT: Jeff, says "once again Audrey wins, Once again Audrey wins. And once again Audrey's work is done."

Now he's talking about Vanessa "I feel like I have no chance against her, Vanessa you were not my target. Dude I feel like I just can't connect with her." Austin comes in yeah right. Jeff feels like just giving up on it. Jeff "it doesn't matter cause at the end of the day I have to go up against one of my friends now. Oh by the way Jason you and me staged our fight now. 


10:40PM BBT: Jeff, is saying that Audrey threw Johnny Mack under the bus, and I'm down here getting my troops together to go against her. "Im going to be so mad if I go home this week" Jason "I want to win so bad next week."

Jeff, is now asking Austin for his vote, Austin, "I just didn't want to go up there, to Vanessa because Audrey is always up there." Jeff is asking if there is anything he can do to change Vanessa's mind NO!!!


10:45PM BBT: They are just going over and over this, telling each other what all Audrey has said to each of them, and Also Vanessa, Who is just giving all of them the same reasons for wanting Jeff out. Audery is now over there, so talk changes. 


10:50PM BBT: quite now, talk is now about socks, and towels because Audrey is laying on the sofa, Meg comes over and sits down. Talking about the party order now. And all different kinds of parties, Pool party, parlor party and so on.


10:55PM BBT: Becky is now talking to Johnnymac, 

Becky is saying that "she is so mad, at Audrey, She is so emotional about it, you did it to me twice now." Johnny "yeah I'm not going to talk to her." Becky calls everyone to the Living room. 


11:00PM BBT:  Becky reads a card from BB "HG your friends from the Live feeds want you to play truth or dare tonight." OK in five minutes everyone.

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6:03 PM BBT In HOHR, Shelli asks Vanessa if Steve knows about the twin thing, and explains that she’s asking because when Shelli told Julia that her name for Julia and Liz is JuLiz, Julia laughed and told Shelli that Steve just calls Liz and Julia “Miss Nolan” because he doesn’t want to be disrespectful.  Vanessa suggests that maybe Steve asked her about it.  Shelli agrees that may have happened, but then Julia should have been letting them know that Steve knows.


10:06 PM BBT Clay and Shelli hanging out at the Hot Tub.  Shelli suggests that she and Clay should go on The Amazing Race.  Shelli thinks that America probably loves James even though he can be very inappropriate.  She figures that the inappropriate stuff would not make the show.


10:10 PM BBT John joins Shelli and Clay at the HT and tells them it seems like “he” [Jeff] is going down in flames trying to cover us up.  Shelli says that’s not true, and they discuss some discrepancies.  Shelli and Clay are upset because how could Jeff be protecting the group if he is throwing two of the group members under the bus?  Shelli says he’s not going down in flames for anything regarding Shelli and Clay.  Clay talks but isn’t audible because he’s in the HT and not wearing his mic.  John seems surprised.  John quotes Vanessa as saying that John is the only one that Jeff hasn’t thrown under the bus yet.  


10:16 PM BBT Jeff joins John, Shelli, and Clay at the HT.  Shelli asks Jeff if he’s been sleeping today, and he says yes, but Audrey’s been waking him up to talk game.  Clay comments that Audrey has no off switch.  Jeff tells John, Shelli and Clay that Audrey told him that probably some of the people who started stuff with Jeff also started stuff with her.  Jeff was frustrated by Audrey’s vague warnings especially when he was sleepy.  Jeff tells them that Audrey threw Johnny Mac under the bus by saying that Johnny Mac told Audrey that Jeff was the one getting people riled up to talk to Vanessa.

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11:04 PM BBT Truth or Dare is just about to begin.  Vanessa counts and says "We're all here?  Who wants to go first?"  Vanessa is rotten at this game.  Meg says Truth or Dare.  Clay says dare.  Meg dares him to put on her sparkle shorts.  Everyone cheers.


11:08 PM BBT It takes her a couple of minutes to find them.  Clay tried to put them only to discover his testicles would hang out.  They tell him to put them on over his boxers.  BB says "Clay..."  "Please put on your microphone!"  The HGs laugh saying "Please put on your pants!"  The HGs wish they had alcohol.  Steve checked and they weren't there.  Clay took off the shorts while he was retrieving his mic.


11:11 PM BBT Clay says James Truth or Dare.  James says Truth and everyone groans.  James says fine Dare.  Clay dares James to eat a banana in one bite.  James says he can't do that.  James says he can't and wonders why Clay would want to see that.  James slowly pushes the banana in, chewing it a bit and everyone cheers when it goes in his mouth.  James runs into the KT and spits it in the trash.  Jeff says James is a spitter.


11:14 PM  James says Jeff T or D?  Everyone says they're playing dare or dare.  James says he has to laugh and hug and jump around with each other for 15 seconds.  The other HGs count as they do it.  Everyone's laughing and cheering.  Great job guys.  Clay complains that someone farted near his face during that. 


11:17 PM BBT Jeff dares Austin to lick the bottom of Jeff's foot.  Austin says it wasn't bad.  Austin dares Jason to give Clay a lap dance.  Everyone is laughing and cheering.


11:18 PM BBT Jason dares Jackie to...he doesn't know what he's daring yet, but he'll think of it.  Jackie has to give Austin a lap dance.  Clay runs across the room to get a better view.  Everyone is having lots of fun and cheering.  Meg, Liz and Shelli are giggling uncontrollably.  Jackie has a good one.  She dares Meg to eat a spoonful of bleu cheese dressing.


 11:21 PM BBT Meg has a problem with chunks of the bleu cheese and is crying as Clay pours her a spoonful.  Meg says it was foul.  Meg's turn.  Meg already did one.  Liz will go.  Liz dares Johnny to wear the cat head all night and she's going to paint whiskers on his face.  Johnny is ready.  Jason recommends they give him a name.  Princess Isabelle.  Johnny wonders if they have a bell for him as well.


11:24 PM BBT Johnny Mac has been cat-ified.  Johnny thinks.  Vanessa.  He's rubs his hands together in an evil manner and gets some oranges to juggle.  He says she has to awkwardly juggle for two minutes without anyone saying anything.  She begins to juggle surprisingly well.  Johnny makes fun of everyone saying that the silence part is the hardest.


11:27 PM BBT Vanessa says Steve, truth or dare.  Vanessa dares him to do a shot of two raw eggs.  He says no way he doesn't want to get salmonella.  Austin says he does it every day.  Vanessa offers him one egg.  Steve says no way.  Vanessa wants to punish him now.  Shelli says he needs to take his shirt off and put on Clay's cowboy hat and boots and dance in front of them.  Vanessa says that's mild compared to what she was going to do.


11:30 PM BBT Austin is annoyed with Steve.  Vanessa owes Steve a punishment.  Becky dares Liz to kiss someone in the room for 3 seconds.  She wants her to pick who to kiss.  They recommend Jeff.  She says no .  Liz offers to kiss the kitty (Johnny Mac).  They kiss for three seconds and everyone cheers.  James recommends that someone makes Steve wear the bikini.  Vanessa adds to it.


11:33 PM BBT Vanessa says Steve has to take off his shirt and wear the bikini top and put on the bottoms over his underwear and belly dance for thirty seconds.  They stuff oranges in the top and he offers Jeff a feel.  Jeff looks hesitant but does.  One of the girls does not recommend he wear the bottoms.  Vanessa tells him he doesn't have to, but he needs to dance.  He runs around dancing in front of the other HGs.


11:35 PM BBT Steve says Becky can do the shot of egg.  Austin says he needs to come up with something on his own and not copy.  Becky would be fine.  Steve recommends kissing someone.  Again people say he needs to be original.  Jason points out that he had to lap dance and that was a repeat/copy.  Becky wonders who to kiss.  Steve recommends the kitty (Johnny).  She seems a bit hesitant.


11:37 PM BBT Someone recommends that Shelli do her crazy laugh for 30 seconds.  Shelli is trying to laugh but she can't do it on her own, she needs something funny.  Shelli says the room has gotten awkward.  Instead Becky has another one for her.  Becky says Shelli mentioned the first night about not liking spit or drool so they will put a cup on the floor and she has to spit into it.  Shelli would rather do the laugh.


11:41 PM BBT Becky is dared to act like a crazy dinosaur.  She walks out of the room and she runs back in with her arms locked at her side (almost in a pony-like manner) and everyone cheers saying she was a good velociraptor.  They wonder if they can make someone can sing the Star Spangled Banner.  FoTH.  Feeds are back and talk has turned to something with lemon.


11:41 PM BBT Steve says there has to be something they can do with cool whip.  Jeff laughs saying "Steve!".  Clay runs to the kitchen to get cool whip and brings back a substitution of cottage cheese.  They say no.  They put a spoonful of Cool whip on Liz's belly button and Audrey licks it off.


11:46 PM BBT Talk turns to what they should make Shelli do.  Clay recommends Shelli smear chocolate over her teeth and smile for thirty seconds.  Clay conveniently has some chocolate available.  Shelli smears the chocolate across her teeth and everyone laughs.  Shelli wishes she could have laughed though.  They wonder if they're through.  They deserve something for this.  "Is Gronk on line one?  Gronk's assistant we're finished!”


11:49 PM BBT Truth or Dare has broken up.  Jason and Jackie head outside to the BY.  Jackie says she felt "it" and that's why she stopped so suddenly.  Meg shouts "NOOOOOO!" in the BY and they laugh.  "She felt it!"  Meanwhile in the WA Austin and Jeff are whispering in the WA.  Becky walks in and asks Austin to rub her back.


11:51 PM BBT Meg gets into the HT while Jason and Jackie remain on the couches.  Steve wanders out and joins them.  Meanwhile back in the WA Austin continues to rub her lower back with Jeff on-looking.  Becky isn't sure why it's hurting so bad.  Austin wonders how she sleeps at night.  Becky says every which way.  Austin says sleeping on your stomach isn't a good idea because it hyper extends.


11:54 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY as Johnny comes out.  WA feeds switch to Clay and Shelli in the hammock.  They're speaking about Audrey.  Shelli tries to take a step forward with her but Clay says you can't with her.  Clay says she creates her own drama.  Shelli points out that she is sitting near the HT eating a bowl of cereal.  (Meg is talking to her, so she's not entirely by herself).


11:55 PM BBT Shelli turns the conversation away from Audrey but it ends up there once again.  Clay points out that Audrey does it to herself.  Shelli says he's rough.  HT feeds switch to Liz and Vanessa in the HOH, celebrating two more weeks to go.  Liz says Jeff cornered her earlier and wants to talk to her.  Vanessa points out he may just be asking for a vote.

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