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Thursday, May 21 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:31PM BBT: The HGs all but Sarah are just sitting in Sarah's the HoH room talking. Godfrey says it's been a crazy night. Ashleigh is talking about how people from last season get recondized in the malls and stuff, she wonders if it will be the same for them now that it's on Global.

10:35PM BBT: Ashleigh wants to go to the bathroom in the other bathroom, Sarah walks in and says to Godfrey it sucks I wish I could keep you safe.

Godfrey just throw us up and who ever wins the veto then we go from there. Sarah yeah, Sarah if Ashleigh takes Brittnee out then we have to compete. yeah, Now just talking about the competitions and how it will go. 

Ashleigh comes in, they are saying it's going to be a normal week. Sarah says they aren't going to be nice to us. We are so *ucken close. PoV is day after tomorrow. 

10:40PM BBT: Ashleigh asked Sarah if she wins the PoV will she cuts ties? Sarah I'm going to have to, now going over who will vote for who in jury. Sarah thinks she won't have the vote. Ashleigh says the jury they have isn't emotional. Godfrey, says he doesn't stand a chance with the jury, he hasn't done anything but eat and sleep. He has no friends on jury. But they think the jury will vote on who played the best game, not on emotion. 

10:45PM BBT: Sarah says she didn't think she would make it this far she thought she would make it to jury. They are just now chillin.

10:55PM BBT: the minute Ashleigh leaves Sarah and Godfrey start talking about her, Sarah says she thinks Kevin will vote for her? Godfrey says Zach told Ashleigh that she will be viewed has the mastermind of the season by the jury, Godfrey doesn't think he told her that at all. Sarah thinks that Bobby and Bruno will vote agaist her. Godfrey says she has five easy votes. Sarah says that JP will vote agaist her. 

11:00PM BBT: Brittnee comes in and Sarah tells her that Ashleigh says that she doesn't have a chance agaist her. Now Sarah is rehashing what she told Ashleigh. And going over the votes. 

11:05PM BBT: Brittnee is saying we've burnt to many people, and Ashleigh knows this, Brittnee starts jumping up and down I'm so excited. They are just going over stuff about Ashleigh.

11:10PM BBT: and the Ashleigh bashing continues,

Sarah says she's scared that she may win the veto and if she does then we are *ucked, it will be awful. but we can do this we're good. Godfrey says we have this veto man we have it. he says if I leave I leave happy. 

11:20PM BBT: Now they are talking about when Sindy left Kevin gave her then papertowels, in the shape of a triangle. For the bermudatriangle

alliance. They were three papertower rolls with socks stuck in them like a triangle. Bobby, Willow, and Bruno. Were the Bermudatriangle alliance Godfrey is called to the DR.

11:31PM BBT: Ashleigh is now talking to Sarah and Brittnee about Willow, and how she would go back and FotH and tell them everything, And now about Bobby, and Ashleigh says she told Bobby the he was going to watch the show and feel like such and dummy. FotH

11:35PM BBT: the feeds return with the girls still talking about Willow. and their term suck the D. They are just going all over Willow, Ashleigh is now talking about how she thought Zach had something for Willow. she says Willow is down to earth, they couldn't get a read on her in the beginning. Ashleigh says Willow came up the the parallagram thing.

11:40PM BBT: Sarah is now looking at her 

pictures of her dogs, she just wants to pet him. now talk turns to dogs, well her dog who is six years old now. 

11:45PM BBT: Sarah is now talking about New Orlands and a park that is in a picture. Brittnee says it's one of the places that she likes to go. 

11:50PM BBT: now talking about Godfrey and how he has no blood on his hands, he could actully win it. He has the votes in jury. 

11:55PM BBT: Godfrey comes in, Sarah says she wants a make over this week, Camera zooms in on the Kanaroo. 

12:00AM BBT: Sarah and Brittnee walk down to the kitchen to put her food away, they start talking, just rehashing things. 

12:05AM BBT:  Sarah and Brittnee have just been rehashing the same things over and over, they see themselves has the underdogs (I bet that's going to be the name of their alliance)

12:10AM BBT:  Brittnee and Sarah bring in ice cream and oreos for Ashleigh and Godfrey, 

12:15AM BBT:  Sarah is just going over the order of how things went with Godfrey. nominations

12:15AM BBT:  they are just going over things, Ashleigh says that Bruno never said a bad thing about me Graig hated Willow, Bruno wanted Brittnee gone because she was with Sarah. and how he throught she was the head of some girl alliance.


12:25AM BBT:  Ashleigh is saying if Graig was still in the game he would have beast moded his way through the game, he could have won competitions he just didn't get the chance to play in them, 


12:31AM BBT:  they are just going over the competitions, both HoH and veto getting the order down.


12:35AM BBT:  they are now going over the HoH competition Sarah says that listening to Willow was so heartbreaking. They walk out leaving Ashleigh and Godfrey, They are in the blue room Sarah says Zach threw them under the bus. Brittnee says she doesn't like that Ashleigh is going to be in here with Godfrey. Sarah says that Ashleigh can't break Godfrey, He will do what he is going to do. Anyone can bring Godfrey to final two. They are moving Brits stuff into the HoH.


12:35AM BBT:  Sarah says the house looks so empty now, with four people in it. they move more stuff to the HoH. 


12:40AM BBT:  Brittnee asked Godfrey if he is buying her act. Godfrey says no, she has way too many friends in there. She can win this she has the votes. Now they are just going over who would vote for her. Pils for sure, Zach, they diapers can go down in history has one of theirs won. All we have in jury is Sindy. 

12:45AM BBT:  Brittnee tells Sarah I've been on the block five times and each time you went to bat for me, Sarah says one of her pictures is a bad picture, Brittnee says it's suppose to bring you to a happy place you silly goose,

12:50AM BBT:  Ashleigh and Godfrey are now in bed, and Sarah and Brittnee are getting into the bed, still going over things though. Good nite.

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 8:50 am BBT Good Morning Canada! And they are up! Brittnee, Sarah and Godfrey that is, Ashleigh is still in bed. Sarah is making coffee and putting away the dishes from the dishwasher. Godfrey and Brittnee were in the storage room talking about the comp yesterday. Brittnee said that if you were no on the block during this game you would not have known the answers and that is why Ashleigh did not do good.

 8:57 am BBT Sarah and Brittnee are discussing what they want to eat for breakfast.

 9:10 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the kitchen discussing the houseguests that left and the time that Kevin put Brittnee on the block.

 9:13 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are discussing the jury’s reaction will be when Zach and Pilar walk in. Sarah just realized that she won’t experience the jury house. They are discussing sending Pilar out and Sarah said either way it had to be done.

 9:19 am BBT Brittnee said that she is so screwed on her day thing (remembering what days things happened for comps). Sarah told her that she just has to study and hope that Ashleigh gets flustered.

 9:20 am BBT We see Ashleigh get up out of bed and head to the wash area to start her makeup and hair routine when the feeds go to FotH.

 9:23 am BBT The feeds are back and now Godfrey is in the kitchen with Sarah and Brittnee. Godfrey filled a pitcher of water and he is taking it to the storage room to put ice in it.

 9:25 am BBT Ashleigh has made her way to the kitchen and is sitting at the counter. No one is talking at the moment.

 9:26 am BBT Brittnee just said 45 minutes (we don’t know what that means but something is going to happen in 45 minutes).

 9:29 am BBT BB just told the houseguests to go to the HOH room so they are gathering their food and drinks and heading that way.

 9:33 am BBT All is quiet in the HoH room. They are just lying around and not talking (possibly what Brittnee meant by 45 minutes is the time they are going to be locked in the HoH room?) BB just told them to please wake up nap time is over.

 9:36 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the HoH bed talking about cameras, pawnshops and pictures. Godfrey and Ashleigh are lying on the couch just listening.

 9:38 am BBT They hear noises from down stairs and they are speculating that BB is moving the couches.

 9:43 am BBT There is just general chatter going on about someone that Sarah knows that has a baby. Ashleigh is joining in the conversation but she has a pillow in front of her and it is hard to make out what she is saying.

 9:47 am BBT Brittnee is quietly studying the days that things happened in the BB house.

 9:54 am BBT Brittnee was still studying when BB told Ashleigh and Godfrey to please wake up nap time is over.

 9:55 am BBT Brittnee just realized that Godfrey has been on the block four times. Ashleigh said after this week it will be five. Brittnee said the difference is that he was on the block as a target and she was originally on there as a seat filler.

 9:58 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are talking about Sarah not going to the jury house and when they get out of the BB house they want to go to the bars and go shopping and to Sarah’s work.

 10:10 am BBT There is absolutely nothing going on in the HoH room except for BB telling them to please wake up nap time is over.

 10:17 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are whispering and it sounds like they are studying the days again.

 10:24 am BBT Brittnee got up to go and put on her makeup in the HoH wash area.

 10:34 am BBT Brittnee is done putting on her makeup and the others are still lying around not saying a word.

 10:39 am BBT Brittnee just finished brushing her teeth and now Sarah is filling up the tub to take a bath.

 10:41 am BBT Sarah grabbed a couple of her pictures and her bubbles and took them in the wash area. 

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10:50 am BBT Sarah is taking a bath. It looks like Ashleigh and Godfrey are sleeping on the HoH couches and Brittnee is lying in the HoH Bed with her eyes closed. BB must have given up on telling them to wake up.

10:57 am BBT Brittnee got up and went into the wash area to talk to Sarah who is blowing bubbles while she is taking her bath.  

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8:00-8:30 pm BBT the feeds are back and the houseguests are dressed up in formal clothes. Ashleigh, Godfrey and Brittnee are in the HoH room discussing the first days in the house and Godfrey shaving his beard. Godfrey was called to the DR and Sarah walked in the HoH room and told Ashleigh and Brittnee that there was spaghetti made but Brittnee said she is not hungry so Sarah leaves the room. Brittnee and Ashleigh are talking about Willow and her high energy and they think her friends must have high energy too. Brittnee told Ashleigh that she don’t like when Sarah drinks, she loves the girl to death and she is proud of her making final three, but the rest of them are not there. Ashleigh is giving Brittnee a pep talk about knowing how she feels. They have not had the noms yet because Ashleigh said that they could be tomorrow morning and the PoV could be tomorrow night. Ashleigh and Brittnee are physically and emotionally drained. Brittnee said that her dress is beautiful and she is grateful for whoever picked it for her.

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8:42 pm BBT Gary and Ika came into the BB house today and Brittnee said that Ika was so pretty and nice and they are discussing Gary’s age. The four houseguests are talking about how the houseguests treated Ika when she was on BB. Sarah hopes that BB does not take the Champaign. 

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2:28 PM BBT Ashleigh, Brittnee and Sarah are propped up in the HOH room bed either snoozing or staring into space.  Godfrey is laying on the HOHR floor listening to music.  The doorbell rings, and the girls all leap out of the bed.  Godfrey is wondering what’s going on and Sarah tells him that the doorbell rang.  He thought it was in the music he was listening to.  They are super excited, screaming “O-M-G” and they rush out of the HOH room to check it out.  Gary enters the house and is swarmed by the HGs.  Gary says he is there to style them for the Big Brother Awards, and that he has a friend with him.  Sarah yells “Is it Neda?  Tell me it’s Neda!”   The door opens and it’s Ika!  They scream again and there are hugs all around. 


2:31 PM BBT They head to the HOHR but the door is locked so they head to the WA.  They chat there for awhile.  Ika will provide the glam and Gary will help them with the clothes.  After a few minutes they go back to the HOHR.  There is a rack of clothes there.  Godfrey spots a tux on the rack and comments that he’s never worn one in his life.  They start with a long purple gown for Ashleigh.  Ika tells Godfrey “that hair needs some help” and she can hardly wait to comb it.  Ashleigh is to try on the gown, and then Ika will “Ika-fy” her.

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9:07PM BBT All feeds in HOH Ash still in her purple dress sleeping on the bed, Godfrey under the covers on the other side of the bed. Sarah in her dress still too sitting on the white couch listening to the iPod. Silence prevails. BB comes on and tells Ash and Godfrey to wake up that nap time is over. Godfrey sticks his head out from under the HOH covers. He says something to Ash and they promptly settle back down to sleep again. (There's no coffee strong enough to hold up to this excitement. If I stop posting someone throw the afgan over me please. DRG) BB again announce Please wake up nap time is over. Godfrey stirs a little and Ash barely opens her eyes for a brief second and recloses them without moving a muscle. Godfrey now sits up and pulls his shirt on over his head. Ash says that she is so exhausted. What a day especially after yesterday. She is so over it.  God laughs at her commenting that she felt like she was on a cloud. He tells her that they had her scared there for a bit with the clown.  He is now back on his back and under the covers once again.  Silence once more. Sarah is looking every bit the 1920's flapper with her green and black feather boa wrapped around her shoulders as she continues to listen to the music. 

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9:24PM BBT Ash finally stirs and Godfrey asks if she wants something to drink or eat and she says no several times. Sarah says maybe they will get to go to bed soon if there is not something. Ash hopes that bed is something. BB calls out Ashleigh please wake up nap time is over. She opens her eyes. Ash finally gets up and say she has to go fix herself if she is going to go the the DR. Sarah comments that the dress really does look gorgeous on her. She replies Thanks Sar and heads over to the bathroom to fix her face. 

Sarah states that the Veto is probably tomorrow and Godfrey agrees adding that he hopes it is something that they can win. Sarah thinks they have pretty good odds.  Sarah says that they do not have the votes against Ashleigh and Godfrey says they have a very few and Ash has at least three locked in for sure.  He thinks it would be an uphill battle and Sarah says especially for us two.  Godfrey hopes that one of the three of them win it then they only have to deal with the last HOH.  Sarah thinks it is her only shot to go with Godfrey to the finale and she still thinks she has not much of a shot. Godfrey says that right after Pili left that he knew she was his only shot especially after Ash won the vetos.  He comments about Ash was crying when the watched the videos earlier today and if she feels that strongly then they probably feel as strongly about her. Pili was not as close to Bobby and Bruno but Ash was.  They talk about seeing video of the Chop Shop earlier and start running through the alliance and how 5 of the 6 were still here til the triple eviction. Then after the triple Bruno ran to them.  He was comfortable with them as long as Willow and Bobby were here but when they left he had to go running home.  He keeps selling her on the notion that as loyal as she is to Britt that she has no chance to win unless she takes him. 


Ash returns to the HOH and Sarah says she thought she was going to come back all undressed.  Ash tells her she still has to go to the DR.  Godfrey starts playing a game where she has to guess which hand he has something hidden in.  She gets it right twice in a row and Godfrey says she never gets it right.  BB calls Ash to the DR and Brittney enters the HOH in a pink dress.  She apologizes for getting so emotional earlier as she realizes it was a BB moment and is something they only do late in the season.  She says they are so lucky to be here.  Sarah tells her she looks so gorgeous and Britt says they all looked so good today. They make a pledge to one another to start dressing better every day from now on, (Commercial drowns out whatever they were saying.)  Sarah says that it is hard since they don't have to dress to go out to work or any place.  Britt says the POV ceremony will be tomorrow and Godfrey says it may be Saturday since the nominations have not even been done yet.  They speculate that they may do the eviction right with the POV since only the POV holder votes.  Only Godfrey Ash or Sarah could use the POV as Sarah is not going to nom Britt. If Britt wins the POV she can't use it and just gets to be the one to cast the vote.  They decide that if one of the three of them win it they are good, but is Ash wins it then she will decide who it is that goes home.  (Can you say Brittney? - DRG) Britt has now changed back into her brown bear sweater after all the talk of dressing up.  They can't believe how Ika was throwing Ash so much shade earlier today when they had their make-overs.  Also someone made some Pili jokes. They don't seem to recall them too well, but remember the tone that implied that she was not much of a player.  Sarah remarks that she could tell some of the crowd was pumped when she cast her vote to evict Pili.  Sarah still can't recall the other joke. Godfrey says he would be frustrated if he was watching at home too.  He would have been rooting for Zach at home so he could have an awesome game but Sarah roots for the underdogs. Talk turns to Russell Hantz and they wonder how he made it so far in the game. Then how Jayson took him out with the comment about him being like someone at work who steals your work as a way to get ahead.  They talk about how it did not help that he burned people's socks etc.  Then they mention when his nephew threw out the rice and then the tribe had to trade their fishing gear and tarps for more rice.  Britt thinks it is crazy that Survivor is only 30 days and this is over 70. Godfrey says it is so much more intense and you are exposed with less to eat. Only a few seasons like Rupert's did they have someone who really caught fish. Sarah says imiagine too the time that the woman went to butcher a chicken and dropped it and it got away.  Also their skin gets to be so bad. Sarah says they could not even last three days without their stuff in the house and the Survivors have much less.  Britt thinks they must prepare in advance for the experience and get local people to show them how to make use of what is available in the environment.  Godfrey trying to figure out how many people leave each week since the start with 18 people and it is only 39 days long. He decides it is three folks per week that go home. Sarah says that here you can do poorly once in a while but on Survivor you can't.  Britt wonders why they did not like Bobby so much and Sarah and Godfrey say it must be the DRs. Godfrey notes that Bobby told them they would not like his goodbye messages once they saw them.  They go on about how he was so into the Chop Shop and how he told Sindy that you only get one chance in BB.  Sarah believes he was just more opinionated than he let on. He did not like Naeha very much and laughed when she was evicted. Godfrey thought he was crying and the girls set him straight. Godfrey always got to see more of Bobby's good side and only saw the other side regarding Sindy and not Sarah or Britt.  

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10:02PM BBT Godfrey still telling Bobby stories and stories about other Chop Shoppers.  Sarah says that when they were alone with Zach they were all happy about sending Bobby home and then when he went back to the Chop Shop he would be throwing them under the bus saying it was all Sarah and Britt's doing and he was as broken up about it as they were.  After Bobby left Graig said to Zach that he was the man of the house now and he should lead and he will follow.  Sarah points out the Graig went to the wrong people since he went to the Chop Shop and not to her and Britt.  Zach was running the show and he was lying to them.  Bobby thought he had the votes to stay with all the shop and Godfrey and even Kevin.  Godfrey says he alwasy thought he had it better than he did.  Sarah notes that Zach and Jordan thought the same thing and underestimated Sarah and Britt.  Godfrey says it was pretty obvious what was going on when Johnny uses the veto to save Kevin.  Sarah says the very next week was when Kevin went for Johnny because Zach wanted him to.  Godfrey says that was kevin's flaw he was smart but was not able to make the break from the herd and he had an emotional connection to Pili.  Godfey wishes that he had let them know earlier that he knew what was going on.  Godfey thinks that if Kevin had talked to Britt before the noms then he would not have gone on the block and she tends to agree.  Britt says he should have been more vocal but all he did during the triple was beg her to put up Ash and not Pili but did not have any good rationale.  Godfrey relates how Kevin told him he was safe when he was HOH and that Zach was gunning for him and was mad that Kevin was not putting Godfrey on the block.  Ash opens the door and tells them the board says that nomination ceremony is today and leaves.  Feeds go to FoTH.

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10:15PM BBT Feeds back to folks getting ready for the ceremony. Britt has changed her top and puts on deoderant. Sarah has changed out of her dress and has on jeans and a black sleeved tube top. Godfrey listening to the music. Sarah remarks that their outfits were so great then asks where Ash is.  Britt says she is changing and is probably locked in there and it is weird that they are locked in the HOH.  The girls like each other's outfits.  Britt thinks it funny that Gary ripped off her eyelashes.  Ash enters in a blue skirt and a plaid long sleeved shirt.  Ash says they set things up quickly and BB promptly tells them to stop talking about production.  Britt wonders where her orgasm thing is (Not gonna touch that one folks. DRG) She keeps looking though the HOH bathroom Ash wants to know what Orgasm looks like. (Still biting my tongue. DRG) The gals are all looking for Britts Orgasm in the main bathroom now.  Godfrey has gone to the bedroom and is changing now too.  Ash comments that those guys were so fun. (Gary and Ika) Sarah wants to know whose eye shadow she has on and Britt says it is hers and that she can use it.  BB comes on and tells Ashleigh and the HGs that the pantry is now open. (Change your batteries, hamsters.,they want clear audio for the Nomination ceremony.  DRG)  Feeds show Sarah and Britt in separate bathrooms putting on their faces.  Ash comes into the bathroom with Sarah and is drinking water.  She says the irony behind it is NO MORE FLANNELS. (Even as she is wearing a flannel shirt.) Ash is distributing the batteries to Godfrey who is now back in the HOH.  Britt in the bathroom with Sarah now says that she is wearing the ear thing that Gary took off and Sarah thinks it looks awesome. Britt thinks that Sarah looks beautiful and she loves the makeup.  

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10:30PM BBT Only feeds one and two on Sarah as she flips her hair multiple times before leaving the bathroom to join the others in the HOH.  Feeds all go to FoTH once she enters the room.  


10:32PM BBT Feeds back as BB has now finished giving them instructions.  Sarah saying it is pretty obvious at this point and she does not have to make it a big spectacel.  Britt cannot believe Godfrey has not worn that shirt before and he says maybe he should start wearing his own clothes instead of Bobby's all the time.  Godfrey asks what flannel is and Ash points to her shirt. Britt clarifies that flannel is the material and plaid is the pattern. Godfrey says he needs to step up his style when he leaves the house and will start wearing some flannels. Britt is helping Sarah with her makeup  by pointing out where she has blotches of eyeshadow.  Sarah does not know why she is so stressed out it is going to be so ceremonial for such bullshit.  They wonder why she has not been called down to do her part yet.  She says she is nominating them because she obviously is not going to nominate Britt.  Sarah says this is the pointless nomination ceremony and they should just go to Veto. Ash is all for that. They start to speculate about what type of comp it will be.  Ash thinks now they will all be a combination of all types of comps.  She sits on the floor and notices that she has to shave her legs. We get FOTH once more.

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