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Tuesday, May 12 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

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12:10AM BBT: Godfrey and Bruno playing ball toss game in the BY.

12:12AM BBT: Britt saying she just wants to open Ash and Pili's eyes.  Sarah cautioning Britt on wording it in a non-threatening way that won't have fallout.  

12:22AM BBT: Bruno and Godfrey in the BY.  Bruno to Godfrey: If Pili wins HOH, she'll probably put up me and you. Or either Bruno or Godfrey with Sarah.

12:26AM BBT: Zach, Pili, Ash in KT talking about telling Britt which way they are voting, and that they wanted to consider both options and be 100% sure before telling her.

12:28AM BBT:  Zach gives Bruno a heads-up that he is telling Britt tomorrow that he's voting to evict her.  They are sure she knows already because she is no longer campaigning.  Ash still things she will be upset. Zach says he wants to be straight up with her.

12:34AM BBT:  Zach and Bruno talking about how Britt is blind to how much Sarah influences her.

12:41AM BBT:  Zach and Ash in HOH bathrm.  Zach wondering about Bruno's loyalty.  Will Bruno see how much better Zach's position is and get him out. Ash says Sarah doesn't scare Ash as much when Sarah is by herself.  Zach suggests getting rid of Godfrey to force Bruno's hand.  Ash tells Zach that she would be happy if Sarah won HOH next week, and Zach is shocked and asks if she is crazy because then he would be going home, that Sarah would put Ash and Zach up together.

12:43AM BBT:  Ash asks Zach what he thinks happens if Bruno wins.  Zach thinks Bruno would put up Sarah and Pili.  If one of them wins PoV, then he thinks Bruno would put him up (if he's a good player), "or he might be the way he's been all game...super-loyal guy and keep me safe".  Zach would not use Bruno as a pawn.  He would consider Pili as a pawn ... he can "flex that loyalty a bit."

12:46AM BBT:  Ash: "I honestly don't think Godfrey wants to win competitions [ya think?]...I can't understand what he's doing!" [and Godfrey thinks no one suspects!]

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1:01AM BBT:  Zach still pondering Bruno's loyalty.  Zach thinks Bruno doth protest too much...Bruno professes his loyalty so much that he seems insecure.

1:04AM BBT:  Zach says he can't "dog" Bruno the way they do Godfrey, or Bruno will turn on them.

1:05AM BBT:  Zach and Ash soaking feet in HOH tub, and running through scenarios for the next few weeks.

1:15AM BBT:  Ash tells Zach that she thinks Pilar would put up Bruno and Godfrey if Pilar won HOH.

1:22AM BBT:  All the HGs in the Main BR and the HN room are tucked in and quiet.  Ash and Zach still up in the HOH room. Zach saying he'll do everything he can to win competitions

1:24AM BBT:  Zach: "We're gonna be in the final 6 after Wednesday. Me, you and Pili will be 3 out of the 6.  It's pretty badass."

1:45AM BBT:  All the houseguests are asleep.  Signing off for tonight.  Sweet dreams everyone!

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 9:00 am BBT Good Morning Canada! The houseguests are not up yet and the lights are still off.

9:15 am BBT The houseguests are still snuggled in their bed with the lights off. Today we expect Brittnee and Sarah will do some more campaigning, especially to Ashleigh and Pilar.

 9:20 am BBT BB is turning on the lights!

 9:26 am BBT No wakeup call yet.

 9:31 am BBT Sarah and Brittnee are both awake now and talking in the HN room, but there is no sound so we can’t hear what they are saying.

 9:32 am BBT All of the feeds went to FotH.

 9:36 am BBT The feeds are back up and we see Pilar taking around batteries to the houseguests.

 9:37 am BBT Brittnee asked Sarah if she thinks everyone saw them being have not’s yet.

 9:45 am BBT In the HOH room Zach and Ashleigh are still in bed. 

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11:00am BBT: Bruno is in the shower and brittnee tells him it is a shame the BY is closed off as she just wants to spend her last few days outside. BB tells Godfrey to wake up that nap time is over.

 11:008am BBT: Zach is soaking in the hoh tub . Pilar is now in the KT with Brittnee and Godfrey just general talk going on about muscles.

11:13am BBT: HG eating and yawning  just general talk going on about how hard the slop cakes are.

11:19am BBT: Ashleigh in the HOH bathroom area doing her make up while Zach is still soaking in the bathtub.

Brittnee and Pilar are in the KT talking about dreaming about their families.

11:26am BBT: Pilar tells brittnee that she does not regret anything she has done in this house or in this game. Brittnee says no i don't either.

11:27pm BBT: Brittnee says man this game stresses you out and Pilar says tell me about it. Pilar tells her this is a hard hard game.

11:44am BBT: Godfrey and Bruno in the KT talking about brittnee and something she said to Pillar but Godfrey says he did not hear what they said he just seen them talking. Bruno says this is the week we need to save each other. Godfrey says yes we do.

 11:46am BBt: Pilar and Ashleigh are in the HOh rm talking, Ashleigh says Zach is not sure about  getting Sarah out next week he said it might have to be Godfrey.

Ashleigh says next week if we have Bruno and Godfrey on the block then we might have to send Bruno home cause i just don't trust him.

11:52am BBT:Most HG in the KT talking and making food. Sarah is in the BY smoking . Pillar joins her and says she had to get some air.

11:58am BBT: Ashleigh and all the men are in the KT making food. Just general talk going on.

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1:00 - 1:30 BBT Houseguests reminiscing about previous days in the house, competitions, favourite costumes.  Ashley comes in screaming with excitement over the #TwitterMirror.  They take a couple of selfies of the "final seven", and one of Sarah and Britt in the HN room with "Thank you Canada #loveyoutoo".

1:45PM BBT Houseguests still having a great time with the #TwitterMirror when it suddenly stops.  Ash is called to DR.  Sarah is quiet and Zach asks if she is okay.  She says yeah, but seeing the emojis made her think of Scott.  She starts crying and Pilar and Bruno both go over to hug her. Britt comes over and Sarah shares that she is the snail and Scott is the turtle.  Britt says "Awwww. That's adorable" and asks Sarah what her emoji should be.  Sarah is smiling again and says "let me think."  She thinks that Pilar would be the dolphin.

1:50PM BBT HGs all in HOH room.  Sarah says Britt's emoji would be a butterfly.  Britt loves that because her mom loves butterflies.  Zach's emoji would be the football.  General conversation about blogs, technology, mobile devices. Bruno called to the DR.

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1:57PM BBT HGs talking about how weird it will be when they get out.  They start out wondering about what's happening with their phones, but then think they won't be looking at their phones for the first few days because they'll be busy reuniting with family.  Still they are wondering how many messages they will have and how their social media pages are doing.

2:03PM BBT Sarah says there were rumours of two returning guests this season.  Sarah thought it would be Gary and Neda.  Zach thought there would be returnees as well, especially when they came in with only half the number of houseguests.

2:07PM BBT Bruno returns to the HOH room just as Zach is checking out his facial hair.  Sarah says she likes it and asks Zach "don't you think you look like Bruno now?"  They joke that that's the Twistos Twist.

2:11PM BBT Britt is called to DR.  HGs speculating whether former houseguests can come to the finale.  They speculate whether they might get a visit from Neda...that maybe she would host the next PoV competition.

2:16PM BBT Ash saying that Willow is so much like a friend of Ash's.  She goes on to talk about various people that she grew up with and works with. Ash looking forward to being reunited with friends.  Bruno asks about the town Kevin is from and asks how big it is.  They talk about #Lethbridge and #Edmonton and then realize Bruno is asking about #Redwater, which was mentioned in Kevin's letter.

2:36PM BBT Godfrey and Ash start a game of Hide 'n' Seek.  

2:45PM BBT Ash hides downstairs in the KT, and when Godfrey goes into the BR to look for her, she runs upstairs to the WA.  Britt goes to the WA and is startled to find Ash in the stall.  She almost gives up Ash's location to Godfrey, but thinks fast and claims she was startled because she stepped on something.  Godfrey starts checking out the wash area and finally finds Ash.  Lots of laughter.

2:53PM BBT HGs in HOH mimicking BB announcements.  Ash and God about to play Hide 'n' Seek again, with Godfrey hiding, but Ash is called to the DR.  

2:56PM BBT Pilar talking about her closest group of friends.  They all met through cheerleading.  Godfrey very interested to hear about the friend that Pili would set him up with.  Pili has a lot of friends because she has moved so much.  


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3:05PM BBT Godfrey leaves the HOH rm to get water and check on the time.  BB tell Bruno and Zach to wake up. Bruno gets up and leaves the HOH.  Godfrey and Ash continue their Hide 'n' Seek game.  Ash counts to 20, and Godfrey folds himself into a cupboard in the storage room.  Ash goes to the SR, then says "I don't know why I'm looking in storage.  You're not going to fit in there."  She looks all over, then comes back into the SR, checks the freezer and leaves. She eventually goes back to the SR, and Godfrey is standing there laughing at her.

3:16PM BBT Bruno, Ash, Godfrey in KT talking about the Hide 'n' Seek game.  HGs in HOH room surprised they haven't gotten the #TwitterMirror back.  Godfrey comes into the HOH room and tells the group where he hid, and how Ash checked in the SR several times and didn't find him. Sarah leaves the HOH room to go eat some slop.  Bruno returns just as Sarah leaves.  

3:25PM BBT Pili and Bruno join Sarah in the KT.  Pilar tells Sarah "You're so close to be done slop" and Sarah says she doesn't know why but she doesn't care this time. Ash comes tearing in and hides in a cupboard in the KT.  Ash chatting with Bruno from the cupboard. Godfrey calling out "Ashleigh. Accept your fate." as he comes downstairs.  He goes directly to the cupboard Ashleigh is hiding in! Ash is impressed.  

3:35PM BBT Britt and Zach on the HOH couch listening to music and chatting about friends.  Feeds go to FotH.

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4:03PM BBT The HGs have a task!!!  Ash is giving the rules. "The object of today's task is simple: make the most lip-smacking, mouth-watering sandwich the BB house has ever seen. Since there are only 7 of you remaining, you must use exactly 7 ingredients to create your sandwich."  They are broken into 3 teams: Team 1 Godfrey and Bruno, Team 2 Zach and Pilar, Team Have-Not Sarah and Britt. As HOH, Ash will judge based on taste, presentation and originality. Be sure to give your creation a name! Bon Appetit HGs! FotH

4:15PM BBT The feeds are still on FotH while the HGs complete their sandwich creation task.  

4:24PM BBT Godfrey and Bruno in the KT talking up their sandwich as they make it. Bruno: "Greatness! This is pure greatness!"  Zach/Pili and Britt/Sarah sitting on the LR couches while Bruno and Godfrey create their sandwich in the KT.  Both teams on the couches look like they are plotting their sandwich design. FotH

4:30PM BBT Ash judging Team 1's efforts.  She says it's "very unique, quite original"... it's very hot (they put a lot of horseradish on it).  Their 7 ingredients: 2% milk, cereal, cheese, smoked salmon, hot sauce, extra hot horseradish, onions.

4:36PM BBT Zach and Pili have 15 minutes to create their sandwich.  They are stoked!  Pili goes to get eggs, but they are out, so they decide on bacon.  Zach prepping pickles, while Pili toasts the bread.  Lining up ingredients for a double decker sandwich...Mustard, Mayo, Pickles, cheese slices, cream cheese, sliced meat piled high, bacon. They are taking great care with presentation.

4:49PM BBT Ash judging Team 2 (Zach/Pili).  It looks good...she takes a bite, and.... "Mmmmmm"  She nods, saying "It's very good...the bacon, the pickles... Bravo!"...she applauds.  Bruno says it's rigged.  Toasted Bread, mayo, bacon, mustard, turkey, pickles, cheddar cheese, classic philly cheese [hmm...that's 8!  is that a disqualification?  Perhaps the bread doesn't count!] FotH

4:57PM BBT Team Have-Not is up! (Britt/Sarah).  Sarah: "Alright!  Let's do this!"  They pick Foccacia bread to start.  Looks like they are including pear slices, bacon, chicken, swiss cheese.  Talking it up as they work.  Sarah shouts "4 minutes!  We gotta start plating!"

5:10PM BBT Sarah presents Team Have-Not's creation "The Wood Worker Club".  Ingredients: Foccacia, spicy mayo mixed with mayonnaise sriacha, fine swiss, garlic salt on top of chicken, bacon and a touch of pear.  Ash tastes it and says "Holy Moly...oh my gosh...wow!" FotH

5:17PM BBT HGs on LR couches.  Ash giving her judgement on the sandwich creations.  Team 1:  taste: lacking, presentation: lactose - worst nightmare, originality: never seen anything like it, so good job.  Team 2:  The Corporal. Taste: pickles, my favourite. Bacon together.. mmm.  Presentation: the carvings were lovely. Quite original.  Seen things kinda similar but overall very good.  Team Have-Not:  The Wood-Worker Club...love the name Taste: SO good.  I don't even have words.  Presentation:  The pear flower? Magical. Originality: I have never had pears on a sandwich.  Quite impressive.  Team Have-Nots WIN!


5:33PM BBT HGs gathered in the KT.  Sarah and Britt making a sandwich...a slop reprieve for their reward?

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9:00PM BBT HGs in two groups the cool kids (Zach, Ash and Pili) are in the bedroom while the others are in the HOH. Zach has been undoing Sarah's lobbying of Ash and Pili continues to lean which ever way the wind is blowing at the time.


Sarah plotting with Britt after telling her she had made progress with the girls earlier but now they are talking to Zach so it will be undone.


Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Bruno and Godfrey in the SR they are talking about making sandwiches. In the kitchen they start strategizing about how to proceed next week.  Bruno telling him that two of the showmances will have to be on the block next time or they will have the votes no matter what.  Best case scenario if for one of them to win. All they need is time and they don't need to overthink too much. (So just how much overthinking is just right?? DRG) They swear loyalty to one another again and figure out that which ever one of them is on the block the other one needs to win the veto.


Upstairs Britt and Sarah doing the same thing trying to figure out who should go on the block next and who the others would nominate if they won.  Sarah again complaining about Zach undoing all her hard work with the gals. 


Bedroom crew now heading downstairs to join Godfrey who is eating his sandwich at the counter. Pili is worried about how much hazelnut spread is left in the jar.  Pili and Ash hit the freezer in the SR then start comparing notes on the lobbying they got from Zach vs. Sarah and Ash thinks Zach's is based more on facts so that is what makes her feel better. (Has nothing to do with the cuddling. DRG) Sarah's talk has more to do with possible scenarios.  The two decide that they cannot let anything break up the three of them. 


Back in the kitchen Pili is complaining about having gained 7 pounds and she needs to take care of her body. Godfrey tells her she still looks good and she says thanks.


Upstairs Britt is wondering if Bruno has really been the puppet master the whole time instead of Zach. Sarah says Pili really does not trust Bruno. Sarah says first they have to win then they have to put both the guys on the block. The best case scenario is if Godfrey is gone they should get out Zach. Britt agrees. Sarah tells her she is amazing and she is so impressed with her.  Britt says not to be impressed she dug herself a hole and put a target on her back. She says she cannot influence these people without getting blood on her hands. They think it will be a bitter jury this year. 


Kitchen crew debating the pronunciation of various food items and words. 


Sarah saying that Pili is convinced to keep Britt but Ash is not.  Ash has been his daughter from day one. Sarah says if they don't vote to keep her they will look really silly and will regret it later.  Britt remarks that Bruno is so good at this game and if Zach leaves next week then Ash will go to Bruno. Sarah thinks maybe not because of Pili and Kevin. Britt thinks Bruno has made very good connections to the younger people in the house and it is interesting to see how he is working people. For example he is telling Godfrey that he worked Bobby for days to keep Godfrey when really it is Britt who turned that ship around. 

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 6:30 pm BBT Up in the HOH room we heard Zach tell Ashleigh and Pilar that he is going to tell Brittnee soon that she is not getting his vote. Brittnee and Sarah walked in the HOH room and then the feeds went to FotH.

 6:38 pm BBT The feeds are still down.

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 6:51 pm BBT The feeds came back as Godfrey was walking up the stairs saying the seven layer sandwich and then we see Brittnee sitting in the HOH room on the couch by herself.

 6:52 pm BBT The feeds switch to Bruno and Godfrey now in the LR laying on the couches. Zach walked past and said now we just veg all day.

 6:53 pm BBT Sarah, Ashleigh and Pilar in the main BR. Sarah is telling the two girls how Zach and Bruno were grinning about something and when Sarah went to try and see they hurried up and moved. Ashleigh is thinking outloud: Godfrey has said that he won’t win against Bruno or Zach. Sarah said that Bruno is going to vote the way he wants. Ashleigh said that Godfrey is throwing comps. Sarah said that it seems like Godfrey is all over but they were by the pool and Godfrey said that he was with Bruno since the beginning.

 6:57 pm BBT Sarah said that Godfrey told her things that Ashleigh and Sarah supposedly said but she knows that it is not true and that he is trying to drive a wedge between them. Ashleigh said that Godfrey is not winning comps and Sarah said that does nothing for us and we need to win comps and we need the numbers. Pilar said that if we keep Britt it is one more chance to get rid of a guy and we are doing the guys a favor to get rid of a girl.

 7:00 pm BBT Sarah said that they will be going after Godfrey and Bruno to get them out. Sarah said why wouldn’t Zach vote to keep Brittnee? Because here is the difference they would put Godfrey and Zach up and Godfrey would put Ashleigh and Zach up. Sarah said that she don’t get it either and if there was someone going after me and Britt versus someone that was just going after one of us then we would vote the one going after only one of us. Pilar said that the break of a tie would be her vote. Sarah said that she thinks it is not beneficial for them to break their numbers and then Godfrey walked in the room.

 7:04 pm BBT Godfrey is changing and packing so the girls are just hanging out talking about Audrey Hepburn. Godfrey left and the girls said that he is pissed. Ashleigh’s brain is turning and doesn’t understand why Brittnee wanted Willow out. Sarah is trying to explain that Brittnee was more secure with the vote to get Willow out.

 7:08 pm BBT Sarah said that it is not Brittnee that put Pilar in the position of going out it was Bruno’s fault. Sarah is telling the girls that Willow told her everything. Sarah is telling the girls that Jordan threw the ant comp and that Zach was going to throw up Kevin or Bobby. Sarah said that we can’t get Bruno or Godfrey out if we don’t have the numbers. Pilar asked why isn’t Brittnee her and Sarah said that she tried but Zach was in the HOH room when she went there. Pilar said that you have good points. Sarah said that she would put Bruno and Zach up.

 7:13 pm BBT Sarah said if Zach and Bruno were up there and Bruno wins the PoV wouldn’t Ashleigh want to be the person to be beside Zach so she don’t have to vote out Zach.

 7:16 pm BBT Pilar said that the boys have been up her ass the last few days and keep asking her if she is okay and if she has talked to Brittnee yet. Sarah said that she knows their guts are telling them to keep Brittnee. Ashleigh said that it makes since. Sarah is worried that Zach will tell them a bunch of shit and try and convince them to keep them apart. Ashleigh said that she would say to Zach that Sarah and Brittnee would not put her on the block and then in walks Bruno and Zach to break up the conversation.

 7:19 pm BBT Zach said there was a light show in the HOH last night. Ashleigh is going to brush her teeth. Sarah is talking about what she wants to wear tomorrow. Sarah said that she is so full but she wants to go back and eat some of her sandwich. Bruno is getting up to use the restroom because that coffee is going through him. Zach said that he has been in a food coma for a couple of days. Sarah said eat today like you are going to be a have not tomorrow.  

 7:24 pm BBT Zach and Sarah are talking about craving pop and the pop that they got from KFC was so good. We could hear noise in the background and Sarah is speculating it is a sander and Zach said that it is a saw of some kind. Zach and Sarah are talking about BB building comps and how it all transpires.

 7:28 pm BBT BB told them to stop talking about production.

 7:29 pm BBT Sarah so badly wants to ask if there is any way she could have a cigarette and Zach told her he doubt’s it.

 7:30 pm BBT Sarah said that it hardly ever rains in Southern California then Zach starts singing and BB tells them to please stop singing.

 7:31 pm BBT Then the feeds switch to Godfrey and Brittnee in the HOH room. Brittnee told Godfrey that she does not feel good about being on the block next to him. Brittnee can feel that she is going because no one is around her.  

 7:32 pm BBT Brittnee told Godfrey that Bruno and Zach are obviously tight and she did not realize that they were this close before then we get FotH.

 7:36 pm BBT The feeds are back and Brittnee said think about who was in the chop shop and how many of them are still here. Brittnee said that she goes this week and Godfrey is left here he will know what’s up. Godfrey thinks that they will go after him next.

 7:38 pm BBT Brittnee and Godfrey both agree that they are not going to campaign against each other and they just tell everyone the points to keeping them. Brittnee said that Godfrey hasn’t made any good moves and Godfrey laughs and said he has not made any moves. Brittnee has no doubt that he could pull it out and win an HOH.

 7:40 pm BBT Brittnee said that she don’t think that Bruno and Zach are actually related and Godfrey said that he just heard them joking about it but he is puzzled at how close they are. Brittnee said the moment that Bruno pulled Zach off of the block his demeanor changed.

 7:42 pm BBT Brittnee said that it all comes from what benefits Bruno and Zach right now. Godfrey said that is the team that is running the house.

 7:43 pm BBT Godfrey said that he is equally as nervous as Brittnee and he has his bags packed. They both agree that no one has come to them and told them they are safe. Godfrey said that they might legitimately be undecided and waiting for someone to make the call. Brittnee said they are waiting for Zach to make the call.

 7:45 pm BBT Brittnee said that she thinks that Bruno wanted JP out to get closer to Zach. They both agree that Bruno used to spend a lot of time with them until that last eviction.

 7:49 pm BBT Feeds one and two show the main BR and we see Pilar, Ashleigh and Zach laying in the beds and there is no conversation going on.

 7:50 pm BBT BB just told them three times to please wake up nap time is over.

 7:51 pm BBT BB just announced that the main BR is now open so Bruno and Zach get up and leave the room. As they walk out they are laughing because when they walked in the BR they know Sarah was trying to talk to Ashleigh and Pilar.

 7:55 pm BBT Sarah is telling Pilar and Ashleigh that two weeks ago Brittnee was just a pawn and now she is the target. Pilar got rid of Graig and she was the head of the triple eviction. Sarah said that Willow will never vote for Brittnee in the end and they know that others kind of resent Brittnee. Sarah said that Godfrey has not done anything and the second that Donny Thompson said you are my man everyone’s opinion about him changed. The three girls are in the main BR talking scenarios about final two.  

 7:58 pm BBT Sarah said either way keeping Godfrey does not benefit them and it is better to have someone that is going to try and win and not put them up.

 8:00 pm BBT Pilar feels so bad to vote Godfrey out because she owes him one. Sarah said that she does not owe him anything and if she keeps him and he put her up next week she could end up going home. We just heard Bruno say something and Pilar thinks that they were listening to them talk.

 8:02 pm BBT Ashleigh said that she has wanted Godfrey out ever since he said he was going after the lovers paradise. The girls realize that the main BR door is locked and Sarah said thank you BB so we could talk. Sarah said that Bruno won’t put Godfrey up so that means a combination of one of them are going up. Sarah said that if Godfrey wins he is not putting up Bruno and he probably won’t put her up either because she will be alone. Pilar said that Sarah and Brittnee would make moves that they wouldn’t or couldn’t. Sarah said don’t waste this week benefiting someone else. Sarah said the thing really getting to her is that Ashleigh can’t play. Pilar said that she would only want to do it if Zach agrees because she don’t want to go against his will.

 8:06 pm BBT Sarah said that should be red flags to you guys if Zach will be pissed and put you guys up because of that. Ashleigh said that Zach is milking it to keep Bruno close to him. Sarah is telling the girls that Zach will not be on board and that should be the biggest red flag. Ashleigh said that Geoffrey is 100% useless.

 8:08 pm BBT Sarah said that this will have to be a move that Zach will not agree but you will have to say sorry that it benefits your game. Pilar does not trust Bruno and she don’t want to leave until she sends him out. BB announced that the main BR is now open.

 8:11 pm BBT Zach entered the main BR and asked the girls what that was all about. They tell him that they don’t know and asked him if he was locked in anywhere. Now there is just general conversation in the BR.

 8:13 pm BBT In the HOH room we see Brittnee, Bruno and Godfrey. They are talking about how they behaved when they were younger.

 8:14 pm BBT Brittnee said today is day 55 May 12. Bruno asked if he can snuggle with her and he loves her to death, but he is happily married. Bruno said it has been 63 days since he has seen his family.

 8:16 pm BBT Bruno asked Brittnee if she is worried about the jury house and how the people are going to be and Brittnee responded yea. Bruno said that he thinks if anyone of them walked in they would give them a hug and say good try. Sarah walked in the HOH room and picked up her sandwich and asked BB to tell her if she is supposed to stop eating it.

 8:18 pm BBT Bruno and Godfrey are laughing about JP being the first houseguest in jury and they review each person that walked in after him and how he would feel about it.

 8:19 pm BBT Bruno and Godfrey are laughing at JP’s speech before eviction and how it backfired on him.

 8:21 pm BBT In the main BR Zach and Ashleigh are lying in the bed. Zach asked Ashleigh if he should tell Brittnee what is going on and Ashleigh replied I don’t know. Zach is whispering saying that Sarah told Bruno even though they had a personal battle in this game then Brittnee walked in the room and she is talking to Pilar while Ashleigh and Zach are whispering. Ashleigh told Zach that some of the things that Sarah said to her made since and that is why she wants to talk to him and he said don’t even. Then Brittnee left the room so Ashleigh asked Zach if Godfrey stayed how would that benefit him and he said nothing. Now Zach is telling Pilar and Ashleigh something that Bruno told him that Sarah said when Bruno put that veto around Zach’s neck they just gave them the money. Ashleigh said if Bruno was to win he would not put Godfrey on the block.

 8:26 pm BBT Zach is telling Ashleigh and Pilar that Sarah told Bruno that she wants Zach and Ashleigh on the block. Zach said that you can’t believe anything that Sarah says. Zach said if Sarah is telling them they are going to go after Bruno that is a lie. Zach said get Brittnee out this game and walk into next week all safe. Pilar asked Zach why he is so sure that Bruno won’t want to split them up next week. Ashleigh said that Bruno used the veto on Zach to use him as a shield. Zach said that Bruno knows if he goes after them he is dead. Zach said that Sarah is telling them exactly what they want to hear so they will keep Brittnee.

 8:31 pm BBT Ashleigh said the thing that drives her nuts with Sarah and Brittnee is because they are a duo. Ashleigh and Pilar both agree that they want Bruno gone and Zach said that if they win HOH they can do that. (Ashleigh remember you can’t play in the next HOH). Zach wonders why Sarah is still campaigning and Brittnee is not.

 8:33 pm BBT Zach said that all Sarah does is lie and if they keep Brittnee then she will never put her on the block. Zach said that Godfrey will never put them on the block. Ashleigh said that he would always vote with them. Pilar said that if Brittnee stays here then they will come after them. Ashleigh said that in the long run they are a duo. Zach said that what she is saying might hold off for one week but they need to take the shot now while she is up. Pilar said that she is so freaking good. Zach said exactly and every single time she convinces you and don’t let her. Pilar asked Zach if Bruno is working with Godfrey and Zach said he is not working with Godfrey because Godfrey is doing the Victoria.

 8:36 pm BBT Zach said that if he wins next week they will get out Sarah. Pilar said that Bruno would be stupid not to break the three of them up and he will as soon as he gets in power. Pilar asked Zach if he thinks Bruno would take him to the final two and Zach responded no he would take Godfrey. Pilar does not trust Bruno and he is so good at this game. Ashleigh said but not as good as Sarah. Zach said that he would love to vote Godfrey out this week but they can’t keep the duo in the game.

 8:40 pm BBT Ashleigh is talking about when Sarah said you know your gut is telling you to keep Brittnee and Ashleigh said that she didn’t answer because her gut wants to keep Godfrey. Zach said that there is no way they will just come after Bruno after this.

 8:43 pm BBT Zach said that it is only good for her game if they keep Brittnee because it makes her a super player. Zach said that Sarah will still come to them after they get rid of Brittnee because she will not have anyone. Ashleigh said that she would rather deal with an angry Sarah than an angry Bruno. Zach said that Bruno will come after Pilar and Ashleigh if they vote out Godfrey.

 8:46 pm BBT Zach said again that Sarah is a super player if they keep Brittnee around. Ashleigh said that Brittnee has to go. Pilar keeps agreeing with what Sarah says because it makes since but she won’t forget that they were put on the block and Kevin left. Zach said that Sarah says that she wants Bruno out but she doesn’t she wants him (Zach) out and the two girls have to stop letting her pull them into conversations.

 8:48 pm BBT Ashleigh told Pilar not to tell Brittnee tonight about her decision and just say that she is indecisive then Sarah walked in the room.

 8:50 pm BBT Sarah left the room and Zach asked Pilar if Brittnee thinks right now that she is keeping her. Pilar said that she does not know. Ashleigh said if Pilar wins HOH then they can send Bruno out and Pilar said that if Zach wins then he will send Godfrey out. Ashleigh is scared that Bruno would try to split the triangle up and she is the common dominator between the three. Ashleigh said that if Sarah keeps trying to talk to her then she is going to say she is taking both points in mind. Pilar is not going to make Ashleigh be a tiebreaker. Zach said that they better vote the way that he does or he would look like an idiot.

 8:53 pm BBT Pilar said that she knows that Zach is so close to Bruno and Zach said that they are not really that close. Pilar said that they need to strike him first. Pilar said that Sarah thinks Zach and Bruno are related. Zach said that Sarah is insane and asks the girls if she is telling them that he is locked up in the final two with Bruno and the girls said yes.

 8:55 pm BBT Zach said that Sarah said Bruno is still coming after him and then questioned if they are working together. Sarah walked in the room and all Zach said it was the most confusing things he has heard.

 8:56 pm BBT Pilar said let’s get rid of Brittnee and that she really doesn’t trust Bruno. Pilar said if she wins HOH she would put up Godfrey and Bruno up. Zach said that we can figure that out once we get down. Zach said that they control the votes. Zach said no matter what they are ok.

 8:59 pm BBT Zach told Pilar and Ashleigh no more conversations with Sarah and Brittnee because he will have to come back and put them in their place. Zach said that he has to remind himself what they have said in the past. Pilar said let’s not talk to Brittnee and just do the vote tomorrow. Zach said that we can keep it right up until the vote tomorrow.

 9:03 pm BBT Pilar knows that Zach is not working with Bruno because she trusts him. Zach said that he thinks that we are really good right now. Pilar asks Zach when he got the twitter thing and it sketched Sarah out and Zach said are you kidding me.

 9:04 pm BBT Feeds switched to Godfrey and Bruno in the SR and Godfrey was telling Bruno that every move Pilar has made is because of Ashleigh. Bruno told Godfrey that if he wins they can get rid of them. Godfrey said if he wins he could not put him (Zach) up right away. Bruno said that he will keep Godfrey safe. Bruno said that this week has to be the two of them. Godfrey said that bridge we will just have to cross it when we get to it.

 9:07 pm BBT Bruno and Godfrey agree that they won’t put each other up or vote each other out. Godfrey thinks that Zach is playing with the boy’s thing until the final five. Godfrey said the best bet is for Bruno to tell Zach that he would take him to the end. Bruno said he don’t care what he says to them the only person he is legit to is him (Godfrey). Others are coming in the room now so their conversation breaks up.

 9:12 pm BBT Brittnee and Sarah are in the HOH room talking about Bruno being able to manipulate the others because they are so young. Sarah said the best case scenario is if Godfrey is gone get out Zach.

 9:14 pm BBT Brittnee said not to be impressed with her because she got a lot of blood on her hands. Brittnee said these people don’t connect the dots. Sarah said that she hit the nail on the head when she said about Bruno. Sarah said if they don’t vote to keep Brittnee they will regret that. Brittnee said that Bruno is so good at this game and he set himself up so well.  

 9:17 pm BBT Brittnee said it is very interesting to see how Bruno’s mind is working and the way he explains things that he does the work to keep people. Brittnee thinks Zach is quite impressionable. Sarah said that they have an uphill battle. Brittnee agrees with that. Brittnee said that she had a good talk with Godfrey and he agreed. Sarah said that is what Godfrey does. Brittnee said that they have to try their best because anything that is easy is not worth it. Sarah wants to win HOH so bad and Brittnee agrees. Now the two girls are doing some reviewing of comps and wins.

 9:26 pm BBT Brittnee and Sarah are going to do some more training in prep for future comps. Down in the KT the other houseguests are talking about which schools they went to. 

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9:20PM BBT Britt saying she thinks Zach is impressionable and that is why he is doing Bruno's work for him. 


Eating and general chatter in the kitchen while Pili is cleaning up and loading the diswasher. 


Britt still on Bruno pulling the strings with Zach doing the deeds and Pili and Ash are the puppets. Sarah says Bruno is gunning after her no matter and Britt says he is gunning after everyone (aren't they all?? DRG) Sarah wants the next HOH sooooo bad. 


Kitchen crew asking Godfrey about Africa.


Sarah and Britt now started in on Jedi training. They want to go to the Have Not room and map it all out on some type of board. Sarah thinks that everyone is trying to go to the end with Ash and Pili. If they do make it to the F2 Britt would vote for Ash, Sarah would wait to see who won more comps at the end of the game. They both agree that Pili has not really talked game with anyone. They decide to grab cue tips to use as a study aid. Sarah is worried she will be fucked and alone and that all the comps can't be endurance. They go to check the bathroom for materials to use as props.


Kitchen gang now talking about education and how some folks take a free education for granted. Ash talking about a Spanish class they had when she had to write a letter in Spanish to someone in another country and they had to write back in English. 


Britt and Sarah now scrounging through the BR and Britt is remaking her bed with the clean linens. Sarah remarks that the others did just seven beds and thinks it is rude.


Ash now expounding on the different emotional responses they have to digital communication vs. direct talking or writing a letter old school.  


Sarah has entered the kitchen and Britt is on her way downstairs now too. They enter the Have Not room and start setting up for their training session.


Zach saying that with the technology and phones there is no such thing as space or time apart if you are dating someone. Ash says Show me a guy who still writes love letters and says it is so much more better when it is handwritten than when it is typed.  Zach responds that kids will not know how to handwrite in the next generation and they won't be able to spell either due to dependence on auto correct. 


Sarah and Britt tearing pieces of paper towel and laying them out on a dark sweater as they work their way through the days and comps.


Zach comes up behind Ash and gives her a hug. Pili stil sitting at the counter eating Hazelnut spread and listening.  Godfrey talking about waiting to get his license and how most times he takes mass transit cause driving and parking takes too long.  He says it must take so long to get out of the municipal parking lot as they are so crowded.  Ash talks about being grateful for a friend who lives close to where she goes to school so she gets to park in front of her house for free. Except during football games her friend is not even aloud to park in front of her house but has to go six blocks away.


In the Have Not Britt says if she stays this week she will be such a target. She says Godfrey thinks if Britt goes that it will be easier for Sarah to get in with the girls.  Sarah says nothing Bruno says really makes sense. They go back to Jedi training.


Zach and Bruno in the bathroom now with Zach telling him what Sarah pitched to the girls and how he got them back in line.  Bruno wonders if Sarah is trying to get the girls after the guys and Zach says he does not know but he got them back in line by talking them through who would have to go on the block based on the few folks left in the house. Zach goes on saying how Sarah was pitching how tight Zach and Bruno are and they took a selfie today and captioned it, "Final 2". Bruno laughs and can't believe she made that up and he is glad that Zach sees that Sarah has lost her mind and they joke about the two of them being related.  

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9:47PM BBT Zach and Bruno still covering how Zach talked the gals down from Sarah's spell. 


Sarah and Britt continue Jedi training. Britt is really glad BB only gave them a sandwich as a reward. Sarah thinks it was obvious they were going to win and it was nice of BB to do that for them.  Britt wonders if Sarah convinced the girls to keep her and she thinks she did.  She wants to know what else she should do to make sure.  Sarah tells her just to go and talk with them and ask what else she needs to do to get their votes.  Sarah remarks that Bruno has had one week as a have not.  


Guys still wondering how the girls listen to Sarah and Zach pretty full of himself for being able to turn them around again.  They are pretty smug and secure in their position.


Downstairs the gals have the opposite mentality and feel that the odds are against them. Sarah talking about how she chooses to dress the way she does and not do hair and makeup so others look down on her and think less of her.  Britt says that if she does not win this game she wants Sarah to win and starts crying.  Sarah comforts her and Britt goes on about how others have not put in the work she has.


Bruno telling Zach how Sarah just talks all day and if he is in the room with her she has nothing to say since all she talks about is against the guys.  They wonder if it would just be better to go ahead and tell Britt she is going. (Counting chickens again when all they got is eggs. DRG)


Britt talking about how she feels she has been walking on eggs for the last 59 days and at least some of the others have had easy days and all she has had is days of wondering.  Sarah tells her she has a new record for the most times on the block in BBCA history. Sarah feels better for the first time today after she spoke with Ash and Pili.  Britt says those two girls look down on them and Sarah agrees but says So what? 


Bruno talking about how Sarah is working so hard to save Britt and not even to save her own ass and once Britt is gone she will have nothing.  Zach says they just need to go to work tomorrow (win the HOH) and Bruno says the veto is important too. (Big news flash there, dude!! -DRG) They break up and Zach goes to the HOH bathroom where Pili is brushing her teeth. He tells her that Sarah would definitely be one of Bruno's noms and Pili thinks she would be the other.  He thinks that Bruno would fight for Godfrey they way he did for Bobby. 


Britt going on to Sarah about the kind of game she has played and Sarah says they were meant to play together. Britt remarks that the girls getting overlooked got them to the final 7.  Britt is going on about having to compete against professional athletes and superfans and Zach is both.  Britt says she put up Bruno the first night and he and Bobby gave her weird vibes. 


Upstairs Zach complaining to Ash and PIli that he can't belive Sarah thinks he and Bruno are related.  He says it is scary she said that as it shows the lengths she will go to to stay in the house. Ash brushing her teeth as she listens to Zach pace and rant about Sarah.


Sarah and Britt now talking about music as they keep working on making the BB calendar for training. Sarah says that maybe the comp will be some sort of thing that one of them can win since Britt is going to stay.


Upstairs Ash joking with Zach about being a professional soccer player. Zach is working at remaking the bed with the clean linens and Ash lends a hand.


Feeds from HOH switch to the kitchen with Godfrey and Bruno talking about Sarah saying whatever comes to her mind and she has lost her mind. they think if Sarah does not win HOH next week (tomorrow) then she is really fucked.  Bruno saying they need to get Zach out but his girl is so much troulbe that it makes it almost a toss up between her and Zach. Bruno thinks it is ironic that now he has more faith in Zach than in Sarah.  


Sarah meets PIli in the bathroom and Pili tells her she still has not made up her mind. (Which is true she will make up her mind when she is told how to vote just before the broadcast. DRG) 


Bruno telling Godfrey that Sarah will run to Pili and Ash once Britt is gone and Godfrey says that the other too are so connected to Zach that it will not work for Sarah.  Bruno says if Sarah will do this to save Britt what would she do to save herself?  He thinks it is a lose lose if they take out Zach or Sarah. Bruno says it all comes down to who wins the veto.  


Pili joins Zach and Ash in the HOH and relates her conversation with Sarah.


Godfrey tells Bruno that Sarah has told him that she would not put up Bruno, but Bruno replies that she says all kinds of things but there is no way to verify.  They can't go on hearsay anymore like they did when JP left and like they did last week when Bobby went.  Godfrey telling Bruno he can't beat the others in the eyes of the jury but he has a chance in comps (assuming he ever tries DRG)  Bruno says if Zach goes are Ash and Pili gunning for them? Yes. If Ash goes does Zach come to them, absolutely.  They need to figure a way for Zach to get Ash out by selling them on the idea that the gals are getting ready to turn on him.  They think Zach is confident and feels he is not scared to go the the end with either one of the them.  


Ash telling Zach now about how Sarah told about them wanting to merge Kevin and Pili in with the Chop Shop. 


Godrey and Bruno talking about wanting to get Zach.


Zach says to Ash that he needs Sarah gone as she talks game all day and she wants to put a divide between him and her. 

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10:24PM BBT Bruno and Godfrey talking about how Zach has Ash the same way they have each other but Zach has two girls that would save him if they won veto.  


Sarah and Britt talking about how it is frustrating to see Pili and Ash make it so far. They are still working on making the calendar. (Audio of commercials breaking through again tonight. DRG) 


Godfrey and Bruno say they cannot trust anyone else to do the right thing then go back to Sarah bashing saying she has lost her mind. They head upstairs to the HOH to join Zach and Ash and PIli.  They think it is about 9 oclock. 


Feed three showing a close up of the ladies study calendar in the Have Not room.  They have been bending que tips to make letters or numbers.


Ash wants someone to tell a story in the HOH.. Zach asks what is the weirdest thing they ever caught fishing then talks about the fish he hooked in the side and not in the mouth. Ash says she only ever caught one fish it was a pyke and they are hard because they have teeth.  Zach tells about a friend who thought he was hooked on a log but it was an Indian trapper who had fallen through the ice and drowned. 


Sarah alone in the Have Not room just sitting against the wall sniffling. (Sure hope she knows what she will do with the power tomorrow so she does not pull another Willow gaffe. - DRG)


All feeds in HOH now still talking about what happens after someone dies and waiting periods on bank accounts or life insurance policies especially if there is no body. Zach wonders where Britt is and no one seems to know. (Seems it will be another quiet night at lake Soon Be Gone. DRG) Bruno remarks that tomorrow there will be the same number of people in the house and in the jury house 6 and 6. Godfrey complains about his beard and Ash asks why he does not just trim it.  He does not know and wonders if it is too long. He remarks that he just plays with it too much and maybe needs to put some lotion on it. Bruno says he trims his several times a week or sometimes shaves it off and lets it grow back.  Ash wishes they had ice cream or popsicles and Godfrey does too. Zach asks if they want hot dogs or something and they all seem to be in for it but they want to wait just a little bit. Zach says they will need two dogs per bun since they are huge buns or little dogs. 

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10:00PM BBT: Zach and Bruno are in the wash room they have been talking about how crazy Brittnee is acting. Saying that they are related, and the final two thing on the pictures. Zach is saying that he isn't letting them get any alone time with Brittnee. Bruno says once Brittnee goes Sarah is a sitting duck. Bruno now says we are now father and son. wow you noticed how when we walk in the room she shuts up. She can't talk cause she has nothing to say to us. Brittnee is going to shut Sarah down. Says Bruno. she's pulling out all the stops now Says Zach.


10:05PM BBT: So while Zach and Bruno are talking about how funny it is that they are now related, Sarah and Brittnee are in the Have-Not room now, Brittnee is not looking very happy right now. Zach is now in the the HoH room with Pilis talking about what all he just said to Bruno. 

10:10PM BBT: Ashleigh walks into the the HoH room, they are laughing about how Bruno and Zach are related now, Sarah and Brittnee are making a calandar in the Have-Not room. Bruno and Godfrey are now in the kitchen talking about Brittnee and how she's lost her mind. Bruno says it's too late for her she's done if she doesn't win HoH next week. Bruno is saying he's almost trusting Zach more now because of Brittnee.


10:15PM BBT: Godfrey is saying that the girls are paying her no mind. They don't want anything to do with her. Sarah is digger her own hole. Says Bruno she is doing it to herself now.  Once Brittnee goes, then Sarah. says Godfrey two verses one. *ucken Sarah says Bruno. it's *ucken crazy just crazy. says Bruno. 


10:20PM BBT: Ashleigh, Pili, and Zach are going over what all Sarah has said about them, and now Willow, And Godfrey and Bruno are still talking in the kitchen now about trying to get Zach to take out Ashleigh. 


10:25PM BBT: Bruno is saying if Zach does win a pulls Ashleigh off then we are *ucked, it all comes down to the veto. We got to win first it's a tough one. Godfrey someones going to have blood on their hands next week. Bruno we have to set the nominations up and then hammer that veto. 


10:31PM BBT: Brittnee is working on their calandar, it's made compeletly of paper towels. They have ripped up the paper towels to form the numbers and circles to form the days. Godfrey is now in the HoH. They are talking about murder stories, now fishing stories. 


10:35PM BBT: Ashleigh says she can never catch anything, Zach is telling a story about when a friend caught a trapper that had got caught in the river and died. 


10:40PM BBT: Now talking about how people do sick things to get life insurance. Like calm their family is missing when they are not. Bruno asked where Brittnee is at. The Have-Not room. next week we will be down to six people crazy. There will be the same number of people in the jury house has in this house. Six and six. Godfrey says his bread itches. 


10:45PM BBT: The HoH group is talking about making hotdogs later, now they are talking about different types of hotdogs. and now no talk at all just laying there. Bruno leaves to make coffee. now talking about big houses, and Dog the bounty hunter and how he has his face on the gate. Godfrey doesn't even think he's show is real. 


10:50PM BBT: Godfrey is going to prep the hot dogs Ashleigh is called to the DR. Leaving Zach and Pili in the the HoH room. Sarah and Brittnee are in the Have-Not room going over the order of the competitions.

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10:40PM BBT Bruno decides to head down and make some coffee and Pili warns him he is not going to sleep then. He jokes that 10 o'clock coffee is normal isn't it? Godfrey asks about what is the largest house they have ever seen and Zach talks about some he saw in Hawaii like Dog the Bounty Hunter's place that was huge.  His brother and son were next to them in a restaurant one afternoon. Godfrey says how is son and daughter and wife are also now all bounty hunters. The silence is broken when Godfrey decides to head down and start the hot dogs.


Feeds one and two back in the Have Not where Sarah has returned and the Jedi training has resumed and IMHO it sounds like they both need it.  Britt admits she is not to good at remembering the tasks. Sarah is telling her what the comps might look like. 


In the kitchen Bruno getting the water ready to boil the hot dogs and they start doing the math to figure out how many they need to cook. 


Britt commenting about how they did not make her bed when they made the others and feels it it a bit mean girl or maybe it is just cut throat and that is how it is. She will not be here tomorrow so why bother making her bed? They decide to talk their way through the calendar of BB events again.


Ash has come down and has cleaning spray and a towel she speaks to Bruno and Godfrey on the red couches and leaves to go clean whatever.  Bruno and Godfrey still talking about how to proceed and that Zach would send Pili home so they need to get Ash out first and the only thing that makes Zach dangerous is he has the two girls with him. (Have you seen Zach and his performance in comps??? Pride goeth before an eviction. - DRG) Godfrey joking about the lies he has told the girls and Bruno says he told them he would put up Godfrey and Sarah. They laugh about the two girls not asking about what he would do if one of his first noms came off the block. 


Britt and Sarah talking about how they have an uphill battle and Sarah starts joking about what type of comps would suit them. She thinks she should have won one of the question ones. Britt tells her she needs to not second guess herself.  

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10:55PM BBT: Bruno is cooking the hotdogs, he says to Godfrey and Ashleigh that it's weird how Brittnee has been in there all day. Brittnee is now laying down, and Bruno and Godfrey are back to talking about getting Ashleigh out next week over Brittnee.


11:00PM BBT: nothing has changed Bruno and Godfrey are still talking about the same thing, Brittnee and getting Ashleigh out. now they are laughing and joking about it. Brittnee and Sarah are still in the Have-Not room. Bruno goes to check on the hotdogs.


11:05PM BBT: Godfrey is now in the Have-Not room with Sarah going over the cheat calandar. they used up most of the Qtips to make the calandar. Sarah tells Godfrey she thinks that he will stay. (maybe she knows something?-sayre)


11:10PM BBT:Bruno and Zach are now talking in the kitchen. Bruno is saying it would be nice if she goes next week. yeah lets just rotate it. Says Zach Bruno is saying the crazy part is that Brittnee hasn't left her room. Zach says I'm so glad she won that veto. (little does he know that Brittnee has one too -Sayre)


11:15PM BBT: Ashleigh and Pili are in the the HoH room talking, Zach and Bruno are in the kitchen talking, and Sarah and Godfrey are in the Have-Not room. Sarah is telling Godfrey that if she doesn't win HoH she's going home next week, Godfrey you are right but if I win you won't. Sarah I hope so Godfrey, cause you are all I've got left. Godfrey is telling Sarah that Bruno doesn't even want to put you on the block. he is just as scared as you are. I'm the go between you too. But you can't keep going around saying that you are going after Bruno and Zach. Sarah is saying that OK so burn me on the stake because I'm honest. so they are going to lie to your face and you are going to trust them. So it's an emotional move. 


11:20PM BBT: OK let me asked you this can you beat Brittnee in final two? No, it's way better for you if somone else puts Brittnee in jury. Then Brittnee won't be mad at you in jury. Zach and Bruno are talking about Willow and how everyone thought they had her in their group and they didn't now onto the chop shop. Meanwhile in the HoH the girls Ashleigh and Pils are just laying on the bed not talking at all.


11:25PM BBT: Godfrey is reassuring Sarah that Bruno is not coming after her, you are not a final three. Sarah I know that. Godfrey we know they are not honorable people all I'm telling you is that Bruno is way smarter then Zach. Cause you think if Ashleigh won she would put up Bruno no. Bruno and Zach are now talking about Brittnee again and how crazy she is. I'm not worried though I'm not worried.


11:30pm Bruno is now talking to Sarah in the have not room asking him to just trust her. Zach and Godfrey are talking in the Kitchen. 


11:35PM BBT: Bruno is telling Sarah that she jumped the gun and that's why we are fucked. If you would have stuck to the plan we would have been fine but you didn't. Sarah is telling Bruno that he is repeating himself you just said the same thing three times. Bruno I'm a grown *ucken man Sarah. but go ahead. 


Sarah calls out Bruno on being pissed at her for campaigning for Brittnee when he did it for Bobby last week. Brittnee comes in on Bruno  and  Sarah, Sarah tells Brittnee she's getting in trouble for campaigning. Bruno gets pissed  and  leaves the Have-Not room

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