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  1. Sounds about right. I don't care for him either. He'll probably put up Kay and Jan, IMO.
  2. "I don't want to put you in a bad spot... BUT" Please! I hope he goes. He's weak though so maybe they will keep him.
  3. I skipped the season he won. He seems a little assholish.
  4. I like how he acts like he won HOH because he is so good. It was dumb luck. He and Christmas can bond over their greatness.
  5. Was she the one who got so mad she was bleeding out of her mouth?
  6. Nice to see ya too Helen! Great thing about this group for me is that I don't remember many of them so it's almost all new. Like the girl who is up now, Keesha, she was the fan fav for her season? I'm just happy that the cast are slightly older this season.
  7. Without an injury and without people carrying her along for the numbers.
  8. No respect for her or her game. Maybe they can throw some more crap her way and she can take credit for it, again.
  9. I liked Janie in her first season. After that she was too full of herself.
  10. I remember liking this guy. Don't remember why though.
  11. I like it too. So happy the rumor was wrong. I'm happy that most of the players are older and will probably be more interesting now.
  12. I didn't think there would be a season this year because of the covid stuff. So I was pleasantly surprised to check today and see that it will start on Aug. 5th, my birthday! Then I realized it was an All Star season and some people from season 18 will be there. In particular Paul and that big gay meatball Josh! I was so excited one minute only to feel sick to my stomach the next.
  13. He deserved the win. He played the best game from start to finish. Now, hopefully, I will never have to see him or any of these HGs again.
  14. She had diarrhea of the mouth. Thank goodness they had time limits on the HGs speeches or she'd still be talking today.
  15. He'll probably win. He played the best game. He was the smartest person in the game, which isn't saying much when you're surrounded by idiots.
  16. I'll be back next year as well, with hopes of a better cast. I really held out on this season as long as I could. This is why I stopped watching a few years ago. It just became so predictable and boring. I'll record the finale and fast forward through it to see the highlights. That's about it. This!
  17. Nicole's only chance now is if Holly can win the third part of the HOH comp and evict Michie. But getting rid of Michie would be a smart move so don't hold your breath.
  18. I stopped watching a couple of weeks ago. Checked in here a few times to see what was happening, but really lost interest. Expect the expected. I think Jackson should win, he's the only one left that actually has been playing to win. He's no worse than other winners of the past and everyone left in the house has broken the rules this season. It's just hard to watch these boring people make the same predictable moves, over and over. There is talk every season about how BB could make the show better by changing how they select players. Different age groups or cultural diversity is usually singled out, but now I think they should stop picking "superfans". Go with an entire cast of people who have never watched the show. The mega alliances have ruined the show as well as people who think they have it figured out and already know how it needs to be done. Get some greenhorns in there. At least this is my opinion. It doesn't mean crap though because BB will continue to beat his dead horse for all she's worth.
  19. I believe you are right. But I don’t think production tells them what they want as much as they manipulate the HGs to do it. They use their influence and the ideas just “manifest” for the HGs. This is why, in my opinion, the show is so stale and predictable. Production looks for certain types of people. They want those people that try to sell themselves to be on the show. The “look at me! I can do jiu jitsu while doing jello shots!” type people. Usually young people that think this is a social experiment and just a game, and they want popularity and think they may get bigger opportunities because of their participation. These HGs began to believe that these people behind the scenes and the voices in the diary room are their friends. It leaves them open to be easily manipulated. They seem to forget this is really a job. That’s why they get a paycheck for every week. There’s a lot of money on the line and having a kumbaya love fest isn’t really pertinent to the reason they are in the house. It’s either being able to do something nice and helping your family or making “lifelong friends” who are going to be able to do something nice for their families because they voted you out. All they have to do is feed some crap like “Why get Christie out and have Sis gunning for you? If Sis goes Christie may be indebted to you.”

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