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  1. I like her too. So far. Hope she doesn't try to go the motherly route.
  2. I wonder if production made him wear those overall/shorts. I hope so!
  3. I like him. Only time will tell.
  4. Only if he doesn't stumble over his ego.
  5. I like him, but he won't last long because he's overweight. He'll be targeted.
  6. Man, I was just looking through the tv guide and noticed BB is back! And it's only a few minutes away! Talk about good timing. Hopefully this season will be a good one.
  7. This season is just so boring. The players suck and the game is predictable. I haven't watched since last weeks triple eviction. I think I'm gonna retire for the season. I wish all of you the best. Happy holidays, and hopefully we'll meet again next season.
  8. Just read that Cody won Veto. He'll probably keep noms the same. I also read that Xmas has been throwing Ty under the bus. Ty should go make a deal with Cody. Tell him that he had a final two with Xmas, but he's ready to cut ties and if Cody works to keep him he'd switch alliances and make Cody his final two. Even if Cody already has one. Keep it on the down low. Cody may actually fall for it and Ty live to play on. Even if Cody already wants Xmas out he'll think he's a master manipulator and it would perhaps take the light off of Ty even if he doesn't win next HOH. You notice that very few players talk game strategy in their diary sessions. Or is it just me?
  9. And Cody wins HOH again. I'm thinking it's gonna be Xmas and Tyler on the block.
  10. I heard about this recently. I'm surprised they brought her back.
  11. She actually won a comp all on her on! Has that ever happened before?
  12. I don't know if this season could get any worse, can you imagine an entire boring week of David on the block? I'm happy Amazing Race is coming back.
  13. Kaysar: Nic, Dani, and Cody are a threesome! Dani: he has no class! Also Dani: Tyler and Xmas have a final 2!
  14. The smartest move he made all season was taking the $10,000.
  15. I'm thinking Kevin (or David or a backdoor) goes home first. Then HOH, noms, veto, vote, and another HG goes. Then repeat the process one more time. All on Thursday. I may be wrong though. It's a two hour show. Everyone is expecting a double, so this is really gonna mess them up.
  16. I think you nailed it. I'm thankful that there's a three eviction night coming up because I doubt Cody has the backbone to make any move that would make the game interesting. I could almost see any of the other guys putting up Nic and Dani, but not Cody. I've been wrong before though.

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