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  1. Of the two people on the block, Ian and Tyler, I'd have to vote to evict Tyler if I was in the game. It's not that I wish he'd cut his hair or that he seems to have an obsession with Angela. He seems like a pretty nice guy, but I think he's more of a threat.
  2. I believe she used it and now Ian is up on the block with Tyler.
  3. Too bad David didn't act totally relieved and then throw a little subtle "thanks man, I owe ya" to Memphis right after the ceremony. Start some crap. What does he have to lose? Play the game.
  4. If Ian, David, Day, and Kevin could get together they may stand a chance.
  5. She needs to go. Did she really a have a fan base that warranted her spot on All Stars? At least she didn't get so angry she started bleeding again, at least that I know of.
  6. This would be the best time for him to win. I think his power is only good this week and next, so he'd be safe next week and could really do what he wants with the HOH.
  7. Ian's rocking kinda gets on my nerves too. But yeah, there's no need to make fun of someone. I haven't been paying as much attention lately so I don't really know what's going on though.
  8. Another season of Expect the Expected. I'll never be a fan of Xmas (or any of Paul's minions from that season.) The only thing left of interest in this season is watching them turn on each other.
  9. There will never be another Dr. Will. I love how he told people he was going to get them out of the game and did it. They didn't take him serious.
  10. Bay has no game. She should have called Dani out to Xmas. Instead Dani did her in.
  11. She has to justify her own game play somehow. If she actually said this, than pot meet kettle. She is so comfortable she volunteered to go up!
  12. For him to even think about saving either Day or Bay with his power instead of saving it for himself proves he's an idiot. IMO.
  13. I think it's only fitting that Xmas wins HOH by way of her opponent losing. She's HOH and didn't do anything, again.
  14. He comes off as weak and not too bright to me. Kaysar could have easily been scooped up and used. He knew Dani was sketchy and there are some strong players that could have been backdoored. Sooner or later it's you or them. IMO.
  15. I liked Kaysar, but he didn't really play a good social game. At least it didn't seem like it. He was just getting going only at the very end. Too bad he had to go.
  16. Did you notice how both of them looked absolutely appalled to have to give Kaysar a goodbye hug? I like the way he went out. He scoffed at the All Star moniker and he's right, which you know really bruised their ego's as well.
  17. If only. At least this might have been an interesting HOH.
  18. Isn't Cody from Jersey too? It was a bromance from the first yo!
  19. I agree with everything your wrote. The herd mentality is a game killer as far as excitement goes. If these people don't vote out Xmas than do they really deserve all star status? It's the smart move for the majority of the house. Plus, she volunteered to go up! Duh, All Star? LMAO! Nic A only won AFP because everybody felt sorry for her, and it seemed David was pretty smart last year because he seemed to figure everyone out. Neither of these players deserved a shot this season. Nic was an emotional mess who had positively no awareness of what was going on around her. I laughed when I read later that she tried to claim her game play against Jaysar was just that, game play, and she thought that it would save her. She really didn't mean it to talk bad about them and was just doing it to save herself. Sure. And David, he absolutely does not deserve to be here. I've never played the game and I think I could have done better. I hope they don't keep him around.

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