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  1. i don't care for the rat boy but don't sell him short. russ is worried about him & ron knows it. i think he's trying to set russ up for a backdoor this week. that way he gets rid of a threat & stays in good with everyone. rat boy is planting seeds everywhere. he may get busted & leave soon but i think he's gonna be hard to get rid of.
  2. i can't wait to see "ronnie the rat" on the block. he will seal his own fate then.
  3. i've also recorded the 1st 2 shows on dvd without any trouble. sounds like it may be the dvd recorder. last 1 i had started doing strange things like not reading disc's & would stop recording at any time. got a new 1 & problems stopped. make sure disc tray is clean & try a can of the compressed air & blow out the inside but i would bet it's the player itself.
  4. i like the twist. it should keep things stirred up & hope it leads to some good gameplay. looks like a lot of these HG came to play. may be wrong but i think this could be a really good cast.
  5. i've been on a BB marathon for the past couple of months, watching season's 2-10 from start to finish. on season 9 right now (lots of fast forward thru this season) also been staying up later at night to get ready for BBAD. also hoping for a great cast & season so we will have a BB12, 13, 14, & so on.
  6. Long time lurker here! i think i have seen every BB forum on the net & i gotta say that MORTYS is the best by a wide margin! i have to give a late but well deserved thanks to all the live feed updaters & to all the people that come up with the great info for BB. you guys & gals are the best! i know you people put in a lot of time & effort in the live feed updates, gathering info, polls, etc. so don't forget to thank them like i have done the past few years. a simple thanks means a lot! i've seen every BB & have them all on dvd & looking forward to BB11. here's to BB11 & hoping it's a great cast & a great season! Thanks again to all the members of Mortys for a great forum!

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