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  1. McCrea told aaryn that he would probably end up alone & living like a hermit & aaryn said no you won't....McC reply "it's kinda what i want"
  2. the LFU'ers here do a great job! thanks to all of you for the hard work you do.
  3. i think dan left a can of "mist" in the house and e found it and sprayed herself with it.
  4. did amanda close a deal on the hoh room? mcmanda have taken it over & now ama is wearing the hoh robe around the house!
  5. judd said he wouldn't be surprised if he turned around in the DR & find andy standing there.
  6. i'm all for a little "shomance action" but i had to switch channels last nite when they were in the tub together.
  7. wearing his hat, shorts in hand, chapstick in bra. do you think she will mention nick in her speech?
  8. That name applies in more ways than one!
  9. e and helen were in hoh bathroom around 2:35-2:45 bbt i think. i didn't hear kait say it, just e, so i didn't put much stock in it.
  10. i heard that too but didn't know if it was true or not. if true then kait outed herself.
  11. love it, thats the way it should have played out.
  12. 1- judd-looks & listens & has a good idea of whats going on in the house, also seems to be open minded (great trait for bb) 2- andy- has put himself in good spot (for now) 3- amanda- smart girl w/ good game play, just needs to back off a little bit
  13. kait, aa, and judd have all commented that they had 3's & 4's in the lanes they were in & e had 9's & 10's.
  14. time warner owns the rights and is due to expire in 2030 (google)
  15. He looks like a 70's porn actor.......just guessing
  16. someone does, they had to pay for it in bb 10 when kisha had her b-party. i wanna say it was $120 but not sure. the song makes around 2 million a year in royalties.
  17. Mine seem to be OK but have seen some complaints on the chat sidebar.
  18. how long before she uses the phrase "nobody comes between me and my man"
  19. i hope it's her partner, here's a bb fan with the chance of a lifetime and he turns into a lump of crud. ps: love your sig! GBB
  20. it was next to the box with the coup de tat in it
  21.   everyone loves a train wreck...on one hand i would love to see her out before jury to face the firing squad, on the other hand i love to watch her keep digging the hole deeper.(aaryn)

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