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  1. Hope we have some good live feeds tonite. Lots of fireworks!
  2. yeah, the season just got saved for me! (for now)
  3. aaryn can't vote so that would make it 5-5 w/ mccrea the swing vote. is this really gonna happen?
  4. my audio was cutting out the last couple of minutes....was it because of the language from the hg....or just my cable?
  5. like, i wish she would, like quit using like so much, like it's so, like annoying!
  6. all systems go! working great this morning. i'll get nothing done the next couple of months.
  7. are you getting the live feeds on your tablet? i've yet to get mine working.
  8. anyone using an android tablet to get the feeds? this will be my first year to get the feeds and was wondering what the process is. easy or hard? i'm not tech savy but thank goodness for google and youtube. i've followed the livefeed updaters on mortys since season 8 and what a great job they do and what a great site this is! i'm using a toshiba thrive which has a full size hd port to display the pic to the tv. hoping this is a great bb season. thanks
  9. he's ok but just don't see him going far. he may freak out & shoot himself in the foot. needs to be quiet & lay low.
  10. if ED is gone, i think it's a big advantage for her. she's a smart girl. she's safe for the next 4 weeks & can set back & see how the game's playing out & set herself up for the rest of the game. i think it's a bigger blow to bren/rach & jeff/jor since she can't compete the next few weeks.
  11. hope ED gets booted & she gets to play the game on her own. i think she would be a big threat on her own.
  12. i like the twist too. best opening show in awhile. just hope BB doesn't screw it up later. let'm play now.
  13. thanks to all of you! another great job by everyone!!
  14. it's only been used once & 4 people were left, so everyone played ( final 3 ) for HOH. wouldn't surprise me if bren gets to play for HOH. diamond veto Introduced in the final veto contest of season 4, The Diamond Power of Veto was essentially the same as the Golden Power of Veto. With only four houseguests left, the winner of the Veto could choose (with the exception of the Head of Household) who to evict -- if a nominee used it on themselves, they would become the only houseguest able to vote for eviction, and if the one houseguest who was not nominated used it on a nominated houseguest, only one houseguest would remain eligible for eviction. The Diamond Power of Veto did not appear in subsequent seasons
  15. if you were in the house who would you least expect? what HG is the most common every year? the lone token gay male HG. everyone expects this & it takes the spotlight off of him. you know the SAB is getting inside info & i don't he or she has tipped their hand at all yet. plus the lone gay male has always gone far in the big brother game with an average finish of around 7th. so Ragan is my pick. matt or lane would be my next guess.
  16. i have a playstation 3 hooked up to my main tv. this is from the real player site "Our new video converter makes it incredibly easy to copy and transfer online video to your iPod, mobile, Xbox, PS3 or other favourite device" does this mean i can get the feeds with just using the playstation 3 or would i have to have it networked with a pc?
  17. every 3 seasons ( 3-6-9 ) someone that's been evicted has come back in the BB house.....think it'll happen in BB 12?
  18. thanks for the link. it's a good read. survivor may be the king but nothing captivates me like B.
  19. 12!! i love my BB! hope it's a great cast this year with some great twists (is that possible with BB)
  20. ITA! russ flauted & taunted with the II & should have never made the deal with brett & lied to him. i think russ played a great game, just didn't play a good end game, IMO nat played a great social game & i think would have gone far w/wo russ. congrats to nat on the win!! i was thrilled to see a foa foa win, what a comeback for them! is russ being an unknown for S20 an advantage or disadvantage? i think that could work either way. great season!!!
  21. i'm pulling for russ or nat to win. it's been a very good season.
  22. sure hated to see Liz go. she was my fav. don't know who to root for now.

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