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September 8 To 11 - Live Feed Updates

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10:02 BBT

GoodLord we're back in the HOH with Dan and Keesha.

Keesha is back crying. Dan says, April and Ollie are there (in the juryhouse).

Keesha says, Jerry is going to win. Dan defending himself, Dan: You are always good for me in the game. Keesha: Can't believe I have to stay in here one more night. He (Memphis) is totaling avoiding every room I'm in. He thinks I'm out of my mind right now Im sure. What a mind game this place has been, OMG. I cant stand to see Jerry though..he talks shit about everyone.

Dan: He hasn't done anything. Keesha: Whatever he did he was smart, he made it this far. What has Memphis had to do, shit. He never even won HOH. He was never the bad guy he was good to go. He was always saved, no one had bad feelings toward him.

Memphis was laying down, now he's up wondering around a bit.

Keesha saying how lucky April was, that she won a lot of stuff in here. "This sucks". "I'm so glad I figured this out. I would have been so upset. It's so nerve racking." Dan: I didn't get upset because I didn't think it was over yet (Memphis deciding on who to vote out).

Memphis looking at the fish while he's snacking on something. He pulls out a kitchen chair and looks like he is in deep thought right now. (did Keesha think she was never getting voted out?)

Keesha: He never had to be the bad guy the whole time he was in here. I can't breath.

Dan: He's upset too. Keesha: What the fk does he have to be upset about. He has the power and he's gonna take Jerry! Jerry is full of shit if he thinks he is getting my vote. Full of shit! You have a good chance of winning if you can make it to the final two Dan! This is definitely going to work in your favor. Dan: If I win who do I take (to the final two)? Keesha: I don't want to see either one of them win. He wasn't even gonna tell me!

(Dan is eating it up) while Keesha is telling him your the one sitting pretty with me now dude.

10:18 BBT

Memphis and Jerry in the Kitchen.

And Dan and Keesha still in the HOH. Keesha still raging over her being voted out and feeling betrayed. Keesha: At least I get to say a speech before I leave. Dan: Don't do anything you'll regret keesha.

Keesha watching Memphis and Jerry on the HoH screen. Dan: You see um talking down there don't you?

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10:20 BBT

Keesha talks about packing and watches Memphis and Jerry in the spyscreen..Keesha says "they want to get out of camera view" and tells Dan "you fucking better beat them" and warns him she'll be mad if he see him walking into the jury house...

"you need to fucking take them...if you don't he'll be taking Jerry" Keesha agains warns them...Keesha "I'm definitely working in your favor" and tells Dan "wait til I get in there{Jury House}"

Keesha saying she figures it all "on my own" {Umm Michele and co warned her}

Memphis is getting ready for bed in Ollie/Aprils old room before he heads to bathroom to brush his teeth....

Back in HOH "he's to afraid I was going to pick you or you would pick me" Keesha says and "that was smart" he was evicting her....

Keesha says Memphis "had to get paranoid I'm around Dan"....Dan says "I never said I was taking you to final two" and Keesha asks if Memphis was taking him to final two...Dan sidesteps and Keesha says "that's alright" "he told all of us that"..

Keesha says he told him "he wasn't going to see any of these people again" and since her and Memphis "live in the same city" and she knows it was "bull shit" saying "he says he needed me in this game"..and adds "to do all his dirty work"

10:29 BBT Dan says if he wins the final HOH "it doesn't really matter" who he takes...Keesha says Dan has her and Reeney's vote for sure......Keesha says "its a game" and so isn'r "completely losing her mind" because of it...Dan really working her vote.......

Keesha goes over the votes....names them "and there will be one other person" entering...Keesha patting herself on the back..saying she never though she could change Libra's vote saying I never knew "until I tried"...Keesha saying"memphis always loses in the questions" Dans says he on;y missed one in last comp...Keesha says "those were study questions" but questions that are about HGs "he's horrible at them" Keesha tells Dan..

silent pause..

10:33 BBT Keesha says "I almost asked Jerry " before she went up to HOH if she was leaving because "jerry's behavior" tipped her off...saying he's been quiet "he knows he's safe'.."It all makes sense now"...Kessha says "wow ..wow wow wow....this sucks"...

Dan offers to "call him up"....but Keesha says "there's no way in hell" "isn't going to happen" "he's not stupid" that Keesha will take him to final two...and tells him not to bother..

Keesha says "oh God Dan I hope you win it"....Keesha says "I can't see April picking Memphis"..

Keesha ponders "I should of kept Michele..oh well at least she would have got rid of Memphis" and now says she

can't regret what she did....

Keesha "you should be good at it Dan" about the endurance comp.....warns him "he waon't fall for it" any deals and warns him to not "jump off" and now is at peace of "finally get to see people..you know how long its been"

Dan says he will try "one more shot" to "flip it" and if it doesn't work he needs to talk to her "away from them for 30 seconds"

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Dan's letting her know that if he can't flip Memphis, he'll need to talk to her away from everyone else for 30 seconds.

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Dan has Michelle's vote! Watch his face when Keesha says that there is no way you can get Michelle's vote...the little smile that comes over his face may have given him away.

Dan's telling her that there is another reason why Ollie will not vote for him. He says he has 2 things to tell her tomorrow.

*what did Dan do to Ollie, is it the Renny incident?*

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10:41 BBT

"i want to scream" Keesha says that Jerry is staying over her and says "i have to give him credit"...Keesha playing hindsight 20/20 saying idf she would have kept Ollie instead of Jerry she would not be in her prediciment...

Dan says Jerry was "a bad competitor" and Keesha says he hasn't done anying except to be dragged along..

Keesha says "he screwed me out of a lot of money" about Memphis....

10:44 BBT

long silence...........

Silence broken when Keesha whispers "it sucks"....and mocks Memphis for saying he was sorry and says "it sucks I have to stay in here another night" saying she feels like she's "going crazy"

Dan offers his HOH and Keesha says "he's the one that keeps running from me"

Keesha "I have to pack because I think tomorrow will be really busy"

Keesha "he won't come up here"..Dan offers to bring him in "to talk to you alone" Keesha says no since "I already know why...he's to afraid I would take you"

Keesha heavily sighs and laughs she still has her things "between my toes" when she was painting her nails..

Dan says "i would not have been here without you Keesha..no chance"///Keesha tells him "now you have to finish it"...telling Dan "i'll get you the votes" saying "i just have to think of the 4th vote" and bets it will be if "memphis wins" and takes Dan "Jerry" may be it because being screwed over "for 1/2 a million dollars".."its a lot of money"..and screwing Jerry over may be "your 4th vote"...

Dan says what if I win..and set Jerry out...Keesha admits she'll not get Jerry's vote.......Keesha says he may have a chance with Apriland ollie but Dan reminds her that "he took away his manhood" and Keesha says "I don't think there any way you'll get Michele's"...and wonders if she's blames Memphis...

Dan worried Reeney didn't have the convo like she did with Memphis. Keesha says she will get Reeney's vote for him..."I can get Libra's" and still wonders about "who's the 4th vote"

Keesha says "if they go off game play "you're a show in"...but says thatpeople hold grudges..

Dan tells her "I won't get Ollie's vote" but has to tell her he needs to tell her something..he won't tell her but says "it will make you smile"

Dan goes over Jerry's theories...

10:55 BBT "jerry got to him" Keesha says but Dan says "I don't think" he didn't but more of "who he wanted to compete against"......saying Jerry talks garbage and says like "me protecting you sounds like garbage but its the truth"

Keesha wonders what happens after her eviction..wheter she'll saty in a hote "maybe I'll get a phone call..that will be huge"

Dan offers her the HOH and Keesha says "is that ok I stay up here with you"..offers to get her clothes...Keesha relents and Dan goes downstairs..to the 60s room.....and doesn't find Memphis.."memphis come in here for a sec"

they whisper inaudibly must Memphis leavesright away while Dan gets Keesha's clothes...

Keesha heads to the bathroom..

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11:00 BBT: Dan and Memphis in SR and Dan explains what she said..Memphis says "whatever..I'm not worried about it"....he tells Dan it would have been "twice as hard" with her in "the final three"....

After their brief interlude..they both exit...Dan heads back to HOH "shit" as he tries to eneter through a locked door..he runs into Keesha and tells her he's been locked out..Keesha "I thought you said it was unlocked"

Keesha goes to 60s room and Dan pokes his head in to see but heads to kitchen ..when Keesha come in "are they unlocking it for you"....Keesha wonders where Memphis was..and Dan thinks he's in the room with Jerry...

Keesha "what time is it".."that's it" when Dan tells her its 11....

Keesha heads to bathroom...."their lights are off"...Keesha "Jerry's lights are off"..Dan offers "to go check"...."want me to go check" while Keesha starts removing the makeup from her face.....

Dan says he could hear em..telling him "you fucking better get it...you better win"...Keesha says "no thankyou" when Dan offers her some ice cream.......she continues to wash her face...

11:09 BBT: "are you eating ice cream Dan"......talking about being "stressed out".......Dan mumbles something while Keesha tells him "i know" as she gets ready for her shower....."oh man" Keesha says about "money" to herself as she readies for her shower..

11:13 BBT: Dan gets BB announcement "please report to the head of household bedroom"..Dan thanks BB for unlocking his door...

Keesha showering while Dan walks around downstairs to keep an eye on Keesha while she takes her shower....

Dan pacing looking at himself in the mirror when BB calls him to DR.....

11:16 BBT: a sleepless Memphis laying in bed in Ollies/Aprils old room....

right now Dan in DR Memphis in bed..Jerry in bed in 80's room and Keesha in Shower..

11:18 BBT...Memphis gets out of the bed and heads to the 60s room flips off the lights and jumps in his water bed .

11:23 BBT: Jerry gets up sits in the livingroom and stares blankly before looking in the SR and the 6os room before heading to the 80s room and right in fron of the camera digs in his nose with his finger.......Jerry sits on his bed nervously in the dark staring at the floor....

11:25 BBT Keesha has finished her shower....and is getting dressed...

Jerry finishes contemplating whatever he was contemplating and lies down in his bed....

Keesha now walking into the back rooms and flips on the lights in the 60s room and wakes up Memphis.....without saying a word to him she gets what she needs to get flips off the lights and walks out...she heads back to the bathroom and finishes her primping.."ay ay ay ay ay" "stop stressing" she tells herself...

Now she's brushing her hair that sounds like it hurts.....

11:32 BBT Dan still in DR Jerry and Memphis in bed and Keesha in bathroom...

11:34 BBT: Keesha heads back to 60s room and flips the lights on...this time Memphis doesn't move...Jerry hears her gets up and sits up to listen...but when she leaves and pokes her head in his door...he lays back down...

Keesha briefly stops in the Sauna Room.....before she heads back to the 60s room and flips on the lights once again and gets something....mumbling under her breath and finally heads to HOH where she rings the bell and no one answers since Dan is in DR.

11:37 BBT Keesha heads back to the sauna room where she starts working on her toenails that she started earlier in the evening...

Jerry either croaked of he's finally asleep with his mouth wide open arms hanging off the bed..

11:39 Keesha working on her toes..Dan is in the DR Memphis is in bed..and Jerry well I guess is asleep...

11:43 BBT Dan enters the sauna room and says something before BB warns him.....Keesha tells dan Memphis "didn't talk" to her even when she saw him "in bed"

Keesha "this game is stressful"..then realizes about Memphis "what an asshole" and for everything "i did for him" saying the game is too "cut throat" and she can't be that way...

Keesha says "I can tell by the way he talks" that she was being evicted by Memphis.."I just though he would take me with you guys.....sort of" and says she didn't want to get "her hopes up"......"he even told me....one of us has to get it"..she says Memphis told her before POV....Keesha says she was probably better if "Jerry would have got it" and her senses come back and realizes she would be in the same boat...

Keesha says to Dan "I really don't think they are going to keep you around"...Keesha says "I don't think you should take Jerry" to the finals...{Dan was laying on his mic so he was hard to hear}

11:48 BBT: They head to HOH to get ready for bed...Dan goes to take a shower while Keesha asks for "apple juice" and Keesha opens the mini fridges "can I have some cheese...look at all the burritos you got" telling him her sister would have eaten them all......she whines "OHHHHHHH" as she hopes on the bed....

11:50...Dan showering while Keesha drinks juice and stares in deep thought...

Back downstairs Jerry has come back from the dead and is lying on his side with his eyes wide open in bed..

Keesha and Dan talking and Keesha admits she though she would "be ok" that Memphis got it.....and goes over how she got the feeling Memphis wanted her gone...goes over the POV comp.

Keesha puts on the head phones while Dan showers..as the camera zooms in on the frosted glass to peak at Dan's ass.

11:56 BBT Back downstairs..Jerry has crawled under the covers and really looks like he's seriously is going to bed this time....

12:03 BBT: Dan is finishing up in the bathroom while Keesha is in the bed in the HOH with the earphones on...

Dan removing his contacts{ I though everyone gets laysek now}...grabs his mic and heads into the main room...Keesha wonders if POV and eveiction "will be live"...and says "i wonder if i get to watch" the HOH comp....and says "I'll get to see everyones good bye messgae"

Dan "I can tell you one of the 2 things tonight"...Keesha says "what is it" ..Dan at a loss for words..uses stuffed animal basically saying he nned "this "{Memphis} just in case "THis'{Keesha} didn't make it but thought if "this {Memphis} won it he would "have say" in th ePOV decision but if it was up to him he would keep her..

Keesha says "he looking at it from a game point of view"...saying she pretty much figured out...when Jerry knew Reeney was "leaving"..saying "I was told"..Dan says how does Jerry know all this stuff...and Keesha says "why is he talking to Jerry" and that gave her "a hint"...

Dan says "you could tell him{Memphis}" about what they talked about "but it will hurt me more" and Keesha says she isn't going to say anything....

Keesha "it just sucks when you help somebody so much" and it comes to this.....Dan keeps blowing the smoke up Keesha's ass....

keesha "I know what he's thinking" about Memphis and repeats that she was going to pick Dan over him.....and Jerry says "why would he pick jerry" Dan agrees that he would win...Keesha and Dan talk how none of the negative stuff "will air" and Jerry will come out "looking like a saint" and we get FOTH....

Keesha "they love Jerry" about JC and Craig Fergeson....saying they always ask him question..."they love under dogs" Keesha says about Jerry..

Now Keesha says "no one our age" would "get away" what Jerry has said...

12:15 BBT Keesha seems to be resolved with her eviction...while Dan tells her there were two times he wasn't truthful......and says he'll tell her tomorrow Keesha says "why don't you tell me today" Dan says he'll tell her tomorrow..

Keesha goes over "we can help each other out in this game" Memphis told her earlier in the game......"and he said...I need you in this game"...."I will take you to the end..because you'll be the only person I'll ever see in this house again"...Keesha sya "I guess he changed his mind"

Dan saying Michele was pissed and she will need to go over with it with Michele...keesha says "i really think you're a nice person and would like to see you have it"..."you're the one who's played the game the best"..Dan says he's played "shady on a game level" and not on a "personal level"

Kessha saying Jerry has got through "because he's 75"...."I would rather Memphis get it over Jerry" Keesha admits "because he's youndr" and says "I don't want either one to get it" and says "Jerry is crazy if he thinks he's getting my vote"

12:23 BBT: Keesha really proud she "figured it out on my own" about her eviction..saying when she came to them she "caught em off guard"

Keesha "everyone up against Jerry has left"..Dan doesn't think Memphis will take Jerry....Keesha says Jerry might take Dan to the final two because he's more hated...

Keesha says "do you think" jerry had something with Memphis for awhile..

Dan doubts it since Memphis talks "so poorly" of Jerry and didn't help when "he fell in the pool"

Keesha says "he moves fast for his weight" about Memphis{LOL}....

12:27 BBT...Keesha in her acceptance phase of her eviction..saying she would not give this experience up for anything and she "miss Reeney soooo much"..and be glad to see her..."i got a lot of air time...I was the last girl left"

Keesha starting to laugh.....talking about the past .......Dan reassures her about jury house "you won't be there very long".......saying she won't be with Libra "too long" and Dan says April/Ollie will be together and Dan goes over what she'll be doing.....Dan still thinks the Early Show is filmed in the morning and lets her know about house calls being a 1...

Keesha asks about early show and what they will ask....."that's cool though being on the air..the next morning" she tells Dan..

Keesha "Memphis is so going to question you after I leave".....Dan says "after I got back" and that's when Memphis "got wierd" about Keeping her over Jerry...

12:35 BBT..Dan saying "Jerry knows..I'm pissed" that Keesha will be leaving...keesha "he's been soooo annoying..oh my gosh are you kidding me"...Dan says there's still "a long shot"

12:37 BBT: Keesha giving Dan his pep talk to do well...Keesha back in her angry phase.about leaving...back to acetance "everything happens for a reason" and talking about the past performances in HOH...

Dan saying he wants to "keep he calm" and try "to influence" Memphis in keeping her......Keesha "I want to know how long he's {jerry} known" and says she'll ask him tomorrow...

12:41 BBT: Keesha tells Dan Memphis thinks "there a chance" Memphis thinks "he might get it" AC choice for extra cash...Keesha thinks Reeney will win it...Dan says Michele might win it...

Dan says "i'm going to have to take him" about Memphis to the final two......Keesha "either way" you're getting money...saying "$60,000" is a lot of money "in michigan" and will be able to "buy a house"...Dan now talking about "investing money" if he wins....

Dan asks "would you have done anything different" ..Keesha says know...excpet "win the POV"....and says she would not do "anything differently"

12:47 Keesha repeating everything happens for a reason and says it doesn't feel like "the money wasn't taken away" since she really never had it.....and goes on about never giving it up for anything and reminisces about past comps....

12:50 BBT: Dan building a wall of pillows on the bed to sperate him and Keesha as they get ready for bed...they talk about what side they will sleep on...they figure out what side they will sleep on..Keesha asks "I didn't get too crazy" about losing "how ever much money"

Keesha "Jerry's up" and Dan "what's he doing" Dan turns out the lights

Dan adds to his pilow wall and hopes into bed with Keesha...

12:54 BBT Keesha bemoans Jerry "i don't understand him".........Keesha sasy "I'm going balck and white tomorrow" {her pic} and asks Dan if he's fed the fish and says "Thanks for being so nice Dan" and continues his blowing of smoke....

12:58 BBT "good night Dan...you're sweet" and Dan offers his apolggy he couldn't do more to make sure she stays..they continue talking

{I'm out and will be back tomorrow for the marathon HOH Part I....night all}

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BB Time 12:15am Keesha knows she is leaving ....She said "you guys are voting me out aren't you"? .She straight up asked Memphis in the HOH with Dan there, Memphis face got red and he could not look at her and she knew. He denied it Dan denied it, But Memphis said he had to go get a drink, left the room and did not come back....She knew she sat there in the HOH and was talking to Dan . Dan played it like he didn't know for sure. This all happened eariler around 10:00am BB Time....

BB Time 12:21am.......Keesha in the HOH after a shower... Dan took a shower in the HOH and they are on his bed talking.......He told her "I can see Jerry saying I've been in a POW camp for 5 yrs, and see him winning this game tomorrow" (he did tell Memphis that perhaps trying to get Keesha to stay) ....they are discussing who would Jerry take... they decide Memphis... Keeshasaid "They have something Jerry and Memphis" Dan agreed. He seems to believe Keesha's susupcions to be true...she said "Memphis can kick my butt Physically wise" so this suprized her. She says she wants Dan to win this game now and will do her best in the Jury house to make sure of it. She is excited to get out of the house and hopes she can have a phone call, she says she misses Renny "So Much " ......BTW, Memphis is in Bed, Jerry is sleeping....Memphis was sleeping on Michelle's old bed then got up and went into the peace room. ......I think Dan is asking her what they asked her in DR today, he mouthed it so the cams could not hear.....she said "Renny"....she is having an orange juice too. She says it will be so weird to be around "those people again"...... Camera is being funny, has one on Ted the spider outside..(LOL)......Dan is telling her she will do housecalls and they have live calls, she said "Really?, how fun" and sounds sincerely excited. she said "it's pretty cool to be on air the next morning"......Dan said "I really thought I would be able to change his mind" Dan saying he knew cause Jerry came out of the BR singing and knew he felt safe and Memphis had decided to keep Jerry.....He tells Keesha he thinks him winning will be a "longshot" ...She tells him how she does'nt want to see him show up at the Jury house next. "you have to give everything you got" she tells him "I have a couple days to persuede people" Keesha says about the Jury house...she is saying it doesnt matter how you hate people in the game, its the person who sends you out, you hate them because they just took away your chance for 500,000$...

BB Time 12:38am.......she is saying how the POV was so important and that she panicked and messed up on it. Dan says he didn't tell her because he was trying to keep her calm to continue to influence Memphis to change his mind about Keeping Jerry...She isn't mad at Dan at all...Everything is on Memphis... (FYI I DID hear Dan saying exactly to Memphis about maybe Jerry would be more dangerous to Keep) He is telling her the truth here on what he had said to Memphis word for Word...Keesha saying "You are making money either way if you get to the finals" Dan said "Yea thats half a house to win the 50,000".........Dan said they have to build a wall of pillows so she can sleep there, "I dont want Monica to be mad" Dan says "no, she will think its funny if we do that and put her picture in the middle"...Keesha says "Everything happens for a reason". that it isnt like she "had the money and someone took it away"......That she would not trade this experience for anything. Dan being a nice Guy...Dan building a wall of pillows in the middle of the bed..talking about the past comps....she never threw a comp she told Dan.. "I never throw them"...

Keesha saying his Grandpa look a like Matthew Mc Caunehey in the Pic Dan has... Keesha asking what side does Dan sleep on... he said either side.......Jerry getting up......Keesha asking if she acted too Crazy laughing...... she says she just "felt bad"...(about Memphis doing that) Dan saying he was "watching her hands".....Lights out and Keesha in the HOH bed, Dan now getting in also.....


BB Time 12:54am...........Jerry coming out of the BR washing hads with water.. (just water) going back to his room...

Keesha playing with the BB TV remote.....Keesha says "Thanks for being so nice Dan" Dan said "Keesha we have come along way and have grown close".......a Sea of pillows between them....Dan says watch the fish die from Jerry feeding them and the die from his bacteria ridden hands,," Keesha laughs..... she says...."Night Dan, thanks for being so Nice", Dan says... I just wish I could have done more" Keesha...."Oh You have been so sweet".... they mention michelle.. He says "I could never see you do that to Memphis" she says "Would he really do that to me"? she thought. she wondered but didn't know till tonight....Keesha laughing..... saying "man if you're in on it" she said she thought....He said he felt he had a" hand on the decison making process" Dan askes if she will say goodbye to him.. she says "Nope, Im not speaking to him"..........Jerry turning in bed.....

BB Time 1:00am "I just can't beleive him" Keesha says.....She says its awkward for Memphis but , "he opened up to us and thought he genuinely liked us"....... She knew it when he said he was going to keep her cause he liked her" she said "you dont keep people just cause you like them in this house" Dans ping pong ball falls across the fall.....Keesha says "goodnight" Dan says "Goodnight Keesha"......

(Goodnight to me too.) I'm out :):bedtime:

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1:05 BBT

OK, on Cam 4 Ted the Spider is hangin.. But for the rest it looks as though all are going to sleep.

Keesha and Dan in the HOH with his pillow bed in the middle.

Jerry back in bed stirring a little.

Memphis presumably in bed too.

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3:33 am BBT

HG's in bed asleep...

Cam 1 - Dan and Keesha

Cam 2 - Jerry

Cam 3 - Jerry

Cam 4 - One of the spiders, from the look of the web, it looks to be Debbie as Teds net has been shoddy lately

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9:41 am BBT

HG's still in bed, Memphis has been stirring quite a bit... just sat up to get more covers... Jerry is now stirring... must be getting close to wake up...

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10:25AM BBT: Dan and Keesha are in the sauna room chatting about the pillow wall between them last night. Keesha says that it was hard to fall asleep. They wonder why they don't know what's going on for tonight's show. Jerry is sitting in the LR with Memphis, they were discussing the fact that Memphis doesn't eat breakfast.

Dan heads to the kitchen to get some fruit for breakfast.

10:40AM BBT: All feeds are on Memphis in the LR alone...

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Dan and Keesha are alone in the sauna room, she

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Keesha is crying, not sure Memphis has noticed. Still silence.

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BB Time 11:08 Am......Everyone in the HOH LD now....Keesha askd Dan if he fed the fish he says yes...Jerry in one of the chairs next to the HOH table Memphis in the other... VERY quiet....Keesha listening to music on Dans bed crying some ...wiping her eyes with her sleeve...Trying to be composed but you can see she is crying...looking up twoard the ceiling as to ignore it and trying not too cry....

BB Time 11:14am.....Jerry looks to be napping sitting up and Memphis has yet to even look at Keesha...Dan is in bed next to Keesha under the covers sleeping or trying...the wall of pillows is still there and the pic of Monica laying on top is cute..Keesha sniffing ans wiping Tears still...Dan looking over to check on Keesha...Memphis moves off the chair to the floor ,now feet up on the chair and laying on the floor...........SILENCE......

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Keesha looks to have covered herself with blanket from the HoH bed? You can hear a sniff or a sigh now and again...


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LD is over. Looks like Memphis has the Dyson out and is asking Dan how to empty it.

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Jerry has the Dyson (I want one of those!!) and Keesha is packing, she's having to use white trash bags as she has too much stuff.

She's just sat in bed looking thoughtful.

Memphis is in the Saunda Room alone.

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Feeds are now showing Dan in the HoH room listening to his CD and Keesha in her bed playing with something (can't work out what she has...).

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6:08 PM BBT Feeds come back and Jerry is already down. Dan and Memphis appear to be in the zone. Jerry's plane is leaning down towards the right. Jerry is leaning against the "picket fence" looking very unhappy. Dan is yelling for a bug to get off him. Dan says hello to a camera operator that he says he hasn't seen in a few comps... he's referring to the guy with the baseball hat.

The planes seem to be moving up and down in a smooth gesture, uncommon for turbulance.

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