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Wednesday, April 29 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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Storage Room (SR)

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Thank you!

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1030-1:30am  BBT  Bruno and Bobby want to get rid of Zach, then Kevin will come to them to work with them.  Win, Win.  They also think Willow would keep them over Sarah.    The HGs surprise Zach as he comes around the corner.  It’s officially his birthday. Meanwhile, Willow and Sarah are discussing the HOH comp tomorrow.  Willow has to win or Sarah will go on the block.  If she goes on the block with Brittnee she thinks she’ll get voted out.  Over in the Zach/Kevin/Pili conversation they are looking at getting Godfrey out.  Bobby and Bruno aren’t going for them yet but soon HGs will be after the two couples in the house.  Later Zach says to Kevin and Pili that he would like to see Godfrey leave tomorrow.  Then he thinks that Brittnee needs to go next before Sarah.  If one of the couples does go on the block they will need Willow to be their fourth vote.  Now Sindy and Bobby are talking.  Sindy says her target is Zach not Bobby.  Bobby says he’ll still probably vote her out. 


1:44am BBT  The lights are out in the BR and the HOH room.  We’ll see you tomorrow.  

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 9:00 am BBT Good Morning Canada! No, sorry the houseguests are not up yet and the lights are still out. Willow did get up to use the restroom and then she went back to bed.

 9:10 am BBT There is no change, lights still out with houseguests still asleep. Who thinks that it will be Sindy joining JP in the jury today?

 9:20 am BBT no change, all are still asleep. Who would you like to see win HOH tonight and what two houseguests do you think should be put on the block?

 9:24 am BBT BB has turned on the lights!

 9:26 am BBT There is no movement from the houseguests yet.

 9:28 am BBT BB just announced “Good Morning houseguests, time to wake up”

 9:30 am BBT BB had to repeat the wakeup call because no one is moving.

 9:31 am BBT BB repeated it AGAIN and still no movement. Could they all be dreaming about wining that HOH tonight?

 9:33 am BBT Sindy is up in the WA now using the restroom.

 9:35 am BBT Sindy climbed back into bed.

 9:36 am BBT Feeds one and two went to FotH. Feeds three and four are in the BR showing all houseguests still in bed.

 9:37 am BBT Sarah just entered the BR with some clothes. Kevin entered the BR and is changing batteries for the houseguests. Pilar walked in and Kevin said look at me doing batteries in the morning.

 9:40 am BBT Pilar grabbed some batteries and she is helping Kevin change them for the houseguests.

 9:42 am BBT Now we hear the rooster crow. Bobby is climbing out of bed. Sarah climbed into bed with Willow and they are hugging and talking.

 9:43 am BBT Bobby just climbed into bed with Sarah and Willow.

 9:44 am BBT Britt walked into the BR and said that she thinks she got the shittiest HN bed because it was so uncomfortable. Sarah told her they are all the same.

 10:00 am BBT Houseguests are up now doing ADL’s.  

 10:07 am BBT Pilar in the HOH bed talking to Ashleigh putting on her makeup. Pilar said that she has kinda put all of her stuff together to move out of the HOH room.

 10:09 am BBT Pilar walked into the BR and is talking to Sarah and Willow about what to wear and what to eat.

 10:10 am BBT Godfrey walked into the BR and then as he left he said he knows the girls need their girl time. BB just told the houseguests to stop talking about production. Britt and Sarah are telling Bobby that they have not got their period in five weeks. They think it is from being on Slop. Willow told them that BB may give them a pregnancy test and Britt responded to trust her that is not the problem.


 10:13 am BBT BB told Zach to wake up because nap time is over. Sindy is just lying in her bed listening to the conversation and not saying a word.

 10:14 am BBT Willow, Britt and Sarah are in the BR teasing Bobby. Sarah said the back yard is closed but she does not hear anything being built.

 10:16 am BBT Ashleigh walked in the BR and is now trying to wake up Zach. Britt, Sarah and Willow are all in Willow’s bed snuggling. Sarah is trying to think of a story to tell them.

 10:18 am BBT Bobby said that Zach is not waking up on his birthday and then he left the room. Ashleigh just laid down by Zach and is just listening to the other girls talk.

 10:19 am BBT BB just repeated Zach’s name five times and told him again to wake up.

 10:20 am BBT Feeds one and two are still on FotH. In the WA we see Godfrey taking a shower.

 10:21 am BBT Pilar walked into the BR and told Zach good morning and asked how it feels to be 23.

 10:22 am BBT Houseguests are still in the BR laying in the beds. Bobby is up walking around eating a bowl of cereal. Sindy is just lying in her bed not saying a word.

 10:23 am BBT Sarah told the houseguests today she will eat. Britt said that she lost five pounds this time when she was on slop.

 10:25 am BBT The houseguests are speculating what kind of HOH comp will be played tonight. They agree it will be the A and B kind of comp.

 10:27 am BBT The houseguests are in the BR talking about food and clothes. Sindy is still lying in her bed not saying a word. Will Sindy fight for her BB life today or has she given up? The anticipation will build as we wait for the show tonight. 

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3:40 pm BBT All feeds are on FotH getting ready for the live eviction tonight. Will Sindy be able to flip the house into keeping her or will she be joining her showmance in the jury? Who do you want to win the next HOH and will there be a double eviction tonight?

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10:02PM BBT Feeds back with Kevin doing wash in the tub Ash Bruno Zach and bobby are at the hot tub talking about what to eat for dinner. Ash leaves to get started on the meal.


Pili helping Kevin with wringing out the stuffed animal he has been washing. 


Outside Bruno and Bobby think that the HOH comp worked out ok for them but Bobby is tired of the crap shoot type of comps. Britt joins them and tells them they have found something good for Zach's BD. Zach tells Britt he would not get along in the house without her and BB tells him to stop talking about production.


Upstairs Pili is still playing with the stuffed animal she and Kevin just washed in the tub. 


Feed switches to Godfrey and Willow out by the hammock he is consoling her and she apologizes for taking him out in a previous comp. He tells her that sometimes she needs to be a big girl and not cry and she agrees but says she was so close and that she is on her period. Bobby is in the chair across from Godfrey and Willow gets up to go get some fresh air and stop crying. She enters the hot tub telling the guys there that Godfrey just gave her a life talk.


Upstairs Kevin and Pili are fixing a toy car then the bring it downstairs with them and Kevin starts running it across the living room floor saying that it is the best luxury item. So Kevin must be the new HOH. They head on out to the machines to move wash to the dryer. 


Bobby joins the hot tub crew just as Britt is telling them that she and Bobby are just a cuddlemance and he is still a virgin even though she is late by about a week.


Ash and Pili meet on the stairs then head to the kitchen.


Kevin and Godfrey have come to the hot tub as well but Godfrey says it is too cold while Kevin says he is going to come tubbing.  

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10:15PM BBT Ash and Pili in the bathroom talking while Kevin and Willow meet in the living room and she congratulates him on his win. 


The gals call out to Willie and she joins them. 


Bobby talking outside about who will be nominated and he thinks if it is him and Godfrey  up there that he can get the votes.


Ash helps Willow with her necklaces in the bathroom. Kevin comes in then leaves again.


Bruno Bobby and Britt in the tub telling each other they have one another's backs. Bruno wonders how close Kevin is with anyone in the house and they just need to stick together. They think he will nom Godfrey for sure since Godfrey is gunning for Zach, but Britt points out that he has said the showmances plural.  


Ashleigh is alarmed that she has put on another pound and is not up to 136 so she needs to stop eating peanut butter and noodles. 


Outside speculation starts about what the next comp will be and how they did in the last HOH. Britt thinks she should have done better since she knew that Sindy was usually level headed about the game at least. They all wish they could have changed some of their answers (the wonder of hindsight - DRG) 


Sarah now gives us a close up view of her face as she removes her eye makeup with the three other gals in the bathroom. 


Hot tub trio still talking about the last comp and what they think might be coming next. (We shall see how long it is before the DR starts leaking to them that it will be a multiple eviction next week. DRG) They continue reviewing their answers in the HOH and the feeds all go to FOTH.

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10:27 PM  Willow, Pili, and Ashleigh are in the WA talking.  They note that after Godfrey goes, it's really unclear [who the target will be].
Sarah joins them.

10:31 PM  Willow is wishing for a letter from home.  That would be the main reason she would want HOH.  It's not about the power.  Ashleigh and Pili
agree.  They are also feeling the need for encouragement from home.  FOTH

10:32 PM  Houseguests in the Kitchen baking a cake for Zach's birthday.

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10:36 PM  Kevin and Pili in the Storage room.  Pili again saying she would love to hear from her family.
She is so happy for Kevin.  They are hugging and celebrating.  He invites her to stay in the HOH room.
Zach comes in while Kevin and Pili are kissing.  

10:38 PM Kevin: "That's so crazy that Sindy controlled the HOH questions!"  Brundo comes into the storage room.


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10:27PM BBT Feeds back with all HGs in the HOH with Pili reading an announcement to them about Zach's birthday being today and they all rush down to the store room to collect supplies to make a football cake. They all collect in the kitchen going through the goodies and reading directions. Zach is cleaning pans while Pili is mixing the batter with an electric hand mixer. Willow wants to lick a beater. Zach tells them to fill the pans half way because it will rise and Ash tells him to lick his bowl. Now they are to cook the batter at 350 and there is some discussion about how long it should stay in the oven. (Til the toothpick comes out clean folks. DRG) 


Pili and Kevin now alone in the store room on feeds 1 and 2 and she is congratulating him for his win. She wants to go back and forth like Emmet and Jillian did in their season. Face sucking commences. Kev asks her if she wants to stay in the HOH and she replies, of course do you want me to stay. Zach walks in on them and comments but they keep on going as if he is not there. Zach says they are pretty drained in there and Kev says the Have Not comp will be tomorrow then remarks that it was so strange that Sindy controlled the HOH questions earlier. Bruno comes in and Zach talks about giving Sindy something to take to JP is she was permitted. Zach thinks it was a huge W for the diaper alliance and they should rally up something for them as they have now taken three in a row. He and Kevin are both shocked that it was not a double tonight. Zach goes back to saying he did not know it was a huge no no to try and send a message to JP in jury.

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10:41  Zach and Kevin talking in Storage Room.  They are anticipating have-not competition tomorrow
and nominations later.  Kevin:  "No more messages to people in jury".

10:42  Kevin leaves storage room, Sarah comes in and wishes Zach a happy birthday.  Zach says it's been
a tough time lately emotionally. Sarah gives him a hug.  Everyone is starting to really miss family.  Zach
saying he never realized how slow-paced the game is.  

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10:49 PM  Godfrey and Bruno talking in the BY.  Bruno talks about Zach wanting to make big moves on everyone else's HOH.  
Bruno expects that Zach will push Kevin to make big moves.

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10:42PM BBT Sarah and Zach now in SR talking about how hard a week it was and now they are past the half way point. Zach says he never realized how slow paced the game was and how your mind kills you. Sarah really wants to get a letter but she is happy Kevin got one since he did not for his first HOH. They go on about what it is like to be 11 people sitting and watching one other person get a letter. The next few days will go fast but then once the Veto is played it goes dead. 


Bruno and Bobby are out by the hammock and discussing what to say to Kevin when he asks them about coming after the showmances. Bobby says not to doubt people's paranoia and the fact Willow and others will throw them under the bus. Godfrey joins them and says the Kevin will nom him for sure and likely Britt will be up beside him. Godfrey is sure that Kevin will put up whoever Zach tells him to put up. If Godfrey does not go up first he will put up Sarah and Britt with the plan to back door Godfrey. They all don't want one of them to be up there beside Godfrey. Bruno thinks it will be two of the three of them up there but Godfrey does not think he will nominate Bruno.


Zach and Sarah back in the kitchen now and she is saying that ever since jury started the homesick feeling has been hitting her hard. She can't believe they don't even give you one picture or one letter from home while in the jury house. 


Pili and Ash now on feed four in the bathroom talking about who Kevin will nominate and naming the same folks as the guys outside. 

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10:53PM BBT Pili now comes to the conclusion that she was an idiot for not watching the Showmi when she was HOH. They also figure the Have Not comp will be tomorrow but Ash says maybe a luxury comp since they have not had one of them yet.  Willow is in the shower.


Bruno and Bobby in the kitchen talking with Sarah about what has happened and what will happen. Bruno can't believe he blew the comp. Bobby asks about the music and says it was the best iPod ever.


Feeds 1 and 2 switch to Britt and Zach in the HOH sharing the earbuds. 


Ash and Pili have moved to the kitchen with Bobby and are just chatting while Bruno has gone back outside to join Godfrey. He tells Godfrey that they will find a way to get him off this week and if not then they will get the votes for him. Godfrey says that he is just waiting for the cake to bake so they can eat it and he can go to bed.


In the kitchen Ash is going on a rant about how Pili eats peanut butter with everything. 

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11:05PM BBT Britt and Zach talking about the clips they were shown tonight and the music and Kevin joins them. She congratulates him on his win. 


Downstairs Godfrey has joined the ladies in the kitchen where they are talking about the cake when Ash is not continuing her teasing rant about Pili eating peanut butter on everything. Bobby and Bruno are at the counter too and Willow comes out of the shower with a towel on her head. She is glad they are all haves tonight so that they can all have some cake. 


Upstairs Kevin is re-reading his letter while the other two continue to listen to the music. 


Downstairs Pili is cleaning up while Ash is talking about sweets with the guys.  


Feeds 1 and 2 turn to FOTH.


Kevin has now wandered down to the kitchen and Bruno is called to the DR. Ash is showing Godfrey how she will decorate Zach's cake. Silliness takes over in the kitchen as they discuss sprinkles which leads to sprinkle dinkle and on from there.


1 and 2 now show Kev and Sarah in the SR talking about his mother who is on her own for the firrst time after a divorce. He mentions he cut off contact with his father a year and a half ago and the FOTH descends once again. 


Ash and Godfrey are still talking about the cake decoration and icing at the kitchen counter. Bobby remarks that the coffee made him ten times more tired and he wants to know how long til the cake. (How many more ploys can BB come up with to keep the hamsters conscious for After Dark? DRG)

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11:22:   Hottub: Sarah and Willow yakking about not winning HOH.  Sarah feels Sindy did not answer truthfully, that comp was made for her.  She won't win anything else.  Will was out 3rd.   their hearts hurt.  They are sick and tired of this.   They just have to make sure Godfrey goes home.  They are sure God is going up.  Maybe Willow too.  Willow is sad she has nothing to go home to.  Willow thinks no one is watching her - none of her family.  Sarah boosting her - no one else can make her dreams.   The HOH was a crap shoot.   Willow thinks Sindy hates her.  Sarah says she read everything wrong - she should have had better answers.  Sarah is a great person - Willow thinks SArah sees everyone as beautiful.   Willow is mad... she wouldn't hug people.  They are just saying that they can't win the comps - the comps are made for the other side.  Sarah: everyone is a puzzle, you need to figure them out.  I see so much greatness in you.

11:28  Sarah says at least we are not throwing comps.  people could have won comps they didnt' - this fuck'ed us over.  now look at us

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11:16PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 back in the HOH with Britt and Zach having a good time just chatting and laughing. 


Most everyone else including Kevin and Sarah back in the kitchen now where Ash is now checking on the cake. Willow says the cake smells like brownies. They start debating the best procedure for decorating the cake and writing on it. Pili is now making an icing bag. Sarah and Willow head out to the hot tub.


BB tells the HGs to stop singing. Bobby joins the two in the HOH.


Outside Willow says she is upset about everything and Sarah says she thinks the comp was made for her. Willow points out that Sindy did not answer truthfully but how she would want to appear in front of an audience.  Sarah regrets giving her one HOH to Britt. Sarah says she does not have another shot at comps as she is a pot head and her one skill is that she is good at reading people. Willow is so sick of getting close so often only to have it taken away from her at the end. She says her heart is hurt, Kevin does not talk to her, Zach betrayed her and the power needs to switch. Sarah says that Godfrey needs to go now and they need to keep him on the block. Willow does not want to be nominated. She says the scariest thing is to be on the show she wanted to be and she could go home with nothing and not even her friends and family there for her.Sarah says at the end of the day it is just a TV show and it is her dream too and if other people don't get it it is OK. She tells Willow that she did not let anyone down and the comp was a crap shoot.  Willow says that Sindy hated her and Sarah says no that she just said whatever came in her mind. 


Other two feeds still on the two in HOH listening to music and chatting about it.


Sarah says she feels like a big hypocrite today since she talks shit in the house and cannot win comps. Willow says that she has noting in common with the other HGs and that she is the type of person that does not forgive. Sarah says that she is not a good person because she tends to love everyone and sometimes if works for her and sometimes it is a disadvantage.  She tries to pump Willow up by telling her how much greatness she sees in her. Sarah points out that at least they are not throwing comps like Bobby has. 


BB calls out Britt and Zach for singing.


Sarah says she still can't believe that the others don't want to take out Bruno and Bobby when the comps at the end are physical. Willow says she is the blind loyal type and why can't others be like that. Sarah does not know why no one trusts her. 

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11:29 Sarah: we only have one shot at BB.  Bobby and Willow have huge potential of going on the block,

11:35: Willow tells Sarah that Kev wants to bang her.  Sarah asks her if she thinks so?   Sarah says everyone wants to bang her. 

Willow hopes Sarah can protect her with Kevin.  they think they still have the numbers - they just have to get through this week.  Sarah is so sad that willow is so low.  she asks Willow if she wants to go in for cake.  Sarah says - that comp was made me, Sindy's answers messed her up - Zack and Kev knew her better.  

11:42  cake icing going on in the kitchen.  Everyone talking about being int he real world and being able to eat anythign they want when they want.   Ash is doing a great job on Zach's cake.  it's a football shape.  

11:45  they are going to get Zach for his cake.  Sarah has the lighter for the cake [honestly, I didn't even know she smoked until the last few days - so few smokers in this cast]

Pilar just messed up the cake.

Zach is coming down blindfolded - everyone is calling our for all the houseguests.

11:47 Zach blows out the candles... 

11:49 cutting up the cake - just happy chatter....  good music on the ipod. 

11:51  Kev says this is the whole group right here.  This is all that's left...  discussion about voting history.

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11:32PM BBT Feeds one and two now in the kitchen where they are talking about how soon folks knew that Johnny was gay. Godfrey wonders if the cake is ready now. Ash tests the cake and declares that it is in fact done. Bobby puts something else in the over.  Ash wants to know if the cake has to cool first of do they take it out of the pan to let it cool.  Godfrey tells her to wait till it hardens a bit before trying to take it out of the pan.


Outside gals still trying to give each other a pep talk while running themselves down for not winning the HOH comp. 


Talk in the kitchen turns to the Have Not comp and Ash is saying she has gained wait and others have had a hard time so she wants to be a Have Not this week. Pili is now flipping the cake out of the pan on to a cookie sheet. Ash says they should put the cake in the freezer to cool since the icing will melt right off if they try and put it on now. She takes the cake into the SR freezer.


Willow still going on about being so disappointed in her performance as she intended to fly under the radar but kill the comps. She again tells Sarah that she feels like crap for letting her down. They hug each other and Sarah says she felt so bad for her in the comp.


Must be the coldest freezer in history as the cake is back in the kitchen with icing being applied by Pili and Ash jointly.


Sarah and Willow head back into the house and say it smells like cake upon entering the BY. Ashleigh is using the icing bag to decorate the cake with white piping. Bobby asks how long the chicken nuggets should stay in for. 


Zach and Britt still in the HOH where they are talking about missing the folks back home and how amazing it is to have nothing to do except be on a TV show. Pili is writing with yellow icing on the cake but it is melting so apparently the cake was not flash frozen after all. Someone wonders if they have candles and Ash again says they should have waited since the icing is melting off.  


Kevin comes in to the HOH to tell Zach it is time for his celebration and they find a blindfold to put on him. Candles are being lit downstairs as they carefully guide Zach down the steps. Off comes the blindfold and Zach blows out the candles and gives a short speech.  More comments about they should have waited as the icing is melting. Zach gets a monster knife to start cutting the football shaped cake. Plates and forks are collected and they sort out who wants a large or a small piece of cake and start scarfing it down.

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#BBCAN3 11:00pm Brit and Kevin are in the HOHR listening to the IPOD, Ash, Bobby, and Pilar are in the Kitchen, Bruno, and Godfrey are out in the By Godfrey thinks he is going up with Sarah.

#BBCAN3 11:05pm Bobby and Bruno are out by the ht talking Bobby says he needs to go up with Godfrey.He thinks he will get more votes that way. They walk back into the Kitchen. Where Ash is singing about peanut butter.

#BBCAN3 Ash says she put pickled egg juice in the cake, along with peanutbetter yummy. Godfrey doesnt know if he wants to eat it.(Im with you on that)

#BBCAN3 11:16pm Kevin is talking to Sarah in the Storage room about his mom. Ash, is talking about the cake "Its a sprinkle dinkle cake"

#BBCAN3 11:20pm The HGs are talking about how they are going to do the icing on the sprinkle dinkle cake. and Brit and Zach, and Kevin are still in the hoh listening to music.

#BBCAN3 11:25pm Sarah and Willow are in the HT area, Sarah is smoking and asking Willow why she is so upset. Kevin wont talk to me Zach threw me under the bus. Sarah, We just have to make sure Godfrey goes up. If he wins veto then Bobby needs to go up. Willow I dont care I just dont want to be on the block. I feel like If I go out with nothing, I have no family or friends cheering for me. They dont understand this dream. I dont want to let them down.

#BBCAN3 11:30pm Willow's pity pot is continueing with Sarah, who is playing the cheerlader to Willow cheering her on and trying to cheer her up. Sarah says she is looking at everyone like puzzle pieces. and on and on.

#BBCAN3 11:35pm YAY the cake is done, and Sarah continues to cheer up Willow.

#BBCAN 11:40pm Ash says she wants to be a have not so she can lose six pounds. She says the cake looks gross. she flips the football cake onto a sheet and puts it in the frig. to cool.

#BBCAN3 11:45pm They put the icing on the cake but they didnt let it cool off enough so now its melting the icing. They are now putting on the candles.

#BBCAN3 11:50pm They bring Zach out blindfolded, take off the blindfold and shout happy birthday, they clap and cheer for him. Now hes cutting the cake, and they have chicken nuggets.

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11:51PM BBT Ash and Britt talking about how long the cake cooked for and that the directions on the football were right. Talk turns to what clips each one had in the montage that played during the show tonight. Godfrey is called to the DR. Sarah talking about what Sindy said about the sequester house and how Graig was gonna win come back in the house blow up the Chop Shop and then self-evict. They continue to tell stories about his crazy antics in the house and how paranoid he was the whole time. Britt can't believe she almost shared a bed with him. 

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#BBCAN3 12:00am the HGs are now talking about Graig, and how Sindy said that he was going to come back and take down the chop shop, and then self evict. And Bruno is just talking about Graig and what all he did while he was in the house.

#BBCAN3 12:05am The HGs are just sitting around eating chicken nuggets and talking no game talk.

#BBCAN3 12:15am Nothing has changed the hgs are just sitting around talking.

#BBCAN3 12:20am The HGs are now saying good nite to each other.

#BBCAN3 12:25am Sarah Willow and Pilar are in the Washroom talking about their periods, Sarah says she is late with hers. Bruno comes in and says did you take a prenancy test. Sarah says I need to go to the DR and asked for some vitum c. 

#BBCAN3 12:30pm Willow says she is using the wrong toothbush, Its either Ash or Sarahs, Brit says she cant use this toothpaste, she needs to go to the DR and ask for another kind of toothpaste.

#BBCAN3 12:35am Sarah and Willow and Bruno are in the blue room talking about rather or not Bobby will use his secret veto. The Bruno says the veto could be a double. 

#BBCAN3 12:40am Sarah,Willow Bruno and Brit, are now talking about the veto comp and how close Sindy came to winning it. 

#BBCAN3 12:45am Brit and Bruno are now talking about who Kevin is going to put up Not Zach, Ash Pilar, so that leaves, who Brit is saying they may try to backdoor Bobby. at this point you dont put up pawns. Tomorrow is noms. Bobby walks in. 

#BBCAN3 12:50am and the HGs are now in the bed talking Bruno keeps saying we need to win so bad next week. Brit says it would be so great if we get a speical power next week. 

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