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Tuesday, April 28 2015 BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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#BBCAN3 12:10am Feeds are back Willow is called to the DR,

Most of the HGs are in Bed. Zach is talking to Ash, and Kevin, Ash says we have to win this hoh, Zach is wanting a true or false. Pilar is in there too.

#BBCAN3 12:15am Zach says there is four weeks left so thats two doubles and a instant. so for this double its four votes to send someone home. he is sure Willow will vote with them if they put up Godfrey.

#BBCAN3 12:20am Zach says that Ash did three hours on the bike, she will sleep tonight, they are getting ready for bed now.

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12:40am BBT  (Update) Kevin and Pili have become official BB boyfriend and girlfriend.  They have mutually agreed they like each other very much. 

1:00am BBT  Willow and Sarah are having a first date with champagne and make a Final 2 deal and drink to it.  They are talking about how they meet people. 

1:20am BBT  We have Foth right now. 

1:30am BBT  Feeds are back and the HGs are asleep in the BR with the lights off, and in the HN room with the lights on.

1:45am BBT  It looks like Sarah hasn’t returned to the HN room yet.  She must still be on her date with Willow.  Lights are still on.

1:57am  BBT  Feeds are back showing Willow and Sarah by the pool talking about when she tried to tell Johnny how the house was laid out with Gummy Bears. 

2:00am BBT  Sarah tells Willow to tell Zach that she told Willow everything. It’s all out on the table.  They want to try sleeping out at the pool. 

2:05am BBT  One of the girls break a glass.  Sarah thinks she broke the tile.  The feeds go off. 

2:11am BBT  The feeds  are back with Willow and Sarah brushing their teeth. 

2:26am BBT  They are talking about how the guys aren’t telling them everything.  Sarah recounts a couple of examples from the past weeks.  The HGS are gone to bed and we’ll see you tomorrow. 

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10:30 am BBT: Willow and Pili are making a smoothie, and Willow's thanking Pili for letting her sleep in the HOH room last night.

10:47 am BBT:  Sindy and Sarah are in the pool, (where BB keeps asking Sindy to put on her microphone and she either doesn't hear them or just ignores it as she's still without her microphone) everyone else is sunning out at the hot tub. 

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 9:00 am BBT Lights are still off in the BB house and the house guests are still sleeping.

 9:13 am BBT The only action going on in the BB house is a faucet dripping in the WA. BB has not even turned on the lights yet.

 9:31 am BBT The lights just came on in the HN room. There is no one up yet and the lights are off in the rest of the house.

 9:33 am BBT Now all the lights are on, but no one is getting up.

 9:40 am BBT We just heard BB say “Good Morning houseguests, time to wake up” and of course no one budges.

 9:43 am BBT Sarah and Brittnee are up now. Britt headed to the WA while Sarah headed to the SR to get the new batteries.

 9:47 am BBT Brittnee and Sarah are now in the WA whispering so low that we can’t hear what is being said.

 9:48 am BBT BB is getting serious now the rooster just crowed.

 9:50 am BBT Sarah and Brittnee made their way to the main BR. Sarah is changing everyone’s batteries while Britt is going through her stuff. Brittnee said that her butt hurts.

 9:52 am BBT Rooster crowing again, Bobby is now up and in the WA by Brittnee. He told her good morning and that it is a nice day outside. Brittnee is brushing her teeth and Bobby is going in the shower.

 9:55 am BBT Kevin is up now and made his way to the HOH room where Pilar and Ashleigh are still in bed. Sarah is in there also changing their batteries.

 9:56 am BBT Correction it is Willow in the HOH bed with Pilar. BB just told her to put on her mic.

 9:58 am BBT Kevin climbed into bed with Pilar. Sarah is leaving the HOH room as Ashleigh is coming back in. Ashleigh is sore and wants to take a shower.

 10:00 am BBT Willow just told Pilar that she gets the camera today and they are trying to decide what theme they want.

 10:02 am BBT Bruno just climbed out of bed and is getting dressed. Brittnee walked into the BR and is excited because she got her onesie back.

 10:13 am BBT Sindy is up in her bed drinking her water. Sarah walked in and told her good news that it is a gorgeous day out.

 10:16 am BBT up in the HOH room Pilar, Kevin and Willow are still laying in bed not saying a word.

 10:18 am BBT In the WA Bruno is taking a shower, Sindy is brushing her teeth, Britt just got her swim suit on and Sarah just jumped in the other shower.

 10:20 am BBT Bruno, Bobby and Zach are out by the HT. They brought all of the cushions out and they are excited because it is so nice out.

 10:21 am BBT Bruno and Zach are now laying out in the sun while Bobby heads into the house to get a quick message to everyone that it is so nice out.

 10:23 am BBT Sarah is now out by the HT with Bruno and Zach. The hot topic of discussion so far is how gorgeous it is outside.

 10:26 am BBT up in the HOH room Pilar and Kevin are still in bed now hugging and kissing.

 10:28 am BBT Bruno, Zach, Bobby and Godfrey are now laying out in the sun by the HT while Sarah, Sindy and Ashleigh are in the HT. Sarah is complaining that it is too hot.

 10:30 am BBT Ashleigh said she is sore from riding the tricycle yesterday and she has a hard time walking up stairs.

 10:32 am BBT Kevin and Pilar are out of bed finally then the feeds switched to Brittnee laying on the LR couch.

 10:34 am BBT Pilar came down the stairs and said good morning to Brittnee and asked if she is going out by the HT. Britt said that she is just waiting for her Java.

 10:35 am BBT Willow and Pilar are now in the SR making a shake. Pilar said that it needed more peanut butter in it.

 10:37 am BBT Willow is going to put her swim suit on while Pilar carries the shakes outside. Willow will meet her out there in two seconds she said.

 10:39 am BBT Out by the HT Sarah said that tomorrow is Zach’s birthday. Britt can’t believe that Godfrey lost twenty pounds since he has been in the BB house.

 10:41 am BBT Ashleigh is walking around holding her hips because she is so sore. She is going to take a shower.

 10:43 am BBT Sarah and Sindy are going by the pool. Sindy said that she likes laying out but she does it topless because she hates tan lines.

 10:45 am BBT Sindy is in the pool now and Sarah is sitting by the side of it. They were just told by BB to put on their mic’s because they were talking, but we could not hear what was being said.  

 10:47 am BBT Sarah and Sindy did not listen to BB because they are still talking but we can’t hear what they are saying.

 10:53 am BBT BB turned on the mic by the pool and Sindy is talking about someone being fake. Sarah said that Patricia totally got an unfair shake. They are now speculating how the vote went between Pilar and Patricia. Sarah said this cast is so young. Sindy said it would be more interesting if there was a lot more ages. Sarah said that Graig *ucked them over because he made an alliance with all the young kids plus Willow. Sarah said the thing with young people is that they won’t stay loyal.

 10:57 am BBT Sindy is rehashing her downfall and where she went wrong in the game. Sarah said now she is finding out more information about the chop shop. Sindy and Sarah are discussing what alliances there have been and what alliances they should have made.

 10:59 am BBT Sarah said they should have gotten the girls together in the beginning. 

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5:10PM BBT: Zach is soaking in the HoH room bathtub, Sarah, Brittnee and Sindy are in the bedroom complaining that certain people think they're safe and are naive about BB gameplay. Sindy: "I don't know what they're thinking, I've wasted all my good plans." [Cracks me up. -Morty]


Bruno tells Sarah and Sindy he was up in the HoH room and Ashleigh, Pili and Willow were watching Zach take a bath. "I almost threw up in my mouth."

5:20PM BBT: Sarah vents to Bruno, Brittnee and Sindy about the couples and that the viewers don't want to see couples and all during season one, she kept saying, "What is with these people, don't they see what's going on? Vote them out?" Bruno: What are you taking about?" Sarah: "Season one, did you like the whole Emmett and Jillian thing?" Bruno: "Yeah..."

Bruno leaves and Sindy goes on a rant about the other HGs being cowards and being afraid to play the game, "I hate cowards more than anything."

Meanwhile, Bobby and Bruno are going for a soak in the hot-tub and Bruno once again tells about walking in the HoH room and seeing Ashleigh, Pili and Willow watching Zach take a bath. [i don't get it, what's the big deal, he was soaking in the tub and the girls were just hanging out talking to him. -Morty] Bruno and Bobby discuss alliance of Bobby, Bruno, Willow, and Sarah. Bobby says he trusts Brittnee and Godfrey too.

Elsewhere, Godfrey and Kevin are assuring each other they have each other's backs. Kevin tells Godfrey that he stands by the conversation that they had the other day, and Godfrey is in good with him and Pilar. Godfrey: "That's legit from my side, 100%." Kevin: "If I win HoH, you are good." Godfrey: "Exactly. I won't even use you guys as a pawn. I don't use pawns. Screw that shit."

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9:00PM BBT Bruno Bobby Zach Kevin and Pili at the hot tub chatting after extensive Jedi training throughout the evening. 


Willow Sarah and Sindy in the bedroom. Willow rubbing Sarah's back as the ladies review Sindy's history in the house and then speculate about the coming events. 


Britt on the red couches alone just resting.


Sindy starts dissing Bobby again when Ash enters the room. She is asked if she has the house history down and she starts answering questions but Willow cuts her off and says she is too slow.  The ladies continue quizzing her and BB tells Ash to please fix her microphone and then tells Sarah the same thing.


Pili joins the ladies in the bedroom and Sindy asks her to fix her hair.  Willow tells her that she has to watch Shomi tonight and she does not seem interested. The others can't understand and offer to use her time if she is not going to. They debate whether anyone besides the HOH can watch the Showmi or not. Pili again says she is exhausted. 


Britt has now been joined by Godfrey on the red couches talking about Miley Cyrus and other pop singers.


Ash comments that she is picking up other's bad habits in the house. She is again told to fix her microphone and pulls it out from underneath herself. They continue talking about the HGs weird or annoying mannerisms and habits. Sarah returns to the room and Ash starts reviewing the imitations of HGs. 

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9:10PM BBT Talk of pop stars and concerts continues downstairs on the red couches.


Zach is in the bedroom now and is getting a recap of the imitations of the HGs. Ash says she will do one and he has to guess who it is she is imitating. She does Willie and after a minute or so Zach gets it right. Next is Bruno which he gets right away. Pili says goodnight and leaves the room.


Downstairs Godfrey talking about wanting to sleep for eight hours and hoping that the have nots will get food tomorrow. 


Sarah is now on top of Sindy with oil starting to massage her shoulders. Zach has seen enough and exits the room. 


Godfrey now remarks that he cannot wait for The Stampede and it will be worth the ride for him to go all the way to Calgary. Bruno joins them and Britt teases him to get out and not try to wing man him. She tells him they are friends and her cuddlemance Bobby would not appreciate Bruno trying to wing man Godfrey.  Bobby enters now and is asked about how his study session went and he comments about not having studied in a long time as there was no college for this kid.


Feeds one and two switch to Kevin alone in the hot tub. 


Downstairs they begin talking about seeing Risha's tits and when someone accidentally saw Brittney. She is protesting that she was alone and thought no one could see her and Godfrey is teasing her that she was displaying herself to him. She claims that she is still mortified by the event and Godfrey keeps saying it is not so bad. He tells her she should be proud of her boobs and she gets up and heads up to the bedroom.


Upstairs Sarah still working on Sindy's back when Britt comes in complaining about Godfrey's treatment of her. The gals tease her that if she showed all of them her boobs then it would not be such a big deal any more.  Pili rejoins the group that is all talking over one another. BB tells several of the ladies to fix their microphones then we get FOTH

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9:24PM BBT Feeds return to slightly quieter bedroom with the ladies still and Godfrey and Bruno chatting on the red couches downstairs. 


Godfrey telling Bruno that he has lost weight and his face was fuller when he entered the house.


Sarah saying she is warm and the others tease her about having straight girls fawning all over her. She is asked if this happens a lot and someone says that it does. Zach is lying next to Ash on one of the beds but is keeping silent. 


Downstairs the guys are again talking about Jedi training and how well they are prepared for the coming HOH comp. 


Upstairs the ladies are talking about each other's faces and when they are intimidating or not. 


Bobby appears downstairs and starts to bound back up to listen to music when Godfrey tells him that the battery is dead. 


Someone tells Zach that he must also have a resting bitch face. Pili tries to do one and is told that she just looks bored. Britt thinks she is approachable but the others say that she and Naeha are definitely not approachable looking. She then concedes that she learned to develop a cold face as protection when she was riding the NY subway. Sarah says she talks to someone new every day and Ash says she is very talkative in cabs as the only time she is in a cab is when she is drunk. 


Feeds three and four now on the hot tub where Kevin continues to stew by himself. He might be solo Jedi training but the commercial kept me from hearing anything on that feed.


Same conversation continuing in the bedroom. Zach takes it up a notch by saying the worst thing is the urinal talkers. Ash tells a story about a friend who tends to reach under the bathroom stalls when she is drunk. Talk about clubs takes center stage. 

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9:40PM BBT Still club talk upstairs.


Feed 3 shows Bobby and Godfrey in the bathroom blowing smoke at one another. Then plotting scenarios for noms for tomorrow. 


Bedroom crew still clubbing it up. 


Godfrey standing on the landing looking over the downstairs. 


Cam 3 now zooms in on a pic of a fan on one of the jars on the kitchen counter. (We all gotta do what we can to stay awake. - DRG) BB tells Willow to wake up. Bruno and Bobby have joined the bedroom group and Britt is called to the DR and departs. Godfrey in the bedroom now too. 


Zach and Ash meet up in the store room looking for a nosh. Ash says that they should spell his name in cheese.  He asks if they should make one or two sandwiches and decides to make two as someone else will take one. 


Upstairs they are talking about Willow and her battle with BB today and when she smacked herself in the face with her mic pack earlier in the day. Britt re-enters the bedroom and lies down next to Bobby. 


Kevin and Pili now in the kitchen with Zach and Ash when Zach is called to the DR. He leaves Ash with specific directions about how to make his sandwich and BB calls him to the DR once again. Ash says that the four in the couple's alliance should go on a double date when the others join her in Calgary and Pili teases that they should all eat some cow. Ash now resuming her impressions and wants Kevin to guess who she is imitating. 


Upstairs gang overhears Ash and comment about her impressions and how she has one for each of them now. 


Zach is back in the kitchen so everyone's DR sessions are extremely short tonight. Sandwich construction in full swing with Ash frying up some bacon and Zach separating lettuce leaves from the head. 

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9:55PM BBT Chatter still upstairs while short order cooks at work in the kitchen. Feeds froze up and had to be restarted, but trust me you didn't miss a thing. (DRG) 


Ash declares that they are done and Zach tells her to put the bacon on a paper towel to degrease it. 


Sarah is now working on Bruno's shoulders in the bedroom.  


Sandwich is still waiting on the toast to be done and Ash announces that she just wants to eat the bacon.  Zach compliments her bacon. (Take that any way you care to as we will need to entertain ourselves tonight it would appear. DRG) Zach tells her he is a two slices of meat eater in each part of the sandwich so six total for the sandwich plus the cheese and the bacon and banana peppers. 


Upstairs gang talking about clothes to wear to stay warm tonight and Britt is so excited to wear her onesie tonight. Bobby and Bruno are going to go outside to resume Jedi training for a little bit and they and Sarah clear up details of one day. She tells Britt that she is freaked out since she does not know the things as well as the guys do. Britt tells her not to worry and that it won't be that comp anyway after the boys split. Sarah wishes she was better and Britt tells her a friend told her to hum a song when preparing and it will help you to remember. 


Downstairs group has progressed to eating the sandwiches. Willow and Pili have joined and are trying the fare. They now wonder if they will do two HOHs tomorrow or one on Thursday. Zach working on another sandwich.


Willow came into the bedroom and the talk is about if they are going to stay up for Zach's birthday at midnight tonight. Britt says that she is not going to play football at midnight. Willow teases Sarah that it is so hard to watch her to run everyone and Sarah tells her it it not like that and it is just a rub to help. Second sandwich finished and Bobby and Zach have joined Ash in eating. Bruno comes in and she asks him if he is hungry and that she will not be able to finish her sandwich.


Upstairs Jedi training with Willow and Sarah has started up again. Sindy is out while Britt is on the other side of the bed from Willow with Sarah in the middle.

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10:15PM BBT Face stuffing downstairs and brain cramming upstairs still. Willow seems to know her days and events better than Sarah. Britt is just listening.  


Godfrey is called to the DR. 


Bruno and Bobby talking out by the hot tub trying to figure what will happen if one of the showmances is killed tomorrow and the other one will come crawling to them to work with. Bruno says he is gonna try and light a fire under Ash about what she is doing and shaming her by telling her that her friends and family are home watching this.  They talk about Willow feeding info to both sides and everyone is doing the same thing by playing both sides and waiting to see who wins. And out comes the classic BB strategem from Bruno, "We HAVE to win HOH." Bobby says they have a six out of three chance. Bruno says that Zach wants to go for the two of them even though he should be gunning for Godfrey since Godfrey is gunning for Zach.  Bruno thinks if Kevin wins they can try and sell him on Zack wanting him out all along. If Ash wins they gotta put the pressure on her to play her own game instead of just being Zach's minion. He will challenge her do you just want to be that sucker (that gets dropped by the guy at the end. DRG) Bruno reiterates that this week is do or die and they have to go hard this week. (Bobby has thrown several comps as has Bruno, but Bruno seems to really need to push Bobby this week.- DRG) They can't believe that the others think they have a seven out of ten people alliance, what is wrong with them? 


Feeds three and four have been FOTH during this entire conversation.


Bobby now resumes Jedi training starting with day 15. 

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10:26PM BBT The guys get up to head back into the house bringing their study board (seat cushion) with them. On the way past Bruno says he needs to see that picture blacked out (Zach). The head upstairs and rejoin the group in the bedroom. Ash and Pili are on a bed and lie back with a pillow over their faces whispering then break out in laughter. Talk turns to the sandwiches and how Sarah is going to out do Zach tomorrow. 


Feed 3 freezes then goes to FOTH. 


Zach says double eviction tomorrow BB just pulled me in the DR and said to tell everyone.  Then he jokes that the live feeders are just laughing at them. (I wish. - DRG) Ash tells Bruno that she has never been on this bed before and he says his wife will be glad to hear that. One or another of them keeps repeating double eviction. Kevin lets one go and then blames it on the slop. Britt says he has the rankest butt hole she has ever seen. Pili talks about the wave of smelly fart that come into her face. Ash is listing off the sleeping arrangements on the first night (actually the third night as the first two they did not have the bedroom.) Talk drifts into history of hook ups in the house and who did what with whom and when until the question is posed to the ladies did the gentlemen in the house meet, exceed or fail to live up to the ladies expectations. 

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10:43PM BBT The tables are turned and generally the guys are more pleased than the ladies were. Britt says it is more of an age thing than a looks thing as the guys are mostly all much younger than she is. Now they start asking one another if they come across as more or less mature than their ages. 


10:55PM BBT Now they start talking about what Risha thought about them and generally asking Sindy about what the folks in the sequester house said about the remaining HGs.


(Well folks, BB can make the hamsters stay up til midnight or later, but they don't have the same power over yours truly.  Catch you tomorrow night after the eviction episode airs. - DRG)

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