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Sunday, April 19 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Storage Room (SR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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2:00am BBT Sarah is out alone by the HT counting out a new alliance. She says Kevin is smarter than he lets on.  She's talking about the information Sindy has given her about the Chop Shop and Willow and Ashleigh's betrayal to the girls.  They are dead to her.  They have to win next week or she's absolutely screwed.  She's not sure whether Jordan knows or not. The alliance would be her, Brittnee, Pilar, Jordan, Kevin and Sindy.  She misses Naeha and Johnny and starts crying over Naeha. She promises to get these people for her.

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2:10 AM BBT Now that's off her chest, Sarah returns to the house, latches the BY door shut, heads upstairs to the WC and then downstairs to the Have Not room but she doesn't go in, instead asking BB to come into the DR.  She's denied and heads to the LR to sit silently on the couch.  After a minute, she heads back into the HN room, grabs a ziploc bag and then returns to the couch, waiting.

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2:15am BBT Jordan is up (BB Called him) and Sarah invites him outside to talk.  She unlatches the door and heads to the HT and lights up while he hits the WC and gets some water.  Jordan says before Sindy came back, it was all Let's Do It, take a shot (talking about Zach backdooring Bruno), but now he's got cold feet and he's not sure if that was the plan all along.  Sarah wants JP to tell him things she doesn't know. He says you tell me first.  Sarah says I don't want this to F me over.  He promises on a fan-related level.


2:20AM BBT Sarah says if Zach is saying Bruno and Bobby are not coming after him, it means something. JP says that would make logical sense.  JP explains why Bruno said he targeted Johnny, assuring Sarah she was safe the whole time.  Sarah wonders if Zach is that good that they all played into his hands. Sarah worries Zach will take JP down and put her up. Jordan says it won't happen.  Why did JP throw the Veto? He thought he could still swing Zach. Sarah tried because she doesn't trust Zach.  JP appreciates that she would have used it on him.  Zach was mad that Sarah tried to win Veto.  Jordan doesn't get it but Sarah thinks she's figured him out. Why risk it, Jordan asks? He's playing with my life to get out Godfrey.  Godfrey!


2:30AM BBT Zach may be the best player in the game, they say.  But they'll stick with him for the time being.  Zach won't make a move until the Final 8.  They think they've been fed a line about Willow being a floater.  This is where it flips, Jordan says, he's shown his true colors. He wouldn't have left Ashleigh on the block.  He could have used Pili instead, Sarah says, I'm really scared and so glad Sindy is back. Jordan agrees, and told her that if she doesn't win HoH, she's going home.  Sarah tells JP that Willow is saying JP told Sindy about the pact to send the returnee home.


2:40AM BBT The two bash Willow's game. Sarah describes a convo where Willow tried to fish to find out if Sarah would go after Bobby. Jordan talks about how Willow tried to sell him under the bus to Zach while he was in the room. She's playing everyone, Godfrey, me, you...  There's a reason, JP says, she's sleeping in HoH. They think Zach's joking about putting Willow up shows how close they are in the game. JP tells Sarah about Godfrey saying he had a F4 deal with Sarah, Brittnee and Kevin.  Sarah wants to know about all the conversations between Zach, JP and Ashleigh she wasn't allowed in.  JP says it was about pretending they and JP weren't working together and going back and forth about Bobby and Bruno.  Bruno bought the deceit hook line and sinker and now Zach's abandoned the plan.


2:45AM BBT Sarah asks if Zach has ever said Sarah can't be trusted.  Of course, Jordan says, but I've defended you and said your not going after the couples, you're very loyal to us.  But even if she is, who cares, she can't do anything about it.  He's scared, JP says, that Bobby and Bruno will decide to side against the couples. It's a throw-off, Sarah says, he can't have Kevin's back as much as he pretends. Bobby and Bruno want Ashleigh too.  Sarah thinks Zach, Ashleigh and Willow are playing together now.  Could be, Jordan says, Willow has never thrown Zach under the bus.  She defends Bobby too, Sarah says.  There was something I was missing, she says, and I don't think I'm missing it anymore.  We have to stick together, Jordan says, and we have to have to have to win the next HoH.


2:46AM BBT Sarah thinks Zach has to know Jordan is acting at not being upset the backdoor Bruno plan was pulled.  It's scary, JP says, he said he was that close to me but must be closer to Willow and Ashleigh.  Willow is so stupid, JP says, she's a moron in this game.  In group situations, Sarah says, but individually, she tries to get you to say something incriminating so she can throw you under the bus later.  That means Kevin is their only ally, they say.  He never complains, JP says, he just goes to work. Sarah asks again if Jordan had no idea what Zach was going to do and he says again no.  Its' me, you, Kevin, Sindy, Pilar or B (Brittnee).  (That just happens to be the same six Sarah had counted out earlier.  -- Morty).  We have FotH.

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2:50AM BBT Bruno is called to the DR by BB and finds Jordan and Sarah talking in the SR. BB called them in too, they tell him. Stop talking about Production, BB says. Bruno's done and heads back to the HN room. Sarah and JP go out by the pool and decide they are pretty much on the same page. If Zach had 2 things going, he's closer on that one (Ashleigh, Willow, Bruno and Bobby) than with them. They hug and continue to talk about how Willow is saying things that aren't true, trying to elicit a reaction she can use. She's so annoying, JP says, she plays everyone.


2:55AM BBT JP whispers to Godfrey that BB called the HN to the DR. Sarah asks BB to please call her to the DR. She begs BB to do her a solid. BB doesn't answer. She goes to the DR door and it goes green. She's in!


2:57am BBT And she's out again, laying on the couch.  Jordan and Bruno have returned to bed.

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3:21AM BBT Breaking news! Sarah got off the coach, went to the SR and grabbed the ziploc bag she had earlier then returned to the HN room and laid down on her mattress.  BB has finally turned out the lights and this updater is heading home.  Catch you on the flip side!

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8:00am-9:00am BBT: Bruno and Bobby talk and Bruno tells that Godfrey went to Zack and threw them under the bus. Bobby tells him thats fine then Godfrey will be voted out this week he needs to go. Bruno says that Godfrey told him that Zack was going to backdoor Bobby this week. Now Bruno and Bobby are scared that Godfrey will tell Kevin that they plan to back door him next week.Bruno then tells BObby that Sarah and Jordan can not be trusted cause he caught them talking in the middle of the night alone.

Bobby tells bruno he trust Zack and that he will realize the chop shop is the best alliance in the house as no one knows about that one and they know about the others.

Bruno says he doesnt think Backdooring Kevin is a good idea anymore since they brought someone back with a twist.

9:00am-10:00am BBT: Bobby ask Zack if he was leaving the noms the same. zack says yeah. Zack ask if bruno told Bobby  about Godfrey throwing them under the bus and he says yeah he did. Zack says he now feels good about sending Godfrey home this week and the chop shop is safe cause no one knows about us.

11:00am-12:00pm BBT: Sindy tells brittnee and sarah they need to create some paranoia In the house and to vote Jordan out of the house instead of Godfrey. Sarah says that everyone will knwo it is us who did it. Sindy says that Jordan will be with me no matter what. Sarah feels like no one cares about Jordan anyways. sarah says well Zack doeas not trust us anyways. 

Godfrey  talks to Sindy about What everyone said when she was coming back in the housem that she will be the next one out because she has had 2 live3s already. He then tells hwer  if he stays this week that it could be  he will be the biggers tastrget and they will not nominate her as they will go after him.

 Jordan tells zack thatn he tyolod Sindy about the pact to get her out od the house next , He said im was testing hwer when i told her. Jordan says he was afraid he would get used as a pawn against Sindy. Zack tells him that it will not happen. Bobby joins Zack and Jordan and lets Jordan know he is safe this week.

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12:00pm-1:00pm BBT:  The chop shop meet to talk  about who is in what alliance and  Bruno says that sarah is dangerous Zack then says that sarah has to go after Sindy goes.ack says they can figure out who to niominate between Sindy, Sarah and brittney and any combination of those three will work as no one knows about the chop shop.

Sarah and Godfrey talked about there being a big alliance and Godfrey told her  that is is actually small. He tells her the alliance is Ashleigh, zack, Jordan and Willow. e tells her that each one of them is working on another HG but bruno and Bobby are not in it. Godfrey tyells sarah that he has realized that he is going out the door this week. Godfrey wans Sarah that just because people act as if they are with her does not mean that she is safe and he tells him she knows that.

2:00pm-3:00pm BT:Sarah and brittnee talk about Godfrey and him saying that He has Bobby and brunos Votes. brittnee says he is crazy sarah tells her she wants to send Jordan home , She wants to blow everything up and Brittnee says that it would be fun to blow it all up.Brittnee says we need to wait till after the veto meeting before we do anything.

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3:00pm-4:00pm BBT: Sarah tells Jordan she is som stressed and that she needs infoermation from him He tells her that bruno is  threatened by  her. Sarahn talks about  Their talk lastnight about the other allinace of Zach ashleigh  Bobby and bruuno and willow. and how they work together. Jordan tells her she is right there is an alliance  He says i have known about it since graig left. Sarah says i need you to tell me things like i tell you things She says i tell you everything and i trust you but it is going to end up screwing me. Jordan tells her  he could have talked to Zach and screwd her already but he didnt. He tells her i am staying  on the block and that she is not going on the block.

Sarah ask if he has something going on with Ashkeigh andf zach abnd he says no he has nothing going on with them.Sarah and Jordan go on more about  the allaince and how Jordan is close to Zach. Jordan then says i know i will gt nominated next to Sindy next week.

5:00pm-6:00pm BBT: Feeds return  after the Veto ceremony and Zach did not use the POV on anyone  as Niominations remain the same

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6:00pm-7:00pm BBT: Sindy tells Sarah and Zbrittnee that they need to keep Godfrey as he will  be a vote to get Zach out. They agree it would be the best move for them. Sindy thinks she can get brunos vote since he wants to work with me.Sarah says she could go to bruno also but she is scared to go talk to him  cause shemight get thrown under the bus.

Sindy goes to talk to Bruno and he is thinking of keeping Jordan this week so Sindy tells him that she wants to keep Jordan and she knows Jordan will work with her but it is better for her game to get rid of Jordan. Bruno agrees with her. Bruno says i do not know iof Bobby will vote Jordan out and sindy says that no one has to know that Bobby votes jordan out.Bruno ask will sarah vote Jordan out and Sindy says yeah i  will talk to her again though. briuno says talk to her and let me know then their talk was interupted.

Sindy goes to sarah and tells her  about her talk with Bruno, sarah ask is bruno lying and sindy says  no I will talk to him again and if they are  one hundred percent on board to evict jordan are you? sarah says it is what has to be done.

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7:00pm-8:00pm BBT: Sarah and zach talk and  she tells himm it is ok she knows he is playing both sides. She says i freaked out some  when i seen how close you was with BObby  and bruno but i know it can help us both  by doing that.Zach tells her he knows he can not stay with them guys cause they will beat me in the end, 
Jordan tells Zach that  they can  still use sarah for a couple of more weeks . Jordan then tells him that he has no desire to win HOh this wek at all he will throw it cause he does not want to be the one to take Sindy out of the house.
Talk between Jordan and zach  is about  who to take out next and that Willow is a rat in the house and needs to go soon.

8:00pm-9:00pm BBT: Most hg have been in the BY playing with the football. Sindy has been in the HOh rm repeating herself over and over about voting Jordan out this week as brittnee has been rolling her eyes.


Pilar and Kevin have been making out in the hottub and Sarah just walking around the house.

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9:07pm BBT: Sindy now telling brittnee that  the house is divided the youngest to the oldest and brittnee agrees it is. Sindy says so Jordan needs to go this week and next week we need Willow Bobby or Bruno to leave and i don't care who is upset.


 9:22pm BBT: Pilar and Ashleigh gathering laundry to go wash. Pilar says this day has flew by. Bruno Godfrey and Kevin are talking in the BY talking about  Bb  getting them a bucket of chicken. They then talk about how rough it is being on slop.

9:26pm BBT: Jordan, Zach and brittnee by the pool talking about making Pizza. In the BY Pilar is telling Bruno how to make her special sauce for the slop chips and laughing alot.

9:41pm BBT: Zach and brittnee in the Kt, Sarah comes in and says the Pizza's are in the oven now. brittnee says Sindy just cleaned the whole KT. BT the Pool is Jordan and Ashleigh talking. Brittnee comes out and they tell her to play  ball with Bobby and he would have a good time.

9:45pm BBT: Zach and Sarah  at the hot tub and Zach gets in the hot tub with his mic pack on  and realizes it and pulls it out of the water. Sarah tells zach she was freaking out cause he did not use the Veto and if i had won it then i might not have used it  cause i would have been afraid you would put up Kevin  and zach says no no if i hadn't have won it you would have so we was good either way. brittnee comes out and sits with Sarah.

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10:00PM BBT Ashleigh is shouting at full volume to Godfrey arguing about who won the game they played earlier. She is sitting with JP by the pool.


By the hot tub Sarah and Britt are in the chairs while Bruno is soaking. They are talking about wanting a bowl of KFC. 


JP and Ash talking about deserts when Willow joins them. He repeats his question to Willow If you could have any food from home right now what would it be. She says it would be poutine. BB tells the HGs to stop talking in code but probably meant to stop using brand names. JP wants ice cream from the fast food place that starts with a W. Willow mentions her dad's gravy that takes a full day to make and she would not mind a turkey dinner either. 


Feeds one and two switch to the HOH where Sindi is dancing while listening to the music. She is alone in the HOH. 


Feed 2 briefly flases the BY where Godfrey is playing ball again.


Ash telling JP she was scared when Godfrey was escalating during the veto ceremony earlier today. She tells JP that his speech was funny and they mention Alec and Peter of former cast. 


Sindi continues doing some combination of a dance and a gymnastics floor routine. 


Ash and JP get up to go in for a snack.


Kevin Pili Bruno on the conversation pit outside while Godfrey and Bobby continue playing trying to toss the ball into laundry baskets. 


Cams 1 and 2 now on hot tub where Zach is munching down a slice of pizza. Sarah and Britt are still in the chairs out there. Much static from the water and/or wind on Zach's mic. 


BY crew starts talking about Remedy having just started in between complaining about slop and what they eat to avoid it as much as possible as have nots. 


Britt asks Sarah where they will go for drinks after the show and she does not know. She is asked when she will go back to work and speculation is that will happen around the end of May. 


Willow on the pit now with Godfrey and Bruno. 


Sarah is told to fix her microphone. 


BY folks talking about their ages and Willow is now 27. Bruno has gotten up to take a turn at the ball game. 


Britt is talking about liking Gary but she definitely would not date him. Talk then turns to how much Johnny and Graig weigh in relation to the comp to return to the house. Sarah does not understand how Jillian and Emmet waited so long after leaving the house before watching their season. Zach says but she made it to the end so she saw everything that happened. He climbs out of the tub and the gals help him cover it up before heading back to the house.


Britt teasing Bobby about how she is such a distraction to his game play meaning the ball game not BB itself. Kevin has joined them on the couches and Sarah sits down with them as well.


Feeds 1 and 2 now jump to the kitchen where Ash and Pili and JP are eating and Sindi enters as does Willow. Willow is doing the dishes as everyone but JP leaves the scene. He rinses off a dish before leaving it to the dish washer. 


Multiple convos going on outside where Sindi has now perched herself to eat her slice/


Pili and Ash on cams 1 and 2 in the bathroom brushing their teeth.


3 and 4 switch to Kevin, Sarah and JP sitting out by the hot tub talking about who is the pawn this week and what will happen depending on who wins the next HOH. JP declares that they just got to win. (Now where ever have I heard that before?? - DRG)

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10:25PM BBT JP keeps talking to Sarah and Kevin about possible targets and how they should proceed next week. He thinks even if none of them win it would be ok if Ash did since she would not target them either. He is telling them that Zach did not want to take a shot at Bobby because he is in with them and Sarah replies that he almost said as much. 


Zach has joined the two gals in the bathroom and he and Ash are both applying lotion to his upper body. 


JP still talking about how they will have to be the ones to take a shot at the other side and Sarah says that Johnny was just collateral damage last week. JP talking about how Godfrey is smarter than he comes across and how he has watched BB since season 10. He feels sorry that he will not make jury (time will tell, what's that saying about counting chickens??? - DRG) 


Cams 1 and 2 switch again to the BY gang whicn now includes Willow again and Zach. They are talking about food. 


Sarah thinks as long as two of us aren't up next time we will be ok, while JP points out that they lose a vote is one of them happens to be HOH. Sarah asks if he has talked to Sindi at all and he says no. If she wins he hopes Sindi will come and ask him what to do. He thinks that the showmance thing will come into play. Sarah thinks the next comp will be more physical again. JP says all but two have been really physical and statistically the comps are usually 50/50 physical. Sarah wants a crap shoot as they have the numbers in their favor. Sarah points out that if Sindy wins she will hate Bobby as he is the one that sent her home.  


Cams 1 and 2 back to the bathroom where ADLS continue and the gals are talking about Willow and not knowing what she would do.


Sarah recounting what happened when Sindy wanted to win the veto and use it on Britt but Naeha wanted the veto to not be used at all.  Then she recaps what they guys said about there being a women's alliance.  


General chatter and adjusting of positions occuring in the BY on the couches. Willow now talking about what was shown on the episode tonight and what will air tomorrow. 


Sarah now speculates that it can be good for them that Zach is close with the other side. JP gets up to leave and Sarah says she is going to have one more smoke. Kevin has been mainly silent all this while and when JP leaves he remarks that the next three days will be interesting. Sarah says she is getting a gut feeling and Kevin wishes they could find out more about what JP is really up to. Sarah says he pretended to be upset with Zach but was he really? Also he let slip today that Johnny leaving was good and how he will go after Sindy, but that would not make since for them to do. 


Pili and Ash have now joined the BY gang and is talking about what she will make for Sindy's birthday tomorrow.  Willow asks if they weren't doing laundry and both Ash and Pili jump up to run to the machines. 

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#BBCAN3 10:00pm Sarah and Zach are in the hot tub or Zach is talking, They are talking about Zach not using the veto. Brittnee comes in. Zach is saying that he wanted to throw everyone under the bus.

#BBCAN3 10:05pm Zach and Sarah, and Brittnee, are talking about what it must have been like to be in sequester with Graig and Sindy,

Now they are talking about Racha and how she couldnt talk to her family that whole time. And just knowing that she didnt stand a chance in that comp to come back in. Brittnee is talking about feeling *hitty being on the block. And how you dont know who is just Bsing you or not.

#BBCAN3 10:15pm Ashliegh, and JP are talking about food that her mom makes at home Shepard’s pie. Zach is still in the Hot tub talking to Sarah and Brittnee, Zach says he cant tell people whats it like being in the house. You dont know until you are actually in a house like this. Willow is now talking about food with JP and Ashliegh, Talking about how her dad, makes a gravy that takes a day to make. They want a turkey dinner. (maybe BB with give them a turkey dinner??)

#BBCAN3 10:20pm Bruno and Pilar are talking about whats worst

the have not room or slop. Its slop, the other Hgs are having pizza for dinner. Brittnee and Godfrey come over to the grey chairs. Sindy is up in the HOHR dancing by herself.

#BBCAN3 10:30pm its dinner time in the bb house, Willow is doing dishes she is talking with JP about doing dishes at home. Godfrey Kevin, Bruno, and Brittnee, and Sarah are out in the BY talking about dancing and being in school, and tomorrow is Sindy's Birthday. Sindy wants Bobby to strip for her on her Birthday. Now Kevin and Sarah and Jp are talking about getting Sindy out next week.

#BBCAN3 10:40pm JP,Sarah and Kevin are now talking about Godfrey who is the tail of the snake not the head. JP says that he is a lot smarter then he comes off. Now talking about Johnny and how he wasnt even close to winning it he came off first. Zach Bruno Brittnee and Sindy are on the grey chairs talking about food. Bobby is playing ball, now doing bb pod cast.

#BBCAN3 10:45pm Sarah,JP, and Kevin are still talking about Sindy,They miss Johnny Sarah misses Graig. JP says this week was a wash we just traded Godfrey for Sindy. And with that JP runs in because he is freezing. Sarah is telling Kevin that everything they say to Pilar is going right back to Zach so we have to watch what we say.

#BBCAN3 10:55pm Now they are talking about Zach and how he says that Johnny leaving was a good thing, Kevin says if we win hoh we need to go after Zach. Kevin says but it would have been the perfect spot to back door me right. Sarah but who would have voted for you. They go over the votes. Sarah now Ive got your back she graps his hand. We just got to be careful. Everyone else has been on the grey chairs just talking about Sindy's Birthday.


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10:44PM BBT Sarah now saying there is no point to an alliance if they are not going to look out for you. She says Zach is going back and forth and Kevin remarks they will have to wait and see what gets back to Zach. Sarah wonders if Zach was going to put up Kevin and it changed when Sindy returned because she is a number for them. (Ya think??? He's a quaterback and dumps the ball off to the back in the flat when the rush is getting too close. - DRG) Kevin recounting the events of the week and Sarah again doubting JP acting upset about being on the block. Sarah states that she has been 100% straight forward with her alliance. they agree to be careful the next few days and to watch out for each other before leaving. She asks for a kiss at the door and gets a smooch then apologizes for having smoke breath.


Feeds 1 and 2 in the bedroom where most of the BY group is getting ready for bed. JP and Sarah are in the kitchen and they say that everyone is going to try and go to bed now. (Please let the lights go dim tonight, BB. - DRG) Talk of sleeping last night and how cold it was in the Have Not room.  


Ash and Zach are now in the HOH also getting ready for bed. Feeds 3 and 4 settle on the bathroom where many teeth are being scrubbed. 


Zach joking with Ash about telling Willow she can't sleep in the HOH again. He say she will tell her to get out of here and Ash tells him not to say that, but he says she had her one night sleep over and Feeds 1 through 3 turn to FOTH.

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10:55PM BBT Zach and Ash on the HOH bed and ADLS ongoing in the bathroom as the feeds drift in and out of FOTH. 


After general chatter talk in the bathroom turns to all the condoms there and who would be most likely to use them. Someone says Kevin and Pili but others say Pili is such a good girl and never would do that even though Kevin would be down for christening the BB house.


Feeds 3 and 4 show Bruno and Godfrey in the HOH room on there mats and Godfrey is talking about asking for someone to give him a sympathy vote. 


Upstairs Ashleigh and Zach are listening to music still and now start a series of pecks. 


Godfrey and Bruno counting votes and talking about what would happen if he stays this week and they win HOH next week. Bruno says it is tough cause if Sarah flips this week she will flip back next week. Zach talking about convo he had earlier where JP tried to tell him he had no chance to win against Bruno in the end game.  He was asked who he would nom if he stayed this week and Ash was not a good answer so he switched to Bobby and that was an acceptable answer and we get FOTH once more.

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#BBCAN3 11:25pm The Hgs are in their beds just chatting no game talk.

#BBCAN3 11:30pm Sindy is laying in bed with Kevin now Hgs are now saying good nite to each other, Bobby and Brittnee are in the same bed. And Zach and Ashliegh are making out.

#BBCAN3 11:35pm Willow is asking Brittnee and Bobby if there is a double B showman. Brittnee no we are just good friends.

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12:05AM BBT Kevin calls all the HG to the LR for a letter BB has given him to read. FotH.

12:15AM BBT While feeds were off, HG got to see a clip of fans that were in the BBCAN house a few days ago, doing a comp. They're all excited and then start making their way off to bed again.

12:20AM BBT Zach tells Ashleigh in HoH that if the house was smart, they'd evict Jordan but they won't. He's worried how close Brittnee is getting to Bobby. If Brittnee wins, Ashleigh says, we're F*cked. That's why she goes next week, Zach assures her. Then he changes his mind and wants Sindy to go next week. Zach doesn't rust Willow because she tells everyone what she thinks they want to hear.

12:30AM BBT If Sindy goes and Zach wins HoH again, he'll still not go after Bruno or Bobby but Sarah, Willow or Brittnee. Ashleigh would put up Brittnee or Sindy, she doesn't even care about Sarah. Zach agrees, says Sarah trusts him. Zach is confident he can convince Bruno and Bobby that Willow can't be trusted. Zach knows that Sarah has been telling Jordan everything which is why she's not targeting him. Ashleigh worries that the house will see Bobby and Bruno as a thing. Zach says the two of them and Kevin/Pilar are a bigger thing.

12:45AM BBT Zach wanted to work with Naeha but was too scared. Zach would like to see Naeha play in an All Stars game - as long as he wasn't in it. He says Naeha planned to flip the whole house and was going to nominate Graig and Bobby. She could have done it too, he says.

1:10AM BBT Bruno joins Bobby outside for a strategy session. Bruno says they don't want to lose Godfrey. BB exposes their talk, telling Bobby to put on his microphone. Jordan walks out and catches them. Game talk resumes after Jordan returns to bed. Bruno is using candies to count votes with Bobby. Bruno is afraid of what will happen if Godfrey goes home. Bobby doesn't agree. Bruno says Zach has JP, Ash, Willow and Pilar, and with Pilar comes Kevin. They have Godfrey, Sarah, Brittnee and Sindy. Everyone assumes there's a couples alliance, Bruno says, so why not just have one?

1:20AM BBT Bobby says we're the ace in the hole no one knows about. Jordan's the ace in the hole everyone knows about. Bruno says if they take us out, they can take everyone out. He doesn't see Zach's gang ever breaking up. Bobby doesn't trust Godfrey because he's been cozying up to Zach. Bruno doesn't trust Sarah. He wasn't even gunning for JP until JP started comparing him to Dan Gheesling. Bobby would nominate Sindy and Pilar if he wins HoH. Be careful with Sarah, Bruno warns Bobby.

1:30AM BBT Zach and Ashleigh come down from HoH and join Bobby and Bruno in the BY. Bobby asks Ashleigh who she would nominate. Brittnee and Sindy, she says, I really want Brittnee gone. Sindy comes into the KT and sees the others outside and joins them for a minute. There's a general "I can't sleep" conversation, then Sindy goes back inside. Zach goes inside, leaving Bobby, Bruno and Ashleigh going over all the other side.

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1:40AM BBT Bobby thinks they can blindside anyone if they just get to next week with the numbers.  Bruno thinks Sarah is the biggest poison in the house.  As long as they don't put each other's names up, they're good.They want to test Willow by asking what order she wants the HG out.  If Sarah is 6th, they'll know she's not with them.

1:50AM Bruno, Bobby and Ashleigh come inside after an FotH.  Apparently Ashleigh's returned to HoH. Bruno is in the DR, and Bobby is sharing the sofa with Sindy.   A girl comes downstairs and Sindy asks if she needs to be zipped up then FotH again.

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1:55AM BBT Bruno is out of DR and joins Sindy and Bobby on the couch.  Sindy is hungry.  Bobby suggests a slice of bread.  I'm on slop, she reminds him.  Bobby has no blank white T's anymore - they've all disappeared.  Bruno moved all his stuff to HoH when he was HoH but in hindsight he should have left it downstairs.  Sindy says there's nothing going on tomorrow.  Except your birthday, Bruno says.


2:00AM BBT Ashleigh comes out of the DR in her ant costume (from the Veto comp) and tells Bruno, Bobby and Sindy good night, don't let the bed ants bite.  Bobby is ready to try to go to sleep.  Bruno lays face down on the LR rug and Sindy stands on top of him, giving him a massage.  Bruno heads off.  Bobby goes to bed, leaving Sindy alone in the LR.


2:15AM BBT Zach and Ashleigh are in bed in HoH.  The Haves are asleep in the blue BR, the HNs except for Sindy are in the HN room, and Ashleigh's all giggly with Zach, who probably wants to go to sleep.  His feet don't fit on the bed.  She hangs her feet off the edge of the bed too, either out of sympathy or so she can lay her head on his chest. Let the snogging and heavy breathing begin.


2:30AM BBT No change in status in the blue BR or HN room, but BB is finally dimming the lights in HoH where Zach breaks off from making out to snap his knee and gross Ashleigh out.  The lights are completely out in HoH but the action hasn't died down.


2:45AM BBT Either BB is starting to dim the lights or my eyes are dimming them for me.  Either way, that's it for tonight.  I don't think we'll see any more action until morning when we'll find out who changed alliances in their dreams.

That's all for today.  Tomorrow starts here:



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