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Saturday, April 18 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
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Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
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Storage Room (SR)

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5:38 am BBT Feeds are back! On feed four: Zach and Ashleigh in HOH room talking about a comp and Zach’s time was 4 minutes and 21 seconds then they got a “houseguests please stop talking about production” from BB. Zach won the POV and is now worried that the others are going to think he is so good at comps. Ashleigh said yea but Kevin is still a bigger threat and has won more comps than Zach. Zach said you have to be socially set up with the house. Zach told Ashleigh that getting rid of GF will benefit him because he can swing it to look like it is best for everyone and Bruno benefits nobody.

5:41 am BBT Zach said if he wins in another two weeks then the line will get drawn and he can pick up the garbage scraps like remnants of the chop shop or SaraB or Sindy.  Ashleigh said Sindy is a good thing and she is so happy it is Sindy that made it back in the house. Zach said in like two or three weeks if Bobby and Bruno are still here he can do it. Ashleigh told Zach that at least he is emotionally ready for it. Zach said it is so early now to do it and in like two or three weeks there will be less people and then he can do it. Ashleigh said this is day 30 and only four people are gone. Zach said in the next couple of weeks he should be good for whoever wins HOH. Now they are speculating who Sindy would put up if she wins HOH. Zach said they have to keep playing on people’s emotions and Ashleigh has to keep flirting with Bobby.

5:45 am BBT Zach is so happy that he won the POV. Before the pov he told JP that he has to keep the nominations the same and the only way that he can do it is if JP and GF don’t win the veto so he told JP to throw the comp and that is why he took 20 minutes because he didn’t even try.

6:00 am BBT Zach wonders what GF is going to do when he finds out that Zach is not going to use the pawn. Ashleigh will miss GF’s stories and Zach thinks it will be easier to deal with GF and not using the veto then it would be to deal with putting Bruno up on the block. 

Sorry, I had to translate the time from the timer on the feeds and that last reply I translated it to my time (CST) so BBT would have been starting at 6:38 am BBT then 6:41and 6:45, and 7am BBT  

7:02 am BBT Zach and Ashleigh are now going to sleep.

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9:35AM BBT: Lights still out, HGs all still sleeping.


10:05AM BBT: Lights are on. All HGs still sleeping.


10:26AM BBT: Feeds FotH.


11:20AM BBT: Feeds are back. Cameras are all over the place, and HGs still saying good morning to each other. HGs complaining about being tired.


11:24AM BBT: Pilar wanders around the house, planning to shower and ends up in the HOHr talking with Zach and Ashleigh about being tired and plans for today. 

Bruno and JP on the couches. JP talking about how hard the Veto was for him and Ashleigh and how it appeared to get easier as the more people went. Godfrey joins the group and Bruno asks him how he felt about the comp. Godfrey says he struggled the find the exit but got all the pieces easy.




11:30AM BBT: More HGs up around. All HGs talking about how late they went to bed (5AM), and how little sleep they've gotten. 

Bruno asks Sindy how it feels to be back and she says it feels like she hasn't even left. She looks as it as if she was safe for 2 weeks and had a vacation. Conversation switches to kissing each other: Godfrey kissed Sarah and he says it made his day. 

Quite house so far; Bobby, Sarah, Kevin and Pilar in the kitchen making food.




11:35AM BBT: Bruno, Sindy and JP talking about eviction. Sindy says that eviction won't be until after they air the re-entry episode, because Godfrey will have to fly back home and that would reveal everything. 

Conversation shifts to Bruno's birthday card and BB took it back once his HOH was over. Sindy is asking questions about the weeks she was away. 

Bruno shares the story of his sons feet and the casts. Finding out the day before he moved into the BB house, his son needs boots again because his feet are starting to move back.



11:40AM BBT: Jordan and Godfrey in the HOHr, talking about the voting and who is going to vote for who. Godfrey thinks the girls would vote for Jordan against him. Zach comes out of the bathroom and JP explains that Godfrey wanted to talk so they aren't campaigning against each other. Both agree that if they save Godfrey and send someone else home, they would vote out Sindy. (Godfrey says before Sindy coming back in he would have taken out Sarah, however he still tries to sell voting out Sarah a bit.)

JP and Godrey are making huge assumptions about Zach's veto. JP says to Zach "if we save him", JP quickly stops himself and says "if you save him". Godfrey also says to Zach while pointing at JP, "I know you are gonna save him and I get that."



11:45AM BBT: JP asks Zach if he knows what he is doing yet and Zach says no. The three agree to meet up again later today to talk more, both Godfrey and JP leave Zach. 

Ashleigh doing her make-up and Brittnee brushing her teeth and going to shower in the WA, no game talk or really any talk at all.



11:51AM BBT: Sarah and Willow in the KT talking about the veto comp. Sarah says she didn't rush the comp and thats probably why she did well. Willow talks of how they will edit to make the comp look so close, and it was because it was only 31 seconds apart. 

The girls go quiet and then Willow asks Sarah if she thinks her mom likes her; Sarah says absolutely, she thinks everyone likes Willow, unless she is saying shit about her behind her back and BB says "HGs stop talking about production". Sarah laughs and says and I was just joking, I must have been spot on. [Willow is eating a bowl of cereal and it is absolutely disgusting watching her chew with her mouth open.... - canfan137]



11:55AM BBT: Bruno talking about his daily life at home.

HGs hanging out around the HOHr. Willow, Kevin and Brittnee talking about watching past seasons at home. They are talking about the HGs last season and who they would have fallen for. Brittnee says she would have battled with Jill for Emmett. Willow says that Emmett is out of her league and Brittnee says "never think that, no one is out of your league unless you treat them like they are". Brittnee is listening to music. Some of the girls are getting in the bathtub.



12:00PM BBT: Feeds FotH.

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6:30PM BBT Zach and ashleigh in HOH talking game  wondering where Sindy head is . Zach mentions that he is mentally tired will take 2 weeks off and beast at comps after that. Zach also tells ashleigh she needs to talk game with Britnee and see where her head is at. Both agree that you cannot under estimate britnee.

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1:10PM BBT Kevin, Jordan and Brittney are not happy Zach has decided to not use the Veto to backdoor Bruno but target Godfrey instead but tell him they'll support his choices.

 2:30PM BBT Sarah tells Sindy that although Bobby is nice now, while she was gone he was trashing her.  Sindy says she knows the house has made a pact to evict her as quickly as possible.  Sara warns her that Zach and Jordan are working together.  Seems that Newport is no longer a secret alliance. Brittnee thinks Zach is so fake but has been running the whole game.  Sindy's targets were Craig (now gone), Godfrey, Zach and Willow.  Sindy remembers that only Sarah, Brittnee, Bruno and Jordan would talk to her when the rest of the house was shunning her.

 2:50pm BBT Sindy thinks Jordan is actually 21yrs old.  She would nominate Asheligh and Pilar and backdoor Zach to get a strong guy out.  No one notices how well Pilar does in challenges, she says.  Kevin and Jordan are upset Zach isn't using the veto to backdoor Bruno and wants to tell Zach they'll lose Kevin's trust if he goes back on his plan.  Jordan says he didn't volunteer to stay on the block and be at risk and that his true trust is with Kevin.  He apologizes for not telling Kevin about the Chop Shop.  

 3:00pm BBT Godfrey tells Kevin in the WA that he knows there was a backdoor plan because Zach would never nominate Jordan otherwise.  Kevin agrees and thinks he might be the target.  Godfrey wants to pitch the idea of backdooring Sarah because she's going after the couples. Godfrey promises he has Kevin's and Pilar's back.  

 4:00PM BBT Ashleigh and Pillar tell Sarah and Willow they're going to keep Sindy around to use as a pawn or funnel information from Jordan, who they think is splitting off from Zach because Zach isn't using the Veto.  Zach tells Willow Sarah has been pushing him to backdoor Bruno or Bobby.  He wants to make sure there are bigger players in the game in front of him so he won't be as big a target.  He wants Willow to actively throw Kevin and Bobby under the bus.

 4:30PM BBT Godfrey warns Jordan he might be evicted if Zach doesn't save him. He says Sarah is telling everyone how close the two are. Jordan says his only alliance is Godfrey, Bruno and Zach. Godfrey says Sarah tried to get him into an alliance.  He's laying it on strong to get Sarah backdoored.  Jordan complains that Bobby and Bruno haven't been defending the guys.   Godfrey agrees, says Bruno wasn't even surprised he was nominated.  Jordan continues driving a wedge between Godfrey and Bobby and Bruno and form a new alliance.

 5:00PM BBT Godfrey is open to Jordan's suggestion that Zach could backdoor Bruno.  Bruno uses stories about his family to get support from the girls.  They agree to talk to Zach tonight to get both of them out of this.  Bruno is the one guy I thought would have my back, Godfrey laments.  Jordan has been working on Godfrey for over an hour and has really done a number on him.  Or Godfrey is feeding Jordan exactly what he wants to hear.

 6:00PM BBT Jordan updates Kevin and Zach that Godfrey is on board with targeting Bruno or Bobby, and that Bruno had Final 2 deals with Godfrey but dumped him for Graig.  He pushes for the Veto to be used, saying Bruno says he's with us but never provides any information.  Zach isn't convinced he can work with Godfrey.  Jordan says he's a lost puppy.  Kevin agrees, says Godfrey will be loyal to the death.  They tell Zach Godfrey will target Sindy, not them.

 6:15pm BBT Zach, Kevin and Jordan continue to talk. Bobby is after Kevin, Brittnee, Sarah and Sindy.  Zach doesn't like how everyone seems to trust Sarah.  Jordan and Kevin think Bobby will still try to get Kevin out even if Bruno goes home.  Zach counters that Willow, Sarah, Brittnee and Sandy will target the couples.  Zach doesn't want them to thank he's copping out if he doesn't backdoor Bruno.  Jordan lays on the guilt - I volunteered to go on the block because you said I was coming off.  Zach says I need to play the game for me but want to be loyal to you guys as well.

 6:30PM BBT Jordan and Kevin don't think Zach will go through with it as it's not best for his game.  I wish Zach as a little dumber, Kevin says.  They don't think Zach can get Bobby or Bruno to go after Sindy but maybe use her as a pawn to get Kevin.  Meanwhile, Sindy tells Sarah about the Chop Shop.  Ashleigh assures Zach that Bobby and Bruno aren't coming after them.  

 7:30PM BBT Buno gets his time with Zach and says Sarah wasn't on board with sending whomever came into the house back out and that she will not go after Sindy.  He and Godfrey are both pitching to save Godfrey and backdoor Sarah.  

 7:45pm BBT Sarah tells Brittnee and Kevin they need to keep Sindy around for the numbers.  They think Zach is about to draw a line in the house and they're on the wrong side. They think it's possible Zach will still use the veto and is just playing all of them.

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10:00PM BBT So its been quite a busy day thanks mainly to the return of Sindy the Agitator Bunny which has caused everyone to reconsider their game and actually talk to almost everyone else in the house. Zach has reconsidered his back door plan and now intends to not use the veto, but leave JP and Godfrey on the block with Godfrey, hopefully (for Zach and JP), being the one to go. Meanwhile Sarah and Britt have decided to band together with Sindy and start over especially as Sindy informed them about The Chop Shop alliance. Virtually no one intends to follow through with yesterdays pact to evict the returnee as the first order of business for next week. They got the backyard back after three days of LDs and everyone exercised (save Sindy) and spent time in the hot tub. Most of the HGs are struggling to stay up at this point and the clock in the house has been an hour ahead most of the day. 


Godfrey and JP are talking with Zach in the HOH bathroom as he is preparing to turn in for the day. Godfrey is lobbying to stay by trying to convince Zach that he is good in comps and will come in handy for Zach going forward in the game. He wants Bobby put up as the replacement nom no matter which of them comes off. He does not think that using Kevin as the replacement nom would be a safe move. 


Downstairs the remaining HGs are hugging one another good night a la Waltons and heading up to the bathroom for nightly ADLs. (Maybe your truly gets another early night??? - DRG)

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10:05PM BBT Feeds in the bathroom and the HOH where everyone is getting into PJs. Willow is remaking the HOH bed while Ashleigh is changing in the bathroom. They are debating about which of the three of them will be in the middle tonight. Willow wants that spot while Ash wants Zach to be in the middle. (Its a tough life being a quaterback. - DRG) Willow and Ash are now talking about what they would do if they were the next HOH as they are both aware Zach will not use the veto tomorrow. 


In the main bedroom Pili and Kevin are flirting with him in bed and her standing beside it. Kevin states that he will not be having sex in the BB house and Pili piles on top of him and tickles. 


Ashleigh and Willow are playing with a ball cap in the HOH as Willow tosses it up in the air attempting to catch it on her head. 


JP is now crawling into bed with Sindy and beginning to massage her vote er I mean her leg. The other guys start talking about what Bruno should wear for the remainder of the season. 


Willow disappearing behind the curtain in the HOH bathroom and wraps it around and around until it is tight against her.


JP compliments Kevin on his abs.


Zach now tells Bruno in the kitchen that Godfrey was just campaining for Bobby to go up on the block. They seem to be shocked by this turn of events and Zach tells Bruno that Godfrey has no one and still he just threw Bruno and Bobby under the bus. Zach also tells him that Godfrey told JP that if they both stay on the block then it will be JP that will be going home. Bruno says he never ever would have guessed that Godfrey would do that. Bruno says someone told Sindy what is up and he thinks it was Sarah and Britt. Zach remarks that you can't trust a fucking thing in this house. Bruno says they still have their five and he verifies that Zach is close with JP and Godfrey was just an additional vote. Bruno says that he thinks that the girls can't stand each other but they will not put each other up either.  Sarah on the other hand really wants the boys to go and she is a good talker and is close to most everyone in the house. Bruno says that it has been nearly every week that they planned to get Kevin and it never happens then he goes back to saying how much of a threat Sarah is due to her social game even though they don't think she can win any comps. 


Upstairs Willow is saing to Ash that it is going to get really crazy and that she thinks next week will be a double. They comment about their being only 4 people gone and it is already day 31. Willow thinks Zach is really smart at this game and thank God he has planned everything out. Ash does not know what Sindy would do if she were to be HOH. They wonder if she will still go as hard at comps as she did originally. Willow thinks Sindy really thinks during the comps whereas Willow just stands there. 


Downstairs they guys are talking about Godfrey and how he is a last guy in your ear kind of guy and they wonder who talks game to him. They plan to make him feel he is fine and then boot him. Bruno still can't believe that Godfrey suggested he or Bobby as replacement nominees. 


The gals are talking about who they would put up and how they don't want to upset other people. They have four more days this week and then it gets interesting again. Willow hopes the HOH will be the endurance comp where you run back and forth to fill up a jug. They agree that Bobby is a really bad player and recall his HOH speech. 


Downstairs the guys are discussing how everyone talks to everyone else in the house but Bruno says he does not ever talk game with Sarah as he does not trust her. They break up and Zach heads upstairs.

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10:30PM BBT  JP is now spooning Sindy and teasing her about taking off either her mic or her top (feeders choice?? - DRG) Zach stops in to say goodnight before heading over the the HOH. Kevin and PIli and under the covers with a case of the giggles. Britt is in a bunk with Bobby. 


Zach telling the gals in the HOH now about how he stopped in the other bedroom and teased them about there being a couple, a couple and a couple in the beds. 


Sindy has now removed her yellow sweatshirt revealing a pinkish tank top underneath and JP helps her remove her mic.


Zach now repeating the story about Godfrey to the gals in the HOH bathroom. Willow saying that Sarah came to her and said that the plan was to back door Kevin and Ash wonders where that came from. Willow says that they put that out there. Zach comments that he does not know what to believe and he does not know what to do. Willow says that he can trust her and Ash and then asks if they could be Zach's Angels? Zach continues to bellyache about not knowing what to do for sure.


Sindy and JP now holding hands facing one another in the bed. 


Willow announces to Zach that she loves him and Ashleigh and Pili and those are her three. Zach just says they have a lot of other people still to get out of the house. 

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10:40PM BBT Zach now telling the ladies that if Sindy wins HOH next week the the plan is for JP to showmance her for the week. And as if on que JP and Sindy are getting "handsy" in the other bedroom.


Zach talking about types of comps and which ones he can not do well in, like the standing ones, but give him one that requires upper body strength and he is good. Willow wonders who would put Zach up and he says Godfrey. Willow thinks this is an easy week for him and he agrees stating that is why he is doing what he is and launches into his stock speech about not making any big moves until there are 8 left in the house. He thinks you don't make any big moves until the jury starts. Look at how all the people that made big moves have left the house since it gives everyone a reason to target them the following week. (So what about Brittney?? - DRG) Willow says she would use the HOH to talk to people and see if they tell her the truth.  Zach thinks it may well be a double next week and it might be a good time to get a big player out if that is the case. He wants to go to bed and Willow wonders if they are allowed to go to bed yet or not. BB tells them to stop talking about brand names and then mentions Zach who protests that he did not say anything. Now Willow is resuming the debate with Zach about which one of them is going to sleep in the middle. She then tells Zach that it hurts her feeling when he teases her as she only has him and Pili. She also tells him that he never asks her what she thinks when making plans. She tells the other two that at least they have one another and that she has to pretend to be a lesbian. 


Kissing has started with JP and Sindy and they pull the covers over there heads but it does not mute the smooching noises. Two bunks over Pili and Kevin are facing each other but must both have their mics off as nothing can be heard from them. 


Zach laying on the HOH bed in the middle with the two gals sitting on either side facing him as they talk about what happened when in the house to date.

10:55PM BBT HOH group talking about final comps in the two previous seasons of BBCA


The lights remain fully bright in both bedrooms. HOH trio talking about who was in the jury in season 1. Now they talk about how Emmett was disqualified several times in comps. Willow says that she and Ash both need to get a win. Willow notices that she needs to redo her legs while Zach is lamenting the fact that he cannot play in the next HOH comp. 


Sindy now on top of JP sucking face. 

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11:02PM BBT HOH group now recalling when Chef Joe walked into a dark bedroom and said. "We need to get Dan out." Then the lump in the bed rolled over and said, "I am Dan." Joe just left the room.

Willow again complains about not being allowed to sleep in the middle and aks BB to dim the lights. Zach gets up to head to the bathroom.


JP is now outside working on laundry.


Ashleigh says she really does not want Britt to win. She and Willow would both break down if that happened. Zach returns and says the bed needs to be made as Willow and Ash are rough housing fighting over the middle spot. Zach eventually crawls into the middle and pulls the covers over them all. Willow keeps complaining about wanting to be in the middle. (I had almost forgotten how annoying it was to have 2 younger sisters. DRG) Zach comments about how he does not understand how Willow can be up all the time. (Her ADD meds have clearly worn off, dude. - DRG) Willow is now on top of Zach trying to squeeze into the middle spot. Zach says he did not know they let 16 year olds on the show after Ash called her a brat. Ash tells her that she is like that dog from UP. Zach offers Willow a comp saying that he will give her half of the prize money should he win if Willow can stay quiet for 12 hours starting tomorrow morning. The he says it starts right now after he realized she would not shut up all night otherwise. 


JP in the kitchen now by himself.


Zach takes back the offer saying that he remembered that the contract says they cannot make any deals regarding the prize money. Willow again tells BB to turn the lights off. She then offers to go in the bathroom if they want to have their night make out then says that she could join in too.


JP stands in the store room door for a bit then slowly starts to make his way upstairs.


HOH talk turns to Bobby and how he made a play Sindy but she was all about JP so now Bobby is into Britt. Ash says poor Bobby he just wants some love. Willow tells Zach that he needs to tell BB to dim the lights so he does and BB responds by telling the HGS to please stop talking about production. JP comes in remarking about the production announcement and says he forgot something in there before. Zach tells him he is always welcome. He comments about the sleep over for the haves and they invite him, but he tells them he is a have not and cannot stay in there and heads back out. He makes his way to the bathroom for nightly ADLS. 


Zach comments about how pale Ash is and how she needs to get out in the sun tomorrow then remarks about how beat up her legs are. Willow tells him he is really great at compliments. They all talk about how they got a workout today. Now they go back to talking about it being day 31 and there are still 12 people in the house. Willow speculates that they could extend the season like the once did on BBUS and it could go for up to 90 days. 


Britt comes into and out of the bathroom where JP is working on his face. 


Willow asks Ash if she doesn't wash her face before bed and she replies that she hasn't. Zach wonders if Willow washes her face and she tells him that she does.

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11:25PM BBT Britt back in bed, JP still in the bathroom and the HOH trio starting to settle down with them all having their eyes closed. All the lights remain fully bright.


JP slowly wanders down to the Have Not room where the others appear to already be sleeping. He puts on a heavy robe and lies down on his mat. the takes off the robe and pulls it over himself as a blanket. 


Feeds show the main bedroom and the Have Not room where not a creature is stirring, yet the lights blare away. (Not very green of you BB. - DRG)

11:35PM BBT The hamsters appear to be down for the night.

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12:25AM BBT Anyone tuning in and expecting to see the HG - Surprise! Everyone's asleep, despite the lights being on. Bobby and Brittnee are in the same bed on Feed 1, and he has her hand in his. After Sindy's return, the HG had the Veto competition that ran until 5am and were woken up just 5hrs later. I call that a weeknight. But after a day of extreme game strategizing, the poor HG are all tuckered out and have been down for over an hour.

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1:15AM BBT The lights are still on and Jordan and Sindy are sound asleep with their arms around each other.  Bobby has let go of Brittnee's hand and is periodically scratching his nose.

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1:40AM BBT Sindy got up to get something to drink. She spent a few moments in the BY then to the WC and back to the bedroom. The lights remain on throughout the house.

What a day!  BB hasn't turned out the House lights but we have here at the TV Fan Forums.  You can continue with Sunday's Live Feed Updates here:



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