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Thursday, September 18 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)



If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:10am Cody and Victoria in the kitchen talking about the bomb squad and Donny. Cody saying Donny was one of the best players in the house he just had a horrible social game. He says that Donny was a genius and figured out everything that was going on in the house and he was targeting Derrick so he had to go.


12:20am Talk has turned to Devin and why Cody didn’t trust him and why exactly the Devin ended up going home. He is explaining why Paola went home over Zach.


12:31am Cody telling Victoria he wants to see her real hair, that she shouldn’t care what other people think and she should do what she needs to do to not be in pain. If that means sleeping without the extensions she should and not worry about what other people think. Topic changes to who they are going to keep in touch with


12:37am  Derrick out of the Diary room and points at the people on the memory wall that he will keep in touch with. Cody explains again why he thinks he would want to keep in touch with Caleb after the show .


12:47am Victoria and Derrick in the bathroom brushing teeth Cody in the kitchen munching on chips after we here Jana say "say Holla Daddy" and then Zach say "Holla Fruit Loop Dingus" and Derrick saying that the guy on the board must be hopped up on 20 cups of coffee and monsters and bored


12:57am Each houseguest is laying in their perspective bed in the fire room talking  in the dark. Cody going to get paper towels because there was something on the table


1:07am Early night in the big brother house, that competition must have took a toll on them because everyone is sleeping soundly now

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8:50am HG are up and Victoria is in the WA getting her makeup and things together. Cody in the KT taking pills we get a brief foth and they come back saying  they have to go to the HOh rm for a LD Cody ask derrick if he is getting a shower up there and derrick says yeah after you dude. Another brief foth and comes back talking about who has been honest to who and then talking about the wrap party.


8:57am Hg talking about the wrap party and if they will see Ian or not and  Victoria says she doesn't remember how it went last year and we get foth.


9:04am WE are now on Jeff's Reels as the Hg have gone to HOH rm for a LD.

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 12:07pm derrick going to the DR. Victoria goes to the br and ask Cody where he put his glass so it wont break he says that it is still out there. Victoria goes to the WA and looks in the mirror.Cody in the KT looking at the table at the Breakfast BB provided  so Hg could go down memory lane. Cody says man that was fun now back to boredom. Derrick comes out of the DR and they all sit in the LVR. derrick tells Victoria she should take her extensions out cause he liked the way her hair looked without it and she says no way.


12:11pm Cody tells Victoria she should go with out the extensions and she says no way no one ever sees me without them that's why I get up so early to get a shower so no one will see . He ask you take em out for a shower and she says yeah. She then tells them that was why she never went swimming or worked out cause she didn't want to sweat and have to wash it.


 12:13pm Cody laying on the couch and Derrick and Victoria sitting on the couch.derrick says we will have to day off and the comp on Saturday and Cody says i say the comp is tomorrow. Derrick says we have to enjoy this  now cause we know for certain  when the end is.


 12:16pm Derrick and  Cody are talking about movies then derrick says i am totally going to sleep dude as soon as i get my bag i am going. Cody says you didn't drink much and derrick says i drank more than you did dude. Cody says my stomach is burning now and Victoria ask why? Cody says from the O.J and the Champagne. 


 12:21pm Cody telling Victoria about his dad and brother and sister and what they do  and hoping his dad can take off work to come  to the finale.


12:22pm Victoria says she doesn't know if any of her family will be there finale night cause it is a holiday and Cody says what do you mean she says it is a Jewish Holiday and we literally pray all day. We don't work, we don't clean, we don't shop, or anything we are in temple all day praying.


 12:24pm Victoria and Cody now talking about how excited their dads were when they got their keys  to the BB house.


 12:25pm Victoria says my mom told me i would either come home early or be there 100 days and  it is going to be that then a week after finale is another holiday .. she says we literally have holidays and alot of them for 2 months straight.


12:28pm Cody is yawning. derrick comes out of the WC and washes his hands then goes to the LVR telling Cody he is going to crush it as he heads to bed and then BB calls derrick to the  DR. Cody says watch they will tell us to go to the hoh rm now.


 12:30pm Derrick comes out of the DR and tells Cody all their stuff is in the STR and they go in and says i guess that was the last of the hoh rm. Derrick says they are breaking it down. 


 12:32pm Victoria says i am going to crash now. derrick says we have to put all this stuff in the STR from the breakfast then we can lay down. She says i will help you then. They carry things in the STR and derrick tries the french toast and tells Victoria it is so good then she tries it and says it is amazing and grabs her a piece.


12:36pm The table is now cleared off and everything in the STR. Cod is in the KT eating chips. Victoria gets a bottle of water and heads to  the Fire BR and goes to bed for a nap.


 12:40pm Cody is cleaning the bathroom mirror and sinks as he waits for derrick to come out of the WC.


 12:43pm Derrick comes out of the WC and  ask where Victoria was and Cody says in bed. Derrick says ok lets do questions and they start naming the hoh's in order. Cody tells derrick he crushed it.


 12:46pm Derrick tells Cody he is going to go snooze. BB tells them to retrieve their activity trackers from the STR. Derrick and Victoria go to get theirs and Cody continues to clean the bathroom.Derrick now goes to bed  and Victoria returns to bed.Victoria says ok so remember that day we was on the hammock a few weeks ago so you knew why Cody was the way he was with Christine and Nicole and Derrick says i have been honest with you  always and she says i know but  with Hayden and Nicole did you know they had a final 2? He says no i didn't know then.


12:50pm Derrick says everything i know i have told you Victoria. She says i know. He says it is like everything i tell you  that you don't listen it is like you are in another world. She says i listen. Derrick says i don't know why you worry about this now there is no one else  i can evict before you now.She says i know.


12:54pm Cody in the KT eating chips. Derrick and Victoria in the Fire BR talking about his facial hair and how Victoria liked his facial hair but now likes him  shaven like he is now.


12:56pm Derrick and Victoria talking about what the comp will be tomorrow and derrick tells her she just has to go out and try her best that we wont know what it is till we walk out there and it could be a timed event and Victoria says that's even worse. She then says she is tired and he says cause we just ate and drank Champagne that why.She then tells a story about her drinking alot once and throwing up.

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1:00PM BBT: Cody is in the kitchen trying to throw balls into a bucket on the kitchen table basketball style. Derrick and Victoria are in the fire bedroom whispering. Derrick says he wants to tell Victoria so much but doesn't want to do it on TV. Derrick goes over the timeline of the next week with Victoria. He thinks the next competition will be tomorrow. Victoria talked about Andrew from a few seasons back, and how everyone respected him and how he had his own dishes and everything. Victoria tried doing that this season, and even labelled her tupperware containers, but people kept eating it. She says it might've been because they had a younger cast. She says ignorance of not knowing. Derrick says that the jury doesn't HATE her, but they were extremely jealous she got farther than them. 


1:10PM BBT: Victoria and Derrick fall silent in the fire bedroom. They are trying to nap. Cody is still in the kitchen throwing a bowl of balls into a stock pot thats on the kitchen table. He's throwing them from the island in the kitchen. 


1:20PM BBT: Cody goes into the fire bedroom and changes his pants. He heads back out into the kitchen and starts throwing the bowl of balls again. Cody gets called to the Diary room. He says, "aw, I just made a mess!". He kicks all the balls on the floor into the corner behind the kitchen table and heads to the diary room. All 4 feeds now on Derrick and Victoria napping in the fire bedroom.

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1:30PM BBT: Cody comes out of the diary room within a minute or two carrying something which he puts in the storage room. He's laying on a couch in the living room playing with his fitbit bracelet.


1:40PM BBT: Victoria and Derrick still napping in the fire bedroom. Cody is finished eating and spitting out pumpkin seeds in the living room, and is now looking at his nails, and looking around the room. His eyes eventually close....


1:50PM BBT: Big Brother reminds the housemates that sleeping is permitted in the bedrooms only, so Cody heads to the fire bedroom and lays down on a bed in there. All three housemates are now napping/trying to nap.

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2:06pm Victoria up and cleaning the KT.


 2:13pm After drinking some water Victoria is now back in bed going back to sleep. Derrick and Cody both sleeping.


 2:29pm BB calls Cody to the DR. Cody wakes up and heads to the DR as he is stretching.


  2:39pm Cody out of the DR goes to the WC saying  only an hour nap so didn't sleep all day.


   2:41pm Cody out of the WC and washes his hands then drys them. He then cleans the bathroom mirror again and under the bathroom sink.


  2:47pm Cody picks things up in the kt  then goes to the STR and looks in the fridge.


  2:49pm Victoria is now up and heads to the KT and is going to make coffee. Cody still in the STR walking and looking around.


2:51pm Cody leaves the STR and goes to the KT where Victoria is. She says she was having a dream when  he got called to the DR and it felt like it was real but it wasn't good it was crazy.


  2:57pm Cody is making a can of tuna with salad. Victoria goes to the STR and is looking in the fridge for something to eat.

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3:00 PM BBT Cody and Victoria goof around joking around in the KT, while making food to eat. Cody repeats what Victoria says. He asks Victoria if he can open her can for her. He says, that's stuff a man should do.


3:04 PM BBT Derrick is moving around in his bed, while he sleeps in the fire room. Cody asks Victoria why she's washing her tuna in the sink, and she told him she wasn't. She told Cody that you always should wash the top of cans off before using them, because of different poisons that are used. Cody starts to sing a little. Victoria says she has the giggles. Cody says, now Caleb isn't here to finish off this tuna. Cody asks Victoria if she wants him to put the spinach back in the SR? She asks him if he going in there? He tells her yes, and takes the spinach to the SR.


3:08 PM BBT We see Jeff's highlight reels for a moment. Live feeds come back with Cody asking Victoria if she's board? She finishes making her food. Cody talks and answers himself, about how he made his food. He is sitting at the KT table, and Victoria is standing by the table. Victoria says she can't wait to get a manicure and a pedicure. She says, the house is breaking her skin everywhere, it's the water in Cali. Cody says, he can't wait to stop feeling sick. Victoria says, she can't believe her parents are going to be there.


3:11 PM BBT Victoria tells Cody, she doesn't know if they are going to hold it in Miami because of the trampling and everything. She says they need to make it 21 and up, but doesn't mention what it is. Cody is eating, and Victoria puts food on a plate for herself to eat. Cody burps, and doesn't excuse himself. Victoria says, she couldn't chop it all up. Cody says, because it's so small. She tells Cody that her dream seemed so real. She says, the way he was speaking seemed like the way he always talks to Derrick.


3:14 PM BBT Cody says, he can't wait to get the BY, he's literally jumping for joy right now. Victoria tells him to jump for real. She says the f word, and Cody asks her if she just used the f word, and she smiles and says, no, freggin. Cody tells her she's lying. He says, her parents are going to kill them right now. They talk about Caleb, and how he wanted to be called Beast Mode. They both say that they never called him that. Victoria says, people should want to call him that, not the other way around. Cody jokingly says, not cocky at all.


3:17 PM BBT Victoria and Cody both say how Caleb was always competing with Cody for everything. Victoria says, she can't believe that he still talks about Amber. Cody says, he thinks that Amber will talk to him at the finale after seeing his DR's. Cody tells Victoria, he told him she might. He says that Caleb told him that he thinks Amber didn't want a relationship with him because of the cameras. Victoria asks when he's going to be 27, and Cody says, November. Victoria says, her, Nicole and Jocasta all had birthdays while being there. She says, in 6 days they won't be in the house anymore. Cody says, it's been a wild ride, that's for sure. Victoria asks if they will have the photo booth on Sunday, and Cody says, Dah, for sure. She says she wants to take pictures of the keys. Cody says, "Genius." She says she's a genius. Cody says, he'll probably find that out.


3:21 PM BBT Cody and Victoria talk about the finale, and Victoria says that their pictures should not go grey. Cody says, one will. Victoria says that Derrick told her they shouldn't. They talk about how they will all leave on the finale night, and see everyone there. He says, Joey will be there, and her hair shouldn't be blue anymore. Victoria says, it will for sure. Victoria says that Joey was the prettiest girl in the house. Victoria says, you thought Brittany was, huh? He says, no, she's pretty. Cody says, that Amber is good looking, but he thought Victoria was really good looking. He then continues talking about the girls, and how he ended up thinking Brittany was gorgeous, and how he thought Victoria was hot. He says, when they first went into the house he was looking at Amber. He says Frankie was like the Raptor from Jurassic Park. He says "Dirty D" (Devin) liked him.


3:26 PM BBT Victoria asks Cody what his favorite color is? He says, that red (referring to the sweatshirt she is wearing) and royal blue, Chips Ahoy blue. She says, to wear? He says, black, and he likes to wear blue also. She tells him he should wear green. He says, his ex-girlfriend got him a shirt from Miami that was green, and then told him he should wear green more. They talk about getting the BY. He says that Derrick told him they should get the BY soon. Victoria says, "I'm so excited." Cody says, "For what, nothing is going on." He says, "Wait, we are on BB, and the finale is in 6 days." He sings a little, and talks about some songs. We hear, "Please, stop singing." They talk about people that sing a song that was played the other morning.


3:30 PM BBT Cody is talking about "Hey Brother" and "Wake Me Up." Derrick gets out of bed, and goes to the KT. Victoria says, "Good morning." Derrick says, "Good morning back." Cody says, "Nice of you to join us." Derrick says, they didn't sleep that long, only about 2 1/2 hours. Cody says, they are building like crazy out there, and Derrick agrees. Cody says, they are going to be like, you didn't feel your hands last time, now you aren't going to feel your body. We see Jeff's highlight reels briefly.


3:32 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Cody asking Derrick if he wants tuna, and he tells Cody, he's not a big tuna guy. Derrick says, something had to happen, because his finger is still numb. Derrick tells them about a dream he had about them. He says it was so vivid, and Caleb was hosting a comp, where they had to get 15 green pillows up the hill, to a locker, and there was snow on the ground. He says, Pow Pow was in the dream, and kept telling him that she had 12 pillows in the lockers, and Victoria wouldn't answer him, she was ignoring him. He says he felt like he put 30 pillows in the locker, and his buzzer wouldn't go off. He and Cody laugh that she was like that in the dream.


3:35 PM BBT Cody talks about a class clown, and then we see FoTH for a minute. Live feeds come back with Cody apologizing for going off on a tangent. Cody says, am I like Caleb? Derrick tells him, not at all. Derrick is using the rolling pin on his hand, trying to get circulation back in his finger. Victoria is sitting with Derrick at the KT table, and Cody is walking around the KT drying dishes. Victoria starts about her dream, with Derrick waking Cody up, and telling him he needs to get up, and put his sneakers on really quick. She says that Derrick said that Caleb was coming back. Victoria said she took her bra off while she was sleeping, and she was wearing cut off shorts. She says, they were dropping water from the ceiling during the comp in her dream. She says, she asked Derrick if it was for real, and then she woke up.


3:39 PM BBT Victoria says that her and Derrick were on the floor, and had to crawl. He says, he's been there before, during his college days. Derrick is trying to get the circulation back in his hand with the rolling pin, on his knees. Victoria asks him, if the feeling is coming back? He says, nothing, but if it does start to come back, I'll let you know. Cody is putting dishes away. Derrick says, it's very weird, because it's half of his finger. Cody says, his finger still feels weird also. Derrick gets up, carrying the rolling pin. Cody says, his hand got greasy from touching the back of something. Derrick lies down on the couch, on his stomach. He uses the rolling pin on the ground for his left hand. Cody tells him to get up, and Derrick tells him what he's doing.


3:42 PM BBT Cody tells Derrick he needs to go to the DR, and tell them. Derrick says, they won't know. Cody says, he went yesterday, and they asked him if he wanted a medic. Derrick says, now you want me to go. Cody asks how they even got there. Derrick says, reminiscing today was weird. Cody talks to Victoria, and tells her he wants the girl that was there before. He asks if she's still there, and Victoria says, find her. She says, she feel dehydrated. Cody tells her to drink some soda. She says, I thought soda wasn't good for you when you are dehydrated. Cody says, obviously it's not, you are so easy. She says, she's gullible. He says, she is very gullible. Cody says, "F*ck me," when he drops something. He says, his dad is going to kill him for swearing. He says he needs to get out of his house.


3:47 PM BBT Victoria goes in the LR with Derrick, and sits on the other couch. Cody says, "Derrick," over and over again. He says, "Someone help me, f*ck." He starts to use plastic limes, trying to throw them in a silver pot on the dining room table. Derrick gets told to not obstruct his microphone. Cody gets told, "Stop that," a few times. Cody asks, if that's him? Derrick says, "Yes." Cody says, he was doing this for hours today. Derrick says, maybe a different crew on now. We hear, "I said stop that." Cody says, I guess I can't do anything. He keeps playing around with the plastic limes. We hear, "Cody, knock it off." He says, "You guys are no fun." He says, "Now I have to go and sit in here with these jamokes." Cody went to the SR. He sits in the LR on the same couch as Victoria, and they are talking about champagne and how it's dehydrating.


3:51 PM BBT They are all talking about how the people in the DR may look. Victoria says, she was told the one guy is hot, because Christine saw pictures. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Cody is spitting peanut shells in a Gatorade bottle. Victoria says, they need to give them something to do, like a deck of cards. Derrick says, they don't have to, but they did give Gina Marie and the ones left with her, a tie-dye kit. Cody says, he sees another face, and then points it out, while he is cracking the peanut shells with his teeth. Cody says, "Derrick." Derrick says, "What the hell could they be building?" He says, it's going to be physical, and they are going to get their a$$ kicked. He says, he doesn't think it will be as mental as they think, and they are going to get their a$$ kicked. He says, "We are going to get our a$$ kicked, so be ready." He throws out some ideas of comps.


3:56 PM BBT Derrick gets up, and says, he thinks he has to use the bathroom. They start talking about yesterday's comp. He says, using the long sleeves was a great idea for the bar. He says, Nicole told them not to regrip on comps like that. Derrick says, you had to regrip. He says, he was going to try to use one arm when they were going down, but it shifted his weight to one side, and he couldn't do it. He says he thinks that they were slanted, but not flat, and he can't wait to see it. He says, he was using the Go Pro. Cody says, he was also. Cody talks about the area of his gums that hurt from his seeds. Victoria asks Derrick if he flosses after every meal? He says, not after every meal, but he had a tooth fixed about 8 months ago, and has to make sure the stuff is out. He says he can't feel his front teeth, so he doesn't know when something is stuck in them.


3:59 PM BBT Derrick says, they may not get to stay at the after party, or Rachel's party, after the show because they may need to be back in the hotel by midnight. Derrick says, they may have to be up early to go to The Talk. Victoria says, you have to be camera ready by like 5 a.m. Derrick says, you'll see Beast Mode, and then say, yeah, I have to go. Victoria and Cody say they will be a lot more leinent. Cody says, they will probably have a handler with them. Derrick says, Pow Pow will be running around doing her thing. He says, Zach doesn't seem like a big drinker. He says, Nicole and Hayden will be hanging out. Cody says, "Or will they?" Derrick says, Frankie will be doing his thing. Cody says, "I will not be talking to him." Derrick says, Caleb will be pop locking every two seconds. He says, maybe he will be more calm. Cody says, no way, he thought he was the king of the house.


4:04 PM BBT Cody says that Caleb says he won 8 comps. Derrick says, he won 7. But, in his mind he is counting 2 BOB's, the Veto comp that Victoria won, 4 HOH's, Derrick says, one of the BOB's doesn't count, because Frankie won it, while he sat out. He says, he took the $5K in the Veto comp, and did not win the POV. He says, he totally gets it, and he took the consolation prize. Cody says, Frankie was a beast, and won a BOB by himself, 3 Veto's and 5 HOH's. Derrick says, his record is insane. Victoria complains about her fingers. Derrick talks about the different comps.


4:08 PM BBT Derrick talks about the HOH that he threw to Frankie for his grandfather passing away, and literally, 3 days later, his grandfather passes away. Victoria says, "That was crazy." He says, "That was nuts." Derrick knocks on the table, and says, "Luckily no one else had to experience that." Derrick tells them where the letter was in the DR, under the seat. He gets told, "You are not allowed to talk about production." He says, if it was his wife or daughter, he would have expected they would have people in there, not just a letter. He says, he never thought about going home like Frankie. He says, he's really not sure if Frankie thought about actually going home, but he knew he wasn't going to go, after being told to stay.


4:10 PM BBT Derrick and Cody talk about how funny Zach was at the July 4th party, and Victoria says, it was the half way party. They say how they were crushing beers, and how Zach was lip syncing. Cody says, that Caleb likes Amber one day, and hates her another. Cody says, stalker, he kept going and looking at Amber's picture. Derrick and Victoria say they both were asked about that. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Cody says, he wanted to give Zach's robe to him. Derrick says, hopefully they will send it to him in his package, so it doesn't go in the trash. Cody says he got 8 of them, what are they going to do, throw them out? He says, he'll be sick. Derrick talks about what the jury will see on the DVD they get. Victoria says, so he's going to jury (Caleb)? Cody and Derrick say, yes. Derrick says, they are going to be at the jury house filming, and we hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production. Derrick says, they are going to be at the jury house, crushing them. Derrick says different lines that they may be saying.


4:16 PM BBT Cody says that everyone in the house was telling Zach everything. He says, Frankie was up in everyone's conversations. Derrick talks about how Zach came up to him telling him Nicole was blowing up his game. Victoria goes to the KT, and washes out her bowl, without using dish soap, and puts it in the dish strainer. She goes back to the LR, where Derrick is talking about Nicole. Victoria says, she didn't say it like that, she really really didn't. She tries to remember what was said, and says that she told her that 2 weeks before. Derrick says, when she was HOH, she was scared. Victoria says that while she was still HOH, she told her and Zach up in the HoHR. She said that she denied what Nicole said. Victoria says, basically she told her, and it was an "I told you so." Derrick says, it was about the alliances in the house.


4:20 PM BBT Cody says Nicole was a terrible liar. He says, Christine was a terrible liar to, and every time she lied, her neck turned red. Derrick says, Christine kind of floated, because she was up in the HoHR every week with the new HOH. Cody says, she was clutch about telling everything Caleb said to Frankie. Derrick says, she was trying to ride with him. Cody says, she definitely was. Derrick says, she would have ditched him in the end. Cody says, she told him she would never send him home, and that she would have tried to get him out later. He says, she never would have gone to the end with him. He says he tried to reel her back in. Cody says, Donny didn't have a social game, so he wanted to use Hayden and him for his social game. Derrick says, he would sit outside, fill their heads early in the morning, and let them do their thing during the day. We see FoTH.


4:26 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Victoria in the WA putting on make-up. Derrick and Cody are talking about the comp from yesterday. Victoria goes in the KT. Derrick yells to her, and asks her, if someone just called her? She says, "Huh?" He asks if a voice just came over? She says, "Huh," again. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Cody asks Victoria if she's having another cup of coffee? She says, she never had. Derrick tells Cody, "Good news, no comp today." He goes over what may happen for the rest of the time they are there. Derrick talks about previous HG's being locked out, and lying in the grass, while they were setting things up in the house, for the final comp. He says, it will probably be really early in the morning. He says, they could lock them in the HoHR, before the show starts. Derrick talks about where camera's could be set up, and we see FoTH again.


4:32 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Cody saying what he wants to do when they get the BY back. He says, there will be more that they can do, with having the BY. He says, when they are just sitting there like this is tough. Derrick says, when he saw Twitter questions, and stuff, the hardest thing for the HG's was the down time. Derrick asks if they got the BY back for a little bit? Cody says, no. Cody runs down what happened, and Derrick was shocked. He thought Caleb had gone back to the BY with them. Cody says, they've been locked in since Monday. Derrick says, "That's crazy." Cody says, "It's brutal."


4:35 PM BBT Victoria tries to figure out what shoes she's going to wear. Cody tells her to wear the white with gold ones. She says, she's going to have to, because nothing else goes with the dress. Victoria says, her fingers feel like they are trying to come back to life, but then they go numb again. Cody says, "I don't know what it is," and presses his hands, trying to get his circulation back. Victoria asks him, "What's clicking?" He says, "My wrists, it's weird." Victoria says, with the people leaving, she feels that it's getting colder in the house. She says, she's been freezing for like the past 3 weeks. Cody asks, why his hands are like this, and is pressing on his pinky fingers. Victoria says, she can't wait to drink her black coffee.


4:38 PM BBT Victoria calls Derrick. Cody calls him also, making fun of how Victoria calls for him. Derrick heads to the LR. Victoria asks him if he wants to do something fun? He says, "I'm always up for something fun." Victoria tells him, "Come up with something." He sits on the couch next to Victoria, and we hear, "Derrick, please put on your microphone." Derrick goes to the WC, and gets his microphone. Victoria tells Cody that Christine told her she was way to happy. Cody says, "That coming from the woman that got depressed on sunny days." He says, she literally said she likes cloudy days. He tells Derrick that she gets depressed from sunny days. Derrick says, he really likes rainy days, that he always has. Derrick says, a lot of the older people will move to Florida to get away from Rhode Island. He says, he used to always open his window, put a towel in it, and listen to the thunder storms. Cody says, he would put the garage door open, and watch the thunder storms. Victoria says, she hates it. Victoria asks Derrick what his favorite color is. He says, he would like to say blue, but he wears a lot of red. Victoria says, they have the same favorite colors.


4:42 PM BBT Derrick says he loves black and red. Cody says he had all red cleats twice. Derrick says, that's sick. They all say they hope the next comp is tomorrow. Derrick says, he can hear them building. He says, when they were building the last set, he could hear them building the metal. Cody asks who builds that stuff? Derrick says, the company. Victoria talks about how hot a guy is that was outside. Cody says, he had never been there before. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Cody and Derrick talk about how the stuff could hold insane amounts of weight. Cody says Caleb is going to be so pi$$ed, because he didn't think there was going to be a wall this season. They all agree that the spit was their wall. Derrick says, the last comp was worse than the wall.


4:46 PM BBT They talk about how Caleb and Hayden did in the spit comp. Cody says he would have liked to do that comp to feel it. They all talk about how his group would have all dropped in a couple seconds. Cody says he felt like sh*t out there when the comp was going down, and how he had to hold all of his bodily fluids in. They all get quiet for a moment.


4:49 PM BBT Victoria gets up from the couch, and goes to the KT. We hear, "Victoria, please reattach your microphone." She says, "O.K.," puts her coffee cup down in the KT, and goes to the WC. She comes back out, walks through the KT and LR, and goes in the SR. She looks in the cabinets, not closing them all the way. She gets 5 rolls of toilet paper out, and heads back to the WA. Cody asks Derrick, if he thinks Caleb would have taken him to the end? Derrick says, he's not sure. They continue to talk about Caleb. Victoria goes in the WC.


4:52 PM BBT Victoria comes out of the WC, washes and dries her hands in the WA, and puts her microphone back on. She puts something in the door under the sink, and looks at herself in the mirrors along the way to the KT. She looks in the KT mirrors also, picks up her coffee cup, and goes back to the LR. She sits on the same couch as Derrick. Derrick says, "I'm sure there will be things that come together." He says, they may find out that people were working together that they didn't know. They guess that Zach was working with everyone. Cody says, Zach was the new Devin, and he took his spot when he left.


4:54 PM BBT Derrick says, these are the days you wish you were in the jury house. He says, Wii, movies, music. Victoria says, it's everything except phones, and contact with the outside world. Derrick says, no T.V., and Victoria says, movies. Cody asks what they think the reaction will be when Caleb goes there? Derrick says, crazy. They are all talking about who went to the jury house when, and we hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Victoria says, "That's funny that they made them kiss on camera." Cody says, "If it was anything like the kiss in the back, that sucked." He says, if he ever had a kiss from a girl like that, she wouldn't get another kiss from him ever. He says, she looked scared, and it sucked. He says, Hayden was saying how he didn't like her at first. Cody asks what they can do? He asks if they want to play hide and seek? Derrick says, we know everywhere to look.


4:58 PM BBT Derrick and Cody tell Victoria how to play, and that she's it first, and has to find both people. Cody tells Victoria they are going to do odds or evens to see who's it. She said, why not rock, paper, scissors, shoot? Cody says, with 3 people you do odds or evens. They through the numbers on their fingers, and Derrick goes to the WA, and has to count to 100.

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5:03 PM BBT The HGs are playing Hide and Seek. Victoria is hiding by the picnic table. Cody is hiding in the fire BR behind the orange chair in the corner. Derrick is it. He goes upstairs and Victoria practically gives herself away by giggling. She follows him downstairs to see where Cody hid. Derrick and Victoria are in the fire BR. Derrick "This is where I would go if I was him." After looking around Cody makes a weird noise making Victoria jump.


5:07 PM BBT It's Victoria's turn to be it. Derrick and Cody go to the DR. We can hear Derrick tell Cody that they will be there for days and will probably die from starvation in there. Victoria checks the SR but does not go into the door right next to it that leads to the DR. BB is actually allowing us to see the hallway that leads into the DR. BB calls Victoria to exchange her microphone. Victoria "Oh man, in the middle of my search." She gets a new microphone and after looking around some more she says "What the heck. Are you playing a prank on me?"


5:12 PM BBT BB is actually allowing us to see inside the DR now. They are hiding behind the DR curtain. Derrick and Cody can't stop laughing. "We'll be here tomorrow." Victoria finally goes to the DR and says "What the heck, is that them?" She isn't entirely sure so she touches it with her foot and they jump out at her. She screams. It's Cody turn to be it. He says he is going to crush it and it will be the best round ever.


5:17 PM BBT Derrick has gone to the SR to hide behind the fridge. Victoria is hiding in the rock BR. She has buried herself under a bunch of throw pillows. The whole time the game is going on Derrick is getting almost continuous Hollas. Cody "Those guys are on it. That's pretty legit. Derrick Derrick Derrick Derrick."


5:19 PM BBT Victoria has changed hiding places to behind a piece of furniture in the rock BR so he finds her easily. He then goes almost straight to the SR and finds Derrick. Victoria says the SR smells like mold. They find the mold in a large cylindrical container. Derrick smells it and almost gets sick. Derrick says it is an awful smell and tells Cody that he has to man up and smell it too. Cody says he can't smell anything. Victoria "That's really bad if you can't smell that." Cody "How is my nose that messed up?"


5:24 PM BBT The game of Hide and Seek is over. They are now playing a basketball type game in the Dining Room. They have a large cook pot on the center of the table. They are trying to throw the plastic decorative limes into the pot. Cody goes first and gets 0 for 10. Derrick gets 2 for 10. Victoria gets 0 for 10. Cody and Victoria have a 5 round shoot off now. Cody gets 1 for 5 and Victoria gets 1 for 5 but in her defense, two of them bounced out. The shoot off continues. Cody is 0 for 3 and Victoria gets 0 for 3. Now they go shot for shot for second place. For some reason when Cody shoots he says "Onions."


5:31 PMM BBT Victoria beats Cody for second place so Victoria and Derrick play in the finals. In the finals round Derrick get 1 for 15. Several of them have bounced out. After this round Cody says he is putting a towel in the bottom. Victoria gets 2 for 15 so she is the "throw limes in the stew pot" champion. They place the towel in the bottom of the pot to prevent them all from bouncing out.


5:35 PM BBT They play again. Cody gets 2 for 10. Derrick gets 1 for 10. Victoria gets 1 for 10. it's another shoot off, this time between Derrick and Victoria for second place and a chance to meet Cody in the finals. Zing Bot gives Derrick a very loud Holla.


5:40 PM BBT Derrick and Victoria are still at it for a chance to play Cody in the finals. In case you are just now tuning in, I am not talking about the BB finale. I am talking about the Throw the Plastic Lime into the Cook Pot Competition.


5:44 PM BBT Derrick has beaten Cody and without any fanfare or celebration at all. They decide to play again.[And for those that think Victoria can't count...she really can. She is playing barefoot and isn't using her toes at all to count to fifteen.--Goldylucks]


5:55 PM BBT The HGs have stopped playing their lime in the pot game. They are talking about the finale night. Derrick is a bit bummed that he won't be home until about the 27th or the 28th. Victoria says her family has never been to LA and is hoping they can explore the city a little while they are there.

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6:00PM BBT: Derrick and Cody are laying on the couches in the living room. Derrick said the champagne put him right to sleep. They say that there is another bottle in the storage room. Cody says he's not going to drink it just to fall asleep. Cody says he can't wait for the competition tomorrow. They're both interested on seeing what it is. Cody hopes the comp is early tomorrow because then they'll get the backyard for the night. Derrick says he hopes it isn't a competition like OTEV, because that'd leave it to chance. He hopes it's knowledge. 


6:10PM BBT: Cody says Derrick will smoke the competition, and Derrick says he'll be ready. Derrick says he'll study tonight and Cody can throw questions at him tonight. Cody starts quizzing him. Questions such as, "Who won _____ in Week ___?" and "Who was nominated Week ___?". Victoria sits down with them. Cody thinks he's getting sick, especially since he couldn't smell the mouldy container earlier. He now has a cough.


6:15PM BBT: Cody is laying on a couch and playing with a rolling pin. Cody wonders if the Hollas would have continued into the Jury House had he been evicted. Derrick doesn't think so. Cody says he can't wait to get back home so he can get back on a sleep schedule. Victoria said it was hard to get used to the time there, whereas Cody didn't find it hard. He says he'll find it hard going back to the East Coast. Derrick doesn't know how his wife will get the time off work to come to finale. He hoped it would have been on Sunday so his wife would've only missed one day of work. 


6:25PM BBT: The three housemates chat about movies and actors/actresses. Victoria chats about her friend. General chit chat. BB keeps replaying Holla phrases one after the other for 2 minutes. Cody yells knock it off! 

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6:35PM BBT: Derrick says he might be in bed by 9:30. BB goes on another Holla run. They think BB is going through the entire library of Hollas. This goes on for a good 3-5 minutes.


6:50PM BBT: Cody says he can't believe that Victoria said touchdown in the soccer veto. Derrick says he can't feel parts of his left hand. Cody tells him to go into the diary room and request to be seen by a doctor. Derrick says it doesn't hurt, it's just numb. General chit chat.

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  7:02pm Victoria in the WA looking in the mirror and popping pimples on her face. Cody and Derrick ion LVR going over  the HOH'S of the year in the right order. then they go over the  POV winners and the BOB nominee's


 7:05pm Derrick and Victoria talking about their wet clothes from lastnight. Derrick gets up and goes to the WA to check to see if his clothes are dry yet.Derrick gets another holla . Victoria digging through  her bag as Cody lays on the couch yawning.


  7:09pm BB keeps yelling Holla Derrick then says someone say Holla.Derrick is in the WC ignoring the holla's.


7:12pm BB keeps repeating holla over and over. Cody and Victoria are covering their ears and yelling make it stop. Bb says Derrick i said  holla with your bad self then starts the holla over and over. Victoria and Cody are talking about what to make for dinner as the holla's continue.


 7:18pm Derrick is now out of the WC. Victoria is in the KT cutting up a zucchini. Cody laying on LVR couch with his hat over his face. BB still yelling Holla's at derrick.


 7:29pm  Bb tells the HG to go to the STR and derrick runs and says we have games. Victoria says yes there is cards but then she says it isn't cards it is question cards. The other game is a box with Chinese checkers and other games in it.:The hg are excited now they have something to do. derrick says this is great we are making zucchini and we have games to play. Everyone yells TY BB.


 7:35pm Victoria asking derrick questions from the game they got  and he is answering them and some Cody are answering as he cooks. She ask who do you think is the most person alive today and derrick says the president cause he has the ability to control everything.


 7:28pm She ask derrick and Cody: whats the worst gift you have ever received  and given? derrick says i am not going to answer that one.Cody says a break up.


 7:40pm next question is: what would you try if you had no fear? Cody says swimming in the deep sea. 


7:44pm Victoria still asking questions and derrick is playing  games with BB as he yells the holla at Bb for Bb to play the holla he yells out.


 7:49pm Bb says please go to the STr and derrick runs . Bb gave them a deck of cards and Victoria screams . derrick says thank you BB you are awesome.


 7:54pm Derrick goes to the fire br and lays down studying and Victoria and Cody are in the LVR playing cards.

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 8:02pm Cody and Victoria playing cards in the LVr and Victoria says it is called slaps. derrick was in the Fire BR studying and Victoria calls him cause she can smell the zucchini and  he comes out and she says what are you doing and he tells her he was laying on the bed.


  8:09pm All 3 Hg are in the KT eating baked Zuchini. talking about how good it is.


 8:15pm derrick shuffling cards and Cody setting up a checker game. Victoria is eating some cereal and drinking water as they all sit in the LVR and just general talk going on.


  8:29pm Cody is telling a bar joke with the cards to Victoria and derrick and Victoria is laughing before the joke is over.Cody starts flipping cards and says thats not it i forgot. he says i know another one .


8:35pm Cody has derrick pick a card from the cards he layed on the table he then ask several questions as he keeps laying them on the table  then had derrick pick one of 2 cards and it was derricks card. derrick says that is dope.


 8:43pm derrick puts lipstick on his hand and then puts it on the other hand and had Victoria push his hands together then the lipstick was in the palm of his hand he asked Victoria how it got there and she said through your body and  derrick laughs and derrick says well it wasn't right  but i watched it on Chris angel. Cody laughs and says you are trying to do Chris angels tricks and they all laugh.Then they start talking about Chris angel tricks.


  8:53pm Hg talking about tricks and just general talk as they sit around in the LVR.


 8:56pm derrick Cody and Victoria talking about what the part 2 of hoh comp might be tomorrow and how it could be a timed comp and he says good news is if the comp is tomorrow then maybe we can have the BY tomorrow night till early Wednesday morning.

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 9:02pm derrick and Cody going over who when home when and talking about the hoh comp and Derrick says i can do that. Victoria is in the Wa mirror again  applying makeup.


9:04pm They are talking about the hide and seek game they played earlier  and derrick and Cody hid in the DR and was going to tell BB  she was scared but the guys scared her instead.She says guys i was scared i was afraid you was going to jump out at me or that someone took you guys so i was scared. She then yells I Have No Clean Clothes.


9:09pm Cody ask if you could be somebody else who would you want to be and derrick says Bieber. he continues reading cards to derrick and Victoria.


9:21pm The card game is still going on nothing new happening.


9:27pm Cody talking about his favorite songs and commercials. derrick and Victoria laughing at him.


 9:33pm general talk going on about Victoria  kissing boys and how she panics.


 9:40pm HG talking about what will happen on finale night and how it will work when they announce the winner.Cody says normally Julie announces it and the winner walks out and Victoria says yeah together. derrick says so tomorrow  part 2 of the hoh what ya think? Victoria says yeah and derrick says we know we have an episode Sunday and then Tuesday and Wednesday then we go home.


9:43pm Victoria ask if she can draw on derrick and he ask what she is going to draw it with ? She says paint and he says yeah she yells yay and runs to get the paint and we get foth.


 9:47pm Victoria cant find the paint and cody says they took it cause we put it over there. Derrick says go ask Dr if you can have it back and we get foth. when feeds come back Victoria is in the STR looking around.


 9:51pm Victoria teaching the guys how to play backgammon.


 9:55pm Derrick and Victoria playing backgammon and Cody dozing off on the couch with his hat over his eyes.

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#BB16 10:04PM BBT Victoria is laughing so hard over the game of backgammon. She says she can hardly breathe.


#BB16 10:14 PM BBT Cody heads off to nap. Victoria is talking to Derrick about the guys she dates and their ages. They are 30 or 31 (the ones she told him about).


#BB16 10:54PM BBT Derrick and Victoria talk about the HOH competition. Derrick tells her that he knows he is mentally capable of winning. Victoria is asking him what she should do. Derrick says he isn't going to tell her to throw it. She says she knows but wants to know what she should do.



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