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Monday August 25 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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12:05am Everyone leaves the HohR Cody and Christine are dancing in the kitchen. While Derrick and Caleb talk about how Jana is probably watching the feeds. Victoria and Nicole in the WA


12:11am Cody is in the KT making a Quesadilla. Donny is in bed. Everyone else is in the LR talking about the BB Broadway performance earlier. Derrick leaves to get the chess board.


12:17am  Cody and Christine are cooking, Nicole and Victoria are playing Jenga. Derrick and Caleb are up at the picnic table playing a game of chess


12:30am Derrick and Caleb still playing chess. Frankie is in the KT with Cody and Christine explaining that in South Africa now means later, now now means like within the next 1-2 hours and right now means right now.


12:35am Nicole and Victoria have made a zing bout out of jenga blocks and spelled out Zing- Ha beside it. Derrick and Caleb still at chess and Frankie and Christine appear to be getting ready for bed


12:45am Cody and Frankie in the HOH bed talking about how after Thursday, it will be 6 vs 1 and speculating that the comp will be a before/after competition. They are giving each other questions they think could be asked. Caleb and Derrick still playing.


12:53am Frankie and Cody studying in the HoH room. They were going over the order of Veto wins, Frankie keeps forgetting the double eviction. Now they are going over evicted houseguests and the BoB competition orders.


12:59am Cody curses about helping Frankie after Frankie leaves the room. Says he better not win the competition that sends me out if that’s it.


1:02am Christine, Victoria and Frankie all sitting in the WA talking about Donny. Christine saying that Donny sat up there (in the HoH) the whole time picking on Cody. She says she didn't laugh once the whole time he was up there and that was over an hour.


1:12am Frankie, Victoria and Christine talking about family birthdays and anniversaries. They decide it is time for bed and yell up to the guys goodnight.


1:19am Victoria has gone to bed. Frankie and Christine up in the HoH room going over the order of the veto wins. Cody comes back in with yogurt.


1:25am Christine, Frankie, Derrick, and Cody all in the HoH. Frankie keeps going over the order of things. The order of vetos, HoH's BoB's etc. Cody tells him that it will be about only evicted HG.


1:32am Caleb joins them in the HoH and are talking about the amount of competitions that each houseguest is in. Christine is watching Victoria on the monitor in the Hoh says it’s the second time shes bee by in 10 minutes


1:39am Derrick and Victoria leave the HoHR saying goodnight to Cody. Frankie is in the DR. Caleb and Cody talking about not trusting Christine or Victoria. Cody says Victoria is a waste and Christine is floating on their backs. Victoria is in the KT making fresh orange juice so it will be cold in the morning.


1:49am Victoria says yummy as she pours her orange juice into a water bottle. Cody and Caleb are plotting in the HoH room. They are saying that Nicole has to go next week even though they don’t think she would go after either of them. Caleb thinks that they will have more physical competitions once Donny is gone.


1:57am Derrick is in the ER with Frankie and Christine. He was telling Christine that he has had a migraine all day he took 3 advil this morning and 3 this evening. Derrick leaves and Frankie and Christine are talking about why Caleb has been acting so weird all day.


2:04am Caleb and Cody talking about the kind of physical competition they would like to see. Caleb wants something Extremely physical Frankie and Christine laughing in the ER Frankie says he hates everyone after Donny walks through. Talk changes to whether they are going to use BB Broadway on the show.


2:11am Frankie, Cody and Caleb in the HoH room talking about  when the double eviction could be. Out of no where the topic changes to waxing leg hair. Cody is thinking about waxing his legs and asks Frankie if they will bleed the first time.


2:17am Caleb says hes waiting for the LD to be over, Frankie says he doesn't understand what it's about. Caleb says it wasn't the cops, that it was a person with a mega phone but he isn't sure what they said. Cody chimes in and says they shouldn’t talk about it at all because he feels like they are just fueling the people to do it more.


2:23am Lights out in the HoHR as Caleb and Frankie leave so Cody can go to sleep. Derrick is out of the DR talking about Donny with Christine and him telling Derrick about the scientific reason Christmas trees come from North Carolina. Says he knows Donny is going but hes not going to be a jerk to him.


2:28am Victoria appears in the ER with  Derrick and Christine. She said something about the DR and we get fish of the house. Frankie and Caleb in the WA talking about acting, Frankie is shocked he's never took an acting class. 


2:33am Caleb is talking about when he worked in the prison. Derrick, Victoria, and Christine were talking about the WA being disgusting the showers need cleaned. They decide to do it after Veto tomorrow. Conversation has turned back to Donny now.  Derrick says he's alone and sulking so he doesn’t feel as bad sending him home.


2:41am Derrick is in the HoH with Cody telling him about how Caleb slipped up in a conversation yesterday. Cody asks if he should throw Christine or Frankie up, Derrick says I wish you would but I don’t think that it will be good for your game. Cody and Derrick decide that Caleb and Frankie are definitely working together and debate Christine.


2:46am Derrick and Cody are talking about aligning with Nicole. Cody is debating using the Veto to pull someone down and send Frankie home. He says he has the numbers but he's worried about the Nicole Donny combo next week.


2:50am Caleb, Frankie and Victoria are in the WA talking about timeshares. Cody and Derrick in the HoH talking about how neither of them or Caleb trusts Christine to the point Caleb doesn’t want to speak in front of her. They think that she is overly paranoid and a floater. She's not even throwing them she just doesn't care. They are going to study tomorrow and then go over them with Nicole and Victoria because they don't trust the other 3.


2:56am The WA gang has gone to their room and are getting ready for bed. Derrick turns on the shower in the HoH bathroom so he can run in there if someone comes up.


3:05am Cody says they have to trust Nicole at the moment they have no choice because they need her as a number and player next week. They are talking about aligning with her and how Frankie and Christine interrupt every conversation.


3:09am They are saying that Frankie cannot go to the final 4. Him in the final 4 would be very bad for them because he will be able to tell the 4th that they would win over him and he would be right.


3:15am Cody's in the DR. Derrick is in the WA with Victoria, she asks if he's tired and if he's hungry. She says shes hungry and sits on one of the benches staring  while he brushes his teeth.


3:20am Derrick looks up at the camera and makes shout outs to some feed sites. Says its not easy, it's really not, it's nothing like what we talk about. Victoria and Derrick start counting the Sunday's till the finale. Derrick says three, she says four and after a minute he agrees. Silence falls over the WA.


3:28am Cody is out of the DR and heads up to the HOH. Derrick and Victoria move to the KT because she asked if he would sit with her while she ate. He asked if it was going to be quick, she said ya so he agreed to.


3:34am Frankie joins Derrick and Victoria in the kitchen. He's getting a fig newton and glass of milk calling it the ultimate midnight snack.


3:40am Derrick, Victoria, and Frankie talking about how dirty the house is. Derrick says when he swept the hallway, the dustpan was full but they think that they are cleaner then other seasons.


3:50am Victoria in the KT with Derrick she wonders if her mom is adding people from the show to her Facebook. He says he thinks he's going to shave because it's getting old and annoying.


3:55am Derrick is trying to teach Victoria how to whistle in the WA. She doesn't understand where to put her tongue or how small to make the hole. He tells her to stop sucking in she's supposed to be blowing out. Both Frankie and Derrick tell her its not getting better, shes having trouble figuring it out.


3:59am Frankie telling his family he hopes everything is going well for them and he will see them soon but not too soon. He's so close yet so far from winning this game.


4:10am All houseguests sleeping soundly all snuggled in their beds. 

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9:15 AM BBT We have FoTH must be wake up time!


9:21AM BBT Vic is in the bathroom doing ADLs Donny goes into the KT Then the SR to start making his Breakfast.


9:25AM BBT Donny has made his way to the BY with his slop and sits down on the couches to eat.

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9:31 PM BBT: Donny is in the kitchen washing his dishes. Someone, probably Frankie wrote "My Everything", which is Ariana Grande's new album, on the table out of the Jenga blocks. Victoria comes out of the bathroom stall [and doesn't wash her hands..] and sits on the couch to do her makeup. Donny goes into the BA to brush his teeth. Donny asks Victoria if she feels better today. She says yes.


9:41 PM BBT: Donny comes back into the bathroom and washes his hands. Victoria is called to the DR. Donny goes out into the backyard and gets on the elliptical. Victoria comes out of the DR and scrambles up the My Everything on the table because production told her to. She goes back into the BA and brushes and straightens her hair.

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9:00am All HG still in their beds sound asleep.


 9:03am We now have FOTH maybe a wake up call.


 9:18am Victoria is in the WA doing her makeup. Donny in the KT making breakfast.


9:27am Donny is sitting in the BY eating while Victoria is sitting  in the KT eating her breakfast. All other Hg still sleeping.


9:35am Donny finished brushing his teeth and ask Victoria if she felt better today? She says yeah much better. He looks at her and says the swelling is down today.She tells him yeah thank goodness. Donny then leaves the WA where Victoria is finishing up her makeup.


  9:45am Donny is on the Elliptical in the BY and Victoria is now brushing her hair and flat ironing it.

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#BB16 10:07AM BBT Nicole doing ADLs. Donny sitting outside.


#BB16 10:32AM BBT Victoria talks to Derrick and he tells her something about waking him up at 11Am. Donny sitting outside in the BY.


#BB16 10:50AM BBT Nicole and Donny practice what they are going to say for the Veto meeting. They both say this is their first time having to give a veto speech.

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#BB16 10:52AM BBT Victoria getting all dressed up for the Veto meeting. Donny and Nicole chatting in the BY.


#BB16 10:58AM BBT Donny walks through the WCA and asks Victoria why she is so dressed up. Asks her if she is giving a speech today and she says "maybe". She is putting on more makeup.


#BB16 11:01AM BBT The remaining HG have all made their way out of bed and are doing their ADLs.


#BB16 1105AM BBT We get a quick view of Derrick and Cody. Derrick telling Cody "we have to go with the odds". and Cam changes.

#BB16 11:009AM BBT We have reels. Must be POV meeting time.

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11:42am Nicole is walking around the BY  talking to Donny about eating slop.Caleb and Christine are making food in the KT.Victoria walking around the house.


11:44am Frankie is going back to bed to sleep a little longer he says. Cody heads to his hoh rm to get changed so he can chill outside.


11:46 Nicole ask Donny what they are going to do. Donny tells her they are going to enjoy their last days there.Cody did not use the POV.


 11:48am Cody walks through the KT and Caleb says look at Cody keeping the nominations the same. Cody and Christine go to the BY with Donny and Nicole.


 11:54am Cody is laying on the hammock alone. Nicole,Christine and Victoria sitting on BY couches just general talk. Caleb comes out and goes to sit by the Hammock with Cody as he eats his lunch.


 12:00pm Nicole telling Victoria that Cody told her she was good.Derrick says we have 3 weeks after this Thursday and we will be going home.  


 12:05pm Nicole and Victoria sitting in BY saying it is a beautiful day out and Victoria says gorgeous. derrick and Christine at KT table  talking about going back to bed to sleep awhile.

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12:08pm Christine now on the hammock with Cody and Caleb sitting in a chair. Cody says that was so hard. Christine says were there straws to draw to determine weather to use it or not? and She goggles. Cody  says yeah.


12:11pm Frankie and derrick in the fire rm talking about how Caleb hating doing the show they did lastnight and everyone else loved it. Frankie says i was so impressed with Donny. Derrick says Donny was good.


12:15pm Caleb in the fire rm telling derrick and Frankie that every time he tries to talk to Cody then Christine comes up and if i go to hoh to talk to her  there she is we cant talk. In the By Christine and Cody talk on the hammock and Cody ask what happens next week if Nicole wins the veto and comes down,. Christine says then Victoria goes.


12:17pm Cody gets called to the DR. Nicole is out at the hottub saying she is so cold. Nicole ask Christine if she is ok this week and Christine says yeah you are not going home. Nicole says  well Donny  is so calm he isnt like nervous.


12:20pm Nicole ask if Derrick went  back to bed and Donny says yeah he told Victoria to wake him up at 2, and Christine says that's funny  Victoria told me to wake her up at 2. Donny says i guess you wake her up at 2 so she can wake derrick at 2 and they laugh.


 12:28pm Derrick telling Frankie that Christine is going to have to go. he says she is always with Cody now  and she was always sitting with you last week when you was HOH.


12:29pm Derrick says Christine doesn't think this will be a double evict this week but then next week would be a double evict then a single evict then another single evict and we go to final and on Sunday we will do live finale.He then tells Frankie if this is not a double evict then this week i feel will be an endurance comp so we got this and Frankie says  i got it. Frankie and Derrick say goodnight to each other and they are going to sleep now.


12:32pm Nicole talking to Christine and Donny about being a nurse in the BY.All other hg in bed now going to sleep.


 12:57pm Most Hg in bed sleeping just general talk going on  with others.

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 1:01pm Nicole cutting up the tofu in little chunks so Victoria can cook it in a sauce she has made for the have nots. Donny is making slop on the stove.


 1:12pm Victoria has finished frying the tofu in a sauce and is now serving it up to Donny and Nicole. Donny says it smells like chicken. Donny is now tasting it.Nicole ask is it nasty? Donny says  the taste is good the texture is the same.


 1:25pm All feeds on HOH rm where Cody is sleeping.


  1:27pm Donny eating the tofu and says that is pretty good. Nicole says it is good and i think if we had rice and could put that over it and pour more sauce over it then it would be like Chinese food.


  1:40pm nicole is scooping up the slop from the pan to a container as Victoria thickens the sauce for the tofu and looks in the mirror saying her cheeks are better. Donny goes to the WC.


 1:50pm Nicole is sitting at the table eating slop and tofu with pickles. Victoria is cleaning up the KT.


  1:54pm Nicole tells Victoria she is going to go lay down. Victoria says ok as she fixes herself some food now.

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2:17pm Everyone is asleep.


2:18pm Victoria wakes up a few minutes after laying down to try to sleep.


2:22pm Victoria goes up to see if Cody is awake in HOHBR (he's not) so back to bed she goes.


2:25pm Nicole is laying awake and appears to be counting on her fingers.


2:33pm After returning from a brief WBRB, Cody wakes up and goes straight to DR.

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2:05pm All Hg are now in bed napping.


  2:28pm We now have FOTH . Maybe Bb is waking them.


2:30pm Cody is now up and putting on his sweat jacket and socks then heads downstairs to the DR.


2:41pm All hg are now getting up after a brief  FOTH.


 2:43pm Nicole has been called to the dr .Victoria and Christine in the KT. Cody goes back to the HOh rm. Donny is now in the KT also then heads to the WA.Cody comes out of the HOH rm and says HG we are gathered here today for the opening of Pandora box. Nicole says what do we get? Cody says manure dumped on you. Nicole says for real? Cody tells her no to was a joke and she replies stop that i thought you was serious.


  2:50pm Nicole is in the WA. Victoria and Christine are in the hoh rm with Cody as Cody is giving them a tour of the hoh rm.

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2:45pm Christine, Cody, Victoria and Donny are awake.


2:49pm Cody is complaining to Christine and Victoria about how sore his neck is from "going hard last night".


2:50pm Cody is "buzzing the peasants" (aka Christine and Victoria) up to his room. The only qualifications to be buzzed in appear to be to have showered today. Nicole has woken up and gone into the WA to do her makeup. She's confused about where her eye shadow went.


2:57pm Victoria recounts having told Donny off for being rude to her. Cody, Christine, and Victoria are discussing what to have for dinner. Donny is outside by himself playing pool.


3:00pm Derrick wakes up and goes into WR for ADLs.

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3:00 PM BBT  Cody, Christine and Victoria in the HOH nest bed.  Vic is telling the them that Donny was really rude to her while she was making him tofu earlier, and that she told him he was rude.  Donny is outside playing pool by himself.  Nicole and Derrick in the WA talking about being called to DR when they have been napping.


3:06 PM BBT  Donny is in the KT making coffee, Derrick gets called to DR, the HOH group are talking about low blood sugar, dehydration, bananas and avocados.  Just general discussion.  Nicole and Donny out in the BY, she says the tofu or the sauce gave her a stomach ache.


3:10 PM BBT  Christine and Cody have a tickle fight.  Nicole asks Donny if the way Caleb portrayed Hayden last night was true.  Donny says he doesn't think so.  Donny says that at home he is a funny guy and people like him, he says in the house he has too much competition in here with the other big personalities.


3:15 PM BBT Nicole and Donny talking game, but very carefully.  They are not talking specifics and no names.  Donny says if it is a DE this Thursday the good thing is they both have their bags packed.  Derrick comes out to join Donny and Nicole in the BY on the patio couches.


3:24 PM BBT  Derrick, Nicole and Donny talking about Derricks daughter.  Christine is rubbing Cody's back in the HOH bed, they are talking about what the HOH comp might be this week.


3:31 PM BBT  Nicole goes to DR.  Donny and Derrick talk game, Derrick says "I haven't made good relationships in the game and that is going to be my downfall".  They are discussing the TA mission from last night, they think it went well.


3:35 PM BBT  Derrick is stroking Donny's ego, telling Donny that the greatest moment in the whole game was seeing Donny win the BotB all on his own.  Derrick tells Donny that when he goes home, his job is going to praying that he comes back to work for them.  Donny is crying at the compliments Derrick is giving him.


3:41 PM BBT  Derrick thinks they have made $25k for the TA missions.  Plus the 13k stipend.  Donny says that is a good third place.  Derrick is home sick, he says if they told me we had to be here another month he would say "No, I am out of here".  (It is exactly one more month).  The HOH crew are talking about commercials and songs and we keep getting FotH, or all 4 cameras on Derrick and Donny.


3:51 PM BBT  Derrick is reassuring Donny again that he believes Donny will have his job back when he goes home.  Donny says "well, I have other skills".  He goes to pick up a leaf from the BY and gives it to Derrick, Donny tells him it has "spider mites, that is the spider web on the back on the leaf."  Derrick says "that is really interesting, and really disgusting".  HG's get told they are on IDLD.  We didn't hear anybody outside.    


3:56 PM BBT  Derrick and Donny go inside.  Victoria is in the KT and Donny thanks her for making them tofu, he says "I may even have some more for dinner".  She says "you're welcome, that's good to hear".  Everybody is in the HOH room except Caleb who is sleeping the Earth room and Frankie who must be sleeping in the Fire room.

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4:12pm Lockdown just ended, Houseguests leaving HOHR to go outside.


4:14pm Cody, Christine, Derrick and Nicole are raiding the kitchen post-lockdown while Donny does laps around the backyard


4:15pm Frankie finally wakes up


4:17pm Donny talking to Victoria about the Miami Heat as she lays in the hammock, conversation seems to die out pretty quick between them


4:19pm Victoria and Nicole talk by the hammock about how nice it is out and talk about visiting each other after BB. Talk then moves to a pool party Victoria didn't get invited to once.


4:22pm Victoria tells Nicole not to bother going to talk to Derrick about game because it is 100% that she is staying. She tells Nicole that Derrick came out crying after talking to Donny because he told Donny that he would be voted out. He was crying because he respects Donny so much. Victoria asks if she and Christine have talked and Nicole says not about game and how weird it was coming back into the house after Christine got her evicted.

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4:04 PM BBT  All the awake HG's are in the HOH.  Just general chit chat about their mic's, napping, Caleb snoring, Frankie snoring.


4:11 PM BBT  The IDLD is over, all the HOH crew pile out of the room.  Derrick picks up his activity tracker in the SR, Christine and Cody are getting something to eat and fooling around in the KT, Christine is laughing hysterically.  Donny is walking the BY.  Caleb opened his eyes for a few seconds and then rolled over and went back to sleep.  Still no sign of Frankie.


4:18 PM BBT  Speaking of Frankie, he appears.  All the HG's greet him.  Nicole, Victoria, and Donny in the BY talking, just general talk about Vic's job, what they like to do during the day.  Donny asks Victoria if she has ever gone to a Miami Heat game, she says no.  Nicole asks if she should talk to Derrick, Victoria says "pointless".  Vic tells Nicole that its 100% that Donny is going home.


4:24 PM BBT  Nicole is telling Victoria how much she appreciated her being so nice to her when she knew she was going home.  Nicole says "you didn't have to do that, and I will not forget it"  Victoria says "you're so cute".  Frankie and Cody talking in the KT about good naps and bad naps.  Frankie is saying he had crazy dreams.


4:31 PM BBT  Nicole and Victoria are still complimenting each other.  Frankie and Derrick tanning on the double lounger, Frankie says "that is a scary thing (meaning Vic and Nicole)."  Derrick says "ya, they are getting pretty close".  Frankie talks about keeping Donny, and Derrick says "I'll tell you one thing, America would be ecstatic if we keep him"  Derrick: "but Christine won't vote to keep him, she hates that man".  Derrick: "you and I just need to be alone later today and talk it out".


4:40 PM BBT  Only Victoria and Nicole talking.  Just general talk about being saved from eviction, being socially awkward, being special because they were picked for BB.  Frankie and Derrick talking about voting out Nicole or Donny again.  Frankie says "it all depends on Caleb".  Derrick asks "do you really think its the right thing to do?"  Frankie says "I do, I really, really do."  Derrick says "what if he's playing us?"  Frankie says "I don't think so because America would not have picked him as their player".  Derrick agrees.


4:49 PM BBT  Frankie says "I hate her, I just hate her".  Derrick says "who, Christine or Nicole?"  Frankie says "Nicole, she just needs to go".  Derrick says "It's going to be hard".  Frankie goes inside to make food.  Donny on the couch with Cody talking about Donny social game, and how people on the outside like him and think he is funny, but it didn't work out well for him in the house.


4:56 PM BBT  Nicole telling Victoria she would like to move to the city and have her own apartment and struggle with jobs and bills.  Vic says "why?"  Nicole says "because that's how all the romantic comedy's start out".  Nicole is asking Victoria to help he make a sexy calendar.  Vic says she will do it.  Cody and Derrick start a pool game.

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5:00 PM BBT Victoria lying on hammock, with Nicole and Christine sitting by her. Nicole is in a lawn chair, and Christine is sitting on the ground. They are talking about visiting each others home states after the show is over. Donny is watching Derrick and Cody playing a game of pool.


5:03 PM BBT Nicole is telling them about a Cheeseburger Festival where in Michigan. Victoria says how she doesn't like salt water, and Nicole tells her it's a lake, so it's not salt water. She explains how there are giant cheeseburgers, and different kinds of cheeseburgers at stands, that you can buy. Christine says she had a deep fried turkey sandwich at a Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Derrick is racking the pool balls for a new game of pool with Cody. Cody hums a little, and asks Victoria if her clothes are in the dryer. Nicole says they are her clothes, and she goes to get them out. She asks the guys if they are going to visit her next August to go to the Cheeseburger Festival, and Cody asks what it is. She tells him, he will have to go to find out.

5:06 PM BBT Victoria and Christine go inside the house, Victoria has to go to the bathroom. Frankie tells Christine how he is sleeping a lot now,

instead of getting up right away like he used to. Christine starts to sing, and we see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Christine in the WA blowing her nose, and Nicole comes out of WC, and goes to wash her hands in the sink in WA. Christine sings, "Ain't nobody got time for that." All cams go to the BY on Derrick and Cody's pool game.


5:09 PM BBT Cody says that he doesn't know what it is, but the coffee there is making him so sick, but he can't stop drinking it. Nicole comes to the BY, and tells Cody she's getting him tanning oil, and he tells her, he'll use it tomorrow. Cody asks her if they want to lay out tomorrow and get burned, and she wants to. She says she doesn't like tanning for her back, and he says it's so worth it. She says, no one sees your back, Donny tells her, everyone sees it, except herself. He says, because when she looks in the mirror, she only sees her front.


5:13 PM BBT Cody is playing pool with one of the skewer sticks broke in his mouth. Christine comes to BY, and she says she needs to tan tomorrow, so she doesn't look pasty white. She reads the tanning oil bottle, and says, gross. Cams also go to KT, where Frankie is making something in a bowl at the KT table, and Victoria is in there with him. She tells him, it's so beautiful outside, and Frankie tells her he knows.


5:16 PM BBT Cody says he and his brother are best friends, but opposites. He says he would get along living with him. He is playing with his pool stick, like it's baton. Victoria goes outside eating something from a bowl. Cody says, he wonders if his dad is watching. Victoria is telling HG's in BY that she likes to eat everything with lemon on it.


5:19 PM BBT Caleb goes in KT. Frankie tells him that he slept until about 4 p.m. He says Derrick got up around 3 p.m. He says that Nicole and Christine have been up the whole time together. Caleb says, I'm sure. Frankie says with Victoria, and then Cody. Nicole tells HG's in the BY that Spring is messy in Michigan from all the snow they get from the winters. Donny says Spring has the pollen where he lives. He says they have drier years, but this year was a wet year, and they were above average on rain. He says he thinks everywhere had a wet year.


5:21 PM BBT Victoria asks Christine how to spell Tucson, and she says, T-U-C-S-O-N. She says that when she was at Starbucks, and had to call corporate to get something fixed, they would always mispronounce it. She says, they would say, you are in Tuxson, AZ. She laughs. Cody asks Nicole an Victoria to play 2 on 2 pool with them Nicole is Cody's partner, and Victoria is Derrick's partner. Cody is looking out the back door from the KT, holding it open. Then he goes to the BY, and gives Cody high 5 smacks twice. Cody asks if anyone wants coffee. Frankie goes in the WC.


5:24 PM BBT Nicole asks Caleb is he dresses like that at home, and he says he dresses like this all the time. He has a light blue pair of jeans on, with his cowboy boots on. His jeans are tucked in the boots, and he has a pink t-shirt on with the front part tucked in his jeans, behind his big belt buckle. Nicole tells Cody, they are beating us. Victoria says she hasn't played pool in a month or so. They all talk about how the coffee, and how people are making it. Caleb is in the KT by the coffee maker. Victoria screams as she shoots a pool ball in the pocket. Caleb goes in the SR, and puts his cowboy hat on, as he goes in. He is digging in a candy bag of chocolates, and takes some of them out. He comes out of the SR, and puts his cowboy hat back on the dresser, with him camo hat still on his head.


5:28 PM BBT Caleb walks to the KT, and Frankie tells him that she (Nicole) is doing a good job of reintegrating. Caleb asks, Nicole? Frankie says, yes, and Caleb says that they know where she stands, and that's all that matters. He says, she needs to go home, and they can't let her win. He says, from now on, she is going to do what's best for her game, because she doesn't have anyone to work with. Caleb says she probably won't put Christine up because they are getting close again. They are both worried that she'll put them up on the block. Frankie is still eating, while standing by the KT table. He and Caleb are standing by the table, trying to guess who she would put up. Victoria comes in and tells them, her and Derrick only lost by 2 balls, and that she was making her shots. She says, she's never played pool before in her life. She walks to the bedroom area, and then walks back through the KT to go to the WA.


5:32 PM BBT Caleb asks if they are calling people to the DR? Frankie says, yep. He asks, for what? Frankie says, goodbye messages. We see FoTH.

5:33 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and Caleb goes to BY with a drink in his hand. Victoria is back out playing pool with Derrick, Cody and Nicole. Christine is laughing non-stop. Frankie is in the KT making himself something to drink in a tall pink plastic cup.


5:35 PM BBT Frankie goes in the WA to wash his hands and brush his teeth at the sink. Pool game continues in BY.


5:36 PM BBT Frankie goes back to KT, and then walks to BY. Cody tells Victoria they are on opposite teams right now, and he will smoke her. Frankie tells Caleb they are up next. Caleb says against each other, and Frankie says, no, with each other, against whoever wins. He says, that sounds good.


5:37 PM BBT Cody says, D's nuts, and Christine says, when he's playing pool, he's in a zone. Frankie is saying, come on D's nuts, suck it up D's nuts. Nicole says they are in trouble. Cody is telling her what shots to take. Caleb is talking about Vanilla/Almond milk. Donny says, they have a whole lot of sugar in them. Frankie says, come on D's nuts' partner.


5:39 PM BBT Frankie asks what the D's nuts means, and Christine tells him it's a joke, and Tim does it also. Something about things that end with the letter D. Derrick and Victoria area sharing a pool stick, and so is Cody and Nicole. Nicole takes a good shot and drops 2 balls, one of them was the cue ball. Derrick sets up the cue ball where he wants Victoria to shoot from. Victoria takes the shot, and says, "Sh*t, why didn't that go in?" Derrick tells her, "That was a tough shot." Frankie says, "Go D's nuts, not butts, coconuts, D's nuts."


5:44 PM BBT Derrick says, "Game." They are tied at one and one, so they are going for best of 3 for the series. Cody racks for the last game to start. Derrick starts the game, and drops a stripe. Cody hugs Nicole. Caleb goes inside to DR.


5:47 PM BBT Frankie goes in the house. Christine asks what they were counting in the last comp. Everyone says Expresso cups, and she screams, and says, it's Espresso, you all said it wrong. Frankie and Caleb are in WA, and walk out. Frankie says, he's putting on athletic shorts to go running in a little bit, and Caleb says, he's going to work out in a little bit also. Frankie goes in ice room, to change, and we get a bare a$$ shot of him, in front of the closet.


5:55 PM BBT Derrick was standing by the pool table with his arm around Victoria, and her holding on to his right hand. Victoria tells Cody and Nicole, good game. She says, they won. Christine gives Cody his coffee, and he thinks she spit in her coffee. She says it's from the almond milk, from not shaking it up well enough. She tells him to dump it out, if he doesn't want it. He says, maybe I like spit, and it's probably not the first time someone spit in his drink. Nicole tells Frankie she's not used to seeing him in shoes. Nicole asks if she can try Cody's coffee, and she tells Christine she better not have spit in it. Christine tries it after that. Frankie lets out something while singing, and we see FoTH.


5:58 PM BBT Cody says how he uses the term horse sh*t a lot. Christine says she doesn't like horse cock. Cody starts saying that. Caleb starts singing, and we see FoTH again.


6:00 PM BBT Live Feeds come back and Nicole asks who started the towels in the dryer? She says they are bone dry because they haven't been washed yet. Derrick/Frankie are playing a pool game against Cody/Caleb. Frankie is talking in his British accent, and says they aren't doing very well, and Derrick needs to step up his A game.


6:05 PM BBT Donny says, it's about slop time. Caleb starts singing. We hear, "Please, stop singing." Frankie says, "They are on you like white on rice." Pool game is over. Frankie racks for another game of pool. The 4 guys are starting another game. Nicole says that they took a lot of her crap when she came back in the house again. They took her stuff with name brands on it, like Champion.


6:07 PM BBT Victoria says, "Wow, they play intense." All HG's are watching the pool game in the BY. Nicole says when she drinks coffee, it suppresses her appetite. A helicopter flies over, and everyone looks up by the pool table. They think it was either a Coast Guard plane, or medical plane. Nicole is talking about Cody thinking her last name was Ranzel. Christine asks him how he thought it was Ranzel? They continue their game. Donny comes to BY, and goes to sit by couches with his slop to eat. Nicole asks him if he did grits, and he says yes, and he has Tofu in with it. Nicole goes to sit by him, and Christine is rubbing up and down Cody's back with her left hand by the pool table.


6:12 PM BBT Nicole tells Donny how she likes her rice and mashed potatoes plain. Donny tells Nicole what he puts in the slop to make it like grits with a lot of pepper and salt. Donny asks Nicole if she likes grits, and she says she really doesn't know what they are. He says, it's mushed up corn, but it's not cream corn or sweet corn. He says it pounded, dry corn, and it's made into flakes. He says, you add water in it like the slop, and eat it for breakfast. He says, it's awesome. He says, he ain't ever met a northerner that likes grits.


6:15 PM BBT Donny tells Nicole that she needs to pick a meal time, and eat. She needs to eat, not because she wants to, but because she has to. Donny asks who would go somewhere and get Tofu? He says he would go and get broccoli and carrots, but not Tofu. Everyone by the pool table screams when the pool game is over.


6:18 PM BBT Caleb breaks for another game of pool. Cody says it was a sick break. Caleb tells Cody he is doing shoulders tonight. Nicole tells Donny she would run, but she doesn't know if it would be good for her. He tells her to save her energy. She says that going out in the real world made her miss her family more now. She says, after she was there with her head in the game, she felt numb. She says she is different emotionally now, coming back into the house. Donny says how he felt when he came in, and says, he understands. He says it has to do with sensitivity.


6:20 PM BBT Donny asks if Cody is moping? He says he's trying to get turnt up, and he's going to work out later. Donny says he's going to bi-cep it. Victoria goes by the couches, and sits next to Nicole. Derrick and Cody go inside the house. Caleb says, one of our people walks off, and they all walk off, they don't love us. Derrick and Cody are in the LR trying to figure out things to study for this weeks comp. Victoria goes in the house, and walks through the LR. Cody and Derrick are studying things that happened before and after. Cody asks Derrick if he has to go to the DR, and he says no. There was a flash, and Derrick says it may be so they know SR is open.


6:24 PM BBT Derrick runs down the list of people that were put on the block, and who was HOH. Cody tells him he doesn't think they will ask how many comps people were in, but who won what comp, and when it was. He says, for him to think before he reacts, and that way he can remember what came before what else. Frankie goes in the LR with them, and sits on the couch next to Derrick. Caleb walks in through the LR, and back to the KT.


6:27 PM BBT Nicole tells Donny how emotional she is, and how she cries over things daily at home. She says how her feelings get hurt easily. Donny says he wouldn't of thought that, because she doesn't show that in the house. Donny says if she cries, he'll cry to. He says he's really good about his brain, in the real world. Caleb and Victoria sit down in the LR, with Derrick, Cody and Frankie. Derrick says that Nicole is getting back in the game, and could crush an endurance comp, because she doesn't weight a whole lot. Caleb is eating something in the LR, making sure the cameras pay attention to him.


6:31 PM BBT Donny and Nicole agree that they miss everyone who is gone already. He says they may end up liking everyone equal in the end, and she says, no, she won't. She says, just because the way she is at home. Donny says he may not give his number out to people. He says that people will Google him, because he has a home phone that is listed in the phone book. He says this is a little like high school, or middle school. Nicole says she was more popular in high school, and she had one really good best friend. Caleb burps and doesn't excuse himself. He says he did it twiced. He says it would be pimp if they would play some music why they are on the wall, and it's his HOH, and he will win it. He says he will get his box with candy, blog again, and all. He asks if Cody if he's heard of Destin, Florida? He says, no. Nicole talks about her high school days with Donny.


6:34 PM BBT All cams go to BY where Christine is swinging on the hammock, and Derrick is sitting in a lawn chair next to her. She starts singing, and says there is so much thinking to do. Derrick tells her she knows the stuff. He says, it's a running joke, but he thinks it's really going to be an endurance comp this week. She asks how many people are playing, 6? He says yes. She says it will be so fun, and he's says they would be out there all night. She is cracking her knuckles in her microphone.


6:36 PM BBT Christine says it's a long time until Thursday, a lot of down time. Derrick asks who came out, and she says, Frankie J. Grande, but he's back inside now. She says 20 something more days, and they are so close. Derrick says, yet so far. He says you really can't control anything unless you win the HOH, and other comps. LR cams come back with Caleb, Frankie and Cody in the LR talking about an endurance comp. Cody says he can't remember Season 13. He says some of the girls could lock themselves and not have a problem, but the guys may have a harder time.


6:39 PM BBT Caleb tells them that he'll show them pictures of his feet after he got back from Iraq, because his last hike was supposed to be 20 miles, and ended up being 42 miles, because they went the wrong way. He says the bottom of his feet were literally gone, and were bleeding. He says he was considered "Bed Rest." He says that "Bed Rest" is when you are literally gone, and can't do anything. He talks about a Turning Blue ceremony, and how it was 5 or 6 hours, and not moving a muscle. Derrick tells Christine that Victoria won't make it to the finals, that she won't make it that long.


6:42 PM BBT Derrick and Christine say that they people that have left will probably vote for Cody, over any of them. Derrick says he went to hug Jocasta, and she totally went to turn away from him. Christine says, she's surprised Hayden even touched her. Derrick says Hayden didn't hug him back, and Christine says the same thing. Christine says they would vote for Caleb also. Derrick says that Donny would vote Cody over Caleb.


6:44 PM BBT Derrick says if Cody and Caleb end up in F2, who would they vote for? Christine says it would be Cody, and they would both vote for Cody. Derrick says, he would win it hands down. Derrick says, $50K wouldn't be to bad, and he says FML. He says they will get smoked, and it's depressing. She says, you never know what can happen in 3 weeks, that someone can really pi$$ someone off. She says, in order for one of them to win, they would have to come up with something brilliant. Derrick says he would have to say he's a woman, and not married. Christine says that would make her vote for Cody more. He says F*ck me, I got nothing then. Christine tells Derrick she would have to tell the jury that he literally masterminded everything. He says he hasn't done that. She says that everyone already thinks that, like a puppeteer. She's says, congratulations to Cody, oh well.


6:48 PM BBT Christine says that Frankie will win America's Favorite player because they cheated them. Derrick says, unless he makes it to the F2, and then Donny wins it. He asks who she thinks will win America's Favorite then, and she says Beast Mode or Zach Attack. Derrick and Christine keep running through reasons they could give to win the season. Caleb and Cody are sitting in the LR, talking about riding motorcycles. Caleb says how he went 150 MPH before, but now he will only do like 35 in a 50 MPH zone, with his bandana on his head, and tattooed up.


6:52 PM BBT Christine says the F4 HOH's are huge. Derrick says, they have to get there though. He says that Nicole will win next HOH, and Christine wonders who she will put up on the block. We hear, "HG's, this is a reminder, that sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms." Derrick says, "Sex is only permitted in the bedrooms." They run through scenarios of who will be evicted when.


6:56 PM BBT Caleb continues to tell Cody about his bike he's building. He says he has $13K into it already, and it's matt black and chrome. Cody says he would like to get a bike, but he's scared, and it's dangerous. Frankie joins Caleb and Cody back in the LR. Christine says she thinks that Caleb will be one of the next 3 to leave the house. Derrick says he will stay up however long he can, until he can't take the pain anymore. He says he thinks Zach is stronger than he is. Frankie tells Caleb there is a black biker week, and he was there. He says it was insane, and he's never seen so many naked and big a$$es on bikes in all his lives. He says his sister performed at it.


7:01 PM BBT Caleb tells them that Stroker's is a huge TV show, and it's right by his house. He says it's sick dude, and they are all over $100K bikes. Caleb says he has a friend, who's parents are doctors/surgeons.


7:03 PM BBT Caleb says he didn't know that a surgeon that would take care of someone's knees, could take care of fingers also. Frankie explains that all doctors have to be a regular doctor first, then though go into their specialties. Caleb was saying that maybe this surgeon can take care of his gland in his breast that is messed up. Frankie tells about a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon that helped him. Cody says that a Pediatric Plastic Surgeon fixed his lip in the E.R. They say you can see the scar a little, and Frankie says, it gives you character. Nicole and Victoria are sitting on a couch. Nicole says, "Man America, slop sucks." She says that being a HN is way worse than it looks, and shouts out to Ian, for being her hero. She says he is the bomb.com. She says that Victoria was on slop for 3 weeks straight. Victoria says how the protein powder is super disgusting. Convo in the LR goes to be stings.


7:07 PM BBT Nicole says how she should run today, but she got weak and light-headed yesterday after running, and not having anything good to eat after. She says that pickles used to be her favorite, but now it won't be. She says she had slop mixed with salsa, and once you eat one thing with slop, you can't do it again. She says she feels like she's on Survivor, and didn't sign up for this. She says, just kidding.


7:09 PM BBT Cody leaves the LR, and Caleb starts signing. We see FoTH.


7:11 PM BBT Live Fees come back with Cody sitting by Nicole on the couch. He tries to spill her water on her, and she says if she didn't have slop in her mouth she would spit it on him. He tells her to do it, he dares her. She says she will later, when he doesn't have cowboy by him. Caleb says, "And then he will tell me, and I will drown you in the pool." Christine and Derrick are talking about fans by the hammock. Derrick says he thinks he has parents that are his fans, that have kids. She says she doesn't have any fans. He tells her she has Barista fans. They continue to talk, and we hear, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG's." Christine says she sorry. Donny tells Nicole and Victoria that he went to the DR to tell him about something wrong that he keeps stepping on.


7:16 PM BBT Donny asks Nicole is she's made her ice cream yet, so they can have an ice cream social later. She asks if there's any chocolate/almond milk left. He says he opened some this morning, so there should be. Nicole and Victoria go into the KT. She gets a container to go and maker ice cream, and starts singing. Cams switch to hammock area with Christine and Derrick, and we hear, "Please, stop singing."


7:18 PM BBT Christine says that everything changes week by week in the house. Derrick says he could win HOH this week. Christine says that POV's are important, and he asks why? She says, because they make you feel good, and you are safe for the week. He says that's a thing on his bucket list, to win a POV. Caleb and Frankie are playing another pool game. Cody takes his shirt off to ask what to do for his workout? Donny is standing by the pool table also.


7:21 PM BBT Cody is trying to get a ring off his finger. Christine tells him to go by her, and he says he's got it, and he's not a child, he can get it off. He says, it's not the first time a ring has been stuck on his pinky. He likes his hand, like he is doing something sexual. Derrick was trying to flip Christine on the hammock, and screams, "Stop it." Christine tells Cody he's never be a cool pinky ring guy in the house again. Derrick says, maybe he'll go shower. Cody says you are going to shower this early, maybe I will to. Well, I'll wait until you're done. Derrick asks Cody, if he can use his shower, and he says, yes. Caleb starts singing, and we see FoTH.


7:25 PM BBT Nicole asks someone if they will do the Paul and Shirley thing again tonight. Production asks them to raise the outside awnings. Christine starts going after, and messing with Cody. He asks her if she wants to get thrown in the pool, cams go to WA. Derrick and Victoria are in there, and he asks whose bras are sitting on the couch, and she tells him they are Christine's. She says, she doesn't leave her bras out like that. He looks at them, and gives a face as though he is disgusted. He tells Victoria he wants to do something fun tonight. He says after he gets a shower. She asks him to make his mushroom stuff, and he says he will. She says she would like to have a small bon fire, and that they wouldn't let her bring candles in the house.


7:28 PM BBT Derrick tells Victoria that he wanted to get some color today, but it didn't happen. Victoria says she saw him laying out, and wondered why. She tells him she got a little red today. Christine came in the WA, and told them that Cody smashed up her water bottle and threw it in the pool. She says she's pi$$ed, and needs to find another one. Victoria tells Derrick she is close to Cody, and he says they are really close. Derrick says he uses a Cucumber/Melon soap at home, and he's not all about scents. Victoria tells Derrick, she annoys her. Christine walks in the WA, and they start talking about making the mushrooms. Cody and Frankie are working out in the BY. Nicole is lying on the double chair, with Caleb sitting on the edge. Donny is sitting in a lawn chair.


7:32 PM BBT Caleb tells Donny and Nicole that he can't wait to get home and watch Son's of Anarchy. He says he was going to try out for that show also. Donny starts talking about Ace from American Idol. Donny says someone they know went to school with him, but they can't talk about him. He was talking about his face being on advertisements, and then he was talking about Chris Daughtry also. Frankie says his name is Ace Young. Derrick and Victoria are whispering in the WA talking about Cody. Caleb is outside singing, and we hear, "Please, stop singing." Victoria asks Derrick to go to the hammock with her, and he says he's going to get in the shower now. He rolls his eyes at her, and tells her she's funny. We hear, Derrick, stop that." He was clicking the cap on the lotion. He says, is this is, and does it some more. He throws the lotion down, and says, "Why don't I go and f*ck myself right now?" Victoria says she would like that.


7:39 PM BBT Christine and Nicole in the KT. We hear, "Nicole, please do not obstruct your microphone." Christine is using a knife to cut an Avocado, and says, oh, this one cuts good, in a sexual tone. Caleb walks in KT, and Nicole asks Cody if he spilled out her water? She says, why would I spill it out? She tells him how she just filled her water out, and someone spilled it out. Caleb says he saw who did it, and asks if he told her who did it, would she tell it? He says the guy’s name starts with a B, and last name starts with a C. She asks if it's a fiction character. Derrick says, Beast Mode Cowboy, and she says, so it was you. Victoria tells Derrick how her toe nails match her hat, and jewelry today.


7:43 PM BBT Caleb goes up to Derrick in WA, and says he loves kissing upside down. Derrick says that Victoria was doing her impression of Amber again. Caleb told her that her impression of Amber was awful. They talk about the stuff that Amber did in the house. Victoria starts singing, and we see FoTH. Nicole and Christine are in the KT talking about the groceries they get in the house.


7:45 PM BBT General convo still going on in WA, and we hear, "Victoria, please stop singing." Then, "You are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG'S." Caleb says, they haven't even had any today. Caleb is trying to fix a piece of the tile in the WA that keeps hurting Donny's feet. Nicole and Christine start to sing in the KT, and all cams go to WA. We hear, "Please, stop singing." Victoria tells Derrick, it's not me. She tells him that he never tells her what he's thinking. She is rubbing Derrick's right leg. Victoria is trying to figure out what Derrick is thinking. Victoria asks Derrick about his scars, and says that the one scar is so bad. She asks him how he got it, and he tells her from a Staph Infection, from a doctor that was checking his knee with bare hands. He says it was MRSA, that was going up into his lymph nodes. He says he went to the ER, and ended up in the hospital for 12 days. He says it was scary, and a guy who was in the room next to him died from it, and he was 35 years old. He says they packed his knew with guaze, and they had to pull a little out each week.


7:51 PM BBT He says the area is numb and the nerves must be dead right there. He says all of his other scars are from sports and stuff. He shows her a scar on his left leg from football. He says he has one over his eye from his brother hitting him with a shot glass that was on a string. He shows her one on his lip from his dog. He shows her scars on his hands. She tells him to take care of himself. He says he won't be able to walk by the time he's 40. She tells him that her mom has scars everywhere. He asks from what? She tells him that her mom has a fake nose, no bones or anything. She tells him that her mom dove into 2 feet of water, and she was all bloody in Israel. She says that her dad fainted, and she had to have 3 surgeries on her nose. She says it looks better now. She told her that her mom has a scar from a C-Section scar from an emergency when her brother's arm came out the birth canal first. She says she didn't have pain meds or anything.


7:55 PM BBT She tells Derrick that her mom had the same surgery that Angelina Jolie had a long time ago, because her mom had breast cancer. Derrick asks if she ever thinks about it, and cams go to the KT. Donny and Nicole are talking about slop, and Christine is eating a sandwich. They talk about Devin, and Nicole says he was sort of her friend. Caleb says they had some things in common, but weren't close enough to say he was his friend. Frankie and Cody are walking in the BY going over the weeks again with who was HOH, and won what comps. They are talking about the sky looking weird, and being midnight blue. Frankie asks Cody to ask him more questions now, because it makes him feel good. Frankie is holding his activity tracker, and moving it back and forth continuously while he walks.


7:59 PM BBT Nicole was talking about her ex-boyfriend looking hot in the mornings when he went to work in the morning. She says how he works in the field for hours upon hours upon hours. She says he's a crop farmer. Caleb says farmers that have corn, wheat or tobacco, have more money than doctors right now. Nicole says they wealthy. Caleb says he knows people that are his age that have farms, and they have $600K combines that are paid off. He said they make cheese. He says how people buy more and more land each year to make more money. Christine asks Nicole, "So, you could have had a really rich husband?" Then, she laughs, and tells her she's just messing with her. Caleb goes to the BY, and starts walking with Frankie and Cody.


8:03 PM BBT Donny goes in the BY and joins the guys walking. They are all talking about their activity trackers not really working. Frankie asks if he can take a bath upstairs, and Cody says he can. Frankie starts to sing, and we see FoTH. We we come back to live feeds, Frankie says, "They've been on us like white on rice today." Frankie says that half of the house is in the BY. Christine and Nicole are talking in the KT, and we hear, "Nicole, Christine, You are not allowed to talk about production." They both say they are not talking about production. Nicole starts to sing, as she walks to WA, and says, just kidding. Derrick says he likes her sweater, and she asks if she minds, and he says no, he doesn't mind the girls wearing his sweatshirt. She tells him that Zach took her only sweatshirt. He tells her how he was going to give it back to her, and how he wore it in the house. Nicole is touching up her make-up in the WA, talking to Derrick and Victoria.


8:07 PM BBT Christine goes in the WA to eves drop on the convo. Nicole was saying how Zach told her not to talk to him on stage, and then he bumped into her on stage, and the crowd laughed. They were all asking about the crowd, and she says she was nervous, and they didn't have a whole lot of time. She says the crowd got a show, because they saw Fruit Loop Dingus leaving, and then how they went back in to compete. Derrick says that they got a show the week that Hayden left Ariana Grande was there, and they fell that it's staged. She says, it's not. We hear, "Nicole, Derrick, You are not allowed to talk about production." Derrick says to Nicole and Christine, we are all in the Finale, and asks if they would get a ticket or two to have people there that they could have the people come out there. He says he could have his wife pay for her own flight. Nicole says she thinks that the jury member’s family may get tickets, because Aaryn's family was there last year.


8:13 PM BBT Nicole says her dad wouldn't be able to come, because he only took his 2nd day off in his life when she made her video at her house. She says he didn't go to Vegas for 4 days, for her 21st birthday. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back, and Caleb and Cody are playing pool in the BY, with Frankie watching them. Victoria finishes dressing, and sprays herself with something. Donny goes in the WA, where Derrick and Nicole are talking. Donny tells Nicole that her ma and daddy could go to the finale, and then go to their hotel. She says she would love to see her family, and not do anything afterwards.


Derrick tells her that Dan will be there for an after party. She asks about Boogie, and he says that he will be there. He says it's his house. He says, definitely Rachel/Brendon, Jeff/Jordyn, and more will be there. He says, he follows them all on Twitter. Caleb goes in WA, showing Victoria something from his mouth all smashed up, and it's beef jerky. Nicole tells him it looks like a chewed up tongue. She tells him to spit it out already, and he makes the movement like he's going to backhand her.


8:18 PM BBT Caleb says he's going to ask Aaryn to take a picture with him. Victoria says she ate lunch with Rachel Reilly, and that she told her a bunch of stuff. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Derrick says he's going to request something, and Nicole asks why is he going to request something they aren't going to give him? They all leave the WA. Caleb says he wants to be Beast Mode Cowboy, that Caleb isn't his name anymore. Nicole goes to BY, and says that her ice cream isn't even frozen.


8:21 PM BBT Caleb goes in SR, and Victoria follows. Caleb tries to scare her, but she tells him she knows he was there. She says, there's no mushrooms. Derrick goes to SR, and Victoria asks what they said? He says they might actually do it, o.k.? Derrick asks Victoria is she can eat Turkey Bacon, and she says she can't eat any meat. Caleb goes back in SR. Victoria and Derrick walk out of SR, and she says, he doesn't like pickles or mushrooms, what they hell does he eat? We see FoTH.


8:23 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Derrick and Victoria in the KT. Cody and Frankie are playing pool. Cody swings around, and says that's out of the park, and I threw my back out. Caleb goes in the KT, while Victoria is pounding on a plastic bag with stuff in it. Caleb is drinking a milk, and Derrick and Victoria taste it. Cody tells Frankie there are so many balls on the table, and Frankie says, only 4. Christine says she has a feeling when she goes home, that she's going to go to pool halls to watch people play pool.


8:27 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick are doing shout outs to people back home, and to Joker's and Hamster Watch. Victoria gets told, "Stop that." She says, "What?" Then says, "Oh, the crinkling." Caleb is cooking eggs on the stove, using a fork in a non-stick pan.


8:29 PM BBT Frankie says his sister plays the dumb person in all of her Nikelodeon shows. Cody says he likes the red head girl on That's So Raven. Victoria starts to eat something at the KT table. Christine tells HG's in the BY that they are making stuffed mushrooms in the KT. Derrick tells HG's in the KT, that he thinks they will get 2 tickets, and they would have to pay their own way out. He says that the F3 will have their families flown out, because there's no way they will know who the F2 will be before the last show. Caleb says that would be sick to get that far, and have his family there, and he will be pi$$ed to not win, if he makes it that far. Frankie and Cody are still playing pool in the BY.


8:33 PM BBT Derrick gets called to the DR. Christine says, "No, he's cooking." Frankie opens the sliding door to tell Derrick he's needed in the DR. Victoria tells him there is a plastic bag of a lot of Pepto-Bismol in the SR for him. Victoria asks Caleb if Derrick's doing his goodbye's, and then Caleb goes outside with his food, sits down on the double chair to eat. Victoria goes outside, and Christine asks her if she has to wait for Derrick now, and she says yes, they're making stuffed mushrooms. Frankie is in BY talking in British accent. He makes up some character name, and Cody says, Franklin, you lied right to my face.


8:37 PM BBT Victoria goes back inside to SR, and comes back out. Nicole is in the KT, and Victoria tells her she's not sure why she's in such a bitchy mood today. Derrick comes out of DR, and Caleb comes in the KT. Caleb burps and doesn't excuse himself. Victoria gets called to the DR. Caleb tells them they both get called to the DR the most in the house. Victoria says that he probably thinks that about everyone on different days. Derrick tells Caleb he thinks all the parents are his fan base. Caleb says he hasn't done his goodbye messages yet. Derrick says, that's what it is, that's all it is. Caleb says, Derrick. Then he walk to the BY, leaving the sliding glass door open. He grabs his camo hat, and goes back to KT. Shuts door, starts singing, and we see FoTH.


8:41 PM BBT Live Feeds come back and Victoria is walking to the DR. Caleb tells Victoria she always looks at herself in every mirror. Nicole asks Caleb to ask Cody if she can feed the fish. He says to Cody, the blonde haired girl, with the glasses wants to feed the fish, is that o.k. He says, yes. Frankie says, I want to do it, and runs in the house. Nicole tells him, no, you aren't doing it, you always feed them. She says she likes to watch the fish eat also, but if you feed them, you can't watch them. Frankie says that one fish, John Eric, keeps taking everyone else's food, and he's not leaving any food for any of the other fish. Nicole says that they fish listen to him, and he says he knows. Cody is still shooting balls on the pool table. Nicole asks if one of the fish is o.k., because it's getting smaller? Frankie says they need to get more food.


8:46 PM BBT Nicole tells production that the fish need more food, because they are fighting. Christine says she wants to take a shower upstairs, but Cody is being mean, because she told him he keeps looking at himself in the mirror in the BY. She says she scared to ask him if she can shower in his shower. Nicole says that Frankie is bathing up there right now. Victoria comes out of the DR. Someone gets called, but we can't really hear who it was.


8:48 PM BBT Christine is talking about the shower downstairs being nasty from the guys hair down below. Nicole goes to the BY, and says that she quit so he could eat dinner. Caleb says he's a personal trainer, and that would like him being an E-5 in the Army, and letting his guys eat before him. Cody says ouch, and sh*t, while he's juggling pool balls. Frankie goes to the KT, opens the sliding door. He says he was going to take a bath now, and asks if he should make the fish later. Using his British voice, and Cody says he can have it in an hour, so he can get his bath now.


8:52 PM BBT Caleb was still juggling with the pool balls, and we hear, "Caleb, stop that." He puts them back on the table, and says, "Man, what's your problem, I'm just juggling." Nicole says, yes, with like 10 lb. balls. Caleb acts like an idiot and throws a pillow at Nicole, and breaks the yellow thing that was on a table outside. He tells them to take it out of his stipend. Nicole says they won't, that Cody broke a pool stick. Cody and Nicole sit on the double chair in the BY, after Caleb takes the yellow thing inside the house. Cody says, Nicole in the house. Nicole says, No, Nicody in the house. They laugh, and Cody says, Hayden, I still love you. Cody says there was no way that thing broke just falling on the ground. Caleb goes back to to BY, and says it may have hit something else first.


8:56 PM BBT Donny goes to the BY, and sits in the lawn chair by the double chair. We hear, "Cody, stop that." He thinks it's from something on the table. Caleb and Cody won't leave Nicole alone. Caleb was taking her by her leg, and pushing her around. She tells them to stop, because if they break her glasses, she's going to be pi$$ed. Caleb gets called to the DR. Cody says he's going to be in trouble, and they are going to ask for his debit card. He says they are probably from the Dollar Tree, and Nicole says, they are probably from Pier one, that it may be $34.99 not $8.00. Caleb sings as he walks through the house. Cody keeps trying to mess with Nicole, and she tells him to stop. He says he doesn't know what it's like to have a big bun on top of their head. She told him that he felt her hair on day 2, so he knows how much hair she has.


8:59 PM BBT Cody starts rubbing the top of Nicole's head, and she makes a face because she likes it. Derrick is in WA brushing his teeth. He goes back to KT, and Victoria says her mouth hurts, because she hasn't been washing it out. She takes a pill, puts it in a plastic bag, smashes it with a cup, and goes in the WA, by the sink. Christine is in the HOT shower, and Derrick was sitting on the couch in there. Victoria is swishing the water mixture in her mouth in the WA.

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9:06pm Derrick and Frankie in the HoH WA talking about Donny. They are debating whether or not they should keep him or Nicole. Frankie says all the reasons for wanting Nicole out first is still true, they are just worried that Donny will be a bigger competitor alone. Derrick needs to hear he would be safe from Donny's mouth.


9:11pm Derrick says it was nice catching up and leaves the WA without any final decision. Victoria is in the KT washing dishes while Cody starts some water. Nicole Donny and Caleb in the BY talking about their phones


9:21pm Frankie is out of the tub and joins Victoria, Christine, Cody, and Derrick in the kitchen, they're making food. Seems like conversation in the BY has turned to school


9:26pm Christine and Cody peeling and chopping potatoes in the kitchen. Nicole Caleb and Donny talking about when school started back home. Nicole is debating going back and Caleb says he can't wait to go back to school.


9:34pm BY conversation has turned to hunting. Nicole is telling us a story about a time her brother brought home a bird and her mom made him let it go. She says that his dream is to have a hunting show, he is an awesome hunter and her school always got canceled for the first day of hunting season. Frankie is cutting tuna in the KT


9:40pm Christine tells Victoria that her HOH was a complete waste because Nicole came right back. She says she got blood all over her hands just to have her come back and screams that the game s**ks but at least shes being nice to her.


9:45pm Victoria and Derrick in the FR. Victoria is  relaying the conversation she had with Christine to Derrick.  She thinks Christine doesn’t like her and would put her up. She says Christine is brutal, plays the game way to hard, belittles others and thinks highly of herself and since Victoria isn't as harsh, Christine doesn't respect her.


9:52pmVictoria is talking about a family that stayed with them. In the KT Cody and Nicole are making cream cheese garlic mashed potatoes. Frankie is setting the table so everyone can sit down and eat together, their eating outside tonight.


9:56pm Derrick and Caleb talking in the FR about Donny and Nicole. Caleb says that Frankie came to him saying that Nicole would put him up if she won. That Nicole is getting tight with Christine and Cody so most likely she would put up Caleb, Derrick or Frankie. Caleb is just unsure who Donny would put up. Everyone else in the BY making their plates.


10:05pm Caleb and Derrick talking about who they would like to be in the final 2with. Caleb says that he wouldn’t be upset with second as long as who won deserved it. Frankie Derrick or Cody would deserve it but if he lost to Victoria, he would be upset. Dinner seems to be over as everyone is bringing in dishes.


10:10pm  Frankie brings Derrick a plate of tuna then Victoria opens the door telling him she made him a plate its covered with a napkin on the table. He shows her the plate and she Ugh's loud, says he will be out in 2 minutes to get potatoes and she leaves. Conversation goes back to how the finale will work.


10:17pm Donny gets called to the DR. Derrick is telling Caleb that he thinks that Caleb could really win America's favorite and he wouldn’t just say that to make him feel better. Cody is rubbing Victoria's neck in the BY


10:22pm Christine says sh thought Cody hated her the first week. He says he doesn’t hate people, he hates what people do sometimes though. In the KT Frankie, Nicole and Caleb were talking about the pills Frankie takes.


10:35pm Derrick Caleb and Frankie are playing a game of pool. Donny is doing laps around the yard. Cody and Christine are talking about home life, the friends they have and what not.


10:41pm Derrick and Cody talking in the HOH WA. Cody says Frankie was talking about maybe keeping Donny and Cody said nah, he had to shut that sh*t down. Derrick says Nicole hasn't spoke to him at all really since she came back.


10:48pm Christine and Victoria in the kitchen complaining about how rude Donny is. Victoria says he really pi***ed her off today when he was asking all the questions while she was cooking his tofu. Says he should have just left her alone. Cody, Frankie and Derrick in the HOH WA. Donny and Nicole in the BY Donny says he really likes Cody and it’s a shame he has to go out on his watch.


10:55pm Cody is talking in a Monsters Inc voice saying "Always Watching" as Christine and Victoria com into the HOH. Everyone is up there now except Donny and Nicole who are in the BY. Donny is telling Nicole trivia that was announced to them.


11:05pm Donny and Nicole were talking about the HOH she missed and Everyone else was talking about the movie Coming to America. However, we've been at fish for the better part of about 5 minutes now.


11:10pm Feeds back, Derrick in the FR, it appears Christine is still in DR. Everyone else is in the HoH talking in a British accent


11:15pm Frankie is now Grandma Irish, an older woman who apparently has beer filled teets and big padded thighs. Christine in the HOH WA Derrick in the DR and Victoria appears to be changing in the FR


11:20pm Frankie and Cody have moved on to the French accent. Nicole wants them to act out the houseguests that they shout out. Victoria in the WA after taking her clothes outside.


11:31pm Victoria and Derrick on the hammock in the BY. Victoria is saying that Christine is so fake to a point where she can't even stand it. She talks crap about people and then talks to them and thinks that is good game but Victoria hopes that people are seeing through it.


11:36pm Victoria thinks that Christine would do ANYTHiNG for the money, she stressed anything. And that she doesn't give a f**k  about anything because if she could do what she did to Nicole to her best friend, she believes Christine really was going to put Derrick and Cody up.


11:46pm Victoria is still going on about Christine. Derrick says so your jealous? He said that she is paranoid and acting jealous that he talks to Christine. He's explaining again that he has to talk to people to keep them safe, whether they are genuine or not. The HOH gaang is shaking activity trackers while they talk about the length of showers and family.


11:59pm Derrick and Victoria going over the days, weeks and order of everything that has happened in the house. Vetos, BoB's, Nominations, and HoH's. HoH gang heading out to the BY

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