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Saturday August 23 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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11:05pm Caleb is awake again and Donny out of the DR. Everyone is gathering in the kitchen to eat looks like a lot of grilled cheese tonight.


11:13pm They are sitting around the table talking about the oragmi they made. They ask how Donny knows how to make a frog that jumps from memory. He says "We'll that’s something all groundskeepers know how to do" and winks.


11:18pm Talk has changed to Jersey Shore. They are all talking about who dated who and why they went to Miami and Italy. Victoria says she would only ever see Jwow and Snookie walking around


11:24pm Frankie is out of the DR.  They are speculating what was in the episode on Thursday. Cody says they for sure showed the jury and the buy back. Frankie says that’s why they are doing the DR's about the HoH competition now. They are picking on Nicole about Hayden.


11:32pm Nicole is reluctantly telling them about her and Hayden making out in the jury house. She seems to be answering at least most their questions how often, where, etc. Nicole says Jocasta was encouraging them. Cody laughs saying Mama J playing match maker


11:41pm Everyone except Cody is sitting around the kitchen table talking about whether or not the pictures on the memory wall look like the actual person and if they are better in black and white or color. They agree that Brittany and Jocasta's pictures don’t really look like them.


11:47pm Cody is out of the DR and talking to Caleb about shot gunning a beer. Everyone else has convinced Victoria to go to the DR because her face is so swollen. Donny is heading to bed.


11:56pm Victoria is called to the DR. They briefly talk about telling Victoria she looks good but her face is so swollen they don’t want to tell her how bad it looks. Cody stops the conversation and says can we talk about the paper frog. He is freaking out about Donny says he says things he doesn’t understand all the time. They want to know what the average IQ is because they think Donny's is much higher.


12:04am Everyone at the table is speculating that Donny is a genius. Victoria is back saying that there's still no doctor and they won't give her more meds because they say she took too much Advil. We keep getting FotH she says they gave her orajel and we get more fish.


12:15am Donny talk is still going on. They are debating what he really does and talking about the words and things he knows that makes them feel stupid. Caleb is walking around with a pill bottle asking each one what it means they all say I don't know except Nicole who said it was nursing 101. He said exactly but Donny knew what it was.


12:24am They are using skewers and vegetable oil to show each other their handwriting on the table. Production says "Cody.. Stop that!" he says really and Nicole tells them they can write in the jury house


12:32am Topic of conversation is back on Nicole and Hayden because she said she wanted food but was ok with slop because she needs to shed a few pounds for her man. She says they aren't "dating" but neither of them would kiss anyone else. They ask about after the show and she says they weren't sure but they want to try.


12:41am Derrick is giving Christine a rose tattoo using an eyeliner pencil. Victoria is saying that the DR keeps asking her about her teeth and  dentist and she told them to contact their parents. Caleb is now the tattoo artist and Nicole is crushing something with a spoon.


12:51 Victoria was called to the DR again. Everyone else is taking turns altering Christine's tattoos.  Victoria comes back and starts recanting what was said in DR  so we have FotH


12:58am they are talking about the alterations that they are making to Christine's tattoos. Caleb says he is going to write some lyrics once they get out of the house

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1:03 AM BBT Caleb is talking about him being an upcoming Country artist. Cody says he can harmonize for him. Caleb says he has played in front of a crowd of 4,000. Christine is now giving Derrick a tatto with no glasses on.

1:15 AM BBT FOTH for the last few minutes. When the feeds return Caleb is telling the HG at the KT table about a story he usually tells at family reunions and gatherings. All the HG have been mentioning people that makes us have FOTH off and on. Victoria has joined the HG in the KT again. When the feeds returned Cody is not seen.
1:22 AM BBT For the past few minutes all four feeds have been showing Donny sleeping in the Have Not room. Feeds then move to the bathroom, Frankie is brushing his teeth. All HG have moved from the Kitchen. Caleb is in the bathroom as well, Nicole is going to take a shower, Christine looks to be doing the same. Derrick and Victoria are in the FR, Derrick is asking her if she feels alright and tells her that at least she will sleep in a regular bed tonight.
1:26 AM BBT Derrick and Victoria have moved to the bathroom, Derrick says he is going to take a shower. Nicole only changed in the shower stall and is now brushing her teeth. Caleb is alone in the KT doing shout outs to the camera to look up his brother. Frankie is telling everyone good night, he is exhausted.
1:31 AM BBT All HG in the bathroom except Donny and Christine, Derrick is showering and Nicole is putting on makeup for her DR session. Victoria is laying down on the bathroom couches. Frankie, Caleb, and Cody have moved from the bathroom and are sitting around the taller KT table. Talk between them is about the Veto competition and whoever wins needs to keep nominations the same. Cody and Caleb say they will both pick Frankie for HG choice.
1:47 AM BBT Frankie and Caleb are talking about getting BB related tattoos once they are done with the game. Caleb says he wants to get the BB key with all their initials surrounding it. Talk in the KT has turned to trying to obtain social media domain names. Christine has entered the bathroom and is brushing her hair, Derrick is still showering. Caleb does a shout out to follow him and his brother at Fat Neck Outdoors on Instagram.
1:52 AM BBT Derrick asks Christine in the bathroom who is still awake, she mentions everyone except Donny, he asks again if Frankie is still awake and she says yes. The KT crew is talking about evictions and Frankie asks if BB tries to find the fans of the HG that are on the block to get a big reaction when they walk out of the door. Nicole comes out of the DR and joins the KT crew.
1:57 AM BBT The HG in the KT are talking about how much they have drank tonight. Nicole was washing up in the bathroom then walks by the KT and tells the HG good night. After that the Frankie, Christine, Caleb, and Cody move up to the HoH room. Frankie mentions how when they were walking upstairs Victoria saw them but just shrugged and didn't follow them up. The HoH talk briefly says that Donny better not win HoH and they move on to Nicole being in love with Hayden. Victoria is seen coming up to the HoH room and Frankie asks what they should be pretending to be talking about, Victoria just walks in to say good night and leaves.
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2:05 AM BBT Frankie, Cody, Caleb, and Christine in the HoH room are watching Victoria walking around the BB house wondering if she will come back up or not. They say she is waiting for Derrick to come out of the DR before she goes to sleep. They call her a chipmunk because of her cheeks. Talk in the HoH room has moved on to farting. Caleb says it would be awesome if Victoria left because of a medical reason. Cody hopes she wont be able to compete in the Veto competiton if she is picked.


2:12 AM BBT Derrick left the DR he went to the SR immediately and showed to the cameras a card that had "SLOP" written on it and then threw it away. Afterwards he went up to the HoH room with no mention of it to the other HG.


2:20 AM BBT HoH talk is covering the Bomb Squad alliance. How it was started too early, and comparing it to The Brigade alliance. Derrick says the difference between The Bomb Squad and The Brigade is that no one turned on each other in The Brigade and Zach and Devin turned on The Bomb Squad. They all think The Bomb Squad will be an immortalized alliance in BB history. They are all now talking about the black box BotB competition how Christine was giving Cody and Caleb the wrong size bones. Christine takes the opportunity to say she hates Donny.


2:25 AM BBT We keep getting FOTH because the conversation in the HoH is about how Frankie noticed during the nomination ceremony the cameras are pointed on the nominees before they are revealed.


2:37 AM BBT Derrick and Frankie say they hope BB won't let Victoria play in the Veto competition tomorrow. We get FOTH as they talk about this. When the feeds return the HG say Donny would pick Vic for the Veto comp not because she would use the Veto on him but because he could beat her in the competition. Caleb tells the HG in the HoH room about the conversation Donny started with him, he told Donny how he feels Donny is a genius, military, and is lying to everyone in the house. Caleb says he wants to find out who Donny really is.


2:47 AM BBT Talk in the HoH have turned to how digital this season has been with the key nominations and Twitter. Frankie and Caleb are complimenting how pretty Julie was this last live eviction. The HG are saying that they have forgotten they are on a reality TV show, most have gotten used to it and are not conscious of that fact. Frankie and Derrick say that mostly people watch the TB episodes and only the die hard fans watch the live feeds.


2:56 AM BBT The HG in the HoH room have been talking for the past few minutes about how many people watch the live feeds. They are now saying how emotional Donny was when he saw Jocasta and how terrible human beings they are and people must hate them but that is followed by everyone saying how america likes them for being a strong alliance

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3:06am The new topic of conversation is respect. Cody feels Donny should show him more respect and Derrick jokingly says to calm down and show respect to the 3 elders in his room. They are talking about Donny's medical testings.


3:17am the boys are trying to show Christine the wrestling moves and using Frankie as the dummy in their examples. Frankie makes a bad joke and Cody and Christine get food.


3:25am The wrestling demonstration seems to be over. Frankie  leaves the HOH Room to get food and is dancing around the kitchen before tip toe prancing up the stairs. Caleb is show Derrick a pressure point under your head.


3:33am Frankie talks about doing videos after he's out of the house. Says he is going to do a series about post big brother addiction where he treats his roommates/friends like they are in the house. Derrick thinks that he has a splinter.


3:42am The Hoh Gang are comparing their win percentages Frankie says he's won 6/11 times he's played and Donny has won 6/20 so Frankie has won more often than Donny


3:45am Christine, Caleb, Derrick and Frankie all leave the HoH room and head to the WA to get ready for bed. They say tomorrow is a long day and they need their rest.


3:56am Conversation in the WA has turned to MRSA and  Derrick telling us about his experience in the hospital with it. Frankie tells us about the staff infection he got because of a spider bite. Christine says shes paranoid now and is going to question every scratch that breaks her skin


4:04am Frankie says he wants to do Amazing Race next, followed by Celebrity Apprentice, and Dancing with the stars. As Frankie and Christine leave the WA she mentions that Cody drank a whole bottle of wine. Frankie says he holds it well. Everyone is settling into bed.


4:12am Everyone snuggled up in their beds in darkened rooms catching 50 winks.

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9:00 AM BBT Everyone in the BB16 house is all snuggled up in their beds still sleeping. All is quiet.


9:07 AM BBT Christine gets up and goes to the WC, while other HG's are stirring in there beds. She comes out of WC 2 minutes later blowing her nose, doesn't wash her hands, goes back in bed, gets under her covers, and puts the pillow over her head.


9:13 AM BBT We see FoTH.


9:23 AM BBT Live Feeds come back, and Donny walks through the LR and KT. He goe to WA and washes his face. We hear, "The bedroom lights must remain on during the day." After drying his hands, he goes to the mirror in hallway, but he spiral staircase and puts his contacts in. Cody is awake in HoHR, and is washing his hands in the bathroom. He dries his hands, and stands there for a moment, and goes to lay back down in the nest bed. He covers his face with his blue blanket from home.


9:25 AM BBT Donny goes in WC. He washes and dries his hands in the WA. He hums a little as he walks to the KT. He gets a container out of one of the drawer refrigerator's, scoops some slop into a bowl, and puts the container back. He yawns a little as he puts some of the slop stuff from the Ziploc back on top of what's already in his bowl.


9:29 AM BBT Donny takes his bowl and cup to the hallway by the bedrooms, sets them down on one of the tall dressers. He combs his beard out, goes in the fire room to put his tan visor on, and goes back to the hallway. He goes in the SR to put some chocolate milk, and another milk in his bowl, from the refrigerator in there. As he walks out of SR, Caleb walks in, and Donny says, "Good morning, thank you." Caleb changes his battery in his microphone pack, and goes to lay back down in the rock room.


9:32 BBT Donny is in the KT, walking back and forth, around the Dining Room table, while eating his breakfast. We hear, "Victoria, please go the the DR." Some of the kabob skewers are scattered on the Dining Room table.


9:36 PM BBT Caleb is laying in the middle bed in the rock room. He has his hands on top of his head, with his right leg hanging out from under the grey comforter. Christine is stirring in the last bed against the wall, under the red comforter. The first bed is a mess with clothes on it, Christine's tiger, a spray bottle, and a red blow dryer. The floor is a complete mess, with stuff all in the walkway.


9:40 AM BBT Donny is standing by the KT table, eating his breakfast, and drinking from a coffee cup. He is reading the back of a cereal box, as he sways and moves a little to finish the slop cereal he made in his bowl. He sets the bowl down on the table, walks a few steps, pauses to take a drink from his coffee cup, and stroke his beard. He walks around some more, as he is drinking from his coffee cup.


9:43 AM BBT Donny washes out his cereal bowl in the KT sink. He puts it in the dish strainer, and dries his hands on the towel by the sink. He walks over to the tall dressers in the hallway by the rock room. He puts toothpaste on his toothbrush, and walks to the WA. He puts a little water on his toothbrush, and walks around, as he brushes his teeth.


9:46 AM BBT Donny puts a little more water on his toothbrush, and finishes up brushing his teeth. He dries his face and hands with the purple towel hanging in the WA. He walks out to the LR, walks around the coffee table, looks up at the camera, and walks to the KT.


9:48 AM BBT Donny walks around the Dining Room table and to the KT, back and forth. He goes into the WC. We see Cody sleeping in the HoHR nest bed. He has his blue blanket over his face, with only his nose, mouth and chin exposed, with his arms on top of his covers. We see FoTH.


9:54 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Donny walking back and forth from the LR to the KT, and then he goes to the ice room. Derrick was putting his grey beanie hat on by the mirror in the hallway by the rock room. Donny lays back down in the ice bed by the wall, covers up, and put a pillow over his face. We hear, "Cody, please go to the DR." Derrick walks through the LR to the WA. We see FoTH.


9:58 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Donny and Nicole both in bed in the ice room. Derrick washing his eyes in the WA sink. When he finishes, he wipes his face with the blue towel that is hanging by the mirror in the WA, and walks to the KT area. He looks at himself in the mirror, and adjusts his grey beanie hat. He is walking around, stops for a moment, continues walking, and he yawns. He stops by the sink, and leans back on it. He stands there for a moment with his arms crossed. Then he goes by the table, still with his arms crossed, and is swaying and moving back and forth.


10:00 AM BBT Derrick sits down at the KT table. Two minutes later Cody comes out of DR, and walks to the KT. Derrick asks how he's so awake right now, because he was told to leave the DR, and splash water on his face to wake up. We see FoTH.


10:06 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Donny and Nicole sleeping in the ice room. Derrick is sitting at the KT table, looking at his hands. He leans forward a little, still trying to wake himself up all the way.


10:08 AM BBT Derrick lets out a good yawn, and then uses his right hand to stroke the beard on his chin. He is still sitting at the KT table, leaning slightly forward with his hands in his lap. He gets up a minute later, and walks through the LR, to the fire room. He sits on his bed in the rock room, and says, "Go splash water on your face because you look like sh*t." Frankie says that Victoria is still sick, and he told her, to go and tell them. Derrick stands up, adjusts his grey beanie hat, and sits back down on his bed.


10:11 AM BBT Frankie to Derrick, "Did they says anything about the meeting, Veto meeting?" He says, "No, they didn't say anything about that." Derrick is still sitting on his bed in the fire room, and we see FoTH.


10:13 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Donny and Nicole still sleeping in the rock room. Victoria is laying in a bed in the fire room, with her left hand covering her eyes. Her face is a little swollen because of her wisdom teeth. She is trying to get comfortable in her bed.


10:15 AM BBT Victoria rubs her eyes a couple times in her bed in the fire room. There is a pile of clothes at the foot of the bed that Donny sleeps in, that Frankie is now sleeping in. Victoria yawns, and still has her left hand over her eyes. In the ice room where Donny and Nicole are still sleeping. There is a turquoise blanket at the bottom of Nicole's bed. Frankie's white shirt is hanging on the closest where all of his shoes are, and the other two beds in there have a bunch of clothes all over them.


10:19 AM BBT Victoria readjusts herself in her bed, and her left hand has moved, so her eyes are showing more now. Her and Frankie are still in the fire room. We haven't seen any movement from Donny or Nicole in the ice room.


10:23 AM BBT Derrick is in the LR, doing something with his microphone pack. We get a close up on Cam 2 of Donny's beard showing at the bottom of the pillow that is over his face. We see FoTH.


10:24 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with the close up on Cam 2 of Donny's face. The camera moves back up, and shows the full view of the ice room, and then it goes back to see both Donny and Nicole. Then, it adjusts itself again, to the full view. Derrick is in the WA brushing his teeth at the sink, and making sure his grey beanie hat is sitting on his head right.


10:26 AM BBT Frankie comes out of DR carrying his microphone pack in his left hand, and goes in WC. Derrick asks Frankie how it was, he says o.k. Derrick says, wow, that was quick, and he gets the impression they are going to get something. Frankie agrees, from behind the WC door. Frankie says, "It's all about timing." Derrick, says, yep, that's the same impression I'm getting. Frankie comes out of WC, and we see FoTH.


10:28 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Derrick and Frankie talking about getting something else that America is going to vote on, and maybe not getting it to Wednesday or something. He says, that Donny would be happy with $10,000. Frankie tells Derrick that they told him that the TA Missions will continue, until there is still one of them left. Frankie says, see ya later, and walks out of the WA. Derrick goes to the HoHR.


10:31 AM BBT Derrick walks in HoHR greeting Cody, who's still sleeping. He goes in the bathroom, and comes back out. He tells Cody to stay asleep, he was just going to shoot the sh*t with him. Cody asks him if he's already been to the DR, and he says he's already done. He says he has a feeling things are going to start soon, so he's staying up. He leaves the HoHR.


10:32 AM BBT Derrick walks through the KT, LR, and goes to the rock room. He leave the rock room, walks in the LR, goes to the KT. He puts some bread in the toaster. We hear, "Donny, please go to the DR." Derrick shouts out to Feedsters, Joker's, Hamster Watch. He says, what's up, getting ready for the Veto competition today, and he's making the breakfast of champions, egg whites. Donny goes to the DR from the ice room.


10:35 AM BBT Derrick finds a banana peel, and says, "Really, this is the BB house, and no one ever cleans." He throws it in the trash. He says, to the SR, we need butter. Nicole comes out of the ice room, and he tells her he's giving the feedsters a show right now, since he's the only one up. He says he's doing something he's never done before. She says, you're changing it up, and he says, no, I'm actually doing the same thing I do every day, egg whites and toast. She asks what about some meat, and he says on comp days he tries to stay away from meat. He walks back to the KT.


10:37 AM BBT Derrick is warming up the pan on the stove. He walks to the mirror by the sink to check his grey beanie. He sets the pepper on the counter by the pan, and puts some butter in the pan. He picks up the pan moving the butter around, to try to get it all melted. He sets the pan back down, opens a new milk on the table, and gets a spatula out of the holder. He pours some of the milk in the pan, and then puts it in one of the refrigerator drawers. Nicole walks through the KT, and goes in the WA.


10:41 AM BBT Cody looks comfortable, as he is sleeping in the HoHR nest bed. Derrick uses the pepper grinder, and puts some pepper in the pan. Derrick tears up some bread to put in the pan on the stove. He's pacing back and forth, looking at himself in the mirrors, while his food is cooking.


10:44 AM BBT Derrick is by the stove cooking his food, playing with his beard with his left hand. He adds more pepper to the pan, and continues to cook his egg whites.


10:46 AM BBT Derrick takes his food out of the pan, and puts it on a plate. He cleans his pan out at the KT sink. Christine comes in the KT, and Derrick tells her a wine glass fell on the ground and broke. She says, what else is new? Then she walks to the WA, while Derrick cleans up the broken glass off the floor. He sets the broken wine glass on the counter, and gets the broom to finishing cleaning up the glass. Christine comes back in the KT from the WA, as Derrick dumps the glass in the trash.


10:49 AM BBT Christine is looking through the refrigerator drawers in the KT. We hear, "Christine, please put on yourmicrophone." She gets her mic, puts it on, and continues look where she left off. Derrick puts butter on his toast at the table, while Christine leaves the KT.


10:51 PM BBT Nicole is in the WA, using Q-tips around her eyes, and looking in the mirror at the sink. Christine walks in the KT, and says that she had a dream she got a letter from her mother that only said her best friend Jessica told them something. Derrick says he had a dream that he went home, his daughter looked the same as he remembers, but she was talking to him in full sentences, and told him that she starts school on Friday. He says, I'm gone 3 months, not 3 years. Christine says in her dream, they also had a Veto comp that had riddles, and she could not understand them. She says she could not fall asleep last night because her brain would not turn off. 


10:54 AM BBT Nicole is in the HOT side of the shower getting dressed. Christine is starting to make something in the pan on the stove in the KT. Nicole comes out of the shower, and looks in the mirror to adjust her yellow tank top and grey shorts. She walks out of the WA.


10:56 AM BBT Nicole walks back to the KT, back to the WA, goes in the shower, and we hear, "Nicole, please put on your microphone." Christine tells Derrick that she couldn't fall asleep until about 6 a.m. and it's horrible. He is sitting at the Dining Room table eating his breakfast. Nicole comes out of the HOT shower side, and she changed out of her grey shorts, into a grey skirt. She puts her microphone on. She looks through her basket, puts her cheetah head band around her neck, applies deodorant to her underarms, puts her earrings in, and is looking through her make-up bag.


11:02 AM BBT Christine goes to the Dining Room table, and asks Derrick if he's looking at the Memory Wall. He says, he doesn't like seeing it without their keys in the wall. He asks Christine if she has tomato, bacon and cheese, and asks her what kind of bacon she is using. She tells him turkey bacon. She says she likes it, and eats it at home. Christine says that Zach's head is small in his picture on the memory wall. Derrick agrees.  He says he thinks they will be o.k. this week. He says that if Nicole wins Veto, she'll stay, and then they start whispering about a DE next week, and if Nicole wins, one of them may go home. They are giving different scenarios about what may happen, and if Victoria would vote with them.


11:08 AM BBT After much speculation of things that could happen in the next week, Derrick says, "As long as you win the HOH, you are good." Christine says, "I want to win that one." Derrick says, "Yeah, Rose, that would be good." They laugh a little, and Christine continues to eat her breakfast sandwich. Nicole is tweezing her eyebrows in the WA sink mirror. Derrick to Christine, "I don't think Victoria's going to be able to compete today." She asks how she's feeling, and he tells her she's not doing good. Derrick says, he can't believe they are at day 65 today, and they have made it to day 70. He says, they are big boy and big girl numbers, and that's an accomplishment. Derrick says that she (Nicole) doesn't seem like she's in it. Christine agrees. Derrick wonders if it's because they are so tight now. Christine says it could be because she may like Hayden so much now, and wants to be back with him.


11:12 AM BBT Derrick and Christine say that she has to go on the block and see if it sticks. Derrick says they had to have talked in the jury house, because it was all weird when the previous HG's came back, and he didn't feel the love. Christine says, it was really uncomfortable. Victoria walks through the KT, and Christine says, "Good morning beautiful." Victoria goes to the WC. Derrick tries to figure out who hugged who from the jury, and the house. He says he messed up. He says Zach's hug really felt genuine, but he just left. He says what a different person he was, and how he felt like a d*ck. Nicole asks Victoria if she's o.k. in the WC, and she says, no. Nicole opens the door, and Victoria is on the floor. Nicole says she is burning up, and sweaty. She yells for Derrick to come help with Victoria, he jumps up from the KT table, and starts to run to the WC, and we see FoTH.


11:35 AM BBT Friends and followers of Morty's can go to www.mortystv.com/bb. You can go to Chat in the Fan Forum's, and wait for feeds to return to see what happened.


11:38 AM BBT We see Jeff's highlight reels for a moment, and then it switches back to FoTH.


11:57 AM BBT Live Feeds come back with Caleb, Christine, Donny, Nicole, and Derrick sitting at the Dining Room table. Caleb was talking about a previous hospital experience. He then tells Derrick to talk in his normal voice, instead of making fun of his. They all laugh a little. Caleb says he's only been drunk out of his mind once in his life. Nicole asks him if he has a high alcohol tolerance. He says he used to, but now he won't after being there for so long. Christine says she has a very low alcohol tolerance, and could barely eat. Donny says, "Liquor for beer, you're in clear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker."

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10:55 AM BBT: Nicole is in the shower. Christine is in the kitchen cooking and Derrick is eating at the table. Nicole comes out of the shower and BB tells her to put on her microphone, She puts on earrings is rummaging through the pile on the couch for her contacts.


11:02 AM BBT: Derrick is writing on the table and BB tells him to stop. Christine says its nice living without animals because you don't have to worry about dog hair. Derrick says yeah but now we have to worry about everything else. Christine finishes making her food and sits next to Derrick and starts eating, Nicole is in the bathroom area fixing her hair. Derrick and Christine are whispering about votes. Derrick tells Christine if it was her and Frankie on the block, she has him and Cody's votes.


11:08 AM BBT: Nicole pushes all of the things aside and sits on the bathroom couch and starts doing her makeup. Christine and Derrick are still talking at the table while Christine eats her  yogurt and breakfast sandwich.


11:13 AM BBT: Victoria goes into the bathroom stall. Talk with Derrick and Christine is on jury. Derrick says he thinks Hayden is a big fan of Caleb. He also says that Jocasta loves Cody. He says he hugged Zach and Hayden, but Hayden just laughed. Derrick says Hayden probably played a better game than they thought he did.


11:16 AM BBT: Victoria still hasn't come out of the stall and is crying. Nicole asks Victoria if she is okay. She says no and Nicole opens the door. Victoria is lying on the floor. She is sweaty and is burning up. Nicole asks if she wants help and Victoria says yes. Nicole calls Derrick for help and Derrick runs in. We get FoTH. 


11:41 AM BBT: Jeff's reels pop up for a split second and the fish return. 
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12:01 pm Caleb says you can get a jar of white lightning for about $45. Donny says if you shake a jar of it up and the bubble disappear fast it has a higher liqueur content. Caleb says the lines in the road are 9 ft long.  Derrick says they have the reflectors and he hates it.


12:06 pm Derrick wonders from room to room. Frankie is  in bed. Cody was in the HOH before we had WBRB and hasnt been on cam since we got feeds back. Vic is not on any cams.


12:11 pm Caleb talking about treating ppl in black out conditions in the military. Derrick ends up in bed. Chris goes to lay down too. Caleb says he tried to be a cop in two different states and they told him no. One was to close to his being discharged and the other was politics.


12:18 pm Caleb continues to talk about trying to get to be a cop. Derrick gets up, asks if any one needs the WC, he will be in there awhile. Donny and Nic are still listening to Caleb.


12:24 pm Caleb and Donny tell Nic about Zingbot and Kathy Griffin. How they had to fix him in the comp. Caleb says some times before he goes in DR he will put some of Frankies powder on his face if its too red. But he doesn't wear makeup. (oook Caleb, if you say so)


12:30 pm Caleb sneaks into the HOH (so he doesn't wake Cody) and uses the WC. Derrick came out of WC downstairs and got told to put on his mic. Donny said it must have been some session for him to take off his mic. Derrick says he always takes it off.

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12:31 pm Donny and Derrick go into the SR. Donny tells him that America has voted for them to come up with their own mission and they (America) will vote on whether its completed it or not. It has to be done by POV meeting. Derrick says so if its good enough. He says he thinks they can do it, they got some creative minds. Donny says he was hoping they could come up with some thing like getting ppl to decide that Nic was a bigger threat and have them vote her out. So that they keep TA together.


12:36 pm Derrick says some one was talking to Cody and it wasn't him. Donny says he kinda knows the source.  Derrick says he wont hear that Derrick was coming after him because he hasn't said it. Hayden told him to work with Donny that he could trust him. Hayden definitely had Donny's back.


12:40 pm Donny says the mission could be something silly but to keep TA together would be great. Donny says if you save me this week I will let you nom me next week. Derrick says Donny should talk to Frankie.


 12:41 pm Donny goes to Frankie but he is out cold. Derrick looks at the camera and acts like he is rolling a ball then throws his arms in the air. Derrick in LR saying that "she" (Vic) might be in there OR big wigs are taking care of more important stuff right now.

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12:48 pm Caleb eating pop tarts. Derrick says he never had one before he came into the house. Donny joins Nic in the ice room for a nap. Derrick and Caleb speculate that Vic might be out of the game. IF she has an infection in her jaw and they have to hospitalize her they wont keep her in the game. He says they are probably waiting on her prognosis to see when POV will be.


12:52 pm Caleb says BB wont mess the show times up, if her name gets drawn..cam changes to ice room. BB "you're not allowed to talk about production"


12:55 pm They keep talking about drawing for POV. If its HG choice Derrick isn't picking Frankie. Caleb gets a pair of sweats and tries to open up the pocket on them (its glued shut) He wants to have a pocket to put his cell phone in at the gym.


1:01 pm After Caleb spent time picking the glue out of the pocket he discovers that BB cut the pockets out of the sweats before gluing them shut. Derrick says probably so you couldnt put stuff in them during a comp. Well those are going on Ebay. Caleb says pocketless pants, who wants them. Got him good on that.

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1:09 pm All HG are laying down. Caleb and Derrick on the LR couches, they talk about couches, having to win HOH and Frankie's stats going down cuz he can't play in every comp. Frankie has 5 comp wins but one of those Derrick gave to him.


1:12 pm Derrick says when it comes down to the final you take someone that hasn't won a lot of comps. It doesn't make good TV but it gets you the win. Caleb says he needs to win another HOH, get letter, pics and keep his dude safe.


1:14 pm Derrick says he hasn't performed well, its the second half he has to try. That's the way the cookie crumbles. Caleb says you never know. Derrick says you never know who is going to be at the end, what their decisions will be. It happened to Dan two years ago, he got smoked. Jury gave it to the guy they liked more instead of who deserved it more.


1:19 pm Caleb going over his speech to the Jury on finale night. He tells Derrick that he will give a lot of money to his dads Wounded Warrior program. Who would want to give money to someone that wants to give it to kids out of the country when they can give it to our wounded soldiers.


1:30 pm It's quiet in the BBH. Derrick thinking about going and laying down. Caleb wants to do some thing. Wants the BY open so they can play pool. Everyone else is sleeping.


1:31 pm Derrick says he is going to be, Caleb goes to bed. Derrick makes a trip to the WC, Chris gets up and waits her turn. Derrick heads toward bed, he stops and asks Caleb if he thinks Chris could hear them talking. He doesn't think so. All cams on sleeping HG.

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1:38 pm Donny gets up, waves the cam, walks into the KT, around the island, waves to the cam again and uses WC.


1:54 pm Camera changes off of Derrick and Frankie sleeping in separate beds in the fire room to showing the SR and DR doors. There's Vic back. she is wrapped up in a blanket with medical tape around her elbow. Chris gets up and talks to her. She had an IV. She about passed out from the pain but Nic kept her awake. If her name gets drawn for POV they will figure it out later. She got pain meds.

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2:01 pm BBT  Victoria says she probably got the way she was from dehydration and the pain. She is looking for a bra to put on. Christine is helping her to find one. She tells Christine that she can go back to sleep. Christine tells her she is surprised she came back so soon. Vic says she has to eat something sugary to eat...peanut butter and jelly toast. She will drink grape juice...natural sugars. Christine says it was so scary because she was going in and out and they were trying to keep her in.


2:04 pm BBT  Vic says they checked her armpits and they were dry but the rest of her was sweaty. She says that she has never had an IV in her life. She says when she heard she was getting glucose she started to cry. Christine says it's hard when someone is dehydrated, too because their veins disappear. --she said "and you were all by yourself." Vic says she wishes she had Christine or Derrick with her. Christine says Derrick was so sweet. She said when Nicole called Derrick he just ran in there. She's never seen anyone run so fast in her life. She was trying to get into the DR to get a medic but she forgot Donny was in there, so she pressed the button like 3000 times. Christine is sitting and Vic is standing getting dressed, doing her hair and going through her makeup bag.


2:07 pm BBT  Vic wonders if they blocked it out when she passed out. Christine says that they probably did but they might show it on the actual show. Vic says she feels like she looks scary right now. Christine says she never looks scary. Victoria is now looking in the mirror. Victoria says if she gets picked today she will be OUT. Christine says "Does that mean if you get picked only 5 people will play?" --Victoria shakes her head YES.


2:09 pm BBT  Victoria says she hopes she doesn't get picked because they need as many people playing as they can get. Christine asks if she wants crunchy peanut butter or smooth and goes to make Christine a sandwich in the KT. Victoria... applies makeup in the WA.


2:11 pm BBT  BB announces "HG, please clean the bathroom today, including the mirror over the sink." Christine and Vic ignore the announcement and the rest of the HG are sleeping. The announcement will more than likely need to be repeated for those HG that actually clean. Christine brings the sandwich and a glass of water to Victoria in the WA. She asks Vic if she's OK standing up and Vic says, "Not really." She says she can't believe they will play this on national TV. Christine says it's the kind of thing that will get her a lot of sympathy.


2:14 pm BBT  Vic says she is proud of herself for not losing it when they came at her with the needle. She says that she looks like a monster. She says that she was sweaty but she wasn't hot. Christine says she was really white and it was really scary. Christine says that Nicole was crying. She laughs at this and says, "Here's this nurse crying about you." She tells Vic that she was saying she was scared. Everyone was telling her to stay with us. The medic asked her how she was feeling and she said horrible. They both laugh, and Christine says they were like... we need more details than that. Are you weak, etc? They are both laughing really hard and it is making Victoria's mouth hurt. She tells her she missed nothing.


2:18 pm BBT  Christine asks if everyone was nice. Victoria says they were so nice and told her she was the cutest patient they've ever seen. Christine says thank goodness Nicole opened the door. He said that this is mostly from pain, not dehydration. Christine asked if anyone is going to look at her teeth or if it's just going to be the pain meds. Victoria shakes her head NO. She says she can't believe she's going through this, this late in the game. Christine says fortunately the POV doesn't mean that much this week. Imagine if she was in the final 4 or 5 and this happened.


2:22 pm BBT  Victoria asks what time Christine went to bed last night and Christine tells her around 7 am this morning. Christine tells her Cody was drunk last night and they were all doing wrestling moves and putting on a wrestling show. She says that Caleb and Cody did some move and ended up laughing harder than she's seem them laugh in the entire game. Victoria says that Caleb is a very interesting man. He always has something interesting to say or do. She wouldn't be able to live with a man like that. She wonders if he would take Amber back. Cody is called to the DR. Vic says this will be for the POV. Donny wakes up and sees Vic and asks her if she's OK. Nicole hears her. Gives her a hug. Frankie hears they took blood and says "Holy s*it." He didn't even know she was gone because he slept through it. Caleb is telling him all about it.


2:26 pm BBT  Caleb says he used his skills... "I got this." He tells Frankie she was just laying there. He thinks she better now. He tells Christine they would give her an IV and give her fluid. Christine says, "Well I could have told you that." Cody is there and Caleb tells him all about it. He asks who found her. He asks Victoria if she's OK. Frankie gives Vic a hug and he says he's sorry he wasn't there for her. Caleb says the IV was glucose. Christine says that's what they do when someone is dehydrated. He says that she didn't say she was dehydrated. She told him it was just from the pain. Christine tells him it was from both. He says they got her back quicker than he thought. Donny says she's tough. He asks Nicole why they give an IV with glucose. She says for super low blood sugar. Vic says she had low blood pressure. 


2:32 pm BBT  Caleb says I guess we should be getting ready because he will be coming out with the box. The only HG that isn't up and about is Derrick, so he doesn't know Victoria is back. Vic is doing her hair in the WA. All the other HG are getting ready for the POV. Frankie is looking for his makeup bag [Maybe the Saboteur took it! --Morty] 


2:37 pm BBT  Caleb tells Christine about when he was trying to get the pocket open on his pants. He is showing it to her and Victoria is in the KT. We get FotH. 


2:45 pm BBT We are still on FotH. The HG may be picking for the POV. 


2:52 pm BBT We return from FotH. Frankie tells Caleb that he complains about clothing more than anyone he's ever met in his life. Caleb says he loves clothes. He says that Caleb tries to steal his clothing. Derrick and Frankie go into the Fire BR. He is talking about the TA mission and asks if he is allowed to inform him. Frankie says he thinks Donny has to inform him.


2:55 pm BBT He goes to grab Donny. Donny tells Frankie they have to make up their own mission. They can make up their own mission, but it has to be done by the POV. He says he was hoping it would be to keep him safe. He says Nic is the bigger threat. Obviously America wants to keep them together. Frankie wins it, not using it, get the votes. Donny says it can be anything they come up with, within the rules of BB. Frankie says he slept like a baby. Frankie says he is so grateful Donny drew his chip.


3:00 pm BBT Frankie says that he has said he doesn't have a chip like 3000 times. Caleb says he said Derrick and Frankie were getting picked even before the POV ceremony got started. Frankie says it's going to be fun. He says that Caleb is going to be the host. Caleb says he will be frustrated if it's one with honey with obstacles and flipping and flopping over stuff. Vic tells Derrick she is so happy she didn't get picked. Derrick tells Vic he is happy she is OK... she had him worried. Frankie says he is very happy with the draw. That she can just sit and watch and relax. Vic says she doesn't even know if she will watch.


3:04 pm BBT  Derrick and Frankie go talk in the have-not room. Derrick says he wants us to throw it. Frankie says that he wants them to influence the vote. Derrick says he would rather do something funny. Derrick says they said something about doing something creative, so Frankie's got this. He tells Frankie once we do it, America's gonna vote on it. Derrick says if we influence the vote he doesn't think Donny would come after them. Derrick says he keeps throwing him under the bus. Frankie says that maybe Donny will win the veto and this won't be an issue. Derrick says this might be their last one, too. Frankie says they could do something where they prank everyone and really F with people. Frankie says he knows Nicole is coming for him. Derrick says she's coming for all of them. He says he's leaning toward the Saboteur route. Derrick is called to the DR.


3:09 pm BBT  Nicole and Donny are at the KT table and have been talking about tofu. They are not fans. Cody is cooking, Caleb, and Christine are in the KT, as well. Frankie is in the WA.


3:13 pm BBT  Caleb joins Frankie in the WA. Frankie says it could have been Vic could have been playing, Derrick host, him sitting out. He can't believe something went in their favor FOR ONCE. Donny, Nic, and Christine are talking at the table about whether they are going to watch the show. Donny says he may watch the show in the winter when there's nothing else to do just to see the emotion of America, but he won't watch it right away. Christine agrees. Frankie is up in the HOH room singing "I got picked for the veto. I've never been picked before. I'm so happy..." He is told to stop singing.


3:18 pm BBT  Cody goes up to the HOH room. He and Frankie revel in how exciting it is that Frankie's name was drawn. He heads back downstairs. Christine is downstairs at the KT table and she tells Caleb that she has to win this competition to "redeem herself." Nicole and Donny are in the KT and Donny is working on fixing some tofu. Nicole tells him to let her know how it is. Cody asks Victoria to tell him what happened this morning. Christine says he should ask Nicole because Victoria probably doesn't remember anything. Victoria starts to tell him. Donny is eating the tofu. He and Nic are laughing. She asks if it tastes like testicles. He says it tastes like an eyeball. Then Nicole is adding her information to Victoria's story from the morning. Cody asks what the first thing was that she did. She says she knew she couldn't leave her alone so she called Derrick. Cody asks Derrick what he did. He says he knew from her voice that something was wrong. He demonstrates how he took off for the WA.


3:22 pm BBT  Donny is asking anyone if they want to eat an eyeball with him. He said when he tore it apart it was like tearing an eyeball apart. Caleb says, "You've torn some eyeballs apart, huh?" [i'm guessing they will be talking about his experience with eyeballs later in the evening. --Morty] 


3:26 pm BBT  Caleb tells Derrick that he has been going into the DR more than anyone he knows. Derrick says it's because he has to fix all their mess ups. He says they have them all do stuff, they look at it and say they can't use it and say, "Let's have Derrick do it." Caleb says that Derrick just may be the Saboteur. Derrick says here we go again, "Stealth Mode Cowboy... no wonder they keep calling me in to talk about it." He says no wonder they keep calling me in to talk about it." Donny tells Nicole that he came out of the HOH room and watched them (him and Derrick) from the balcony and watched them, then came to the KT and acted like he hadn't done anything.


3:29 pm BBT  All the HG are at the KT table. Everyone is quiet. Donny says that he and Nicole are starving to death and that's why they are staring at nothing... he doesn't know about the rest of the jamokes. Caleb says he's not starving. Donny is called to the DR. Derrick says he must have messed up a lot today... he's the Saboteur. Caleb says, when they call you in there, do they say, "Hey... we need to redo this one part?" and we get FotH.


3:35 pm BBT  We return and they are telling Cody about Victoria from the morning. They had to carry her to the DR. They say it was worse than Jocasta. She says it was low blood pressure. Derrick says he thinks it was low blood sugar. Nicole says she could have had low blood pressure from dehydration, too. Derrick says it was intense. They couldn't keep her awake. He says she was talking to him at first. He says that they told him to elevate her feet and her foot was grazing the toilet. He says he was like "Ewww. Not good." He said he tried splashing some water on her. Nicole said there were several times she said her name and she didn't respond. Caleb says he tried backhanding her and she didn't respond (he's COMPLETELY kidding). Everyone is laughing really hard.


3:39 pm BBT  Nicole says she doesn't know how she had the strength to walk from bed to the WC to begin with. Then she heard her moaning and she said it just didn't sound normal. Christine said that no one should moan while they are taking a crap or people are going to think they are passing out. Everyone starts moaning and laughing. Nicole says she said Derrick's name twice and he didn't hear her the first time. Cody asks how she said it, and Derrick said it was chilling. Nicole says she doesn't want to see the scene of her opening the door because she panicked. Caleb says then you see him walking through the house carrying a CO2 tank. Cody says, "Then you see Frankie sleeping." Caleb wants to know if anyone looked at her teeth. We get FotH.


3:45 pm BBT  HG just chatting at the table. Derrick asks if he can go use HOH BR. Caleb and Nicole are looking at Victoria's meds.


3:50 pm BBT  Topic of conversation at the KT table is pimples. Donny says he doesn't even know if he has a neck to know if he has any pimples. Cody says, "Zach Attack" when he comes out of the WA. Christine says just start terrorizing us. Cody pretends to do so. Donny says he had a brain on him. They say he could remember everyone's names and birthdays. Cody goes up to the HOH BR. Vic says her sister is missing salt in her body so she faints a lot.


3:55 pm BBT  Derrick, Caleb, and Cody in the HOHR. Caleb says he was completely wrong about the pick this time. Cody says the only thing he's upset about is that it's Christine and not him. Caleb says that if it's puzzles or something it's good. Cody says he would rather have him over her. Caleb says it's better than having Victoria over her. Derrick leaves the room. Caleb says you could tell Donny was happy when he wasn't picked. Cody says he didn't want Frankie getting picked, either. Caleb says that it's 1 vs. 5. Cody says that's true because even if Nicole wins, she won't save him. Cody says he will put Victoria up if Donny wins the veto.

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4:01 PM BBT

Derrick, Christine, and Frankie are in the kitchen. Donny comes out of the DR and Derrick tells Donny he knows why he was in the DR. They are still making fun of Caleb (who Donny referred to as a modern day Barney Fife), telling Derrick the reason he kept being called to the DR was because he kept messing up. They are talking about what the comp could be, Derrick hopes it’s physical.


4:06 PM BBT

Derrick and Frankie are trying to figure out Christine's secret. She says she wants to tell them, but she can't right now. She says she'll reveal it at the end of the show. Frankie thinks she's a ghost writer and is really J.K. Rowling or George R. R. Martin.


4:08 PM BBT

Frankie and Derrick talk about their rituals before they performed in a show or a game. Derrick said he always threw up before he had to pitch a game. Frankie says that he will not eat once he gets called into the DR and told they are starting soon.


4:12 PM BBT

Christine says she doesn't want to go home because she's so scared. Cody gets called to the DR. Derrick and Christine tell him he messed up too much and needs to fix some things. Caleb says, "Oh for sure, that's why all of you get called in so much." Christine hopes that POV is starting soon.


 4:17 PM BBT

Derrick is telling Nicole that she reacted the way she did with Victoria because the house has gotten close. Nicole said she views the people in the house like her family members which is why she panicked. Derrick told her that she was able to tell the paramedics what was happening and that she responded properly. Nicole said she cannot believe she opened the door and wouldn't normally do that. Donny and Derrick told her that she saved the day and it was lucky that she was up and in the bathroom when Victoria went in the toilet.



4:21 PM BBT Jeff Reel is now on feeds. It must be POV time!

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6:16 pm Feeds back. Comp was a betting one. Nic and Donny talking about comp. Frankie got out. Cody says Nic kept folding cuz their answers were so close. (It was the one about guessing how many) Frankie tells Cody that he is so good at numbers, then runs off to make him a wedding ring. Cody won POV.


 6:23 pm Derrick and Donny in the KT. Cody, Chris, Caleb, Frankie and Vic in the fire room. They are all talking at once.They are almost dancing around they are so excited that Donny will be leaving.


 6:27 pm Celeb say Cody won HOH and POV back to back. Caleb says he is going out to make fun of them for losing, he goes out to the KT ....and helps Donny with a drawer on the fridge that is stuck. Some of them get to watch the premiere epi of Scorpion. Frankie says he is glad Donny gets a break.


6:32 pm Chris complains about her pit stains, Nic comes out of WC as Chris shows her the stains. Nic says she knows and shows hers. Nic reaches down and pulls some TP off her foot that was stuck there.


 6:37 pm Nic doing her hair. Cody picked Nic and Donny to watch Scorpion with him. Derrick tells him he is happy to stay down with the others to keep an eye on them.

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6:43 pm Donny and Frankie in SR. Frankie suggests they put on a play of the season (for the mission). Donny says he was hoping it could be something to save him to keep TA together. Donny says America put them together for a reason. Frankie thinks its not been about one person. Donny says well a play, you would have to teach us all that.


6:46 pm Frankie and Donny go to Derrick. Derrick says they will have to really think on it. Donny says they have by the POV meeting. Frankie says they could do a pet thing and everyone has to take care of it.


6:50 pm Donny goes to take a shower, Vic is in there and he turns around and wonders into the beehive, In the KT Caleb says he hopes Scorpion is good, Chris says, "you've never seen it?" He stutters and they all laugh.


 6:55 pm Donny says he is now a professional folder, guess he will go fold cloths at a laundry mat. He folded so much in the POV game. Talk continues about who betted and who folded. Vic out of the shower.


7:07 pm Nic wonders if there will be a DE this week. Frankie says not by the formula. HOH is locked, they think the premiere will be tonight then.


7:13 pm General chat about cheese and Scorpion.

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7:16 pm Vic comes into KT tells Nic that the Medic asked her when her last period was....WBRB (TY TY TY BB!!!!)


7:21 pm Frankie/Derrick say the play would be the best idea to do. Ppl will have to learn their lines. Derrick says Donny knows he is going home. Both are equally dangerous, if we keep him it will make ppl question them. Ppl are not stupid. Nic is just as dangerous, ppl underestimating her.  Derrick hopes that by the end of the week Donny tells them the truth, he believes the grounds keeper but what else.


7:24 pm Derrick says Arianna's fans will vote to give them the money anyway, Frankie agrees. More POV game talk. Frankie says that the others are ecstatic about Donny going home. they have tomorrow to get the play together and curtain call will be 9pm, for BBAD.


7:33 pm Donny goes into detail about how to change the oil in his truck. He can do it in less then 10 minutes. Cody says he loves to change a tire. Caleb hates to use a jack you have to twist. Cody has never had to change a tire on his Beemer.

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7:39 pm Derrick tells Frankie that if its DE this week and it goes as planned then its game on. Vic has to go some time, would you want her at F3? Frankie says no. (We keep getting WBRB making it hard to follow the convos)


7:41 pm Derrick tells Frankie that Cody told Nic that she shouldnt campaign to hard. That Cody picked her to go the movie with him. Cody comes in the room with them. Derrick tells him he needs to get Nic to confide in him about who she will put up. They go over who would go up and who would go home.


 7:50 pm Donny says after he was in the Vietnam war he became a Ninja. Then says he wasn't born until 1971, he will be 43 this year. Caleb was born in 1987.


7:56 pm Vic hasnt had her period in 3 months. Cody gets called to DR. HG get excited, it might be movie time. The HN will get to eat while they watch the movie. 


7:59 pm Derrick says that when Vic was down, he ran into the KT and yelled for a medic, he forgot he had a mic on and they can hear when you fart. Vic says Nic told her if she hadnt been found she could have gone into a coma. Vic had low blood sugar along with the other stuff.

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8:06 pm General chat and giggling....Cody runs out of DR. HG have to come and be excited for them. Cody goes back in the DR door, and does a retake. HG cheer and send them up the stairs for the movie.


8:10 pm Frankie wants to go to the DR. Caleb going over what he will say to Donny about leaving. Chris saying good, good. Caleb says he just has to keep thinking its a game.


 8:15 pm Derrick asks for donuts. Chris says someone smells really bad. Frankie says Derricks feet have been better. Frankie says they will do something fun tomorrow.


8:20 pm Derrick tells Caleb that they have win HOH. They go over who would nom if Nic won HOH (they say Chris and Frankie) and what would happen if Chris would win POV. Caleb says they can tell her that they are all working together and she is HOH only one week. Derrick says its not what you know, its what you can do about it.

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8:31 PM BBT All cams on FR. Caleb/Frankie/Derrick are laying across different beds. Caleb is again telling them how he can't wait till show is over to find out who Donny really is. Derrick/Caleb agree he may tell them before the finale and before he is evicted. Frankie says he is going to take a nap until BY opens while Derrick leaves the FR and Caleb asks what he is going to do. Derrick say's "I have no freaking clue, I am bored again." Frankie says Derrick loses his mind when he is bored. 
8:33 PM BBT Cams are "flipping channels" trying to find something or someone interesting to watch. All 4 settle on Christine laying on LR couch and Derrick who has joined her. Victoria is laying on other couch resting. Derrick asks Christine if she thinks DE is coming this week and she says yes. Derrick says Cody talked to him about choosing Nicole/Donny for show premier/movie night and Derrick said he didn't care. Cody assures him if it had been something cool like leaving house, something "epic" he would have taken him. 
8:38 PM BBT The LR crew is discussing who the former HG could be that usually hosts a comp during the end and they are running through names; McCrae, Andy, Frank, Amanda, etc. Christine says when they go back home its going to be hard to go back to normal life. Derrick says if he is there till the end he will literally probably get home on a Sunday and have to go back to work mid-week. 
8:41 PM BBT The 3 in the LR are discussing how long Victoria may be out if she has to have teeth taken out when she gets home. Victoria says her mother hasn't babied her since she was around 10. Derrick says he was a "b****" when he had his wisdom teeth taken out. Christine says her mother never let her miss school she would watch them be sick before she would let them miss. Derrick says he laid out of school all the time; tells a story of time his mother busted him laying out of school. 
8:45 PM BBT Christine says 5 out of 6 of her friends had kids by 16. Christine said the only one that doesn't have kids is now dating a 35 year old guy with 2 kids. Victoria says she wouldn't want to date anyone with kids, she would want their first kids to be together. Derrick says "and the list grows." (referring to how many specific wants she wants the guys to have). Talk turns to what Victoria knows about sex, and Victoria tells her a friend of her is very demonstrative about different things about sex. 
8:48 PM BBT Derrick asks if girls actually talk about those things? Christine says her and her pastors wife have went to dinners and talked about things and she waxes certain places on her once a month and Caleb and Derrick are shocked at how awkward that has to be. Christine assures them they are good friends. 
8:51 PM BBT Derrick is telling Christine and Caleb about Victoria's "rules" that even if she is in an involved relationship or if she spends the night with her boyfriend they can't touch at all, even if kissing. No touching her buttocks or breasts. And Derrick and Victoria are debating whether her family approves of her dating guys in their 30's etc. 
8:53 PM BBT Derrick is telling Victoria (and getting Caleb to chime in and back him up) that the fact Victoria wouldn't even let him touch her butt while kissing, even 3 months into relationship, that is why he ended up going and seeing someone else. Christine agrees this probably led to the guy leaving. All 3 are ganging up on Victoria basically saying she is too much of a prude for most guys to stick it out with her. 
8:57 PM BBT Caleb demonstrates how he grabs his woman up while they kiss (which Christine says "MMMM we can't talk about this" in the middle of Caleb's demonstration) and Caleb proceeds to show wrestling moves like he is throwing his woman around. Everyone is laughing and asking if he puts his woman in the hospital. Caleb refers to grabbing a woman's butt as grabbing her "tater a lil bit." He tells Victoria she needs to compromise and at least let a guy put one hand on her butt and one on her hips. 
9:01 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb say the nerds with glasses are always freaks and Christine laughs and grins. Derrick perfectly on cue says "my wife wears glasses" and Christine says "you have a good wife then."
9:08 PM BBT Victoria is describing some guy she met right before she came in the house and at his b-day party he was saying he was 29 turning 30. Come to find out he turned 40. In the middle of describing him Caleb says "his balls look like 2 dried up tater sacks." Victoria is convinced this guy wants a good girl to get married too, and Caleb/Christine/Derrick tells her he wants a young girl to have sex with and only wants one thing from her. She is not believing that a 40 year only wants a 20-21 year old for sexual reasons. They are trying to explain to her that they don't share the same life experiences and don't have things in common. Derrick is telling her that the guy is only telling her the things she wants to hear and Victoria says her father freaked out anyway and basically told her no way she wasn't dating him. 
9:09 PM BBT Donny/Cody/Nicole are back from watching the new CBS show "</scorpion>" - Cody is telling everyone about what the show is about and Donny/Nicole are handing out all the candy and goodies they brought back from the party. 
9:11 PM BBT Donny recognized Katherine McPhee from American Idol. He is explaining what her role is on the show. Donny says the show was amazingly action packed, and says you couldn't have went to the bathroom or you would have missed something. Donny says he ate 2 pieces of pizza and a box of Butterfinger bites and he thinks he may be sick. Frankie asks why the show is called Scorpion and Cody explains the group of geniuses that is just their group name. Cody agrees the show is going to be "sick."
9:15 PM BBT Donny/Caleb/Nicole/Christine/Frankie/Derrick/Victoria are all sitting in the LR listening to Donny talk about the show and the party they went to. Cody comes back from the FR area and Donny says he truly enjoyed it and appreciated Cody taking him to it. 
9:18 PM BBT Donny says he only ate 2 pieces of pizza because there was a lot of toppings on the pizza and he hadn't ate a lot and wanted to take it easy. Cody and Derrick said they don't care for the pizza they give them and Donny said "well I was starving so I ate it."
9:20 PM BBT Not sure if by design or just coincidental but Nicole and Donny are sitting in the orange nomination chairs and everyone else is on the other chairs/couches. 
9:22 PM BBT Lots of side conversations going on while everyone is eating the candy/snacks that Cody/Nicole/Donny brought back from their party/show. Some are giving Caleb a hard time for hiding food in his bags and literally some Pop-Tarts from like 3 weeks ago. Lots of chit chat and topic jumping. 
9:24 PM BBT Caleb is eating some type of chocolate and has offered some to people several times. He looks at Donny and Nicole and says he is going to ask them one more time if they want some before he finishes it off. Donny has to remind him they are HN's and only time they could eat is up in the room where they had the viewing. 
9:27 PM BBT Caleb has straw making a really annoying whistling sound trying to teach Frankie how to do it. 
9:29 PM BBT Everyone is still sitting around the LR. BB warns HG's about sleeping because Derrick literally turned his head over and laid it down for about 10 seconds. They all chime in about how they need to chill out. All HG's still eating the candy (minus Nicole/Donny) and everyone is having side convo's laughing about different things Caleb is saying. 
9:34 PM BBT Some of the HG's are laughing at Frankie because he has never had FunDip and as they tell him the proper way to eat it, Donny calls it "Hillbilly Cocaine." Still nothing being talked about of importance or one topic; talk pretty much about the candy, how full people are, etc. 
9:38 PM BBT Caleb is describing how the military teaches the Heimlich Maneuver and is talking to Donny about the difference in the civilian version. He may be seeing if Donny knows stuff about the military since he is convinced Donny is former military. Donny tells them he has to take it every year at work and asks Derrick if he has to with the park system and Derrick says yes. (Of course he would have to as a cop.) Derrick is now explaining the infant program to teach young children to flip on their backs to float to prevent toddlers from drowning. 
9:41 PM BBT Victoria is telling about how she was in high school she had to carry a baby doll that cried and recorded how often it cried and how well you took care of it. Donny said when he was a janitor they had a program similar to that at his school to deter teens from getting pregnant. 
9:44 PM BBT They are discussing the different types of candy on the table and Donny says his girlfriend likes Snocaps. Derrick says he has a question for everyone, and wants to know who else stops at a store and buys candy and then puts the candy in their wives bag on way to movies and everyone says they do. They then discuss the different prices of candy, pretzels, nachos and overall high prices at a movie theater. 
9:50 PM BBT Nicole and Donny are still in nomination chairs. Frankie is laying back on Caleb at one end of the couch and Victoria is on other end. Derrick and Christine are laying on opposite ends on the other couch. They are talking about Sunday being Funday tomorrow. Talk turns to embarrassing pictures and Frankie tells them think of the screen shots people have taken of them while they are watching live feeds and they all freak out wondering what all shots people will have. 
9:52 PM BBT HG's start talking about how tired they all are and Frankie says the comp was stressful earlier today and Donny says also the whole ordeal with Victoria. They all tell her basically how out of it she was. Donny gives them a gut shot back by saying you all were probably thinking I was going to say step back everyone I graduated from Harvard Medical. They all start kidding about Donny's BB bag being a medical bag and him having all this medical equipment with him. Nicole says she hopes they don't do DR tonight because she is so tired but there is a lot to talk about. Nicole/Derrick/Christine all agree about staying up all night then getting second winds and not being able to fall asleep. Talk then turns to how long it'll be before the BY opens back up. 
9:57 PM BBT The HG's are discussing the comp earlier. Apparently it was some poker style comp where they had to guess numbers or how much was in a container but they could fold and it must have been a comp played in previous season. Derrick gets up from couch and goes to KT to get a glass of water and comes back to the LR and assumes his old seat on couch. 


10:01 PM BBT Christine and Victoria are discussing how things in AZ have equal English/Spanish on their signs, billboards, etc. Victoria says things in South Florida isn't that way and Donny/Christine are surprised by that because they expected there is a large Spanish speaking population in South Florida. Victoria says there is but everything is listed in just English. 
10:05 PM BBT Donny is asking Christine if you can just walk across the border without a passport and Christine says she doesn't know they always drive. They start naming countries that doesn't require a passport. Nicole says she got a passport to go to the Bahamas and Frankie agrees but says you don't have to have one until you reach  certain age. Someone tells Nicole she will have to have one to go to Germany with Zach and Donny says they won't let him go with that toe of his and they start talking about Zach's feet. 
10:09 PM BBT Donny is talking about the weight he gained back from what he ate at the mini party earlier. Caleb says he thought about going on pure slop the last 2 weeks so he will be lose weight and be "shredded" at the after party and he can hit on the ladies and Donny totally cracks up at the thought of that. 
10:12 PM BBT Everyone is kidding around and talking about how everyone will act at the finale party. Caleb says there will be pics of him and Cody at the strip club, and Christine asks if she can come with them. Donny/Caleb/Cody/Derrick are discussing the different Hangover movies and if any of the things in those movies will carry over to the after parties. 
10:15 PM BBT The discusion of transgender and transvestites comes up. Frankie explains to Caleb and Donny the difference between the two. Derrick then asks Frankie again about "The Box" and Donny asks if its like Studio 54 and Frankie says exactly the same but better. Derrick asks where majority of people are from and Frankie is telling where most clientele is from. 
10:18 PM BBT Derrick says its about time for something to happen and someone goes Ding-Dong and they said that would be sick. They all say it would be too much for today if they heard the chain from DR slide off. 
10:19 PM BBT Donny starts telling them about the HOH room having a balcony over the BY in BBUK. They start discussing whether this season is doing better than last season or whether more people are watching this year because of last year. Donny is telling them about southeast reality shows being big: Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, etc and Donny thinks that is why he got cast. 
10:23 PM BBT The HG's start discussing different religion more specifically Jocasta speaking or not speaking in tongues. Caleb is saying where he grew up in church and because of what the Bible the says there is suppose to be an interrupter and Donny says when he was younger someone came to his church and started speaking in tongues and they sung louder to drown them out so guests wouldn't think they did that at his church. They start discussing each ones take on tongues. Frankie asks if Caleb or Donny's Bible has about Sodom and Gomorrah and says if it does he wants to read it.  
10:26 PM BBT Donny is trying to be sneaky and ask if there were certain questions during their interview process but we keep getting FotH. One of the questions was "Do you think people are born Gay?" Frankie says he was not asked that but he wouldn't have answered the question. Donny said once he was alone he thought about the question he and he wished he could go back and changed his answer. He said the way he thought about it was when he was 11,12.13 or whatever he didn't say "Ok I am heterosexual" so it just happened and he thinks the same way about someone being gay. 
10:31 PM BBT Donny has basically been beating himself up since answering that question and tells Frankie to make him feel better and tell him he didn't answer it wrong because it was a true/false question and he only had a split second. Frankie tells him no he did not answer it wrong it is a huge debate even in his community, the debate of nature and nurture is great. 
10:33 PM BBT Frankie says there isn't even a gray area. There is light gray, dark gray, etc. He said he believes that he was born with a genetic predisposition to be attracted to men. Derrick, Frankie and Christine say they weren't asked the question. Caleb, Nicole, and Donny were asked. They said they were asked the question after they were selected for the show. Seems BB is letting quiet a bit of pre-production talk slide tonight. 
10:36 PM BBT All the HG's say they felt like during most of the selection process it made them feel awkward and that they were just waiting for them to answer things a certain way so they could crush them with it. Nicole is really wanting to know why some people got asked certain questions and others didn't and we get a FotH.
10:38 PM BBT HG's get the news they have been waiting for all night. LOCKDOWN IS OVER!! Caleb gives shouts out to the feed sites saying they about to play some pool. 
10:39 PM BBT Donny is on the elliptical and Derrick/Caleb are playing pool. Derrick gives a shout out to someone that must be in the construction crew for getting the BY opened this quick. Frankie/Christine/Victoria/Nicole are in the WA. Frankie and Christine are still having the gay/straight talk and Nicole is changing because she says she is a HN and wants to get in hot tub to enjoy something warm. 
10:42 PM BBT Donny tells everyone in the BY that just like they miss their families when they are back home they will actually miss each other. Donny says he will see someone playing pool in a beanie and think of Caleb and Derrick playing. Nicole comes into the BY in her bikini and Caleb/Cody start cat calling and talking how good she looks and she just says "oh you guys."
10:45 PM BBT All cams are on the BY. Derrick has defeated Caleb in the first game of pool of the night. Donny is still working on the elliptical. Nicole is still bobbing in the hot tub. Christine is sitting on laundry table and Cody is now playing Derrick. They talk about a neighborhood street being right by the lot the BB house is on. Frankie comes and sits beside Christine on the laundry table. 
10:49 PM BBT Nicole is asking who is better at pool now that Zach is gone. They all say they were better than Zach. Nicole starts pitching they should have a tournament and it seems with Frankie's enthusiasm an Unofficial BB16 Pool Tournament is coming soon.
10:51 PM BBT Nicole asks about the dart board and they explain to her the policy about the darts. Donny thinks of the idea that as much as all the guys wear hats and love hats they should have given them BB hats to wear all summer. Donny says let me get on this and he acts as if he is grabbing a microphone on his chest and says "Donny to merchandising, Donny to merchandising we need BB hats with logos on them, Thank you." Everyone starts laughing. You can tell Donny is really trying to be more social and interact with people knowing now that he is almost guaranteed to be on block come Thursday's eviction. 
10:54 PM BBT Caleb says Beast Mode is going to need a work out tonight and then Frankie says "you can work on me" which gets a loud "ooooooohhhh." Donny asks if they have BB reunions that all previous HG come to and they tell him yea and Frankie says he knows they have a premier party in NY he will go to next year. Donny says he saw Judd and Amanda in pictures from BB Canada parties. Victoria has come and put her feet in hot tub and sitting on the side talking to Nicole. Nicole is discussing when to take her shower outside so it will be warm since she is HN. 
10:58 PM BBT Frankie/Caleb on a team playing against Derrick/Cody. They hash out all the rules and Cody attempts a break and messes up, Frankie tries and does same thing. Derrick finally successfully breaks. Christine has joined Victoria by dangling her feet in the hot tub while Nicole is standing in middle of hot tub. Donny has made his way to the laundry table to watch the pool. 
11:02 PM BBT All HG's are enjoying the BY now that they are off lockdown. The guys are all around the pool table and the girls are by the hot tub. Victoria gets called to DR (probably to get checked on or meds). No game talk or anything serious being talked about just chit chat. 
11:15 PM BBT Donny has moved over to the hot tub and is talking to Christine/Nicole. Donny tells them about a time his girlfriend wanted a mixed drink called a "blowjob" and he didn't know how to go about asking bartender who was female and his girlfriend made him go order it. Christine is telling them about a restaurant where she is from that has all attractive males working there and Nicole says she wants to go. Meanwhile Cody/Derrick beat Caleb/Frankie in first game. 
11:20 PM BBT Christine is again saying how weird it will be to go back to regular life. Donny said he hopes everyone fits in the way they want to and Nicole doesn't understand. Donny said for instance he hopes people are knocking on Caleb's door all the time, he hopes he can get a few quiet weeks and just go back to his work. Caleb/Frankie tie the pool tournament up - 1 game to 1. 
11:25 PM BBT Donny/Christine/Nicole are talking about previous comps and how Donny has finished 2nd to Cody the past HOH and Veto. They are discussing about the comps they may be coming up in future. Victoria comes back out and says unfortunately it wasn't a check up on her that they are starting DR sessions. Nicole and Christine are kinda upset that they started DR this late. 
11:28 PM BBT Donny is telling Victoria that without saying "they" he is pretty sure someone has contacted her family to let them know about her mouth and how she is doing in case they are watching live feeds and seeing it. Victoria said her mom is probably freaking out. The pool guys have switched teams and Cody/Frankie beat Derrick/Caleb. Nicole is saying several times how much she dreads having to do DR. 
11:32 PM BBT Frankie/Cody/Christine/Victoria go inside and Frankie is cutting up tuna to start grilling some tuna steaks. Cody has his arm around Christine while they watch Frankie cut the tuna steaks. Nicole has moved to the laundry table and watching Derrick/Caleb play pool. Caleb asks Nicole if she likes being back and she says "oh ya" and he asks her if she wouldn't rather be in jury house it sounds like paradise and she says "it is, but it isn't the BB house."
11:35 PM BBT Frankie tells Cody in KT if they can keep winning HOH and HOH win POV they will be great. Frankie says "this is the best show, this is the best season." Cody says he is so glad to have the BY back, and to have no worries and Frankie says "the week is over. There is nothing else to worry about." Frankie tells Cody they need to do something fun tomorrow like maybe do a show and Cody says he doesn't want to be up late tonight. Frankie says well get up early tomorrow do photo booth, lay out in BY get some sun. Cody says sounds good while he is washing a pan. 
11:39 PM BBT Caleb is entertaining Nicole in the BY by juggling pool balls and spinning while continuing to juggle. Nicole asks him how he learned to juggle and Caleb says he taught himself. He is now going to try doing a 360, behind the back, and through the legs all in a row. Victoria and Cody have now joined the viewing gallery. 
11:41 PM BBT The camera switches to Derrick/Frankie talking at grill and catches end of Frankie saying something is detrimental to their game. They then say something about there is no mission without blowing up their game so they must still think there is a TA mission. Derrick says they need to catch him he will be going to bed soon (assuming Donny) and Frankie says yea we need to do it now. 
11:46 PM BBT Christine and Derrick have moved to BY couch and Derrick is saying he is boring at home. Christine says she doesn't believe that and Derrick says ya he just wears sweatpants at home. Christine says Tim is boring and Derrick says he already likes Tim because he plays music, watch tv, eats, sleep, have sex, and play video games....he is a 6 star guy. Christine laughs and says that's him exactly but she wants to actually go somewhere. Frankie has brought the food to the table and VIctoria, Caleb, Cody, and Nicole come over and everyone is chowing down except Nicole and Christine (Nicole is HN/Christine says she doesn't want anything). Nicole asks if Caleb cooks tuna at home and Caleb says "not at $90 a package." (Must be the price on the tuna they just cooked)
11:52 PM BBT Caleb is telling Nicole about someone yelling something about Zach or hating Beast Mode Cowboy and Nicole asks him to say what happened again and we get FotH. Partial convo
11:54 PM BBT Caleb asks if they were cooking tuna and they tell him that's what they just ate and he thought it was steak as in steaks from a cow. They start discussing the cost of food and Frankie says the tuna was $90 a pack, whitefish was $90 and they start guessing the cost of food  for the season. Derrick said he had heard $1000 a week and someone says it is less than Survivor. Nicole says that is also why their winners get $1,000,000 and Frankie says exactly production is less and BB has 3 shows a week plus more food, housing, etc. 
12:01 AM BBT Victoria gets up to go inside and Christine comments on her booty. Caleb/Cody discuss her butt and Derrick says he has never looked and they call him a liar. Derrick and Victoria are now sitting on the LR couch reading a candy box and Victoria has her arm on his back running her nails across his back. Frankie comes walking through the LR singing and we get FotH. Victoria asks Derrick what time he went to bed last night and he says 4 and she wants to know what he was doing. She is still petting his back as he has moved on to reading a box of Milk Duds.
12:04 AM BBT In the BY Cody tells Nicole she is crabby and she says she is tired. Cody said not only is she tired she has no one to cuddle with and Christine says "maybe there is someone" and Cody says nah Hayden isn't here and Hayden is my boy so I can't cuddle with her, and Victoria isn't an option, so I guess ill go F myself." Cody is saying he has a headache. Christine said she use to have them bad but they found out it was gluten she was eating. Nicole is telling she use to have headaches and would feel like God was punishing her and she thinks she was OCD because she had to have numbers in 4, she would think her family was going to get hurt if she didn't touch things a certain number of times but it was mainly before she went to school. Nicole said she finally got sick of it and just broke it and said she was going to be superstitious. 
12:09 AM BBT Nicole said she got to talking about being OCD/superstitious and her brother said he did the same things too. Nicole said it was also bad about sports and Cody tells her that's all athletes. He would take a shower before every match, eat the same breakfast food, same routine etc. They have now moved on to DR sessions and which person does them early and how they do them late a lot of times on weekends. Christine and Nicole is saying they forget their train of thought when its late like this. 
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