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Sunday August 17 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Thank you! 

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12:10 AM BBT Frankie is talking about how great Jim Carey is and how dumb and dumber 2 could be great as long as it has the right writers. The LR crew is still going on about life outside the house and what it was like before they left and what it will be like after.


12:25 AM BBT Frankie puts Vitamin E on Cody's cuticles to help heal them. Christine says she uses that for everything that happens to her. Caleb is downstairs telling stories about LA fitness and how he had to leave to deploy and when he got back he had a rough time getting his job back. He heads upstairs and talks about Kathy Griffin with the HOH crew.


12:35 AM BBT Zach and Victoria are talking in the LR about how they have acted in the house and what people are saying about them. Victoria is nervous. Zach tells her not to be and there will be haters she needs to just be prepared for. Zach says he wants to leave the house with no regrets. He just can't wait to see his family. Upstairs Caleb is saying that the only thing that sets the winner aside from anyone else is the money. Caleb says it is all about how he sets himself outside the out that counts.


12:45 AM BBT Victoria says she really cares about her faith and tells Zach that the worst thing she can do for her religion is talk crap about someone. She says she can't do that even in this game and this game was not made for someone like her. (Did she not hear what she said when she voted Amber and Brit out?) Upstairs, Caleb and Christine are worried about Zach being terrible to deal with after he gets put up. Caleb says that he doesn't think that Zach will break character and go nuts, he is just worried about Zach spreading lies.


12:55 AM BBT HOH crew speculates about what the next HOH comp will be and if it will be another double eviction. Christine says BB lore dictates that this coming up week won’t be double evict, but the next week will. Caleb starts listening to Frankie's sister, and stares at a picture of her. Cody says Zach could speak to him at any time and he would tell him he really doesn't care. Zach and Vic are just making small talk about what they are like at home. Victoria says she runs stuff at home (she says the S word). She doesn't give an F about how people look at her outside the house.

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‪#‎BB16‬ 1:06 AM BBT Recap: Victoria and Zach in the LR still talking now about religion practices. Cody, Caleb, Christine, and Frankie in HoH discussing different stars of Youtube. Derrick was called into DR a couple minutes ago.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:08 AM BBT Caleb tells Cody to go downstairs and tell Zach he will be the replacement nominee. Right after that production tells the HG the lockdown is over.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:16 AM BBT Caleb and Cody outside start to play badminton then move on to pool. Frankie is taking a bath in the HoH bathroom, Zach is sitting in bathroom with him, both are talking about fantasy movies and how most HoH competitions this year have been mental.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:30 AM BBT Zach briefly tells Frankie the things Victoria was saying about her worry with her public image. The discussion leads to more hated past HG such as Devin from this season and Aaryn BB15. Victoria comes up to the HoH room and Zach leaves to go in the BY.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:36 AM BBT Victoria admits to Frankie that she knows she isnt playing the game the way it should be played but she is playing her way and doesn't to be booed for that. Cody and Caleb still playing pool outside with Christine and Zach watching, talk about who played what sports in high school.


‪#‎BB16‬ 1:55 AM BBT Frankie tells Victoria that he feels like he is truly winning and happier since he has told the truth about all his personal secrets. Cody failed to beat Caleb at pool, the winner will now play Zach. Christine came up to the HoH room saying her pink pants are missing.


‪#‎BB16‬ 2:00 AM BBT Derrick is out of DR. Frankie and Victoria finish talking in HoH and head downstairs. Frankie and Derrick go to the storage room and discuss the TA mission. They so far have Victoria's robe. Zach has his gator shirt off, Derrick says Donny can take Caleb's bunny slippers in the morning.

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2:09 am Everyone in the backyard rehashing some of the things said at the comp. Frankie imitates Zingbot calling Zach a "Fruit Loop Dingus Loser"


2:15 Caleb comes out of the house wearing a cowboy hat and and gold medal laughing as Cody and Frankie start a new game of pool. General chit chat happening. While derrick searches for something in the ice room


2:22 am Cody and Caleb keep asking production to give them back the birdie they hit outside the yard earlier. Derrick is back in the BY with the other guys, Victoria still in the DR.


2:32am Guys continue to take turns on the pool table. Christine laying on the couch on the patio reading. Random chit chat, how to tell where north is outdoors, if the table is level etc.


2:35am Everyone except Christine heads inside, Derrick says he's tired as they gather in the kitchen. Frankie's putting away food, cleaning up.


2:42am Christine was rereading her HoH letter and now appears to be crying. The guys are just hanging out in the kitchen, Cody's eating while Frankie does dishes. Caleb says he's going to bed peace out.


2:47 Derrick joins Christine outside and asks if she's ok and if she wants to talk married to married. He reassures her that the zings against her were brutal and that she has done nothing wrong.  As a husband he can't see that she's done anything that would offend her husband. He hugs her and then tells her he understands.


2:57am Derrick continuing to give Christine a pep talk about married life and how he thinks her husband is sitting at home telling her to pull it together right now. The guys inside talking about how it feels like there's one less person then there is because of how Donny sleeps.


3:06am Derrick tells Christine that there was truth under everyone's zings to some point as Victoria joins them. Cody and Frankie now in the BY playing pool. Zach upstairs listening to Frankie's cd.


3:17am Zach and Caleb talking in the HOH room about how one of them needs to win HOH next week and get Donny out. Caleb says backdoor is the best bet but he's played every PoV so far and will probably play them all from here on out.


3:27am Derrick joins Cody for a game of pool. Zach and Caleb talking about the lack of physical HoH comps this year and agree that this weeks will be. Both agree that the veto comps have been mainly physical.


3:37am Derrick joins Victoria in the hammock and she rehashes the conversation with Frankie. She says she acted dumb and he told her he would tell her if she was going up and hinted that Zach was going up.


3:45am Zach and Cody talk about taking Zachs trip to Germany and Donny's veto record. Victoria is crying in the hammock to Derrick about her hair situation, the medicine she takes for it, and that it bleeds because she doesn’t take them out like she should.


3:54am Derrick tells Victoria she can't let something that isn't her fault discourage her. She says she just wishes it wasn't bleeding. Zach and Cody discussing what exactly a floater is. Zach says he'll be happy as long as him, Cody or Derrick wins.


4:00am Derrick goes inside and is on the hunt for Zach's shirt again, finally finds in the have not room and hides it with the others stuff. Victoria and Christine in the WA trying to get ready for bed, Christine is missing a zip up though.


4:12am Derrick, Christine, Zach and Cody in the back yard talking about how Zingbot made Christine cry. She said he just started it, that it was a lot of things Derrick agrees the isolation is starting to get to all of them. Then Frankie appears after saying goodnight to Victoria.



 4:18am Frankie takes Christine bear from the ER and hides it with Zach's shirt and his hat. Derrick tells him they have to involve Donny with the bunny slippers tomorrow so they can start the patrol. Frankie agrees and heads out to the BY so they see him without the hat and he can ask where it went without them questioning it


4:27am Cody called to the DR. Zach launching pool balls across the table and yard, Production tells him to stop that and Frankie asks if he wants to play one game before bed. Everyone else except Donny and Caleb watching


4:38am Victoria's wisdom tooth is breaking through and is showing everyone in the house. She is confused about the process. We get fish and when we come back Victoria and Zach are in the kitchen and Zach says he isn't into guys but he would make out with them.


4:50 Random talk in the kitchen between Zach and Victoria, everyone else appears to be sleeping. Zach telling Victoria that he would tell her if he ever called her a B**** but he did call her pretentious and rude week 2


5:03am Just random what if chat happening between Zach and Victoria. He's asking if she'll set him up with one of her friends.


5:20am Cody comes out of the DR to Zach holding the FR door open for Victoria as she rummages looking for something.


5:27 am Cody Zach and Victoria fooling around in the SR when Victoria says she going to bed. Cody takes an extra blanket Havenots can use and covers Christine and tells Victoria where the other one is.  Then we get FoTH


5:31am Fish come back for a moment and we see Cody telling Christine sorry but he has to take the blanket back


5:54am Random chit chat between Zach and Cody in the kitchen


5:58am Zach describing the job he had with his mom and why he hated it. Cody just keeps asking why he doesn't get a job there


6:05am All house guests quietly tucked away in their beds now.

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#BB16 10:00AM BBT Donny doing his ADLs. Victoria called to DR.


#BB16 10:24AM BBT Donny doing laundry. Frankie asleep in the HOH bed.


#BB16 10:38AM BBT Donny has started his exercise for the day. Other HG sleeping.


#BB16 10:53AM BBT Donny has moved to the BY couch. Frankie still sleeping in HOH room.

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#BB16 1:31PM BBT Donny and Cody flip the outside awnings and BB says "Cody, Donny, Thank You"


#BB16 1:32PM BBT Feeds switch to the HOH room and Frankie is cuddling with Caleb. Caleb asks him to move over. Frankie asks Caleb to shower together and Caleb says no and that's pushing it a little bit.
#BB16 1:34PM Donny goes in and goes to the room with Derrick and shows that he took Cody's hat while Cody is in the WR brushing teeth with Christine.
#BB16 1:44PM BBT Derrick and Cody talking in the SR. Talk is about Thursday. Rather it will be double eviction or what will happen. They are also talking who would vote who out. Frankie is out of shower making small talk with Caleb while he's still in WC. 
#BB16 1:47PM BBT Donny is outside in the BY on couch. Caleb in bee hive taking photos in the photo booth. 
#BB16 1:50PM BBT Caleb is done taking photos in the photo booth and heads to WR downstairs. Derrick joins Donny outside in BY on couch. Frankie in the HN room. Victoria still asleep in the HN room. 
#BB16 1:52PM BBT  Caleb, Cody, and Christine in the KT. Talk is about the photo booth and how many pictures they took. 
#BB16 1:54PM BBT Victoria is now awake as she passes through the KT.
#BB16 1:55PM BBT Cody and Caleb taking photo's together in the photo booth.
#BB16 1:57PM BBT Cody and Caleb leave the photo booth and goes back to KT. Looks like Cody is cooking some eggs. Derrick and Donny are in the BY sitting on the couch from what it appears, deep in thought.
#BB16 1:59PM BBT Donny says he might have to put on a cooler shirt as it's a hot one outside. Derrick tells Donny that he wasn't feeling well last night.
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11:00 AM BBT  Donny just sits alone on BY couch staring into the sky while the dryer gently rotates in the background.  We see Frankie sleeping in the HOH room with the lights on but he is out cold.


11:10 AM BBT  Donny gets up to play a little pool by himself, he is humming/singing to himself softly.  All other HG are still sleeping.


11:23 AM BBT  Donny finishes his game of pool and get's himself a drink.  Caleb and Frankie sleeping together in the HOH room wake up briefly when Caleb knocks something over while moving in the bed.  All is quite on the HG front.


11:38 AM BBT  We have FotH for no reason we can see.  But it's been awhile.


11:53 AM BBT  Feeds return, Christine is up in the WA doing makeup, Donny is walking the backyard.


11:56 AM BBT  Christine doing her makeup and BB says "Did you know that Sweden is slightly larger than California?"  Christine says "No, I was not aware, but thank you though"  She continues to talk to herself in the WA as Donny is walking the BY.


11:58 AM BBT  BB says "Attention HG, did you know there are 121 marble slots in a Chinese checker board?"  Donny seems to be ignoring the info, but Christine is repeating it. 



11:58 AM BBT  BB says "Attention HG, did you know there are 121 marble slots in a Chinese checker board?"  Donny seems to be ignoring the info, but Christine is repeating it.


12:02 PM BBT  BB says " Remember HG, to swim one mile you only have to swim 440 laps in the BB pool"  Christine laughs in the WA.  Donny walks in circles in the Kitchen and the LR.  Donny comes into the WA and talks to Christine about what BB has been telling them.


12:14 PM BBT  Donny is reading a box of Frosted Flakes in the LR and Christine is putting on earrings in the WA.  No more BB trivia.


12:20 PM BBT  Donny and Christine both in the LR playing with the Jenga game.  They are trying to "back engineer" it from 31.  Everyone else is still sound asleep.


12:24 PM BBT  Donny and Christine talk about the songs from this mornings wake up call from BB. Number 1 was Whittney Houston, 2 was Bonnie Tyler "Bright Eyes", 3 was Oysterman (??) Christine asks where Cody slept last night, Donny tell her in the Fire room where Victoria usually sleeps.  (Vic is a have not this week and has to sleep in the Ice room).


12:30 PM BBT BB says "Hey everybody!!!  It's photo booth time!!"  Christine says, "no one cares anymore about photo booth"  Donny goes to the SR to get objects to play with in the photo booth.  They seem to be pictures of people from Twitter or pictures of dogs to hold up next to you while you take the pictures.


12:39 PM BBT  Only Christine and Donny are playing with the photo booth.  They get bored and walk away.  Christine says she really wants Frosted Flakes but she has to eat slop.  No one else has stirred.  Donny keeps repeating the photo booth "guy"  when you take a picture "4,3,2,1"  They talk about whether this will be Double Eviction this week, Christine says "no" if they hold true to last year.


12:46 PM BBT  Christine and Donny make lunch, Donny heats up some pizza and Christine is left with slop.  Donny take his food outside in consideration of Christine.  Christine sticks her pinky finger in her right ear, smells it, and then does it again. 


12:51 PM BBT  Christine finishes her lunch/breakfast and goes back into the photo booth.  She belches several time and says "oh no, I do not feel good".  Donny cleans his dishes and sits back down in the BY.  Donny says "I believe I lost a little bit of weight, eating slop for a week, I might have lost my guy"  Christine goes to WC and does not turn of her mic and we a treated with listening to her pee.  She washes her hands with soap, dries off and gets called to DR.  She says " Yeaaaaa!!"  [i think she wants to go back to sleep and has been waiting for this]  BB says "HG!!!  Remember to enjoy yourself, these are the 'good 'ole days'  Donny smiles really big in the BY and says "yea right, the good old days".


12:57 PM BBT  Cody wakes up, gets his fit tracker and goes to the WC.  He comes out, re-rolls some toilet paper that has been sitting on the floor in the WA and puts it on the bathroom counter.  He goes to the Beehive where the photo booth is and looks at the pictures that are left by Donny and Christine, takes off his sweatshirt leaving a "wife beater" on and begins to take pictures.


1:10 PM BBT Cody comes out the BY after taking pictures and greets Donny very happily.  They are talking about how hot it is.  Donny is talking about his social game and Cody is saying "it's all about the social game".


1:16 PM BBT Donny and Cody talk about the wake up songs, Donny tells Cody when the first song came on "Whitney Houston" Cody kept saying "F, F, F" (Donny does not say the word) Cody thinks that is very funny, he does not remember any of it. 


1:28 PM BBT  Cody and Donny are putting down the awnings for BB.  Cody says, "you know who I think got it easy with Zingbot?"  "Victoria, she got it easy outside, but inside she got wrecked" 

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#BB16 1:40 PM BBT  Cody and Derrick in the SR.  Cody says "I was tired, but Donny was the only one up, so I felt bad so I went outside, he's sittin' out there by himself all the time" Derrick"  "He's still not trying to talk game to you right?"  Cody "Nope".  


Derrick "We are not in a good spot numbers wise, like with Christine."  Cody "Here's the deal if Frankie leaves we know where Christine will go".  Derrick "But you know, Caleb and Frankie.... they are like me and you".  Cody "Here's the deal, for our game to be most benefited, Frankie's got to go."  Derrick "Over Donny?"  Cody "Next to each other next week"

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 2:01pm Donny and Derrick sitting  in BY on couches and Donny says i am finally getting my appetite back. Derrick says your stomach probably shrunk some having that slop.


 2:14pm Frankie and Cody are in the KT talking and making coffee. Derrick and Donny still sitting in the BY just looking around.


2:17pm Derick goes to the KT. Christine comes to the KT for for a second and then goes back out to BY to lay in the sun.Victoria is in the WA doing her makeup.Donny comes inside and Frankie says you want to do a picture in the thing? Donny says lets do it.


2:27pm Cody goes to the pool to lay out next to Christine. He says he wants to be in the sun but it is to hot.Derrick is in the KT making food.


  2:32pm Frankie telling Donny that he is going to make some salmon salad soon for everyone.Christine and cody laying in BY near the pool . Frankie joins them in the BY and sits near the pool just general talk about lint.


2:38pm Donny goes to the BR takes off his shoes then goes outside to the pool and says here is suck Dynasty heading to the pool over here.BB yells Frankie please clip  your mic to your shirt and Frankie yells from the WC i am pooping. Victoria laughs and says you aren't even wearing a shirt. She tells BB he is naked he isn't wearing a shirt.


2:43pm Frankie and Derrick sitting in the bY on couches and Frankie says i am going to talk to Zach one on one tonight. I am trying to figure out how this all fits in tonight or should we do the patrol first or  do we let Zach blow up before the patrol or after? derrick says we should do the patrol today so he wont be  mad and we have him for the patrol. Derrick says i don't think this is going to go well but we will see.  

 2:46pm Frankie says i am going to say to Zach that he is going up cause no one can trust him anymore and you told me that we shouldn't trust you either. Frankie says he will tell Zach also that you were bitter with me before so  i don't know if you will be bitter again so you  need to go up. derrick says just Dont be alone with him Frankie cause  you don't know what he will do when he gets mad.Derrick says i will be up there with you and if it messes up my game then so be it cause there are better things that matter than my game. Frankie says you, me and Cody and derrick says do it with all of us there. it is all or nothing here you know?


  2:57pm Derrick and Frankie still talking about backdooring Zach and and Frankie says he is going to play in every pov the rest of the season and derrick says best case senerio is for me to win HOH next week and i wont put you up ever. But if i get burned i will blame it on America.


2:59pm Derrick says i am ready to get this going but do you think i should put my beanie in there ? you know i wear it everyday.Frankie says is there anything else we can take of calebs? Derrick says probably. Derrick gets up and goes to the KT and frankie follows as they want to hide a couple more things then get the TA Task started.  

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3:03pm Derrick is brushing his teeth in the WA.Frankie comes in the WA and they  leave the  WA as Frankie says he is going to get his allergy meds. Derrick heads to the Bedrooms  and then looks under a blanket and heads back to the WA.


3:08pm Derrick now sitting in the KT talking to Caleb as Caleb talks about counting the plants. Victoria walks through the KT and doesn't say anything.


 3:10pm Frankie comes in the KT and ask Caleb if he is going to lay out? Caleb says i dont know. Frankie says what is the delima we have another  two and a half hours of sunshine left.Frankie goes to the BY  and Derrick  walks out and Caleb ask if he wants to play pool.


3:12pm IN the BY Caleb is going to lay in the sun with Derrick  he takes off the bunny slippers and takes off the overalls and says i am going to lay out in my briefs.


 3:24pm Caleb says he is going to wash some clothes and is going to throw away a bunch of underwear and socks today. Most hg are laying in the BY just general talk going on between Cody and Christine.


 6 3:25pm Cody ask Donny what his favorite thing to do at home is and Donny says  do Sudoku  puzzles.


  3:32pm Donny says Victoria got a  clean towel laid it on the ground by the pool and then walked to the hot tub put one foot in and then laid down on the BY couch. he says we live in twilight zone now and Christine and Cody laugh it.


 3:44pm Frankie , Caleb and Christine are talking about what to say to zach later at the meeting when they tell him he is going on the block and Christine says well it is just a game jeez.


 3:54pm Caleb is walking around the KT then goes back outside. Frankie is in the DR. Cody tells Victoria she is all over the place and she says i know.

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4:00pm Victoria going to do her laundry and tells Caleb  she will wash his underwear with  her stuff as she doesn't have much to wash.


4:11pm zach is making breakfast in the KT as Caleb walks around in his shorts tanktop and cowboy hat and on his feet the bunny slippers.Most HG are out in the By laying out with just general talk going on.


 4:18pm Derrick and Christine talking in the BY and derrick told her about the meeting later to tell Zach he is going up as replacement nominee and told her she could be there or she doesn't have to be. she says she will be there for it. Then Derrick tells her  he doesn't think it will be a mental comp this week. How can it be the viewers will be  mas if it is.


4:23pm Zach and Caleb playing pool and Frankie heads into the house. Frankie is in the STR  and Donny comes in and says i got Cody's hat and i will get my hat.Donny says i have to go pee and you come watch for me and i will get that and then that will be it right there. Frankie says ok then heads to the LVR and starts cleaning. All feeds go to caleb and zack playing pool.


 4:28pm Zach says i am going to DR and goes to the WC first. In the KT is Victoria and Frankie then Caleb comes in and we get foth.


4:29pm Donny walks past Frankie and says Zach is in the bathroom so we better hold off.


4:30pm Frankie tells Donny to go for it and Donny runs to the STR. He gets Cody hat and hides it under a trash bag in the trashcan.


 4:46pm Most HG in BY just general talk going on.

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  5:09pm Cody and zack playing Pool as most hg sit near the pool with general talk going on.


  5:16pm Cody comes to the KT and ask if anyone has seen his hat and they say no and he says someone stole my hat.


5:18pm Cody now has a headband on trying to fix his hair and asking everyone if they have seen his hat. they all say no and he continues looking. Cody going from room to room looking everywhere as he is growling.


5:20pm Cody goes to the KT and says ok someone took it i swear they did. Frankie says you want to wear mine? he says maybe but we someone took it. Frankie  ask we have a hat thief? Cody says maybe it is upstairs and Frankie says go look i will meet you up there. Cody goes to the HOH rm and looks for the hat.


 5:22pm Cody and Frankie both looking  for the hat in the hoh rm and Frankie takes his hat off and says here wear this one and Cody says no its ok i am going in search mode for my hat now.


5:24pm Cody yelling through the house at Christine " DID YOU FIND MY HAT?  THIS ISN'T FUNNY AND IT ISN'T A JOKE EITHER." Frankie comes in and they jump on the bed as Cody sings i cant find my hat.


  5:26pm Cody ask Frankie did you hide my hat and Frankie says no. derrick comes in and says my hat is missing too. Cody says hats hide together. Frankie and Cody continue to look for the hats. Cody is moving everything around. Then says it will show up we will find it. 


 5:28pm Cody and Frankie going through the house as Frankie sings we got to find the hat Cody's hat. Is it in this room no it is not . Cody goes to the WC and he yells Victoria stop leaving towels in the bathroom and she says i didn't he says yes you did .BB tells then to stop singing as they walk outside and ask the others if they have seen it and Caleb says we don't have your hat why don't you go find it. Caleb says i bet i can walk in the house and find it and Cody says it is not there as he and Frankie walk back inside looking for the hat. 


 5:32pm Zach is in the fire room looking for Codys hat with Caleb. Victoria is also searching. they go over where they last seen the hat.


 5:35pm Cody tells Caleb that he has to find that hat cause it was Hayden and paola was going to take it but left it and Hayden could have taken it but he knew i liked it and he left it for me to wear.


 5:36pm Victoria ask Cody of he checked all the sheets he says yeah i came in lastnight and took it off and went to sleep and now it is missing. Derrick is complaining he cant find his hat either and it is the one that his wife signed.


 5:38pm Cody yells is this a darn game or something cameras want to follow me around while i look for my hat.Derrick says mine went missing lastnight maybe it is the saboteur and Cody yells the hat saboteur.Cody is now saying Donny where is the hat? Cody says Donny was up and out of the room early.


 5:46pm Cody and Victoria are in the hoh rm  searching for his hat.He is looking in drawers and  under covers and clothes and behind things.


5:51pm Cody searching the STR now for his hat  and then goes and looks in victories drawers as he can not find his hat. Derrick is now looking for his hat also and helping Cody. Victoria says dont get in my drawers and Cody yells I want my hat! Victoria says i have an idea Frankie goes to the dr with it on this morning maybe he left it in there. Cody says is the Dr open. Zach says Caleb is going to interrogate everyone now, And zach says Caleb is a cop and will find it.Everyone now in BY saying Zach it was you!!! He says no i would take credit for it if it was me. derrick says House Meeting.


5:55pm zach yelling House meeting right now after looking in the freezers for Cody hat. Everyone in the LVR waiting for a meeting about the missing hat.  Derrick says no one is missing anything but me Caleb and Cody? Victoria says my bras are missing and Frankie says i found those in the STR.

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6:00 PM BBT HG's are looking all over the house for missing items. (TA Mission in progress).


6:01 PM BBT HG's found items from previous HG's, a hat and a see through black, long-sleeved top. Donny is missing his Orlando, FL hat. Christine is missing her pink pants. Caleb is missing his boots. Derrick is missing his baseball hat with his wife's signature in it.


6:04 PM BBT Caleb was slamming cabinets in the SR, looking for his boots. Victoria says she's missing her Gucci Sun Glasses. Everyone is screaming in the ice room. Cody says her glasses are in the HoHR. Zach says his blue Gator shirt is missing. HG's are blaming Victoria for taking everything. Caleb says that's why she keeps getting called into the DR 50 times a day, that she's being told to take stuff. They are talking about starting a neighborhood watch, while Zach is going around screaming, "Where is my shirt?" Derrick says they do the neighborhood watch in shifts, but not to be alone when they do them.


6:08 PM BBT Christine and Cody are looking in the WA, and she says she doesn't have any prized possessions. Cody screams, Christine just said she did it, and she says she did not. Caleb says, ain't no one sleeping until he finds his boots. Caleb says that Victoria is the Saboteur.


6:12 PM BBT Victoria is screaming that she didn't do it. Christine says that someone has to be working with production, because there is no where to hide anything in the house. Zach and Derrick are putting on helmets, and Derrick says they are on patrol. Victoria screams that it's Zach. Christine is drinking water in the KT. The house is in total chaos.


6:19 PM BBT Caleb is screaming about his expensive boots being gone, and he has nothing to where on Thursday, except for the rabbit slippers. Derrick says he hasn't seen his hat since yesterday. Cody says he hasn't seen his hat since yesterday, on the floor in the fire room. Derrick says that next thing they know, there tooth brushes will be gone. Cody says he doesn't do bad breath. Cody is screaming, he's getting amp'd up. Cody has an orange helmet on, waiting for his shift. Cody asks how they got 3 hats from under their noses. Frankie says, and my glitter.


6:22 PM BBT Caleb is blaming whoever was up at 4 a.m. the other morning. Derrick says they had their stuff yesterday. Cody jumps up in a chair at the KT table, and says, "I'm Batman, I'll be watching you in the night," to Victoria. They are all walking around, and Frankie is singing and screaming, "We are on Patrol, it's the BB Patrol," and stomping. Caleb is following Victoria like a puppy dog, and is blaming her, saying she's the Saboteur. He tells her that he's going to keep following her, and ZINGBOT already says she not playing the game. Caleb says, she needs to confess, and he'll spare her life in the game. Cody is following Victoria with Caleb now also, and trying to make her cry.


6:27 PM BBT Christine and Frankie are talking in the WA. Christine ask if he thinks it's for the show or for fun? Frankie says, probably for fun. He's saying that Zach could of been the Saboteur the whole game, and how he explodes. Christine and Frankie are saying because he put up an alliance member, that he has to be the Saboteur. Frankie asks if the Saboteur is chosen by BB, and not America? She says yes. Everyone goes in WA, and everyone confronts Zach, saying they think he's been a Saboteur the whole game.


6:30 PM BBT Zach and Derrick are in the BY talking to Hamster Watch and Jokers, telling them to get on this, #Whodoneit? They are looking around the BY, and Zach asks, where his Gator shirt is. Zach says what if they already completed the mission? Derrick says, no, one thing, that's not possible. Caleb tells Zach, that he and Donny were both HN's, and Zach keeps getting away with sleeping all the time, standing on the furniture, throwing stuff at the cameras. Frankie says, he told them that he's Amanda Zuckerman's cousin, so he's definitely the Saboteur.


6:34 PM BBT Zach says if they don't find their stuff by 10:30 PM, or he gets paid. Caleb says that he can't say that, and if they don't evict him within a certain time frame, he gets like $20K. Derrick says, it can't be like that, he has longer, if he is the Saboteur. Caleb goes to the BY, where Frankie and Zach are playing pool, and tells Zach, "You better give me back my boots, you bastard." He says he will stay up and watch him sleep. Zach says, he's wasting his time, and he wishes he was the Saboteur.


6:36 PM BBT Derrick says he probably has to take more stuff, and then Caleb starts talking about someone named Sara in the DR. We see FoTH.


6:37 PM BBT Cody and Caleb say that Zach wanted to sleep in the rock room by himself, so they have him figured out. Cody says, he told him that if he slept in the rock room, he would sleep in the fire room, to try to sleep in the rock room by himself. Caleb says, "You're the f*cking Saboteur." Caleb says, it's you, just admit it, it's you. He says, they brought Amanda's cousin in to be a Saboteur. Cody says, he's sketched out by last night. Zach says he's going to take a nap, and Caleb, Frankie and Derrick follow him to the fire room. They keep questioning him about being a Saboteur. Caleb says, "You're caught, you're caught." Zach says, "Really, because in this country, you're innocent until proven guilty." Caleb screams about only having the bunny slippers to wear with his cowboy gear.


6:45 PM BBT Victoria is in the WA telling Donny, Zach and Derrick that she's missing a super valuable necklace. Cody, Frankie, Caleb and Christine follow Zach out of the Beehive, where they were still coming up with reasons for Zach to be the Saboteur. Christine goes to HoHR with Frankie. Christine says it has to be him because he's so out of control. Zach, Caleb and Derrick follow up to the HoHR, questioning Zach. He says he made up a lie. Donny, Victoria and Cody are in the BY, and Donny is saying that something was up with his pillow case. Victoria says she just took her necklace off yesterday for the competition. Donny says his suitcase is still packed. Cody asks Victoria why she's breathing heavy, and she says she's pi$$ed. They are all saying Zach is the Saboteur.


6:49 PM BBT Zach says as long as they are thinking it's him, and following him, wasting their time, someone else is getting the money. Derrick asks Caleb how he knows it's not $25K that he could be getting. Victoria in the BY screaming. Cody tells Donny and Victoria that he and Frankie called Zach out on who he's taking to Germany, because he was telling both of them he was taking them. Cody is running through the house, jumping over stuff to follow Zach, then Derrick follows him in the ice room. Victoria is not far behind, and they are all trying to get in the DR. We see FoTH.


6:52 PM BBT Christine, Donny, Victoria and Frankie in the KT. Frankie says that Zach was hired, has missions, and America Controls his vote. That he won't get a vote on Finale night, it will be America who votes for him. Victoria even says after the Veto meeting he got to interrupt like he did. Donny comes in the KT, and agrees. He follows Victoria to the WA, still talking about this to Frankie and Christine, as Frankie is blowing his nose. Donny says, he was also supposed to give him the opportunity to speak, as to why he should use the Veto on him, and he didn't give him a chance to talk. Christine says, when the other HG's get warnings to stop doing things, that Zach doesn't, and he got called to the DR, and came out with his mouth sealed.


6:56 PM BBT Victoria says there is no way they would put up with that much bull crap from people, because you sign a contract, and they won't let you get away with this. Frankie says the worst that's happened, was Sean coming over the loudspeaker, and we see FoTH. They are talking about today when he was making food, and got called to the DR.


6:58 PM BBT Frankie says, that Zach is one of the only people that goes to the DR, besides Victoria without being called. He says he spends a lot of time in there. Christine says he's so fake all the time. Donny says it look like the slop is growing in the pan in the KT, that it's swelling and swelling, and going to go over the top. We here, "The DR is temporarily unavailable." Everyone says, Woooooo. Frankie says, we are going to get called to talk about this, definitely.


7:01 PM BBT Christine says that Zach has been here target for a long time. Frankie, Christine, Victoria and Donny are talking in the KT, about all 4 of them going into the DR at the same time. (Cody, Derrick, Caleb and Zach). Frankie is saying lines from shows. Donny says he wonders if he is Amanda's cousin, and refers to a time that Zach said he drank a beer with McCrae. They come up with a name, "Sabowatch," for them being on neighborhood watch. Victoria says, that he'll (Zach) deal with her father, when they all get out. Christine says, this is how quiet it will be when only 4 of us are left. Frankie says, ahh, quiet. He says he can't believe they are all still in the DR.


7:06 PM BBT Christine and Victoria keep saying that Zach is the Saboteur. Victoria says she's pi$$ed, and he just got a lot of money. The 4 people came out of the DR, and Zach goes to BY to play pool. Caleb follows him. Zach says it's not him for real, and Caleb tells him, if someone's watching you 24 hours a day, then they'll have proof it's not him. We see FoTH. Caleb is playing pool with Zach, and tells him that he looks like the Saboteur. Other HG's were all in the SR, and Derrick says that everyone's a suspect, and he's watching them. They all walk out, and we see FoTH. Feeds come back with Frankie telling them the line from the show again about what Sabo means. More accusations are flying around about Zach sleeping so much this season.


7:11 PM BBT Caleb tells Zach that it's just to perfect to be him, how does he know that it's $25K, unless he was told. They say it could also be Victoria, since she doesn't play the game, and was Zinged about it. They go inside the house, and Caleb says, "Ladies first," to Zach, to go inside. Zach says it's not him to everyone, and calls out Victoria. Everyone runs out of the KT, except Christine. Cody goes back to the KT and hugs Christine. Zach goes in DR by himself. Everyone is still talking about what they lost, and when. Derrick says, what if by chance, it's not him? They can't be sure. Christine now says her Tiger is missing, from her HOH basket.


7:18 PM BBT Cody is screaming, "Where's Spanky?" Caleb says he's on the bed. Cody says, he put him there to watch. Everyone is now looking for Christine's Tiger. Frankie says his glitter was in the LR, and everything seems to be missing from a little area of the house. Cody says, Zach got called to the DR, with everyone sitting outside by the pool. Everyone has been looking to see if anything else is missing, and it seems that everyone is only missing one thing. Donny wants to see Frankie make some fish, and Caleb make some chicken.


7:22 PM BBT All HG's except Zach, are in the KT talking about missing items, when they might have been taken, and where the items where in the house, when they were taken. Frankie says this is the first time he's seen Zach without his shirt. Caleb says he keeps telling him he will be voted out. He uses his finger to wipe something off his teeth, and put it on his shirt. Derrick asks why he would give them a time frame to find their stuff? Cody says he's not going to sleep. Derrick asks if the house gets the money, since he got caught? Christine says no, and he made it half way. Zach comes out of DR, and Frankie runs to him in the rock room.


7:26 PM BBT Zach says it's not him, and yells at Victoria, that it's her. He says, "Roses are red, Violets are blue, If it was actually me, I would say it's true." Cody says they are dishing him some sick sh*t. He says he probably didn't even go to UF, and he may be from California, close to the show. Caleb says, he's probably been doing this the whole time. Frankie says he can't just be a schmuck. They say that Victoria is trying to sneak away, and she says, "Sneak away my ass." Cody goes up to Victoria and says he watching her, and she not off the block yet. He says he also not off the block. Caleb farts, and doesn't excuse himself. Everyone scatters. Caleb call Zach out about earlier in the day, and he says he went to take a crap. Zach keeps saying it's not him, and Caleb says that he's supposed to say that, otherwise he's not going to get paid.


7:30 PM BBT Zach says he was literally in the DR, told them that this might f*ck him now. He says they told him to be prepared for more to go down. Caleb says he's going to go in the DR, to see if they tell him the same thing. DR doesn't let him in. Frankie asks Zach if he's really gay? Like acting to be straight, and he's actually gay. Cody and Caleb walk back to the rock room, and are going at Zach about everything, and getting paid for the missions he is doing. He says he wishes it was true, but his Gator shirt is missing, and that's a big deal. Caleb says he's smiling because he knows he'll get it back when he leaves. Zach says he doesn't know what they want from him, and Caleb says, his boots back, simple.


7:35 PM BBT Caleb and Cody still won't leave Zach alone, and he keeps telling them it's not him, and he didn't take their stuff. Caleb says they think it still could be Victoria, but keep on going at Zach in the rock room. Derrick and Christine are talking about entertaining the feedsters tonight. Cody keeps telling Zach to stop looking at the camera. Caleb keeps going at Zach saying he's interrogating him. He says that for someone who could be leaving on Thursday, and going to the jury house, and we see FoTH. Feeds come back, and Caleb is calling him a Jamoke. He tells Zach he's lying, and won't stop yelling at him. Caleb says that he's leaving on Thursday, and Zach asks how? Caleb says, you'll see, and he says, "I'm not going home."


7:39 PM BBT Zach gets close to Caleb's face, and tells him he's NOT the Saboteur, and Frankie comes in the rock room, and says it's probably not that name. Cody and Frankie leaves the rock room. Caleb asks why he took his boots, the tiger, the hats, and whatever else. He says that he was the only one in the house for hours. That he has to say it's not him, or he won't get paid. He has to deny, deny, deny. He says he's going to get f*cked, and get sent home for Feeds come back, with Caleb saying he has specific missions to do, and is getting paid to do each one. Frankie, Derrick and Victoria in the WA, and Frankie says it's a dirty season.


7:42 PM BBT Caleb still attacking Zach about being the Saboteur, and he says for BB to give them the stuff back, what else can I do? Caleb says, you can't do anything, you're getting paid to do this. Frankie comes in the ice room with them, and when Zach is saying that it could be Victoria also, and to question her about what time she went to bed, because she was up later than him. Frankie is upset about his glitter being gone, and says he's pi$$ed, and is still looking for his Gator shirt. Zach says he's going along with this, because it's fun, but it's not him. Frankie says it would make him feel a lot better if it was him, and he's the Saboteur, whether or not he's getting paid or not.


7:47 PM BBT Cody was telling HG's in the BY to check in the trash. Zach goes to BY and has Nicole's sweatshirt on, because he doesn't have his shirt. Frankie, Derrick and Donny in KT, and Donny tells them that they may check the trash, is that o.k.? Frankie says yes, that they just have to make sure the patrols go on for 24 hours, that nothing else would happen. They discuss that Victoria will find out that she lost her necklace on her own, when and if they find the stuff. Derrick is asking the HG's in the BY to turn the grill on, because he's not allowed to leave his post. Derrick asks Caleb how things are out in the BY, and he says they are locked down. Donny says, "We got it out here, partner." We hear, "Please raise the outside awnings."


7:52 PM BBT Caleb and Zach are lifting the awnings, Zach tells him that it's not him, and Caleb says he has to deny it. Zach says he admitted it's not him, and obviously it wasn't, so he's not getting paid. Frankie finds Victoria's necklace on a dresser, and adds it to bag of missing items in the SR. Caleb says that Zach just put pool balls in his sweatshirt, that it's either the 1 or 5, and it was yellow. They rack the balls, and find out that Zach took the Que ball. Cody opens the WC, and Zach is taking a dump. He says, to shut the door. We see FoTH. Caleb searches Zach, and he drops his pants in front of them. They found the Que ball in the WC, and run after him. We see FoTH. Cody is screaming that they just caught him in the act, that he took it in the bathroom and hid it. He says he stole the Que ball and hid it, but he's not the Saboteur.


7:56 PM BBT Zach is blaming Victoria, and Caleb is going and going at Zach. Victoria goes in the DR by herself. Derrick says she takes medicine, so she has to go in there. Cody says the Que Ball was in the bathroom, under like 2 pieces of toilet papers. He says if anyone goes in there, and he thinks they're suspicious, the door is coming open, but not the females. Victoria says she's getting called back to the DR, and Cody asks why would she get called back, if she was just in there. Frankie is complaining about the cut of meat that they have, and they don't have a good knife. He's saying that everything makes sense. Caleb will NOT leave Zach alone, and is talking non-stop, blaming him.


8:01 PM BBT Donny, Derrick and Christine are in fire room talking about the clothes that they found behind the dresser drawer. They think it's from a season or two ago. They walk out of the fire room, and Christine says, come on boys. Caleb in KT, and says that Zach is back in the DR. He says that he was told to steal the Que Ball to rune pool for everyone. Frankie says he was probably told to put nom's up by random draw, and he's probably come out of the DR with something else to do, that they need to watch him, and he definitely getting paid to do it all. We see FoTH.


8:04 PM BBT Derrick asks who gets a question every week, and everyone says, Zach. Caleb says he'll probably tell everyone in the jury house, and Julie will probably tell them, they did a good job getting the blah blah blah out. Derrick says, he's not getting anymore money, and making us look like fools. Cody says, he's not going through that trash, and going to look nasty. Caleb says maybe he'll get some money for catching him in the act of taking the pool ball. Cody says, they are probably telling him to do other stuff. Caleb talks about the trash, and Cody is going to the SR to look for the stuff. Frankie says, Julie says it will be twist after twist after twist. Cody found the stuff in the garbage can in the SR. All HG's are going crazy. Zach comes out of the DR.


8:09 PM BBT Caleb and Cody go in the DR together trying to get a reward for finding the stuff. Frankie tells Zach that no one will ever believe him anymore, because of this. Victoria asks why he took her cover-up and her necklace? Donny comes out of the shower and they tell him. Frankie has Victoria go to the By with him, and has says it smells like the BY is on fire. He see the grill is at 600 degrees. Frankie says he hates everyone. Victoria says her necklace was for sure in the jewelry thing, and her robe, how did she not notice it was missing? He says he has no idea. Victoria says, "Wow, Zach," he's getting paid a sh*t load, and Frankie agrees. She says she called it, and Frankie agrees. She says she told Nicole and Derrick, and told Nicole not to say anything, but she confronted him to ruin everything. Frankie says she's an idiot, and his least favorite person. He says he like Zach more than her. Victoria says she's f*cking pi$$ed.


8:13 PM BBT Frankie is grilling the fish on the grill, and the fire is going up high. Victoria asks him if he's burning it, and he says no. She says she knew it was him, when he interrupted the Veto meeting. She says she needs her medicine, but they aren't giving it to her, because they are in the DR. She says she wants to wash and blow dry her hair tonight. Frankie says he is thinking about what to say in his speech, and he wants it to be good. He says, "I'm not sure what they call you, but you've sure sabotaged my game, so take a seat." Donny and Christine come outside. Donny with his visor on & Christine has her tiger in her left arm. Victoria says she is pi$$ed about her robe, and she just did laundry.


8:16 PM BBT Christine says that Zach is saying it's not him, and asked her if Frankie is putting him up because he's the Saboteur? She says she was thinking, it's been planned. Zach tells Derrick at the Dining Room table, he better not get voted out for taking a Que Ball.  Donny walks through, saying he's glad no one is watching him, and thanks them. Caleb starts talking again, and is walking around in his cowboy books. He says that Cody asks why they hadn't checked the trash yet? He says that he checked, and it was there. Zach is blaming Victoria, and She gets called to the DR. Victoria swears it's not her, and he tells her to, "Shut up and go to the DR." Zach asks why she just got called to the DR, if she didn't do it? Donny says she wasn't in there long enough to poop, when she came back out. Frankie is rambling on and on to Cody, Christine and Caleb about not trusting him (Zach).


8:21 PM BBT Frankie asks Cody and Caleb if they got money for finding the stuff, and they say no. Caleb says they may have if they said it was the right person. Cody says he something, but he doesn't know what the name of it is. Caleb says, "Jokers, Hamster Watch, Beast Mode's got his cowboy boots, baby." Zach asks Victoria why she's so quiet in the KT, she walks outside, as Caleb just says, his eyes are still on Victoria. Frankie says, they are on patrol. He says the fish will be rare in the middle, because of how hot the grill was when he went outside. Frankie wants to go in for a family dinner, and Christine says she will probably eat some sweet slop tonight.


8:25 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb go inside to check how done the fish is, and Caleb says he's going to make some chicken on the grill. Donny says he's good, he's already had his. Zach goes in SR, and back out to KT. Derrick, Caleb and Christine all go in the SR, and Derrick fixes the trash bag in the big trash can. They all walk out of the SR. Frankie is going around clapping, and singing, and Christine answers, singing. Victoria is in the WA putting a white bow headband in. Christine sings in the KT. We hear, "Please stop singing." She screams, "Yeah, o.k."


8:28 PM BBT Caleb, Frankie, Zach, Cody, Donny and Derrick are all sitting at the Dining Room table. Victoria walks in and joins them at the table. Frankie is talking and chomping while he eats. Everyone is eating, and you can hear tons of chomping in the microphones. Zach says his is to raw, and he's not sure if he wants to continue eating it. Frankie switches with him, because he says it's fine to eat, and it's expensive Tuna. He says it's exactly how it's supposed to be cooked, and Victoria says, she knows, and loves it.


8:30 PM BBT Donny says he needs to get to bed soon. Christine asks if she can squeeze in at the table. Frankie sees glitter above Zach's eye. He says, so now he has to be the Saboteur because he has glitter on his face. Frankie says he had to of touch it. Zach says he really wants to know who it is. Frankie says, well, patrols not ending, so, I like buddy patrol. Zach says he only took the pool ball for fun. Christine says it reminds her of the movie Clue. We see FoTH. Feeds come back and HG's are now talking about the Clue characters. Christine says she really likes Mrs. Peacock. Frankie talks about the deluxe edition of Clue, like a ghost or Haunted Mansion version.


8:35 PM BBT Frankie asks if anyone has played Scene It, and Christine says she's played the Disney version, and she good at it. Zach asks if it's the game with the DVD? Frankie says yes. Donny asks about being woke up for his shift, so he's not accused of taking something. Derrick and Frankie give reasons to continue doing the patrols. Zach says he didn't do anything, except trying to steal a freaking Que ball. He asks Victoria why she's laughing? He says clearly he's not the Saboteur, because he would have to hide stuff in the house. Zach says that's not funny. Caleb asks why Victoria had her necklace off, and she says it was for the comp. Zach says, so someone went inside your jewelry packet, and took your necklace? She says, yes. Cody says, whoever it was, wasn't deciding what to grab. Donny says, so your necklace and your robe were taking. She says she can't remember where she left her robe though.


8:39 PM BBT Christine still says she hasn't found her clothes. Frankie says he can't wait for Zach to reveal he's gay. Zach can't believe that someone would go into her bag to take her necklace. Donny says he's been around, and doesn't remember seeing anything. Derrick says we have to stay on it. Cody says Spanky is sitting in the ice room watching, so if he goes missing, someone's going to be in trouble. Cody says he was told Spanky was sent from his house, but it would be from his ex-girlfriend. Donny is in the WA, and see's something hanging and makes noised. He is staring at the stuff on the couch in the WA. Zach says he will take a shift tonight if he has to. He says this is not a Saboteur thing, that someone is doing this as a prank. Donny burps in the WA, and doesn't excuse himself.


8:42 PM BBT Caleb says it's key items that were taken, and it has to be production helping. We hear, "You are not allowed to talk about production." Caleb says it's not someone doing it on their own, they have to be told what to take. Zach says that Victoria gets called to the DR every morning, and he asks her why? She tells him, it's none of her business. Frankie and Donny are in the WA now, Frankie tells Donny that Zach is now accusing Victoria, as he washes and dries his hands. They walk out of WA, and he's singing. We see FoTH. We come back to Frankie saying that he really likes people being with him. We see cams moving in the walls. Frankie says it feels like a game, it feels like Clue. He makes noises, and we hear, "Frankie, please stop singing." Someone burps at the Dining Room table, and doesn't excuse themselves.


8:46 PM BBT Frankie asks if he should make cookies, and Zach goes to the SR with him. Donny asks if he's going to make cookies, or open cookies. The HG's at the Dining Room table are accusing Victoria. Zach and Frankie come out of the SR, and Zach tells him what temp to set the oven at. He accuses Victoria in front of everyone, telling her she doesn't even know how to play BB, and it has to be her. He asks if she has anything to say, and she's ignoring him. Zach takes a Sprite bottle and is slamming it against the Dining Room Table, making noises. Frankie is shrieking and talking, and Donny says he sounds like Kermit The Frog. He keeps on talking that way.


8:49 PM BBT Christine says she likes the table decor. Derrick asks who wants to play pool with him, because he needs a buddy, and can't be out there by himself. Christine says, "I got your pee, and goes in the WC. Cody follows them to the WA, and sits on the couch with Derrick, waiting to go and play pool. Derrick is saying there can be more. Cody says it cam be that they were trying to pit 2 or more of the social players against each other. Christine comes out of WC, washes and dries her hands, and laughs. She's listening to Cody talk, using her Chapstick, and smiling ear to ear. She blows her nose, and throws the tissue away, and then stands by the couch in the WA. Derrick goes to the WC, and comes out. He has his daughter's blanket around his neck, and he's smelling it.


8:54 PM BBT Everyone leaves Donny sitting at the Dining Room table. Zach goes to BY by himself, and is racking balls at the pool table. Donny goes to BY, and tells Zach he'll play him a game. Zach asks if he's sure, he says, yes, he actually practiced this morning. He says he played a game by himself. Zach did the break, and sunk a ball. Donny says, that is dirty. Christine and Derrick are sitting on the couch in the WA, and Cody comes out of the WC. Christine is laughing and smiling ear to ear. Derrick asks if his uncle is a cop, he says, a State Trooper. Derrick asks why he doesn't do that? He says he wants to be an interrogator. He says he went to school for business, and doesn't have a degree for that. Derrick asks if they get paid good there, and he says yes, but it's hard to get on the force there, because not a lot goes on. He washed and dried his hands.


8:56 PM BBT Victoria went into the WC. Zach and Donny are still playing their pool game in the BY. Caleb goes to Frankie and says he's been thinking deeper about Victoria's necklace, because she says she never takes it off. Frankie says if he was told to get something, he would find it. He says he can NOT imagine he's playing anything. Caleb says she's not playing BB, so they have her playing another game. Frankie says if it started this week, he can see it. Caleb says when he (Zach) goes this week, and things keep going missing, we know we have the wrong person. Zach tells Donny that if he's up against Cody, he's definitely going home.


9:00 PM BBT Convo in the KT with Frankie, Cody, Victoria, Christine and Derrick is about who's going to do what patrol shifts this evening. Victoria says it's going to be a long night, and Cody says it sucks. Frankie tells Cody he can sleep with him. Christine says she'll probably be up late, and Derrick says he'll stay up. Cody tells Caleb, he will literally watch him when he sleeps. Christine says when Zach's picture goes black and white, she'll say, "I'll see you, never."

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#BB16 9:01 PM BBT Donny wants to chew tobacco, but he only has three more chews then he is done.

#BB16 9:02 PM BBT Zach "man Donny I think I am going home this week"

#BB16 9:03 PM BBT Donny "you think there is a crack in the group?" Zach "Victoria was supposed to go home if it wasn't you, you were supposed to go home this week"

#BB16 9:06 pm BBT Donny beat Zach in the game of pool and then they head inside the house where everyone else is.

#BB16 9:08 pm BBT Cody, Derrick and Caleb now outside playing pool and rehashing reasons why Zach is saboteur.

#BB16 9:10 pm BBT Discussion outside of how long dryers take to dry clothes. Christine heads inside house and Derrick said something to her about going alone without someone else. Christine "hey I'm one of your officers sir"


#BB16 9:15 pm BBT Caleb and Derrick outside playing pool. Derrick "it's one of the eight people in here, that's all we know"

#BB16 9:17 pm BBT Cody and Christine in firebedroom discussing saboteur. Cody "everything makes since, everything that Zach was saying to me he was saying to Frankie"

#BB16 9:19 pm BBT Christine "he (Zach) was going home anyway"

#BB16 9:22 pm BBT Cody to Zach "I don't think this is looking good right now"

#BB16 9:24 pm BBT Everyone has made their way into the BY. Christine and Frankie by hot tub. Frankie "Cody's pissed"

#BB16 9:26 pm BBT Frankie "did you see my glitter on his (Zach's) face, that was my favorite part of the whole thing"

#BB16 9:28 pm BBT Frankie shouting out "you know Julie this saboteur was emotionally and physically draining"

#BB16 9:29 pm BBT Frankie practicing his veto speech "I don’t know if there is a saboteur in this house, but someone has been sabotaging everyone’s game"

#BB16 9:31 pm BBT Caleb and Zach in WR. Zach "would you tell me if I’m going up?" Caleb "a percentage of me says yea I think he is going to do this especially after you tried to steal a q ball"

#BB16 9:34 pm BBT Zach "if you were in Frank's position, you would put me up?" Caleb "yea" Zach "so I’m going home because I stole a q ball" Caleb "it looks like you are the saboteur, if you were going up against Cody, yea I would vote you out"

#BB16 9:36 pm BBT Caleb "you stole the q ball and put it in the trash. Trash and trash go together"

#BB16 9:38 pm BBT Zach "I am going to end up going home because I stole the q ball." Caleb "if he is going to put you up just because you stole the q ball?"

#BB16 9:39 pm BBT Caleb and Zach in WR now discussing alliances that were formed. Caleb talking about when everyone was after him (Caleb). Caleb is explaining that he would vote for Cody to stay because Cody has never went against him.

#BB16 9:43 pm BBT Caleb said he was telling Frankie that they cannot pin it all on Zach because she (Victoria) was by herself a lot.

#BB16 9:44 pm BBT Zach begging Caleb not to lie if he is going on the block. Caleb is asking what good has he (Zach) been for everyone?

#BB16 9:47 pm BBT Zach "I'm going home bro, I just have to plan some stuff for this weekend, I have nothing to lose"

#BB16 9:49 pm BBT Caleb suggested to Zach to pull Frankie aside and talk to him. Zach "I'm gonna try"

#BB16 9:50 pm BBT Victoria, Frankie and Christine in the hot tub. Victoria "Caleb better not try and convince you (Frankie)" Frankie "if he (Zach) really is, he deserves a punch in the face"

#BB16 9:52 pm BBT Frankie  about Victoria having two things taken "maybe he (Zach) was assigned to get something and took something else"

#BB16 9:54 pm BBT Victoria "why didn't we get him out?" Frankie "he was up two times, he is so good" Christine after Zach is gone "this house is going to be so sweet and peaceful"

#BB16 9:55 pm BBT Victoria "he (Zach) is going to do whatever he can to get his name cleared" Frankie "I’m going to get a talking to."

#BB16 9:56 pm BBT Derrick and Donny now joined the hot tub group talking about Zach having Victoria's pink hat since the beginning of the season.

#BB16 9:58 pm BBT Zach still in WR with Caleb. Zach "Damn why did I steal that q ball, now I'm never playing pool again in my life."

#BB16 9:59 pm BBT Caleb now telling Zach that he can make phone calls as soon as he gets to jury house.

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10:00 pm BBT   Derrick goes outside and tells the hot tub crew about Caleb and Zach's conversation. They are all talking about catching him with the ball. Frankie says that the nickname he gave himself is "Zach Attack." Cody says that he doesn't think this is over. Zach tells Caleb that he swears that he wasn't the person who took all the other stuff.


10:07 pm BBT   Donny says he will do a shift during the night, but he doesn't want to be alone because then people might accuse him of being the taker. Derrick says he can go to sleep now and they can wake him for his shift. Meanwhile, Caleb and Zach are talking and agree that they still want to see each other once they are outside of the house. Zach says he won the day he got a key and would rather go out now than make it to the finale and go out in 3rd place. He also says that Caleb is one of 3 people left he would vote for to win and would campaign for him if he's up against someone he doesn't want to win. He says he would win against Frankie. Caleb doesn't know if he can. He thinks people might vote for Frankie over him if they think they can get things from him. He thinks people would vote for him if they will vote for someone who hasn't lied or backstabbed.


10:13 pm BBT   Zach says he needs to pick out his outfit for Thursday night. Caleb says it will be his Gators shirt and Zach says not for that. Frankie says this has been the craziest 24 hours of his life. Zach repeats that if he wouldn't have stole the ball he wouldn't be going out on Thursday night [if he only knew that the plan was to evict him anyways]. Frankie and Victoria come into the WA. Vic says she wants to shower, so the boys decide to relocate to the HOH room. Zach says the HOH room should just say Frankie's room because the only 3 days he didn't sleep there was during Devin's HOH reign. Meanwhile, before they leave the WA, Frankie pops a zit and brags that it was a zit with 3 heads. He shows it to Caleb, Zach, and Victoria.


10:18 pm BBT   Zach tells Frankie that before he entered the house he read a letter by Dan G. to future BB16 HG that they should never forget it's a game. He said he was thinking that he would never waste a week of HOH on Victoria. He realized that he would either be going for Cody or him. Frankie tells him that Zach is the one who gave him the idea. Frankie also tells him that everyone in the house tossed his name to him. Zach asks if that includes Derrick and Cody. Frankie says yes. He says that he just doesn't know if he will ever get over the hurt. He tells him that he was going to tell him tonight. His trust is shot. Frankie tells him he loves him but that it's a game but that he's so paranoid. He said it was the way he freaked out during the nominations. Zach says he knows he is the first one to go. Zach says he doesn't want to hear that he gave him the idea.


10:23 pm BBT   Zach says he has a great life at home and he will walk out with his head held high. They made great friends and there's no one else they will share this bond with. Zach says he can't wait to go home and watch the season. Frankie says he will go home and see how much he loves him. Cody and Christine are watching something floating in the hot tub and Donny and Derrick are just hanging around. They are talking about the shifts for the TA mission. Cody will wake Donny up around 4 or 6 a.m. Back up in the HOH room, Zach says he is just glad to know that it isn't because he stole a F'ing Q ball.


10:28 pm BBT   Zach is swearing that he isn't the guy who took their things. Caleb says he doesn't think Victoria is smart enough to have pulled it off. Zach agrees, but says it isn't him. Frankie says he knows he won't be getting any votes from who is in the jury right now. Zach says he thinks Derrick would get them over either of them because he needs the money. Zach agrees that it's better for his game to send him home than Victoria.  He says he would be stupid not to send him home. Zach says if you don't put him on the block he won't put him on the block and he won't vote him out. Frankie says he believes him and says if the decision was only his, he would listen but everyone wants it this way.


10:35 pm BBT   Cody and Donny are talking by the pool table. Donny says he doesn't know if it was a prank and he doesn't know if anything else of his is missing. He says he can inventory his stuff real quick because he doesn't have much. Derrick joins them upstairs and Frankie tells him that he told Zach he's going on the block. Frankie tells Zach he has played an awesome game. Derrick asks if Cody is by himself right now (he's not... he's downstairs with Donny). Frankie asks if he should call him upstairs. Derrick says, No...I'm going to watch him. Meanwhile, Derrick tells Zach that the plan was to send Donny home but that he beasted through the veto and that's why he's here for another week. Frankie tells him if there's a buy back he should F'ing win and come back. He says he's tried many times to repair their trust in the game and he feels he may never be able to repair it.


10:39 pm BBT   Donny comes upstairs and tells them that Cody was going to put his hat down but didn't want to because he was worried about losing it. Caleb says he isn't going to sleep tonight. He's not fooling around with these jamokes. He is wearing his cowboy hat with a light on it. Zach has gone downstairs to the pool table, Derrick leaves with him and says he is keeping up the patrol but stays in the KT with Christine and Vic. Derrick screams up to Frankie that he needs to keep up patrol because he's going to go out and play pool with Zach. Donny says he will take it over. Caleb and Frankie fill Cody in on their conversation with Zach.


10:45 pm BBT   Derrick and Zach are playing pool and Derrick says that 6 of the people in the house are walking away with the same thing as he is. He tells him that if he could pinpoint a moment it was when he said he wouldn't throw the BotB. Derrick says Christine, who shouldn't trust them as much as he should, went in and gave Caleb a bone and got in trouble for it. Meanwhile, Caleb says that he's sure Zach has been paid more for being here each week. Cody thinks he got paid for asking Devin to nominate him. He thinks he was told to do things. Frankie says it makes sense that America has been voting on things this whole time. Cody says that on Season 12 America had the saboteur, he can't remember Season 13, Season 14 America voted to have the coaches, and on Season 15 they voted for the MVP. He thinks they voted for Zach in this game. Zach tells Derrick that not only will he vote for him but he wants him to win the $500,000.


10:50 pm BBT   Frankie, Cody, and Caleb are thinking of all the things Zach may have been tasked to do... get yourself nominated, form an alliance, pit 2 people against each other. Caleb says he could very well have 40 or 50 G's. Derrick and Zach say that the good guy doesn't always win. Christine comes upstairs and they start to fill her in on the conversation with Zach. Frankie tells her that Zach says he will "continue" to wreak havoc in the house (bang pots and pans, steal stuff). [As an aside, Zach did not say "continue" --Morty]. Zach tells Derrick that at least he goes home sitting next to someone like Cody and not Victoria. Frankie says he hopes he really takes it like a man this week. Christine says "he's not a man."


10:56 pm BBT   Zach says that he swears it's Victoria, but that everything happens for a reasons. It's so that Derrick can win 500K (he says this in front of Donny). Frankie has just fed the fish and Cody, Vic, and him watch the fish devour the food. Frankie asks who is on patrol and Vic says it's Donny and Derrick. Frankie gets ready to take a bath and Vic to dry her hair. Donny and Derrick are talking in the KT. Derrick says this will suck. Donny says that if he wants to go to sleep a little bit, Caleb says he's staying awake all night. Derrick says for 5 Grand, he'll stay awake all night. Derrick says when he said "Neighborhood Watch" it was 6:04 PM, so he wants to go to 7:00 PM tomorrow just to be sure.


11:01 pm BBT   Derrick tells Donny that Frankie just told Zach he's the one going home this week. Donny says he doesn't want to leave and Derrick says you and me both. Meanwhile, Cody, Christine, Caleb, and Frankie are watching Donny and Derrick talking on the cameras. Then they sneak out on the balcony to eavesdrop on their conversation. When Derrick and Donny hear, Caleb and Frankie just go downstairs. So, Christine and Cody are alone. She tells Cody that at home Tim never lets her play with his hair because he says it makes it greasy, he doesn't let her massage him or tickle his arm because it tickles him and makes him feel weird. Cody says OK. She says she just wanted to tell him. He says he said something in the DR yesterday. He says they put it in better perspective. She says they didn't try for him. He says he told them it was F'ed up. She said she told them they weren't getting a sound byte from her. He said that is a married woman, he doesn't step on toes like that, and Tim, your wife loves you. We got to FotH.


11:05 pm BBT   Frankie comes back upstairs and tells Cody and Christine about telling Zach he was going on the block. He tells them that Caleb first told him it was because he stole things today and then he told him it was because of all the paranoia and trust issues. They said they told him it was because of today, too. Caleb is warning Derrick and Donny that Zach is going to be trying to tell them each things about each other until he's voted out of the house. Derrick and Donny listen in silence.


11:11 pm BBT  Christine says there is nothing Zach could do on the planet that could make her keep him in the house. Meanwhile, Zach is talking to Derrick in the have-not room. He is hoping he can make a phone call in the jury house. He hopes his mom will tell her she's proud of him and doesn't hate him. He says they don't always see eye to eye. Zach says he's not upset and he told him 4 weeks ago that he would rather win. Zach tells Derrick that Caleb has his back and that if there's anything he can do to tell him. Christine tells Vic and Cody that they made it to Zingbot and they made it halfway. Derrick and Zach leave the have-not room and see Caleb and Donny. Zach asks if they are still on patrol and Caleb says yes...he's just waiting for something else to come up missing.


11:17 pm BBT  Derrick and Zach are now sitting in the BY on the patio. Derrick tells Zach that Cody could end up winning the whole thing because he has a lot of friends in jury. He says that some of it is luck. Caleb comes outside and Zach asks him where his boots are. Caleb says they are hidden...in the HOH room. Donny is called to the DR and Vic says he's always called to the DR. Zach says he's telling them it's Victoria. Caleb says if you saw her with your own eyes, it would be believable (which is true). He says it could be Donny (which is actually true). Derrick asks Caleb if he will be outside for awhile because he's going to take a shower. He doesn't want to leave anyone alone since he's on patrol. Caleb is lifting weights and Zach is just sitting in a chair alone. Cody balls up a tshirt and throws it at Christine. They laugh hysterically. She goes to the HOH balcony and throws it at someone, but we've just come back from FotH, so it's unclear who...


11:23 pm BBT  Frankie is told to put on his microphone. He tells Christine and Cody that he was practicing his speech in the HOH WA. Frankie says he really wanted to win the veto because he wanted Kathy Griffin to give it to him because of all she does for the gay and lesbian community. She's a gay and lesbian icon. Caleb and Zach are talking about what they might be able to do when they get out of the house. Zach might like to be a public speaker. Caleb says he would have to stop swearing so much.


11:25 pm BBT  Frankie tells Cody and Christine that he wants to practice his speech/rap for them. "I'm gonna take a page from my friend Zach attack, but I'm gonna do it better cuz your sh*t was kinda wack. I love you so much and it would be great for you to stay, but if I didn't put you up, it would be cray cray. I'm not quite sure if you're the Saboteur but what I know for sure, you gotta walk out the door. So Zach my man, please go have a seat, It's time for you and Julie Chen to finally meet."


11:27 pm BBT  Meanwhile, Caleb is telling Zach that for the rest of his life if people want to ask what he does for a living he can say he's Beast Mode Cowboy, a Reality TV Star "slash" personal trainer "slash" dietitian. He says he reads people very well and he doesn't want to hang with people who only want to be with him because he's somewhat famous. Zach tells him he needs to go get his pink hat because if that goes missing he will be really upset.


11:33 pm BBT  Caleb and Zach are playing pool. Caleb says he wishes he had caught the thief in the act. They agree it had to happen late because he had his boots till late and Zach had his Gators shirt until he went to bed. Frankie, Cody, and Christine come downstairs. Frankie tells Zach he's wearing the Delta Zeta colors. Zach says he was a ZBT (Zeta Beta Tau) fraternity. Frankie was a Sig Ep. Frankie recites the Greek alphabet. Caleb says he doesn't know anything about that stuff. They discuss fraternity life and learning the Greek alphabet.


11:40 pm BBT  Frankie tells Zach that he has a good speech in honor of him. Caleb says he has to come up with a speech, too. Zach asks where the jury house is. Frankie says he has no idea... maybe Beverly Hills. He says it's beautiful wherever it is. Caleb says it's a mansion. Derrick and Cody are in the SR. He says it's messed up because it was supposed to be all 4 of them. "Thanks Frankie." Cody says it doesn't matter because Zach told him that he was voting for Derrick if he gets to the end. Derrick tells him that he said he was voting for Donny if he gets there [Zach told Derrick he was voting for him --Morty]. Derrick says he will go around saying different things until he's voted out.


11:49 pm BBT  Frankie and Zach are playing pool and Frankie tells Zach they will still be Zankie. Frankie says it's weird because he's usually the guy he talks about his speech with because he's his best friend in the house. Zach says he has to start thinking about what he wants to say on Thursday. Frankie says he can help him with that.


11:52 pm BBT  Donny asks Derrick why they can't both go to bed and then someone can wake them up when they go to bed. Derrick asks Donny to follow him so that no one thinks he's stealing stuff. Derrick says the problem is that Frankie won't do it so they have to each do it. Derrick says someone should do it with him until 4 a.m. and then he can do it. Derrick says he will not go to sleep for 24 hours because he doesn't want to lose that 5 Grand. Derrick says if he gets tired to where he can't keep his eyes open anymore, he will wake him. Donny says he wants to do his part and Derrick says, "you are."


11:57 pm BBT  Victoria's eye is really hurting. Derrick and Donny don't see anything in her eye but Donny goes with her to the WA to squirt some saline solution in it. Zach and Frankie playing pool. Christine, Caleb, and Derrick in KT. Caleb has changed into his overalls, camouflage hat, and cowboy boots. Things settled down in the house.

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