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Saturday August 9 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

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Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

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Thank you! 

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11:00 PM BBT  Frankie in the LR talking to Christine, Donny, and Caleb about his charity Broadway in Africa that he formed with his Broadway friends from the Lion King.  Frankie is not talking about how he won the BotB all by himself since Caleb didn't help, except one or two time he gave him advice.


11:06 PM BBT  Victoria and Frankie bonding over his sister Ariana Grande, he asks her to request his sisters record.  She said she already did, it was number one on her list.  Frankie says he can't believe the way everyone was acting outside during the comp.  Donny sitting in the living room whistling to himself.  Caleb looking for more slop to eat.  Apparently he, Frankie and Christine get to go tail-gating and meet players from the NFL. 


11:15 PM BBT  Frankie bragging he was the 33rd most influential tweeters in NYC.  Frankie says he felt like he was in the closet for the second time.  He said it was so hard.  He says Ariana is a 21 year old mega, mega, mega, mega star and she just the lost the most important person in her life.  He says it goes "Rianna, Beyonce, Ariana" that is exactly how it goes.  Its been so hard not to talk about it. Frankie is really happy he can honest about it all now.


11:20 PM BBT  Zach, Derrick, and Cody are still trying to figure out who is lying about when and when.  It's so confused at this point Cody just want to sit down with Nicole and Christine and ask them which one of you are lying to me.


11:25 PM BBT  Frankie says he posts on YouTube twice a week: "Frankie Friday, and Topless Tuesday"  Victoria remembers telling Frankie about losing her hair, and he said Ariana went through the same thing.  Dancing is singing and dancing in the KT about being safe for the week, and getting out of the house for a football game even though he says he doesn't know what that is.


11:30 PM BBT  Nicole come out of DR and she has been crying.  Frankie comes running to her and she says "I know everybody thinks I'm the villain, because I put you on the block"  She says "I'm so sorry Frankie"  He says: "No way, I think it was the greatest game move every to put me up"  He is not mad at her at all.  He is trying to comforting her as she continues to be upset.


11:35 PM BBT Victoria and Derrick talking in the Have Not room.  Derrick is saying that Frankie is getting Fan Favorite for sure, and she says "it's not fair, he is playing for charity and I am playing just for my life"  Derrick says it's the same for him.  Derrick leaves to get some food, and Caleb is asking if they are going to have cameras on him the whole time he is doing the time they are enjoying the football reward.


11:45 PM BBT  Cody is getting ready to be off slop and eat until he's sick.  Nicole is still very upset that Frankie is "Famous" and she was "calling him out"  she can't believe it, she is so so sorry. 


11:50 PM BBT  Frankie and Caleb bonding in the Have Not room.  Frankie says this is all real, "I am inviting you to my home, and staying with my family".  Caleb is telling him that Derrick, Cody and Zach are still wondering where his head is. Caleb says "they are wondering if you are going to work with Nicole and Christine."  Derrick walks in and Frankie swears he is not going to work with Nicole or Christine because they lie all the time.  Derrick tell him the reason Nicole is upset is not because she lied about you, it's because you are Ariana's brother.


11:56 PM BBT  Victoria is in the WA with Nicole trying get pumped back up because Nicole is so upset that if she votes out Frankie, she is voting out Charity.  Victoria is doing on the common sense talking here.  She is telling Nicole she is a great game player, and not to worry about Frankie.  Nicole is still upset that she put him on "blast" during the veto ceremony. Victoria says he deserves it.


12:05 PM BBT Victoria and Nicole still bonding in the bathroom.  Nicole talking about how much she misses Hayden.  She wants Vic to tell her if they are going to put her on the block.  Frankie and Cody are eating everything they see, while Caleb still eats his slop (he gets a pass at the NFL reward).  Christine is up in the HOH room alone watching the spy cam.


12:15 PM BBT Nicole climbs in bed with Christine in the HOH room.  Nicole says "I know the guys are going to try to get you to put me up, and I want you to know that I never would have put you up even if they told me to"  Christine says we have to work together going forward, she says if the veto is used Victoria is up.  Nicole promises to tell her everything, and start with a clean slate going forward.  Both girls realize that Cody and all the guys are mad at them both, but they are not sure why.


12:21 PM BBT  Christine wants Donny to win Veto, take himself off the block and she will put up Victoria and they will vote out Zach.  Nicole is promising safety to Christine since she can't play for HOH next week.  Frankie and Cody talking in the KT, Cody asks if he (Frankie) told Christine to put up him (Cody) as a replacement nominee.  Frankie said he did, but he was only "fishing" and Christine said she would put up Cody.  Frankie wants Christine to backdoor Nicole, Cody said he is not even going to bring that up, Frankie says I'll do it, make her prove her loyalty to us.


12:29 PM BBT  Frankie says what Caleb said at the beginning of the comp was "I want you out because you are the only one that wanted Amber out and you lied"  Victoria has walked by several times and the guys stop talking, she gives them the stink eye the last time she walked through.  They also think Derrick is upset with all the lying that's been going on.  Frankie goes up the HOH with the girls.  He walks in and says "can I sleep with you?"  Christine says yes.  Nicole says she is sleeping downstairs.  Nicole starts immediately apologizing to Frankie.


12:35 PM BBT  Nicole goes down stairs and lays on the opposite couch from Cody.  He asks her, "who is lying?" Cody says "he is so over it".  "Someone is going to go home based on a lie."  Christine and Frankie are bonding in the HOH room over who actually put Cody's name up as a replacement nominee during Nicole's rein.  Cody wants to cuddle with her, she says "let's talk first" they go to the rock room so Christine and Frankie can't watch them on the spy cam.


12:43 PM BBT Frankie and Nicole in the HOH, He says we are two, together.  Christine says "is it bad that I want Zach out?"  Frankie: "it would be, because he was one of our numbers, but now Caleb is so it fine."  Christine: "No way" Frankie: "oh ya, he thinks I am Jesus now, I know Justin Beiber"  Chrstine: "and you have Victoria, she would never vote against you now" Frankie: "that is why I decided to tell everyone because I knew I could get her vote".


12:47 PM BBT Victoria goes past the Earth room and looked really upset.  Nicole goes after her, she is crying really hard in the WA.  Nicole is comforting her, she tells Victoria that she has her back.  Cody is trying to help a really depressed Zach get himself together.  Frankie walks into the Have Not room with Zach and Cody and tells them that Christine is willing to backdoor Nicole.  Cody says, man, I just talked to Nicole and they are to going to talk to each other.  Frankie says don't worry about it, it will be o.k.  


12:51 PM BBT Victoria is upset that Frankie was completely forgiven for everything just because he's famous.  Nicole says "you gave me a really great pep talk just a little while ago" Victoria says "I know, but I'm afraid if the veto gets used I am going up as a replacement nominee."  Nicole says "you just have to play hard, win the veto and not use it."  Victoria says "Duh".  Nicole says "I will be a vote for you to stay if you go up, and you can be a vote for me if I go up."  "We just have to be strong."


12:57 PM BBT  Cody leaves the Have Not room, and Zach goes right behind him, he is still not speaking to Frankie. Cody and Christine hugging and doing a little dance spin in the KT.  Christine says "I don't really know what happened today and I'm confused"  Cody just says "I know".  Cody is hugging Christine at the sink, he is looking for her belly button.  He picks her up and spins her around.  Frankie: "Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, how clever you think you are, look what it gets you, a black and white picture" he is staring at the memory wall. 

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5:00 AM BBT All HG's are sleeping except Derrick and Cody. Derrick and Cody are whispering about everything that happened last night. Just catching the end of the conversation but Derrick is saying even though Caleb may not trust Frankie, but they think Caleb will still back Frankie because of what could happen outside the house i.e. Frankie getting Caleb studio time for singing. 


5:06 AM BBT Cody is telling Derrick between Christine and NIcole he trusts Nicole more. Derrick said he isn't so sure they are both playing similar games. They are comparing the lies they think Christine has told. Derrick asks Cody if Donny has came to him and talked game. Cody says no, and Derrick says him neither and that worries him because he thought when Hayden left he would come to Cody. Derrick says Donny has to go because as long as Donny is in the house Nicole has him to fall back on instead of falling back on Cody. Cody agrees with Derrick and says Donny has to go. 


5:10 AM BBT Cody says if he wins HOH his 3 that would go up is Donny, Frankie and backdoor Christine. Cody said that is what pisses him off about the current format of 2 HOH's because he can nominate 2 people and with BoTB they could both be safe, whereas the old format guarantees at least one of the nominations go home. He doesn't like it because it forces you to show your cards and everyone can tell what your plan is. Cody also mentions that Caleb is running the house with Frankie and Christine. Cody says Caleb thinks he is a smooth talker but isn't.


5:15 AM BBT Cody tells Derrick that Caleb always says he wants to make big moves and said he wanted to throw the comp but he screwed them over. They agree they need to tell Frankie who's idea it was because there were so many people involved he can't be mad at everyone there aren't enough people left. They want to place the blame on Caleb because Zach was going to do it, and even though Nicole didn't trust Zach, it was Caleb that kept saying he wanted to do it, and how epic it would be. Derrick and Cody leave the WA and head to their respective BR. 


5:19 AM BBT All HG's are now in bed. Frankie is asleep with Christine in the HOH room. All is quiet in the BB house after a tumultuous night.


6:01 AM BBT All HG's still in bed.


6:29 AM BBT All is still quiet in the house. Christine has woke up and tossed/turned a few times but that's the only movement from any HG's.


7:23 AM BBT All HG's are currently sleeping after an explosive night in the BB house.  In case you missed it, read or flashback to 9:51 PM BBT forward 

to check out the fireworks for yourself!!!


7:36 AM BBT Frankie briefly got out of bed (he is sleeping in HOH room with Christine) used the bathroom, and laid back down. Seems he is already back asleep along with all the other HG's.


8:45 AM BBT All the HG's are still sleeping soundly. Zach has readjusted and tossed a blanket off but is back settled. 

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9:15 AM BBT WBRB probably the wake up call. Maybe they will play some Ariana Grande this morning.


9:25 AM BBT The feeds return and the lights are on. Donny is up and pacing around the KT while he eats. Christine is up and getting dressed. Frankie is awake but doesn't plan to stay that way. He is going to sleep a little longer since he knows BB will be calling him in to the DR first.


9:30 AM BBT The lights in the rock BR are still off. BB sends his daily reminder that the lights must remain on during the day. No one budges.


9:35 AM BBT Donny is walking laps around the KT and LR while humming. They are still on IDLD. Christine is taking a shower in the HoH BR. The rest of the HGs are still in bed.


10:00 AM BBT Christine is out of the shower and brushing out her hair on feeds 1/2. Feeds 3/4 are on the HGs sleeping in the fire BR.


10:15 AM BBT Christine is up doing ADLs. The others are all in bed.


10:26 PM BBT Christine is in the HoH room. Frankie is awake. She tells him that "He is going to attack me so bad." Frankie "I got your back." Christine and Frankie are excited about getting to leave the house. Christine admits she is worried about what will happen while they are gone. She says they might get back and find a new six person alliance.


10:29 PM BBT Frankie tells Christina that Caleb is the key. Whatever Caleb thinks, the rest of the house will think. And the key to Caleb is to play the Amber card.


10:34 AM BBT Christine and Frankie are speculating how the outside world is responding to them. Frankie believes they were probably well liked until recently. They are probably villains now. Christine says she doesn't know because Hayden didn't get the big a response from the audience when he was evicted. The other HGs got bigger applause.


10:45 AM BBT Christine has gone downstairs to the KT for some breakfast. The other feeds are on a sleeping Cody in the rock BR.


10:54 AM BBT Christine is alone in the beehive talking to herself/us. She knows she is going up next week no matter what. She says she has to get rid of Frankie. "How the hell do I get Frankie to leave me alone without ruining my game? I hate him right now. I can't tell him anything for real." She needs to make sure the anger is directed at him. She says it is important that she is not the biggest target.

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11:01 AM EST Christine in Beehive alone, she says, "Gosh, I have to choose a host." Still sitting there contemplating her game, she rolls her eyes. HG's are still sleeping in the rock room. Victoria goes to the WC, knocks on door, and goes in. She comes out and washes her hands in the WA. She heads back towards the BR's and we see FoTH.


11:04 AM BBT Feeds come back, and Nicole goes from the fire room to the WC. Christine leaves the Beehive, walks into the WA and sits on the couch. Nicole comes out of the WC, says hi to Christine. She tells her she has tells Christine she has to go to the DR. Frankie gets called to the DR. Christine compliments Nicole's shirt, asking her if she's had it this whole time. She said she has. Christine says Frankie is going to be so pi$$ed.


11:07 AM BBT Nicole and  Christine talking about Cody, and then about Zach, saying they should make it pretty mild. Nicole gets told to put on her microphone. Christine says, he never asks me about you. Christine asked Nicole what time she went to bed. She said about 4:30 a.m. Cody gets called to the DR. Nicole tells Christine she scrubbed her face for a long time because of the skin peeling and zits from stress. Meanwhile, Frankie is in the HoHR bathroom, with a green towel on. We see FoTH.


11:09 AM BBT Frankie is getting dressed in the HoHR. Nicole tells Christine she thinks everyone else feels bad for her. Christine says that Cody said something about her not responding after she found out who his sister is. She says now that she's trying to get him out, she's in big trouble. Nicole says he's not good fer her game, and he needs to go. Christine says if he's her one more week, she can't do it because she can't play HoH. Nicole says that Cody is pi$$ed, because if it comes to the F2, and Frankie is there, everyone will vote for him to win, since he's donating his money to the Africa charity. She said that Cody said he already has the $25K in his pocket for fan favorite.


11:14 AM BBT Frankie goes to the KT from the HoHR, gets some water and starts making coffee. Hello yells, "Good morning," to Christine and Nicole, and they respond back. Christine says, "I miss Tim." Nicole says, "He misses you, imagine how excited he is for you this week." Christine says how all of her family gets to see her on TV this week. Frankie walks out of KT to WA and says, "Oh shit." Christine discusses Nicole's pictures. Frankie says, "Good morning Nicole, how did you sleep." She says, "I got woke up for DR, otherwise, good." Christine says, "So, everyone's going to be in DR now?" Nicole says yes. Cody is walking around the house. We see FoTH.


11:16 AM BBT Christine heads to the DR, and says she will take her robe off, but it's going to be cold in there. HG's are still sleeping the fire room. Cody comes out of the WA, while Frankie is blow drying his hair. Cody goes into the rock room, stacks two pillows, covers up with the sleeping bag, and lays back down. Nicole is putting on her eyeliner in the WA, while sitting on the couch. Frankie starts to put his make-up on by the sink in the WA.


11:21 AM BBT Nicole says she thinks everyone was up until the same time. Frankie says he went to bed about 3:30 AM, when he got out of DR.

Frankie yawns, and continues to put on his make-up. Cody is stirring in the rock room, and puts the blue blanket over his eyes. Frankie says, he can't wait for the BY, the Veto, and if he gets to play, because he wants to.


11:23 AM BBT Nicole is putting on her mascara in the WA, still sitting on the couch. Frankie is putting the finishing touches on his make-up for the day. Frankie asks Nicole if they are good for a while now, and she says, she hopes so. Frankie says, they should just let go anything that happened. Nicole says, she understands now, why he was acting so different. Frankie says, there are still a lot of discrepancies, but he's not worried about it. He wants to just keep playing the game, because America sees everything that's going on. He says, it was liberating in the beginning not to be questioned about everything. He says, he doesn't usually get to hang out with people like that, without them knowing who he is. Nicole says, she glad she didn't know he's donating to a charity, because she never would of put him up. She says, she glad she just found that out. Frankie says, no one would believe him. He says Nicole get to go to Africa with him to help build the school.


11:27 AM BBT Frankie says everyone that is still there get to go with him to Africa, and he can't wait to see Victoria dragging cinder blocks through the desert. Nicole says, she's really excited to go, because she's always wanted to go to Africa.


11:28 AM BBT Nicole says, that her and her friends were going to go this summer with one of the doctors, if they didn't have a lot going on in the lives, but they did. Frankie says, he is getting Wilderness training. He says he's been there about 10 times already. Nicole asks, about getting shots. He says, yes, they have to get shots each time. He says, he's been going 2 times a year for 5 years, he goes with friends from the charity, and it's awesome. He leaves the WA to go get coffee. Nicole says, that's crazy. He says he feels so free, as he dances back to the WA. Nicole says, that's awesome. Frankie goes to KT and drinks some electrolyte drink.


11:29 AM BBT Nicole is out of DR, carrying her robe, and says to Nicole that she won HoH with her, so she is more than welcome to use anything upstairs with her this week is she wants. Frankie gets called to the DR. Frankie says he retained HoH for her, and can use whatever he wants. Nicole and Christine laugh, Christine says that's true. Frankie is drinking some more of his orange electrolyte drink. Frankie goes in SR.


11:30 AM BBT Nicole is looking for the headband that she slept with. Christine tells Nicole that Frankie told her that Nicole was his #1 target. Frankie leaves SR and goes to DR. Christine says, she told Frankie that everyone's coming after him. That Nicole, is not the scariest one going after him. Nicole says, she appreciates that, because she knows he's going after her. Christine says she told him that Nicole's alone in the game. Nicole says that Frankie told her they are good, but she doesn't believe him. Christine says, that he believes because his sister is Ariana Grande, that he's not going anywhere. Nicole says, he's very very confident right now. It's making her feel uncomfortable because they are just normal people, and he said that it takes him back to 3 years ago, when he hung out with normal people, and it was fun while it lasted.


11:32 AM BBT Nicole says, Frankie is being cocky and confident. Christine says, he got Caleb to start campaigning for people not to be against Frankie, and making him look better. Nicole says, that Caleb was on Zach's side, because he said that he (Frankie) could be gone next week. Christine says, it's scary for BOB, because if he goes up again, he could be safe again. Nicole is throwing out ideas of a Devin thing, if she's HoH next week. She says, she's already thinking ahead, but she has to. She says, she doesn't want either HoH to put Christine up.


11:35 AM BBT Nicole says she's going to feed the house information that Christine feels sad, and asked her to go upstairs. She says, everything has changed so much. She says, that Frankie really likes Christine, and would take him far. Nicole says, she doesn't think Frankie will go far. Everyone wants to pretend that he didn't tell them that. She says, that Frankie telling all this last night will help him to get a clean slate.  HG's in the fire room are still sleeping.


11:37 AM BBT Nicole was saying that everyone wants to get him out because if there's an America's Vote, they will give it to him. That he's already going to get America's Player, hands down. Saying that he'll have all of his sister's follower’s votes, and it puts him on the level of Beyonce or something. Nicole says, she doesn't think they will be his targets.


11:40 AM BBT Nicole says, it's just frustrating that this happened the way it did, and they have to get him out. Nicole is wondering if he would put her up. They are running scenarios of who may go up and be BD. Christine wants to know how to distance herself from Frankie. She says she doesn't even like as a person anymore. Nicole says she liked him more before now, if that makes any sense. Nicole didn't realize there were still 9 people in the house, and no one keeps their word. She doesn't want to be worried, but wants to be able to work with people that will work with her and Christine.


11:43 AM BBT Christine and Nicole both think that Derrick and Cody really like them. They are trying to come up with a plan to try to make it to the F4.


11:46 AM BBT Christine says if Nicole gets HoH, she will have to pick people that will legitimately lose the BOB, so she can BD them. They are trying to think of who would do that. Christine says that almost everyone plays in Veto now.


11:47 AM BBT Nicole wants to tell Cody that her and Christine started out on a clean slate and are working together again. She wants him to know they trust each other again. They don't know if it will hurt them, so they keep running through it. Nicole says that Cody feels in between them, so they agree to tell him.


11:48 AM BBT Nicole said she felt awkward last night because Cody would talk to one of them, and then the other. Christine says they should tell him today, and Nicole agrees. Nicole says, that Victoria gets super worked up about things, and goes to everyone. Nicole says, that Frankie was talking to her about his F2 Speech. Cody walks in the ice room, gets a grey shirt out of the ice box, puts it on, and goes in SR. He gets eggs and something else out of fridge, and walks in KT. Nicole and Christine say good morning to him, and he doesn't respond. He walks over to the sink, and cleans out a pan.


11:52 AM BBT Frankie goes in KT with Cody. Frankie asks Cody how he's feeling post slop, and he says his stomach is hurting. Cody yells to Christine to ask to use her HoHR bathroom. She says, absolutely he can. Frankie says his head and face hurt from allergies, but he'll deal with it, as he makes himself a bowl of cereal. Christine and Nicole just keep chit chatting. Frankie walks to WA, and Christine asks why he walking funny. Nicole gets called to the DR.


11:55 AM BBT We came back from FoTH, and Frankie is telling Christine what his mom told him to say going into the house. He says, he already has enough to keep straight, not to add more to it. He starts talking about homosexual names, while chomping on his cereal, while sitting on the couch in the WA.


11:57 AM BBT Christine to Frankie, what should I do about hosts since two people haven't hosted yet. She asks, if she should have Nicole host since she just one HoH, and put Victoria on slop. Frankie says she should make the host, whoever she not putting on slop. She says, Zach is going to kill her. Donny walks out of fire room into the WA. Frankie says, "Hi, Donny." Donny says, "Well, hello." Frankie asks how his leg is, and he says it's tight, but feels good. Cody comes down the stairs into the KT.


12:00 PM BBT Donny and Christine talk about how long they have been awake. Christine says she was in Beehive talking to herself and her picture. Donny says he would still be in fire room if there was a toilet there. They walk out of WA. Cody goes to SR, while Frankie goes to KT.


12:01 PM BBT Frankie asks Cody what time he was up until, he said 4 ish. Frankie's going to wait until about Veto to approach Zach again, because he's tired of getting shut down. Donny goes into the KT, and walks back to fire room, put on his shoes and visor. As he walks out of the fire room, he waves to the camera, and mouths "Hi." General chit chat from Frankie and Cody in KT. Zach, Victoria and Derrick get told to, "Please change your batteries." Christine comes out of HoHR, and heads to KT, carrying the picture of her and Tim.


12:05 PM BBT Zach and Victoria go to SR to change their batteries. Both go back to bed. Christine wonders why names haven't been drawn yet, and why she was woke up at 9:30 AM. Cody offers to make egg sandwiches, but no one takes him up on the offer.


12:07 PM BBT Frankie wants to save a blueberry pop tart, but there are a ton left. Donny is sitting at DT eating his sandwich. HG's in rock room are still sleeping.


12:09 BBT Cody talks about working together with his brother. They want to be together, and ask for raises, because of it.


12:10 PM BBT Cody says that husband's have told him to get away from their wives, while working the parties. Christine says, "I didn't know Jewish people are like Mexicans," in the sense of their parties. Frankie starts talking about Italians and Jews have big and loud parties. How the children stay at home as long as they can. Frankie asks Cody if he went to the sleep away camp, and Cody says he's not Jewish.


12:13 PM BBT Cody says he needs to use the bathroom and take a shower. Christine says she already took a shower. Frankie and Christine talk about the different church camps. Cody says he went to Band Camp, and Christine says, "Band Camp is to pro create the nerds." She says, she is just kidding and doesn't want the world to get on her about that, because her brothers played the trumpet. Frankie goes to HoHR. Cody acting weird eating at the KT table.


12:15 PM BBT Cody starts to sing, and Christine says, she freaking loves Taylor. She wants reading a Protein Plus drink at the KT table. She lays her head on her arm on the table. Donny is walking around by the picture board. Cody walks into the SR, and back to the KT. Derrick gets told to change his battery again.


12:17 PM BBT Cody, Christine and Donny were talking about what time HG's went to bed, and when they got up. Victoria is brushing her teeth in the WA. Frankie starts talking to the camera in the HoHR. He says, "I won the BOB, single handedly taking himself down. Now, I'm in the HoHR, This game is an emotional roller coaster man, but I'm really happy that, from this point forward, I shall be playing this game as myself, which is very exciting, and the whole me. The truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God. Let's see how far that will get me." He continues to talk about his head hurting and being hydrated.


12:19 PM BBT Frankie says, "Happy Frankie Saturday." He says, he's happy to tell Jocasta and Hayden. Derrick gets called to the DR. Nicole gets told to change her battery. Cody says, "Serious Nicole, is this your first day in the house, change your battery, you freaking rookie." Nicole goes to SR. Nicole says, "Happy Birthday Jessie, I love you, the big 2-0." Everyone says it with her. She says, she wonder what's she's doing today, and hopes it's something fun.


12:22 PM BBT Derrick getting dressed in fire room. Conversation in the KT is about amounts on different things in the food. Nicole is starting to make herself something to eat. Derrick went to the SR. Nicole says she didn't really want to be up yet.


12:23 PM BBT Christine asks if there's an open bed in the fire room. Donny is sitting in the LR, on the couch, holding a cup of coffee. Cody to Nicole, the other half of my bed is open in the rock room. Christine asks Nicole about the shirt she is wearing today.


12:25 PM BBT Nicole says she got the shirt at Victoria's Secret. Christine says her friends made her an I love Tim shirt, and they stole it. Donny gets called to the DR. Derrick is in the WA, brushing his teeth. Victoria is also in the WA, she has a grey towel wrapped around her body, a white towel on her head, and is putting on her make-up. Derrick sits on the couch to brush his teeth. Victoria gets told to put on her microphone. Production says, "Please clean the mirror above the sink." Nicole climbs up on the sink to clean the mirror in the KT.


12:28 PM BBT Cody thinks it's the WA sink they were talking about. Victoria and Derrick both get told to put their microphones on. Christine and Nicole talk about the sleeping arrangements, and how Frankie wants to sleep up their to work on her. Christine says she doesn't like be secluded upstairs, that she likes it downstairs better. Christine says, "Ahh, HN's, screw me."


12:30 PM BBT Nicole asks Christine if she thinks it's going to be today, and she says yes. Christine asks Cody if he cleaned it yet, and he says he just brushed his teeth, "What the f*ck does this look like, the Cody cleaning show?" They laugh. Victoria walks in the KT, and Christine says, "Umm, I like what I see." Cody walks in the KT looking for paper towels. General chit chat is going on with Victoria and Christine about her wedding photo.


12:33 PM EST Donny asks about her wedding picture. Christine says that was her wedding day, but not technically, because their marriage license got stolen, so it was just the ceremony. We see FoTh.


12:34 PM BBT Derrick tells Cody that Frankie is an a$$hole, and he wants him out of the house. Cody asks if Zach is going to get pi$$ed. Derrick says, Zach has been throwing them under the bus for 50 days, if it comes to that he's a casualty of war. He fixes his hair, with his grey beanie hat on his head. Frankie sleeping in the HoHR.


12:36 PM BBT Derrick gets called to the DR. Victoria and Christine discussing the clothes worn at her wedding.


12:38 PM BBT Victoria asks Christine if she has a digital album of her wedding pictures, and she says, no, but that she would like one, but they are expensive.


12:39 PM BBT Donny is walking around the KT, and they others are discussing Hayden's scent on his clothes, even after they are washed. Nicole says, it's not a bad smell. Victoria tells Christine she will do one of the digital albums for Christine at wholesale price, and won't charge her extra for it. She says she can get them for $700, but charges her clients $2,000 for all the time it takes her with them. Donny is sitting in an orange chair in the LR, reading a cereal box.


12:41 PM BBT Christine talks about her different pictures done by Tim's BFF, that were done for free.


12:44 PM BBT Donny is reading jokes off the Sugar Smacks cereal box. Christine wonders if she should take a nap, because she doesn't know when she's going to get called to the DR for the comp. Nicole goes in LR, and sits on a couch. Victoria gets told to exchange her microphone with one in the SR. Christine says the 3 youngest girls are left in the house. Nicole tells Donny, she feels like she can cry all day, every day now.


12:46 PM BBT Victoria goes to HoHR to blow dry her hair. Christine is singing as she goes to the WC. Cody is in the shower in the WA. Nicole tells Donny she wants to go back to sleep, because she doesn't know what else to do. Cody is talking to Christine from the shower. Victoria walks into the WA, and Cody asks her to hand him the shaving cream. She says, no at first, picks it up, kept moving it around by Cody, and finally hands it to him. Zach gets called to the DR. Cody knocks on wall, while inside the shower to bug Christine.


12:48 PM BBT Donny tells Nicole they have the numbers now. He says, Derrick has Victoria in his back pocket. Donny asks if the cereal used to be called Sugar Smacks. (So, it must be a different name now.) Donny says the guys are like the 4 headless horseman that turn on themselves all the time. Nicole says she doesn't understand. Donny says, it's Frankie, Christine, Derrick and Cody. He says, it's been that way since the entire game, from Day 1.


12:51 PM BBT Donny and Nicole both think they are gone if they don't win. Donny said it will be better out there, then in the house. Donny says, he can't stand the way they cackle. He said if he stays, he'll be in prison for sure. Donny gives scenario of what he will do when he walks out of the house. It said it would be very hard to do it again.


12:53 PM BBT Christine tells Derrick that she doesn't want Frankie sleeping upstairs with her. She's thinking about sleeping in the rock room. Nicole tells Donny, that they can't lay down and die. Donny says, if he leaves on Thursday, she can win HoH. Nicole asks him if he wonders if the 4 are working together, and he says, he's though that form the beginning, but couldn't say anything, because he's alone in the game. He only used to walk in the BY with Jocasta. Nicole says, she is #1 on Frankie's list.


12:55 PM BBT Christine and Derrick talking about Frankie in the KT. Donny and Nicole tell each other, if they make it to the end, they will vote for each other. Donny walks into KT to put his cereal up.


12:56 PM BBT Donny goes back to LR. He tells Nicole that Derrick is the only one that has played and manipulated everyone in the house. He said, even Frankie hasn't done that. Donny says, he couldn't have said anything he would of been a long time ago.

12:57 PM BBT Donny looks worried in the LR, and tells Nicole he quit his job to be there. Christine and Donny still talking about different scenarios of what people will say when Frankie leaves in the KT.


12:59 PM BBT Donny says it's going to be a pretty wild card for him and Nicole to go any further. Because the other people will carry each other. Nicole says, you don't want to blindside people at this point in the game. Donny says, if you don't have a choice, you're going to have to pick one of them. Donny says, that Derrick told Jocasta before she got voted out, that she didn't know if they had the votes to save her. Nicole says, that they didn't share that with Hayden. Donny said it was him and Cody that voted him out, and Nicole said it was. Derrick goes to WA to tell Cody that Donny and Nicole are going to try to go to them for help staying. Derrick says, as long as Donny is there, it's going to hinder his ability to pull Nicole in. Derrick says they've been talking in the LR for about 20 min.


1:02 PM BBT Derrick said they are glad they kept Nicole. Derrick told Cody to see when he goes in the LR, unless Christine went to talk with them. Christine is sitting on the other couch in the LR. Cody is putting on his tracker and getting dressed in the WA, after getting out of the shower. Nicole says it feels like a rainy day today. Christine agrees.


1:04 PM BBT Donny says, she's (Victoria) has become a professional door opener, and explains what she's doing by opening and closing doors by slamming them. Victoria walks in WA, and back out, while Cody is cleaning his ears. Victoria puts a cup on the coffee table in the LR, and walks to the BR's.


1:06 PM BBT Everyone leaves the LT to go lay down in the fire room to take a nap. Cody is wondering where they all went, after he gets out of the WA. Victoria says Christine doesn't want to sleep upstairs anymore. Cody says, it doesn't matter, Donny's staying on the block. Cody has a mean look on his face, while he, Derrick and Victoria are chit chatting in the KT.


1:10 PM BBT Cody says that Donny is going to run the numbers to try to get someone to get the Veto, and take him down. Derrick asks Victoria to go to Fire room to get something to spy on them. Derrick things that they are in the fire room scheming things about the game. Cody and him continue to discuss past events, while Victoria is taking her time in the fire room.


1:12 PM BBT Victoria walks out of fire room, and Donny says, "Professional." Christine says, "This is unbelievable." Victoria tells Derrick and Cody that they all have their eyes covered. Derrick says, maybe they are done then, because they've been in there a while.


1:15 PM BBT Cody says, he's a huge schemer. Victoria says, Donny, I know. Victoria gets told to go exchange her microphone with one from the SR. Cody stays at KT table with his right hand in his hair. Victoria comes back, and says that if Donny wins the Veto that one of them is going home. Cody says, that it will probably be Zach that goes. Victoria says, Christine wants her gone. Cody, says that if either one of them go up, they have each other to vote for them, that are trustworthy.


1:16 PM BBT Cody is telling Victoria that just because things that came out with Frankie, it doesn't matter, because he's safe this week. He runs through events from last night. Christine gets called to the DR.


1:17 PM BBT Cody says if Donny is going to scheme to come back to the bigger group, it's not going to work. Cody says that was a lucky competition. Cody says after they do the picking (Veto), he's going to take a nap. Derrick goes up to HoHR to tell Frankie Christine just got called into DR.


1:19 PM BBT Derrick to Frankie, we have to work together, because I honestly trust you, we have the bond with our grandfathers. He says he already knew about the schools, and believes in his heart, he's on a closer level with Frankie. Derrick says Caleb is close to him, but may or may not know about the schools, and Frankie says, he didn't.


1:20 PM BBT Derrick tells Frankie that Zach volunteered to go up to Frankie to make sure he goes this week. He says that Caleb was playing the Amber card, but he believes that there was a premeditated plan, obviously. There was something going on that Caleb was going to throw the comp. He asks Frankie, if he's heard of him throwing him under the bus. Frankie said that only time was with Cody.


1:23 PM BBT Frankie was under the understanding that it was Cody/Derrick to make an alliance with Hayden/Nicole. Derrick tries to debunk that scenario. Derrick said the Nicole was telling them everything, and then they flipped the script and kept Zach here.


1:24 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie still talking game in the HoHR. Derrick says they are part of TA, and will have a bond at the end of the game. Victoria and Cody are sitting on a couch in the LR. Cody says he's glad he came there to play the game. Victoria agrees, and says it feel different because so many people are gone. Cody says, they still have a long way to go, and it's going to get way more quiet, way more awkward.


1:27 PM BBT Victoria leaves the LR, and Cody puts his left leg on coffee table, stretches out, and is lounging. Frankie says he doesn't want to look like a$$holes if they vote Donny out. Derrick brings up the followers, and says it won't affect him. Derrick is still being true to TA, and Donny is alone in the game. Frankie asks, if he thinks Zach will put him up next week, and Derrick says he might. Frankie says that he doesn't feel that Donny would put either of them up. Derrick says, really, he told us to our faces, that he's not playing for America, that he's there for Donny Thompson.


1:31 PM BBT Frankie says, he just hopes he can repair his relationship with Zach. Derrick tells Frankie that he's upset because of him having America's Favorite Player hands down. That he has more followers than all of them combined. That Zach may feel it's pre-orchestrated. Derrick asks Frankie why he is there. Frankie says he wants to be the Big Brother winner, he loves himself, he wants to be himself, he doesn't want to live off of his sister. Derrick says, he trying to develop his own start, and be Frankie Grande. He doesn't want to be known as Ariana Grande's brother. He said he has 1.5K followers, and she has 20M. He tells Derrick about the different shows his sister has been on.


1:37 PM BBT Derrick says they still have 7 people to get out. Cody left the LR, where he and Victoria were chit chatting. Cody is lying in bed in the rock room, with his eyes covered.


1:39 PM BBT Derrick tells Frankie how much bigger he will be, now, after BB. Derrick says, there are a lot of fans left, not students, so they know how to play this game.


1:44 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick discussing TA, and if Donny goes to jury, he hopes he can't expose them. Derrick believes Donny was chosen for who he is, and that he must have some sort of sob story, as to why he would be chosen. We see FoTH, and then Jeff's highlight reels come up. Time to pick names for POV.

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2:48 PM BBT: Frankie, Victoria, Derrick and Caleb talking about Fonzie, Broadway, YouTubers, and Frankie's life in LR.


2:55 PM BBT: Conversation still on Frankie. Derrick seems extremely interested, but I think he's doing it to be on Frankie's good side.


3:02 PM BBT: Frankie gives Miranda Sings a shoutout. Derrick says that the next twist is that he is Justin Bieber's cousin.


3:05 PM BBT: Victoria steals the spotlight and talks about meeting Miley Cyrus and seeing her wardrobe and tour bus. 

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2:01 PM BBT Derrick and Christine are talking about the types of comps they prefer. Caleb and Frankie are in the WA talking about the fact that Zach and Frankie should be even, because each have tried to get each other out. Caleb says if Zach can pull off winning the POV he will shake his hand and say congratulations. 


2:07 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie have moved to the LR and joined Cody and Christine. Derrick asks Frankie how many Twitter followers he has, in which Frankie says around 540k. Cody said and he thought he had a lot. Frankie tells them BB is really pushing social media and a lot of their comps are with computers and technology based and when they leave everyone will have a lot of followers when they leave.


2:13:07 PM BBT Caleb has joined the LR crew and they are discussing what the POV comp may be. It seems Cody didn't get picked to compete in the POV because he says he would "fly, jump, whatever just to have something to do, but I get to watch." Derrick and Frankie are naming off the different types of POV comps they have seen on previous seasons, but they haven't done yet. Discussion of the Zing Bot comes back up and whether it would come this early, or does it come when everyone plays in POV. Somehow the discussion turned to the size of Brittneys breasts, and who she told they were real and who she told they were fake. 


2:18 PM BBT Derrick starts discussing a Jim Carey movie (Fun w/ Dick and Jane) but he can't remember the name of it. They are begin talking about the different funny scenes. Frankie says he is excited to go to a football game, and they begin discussing whether they are actually going to a game or meeting the players. Derrick tells Frankie if they go on a Thursday or Sunday then its probably a game. Derrick brings up when Shane and Danielle got to meet the Olympic medalists. They are all trying to figure out what team they may go to see. 


2:26 PM BBT They are all discussing what players they would like to meet, and who is a fan of who. Caleb mentions he is friends with Johnny Manziel. Derrick mentions to Frankie that he thinks he saw Frankie's sister on TMZ, something about her doing a show with Bieber. Frankie says he hopes they can go to his sisters house for an after show party because she lives really close to the production lot. Derrick says Rachel has an awesome after show party each year and always invites previous HG's. Derrick likens it to being in a fraternity.  


2:30 PM BBT Victoria has gotten up and left the LR crew. It is still Cody, Derrick, Frankie and Caleb talking in the LR. All 4 cameras are on them but it seems all other HG's are napping.02:35 PM BBT Frankie is explaining to the LR crew how he makes money from YouTube. He says he joined the channel as a partner so he started getting paid immediately. Frankie says it is all done by YouTube and he gets paid by the clicks on the ads. Derrick asks what he usually gets paid, and he tells them he gets anywhere from $300 to the most he has gotten is $1200-$1300. He says he got his start when his sister was opening for Bieber and Bieber high-fived him while on a Segway and the video went viral. 


02:44 PM BBT Victoria has came back and joined the guys in the LR. They have moved to talking about different actors and their real accents but how when they are acting they can mask it. There is no game talk going on. They are bouncing around from sports, to movies, to other reality shows. 


2:47 PM BBT Derrick shows them all a bite on his ankle and says he is wondering if its a spider bite. Cody looks at it and says "eww is that herpes" in which Derrick replies "Yes it is, because I had my foot in your a**." That gets a chuckle from everyone, even Victoria. She hasn't spoke a word at all. Frankie starts telling them he came to LA to act, but its tough going from Broadway to acting on the west coast. Victoria gets up and goes to the DR for a few moments and comes back out. 


2:53 PM BBT Derrick is really blown away but also enamored by the fact that major YouTuber's have agents and managers. Frankie tells them about his friend that got him connected and helped him get all his subscribers/followers. Caleb says his brother is big into YouTube and looking it up right now. Derrick explains that he would have known from day 1 because BB would have told America who Frankie was, that was a twist in itself.  


3:00 PM BBT Frankie compares himself to Justine Bieber when he goes to VidCon (a conference for YouTubers). He says he gets mobbed and people go crazy when he walks through. He tells them that now, VidCon is bigger than ComicCon.


3:08 PM BBT Frankie/Derrick/Victoria have moved in to the KT to find something to munch on, Caleb stays sitting in the LR in one of the nomination chairs.  


3:15 PM BBT Derrick tells Frankie last night when he was telling everyone all his secrets he thought the walls of the house were going to fall down and someone pop in and tell them they really haven't been on BB  it was some other experiment. Frankie asks him like the Progressive Commerical, and Derrick says, "Yes exactly." 


3:18 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick are discussing Kenny from BB Canada. Derrick brings up the risque photos that got out of him, and Frankie said he enjoyed them a lot. Derrick then explains how he got evicted. Caleb is complaining at how hungry he is. Derrick tells him he doesn't feel sorry for him because he gets to do something he'll never get to do (go meet the NFL team) and twice during the 14 days he has gotten to eat normal food, and Derrick will probably be going up as a HN for the 3rd time next week. Frankie gets called to DR. Zach gets up from a nap to take a shower. 


3:24 PM BBT Derrick leaves the KT and says he is going to take a shower then goes into the FR to get some clothes. Donny asks if he is going to shower, and Derrick says yes. Donny says he is going to take one  as well in a bit. Derrick heads to the WA and asks Zach if he is down while he is showering, and Zach says "nah." Derrick tells him if he needs to talk he is there for him, they are in this together. Victoria has came into the WA and getting her hair straightener out. Caleb went to the ER and laid down. 


3:29 PM BBT Frankie exits the DR and BB announces for Caleb to come to the DR. Zach walks through the KT/LR in a towel and Frankie is at the sink. Once Zach is out of ear shot Frankie says to himself "Aww that is nice." Victoria is whispering to Derrick in the WA and tells him he better win today. Wasn't able to hear his response as he was taking his mic off to get in shower. Zach is dressed and in the SR looking for his fit tracker and looking in the fridge. He grabs a bottled juice and sits on the couch in the LR alone. 


3:34 PM BBT Victoria starts singing in the WA while Derrick is in the shower and we get FOTH. As feeds come back Derrick is telling her in the nicest way possible she can't sing. Derrick says he is asking her a serious question, "Have you ever recorded yourself and went back and listened to it?" She says no she photographs people not record them. He tells her to try it and then wait a day or two and go back and listen to it and pretend its not her and see if its any good. Victoria says she will as soon as she is out of the house. 


3:38 PM BBT Frankie is back upstairs in the HOH room laying down. Derrick is still showering. Victoria is sitting in the WA while Derrick showers drinking her hot tea. 


3:46 PM BBT Donny and Derrick are discussing the potential time for the POV comp. They both think it'll be around 6:00p BBT. Victoria is laying on the couch in the LR. Zach has went into the DR at his own request potentially to request something. Donny has joined Victoria in the LR and tells her he had a nice nap and is wanting to take a hot shower. 


3:51 PM BBT Zach sits down in the LR with Donny and Victoria. Donny asks Zach what he wants to eat before the POV comp. Zach says he doesn't know, he isn't too hungry. Donny says he isn't really either but they may want to eat and get their bellies full in case after the comp they are HN's. Zach and Donny both agree if Christine is picking HN's that both of them along with Nicole will probably be HN's. Zach says he is going to be  pissed if he is a HN again. Donny gets summoned to the DR. Derrick is out of the shower and in the FR getting dressed. Zach and Victoria are sitting in silence in the LR. 


3:57 PM BBT Derrick goes into the SR to grab his fit tracker and then makes his way to the WA to clip his toe nails. Zach is still sitting in the LR staring at the ceiling. Victoria gets up off LR couch and goes off camera. BB announces reminder that sleeping is only permitted in the BR's. They must think Zach is asleep because they zoom in on his face. As soon as he scratches his face BB announces "Zach, Thank you for your cooperation."


4:01 PM BBT Victoria moves into the WA to talk to Derrick while he clips his toe nails. Victoria says she is bored. Derrick tells her she better get her beauty rest she will be getting some TV time soon. He tells her she will have a lot of fun hosting. Victoria comments that Amber sucked at it. Derrick tells her just to remember she is going to mess up, you are reading a card for the first time in front of 12 cameras so not to worry, its going to happen so just go with it. Donny comes in to the WA to take a shower and Derrick and Victoria both say they need to do laundry. Zach gets up off couch and buzzes to get in to the DR. 


4:05 PM BBT Derrick asks Donny as he gets into the shower how his ankle is feeling. Donny says "oh it's good, its a little stiff, but a lot better than I thought it was going to be." Victoria goes into the WC. Derrick goes into the LR and is using one of the mirrored windows to further fix his hair just right. Victoria exits the WC, looks in the mirror to adjust her mic, and washes her hands. 


4:10 PM BBT All HG's are asked to report to the HOH room. Not sure if its a LD or Derrick seems to think they are picking HN's now. 


4:11 BBT A brief FOTH and then to Jeff highlights. Time to pick HN's.


4:41 PM BBT Feeds are back. All HG's are downstairs looking at the slop options for the week. It is a PB&J theme but its called Peanut Butter and Jellyfish. Christine says she is choosing HN's based on who has done it the least, and she is sorry but she chooses Donny and Zach.


4:43 PM BBT Donny and Zach are the 2 new Have Not's!!!


4:44 PM BBT The slop theme is Peanut Butter and Jellyfish. There are jars of plain peanut butter and 15-20 differnent colored jars, all named after different type of fish and sea creatures e.g. Purple Octopus jelly is one.


4:47 PM BBT Christine is in the FR whispering to herself. She sort of shrugs and motions like she is throwing something to the ground. She says "Akward. Thank God for 2 have nots, I hope Nicole is not mad at me that I was going to put her on. This is such an awkward game. Donny is such a good person. Donny is legitimately a good human being." She is pacing back and forth, taking her glasses off rubbing her eyes. Then she says, "As for the other one, he disgusts me right now.


4:49 BBT All the other HG's are still mingling in the KT, discussing the slop. Caleb says he is super excited about the peanut butter. Christine is still standing in the FR in complete silence. As Christine exits the FR she whispers very very softly, almost inaudibly. It sounds as if she says, "Christine, get some balls." When she emerges from the BR Nicole meets her and says "Thank you" while Cody gives her a hug. Nicole/Christine/Cody are whispering about the fact it was 2 people this week, not 3. 


5:50 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie are in the HOH room discussing the upcoming POV. Derrick says if he wins he will keep nominations the same. Frankie says the only way they will change is if Donny or Zach win. Frankie says he is still upset Zach and Nicole conspired to get him out of the house. Christine comes into the HOH room and Derrick says he appreciates Christine not putting him up as a HN and gives her a hug. He semi-jokingly says "You're still my target, but I appreciate it. She laughs and says shut up.


4:55 PM BBT Derrick says he feels Zach has almost given up. Frankie says he isn't so sure, that they may be part of his strategy and he is going to blow up. Derrick tells Frankie when he starts acting like that you have to just say "ok." Frankie tells Derrick about throwing it in his face he lost to him last night. Derrick said he doesn't remember that, so Frankie tells him what all he said to Zach last night after the BotB in the LR and how he threw in his face how he lost. 


5:08 PM BBT Donny and Zach are laying in the HN room talking. Donny says something inaudibly about being "so close." Then Donny refers to Caleb as "Dumb-bo Caleb" and that he can't even throw a competition right. Zach asks if the comp was really easier with one person. Donny says definitely if they had started out that way. Donny said he thinks the condensation helped slow the ball down. Donny said Caleb if he was at home, after seeing Caleb in the comp, he would have been pulling for him. Zach all but said he has given up. Donny tells him he isn't giving up but he isn't going to kiss anyone's butt this week either and if he walks out the door next Thursday he will be happy. Nicole comes in the HN room and said she wanted to come see if he knew how to make his HN bed, and gives him some pointers on how to be as comfortable as possible. Nicole also offers Donny a big sweat shirt she has. Cody said at least they have peanut butter that's a good thing. 


5:14 PM BBT Victoria is talking to Nicole in the BH room telling her that no way can Frankie be trusted, and if anyone does she doesn't understand it. Says people that are trusting him is an idiot. Donny and Zach are still in HN room laying down. Donny is laying on his staring at the ceiling and starts crying. Zach tells him its ok, in five weeks it will be over. Donny tells Zach they better quit being upset or they'll be talking about it at 3 in the morning. Donny gets up and starts making his HN bed, he tells Zach that no matter how they fix it and what they put down it will be hard. 


5:17 PM BBT Derrick/Frankie/Cody are in HOH discussing who will be HN's from this point forward. Cody says he figured Nicole would have went up if it had been 3 HN's. Donny is telling Zach that all this is almost over, and by Christmas everyone will be happy. Donny tells Zach he has been by himself pretty much the whole game, he would be in the BY watching them play pool and congregate and he was left out of the conversations. 


5:32 PM BBT Donny says he knows his days are numbered because they have been after him from day one. They thought he was in an alliance with Hayden, that him and Jocasta were in a major alliance, and none of it was true. Donny says there is absolutely nothing he can offer them and they don't even need numbers now, although he is alone. That he could be valuable if they used him as a vote to split up some others that have an alliance. Donny is summing up the fun times he has had in the game, Zach tells him how awesome he was in veto comps. 


5:36 PM BBT Donny says he is done. Zach says he is too, he can't wait to get home. Donny said his girlfriend will pick him up, take him to his parents, eat, go by his work, see his buddies and hopefully his life will be back to normal. Donny and Zach both say they don't want their life to change, that no money can make them happy so it doesn't matter. Zach says he has his little brother and that's all he needs. He mentions he only had $20 in his checking account when he left but he don't care. Zach is trying to figure what his stipend will be he says "around 9 to 9 1/2" and he won't have to pay taxes since he lives in FL. Donny says they probably can't talk about it and starts asking how taxes are in FL.


5:42 PM BBT Donny and Zach are just chatting about life back home. Zach wants to live at home as long as he can. No more game talk really, just the fact the house and remaining HG's are starting to wear on them. 


5:43 PM BBT Victoria and Nicole are in BH room talking about the different lies that were told to them. Nicole brings up getting apologized to over the make up. Derrick and Cody are in the KT. Derrick tells Cody barring Donny doesn't win POV tonight, he is gone.


5:46 PM BBT Zach tells Donny that he can not even stand to think about staying in the house 30+ more days. Donny is telling Zach not to each just peanut butter it will constipate him. Cams switch back to Derrick and Cody in the KT. Derrick says if Donny does win POV that him and Cody will need to have a long talk because it may be more beneficial to keep Victoria over Zach (they are assuming Victoria would be replacement nominee). Derrick says it wouldn't take any convincing at all to get Frankie to vote out Zach. They bring up Hayden and Nicole playing them. Cody says he thinks Hayden was being honest. Derrick says if Zach wins, and uses POV, then Victoria goes up and Donny goes home, no one will argue that. If Donny wins and its Zach/Victoria on block, its a tougher decision. 


5:53 PM BBT Nicole and Victoria still in BH room talking. Nicole says if she wins POV she won't use it, but she is certain Zach would stay and she doesn't want that. We get a quick FOTH and all 4 cams are on the KT. Caleb and Derrick have a fishing pole they are messing with. BB comes over intercom and says "Its because of you we can't have nice things." Everyone laughs and Caleb gets the line back through the eyes of the fishing pole and he yells out "We are also why things get fixed." Victoria gets called to the DR and Donny says "Oh lord." It could be the call before POV comp starts. Victoria is hosting. 


5:59 PM BBT Victoria off camera says something along the lines of "Hey guys" and as she walks back into KT everyone says "Ahhhh man." All the HG's were hoping it was time for POV. Donny is in the LR stretching. Everyone else is at the island in the KT fixing food. They tell Victoria to go ahead and go be fixing her make up so they don't have to wait when they call her. She said she asked them to give her a heads up, and when they are getting ready for POV she will then. 


6:06 Victoria gets called to the DR again. Derrick tells Victoria if she comes back out and don't have a costume on to tell the DR she can't go back out there, I am worried about my safety." Frankie was fixing some fish to bake and Derrick said he knew that would happen, it would be time for POV as soon as he started fixing it, but they may be giving him a courtesy not to start cooking the fish. Nicole says she thinks she can see a skirt coming under the DR door and she is getting ready. Derrick said if she doesn't come out in 5 mins then they are going out to the comp. Most HG's have said it would be around 6:00p BBT


6:20 PM BBT The HG's are standing around in the KT just chatting. Caleb is telling how on his old phone at home he has 7 timers that are set to go off when he is suppose to eat. He is describing the bag he is using for his lunch box and it has slots for meals. Victoria still in DR


6:22:42 PM BBT Feeds cut to Jeff highlights. ITS POV TIME!!!!
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 8:33 PM BBT
Feeds are back. Zach won pov and he is pumped! He says that competition was the most fun one of the season. Derrick tells Donny that he did a good job. Donny walks past carrying some towels and dirty clothes. It was the OTEV competition!


 8:36 PM BBT

Zach and Cody go into the have not room and Zach celebrates! He cannot believe he won a competition. Cody says, "Dude, you had to win this, that's why you did!" Frankie goes in and tells Zach that he deserved to win the competition. Frankie says he's never seen anything cooler in his entire life. Frankie and Zach say they are going to talk game. Frankie and Zach squabble over who screwed each other over more. Zach says, "You're still my best friend." They decide they have to re-evaluate their game.


 8:40 PM BBT Zach tells Frankie if he was gay, he'd be all over him for real. He tells him he still feels like Frankie was his wife and he cheated on him. He says when I found out you were trying to get me out, I was not cool. Zach tells Frankie that it was his idea to throw the comp so that Frankie would not win. Frankie asked if Zach lied about that and Zach said, "Lying is not my game, Frankie." Frankie says he refuses to take 100% responsibility for everything. Zach says "Fine, but I don't know this game well and I feel like I'm being targetted." Frankie and Zach say they are still good. Frankie says, "I saved everything yesterday by telling everyone." Zach says, "Okay, but you screwed me over raw yesterday, because you were trying to get me out!" Frankie says, "But I saved you!" They are still squabbling in the have not room.


8:45 PM BBT Cody and Nicole talk in the bathroom about the game. Donny and Cody sit on the living room couches talking about the comp. Meanwhile in the Have Not Room, Zach and Frankie are still arguing over who screwed who over the most. Zach says Frankie ruined his game, but Frankie claims that Zach ruined his own game. Zach says, "How did I ruin my own game?" Frankie says, "By telling me about Los Tres Amigos, you pitted me against them."


8:49 PM BBT Nicole and Cody are cuddling on the couch. He's rubbing her arm and back. She says she wiped out and Cody started laughing. Caleb asks Cody if he saw his wipeout and Cody says Caleb had a massive wipe out at the beginning of the competition. Cody tells Nicole he thought it was super cute that she grabbed one of Hayden's pieces to give to him when the season is over. Caleb said he got one for Amber as well. Zach and Derrick talk in the bathroom about who they are voting out if Christine puts one of them up. Zach and Derrick think she will put up Victoria. Derrick says Victoria would never vote us out, but in the end, I'll vote for whoever we want to go this week.


8:54 PM BBT Zach, Cody, Nicole, Victoria, Christine, Caleb, and Donny sit on the living room couches talking about the competition. Zach got injured playing and has the starts of a bruise and scrapes on his leg. The final four in the competition were Derrick, Cody, Caleb, and Zach, according to Caleb. Frankie and Derrick talk about how complicated the OTEV competition is. They say that on tv it seems to go a lot faster than what the competition actually is. The riddles and puzzles they get they actually have three or four minutes to find the pieces before they are called to place them.


 8:58 PM BBT Frankie asks Caleb about throwing the competition yesterday. Caleb says he did not throw it, he wanted to go to the NFL team meet. Zach earlier told Frankie their plan to throw the comp to make Frankie not win. Frankie tells Caleb thanks for telling me and now he doesn't have to struggle with a moral dilemma anymore.

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9:00 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb are talking about what will air on Sunday. The BotB, the fight, Frankie's BIG reveal. They talk about what a great season it is and how they think it will only#BB16 9:00 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb are talking about what will air on Sunday. The BotB, the fight, Frankie's BIG reveal. They talk about what a great season it is and how they think it will only get better. They think Wednesday will only be better.  get better. They think Wednesday will only be better.


9:02 PM BBT  Caleb says he hopes they will turn the cameras off and that he can have a drink when they go to the game. Frankie says he hasn't had a drink since the game started. He has issues because he drinks to fall down drunk.


9:05 PM BBT  Frankie tells Caleb that Ariana is the most beautiful person in the world. Caleb says he has some beautiful friends, so he can deal with that --but when she sings he may falter. He wonders if maybe she would sing with him on his next album and Frankie says SURE.


9:12 PM BBT  Frankie and Zach are now in the SR and Frankie suggests a pact that hey not listen to Derrick and Cody when they are scheming about them. Zach says obviously you are my person and I felt like my wife just cheated on me. They had to keep calling me to the DR because I wouldn't talk. Zach tells him he is the smartest person in the house and if he loses to him he lost to the best. Frankie says sometimes you need to go through hard things to earn trust. Zach says he just doesn't know if he's telling the truth when he opens his mouth. Frankie says he told him what he went through and what he was hiding.


9:13 PM BBT  Zach tells him he's already America's favorite player (AFP). Frankie says you can't be 1st or 2nd and be AFP, so it's in everyone's best interest to let him be 1st or 2nd. If he's 1st he's building he's building 4, second place 3. Because of all the craziness in the house he's already committed to building 1. Zach is coming to Africa with him. Zach says he will take him to Germany if he takes him to the final 3.


9:14 PM BBT  Meanwhile, Derrick and Vic are talking in the WA about what might happen with the replacement nominee. Obviously Vic is nervous about being the replacement and Derrick assures her they have the votes to keep her.


9:18 PM BBT  Nicole, Cody, Christine, and Caleb are talking about the OTEV comp. They each got to keep one with their name on it. Zach and Frankie are still talking in the SR Frankie tells Zach he is telling him the truth about everything now. They are talking about the conversation Zach had with Nicole where he told her everything. Nic told Zach that "Christine said the Detonators started 3 days ago." Together Zach and Christine say that Christine is a snake.


9:22 PM BBT  Derrick and Cody are talking about who Christine will put up. Derrick says she won't put Cody up because she doesn't have the votes to get him out. Derrick is really frustrated because he can't win a comp. Derrick says, "Caleb says there were only to Pao Pao's in his entire section." Cody says he just can't stand how Zach acts, can't stand his attitude.


9:26 PM BBT  Frankie says that he feels like he has repaired things with Caleb, Derrick, and mostly with Cody. He tells him that the reason he worked to get him out was because of his erratic behavior. He tells him how everything went down last week and they agree that they will never put each other up. They say they love each other and leave the SR.


9:33 PM BBT  Derrick and Frankie are talking in the WA. Frankie and Derrick would both like to keep Donny and Frankie said Zach is ok with keeping him. Caleb has said he doesn't want to. Frankie says he would like to talk her into backdooring Nicole, but he thinks it goes against all expectations. [The conversation keeps getting interrupted by FotH, so it's hard to follow]. He says he doesn't think 'she' is purposefully playing us, but she is accidentally playing us. He thinks this may have re-centered them.


Meanwhile, Caleb was talking about how he wanted to give his "biggest Twitter follower" a free hunt. He offered this when he was in the house by himself during the last HOH comp. Christine asked him what he meant by "biggest Twitter follower," and he tried to explain it but had a hard time since he's not really on Twitter yet.


9:38 PM BBT  Caleb was talking to Christine and Donny about how he and Nic were talking and she said Frankie is the most famous person she ever met. Caleb said "you consider him to be famous?" He thinks Justin Bieber is famous, he has 600 million views...that's famous. Donny says there are different degrees. Caleb has never heard of Frankie's sister, but he doesn't listen to that genre. He speculates that maybe one day he will have a million views.


9:44 PM BBT  Cody returns to the LR, plops down on the couch with his face in Christine's lap. She is scratching and rubbing his back. She pulls up his shirt and scratches, then puts his shirt back down. Meanwhile, Frankie and Derrick are talking in the WA. Their belief is that if Donny wins HOH he will put up Caleb and Christine. Derrick is worried about keeping Donny because he and Nicole are obviously working together. Frankie is a little worried about Victoria. Derrick says she loves him and he says now she's really on your d*ck because she loves Ariana. Frankie says he never thought about the ramifications of coming clean, he just wanted to come clean.


9:48 PM BBT  Caleb comes into the WA and asks Frankie and Derrick who they think needs to go up. Frankie mouths "Nicole." Caleb says that he's ok with that because there's no way Donny can beat him at an HOH comp and Nicole has proven to be a competitor. He says that he brought her name up to Christine and she said that they're not close. Frankie says that they are "Bomb Squad" strong again.


9:57 PM BBT  Caleb says that the OTEV comp was way more physical than mental. He says that it's going to be great TV and he was doing flips. Frankie says it was by far one of the best competitions he's ever seen. Christine comes into the WA and they talk about the jury house.


10:02 PM BBT  Zach, Cody, and Victoria are talking in the KT about what kind of liquor they like to drink. The feed switches to Donny and Nicole in the LR. Donny tells Nicole to work on Cody because he's with 3 smart people and he's at the end. She tells him that she and Hayden were in an alliance with Cody and Derrick. He says Cody is their weakest link. She needs to say that if they are a final 4, he can't beat them. He says they also need to work on Victoria. He says Derrick has made a pact with everyone. The "Triple D's" Derrick, Devin, Donny. Then it was him, Jocasta, and Derrick because they were the older people... that's his strategy. Nicole says, "Wooooowwwww." Donny says he doesn't want to vote for none of 'em, but Derrick would need the money more. Nicole says the jury for Christine and Frankie is not good.


10:05 PM BBT  Nicole says she thinks there was an alliance of 5 of them. Zach, Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Caleb. Donny says he would vote for Victoria. They both laugh. Donny says, "Poor Christine hasn't even gotten to play her own game because they've told her what to do." Nicole says she doesn't feel bad for her. Donny says he thinks about what how he would feel if he were at home as a fan. He would want the best person to be sitting there to win. He said if Beast Mode Cowboy was sitting there he might vote for him, and he laughs. Nicole says she would.


10:09 PM BBT  Nicole says if she gets put up that Christine's word is crap. Donny says that Derrick won't let that happen. He needs her as a vote. Nicole says she is the devil. They looked at each other and promised. If she does she is ruthless and she will vote for Frankie over her to win. Meanwhile, Zach and Cody are talking about how great the comp was. Zach wonders if there was a camera under the bridge [so keep your eyes out for the bridge when we watch the comp]! They are naming things from the comp "Christine-opolotin, Cape Cody, Banana Zachary..."


10:11 PM BBT  Nicole tells Donny that she knows he was the target last week. She also tells him that she thinks it's weird that people hate one another one minute and then the love them a minute later. She just can't do that. --and she's like that in real life, too. At that moment, Christine comes to the LR and she says, "What's up girl?" It's rather awkward and Christine leaves.


10:16 PM BBT  Victoria and Zach are now talking in the beehive. He says that Frankie wanted him out last week and yeah... they're just fine now. He admits to her that they were in an alliance and they had a final 2 deal. He also admits to her that 4 weeks ago they made another alliance that included Derrick, Cody, Frankie, and Christine. He begins to tell her about how everything went down to get him out of the house. Meanwhile, Nicole is talking to herself and says, "I'm going to play dumb right now," and enters the have not room with Derrick, Cody, and Christine. Cody and Christine are laying in bed together.


10:20 PM BBT  The group in the have not room is laughing that Zach and Vic are talking in the beehive. They say that now that Nicole isn't the HOH, Zach isn't interested. Meanwhile, Cody turns to Christine and 'motorboats' her. Derrick says, "You just motorboated Tim's wife on national tv!" Derrick and Nicole head to the SR and he tells her that Christine had just said she was going to put up Victoria. Zach is still telling Victoria everything about his game and she is listening intently, not saying a word.


10:28 PM BBT  Zach finished by telling Victoria everything that happened between him and Frankie tonight. He is 100% honest with her. She tells him she thinks she will be the replacement nom. He tells her he thinks it will be Nicole because Caleb told him that. He tells her that even if it is her, she won't go home. Zach asks her if she has an alliance and she says that she won't say. She says it's good that people think she doesn't talk game. She says she's not stupid. People can think that she's there just to look pretty, but there's more to her. She trusts Derrick and has his back and she has his back. She kind of trusts Cody, but not completely. Not Nicole though. Zach says moving forward he doesn't trust anyone but her, Derrick, and Cody.


10:37 PM BBT  Victoria goes on for about 5 minutes about how angry she is that Nicole tried to get Christine to make her a have not after having been on slop for a week. She asks him where Donny stands. He says that he talked to Donny when they were both so down. Right now it's Derrick, Cody, Zach and her against Frankie, Christine, and Donny. He thinks they need to flip the script on Frankie and Christine and bring Donny to their side. [He thinks she's putting up Nicole, so he's not counting her]. He tells her that he hasn't talked to Christine since noms because she told him that she was nominating Victoria.


10:50 PM BBT  Zach says he is going to take a shower. Victoria, Derrick, Frankie, Nicole, Cody, and Christine are in the KT. Caleb is asleep in the Earth BR.


10:57 PM BBT  Nicole goes to Vic in the Fire BR and says what did Zach tell you. Vic says "He told me he told you everything." Nic says that he may have told us different things. Vic says he put all the cards out on the table. She says that he wants Frankie out. Victoria starts to cry and says he told me something, "that I hope is a lie, too." Nicole says, "About Derrick?" As soon as Nicole confirms that Derrick is working with others in an alliance, Victoria starts to cry really hard. Nicole says I think he really cares about you, he love you as a person. Victoria says, "I can't trust Derrick." She is very hurt. Nicole says that she thinks he will keep her in the game as long as he can and Victoria says, "But that's not what our deal was Nicole."


10:59 PM BBT  She says she has to win HOH or her game is shot. She says she can't look him in the face and she feels so stupid. She says she doesn't want to see him go to the end. She feels like someone has bee cheating on her.

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11:05 PM BBT Victoria is very upset over Derrick and seems to be in disbelief. Zach and Cody are whispering in the HN room about making sure Caleb does not trust Frankie. They are happy to be on the same page. In HOH Derrick and Christine are talking about making sure Donny goes home. Christine doesn't want to upset Vic by putting her up but she is the best option. Cody checks on Victoria and tries to apologize for picking on her. She says she is fine and is not upset at him.


11:15 PM BBT Christine and Derrick recap being very excited about playing in OTEV. They agree that next on the bucket list is Zingbot (who has been tweeting about going into the house soon). They talk about possible jokes he could make. Derrick says that Caleb is starting to be a beast in competitions. He says that if Caleb didn't talk about himself so much then he would be loved. He says that Caleb just needs to show humility.


11:25 PM BBT Christine and Derrick discuss leaving the house and her knowing nothing about football at all. Derrick says hey it is a trip outside. She is worried about what will go on while she is gone. Derrick says everyone here likes her and won’t talk about her. Nicole and Cody are talking about the fact that she doesn't trust him because of what happened with Hayden. Nicole is mad because he told Christine everything she told him. Cody says he didn't. Nicole doesn't believe him and says that no good came from confronting her.


11:35 PM BBT Derrick and Christine are talking about Frankie's sister. She says that she doesn't care about meeting her, but would like for Tim to meet her. Derrick says that if even 10% of her fans vote for anything on the show they are screwed. Victoria and Zach are now in the hive room. Victoria talks about how upset she is with Derrick. Zach says he should not have told her about the alliance then. Victoria says why, everyone knew but her. She feels so betrayed.


11:45 PM BBT Nicole who is pitching herself to Cody who isn't having it. She talks about how alone she is and the fact that she is most comfortable when she has someone to confide in. She says that she is trustworthy and wont leak info. Cody says he knows but she also just told him that she didn't want to trust him which makes him nervous. He is also worried about the buy back and Hayden coming back in, making him back at square one. Back in the hive room, Zach is trying to calm down Victoria and convince her that Derrick is on her side. He says that Derrick hates Christine. Vic asks what he has been doing in HOH for the past two hours. Zach says he doesn't know. Vic says exactly.


11:55 PM BBT Victoria says that Hayden shouldn't have left. Zach agrees. The both feel like they have no one because of their betrayal from Frankie and Derrick. He tells her to just do what she has been doing the past 50 days, look pretty and act dumb. Nicole and Cody talk about how dumb the BOB is and how tired of it they are. Cody says no one can lie about putting people up and telling them that they wanted them to win the comp. Nicole agrees and says that was never true, being put up meant they were expendable. 

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