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Saturday, June 28 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:05AM BBT: The guys in the BY comment that Devin is not happy that Caleb, Cody, and Zach didn't win veto. They all three admit that they messed up. The girls are doing car wheels. Christine is great, Joey is pretty good, and Brit is shocked that she gets all the way around. Caleb then gets up and of course does a one handed cart wheel.

12:15 AM BBT: In the KT Devin and Jocasta are comparing baby stories. One of Jocasta's babies was extraordinarily big for his age, while Devin's daughter had a tough time eating as a baby. Zach and Frank are in the hammock talking about how this week has taken forever. Frank says that he is having to work to keep his cool in the house and befriend everyone. Zach says that all he has to do is keep sleeping and Frank needs to stay friendly.

12:25 AM BBT: Zach and Frank still in the hammock. Frank says he didn't want to play so hard and fast but he was forced to. Zach tells Frank he is killing it. Zach says that he needs HOH next week so he can sleep and still nominate who he wants. Victoria then sits with them to break up the game talk. Zach tries to flirt with Victoria and says "showmance?" They proceed to talk about relationship experiences that Frank has had.

12:35 AM BBT: Christine, Brit, and Joey are casually playing pool. They get very excited when of them make a ball in without scratching. The crew in the hammock are making up fake votes for America that include "To wake up Zach text 4 to 81818." Victoria then talks about belly dancing, and Frank gets excited about it. He wants her to teach him. She shows him a couple moves then proceeds to teach them some Hebrew.

12:45 AM BBT Paola and Caleb are conversing on the BY couches about Amber and how she feels about him. He says he doesn't think Amber wants everyone to think she has a showmance. He goes on to state that everyone in the house already thinks Amber has a thing for him. They think that Hayden and Nicole are obvious and that Cody has a thing for Brit. Paola talks about possibly leaving. Caleb says the other nom will be the one that goes home. He is going to talk to everyone in the house and ask each person who they want gone.

12:55 AM BBT Caleb keeps telling Paola to stay positive and he says that's what his mom tells him. He says he learned from his mom how to treat a girl, clearly trying to bring it back to Amber. Paola says that she just has to keep it together and that she doesn't know what happens when it comes time to cast votes. Caleb says he is worried about being viewed as a strong player along with Devin. He says he can carry someone far but he can't control others. Paola moves onto Amber now and says she will check out how Amber feels for him. Caleb says no he is a grown man and will talk to her about not wanting a showmance, but to take her out after the show.

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1:05 AM BBT: Devin and Frank are by the hammock pretending to be British. Hayden is off screen talking to them. Back on the BY couches Caleb and Paola are talking about Amber still. They agree she is very classy looking. Caleb agrees and he says he does not lust after her he genuinely cares. She is the type of girl that he doesn't want to sleep with before he marries her. They ask Devin if he thinks sex ruins relationships. Devin says yeah if you do it too quickly you ruin respect for each other. Frank and Zach go into the storage room and for a first talk about food not game! FYI Frank won’t eat carbs.

1:15 AM BBT: Caleb holds a juggling lesson with Amber and Dev on the BY couches. Neither of them get it. Feeds jump to Joey and Frank in the HN room. Joey is stressing because Donny won veto and she feels she is most likely going up. Frank says that a lot can happen between now and Thurs. She asks for Franks vote and he says he doesn't want her to go. Frank asks how many votes she has to stay. Joey hopes she has Frank, Christine, and gets interrupted. He leaves the room and comes back. Frank repeats that he wants her to stay and that Caleb can act on a whim sometimes. He is inferring that anything can happen.

1:25 AM BBT: Hayden, Nicole, and Victoria are by the hammock talking about kids. Hayden cannot see himself with a kid. Back in the HN room Frank and Joey end their conversation with repeating that anything could happen and that Frank wants her to stay. Joey joins the Hammock talk where Hayden is discussing holding his friends kid and deciding that he would break one if he had one. Joey agrees and decides kids are too expensive and she doesn't want one till she is like 38.

1:35 AM BBT: Devin, Amber, Paola, and Caleb are talking about Disney movies they have liked since they were kids. They move onto talking about the movie PS I Love You and explain the plot to Paola as she hasn't seen it. On the hammock Joey is talking about a gentleman named Andrew who I am assuming has not signed a release because we keep getting fish. Joey suggests that Victoria try online dating so that she could find a man to match all of her specifics.

1:45 AM BBT: On the Hammock Joey and Victoria are now talking spirituality and energy. Victoria is very proud of her religion. Joey believes that everything has an energy. Joey references the show Cosmos and how that show explains the Universe. On the BY couches Caleb and Hayden are goofing around and Caleb says he loves to sing. He sings half a line of a country song and sings it really well. Hayden says that probably drive girls insane. Davin and Frank are playing pool. Devin keeps making impossible shots and everyone oohhhs and ahhs at it.

2:00AM BBT: Devin won at pool and headed inside. Caleb is trying new slop creations. Talk had turned to game now on the hammock. Joey is repeating that she is most likely going on the block. She asks for Victoria's vote. Victoria says Joey has her vote. Victoria says Joey is a great person and she wants Joey around. Victoria says she just doesn't connect with Paola. Joey says since Don won POV she has seen the divide in people. In the hive room Caleb asks Nicole what guy and what girl she would put up. He is starting his survey of the house opinion. Nicole asks to think about it. Back in the BY Victoria thinks that Joey has the votes. They talk about the HN room for a sec, then Victoria says she is heading to bed so they end their talk.

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5:15 AM BBT: Devin is cleaning and sweeping the KT. Caleb and Frankie are in the nest in the HoH talking about Caleb's budding new relationship with Amber.

5:45 AM BBT: Caleb and Frankie have gone to sleep in the HoH room. Devin has gone outside to check on his laundry and is doing ADLs.

6:23AM BBT: Devin is still the only one awake. Now that all the dishes are dry he is putting them away.

6:35 AM BBT: Devin is done with the dishes and has taken a cup of coffee outside to lounge on the patio couch.

6:45 AM BBT: Devin is alone playing pool while occasionally checking his laundry. Everyone else is still in bed.

6:50 AM BBT: Even without anyone playing against him, Devin is beating himself at pool. He manages to whack the cue ball off the table. He decides to practice some double bank shots.

7:00 AM BBT It is time for breakfast. Devin goes inside to make a bowl of cereal.

7:15 AM BBT Joey gets up to use the WC and Devin is already in there. Devin tells her hi. He recaps how he accidentally walked in on Joey in the WC in the middle of the night. Both of them head back to bed. All HGs tucked in tight again.

8:00 AM BBT Nicole gets up to use the WC and then goes back to bed.

8:51 AM BBT: Everyone is still asleep. Lots of snoring. Someone's snores sound like a release of air brakes. Another sounds like the buzzing made from a Jedi light saber. You can occasionally hear a knocking noise outside as well.

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Guest 6Borders

6:29am BBT: Devin has finished organizing the kitchen and is now out in the yard

enjoying the early California morning. He appears to be deep in thought!

6:46am BBT: Devin is playing pool by himself in the backyard.

The rest of the house is still sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

6:57am BBT: Devin has finished his one-man pool game, washes his cup and

heads to the storeroom for breakfast supplies. He rewashes clean silverware

and proceeds to fix breakfast!

7:05am BBT: Devin has been studying the Whey protein powder jar for the

last several minutes like we're having a quiz later on the contents. Finally he

decides it's ok and starts to eat his cereal.

7:14am BBT: Devin has finished breakfast, washes his dishes

and heads to the WC. Christine is up and has just wandered into the

WC to await her turn. Devin tells Christin that Joey scared the shit out of

him last night. Devin decides to head back to bed. He sasy something to

Zach I missed and they both settle down. Christine has also headed back

to bed so everyone is tucked up for a while it appears.

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Guest 6Borders

7:45am BBT: Everyone is still sleeping. Occasional snoring

can be heard but other than that the house is quiet!

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Guest 6Borders

8:01-8:04am BBT: Joey is up. Uses the WC and heads back to bed

in the Ice bedroom.

Someone says to Joey "oh man, my neck is taking a beating"

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Guest 6Borders

9:19am BBT: Hayden is up, heads to the WC (doesn't wash his hands) and goes

to the backyard.

9:22am BBT: Hayden gets in the hottub and promptly spits into the fake bushes!

(All cameras are on the hottub and the bathroom right now).

9:24am BBT: Devin is also up for a minute but heads back to bed!

9:31am BBT: We have Fish and WBRB so it must be wake up time

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Guest 6Borders

9:44am BBT: Feeds are on and Caleb is jogging around the yard, then

joins Frankie and Hayden at the hottub. They are discussing music.

The girls (looks like Victoria, Christine and Nicole) are doing hair and makeup

in the bathroom.

9:47am BBT:BB tells the HG's to lower the outside blinds. Caleb says he's going in, that he did

the blinds yesterday. He says he's going to change his batteries.

Christine & Frankie work on the blinds and discuss if it's Day 7 or 8. Frankie says Day 1 counts

even tho they moved in at night. BB tells someone to put on their mic.

9:48am BBT: Cody joins the crew in the BY and Frankie gives him a big (and long) hug!

They are discussing country music...Madonna and Rascal Flats. They ask Caleb who sings

"Countrygirl Shake for me" (I think). He replies Luke (something I didn't get).

The discuss the wake up songs and music in general.

9:52am BBT: Frankie is singing and BB tells him to stop. Calab says he's going to be

singing all day. The say BB can't throw music like that at them and expect them not to

sing! Caleb is upset about not being able to sing.

9:53am BBT: Caleb is in the hammock with a beer asnd Cody is sharing the hammock

with him. Caleb says he's like a human IPod and he knows "so much music". Nicole and Hayden

join Caleb and Cody and Nicole asks if she can use the HOH shower.

9:55am BBT: Caleb and Cody continue to discuss music and Hayden is working out with some

wieghts (which lasts about 2 minutes). Cody & Caleb remark again that it's going to impossible

not to sing all day.

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Guest 6Borders

9:56am BBT: Cody is laughing about Caleb having a beer this early.

He asks if it's normally coudy in the morning and gets no reply. Talk turns

to how they slept last night and that it's chilly this morning.

9:58am BBT: Donny is up and having his morning slop. Frankie is also eating.

Amber (I think) comes thru with a basket of clean laundry. Frankie is discussing

how the Veto ceremony works to Donny. Donny is worried that he has to

remember stuff. Hayden and Frankie are using a southern accent to mimick what

is said in the veto ceremony.

10am BBT: Zach is talking about going back to sleep. Victoria is up and asks

why the guys were up until 5. Christine has also joined the conversation.

Complaints about the dirty dishes and how unfair

it is for one person to have to do everyone's dishes.

10:02am BBT: Zach asks (twice) if today is Saturday and it's finally confirmed.

Discussion is about writing a musical. BB tells Christine to put on her mic

and she leaves to get it amid teasing from the guys.

10:04am BBT: Frankie says he's going back to bed. Kisses Christiine and

Hayden "good night" and heads up to the HOH room.

Christine asks if anyone is going outside and Frankie says "yeah in about 4 hrs"

Hayden is putting buffalo sauce in his slop. Christine is complaining about the

dishes again...tells Hayden every single one of those dishes are his.

10:05am BBT: Zach is still rubbing his eyes and trying to wake up. Hayden says

he's going to ask for the recipe for slop and eat it for the rest of his life. Donny

sys he better get his water bottle out and start drinking water {apparently slop

causes constipation}.

10:07am BBT: Cody and Caleb are still in the hammock. Cody looks like he's about

to fall asleep. They are discussing how they love "that noise" (I think the rocking of

the hammock noise).

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Guest 6Borders

10:09-10:11am BBT: In the kitchen Donny is saying if they left the winner in (the BB House)

for a week they would go crazy and give up the money just to go home. Donny says

he needs to stretch some of the oldness out.

Talk turns to how late everyone was up. Donny said there was solid cackling for about

10 minutes and it sounded like a bunch of hyenas. Zach is making a bagle. Donny says

he's going out to get some sunshine on his shoulders and heads outside!

10:12am BBT: Victoria, Nicole, Amber and Jocasta are in the bathroom giggling about something

I didn't catch but apparently it's funny, while doing hair and makeup.

10:13am BBT: BB calls Victoria to the DR

10:14am BBT: Jocasta sings a line from "Countrygirl shake....". She's getting tons of

things ready to take a shower. They are talking about something hilarious last night

but don't elaborate.

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Guest 6Borders

10:16am BBT: Jocasta is in the kitchen relating to Hayden & Christine

sleeping with Victoria. BB tells Jocasta (I think) to please put on her mic.

Victoria says "I like to cuddle" and she and Hayden & Zach discuss cuddling

and what guys and girls like. Hayden tells Nicole he had a steamy dream

about her last night.

10:19am BBT: Zach & Hayden go into the storeroom to change batteries and

comment that other people have not changed theirs. Hayden is telling Nicole

about his steamy dream: he and Nicole were co-workers and they left work together

and got a hotel room. Nicole says (light sarcams) "that is steamy".

Zack tells Hayden a showmance is blooming and Hayden says he just likes the word

"steamy". They continue to talk steamy dreams.

10:21am BBT: Caleb and Cody are in the hammock talking game and alliances.

They say Jocasta doesn't have an alliance.

BB loudly admonishes someone to STOP SINGING!

10:23am BBT: Caleb is saying to Cody you don't go after big players early.

He tells Cody nobody knows they have an alliance and if Caleb goes up

they will be able to talk anyone into a last minute change. They discuss big

players and what they will do if anyone not in their group are in power.

They ssay PaoPow is weak and anyone she goes against their is a good chance

they are staying on the block.

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Guest 6Borders

10:27-10:30am BBT: Caleb says to Cody if he goes up he knows for sure he has

Hayden's vote. Caleb says if he's on the block all he needs is one more vote

outside of their alliance to stay. He thinks Jocasta would vote for him too.

Cody says she's a wild card and he can't get a read on her. Caleb says Jocosta

will be gone before he is. The discuss Jocasta being a floater! Caleb says he would

not put up anyone who is a number to them until they have to start putting each

other up {final 5 I guess}. Caleb says they can't keep putting up the same 4 every


10:31am BBT: Caleb and Cody continue to discuss how many votes they will need

to stay each week. Cody says after next week it's going to be serious game play. They

both say they trust everyone in their alliance and Caleb says he'll go on the block with a

smile on his face (because he knows he has the numbers to stay).

10:32-10:36am BBT: Cody and Caleb discuss how the first week evictions is really long and then

things will be every 2 days. They discuss how long evictions are after the veto. Cody says"it's a

twisted game and I don't know what they are going to throw at us next". They said "they (BB) do

this every year but this is a good one and they like Battle of The Block because it makes things

more exciting. They say it sucks that the first HOH does not get pictures or letters. They asre

discussing what BB told them, that the next HOH starts getting all the goodies.

Caleb says with the twist he would not have been put up anyway because he's not weak.

Cody says it's was a good position for Caleb to get first HOH. Caleb says he built a good Army

and they should not be afraid of anything. He says he's pissed he didn't win it yesterday (POV)

just because it would show everyone how stacked (powerful) they are

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10:46am BBT Donny and Zach are on the back yard couches. Zach tells Donny he is happy that Donny won the POV. Zach says now you know you are safe. Donny says he knows his girl friend is proud of him for winning the POV.

!0:48am BBT Donny is telling Zach that he had a dream last night about a neighbor asking Donny if he was off the TV now. (sorry I didn't catch the rest of the dream, something about his neighbor was giving him a dollar or something because he was off TV.)

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Guest 6Borders

10:37am BBT: Nicole, Vicoria and Donny are primping in the bathroom

and Jocasta is taking a shower. Nicole is complaining she does not have a

good "poofing comb". Victoria is trying to help her poof her hair.

10:39am BBT: Cody and Caleb still talking game in the hammock.

Cody says he is totally going for the HOH next. Cody says "as long as we

get one of us up there". Cody says he will work whoever is up there (as the other HOH)

and it would be amazing if two of them (from their alliance) are up there.

10:41am BBT: Caleb asked if Cody ate anything and Cody says he just came righ

outside. They discuss frying up some slop and the difference between slop and

regular oatmeal. Cody says he's not a huge oatmeal guy.

10:42am BBT: In the bathroom Hayden and Victoria are talking celebrity crushes and

about a Guess model who was in playboy etc. and asks Nicole who it was.

Nicole says "Anna Nicole Smith". Hayden is a Rachel McAdams fan. Nicole says he

doesn't like Angelina because she stole Jennifer Aniston's man (Brad Pitt). Nicole says

she just can't get over it.

10:45am BBT: Zach and Donny are going over comps in the back yard. Donny is talking

about how it feels to be on the block and at least he had an escape (POV) but now there is

no escape this time (for the two noms). Zach says it's must have felt good to win the POV

and he's glad Donny won it. Donny says he did 11 min on the bicycle and then he's going

to do some barbells and get in the pool.

10:47am BBT: Donny says the only ppl who came up to him and told him he was safe were Zach and Cody,

that everyone else did the "lookaway hug". Donny says he's his GF is proud of him

Donny said he had a dream that he was back home and the newspaper had a whole page about

him being on a television show. Zach says that is probably treu.

10:49am BBT: Donny says "it's nice out here during the day and nice out here during the night". He asks Zach

how late they all stayed up and Zach says "about 3". Talk turns to when the Battle of The Block was.

He says Wed. and Zach says he has to know to get his countdown ready. Donny says where is everyone

and they are going to have a LD one day.

10:51am BBT: Donny says at home he could do 18 min on the bicycle

and here (in Calif) he was sucking air. Zach says the air in Calif is real dirty.

Donny says he's drinking a lot of liquid and not peeing a lot so he's doing

something with the moisture and the air in the BB house is dry.

10:52-10:55am BBT:Talk turns to how much they can bench press. Zach says the most he has

pressed is 230. Donny says he could prob. do about 175 and that's about

what he weighs. Talk turns to the comp yesterday and how much fun it was. Donny

says it prob. would have been more fun if his butt was not on the line. Says at least

he didn't get soap in his eyes. They say it's Day 9 and Zach says 81 more days to go.

Donny is hoping everyone is all right at home because there are a lot of elderly people

in his family

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10:52am BBT Donny and Zach still on back yard couches. They are talking about how dry it is in CA. How much water Donny drinks but isn't peeing as much so the water has to be going somewhere.

Donny tells Zach his shoulder is messed up from arm wrestling in high school, that arm wrestling was very popular in the 80s when he was in high school.

10:55am Donny tells Zach that he hopes everyone in his family is ok since the are older. Zach assures him by saying I'm sure your family is fine. Donny says his Aunt is old.

10:56 am BBT Donny is telling Zach about where he lives. They both comment on how they will forget what green grass looks like while in CA. BB tells Jocosta to put her mic on.

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Guest 6Borders

10:55am BBT: Donny and Zach are trying to figure what state is in the mural.

Donny says they will forget what green grass looks like. Zach says "stuck in this

house for 3 months and it could be worse". Donny says the game is fun and it's

the experience of a lifetime "the Superbow of Reality shows". Zach says one of us

is going home 1/2million dollars richer.

10:57-10:59am BBT: Zach goes to do some weights and wake himself up. Donny stays

on the couch for a minute and then goes to check laundry. Zach is doing pushup.

Christine is lying on one of the lounges. Donny is talking about burcitis in his shoulder.

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Guest 6Borders

11:16am BBT: Zach and Donny are still working out in backyard.

Donny says "where is everyone..they are missing the best part of the day".

11:18-11:21am BT: Caleb is fixing breakfast and Cody is wandering back and

forth playing with a plate or something. Cody is commenting that Caleb's

breakfast is good looking compared to what he gets to eat. He can't wait

to have a "big ass (something...food item)"

Caleb and Cody both wash their pans and dishes {I'm impressed}.

11:21am BBT: Devin is up. In the background BB tells someone to put on

the mic and someone else to change their batteries. Victoria comes thru in

her swimsuit headig for the backyard. BB reminds her to put on her mic

and Caleb comments that everyone is forgetting their mics this morning.

11:23-10:25am BBT: Caleb says nobody is going to beat his boys and if they do

he'll eat his hat. Victoria comes thru and asks what Caleb is eating.

Hayden joins and they ask if he wants some fried slop. Hayden says as long

as he's up he might as well have some more coffee and stimulate his brain.

He asks what plans they have and they make up silly plans about meeting

up at the movies and grab a few drinks.

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Guest 6Borders

11:26-11:28am BBT: Zach comes in and they tell him he's pretty jacked.

Caleb says he's going to get some sun on his legs. Victoria is doing her

hair (again) in the bathroom. Donny says his beard makes him hot and

the air is hard to breathe. Hayden asked Cody what kind of slop he made

and he says "fried slop". Cody tells Hayden what he added to the slop.

11:28-11:32am BBT: Caleb is in swim gear. Devin is in bed but tells Caleb where

the laundry he did is. Cody is complaining his neck is sore as heck (from

the ice room beds). Nicole has joined the boys and asks how they slept.

Cody says ok but complains about his neck being sore again. Nicole says

she slept well. Nicole wants to know if you can sleep in the have-not room

if you are not a have-not and Cody says yes, just not the other way around.

Nicole wants to know where everyone is and is told Caleb is outside and everyone

else is sleeping.

11:32am BBT: Donny is chattig with Jocasta and Victoria in the bathroom.

Sounds like just silly chit-chat. Donny says his fingernails and hair are growing

and maybe his muscles. He comments it sure is nice out there.

11:33am BBT: BB admonishes the HG's not to quote lines from movies and a minute

later says "stop that".

11:34-11:37am BBT: Hayden, Zach and Nicole are at the kitchen table. Hayde is saying they

can't quote movies or sing, they already know everything about each other and what

else is there...and it's only Day 9. They comment on how long it has been since they

have seen their familites. Talk turns to brothers. Cody is complaining about the amount

of foam in his cup and says it's time to go back to bed.

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Guest 6Borders

11:37am BBT: Donny joins Zach and Hayden and the discussion is about

pool and how to refine their games. Donny says they will all be pool

hustlers by the time they get out (of the BB house).

Talk turns to Donny has a cut and he says he got a couple of pimples.

Donny says he would love to buzz his beard because it gets hot.

They discuss the comp and how fun it was.

11:40am BB calls Donny to the DR.

11:41-11:43am BBT: Hayden and Nicole are comparing sports records with Cody.

Nicole holds the 3 point record in basketball/7 in a game and says it was

districts too. Cody and Hayden are impressed.

Hayden and Cody want Nicole to demonstrate her basketball technique

with a rock pillow. She does and they say "she shoots like a girl" {someone

has been in that house way toooo long}.

11:44-11:46am BBT: Cody and Hayden are giving Nicole a hard time about being the

worse trash-talker ever. Hayden says he talks mad trash in hockey. They are

cusing and apologize to Victoria who is walking by. {I'm waiting for BB to tell them to stop}

11:47-50am BBT: Hayden wants to see how Nicole shoots a hockey puck and she says he

does not shoot a hockey puck. Nicole asked Hayden was he good at hockey and he does

not really respond {I remember he was really good}. Nicole relates the crush she had on

a hockey player in college. Victoria is going to lie in the sun. Hayden wants to know what

Nicole was going to yell at him yesterday in the yard...something about a serious question

she never got to ask. Nicole says she does not recall the senario.

Nicole says her face is burning and everyone keeps putting cream on her.

11:50am BBT: Hayden asked Victoria is she plays basketball and she says she does.

Nicole and Victoria go outside to lie in the sun. Cody and Zach are playing pool and Hayden

comes out to join them. Discussion is about setting up shots to get better at pool.

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12:00 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 3 are on Nicole and Victoria lounging out in the sun. Feeds 2 and 4 are on Jocasta and Joey in the wash area. Joey is telling her that she was warned to "be prepared" because she may be the replacement nominee by house vote. It's Caleb's way to do the house bidding without getting his hands dirty.

12:05 PM BBT Jocasta is talking about sleeping with Victoria. Victoria is a snuggler and was reaching for her all night long. Jocasta kept moving away from her but eventually had no choice but to give in.

12:12 PM BBT: Zach announces that he is about to take the biggest pool shot of his life. He misses. Hayden wraps up the game of pool. Nicole and Victoria are sunning outside and are talking about past boyfriends and romance.

12:20 PM BBT Caleb, Cody, Donny, Zach, and Hayden are running laps in the BY. In the WA Brittany and Joey are primping. Brittany and Joey both have upset stomachs. They think it's the slop. Zach gets yelled at by BB. "There is absolutely no jumping into the pool."

12:35 PM BBT The guys are hanging out in the BY. Donny is threatening to declare war on the ants. Brittany and Joey are in swim suits and about to head outside.

12:38 PM BBT Frankie says Caleb is wearing his shorts and it will probably require surgery to get them off of him. Frankie says he wants to bust out his loin cloth some time today. Victoria is called to the DR and she isn't happy about it. They are talking about Nicole's birthday Monday and Joey was up every two hours last night with diarrhea.

12:43 PM BBT BB has decided Victoria may be a while so he went ahead and called Devin into the DR. Just general chit chat going on in the house.

12:48 PM BBT Joey and Brittany are preparing slop in the KT. They are standing side by side and Joey is using the knife. The bowl falls off the counter on to Joey's foot and when she jumps in reaction she almost stabs Brittany in the eye with the knife. Laughs all around.

12:56 PM BBT The guys plus Nicole and Christine are all laying out. The guys are making fun of Nicole and her fear of ghosts. Devin has joined the ladies in the KT.

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1:02 PM BBT Hayden says his gym shoes smell really bad. He considers throwing them in the pool and putting them out to dry. The girls tell him that would ruin them. Caleb goes into the pool for a soak, hat an all.

1:09 PM BBT Frankie and Joey are in the BY talking about having a straight and gay BB. Joey "Tonight on Big Brother, steaks and beer." Frankie "Tonight on Big Brother, blue and pink dolphins, facials, and a dance clinic."

1:16 PM BBT Paola is in the BR. BB asks her to put on her microphone. She says she thought BB was going to tell her to please put on a bra. Devin adds "Paola, America has voted, please put on a bra."

1:21 PM BBT Paola approaches Donny in the fire BR. She wants to know if Caleb has talked to him about nominations. He says he hasn't approached him at all and he wouldn't lie about that. He tells her to just play it cool, be nice, and she will be fine because there are bigger threats in the house. He advises her not to talk too much because she doesn't want to appear like she is playing too hard.

1:30 PM BBT Christine says she is suffering with some serious first world problems. She doesn't want to go inside because it is too cold and doesn't want to stay outside because it's too hot. Hayden goes up the HoH and listens to Caleb's CD.

1:54 PM BBT Frankie and Derrick on laying on the LR couches. Derrick says he has to pretend all the towels are clean and unused. He jokes he probably cleaned his face with a towel Frankie used to wipe his balls with. Frankie is still tired and decides to go back to bed.

1:50 PM BBT Not much going on. Most of the HGs are in the BY sunning or in the KT talking about celebrities. Just general chit chat.

1:56 PM BBT Brittany joins Derrick in the LR. She asks him who he thinks Caleb will put up. He tells her that Caleb is asking everyone in the house (he hasn't approached him yet) and he thinks it may be Joey. Brittany says she is paranoid because she already talked to him and said she would pick Devin. Derrick says it won't happen unless it is unanimous. Brittany is afraid it will backfire on her because Caleb is close to Devin.

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10:30 AM Cody and Caleb on the hammock talking about being nominated, how it's a game and how fast everything will go after this week.

10:36 AM Zach and Donny on the BY couch talking about how it felt for Donny to win POV. Donny was thrilled.

10:55 AM Zach and Donny using the exercise equipment. Donny talking about how smart his brother is. His brother has only one arm and that hand only has a couple of fingers

11:10 AM General chitchat with HG in the WCA. About age and such. Cute clothes and shout outs.

11:19 AM Caleb and Cody cooking breakfast and talking about food. In the BY Donny and Zach still working out and talking about people back home.

11:27 AM BBT ADLs going on in the WCA with Jocasta and Victoria.

11:34 AM BB tells the HG to stop doing movie quotes

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