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Saturday, June 28 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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2:00 PM BBT Derrick has spent that past few minutes just trying to convince Brittany that she is not in danger just because she dropped Devin's name to Caleb. He assures her that if he hears her name come up at all that he will definitely give her a heads up. He is trying to convince her to just enjoy it and not worry so much. Enjoy her safety this week and win HoH next week. Everyone likes her here so she should be fine.

2:05 PM BBT Devin has joined Derrick and Brittany in the LR. Brittany hopes BB will give them a BBQ and beers for 4th of July. Devin says he is so big that he has to drink 6 or 7 beers to get a buzz. Brittany says she gets a buzz on 2 beers but is fine on a bottle of vodka. Devin laughs saying he will have to carry her to bed on a bottle of vodka.

2:19 PM BBT Jocasta and Christine are in the KT. They joke that they need to cook slop in dirty pans, such as ones that were used to cook bacon in. Technically that isn't cheating, right? It's just re-using a pan.

2:33 PM BBT Caleb, Hayden, Donny, and Amber are sitting in the BY. They all agree that they are enjoying not having a cell phone. It gives them a chance to really get to know people. Jocasta steps out and warns everyone to avoid Devin. He is farting really bad and the BR stinks. Devin comes out and says "Did she really just come out say that? She is the one that goes up to the HoH to poop on herself every day." Jocasta "You almost made me say a bad word." They then argue whether or not the best place to fart is outside or inside. Devin says California has enough pollution. No one needs to go outside to fart.

2:38 PM BBT Devin says he will get Jocasta back. She is going to do something and he is going to run around the house with pots and pans to announce it to everyone.

2:44 PM BBT Paola and Brittany are in the WA. Brittany assures Paola that she should be safe this week. Christine comes in wearing Hayden's blue floral hat. Paola says that hat is becoming Judd's shirt.

2:47 PM BBT Hayden keeps screaming really loud. He says it's his heavy metal voice. He hopes BB gives them heavy metal for wake up call tomorrow so he can scream along. He gives us professional wrestler impressions as well....also very loud.

2:51 PM BBT Devin says his drink is disgusting. He mixed 12 oz. of black coffee and 12 oz. of diet coke together. He is regretting that decision now.

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#‎BB16‬ 3:1 PM BBT Talk in the BY about bugs and how they are getting bite. Devin is freaking out. Says he hates bugs and germs. He is OCD extreme he says.

#BB16 3:13 PM Devin asks everyone to come inside and wish his daughter a Happy Birthday. They all do at one time to the KT camera.

#BB16 3:27 PM BBT Joey telling Jocasta about her ex and how he was always back and forth with her. Jocasta reading the Bible.

#BB16 3:37 PM Frankie and Zack talking in the HOH room about Joey going up. Says joey has a sense she is going up.

#BB16 3:47 PM BBT Several of the HG in the BY playing pool and just gen chit chat about pool etc.

#‎BB16‬ 3:41 PM Brittany and Victoria in the WC area. Victoria is braiding Britt's hair. In the HOH room, Frankie and Zach still talking about who should go up and out. Going back and forth.

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#BB16 4:13 PM HG in the BY rehashing old episodes of BB and what happened to where.

#BB16 4:22 PM BBT General talk about family. Donny mentions his girlfriend back home. Joey sitting in the hammock.

#BB16 4:29 Britt and Joey on the hammock talking about Devin should be going up. Discussing options.

#BB16 4:45 PM Caleb is telling Devin that he is really starting to like "her". Devin tells him not to do it.

#BB16 4:56 PM BBT Jocasta explaining the bible to Paola.

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#BB16 5:09 PM BBT Brittany is in the KT trying to make pudding out of protein powder.

#BB16 5:33 PM Nicole and Christine are in the hammock. Talking about Devin and that they can't stand him. They say he is scary.

#BB16 5:47 PM BBT Devin and Joey in the LR. Devin doesn't want to talk game. Says he is staying away from the girls since the issue. Joey tells him not to be that way.

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#BB16 5:58 PM BBT Joey asking everyone if Caleb is talking to each person to see who they want up on the block so it's a house vote.

#BB16 6:07 PM BBT Caleb in the HOH room watching the HOH screen on the house.

#BB16 6:17 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb in the HOH talking about what Joey did but telling everyone that Caleb's will talk to everyone and being asked for a house nominee.

#BB16 6:27 PM BBT Joey and Derrick talking in the BY. Joey says that her move was to make sure that what she was told is going to be done in the house.

#BB16 6:36 PM BBT Joey and Derrick still hashing it out. Joey explaining why she shouldn't go home.

#BB16 6:54 PM Frankie and Cody working out in the backyard.

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7:27pm BBT Devin and Caleb are in HOH. Devin says Zach sleeps so much, I don't know how he sleeps so much, but I guess it is good for him.

Devin asks Caleb if he bulks. Caleb said no because he likes to stay ripped all the time.

7:29pm BBT camera feed changes to the fire room where we find Pow Pow and Amber talking in bed. Not sure who they are talking about but they are saying how they don't trust her. Pow Pow says the DR makes her nervous, she doesn't feel herself in the DR.

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7:35pm BBT In the fire room Pow Pow is telling Amber that she took the blame for the all girl alliance for Joey. Pow Pow says Caleb said he was sorry to her and thought it was her that started the all girl alliance. But now knows it was Joey. Pow Pow is bashing Joey to Amber. Pow Pow says anyone who runs around the house naked has something to hide.

7:39pm BBT Victoria comes in the fire room to join Pow pow and Amber, and joins in the Joey bashing. Meanwhile Devin and Caleb are still up in HOH talking. Devin says he knows Caleb came into the house for personal reasons, but he did too. Devin said he came to will half a million dollars for his daughter. He will play hard and if he is ever on the block he will fight, fight, fight.

7:44pm BBT Devin says he wouldn't even think of putting up Jocosta next week because she is so likable. Right on cue, Jacosta walks into the HOH. they talk about how quiet the house is, and Jocosta thinks most people are sleeping. Caleb said good for them, they will wake up at 2am then and be up all day.

7:48 BBT Caleb looks at the spy cam and says good my maid is coming. Jocosta said Maid? looks at the spy screen and say oh, Brittany and laughs. Brittany drops off Calebs laundry at the door, Devin picks it up and says Damn, must be nice to be HOH!

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#BB16 7:29 PM Joey in the KT with Victoria. Joey telling her that if Caleb really doesn't want blood on his hands then he will talk to the house. She keeps talking about transparency in the house.

#BB16 7:39 PM BBT Amber and Paola and Victoria are in bed whispering about Joey and her talking to Derrick and everything about what is going on with Joey possibly going up.

#BB16 7:47 PM BBT In the HOH Devin, Jocasta and Caleb talking about sleeping. Devin says Zach sleeps really hard and doesn't move.

#BB16 7:53 PM BBT In the HOH Devin telling Jocasta that Joey told him she has all of the girls in the house.

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752pm BBT switching feeds back to Victoria, Amber and Pow Pow in fire room. Amber says she can't really start the game until the first eviction. Victoria says she likes Joey as a person, but game wise I don't know.

7:55pm BBT Victoria said she could have won the POV if she could have found a C. Pow Pow tells Victoria to lay low, Victoria says she doesn't think the boys know how competitive she can be.

7:58pm BBT Amber says she has to poop, PowPow wants to get nail clippers from the diary room, so they and Victoria leave the fire room.

8:04pm BBT Frankie is explaining Kabala religion to Christine on BY couchs.

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8:03PM BBT In the BY Frankie is educating Christine about the theology behind kabbalah. Amber, Joey, Cody and Paola are also in the BY. Devin, Jocasta, and Caleb are in the HoH. Just general chit chat. It's weird to watch because Devin is holding three sweet potatoes in hands and is waving them around while he talks.

8:11 PM BBT Devin has taken the sweet potatoes down to the kitchen. Caleb is teaching him how to bake them in the microwave. In the BY Paola is talking about how she doesn't like being doing her DJ work in the clubs because she doesn't like people being wasted all the time.

8:23PM BBT Caleb and Frankie are couples dancing in the LR. It seems Caleb has some moves to teach Frankie. Meanwhile on the hammock Joey is telling Zach that she understands she may be going home and can't complain since it's the house vote.

8:26 PM BBT Zach is pressuring Joey to give him names of who is wanting her to leave. She won't do it. Zach "Give me some f*ing names so I can f*ing say something. You make me laugh all the time and I like you more than half the people in here." Joey won't say names because she is only assuming who they are.

8:30 PM BBT Derrick has joined Zach and Joey at the hammock. They are telling her that things can flip on a dime in the BB house. She still has time and things can still happen.

8:34 PM BBT Joey pulls Devin in to the bee hive. She tells him point blank that Caleb is going to ask her who she wants out of the house and she wants him to know that she will tell Caleb that she wants Devin out. She doesn't want him to hear it from someone else. She is telling him that he is an amazing competitor. She says "It sucks, but sorry you are so buff." Devin says he appreciates her telling him and it's all good. Joey says he can vote her out if he wants to. She would understand.

8:39 PM BBT Devin is going person to person about his conversation with Joey. Frankie is now referring to Joey as bat sh*t crazy.

8:45 PM BBT Joey's conversation with Devin (about her personally wanting him out because he is such a strong competitor) has morphed into everyone thinking she said the house was going to vote him out. Instead of coming across as one wanting to be honest and share their personal opinion, it has turned into a crazy assumption that she is speaking for everyone else.

8:55 PM BBT Devin is still going HG to HG to share his conversation with Joey. I would like to note that she didn't say the house was voting Devin out. She said she personally would recommend him to Caleb since he is such a strong competitor. In the re-tell, he has managed to convince everyone that Joey said the entire house was voting him out. Thinking that she is speaking for everyone, Joey is now being labeled as a crazy person.

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#BB16 9:02 PM BBT
Devin tells Cody, Zach, and Derrick that Joey is going around telling people to vote Devin out of the house. The guys tell him Joey is just desperate to save herself. Victoria pulls aside Nicole in the storage room and asks her where she's at, because people are talking about her being elusive and not talking game. Nicole gets worried and says Joey is the one who wants Devin out.

#BB16 9:08 PM BBT

Devin and Christine are in storage room making fun of Joey's earlier announcement in the house that she's voting for Devin. Christine agrees that Joey is the worst player in BB history. Zach and Brittany talk in the hammock. Zach thinks Joey is a stupid player, but Brittany likes that Joey told him, because Devin is a pot stirrer. Derrick says that one thing he likes about Joey is that she's very honest, you always know where her head is at in the game.

#BB16 9:12 PM BBT

Zach and Derrick tell Brittany that Joey told them that Caleb was going to put someone up by house vote and she asked them if he asked. They say no. Brittany wants to know who else he talked to, because she saw other people talking to him. Cody says that Joey came to him before the POV was played and said she had a feeling she was going up if it wasn't used. Brittany said Joey said the same thing to her, so she is worried about who is telling the truth.

#BB16 9:16 PM BBT Frankie confronts Joey about telling Devin that the house was voting him out. Joey says she told Devin that she was telling Caleb she wanted him on the block. She tells Frankie it wasn't personal, but Devin is too strong of a competitor. Frankie says he understands. Devin and Amber talk and Amber says that Caleb told her that Joey will be trying to get votes from the girls in the house to get Devin up on the block. Caleb told her Amber that Joey would be trying to get her to vote for Devin. Devin tells Amber what Joey said to him. Devin tells Amber that Joey is the worst player in Big Brother history. Devin says he's not even upset that she wants him on the block, he's pissed that she did it on his daughter's birthday. He didn't want to talk game at all today and that she knowingly did it and it was inconsiderate to him and she is the only one talking game today and made everyone feel uncomfortable and awkward today.

#BB16 9:20 PM BBT

Amber tells Devin that Jocasta, Pao, and Victoria all want Joey gone. Amber says Brittany wants Joey to stay and Nicole is a tossup, but Christine has an alliance with them and will vote Joey out. Devin says that if Brittany votes Pao out and he's HoH next week, he'll give her an ultimatum about joining them to get an extra vote. Amber agrees. Devin tells Amber there is NO WAY he is putting Donny on the block if he gets HoH and wants to work with him and Amber going forward.

#BB16 9:29 PM BBT Devin asks Joey if there is anything he can do to get his name out of her lips. She says she won't change her mind, because she wants him gone. He says it's okay and thanks her for being honest.

#BB16 9:32 PM BBT

Caleb joins Donny, Brittany, Cody, and Derrick on the hammock. They tell Caleb it's freaking awkward now but he handled it well. Caleb says he feels bad for Joey, because she has no idea what she's doing in this game and she's killing her game. He tells Brittany that Joey ran up to him while he was playing pool and tells him loudly, "I'm voting for Devin to go home this week!" and she ran away. Pao starts laughing at Caleb's description. Caleb said after she did that he wanted to go upstairs and watch the three channels he's get in the hoh room. Brittany asks, "You get actual channels up there?" They all start laughing at her and Brittany says she had a blonde moment.

#BB16 9:36 PM BBT Amber pulls Christine into the Hive room and they talk about Joey telling Devin that she wanted him out. Christine thinks Joey has gone insane. Amber says the other girls all think Joey is a freak. They say they want a girl to win, but Joey is killing their game with their alliance reveal. Christine and Amber love that Joey has self destructed, because it takes all the pressure off him. Amber says she can't believe that Joey would just yell it out at Devin, "You're going home, we're voting you out!". Christine says she was cocky this afternoon and told Christine she has all the girl's votes but two. Christine and Amber think it's hilarious that Joey thinks she has their votes. The only girl that would possibly vote for her is Brittany. Amber and Christine agree and say the boys want Joey gone too.

#BB16 9:42 PM BBT

Caleb joins Christine and Amber in the room. Amber tells him that she's talked to all the girls and the only girl who will vote for Joey to stay is Brittany. He says he knows and thinks it's hilarious that she told Devin he was going home. Christine says, "Yeah,s he convinced you to put him up on the block." Amber and Christine start laughing. Caleb tells them what she did with the pool table and that Joey said it in front of 7 people in the afternoon. Pao interrupt them and doesn't take the hint to leave. Amber gets up to go eat some Salmon that Frankie made her.

#BB16 9:46 PM BBt

Donny and Derrick discuss Joey on the hammock. Donny tells Derrick that he told Pao to not talk and let Joey self destruct. Donny asks Derrick if Devin is going up. Derrick says absolutely no way, Joey is going up, because she started an alliance against the guys and that she ruined her game. Donny says that he's happy to work with Donny and they'll discuss getting Devin out at a later time, but it's too early to cause that many waves in the house.

#BB16 9:49 PM BBT

In the BY, Brittany and Devin discuss the events of the day. Brittany doesn't understand why people are upset about what Joey did. She's just nervous.

In the SR, Frankie, Zach, and Cody talk about how stupid Joey is and say without a shadow of a doubt that Joey is going up and going home. She's "effing" stupid. Cody and Zach said they love their alliance and that as long as Pao is in their alliance they are just going to put someone else up on the block against her, because they will always go home until the end.

#BB16 9:52 PM BBT Frankie and Victoria make a date for later in the evening to just hang out the two of them. Frankie gets excited about it.

#BB16 9:53 PM BBT Devin is joined by Caleb and Amber in the BY. They ask him how he is and they rehash the Joey thing. Devin tells Caleb that Joey asked him if he ever had her back and that they got into an argument in the Hive Room. Caleb said that Joey admitted to him that she liked Devin a lot, but that Joey was misreading Devin's emotions the last few days and that the arguments that happened before the feeds came on weren't Devin's fault. He said that Joey is just ignoring everything good he did up to this point, to save face. He doesn't care though. Caleb tells him not to worry and that if Joey asks him tomorrow why she's up, he'll tell her that she started the anti-boys alliance, and that she lied about Devin. Caleb said that Brittany is the only girl not voting Joey out. Devin says he knows and that they have to get Brittany out next.

#BB16 9:59 PM BBT Hayden and Amber talk on the hammock. Hayden and Amber talk about how weird Joey is being. Hayden doesn't understand what she is doing at all. They talked about how the other people are voting. Hayden asks how Brittany is voting? Amber says she doesn't know. Hayden says that he feels like he's in the same position as Brittany. Hayden says he has a huge crush on Nicole. Amber says she is adorable and wants to adopt them both.

#BB16 10:03 PM BBT

Hayden tells America that he promises he is taking Nicole on a date when they get out. Amber asks Nicole if she'll move to LA and be her roommate after the show is over. Nicole says yes. Hayden says that Nicole wants a small town husband and he's not living in a small town.

#BB16 10:05 PM BBT Caleb tells Devin to just lay low and he already tell Pao that she's not going home. Devin says it's cool. BB asks them to put the awnings up so Caleb and Devin put them up together.

#BB16 10:11 PM BBT Hayden tells Amber that he won't feel bad voting Joey out, because there's a reason to get her out. He likes her, but he has no clue what happened to her. Amber agrees that this week it's best to just vote with the house and get Joey out.

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#BB16 10:14 PM BBT

Hayden says he thinks Caleb and Amber will go on a date after the show is over. Amber says no way. She does not like Caleb like that.

#BB16 10:16 PM BBT

Victoria joins them on the hammock. Amber asks her why Joey would say she has all the girls vote except two. Victoria says there is no way Joey has hers. Amber agrees. Victoria thinks it's so awkward now and that she doesn't know why Joey would do that.

#BB16 10:20 PM BBT

Hayden and Victoria and Amber discuss that Joey said she never watched the show before but that she was recruited.

#BB16 10:24 PM BBT

Derrick and Caleb are playing pool. Derrick tells Caleb that Joey and Brittany are the only ones that want Devin gone and that the guys want her gone, not Devin. Derrick says to watch out because Joey will go even crazier tomorrow if she goes up. Caleb says who cares, she's going home. Derrick totally agrees and says he doesn't want Caleb to be set up by the girls in the house if they all start campaigning against Devin. Caleb says don't worry, Joey is going home.

#BB16 10:27 PM BBT

Derrick and Caleb make fun of Joey and say that when she's gone Caleb is going to say in his goodbye message, "Hey, Smurf, The Bomb Squad blew you away! Go home!" They start laughing.

#BB16 10:30 PM BBT

Caleb goes into HOH and tells Frankie that he told Amber the only way he's taking her to the end is if they go on a date after the game and that she keeps giving him mixed signals and that he's going to lay it out all later with her. Frankie tells him to ask her to do Bible moments with her. Caleb says he's big dog in the house and if he wants to carry her he will.

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#BB16 10:34 PM BBT Cody and Christine do the dishes together in the kitchen. Joey sits on the couch in the living room by herself and pouts. Frankie walks by and Joey wants to know what's going on. Brittany says he doesn't want him to abandon them and she starts bashing Devin and saying that he went off on Joey and he made people in the house uncomfortable. Brittany says he was rude to Joey and it was innapropriate. Frankie says that Devin isn't going up this week. Joey says why not? Frankie says Caleb and Devin are best friends. Brittany says she's worried because she'll go up because she told Caleb that she wants Devin out.

#BB16 10:40 PM BBT

Joey keeps harping on the fact that Caleb is a liar and hypocrite if he doesn't put Devin up, because the whole house wants him gone. Frankie says that there are things she can't fight and that she needs to campaign for herself to not go home. Caleb walks by and Joey whines that the situation sucks. Caleb says I know, but you have to suck it up.

#BB16 10:44 PM BBT Caleb, Devin, and Frankie make fun of Arnold Schwartzenneger's accent. Joey sits on the couch and rolls her eyes as Frankie and Caleb talk about styles. Derrick and Frankie go back outside to finish their pool game. Frankie hugs Joey and says he loves her. He says the timing is bad right now. Frankie says she's causing a commotion. She says she's transparent, but Joey doesn't want to wait to see if she's going up. Frankie says he understands, but it's still not a good situation. Joey says that it's stupid that Caleb wouldn't put up Devin, because the whole house wants him gone. Frankie says he understands.

#BB16 10:49 PM BBT

Frankie, Devin, and Hayden talk about how bad Joey is doing and that they want to sit her down and give her BB lessons.

Joey goes to Paola and says that she's being up against her and that Caleb is stupid and isn't putting Devin up and that they should pressure him to put Devin up. Joey wants Paola to tell Caleb that Devin needs to go up. Paola doesn't understand why Joey would go up, she's not a threat. Joey thinks she's a mental threat and it's retaliation because she went against Caleb's ally.

#BB16 10:56 PM BBT

Jocasta and Amber tell Victoria that she shouldn't be doing guys' laundry for them if they haven't been together for over a year. Victoria says she does laundry for guys after a week.

Pao and Joey continue to talk about the fact that Caleb is stupid for not putting Devin up. Joey is upset because it's political and that everyone will know that Caleb and Devin are working together. Joey wants to talk to him about it. Joey is mad because Devin isn't upset or sad anymore and that Caleb definitely told Devin he isn't going up. Brittany joins them and is mad because now she has to kiss ass to get herself out of trouble with Devin and Caleb and it sucks that Caleb wouldn't go with the house.

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11:05 PM BBT: Hayden and Donny have broken up the boys talking in game in the BY by trying to determine how many laps in the yard is a mile. They determine 30 down and backs is one mile. In the KT Frank is explaining the conversation he just had with Joey to Devin, Jocasta, Victoria, and Brit. Victoria calls her crazy. Frank moves into the storage room to talk with Christine. They make fun of Caleb for saying he almost won POV.

11:15 PM BBT: Donny and Devin are now using chewing tobacco and Devin is pretending like he isn't because his mom would be disappointed. Back in the KT Joey is talking about the Devin situation and Caleb not doing what he said he's going to do. Frank says he doesn't like that because it draws lines in the sand and that he doesn't want that this early. Frank says she's acting out too much and that if she had laid low then Paolo would have gone home and still no lines would be drawn.

11:25 PM BBT: Zach and Nicole are on the hammock talking about who could be put up tomorrow. They agree they won’t vote each other if they go up. Zach says they have nothing to worry about and that there are way bigger fish to fry. They talk about not knowing where certain people's heads are at. They agree they know nothing about Jocasta. They also agree that there are clear pairs in the house like Caleb/Devin Paola/Amber and Joey/ Brit. Zach says he thinks he can trust Cody and would like to work with him. Nicole is just agreeing. Zach says he trusts Hayden, Nicole agrees. He likes Donny a lot, Nicole agrees.

11:35 PM BBT: Joey and Paola are in the SR and Joey is giving her advice? Joey keeps telling her to lay low and to relax. She says once you're safe, go bonkers. Paola says she is who she is, and that Joey should relax too because hopefully Caleb puts up Devin. Paola is trying to convince her that if the house wants Devin then Devin should go up, and it would be a waste of a veto to go after two girls and not a strong player. Paola says lay low and calm down. Joey says that she came in there to give Paola advice and it got all turned around. They laugh and exit. Brit and Joey talk for a sec about Joey's decision to rock the boat and how good or not good it was. Brit exits real quick to change.

11:45 PM BBT: Cody gets called to DR in the middle of his pool game with Derrick. Hayden takes over. Game talk has died down for the moment because Joey is lying in bed. Devin, Frank, and Zach talk briefly in the hammock about Brit telling Devin that people in this house want him gone because he stirs the pot. They move onto Joey and how easy it was to get her to explode. They re-hash the same situations over and over. Zach says Joey was just like the female Frankie (Well liked and friendly) until about an hour ago. Devin has resolved to not speak to Brit the rest of the time she is in the house. They agree that the girls are just making it easier for them.

11:55 PM BBT: Devin is going on to say that he is proud to leave his mark in this game. He is excited and it gives him chills to have the biggest alliance in BB history. All he wanted was to leave his mark. He continues by saying that he will never waiver and that if he goes he will hug everyone and wish them luck. Devin proceeds to fart and break up the conversation. Joey is back up in the BY with the rest of the HGs making small talk by the pool table and on the couches about their lives back home.

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