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Big Brother UK Series 15 (2014) - Power Trip


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Day 44: Friday, July 18th, 2014 - Two Second Steven

Previously, a big decision, and Biannca made waves. Tonight, a shock announcement and two surprise evictions.

9:45am. It's eviction day and everyone is nominated. Except for Helen. Tonight the fate of the original housemates is in the hands of Biannca, Pav and Zoe who will decide whom is evicted. What the new housemates don't know is that they too face eviction.

Chris, Christopher and Ashleigh are talking about Biannca's striptease last night. As funny as last night is, Chris says, I'm not sure if I can put up with too much of that. And there's going to be plenty more of that with the alcohol and all that. I still want to see you two in the final, Ashleigh says of Chris and Christopher. Cheers, mumbles Christopher. I definitely want to see you, Christopher, says Chris. Thank you, he says. If you're there, Chris says, that's a victory for us. You're taking one for the team, Christopher, Ashleigh jokes.

Helen can't believe last night she and Ash kissed. Unbelievable, Ash says. Don't, don't, she warns. You don't remember, he asks? No, she says. What a d*ck, she tells him. Funny, he says, then throws off his covers. I'm so hot, he says. I can't believe you, Helen says, I slept with a t-shirt. You had the option to not sleep with one on. Don't know what's going through my head, Ash says sleepily.

11:03am Kimberly has been feeling unwell and is called to the Diary Room. Big Brother has arranged for her to see a doctor and she is instructed to leave the house by the door to the left.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Ash asks Danielle how she feels about tonight's eviction. Danielle thinks it will be her and Steven in the bottom 2. This has been the worst week, Ash tells her, it'll only get better after this week. Just brush it off, get on with it and try to enjoy yourself. Then just deal with stuff when you get out, he advises. Danielle laughs as if it would be that easy. I think I'll be fine, she says faithfully.

In the Luxury Pad, the new housemates are discussing who they want to evict tonight. We're in a powerful position, Pav says, we're never going to get this again. I know, says Zoe. We're going to be questioned, she says, why not Ashleigh, why not Danielle when they've been saying all week they want to go. Why not do the obvious? Yeah, says Biannca. Pav is silent.

We didn't go with Ashleigh, Biannca explains, because we thought she could grow. She's coming out of her shell, starting to crack a smile a bit, Zoe adds. Danielle's also coming along, Pav reasons. I think we're 3 smart housemates, Zoe says, and we haven't gone the easy option if we choose Kimberly. This is so hard, Biannca says, but I think you just said it. I think you've hit it on the head, Pav says.

Are you guys ready for this sh*t, Biannca asks? As long as we stay together, Pav says. The thing is, Zoe says, we've all come to the same conclusion even though for different reasons. Biannca says she now agrees with what Zoe was saying. I just want to talk to Danielle more, she says. Pav thinks Danielle will be so much stronger if she comes out of it with your (Biannca's) mentality. What can we teach Kimberly, Pav asks? Silence. What can we learn from Kimberly? Who would want to learn anything from her, Biannca asks.

So it's Kimberly, isn't it, Biannca says.

11:33am Mark is doing his laundry in the bath tub, chatting with Christopher, sitting on the side of the tub. Mark says sometimes people get mixed up in here. Do not put your feet in the water, he warns. I'm not, laughs Christopher. Put them on the other side for me, Mark instructs. Christopher obliges.

In the bedroom, Danielle is thinking about tonight's eviction. I hope I go tonight, she tells Ashleigh. I don't know if you actually properly mean that because you change it all the time, Ashleigh replies. One moment you want to go, the next you're worrying because you don't want to go. So I don't think you properly mean that. No, I do, Danielle says, after this week, I don't want to be here anymore. Don't give up just because you're having a bad day or bad week. It's just with all the sex in the house, and after last night, I don't want to be around that. I really don't.

Winston, Steven, Helen and Ash are in front of the light box wall talking about tonight's eviction. What about Christopher, Helen asks? Steven doesn't think he'd go ahead of him. Things can get wavy, Ash says. This is my second time facing the public, Steven says, and I don't know what my reaction from the public will be, but based on last week, all I can say is, if it's one (eviction), if I'm lucky, I might scrape by. If it's 2, I think I'll definitely go.

Also, I don't think that's the only thing. There's a second eviction tonight and the 3 newbies are going to have to make some kind of decision, or they might turn it back on the housemates and say after a week, who do you want to keep and who do you want to chuck out. There might be something to that, Ash says, it might be very possible next week, just them three being up.

12:02pm Ash and Helen are talking about Danielle in the wash area. I want to believe her, says Helen, I think things have been exaggerated. Ash thinks there was something, and it's been made into what it is. Helen says there is supposed to be this story. Ash says it's not fair to say she's doing all this when we don't actually know. I feel bad now, Helen says. She was just a bit upset, Ash says. Ashleigh's gone a bit distant with her, Helen says.

At the dining table, Biannca asks Danielle if she's nervous. I don't know, Danielle says, a bit. Would you be happy or sad if you went, Biannca asks. Danielle says she feels like she's achieved everything she hoped to achieve. I don't feel like, oh, I wish I had another weekend here, she says. So if I go, I won't be sad. Ashleigh joins them wearing a mud mask. We'll just wait and see, Danielle sys, it'll be nice to see my family.

2:49pm In the garden, Helen asks Biannca if she and Danielle sorted it out. Yeah, Biannca says. Does she know where you're coming from now? Yeah. She just wants to have her say and I said if you say it on TV, that's good. Who cares what people think? She must be a bit of a horny devil. She must be. She's in the sex industry. You got to be a bit of a horny devil to be in the sex industry. Biannca laughs. She doesn't like it when I call her a horny devil. You must have had some words, Helen says. Oh, Biannca realizes, she's Christian. Catholic, Helen says. F*ck, I didn't think of that, Biannca says.

Christopher is in the Diary Room talking about Mark. I'm not sure how I feel, he says, I don't think Mark's sure either. We think we're vaguely on the same page about each other. I don't really know if he likes me that much or not, Christopher says. From what I've gathered from the way he looks at me and talks to me, I think he does. Sometimes I think he's interested but I don't want to push him. I know how sensitive he is to this and how cautious he is about talking too much about it on television, so I don't really know. I don't want to push him to say anything he doesn't really believe. It's really hard for us both to know where we stand right at this moment in time.

Steven sits down with Zoe to talk about Kimberly. From the outside perspective, he says, it looks ridiculous, and I know that. That's why I saw you say what you said, it wasn't a shock. I know what's going on out there. It's not a bad thing, Zoe says, to choose a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and says this is how I feel. But I think sometimes it can be perceived as your constantly asking her for reassurance. If you need reassurance from her, Zoe advises, you're in the wrong relationship. For her it's a trust issue, Steven says, to my insecurities that caused this situation.

This is the hardest part, Steven says, I've got no skeletons. I see her crying in her arms, saying she's never been loved like this, never had these feelings before, like someone wants me this much, I don't want to leave you, I'm not going to hurt you, break your heart when we get out of here and move in together. And I say but what we get out of here and she says you know what, I don't want to move in with him. Is someone like you thinking Steven, you stupid f*cker, get your head out of your *ss and walk. Let her do what she has to do. She's either going to go back to that guy or run off and do what she wants to do.

As a woman, you deserve someone whose literally, look at this, Zoe says, always touching you, that's how I am with my fella. I can't stop touching him. That's what you're like, that's what I'm like, Steven says. You'll find a woman like that, Zoe assures him, I just think in this environment, its unhealthy for you. You can't breath, you know?

6:26pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the benches (which have replaced the sofas). Where's Kimberly, Zoe wonders? I don't know, Steven says, it's an hour before the eviction show. Big Brother has some news regarding Kimberly and Steven goes tense. Oh sh*t, he says. Earlier today, Big Brother says, Kimberly left the Big Brother House for medical reasons. Steven is prepared for the worst but is relieved when Big Brother says she's OK. However, she will not be returning to the house tonight and consequently will not be taking part in tonight's eviction.

She's staying in the hospital overnight, Steve reasons. Christopher nods at his conclusion. Helen says I thought going to lay off. Steven agrees. I thought I was going to fold, he says. Zoe, Pav and Biannca share a pensive glance. The rest of the housemates digest the news, except for Ashleigh who is quietly still on the bench, painting her nails. Steven heads to the Diary Room.

How's my partner, he asks, she did says he'd get a message to me if she's sick in hospital. I just want to make sure she's OK because I'm her partner and sleep next to her and stuff. I'm very worried about her and have to face an eviction now and have that on my mind along with Kimberly's in the hospital. Big Brother appreciates that he's concerned, but for now all he can be told is she's in the best hands. That is all he can be told at this stage and he should concentrate on tonight.

Is she coming back to the house, Steven asks? Not tonight, Big Brother says. And tomorrow, Steven asks? That's undecided, he's told. OK, Steven says, can you get a message to her? He loves her very much and is worried about her and to get well soon. And if I leave tonight, he says, I'm coming straight out to see her.

7:02pm Ashleigh is doing her hair and Mark is doing his eyebrows in the wash area, talking about Kimberly. Do you think she's gonna be back, Ashleigh asks Mark. I don't know, Mark says, I thought she was going to be evicted tonight. So did I, says Ashleigh. Audience sounds are being piped in through the house as Helen does Danielle's makeup in the bedroom. When it comes round to it, Winston says to Ash, you don't want to go. I don't have anything left, Ash says, I f*cking hate Fridays.

In the Luxury Pad, the new housemates' decision weighs heavily on their minds. Well that throws a right spanner in the works, doesn't it, says Zoe, we have to come to a new agreement. Biannca is not happy. Pav says Danielle was plan B, wasn't she? It was either her (Kimberly) or Danielle. No, Biannca says, it was her or Ashleigh. No, Pav says, it was either Danielle or Kimberly this morning. I've changed my mind about that, Biannca says, I just think she's a little girl lost. I think she could grow as much as Ashleigh could grow.

Ashleigh's a strong person. I think we could make Danielle a stronger person. That's more than Ashleigh could learn. Zoe says she's now feeling like, now that they've had the sh*t dropped on them, they should go with Ashleigh. Pav says I want Ashleigh to stay, but if it's two against one, I stand behind you 100% if you guys decide you want to go with Ashleigh and not Danielle. I'll say it was my idea as well. That's where the majority is.

What does the public want out, Biannca wonders. We don't know, do we. Pav says. Ashleigh was chanted and hated, and then so was Danielle. Zoe says Ashleigh. Ashleigh out, Biannca confirms. She won't leave here tonight and have a f*cking breakdown. I think Danielle will. She'll be over the moon to go. All right, Pav says, so we're going with Ashleigh.

10:01pm The housemates have gathered in the living area for the eviction, the new housemates on one bench, the original housemates sitting across from them. Ash jokes this is the first triple ever on Big Brother. Christopher jokes its a quadruple. Ashleigh doesn't think it will be a double. Mark agrees. It's just one, he says. The audience noise is silenced. Here we go, Christopher says. They can now hear the live audience chanting Two Second Steven.

Big Brother House this is Emma. Biannca (Boos), Pav (Boos), Zoe (Cheers), please stand up. On Monday, you joined the Big brother House. But tonight, only two of you will remain.

Helen and Ash are shocked. Pav looks stunned. Biannca looks nervous. The chant turns to Get Biannca Out and Get Pav Out.

Over the last 4 days, the British public has been voting to save their favorite new housemate. I can now reveal the first new housemate with the most votes and therefore safe from eviction is...


Zoe bows with tears of joy as Pav and Biannca congratulate her. The original housemates applaud.

Zoe, you are safe. Biannca, Pav, I can now reveal the housemate with the fewest votes and therefore 7th to be evicted is...

There are equal Get Pav Out and Get Biannca Out chants.


No, cries Helen!

Biannca, you have lost your place in the Big Brother house.

Just like this, Zoe asks as Biannca works her way through hugging all the housemates. I didn't see that coming, Steven says. She tells her housemates she's going to get her t*ts out, and as the double doors split open, she's shaking her t*ts.

The housemates can't believe what just happened. Steven's trying to make sense of the chant about him. Winston tells him it was Two Second Steven. No it was not, Steven says disbelievingly. Winston and Ash think that's terribly funny. Helen congratulates Pav and Zoe. What does that mean, Zoe asks about the chant. Steven says it must be about our shagging. Helen catches onto the joke as well. Chris, Christopher and Helen can't believe how Biannca went out.

Zoe walks off and Pav follows her, asking if she's all right. They hug and Pav says I don't want Ashleigh to go now. I sat there, Zoe tells him, and I was looking across (at the housemates) and I was just thinking, maybe Danielle. Let's do it, Pav says.

10:07pm Steven jokes if he goes, he's going to go out chanting Two Second Steven! Helen says that was the best exit she's ever seen on Big Brother. I reckon it will be the best on in history, Pav says. She's off her f*ckin' head, Ash says. I love her, Helen says, I'm gutted she's gone. I can't believe she was only in here for 4 days, Ash says.

Big Brother calls the housemates back to their seats. F*ck, says Pav. Yeah, Zoe tells him, change it. If we get the chance, Pav says. The audience can still be heard chanting Two Second Steven.

Big Brother house this is Emma: Ash (Cheers), Ashleigh (Mixed), Chris (Mixed) Christopher (Cheers), Danielle (Boos), Mark (Cheers), Steven (Boos), Winston (Cheers), tonight you all face eviction, but your fate will not be decided by the viewers.

Helen is shocked. Oh no, says Ash.

The Power has returned to the house and into the hands of Pav and Zoe. They've known since entering the house that they will decide who is evicted tonight.

The original housemates look around solemnly. Pav and Zoe have on their poker faces. Out in the rain, the audience is chanting loudly, Please Send Us Steven.

Pav, Zoe, please stand up. You now have up to 30 seconds to decide who to evict and why.

The chant turns to Get Steven Out.

Pav, Zoe, I need your decision now.

Pav says the person we decided is...


Danielle suppresses hear tears, says it's fine. Oh my gawd, Ashleigh says, giving Danielle a hug as realization settles in. Danielle takes off her shawl to reveal an elegant evening dress underneath.

Danielle, you have lost your place in the big brother house.

I love you so much, Danielle tells a stunned Ashleigh. Danielle says she'll say her goodbyes at the stairs. Zoe looks like she's ready to cry . Christopher wishes her the best of luck. You look so pretty, Danielle tells Ashleigh. She doesn't say goodbye to Pav or Zoe, who hang back. The housemates are in stunned silence as she ascends the stairs, then Mark leads them in chanting her name as Danielle leaves the Big Brother House to a mixture of cheers and mostly jeers. Bye everyone, she says.

Ash gives Zoe a comforting hug. Helen asks Zoe if she's all right. It's been hard all week, Zoe says suppressing the tears, you base it on who you spent time with. Of course you do, Helen says. Addressing the housemates, Zoe and Pav says it's been horrendous for them all week, they've all had different opinions. On different days, it's been different people, to the last hour, to the last minute.

I had a feeling Danielle would go, Helen says presciently. Zoe says that was horrendous how it started, that the public's been voting for the new housemates. We thought we were getting rid of an original housemate, but actually the twist was on us! We've been blindsided, Pav says. So you thought when you were told to stand up, Steven realizes... We thought we were going to name the person we had chosen to leave, Zoe confirms, that was a right twist that was.

10:29pm The house is still reeling from tonight's evictions. Mark asks Ashleigh if she's all right. It's going to take a while to sink in, she says. She's going to be fine, Mark assures her. She worried who would look after me, Ashleigh says, I said I'm worried who'll look after you! She and Mark share a laugh. Helen sits down near Ashleigh who says I really thought it was going to be me. I didn't, Helen says, based on what was said the other day when she was encouraging you to stop wanting to go.

Mark thinks Biannca will be sad to have left. I'm gutted for her, Helen says. Ashleigh thinks she wanted very badly to be here. She would have been a lot of fun, not just because of what happened last night but she was fun to talk to. A different type of character to the rest of us, Mark says. Steven is still laughing over his chant. I've come passed the nerves, he says, I'm prepared for anything. This place has now made me less nervous. If I had walked out of here tonight, I would have chanted back, Two Second Steven!

Ash says at least it's a positive thing. I'm going to get chanted, boo'd. It was more like 2 hours, but you can't say that to the crowd, though. Ashleigh tells Chris to take Danielle's bed. I may snore, he says, but you know what to do. Pav explains to Ashleigh that he preferred her company over Danielle's. It was selfish, but I kept saying to myself every time you said you wanted to go to not say that. I was sure I was going home, Ashleigh says. That's 2 weeks in a row you were convinced, Chris laughs.

Zoe congratulates her for staying. I can imagine, Ashleigh starts to say, then stops. No, I can't imagine how that was. You were the obvious choice, Zoe says, because you said you wanted to go. But we didn't want you to regret it. You reminded me of when I was 18. We said you had so much room for growth if you stopped saying you wanted to go, you'd be here for a while. I don't think it's your end yet, so we wanted to give you the chance. But since this is a competition, we should probably be kicking you out! Ashleigh thanks her and says she knew it would be Danielle if not her, based on time and stuff, she's been moody,

10:51pm The housemates are called back to the living area benches. Big Brother has some news. Big news. You have all survived Armageddon. Armageddon is now officially over. The housemates all cheer. Zoe congratulates each housemate with a kiss and hug. The storeroom is now open. The housemates rush the storeroom for alcohol, popping the champagne.

11:18pm Pav and Zoe are packing up their belongings to move into the main bedroom. Well done, she says, giving Pav a hug. Your response was amazing, he says, I was really proud. You just carry on being you and doing what you're doing. F*ck me. That blew the wind right out of my sails there, Zoe agrees.

In the bedroom, the Steven's chant is still the talk of the house. Mark says it was a nice crowd. A very nice crowed, agrees Helen and Ashleigh. They talk about how Steven's chant turned into Get Steven Out. They don't like him, Mark says. Is it because of the shagging, Helen wonders. Usually the girls get the bad, Ashleigh says. He's getting boo'd because he's banging a Playboy model, Ash says, people are just jealous over that.

At the dining table, Steven tells Christopher he knows what it is out there, every day on the talk shows, videos of him having sex with Kimberly, and people going on about him and Kimberly and all the sex sh*t. We didn't have sex in public, no one saw anything - it was under the covers - it wasn't outrageous. This is how outrageous it was - no one knew it was happening except Ash and Helen next door and Winston at the head. They were the only 3 people that knew. You all didn't have a clue.

Not until Winston spilled the beans, Christopher confirms. You can't say we were doing it for showmance or the whole room would have woken up. Your romance is incredibly genuine, Christopher generously offers, which is why I understand how frustrating it is. It's so frustrating, Steven says. There are some romances in other TV programs, Christopher says, not this show, which are false and based on nothing but a desire to make money in the media. And yet they get cheered and applauded all the time.

However, Christopher says, whenever you have sex on TV, that opens you up to a h*ll of a lot of criticism. People don't like it. That's what Zoe said, Steven says, the public are going to see you as a soppy git. Christopher says I love a soppy romance on TV. It's messy, Steven says. If you and Kim had both been single, Christopher says, they'd be loving the pair of you.

What I've realized about this process, Steven says, I've fallen in love with Kim, I want to get to know her more. I feel very upset that she's out of the house, but mud sticks. sh*t sticks. I'm not going to get rid of any sh*t that's coming at me, so there's no point sitting in the corner and screaming about it. I'll just go out and be myself.

1:58am Zoe buzzed in the Diary Room about the night. You little buggers, she says, you put a twist on us, didn't ya! I feel awesome right now, but that was... We were set up! We were waiting to make our decision and then Emma was like the public be voting for the new housemates to stay. And tonight you were saved by the public, Big Brother says. I wasn't going to get tears from this but I think I'm going to cry.

Steven just said that downstairs, I was the first out of the three to be saved. Oh man, she says, crying, that's massive to me, massive. This isn't a talent show, I'm not singing around the house asking to be judged for my job, I'm being judged on my person and that's awesome.

Ash and Helen are laying on their bed discussing last night's snogging. I was dying to take a big f*cking gasp of air, she says while caressing Ash's hair. But I thought if I do, it'd be so obvious what we were doing. You were just saying shit, Ash says, and I was like, shut up! Don't exaggerate, Ash, I'm already embarrassed as it is. I said that feels nice. What was it, Ash asks? I wasn't so good with the other stuff, she says cryptically. No sh*t, Ash says. Shut up, you f*cking idiot, Helen says.

I'm just thinking about my mates, Helen says. We won't be able to have sex in here, Ash says, because you won't be able to... What's the point, asks Helen? You won't be able to do... I can't do anything, she says, and be on TV. I know, he says. That's a good point, we still couldn't do anything proper. I just think, what a f*cking tramp. Ash laughs. I know it sounds awful 'cause they've done it. They're together, though, she says. I just think, f*cking h*ll, I wouldn't wanna walk out those doors if I'd done that.

You're saying it like it might happen, Ash jokes. I'm talking about in general, Helen says, doing stuff like that on TV is just wrong.

2:07am Mark is giving Christopher instructions for sleep. That's my side, he says, that's your side. You've got to face that wall, I'll face over here, he says with a straight face. Who do you think you are barking orders at me, Christopher says. He puts his head on the pillow facing Mark's side and closes his eyes. I'd appreciate it if you did, Mark says simply. Christopher groans and pulls the cover over his face. Christopher, Mark says. What.

Ashleigh tells Chris he's going to have to be her toilet guard now. What, he asks? Toilet duty, she explains, if I have to pee and go to the bathroom. OMG, Chris says, why me? Because your my next best friend, Ashleigh says. She was a better friend than I was, Chris asks of Danielle? She'd want me to say yes, Ashleigh says. I'll stand outside the door while you take a pee, Chris promises, laughing.

Steven checks in with Big Brother before bed. It's been an evening of surprises, he says, and of course the positive is I'm still here. All my friends in the house are still here. And Armageddon is over. What a week. My public reaction was consistent. I know this Two Second Steven was picked up from mine and Ashleigh's actions in the house, but I take it light heartedly and keep my fingers crossed that I keep going.

It is what it is. I've got to be strong, because Kimberly's been sick and I've got to be strong for her when she gets back. I was all prepared for the potential I could have gone. I even wrote a little note to Kimberly that I loved her and will be waiting to see her when she comes out and I hope she's feeling better. So. And I'm so pleased I'm still here. Hopefully, I can continue in that vein.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 45: Saturday, July 19th, 2014 - Who's Next?

Previously, Armageddon claimed its final victims. Tonight, the shock news for Steverly, and housemates lose the plot.

9:40am The Big Brother house is back to normal after Armageddon ended last night. In the bedroom, new housemates Pav and Zoe are waking up for the first time as regular housemates. That's what the house is supposed to look like, Zoe jokes, now that all the Armageddon props have been removed. Yep, Christopher says. Day one in the proper Big Brother house, Zoe says.

Yesterday, Kimberly had to leave the house due to ill health. Big Brother has gathered the housemates in the living area for an announcement. As soon as Big Brother mention's Kimberly's departure for the hospital, Steven says sh*t and gets a pained look on his face. Big Brother announces an update on the situation and Steven says oh, no. Kimberly is being treated for her condition and is feeling better. Oh good, Steven says. But unfortunately, she is not well enough to return to the Big Brother house. Helen gasps.

At all, Steven asks quietly? The rest of the housemates are silent. Kimberly will not be returning to the Big Brother house, Big Brother says. The housemates gasp, No! She must be so sick, Ashleigh says. Really sick, Steven says, I knew it yesterday. Everyone is in stunned silence. As long as she's being monitored full time, Helen says finally, she obviously had to quit if she needs monitoring constantly. Kimberly's light box is changed to a status of "LEFT".

Steven heads to the Diary Room for more information. He's not OK, he says, he's really upset. I don't know what to do. I don't want to cry. I'm not crying anymore on the show. I was lucky enough to meet her and I just don't know what I'm going to do without her in here. I'm no longer crying, I'm not doing it. Each time he says this, he turns around to hide from the camera. Stop it, Steven, he says. Big Brother tells him to take as long as he needs in the Diary Room. Big Brother understands how hard it is for him to hear this.

It doesn't make it any easier if I'm sitting here, eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with my feet up and she's at hospital, ill. I should be there to make sure she's OK and at least comfort her, to have the opportunity just to see her. But I know you're not going to let me do that. And last night I had to face that eviction stuff on my own. And now she's gone and I don't really know... I got no message from her. no indication from her about how she is. For me, my experience here has been with her.

It's awful, he vents, I've had my mom come on the screen, the crowd chanting Two Second Steven, which I actually found quite funny. I prepared myself all day because I thought I was going to go, and I didn't. Now all this has happened. I feel like I'm getting so much thrown at me day in and day out. I didn't expect this, it's a tremendous amount of pressure. Every single Friday I get all dressed up and get chanted. It's not a nice feeling.

Yes, I had sex on television, but I'm not a bad person, I'm not an evil person. I feel so stupid. I've known someone for 6 weeks and I'm crying because they're not here anymore. For gd, sakes, you must be sitting there laughing your head off, thinking what a stupid wimp. Stupid, he whispers to himself.

11:04am Steven has been asked to pack Kimberly's belongings. Highly efficient, he says to himself as he unzips her suitcase, finding a carry-on inside. Pav, Ashleigh, Ash and Mark are in the garden talking about Kimberly. I hope she's all right, Mark says and the others grunt in agreement. I bet Steven's in a bad way, Ash says. I don't think he'll walk, Mark says. I don't think he will, Ashleigh says. Nobody should walk, Mark says, not for somebody else, no matter how close you get. We all walked in the doors on our own, we're all going to walk out the doors on our own.

One of the most exciting parts about coming in here, kind of, is leaving and seeing the crowd and being interviewed with Emma. That's a massive part of the experience, and if he's thinking about walking, he needs to remember that's 6 weeks ago. it could be over as quick as it started, Ashleigh says pessimistically, they don't know what they're going to be like after. I understand he has feelings for her, Mark says, but he needs to keep his head up and his wits about him and remember he walked in here on his own.

In the bedroom, Steven lets out a belch as he throws clothes and shoes and stuff into the suitcase. All the old sh*t you don't want, he says to himself. He gets onto his hands and knees and reaches under the bed. There's another whole tube of toothpaste, he says. He finds the envelope containing Kimberly's pictures of loved ones, now missing the shredded photo of Kimberly's former boyfriend and tosses them into the suitcase.

3:37pm For today's task, housemates will compete each other in a game of Copy That. Over three rounds, housemates from Team A (Zoe, Steven, Helen, Ash, Ashleigh) and Team B (Chris, Mark, Pav, Winston) will try to outdo each other by attempting something their opponent won't be willing to copy. Christopher will be the umpire and decide the winner of each round. He has a whistle and he blows it to get the housemates under control.

First up is Steven vs. Winston in the Props round. With a set of unusual props, Winston must set the bar before Steven attempts to copy him. Winston goes for broke out of the gate by using hair removal wax paper to remove his public hair. Screaming like a little girl, he removes hair from his thighs, paints his chest and then uses the wax paper to remove his arm pit hair. He squirts some massage oil at Steven then takes a hula-hoop and attempts to twirl it before Christopher blows the whistle.

Steven must now copy that, with the peanut gallery making comments that Winston took it like a man as Steven rips out his public hair and inside his legs. The housemates egg him on, chanting 2 second Steven. He rips the hair off his arm pit and squirts Winston, who squirts him back, oiling up both men. Steven paints his lubricated chest and asks, what's next? Let's do some shaving. He grabs an electric shaver and and begins shaving off his hair. Ash falls to the floor, laughing. Mark is shocked. Stop, Ash tries to say through the laughter. Steven begins to wrap his abdomen with cellophane wrap when Christopher blows the whistle.

He lost his mind, Winston laughs hilariously. As he did not hula-hoop, Christopher says officially, Steven did not successfully copy Winston. OMG, Steven says, realizing he blew it. The winner of that round is Team B, declared Christopher.

Next up is Helen vs. Pav in the honesty round. Each must reveal who they think is the most two-faced housemate and must outdo each other with their honesty. Helen names Chris as the most two-faced, based on the fact she's watched him slag people off, going to the Diary Room and the Pod with other members of the house and slugging people, then having difficulty admitting what he said afterwards.

This isn't fair, Pav says, she's got 6 weeks of knowledge on me. Just tear into someone, Winston tells him. Christopher reminds him he has the benefit over Helen of having watched the series from the start and have seen things the rest of them have not. Pav freezes when the whistle blows, then also names Chris as the most two-faced, essentially repeating what Helen said.

[Pav missed a golden opportunity to out Chris as the Power Housemate from Week 2. -- Morty]

Christopher rules that having watched the series from the outside, Pav should have been more decisive and had a clearer idea over who as most two-faced. Therefore, Helen wins the round. With both teams on level pegging, it's all down to Ash vs. Chris in the Food round. Ash must gorge himself on dog food, jellied eels and pickled eggs, mayonnaise and butter.

Ash starts with a spoon full of mayo, then gags on the jellied eels, frantically choking down a pickled egg and grabs a handful of canned dog food, holding his nose, stuffs it in his mouth. Steven gags in his seat just watching. Pav trash talks Ash, telling him to give it up, he's going to puke. He's not going to puke, Helen says. Ash reaches for more eels and slurps it up. You're a legend, Zoe shouts as Ash takes the can of dog food and empties the rest of it into his mouth. He finishes up biting chunks of the stick of butter. Mark can't watch anymore.

Everything rests on this, Christopher reminds Chris, are you ready? I am ready, Chris says, a determined look on his face. The whistle blows. Cheers everyone, Chris says, as he calmly spoons in the dog food, encouraged by Pav, tastes just like chicken. Chris goes for the mayo, some picked eggs and eels. Zoe fakes gagging to try and get Chris to follow suit, Chuck it up, Steven says, you know you want to. Chris grabs a chunk of butter and returns to the dog food as time runs out.

After a closely fought contest, Christopher decides, the ultimate winners are... Team A!

Team A (Helen, Ashleigh, Zoe, Steven and Ash) share a congratulatory hug.

5:35pm Helen is trying to even Steven's now lopsided hair. I don't know why you don't just cut it off, she suggests. He says he's got a scar on his forehead, he might be a villain. He wants a f*cking proper haircut, Helen says, but we don't have the right blades to blend. Steven tells her to make do. We need scissors, Helen says. Just cut it all off, Mark tells him. There is a lane of hair cut down to his scull from his sideburns over his ears and tapering down the back of his neck. He sees himself in the mirror and starts laughing.

I can't go out looking like that, he says. You're eyes will stand out (if he cuts it all off), Helen says. Your face will look slimmer, Ash says encouragingly. You're in Big Brother, Winston says, f*ck it. OK, agrees Steven. He sits back down and with a big grin, Helen proceeds to shave him down to his scalp.

In the bath area, Chris is talking to Ashleigh about life without Danielle. I just don't, she says, I'm in a frame of mind where I'm happy to be here and back to myself again. And in a way, I think it may be easier for me to be happy, you know what i mean? Chris nods yes. I think so too, he says. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, she says. It's sort of been a bug bear of mine for a long time, Chris says, for you. But I like this group. Yeah, Ashleigh agrees.

Back in the garden, there is only a tuft of hair left on the back of Steven's head. Kimberly's going to think I'm mad, Steven says. Helen says it looks much better. F*cking h*ll, Steven says, looking in the mirror. I don't like it, he says. I do, Helen says. I feel really weird, he says. Look at your eyes, Helen says. Zoe says he got a silly haircut and now looks really sexy. Thank you, Steven says.

5:43pm Ash and Helen are in the wash area talking about Steven. He didn't need to shave a bit of his hair off, did he, Ash says, in that task. What I think it is, Helen says, is kind of a response to Friday. Because of that Two Second Steven thing he thinks he's that unpopular. He's doing it to make people laugh. But not in a joking sense. Desperations a bit steep, but I think he is, he's just dying for the public to like him. Maybe, Ash says, but he's just not like that, is he. He's not been like that for weeks, that's the thing.

In the garden, Pav, Winston, Christopher and Chris area also discussing Steven's frame of mind. I think the pressure and the stress have pushed him so far, Christopher says, that he's literally pressed two fingers up and said to h*ll with it, I'll literally do and try anything. In the outside world, Steven would have access to all kinds of information, charts, he's the boss. He's turning into me, Christopher realizes. That's not the Steven who came in here in the early weeks, that's for sure. Poor Steven.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother has a surprise for Steven. Under these special circumstances, Big Brother has arranged for him to speak with Kimberly in the hospital. Steven springs to life with excitement. Yay, he exclaims. The next voice you hear will be Kimberly's, Big Brother says.

Hello, Kimberly says. I can't even explain to you how worried I am, Steven says. Are you OK? I can assure you I'm just really ill. You know me, I'm never going to say that I'm ill if I'm ill. I was really ill. I know you were ill, Steven says, I've literally been in a terrible state, you don't understand. I miss you. I miss you too, Kimberly says, but you can relax. I'm in the hospital and they're taking care of me really well. I've got my IV, my #1 accessory, I'm rocking it, and I should be good within a couple of days, you know.

I had an emotional breakdown again, he laughs. You just need to stay and f*cking win, she tells him. Right, he says. This morning I was ready to walk out the diary room, he says. If you do that, I'll slap you in the face, Kimberly promises. Steven laughs. I'm not joking, she says. But listen to me, he says, you know how much I love you right? I love you too. But you know how much I love you. Yeah, she says, laughing. What are you saying that for? Don't ever think I don't love you, because things come across on the show that's wrong.

That's my experience also, Kimberly says. I'm going to be the #1 cheerleader for both you and Helen all the way to the Finals. Cheers, babe, Steven says. I love you, Kimberly says. I love you, replies Steven, and guess what. What, she asks? I've got a skin head, he laughs, I shaved my hair off. For f*ck's sake, Kimberly says. And you should see me in today's task. Anyway, I love you, get well, I miss you lots, I've got no cuddling partner anymore... Good, Kimberly says, let's keep it that way. Don't f*cking get a new one.

Just wait for me when I get out, Steven says, I want a kiss when I get out. All right, she says, that can be arranged. Promise? Promise, she says. All right, babe, love you. I love you too. Miss you. I miss you too. And get better! See you in a few weeks, he says, love you. Love you, bye.

That's so nice, Steven says after the call, I feel so, he relaxes back into the Diary Room chair, the weight of the world removed from his shoulders. Yay, he celebrates energetically, Kim & Steve.

6:45pm Mark is fishing for compliments in the pool. Do you think Christopher, I can swim on my back really good with my head out of the water? Watch this. Let me watch, Christopher says, go on. Mark is more diagonal in the water than on his back as he flails around, but his hair, I mean head stay above water. Is that good, he asks? You look like a salmon that's been caught in a fishing rod, wriggling to get free. I don't think I want to be a salmon, Mark says disappointed. Salmon's a beautiful fish, Christopher says.

Do you want me to try again, Mark asks? Nice tasty brown meat, Mark, Christopher jokes. Christopher sticks his tongue out at Mark and says go on. You're teeth look so white against your tongue today, he says. Thanks Christopher, what a lovely thing to say.

In the bath area, Helen is doing Ash's laundry. She tosses a rinsed t-shit over to a stack of clothes and the stack falls over to the floor.

In the garden, Winston quizzes Ash. Have you, um, done anything more with, did anything happen last night, he asks? No, Ash says. Oh, Winston says, disappointed. Just cuddled a bit, Ash says, making Winston smile. I'd tell you what happened, Ash says. After all that time, you don't expect it to happen. So y'all are speaking about it, then. No, Ash says. Could you accidentally do it, if you were horny? Awe, f*ck me, Ash says of all Winston's probing questions. All we're doing is kissing a little bit, Ash says, spooning and stroking each other and sh*t. Just relaxing and sh*t. I don't even know, he laughs, I don't know what to say.

Helen sits down next to Ash and says I can' rinse your pants, they weigh too much. All right, Ash says. And your trackies, she says, I can't get the stains out of the draw strings. All right, he says, thanks for that. You're very welcome.

8:13pm For winning today's' task, Team A has received a fast food banquet which only they are permitted to eat. For the first time in seven weeks, Seven savors, then takes a bite of a hamburger. How was it, asks Zoe? OMG, he says. Orgasmic, Zoe asks? That'll last 2 seconds, Ash says. Zoe takes a bite of her burger.

Team B, the losers, are hungry. Helen comes out to the garden and says there's no way that can be thrown away, there's too much there. There's 40 burgers, Ash tells them. Pav gets up to check it out. There's still chicken selects, Helen adds. I can't not eat it, Chris says, getting up to follow Pav. There's ketchup, Helen says. Let's eat, Mark says. Let's do it, Winston says. Inside, Pav helps himself to a burger, followed by Chris and Mark and Winston.

This is Big Brother. Would Mark, Pav, Chris and Winston come to the Diary Room. Chris laughs, guessing what's coming. Oh no, Ashleigh says, realizing they weren't allowed to eat. You better chow down that, Zoe says. It won't be that, Winston says confidently. Yes it is because of this, Ashleigh tells him.

In the Diary Room, Big Brother wants to know what they've just eaten in the kitchen. Nothing, Winston says with a straight face. We haven't eaten anything, Chris says. What are you talking about, asks Pav, licking his fingers. Big Brother reminds them they were not on the winning team for today's task and the reward was for the winning team. OK, Winston says, innocently. Oh was it really, Pav says. Chris hides his face behind his hand, thinking Big Brother won't buy this sh*t.

Sorry, Mark says finally. As you've eaten food set for the winning team, Big Brother says, you must now all sit on the Naughty Step until further notice. No, they complain, it was a mistake. We didn't even know. It was just there. We're innocent! Housemates, the Naughty Step is located at the bottom of the stair case. You must all go and sit on the Naughty Step until further notice.

As Christopher, Steven, Ashleigh and Zoe watch, the four Team B offenders sit on the Naughty Step. This is against all human rights, Mark moans.

9:27pm Helen goes to the Diary Room to reflect on her time in the house so far. I've grown really close to some people in the house. Their friendship I really, truly value. I can't wait to see them on the outside of here as well. Steven, Ash, Kimberly, Biannca even though I only knew her for a few days. Helen says she hasn't really surprised herself by doing anything she didn't think she would do. She laughs in embarrassment, then claims she's not embarrassed.

She accuses Big Brother of tying to get at something. Stuff having to do with guys embarrasses her, she says. I never used to be like this, she says, I used to be dead confident about I like guys and stuff and I'm not. I've turned into a fridge freezer, always dead frigid around if certain things are mentioned. Even if a guys in the house says I look nice, I just shrug it off. It's so f*cking stupid. I really enjoyed our chat, Helen says, thanks for having me up here.

In the garden, Zoe is telling the housemates about her boyfriend. He hasn't got a six pack or a body, she says, but has funny eyes. You have a catch, have ya, Ash says. Yeah, she says, and he thinks I'm it. Awe, the boys say. He's proper cockney, she says, he says there's fit, there's pretty, there's sexy, there's hot, but you, you're f*cking elite. You can't get better than elite, Mark says knowingly.

Ash asks Helen about her session in the Diary Room. They were just asking about you, she tells him. Saying what, he asks? Have I done anything in the house that I didn't think I would. No, I said and they asked if I was sure. Ash laughs. Big Brother thought I might be embarrassed answering that question. Based off you, Ash tells Steven. Say what, asks Steven you dirty b*stard. What do you think I've done, Helen asks Steven. I thought you were talking about... Steven gestures at Ash and smiles. OMG, Helen says, f*cking h*ll. I know what you and Kimberly did. Steven and Ash both laugh. What do you mean, Ash counters and they all break out laughing again. I can't believe you said that, Helen says.

You just dug yourself a very deep hole, Steven tells Helen. No I have not, she says. You will never see a Steven and Kimberly off me. No more sex, Zoe asks? Steven points to Ash and Helen. It's up to you, Zoe tells Helen, joining in on the joke at Helen's expense. You could be having sex. For f*ck's sake, Helen says, exasperated, are you kidding me? Zoe! Please retract that statement right now. Ash, Zoe prods? I'd never have sex in Big Brother, Ash declares. I'd never do anything like that, ever, Helen declares.

There's no more smut in this house, Steven, Mark says as Ash cracks up again, no more smut going on. Two Second Ash is approaching fast, Steven jokes but Ash is quick with a rejoinder. I'm not like you's, he says says. Quick Smash Ash, Winston begins chanting. Helen says no, that's going to go and if it doesn't happen, it's not funny, is it. It's f*cking hilarious, Ash says.

10:37pm Helen and Ash are cuddling in the bedroom, talking about Winston. He can't sleep, Helen says. He's awake all the time. Hoping for a girlfriend, Helen jokes. He groans all night, matches Ash. He's dying for a girl, Helen says. It's not easy, is it, Ash says. Even if he doesn't do anything dirty, Helen says, he just wants a bird. That's why if Tamara had been here, it would have been so good. They would have been banging, though, Ash thinks. Do you reckon? 100%. I don't think she would, Helen says, defending Tamara's honor.

Mark and Christopher are looking at the take-out leftovers in the fridge. Shall I just taste it secretly, he asks? Christopher says no, just be quick. Stand there so they can't see, Mark orders Christopher. He grabs something and sticks it in his mouth. Christopher warns him the camera just turned. Mark runs away with his mouth full, hiding behind a wall at the base of the stairs. Christopher is laughing. Mark runs from wall to post while he chews. Mark's trying to hide from the cameras, Christopher explains to the others.

This is Big Brother. Would Mark go to the Naughty Step immediately. Nooooo, cries Mark, but before reporting for punishment, he runs back into the kitchen and takes a bite out of a burger Christopher is holding.

Will Mark go to the Naughty Step, Big Brother repeats.

Did he just take a bite, asks Ashleigh, entering the room? He may as well now, Christopher says, as Mark takes his seat, covering his mouth with his hand until he can swallow and make the evidence disappear. Was it worth it, Christopher asks? It better have been f*cking worth it. Mark asks Christopher to bring him a towel and a glass of milk. Anything else, your f*cking majesty? I was just asking as me friend, Mark says, put out. Is someone speaking, Christopher teases, walking away. Well don't go, Mark whines, Christopher! I could swear I heard a banshee, Christopher feigns.

Everyone has left the room. You're f*cking nasty, he says to the empty room, I would never leave anybody on the Naughty Step. Christopher, Chris and Ashleigh are laying on the couches around the corner and out of sight of the Naughty Step, laughing as Mark continues ranting about how poorly he's being treated. I'm not happy, Mark says, I'll remember this. Stop ignoring me!

I've been muggined for the second time tonight and why? Because I believe in fairness for all, that's why. I feel like a very famous man that was incarcerated for a very long time. Who, Christopher asks? I think he means Nelson Mandela, Chris laughs. Mark is not happy.

11;15pm Some of the housemates (Mark, Pav, Ashleigh, Zoe) have decided to pamper themselves with facemasks. They are looking down from the Pod at Steven, who also has a white facemask. Mark laughs, he's got painted nails, a face mask and a bloody bald head. What's he going to be like in one week? I'm wasting away, Steven says from below as the others laugh.

Helen is standing to the side of the window in the Pod, looking at Steven in secret. I like him, Zoe says, he's hilarious. He's changed, though, Helen says. He was so cool and sophisticated when he walked in, sharp, Mark explains to Pav and Zoe. If any of us were paranoid, Helen says, he'd put our mind at ease. He's like the worst one now. He's not like that now, though. No, agrees Ashleigh.

Chris, Christopher, Winston and Ash have joined Steven, still in a white cream mask. You kind of look like, in 2007, Christopher says, when Britney Spears' meltdown started and she was shaving her head. I do kind of think, Steven says, trying to be serious, that they'll keep calling me up to the Diary Room asking if I'm OK. They ask if I'm OK and I'm like, do I look like everything's OK? The other lads are laughing. Do you feel well, Steven continues mimicking, do you need to talk? Soon you're going to be going up in a dress and 7" heals, Christopher jokes, sending Ash and Winston over the edge.

I have to say, Steven says, I'm even questioning myself. I don't want to stereotype anyone, he says, but I walked in here so normal. I've become so abnormal. I don't understand what's going on. I really don't, I've not felt like this before. I do feel like I'm coming out of myself a bit, but I don't know what's going on. Steven turns to Winston and Ash and says you can stop laughing, you know. They laugh even harder. Steven grabs Ash's grey knit cap and puts it over his shaven head, rendering Ash and Winston wheezing gibberish.

12:09am A clean faced Steven is in the bedroom alone, Ash and Helen together in the bed next door. I'm not tired again, Helen says. Oh don't start, is Ash's response. I'm not, Helen says. You're going to keep me up all night, Ash complains. Oh sh*t, Ash says, I've got my sh*t boxers on tonight, do you want to see them? They have pulled the bed covers over their heads. Why are they sh*t, Helen asks? 'Cause they look baggy on, with a hole.

The covers come back down. Where things drop out, asks Helen? Yeah, Ash says, look now. No, Helen says. Steven watches them uncomfortably. Look now, Ash says. I'm not looking, Helen says, turning away.

In the garden, Chris and Christopher talk Steven, Ash and Helen. These aren't people who are going to tell you good things about yourself, Chris says, unless they got something to gain from it. They do a lot of buddying up with each other. Steven's tag line is, Oh you make me laugh, you do. They sort of pat each other on the back a lot. I know, says a subdued Christopher, self-congratulations.

They won't compliment people around them unless they feel they need a compliment. I'll compliment if I see something I like, Chris says. You feel you have no purpose, Christopher says, you could go any time and they wouldn't care. You won't be grieved, Chris says. We're just attached to personalities, analyzes Christopher.

Back in the bedroom, Steven has Kimberly's stuffed robot toy. What are you doing with Robot, Helen asks? Mind your own business, Steven says, rolling over with Robot held tightly to his chest. You cuddling it, Helen says, then to Ash, he's cuddling Robot. Well he can't cuddle us, is Ash's response. Steven makes a body out of pillows and places Robot at the top. He places the covers over both him and Robot and tells Ash and Helen goodnight. Shut up, Helen says. What are you doing with that robot, Helen asks Steven, that camera's just turned around. Nuttin, says Steven.

2:16am Most of the housemates are asleep except Ash and Helen who are snogging under the covers. There are deep breaths, and inaudible whispers, and movement under the covers, followed by giggling and laughing. Oh gd, Helen says.

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Day 46: Sunday, July 20th, 2014 - Power Shift

Previously, Kimberley left the house and then the housemates went stir crazy! Tonight, it is a Battle of the Bands! And a shock announcement for a housemate to have the power!

9:55am Today housemates will be getting into the festival spirit as they headline their own music festival, Bruvstock. Housemates woke up to a stage, large silver balloon animals and other decorations in the yard. Mark heads to the Diary Room worried about his festival look. He says tasks are his niche and this task looks so much fun today. Mark wants to know if they will have costumes. Big Brother says he will have to wait and see. Oh please say yes!

In the kitchen, the boys have breakfast. Ash and Helen had a late night, fooling around under the covers. Steven asks if they were snoggin' and adds that he knew something was going on. He wants a full report. Winston laughs and notes they were at it the night before as well. Ash confirms that there was snogging, but laughs off the night before claim. In falsetto, Steven says you make me laugh, you two sitting there, we are only friends, we are only friends... We don't like each other, we're just friends!

Winston and Ash laugh at Steven's girlish voice imitation. I've been saying it for weeks, Ash replies, we're are only friends. Oh f*ck off, Steven groans. I reckon you are going to get married to her, Winston teases? Ash just laughs and says never in a million years. You will, Winston says, because you've become such friends. You are in love with the girl, Steven says. Unlike you two, Steven says, I respect other people's privacy, to which Ash just makes a face.

It's different between you and Helen, he says, Kimberly and me were quite open but yours is your own personal relationship. Do what you want with it. This is not a f*cking relationship, Ash says. You got a get a grip with these things, mate, Steven says, It was just a f*cking snog, Ash says. And a little fiddle, Winston suggests. No, Ash says, because even when we're snogging, I think if she even touches my knob, I'll lose my f*cking head, so we don't do anything.

12:44pm The housemates have been gathered to learn about Bruvstock. Big Brother has provided everything for the festival except the music. The housemates must divide into 2 groups and have one hour to perfect their song. Housemates can arrange and choreograph their songs. Mark and Zoe are selected by the housemate to be the front men and now must pick their bands.

Mark picks Steven, Helen, Winston, Chris.

Zoe picks Pav, Ash, Ashleigh, Christopher.

Big Brother calls each band to the Diary Room. Both teams offer some trash talk. They all want to win. Mark's band is called The Bitch and The 0Boys, and Zoe's band is called One B V which stands for One Big voice. The song Zoe will perform is Florence and the Machine's You've got the love. Mark's band will perform is The Killer's Mr. Brightside Helen is not happy about the song choice. It's really not a nice song, Mark complains.

1:03pm In a few hours, housemate will be headlining their own festival. Zoe is choreographing her team's routine as they go though the song. They are in formation and working through the dance moves. Mark's team is gathered in a circle and working through the song. No choreography so far. Zoe and her group are in formation, singing together and dancing. Winston seems to feel their song is a heavy metal performance. Chris tries to lead his team through rhythm exercises while Zoe focus more on meditative movements. Chris switches to singing scales. Zoe leads her team in circle dancing. Team Mark almost achieves harmony.

Mark sees One B V as he makes his way to the bedroom. There are too many f*cking Mariah Carey's in there, he says, she's hitting all the high notes and now Whitney Houston is reborn and in the living room! I'm fuming! This isn't right! Winston agrees as Mark carries on, this like putting a man in a wheelchair in a sprint race with Hussein Bolt. This isn't funny, Mark insists as Helen laughs.

3:55pm The stage is set and the acts are ready! First up are 1BV! At first, only Ashleigh and Zoe are singing, the boys are only singing back up. The girls are in bikini tops and grass skirts with lei's as headbands. The boys are in tank tops and shorts. Very hippie looking. We're whipped, Steven say. No, I think we've got it beat, Winston says, we got loads of energy. Ashleigh's got a good voice, Steven says. Yeah, but we all sing, though, Chris says. The only thing is, there're only 3 microphones, Winston notices. They congratulate 1BV as they leave the stage.

The Bitch and The Boys begin and Mark is worried he keeps singing the wrong song. What's the first line? The music starts and in sync, they jump around and Mark begins singing. Dressed in denim, plaid shirts and looking like rock stars, they all take turns singing, one or two lines each, then it's someone else's turn. Ironically, Mark's is the weakest voice in the group as even Chris meekly belts his lines. Steven looks like one of them, you know, at the festival, Ashleigh says, you see a sixty yr old out of it and your going, you shouldn't be here. Winston rips off his shirt and throws it out into the audience. Ashleigh says Winston and Steven look like stoners on the side of the stage.

It's time for Big Brother to give a verdict. Big Brother enjoyed both performance, however, there can only be won winner. While the timing and tuning wasn't always on point, the attitude and energy sealed the deal.

The Bitch and the boys win!

They are all given VIP wristbands for the After party. They get to choose 2 people from the other team to join them as their groupies. There is a long debate about who gets those wristbands. Helen wants Ash but Mark wants Zoe. Winston agrees with Ashleigh. Helen says it should be on who's been chosen before. They decided on Zoe and Ash. But it was difficult to decide, Mark says.

5:00pm It's been 10 minutes since Zoe and Ash were chosen for the After party and Ashleigh is not happy. I'll expect a plate full of food, she says. You'll end up on the Naughty Step, Chris warns. Maybe not tonight, she says, try it. How come nobody was put on the step before? They've gotten stricter, Chris says. I put in the effort, Ashleigh says, I deserve a party. Don't make us feel bad, Chris says. Well you should feel bad, Ashleigh counters.

Chris lays the blame on Helen. Ashleigh goes to all the parties, she argued, and she doesn't drink anyway. Ashleigh heard Helen saying that. I was going to say something, Ashleigh says. I could see it in her eyes, Chris recalls, she was like, no f*cking way Ash is not going. I don't get why everyone just had to listen to her, Ashleigh whines. I wouldn't care about not going, it's just I heard what she was saying. It's the principle, Chris agrees. She hasn't changed since Day 1, Ashleigh says.

In the Diary Room Christopher is commenting on Mark's performance. I thought he was pretty amazing, like a young George Michael, he says, his eyebrows, his jacket on, his hair quipped back, a bit of a showman, actually. He loves an audience and rocked the h*ll out of it. He's so much fun and so much energy, that was the perfect opportunity to show off his talent. He hasn't the strongest voice in the world, but he has me in stitches, the funniest person in the house, the funniest he has met in his life.

I'm secretly quite competitive, Christopher says, I like to do well. He feels Mark did not choose him for the party because others would have teased him about taking Christopher. I'm not surprised Mark didn't pick him, he's not very focal with his personal feelings. He'll never speak up about me in the house in that way, not at all. He'll try to distance himself romantically. The others would have teased him that he's bringing his boyfriend and that would have made Mark cringe. But it would be nice for him to want me to be there. I'd hope he would consider it.

5:58pm It's time for the After Party in the garden! The winning band has cider, nachos, hot dogs and lots of snacks. There's music playing and the housemates are having a great time. Thank you for choosing me, Zoe says. Back in the house, Ashleigh complains to Christopher about not going. Was my name even mentioned, Christopher asks, did they ever consider inviting me? No, Ashleigh says, it was Chris and Mark. It's nice they didn't even consider me, Christopher says says sarcastically.

I know Helen and Steven didn't even consider me, Ashleigh says, but Chris and Mark did. Ashleigh says she doesn't mind but is upset with Helen for saying she had been to everything and doesn't drink. The thought of no one even thinking of inviting me is horrible, Christopher says. Ashleigh acknowledges this is the first time she hasn't done something. It's the way Helen said not Ashleigh, Christopher tells Pav who sits down with them. Everyone was saying me and she was saying I get to go to everything, Ashleigh explains woefully. But Ash is at every party too, she says. He does, doesn't he. Obviously she's going to pick him, Pav says. She wants to be Zoe's best friend as well, Ashleigh says.

In the backyard, Steven and Ash have Winston lifted off the ground and they're carrying him around while dancing to the music.

8:10pm Steven is sporting a new look. He and Ash have make up on, read lipstick smeared around his mouth, a heart painted on his forehead, a doily drawn onto the top of his shaven skull. This is the look of a business man, Mark asks? I'm f*cked, he deadpans. Ash has circles drawn around his eyes and mouth, painted in bright colors like a clown or pie chart. Steven stands under his light box picture for a before and after while Ash and Winston laugh.

Big Brother called Ashleigh to the Diary Room for some important news. The Power is about to return and the public has chosen her to have the Power. For f*ck's sake, no they haven't she says. Why? No! I can't believe this. Thanks. I suppose it is to be a compliment. Big Brother tells her to keep it a secret. She thanks the fans again, kind of. She adds she is excited. Ashleigh thinks Steven will have a heart attack when he hears the news. I know I'm going to have a lot of sh*tty decisions to make, she says, but I think it'll be good.

9:00pm It's been 37 minutes since Ashleigh was secretly given the Power. Christopher is in the bedroom amusing himself. I look ridiculous, he says of the makeup. You can take it off now, Pav suggests, it looks really bad. The penis, he asks? Everything, Pav says. I'm just going to leave it, I don't care. Ashleigh says he still has a dark beard. Every time I try to experiment with a new look in here, apparently it suits me. Apart from when I became Sheniqua, the a drag queen. I just think I have one of the most versatile faces in the country.

The VIP Party has moved indoors, and the winners and groupies are dancing on the couches. Big Brother announces that all housemate should gather in the Living Area. They all look surprised, except for Steven who knew it. F*ck, he says, I got a wedgie right up my *ss, you know. I guess he have to get on with the week, Ash says.

Ashleigh walks into the Living Area. Are you all alright, she asks? They all sit down on the sofas. Ash says we were dancing to music and all of a sudden they just chopped it. Face to Face nominations, Pav suspects. I'm scared, Ashleigh says.

Big Brother has an important announcement as the nomination music plays in the background. The Power has returned. This time, there will be nowhere to hide and no escape. It will be more powerful than ever before. Housemates, get ready. What does that mean, they wonder, is someone else coming in? Relax, Pav says, they want us to sit here and speculate.

Somebody must be watching us, Ashleigh thinks. Something's going on, Ash says. Pav says you don't always know who's got the power. Is it secret again, Ashleigh asks? I'm worried, Helen says. I have a really really really bad feeling, Mark says. Steven has a deer in headlights look as the housemates break up and some go their separate ways. I wasn't nervous until they said stronger than ever, Helen says.

Ash, Helen and Steven are left on one of the sofas, Ashleigh on the other. I hate this, Ashleigh says, my brain is on overload. Steven has to go stand outside for some air. Something' not right, Ash insists. Maybe it's Biannca, Helen speculates. But that was the public that got rid of her, Ashleigh says. Marlon or Danielle, she thinks, because the housemates voted them. Steven's sure its an existing evicted housemate coming back on a public vote. I think it's going to be Pauline, he says, someone controversial to stir the place up. I don't think the public would vote for Pauline, Ashleigh says.

Ash thinks Pav has the Power. Ashleigh quickly points out he was the first to say let's not speculate. That doesn't mean anything, Helen says, that's just the type of comment he'd say. If I had the Power, that's what I'd say. That's what I would say as well, Ashleigh says.

9:31pm Mark is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the big news. It's scary because Big Brother's told them nothing. Next, tell me more? Give me a f*cking clue what's going on. Very short announcement and scary as well. Already everyone's speculating and going crazy about what it could be and what it can't be. They have 10 different theories already, form previous housemates coming back in, to their living in a secret house, the public having the Power this week. Winston's got the Power, Ash's got the Power, it could be anything.

The housemate are playing a game of I Have Never and Winston has a plan to uncover the Power Housemate's identity. I've Never Had the Power, he says. OMG, says Ash. Wait, says Ashleigh, I drink if I've had the Power, so I don't drink? Winston is pointing his finger at everyone who drinks. He realizes the girls all had the Power so they all drink. Oh f*ck, he laughs. Where's Christopher going, Helen asks? Going to see Mark for a second. Oh, yeah, they say knowingly. I'm going to get Christopher and Mark, Ashleigh says.

10:22pm Pav is putting on a Banaras class in the yard. He tells Helen, Ash, Chris, Mark and Zoe to exaggerate their movements. Be open, he coaches. In the corner of the garden, Ashleigh is with Christopher, Winston and Steven. What's your theory, asks Winston of Ashleigh. Well, she says matter-of-factly, they could have brought back Marlon or Danielle, watching us on screens in the Task Room. If the Power Housemate is amongst us, she says, you can hide by going into different rooms. If they're watching us, you can't hide. That's true, Winston says, there's no hiding.

Me other theory, Ashleigh continues, was you, pointing to Winston. Me? I'm thinking, he's got the Power, be wary. Is he trying to double-bluff me? Winston has a sh*t-eating grin on his face. You've taken my conspiracy theory to a new level, Steven says, getting up. Then I thought it was Christopher, Ashleigh says, on a roll. He was saying he really wanted the Power before he left. Then I thought, does someone in the group know? They didn't say the Power Housemates actually been selected yet. Didn't they, Winston asks? I don't think so, Ashleigh says. Just that the Power has returned, Christopher says.

I hope I go before I get it, Ashleigh says, whether it be public or private. I wouldn't want it - I would stress far to much with it. I think if they were to give it to me, it would have been at the start. I would have loved it back then, she says.

Chris is in the Diary Room, discussing the return of The Power. I don't mind, he says, someone else having the power because fair's fair. It's kind of a thorny crown, not always the most comfortable situation to be in. Good luck to whomever who has the Power. However, do the right thing. Have fun with it. 'Cause now is the time more than ever, just spin on it's head. Everyone here are just swans. Those people who you think are the most innocent and protected people here, just gliding along, their legs are just going a mile a minute because they're just crapping themselves.

11:20pm Winston and Pav are making music in the shower. Helen is in the Diary Room. It's the usual, someone's in the house, Marlon's back, Biannca's controlling it all, speculating bullsh*t as usual, being Paranoid Petes. A couple people have said that it's Helen's time to lose her pass and that sh*t. Maybe it is. I just feel a storm brewing, she says, if someone wants to take my position, what can I do? I won't be very happy, but whatever. If they got to do it, they got to do it. But I'd like to keep it.

Ash and Steven are talking about Helen and the kissing. Do you think feelings are starting to develop, Steven asks? It's not that, Ash says, honestly it's just the same. But you do like her, Steven probes. We just ended up kissing somehow, Ash says bewildered. That's a good thing, Steven says, at least you know there's feelings there, an attraction. I reckon I always thought she was attractive, Ash says. Do you see Helen as someone you can have a relationship with in the outside world, in a different environment? No comment, Ash says. There's nothing really to explain, he says. She's just me mate.

I find her attractive and we sleep in the bed together, I cozied up and it kind of happened. And it was decent, so it happened again. But nothing else happened. I wouldn't do anything more than kissing her. Even in the outside world? It's different in here, he says, not directly answering Steven's question.

11:53pm Housemate are still speculating. Helen says she could be leaving Friday if her position is taken off her. I'll probably leave Friday. Why, Steven asks? How would you feel, Zoe asks? I'd be fine if it's my time to go. Ashleigh sits silently on the chair, saying nothing but clutching her stuffed doggy. It depends who it is, Helen allows. If certain people took it off me, I would be, you f*cking *sshole, you haven't talked to me all series. But other people...

Helen is sitting on the arm rest of the chair Ashleigh's sitting in as Steven asks how she'd feel. I'd feel I'd wasted a few weeks of my life on someone who's false, she says. What if she has to give it away, Helen is asked. I've sat around with you from the beginning, Ash says. Would you not give it to him, Ashleigh finally speaks up. Giving's different, Helen says, I'd give it to him any day to make sure he's in the finals. You wouldn't give it to me, Mark says. I would, she says. You wouldn't.

I've said from the beginning to Big Brother if I had the chance to give my Pass away, I'd give it to Ash or Steven. You just said me, Mark says. I said maybe you. It depends on who, depends on the situation. If it was a choice between Mark or Christopher, I'd give it to you. Thank you, Mark says. And not Christopher. Christopher laughs. Ashleigh decides to head to bed.

In the bedroom, Ashleigh tells Chris she's an absolute b*tch sometimes. I know, she is unreal, says Chris, but what did she do now? She'd be upset if Ash or Steven took her Pass to the Final but wouldn't have a problem giving it away. She told Mark she would give it to him, but then backtracked and said Ash or Steven. And between Mark and Christopher, she wouldn't give it to Christopher. She was laughing. I hope people see that was f*cking rude. I just had to walk away. That was rude, Chris agrees. She's her own worst enemy, that girl.

1:02am Most of the housemates are getting ready for bed. Helen and Mark think the public has the Power. Pav thinks one of the housemates already has it. I think it's you, Zoe says. Do you, Pav asks?

Secret Power Housemate Ashleigh is plotting in the Diary Room. She likes having the Power and thinks it will be fun. She wants to see Mark, Chris and Christopher to benefit but but needs to be balanced. Any punishments have to be fair so as to not make anyone suspicious of her. She doesn't think anyone suspects her, and asks Big Brother if anyone does. She doesn't get an answer.

They still can't see me, she says, and I hate the fact because some of them see me as this sweet innocent who couldn't go and think things like strategies and all. I know it's going to be hard, from the last time, I know it's not going to be easy. But I think it'll be exciting. Tonight, she says, I'm going to dream about sitting on a money throne, eating strawberries and thinking up decisions. Wohahaha, she laughs evilly.

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Day 47: Monday, July 21st, 2014 - Absolute Power

Previously, Ashleigh got the Power! Tonight, the Power Alliance is formed! The tea leaves speak. But can they keep their secret safe?

10:17am Yesterday, the housemates learned that the Power had returned, but no one knows it was given to Ashleigh by the public. Ash, Mark, Pav, Helen and Steven talk about it in the yard. Ash says he has been up 5 times and is still there. He isn’t worried. Mark doesn't think they'd vote him out. Out of all of us, he says, I think Steven would go. Thanks Mark, Steven says sarcastically. I don't mean that in a rude way, Mark says. I appreciate your vote of confidence, Steven laughs. Mark again protests he didn't mean it in a rude way.

I never take offense in what you say, Steven says, you're too close a friend. No, really, Steven jokes, I'm offended. You're going to cling to that like a dog to a leg, Mark says, aren't you. Well done, Mark, Helen says, you've done started him off and it's only one day.

In the Diary Room, Pav tells Big Brother he talks to Christopher, Ashleigh and Chris for an intelligent conversation and heads to the other side of the house if he just wants to have some fun. If the mood of a group of people doesn't match how I'm feeling, I'll just jot to the other group. I've been here a week and I'm not attached to anyone yet, not spending any time with someone. Just floating about and feeding on the energies of those whose moods match how I'm feeling.

Christopher and Chris are cleaning the kitchen, talking about the Power with Secret Power Housemate Ashleigh. Ashleigh warns Chris that Zoe suspects that he has the Power. In front of everyone, he asks? No, Ashleigh says, there were others in the room. I was going to warn her to watch what she's saying because it's going back to Week 2. It's not the secret Power housemate, Chris says, they've not said that, have they?

2:26pm Ash and Helen discuss their sleeping arrangements. Are you tired, Ash asks? Knackered, she says. Ash says they were tossing and turning all night. They should Great Wall of China it tonight, he suggests, I'm not having a single bed. She agrees and says she will get pillows off Steve’s bed.

Ashleigh is called to the Diary Room and instructed to go to the Power Control Room to the left of the Diary Room. She is introduced to Iris. Iris informs Ashleigh that as Power Housemate, she immune from eviction. But she will not be the only Power Housemate. She must also form the first Power Alliance. She needs to pick another housemate to recruit, in secret. No one can know. Which ever housemates she recruits, they will also be immune from eviction this week.

We’re excluding Helen obviously, Ashleigh says. Ash is also not being chosen. We haven’t come to agreements, really, Ashleigh says. Steven doesn’t listen to Ashleigh in daily conversations, so he is out. Pav and Zoe just got there last week, she says, so she is excluding them. That leaves Winston, Mark, Chris and Christopher. Ashleigh doesn’t feel she and Christopher could work well together in this type of situation. Mark would be really easy to work with because he sees things the way I see them, she thinks. The only thing about Mark is if he would cave under the pressure not being able to talk about it, she worries.
Ashleigh is really drawn towards Chris. She's aware he was Power Housemate in week 2, she says, and is closest friend in the house right now. They could have a lot of fun and have the same views on everybody in the house. We think the same people deserve to be in the final and deserve not to be up for nomination. I'm gonna choose Chris, she tells Iris, I hope he doesn’t hate me. Iris informs Ashleigh that only the Power Alliance will nominate. The alliance will continue to grow and so will the number of nominations. You must use your Power wisely, Iris advises. Sh*t, she says, do I ever get to press these buttons? Not at the moment, Iris says dryly.

2:41pm Helen is cooking up an omelet in the kitchen. In the garden, Chris asks Christopher if he finished cleaning the toilet. Oh sh*t, Christopher jumps up - he forgot and left soap and suds everywhere. He's losing the plot, Ash jokes. Definitely, Ashleigh says, he's nuts. Ash heads inside. Alone in the garden, Ashleigh whispers to Chris, I need to talk to you, and they head up to the pod.

Out of site and hearing, Ashleigh whispers to Chris that she was told yesterday that the public voted her the Power Housemate this week. Amazing, Chris says. She tells him no one is to know, but she has to create the first Power Alliance and has chosen him. The omelets are ready and Helen comes looking for Ashleigh, so their conversation is cut short.

2:55pm In the garden, some housemates are discussing the possibility of a Steverley wedding. Helen says you need a best man who would organize everything. Winston says to make a speech, Steve says he would need 3. Then we'll do it together, Ash says. Being best man is a great honor, Winston practices. Kimberley told Steve before she left that she thought by this age she would be married. She is 23. You gonna marry that girl, Ash prods Steven? I'd like to think so, he says. She wants that ring on her finger, Steven, Helen adds. Yes she does, Steven agrees. Ash would love it if they got married. Steven adds that he would get very carried away by these kinds of things. His type is someone exactly like Kimberly. Ash says it would be so funny. I remember back in Big Brother, he remembers from the future. OMG, Helen says, can you imagine looking back and talking about it!

Ashleigh walks into the bedroom to find Chris and say Hi. He warns Ashleigh that Christopher is right there in the wash area. It's so difficult to talk about this, he says. She whispers that she needs to nominate ASAP and that she is the leader of the first Power Alliance in the house. I have had to choose my first member, she explains, and obviously I have chosen you. Aw, thank you, Chris says, pleased by the honor. Ashleigh tells him he was the one person she was finding it hard to keep it from.

She whispers that they needs to pick someone to put up and says she was thinking of Steven. Chris agrees 100%. I find him annoying to the max, he says, but obviously that's not the criteria we can go to them (Big Brother) with. I still don’t know what he brings. I'm still puzzled by that. Ashleigh agrees. He's constantly a self-referencing bubble, Chris says, he's like an extra wheel on their (Ash and Helen's) wagon. We just have to find a different way of talking about it, but they are agreed, it's curtains for Steven.

4:05pm Chris is trying to put some of the housemates off the scent. In the garden, he asks Christophe who he thinks has the Power. He suggests it's an audience thing. Could be, reasons Christopher. They haven't really been that involved, Chris thinks. They've had the power to evict, Christopher points out, and last week they picked who could stay (of the new housemates). Chris thinks Big Brother is leaving them to stew a bit.

Ashleigh is back in the Power Control Room. She tells Iris that the Power Alliance has decided to nominate Steven. They aren’t sure what Steven brings to the group anymore. He talks about himself and just brings everything about Steven to the group. Others have noted he can be rude during a conversation, ignoring people, asking questions then not listening to the answer. Iris tells Ashleigh she and Chris must recruit one more housemate to join the Power Alliance to make it stronger. They need to decide who else they will nominate together.

5:52pm Mark, Zoe and Ashleigh consult the tea leaves up in the Pod to see who has the Power. Mark sees Scotland in the leaves and shows it to Zoe, but no one is Scottish in the house. He takes a second look and says it looks like him. That’s my face, he exclaims, it's got eyebrows as well. What if that’s me? What if I have the Power? Oh sh*t, it's me! And I mistake my face as Scotland! As the trio heads back down to the garden, Mark says, let’s not tell anyone, they already think I am crazy!

Ash is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. People keep saying the public might have the Power but, don’t they have the Power every week? They nominate to get someone out, so I don't get it. I reckon that if it was someone in the house, though, you’d say it was someone in the house. Big Brother tells him that they like to keep the housemates guessing. Fair enough, Ash replies, I'm intrigued with of all this Power malarkey. I'm glad it's back. But they haven't had nominations and he's baffled. Are we all up? Silence. You aren’t gonna tell me anything are you, he says, defeated. Big Brother’s lips are sealed, he is told. Shocking, Ash says.

In the kitchen, Zoe has a new theory following the revelation of the tea leaves. She thinks the Power Housemate may be Pav. He has a strong prominent beard and wears something on his head. Mark and Ashleigh gasp dramatically as they look at Pav’s picture on the light box. Zoe says she had a feeling it was Pav and even said so in the Diary Room yesterday. Mark and Ashleigh lay it on thick. Mark says that it looked more like Pav then it did him. Zoe continues to compare Pav’s picture with the tea leaves they saw in the cup. Oh thank the f*ck it wasn't me, he whispers in a tizzy. Ashleigh bursts out laughing.

6:26 pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates in the living area. They are all nervous as they wait for Big Brother. I hate the suspense, Helen says. Stop shaking, Zoe tells Pav. I'm trying not to, he says.

Housemates, Big Brother told you that the Power had returned to the house. You are about to feel that Power right now. The lights dim in the living area as everyone nervously shuffles in their seats. You will not nominate this week. The first to face this week’s eviction is...


Housemates, this is just the beginning, Big Brother says, no one is safe.

The lights come back on and Steven says I knew that, didn’t I? He hugs Zoe. It's probably the public, he reasons. As the housemates disperse, Steven says didn’t they say we’ll all feel the wrath? Pav thinks it will be one a day and Friday there will be a few and then they will all be up. Steven asks Chris if he agrees, it's the public. Chris eagerly agrees with him. But it could be a housemate, Steven offers. No, it’s not, it’s not, Helen says with certainty. It must be, Steven says, it's too obvious. It could be one of us, Ash agrees.

Steven asks if they are going out for a cigarette. Ashleigh tries to say something, but Steven keeps talking so she stays quiet. The only thing I hope for, he says, is even if I get voted out Friday, is that my reaction to the public is better. Chris and Ashleigh stay inside to cook. He asks if she's all right but she's ready to get down to business. She whispers that they need to pick the 3rd person tonight for their Power Alliance and they have to go to the Diary Room and the Power Control Room to make their next nomination. As long as I don't get to go up, Chris jokes. They think no one would ever suspect Mark. You were good, Chris says, talking too much but good. I talk to much, she asks? Take it on board as a general comment, he says.

Outside, Steven thinks he is going out with short hair. You weren't going to go out with long hair anyway, Ash says. Yeah, but longer than this, Steven says. Mark suggests he would look going out with a really nice bronze spray tan. Ash says you've only been nominated, you're not evicted yet. Ash has survived, Mark points out, I've survived too, this isn't a death sentence. We'll wait and see, Steven says. You haven't been up for several weeks, Mark says. I've been here for 7 weeks and been up 5, Ash says. Steven says judging on the reaction by the public, it's more favorable in terms of odds. Seven says he knew if it was the public, he would be put up. It doesn't bother him, he just knew. Zoe says this is just the beginning. By the end of the week we could all be up.

Inside, Chris and Ashleigh whisper about who to invite into the Power Alliance. They agree that Mark would be best because he is two faced but in the best possible way. He's quick to change topics when talking about who might go out. Chris feels Mark's motive is just to not hurt people. He needs some Power in the house. Ashleigh says she's trying to pick people who'll think like her. Chris agrees with everything Ashleigh says. She thinks if they need another, it would be her, Chris, Mark and Christopher. No one will question Mark, Chris says, he's like a big puppy dog. But Ashleigh's still worried how Mark will stand up under the pressure. Chris has the same concerns about him crumbling, he goes into himself under pressure. But you're not on your own, Chris says, do what you feel is right.

7:02pm 36 minutes since Steven found out he is up, Ash asks him how he's doing. All right, he says. It's not like you're out yet, Ash says. The only time I've been up is Week 2, Steven says, and if Pauline wasn't up, I would have gone. The fact is, I'm very grateful to come this far and grateful for the experience. I'd like to get to the final and get the whole experience, he says, but the public’s perception is what it is. Sh*t sticks.

At the dining table, Ashleigh asks Mark who he thinks would use the Power best. Mark thinks Pav would be impartial. I'd be a f*cking worst, he says, and Christopher would go to sh*t if it was him. Chris is in the kitchen, laughing. You'd cope with it well, Mark tells Chris, who agrees. Ash would cope with it too well, Mark continues. Ashleigh thinks Pav would choose Steven. Mark agrees, there's a bit of tension there. Mark heads to the toilet and asks Ashleigh to watch the door for hi,.

Ashleigh and Chris chat quietly. We're still with Mark and Winston, Ashleigh says. I think it should be Mark, Chris says. You do, she asks? That means you have to nominate Winston, Chris says. What, she asks, startled? Well who do you have left? Ash, she says. Well yeah, OK, he says, but if you have to do 2 more nominations, that's what I'm saying. Or will you just go for Pav at the end?

When Mark returns, Ashleigh calls him over. Can I trust you with a secret, she asks? The public has picked me for the Power housemate. Mark is excited. Can you tell me, he asks? I just did, she says, and they told me that I am the leader of the first Power Alliance. Ashleigh explains that she picked Chris as the first member she's chosen him as her second. OMG, says Mark, shut up, really? It has to be a pure secret, Ashleigh warns him.

The three of us have to discuss the second nomination, Ashleigh tells him. Chris walks over and tells him not to get freaked out. Obviously that means your exempt from nomination, Ashleigh adds. Yeah, Mark cheers. That's the only good thing about it, Chris says. Chris heads back into the kitchen so it's not obvious they are talking. Ashleigh says if she has to pick one more for the Power Alliance it would be Christopher or Winston. She doesn't want to nominate Pav because he's a good suspect. That leaves Ash, Christopher and Zoe.

Ashleigh also wants to give Christopher a break this week. So you want Ash, Mark asks? Ash has a positive reaction from the public so he probably wouldn't go, Mark says. Ashleigh thinks Zoe is sad. But she had a great reaction, Chris says, it's good to keep the newbies as suspects. I don't want to put Pav up, Mark says, but I think he'd take it better.

If Ash goes up, it'll end up in a fight, Mark frets, when we get revealed, it will end up in a fight. Not with you, he tells Ashleigh, with me. Those two will go after me. I cannot handle both of them. Winston enters the house, so Chris walks off to the kitchen and Mark pretends they were just idly gossiping. How are ya, Marks asks? All right, Winston says, I'm thirsty. It's hot out there, Mark says. Yeah, Winston says, oblivious.

8:11pm In the garden, Ash questions Christopher about his relationship is with Mark. You're not going to have a cheeky kiss under the covers, he asks? With Mark, Christopher laughs, you know what he's like. Do you fancy Mark, Steven asks? Probably not, he answers. Oh come on, Ash says. Fancy's different, Christopher says, if I just saw him I probably wouldn't find him attractive. He admits that once he got to know Mark, he found him attractive.

Do you think he likes you, Steven asks? I don't know, he replies, Mark doesn’t really talk to him one on one. He doesn't talk to anyone about these things, Steven agrees. That's what frustrates me, Christopher says. But if he didn't like you, Ash says, he'd tell you and he's told none of us he didn't like you. I'll probably ask him for a drink after this, Christopher says.

Mark has been called to the Power Control Room and meets Iris. He has trouble pronouncing her name. Nice to meet you, Iris, he says. Iris asks him his impression of the Power Control Room. It's incredible, he says, I feel like I'm on a space ship. I absolutely love it! Iris asks him if the Power Alliance has made a decision yet on the next housemate to nominate. Mark says yes, but he is not ecstatic about it, he's quite angry. He reveals their nominee is unfortunately Ash. I love the bones of Ash, Mark says, and I knew this day was gonna come that he'd have to choose somebody. The Power Alliance majority (Ashleigh and Chris) want Ash up before he was picked and he is doing what they requested. Iris reminds him that nominations are part of the game. I know, he says.

[so far, this alliance is basically Ashleigh imposing her will and vendetta on the house, trying to get rid of anyone close to Helen. This was her master plan last time, and despite her recent civility to Helen, it's clearly her plan this time. -- Morty]

10:28pm The housemates are gathered in the living area again. Housemates, the Power is back. It is time for you once again to feel the Power. I think it's me, Ashleigh whispers. The next housemate to face this week's eviction is...


Lucky number 6, Ash says.

Ash, you will join Steven this week and face the public vote.

The housemates speculate how many other housemates are going up. Pav thinks it will be 2 a day for the rest of the week. I wouldn't want to be up with anyone else, my friend, Ash tells Steven. You're going nowhere, Mark tactlessly tells Ash. Helen gives him a kiss on the cheek. Helen thinks a lot of them are going up. Including you, jokes Ash. All right, Ash says, go on then, let's get p*ssed. I love the way he takes it, Steven laughs with Ash. It's someone in there, isn't it, Helen says after they are alone in the garden. Mark was very shady, Steven says, the Power Housemate could be anyone in the house and it is p*ssing him off.

Who, Pav asks? I don't know, everyone looks shady. Mark looks shady, Chris, you look shady. I don't want anyone to be stressed, Chris says, but I don't think they'd give 2 on Monday and then no more the rest of the week.

Inside, Ashleigh and Mark tell Zoe Ash will be fine. He's been up a couple times, Zoe says, right? He's been up 6 times, Ashleigh says. I'm good friends with Ash and Steven, Mark says. It's going to sound really bad but whoever is up against Steven is safe.

12:02am Steven, Ash and Chris are in the kitchen. Steven thinks Helen has the Power and the first nominees will get saved first. No way, Ash quickly says. That is why they are both up, Steven says, she has been acting strangely. Chris agrees Helen has been different. Ash disagrees. Helen was so gutted when I went up, he says. It's a possibility, Steven insists but Ash doesn’t believe the theory. It's definitely not that, he says. She wouldn't be able to tell us, Steven points out. Ash says he's going to bed.

Chris drains a glass of water, whispering I am a horrible person, I am a horrible person.

In the Diary Room, Inspector Winston's back on the case, listing off his guess for who is the Power Housemate. It's is either Pav or the public, he says, and he's got a gut feeling for Pav. For the public, everyone seems generally set on that. Plus, Mark did the tea leaves and saw 2 English flags come up, meaning the public, so that could potentially be it. Or, it could possibly be Mark. If I was to bet, it would be Pav or Mark. I'd put money on both of them.

Mark reassures Ash in the kitchen that he ranks high on the public perception. If it's just me and Steven, Ash says, it's a lose lose situation. But you'd lose to a mate and walk through the door on your own, Mark says. It's a matter of game. It's the last 3 weeks and 100 grand. For me and you it's life changing. You're going nowhere. You're going to the final, Ashleigh contributes. Mark says he loves the bones of Steven, but he is probably going home this week if the public has it’s way. Ashleigh agrees. We knew the week would come when we had to go up against our mates, Mark says, if I find out who is the secret Power Housemate, I'm going after them next week.

12:32am Winston and Pav are suspicious. Winston is in the tub as Pav walks around with nervous energy, speculating who it could be. Who would nominate both Ash and Steve, Pav wonders out loud. You, Winston asks, smiling?
Not me, Pav says, it could be you. It could be me, Winston agrees, but I wouldn't nominate Ash and Steve. Pav says he can see how it might be perceived he would nominate Ash and Steve.

When I had the power, he explains, before I came in I thought having the Power would be sick. But when you actually have the power, you're like f*ck this sh*t, man. It's the worst feeling ever. You actually have the ability to change someone’s life, he says, you don’t have that kind of Power anywhere else in real life. You can change your life but not someone else's. You can if you want to, Winston says. Most people don't, Pav says, it's not as exciting as you think it is, having the Power.

Ash and Steven get ready for bed. Steven asks how Ash feels. Ash says he feels fantastic, how do you feel? I feel quality, fractured, bring it on, if I'm going, bring it on. I want to be here for every last moment but I do want to get into the outside world.

The Power Alliance is in the kitchen, praising Mark for how he handled himself today with the pressure. Chris was worried Mark might get upset. It was logical, Mark says. Ashleigh thinks the public will look at him in a different light for this. They both like Ash, Chris tells him, but they they are down to a set of scenarios and just have to see how it plays out. They congratulate each other and hug.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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