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Big Brother UK Series 15 (2014) - Power Trip


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Big Brother UK Primer

Big Brother UK Series 15: Power Trip is the 15th season of Big Brother in the UK, and the final season of a 4 year deal between Britain's Channel 5/ 5* and Endemol.


Housemates are chosen from online applications. Potential housemates had to record a 90 second video and fill out an on-line application form.


Emma Willis is returning as presenter (British for Host), and Rylan Clark and Iain Lee are back to present Big Brother's Bit on the Side, joined this series by Celebrity Big Brother UK 13 housemate Luisa Zissman as a regular panelist on Saturday's Bit On The Psych, along with the regular cadre of psychologist and guests.


The 15th series of the show will introduce several changes to the BBUK format with Big Brother offering power to the housemates to influence things in the house. Whomever has the power will be able to influence, twist and control events in the house like never before. The Power Trip starts on launch night and will dominate the house all summer. Housemates will have to be ruthless to seize power, keep it and impose their will on the rest of the house. Viewers will also be given the power to manipulate the housemates throughout the series.

The House

Big Brother has given the BBUK house a futuristic makeover featuring stark, clinical open spaces, sleek, clean lines and for something new, technology- some housemates will gain additional knowledge in the game through access to iPads.

The Game

In Big Brother UK, the Housemates nominate each other for eviction and then the British public votes to evict. When the house is down to its Final 5, the British public votes to evict.

The Housemates enter the BBUK House in real time with a live studio audience outside (often under umbrellas). Following each daily highlight episode, there is the Bit On The Side talk show (except Sundays) on which evicted housemates regularly appear.

In the Big Brother UK house, the only rule is Big Brother makes the rules and absolutely nothing is guaranteed to stay secret for long. Big Brother likes twists and nobody twists it harder than Big Brother!

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Day 0: Thursday, June 5th, 2014

>RUN: Big Brother
:System Failure
:Load Opening Sequence...

The wait is over, the house is ready, the game is on. Each new housemate has everything to play for and everything to lose. Who gets the power? You decide!

Welcome to Big Brother Power Trip!

Before the Housemates enter, Emma gives us a tour of the new futuristic Big Brother House, clean, clinical, hard straight lines. The futuristic toilet gives you a little wash on the bum and then a dry. The living room is very minimalistic, not much comfort. The bedroom is now the bathroom with a see-through shower. In the Garden, stairs go up to the pod, replacing the tree house but there's a gate. A new circular pool is not concealed but there's also a gate. The bedroom is a small space, 8 double beds for 16 housemates.

Now that we've seen the house, let's meet the housemates. First up is Tamara, 24, a global oil and gas headhunter. She thinks girls seeking glamor are empty and women who stay at home are wasting their lives. She says she thinks she's better than everyone, the queen of manipulation, and that might ruffle a few feathers. The audience greets her with Boos as she becomes the first housemate to enter the Big Brother House!

The second housemate is Mark, 24, a visual merchandiser. He gets spray tan once a week and has his hair professionally done 4 times a week. But he promises, he's not vain. His role model in life is Mariah Carey - if everyone tried to be a little like her, the world would be a better place. He's not nasty but he is honest in his opinion if asked. He is overwhelmed by the cheers and applause from the audience.

The third housemate is Helen, 27, a salon owner who a couple years ago was caught in a sex scandal involving a legendary English Futbol (soccer) player. Now she tries to live quietly, raising her 11yr old child and sharing in the local gossip with the ladies in her salon. She can be too honest sometimes and won't stop arguing if she's right. She's easy to get along with and easy to not like as well. She gets a positive audience reception.

Steven, 23, is a managing director and housemate #4. He made his first million back in 2012, has an interior furnishings company, sold his first business in 2010 at age 20 and now his parents work for him as well as his brothers. He wants to become Prime Minister of the UK - being powerful is extremely important to him, being one up on everyone house. He's got the car, house and the money, so Big Brother is just a vacation for him. He gets solid boos but promises to show his softer side, through the only orders he'll be taking are from Big Brother.

Housemate number five is Danielle, 25 and a part time model and businesswoman. A devout Catholic, she doesn't believe in sex before marriage which is only between a man and a woman, but is not homophobic. She thinks people find a woman with high morals is fresh. She won't be shy and will speak up if she sees women and boys making fools of themselves. She won't tolerate excessive kissing in the house. [she is also a former girlfriend of last series' Big BrotherUK housemate favorite, Dexter Co, and said some strong things about him in the media at the time. Dexter says he didn't know about her going into the house until the live show and has refused to make further comment on their relationship. -- Morty]

Pucker up for housemate #6. Winston, 27, a personal business development manager. An Essex boy, he says he has a bit more smarts but goes out with the boys every week and is not shy about going up to women. He doesn't have a type - as long as she has looks, an arse and breasts. If he strikes out, she's a lesbian. He says winning is part of his name. The audience thinks he has a winning smile (or maybe it was his hair). Emma is focused on his "guns".

The next new recruit is housemate #7, Matthew, 23, a media graduate. He is quite intolerant of people with no intellectual capacity. He grew up with money, has always had a cleaner, and has been in a relationship with a girl for 6 years but people always think he's gay. People say he complains a lot but he has no problem being direct or putting people in their place. He gets a mixed reaction from the audience and seems overwhelmed by the launch experience, calling it cringe-worthy to his new fellow housemates.

The role of Housemate Number 8 goes to Kimberly, 23, a full time business woman and model. A former Playboy playmate from California, she is comfortable being naked but has a law degree and a masters in business. She enjoys arguing, taking a leadership role, and being competitive, three things she'll have to watch for in the Big Brother House. She has no problem being ruthless, though. The launch audience likes a strong, confident American Girl and showers her with their affection.

Housemate number 9 is named Christopher, he's 23 and he's a journalist(ish) for the BBC. He moved from a dairy farm in Ireland to London, he comes off serious but doesn't think he is. He doesn't argue for the sake of argument - he's passionate about the things he cares for. He thinks Kim Kardashian is the spawn of Satan and too many women aspire to be like her. He feels like a lamb to the slaughter and is prepared to be betrayed in the Big Brother House.

The final housemate to enter the Big Brother House tonight is Pauline, 49, a dance teacher who has been a rapper in the past who did gigs and toured with Kylie Ann Minogue. She doesn't feel 50, she feels half the age. She'll do anything she has to do to get what she wants in the Big Brother House, and she'll always get the last word. The audience loves her as she dances a little jig on her way down the gangway and into the house. Oh my giddy aunt!

So there you have the first 10 housemates for Big Brother UK Series 15! Now let's get down to business and award some POWER! It's over to Great Britain to send one Housemate on a power trip, to rule the house, receive incredible privileges and make some incredibly difficult decisions. We'll be sending your chosen one on a super-charged challenge right away!

The results are in and Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the sofa to break the news. This is Big Brother. Welcome to the Big Brother House. Congratulations, you are now all Housemates! However, you are not all equal. One of you is about to go on a Power Trip and have control over what happens in the Big Brother House. The viewers have chosen... Pauline! Your power trip starts now, by accessing the Control Room with the Power Key (a key rises out of a pedestal). Pauline heads into the Control Room while the other housemates head into the Garden where they find 2 glass boxes.

:Control Room Activating...

The Control Room is a high-tech power center with glass panel displays surrounding the Power Chair. Pauline is greeted by Iris, who has complete control over the entire house and has access to all the data on the housemates. Pauline is directed to look at classified info on the housemates and must judge them on their personalities and choose one to reward and one to punish. Iris begins to play revealing portions of their entry VTs for Pauline. Iris then directs Pauline to make a decision on who to reward and punish. Since she likes Mariah Carey, she chooses to reward Mark. She doesn't like people who are intolerant of others, so she chooses to punish Matthew. Iris tells Pauline her Power Trip is just beginning!

In the Garden, Big Brother informs the Housemates that Pauline has decided the fate of Mark and Matthew. They are each directed into one of the glass boxes. One of them is to be rewarded with $5000 pounds cash, the other punished. Suddenly, cash bills begin blowing up and around Mark's glass box. In the Control Room, Pauline applauds. Mark is shocked and initially scared, then very grateful. Before the housemates can react, Matthew's glass box begins lifting 20 meters into the air as he is informed he is to be excluded from the Big Brother House and will be held in the box above the Garden until further notice.

Iris tells Pauline in 24 hours, she will use her power once again and change the Big Brother House forever!

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 1: Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Last night, 10 new housemates entered the Big Brother House and viewers sent Pauline on a Power Trip. Tonight, 6 new housemates arrive and the Pauline's Power Trip continues with a decision that will rock the Big Brother House to the core!

Six minutes after Pauline rewards Mark and punishes Matthew, Pauline returns to the house and Mark, still in the booth, thanks her profusely. Up in the other box, Matthew isn't taking Pauline's apologies to heart. Helen calls up to him to ask if he's all right. Mark just wants to give Pauline a hug. Steven and Winston check out the female talent. There are a couple fit ones, they agree. Neither came into the house with an outside relationship. Matthew does his impression of Marvin the Depressed Android up in the box.

Mark, Danielle and Tamara keep Matthew company in the Garden. Steven discovers the secret bathroom with the Bidet. It has a heated seat too, the housemates discover. Outside, Matthew vents to Danielle that people always have bad first impressions of him. Danielle says you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I can know who I dislike in the first 5 seconds. She tells him that she won't get along with Tamara. Matthew says girls always dislike each other.

Big Brother lights up the picture boxes and the housemates get their first look at their official house pictures. The girls hate the way they look. Christopher is in the DR and is not surprised with Pauline's choices since he had no idea who she might pick. He thinks he underestimated Big Brother's power. Pauline explains to Matthew in the box that she saw everyone's VT and he was a bit condescending. Matthew admits he sounded awful and got boo'd badly on the way into the house. Pauline says he's just young, she's learned to be more tolerant. She says he has balls of steel. You'd think, Matthew says, but I don't. Pauline says at least she doesn't have to do it again. You don't know that, Matthew cautions.

Someone has pissed all over the toilet. Winston admits it might have been him. He promises to put the seat up net time. Tamara tells Big Brother her initial impressions are to like Helen, Steve and Winston is fit, a bit silly and cheeky. She likes good looking and stupid, though. In the Garden, Kimberly talks about her Playboy side and her real side. Winston and Christopher pepper with questions about the Playboy Mansion. She doesn't want to be that girl who's always naked, there's more to her than that. Danielle and Winston get to know each other, Danielle saying stock brokers are so intense. You don't get many girls there, Winston says. It's a good job for a guy, she says, very stressful.

Matthew talks with Steven in the Garden, telling him he's disappointed he can't integrate with the rest of the house but he can probably take it better than most people. In the bedroom, the housemates are getting to know each other as they pair off into the double beds. Tamara has a fear of glasses and is reassured they are plastic. Kimberly joins Steven in the Garden and they talk about traveling as Matthew, who now has a sleeping bag in his box, watches from above. Kimberly tells Steven she's dating. He wants to know what that means? No commitments, she says. She's been to 10 countries and he says he's been to 119. He loves to travel, he says. She says she wants to do interior furnishings too. She doesn't want to say she's intelligent but did just finish her Masters. She just wants to find intelligent people and exploit them.

It's 3am and Matthew is finally bedding down for the night. In the bedroom, the housemates describe him as David Blaine in the box. In the DR, Pauline says she's happy to let the other housemates think her power is over. But first. Big Brother informs the housemates that while Pauline has the power to receive her suitcase immediately, the other housemates will have to wait until tomorrow.

We jump forward to the live show where Matthew has joined his fellow housemates from isolation in the elevated box and Pauline is once again in the Power Trip Control Room where Big Brother informs her she has another major decision to make. She will watch the remainder of the housemates enter the Big Brother House and after the final housemate has entered, she will have the power to change one of her housemates' fate forever - she'll have the power to grant one of them a Pass to the Final!

It's time to meet the remaining six housemates. Number 11 is Toya, age 29, YouTube vlogger, TV Presenter and host. She doesn't like men - she stopped dating a guy and decided to sell his stuff on eBay, sending him the link so he could buy his stuff back. She can be argumentative about what she's passionate about - a dictatorish quality. Don't come for me unless I send for you. If you are bold and brave enough to diss her, be bold and brave enough to take the consequences.

Housemate #12 is Chris, 33, a professional actor and illustrator. He normally plays psycho clowns but is obsessively polite and thinks everything is funny. He doesn't have a huge ego - just a normal sized one. He plans to be a right misery in the house, sit in the corner and not talk to anyone and urinate in the kitchen. The live second launch night audience is not amused and let him know it as we walks down the gangplank. He tells Emma that if he gets a kiss goodbye he won't be miserable in the house. She calls him a cheeky one and lets him plant one on her cheek.

Pauline is watching as both Toya and Chris make their entrances into the house. And she sees Housemate #13 introduced as 18yr old Ashleigh who just left school in rural Northern Ireland. She's already a model and is into glamour and being bubbly and girly. But she's not stupid. This is the longest she's spent away from home. She is often told she's over opinionated but she thinks she's just right and if you cross her, she has a quick temper. She receives a warm welcome from the men in the audience until she reveals she has a boyfriend back home. The boys are all smiles as she descends the stairs into the Big Brother House.

Housemate number fourteen calls himself Marlon, age 22 and works in optics. Ladies are important to him, he loves ladies, wining and dining them, everything about them, he loves ladies. But only ladies a 7 or above - he doesn't drink coffee, only tea. He doesn't look for a certain type of woman because that's unfair to the other girls. His alter ego is Marlisio Silver - Marlon is the guy who works 9-5. He doesn't mind being back-stabbed or broken but doesn't think he can be.

The house is filling up but there's still room for housemate #15, Ash, age 26, and a male model. He's quite successful with girls, he and his gang of mates go out and girls flock to them. He's blessed but laid back, never doing a hard days' work in his life. He doesn't think you can ever be ready for Big Brother but looks forward to exciting times. His biggest achievement so far is being born. He is a little surprised and upset at his live audience reception.

The final housemate is 33yr old Jale, a customer service advisor. There are a lot of things that piss her off, starting with middle-lane drivers and people who are selfish. She finds it hard to get along with people and has to bite her tongue 20 times day and has had a taser pulled on her before. She thinks she can do well in the Big Brother House if she can only keep her mouth shut. But she admits that will be difficult.

Now that the house is full with 16 housemates, it's time for the games to begin and Power Housemate Pauline to make a powerful decision. Who out of her fellow 15 housemates should receive a Pass to the Final? Iris tells Pauline the house is now complete and it's time for her to exercise her power. She must now grant one housemate a Pass to the Final. Pauline decides to grant the Pass to the Final. She says of the new housemates, only Ash didn't talk smack on his VT. From the people she knows already, the person she is going to pick is a choice between two people. The person she is going to pick is...


She has chosen to give Helen a pass to the Final. Now watch this, Iris says as Big Brother announces the decision to the assembled housemates in the Garden. There is a single glass box in the Garden and the housemates are told Pauline has been given the power to change one of the housemates lives forever. The housemate Pauline has chosen is Helen. She is instructed to step into the glass box. Helen, Pauline has decided your fate, that you should be given... A pass to the final!

Confetti reigns down in the Garden as Helen processes this information. Congratulations, Helen, Big Brother says, you are a Big Brother Finalist! Helen can't believe it and thanks Pauline.

Pauline tells Iris she is happy. But Iris tells her in 48 hours, she'll be given the power to change the life of one of her fellow housemates again, and this time not for the better. Sunday night will be the first nominations and as the Power Housemate, she will be immune from nomination. But she will be given the power to nominate one of her fellow housemates to be nominated this and every week until they are evicted or the Final. She will not be allowed to reveal this power to her fellow housemates, so this housemate will not know that she is the reason he is nominated each and every week.

Pauline returns to the backyard and meets the new housemates for the first time in person and Helen is able to embrace her and thank her personally. You're my fairy godmother, Helen tells her.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 2: Friday, June 6th, 2014

[A word about the recaps. Each daily highlight and live show episode covers the action in the Big Brother UK house from the previous day. For highlight episodes the day after a live show, the episode covers the action leading up to the previous day's live show and what happens afterwards. Each recap will be labeled as the previous day. However, the link to the recap in the broadcast schedule below will be for the day the highlight episode airs, which is the next day. Got it? Brilliant! - Morty]

Previously, 10 housemates entered the Big Brother House and viewers chose Pauline to go on a Power Trip. She gave Mark a $5000 pound reward and punished Matthew with spending his first night in a glass box elevated above the Garden. The housemates wake up for the first time together in the Big Brother House, except for Matthew who spent the night in the glass box. She'll get what's coming to her, he promises. In the bedroom, Pauline tells the others Matthew was a bit condescending in his VT.

Big Brother gathers the housemates in the Garden and lowers the glass box, announcing his punishment is now over. Welcome back, his fellow housemates tell him. The housemates are getting to know each other, chatting about their differences. Helen says she's old fashioned. Danielle says this will be a new experience for him. Tamara and Steven discuss bad first dates as Steven drinks a glass of milk. Steven says he had a date that went to the bathroom and he caught her coming out of the men's room. He never would have known she was a geezer! In the DR, Helen tells Big Brother she gets on well with Mark and Matthew, she loves Matthew's dryness and Mark's obsession over his hair and trivial stuff.

It's been 2hrs 34m since Matthew was freed from the box and he's in the DR saying he thinks he handled his punishment pretty well. He doesn't think Pauline realizes yet that her decisions will have backlashes in the house. Steven and Danielle are in the Garden discussing how hard it is to know what you can and can't say in front of other people. Danielle says she's old fashioned and doesn't like people talking loosely. Steven says it will be strange if you can't go to Mass every week. Helen joins them with Mark and says she's not religious, got pregnant at 15. Steven says it takes a lot to have a child at 15. Danielle says you can make a mistake once, but you can't do it over and over again. Kimberly and Matthew talk about Mark getting 5 grand last night.

In the Garden, talk turns to animals and Steven tells a story about his dogs mounting each other. Talk turns to animal penises with Tamara talking about massive and horny dogs. Danielle is visibly uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. Pauline and Steven are talking about housemates coming in with game plans and what a waste of effort that is. The other housemates are talking about families. Matthew has an identical twin.

Danielle goes to the DR in tears that there's no one she can really talk with, the housemates all seem so sweet then get into conversations she can't be part of, it's all about sex and weird stuff she doesn't get. She doesn't want to walk but doesn't think she can last. She has absolutely nothing in common with these people. You can only push me so much, she says.

Winston tells a story about when he was a virgin at age 16 and began banging back the drinks and puked on the girl's vagina. That's called Pulling a Winston, the girls say. In the kitchen, Danielle tells Helen and Mark she feels uncomfortable. All the sex talk, Mark asks? He gives her a hug as she begins crying. Christopher is watching as Mark says just don't lose yourself. Helen says you just have to laugh about it. Christopher says it's like showing off that you can talk about sex, he feels a little bit the same way. They thank her for bringing up her feelings. You will be stronger for the experience, Helen tells her.

Winston asks Tamara if she has a boyfriend and she says she's not interested. He says he was in a 7 year relationship until 2 years ago, but not the one he threw up on. She says she just got bored of going out. Steven and Kimberly also talk relationships and the difference between terms in England and America. Both are dating but neither are shagging, just meeting people and going out. Matthew and Christopher don't think Steven is as big of a stud as he pretends to be. There is more competition for Alpha Female than Alpha Male they say, no macho burley Londoners.

It's time for the live show and Pauline is called into the Control Room and told she will watch her remaining housemates enter the house and grant one of them a Pass to the Final. Iris tells her to watch carefully and use her power wisely. Toya, Chris, Ashleigh, Marlon, Ash and Jale enter the Big Brother House. Watching from the Control Room, Paula doesn't like the 2-kiss greetings, just kiss once and be done with it like Ashleigh gave out.

The house is now complete and Pauline must exercise her power and pick one of her fellow 15 housemates to receive a Pass to the Final. She quickly eliminates the new six and picks from the 9 she knew already. The housemates gather in the Garden and Big Brother reveals Pauline has chosen Helen to receive a Pass to the Final! Helen is a Big Brother Finalist!

Pauline cries out of happiness but is warned in 48hrs she will again change the life of one of her housemates, but this time not for the better. Sunday night will be the first nominations and as the Power Housemate, she will be immune from nomination. But she will be given the power to nominate one of her fellow housemates to be nominated each and every week until they are evicted or the Final. She will not be allowed to reveal this power to her fellow housemates, so this housemate will not know that she is the reason he is nominated each and every week.

Paula returns to the Garden and is thanked by Helen. No problem at all, Pauline says. Ashleigh and Jale get to know each other after the live show concludes. Pauline gives Tamara and Mark the lowdown on her time in the Control Room, saying Ash as the only one who didn't talk bullshit. She says he enjoys what he does so it's not having worked a day in his life. [Not sure that's what he meant. -- Morty] Pauline repeats the best bits of each of the new housemates VT, divulging all the confidential information she was privy to receive.

Marlon and Winston go bird watching (of the girls). Marlon wouldn't mind sharing a bed with Danielle or Kimberly. Helen tells Big Brother her heart is still beating from receiving a Pass to the Final and hopes the other housemates don't resent her for it. She worries that the other housemates in the Final will have earned it more than her. But the chance is just amazing, even if she doesn't win. Danielle tells Big Brother in the DR that her evening has been better than the afternoon and the new housemates have always changed the dynamics, people she thinks she can be friends with.

Helen and Tamara don't trust Jale, saying she's threatened by Pauline. They discuss what Pauline said about Jale's VT. Chris joins them and jokes he hates people too without understanding the context of the conversation. In the Garden, Danielle and Chris bond over the proper role of a lady. Chris says a woman shouldn't be a lady just to make a man happy. Ashleigh tells Big Brother she's not attracted to any of the guys yet, probably because she's so young and they've already formed their friendships. She thinks she'll be OK by tomorrow.

In the Toilet, Helen and Tamara can't stand Chris, how he interrupted their conversation and didn't back himself up when he stuck his foot in his mouth. They hate the newcomers invading their Day 1 family. They say they need to stick together. As the housemates get ready for bed, Mark and Toya feel mischievous and scare Christopher as he walks into the wash area. In the DR, Chris says if you smile too much people think you're a soft touch. if you say to many weird things and they think you have an agenda. If you say you're an actor, they hear you lie for a living. He thinks no one wants to share a bed with him but doesn't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Steven and Winston whisper about Chris and what Pauline said about his VT. They think it's really funny. Chris still doesn't have a place to sleep. He ends up doubling with Christopher as the conversation jabbers on in the bedroom without him.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 3: Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Previously, Pauline became the Power Housemate and granted Helen a Pass to the Big Brother Final. Tonight, the Power Trip continues and factions form.

It's the morning of Day 3 and the Big Brother house is complete and Helen is a Big Brother Finalist. Danielle tells Chris it will take a week for everyone to feel comfortable but by then someone will go and it will change again. It's only going to get worse. Chris doesn't want to think about that. Danielle means Big Brother will throw in difficult games that will push you to the limit. Jale tells Big Brother in the DR it's interesting how quickly minds get fixed in the house. She wants to get to know Helen but she's quite stand-offish. There are people playing the game already, she says, but she's going to enjoy first and secondry will see what her powers of deduction are telling her. When asked if the power is going to Pauline's head, Jale will only say that she is an intelligent woman and knows what she's doing.

Ash is toweling off and Jale and Toya are in the bedroom talking about how some of the other housemates are already putting up defenses against twists. Toya tells Jale to come to her if she's feeling stressed. Mark and Christopher talk about Chris. Christopher thinks Chris is going to be two-faced- he was so nice in bed last night, not like Pauline described his VT, but could have vicious nominations. Mark wonders if Helen and Toya will come to blows. Bring it on, Christopher says. Danielle talks business with Marlon - she wants to expand her classy lingerie business. Mark tells Big Brother in the DR that everyone is too happy, too nice, there's a storm coming, he feels it in me waters. Mark thinks Chris is super cheeky, his psychic reading of Chris says he will be mischievous.

Pauline tells Jale, Chris and Christopher that she's not being nasty but up front. Pauline says you can say anything you want, it's how you say it that matters. Sometimes you have to take people aside and tell them they have bad BO. Marlon puts Kimberly through her paces, helping her with some core exercises. Chris in the DR says he doesn't want to not talk to certain people but once you start establishing friendships, they sort of pick up. It's awkward to put on false conversation. Helen dumps on Jale in the bedroom behind her back, saying she rolled her eyes at her.

Big Brother has given Pauline the power to choose 3 fellow housemates to join her for a Power Lunch in the Power Pad. She has chosen Mark, Helen and Danielle. Not only do they get a delicious meal but also their suitcases, which the other housemates are still waiting to receive. Christopher thinks either those three are Pauline's favorites or there's some other kind of twist going on. While the four chow down on a gourmet meal, Ash talks politics with Tamara, and the boys sunning in the Garden. In the Power Pad, Pauline says Toya was different from her VT, straight up front. She also thought she wouldn't like Jale from her VT. They discuss Chris's VT and his body language in the house, his being an actor, he just wants to piss people off. Mark says he's giving the performance of his life.

Winston and Tamara christen the bath together, laying parallel and facing each other. After the Power Lunch, Danielle bonds with Jale saying she has a strong character and will be in the house a long time, someone she can talk to and versa visa. Toya tells Big Brother in the DR that it's getting cliquey in the house, Pauline choosing the same people over and over. It's too early to be playing favors. I can't be cliqued she says. She confesses that what's really on her nerves is that Pauline has the power and she doesn't but when the power shifts, people's real character will come into play. She's power hungry but she'll be fair when she has it.

Winston and Tamara continue to flirt in the bath. He's wearing a bathing suit and she's wearing two. Danielle, Ashleigh, Marlon, Jale and Kimberly and Toya discuss their beliefs as Kimberly talks about a church that was trashing gay people. Danielle says she's not in favor of same sex marriage but would never tell anyone they are going to hell. Marlon says if you love somebody, just marry them. Danielle says there's no problem with civil marriage. But it's not recognized by the Catholic church. Jale says she's still trying to talk to Helen. Danielle says she was shocked during the Power Lunch, Helen was still hard to talk to. Kimberly and Marlon politely get up and leave for the Garden. You say what you think, Marlon says, it can offend a million people. Kimberly says she likes Danielle but it's hard to be part of that conversation. You're entitled to your opinion, she says of Danielle, but that opinion splits you off from other people.

It's time for today's task. Big Brother wants the housemates to rate themselves from the least to the most. Christopher and Pauline watch from the DR but cannot hear their housemates in the Garden. They must guess which category the housemates have lined up in. The first category is which is the least and most Manipulative. Chris and Pauline guess correctly. The next category is obnoxious but Pauline and Christopher guess Ruthless and are incorrect. The next category is Successful. Pauline and Christopher guess the housemates are lined up from least to most successful and are correct. The next category is Arrogant and there is a lot of joking in the Garden as to who gets top billing. Christopher and Pauline think it's Power Hungry, which was incorrect. The next category is Judgmental. After seeing Danielle lined up as the Most, Pauline and Christopher guess Judgmental and are correct, passing the task 5-2. Big Brother will provide them with all the ingredients for a delicious dinner tonight.

Big Brother informs Pauline he is throwing a party for her in the Power Pad, and in addition to the three she already invited, she can invite 4 more. She adds Steven, Matthew, Winston and Christmas Chris to the guest list, not the new Chris. Back in the kitchen, Pauline is coy with the news of the exclusive party. Christopher isn't impressed - he wants everyone to be there. Toya describes for everyone else the roast that the remaining six housemates will have. Steve and Winston are just happy to be going to a party. Ash tells the Garden group he wants to be James Bond. In the kitchen, Steven tells Mark this is the kind of experience where you make mates for life or you don't. Normally he would detest Matthew because he's so opinionated but now he's got to know him and he respects the fact he's so open.

Chris and Helen finally talk in the wash area and she tells him how she was suspicious of him at first. He's grateful she told him because he's bad at asking people if they are OK with him. He says he would never piss in the kitchen, it was just a joke. She apologizes for being judgmental and a gobby-co. He appreciates her telling him and asks for a hug. In the kitchen, Winston likes Tamara's sunglasses but they get tangled in her hair as she tries to take them off for him to try on. They are too small for his head. Ashleigh and Danielle silently watch from the side as the two flirt. Jale and Marlon feel like the new kids out in the Garden. He feels too on the edge to pull pranks in the house. Jale feels like an intruder, like the other housemates not want to know about her. Marlon says he is trying to force conversations but some of the others just f*cked him off.

It's party time in the Party Pad, with music, red and white wine, and the housemates are getting jiggy with I've Got The Power. Out in the main house, Ash says they had a great bit of food and is drinking a lager. Marlon is talking about what kind of alcohol he likes. Tamara says she can get quite silly when she drinks. In the Power Pad, those without the power say they would like to get it but worry about the kind of decisions they would have to make. I'd love the power, Matthew says. I imagine you do, Pauline says.

The party moves into the main house and all the housemates are drinking together. Tamara is crawling across the ground and her condition doesn't go unnoticed. Danielle tells Big Brother in the DR it's interesting to see how people's characters change with alcohol, especially Helen and Tamara. It's just quite clotty, Danielle says. The housemates try to put Tamara to bed, dragging her around. In the kitchen the other girls, talk about being uneasy in the house, trying to be conscious of what they are doing and saying. Christopher tells Big Brother the big egos are going to splinter and the game is going to get messier.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 4: Sunday, June 8th, 2014
Previously, Pauline embarked on her power trip, rewarding Mark, punishing Matthew and giving Helen a Pass to the final. In the house, battle lines were drawn. Tonight, housemates nominate for the first time. The house is fractured with division. And one housemate's fate is sealed. If you think Brits are the picture of proper politeness, you haven't met these housemates!

It's 9:26am after a heavy night of drinking and some housemates are waking up with sore heads. Toya tells Chris until you are here, you have no idea how hard it is. There is a light hearted banter hiding the nerves below the surface. 48 hours earlier, Pauline was told as the Power Housemate, she would not nominate two housemates as the others, but would make one nomination and that person would be automatically nominated every week.

Danielle is talking about her ex-boyfriend, Dexter Co. This comes as news to Tamara. She says she thinks Dexter was in love with her. She says there was no hard feelings between them. Mark tells Pauline he has a sixth sense about her, she keeps her cards close to the chest like a silent assassin. In the Garden, Matthew tells Jale he thinks she is secretly aggressive. Who me, she says? Marlon says he isn't aggressive at all.

Danielle is the first to nominate and she picks Matthew for being argumentative and false. Her second nomination is Steven for being a lad's lad and quite crude. Out in the Garden, Jale tells Chris she feels excluded but she's not going to let it divide her. Then you feel out of it, Chris agrees. Matthew nominates Danielle because she said she felt uncomfortable in certain situations and created a guilt trip among the other housemates, causing a divide in the house. His second nomination is Jale because he heard she rolled her eyes at Pauline when she entered the house.

Toya's first nomination is Marlon because he had his hands down his pants, so unsanitary and nasty. Her second nomination is Christopher for being quick to voice his displeasure on Pauline's choice to take to the Power Party. In the Garden, Ashleigh says nominations describe what type of person you are. Christopher nominates 4th and picks Danielle for holding back in a way that compromises herself, he wants to hear her views and to fight for her beliefs but is afraid to get involved. His second nomination is Matthew because they are going to drive each other up the wall with their paranoia, he's stereotyped each housemate too much.

Helen's first nomination is Jale for being jealous of how well liked Pauline is in the house, she rolled her eyes. Helen's second nomination is Ashleigh because they have very little in common; she's too young and reserved. Kimberly's first nomination is Tamara because conversations with her aren't very deep, it's rude to ignore someone when they are talking to you. Her second nomination is Ash for being arrogant when having a conversation; his opinion is always right and there's no room for error.

Pauline has been cooking chicken soup for her fellow housemates and Jale helps herself for a bowl. Pauline says to ease up and save some for everyone else. Jale says she's only taking what others took. Jale is called to the DR and Pauline says she's being told off for taking too much food.

Marlon is next to nominate and picks Toya for not being interested in him and his background while he's tried to get to know her. His second nomination is Mark, he's quite demanding despite having his suitcase and stuff. In the kitchen, Christopher talks about how if you like someone, you start talking like them and emulating their characteristics. Helen says that's so weird. In the Garden, Winston tells Tamara he never cheats when he's with someone. He doesn't know how many he's slept with but not loads, he assures her. Tamara doesn't answer his reciprocal question. I'm all talk, she says, no action.

Chris's first nomination is Tamara for living in her head and under the wing of others in her circle and not engaging with everyone in the house, she just wants to sunbathe. His second nomination is Winston, a sweet person in the house but extremely aware of the cameras, checking himself in the mirror, makes conversations with him stilted. Steven tells Winston, Tamara and Kimberly he didn't expect to get along so well with everyone. Chris and Helen say it's hard to talk to people when their in packs.

Mark's first nomination is Kimberly, she's very intelligence and she can be a bit dismissive of conversations she feels is ditsy. His second nomination is Jale, though he has to ask Big Brother how her name is pronounced. He says it's because she took too much of Pauline's chicken and just walked away instead of discussing portion size with Pauline. Tamara also uses the chicken soup as a reason to nominate Jale. Her second nomination is Kimberly because she rolled her eyes when Tamara suggested chick peas grow on a bush.

In the kitchen, the size of Jale's lunch continues to be the hot topic. Helen thinks she should have poured some of it back. Mark and Tamara are in agreement today was not the right day to do that. Pauline tells Big Brother she finds her Power Trip so far brilliant and she knows who she will nominate. In the Garden, Jale and Toya talk about Pauline. Toya tells her to not talk in front of Marlon. Jale says she's tried to talk to Pauline but she's been dismissive. Toya says no one should be a dictator in the house. Jale says she just wants to stay out of the kitchen and be targeted by her.

Marlon, Jale and Chris get creative with sun cream, drawing pictures on Marlon's back. Winston nominates Marlon, he thinks Marlon isn't all he is pretending to be, overly nice and fake. His second nomination is Danielle for seeming miserable sometimes and moping about, too prim and proper to let her hair down. Ash's first nomination is Danielle; they don't really talk much, she's not putting in any effort to make friends. His second nomination is Ashleigh for not drinking and going to bed early, people are pissed off, we're hear to have fun, not just go to bed.

Ashleigh tells Danielle and Kimberly it's like high school in the house. Danielle says praise the lord Kimberly and Ashleigh came into the house. Tamara and Matthew talk about Jale in the bathroom; Tamara says she comes across as a bit thick. Jale nominates Steven, says there's more to him than he lets on, he's not being real with her. Her second nomination is Tamara because when Tamara is around her friends, it's like Jale doesn't exist.

Tamara nominates Jale first for not making any effort to talk with her until they found out nominations were starting. Her second nomination is Winston because it's hard to talk to him about anything, he tries to be funny but is just weird. Steven's first nomination is Jale because she gives off the idea that if she's crossed, she doesn't react very well. His second nomination is Chris because of his VT comment about pissing in the kitchen; he's been pleasant in the house but Steven doesn't trust him because of that.

With 5 nomination votes, Jale will face the public vote. With 4 nomination votes each, Danielle and Tamara will also face the public vote. Power Housemate Paulina's killer nomination is yet to come. In the KT, Christopher says you have to be strong in the house, you have to leave a conversation if you're constantly talked over. Ashleigh agrees. In the Garden, Steven says the first 10 people bonded but when the next six entered, the dynamics changed. Even with Matthew in the box, it wasn't awkward when he came down. Matthew says Danielle drifted to the new housemates and away from the pack and has taken Ashleigh with her. If Danielle wasn't here, Ashleigh would be more involved in the rest of the house. Kimberly is close to Ashleigh so she's close to Danielle too. Helen says she doesn't like her.

Toya takes a moment in front of the light boxes, saying she's still on the fence. Who she is talking about, we don't know. Danielle tells Chris in the bedroom it's been a stressful day. Chris says everyone deals with it differently. He's surprised how stressed he is. Danielle says she finds it easier as it goes. Chris says he wouldn't have done it if he had known what it would be like. In the Garden, Matthew asks Jale if she feels misunderstood in the house? She says yes, but doesn't know if it's her or the rest of the housemates. She says she keeps trying if she thinks she's being blocked, but doesn't want to be excluded because she came in the 2nd day. Matthew agrees, saying he was like coming in the second day having spent the first night in the box. Jale says I can't change first impressions but let's interact and get to know each other. Matthew says we still have a lot of time.

It's 11:15pm and some of the housemates in the Garden discuss their pornography preferences. Chris says he's biting his tongue when pressed by Matthew if he's an anal man. Danielle says she's disgusted. and she and Ashleigh leave for the house. They're talking about d*cks and sex and it pisses me off, honestly, she says. In the bathroom, Toya is concerned about spots (acne). Chris says you can't even see it. Then why are you looking, she asks? Pauline offers her some jiz paste. Chris applies it on her face, saying this is national TV. Your natural beauty still comes forward, Pauline assures her.

In the kitchen, Danielle unloads to Ashleigh and Kimberly about the others constantly talking about sex. There's only so much I can take, she says. Honestly, on national TV. Twat. Toya and Pauline join them and listen to Danielle. Later, Pauline, Danielle, Ash and Marlon are in the Pod. Pauline advises Danielle to choose her battles and fight the wise ones, not the ones who mean nothing. She's fought racial abuse but you can't fight the common man, you shouldn't get upset about it, that's just how life is. Danielle is crying now and she and Ashleigh hug it out.

In the bedroom, Tamara says Danielle is annoyed about someone for being brazen about sex and shit but we don't know who. Probably everybody, Christopher says, she should still just sit there and not walk off. Tamara says if you don't like it, walk off. Christopher says there were parts of the conversation she could have joined in. Helen says she can't walk away anytime there are words she doesn't like. She would never meet the kind of people she's met here, Christopher says. She's a f*cking glamor model, Helen says.

Pauline is brought into the Power Control Room and asked by Iris to name the housemate she has chosen to be automatically nominated this and every week until evicted or the Finale. To find out which housemate's fate Pauline as decided, we go to the house for a surprise live drop-in by Big Brother!

The housemates are told to gather on the sofas and Toya runs to the toilet to piss. The others say they knew it, it's time to learn who is nominated. Only Pauline and Helen are calm since they are safe from nomination this week, the others nervous with anticipation and dread. The lights dim and the housemates scream. Housemates, says Big Brother, listen very carefully. Big Brother can now reveal the results of this week's nominations. The housemates facing the public vote are...


And, Danielle.

And, Tamara.

And, these three housemates will face the public vote. Danielle is upset. Tamara is shocked.

But that's not all, Big Brother continues. One housemate will face eviction every week they are in the Big Brother house. This news is met with dead silence as the housemates are shocked at the revelation. One of us three, Tamara figures out quickly. Marlon explains incorrectly that from the two that stay, one of them will be up for eviction every week.

Dramatic music begins to play as video from Pauline's time in the Power Control Room is displayed. Iris explains to Pauline how as Power Housemate, she is immune from the public vote this week and will have one killer nomination. Pauline sits silently on the sofa as the other housemates' eyes are fixed on the monitor as they learned Pauline was the one who chose which housemate would face eviction each and every week. Pauline tells Iris it's been an easy decision, bringing cackles out of some of the housemates.

Pauline, Iris says, please reveal the name of the housemate you wish to use the killer nomination on.

It's Jale, Pauline says. There's 16 of us here and as it stands, she doesn't help do anything at all but get to the kitchen, get something to eat, then bob off again. Steven is broken up laughing at Pauline's explanation. Jale tries to laugh it off as well. Tamara and Danielle are just relieved it wasn't them.

Big Brother confirms that Jale will now face eviction every week for the entire series. Big Brother then informs Pauline that her Power Trip is over. But in next few days, the power will return to one of he other housemates. However, this time the identity of the Power Housemate will remain secret. One of you will be pulling all the strings. The question is, who?

The housemates suddenly realize they are live and begin shout outs. The lights return to normal and Danielle reaches over to shake Jale's hand. Ash is rolling on the floor laughing. Chris and Marlon give Jale a strong hug. Matthew gives her a feint hug. Ashleigh lends her support a swell. Jale says she was laughing because she had no mouth in that picture and assures Helen that she's all right. She wants wine, though, and a cigarette. Pauline says she's glad the power is out.

Jale heads out to the Garden for a smoke alone. Christopher joins her feeling horrible, says Pauline was pathetic with her reason, clutching at straws. Jale says she just doesn't like me and didn't want to give a real reason. Christopher and Chris explain to her that she doesn't automatically go on Friday, but if she doesn't, she'll be up for eviction every week. Chris is taking hit hard, there's nothing that can be said.

Back in the house, the claws come out as Danielle expresses her displeasure at being nominated. The house has divided into inside and outside groups, Helen is going off on Steven for calling Jale a slag and follows him outside. In the house, Pauline says let's get realistic, Danielle isn't going nowhere and Tamara isn't going nowhere. Outside, Helen's venom is focused on Danielle for saying one thing then flipping on it. She needs a shag, Helen says.

In the house, Pauline tells Danielle that nobody should be pissed except Jale. Everyone in the house voted for her and she just voted on top of them. Christopher comes inside and says it's really horrible out there but he isn't going to pass on messages. Pauline says unless you get it from the horse's mouth, you shouldn't pay attention. Outside, Steven is pissed off about what was implied about him. Helen says she can't stand all the lies. In the kitchen, Pauline tells Danielle has put herself up as a target just for her bloody reaction tonight at being nominated.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 5: Monday, June 8th, 2014

Previously, Power Housemate Pauline was given one killer nomination and dirty talk divided the house. Tonight, housemates get filthy and the gloves come off! It's Helen vs. Danielle.

It's the morning of Day 5 and the housemates wake up hard. Marlon tells Winston and Tamara in the kitchen that they make a good couple. Tamara accidentally teabags herself. Jale has a good feeling about tonight. Kimberly tells Big Brother she's bonded with Danielle, they're on the same wavelength. She wants her suitcase, fresh underwear and her bikini. She's been wearing the same thing for 5 days. Pauline talks about the x-rated chat with Marlon, Danielle and Ashleigh, saying she doesn't want any part of it, she's not taking care of anybody in here. She says she's been around people talking worse than that. Danielle doesn't understand how boys can talk like that around girls. It's 2014, Pauline says, but I'm 49 and will never talk about my sexual things. Mark is worried about nominations but Helen assures him he's got nothing to worry about. [Remember, at this point they've nominated but the results haven't yet been revealed. - Morty]

In the DR, Toya says people in the house are anticipating something happening. Conversation turns blue (again) in the dining area with Winston and Tamara leading the way. Matthew says this is too much, it's disgusting. Danielle vents to Jale in the tub/shower room, saying if this is going to be a regular thing, I'm going to sit back and say nothing. Everyone is going to clash at one point, she says. There are always other alternatives than throwing into a situation, Jale says, I don't want to have to have a shit experience. Danielle says it's not affecting my experience, I won't stoop to that level, but it's disrespectful.

Big Brother is giving the housemates who still do not have their suitcases the chance to win them back in a series of head to head challenges in Big Brother's Battle Room. While two housemates do battle, the rest will vote the winner using voting pads. First up is Jale vs. Kimberly and the battle is over who is most sexy. Winston chants for Kimberly to get her t*ts out. Jale goes for outrageous While Kimberly goes for dress-up and play acting. Jale wins this round. Kimberly is not happy.

Next up is Chris vs. Ashleigh in Most Weird. They're both quite weird, aren't they, says Steven. Chris goes for a weird pose and just holds it. Ashley can't quite figure it out and Chris wins his suitcase. That's a complement, Ashleigh says. Chris says she can wear her pants. The last battle is fought in pairs as Marlon and Ash go up against Toya and Tamara in Most Disgusting. Toya is wearing Mark's top and it's going to get ruined, she says. They have to put on underwear outside their clothes then dump food stuffs all over each other. Ash and Marlon go all out, but Tamara doses something with a hunk of pork that I will never be able to get out of my head.

The Most Disgusting housemates are Tamara and Toya!

Toya needs to vomit - she has hygiene issues, she reminds Big Brother! Mark tells Big Brother he feels guilty over his nominations from Sunday after seeing how much fun she had during the Big Brother Battle Room challenge. He realizes how much fun she can be now. He also says his psychic sense tells him a storm is brewing, he can feel it. Steven and Ash tell Pauline they think she'll have a decision to make tonight when nominations are revealed, not realizing she has already made her decision. She just says she prefers her power when she can give someone something.

It's time for Big Brother to reveal the results of the first nomination and Pauline's powerful secret. The lights dim and Big Brother reveals that the housemates facing the first public vote are Jale and Danielle and Tamara. Even Danielle is shocked Tamara was nominated. But Big Brother isn't done. Big Brother plays the video of Iris instructing Pauline to make her killer nomination. Pauline nominates Jale for not doing anything in the house but eating. Pauline's power trip is over. But the power will return and one of the other housemates will be chosen to have all the power over the fellow housemates, but secretly.

There is a lot of nervous laughter as the housemates digest this turn of events. Danielle shakes Jale's hand. She and Ashleigh can't believe people were laughing. Jale heads outside for a smoke. Steven tells Danielle not to worry about nothin'. Pauline wants to talk to Danielle, says her problem will be with Jale this week. Danielle is on the warpath. She goes up to Kimberly, Winston and Marlon and says this is a f*ckin' joke, just because I don't talk about d*cks and fart jokes I'm a bad person? She storms off again before they can respond.

Steven, Matthew, Tamara, Mark and Helen go to Jale outside and she says it was their laughter that made her laugh and took the edge off. Winston joins them, and she says I can deal with anything if someone has a laugh. Steven says that Danielle is going to tell each of them what she thinks of her if she goes on Friday. He confides that he heard Danielle say "just because I didn't act like a f*ckin' slag." [i didn't actually hear Danielle say this, just that they all voted for her because she doesn't like their sex conversations. -- Morty] Ash joins them. Helen immediately goes to confront Danielle about her saying she's up because she didn't act like a f*ckin' slag. Danielle says "slag" never came out of her mouth. What did get out, Helen accuses? What did I say about the girls, Danielle asks, confused. Do you want me to bring them in? Go ahead, Danielle says. Why you having an attitude with me, Helen says defensively.

Don't come up here and get confrontational with me, Danielle says, go f*ck off, you f*ckin' idiot, who do you think you're speaking to? Any idea how much of a dig you must made yourself, Helen asks, did anyone else act the way you did? Danielle tries to walk away but Helen demands she come here. Steven comes in and confirms what he told the others that Danielle said. Helen and Danielle go nose to nose, talking over each other, then Helen calls her a stupid twat. F*ck off, Danielle says, get some bloody class. Helen calls her a fat b*tch then turns her back and walks outside.

Danielle calls out Steven for getting f*cking bitchy, running outside. Steven says it was just a conversation, I'm not going to rise for your abuse. F*ck off, you f*ckin' idiot, she says as he walks away. Helen goes outside to inform Winston, Jale, Tamara, Mark, Ash, Matthew and Christopher that she told Danielle off and she's f*ckin' denying it. Helen repeats that Danielle called them all slags. Matthew says if she wants to make a fool of herself, let her. She's an absolute lying twat, Helen says. Why am I a lying twat, asks Steven walking up? Helen goes over to hug him and assure him she's not talking about him. Steven says Danielle just called him a f*ckin' prick [i didn't hear her say that either, but I'm sure she was thinking it -- Morty]. Helen says she's swearing so much she's going to go to f*ckin' hell. Don't tell me to go get some f*ckin' class, stop shagging Jesus you f*ckin' twat.

Danielle is back crying in the DR that she just lost it. Can anyone just go? Big Brother tells her to take a moment to gather her thoughts away from the other housemates. The right thing to do would be to apologize to the group, she says, and move on. Back in the kitchen, Christopher, Kimberly and Ashleigh say they should have a talk with her Danielle. Kimberly says she didn't help herself. Ashleigh says she tried to tell her to keep it classy. Out in the Garden, Helen asks can you imagine her phone bill when I'm up for eviction? Jale says to Helen that they need to have a chat but not tonight. Helen says she only acted that way because of what she (Danielle) said.

Steven tells Jale he thought she would be the one liable to kick off. Me, she asks surprised? Hat's off to you for how you've taken it. I'm kind of used to it, Jale says, I'm used to people not getting me, not knowing what I'm about. That's why I wanted to speak to you as well, Helen says. She accuses Danielle of dividing the whole group. Steven turns the conversation around to himself, saying out of the blue he hopes Pauline isn't upset for his telling Helen what Danielle said. Pauline's not like that, Helen assures him.

It has started to rain in the Garden. Back in the DR, Big Brother tells Danielle she still has friends in the house who has her back. It's one girl against 10, Danielle says. I'm not looking forward to apologizing. Mark and Matthew discuss the nights' events. Matthew says that he felt Jale was putting up a massive defense mechanism saying she's been misjudged her whole life [uh, Matthew, remember how you said everyone things you're gay even though you've been in a relationship with the same girl for 6 years without any commitment? -- Morty]. Maybe she is just tough. Out in the Garden, Ash says when you're drinking you just want to be with people you're close with. Maybe that's just it, then. But we're all in the same house, Kimberly says, how much closer can you get? Ash says he can know if he'll like someone after 10 minutes.

In the living room, Pauline explains to Jale about why she made her the killer nomination. She peppers her reasons with insults describing Jale as being childish. Toya says this is an experience we just have to learn from. Danielle listens in the background. Pauline tells Jale she's a star. Toya says it's OK to get upset. Pauline says you made it easy for me. Jale says I view it completely differently, I don't see what I did the way you do. Pauline says you made yourself a target. Jale is now crying at Pauline's words but says she's not playing the victim. She tries to stop crying, to stop being pathetic. Almost missed Marlon lying silently on the couch. Jale gets up and to be alone and collect herself.

Danielle explains herself to Ashleigh and Kimberly, doesn't remember saying the slag thing. Danielle said all she said was she got nominated because she doesn't talk about the stuff the others talk about. Kimberly offers to go outside and talk to Helen. In the DR, Chris says he and Jale are not Pauline's cup of tea - she's infantilized everyone. Kimberly asks Helen if Danielle can apologize but Helen says no, she doesn't want to speak to her, she won't have anything to do with liars. Marlon and Danielle enter the room to apologize and Helen starts ripping into her all over again and won't let Danielle say anything. Stick it up your f*cking ass, she shouts.

Matthew fills Danielle in what she's been missing in the house, Pauline dumping on Jale. Matthew says things there have been bottled up a long time. Ashleigh tries to build a bridge with Tamara and Mark. Helen insinuates herself in on the conversation and admits being a judgmental person, not thinking she had anything to do with this cute, young person but she's gotten to know her after the last half hour. Jale tells Big Brother in the DR about the killer nomination that it's done, she just has to get on with it. Hopefully she can make the most of it, she will make the most of it. Back in the kitchen, Ashleigh says tea makes everything better. Kimberly says tea is like a hug. Danielle wants to see her mum, she would take her away from all this. Danielle just feels stupid, like nothing in here.

Over by the sofas, Helen asks Mark if he was shocked at what Helen said. Mark said no, it was all fair in the heat of the moment. He tells her she should speak to Danielle tomorrow but only apologize if you're really sorry. Helen says she'll apologize for what she said outside but not for what she said inside.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 6: Monday, June 9th, 2014

Previously, Jale, Tamara and Danielle were nominated to face the public vote and Power Housemate Pauline used her the killer nomination on Jale. And tempers flared. Tonight, housemates are shockingly happy but the buzz doesn't last long.

9:48am, Big Brother has transformed the house into a palace of positivity, starting with the wake up song, Happy. It's time for the housemates' first shopping task. Big Brother wants to ensure the housemates begin their first week in the house on a positive note. Housemates must stay positive. Big Brother will test their positivity but whatever happens, stay positive! Easy, right? If housemates display negativity in any way, they will get fails. Too many fails in the Smiley Face box, and the housemates will fail the Shopping Task. Big Brother appoints Toya and Steven as Positivity Police over the next 2 days, cheerleaders of positivity, showing the housemates the bright side of every situation, reminding them to turn their frown upside down. They are given Positivity Police uniforms.

Toya reminds the boys in the garden to always smile. Helen jokes that Toya wants a taser to make sure everyone stays happy. Danielle and Ashleigh are cleaning up in the bath when Jale enters and says they will be the most happiest, positive people ever. Helen offloads to Big Brother in the DR about the fights last night, saying everyone has forgotten about what went on. But this morning, Helen has regrets for some of what she said last night, she said some things that were stupid and nasty and she needs to apologize to Danielle but she goes on to rip on Danielle for being out of control and being a false person. She does not fit in whatsoever, Helen says.

12:03pm, Mark is happy in the DR, saying he's normally a happy person. He then goes on to talk about how bad his eyebrows look. Helen approaches Danielle to say that they need to be honest with each other but they can't be negative with each other so they'll have to put it off until after the task. Ashleigh runs from a spider in the garden, to the delight of Mark and Ash. Big Brother broadcasts good news stories to help the housemates remain positive. A Bill of Beauty goes into effect immediately, which forbids housemates from wearing fake tan or makeup and to remove any currently applied and hand in any makeup. Mark's face is frozen in a smile but his eyes are a look of horror. Marlon is so surprised he trips over the doorstep and face plants in the garden. Mark is in tears as he wipes off his face - but they're happy tears, we're sure.

It's Danielle's turn in the DR to unload from last night, saying that it was building up for a couple days. She just lost it. But for now, she's going to be happy happy happy and talk to Helen in a couple days. In the garden, talk turns to Tamara's boobs, which are hers but not hers. She bought them when she was 19, going from a size a small handful to her current size. She was a tomboy but didn't think about the stigma that comes with it at the time. The boys assure her that they look natural. Helen has also had her boobs done, and her nose.

2:35pm, housemates take part in a Positive Shock Therapy session, turning negative opinions into positive ones. Matthew goes first as Big Brother asks which housemate is the least intelligent. He chooses Mark and, wearing his Happy suit, Mark receives a therapeutic shock in the keister from Matthew. Tamara is asked which housemate is the most stuck up. She says Kimberly who receives a therapeutic shock from Tamara that barely registers on her face. Jale is asked who is the biggest game player. She answers Helen for not giving people a chance having received her Pass to the Final. She delivers a shock to Helen to reinforce the positive message. Helen is asked which housemate is most negative, and surprise surprise, she names Danielle for not making more of an effort to understand others. Danielle promises to make more of an effort but that does not stop Helen from effortlessly delivering a positive shock.

Ash is asked which housemate is the most fake. His answer is Kimberly for sitting on the fence without an opinion. Kimberly absorbs her shock with barely a twitch. Kimberly is asked who is the least likable. Clearly me, she says, but then names Tamara because everyone seems surprised she was nominated but still nominated her. Kimberly delivers a shock of her own that makes Tamara jump. Danielle says Helen is the most argumentative housemate, which Helen doesn't find shocking, unlike the therapeutic jolt she receives. Big Brother delivers a final round of shocks to everyone but Kimberly remains the only one to not react.

4:10pm, Ash, Tamara and Helen talk about Kimberly's bland personality. Looks mean everything, Helen says. Not everything, Ash says. Winston gives Kimberly a French lesson. She says she tried to be as honest as possible but hopes Tamara wasn't offended. Pauline tells Christopher some housemates still aren't considerate with the food, it's everyone for themselves. There's no measuring how much everyone's going to get. Pauline says she won't go into specifics but Christopher says you won't get your point across unless you're specific. He says they're not kids, they're adults and can take it. Chris goes to the DR to bask in the positive vibe - he says he likes people being fake nice but it's not rubbing off on everybody. Everyone was well behaved during the shock therapy task but went back into their groups with the same conversations.

Ash tells Helen in the garden that he also thinks Kimberly has been on the fence, not wanting to get involved. He says everyone's worried about pissing people off, but they won't all be sitting around as a group of 16. Helen says there's a divide. Kimberly and Tamara clear the air in the bedroom. Tamara assures her that she didn't take her comments during the task personally. She admits she has a difficult time letting people in and that probably made it seem to Kimberly she didn't want to get to know her and it just went down from there. Danielle takes the opportunity to apologize to both for how she acted last night.

Marlon compliments Kimberly on her comments to Tamara during the shock therapy task, says she didn't expect it but needed to hear it. He thinks there is one person in the house who is the biggest game player but won't say who. Tamara tells Big Brother she's worried about the task and will make an effort to get to know Kimberly better. She doesn't want any enemies in the house, and maybe needs to worry about her own front and needs to show she can be a laugh.

7:03pm, it's Happy our with exotic cocktails in the garden and all housemates have to do is down a drink and then give a positive review of the flavour. First up are Marlon and Christopher. The Positivity Police Toya and Steven pour a tasty Mojitoad for both, mixing a stinky tofu sauce, toad puree and toad legs. Steven gags at the smell before even delivering the delicacy. Marlon downs the Mojitoad then spits it up. Christopher comes up with some deep words to describe the experience. Ashleigh and Winston order a Fin & Tonic, stinky tofu sauce with fermented herring and a fish eye. Ashleigh won't drink it with the fish eye but Winston takes it like an Essex man. That's the best fishy drink he's ever tasted, he says. Chris and Pauline go next, ordering a Peniscolada, made of milk, a stinky tofu sauce and a blended pig's penis. Chris drains his while Pauline realizes holding her nose won't help. She gets it down, though. Chris calls it a cheeky little number. But the group incurs one Fail as Ashleigh refused her drink.

9:56pm. Big Brother sends 2 housemates on happy camping trip. The Positivity Police select Danielle and Christopher as the least positive and in need of a night away from the house. They will spend the night camping in the garden in a tent and sleeping bags and the weather should be a classic summer evening, Big Brother assures. The two head out to the garden and crawl into their sleeping bags next to a fake fire. They are under a clear plastic Adirondack for cover and have just settled in for a positively nice summer night when it starts raining - inside the shelter, soaking both housemates in their sleeping bags.

11:15pm and the housemates get a positivity time out. Steven predicts Tamara won't be the one who is evicted. He says the British public will make the right decision and they know who needs to go. Tamara worries she's coming off as the evil b*tch. Steven bets his fortune she's wrong. Christopher and Danielle talk about the boys. She thinks they think she's stuck up. Christopher agrees they'll never take the time to get to know her. He and Helen haven't talked either; Pauline won't talk to him as well. Toya tells Jale she's genuine but Christopher is just fake, he's got a game plan. Jale says do you really think 16 strangers will file in line? Toya says life teaches us to be considerate in a world of people. Jale says but this is Big Brother. Toya is frustrated Jale isn't listening to her. If the majority of people say something, even if it's not true, it must mean something. Jale and Kimberly talk about Toya, saying they saw this coming and that side is picking people off.

1:14am. Toya and Pauline talk about Marlon and Jale, saying Marlon is underestimated. Pauline watched Marlon watching Jale who Pauline says promised to set him up with her sister who looks just like her but younger. In the main house, Jale and Marlon talk about Toya, describing her as a wind-up merchant, just twist the key and she just goes. I'm going to keep an eye on that, she's winding people up. Marlon says she's smart, she played her cars right. She's not that smart, Jale says. She's isolating people, Marlon says, shit got real today for me, Marlon says, what happened between you two tonight is going to drift through the house tonight, and I guarantee 100 million percent she'll have a conversation tomorrow about how mean you are treating other housemates. It's not going to be the same.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 7: Wednesday, June 10th, 2014

Previously, secrets came out and shocked the house. Tonight, housemates struggle to stay positive as bitching and backstabbing reign supreme.

It's 10:24am and the Big Brother house has been transformed for the second day of the the shopping task, the Power of Positivity. The housemates must remain positive at all times or they risk going on basic rations. Toya and Steven are the Positivity Police, ensuring housemates are happy at all times. Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh chat in the bedroom. They say after last night, Toya is a sh*t stirrer, getting on Jale's case every time she says something. It's like pitting yourself against a brick wall, Danielle says.

Steven and Toya are told the housemates will be given the task to go rofling, rolling on the floor laughing. They are to shout positive encouragement using the provided megaphones. The rofling begins in the garden with some housemates more into the rofling than others. Big Brother says they have displayed enough positivity and can cease rofling.

12:11pm, Jale leads a positivity meditation in the kitchen. In the bathroom, Pauline tells Tamara Christopher is crawling up her arse. She warns Tamara to keep her distance and watch out for his conversations. In the DR, Christopher says there were a lot of things last night he would have liked to said something about; why kick start a war when they're supposed to be happy. He says Mark and Helen are a bit of a double act now.

Pauline tells Tamara that Chris and Mark get her to go into antagonistic mode. Helen joins them and adds how they are always in the kitchen but never wash up. Christopher tells Big Brother he'll bring it up after the Happy Day is over. He was also offended by how Helen went after Danielle but if he speaks up for everything to which he objects, he'll get ostracized. If you're not part of a clique, you're boring. Back in the kitchen, Mark, Ash, and Chris are enjoying Jale's meditation lessons.

Christopher tells Mark and Matthew he was uncomfortable and offended by some of what Helen said but didn't want to say anything due to positivity day. He doesn't want to change her perception on things. Matthew agrees and just cautioned her to be careful about what she says. Christopher says if something happens again he'll have to say something. Mark says people say things in the house they don't mean. Christopher unloads, saying he comes from a Christian background too and some of what she said was appalling. Matthew says maybe Christopher should have said something. If she had said something about Judaism, he might have had to say wait a second.

1:21pm, housemates Ash, Marlon, Kimberly and Ashleigh take part in the game show, Positivity Spin, where each must perform a challenge determined by the spin of the Positivity Wheel while remaining positive at all times. If all four complete their challenge, each will win back their suitcases. Any failure will be a failure by the group and will also keep their bags away for another night. First to face the wheel is Ashleigh and she gets Face It. She must give herself smelly fruit face mask. She spreads the fruit paste onto her face, saying it smells like passion fruit. You don't gag on passion fruit.

Kimberly goes next and gets Coming Clean and has to read out the reasons for her nominations this week from the transcript provided by Big Brother. She reads out the nomination reasons for Tamara and Ash. Both laugh it off but agree she has some points for them to work on in the house. Ash goes next and gets High Rating where he must rate each girl, ranking them in order of sex appeal from least to most. He starts with Jale at the bottom, then Pauline, Danielle, Ashleigh, Toya, Tamara, Kimberly and the housemate with the most sex appeal, Helen.

Marlon goes next and gets the Deep Cleanse category in which he has to take a fishy shower wearing a Speedo bathing trunk. He gets into a tin tub and pours the smelly liquid all over him. Mark gags just watching and has to use Marlon's spit bucket. As they were happy to compete the challenges set by the Positive Spinner, they all win back their suitcases.

2:25pm and Helen gossips about Christopher to Helen, Toya and Steven about not having the stones to say things to anyone's face. If you can't do that, Pauline says, then shut the f*ck up. Kimberly is upset to Ashleigh that everyone was laughing while Marlon was struggling with the fish bath. Ashleigh agrees and points out how everyone was laughing at Mark as he vomited. Ashleigh says my friends would never laugh at me like that. Kimberly says she likes Ash more now but can't say her opinion has totally changed.

Kimberly, Jale and Chris talk about whether Danielle has given up on being evicted on Friday. Chris says then she should go because she's not helping herself - her negativity is bringing things down. In the bathroom, Steven gets things off his chest with Pauline about how Winston will offer to share a cigarette but Christopher won't. Pauline says Christopher and Jale are the two most selfish people in the house. Steven worries that with the way things are going in the house, Tamara is in serious trouble of going home. Jale will tell the viewers to keep her in and watch it kick off. It is going to kick off, Steven says, mark his words.

6:12pm and it's the climax of the Positivity Task where housemates take part in Big Brother's Fun Fair. Mark and Tamara, Winston and Danielle, and Matthew and Pauline must complete the course in pairs, starting in the gunge pit, they must grab tokens hanging above then go through the electric mesh. One at a time they must cross the balance beam, grab another token then climb Big Brother's Big Stairs (covered with a slippery liquid) for the last tokens. Each pair must collect 6 tokens or incur a fail for the group. When they hear a sound, they must chant Positivity Rules.

Mark and Tamara are first through the course. Mark splits the balance beam, which is coated with a slippery substance and feathers. Tamara takes his hand and leads him across the beam after 3 failed attempts, breaking the course rules. Danielle and Winston go next but Winston can't keep up as Danielle takes a hard fall but Winston splits the beam too. But there was no rule breaking. The final team is Matthew and Pauline as the rest of the house watches on. Matthew glides over the balance beam and Pauline almost makes it. Matthew helps her across, breaking the rules again.

They have incurred 2 fails added to the Smiley Box. Tamara and Winston are in the tub again, speculating about the next Power Housemate. Tamara wants Ash to have it. Winston isn't impressed and wonders what Helen thinks. Jale and Toya talk about their disagreement last night and Toya's disagreement with Christopher. Toya says she doesn't judge people. Jale says she'll talk out any disagreement with Toya any time. Everything is irritating me, Toya says, but she likes Toya.

7:50pm, after 2 days of compulsory cheerfulness, housemates gather to learn the results of the shopping task. The Smiley Box has the number of fails housemates were permitted over the last 48 hours. If their actual number of fails was less than the number, they pass the shopping task and get a luxury shopping budget. If it is greater than the number permitted, they will be on basic rations for the week. The housemates incurred 5 fails in total. Toya opens the box and reads the number of fails that were permitted. They were permitted 10 fails and pass the task!

This time their happiness is genuine. They are rewarded with a luxury takeaway (take-out dinner). Pauline vents to Winston that she would rather have Jale go Friday than Danielle or Tam Tam. She would hate for Chris to have the power next. Christopher walks over and lets Winston know what food is left over and he gets up for seconds. Chris and Kimberly talk about her having to read her nomination reasons. It helps you be a better person, Kimberly says, learning what people think about you. Pauline tells Winston Jale and Christopher are always first in line for food.

10:56pm and Steven and Kimberly talk career opportunities. Kimberly likes being a nude model and enjoys it but porn is not for her. Winston would do nude modeling. There's not much of a demand for that, Kimberly says. Helen and Danielle collect refreshments (beer) and the decide to talk now that the Positivity task is over. Danielle apologizes for the slag thing and doesn't know where it came from. Helen says she made a conscious effort to tell Danielle to come to her if things bother her. She said some things to Danielle she absolutely shouldn't have. It's all right, Danielle says. It's not all right, Helen says.

Danielle says she reacted like she did because she felt she wasn't right for the show because she's not as fun as other people. She feels insecure, like a party pooper who can't join on things. Can you not just sit in and listen, Helen asks? I can but then I feel like I'm not part of the conversation, Danielle explains. I'd never think that, Helen says. I just don't want you to think I'm just some bigoted b*tch that doesn't admit when she's wrong. I was completely in the wrong the way I spoke to you, I was disgusting and really am sorry.

[According to sources, Helen has received numerous "warnings" from Big Brother supposedly about using inappropriate language. In the BB UK game, you can be removed from the house for saying things that are on Big Brother's banned list. -- Morty]

Helen says I don't want you to feel put down and bullied. They agree to start again and both are really sorry. There was some truth but there was a lot of completely over exaggerated bollix. They hug it out and declare it sorted.

1:02am and Pauline tells Big Brother two of the housemates are getting on her nerves, there are two recidivists really bugging her but she'll try to be a better person. She names Christopher and Jale. In the garden, Mark borrows Matthew's jacket because it's cold. Christopher corrects Mark's grammar. It's my grammar, Mark protests. Christopher collects some glasses and heads inside to the kitchen. Helen gives Mark a look and calls Christopher a wasp. Mark is surprised Christopher doesn't have splinters in his arse for sitting on the fence all the time.

1:45am and while Christopher is in the bedroom, Helen is complaining about Christopher to Mark and Tamara. She really wants to tell him she doesn't like him, he winds her up. Toya, Ashley, Pauline and Danielle are sharing a bath and Danielle says she and Helen are fine now. Pauline says she doesn't want Danielle or Tamara to go Friday. You can't drop your morals to please other people, Pauline says. Mark and Helen intentionally talk bad grammar as Christopher passes by but he doesn't take the bait.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 8: Friday, June 13th, 2014

It's week one in the Big Brother house and the power took hold. Tensions erupted. Tonight, a new housemate steps into power, and 3 housemates are up for eviction: Danielle, Jale and Tamara. Who goes? You decide!

You have already voted for voted for Christ to be the secret Power Housemate. Nominations are canceled! It's all on his shoulders and in tonight's show, he will make his first nomination. Plus, it's the first eviction of the series! And tonight, the first smooch of the summer! Let's kick it off with a look back at what happened in the Big Brother House.

This week, Pauline's power trip ended with a killer decision. But not everybody facing eviction took it so well, though positivity was soon restored with this week's shopping task. But it didn't stay positive for long, as we check in with yesterday's action.

Early the morning of Day 8, Jale overhears Pauline wondering about whether Ashleigh, Jale's bedmate, is hot or cold because she doesn't have any bed covers over her.

9:37am, Pauline tells Jale and Chris she's a straight talker. Jale asks how she responds to people who say she doesn't use much tact? Pauline ignores her and Jale says that's my point. They tell each other they make each other uncomfortable, but Pauline rebuffs Jale's invitation to talk about it. I'm a statementer , she says, not a discusser. It's not my problem, Pauline states. It is, Jale says, because we're all living together. I can compromise, make an effort. It depends on what you call compromise, Pauline says.

In the garden, Jale brings up the statement Pauline made overnight about her hogging the bed covers. Pauline says she wasn't saying that, she was saying Ashleigh was uncovered, it's Jale who turned it around to be about her. [bull crap. You would have to be clueless to not know what Pauline was saying. -- Morty] Pauline calls out her age again, says life is too short to not say what's on your mind. Jale says but you never listen. Pauline says you pick when you want to have a discussion on your terms and won't let anyone else say anything. Talking loudly, she says Jale is lying to her face. She won't let Jale say anything. She says she's going to lock Jale down, she's not going to say anything about her at all. Me and you need to not talk.

Pauline returns to the bedroom and Pauline announces that she got the talk she warned them she was going to get. She says Jale is being aggressive exactly like she said she would. She says she pulled the b*tch up alone without an audience. She has all this shit in her mind what people are saying about her. Let her think what she wants. Twat.

11:01am and Winston is hatching a plan with Mark to ask Tamara out on a secret date [Didn't see that one coming, did you? -- Morty] In the kitchen, Pauline is still ranting about Jale, saying that Jale is trying to plant the seed that Pauline is hard to talk to. Christopher says to be honest, I there are times I feel the same way. The thing is, Pauline says over him, if you're talking nonsense, I'm going to shut it down, I don't have time for that. That's so frustrating, Christopher tries to explain, for someone trying to get something off their
chest. I don't have people in my life that do that, Pauline says. Christopher says that when you make people feel unimportant enough to not have a voice, that's going to hurt.

Jale is in the DR telling Big Brother she's not going to try to convince the house of her side. She's (Pauline) going to blow and I don't want to be around for that. I don't need it. I'll make myself OK but I'm not now. Big Brother asks her if she has people she can talk to. No, not really, Jale says. She's told she shouldn't feel like she's alone because she's not. Jale starts crying as Big Brother says there are people in the house you can trust and talk to. I'm too soft, Jale says, I just wanted to have a good time, it's so silly.

4:17pm and Helen and Mark talk about Friday's eviction. Mark doesn't want Tamara or Jale to go. He says Pauline is an amazing mate. In the dining area, Pauline continues her favorite topic of discussion, saying everything Jale says is negative. She says Jale accused her of being tactless. Pauline says she's a recidivist, she makes things up over and over.

8:21pm and it's Date Time as Winston takes Tamara up into the Pod for a surprise date. She immediately assumes it's a secret task. Winston is wearing a shirt that makes it seem like his chest is bursting out of it. Marlon serves appetizers and Big Brother has provided a bottle of White Wine (it says so on the label). Mark serves the meal of mincemeat and pasta. Other housemates are down in the garden watching them through the Pod windows.

After eating, Winston and Tamara snuggle in private up in the pod. He has his hands on her hip as she snuggles on his shoulder. Before they go back downstairs, Winston asks for a little kiss but Tamara gives him a full on snog. The housemates below hear the action and get real quiet. Ash runs inside to tell the other housemates what they're missing. Do you think they heard that, Tamara asks? I'm so embarrassed. The inside housemates come out and making cat calls from below, asking how was it? Absolutely fantastic, Winston calls down.

Big Brother calls Chris to the DR at 10:11pm and is told to exit via the door to his left. he enters the Power Chamber and is greeted by IRIS. She informs him he has been selected by the British public as the next Power Housemate. That's a helluva kindness, he says, I feel deeply uncomfortable because I don't know what you're going to ask of me. IRIS says over the coming days, he will decide the fate of his fellow housemates as this week he and only he will nominate. Chris sighs deeply as IRIS says he and he alone will decide his housemates' fate. The first nomination takes place Friday evening after the first eviction.

This will be a secret eviction, IRIS says, none of the housemates will know he has received the Power and have made this nomination. Chris says he understands. Big Brother will instruct him to make further nominations over the week. Chris says he feels like a turncoat because he'll have to lie and pretend he doesn't have power, but, he grins slyly, I'm all right with that. IRIS reminds him the British Public wants him to have this power and make these decisions in secret. IRIS asks him again how he feels. I feel powerful, he says.

11:19pm and Chris, Christopher, Jale and Steven discuss the power. Jale thinks maybe Emma will announce it live. Christopher wonders if they wouldn't have one. Chris agrees - a week with everyone wondering about who has it and no one has it, the paranoia would be we worth it than having a Power Housemate.

Pauline can't let go of her feelings about Jale, apologizing to Danielle for engaging with Jale this morning and enabling her to look like a victim. Because I don't want you to go anywhere, she tells Danielle. You are so sweet, Danielle says, I'll miss you so much. Matthew, Toya, Christopher and Ashleigh are Pauline's audience as she apologizes for messing it up for Danielle and making herself look like Jale's victim. She's an orchestrator, Pauline says, and I fell right into the pit.

12:36am and most of the housemates are in the garden, but Christopher wants a word with Pauline in the Kitchen. She rebuffs him. Just because he wants to talk, she tells Ashleigh, doesn't mean I do. Jale overhears and asks if Christopher is OK. She tells him to not get sucked into her games. Christopher tells Jale about Pauline's rant about Jale this morning. She was horrible and he said he disagreed and that was all he said.

Jale says she's not used to people who stand up for themselves and anyone who does, she has been going systematically going around the house all day to make she pulls everyone into her point of view, she's that insecure. If she asks your opinion again... She's not getting it, Christopher says. She makes a point about being direct an honest, Jale says, but she can't handle it. Christopher says all he wanted to say to her was he was sorry for talking to her in the kitchen this morning and if she wants, next time he has something to say he'll take her aside. He thanks Jale for warning him to not get sucked in.

Out in the garden, Steven is now Pauline's audience as he tries to encourage her to air her problem out with Jale one on one. That's what I did in the first place, Pauline says [Pretty sure it was actually Jale who took Pauline aside in the morning. -- Morty]. They agree Jale is a snake in the grass.

One housemate is about to be let off the eviction hook. It's time to talk to the house!

Big Brother House, this is Emma. Danielle, Jale, Tamara, the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 5 days, the British have been voting to evict. I can now reveal the housemate with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction is...

Winston holds the hand of a terrified Tamara as Emma reveals...


Danielle and Tamara look ready to cry. Danielle is sandwiched between Kimberly and Ashleigh.

Jale, you are safe, Emma says, Danielle, Tamara, I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and therefore the first to be evicted from the Big Brother house is...

Going to be revealed shortly.

After an hour long break while the housemate stews, it's time for the main event. it's Danielle vs. Tamara. Who will be the first person to be kicked out of the Big Brother house this summer? Let's find out. It's time to talk tot he house.

Big Brother House, this is Emma. Danielle, Tamara, the viewers have spoken, your fate has been sealed. For the last 5 days the British public has been voting to evict. I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and first to be evicted is...


No, one of the housemates shout, perhaps Winston.

Tamara, you have lost your place in the Big Brother House. Tamara, you have been evicted. Please leave the Big Brother House.

Tamara is in tears as her former housemates comfort her and say goodbye. Danielle is equally shocked. They escort her to the steeps, shouting her name and clapping as Big Brother orders her to leave the house immediately.

The countdown begins from 10 as Tamara exits to a mixture of jeers and cheers. She says she was both shocked and upset at being evicted because she thought with another week she could have shown a lot more. She really felt Danielle was going to go. [i don't think she was alone in that belief. -- Morty]

Let's get back to the business of Power Trips. Moments ago, Power Housemate Chris was forced to make his first secret nomination. Whomever he nominated will face the public vote next Friday. Let's see who he's chosen.

In the toilet, Big Brother asks Chris to name the firs housemate he wants to nominate. He nominates Pauline with a sly smile.

Big Brother addresses the housemates in the living room, reminding them that they were told one of them would be chosen to wield power over their fellow housemates. The house goes silent. Big Brother can now reveal that one housemate was secretly given the power 24 hours ago and you are about to feel that power for the first time.

The lights dim and the nomination red glows throughout the house. Housemates, this week's nominations are canceled. Your fate lies in the Power Housemate's hands. The first person to face next week's eviction (gasps from the housemates; Chris cringes in anticipation of hearing his name) is...


Pauline, you will face next week's public vote. Housemates, this is just the beginning. The identity of the Power Housemate will remain a secret, and they will use that power again over the coming days. Trust no one, Big Brother says helpfully.

The lights return and Pauline is silent. Chris has his hand over his mouth. Toya gives Pauline a hug. Steven gives her a big hug. Pauline will face eviction next week along with Jale who is nominated every week. Chris will continue to nominate over the weekend along with a bunch of other power trips up Big Brother's sleeve.

In the house, Pauline says this is a revenge thing. I've predicted this over and over. I fully understand what just happened. I told you already, there was an orchestration yesterday morning. Helen is upset and Pauline tells her not to be, making it clear who she thinks the Power Housemate is.

Chris gives Pauline an encouraging pat on the back.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 9: Friday, June 13th, 2014
Previously, the house was split and Chris got the Power. Tonight, Mark predicts the future and Chris gets to work. But can he keep his secret safe?

[Just a reminder, today's update covers through and following Friday's Live Eviction. -- Morty]

Helen talks to Winston about his date with Tamara, saying that Tamara was glowing about how sweet he was. Pauline talks to Matthew about Jale's possible eviction, comparing it when at a funeral, not pretending to grieve over someone you don't care about. We'll all have to do each other as the process goes on, she says, but at least we'll stab each other in the front, implying Jale is stabbing people in the back.

In the DR, Christopher doesn't understand Pauline saying she wants people to be up front with her. He liked her at first, but in the last few days he's struggled to get along with her, particularly yesterday. She can't seem to handle anyone who disagrees with her, she has a one track mind and doesn't like dissension. She was my friend and then one minor disagreement she won't talk to him anymore, doesn't need him anymore.

11:47am and it's time for Pauline's breakfast. Christopher is in the garden and no one calls him before they start eating. Pauline is doling out the eggs. There are 2 plates extra and Pauline is upset Christopher got his own plate. I made 16 bakes, one for each plate, she says. Christopher eats away from the rest of the housemates.

Big Brother gives Mark a task to tell the fortunes of his fellow housemates as Mystic Mark. All he has to do is predict the future for 3 housemates using his all powerful psychic abilities. Big Brother has given him a psychic reading room draped in red and he's wearing a psychic outfit. Danielle is the first to receive a reading. He read the cards and tells her it could be her going tonight. I have a feeling, Danielle says. But she will still have so much to look forward to, he says.

Winston is next and Mystic Mark reads his aura - Royal Blue. When he wants something, Mark tells Winston, he goes for it. Relationships in the house can be tricky, but the cards say the Queen of Swords is blond and that's a really positive things, she can fight her way to stay in the house. Helen is the final housemate to sit for a reading and he closes his eyes sees a garden with lovely flowers and wasps. This is her situation in the house, the 6 of Clubs means six people and Helen names Mark, Tamara, Steven, Pauline, Toya and Matthew. Her future is is the 5 of clubs, one is being deleted. Mark says no, it's upside down so that means she will come to fight with one of them. He now predicts Tamara might go tonight.

5:15pm, Jale tells Big Brother she feels better today after a good meditation earlier. She's prepared for all outcomes and enjoy herself all the time. She has no hard feelings for Pauline who hasn't spoken to her. Instead she's focused on her experience.

Chris tells Kimberly he doesn't always know when people are acting but he can tell when people are acting badly, and there are some cringingly bad performances. He names Christopher for tying to make himself seem so sad, he's irritating the hell out of him because he's not there. It's bad timing, Kimberly. The guy's just unaware, Chris says, he does stupid things in the kitchen but doesn't deserve the aggressive attacks on him. Kimberly says he's not the only one acting.

Matthew asks Mark what people thinks of Pauline? He says opinions have changed, she can come across as intimidating. Very abrasive, Matthew says, I think there are people in the public who can't stand her. Because of how she's been with Jale, Mark agrees. I love her bones, he says, even if people back home don't. She comes off quite rude, Matthew says. Matthew says sometimes Mark says things and he can't tell if he's joking. I'm always joking with you, Mark says.

8:09pm and Steven and Christopher share a smoke before the live eviction in the garden. Chris is called to the DR and they wonder why. Chris's first dream after having the power was if everyone had the power. It's made him anxious that he may make the wrong decision tonight and it has a serious adverse effect on his position in the house.

Tamara is feeling the pressure and ears up at the pre-eviction meal. Mark and Helen come to her aid to cheer her up and salvage her makeup.

Back in the DR, Chris is given an ear piece and is told to make his way to the toilet after the evicted housemate leaves the house and put in the ear piece. Big Brother will then ask him for the name of the first housemate he wishes to nominate.

9:54pm, it's time for the live eviction to begin. Emma calls out Danielle, Jale and Tamara's names. Tamara is surprised at her boos she gets and all the housemates can hear the audience chanting, Get Pauline Out, Get Pauline Out! They are not sure they are hearing right because Pauline isn't nominated.

Jale is declared safe and Danielle is in tears, sure she is going. Pauline says didn't I tell you? The housemates discuss what they heard and Pauline says I knew this would happen, I told you.

10:54pm and it's time for the name of the evicted housemate to be revealed. Tamara is evicted from the house and Danielle and Tamara are both shocked. Somebody screams and Jale is first to congratulate Danielle on staying in. After everyone hugs Tamara goodbye, Chris slips away to the toilet. Winston is gutted at Tamara's eviction. In the toilet, Chris talks to Big Brother through the ear piece and nominates Pauline.

10:31pm and the surprises for the housemates continue as Big Brother reveals that one housemate was secretly given the power the day before. The nomination lights dim and Helen says OMG. Nominations are canceled and their fate lies in the Power Housemate's hands. Big Brother reveals Pauline is the first person to face next week's eviction.

Chris holds his hand over his mouth in disbelief. Helen's mind is working overtime. Toya says she can't deal with this and gives Pauline a hug. Danielle walks over and gives Pauline a hug as well. Chris sits there and rubs his eyes. Pauline says the power went to the person she gave it to last week. Kimberly says she didn't expect that. It's not been your night, Matthew jokes. It's always my night, Pauline says.

10:57pm Jale in the garden alone, urges herself not to cry and decides to meditate while smoking. In the kitchen, Pauline says this is about revenge for what she did as Power Housemate. She says she stayed 100% true to herself and hasn't talked behind anyone's back and anyone who had anything to say to her could come right up to her and say it.

Mark joins Jale in the garden, saying he had to leave when Pauline started talking about how this is revenge, this was Jale's revenge she was implying. Jale says she doesn't want to make anyone feel awkward and is very confused right now.

11:01pm and Kimberly tells Big Brother in the DR that everyone is very suspicious, talking about it just to look around and see other people's reactions. It could literally be anyone, Pauline's nomination is very tactical. Chris joins Mark and Jale and they talk about the crowd shouting to Get Pauline Out. Jale says it was very awkward. She wants to talk to Pauline about it but not now. Mark advises her to just stay out of it.

Steven, Winston and Pauline are at the dining table and Steven is suspicious about how quiet Chris is, but doesn't think Christopher, Jale or Marlon. Little Chris was called to the DR 35 minutes before the eviction. Chris the actor, Winston asks? Yes, Steven said, my father said never bite the hand that feeds you and that's what he did with Pauline. If he puts him up for nomination after all Steven has done for him, giving him cigarettes, I'll go off on him.

11:25pm and in the garden the housemates wonder if Big Brother will reveal who the Power Housemate was at the end of the week. Helen comes out and says she thinks it's Chris. Well, I'm the actor, Chris says. I didn't say I was a good actor. Helen laughs and says again it was you, you've got it. Chris says yeah, and lights up a cigarette with Steven standing next to him. Why you hung up on me, he asks? You so got it, Helen says.

Christopher and Pauline haven't spoken since breakfast. He walks into the dining area but she gets up and walks away. I knew this was going to happen, she finally says to him, so it doesn't matter. [Apparently nothing happens in the house that Pauline didn't predict or plan. -- Morty] Christopher asks if she thinks it was him? No, I don't actually, Pauline says. Thank you, he says, since we haven't been speaking I didn't know whether to give you a hug or not.

Pauline says she's very realistic. I can't do childish, she says, I can't. She turns it around to him, saying he stomps off about some little things that don't matter because he's not used to people telling him not to do this or that. And if its the way she said it, he should have come to her, but there are little habits he has that totally exacerbate the situation and he doesn't realize it. I'm going to be honest. You might as well, Christopher sighs as they head to the sofa.

Number one, Pauline lectures, when you first came, you were one of my favorite people here without a shadow of a doubt. But you don't share well. I don't? You mean food? Whenever anything is to be gotten, she says, you're there before everyone else (he was the last to dinner tonight). You finish your food before everyone else and you go for seconds before everyone else. People have noticed, she says.

Christopher says that he has felt very lonely this week, and Pauline says he made himself alone. I felt as if I had done something satanic, he says, I haven't been nasty to anyone. Pauline says people have also noticed that he'll stand there and listen to a conversation as if he's intruding. I never spread a story, Christopher protests. Pauline is petting his hand as Christopher acknowledges his social behavior could be seen as dubious. He rubs tears from his eyes as Pauline says Christopher stormed off and left her feeling upset after she didn't say anything to upset him because he was her top dog!

1:26am and Christopher are still clearing the air in the bedroom. Christopher asks for a fresh start. Now Pauline is tearing and says she doesn't do this crying sh*t. They are both crying as they hug it out. Pauline says she got into school girl mode and she hasn't been in school girl mode since she was a school girl. At the end of the day we both have to take responsibility and I'm sorry I hurt your heart.

In the DR, Chris tells Big Brother his reason for nominating Pauline is that from Day 1 he had a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach that she's a gossip and a stirrer. Everybody in the house loves her and I think they've been cheated. But they don't know that. I can't tell you how hard it was to commit to that decision, he struggles to say, because I really think I was the only person who saw that in her until she was directly attacking people like Jale, but I couldn't believe people felt like that about her outside. Then I heard the boos for her and it was such a massive comfort. However, I now feel like a complete and utter fake. But there was a rat in our kitchen, what was I going to do?

Big Brother tells Chris its time for another nomination. Already, he asks? He is instructed to give the name of the next housemate to be nominated for eviction in next Friday's public vote. Chris nominates Christopher for winding a lot of people up very badly, a bit careless in the kitchen and thoughtless outside. I actually feel horribly sorry for him, he says, struggling to maintain his composure, he seems quite alone. Chris rubs the tears out of his eyes. I think he feels alone but just has a character that rubs people the wrong way.

Chris says this is everything he's against, the dishonesty, but it's what he does for a living and they're going to be suspicious of him, he has to accept it. He has to lie as himself. They've all got families. And on plus on that, I nominated Tamara, he says. Oh Gd, he says, laughing through the tears.

1:50am and Helen, Chris, Pauline, Ash, and Steven are in the garden. Ash says he hates when someone celebrates seeing you after so long when they don't care. Inside the house, the light box for Christopher suddenly changes color and the word NOMINATED is displayed. The housemates inside hear the noise and Winston is the first to notice Christopher has been nominated. Marlon rushes out to the garden to tell Christopher and the others.

Everyone gathers in front of the light box to see. What? Shut up! Sh*t in hell! immediately Mark wonders where Chris is. He runs back to the garden where finds Chris and Pauline. Is it true she asks? Yes, Mark says, heading to the bedroom to find Christopher in the bathroom. Your picture just changed, he says, you're nominated. Oh really, Christopher says. We'll hit it together, Pauline says as they both enter the house to see the light box wall. Chris is left outside alone in the garden alone and whispers: chaos reigns.

2:21am, Jale is getting ready for bed. Helen is still suspicious of Chris, says he went up into the pod alone. Marlon says but I really like him, it's weird. It's Big Brother, Matthew says, he has to do what he has to do if it is him. Out in the garden, Christopher tells Chris he feels so much better right now. I never imagined in my wildest dreams it would be like this, he says, this is so hard. It's really tough, Chris agrees, but you're handling this admirably. I zenned, Christopher says, smiling, it's all good. The only thing they don't control, Chris says, is your mind.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 10: Saturday, June 14th, 2014 - Steven Drinks The Kool Aid

Previously, Tamara's eviction rocked the house and Chris got the Power and the pressure reached boiling point. Tonight, the boys try to get lucky, Chris is at it again and suspicion reaches fever pitch.

9:31am of Day 10 and the Big Brother House is missing one housemate. Pauline and Christopher are nominated by the Secret Power Housemate and that's the topic of discussion between Jale, Danielle and Ash. Jale says whomever it is must have a poker face. Ash thinks who it is won't be revealed - the whole house is going to hate them.

Christopher tells Big Brother he's a bit shocked after having that long talk with Pauline and then being nominated, but at least no one thinks he's the Power Housemate now. He has no grudge against whomever it is, they had to do what they had to do, there's no point in everyone getting suspicious.

10:45am and Winston tells Matthew he didn't think Tamara would go. Danielle comes in and asks if he's all right. He apologizes for not congratulating her on staying in the house last night. She says it's OK. In the kitchen, Toya praises Pauline for being so observant and hopes she'll be like her when she gets older. Steven adds that when she gets out of the house, she will see the lovely things the majority of people said in the DR.

Mark and Mathew are talking in the bath. Matthew thinks Pauline will go next Friday, she's so polarizing, she has opinions but can't take it, she could be in serious trouble. Jale will have the advantage as long as Pauline keeps going after her, she's seriously polarizing, a bully. Mark says Pauline doesn't know how to handle herself in arguments properly.

11:27am and Christopher wants to clear the air with Toya and Helen, saying he's come into rooms where they are and they go silent and that's horrible. Helen acknowledges she can be bitchy and that's not acceptable. In the kitchen, Pauline tells Chris its a compliment she was nominated because that person thinks she could win. It's a tactical nomination. Pauline says she knew she would get boos, she was expecting it, if she hadn't argued with Jale, then Jale would be gone and Tamara would still be here. Pauline thinks Jale will find someone else to pick on now.

12:09pm and Christopher is alone in the rainy garden. At the Dining Table, the housemates speculate about the Secret Power Housemate. Ash doesn't think it's Chris now after Christopher's nomination. Steve says he's not a very good liar, so it's not him. Jale thinks it is Kimberly. Kimberly says yes, it's me. Pauline says her nomination was tactical and she doesn't take it personally. Mark could be a surprising one, Ash says jokingly.

Marlon says the Power Housemate told me it's them. You serious, Steven asks? No way, Winston says, incredulously. Who is it then, Steven wants to know. They never, says Winston. He's joking, Steven insists, pointing at Marlon, he's joking! Marlon starts laughing as he's called out on his prank. I believed you for a minute, Ash says.

1:14pm and Chris tells Jale that he told Pauline he's not taking sides. Jale expected more from a 50yr old woman. Her talking about it over and over isn't helpful, it's divide and conquer. Back at the dining table, Steven is sure it's Chris. Ash thinks it's Jale. Ashleigh disagrees because she could have been gone last night and Big Brother wouldn't have given it to someone who might be evicted. Danielle thinks Jale will be around for a time.

Marlon is upset Jale called Kim out in front of her at the table. Maybe it was a decoy tactic, Danielle suggests. Steven wonders if Jale actually was up for nomination last night. Maybe the Power protects her this week from being nominated. There's something not right here, Marlon says, there's a mole in the hole.

2:49pm and Kimberly jokes she is enjoying her secret power. She admits to Ashleigh and Danielle that she's the most stoic. She's actually glad that she's not the Power Housemate and having to make these difficult decisions. In the living area, Mark tells Pauline she's doing the right thing being mature about her being nominated. Helen agrees. Steven says if Big Brother calls you up there, you have to nominate someone, you have to do it. Matthew adds that Pauline is a strong character in the house.

Power Housemate Chris has been called to the DR. He says his emotions are in a blender, these people are supposed to be extremely intelligent but they are falling for every conspiracy, they feel left out when they don't know anything. Were it not me, I would be happy to not know. They are taking a toll on me emotionally. I feel I did the right thing with Pauline, having heard the crowd's reaction made me feel more confident, but they housemates have all swallowed her bullshit about as much as her dinners.

3:22pm, and Ash, Marlon and Steven have been enrolled in Flirt School, taught by Kimberly. She is teaching the art of seduction and the winner of the task is the one who most successfully uses Kimberly's fake flirt tips to win over one of their fellow female housemates. What the boys don't know is, the rest of the house is in on a secret mission to trick them into thinking they're being successful.

The boys practice Kimberly's tactless tips on each other before putting them into practice. Their final exam sets up Marlin with seducing Helen, Steven taking Pauline into his arms, and Ash making his moves on Toya. The ladies talk game but their body language suggests otherwise, except for Pauline who promises to teach Steven how to grind. Toya couldn't be sitting further from Ash and Helen looks like she wish she could kick Marlon across the garden.

The grinding lesson begins and everyone watches the two as Steven begins to moan and call Pauline's name. Big Brother calls the housemates into the living area to reveal that the task the boys were on was not the real task. Duly embarrassed the boys turn red. The best flirt was Steven.

5:12pm and Jale tells Marlon this should have been his task. Marlon says Steven grinding Pauline messed him up. Jale makes the noises Steven was making. Winston demonstrates Marlon's face as one of disgusted horror. I know this was a flirting task, but Jesus, says Jale! She says she told Toya to mount Ash and said she would have.

In the bathroom, Toya overhears Jale and is not impressed. Who is she talking to like that, Toya asks Helen? Because we're in here she thinks she can talk about me like that? Helen says Jale just wants her to make a complete twat out of herself by acting like a slag. She thinks I was distant before, Toya promises, I'll be in outer space now.

6:09pm and Steven and Pauline get a high tea in the garden for winning the flirting task. The table is laid out with white table and chair covers, cold champagne and a pink rose along with an assortment of cakes, cheese, pickles. Steven intends to eat every single one. He tells Pauline it's nice for her to get a break after being nominated. He toasts her.

In the wash area, Jale tells Danielle she can still hear Pauline going on about how she's being mistreated, her babies in the house, not the b*tch that put me up for eviction. She didn't say that, asks Danielle. No, of course not, but it's her suggestion, she doesn't have to say it. I'm giving her space after what happened yesterday. But you didn't nominate her, Danielle says. She blames me for everything. But you're not the Power Housemate! She blames me for the public, Jale says, I'm the scapegoat.

Power Housemate Chris is called to the DR to make a 3rd secret nomination. He needs a minute then names Steven as his third nominee. He really likes him but he's a bit too easy to follow in Pauline's footsteps, he's susceptible to her, they are always having intense whispered conversations, under her influence. Though he is super intelligent and nice and acts mature, he's really younger. Chris says this was a difficult decision, because he's the one with the biggest bee in his bonnet about this secret Power Housemate business, so he's both the worst to nominate and the best.

9:25pm and Helen decides Winston is actually bright and quite savvy. Back in the house, Steven's light box changes to being Nominated. The housemates hear the telltale nomination sound and rush into the house to see who it is that's been nominated. Jale and Ashleigh are the first in to see who it is. Pauline and Toya immediately take credit for saying it would be more than 2. Steven says it's fine, he expected it.

Steven and Ash head out to the garden. Speculation inside is that it will be a nomination every night. Marlon has his arm around Chris who suspects he may be nominated tomorrow night if its every night. Marlon decides to go outside to have a talk with Steven. Chris tells Danielle it seems fairly random. Marlon and Winston join them. Steven says he's not going to stoop down to predict who the secret Power Housemate is. Then he says that little shit's put me up for nomination. It's Chris.

Inside, Kimberly thinks whomever the secret Power Housemate is is clever, a good strategy. Pauline says it's not about having an issue with anybody - these are the votes from a single person. Marlon joins them along with Chris and Christopher. At the end of the day, Pauline continues, they're playing a pretty good game.

10:43pm and Steven promises Helen, Pauline, Winston and Danielle that this is just the beginning, he'll not kick off now but wait and bide his time and the second he knows for sure, he'll attack. I'll have my time with the person who done it, he says, and I'll expose him. Jale goes to the DR laughing hysterically at the paranoia in the house, they are convinced that it's her or Chris, she has never seen so much hate in the house. Good one, Big Brother, she says, I'm going to wet myself, they are literally fuming.

Back at the dining table, Steven continues his slow roast, says his granddad told him to never bite the hand that feeds you and he can tell you right his minute that that woman (Pauline) is the most honest, fair woman he's ever met in his life. Bless you, Pauline says. And what ever anyone else says, Steven continues, I will always be a support. I love you to pieces! Pauline gets up and gives an emotional Steven a big hug.

Taking a crying Stephen to her bosom, he says I've met some shit people in the world but whatever anyone else says, this woman looks after people and I respect that. Danielle, Helen, Steven and Marlon share a hug as Pauline says we're in it together, buds, we're in it together.

11:18pm and Helen is convinced Jale is playing games and cannot be trusted. All the guys and girls deserted her and it looked shit on TV and made her a victim to the public. Pauline says it's as simple as she wanted $100 grand more than self respect. Done.

Out in the garden, Winston and Jale are talking and she tells him he can go inside if he wants to. Winston says F*ck it. People say and do things they don't mean, Jale says, and you can't take it back. They decide to go inside together, Jale applying some lip balm. I hope she doesn't come over here, Helen mutters. Then she notices the lip balm.

Is that mine, Helen asks? Is it mine off the table? Sorry, Jale says, handing it back to her. Do you honestly help yourself to other peoples' stuff? I honestly didn't mean to, Jale says, I didn't know it was yours. Helen gives her a nasty look but doesn't say anything. Jale walks away and joins Kimberly and Ashleigh in the bath area where the air is fresher and more relaxing. She tells them Winston convinced her to go back into the house and join the group and she got her head bitten off. By who, Ashleigh asks? Jale just nods, as if to say you know who.

Back in the living area, Helen is fuming: I would literally tell her to pick me next. Get me out, I don't want to share a house with you. I thought I was paranoid but everyone is jealous of Pauline. Who is going to give a moron, someone with no personality, any attention? She's a harmful person.

11:45pm and Steven has a new theory of the Power Housemate's secret identity: Marlon. Pauline says it's based on bowed heads, he can't hold his head high. He has been quite edgy today, Ashleigh volunteers. Toya says you can look in a person's eyes and see if there's a problem.

Out in the garden, Helen, Ash, Chris, Matthew, Jale and Mark are talking. Helen is upset about Steven's nomination and how Steven's feeling because of some back-stabbing areole. I don't like seeing a genuinely nice guy upset. Matthew thinks people are just going a bit over the top tonight. Emotions are running too high, Mark says. Helen says Steven is upset that someone has a problem with his and Pauline's relationship. How do you know that, Matthew asks? Of course it is, Helen says. Then what about Christmas (Christopher)? Does he have a relationship with Pauline?

Mathew says people are going around saying its you, its you, its you but they don't know. Jale hopes they announce who it is. Steven was the biggest shocker, though, Ash says. It could be you, you, you, you, Matthew says, going around the circle. Or you, Ash says. it could have been me, Matthew says. Ash says he knows for a fact it's not himself and a lot of people know it's not me. I wish it was me, Helen says. I don't, Jale says.

1:46am, all the other housemates are asleep but Steven is venting in the DR. He's disappointed that he's up for nomination, he feels betrayed and he doesn't know why. I can't wait to find out who it is. There's a huge element of game play and people are picking on other people's weaknesses. I know I came in here saying I would be thick skinned with a solid backbone but there are people I've met in the house who've clinched my heart in their hands. I'm annoyed, disappointed, fuming because I don't believe it's the right nomination. I just want to know who the Power Housemate is.

And I want it to be known that if there is the opportunity for the public to choose a Power Housemate, I want them to have faith in me to make the right decision, because I would shake this place up like never before because there are people who need to be exposed and the public to see their true nature and I don't think they are. It's become personal.

[i think Chris has done a pretty good job shaking things up all on his own. -- Morty]

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 11: Sunday, June 15th, 2014 - The Slug

Previously, the Power took it's toll on Pauline, Christopher and Steve. Tonight, paranoia prevails and the shocks continue!

It's 9:21am on Day 11 and the housemates are asleep except for Pauline, whose been exercising for almost 90 minutes in the wash area. Ash and Mark are woken up by her activities as she is not very quiet about it. Jale gets up and heads to the toilet, not talking to Pauline as she passes. The lights come on and the garage doors open to the garden. Pauline heads outside and the rest of the housemates break out laughing. How do people sleep through that, Mark wonders.

Pauline returns to the bedroom and everyone stops talking about her. Mark tells her he thought she was possessed. Pauline says she was. Mark whispers to Ash he wasn't being funny, there's a time and a place. Jale is in the kitchen and Toya comes in and ignores her. BB reminds housemates to all wear their microphones but Pauline refuses while she is working out. Only a leg is sticking out beyond the door and Ash and Mark see it. She is going to snap today, Mark tells Ash.

9:57am and Mark, Winston and Ash are preening and wondering about England's performance in the World Cup. Toya tells Helen and Pauline they are going to have to do something to top Jale, she ostracizes herself every morning (Jale is in the garden for a fag). Toya says Jale said good morning but she ignored her. She won't say it back if she doesn't mean it. Chris joins Jale in the garden and the topic is Pauline's exercising. She hasn't a clue, Jale says, I had to go around her to get to the toilet.

11:01am and the secret Power Housemate dominates conversation in the house. Matthew says he's not going to go crazy and turn the house against people who he thinks are manipulative. Everyone thinks it's Chris, he says, just because he talks with Jale. Mark says something just came into my head - maybe people are being nominated because of the way THEY are with Jale.

Out in the garden, Steven and Christopher have joined Jale and Chris. Steven says he knows the Power Housemate has to make these decisions and can't tell anyone. Jale says when you're nominated, you just need a little space. Steven says he thought last night before he was nominated that the Power Housemate is just working the light box left to right and he was next, and sure enough, he was next. He says Pauline said she would be up a day before she was nominated. Christopher says he also knew he would be up but thought it would be through regular nominations.

Steve says when the name of the Power Housemate is revealed, it's going to be a free for all. Jale says I'm going to stay far away, I want to scale the wall. Chris laughs.

11:33am is exercise time in the living area with Danielle, Kimberly, Mark, Chris and instructor Pauline. Marlon is watching from the side. In the DR, Matthew tells Big Brother everyone is going crazy, absolutely mad, reading far too much into things. Everyone thinks Chris is the Power Housemate but think it's Jale getting revenge too. People need to not take things so personally and not be so thin skinned.

Ash, Marlon and Winston evaluate the girls in the house. Danielle's not interested in guys. Helen isn't interested in guys. Kimberly isn't interested in guys. Ashleigh has a boyfriend. That leaves Toya, Pauline and Jale. What was they (Big Brother) thinking? And all single guys here and can't believe Big Brother didn't put a slut in the house. They discuss who might be a slut. Every girl's a slut to the right man, Marlon says. They admire the girls working out - I like girls in gym gear, Ash says. Ash says Kimberly needs bigger t*ts but has an incredible ass.

12:31pm and Mark is complaining about the weather to Big Brother and the mood is horrible too. People are paranoid about the Power Housemate. At first he was super angry at Pauline being nominated but now he thinks the Power Housemate must be going through a hard time with everyone questioning their decision and not knowing who to trust.

Toya tells Pauline that she shouldn't have ignored Jale this morning, she should have said good morning back. You're just protecting yourself, Pauline assures her. But I don't know if they (the British public) will see it like that. Pauline says I can't talk to her. Toya says I'm going to tell her I should have said it this morning and be the bigger person. But in terms of dialog, it's not going to happen. There has to be a witness, I don't want any one to one because she can get things confused quite quickly.

In the bedroom, Kimberly is putting on makeup with Danielle and Jale sitting nearby. Chris walks in and Danielle asks if he's finding things difficult in the house right now. He says yes. She doesn't want anyone feeling like their sitting out alone. Jale explains that when there are people who won't talk to her (Chris leaves the room) and Danielle and Kimberly are inside with Ashleigh and other people I can talk to, I don't want to go inside and join in because it makes me feel uncomfortable because I know they're uncomfortable and that will make you uncomfortable. So as a human being and an adult, I take myself out. It's bloody awkward but I can handle it.

Danielle doesn't want her to feel mentally or emotionally alone. Kimberly says I felt like a loser the first couple days. Nobody should be left alone or singled out, Danielle says, so if you do need to speak to someone... I do say, Jale says, I speak to someone and they walk away! I hope you don't feel I've done that, Kimberly says. No, assures Jale, and you (Danielle) haven't.

1:53pm Jale is cleaning the tub while Pauline goes into the shower. Christopher doesn't want Steven to go. Steven says he knows who he wants to go but he's said since day one he trusts the public to make the best decision and this week there are 3 big characters up and one person who can't offer the same contribution. I trust the public will see that and vote for her (Jale) to see that.

Toya comes into the bath area to speak with Jale and apologize for not saying good morning this morning. My mom would have said I didn't raise you like that, she says. It's OK, Jale says. Cool, Toya says and leaves.

Chris is called to the DR and sent to the Power Control Room. He is instructed by IRIS to nominate again but must first give her a short list of 2 housemates he's considering. She will then provide him with information about those two housemates which will help inform him about his decision. Chris thinks and then names Ash and Kimberly. Iris informs Chris that he will be able to compare the two in an internet poll of a subject of his choosing. He asks which housemate is his biggest threat.

Iris tells Chris the poll is now live and the public is responding. He will also have the Power to watch Kimberly and Ash answer questions in the DR. He will provide the questions. Chris instructs Iris to ask them who they think is the Power Housemate and who do you trust the least in the house. Those questions have been noted, Iris says. Finally, she says, my database shows your favorite meal is Chinese food. Chris says that is correct. Iris says later today he will get a Chinese meal to share with Ash and Kimberly, giving him a chance to get to know them better before deciding who to nominate.

2:38pm and Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas to announce that the Power Housemate is rewarding 3 housemates with a Chinese meal in the Pod. Those housemates are Ash, Chris and Kimberly to receive this reward. Helen complains, I don't like Chinese. Christopher asks someone to smuggle him a spring roll. Chris says he lucked out because he hasn't had lunch. The three describe the meal to the other housemates below.

Why are we selected, Kimberly wonders? It's either of you two, Ash says, or Jale. Or we are not up for nomination, he says. Or we all are, Kimberly says, this is our last meal. They joke Kimberly is a big negative Nancy.

Down below Mark is reading tea leaves for Toya and Ashleigh and they tell him the Power Housemate is Marlon since he sees a man in an afro so he has to be black. Toya is amazed she can see the image in the ground up tea leaves. She wants to keep it between the three of them and Helen. She thinks Marlon is watching them.

Up in the Pod, Ash thinks it could be Marlon, he's up and down all the time. Chris says he gets along with Marlon. The gossip that Marlon could be the secret Power Housemate spreads to the bedroom as Ashleigh, Toya and Helen bring Mark into their Marlon conspiracy circle. Toya says there is a reason Ash never leaves his barriers to Marlon and he doesn't know why. Marlon's not here to make friends, Ashleigh says. His weakness is Kimberly and he can't believe she doesn't like him back.

4:10pm finds Mark dressing to impress with a red onesie that sends Ash over the edge, Jale, Matthew, Christopher and Helen also laughing at his Halle Berry outfit. In the toilet, Kimberly, Toya and Ashleigh talk Marlon in the toilet, joking loudly about how Marlon is obsessed with Kimberly. He's so arrogant, they explain to Kimberly. Kimberly doesn't like being treated like a piece of meat. Toya calls him an old fashioned savage.

5:52pm and Winston is trying to clean up in the kitchen but seems confused. Marlon tells Kimberly to smile. She says she will when she's happy. Why aren't you happy? Let's have a conversation somewhere else. Ashleigh offers to come but Kimberly doesn't need any. They go to the garden and Marlon sits but Kimberly stands and lectures him about being treated like a piece of meat while she was doing her exercises. He really made her feel uncomfortable with his sexual comments she didn't appreciate. You were like a different person and I didn't like it.

Marlon plays innocent and asking what comments he made that were sexual, did she really think they were sexual? Yes, Kimberly says, I found them offensive because you know me beyond my looks as a multi-dimensional person. I don't understand, Marlon says, what's changed? I'm telling you now, Kimberly says, please don't make those comments. I have had it before and I really didn't like it then and I don't like it now. Not in this house.

Marlon says I really can't believe we're having this conversation; I don't see what I said was really that gross. If that's what you really think in your heart of hearts, I can't really change that. No one's asking you to change it, Kimberly says, visibly disappointed in Marlon's response. I appreciate you coming and talking to me, Marlon says. OK, Kimberly, we'll seal it with a hug. You don't like to hug, Marlon remembers. I do on serious occasions, she answers.

[i'm not sure what Kimberly was trying to say got through to him. -- Morty]

7:36pm and it's time for Chris to return to the Power Control Room for the response to his on-line poll. 64% of viewers voting said Ash is his biggest threat and Chris says that's what he expected and he agrees. Iris now plays back the DR sessions where Ash and Kimberly answered his questions, thinking they came from Big Brother.

Ash tells Big Brother he thinks the Power Housemate is Jale or Kimberly. I can't see it being Chris so I think it must be Kimberly. Answering the same question, Kimberly thinks the Power Housemate could be Chris because he's an actor and could pull it off easily better than anyone else in the house. Or Marlon because he's always standing around and listening in on other peoples' conversations and why else would you do that unless you were the Power Housemate and really really nosy.

When asked who he trusts the least in the house, Ash says Kimberly because he's so skeptical about how she acts and she could be the Power Housemate. Kimberly says Marlon because he stopped talking to her and she thought she could trust him and that changed dramatically. Iris tells Chris it's decision time - he must nominate Ash or Kimberly. Chris says Ash, why not. He has a lot of qualities that Chris really likes but if you put his personality into a short, unattractive man's body, what would he have have done with his life so for other than be a super stand up guy? He doesn't interest me.

Iris confirms his nomination and Chris makes a pretend vomit. Why are you pretending to vomit, Iris asks. Because all the big ones are down, he says, Steven who I thought would be chill but imploded, Pauline who is gradually unraveling as expected, and now Mr. Cool who I don't know how to judge in these situations. But Helen won't be pleased. Why won't Helen be pleased? All her best buddy chums are going. Iris offers Chris the chance to give his fellow housemates a part and he jumps at the chance. Iris offers to arrange it if he wants it and he absolutely wants to make it happen.

About 8:04pm, Marlon tells Jale about his chat with Kimberly and Jale tells him not to be too hard on himself. Pauline is prepping chicken for dinner and Mark is helping in the storeroom. He notes the expiration date on the packaging is expired by a day but Pauline says trust her. I'm only asking, Mark says, you're patronizing me for asking. I asked a simple f*cking question. He storms out to the garden. Twat, Pauline mutters, making Winston and Steven laugh.

In the bedroom, Mark complains to Marlon that people speak to him like he's a thick head. Danielle comes in and both try to calm Mark down. Mark has hairspray to settle his nerves. How am I to know if the expiration date doesn't apply if its frozen. Danielle says it's like a battlefield in there. Christopher comes in to check on him, saying everyone is hungry and just wants a short answer. Kimberly and Matthew now joins the party, asking if he's going to talk to Pauline. Yes, Mark says, he's a grown up, he's just not himself today.

10:11pm and the secret Power Housemate's party is underway with alcohol, music and flashing lights. The housemates are letting their hair down with dancing and grinding and drinking and then the lights come back on and Ash's light box switches to Nominated, immediately killing the festive mood. I knew it, Ash says. Absolute shock, Toya says. Chris pats Ash on the back. Winston laughs nervously as Ash announces he's going out to have a cig. Chris already has one dangling off his lips.

Jale and Steven are sitting outside and greet Ash, saying Ash has predicted it earlier today. Matthew, Danielle and Chris join Jale, Steven and Ash in the garden. That was depressing, Jale says. Who is making these decisions, Steven wants to know. Chris says he's not going anywhere. I don't get down, Ash replies, I'm good. But f*ck it!

12:38am and Power Housemate Chris is having a quiet moment in the garden when Danielle comes out. He says now that more people are at risk, he's more at risk now, he thought he would go up. Why would anyone nominate you, Danielle says. Why would they nominate Ash, Chris wonders. He notes that Christopher didn't get half the attention Ash got when he was nominated. Where was his crowed, his support group? It breaks my heart, Danielle says, because he's such a nice guy.

Marlon is alone in the bathroom while Steven, Ash and Helen talk about him and yesterday's flirting task. He thought he had you, Ash says, and when he found out you were pretending... I would rather shit in my own f*cking mouth than even look at him. He really thought you were into him, Ash says again. That f*cking slug over there (Jale) is listening. Jale and Ashleigh are sitting on the sofa. Slugsworth, Helen swears. Stop it, Ash says, let's go have a cigarette.

Danielle sits down next to Ashleigh and Steven, Helen, Ash and Kimberly head out to the garden but Helen can't help throw out an insult to Jale. Were you listening, she asks? I didn't mean you, Ashleigh. Steven laughs. They go outside and Helen calls Jale a f*cking slug again. Steven tries to calm Helen down. Inside, Jale tells Ashleigh, I love how I'm getting f*cking blamed for everything in this house. Why do you not say anything at these comments, Danielle asks. I don't need to justify myself to a person who doesn't know me, Jale replies.

12:56am and Helen is still ranting on Jale for sticking her ears in everyone else's conversations, her slugsworth elephant ears. Inside, Jale is doing dishes with Christopher and Toya is trying to find out what happened. Did Helen make a comment, she asks? I don't know, Jale says, something was said and Ashleigh got upset because she thought Helen was referring to her, then the last part that I heard was Helen say she wasn't talking about Ashleigh.

Too much drama, Toya says, I don't want any involvement in it. At the same time, give people the benefit of the doubt. Oh, I don't mind, Jale says. Because Helen's not a spiteful person at all, Toya continues, and I can vouch for that. I'm a human dartboard apparently, Jale says. Why do you think that, Toya asks. I don't know, hon, to be honest, I don't know Helen so I don't know. You have to bear in mind, Toya says, continuing to excuse Helen's behavior, that people are intoxicated. Yes, Jale says but that's not really a reason unless someone's genuinely p*ssed off at someone. But if that's how you feel, maybe you should say something, Toya says.

Maybe I should, Jale says.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 12: Monday, June 16th, 2014 - Intruder Alert!

Previously, Chris's Power Trip continued and divisions deepened. Tonight, Winston talks dirty, Chris makes his final nomination but is his secret safe?

9:26am and the housemates are up and getting ready for the day. Ash asks Pauline who the secret Power Housemate is and Pauline lies that she hasn't given it any thought. In the DR, Matthew says it's a game, it's week 2 and people are saying the secret Power Housemate has no morals! I think it might be Marlon but he might just be quiet. Pretty sure it's Chris.

Chris asks Jale how many dramas were there? Jale doesn't know. She says Ash's nomination did throw him. Chris says he was shocked by Steve. Jale says it may make sense when the person is revealed. Chris says if you know who it is, we may find out why. Jale says we'll find out and that's going to go down like a bag of shit.

10:57am and Danielle asks Winston if he gets into physical fights. He says about a year and a half ago, a little scrap in town. He acts out how he took the other guy out. Chris is called to the DR and he admits to feeling slightly overwhelmed with guilt. Big Brother tells Chris to name 3 housemates for the shortlist in his 5th and final nomination. Those three will be asked to state the case why they should not be nominated.

Chris says he could name anyone but chooses Danielle, Marlon and Mark. He chose Danielle to create a bit of balance of the type of people who have been nominated, confuse things further with the perceived agenda up to this point. He is considering Marlon because he's kind of in the middle but it would also be risky since he's one of the recurring suspects for Power Housemate. He wants to shortlist to see how he reacts. He was disappointed with how Steven and Ash reacted from being nominated, they have a Nasty streak that came out. Big Brother reminds Chris to act natural when the three housemates are asked to make their pleas so his secret status remains secret.

At 1:42pm, most of the housemates are in the kitchen and pinches Danielle from behind. Pauline doesn't know where all the chicken has gone. Big Brother calls Helen to the DR. Big Brother reminds her that the rules about unacceptable behavior were explained to her before she entered the Big Brother House. The rule about bullying can include factions developing, deliberate hostility, aggression to an individual, persistent name calling, and the ostracizing of individuals.

Big Brother would like to talk to you about your ongoing treatment of your fellow housemate, Jale. On Saturday night, in a conversation with Toya and in front of other housemates, you said Pauline is the Alpha Female and called Jale an attention seeking bastard. In addition, last night, you referred to Jale before a group of housemates as a f*cking slug. The name calling's wrong, Helen admits, but I feel every time I speak no matter who she's sat with, she's looking over what everyone's saying and I just find it really, really irritating.

Helen, lectures Big Brother, name calling, persistent ridiculing, and behavior that results in an individual becoming ostracized from the group are all types of behavior that can be perceived as bullying. Big Brother understands that it is inevitable that not all housemates will get along and that arguments will happen in the house. However, Big Brother will step in when its felt behavior is escalating to individuals being excluded and becoming the subject of more aggressive behavior that could be seen as bullying. Big Brother thinks your behavior is unacceptable and will not tolerate unacceptable behavior. If this type of behavior occurs again, then Big Brother may have to issue you a formal warning and will take further, serious action. OK, says Helen meekly.

3:50pm and Winston is called to the DR to tell Big Brother a funny story where he ends up being sick. When he as 16 and a virgin, Winston says, his mate lined up a girl who was mates with the girl he was seeing and they went over to his mate's house on Friday night with the girls and got smashed. He went into the spare room with the girl and out of nowhere, his stomach just went and he threw up all over her. She ran out of the room screaming and I passed out, waking up the next morning. Basically, I f*cked it.

Big Brother loves that story, particularly the end. in fact, Big Brother loves it so much, Big Brother has created a special secret mission just for you. Your secret mission is to make up new stories, each of which ends up with you being sick. Everywhere. No problem, Winston says.

He heads downstairs and heads out to the garden to join Chris and Danielle, who is doing some washing. Winston says once he was doing some washing because he'd thrown up everywhere. He had tried a new thing he'd heard where a girl p*sses on you. He'd thought he might try it. She peed on you, Danielle asks, disbelievingly? Yeah, and I threw up everywhere. Marlon overhears and gives Winston a high-five. Good to you for trying it, Marlon says. You vomited, Danielle asks? What did she do when you vomited? It sort of went up on her as well. I would have done her up still, Marlon says. Very nice, Danielle says.

In the kitchen, Winston corners Christopher and tells a story about when he was on a camp trip as a teen and was eating mud and worms and stuff, even a dead bird I found. Seriously, Christopher asks, did you cook it? No, Winston says, I was eating squirrels as well that I caught with a bow and arrow I made. I didn't even bother cooking, I was just biting them and throwing up as I was eating it. I was sick for about a month. That's crazy, Christopher says, I can't believe you did that. Yeah, Winston says, it was good times.

In the bedroom, Winston tells Jale that last night he went into the toilet and forced myself to bash one out and suddenly I just started crying and then just started vomiting. Is that normal? Jale has a look that says are you f*cking kidding me? Of course it's normal, she says. I've never cried before doing that, he says. As long as you feel like you can talk to people about it, Jale says. That's why I thought I could talk to you, he replies, a vomit-cry-wank. WTF. It's completely logical what you've done, Jale says. But using the soap, Winston asks? Are you having a wind-up right now, she asks? No, I'm being serious. You used the stick as a lubricant? I was in the midst of everything, he says, I was carrying on.

For successfully winding up 2 of his fellow housemates, Big Brother rewards Winston with his favorite meal: a plate of spagball (spaghetti and meatballs) and a pint.

5:29pm and Big Brother gathers the housemates to reveal the secret Power Housemate's shortlist for nomination. To help avoid suspicion, Chris will also make a plea for his place in the house. Here we go with the big reveal, I recon, reckons Mark. They speculate that it might be eviction night tonight.

Big Brother tells the housemates the Power Housemate will make his fifth and final nomination tonight. The four housemates on the short list for nomination are: Danielle, Marlon, Chris and Mark. They now have one last opportunity to save themselves from being nominated. One by one they must state their case for why they should not be nominated and keep their place in the house.

Danielle stands and says she's a really sweet girl and was just up last week and it was really emotional so she'd like to stay this week so she can show different sides to her personality and come out of her shell more, and she's really enjoying the experience and getting to know everyone a little bit more. She's got so much more to give and really wants to stay.

Marlon is next and says he's been himself from the get go, made friends with everyone here, been more or less real. It is what it is. I ain't got much to say, just keep me here. Chris is next this is a weird thing for him to have done considering his profession, to come on TV as himself and try to be accepted as a person in an environment where nobody knows me and I'm not always sure how to be completely relaxed. I'm not anywhere near fully relaxed yet, but I'm enjoying myself and have met some wonderful people I might have otherwise. That's my reason.

Finally, Mark says he's having an amazing time and feels he can always be himself with everyone, he's learning things "every day about meself," about life, things he didn't think he'd learn in a week, I'm on a journey and didn't think I'd be. I thought I'd come in here and be a little nob and I'm learning things about myself that I didn't even know.

Big Brother says the Power Housemate's decision will be revealed later. Christopher says immediately that one of those four could be the Power Housemate. Chris walks over and gives Mark a half hug, a fake smile painted on his face like it's painful to move around. Jale asks if he's all right and he says yes. Matthew says that means it must be Ashleigh, Winston, Toya, or Kim (leaving him out), or it could be one of the four. Steven thinks it's one of the four just named.

Chris heads to the toilet and takes out the ear piece that Big Brother provided him earlier. He gives Big Brother the name of the 5th housemate he wants to nominate and without hesitation, Chris says Marlon.

6:19pm and the housemates discuss who the nominee might be, not aware the nomination has already been made. Mark tells Big Brother he's scared to open his mouth and say the wrong thing to the wrong person and get nominated. He was convinced the Power Housemate was Marlon from reading the tea leaves and now he's on the short list. Is he a decoy? Is he just pretending? The tea leaves are never wrong, Mark tells Big Brother, he just didn't ask the right question, didn't specify this week. Marlon could be the Power Housemate in the future.

Who is it, Steven demands of Marlon. I watched little Chris's reaction again tonight and he was panicking before the shortlist was named. He was nervous. He's a nice guy and hasn't done anything to me but why did he mention he was an actor? Why even plant it in our brains? You didn't know what to say because it was a shock and he came up with this great big speech that sounded rehearsed.

It can't be Kimberly, Steven continues, it can't be her. I hope it's not her, Marlon says. Steven says she couldn't have put me up and sat there and comforted me and everyone else. She wouldn't have done that. Who else is there? It couldn't be Winston, there's no one in here that ruthless. I think I've trotted everybody, Marlon says, tried to comfort everybody, and to think someone could put me up...

Chris joins them and Steven asks how he is. He says had this happened a few days ago when this first started, he would have been a bit more put out. He's put out, but there's so many people on there now, I do take comfort in company, I don't feel alone. Danielle is pieces again, or she will be if nominated, Steven says, she doesn't want to feel... That's another reason I don't feel bad, I look at her and she's done this already, and Christopher who just took it on the chin, hasn't moaned about it, you wouldn't know from looking at him. I take it as a personal attack, Steven says.

7:07pm and Jale and Danielle speculate about the Power. Jale keeps coming back to Marlon because, she doesn't want to say until she's sure because she's already accused 3 people, Kimberly, Marlon and Matthew. I don't think it was you, you wouldn't put yourself up, or Marlon. No, Danielle says, no way me. In the kitchen, Steven tells Kimberly he thinks he's the best for the camera in the house. because he puts strange words together. Like sodomizing the soup, Kimberly says. For example, how would you describe what your doing now (she's washing dishes). There's a big difference between having a nice vocabulary and being verbose, Kimberly says.

She has to explain what "verbose" means to him.

Chris is pacing back and forth, waiting for the light boxes to change. The thunder effects sounds and Marlon's light box changes to Nominated. Everyone runs into the living area and expresses shock that Marlon is the 6th nominee, the 5th nominated by the secret Power Housemate. Marlon is actually asleep on the sofa. The Power Housemate could have gone into the bathroom and said he nominates Marlon, Matthew says. Marlon wakes up and sees he's nominated in his light box. He puts his head back down and closes his eyes.

8:16pm and Pauline is soaking in the tub alone. Winston, Ash and Matthew say Marlon is a nice guy but his speech was not much. He has a careless attitude, Matthew says, then he moped in the corner, one of the worst responses yet. That's absolutely not fantastic, Winston mimics. Chris handled it well, Matthew says, when it comes to not showing emotion. Out in the garden, Jale tells Christopher Marlin just needs to be left alone today. He's in shock, Christopher says and he can't understand it since he's been a friend and loyal to everyone. Jale says maybe that's why. It's hard, Christopher continues, when you have good intentions called into question.

Chris joins them as Christopher says Marlon needs a little time by himself and he'll be all right. From over the garden wall, a voice can be heard shouting: Housemates can you hear me? Chris has the power!

Jale's mouth drops. What did he say, asks Christopher? Chris has the power, the voice says again. What's he saying, Chris asks? Chris has the power, Christopher says. How awkward is that, Jale says. Chris seems stunned. Jale, he says, that's not true. Christopher or Chris, he asks. Let's not talk about this, Jale says. Let's not get this around the house, Christopher agrees.

Big Brother orders all housemates to the house immediately. Both promise Chris to say nothing. Chris is laughing, it's not the case. He thanks them for not saying anything.

9:53pm. Pauline has been in the tub for 2 hours and Chris is in the DR to discuss what was shouted in the garden. He worries that Jale might reveal what was said, not because she thinks he is the Power Housemate but because she thinks he isn't. She's in a situation where she needs to earn favor in the house and if she knows that he is the Power Housemate, she will probably volunteer that at some point. Chris tells Big Brother he's frightened.

Toya, Steven, Kimberly and Christopher are in the kitchen and Toya tries to tell Kimberly something on the quiet, saying "he" weirds her out. Who, Kimberly asks but she won't say. You know who I'm talking about. Let's stop that, Christopher says, let's not do that. Steven chokes on his laughter. What are you talking about, Toya asks, I should stop what? Danielle joins them. I thought you were speculating about the Power Housemate again, Christopher explains.

Don't get on my nerves Toya says. There's nothing I just said that would give you any indication I was talking about that. What would make you think that? Chris returns from the DR. I just saw you looking over there and thought... I was looking at Marlon, Toya says. Steven is suppressing a giggle now that Toya has named he who she said she would not name. I kicked her (Kimberly) to try to tell her something without using words. You see how you make assumptions? If I wanted to talk about the Power Housemate, no one in this house could stop me. I have not spoken about it and how you made that assumption just irritates the sh*t out of me.

Christopher says I don't want an argument. You do want an argument, Toya argues, because you're making assumptions. Kimberly says if Toya wanted to talk about the Power Housemate, she'd have said it outright, 100%. I don't want an argument Christopher says, raising her voice to match Toya's. Then don't make assumptions about me. Christopher says he got it wrong and he's sorry. I've said that that to everyone, are we really talking about the Power Housemate again? It was a baseless assumption, Toya insists. Christopher asks why she's thinks he's trying to argue but she blows him off. I don't want to talk about it. Fine, Christopher, marching off. He makes me so irritated, Toya says.

In the DR, Jale tells Big Brother about what she heard in the garden, she heard exactly what the voice said. She told Chris she wasn't going to tell anyone because I don't want it to have implications for anybody but she doesn't want to be a bull shitter but whether she likes them or not, she's not a liar. Big Brother says no one can confirm who the secret Power Housemate is apart from Big Brother and the secret Power Housemate them self. Big Brother suggests you ignore what you heard and carry on with your experience in the house.

The thing is, Jale says, I think it's true.

10:35 pm and Pauline is still in the tub but Winston, Mark, Ash and Danielle throw Matthew into the tub to join her. In the wash area, Jale tells Kimberly she understands being the subject of speculation regarding the Power Housemate, saying that some of the housemates are convinced its her. The thing is, Kimberly says, people think that of me as well. Chris heads into the wash area and hears them talking. Listening through the door to the toilet, he hears Jale say it's just people clutching at straws.

He knocks on the door to let them know he's out there. Matthew is stripped down to his briefs and toweling off in the bath area. His pants and shirt are soaked. Mark has joined Pauline in the tub. Kimberly is spraying scent on Helen and gets some in her mouth. I didn't say I wanted to eat it, Helen jokes. I know, Kimberly laughs, I just did it anyway.

Chris and Jale talk in the bedroom alone. Jale says I don't want to be held hostage here, be a bull shitter and a liar. Chris whispering swears he's not the Power Housemate. Don't head-f*ck me like that, Jale says. You're taking what I'm saying as a double meaning, Chris says. No, I know, Jale says, but don't bullshit me, it's just making it worse. I won't be held hostage by you telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing. At the same time, I'm not a liar. Kimberly's been asking me all kinds of questions and it's not comfortable to me.

Number 2, Jale says, I've not been asked to listen to a conversation over the wall. This is uncomfortable. She walks away and Chris says hey! Just just use your best judgment Chris says. I'm not saying anything tonight, she says, I'll make a decision tomorrow. You need to be getting advice, that's what I'm saying to you. Fair enough, Chris says.

11:33pm and Steven is cozying up with Kimberly in the garden. From the moment I walked into the house, I said to you I have never in my life ever met someone so intelligent. To me, it doesn't mean your just good looking strutting their stuff down the bluebird board way. I always look at that.

Hiding in the toilet, Helen tells Mark she warned Kimberly to not get in the bed with Steven. If it was me, she says, I'd throw him over the walls. I wouldn't do that to her.

Back in the garden, Steven tells Kimberly he's told her things he's not shared with anyone else and every single time she's reciprocated and told me things. And I told you today, she says, I feel guilty about that. Why do you feel guilty, he asks. It makes me feel you distrust me. Why should I tell you that, she asks? You think everyone in life's got an agenda, Steven says. I really do, she says. My agenda is that I like you, he says, and I want to get to know you more. OK, Kimberly says, you like Helen as well.

Steven shakes his head, saying it's not the same, darling. And you like Ashleigh, and... Gah, says Steven, do you want me to spell it out? Yeah, spell it out. I'd like to be clear. I am attracted to you you, Steven says. Physically, emotionally, mentally, I'm attracted to you. OK, Kimberly laughs, you've spelled it out. Even the punctuation, that's fine. Kimberly takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh.

12:59am and Winston offers words of wisdom for Helen and Ash in the garden. He could be going this Friday, referring to Ash. You need to spoon. We talked about this before, Ash says, you asked if I was spooning today and I thought you were joking. He could be going this Friday, Winston repeats. Does that mean I'll never ever see him again, Helen asks? It might, Winston says, you should do what you want to do. What do I want to do, Helen asks, you seem to know all about my mind.

In the bath area, Jale tells Ashleigh and Danielle what she heard. Christopher walks in and Jale tells him she just told the two girls. So you can't trust Chris, Danielle says, he's not your buddy. Jale says she's not happy because I'm being held hostage about being a liar now. Do you understand if this gets out, it's going to kick off in a big way. Tell me exactly what was said, Ashleigh says. Jale embellishes the shouted message to make it sound more credible.

Chris's face was in shock, Jale says, and I'm like, oh really, tell me more. She says she told Chris she wouldn't tell anyone and said thank you, thank you. Did you look at him, Ashleigh asks? Yeah, I told him I wouldn't tell anyone and he said he'd appreciate that. What are you going to do? Christopher climbs into the tub with Danielle, his shorts and shirt still on, sitting on the edge. I'm not going to do nothing, Jale says, until I wake up in the morning and go with my gut instinct.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 13: Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 - 1984

Previously, the Power rocked the house. Tonight, true colors emerge and tempers flare.

It's 9:56am and the Big Brother House has been transformed into a farm for this week's shopping task. The housemates suspect they will have to be the animals. Toya isn't happy, says this is degrading - she has a career to go back to. You're on Big Brother, Ash says helpfully, this whole experience is degrading. Out in the garden, Jale and Pauline check out the setup and notice the previous night's used cups, food trays and cigarettes. Maybe we are animals, Pauline says. Back in the bedroom, Mark asks Toya if she would be a cow. She's been a cow for the last 2 days, Ash jokes.

Chris goes to talk to Big Brother, saying Jale is making this very difficult. He worries that she's not subtle, neither is Christopher. Christopher runs on obsolete software and Jale believes in angles. Christopher is nearly a functioning human being but something's not right.

The housemates gather at the sofas and Big Brother announces the secret Power Housemate's reign is over. All housemates are now equal but the power will return. Some of the housemates want to know who it was, others don't.

Toya, Jale and Ashleigh move to the bedroom to talk about tensions in the house. Christopher is at the other end of the room as Toya uses her issue with Christopher from yesterday. It's irritating to watch yourself fall for the small things that wouldn't bother you outside, she says. You didn't fall for anything, Christopher says, walking over, because I didn't do anything. Just behave yourself, Toya says, just put anything you have to say on pause. You need to pipe down because it's too early in the morning. I'm talking to Ashleigh.

Christopher says he'll leave the room but he wants to say one thing first. That's what you do,. Toya says, I don't do things like that. I say it to people's faces. You are such a negative person, Christophe says and starts to walk away. You just chip chop chip in peoples' ears, she says negatively, get out if you're going. Just go. You don't know me, Toya, Christopher says... Exactly, Toya interrupts, I don't know you. You sat there and made an assumption and not once have you come over and said I apologize, I shouldn't have made that assumption.

[Actually, he did apologize yesterday. But Toya was too busy only listening to her side of the conversation. -- Morty]

I did apologize, Christopher protests. Exactly, then why are we having this conversation, Toya accuses. Because you mentioned me in front of me, Christopher says. I'm not two-faced like you, Toya says, I say things to peoples face. You have the audacity to tell me I'm negative, but you're the one jumping from group to group talking behind people's backs. Ask anyone else if I've spoken behind your back, Christopher says. If you're leaving, just go, Toya retorts, immature little boy, that's what you are, an immature child.

Christophe is gone and Toya continues to rip him apart. What an idiot, he could have just apologized for it. Did he expect me go to go him? He will be waiting all his life because that's not going to happen. Out of everyone here, I'm the least negative. Christopher goes to the living area to finish cleaning his face, but Toya is stills teaming in the bedroom. He goes around to everybody, she says, chat's sh*t and watches everybody. I'm not doing it. Why should I have waited for him to leave the room? That's sh*t that you do, she says to Jale condescendingly, why should I?

11:44am and Winston is working out doing dead lifts in the garden with Marlon over his shoulders. Ash is doing hammers with a bin of tin beverage cans. Matthew and Steven are exercising their words, whispering off to the side. Steven says that while was outside with Kimberly, Jale came and wanted to have a word with her. He thinks they were talking about him, like Jale was trying to warn her off. He thinks Danielle did it was well. That's pathetic, Matthew says, why would they do that? You get along with her well, don't you, you like her? Yeah, Steven says.

Inside the house, Danielle quizzes Kimberly about Steven. So you're attracted to him but you're not going to act on it, she says, in terms of a developing relationship. I'm not going to have a Big Brother relationship, Kimberly confirms. You'll wait until you're both out and then see how you are, Danielle says. Yes, Kimberly says. It shows you're respectful and ladylike, Danielle says supportively, and you're thinking of yourself instead of acting up to the cameras like most girls would for a showmance. You're genuine. I'm just worried it will happen anyway, Kimberly says, even if I don't want it to.

Kimberly promises to come to Danielle if she needs to talk. I don't want to screw myself over on national TV, she says, I don't want to be that girl. Talk turns to whether something is going on between Ash and Helen. They're just friends, Kimberly says but even I want something to go on between them. Does she like him, Danielle asks, she's not really said. If she went for it, Kimberly says, he'd go for it. All that time they spend together could be platonic, Danielle allows.

Out in the garden, Ask tells Winston if he ends up staying, something might happen (with Helen) eventually. I don't even want to bother with it, he says, just be good mates and all. Just have a lark for a bit instead of trying it on and making it well weird. I think she knows I like her a bit now.

12:15pm and Christopher, Marlon and Jale are in the DR for the start of the shopping task, dressed as farmers. Over the next 2 days, Big Brother says, it will be up to you and your housemates to earn your shopping budget by producing sufficient farm produce to sell back to Big Brother. The rest of the housemates will become your working animals. To pass the task, you must make or exceed the profit target set by Big Brother in the locked milk canister in the living area. It's now time to decide which housemate becomes which type of animal.

The three farmers decide the free range cows will be Winston, Chris, Toya and Ashleigh. Steven, Pauline, Kimberly and Helen will be pigs. That leaves Matthew, Mark, Ash and Danielle as chickens. It's time to put your animals to work. Big Brother expects a healthy profit.

Their first challenge is to make sausages in the task room converted to an indoor barn. Two pigs must use their trotters to mix the sausage meat while the other pigs use their trotters to make the sausage links. The farmers oversee the process. Pauline is dancing to the beat of her own drummer as she sets the beat. They make 12 packages of sausages for 24 pounds profit.

3:32pm and Matthew is lying on the sofa talking about the task with Winston and Marlon, saying no one has the right to say they're not doing this, they're all equal in the house. It's no one's place to say they deserve to be given privilege over someone else. Danielle overhears and asks if he's still going on about that comment. I'm talking about people in general, Matthew says. Because if you've got a problem with me, she says, just say it. I didn't really understand your point, Matthew says, how is a single task like this going to affect peoples' careers?

Maybe not affect per se, Daniele says, but it is a bit degrading. I completely agree with that, Matthew says, but that's not what anyone else said, they said it would affect their career. It's a fact it doesn't look good when you're doing glamor modeling, Danielle says. It doesn't look good for anyone particularly, Matthew counters, but is it really something that looks that bad? Well you're not in the industry I'm in, she says, so you don't understand it. OK, Matthew says. But there's no point going round on this because we disagree on a few things, Danielle says. Do we, Matthew asks? I'm not sure where that's coming from.

Mark wants to know what they were talking about and Matthew gives him a run down. I just can't stand feeling like I'm a b*tch, Matthew says. You're not, Mark assures him. Even if someone feels this will affect their career, I still don't think its right their saying I won't do it. We're all in the same boat 100%, Mark agrees, we all have careers. People don't think you have a career unless you're in modeling or showbiz, Matthew says, what happened to conventional careers? I went to University and have a brain and actually have to work, I take myself seriously in my own life. But at the same time, Mark says, you have to not disregard people who are models and no one takes you serious anyway.

4:55pm and it's time to put the chicken's to work. Earlier in the garden, the cows were put to work producing whipped cream, with milk tubes extending from their udders and using hand mixer's in a bowl. Now the chickens enter the task room again, passing eggs beak to beak while sitting in their cages. Each box of 6 eggs is worth one pound profit. The eggs are laid out of a pipe and Ash must grab it with his mouth, then pass it to Mark, then to Matthew and finally Danielle drops it in Farmer Jale's hands.

Ash drops the first egg on top of the cage and Mark must suck it up in to his mouth. Matthew can't stop laughing long enough to take the egg from out of Mark's mouth, so Mark drops it for Matthew to pick up. He drops it for Danielle, telling her to suck it really hard. A bottleneck has formed between Matthew and Danielle. This is Big Brother, Big Brother says, Danielle, you need to suck eggs. As they get more experienced, they start passing the eggs mouth to mouth. Ash starts spitting the egg out at Mark, who is laughing hilariously. Matthew is lifting his thin body though the cage hole to make it easier for Danielle. They successfully fill 3 boxes of eggs and Ash starts throwing the non-hardboiled eggs at the other chickens.

At 5:42pm, Mark goes to talk to Big Brother finding the day hard because he looks ridiculous in the chicken hat. His hair hasn't been done and he's wearing overalls. He moves on to Pauline lording over the kitchen. She says why buy pasta sauce when you can make it. It's 2014 - why make pasta sauce? We don't live in caves - thinks come ready made, you don't have to make them from scratch.

In the kitchen, Jale talks to Chris about her suspecting he was the Power Housemate. If you're going to stand by your decision, she says... What decision he asks? That You were the Power Housemate. But I wasn't, he claims, that's the misunderstanding. I wasn't. OK, Jale says, don't lie. Why have you made this assumption, he asks? I don't assume anything, she counters, I go with what the facts are. What facts, he asks? Why did you come up to me afterwards saying I can't believe people aren't saying anything? Because I thought they would say to you he's not.

Don't bare face lie to me, it's even more insulting. You want to lie to me, go ahead but don't sit and insult me like that. Chris has an expression of what are you talking about. I'm absolutely baffled, Chris says. That's fine, Jale says, you can choose to be a liar but I'm brought into that as well but I'm not a liar, so... This is just marvelous, Chris says, frustrated, you wouldn't be worried if someone shouted that about you and everyone suspected you?

I'm not going to sit there and insult people to their faces, Jale says. What is this insulting business? How am I insulting you. You remember saying that if I said anything you'd have to be carted out of the house. I don't remember saying that, Chris says, but I believe you if you say I said it. But you do realize I'm under pressure. What am I supposed to say, that it was me when it wasn't me? You stood behind your decision of doing that, she says, so take that on board and don't blame me for sh*t you're involved with. I don't understand the sh*t that I'm involved with, he says with exasperation.

That's really rude of you, he says, you don't know that I'm a liar. No, I do know. Ok, he says mockingly, you do know. I don't like the way you're speaking to me, she says. I think you need to think before you speak because either way you're just p*ssing me off now. Chris walks away, saying all right.

7:46pm and the animals have been gathered on the sofas to listen as the farmers are called to the DR. Despite their best efforts, due to the economic climate, their farm will have to diversity if they want to remain profitable. In addition to selling products, it might be time to realize the value of the animals. I'm not selling anyone, Marlon says. Big Brother suggests exploiting some of their weaker assets for extra profit. The farmers must choose the weakest animal in each group, those who have not been pulling their weight on the farm and failing to follow instructions. They are to be sent to the Reclamation Yard for exploitation and reeducation.

Marlon refuses to participate in the decision. Christopher didn't see the Chicken task so he defers to Jale. Everyone stop pussing out, Jale says and the housemates in the living area laugh nervously. I'm going to have to go for Matthew, Jale says. With the pigs, they say Helen smashed it. Kimberly, suggests Christopher. For the cows, Winston was the first to fill a bowl of cream, Christopher says. Toya was on it, Ashleigh was on it, Jale says, I'm going to say Chris. Was he the slowest, Christopher asks? Out on the sofas, Chris mouths, I was the slowest.

The housemates get exasperated with Christopher trying to gain consensus and Marlon refusing to be part of the discussion. These two are pussies, Jale says, so I'm going to say Chris. The housemates cheer from the living area. In the Meat Reclamation area, the weakest animals must correctly answer a series of questions about their fellow housemates matching the answers given by the farmers or face the bloody consequences.

The farmers are still in the DR. Big Brother asks of housemates facing eviction this year, whose bacon would you most like to save and see stay on Friday? Without hesitation, Marlon says Pauline. Jale and Christopher agree. in the Meat Reclamation Room, Kimberly says Ash, as does Matthew. Chris says Pauline. For guessing incorrectly, Matthew and Kimberly get sprayed in the face by a red sticky substance from the center of the table.

The second question posted to the Farmers is which housemate is the greediest little pig? Out on the sofas, Helen says Christopher is greedier than Winston. In the DR, Marlon is quick to point the finger at Christopher as well. Kimberly and Matthew also say Christopher but Chris says Toya and gets blasted with the bloody substance. He's not thinking, says Toya from the sofa.

Which of your housemates is a nag and does the most hen pecking, the Farmers are asked. I'm shocked at what I'm watching, Toya says. Marlon says he's going to get in the firing like no matter who he says. You're not going to get in the firing line Danielle says from below, what a twat. Christopher says Pauline and they all agree. Kimberly says Pauline, as does Matthew and Chris. The housemates, including Pauline, cheer that they all got it right.

Which of your housemates do you think is the biggest attention hogger? If we win this task, Danielle says, we have to remember it's because of Jale. Helen says this is a different side of Jale, she doesn't sit on the fence. The farmers choose Marlon. Kimberly says Toya, Matthew is vain and says himself, and Chris says Marlon. The housemates cheer Chris as the other two get sprayed.

Of all your housemates, who do you think is the laziest animal? The housemates and Jale and Christopher say Mark but Marlon won't go along with it so they say Kimberly even though she's not. Kimberly says Matthew. Oh, OK, he says. Chris put Mark and Toya is absolutely dumbfounded - everything she thought has gone flipside. They all go tit wrong and get sprayed. P*ssed me off that round, Ash says.

In recognition of your efforts in the Meat Reclamation Yard, you have earned your keep, Big Brother tells Kimberly, Matthew and Chris and added 50 pounds to your total profit. At least we did something, Matthew says. Big Brother provides all the animals with a hot meal for their efforts.

Down in the living area, Mark says that was revealing. Steven says he's realized a lot of things. Mark says tonight I see different people, it was like watching strangers. Things just changed, didn't it, Steven says. They agree that it was revealing about Jale in a positive way. The Famers come downstairs and Pauline immediately tears into Chris about following his instincts and not worrying about being impolite.

They chide Matthew about choosing himself as the most vain instead of Marlon whose always looking in the mirror. Who cares, Matthew says, it's over and I got sprayed. Toya says they were obvious questions for which there should have been answers, we could have banked more than 40 quid. We don't know that, cautions Steven. You did really well and I'm proud, Mark says. I'm so sorry it wasn't good enough for your liking, Matthew says. That's not it, Toya says, the questions were quite obvious. If you say so, says Matthew, that's your perception of things. I don't know why Matthew's getting so defensive, I'm only saying what everyone else was saying while he was in there.

Matthew isn't letting it go. He's upset that Toya is looking at him saying it was so easy, how could he get it wrong. Toya doesn't understand why he's so defensive, she's looking at all of them. You are, he says and he finds that rude. You're rude, I'm rude, we're all rude together, Toya snaps. Well OK, Matthew says, heading to the wash area to clean up, good stuff, Toya. Just chill out, Toya says through the door. I'm chilled out, Matthew retorts, but for some reason some can't accept that what we've done is good enough and still have a problem with everything.

In the wash area, Chris says what did we do, we got 50 pounds and everyone a hot dinner. Exactly, Matthew complains, and that's not good enough. Maybe I just won't eat as well since I'm apparently unworthy of the food. The Farmers come down from the DR and everyone congratulates Jale for her decisive performance. You got a pair of these, girl, Pauline says, cupping her hands palms up, I think you took them off these two (pointing to Marlon and Christopher). Christopher says I thought I helped. You were the last one to speak, Helen accuses. At least we got a meal, yeah, Mark says.

10:15pm and Helen tells Big Brother Jale did really well, exactly what she would have done, just got on with it. She understands everyone will be in the position where we have to say something that could be seen as nasty or harsh but we're not. She just did a job and did it fair and square, she did the job of all three. I've changed my opinion of her a lot. I gave her a hard time and that's not fair and she totally changed my time today, she got us the food tonight, it's because of her we got the food.

In the garden, Chris and Danielle discuss their nominated housemates. I can't call who will go on Friday, she says, I just don't know. Whomever goes, he says, the problems wtill remain. Unfortunately, Danielle says. There's not one single person who isn't completely self-obsessed, Chris says. Even if they're all chilled out and everything is easy and peachy. Bollux, grown men crying. On a game show, Danielle adds, there's no words. I'd rather be good while I'm here, Chris says, than average for 10 weeks. I just find everyone so boring, he laughs.

Jale is definitely going nowhere, Danielle says. I think Ash and Marlon aren't going either, Chris adds. So it's really between Pauline and Steven, Danielle concludes. Pauline's been quiet these last these last few days, Danielle says. She's playing her cards close to her chest, Chris replies, a completely different tactic to the first week. She almost seems like a different person, Danielle says. It's intentional, Chris observes. She got such a bad reaction, Danielle recalls. I can see that, Chris says, I didn't find that surprising. This is going to sound awful, but I don't really care.

11:58pm and it's bedtime for the animals, who are herded by the Farmers to their stalls in the barn. The pigs have blankets but the chickens will be sleeping rough. It stinks of sh*t in here, Mark complains. The pigs check out their cots with pillows, while the chickens have padding on the straw floor. This isn't right, Mark moans, it stinks of wildlife! The farmers tell the pigs and chickens goodnight and leave the barn. As the cows are free range, they can sleep anywhere.

[All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others. -- Morty (quoting George Orwell)]

In the barn, Danielle tells her fellow pigs and chickens about her conversation with Chris (about the secret nominations), how Christopher got such a simple reaction and got a major reaction, just because they're the cool kids, the popular ones. Wow, the fellow animals say. Now that is a bit of a tell-tale sign, Mark says. Then he said the conversation in here just bores him. In the house, Chris is studying the light box wall.

Back in the barn, the other animals are explaining to Steven what Chris meant, that he was shocked no one reacted when Christopher went up but did for everyone else. Steven is not happy and says Chris won't get any more of his fags then. Mark is not impressed. First, he's had a bad day and then to find out that someone he's been sound with has been f*cking two-faced, thinks our conversation is boring and unintelligent, F*ck off, man!

1:52am and the farmers and cows enjoy the peace and quiet in the garden. It's a nice feeling, they say. In the barn, Steven tells Kimberly he would never ever engage with somebody with whom he genuinely thought there was no future. As far as enjoying each others' company, I would never ever make the statements unless I knew that the person was someone I could potentially see as a partner. That's my view on it. Kimberly's responses acknowledge him but don't provide any reciprocal feedback. Hopefully as you get to know me, he continues, you'll come to understand I'm not that tough guy, so don't you worry about trust. I know you will, it's only natural, but rest assured I will never do anything to hurt you. I know, she says.

The other animals are talking about this week's eviction. With Pauline on the other side of the wire fence, Helen tells the chickens she wouldn't be gutted if Ash stayed while Pauline went. I like her, don't get me wrong, but I've changed my opinion and wouldn't be gutted. Ash says he won't be able to speak to anyone when he's going. You're not going anywhere, Helen says comfortingly. You're not going anywhere, darling, Pauline says from across the barn, trust me on that.

Steven says he was just telling Kimberly that if he goes he would properly sh*t himself. I think it will be Christopher, Helen says. Steven says me, Ash and Marlon are up as well and Pauline, you can't tell me that Christopher or Jale are going to go. I'm telling you right now, I'm really worried about Friday.

Anyone whose been seen as a victim is not going to go home, Pauline says.

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Day 14: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 - ShowerGate!

Previously, the house was divided. Tonight, things get filthy on the farm and the house turns on Kimberly.

9:35am and it's a quiet morning on the Big Brother farm, the animals sleeping soundly, the pigs and chickens in the barn, the cows and farmers in the bedroom. Then the rooster crows and it's time to get up. Mark is quickly complaining about his night sleeping on the potato sack. Pauline says if Chris really is the secret Power Housemate, he's a sh*t actor. He needs to get a new profession, Mark says, straw resting on his chicken cap.

The farmers are instructed to get the feed for the cows, pigs and chickens from the storeroom. The pigs get cold porridge, the chickens grain (cereal), and the cows carrots and veggies. The pigs are not impressed. Toya apologizes to Matthew for the way she spoke to him last night. It didn't mean to come out the way it did, she says, it wasn't directed at you. Matthew says maybe she didn't realize how her tone sounded. Toya goes defensive and she didn't have any tone, it wasn't personal and I was surprised you took it that way.

I just felt that the 3 of us did a task, Matthew says, and it was under-appreciated. One thing that got me was about the money and that we could have got more, because that was an assumption. For me, that was saying you haven't done well enough. After that it was like, are you serious? I didn't mean to make you feel under-appreciated, Toya says. I think it was just a miscommunication - everyone was hungry and in a mood, Matthew excuses, and one thing led to another. They hug it out.

11:46am and the farmers and their livestock must make enough product to make a profit. Farmer Jale brings the chickens to the barn to make gourmet pre-mixed cheese omelets. The chickens, back in their squatted cages, must suck out the liquid from the eggs, gargle it in their mouths, spit it into the bowls and then add some cheese nibbled off some wedges. For each completed carton of omelets, the farmers will earn a fiver. Jale says get your laughing out of the way now so we can knock this out. Put your beaks into it, Big Brother says.

Jale is doing her best to cheer the chickens on. Mark misses the bowl completely with his first spit. Danielle struggles with the cheese. Ash is too busy laughing to make any omelets. Back in the kitchen, Marlon tells Steven to say "milk" 10 times. Milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, milk, Milk, says Steven. What do cows drink, Marlon asks? Milk, says Steven. No, Marlon says, they drink water. What, Steven asks?

Back in the barn, Mark sounds like Big Brother is wringing his chicken neck. They have 3 so far, Jale tell them. Danielle looks like she's going to be sick and the whistle blows. The chickens' shift is now over. They have filled 5 cartons and have earned 25 pounds toward their total.

1:43pm and the housemates are playing a word association game. Pauline tells Kimberly sharing should be simple but she's discovering it isn't. Kimberly says she's seen it and tells a story about how she told Toya she took one of her cigarettes and Toya was surprised she was honest about. Mark goes to the DR to complain about the sleeping last night in the barn on the floor in a potato sack, it was just horrendous. He can't even make an omelet with a pan and oven. Mark goes on and on and on. He says the chickens are the skid marks of the house. He thought it was going to take longer but he's cracked, he's having a breakdown.

2:55pm and its the final part of the shopping task. The animals must collect manure and transport it across the muddy bog to the bagging station. For every bag of manure they fill by shovel, Big Brother will add 40 pounds to their total profit. The farmers have chosen Mark and Ash from the Chickens, Steven and Kimberly from the Pigs and Winston and Toya from the Cows to get dirty. From the safety of the Pod, the farmers cheer on their animals.

Ash chooses to use his hands instead of the shovel. They are all slipping and sliding along the muddy bog. They fill as many bags as they can, Jale the loudest cheerleader. The whistle blows and the Shopping Task is done. Big Brother reveals their total profit was 583 pounds. If that matches or exceeds the amount in the envelope, they pass the shopping task. Farmer Marlon open the envelope and reveals it says 300 pounds. THEY PASS! To celebrate, the throw themselves back in the box.

3:29pm and Helen is happy to not be an animal anymore. Helen appreciates food and drink. Ashleigh says after being here you appreciate family and friends too. Helen is focused on the food however. Winston is having a shower and Kimberly, in her bathing suit, is showering with him. Ash is in the next shower.

Chris is in a more positive frame of mind, Chris tell Big Brother, people are nicer and he needs to be more careful about judging people. Pauline has completely changed her behavior, though she still nags in the kitchen. Helen has been a bit more friendly, more approachable, less staring. Of course, a lot of this change has been in the last 2 days now that the Power Housemate thing has gone out of their minds. There's less pressure on me, Chris says, but I'm still dealing with the aftershock. I may look like a liar when I talk to people and am nice to people, but I'm still trying to make friends. Everyone I put up is a strong person, Chris says, they went up for a reason. I feel like I've been used.

6:31pm and Danielle is having a bath alone. Helen, Steven, Chris, Winston, Kimberly and Marlon are in the garden. Helen says Kimberly's been completely indifferent this week when things are said to you. Helen says she's trying to respond differently, do something more. I don't like too sensitive people, Helen says, people who are oversensitive. I'm a little under sensitive, Kimberly jokes, I need to work on showing my emotions a little more. I'm just scared once I show my emotions, they'll cascade.

In the DR, Toya tells Big Brother says there was no need for her argument with Matthew. She says that what she respects about Matthew, good or bad, is he says it to her face unlike some people who will remain anonymous. Pressed to reveal who by Big Brother, Toya says Kimberly is a massive two-faced calculating game player and an opportunist. And Ashleigh isn't fooling her either but she's done having verbals with people. Toya says that Steven's just occupying time for Kimberly, he's too good for her anyway. Steven deserves someone who is not a game player.

8:14pm and Ashleigh and Toya are gossiping about Kimberly. Toya says she's starting to stay away from Kimberly. Ashleigh says Kimberly doesn't even notice Toya is shying away from her, she's just jumping from group to group. She talks about someone to her and then goes to talk to that person and Ashleigh thinks she might be doing the same to her. Their talk turns to Mark and his reaction when Tamara was evicted. Your first reaction when you're in shock is who you really are, Ashleigh says. He wants to be everyone's friend, Toya says and you can't.

The topic in the garden is Friday's eviction. Tomorrow will be the last full day they are all together, Steven says. It's Christmas Eve, Mark says. It's hell eve, Ash says. Friday is going to be horrible, Helen says. I'm having nightmares about it Steven says. Unless it's me, Jale jokes, then everyone will be happy. No, Helen says firmly, to be honest, I wouldn't have been bothered if you had gone last week, but this week I don't want you to go. Thanks, Jale says disbelievingly. I realize its a bit of a backhanded compliment, Helen says, but it's true. I think you've done really well this week.

The guys jump in and agree that she's come out of her shell a bit and showed a different side. They especially liked how she told Marlon and Christopher off in the DR (during the Meat Reclamation task). Ash says I bet you wouldn't have guessed that your positives would be that you've grown a set of balls. OMG, Jale laughs.

9:05pm and Ash and Helen are getting cozy in the garden. Steven tells Helen she looks good. Ash says I tell you you look good and you get upset with me. That's because you say it with a smirk, Helen says. I don't say you look good, Ash corrects, I say you look fit. That's why I got embarrassed, she says.

In the DR, Jale expresses how happy she is right now, feeling more comfortable in the house now that people aren't picking on any old sh*t and being weird towards me. Now I can have a bit of a giggle, more myself. Toya and Helen are now speaking to her, so that's an improvement, she says, and Pauline. I can't work out whether their just easily influenced or my behavior suddenly changed. I don't really get it. I don't think they get it. I'm still here and that's the main thing for me and I don't want to go either. I really don't want to go.

9:42pm and Mark is amused by Matthew, saying he walks like one of those mothers in an animal documentary whose just laid a baby. He demonstrates the walk. Steven tells Ash Kimberly is a good girl. Ash asks if she's potential action? No, Steven says, what about you and Helen? There must be some kind of attraction, he whispers. Ash shakes his head no, she's just a mate. But you two get on so well you could be something that progresses beyond the house. If you find someone with whom you get on so well, that's the perfect wife. That's it, Steven agrees, it's all going to go wrong or your going to be an amazing couple. That's it, one or the other, there's no in between.

Toya has a problem with Kimberly joining Winston in the shower earlier, telling Helen about it in a way that makes it sound more sordid than it was (they were washing off manure). I would not get in a shower with Winston, Helen says. I wouldn't get in a shower with any guy, Toya says. He's with Tamara, Helen says. Ashleigh, Mark and Pauline join the conversation. As a girl, Helen says, I would never ever step into a shower with a man. If Tamara was still here, Ashleigh says, that wouldn't have happened. That's my point, Toya says. That's the question, Helen says, would she have gotten into the shower with Winston if Tamara was still in the house?

Kimberly tells Marlon, Jale and Christopher they're not going home on Friday. She doesn't want anyone to go home on Friday. Jale asks who they think will go and they can say her. Back in the house, Helen says Winston won't think anything of Kimberly's climbing into the shower with him, he's not a nasty person. Winston walks past and Pauline decides to take him aside for some motherly advice. I'll never tell you what to do, Pauline tells him, but this time I am. If anyone gets in the shower with you again, you tell them you need your privacy and they can wait their turn. Why, Winston asks, what's wrong?

Because you need your privacy in the shower, Pauline says, done! Winston laughs. Helen says that's not even aimed at you, I wouldn't get in the shower a week after Tamara's evicted. Even if I was full of cow sh*t I wouldn't get in the shower with you ever.

11:32pm and the housemates have been drinking. Helen tells Kimberly that when she went in the shower with Winston, it might be seen as a bad thing to Tamara. Toya sits down next to her. It might seem like an innocent move, Helen says, but you need to think about it. That's weird for me, Kimberly says, I would take a shower with anyone in the house. Would you, Helen says surprised. I already did. Ash... No, don't, Helen says, do you really want to be perceived in that light? I'll be honest with ya, it looks sh*t.

In the Garden, Pauline goes out to tell Winston and Marlon that Helen is telling Kimberly words of truth. She tells Marlon not to go in there. Marlon says to be fair I don't think she was looking at Winston in that way. To be fair, Winston racks, she probably was. Pauline wants to give them room but Winston wants to go inside so he and Marlon get up. Don't be a sheep, Pauline says, I'll tell you if it's cool.

Now it's Christopher, Ashleigh, Ash, Chris, Jale, Toya, Helen and Steven all ganged up on Kimberly. Helen says even if I wasn't doing anything, even if I wasn't with a guy on TV, I wouldn't want to be seen in that bad a light. Kimberly says I haven't been with a guy on TV. Helen says I actually intended to speak to you privately, but this has gone from me and you to a discussion. I'm not going to continue it because I don't want to be seen as a b*tch. I'm just giving you my opinion, she continues.

I appreciate what you've said, Kimberly says appreciatively, I just haven't thought about it like that. Showing with my bikini on isn't much different than my every day life with other people. For the public and Tamara's perspective, Helen says, it isn't nice. You shouldn't have got in the shower with Winston!

Marlon and Winston are listening from the kitchen and break out laughing.

Helen is annoyed and says if you had any respect for Tamara, you wouldn't have done that. I don't think she'd have cared, Kimberly says. I do, Helen insists, because she really likes him. If I fancied a lad and you did that, it would p*ss me off. It's going to look horrible, Kimberly moans, people think I was flirting with Winston? Not flirting, just why were you in the shower with him? Fair enough, Kimberly says, getting up.

In my head I just wouldn't think that at all, an upset Kimberly says. Helen gives her a hug. I'm only being completely honest with you, Helen says.

12:11am and Kimberly tells Matthew that Helen was saying what she thinks and that's fine but she needs to be able to pull that off. You could say something horrible and pull it off, she tells him. I wouldn't nit pick, Matthew says, I would only do it if I need to do it. I feel bad for her, Kimberly says, because I know she doesn't mean harm but she is a bit drunk. If you don't know already she's a really nice person, then you'll take some of what she says a really bad way. I think Jale, Chris and Christopher could take that. She is a harsh character, Matthew agrees.

In the bedroom, Ashleigh says to Toya, Helen won't bother with me when we leave here. Why, Toya asks? We don't have that strong of a bond, Ashleigh says, I know she's not as close to me as other people. It's because of my age. Out there she referred to me as still being 18. I can see how you could take that to be condescending, Toya says.

Out in the garden, Marlon is winding up Helen with Winston, Ash, Mark and Matthew as an audience. Ash says Helen is folded in 2 (drunk) and Helen says that is so disrespectful. Marlon demonstrates that folded in 2 means doubled over and vomiting. When have you seen me do that, Helen protests. He challenges her to stand up straight and she does. Kimberly says Helen would never get into a situation where she's that drunk. Ash makes a joke about how messed up her hair is. I'm sick of my hair, she says.

I'm only joking, Marlon says. Don't wind her up, Kimberly requests. Are you getting upset with me, Marlon asks? Why you making out like I'm some paralytic weird b*tch, Helen asks. Where did you get weird from, Marlon wonders. Ash takes Helen's head into his arms - when she gets like this she's awesome. You say it like I don't know what you mean, she says, I do. I know you do, that's why I said it. But I'm not, Helen says.

12:33am and Winston is talking to Kimberly about that shower, says he didn't think anything of it, she was just dusting off the task, then started washing me and stuff... What, she exclaims indignantly, I did not wash you. ...And started fingering me and... Steven, Ash and Marlon start laughing. I'm going to stop this, Kimberly says. Ignore this, Pauline tells her. To the boys she says she's taking the p*ss. These two, she says referring to the Winston and Marlon... I never, Kimberly says, Winston, I don't want to be seen like that. I will not be received like that. Not cool. What do you think Tamara will think if she sees that? She's not going to like that.

Back in the house, Mark tells Matthew that Kimberly is very very intelligent. That's the thing, Matthew says, she's not careless, she thinks about things before she does things so it must have crossed her mind what she was doing. There was something between Tamara and him (Winston), something small, light flirting but a couple nights they had really deep conversations and they're such opposites. The other thing, Matthew continues, is she's with Steve now and a lot of people thinks she likes Steve as well. I think she'd like whover she needs to like, Mark says.

In the toilet, Helen is holding court with Pauline and Toya and talking about Kimberly. I was just trying to be honest, Helen says. It's just wasted on her, Toya says. It always bites you on the ass when you try to be honest, Helen says. The only way it could, Pauline says, is on the delivery. I don't think she's even worth it, Toya says. Helen doesn't think Kimberly is being perfectly honest with her. Why should she, asks Pauline, she's not your sister. She's not even your friend, Toya adds. We said yesterday, you and I, Kimberly makes us uncomfortable. When I find something that makes me uncomfortable, have I not stepped back from her?

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 15: Thursday, June 19th, 2014 + LIVE EVICTION!

This week, the secret Power Housemate took control of nominations and paranoia gripped the Big Brother House. Tonight, facing eviction are Ash, Steven, Marlon, Jale, Christopher and Pauline. Who goes, the UK decides!

It's 10:12am and the housemates are lazing around in the bedroom worrying about Eviction Friday. Christopher thinks all hell will break loose in the house if Pauline is evicted. Mark and Winston are nervous and they aren't even nominated. Winston thinks Marlon could go but Mark thinks it's Pauline.

12:46pm and Toya is discussing Kimberly's relationship with Steven with Helen and Ashleigh. She thinks Kimberly really like Steven and Steven could do a whole lot better than her. Ashleigh says Kimberly told her that if this was reality she wouldn't go out on a date with him but this is a reality show and not reality. Helen says Kimberly is stunning, very very good looking, but personality-wise, I can't piece it together. Ashleigh says she has the personality of a brick. She's not the type of person I want around me, Toya says, or my friends. I don't trust that girl and I sure as hell don't like her very much.

In the DR, Christopher tells Big Brother he would have liked to have seen Pauline go a week ago but they've built up a stronger relationship since then, built a bridge and crossed it together. She has a caring, sensitive side. In the house, Pauline is telling Steven, Ashleigh and Mark that Christopher looked lost a week ago, like a little boy looking for friends to play with. She chokes up saying this. We did that to him, she says, and when I saw it, I said this has got to stop now. Definitely on my part. I had to sort him out. So me and him are good now. It's a lesson he had to learn too, we're in here for ourselves but if there's something we can do for somebody for when they leave here to live a better life, that's what we have to do.

Voting lines are now frozen.

1:52pm and the housemates are called to the living area. The power is about to return to the house but it is up to them to decide who the Power Housemate will be. They are all to nominate one housemate they want to be the Power Housemate. The housemate receiving the most nominations will be the next Power Housemate. Housemates facing the public vote this week cannot be nominated. Housemates cannot nominate themselves. Housemates should choose wisely as the Power Housemate will have the power to affect all housemates' lives.

Helen, Marlon, Ashleigh and Ash gather around the light box wall to talk around who they would choose without saying it out loud. In the garden, Chris tells Pauline and Jale that the others are all arranging it inside. Who will it be, Jale asks Chris. It won't be me, Chris says.

Matthew heads to the DR to vote for the Power Housemate. He nominates Kimberly for her intelligence and logic. Steven nominates Kimberly because she would include him in her decisions. Danielle nominates Ashleigh because she could be a good diplomatic leader. Kimberly nominates Mark because he's genuinely nice and happy and positive and will rule justly and fairly.

In the bedroom, Mark spots a moth on Ashleigh's pillow and says that's an omen. Moths are really bad luck, Ashleigh explains to Pauline.

Winston is next to vote and nominates Matthew because he will be fair. Christopher also chooses Matthew because he will understand what it takes to be the Power Housemate. Toya says she needs to choose with her head and not her heart, but then says her spirit tells her to nominate Chris. It's a responsibility she can entrust him with. Mark wants to pick someone who'll look after him and votes for Toya.

Back to present, two housemates are about to breath a huge sigh of relieve as we save them from eviction. It's time to talk to the house. The Get Pauline House chants are loud and unmistakable as Emma says: Big Brother house, Ash (cheers), Christopher (cheers), Jale (cheers), Marlon (mixed), Pauline (boos), Steven (mixed), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 5 days, the British public have been voting to evict. I can now reveal the 2 housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction are...

Christopher. You are safe.


Ash. You are also safe.

Jale, Marlon, Pauline, Steven, I'll be talking to you later this evening to reveal who will be evicted.

Christopher and Ash get hugs from their fellow housemates. Marlon, Pauline, Steven and Jale nervously await further news. The vote lines re-open to evict.

Back to Thursday, it's 3:08pm and Helen is working on Mark's eyebrows and he tells her of Pauline's comments about Christopher and now he feels guilty. That's not me, I stick up for people. Bloody hell, Helen says, I stink like a bully.

In the DR, Jale selects Kimberly to be the Power Housemate because she will be fair and has a good judge on her shoulders. Pauline is next and nominates Toya because she's fair and level headed most of the time. Marlon names Winston because he'll make decisions that benefit the house and is a lot smarter than people give him credit for.

In the garden, Winston tells Danielle, Ashleigh, Jale, Matthew and Chris about the scar he got from a shark. It happened in Australia. He got the shark in a headlock and punched it in the nose. He was just swimming and felt it on his arm like a knife through hot butter. No, he corrects himself, a hot knife through butter. Matthew recalls Winston's other tall tales but decides this one's true.

Ash is next in the DR and votes for Helen to be the Power Housemate because she'll be more fun with it and will pick her for good stuff. Ashleigh goes for Toya, she's fun and a friend to me so hopefully that means no nasty decisions for me. Chris votes for Danielle to be the Power Housemate so she'll have the chance to be center stage for a bit.

In the bath area with Matthew, Mark is having a sit-down and gets stuck in the furniture. Matthew struggles to lift his rear out of the hole it's in. Finally he lifts him out.

Helen is the final housemate to vote and goes with Toya because she's a grounded person, fair, won't favor people and a good person to make decisions, she'll give her answers straight and stick with it. As Toya has received the most votes, she'll be the next Power Housemate.

11:14pm and Jale is discussing pornography with Danielle who says she has never watched it before in her life. It depends on what you find sexually attractive, Jale says. Is it just 2 people going at it on film, Danielle asks? It depends on what stimulates you, Jale explains. Is there a storyline, Danielle wonders. It's actually people banging the sh*t out of each other, Jale says. What the hell is sexy about that, Danielle wants to know. Jale and Ashleigh look at each other and laugh. I don't get it, Danielle says.

You would meet a guy who probably wouldn't want to be doing that, Jale tells Danielle, but for me, it's varied, there's something different about it. How does this porn movie start, Danielle asks, do they introduce each other? Basically, Jale says, a secretary sits at a desk and a guy comes in with a delivery, and rather than a package in his hand, he's got his willy. OMG, Danielle exclaims! But it's a nice delivery, Jale says, not a horrid one. He actually brings his thing out? He brings his willy out, yeah. Danielle puts her hand over her mouth. Then she might stroke it a little bit, Jale continues, pets it like a dog. Danielle gasps. Ashleigh is laughing at Danielle's reactions. Danielle runs out of the room giggling.

In the garden, Helen and Ash are with Winston, Pauline, Marlon and Kimberly. Ash is talking about his friends who will like Helen. Helen doesn't think Ash's friends will approve of her (because of her public exposure in a sex scandal). Ash doesn't know what she's done and wants to know. Helen confesses that she was sleeping with someone but can't say whom. They agreed not to say anything in public. But the press got involved and she doesn't know how.

Ash realizes it was a married celebrity she slept with and asks why she did it. She doesn't answer. She's never escaped it and doesn't want to be known just for that. It was years ago and out of her control when it happened but she feels guilty. She's made massive mistakes she regrets. Ash asks if she was in love and she says no, it was her job. She can't look him in the eyes. Really, he says, so that's why you're alarmed about it. Not about that, she says, I did sh*t stupid things for stupid reasons. Gd, why am I even talking about this? I never thought this conversation would come up here. It's not guilt, Helen says, and I don't owe anybody an explanation. If I do want to see these people (the housemates), I can't sit here and hide the fact I did this stuff.

1:02am and most of the housemates are in bed. Helen is quiet and Marlon asks if she'll miss him or Ash if evicted. You're not going, she says. This is someone's last night, Mark says. In the kitchen, Steven, Pauline and Kimberly are talking about Chris. Steven thinks Chris feels more comfortable airing his feelings to Big Brother than the other housemates. He thinks Chris feels like he has nothing in common with the others and suspects there is more to come from him.

Chris is in the DR, saying he was uncomfortable putting up Ash and Steve but he's glad he did. Their nominations revealed some of their character dynamics, having their little bubbles burst and not knowing where it came from.

The vote lines are now closed and it's time to deliver the results live to the house. It's eviction time! Tonight, Jale, Marlon, Pauline or Steven will become the 2nd housemate to leave the Big Brother House. The UK public has been voting since Monday and the results are in. It's time to talk to the house.

Big Brother House, this is Emma. Jale (cheers), Marlon (mixed), Pauline (boos - at least it's definitive, she says), Steven (boos), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 5 days, the British public has been voting to evict. I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and second to be evicted is...


Don't worry, she says. Chocolate's in the freezer. Don't cry she tells Danielle. Don't worry babies. Helen says thank you. Pauline, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House, Big Brother says. Hold on, she yells back at him as she continues to say her goodbyes. She is ignoring Big Brother's insistent calls for her to leave. Finally she makes her way to the steps but not before Steven takes her into a big hug. She finally ascends the steps and the countdown begins for her exit.

She exits to the outdoor stage to a chorus of boos but does her Jazzy P dance for the cameras. Nearly 50% voted for Pauline to become the first Power Housemate on the Day 1 and over 70% voted for her eviction.

It's time for the Power to return to the house. Big Brother tells the housemates that yesterday they voted for the person they want to become the next Power Housemate. Big Brother now has the results of that vote. The next Power Housemate is...


Big Brother tells her to stand up. You are the Power Housemate, she is told, but you will not hold power alone. You will join forces with one of your fellow housemates and become a Power Couple. You must now decide which housemate will join you to form your Power Couple. She looks around in deep thought at her fellow housemates and says she's going to choose someone who thinks like her, who she respects in the house, and somebody she knows she can work with. It's going to be Matthew.

Matthew is surprised as he takes his place by her side. They both must now make a joint Power Nomination for one housemate to face the public vote this week. As Helen is a finalist and Jale is up for nomination every week, both are exempt. They have 30 seconds to make their decision. Matthew pulls Toya into the toilet for a private conference. Toya wants to know who first came to his mind. Big Brother orders them back to the sofas immediately but they continue whispering in the toilet. They still haven't decided but Big Brother needs their decision now. If they do not make the nomination, one of them will face the public vote.

Matthew doesn't want to put anyone up. After a final whisper, Toya says they nominate Christopher. Christopher sighs.

Big Brother tells Toya and Matthew their Power Trip has just begun. Housemates, your fate lies in their hands. Toya says she can't deal with it. The rest of the housemates quietly get up and leave the living area. Toya says she's going to talk to Christopher and tell him it wasn't personal. They chose him because of the audience's reaction, thinking he'll be safe.

Toya and Matthew have nominated Christopher for eviction. But what they don't know is they're not safe either. And by the end of the week, one of them will also be facing the public vote!

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 16: Thursday, June 20th, 2014 - Chain Gang

Previously on Big Brother, Chris causes chaos in the house, and Pauline was placed in the firing line. Tonight it is goodbye Mommy Dearest and hello to the Power couple. Big Brother says Toya and Matthew, you Power Trip has just begun! As divisions deepen and the fight gets dirty.

Day 16 9:34am. It's eviction day and tonight, either Jale, Christopher, Steven, Pauline, Ash, or Marlon will be the second housemate to leave the house.

Pauline is in Dr talking to Big Brother. I am not nervous yet, she says, 'cuz I am not the kind of person to get nervous at the time when the situation is occurring rather then before 'cause there is no reason to get yourself tied up in knots before, so that's probably when I will be brickin it. She laughs, then says when the time comes for the noose.Jale and Christopher are discussing the looming eviction. Jale says you don't want to be getting this worried this early, cause like tonight, you end up having a seizure. Christopher says yeah true, you need to prepare yourself. That doesn't mean to speculate or go crazy. I think I am mostly prepared. Jale says I am just staying away from Steven 'cause he is not happy this morning. Christopher says is he not? The boys are taking this really hard, really hard, Jale says. You and Pauline is great absolutely great but the boys are taking it hard.

Toya is questioning Mark about Pauline and the audience chanting her name last week. Do you think it's just a perception they have of her, Toya asks. Mark says it's absolutely the Jale thing, did you see them argue when they was on the sofas? Toya says yes, she did see them. Mark says Jale was quiet and peaceful and looked Pauline in the eye but Pauline was looking at the floor and it's quiet offensive. Anyway, she was clapping at Jale and she would point and slap slap her leg. She was like, you do that to me, you are gone. You are gone!

This is so over the top, Mark says, this was when Jale didn't have one friend in the house. She didn't have anyone to confide in, you know what I mean? She just sat there taking the bolluck of her life. Pauline has a big following in the house you know what I mean? I had to walk away cause she went to town after Jale. She is a tough character, she went to crying. Toya says I didn't know she cried. Mark says yeah she cried her eyes out. Their big argument was the last big argument people are going to remember, he adds, sh*t sticks, you know what I mean? You do something bad, people remember it, do you know what I mean?

11:49am Toya says to Kimberly and Steven that she voted for the Power Housemate based on her head not heart heart. She says if they reveal who nominated who for the Power Housemate, people could possibly be shocked who I nominated. I don't have to justify myself to anyone in this house, she says, because I prefer to use my head and not my heart. The heart will get you into trouble cuz your head and your heart won't work together and your heat usually gets you into trouble.

12:43pm For today's task, housemates have become Big Brother's prisoners they must take part in Big Brother's correctional program and peel potatoes to win back their freedom. Mark and Pauline have been chosen to be Big Brother's Prison guards for the day. Mark says he has no idea why they were picked - they have never shouted at anybody in here. Pauline says its true. Mark says we are soft spoken and its really gonna be difficult to tick people off. Pauline says we are calm and laughs, saying you make the right choice, Big Brother. Mark says stop slacking and peel more spuds you cheeky l'il sh*ts.

While Mark and Pauline are in the DR, Big Brother has gathered the rest of the housemates into the living area to reveal that housemates peeling potatoes is not the real task. During their mission, prisoners must work together to distract the guards while they smuggle contraband items out of the evidence room. Each item represents a reward, but prisoners will only win what they successfully hide from the guards.

The task begins with housemates peeling their spuds. Marching down the row of prisoners, Pauline says OK, can I just make one thing clear now, people, we are Mrs. P. and Mr. M. There is no first names up in here. Housemates are laughing and Toya says you are so aggressive. Mark says snitches get stitches and he pulls Chris off the line to do 20 pushups for cursing at him.

1:22pm The inmates have been peeling potatoes for the past 29 minutes and Matthew says that's terrible. My hands will stink like raw potatoes. We are all like prisoners, aren't we? Marlon starts singing "I don't know what I been told, Big Brother is f*cking cold. Hay Ho, Ho Hay, peeling potatoes, throw 'em at Mark "

[That's a military marching cadence, not a prison song. Maybe Working On The Chain Gang would have been more appropriate. -- Morty]

Mark yells hey as potatoes peels fly at him. Housemates are all laughing. Big Brother calls for a break during which time the housemates must distract the guards while other housemates stash contraband around the house. Some housemates are distracting the guards and the guards are not happy at the disrespect they are being show. Break time over and the prisoners are back peeling potatoes and singing.

During the next break, prisoners run for Contraband again, stashing it around the house while the prisoners in the garden flaunt the rules by smoking against the guards' orders. There is a chase and in frustration, Mark overturns a barrel of cut potatoes. Mark goes into the house and says he wants a party, but Toya sends him out of the bedroom.

Big brother announces the correctional labor program is now over and the prisoners and guards gather on the sofas. Big Brother says the housemates have successfully peeled enough potatoes, that this was not the real task. Everyone is laughing and pointing at Mark and Pauline. Big Brother explains how the prisoners had stolen a number of contraband items from the evidence room and hidden them in the house. It will now be the guards job to find where they have hidden the items. Whatever they find, they can keep for themselves as a reward. Whatever they don't find, the Prisoners get to keep.

Mark and Pauline begin searching the house as the prisoners try to guess what they have found and what remained hidden. Big Brother says that the prisoners successfully hid lipstick which wins them makeup, a ring which wins them donuts, exercise equipment, garden games, massage oil and a take away (takeout food) which they will receive later. Big Brother says congratulations housemates, you may now enjoy your new found freedom.

3:52pm Mark is feeling physic, Ash is pumping iron, and with the eviction looming, Toya is making amends with Christopher in the bedroom. She says I want you to stay . Mark tells Big Brother I seen a picture of Pauline and I fear she is out of here tonight. Big Brother says if Pauline isn't evicted tonight, would it make you question your abilities? Mark says it will make me question the brand of tea leaves that we got. I will probably get different tea bags on next week's shopping task. I never question my abilities cuz I am right all the time.

6:43pm Christopher , Marlon and Matthew are speculating about the next Power Trip. Matthew asks if them if they there will be a twist. They think it will be an eviction. Pauline has advice for Steven and says of Kimberly, I like her, you know, cuz she is my ninja, but be careful of Kimberly you know? In this game. I don't mean in life. Steven says she has made it quiet clear a couple of times that she is one of them people that she wouldn't and he has a strong feeling she has had to make some strong decisions.

9:24pm After 16 days in the Big brother house, housemates have been gathered to the sofas to find out the results of the public vote.

Big Brother house this is Emma. Ash Christopher , Jale, Marlon, Pauline and Steven, the viewers have spoken you fate is sealed. I can now reveal the housemates who are safe are...

Christopher and ash.

10:03pm It's eviction time and Pauline, having heard more boos earlier from the outside audience, says its OK, I have been true to myself.

Big brother house this is Emma. For the last 5 days the British public has been voting to evict and your fate is sealed. I can now tell you, the Housemate with the highest vote and the second to be evicted is...


Pauline says don't worry, don't worry, the chocolate is in the freezer. Marlon in the DR says she was the mom of the house. She cooked and cleaned for us and she is gonna be missed.

Some housemates are crying at the memory wall. Steven has come to the DR to tell Big Brother Pauline was special to him told him me a lot of things. I have a lot of respect for her, he says.

Big brother gathers housemates on the sofas for some big news. Yesterday the housemates cast their votes for the next Power Housemate and Big Brother reveals the results. Toya says she doesn't want this. Big Brother reveals the next Power Housemate is...


Big Brother tells Toya she is now the Power Housemate but she will not be alone. She must pick one other housemate to join her as a Power Couple. After thinking about it for a second, she chooses Matthew. Big Brother tells Matthew to take his place beside Toya. They must now exercise their Power and have 30 seconds to nominate another housemate to join Jale facing eviction next week. Toya pulls Matthew into the toilet and tells him she thinks it should be Christopher. Before Matthew can say anything, Big Brother orders them back to the living area to make their nomination. Matthew doesn't want to nominate anybody so Toya decides to nominate Christopher to face toe public vote.

Toya says I cant deal with this. Toya needs to explain to Christopher why they nominated him. Chris doesn't want to talk about it right away. Toya says I don't want to argue, I just wanted to explain to you but if you don't want it, I understand. She says she's not looking for an argument. He says he understands, they nominated him because they didn't think the house was good for him.

Housemates are sitting around the house talking about the new Power Couple. They seem to think Toya will do a good job with Matthew by her side. Kimberly and Helen have stolen a bottle of white wine and secret to the garden. They pour themselves glasses and then hide the half-empty bottle and say cheers. Steven and Ash come out with beers and Jale follows them out to ask if there is any white wine left. Helen says there isn't any out here and Jale leaves The four housemates make a toast to Pauline while Jale sits alone inside the house.

11:30pm Toya is talking to Ashleigh about putting Christopher up for eviction. Toya says when she lays her head on that pillow tonight she will have no regrets. Christopher tells Jale that he will talk to Toya tomorrow but not tonight. It's too soon. Jale says she understands - she felt the same way when Pauline gave her the Killer Nomination and then wanted to explain why right away.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 17: Saturday, June 21st, 2014 - The Hurricane

Previously, the 2nd housemate was evicted and the first Power Couple formed, then faced their first Powerful Decision. Tonight, housemates nominate, but there's a sting in the tail.

At 11:17am, the kids are not all right. The Power Couple Toya and Matthew call a house meeting, Toya saying that now that Pauline is gone and there is no one left to mother us, who is going to keep the house in shape? They talk about people who piss on the seat or leave a skit mark, or don't pull the plug out of the tub drain. Everyone needs to be responsible for themselves, Matthew says, and if you see something that needs doing, do it. And put food away covered in the fridge. They need to only use what they need in the kitchen. Toya says we need to lose the shopping task so people will appreciate the food they have instead of taking it for granted. Mark says we have to realize we are not living alone and be more considerate.

1:36pm and Winston is telling one of his stories when he was sleeping with a girlfriend and they started having sex in their sleep. Ash says you must have been half awake. Marlon says morning sex is the best. Matthew doesn't believe it. Steven is enjoying the new kitchen rules, says its much cleaner. Kimberly says everyone needs to put names on their plates.

Power Couple Matthew and Toya are called to the Control Room and introduced to Iris. Later today, the housemates will nominate but they will have the power to veto 3 of their housemates' nominations before they nominate. Matthew thinks who each of the other housemates might nominate. Toya wants to veto people who might get catty with their nominations. They consider who might nominate Danielle and select Ash, Steven and Marlon. It's not a friendship thing, Toya says. We're going to see people's true colors now.

2:12pm and the Power Couple is enjoying a Power Picnic in the Power Pod. Toya says they are a perfect couple together because they think alike, telling him what he needs to think so they'll get along. Toya and Matthew toast logic, Big Brother 2014 and the power to change things up. Logic over everything, they say, cheers!

Christopher is the first to nominate. His first nomination is Chris because he thinks he is was the Power Housemate and disrespected him by not admitting it. His second nomination is Marlon for his attitude to girls and how he describes his relationship with women. Winston nominates Danielle because she keeps turning up in conversations that are explicit and it's uncomfortable. Her second nomination is Kimberly for not getting fully involved in tasks and moaning about the house. Danielle nominates Chris because she's 99.99999% certain he was the Power Housemate and shortlisted her and she can't trust him. Her second nomination is for Ash for believing in the Big Bang Theory and that goes against Gd creating the world in 7 days.

3:22pm and the housemates are soaking up the sun in the garden when Winston, Ash and Marlon gang up for a triple-cannonball directed at Mark, who squeals like a doctor just gave him prostrate exam. He is stunned speechless as the boys laugh. They decide to give him a group hug which leaves him screaming again.

Kimberly nominates Chris for having an intolerance for various people in the house, making it sound they were below him. She also nominates Marlon for his sexist comments while she was working out and then laughed off her concerns when she tried to talk to him. Helen nominates Danielle because she came into the house to prove a point, that religious people can be glamour models rather than make friends and get to know other peoples' lives. Her second nomination is Chris for being emotionally detached from the other housemates.

Mark's first nomination is Chris for not offering input to group conversations and for not believing in his psychic abilities. His second nomination is Danielle because she's too slow coming out of her shell, she's not trying to understand other people's views and way of life. Her career and her faith don't add up, he says.

4:46pm and Helen is labeling her crockery with nail polish. Mark thinks Ashleigh is going to crack in the house. Ash carps on how Ashleigh was so concerned about people eating too many eggs and bacon when she doesn't eat either.

Jale's first nomination goes to Steven because she's noticed her whispering , she doesn't trust his miraculous change around her. The second nomination goes to Ash for his anti-social behavior, whispering behind her back, discussing people they hate. Chris's first nomination is Steve because he talks to him like a client rather than a person, he's an outsider among a group of interesting people. His second nomination is Winston, an amusing player but a bit vacant, like an empty car. He plays the simpleton and I think he's the biggest culprit for being messy, eating too much and other issues related to toilet activity.

Ashleigh nominates Ash because of his eating habits and for jumping on her when she called him out on the eggs and bacon. She also nominates Winston because he's the biggest culprit on the cleanliness issue in the bathroom. Things would be cleaner if he wasn't here and everyone else lets him get away with it.

With Ash, Steve and Marlon's nominations tossed out, Chris has 5 nomination votes, Danielle an Ash both have 3, and Winston, Steven and Marlon each have 2.

9"25pm and the lights dim over the sofas to announce who is nominated and joining Christopher and Jale in facing this week's public vote. The housemates up for eviction are Danielle and Ash and Chris and Marlon and Kimberly and Steven and Winston. The housemates are shocked and either everyone is up or it's going to be a double eviction. However, Big Brother says, earlier today, the Power Couple had the power of veto over 3 housemates' nominations.

The Power Couple chose to veto the nomination of Ash. You trying to get me out, he asks Toya and Matthew? No, Steven explains, it just means your nominations didn't count. Oh, Ash says. And, continues Big Brother, Steven and Marlon. As a result, one housemate will no longer face eviction. The housemate that has escaped eviction by the Power Couple's Power of Veto is Kimberly!

The lights come on as the housemates try to wrap their heads around what just happened. Toya goes on the offensive, saying she's glad this happened. Matthew says we thought it would be too predictable otherwise. They explain they felt they knew who would be up if those three's nominations were counted. The house is boring, Toya said, things needed to be changed up. Toya notes she and Matthew didn't get to vote.

Of everyone that was up you chose to save Kimberly, Ash notes. Steven says no, since they vetoed his, Ash and Marlon's votes, that means someone in that group voted for Kimberly and because ours is vetoed, she's safe. Toya tells everyone to calm the f*ck down before they explain anything. Who are you, Sylvester Stallone, Winston asks? You talking to me like that, Ash asks? Toya says she won't answer Winston and Ash has walked away.

Toya stands up and leans in, asking why he's taking it so personally? Because first they tell me I'm up for nomination and then that my nominations didn't count. We are all adults in this room. Toya says. Then don't tell me to calm the f*ck down. If you're going to speak to everyone, tell everyone... I have never, Toya says pointing her finger at Ash, disrespected you. You just did right there. Don't you ever, I spoke to everybody! You disrespected everybody, Ash responds, not backing down. I'm not going to have a conversation with you, Toya says, crossing her arms, I'm a pr*ck so I'm just going to f*ck off.

Do you think it's comfortable to have to explain ourselves to everybody, Toya shouts. No one asked you to, Ash says. Danielle is up by Toya's side and Marlon literally has Ash's back while the rest of the housemates sit watching the spectacle. You need to calm down, Toya repeats animatedly because I'm not going to explain myself to you. Then ask me to calm down, Ash lectures, don't tell me to calm the f*ck down. Because you called us pr*cs! I called you a pr*ck after you said that. I have never called you a name in this house, Toya claims.

Why you raising your voice, Winston interjects. You need to calm down as well, Toya tells him. I'm very calm, he says, you're the one that's shouting. Toya turns to Matthew who hasn't said a word and says don't even explain it. I'm not explaining it and you shouldn't either. Helen says people don't understand what's happening. Shall I tell you why you three, Toya asks Ash? Ash and Winston are still upset that Toya told them all to calm the f*ck down before anyone had even asked her to explain the Power Couple's decision.

You accused us of saving Kimberly, Toya says to Ash. No I didn't, Ash says, forgetting that he actually did. Ash explains that what he was asking is if they got the choice to pick the three housemates whose nominations they vetoed to save a specific person. Helen says it did sound like you were trying to understand the power. That may be true, Toya tells Helen, but all I said was everyone needs to calm the f*ck down. No, Ash says, you shouted it to me and my friends. So we're both wrong then, Toya says.

Steven gives Kimberly a comfort hug and Toya turns her attention to Winston, telling him not to pipe up now. Am I piping up, he asks, calm and seated. Don't take me for a mug, Toya shouts and Winston looks annoyed. F*ck off, he tells her, you're standing here shouting, what am I f*cking doing? At this point, Ashleigh gets between Toya and Winston, trying to calm her down and Helen tries to get Winston to back off as well. Helen grabs Toya by the arm and drags her out of the living area and into the toilet.

I'm not going to be mocked off by anyone, Toya yells at Helen in the toilet. I'm trying to explain, Helen shouts back, you were trying to explain your decision but Winston ruined all that. I'm not going to take the sh*t in this house, Toya says. I know, Helen says, I'm not saying you should. I'm just trying to take you away from that confrontation like you do with me.

Out in the living area, Marlon says as soon as I heard Ash's name I knew I would be next, 100% because that's predictable. Mark tries to calm him down. Ash says come on, I'm not going to be everyone's mate, right, but at the end of the day you have to cancel 3 people's nominations, you cancel three people so all that is left is people who don't like us, you were basically trying to get us nominated.

Matthew finally speaks up and says they thought everyone was going to nominate Chris because they suspect he was the secret Power Housemate and then we thought Danielle would be another scapegoat. That's why. He says this way they thought everyone would have a fair chance. Ash seems to accept Matthew's explanation but Winston is still upset, saying next week she won't be the Power Housemate and the house doesn't need a big shakeup. She's an idiot, she needs a f*cking shakeup.

In the toilet, Ashleigh has joined Helen and Toya who is still upset. She says no men in her life call her a pr*ck. Out in the garden with Ash, Steven and Winston, Marlon is finally getting vocal, saying that its the fact that people they thought were their friends canceled their nominations. Steven agrees its bollox. And then she started standing up and shouting, Marlon continues, they're trying to put the nail in our coffin. Ash said Matthew and Toya wanted us up, it's simple as that. They pretended to be our mates and they think it's OK. Ash said I just said to Matthew if I stay I'll vote you next.

9:59pm and Toya hasn't stopped in the half hour since nominations were revealed. Tell Ash to not talk to her again, she tells everyone in listening distance. No apologies. How dare he call me a pr*ck! Is he mental? Even if I saved Kimberly over him, who the f*ck are you? That guy Ash is mad! Everyone now has seen everyone's colors, and that's what me and Matthew wanted to happen. They're focusing on the wrong thing, Toya continues, me and Matthew didn't even get to vote. How stupid are they?

[i'd say Toya is showing some true color herself with this tirade. -- Morty]

Jale starts to speak but Toya interrupts. Everyone has seen Winston's true colors, he's playing a game, he's here to win. Open your eyes! Ash is a bully too!

[Why did Toya come onto the show? Of course it's a game and of course everyone's playing to win. --- Morty]

Danielle says the way Ash stood up to her was absolutely scary, that's how he treats women. Take a deep breath, Jale says. I'm not going to be intimidated by no one in this house, Toya continues without taking any breath. You can't speak to women like that, Danielle says, you just can't. Toya says telling everyone to calm the f*ck down was not disrespectful. I'm not taking sh*t here.

Big Brother calls Toya to the DR. You're calling the wrong person, she says, marking to the stairs. They're calling a drama queen, Winston says. Oh STFU, Winston, she shouts from the steps, we've see your true colors, not uh, uh, uh, I'm Winston. You don't even have any respect for yourself, p*ssing all over the toilet seat like a barbaric animal. Toya is in the DR and Winston gets the last word (for now): We've seen her true colors now, have we.

In the DR, Big Brother wants her to take a couple minutes. She's angry that people in the house like Ash and Winston will back her into a corner where she has to defend herself. She doesn't need to call people names because she's educated, she can speak like an educated person, the word pr*ck is not in her vocabulary. The day Ash apologizes is the day I pack my bags and get out of here because I'll blow like Hurricane Toya. People need to wise up, she says. Anyone who crosses me now is getting it.

Being a Power Housemate is a responsibility these people don't get. You are in charge of what happens, who possibly leaves and everyone has a story and comes here for a reason. It's not a popularity contest, she cries, not my gang's more popular than yours. If I have done anything, me and Matthew, it's bringing the truth to the forefront. I refused to be kicked, I refused to be shout at, I refuse to be goaded. Either these people part with it or they leave.

10:26pm finds Steven, Kimberly, Mark, Ash, Winston, Marlon and Helen in the garden. Steven says I never really understood until tonight that it's a game. Matthew and Toya sat in the pod watching everyone in the garden. Who was in the garden? Ash was, Winston says. Exactly, Steven says. A decision's been made at the end of the day, I don't dislike Matthew or Toya as people, but I believe they've made a massively huge mistake and as a result, and as a result, it will probably be me going home instead of someone else more insignificant who won't make the same contributions to the house.

Helen thinks there was a bigger reason it but when Winston shouted at Toya... I didn't shout, Winston says. Listen, Helen pats his arm, you said that remark to her and she got her back up. Matthew and Toya are walking through the empty living area past the garden. They're all out there talking sh*t about us, he says, I'm not even going out there. They cut through the garden and climb the spiral steps to the Pod. Down below in the garden, Marlon says no one is above me here who can talk to me that way. Marks spots the Power Couple and walks over, asking if they are OK. She's not in a good mood, Matthew say. I'm all right, Toya says and invites him to join them upstairs.

Helen tries again to say that Winston wasn't necessarily in the wrong, but Toya was about to give her reasons and I thought the reasons would have been better... Marlon says she should have been silent and given us 5 minutes instead of telling us to calm the f*ck down. Up in the Pod, Toya says Marlon STFU. You need to STFU, Marlon calls up from below. If I don't, what will you do about it, she shouts down, stop being a sheep. Mark tries to take her arm and pull her away from the pod window but she doesn't budge. All you do is talk sh*t, Marlon says, you're a fake. You just shown your true f*cking colors, you pr*ck, he yells. And if I don't, what will you do?

I'm not going to do anything, he says, I'm not going to play that game. You are a child, Marlon, she shouts. What would you do if I don't shut up, he says to the others, do you see the games she's playing? You're embarrassing, Toya says, be a leader and stop being a mouse. Helen tries to calm Marlon down. Did you just see that, he says. Big Brother calls Marlon to the DR. Find a mirror, Toya calls out as he heads into the house. You're a fake, he shouts back. The only thing they seem to agree in is they both showed their true colors tonight.

With Marlon gone and the Power Couple sitting in their Power Pod above the other housemates in the garden, Toya says the greatest thing is and what people aren't understanding is we didn't even get to nominate.

[i think Christopher would have a bone to pick with that statement. -- Morty]

In the DR, Big Brother tells Marlon he was called up to give himself a few minutes to calm down. Marlon says Toya just put her "pals" up for nomination. She's not stupid, she knows what she's doing, You gave her the power and she's gone ape-sh*t! Who does she think she is?

Outside, Toya continues to say that they didn't get to nominate, it was their friends who nominated them. But you took our nominations away, Winston says. I'm not even listening to you, Winston, Toya says, you have no respect for yourself or for me. No respect for myself? You're such a drama queen standing there shouting at everyone, who do you think you are? Ash invites her to come down and talk about it but she says no, I tried to before. Winston points out she's sitting in the Power House up there. Next week is she going to be Power Housemate?

My life doesn't begin and end in Big Brother, Toya says. Winston and Ash say they also have lives outside Big Brother. This doesn't dictate the kind of person I am, darling, she says, so believe me, when it's my time to go, I will leave gracefully. I don't believe you, Winston says, you talk sh*t. I'm not going to be backed into a corner, Toya says. Because I'm standing up for myself, Winston asks? If you think you can do it, keep trying because I'll keep defending myself.

12:42am and Toya, Jale, Ashleigh and Danielle are in the kitchen. Tell Marlon I said he's a sheep, Toya tells them. I'm not going to tell him that, Jale says. My only prayer, Toya says not hearing Jale, is that my friends out there understand he's a twat. When he comes out of here, he's a no one. I'm somebody. Of course I'm not going to tell him that, Jale says, what do you want, World War III? We've already had World War III, Danielle says. What can he do, Toya asks, that little piece of sh*t.

In the bedroom, Mark says to Ash, people I have connections with I understand where they're coming from. He says Ash, Matthew and Helen are his best mates here and Toya's not far off. I'm not going to get along with everybody but I can't respect and understand why they made that decision. Because it can't be understood, Ash says. What was supposed to be fair about it, Mark wonders. Helen says they should have picked from different groups. Ash says they should have picked all the boring c*nts, simple as that. But they should have mixed it up, Helen says.

Standing at the light box wall with Matthew and Ashleigh, Toya says I don't mind being public enemy #1. Sometimes you have to kill people with kindness, and me laughing will hurt them more. People forget we're still Power Housemate. I'll f*ck them up with my power. If I could evict them now, Matthew adds, I would. Apparently I'm a b*tch, Toya says, so I should act like it. She laughs maniacally.

Ash says if I don't go and one of my mates does, I'll have enemies then, actual enemies.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 18: Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 - Die By The Sword

Previously, the Power Couple tore the house asunder. Tonight, tension intensifies and Big Brother drops a bombshell, and all hell breaks loose!

10:06am. The Housemates are slowly waking up after last night' s drama. Toya in the Diary Room she says she doesn't know how she feels this morning - disappointed, upset, disgusted. She says if Marlon stays in this house on Friday, I will be leaving the house because I can not live with someone as barbaric and disgusting as that. I refuse to share a home with such a person, someone instead of being raised was dragged up. You roll with pigs, you get flies. Winston is just a lost cause, this is a person that p*sses all over the toilet. He's not even worth oxygen. I can't be bothered with him. There is no opportunity for reconciliation between myself, Marlon, Ash and Winston.

Matthew is justifying his decision to Winston, explaining they tried to keep some balance. Well there's no balance now, Winston observes. No, Matthew agrees, but better to have only 3 people mad at you than all six. It should be fair at the end of the day, he says. In the garden, Ash says it was a stupid, reckless decision. Mark says they didn't think. No, agrees Ash. It's like a decision the public would make because they don't have any emotional attachment to any of us. Ash says they want only boring people to be left. Just because they're different doesn't mean they're boring, Mark says. They don't smoke, Ash says, they don't drink, they don't move or go in the pool, they just sit down and breath air.

Jale joins them. At the end of the day, Ash says, Matthew and Toya have the choice of either counseling their so-called mates or the people they don't want to speak to. Mark says Toya is mates with nearly everyone. Well she clearly isn't mates with me, Ash says. Back in the DR, Toya complains that when Marlon was shouting his profanities, Ash didn't say anything. He won't even get an opportunity to apologize. Not going to happen and if that makes her a b*tch, not nice, horrible, so be it. I claim those names. I get to write the ending of my own story.

10:41am Toya tells Mark that usually when she goes to bed she goes right to sleep but last night she just cried. She says she's disgusted but not angry. She's worried about how her family will respond. I refuse to live with people like that. Ash and Marlon are in the bedroom talking about how bad Toya is. Ash and Marlon walk through the garden and Toya says I can't even look at them, it makes me sick.

Jale tells them to not let other people's projections ruin the experience for him. Toya says it won't. Toya tells Jale and Matthew she will never take yesterday back because we all know what everyone is about now. It's not about taking back, Jale says, it's about moving forward or you'll go crazy in here. People will never listen to your side of the story... I'm not offering it, Toya interrupts. In the kitchen, Steven says I'm all right with it, I don't care. Winston wonders why Toya is kissing Jale's ass now. She never spent time with Jale before.

Marlon repeats what Toya just said as he walked through the garden that she couldn't even look at them they are disgusting. Ash says if she wants to go down that route I will go there. Marlon says she's trying to make herself (Toya) look like a victim now. Steven says he's more disappointed with Matthew than Toya. I would have thought he wouldn't put me out to grass like this. Marlon says he's not going to let someone talk to him like that and he's not allowed to talk back because he's a boy

[He's 30 years old but has told his housemates he's 22 -- Morty].

11:17am Toya and Chris are talking about Helen in the garden. Toya said Helen told her yesterday that she needed to forget Winston and make up with Ash. Chris says Ash isn't disposable to her. She needs numbers or she hasn't got anything. It's West Side Story in here. In the bathroom washing socks in the tub, Ashleigh tells Danielle that Helen is disgusting and she heard her talk about Danielle that's she had no class. Danielle laughs it off. In the kitchen, Steven wants to know what the public's reaction is to everyone, not everyone has gotten a reaction. Mark thinks Winston is underestimated. Mark says if someone leaves that I like I will be mad but I don't want blame Toya and Matthew, they're my mates. I feel targeted by them and I don't like it, Steven says.

12:05pm The Power Couple have been called to the Power Control Room. They are told that 8 housemates have been nominated this week, and later today they will be given the Power to save one og these housemates. As Jale received a killer nomination and Christopher received your Power Nomination, they can not be saved, But you may choose to save either Ash, Chris, Danielle, Marlon, Steven or Winston. To help make the decision Big Brother shows them the housemates' profiles. Toya calls Winston's VT pathetic.

In the garden Jale is giving Ash, Winston and Marlon some advice. You are never going to get 16 people in the house that are going to get along together. There are ups and downs, and I'm not going to let myself get bothered by it. That's just me. Ash says I don't think people are thinking about it really. In the Power Control Room, the Power Couple are watching Danielle's profile and Toya says she's completely different there than she is in the house, she's honest in the house. Toya says she's going to vomit before she even sees Marlon's VT and the two mock him as they watch.

2:27pm In order for Toya and Matthew to decide which housemate they want to save later, Big Brother has provided them with ear pieces and a secret screen up in the Power Pod for them to eavesdrop on the housemates. First up they are spying on Danielle who is talking to Ashleigh about Helen. Don't say let sleeping dogs lie, Danielle says, then 2 weeks later hold a grudge. Up in the Power Pod, Toya says Danielle has lost herself from the VT to know, two different people.

Next they turn their attention to Helen, who says she is with boring people. Matthew thinks the public he is desperate to get rid of her, probably the most hated, easy to dislike. Matthew says Helen is lying when she says she's worried Steven will go. Toya says we might need to save Steven. Matthew says I think we should. They next watch Marlon who Matthew says is fat. He and Helen are eating oranges and Marlon tells Helen to not choke, b*tch. Wow, Toya says, Helen didn't say a thing. I wash my hands of her. Matthew wants to take her free pass, she needs to feel an edge, be on the receiving end.

Finally Toya And Matthew listen to Ash and Mark. Ash can't believe Toya's walking around like that, she's disgusting. Mark mentions what Toya said earlier that Marlon overheard. I can feel myself going off, Ash says. Don't, cautions Mark. I'll regret it, Ash says. Toya and Matthew laugh. Matthew says Marlon is just a twat and he has less respect for him now than he did anyway. Matthew says how do we go about deciding and Toya says I don't care what they think , I just don't care.

8:44pm Jale ask Kimberly what is going on with her and Steven? Kimberly says nothing. Jale asks if she's going to date him? Kimberly says I don't know. I like him, I do like him but I don't want to put a label on it and I don't want to pretend that I have known him for, like, years when it has only been 2 weeks. Danielle gets up and walks off and Jale says I don't get it. Kimberly says I don't either. That was my first friend when I walked in here. It's all gone t*ts up, Jale says.

Toya tells Ash she feels like they need to have a conversation because she has been angry with him. She says she wanted to explain yesterday that she felt intimidated to everybody but mostly to him. She says she was hearing things everywhere and all she said was everyone calm the f*ck down. She should have told everyone else they didn't deserve an explanation and just talked to him privately. Ash says he just felt like He was close to Toya and Matthew and he felt he was f*cked over. Toya says I am sorry you felt that way and I have to accept that you feel that way and that fine but for me it can never be obvious that those people would would nominate you. He says it was illogical for her to take away his nominations. Toya says no, it was logical.

9:30pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates for an announcement. Steven says he's dreading those lights and then the lights dim for nominations.

This is Big brother. Ash, Chris, Christopher, Danielle, Jale, Marlon, Steven and Winston you will face eviction from the Big brother house this week. However earlier today the Power Couple Toya and Matthew were told that they have the Power to save one of the housemates currently facing eviction. The only housemates that can not be saved are Jale, who faces eviction every week, and Christopher, who is the Power Nomination. Matthew and Toya, stand up and name the person that want to save.

Matthew says Steven you are saved from the vote because I feel like you need more time to prove yourself because of what happened on Friday and I don't feel like you deserve to be up. Steven gets up to give them both a cuddle.

Big Brother says : Toya and Matthew that was your last decision as the Power Couple. Your reign of Power is now over but with that comes consequences.

Toya says put me up. Lets just get this done and over with.

Big Brother says : Steven stand up. You are now safe this week but it comes with a price. You must now choose Toya or Matthew to face eviction this week along their fellow housemates.

Steven says he is basing this decision on what he believes is the public's perception of this person is. There's a dispute that happened yesterday and the main two people are you, Toya, and Marlon. Based on that and the conversation we had earlier, the person I pick is you. Toya hugs him, says he doesn't have to explain.

Big Brother says the nominations are now finalized and the Housemates facing the public vote this week are: Ash, Chris, Christopher, Danielle, Jale, Marlon, Winston and Toya.

9:38pm Jale asking if Marlon and Winston expected that. Winston says no, I wasn't expecting that. Marlon is thrilled. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Now we'll see come Friday, he says. Toya says if Marlon doesn't leave Friday then she is leaving. Helen says you are not going to get voted. Ashleigh says she'll be here a long time. Marlon gives Steven a congratulations hug. He heads to the garden and does cartwheels, chanting f*ck that b*tch. Ash tries to calm him down. Helen heads outside and says Toya's taking it on the chin and Ashleigh's talking to her and just STFU.

In the living area Toya says they think this gets to me, but I have a life, I have my own show in Nigeria. Marlon needs this to be validated like his friends are. They are all celebrities and he's not. His biggest problem is arrogance, chronic arrogance, I actually feel sorry for him. What's the worst thing that can happen, I'm telling him. Matthew explains to Christopher, Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh that they saw everyone's TVs. Not Christopher's, just the ones they could save. Matthew assures Danielle her VT was good.

In the garden, Mark warns Toya to not say anything she'll regret. She says we heard everything this afternoon up there *in the Power Pod). If something's going to kick off, Mark says, don't say it. But it's the truth, Toya says. We heard everything that was discussed this afternoon. We had earpieces and a screen and we heard every single thing said. I'm glad, Winston says. You didn't say anything interesting, Toya slams. Marlon, I know you need this to validate you, you need an audience to validate you, but darling, you are going about it the wrong way and you need to grow up.

Marlon we can't comment on your profile because it was embarrassing. You're embarrassing, Marlon says, you look embarrassing. I'm not even going to go there. Look in the mirror. You want validation because all your friends are successful, Toya says, you're just so confused it's embarrassing. And you're stable, he says? You're clearly not stable. That's fine, you are a bore, Toya you are a bore. You have no vocabulary so you can't talk. You want to go personal, we'll go personal. You don't know the truth, you're true colors are coming out. Toya says yeah ok. Mark says you don't have to be best mates just leave it alone. At 22yrs old, Toya says, I already had a law degree. It speaks for itself, really.

10:24pm Mark in Kitchen says if he was on a train and I saw a fellow shout at a woman like that, I would say something. Kimberly tries to calm him down but Mark says that's my big thing, you don't talk to women like that. Jale tells Marlon in the garden to stay strong with us. She says to not respond to her and it will drive her further out of control. Toya tells Danielle she cried watching her VT. Toya says I feel like you lost yourself, when you first come in you had that spark and you've lost yourself. Danielle is crying too, with Ashleigh draped over her. You have to be you, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone. Stand up for your principles because that's what you believe in. Where is she, you've got to find her. You need to find her because these people will eat you alive.

11:15pm Ash is talking about the division in the house with Matthew, Marlon, Chris and Christopher. He says when he walks in the room with the girls they stop talking. They say they're victimized but he can't feel victimized. Helen is in the bedroom talking to Toya that Toya responded to her differently than the other girls and thought Toya has a problem with her. Toya says Helen stop. Helen says no, I am sorry I have to say this but I feel like I was treated a bit differently today. Mark walks in and then leaves. Helen says he gave her space today while other people were up her ass. Toya tells Helen to calm down.

Helen gets up and to go the toilet. Helen says I made the biggest mistake, I wanted to talk to yourself about today's behavior. Toya says Helen calm down and Helen says you treated me different today and you know you did. Calm down, Helen, Toya says. I don't have to calm down. Yes you do, Toya insists, we're having a conversation. You treated me differently, Helen says finally making it to the toilet for a wee, and you know you did.

Toya follows her into the toilet. Stop acting like a princess, she says and the two continue their argument in the toilet. Danielle is trying to understand what Helen was saying about them licking Toya's ass. What's the arse lickers about, she asks? Obviously us, Ashleigh explains, we're the only 2 that's been speaking to her today. She's disgusting, Danielle says. She's right, Ashleigh says.

In the toilet, Toya explains to Helen that "they" decided to put them up against each other, and you allowed it. I didn't see it that way, Helen says. Maybe I'm stupid, maybe I don't see the things the way you did. Out in the bedroom, Ashleigh and Danielle call Helen a nutter, it's said they say. Toya tells Helen they see your snide remarks and the things you say, you have to be careful.

On the TV I was watching, I was so disappointed in you, if you were doing it to me, I can handle myself but some people can't. Stop allowing people to suck you into a situation where you're doing things and snapping and your face is fixated. I've always been like that, Helen says. Stop allowing people to use you to fight their battles. I saw Danielle's VT and she's a confident woman who doesn't care what other people think. But her star has dampened so much. I told her I don't know who she is. The reason she's changed is because of you, that's what people are seeing. Stop it, Helen.

12:37am Toya is still talking about Helen to Danielle and Ashleigh and says she to see her VT, she has to say it to her. She has to stop letting them lot use her to fight their battles. She looks like the leader but is really their disposable person. In the Kitchen, Helen is sounding off about Danielle. I get along better with boys better than I do girls you know why because I find girls sly b*tches.

Kimberly says but she doesn't understand that and Helen says bullocks when does anyone understand how I feel? Ash says but everyone can't keep sticking up for Danielle just because everyone else is louder than her. That's not what I mean, Kimberly says. Helen says maybe she should start talking about why she reacts the way she does. Don't change who you are, Kimberly says, or try to justify who you are. She has these beliefs, Helen says of Danielle, I have beliefs too. Do I sit there and bore everyone talking about it? No I don't.

Danielle peeks in from the bedroom and returns, telling Chris, Toya and Ashleigh that they're going off again, Helen and Ash. She says I don't know if they're talking about me again or what. Toya says what do you mean she is going off again? She's shouting her head off. Toya says I can't save everybody. Nobody tells her the truth and she thinks they are all her friends. I spoke to her, told her what it is. She looks like a maniac. She's obviously relayed all that information back, Danielle says.

Toya says I told her she was the reason Danielle is different from her VT. You didn't, says Chris. I did because no one else is going to tell her. I would be mortified if a friend of mine told me all those things, Chris says. When you have a big personality, when you say it how it is, when you're strong, you have a responsibility to be extra cautious about the people around you. It goes with the territory. A moral responsibility, Chris says, I abide by that exact rule. Toya says she need to get a f*cking grip.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 19: Monday, June 23rd, 2014 - Trust Me Not

Previously, Hurricane Toya wreaked havoc. Tonight, housemates learn to trust each other but can things ever be the same again?

9:31am After another night of high drama, it's a somber morning in the house. Toya asks Mark if he did the tea leaves today and Mark says absolutely, what she needs to know? If I am going on Friday, Toya says Mark says yeah, but your not going home. Toya says oh please, Mark. Marlon and Ash are wrapped in blankets. Marlon asks Matthew how he feels waking up? Matthew says he just can't believe the events of yesterday but he feels lucky.

Helen is alone in the garden crying. Danielle has gone to the Diary Room to speak with Big Brother, saying she feels emotionally and physically tired. She says she had a conversation with Toya last night that really put things into perspective. I just feel like there are to many vindictive people in here and I just feel like a caged bird. I really do. Big Brother ask her which housemate has upset her and she says she can't say. She can't understand why they put nasty people in here! That's what I don't understand, she says. Danielle feels like Helen is taking Kimberly from her.

Matthew ,Toya, Jale, and Ashleigh are talking about Helen. Toya says everyone else can say, yeah Helen is a certain way and she behaves badly. The things she has done, the comments, the remarks aren't things that I wouldn't say. They are disgraceful but the people that sit around and facilitate that are equally as bad as her. Jale agrees they just as bad. Matthew agrees also. Jale says she's getting annoyed at herself for giving Helen a chance up till a couple of days ago. Toya says she's writing her off and not going to try any more because that's bullsh*t. We have to live in the same house together and actually she's unbalanced.

Steven goes to the garden to talk with Helen. Steven ask what's wrong and Helen says she is just fed up. He ask why and Helen says she just feels like sh*t, is p*ssed off and feels like she can't be herself. Ash has joined Helen and Steven along with Kimberly. Helen says It's certain people so I don't see how it is going to work. I don't have to put up with this sh*t at all, I don't need to have this crap every time I say something. I don't want to have to think. I just feel like I am never gonna get a chance here with certain people but I have to give then a chance. She says it works both ways. Kimberly says it isn't fair though. Steven tells Helen she can't let herself be put in that situation. Ash tells her that no one expects her to be friendly with everyone.

Helen says a few times she has tried talking to a couple of people in this house and it is like talking to a piece of sh*t and getting nothing in return. They do not speak to me and that's fine, they don't drink and they don't swear but when I do it, I'm a b*tch.

11:53am Kimberly is getting ready for the day with Toya and asks if Toya is glad she is no longer in power? Toya says I think I am more happy about my nomination to be honest. Kimberly is surprised she is all happy. Sure I am, Toya says, you think I want to stay in this house any more? Of course I don't. Kimberly says she didn't know how Toya felt about being up for nomination. Toya confirms she's happy about it.

Winston and Marlon are trying out some new exercise. Marlon picks Winston up sitting on his shoulder and does squats. Mark sitting on sofa repeats saying this is a bad idea. Inside the house, Danielle tells Ashleigh that she and Helen are done and she will never speak to her again.

12:21pm While Danielle joins Kimberly for a core workout, Helen tells Toya about Danielle. Helen says she told Danielle that she isn't going to sit around and be friendly but she will be just polite like, but at the same time she has to save herself from looking like something that she's completely not and she doesn't deserve that. Kimberly tells Danielle in the kitchen that she has to understand, they (Toya and Helen) put all their cards on the table and they make fun of each other all the time, that's how they bond with people.

Ashleigh is complaining about Helen to Toya. I am going to have to smack her, I swear, she says, I need to give her a shake. Toya says for some people, being a good friend is telling them the truth. But you've got to let people make their own decisions, Ashleigh. Danielle says if she stays, she is going to be up every week. Kimberly says stop saying that! Danielle says its true and Kimberly says that's speculation.

2:48pm Danielle, Mark and Christopher have been called to the Diary Room as part of today's memory task. Big Brother tells them they are on lock down while Big Brother conducts Ashleigh, Winston and Ash's memory test in controlled conditions. Big Brother will show them a series of random flashing numbers from 1 to 15. All their partners have to remember are 3 green numbers. However the memory test is a lot of rubbish. All Ashleigh, Winston and Ash have to do is to use their powers of persuasion to try to convince their partners to trust them and keep playing the game. The rest of the house is in on it too.

First up to play is Christopher. He thinks the three numbers that his partner Ashleigh is trying to remember corresponds with three hard boiled eggs, but of course there aren't any hard boiled eggs. Ashleigh tells Christopher the test was really hard. Christopher says I am shaking. Ashleigh tells him number 9 and Christopher cracks it over his head and it is a raw egg. 7 is a raw egg, 11 is a raw egg, 13 is a raw egg. All the housemates are laughing as Christopher slaps egg after egg over his head. Ashleigh says oh sorry, everybody. Big Brother says Ashleigh has failed her memory test.

Next is Danielle who must search for non-existent tokens at the bottom of 15 bowls of stinky fish porridge guided by a very forgetful Ash. He says we got this, Danielle and first number is 9. Wearing goggles, she sticks her whole head into the bucket but can't see anything. The next number is 15. Same result. Ash says just do 6, 7, and 8 and lets do this! Big Brother informs Ash he has failed his memory test.

Last to go is Mark, who's journey to find the 3 tanks filled with pink glitter is guided by Winston. Winston starts with number 7 and Mark sits down and gets gunged with pink slime. He squealed like a stuck pig. The next is number 6, then 9, then 13 as housemates are laughing as Mark courageously and repeatedly gets gunged. Winston has failed his memory test. Winston says sorry man, putting an insufficient clean towel on his shoulder. Mark says don't even talk to me.

Big Brother says all three housemates failed their memory test, however it can now be revealed that this was not the real task. This was, in fact, a test of trust. As housemates trusted their partners, Big Brother will deliver a reward later today. The housemates all cheer.

[They may have trusted before, but will they still trust after this? -- Morty]

4:18pm Toya tells Matthew she knows why she get angry. It's because in everyday life, I wouldn't even give an audience to people like this but here I am stuck. Matthew says he knows. Toya says if Marlon calls her a b*tch one more time, she will verbally destroy him. In the bathroom Kimberly and Danielle are talking about Steven. Danielle says she hasn't seen Steven be overly smushy with you but Kimberly says yes, he does. You just never see it, but he is like always with Toya and Ashleigh. Danielle says I don't care as long as he treats you right I don't care. Kimberly says I don't know how I feel. I do really like him, though.

The boys are analyzing this weeks eviction odds. Marlon says either he will get booted or she (Toya) will get booted after all the arguments this week.

5:39pm Danielle tells Ashleigh about her earlier chat with Kimberly, that Steven has been affectionate with Kimberly but she never sees it so it must be after dark when they go to bed. He is either affectionate or a drunk one.

In the DR, Toya tells Big Brother that when when she said Hurricane Toya was brewing, well Hurricane Toya has arrived. There was no destruction just some superficial damage. Marlon needs to be taken a peg or two down. He verbally abused me with words that are only described as disgusting, Toya says, my mom raised me to defend myself without having to use profanity to do it and that's what I did yesterday. I lowered myself to his level because sometimes you have use the language that people understand and Hurricane Toya was willing to do that yesterday. I went down to his level and spoke his language and I hurt him and he was upset. That is the same way he tried to make me feel . I think it is safe to say that Marlon came out of hurricane Toya scared. Hurricane Toya has subsided.

9:31pm Housemates are enjoying a drink in the garden and talking about their favorite films. Toya talks about how good Danielle was in the profile video she saw yesterday, how sweet she was and how that's the girl she wants to see now.

10:50pm Chris and Ashleigh are talking about Winston in the kitchen, Chris says he is sweet to him. Some of the housemates are talking about their future and having a family. Inn the Diary Room, Matthew says Danielle has had an extra glass of champagne. Steven wants to know what Kimberly is thinking. He gives her a hug and cuddles with her and gives her a peck on the cheek. She pulls away and rolls her eyes, then asks if she was rude. Yes, he says, your rude. Steven tells her she has to let other people in, that she has to trust.

11:26pm Christopher and Toya are shaking their thangs as they dance in front of the mirrors. Danielle is in the garden trying to smoke. She doesn't get it. Kimberly takes it away from her and says I am not going to let you do that. Mark is telling some of the housemates about his life. He has had a lot of respect from people about his sexual orientation. Danielle tells Winston about her ideal relationship. She says guys like the sentimental stuff. When she is 30 she is going to retire.

11:58pm Jale, Kimberly, and Danielle are making a plan. Jale says we crawl to the door, then we open the door and run out in swim suits. They run and jump in the pool. Ash calls out to Jale to put some of that water back in the pool and Marlon laughs. One buy one the guys and girls change into their suits and get in the pool and splash around laughing. All except Toya, Ashleigh and Matthew who are just watching and then head to the kitchen for something to eat before the others get hungry and take all the food. Matthew says at least Danielle and Jale are having fun.

12:37am The girls are taking showers in the bathroom, but for the boys the pool party is still going on. Steven says Marlon has got his eye on Danielle. Marlon says no he doesn't. Then he adds, yeah, I could I feel like I could crack that nutcracker as the boys laugh. Helen is in the Diary Room saying she has a nice night with Danielle tonight and had a fun time. Tomorrow when we wake up, she says, I will be one of the first to speak to Danielle about tonight because I want her to feel included not excluded.

1:12am Helen tells the housemates that Danielle actually, liked, opened up tonight. Steven agrees. Helen says I respect that about her, she actually talked. Helen says she thinks certain other people drag her down. Marlon says 100% and Helen says like Ashleigh.

Ashleigh and Toya are not happy what happened in the pool. Ashleigh says I thought about my boyfriend when they was all grabbing each other in there and Toya agrees. Kimberly tells Danielle that Ashleigh is influenced by Toya, saying Ashleigh is a very smart girl and shouldn't be influenced by Toya like that. Kimberly and Danielle hug and then off to bed for the night as they tell everyone goodnight.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 20: Tuesday, June 24th, 2014 - Formal Warning

Previously a house divided. Tonight, it's all out war.

9:57am Last night, Helen, Ash, Kimberly and Marlon tried to add some powder to the hair dryers. BB warns them to not mess with electrical appliances. Mark is called to the Diary Room and told Big Brother cannot turn on the hair appliances this morning due to safety concerns with the tampered devices. Oh My Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, Mark squeals. I'm going to kill every one of them, he swears. They wouldn't smash Danielle's rosary beats, would they, or set fire to Marlon's hideous denim and leather jacket. But they do this to me and we're supposed to be mates!

Mark runs to the bedroom, furious, says he has to walk around like a nob-head for the next 4 days because of them. The other housemates find his hysterics hysterical. He marches around the house with his chest puffed out, then collapses on the sofa and lets out a cry.

11:07am and the housemates are ready to start this week's shopping task, testing a theory that great housemates think alike. They are going to test the theory, summoning 3 housemates at a time to Big Brother's Mind Lab where they will sit in a soundproof booth and asked yes or no questions. If housemates all answer yes, they earn 10 points. If they all answer no, they earn 5 points. But if they split the answer, they earn no points. At the end of the task, if the number of points exceeds the number locked in Big Brother's the Brain Box, they pass the task.

First up are Matthew, Kimberly and Ash. The first question is whether they will twerk it. They all say yes and the living area lights up green. Now all they have to do is twerk it. In their flower-covered male briefs and female bikinis. Danielle is cheering loudest of the girls. Ash really gets into it and Kimberly shakes it hard.

12:15pm Helen is grooming Steven with Matthew giving her advice. Steven jokes to Mark he should let Helen give her a trim. Mark says there are a lot of things he's subjected to and he's having a laugh and all that but he can't have a nice conversation looking like this. He knows he's being selfish, but if the back of me sides grows out and my top stands up, I'm going to look ridiculous and I'll have to go home.

Helen is the topic of Toya and Ashleigh in the bedroom, with Toya stating she has no respect for her. She's an absolute mouthpiece, Ashleigh agrees, I would enjoy my time so much more if she wasn't here. Her and Ash. Chis enters the room as Toya tells Ashleigh that when she leaves here, the only people she'll say goodbye to is Ashleigh, Chris and Danielle. And Christopher. The rest I won't even touch. I would tear sh*t up, Ashleigh says, if I had the power. You got to get there before Ash, Chris tells her. Ash is literally drooling, he says, he keeps saying give me the power. He's so desperate to have it but can't get it if he's nominated. If Helen weren't here, Chris continues, it would lift a lot. She's on the edge, that one, Toya says, she's done herself no favors whatsoever.

2:18pm and it's time for Marlon, Ash and Winston to take part in Big Brother's mind experiment with the question, would you like to see which housemates nominated you? All three laughing, they pound their green YES button repeatedly and enthusiastically long after the 10 second window is over. They earn the points and return to the house where Big Brother plays the nomination clips for all the housemates, starting with Ashleigh's nomination of Winston for being messy in the toilet. They all watch as Chris calls Winston pretty vacant, like an abandoned car. Winston defends himself, saying he cleans up behind.

Next the housemates see Toya nominating Marlon for having his hands down his pants in the morning. Christopher nominates Marlon but his attitude to girls is hurting him, needs to learn his chauvinist attitude. Kimberly is also seen nominating Marlon for the things he said to her while working out and not listening when she tried to talk to him about it.

Danielle is seen nominating Ash for believing in the Big Bang Theory when she doesn't believe in evolution. Danielle is laughing at herself. Jale nominates Ash for his antisocial behavior and discussing people he hates then kissing their ass the next minute. Danielle says sorry, Ash. It's all right. Ash says Jale was just chatting sh*t, there's not one person he hates. He half jokingly tells her to f*ck off, you maggot. Mark is not happy with this, says don't stoop to anyone's level. I don't have to listen, Ash says. You don't have to listen but I'm going to say it anyway.

2:32pm Marlon, Ash, Helen, Mark and Christopher are on the sofas discussing Jale's nomination of Ash. Christopher says it's Jale's opinion. Opinions or facts, Mark and Helen ask. Helen says what Jale accused him of has never come out of his mouth. And now, that's gone out to the public so everyone things he's a two-faced twat. She can f*ckin suck a d*ck now, Ash says.

In the garden, Jale, Toya and Matthew discuss Ash's reaction. Name calling makes Toya uncomfortable, there are other ways to be rude. Don't even worry, Matthew says, it makes him look silly. Toya says she won't give people ammunition if she's nominated. She says everyone in the house is quick to forget, except her and Matthew. We don't forget nothing, the only difference is I vocalize everything. I forget it, Jale says, because I don't want it to drive me. That comment washes over me. What should never wash over you, Toya lectures, is when people are licking *ss, the fundamental thing is this is who he is.

4:13pm and Jale, Chris and Christopher are called to the Mind Lab to answer the question will they serenade their housemates with a karaoke classic. They all say YES and are directed to a rehearsal room. Then they must face their housemates and perform. They perform What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. Chris gets into it, moving among the housemates, sitting between Toya and Ashleigh and playing with Toya's hair. Jale takes over with with some horrid vocals. The other housemates are singing along and clapping and laughing. It's Chris's turn to lead and he uses the lyrics on the provided tablet to sing directly to Winston for a house laugh. Classic, says Danielle.

9:47pm The housemates are in the garden when Mark and Matthew head into the house. Matthew says he's Mark's vanilla and Mark is Matthew's chocolate. Ash says loves Mark and Matthew's relationship, they are such opposites. Helen thinks Mark feels a lot more highly of Matthew than the other way around. Matthew scares Mark coming out of the toilet. They decide to guess the how the voting will go. Matthew thinks Chris and Christopher will be the first two safe. Mark thinks Danielle will be one of the first saved. Mark is about to indicate who he thinks the last two will be and starts to point to Toya and Marlon when someone walks into the room.

It's Toya and Matthew asks her if Marlon goes, what will she do, dance? I'll just sit there, she says, and chuckle. I think it will be between Chris and Marlon, Mark says for Toya's benefit. In the Diary Room, Chris says the atmosphere in the house is more conspiracy and it gets dark and tense after Helen has a drink. Even when she's nice she's terrifying, a great big ball and chain stuck around everyone. And we have to live with it. Even though my relationship with her has improved and I love when she talks comfortably, relaxed and honest, but the idea it could always flip like that makes it not worthwhile. He would like an evening with a nice fluid conversation and everyone being nice but it's not going to happen.

11:26pm The housemates are playing Truth or Dare and Winston asks Jale if she's ever given anyone a tip wank before. Yes, she says confused while Marlon rolls over laughing. Helen doesn't know what that is. Ash buries his face in his hands, laughing. This is why I'm not playing, Matthew says. Oh for f*ck sake, Helen says, getting up off the sofa, grow the f*ck up! She doesn't mean Winston, she clarifies, she means Matthew and everyone else. It's just a jaw, she says. Don't shout at me, Matthew responds. Why you moaning, Helen asks, it's a jaw, don't f*cking play then. Steven is enjoying the show.

I'm not playing, Matthew says. If you're not playing, don't contribute, you f*cking mouth. Why are you shouting, Mark asks. Maybe you should learn to close your mouth for once, Matthew says. You're such a nob, she says, why you sitting in a group of people if you don't want to play the game? You sat down when we all came inside so technically you're playing the game, she says. Whatever, you're always in the right, Helen says. I wasn't in the right, she keeps saying over and over, drowning anything Matthew says. This is pathetic, Matthew says, I've never argued with someone so ridiculous in my life.

Jale tries to move the game along, saying she's asked Christopher a question. Have you had a spit roast? Christopher says no. I'm just going to laugh now, you're all insane. It's all part of the game, Helen says, it's a joke. Whomever gets offended needs to shut the f*ck up. I didn't want to sit outside, Matthew says. Then go into the bedroom, Helen advises. No one's telling you to go anywhere, Ash says. You're driving me mad, Matthew says and gets up to leave. You're f*cking voice is droning, he tells Helen. Matthew and Toya go into the garden along with Ashleigh. Ash tells Helen to calm down. You f*cking skinny c*nt, she calls after Matthew.

Winston laughs at the comment. Mark says you've made a twat of yourselves. Toya, Matthew and Ashleigh join Chris in the garden and she says that shocked me. Back on the sofas, Mark is shouting at Helen about why she is shouting like that. I'm f*cking sick of everyone scrapping and arguing, he says, every night! Mark is completely irate as Helen tries to justify her rant against Matthew. You're doing it now, Ash says unhelpfully. Mark is red in the face as he heads into the garden. Jale, Winston and Steven are laughing while Marlon studies a bottle of hard alcohol.

[All of these shout-fests happen late at night after Big Brother has plied them with alcohol. That doesn't excuse their behavior but it does facilitate it. -- Morty]

Helen thinks they (Matthew, Toya and Ashleigh) were all waiting while we played Truth or Dare for us to say something they could have a p*ss at. Go away! Jale, Winston and Steven head into the garden but Helen refuses. I don't want to. She follows Ash and Marlon into the garden. Idiots, she mutters, can't even have a laugh. Matthew lights into her and she says he totally took what she said the wrong way. You stood in my face and told me to f*ck off and get out of the room, he says, I'm not arguing with you, don't talk to me. I'm not arguing with you. You're boring me now, he says, I'm sick of you. You are arguing, you're shouting at me.

Helen points at her vocal chords and asks calmly am I shouting? I don't care, Matthew says, I'm not interested. I'm not listening to you. OK, talk to yourself. You're a very bitter, nasty little bastard, Helen tells Matthew. You're describing yourself quite well, Matthew retorts, you're mixing myself up with you. Helen steps up to get in Matthew's face. Tell me you're not a backstabber in this house, she asks intensely, tell me, tell me, tell me. You've completely transformed since you walked into the house. You turned into a p*ssy the other night, you've let Toya take your f*cking backlash, because she was the only one who could speak because you waited in little corners where you whispered while Toya said everything out loud. You f*cking p*ssy, you little weed.

There's no point in keeping arguing, Christopher says after Helen walks out. I'm not arguing, Matthew says, she wants to have a full argument. I don't look for arguments, she does. In the bedroom, Mark says I can't cope with you, Helen, I can't. You misinterpreted what I just said, Helen yells. No I didn't, he says, I understood both of yous. They were going to sit there and look down their noses at the Truth or Dare game. I don't like seeing people I'm close to stooping to a level to make twats of themselves, Mark says. It upset me seeing you scream at him... I just don't want to see you make a twat of yourself!

Helen returns to the garden and tells Ash she's fine. Big Brother calls Helen to the Diary room. Why, Helen shouts at Big Brother, getting up. You f*cking twat you, she says to Matthew, you skinny little pr*ck. Shows what an uneducated little person you are, Matthew says, get another boob job, you look saggy. At that Helen lets loose with a string of lowbrow insults before heading into the house to the Diary Room, ending with calling him a pale, pigeon-chested twat.

Ash says to Matthew, what you have to realize is that's one of my good mates and if you keep slagging someone off like that, I'm going to take offense to it. Then take offense to it, Matthew says, but I'm not going to sit here and let someone talk to me like that. But Matthew, if you keep doing it I'll tear you apart, Ash says. OK, Matthew says to shut Ash up, I'm not interested. I don't mean literally, Ash says, clarifying for Big Brother. Toya finally chimes in and asks Matthew if he's all right.

11:56pm 2 minutes since Helen was called to the DR, Ash excuses Helen's behavior, saying he thinks she was just p*ssed off that we were having fun and then people came in and turned it into not fun. That's why she was stressed out. She has a paranoia, Mark says. She stresses out too easily, Matthew says, if people can't play a game she wants to play with people commenting on it. I think that's just the last straw that broke the camel's back, Mark says. She shouldn't take that out on other people, Matthew says. That's human nature, isn't it, says Mark. I don't do that, Matthew says.

You had a lot to say after, Ash says, so you must have held it in. I don't think I said that much, to be honest, Matthew says. I'm not going to rise to it. I can't give as good as I get. You did lose your temper, Ash tells him. I didn't even raise my voice, Matthew claims, well, maybe slightly. Mark says this is what I'm saying, you (Ash) and Helen are my two best mates here and... You can be more calming, Ash says to Matthew, rather than riling her up. Matthew says he's embarrassed he let her get him upset because he doesn't get personal with people. That's what things do to you in here. People get very riled up over simple stuff, Ash says, I understand that. When the truth comes out at the end of the day, at least I know how she genuinely feels about me if she gets angry over a game of Truth or Dare.

In the kitchen, Christopher tells Chris that Matthew spoke up tonight because he's had enough of it. Ashleigh can't believe Helen walked away and used his own insecurity (to attack Matthew). What about you, you ugly looking b*tch? I wonder when she looked like before she had her work done. She has an opinion on everything and her opinion is right, as always, Christopher declares. I'm waiting for the days she starts in on me, Ashleigh says. If she starts in on you, I'll tear her apart, Danielle promises.

In the Diary Room, Helen says she knows she overreacted but he made her so mad when he put down their game. He'll hurt Mark, she says, I know it. That's where my anger is coming from. He's a horrible person. I've said everything I could have said and that's it, no apologize. He's a mean, nasty, ruthless little b*stard and I'm watching him like a hawk. Big Brother says every situation has a context, but you need to calm down in the Diary Room before Big Brother will let you out.

12:09am Ash tells Helen in the garden that to be fair, she was a little over the top when she went off. But at the end of the day we was out here playing a game. That's why I told him to just f*ck off, go away. Yeah, I shouldn't have used that language, maybe. I felt like they were all waiting for it in there. They wait for us to say sh*t, Ash agrees, then speak of it on the side.

Matthew is unrepentant in the Diary Room, he's not going to waste his time or energy on Helen, she thrives on drama and confrontation, feeling like she's dominating people. She's in my face using words I can't hear, sentences that aren't grammatically correct, I didn't wan to listen to that droning voice, painful to my ears.

In the garden, Christopher says I don't know how this whole thing started. It started with Spin the Bottle, Helen says angrily, and a few cornswops ruined it, that's how. I just think the whole bloody thing was overblown, Christopher says. Not by me, Helen says. Mark, shouting, you're shouting, I'm thinking bloody hell, is this actually happening? We were just playing a game. Helen goes off on another expletive rant against Matthew and Christopher says he's my mate too, I'm not going to criticize him. He's your mate, Helen says, I'm sorry, did he not nominate you? Oh sh*t, yeah, he did. You sure about that?

Mark comes out to the garden and says he doesn't want to get caught up in anything more. You're not, Helen says, we're changing the subject. Christopher won't let it go, saying to Helen she can't tell him what Matthew is and isn't, it's up to him to figure that out for yourself. I'm giving you my opinion, she says, he's playing the game, whether you take it is up to you. I don't need your opinion, Christopher says. I'm not trying to drum it into your skull, she says, I couldn't give a sh*t because I don't hold you in as high regard as I do Mark. Thanks, says Christopher. I won't lie to you, Helen says. Sometimes, Christopher says, honesty becomes rudeness. That wasn't rude, she says. Yes it was, he says. I can't stand this house and these wankers, Helen says and storms into the house, Mark in tow.

In the bedroom, Helen tells Mark and Danielle she's sick and tired of people trying to stamp on harmless fun. She admits to Mark she said too much but explains she was so angry because they were on their way to having a fun night they did the previous night. She doesn't want to stay in the house if its like the last few weeks. We're all segregated. We proved last night that we could we could all have a laugh. It's a shame that it's happened tonight, isn't it, says Danielle.

12:44am Helen says Matthew's tumbling into a weed bin, that scrawny little b*stard. He let Toya take all that sh*t, and she took all that sh*t. Two people made that decision (to veto Ash, Marlon and Winston's nomination votes) and he sat there doing and saying nothing. Steven says the decision was only 50% Matthew. Helen says we've established 2 game players.

In the house, Christopher tells Mark, Toya, Ashleigh and Winston about his disagreement with Helen. It's very anticlimactic to hear his version. The garden party breaks up and returns to the house. Toya grabs Ashleigh's arm and drags her towards the bedroom. It's the same thing tonight, Helen says, we've walked in and everyone leaves because they're f*cking allergic. Because they were talking about us before we came in, says Marlon suddenly discovering his voice. I'm going to bash someone's head in, she says. No you're not, Winston, Steven and Marlon quickly say.

The next morning, Helen is called into the Diary Room again and is reminded by Big Brother she agreed to rules regarding unacceptable behavior. Last night she was aggressive in her behavior towards Matthew. She stood over him in a physically threatening manor and shouted at him and in his face. The invasion of a housemate's personal space in this matter can be intimidating and Big Brother deems this unacceptable. In addition, the language you used towards Matthew included name calling, ridicule and aggressive threats. Big Brother has spoken to you before about your language and aggressive behavior in the house.

Big Brother is concerned you are not taking sufficient notice of these interventions. Big Brother does not tolerate unacceptable behavior and is issuing a Formal Warning. If you repeat this behavior again, Big Brother may have no choice but to remove you from the house. Do you understand why Big Brother has given you this Formal Warning? Yeah, she says humbly, I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm not going to try and argue and pretend I'm not in the wrong when I know I am. And for what it's worth, I'm really sorry.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 21: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 - Failure

9:37am Following last nights explosive game of Truth or Dare, Matthew and Helen are the talk of the house - just not to each other. Matthew says they need to play more games like that to enable some truths to come out of people's mouths. Toya agrees, the ruthlessness will come out. Ash is in the garden saying he hopes it is a good day today. Christopher says that's is the last time I attempt to play Truth or Dare in this house.

Mark is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother that he knows this isn't the last time. I don't expect us to get along, he says, but it would be nice if we weren't constantly at war. It is just frustrating the things I hear people say and the things I hear my own friends saying it. Matthew didn't need to pull it on her boobs and say sh*t. To call someone on their boob job is like saying they don't like the way they dress. So she bought them, so what? But to call somebody on their physical appearance is just wrong.

In the garden, Helen is cutting Ash's hair. Steven tells Ash, I just think Mark doesn't see any bad side of Matthew at all. I am not saying Matthew was right, he says, do you understand? Ash say yeah. In the bathroom Toya and Ashleigh and Matthew are talking. Toya thinks Helen sealed her fate yesterday. She says like for me, after time people are going to remember that statement. Matthew says, the most annoying thing is that she won't be going anywhere yet. Toya says, that's what you think!

Back in the garden, Helen tells Ash and Steven about her argument with Matthew last night. Helen says that even Danielle left and went to the bedroom and that was bull sh*t cause even she heard the question that was asked and that was rude to just leave. Ash says isn't it weird we are not Twelve or Fifteen? Steven says last night made him realize that Matthew really hasn't got a side to him that is a best. Helen says I don't like him. I just need to stay away from him.

11:45am It's day 2 of this weeks shopping task and Steven, Danielle and Toya have been called to the task room to see how well the housemates think alike. The housemates have earned 40 points towards this weeks shopping task. Steven, Danielle and Toya, your question is this: Will you eat Big Brother's Brilliant Breakfast? Please make your decision now. All three hit the YES button. Big Brother asks then to exit the task room to their left for their Brilliant Breakfast. All housemates in the living room are cheering when the YES lights up.

Big Brothers Brilliant Breakfast consist of an omelet made of stinky bishop cheese, chicken feet and hearts with pickled sea herring and fermented eggs. Danielle, Toya and Steven walk in and the smell is bad. Really bad. They cover their noses as Steven starts retching before ever touching the Brilliant Breakfast. Steven is still gagging and Danielle says I can't do this. Toya walks out of the room. Toya walks back in and says why did I say YES to this? Steven is still throwing up from the smell. Danielle says I can't even look at it as Steven starts laughing. Steven says try to get used to the smell and Danielle covers her nose and mouth, saying she doesn't know if she can.

Toya tells Danielle if she can't eat this then they aren't going to do it either. Big Brother asks for them to confirm their decision. They all agree not to eat the Brilliant Breakfast and leave the task room. Steven and Toya go to the garden and tell everyone they are not going to do it. Matthew asks what happened and Toya and Steven tell them what they were supposed to eat. Steven says it was called a Brilliant Breakfast. Kimberly asks did you all say YES? Toya says we all said YES but we couldn't do it, it was just disgusting.

Mark asks why and Steven says they wanted us to eat the whole thing and it was just to disgusting. Danielle says no way would I ever eat that. Never, never, never, there is a line and that goes way beyond that.

12:10PM Danielle ask Matthew if he has spoke to Helen and he says no, why would he? Danielle says she's not apologized? Toya says you know like the hulk, when he rips his shirt off? That's what Helen is when she drinks. Mathew asks why would Helen apologize? Even if she did he would just walk away, Matthew says. Ash comes out to the garden and apologizes to Jale for snapping at her yesterday. Jale says no worries. Ash tells her that he doesn't really say he hates people, he says he just felt like it when she said that he hates people behind their back. I don't really say I hate people.

Jale says I overheard you saying things to people about being a wasp and I thought if you were like that around Christopher and saying that about Christopher then you could be saying that about me as well. Ash says of course not. Jale says but how am I supposed to know that? Ash says that's when you assume. Jale says that's all I got in here. Ash says he think the big thing is that you say he talks behind people and he's nice to their face and that's why he kind of snapped. You know what I mean, he asks? Jale says yeah and she was more paranoid about him, but not based on the fact, based on guilt by association. Sorry, she says, but that's how I felt.

Ash says people have told him that as well. Jale says the maggot thing really didn't effect me. I am being really honest with you. Jale says she nominated him and felt guilty enough and then he called her that and it was done. You got me back. Ash says I just wanted to apologize for snapping because I don't like snapping. Jale says as long as you don't think I am a maggot. Ash laughs.

2:50pm Danielle is feeling the burn as she is working out with Kimberly who is counting reps. Big Brother has called Helen to the Diary Room to talk about last night. Big Brother does not tolerate unacceptable behavior and is issuing her a formal warning. If you repeat this sort of behavior again, Big Brother says, Big Brother will have no choice but to remove you from the house. Helen says she's not going to argue and pretend that she was not in the wrong when when she is and for what it is worth, she is really sorry.

Mark and Jale are talking about putting bath salts or crystals in the bath. Jale says she might put hers in the sun. Jale says I just felt a weird paradigm shift here and Mark asks if she's ok? She says she's fine, it's back to normal now. Christopher asks if that's like equilibrium? Jale says yes.

[it's nothing like equilibrium. But who was using the wrong word? -- Morty]

Helen leaves the Diary Room and goes to the Garden. Steven and Winston thank her for cutting their hair. Ash ask if she got bollocked. Yeah, Helen says yeah, I got to shut the f*ck up. I got a formal warning. Winston asks, Formal Warning? Helen says hush, I don't want them to know. Steven asks what they said after that? Helen says they just talked about her bad language and my behavior because I stepped into Matthew's personal space and I used offensive, abusive name calling. What could I say, she says, it was me.

Matthew, Toya and Ashleigh are talking about Helen in the Kitchen. Toya says Helen isn't going to talk any more in the house and Matthew ask why? She's doing everyone a favor. Ashleigh says she is nice when she is like cooking dinner and Matthew says everything she does in the house seems nice but everything about her is horrible. She's not a nice person. Toya says watching Helens face, that she almost feels sorry for her because she can't fix that. Matthew says Helen is the most bitter thing he has seen in his life.

3:08pm For the final part of this weeks shopping task Ashleigh, Mark and Christopher have been brought to the Mind Lab to answer a series of questions about their fellow housemates. Using the tablet, they must choose the housemates photos that they believe is the answer. Ech question is worth 3 points but if they fail to correctly agree they get nothing. Housemates in living room say they have a bad feeling this is going to be a bad one.

This is Big Brother. Your first question is, which housemate put a boyfriend's things on eBay? They all answer Toya and have earned 5 points. Next question, which housemate says their superpower would be invisibility so they could go see Justin Beiber in concert?" Mark is the only one to correctly guess Chris. They receive no points. Which housemate claims to have never read a book in their life? The correct answer was Steven. They have failed to reach the right agreement. Which housemate said he would rather have money than love and would rather be alone in a Ferrari than in an old banger? The answer is Marlon.

They fail this question as well. Which housemate said their ideal night is to have a threesome with two models and than watch a film with chocolate and sweets? The answer is Winston and they all get it. They win 5 points. The final question is which housemate was booted out of her home for doing exorcisms in every room? The correct answer is Jale and they all get it right. They have earned 5 points. Big Brother says the quiz is now over and the results of the shopping task will be revealed later.

5:31pm Jale is helping Winston discover his spirit guide. She ask him if there is anyone he can see and he says yeah a golden lady and she's fit but golden and she has a banging body and her name is Helena.

Helen is doing the dishes. After his argument with Helen yesterday, Matthew is talking to Mark about their lack of communications. Mark says they are like kids and they all need to be civil because they have a buddy in common, him. Mark asks him to shake on being civil to Helen and Matthew shakes on it. Mark pleads, please be civil for me. He tells Matthew to offer to make a cup of tea for Helen if he's making one for himself.

Back in the bedroom, Winston is still talking about Helena, slender and built. Mark and Matthew come in and Jale says Winston met his spirit guide. Mark says nice boobs? Yeah, says Winston, with a bow and arrow. All golden.

6:15pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates for the results of this weeks shopping task. In order to pass the shopping task, their points total must equal or exceed the number in the Brain Box. Over 2 days, housemates answered questions for a total of 49 points. Big Brother tells Ash to open the Brain Box and read the care aloud to the group. The number is 55 so housemates have failed their shopping task for the week and will have basic rations. Housemates are upset and Mark says its Ok, we did our best. Back to the days of weight loss, Steven says.

Mark, Marlon and Winston are talking in the garden about Danielle, Toya and Steven not doing their task cause if they did they might have won the shopping task. Ash is upset, and says everyone else would have done it. Mark says he wouldn't have done it, they all should have known it would be discussing and said no.

6:50pm In the Pod, Marlon is annoyed by Ashleigh's comment after the shopping task was failed that the ones facing eviction Friday shouldn't be upset because they could be gone. He says he is at the point where he is going to snap in a minute. Jale says don't let it suck you in. There's enough people doing that already, you're cleverer than that.

Winston and Steven are talking about Toya. Steven says she is very funny because if there was a falling out over a dispute, that's it, Winston says do you like her? Steven says she is all right, but she is very hot headed. Marlon goes to see Big Brother. He is not happy and says he is p*ssed off because of the comments Ashleigh made and they lost the shopping task. Some people have done everything for the sake of the house and they don't do the task? Keep your mouth shut next time, if you don't have nothing good to say, don't say nothing at all. She's never been nominated, she doesn't know the stress. This new Ashleigh's changed because of the company she's around, Toya.

8:27pm Christopher is working out in the bathroom doing jumping jacks. Helen, Ash, Winston and Mark are talking about the failed breakfast task. Winston says it was only a mouthful. Helen said that Toya and Steven said if Danielle wasn't doing it, there was no point in them doing it. They should have tried it anyway, Ash says, just because you're in Big Brother. If Ash and I where there with Danielle, Winston says, she would have done it. She's done worse than that, Marlon says. Helen says yeah she is a follower and can be talked into it. You're only here once, Mark says, you give your everything.

Having avoided Helen all day, Matthew is in the Diary Room talking about Helen. I get nothing from her, he says, it's best to avoid her, She's the piece of dirt in there, she can't redeem herself. Helen is on top, then there's Ash, and Marlon is the dog at the bottom. And Winston who walks around in his own world. Mark is afraid of Helen. I don't understand that relationship. He says I don't have to be civil any more. There is nothing else to say to the girl.

10:55pm Jale, Winston and Marlon are having a kick-about in the garden. Jale scores a goal and is running around, yelling I am winning. Ash is in the Diary Room talking about Helen. They are close mates but she says things and people think she is like that hard face but she has an emotional side to her. People don't realize she can get upset as well.

In the kitchen, Mark asks Matthew who he thinks is the most ruthless housemate. Matthew says Ash. Really, asks Mark? He's a bit of a, he doesn't take sh*t he just does what he needs to do. They hear Jale in the garden and Mark says he likes Jale. Matthew says he would swap her Killer Nomination if he could. Mark ask if you could switch the Killer Nomination who would you pick and Matthew says anyone. He also names Marlon.

11:15pm Ashleigh and Toya are talking about Steven's picture. He looks younger with eyeliner Ashleigh says he looks younger than his picture on the wall and Toya says he tried to hard.

Mark is in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother about the shopping task. People are cracking already, especially Ashleigh getting upset that they are on rations. People are smoking cigarette butts and that's disgusting, against human nature.

In the garden Ash asks Steven how he feels about trying to kiss Kim? Kim says oh Gd. Steven says I have, but I will do it in a time when it is right and because I am a bit of a gentlemen, I want the time to be perfect.

In the kitchen Ashleigh is saying that Ash is really cute. Toya says that people who are good looking and then disgrace themselves become instantly ugly. In the garden, on Steven's prompting, Ash says he detests Ashleigh more than Matthew the most in the house. Mark says What?

12:09am Jale and Chris are talking about how young Ashleigh. Chris said if she was in his town they'd be mates. But some of the things that comes out of her mouth, she's so young. Jale says we have to be careful cause she's a mouth piece for someone and that's not right. I see Toya and Ashleigh having a massive fall out at some time, big time, without a shadow of a doubt.

Ashleigh is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother there are so many fake people up each other's fake *ss, in their mid to late 20 yr olds, never heard so much sh*t in her life. Ash pretends to be such a cool person but he's really angry. She thinks Marlon will go but hopes it's Ash. Marlon has dug a hole for himself with his arrogance and hopefully women were watching how he spoke to the girls this week. He's rude and doesn't deserve to be here.

In the kitchen, Helen is talking to Steven, Ash and Marlon about Ashleigh's comment and how she just had to walk away from her. What comment, Marlon asks. The one about why someone who is going Friday is bothered about losing the shopping task. Oh yeah, Marlon says, jumping on. People don't have that attitude, Kimberly says, that's why it was so offensive. Helen says I've been watching her since last week and I told Toya to be careful with her, she's such a sweet girl, but she's losing her edge.

I'm always scared of the nice people, Kimberly says.

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