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Big Brother UK Series 15 (2014) - Power Trip


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Day 22: Thursday, June 26th, 2014 + Live Eviction!

This week in the Big Brother House, housemates lost control. Tonight, 8 housemates face eviction: Ash, Chris, Christopher, Danielle, Jale, Marlon, Toya and Winston. Who goes? Great Britain decides!

Please welcome your host, Emma Willis!

It's the 3rd live eviction of the summer and a mighty storm hit the Big Brother house with Hurricane Toya and then Earthquake Helen. This is the biggest eviction of the series so far and you are in the eye of the storm.

10:42am of Day 22 and Kimberly tells Helen there's been a lot of talk about Helen's Pass To The Final. Helen says it's a burden and she's sick of it. In the garden, Chris, Jale, Marlon, Christopher and Ash are talking in the garden about sexuality. Chris doesn't like the term straight like a road, correct. We're all kind of melding now a little bit, aren't we. Straight guys are more comfortable with that now. When I was in school you couldn't say that kind of thing. Now guys between 18 and 25 couldn't give a sh*t.

I've never kissed a guy, Chris says, but every now and then I see a guy and think, he's aright. He's never fancied a guy really, he likes women too much. It's like a 90%/10% thing. Have you ever slept with a guy, Marlon asks repeatedly. No, Chris says. Ash reminds Marlon Chris has never kissed a guy. You can't sleep with a guy if you haven't kissed him, Chris says. You can f*ck him and not kiss him, Jale says and Chris laughs.

11:03am and Marlon is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother he'd like Toya to be evicted. She gets on his nerves, makes his skin crawl and is disgusting to look at. She struts around the house like a queen bee, there's a pettiness about her like she's above everyone. The atmosphere will turn on its head if she's gone, Ashleigh and Matthew won't know what to do with themselves, they'll have to try to reintegrate with the group.

Danielle and Ashleigh are in the bath area talking about Kimberly and Helen doing exercises in the garden. Ashleigh notes they are doing it in front of everyone. Danielle says they're trying to get attention. She's going to exercise by herself now. Ashleigh says Helen is latching onto Kimberly now that she's lost Toya. It's embarrassing, she says. Kimberly must know what's going on, Danielle says. She just knows she's popular, Kimberly says, she's just going with it. Probably, Danielle agrees.

Danielle says she can't stand Helen and it's hard just sleeping in the same room with her. Her voice just goes through me, it's terrible. How desperate for attention are you? Jesus! You might as well just do a bloody strip tease while your out there, Danielle says.

2:02pm Ashleigh and Danielle are in the Pod listening to Christopher talk to Helen. No one holds a grudge in here, he says, everyone gets back to even pretty quickly. I hope so, Helen says. I don't bear grudges if you say stuff to me. Ashleigh can't believe she said that. Biggest lie she's told, Danielle says. In the bedroom, Matthew says he feels bad that he's bonded with Ashleigh over their mutual hatred of Helen. Toya says Ashleigh is a nice girl and Matthew agrees. He wishes they have been friends since the beginning but now he can see more what people are like.

Toya says just because Ash sits there and tries to have a conversation and make light, I still know who he is. I can't believe he classifies Helen as a lady. Lady, Matthew says incredulously, she's trash, a skid mark of society. In the garden, Helen opens up to Jale, saying she thought Jale was a nob when she came in and she listened to other people instead of making my own observations. Don't worry about it, Jale says, it's easily done in here. It means a lot what your saying because others haven't come to explain to me what you explaining.

I've started speaking you in the last week or so, Helen says, and I would have understood if you had completely f*cked me up, It would have been my own fault and I would have understood it because that's how I am. Jale says she never would be that harsh. Helen admits she thought Jale was a d*ck the first couple weeks. She corrects herself, I was the d*ck, not you.

In the Pod, Danielle notes that Jale's making more of an effort now. If Ash and Winston don't go tomorrow, I hope they're up ever single freakin' week until they go. Yeah, says Danielle. Ashleigh thinks the eviction is between those two.

The lines are now frozen in this super-sized eviction. But let's have another dose of yesterday as Steven is talking rubbish with Big Brother.

2:31pm Steven as been called to the Diary Room for a task testing his ability to use unusual words. To increase his vocabulary, Big Brother is giving him fictitious words which he must then use in conversation with his fellow housemates and make them believe they a real words. He has 45 minutes to complete his mission

The first made-up word is Hyperdimentionalistic, a person who has different opinions about people in different situations. Steven tells Kimberly he thinks about words he can use to describe her as and came up with Hyperdimentionalistic. She disagrees with him. In certain groups or company, someone has different opinions about the same thing or person. No, that's just a hypocrite, she says. Different opinions in different sets of circumstances, Steven tries again. But I don't, Kimberly says, I think you should get a dictionary.

The second made-up word is Krobotic, a person who is like a robot and shows very little emotion. Steven tells Matthew he's insulted Kimberly. You called me a hypocrite, she says. I didn't, Steven insists, I called her hyperdimentionalistic. I don't know that word, Matthew says dourly. Matthew I would class as Krobotic, Steven says. I don't know what that means, Matthew says. Have you not heard that before, Steven says, surprised. It means you're a bit of a robot, Steven explains, you say the same things over and over again. What, Matthew exclaims? You say f*ck 50 times a day, Steven laughs. You make me sound boring, Matthew says, I don't think your descriptions are very accurate.

Steven snags Jale and says he has a word for her. Is it a really stupid word, she asks? You're Fhrosty, he says. I haven't heard that before, Jale says. It means spooky, with all that meditation stuff. He calls Marlon Chrupellent. You're just talking sh*t, Marlon says. When someone asks if you can do something and you say no, you're Chrupellant, Steven explains, you're talking rubbish sometimes. In the garden, Steven tells Winston he's Fidiotic. What's that, asks Winston. Someone whose fake and stupid. F*ck off, Winston says, this coming from the b*stard that's never read a book!

Big Brother tells Steven he managed to impress 5 housemates with his new words and he'll receive a special dinner as a reward: a plate of alphabet-shaped potatoes. At Big Brother's urging, he spells a word out of the alphabet potatoes: BASTARD WANKER. He says they are his favorite words because their funny. He's been called a Bastard Wanker many times. Big Brother asks if he's enjoyed eating his words? He says he's learned his lesson - don't say words unless you prepared to eat them.

4:52pm and Matthew and Ashleigh are still talking about how horrible and nasty Helen is, how can people stand to be around her? In the Pod, Helen and Mark talk about Danielle. Mark says who would have thought by week 3 you and Danielle would be in the pool together having a laugh. I wrote you two off at the start of the season. I said if Danielle didn't come out of her shell it would never happen but she's proven him wrong. That's why I got so angry the other night, Helen says, when Matthew called me a backstabber. When did I backstab someone? You're a lot things, Mark says, but not a backstabber. Danielle knows I slagged her off, I said it to her face. I'm watching any girl in this place like a hawk.

Ashleigh, says Mark. I'm friends with everyone including her. She wants someone to snap at. All these tiny things are building up in the back of her mind and she's just getting passive-aggressive about it. I told her she'd be the next one to go, but if she gets into an argument, Gd forbid whomever it's with, Ash, Marlon, you because of her age, she's not going to get no flack.

Which 3 housemates have escaped with nothing more than a close shave? It's time we found out. It's time to talk to the house. Big Brother house, this is Emma. You can hear the chant of Get Marlon Out from the audience. Ash (Boos), Chris (Cheers), Christopher (Cheers), Danielle (Boos), Jale (Cheers), Marlon (Boos), Toya (Boos), Winston (Cheers) , the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 6 days, the British public have been voting to evict. I can now reveal the 3 housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction are in no particular order...

Jale. You are safe.


Christopher. You are also safe.


Chris. You are also safe.

Ash, Danielle, Marlon, Toya, Winston, I'll be talking to you later this evening to reveal who will be evicted.

It's the loudest audience of the season and the vote lines have reopened in the biggest live eviction of the season. Back to yesterday, Chris is back in the closet.

7:45pm and Chris feels funny today. He tells Jale it occurred to him that talking about being bisexual doesn't come up in normal conversation and a majority of his friends don't know that about him, and his family don't. It's the first time he's said it on camera. Did he just come out without realizing it? You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, can you.

In the garden, Ashleigh isn't pleased with Helen and Jale's reconciliation. Danielle says she was shocked how forgiving Jale was today. Toya says she wasn't surprised, she's got that girl's (Jale) number. I don't want her in my life. She acts confident but she's not. She can forgive who she wants but I don't want to hear about it when it all goes t*ts up, and it will. They don't respect her and that's the problem,. Ashleigh says they treat her like a puppy dog. Well she wants to be one, doesn't she, Toya says, people only treat you the way you allow them to. She likes it.

Winston and Matthew are chatting about Helen. Matthew is avoiding her. For the whole summer, Winston asks? It's a shame the house has to be divided, Matthew says divisively. I suppose everyone's wondering where the Power goes next, Winston says. Every time someone goes, the house is different. Winston says he feels alright going into the eviction tomorrow night, he's keeping busy getting ready, packing, etc. I keep forgetting, Matthew says, that most people are up. Think it will be Toya, he asks? Winston doesn't know.

People who like Toya think Marlon's going to go, Matthew says, and people who like Marlon think Toya's going to go. Yeah, Winston says, happy if it's not himself going. Matthew says he doesn't want anyone to go but thinks it's one of those two. Christopher walks by and says he doesn't think Toya's going. Matthew would be gutted if she left but thinks people would be happy. It changes from week to week, Christopher says, it's impossible to predict. Matthew thinks he and Ashleigh will feel isolated if Toya goes.

8:30pm and Steven is giving Marlon some pre-eviction advice, saying he remembers how he felt last week and it wasn't nice. It would not be nice for me to tell you I'm glad I'm not up for nomination. But only people who've been up for nomination can know how you're feeling right now. I might feel massively relaxed now but next week I might be up. I might not be. it is what it is. You just have to take what comes.

Ashleigh, Danielle and Toya are still up in the Pod talking about the boys using only first initials. Danielle says M is just a wimp line, you can toss him about anywhere. But the thing with Ash, she says, is he is quite demeaning. If Ash went, Helen would absolutely crumble. He's her night in shining armor. Ashleigh agrees, no matter what, he'll stand behind her. It's embarrassing, she adds.

Ash is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother everyone likes to be like and I loved getting cheers last week, it was a warmness, but 3 people have said to him he's guilty by association. Since people can't vote for Helen and he's close to Helen, that because Helen talks about people behind their backs and I'm always with her, people get married to I'm also calling them behind their backs. That's what Jale said and I don't like it. If someone's p*ssing me off, I tell them, ask them why they are being a d*ck. Then Chris said that people nominate me out of anger at Helen. That's not fair at me, I'm my own person. People should be nominated for themselves. I think I'm a nice guy.

In the garden, Helen tells Steven and Marlon she had a really good conversation with Jale and made a comment about the witches' coven and Jale let it go over her head. Kim was walking by and I felt I had to clarify I didn't mean her, Helen says. I meant that other people are constantly judging and casting aspersions. Up in the Pod, Ashleigh wonders who Helen and the boys are talking about. Toya says based on who Helen is talking with, they must be talking about me. I feel she's staring at me, Ashleigh says, talking about me. She looks up here and then looks away if she thinks I notice her.

Tonight, Ash, Danielle, Marlon, Toya or Winston. Who'll crash out in the pole position to be evicted? It's the 3rd live eviction with the loudest crowd in the world. Who'll gonna crash out of the group stages and get sent home on the plane of shame?

Back to the house highlights, it's 8:44pm and Mark has given Jale a makeover. Her new eyebrows are presented to the Steven, Marlon, Helen and Winston, resulting in laughter. From above, Danielle, Ashleigh and Toya look down to see what's so funny. Helen says it's a cross between The Penguin and The Batman. What are you doing that for, Mark asks, upset. Holding her hands over her eyes, Jale runs back into the house and Mark is upset. I worked hard on that, why'd you have to do that? Marlon says you gave her your eyes, she looks like a man. Helen says it doesn't work, you got a square face. Marlon reminds him she's a woman and he's a man, he's got stronger features. You tried hard, but it doesn't suit her, he says.

Up in the Pod, Toya says she doesn't look a man, she looks like a transvestite. Back in the house, Matthew tells Mark he tried but doesn't think Jale needs it, it was too strong, she's too pale for something that bold. She's not pale, Mark says, she's from Turkey. Danielle can't believe Mark is seriously getting upset. He's a drama queen, Toya says. She's been working on her own makeup with her hair in rollers for what seems like hours. I'm called a drama queen when I defend myself. He's a drama queen 'cause he can't take criticism.

[Oh, Toya, there are so many things I could say about pots and kettles but this recap is long enough already! -- Morty]

Jale and Mark are looking at her eyebrows in the mirror. He suggests darker lipstick and a little beauty spot on the cheek. Are you winding me up, Jale asks. You'd be gorgeous, he says, that's a classic look. Oh Gd, Matthew exclaims, what are you doing to her? Jale says people are laughing at me. If anyone knows glamour and class, Mark says, it's me. Jale says it makes her eyes look too close together. Christopher walks into the living area and Matthew says Mark's taken the p*ss out of her eyebrows, they're an abomination.

Mark is insulted and defends his work. Matthew thinks they're smudged. Jale thinks they're too close together. Mark says it makes her eyes bigger. Maybe you should tilt them (the eyebrows) down around the eye. Mark is clearly annoyed at Matthew. That's the last time I try to help anybody in here, he pouts. Oh stop it, Matthew says. Jale says they're not taking the p*ss out of you, they're taking out of my face, they think I look like a man. I think you look like a woman, Mark says. Matthew lets out a guffaw. That's a complement, he says.

10:38pm Kimberly asks Steven what he's thinking about and he says lots of things, trying to figure her out. When you do, she says, let me know. I just don't think you give a sh*t, he says. I know you think that, she says, not denying it. It' a perception, he says, that can be either correct or incorrect. Mark, Jale and Matthew are in the Pod and Jale predicts that after the eviction, Matthew and Helen will sort their differences out. Why he asks? The dynamics will change, Jale and Mark both say. Only if the right person goes, Matthew says. Jale thinks they will talk some time down the road and may feel the better for it. He doesn't have to, of course.

Matthew says he's the kind of person where it's OK if someone else doesn't want to apologize. Mark says he's clever and intelligent and knows better. The fact is you have to share a bedroom, a kitchen... I don't care, Matthew says, I just don't need it. She's full of remorse, Mark presses. Mark says tomorrow is eviction eve, someone's going to go, it ain't going to be you or Jale, and we can't predict how the house will change. Who would have believed the house today 3 weeks ago? Mark says Matthew has taught him so much, he never knew he could be mates with someone so different from him, you and Helen have been the only housemates positive to him since the beginning. I'm not prepared, not ready, not willing to have either of you's leave, so stop saying you don't care because it makes me sad. Definitely, agrees Jale.

12:09am In the bedroom, Matthew says has lost everything. He's searching through his belongings. He's gone through three drawers, Ash whispers to Helen, he'll blame me for being your partner in crime. Oh shut up, Helen says. I'm guilty by association, Ash tells her, that's what everyone says and laughs. How do you feel about leaving, she asks. He says if he's gone, it'll be her fault. Go on, she says, you're horrible. I felt that's why Tamara left, Helen confesses.

In another bed, Ashleigh tells Toya she doesn't know what she'll do if Toya leaves tomorrow. As much as I want to go tomorrow, Toya says, I have to be sensitive to the people who need me to stay. I don't want to leave you with these people. If I go, you better not let me down. Ashleigh smiles. You'll be fine, Toya says, no matter what happens. Don't flip out. I'm the last person to tell you what to do. Pick your battles, that's the best advice I can give. Some battles are worth fighting others just leave you looking stupid.

[if Toya is evicted, it will be because her advice came too late - to herself! -- Morty]

Don't ever let anyone talk down to you. People should respect you. Be strong.

In the Diary Room, Chris says everyone is paranoid and no one wants to go. I'm slightly dreading being eaten alive but also slightly excited that tomorrow will be different and slightly scary. It's like all of us being told to stand on a rock in the middle of a lake, but one of us gets a hippo. One of us is going to get swallowed up, but nobody knows which one. It's gonna be quick and it's gonna be brutal.

Who's going to be swallowed by a hungry hungry hippo? It's time for eviction time! Tonight, Danielle, Marlon, Ash, Toya or Winston will become the 3rd housemate to leave the Big Brother House. The UK public has been voting since Sunday and the results are in. It's time to talk to the house.

Big Brother House, this is Emma. Ash (boos), Danielle (boos), Marlon (boos), Toya (boos), Winston (cheers), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 6 days, the British public has been voting to evict. I can now reveal the next 3 housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction are, in no particular order, ...


And... Danielle.

And... Marlon.

Marlon jumps up in relief.

You are safe. The audience changes from Get Marlon Out to Get Toya Out. Ash (boos), Toya (boos) one of you is about to leave the Big Brother House. I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and third to be evicted is...

Toya is sandwiched between Matthew and Ashleigh. Marlon has his arms on Ash's shoulder and arm, Winston with a reassuring hand on Ash's knee. The audience chants Toya.


Yes, she screams! Sorry, she says to Ashleigh, it's my time. Danielle is crying as Marlon gives Ash a quick congratulatory hug. Toya tells Ashleigh to remember what she told her. Mark is crying. Matthew walks her to the stairs. Just make your exit as good as your entrance, Ashleigh says. Look after my Ashleigh Toya says from the top of the stairs. Toya exits through the doors to the sound of the eviction claxon and a loud chorus of boos. She soaks it in as best she can.

In her exit interview, Toya says she wasn't having any fun in the house, no one is. And it's because of Helen, she's the common denominator. If she leaves, fun will reenter the house. She went from Power Housemate voted on by her fellow housemates to evicted by the public. She says she would not have changed anything for the world.

It's time for the Power to return to the house. The housemates are reassembled on the sofas. This is Big Brother. Housemates, the Power is returning to the Big Brother house. Helen, please stand up. What are you doing to me, she asks?

Ashleigh, please stand up.

Kimberly, please stand up.

Danielle, please stand up.

It's all the women, Ash observes.

Jale, please stand up. Big Brother has decided that this week, it's Girl Power! Girls, the power now lies with you. Each and every one of you, including Jale, safe from this week's eviction.

Jale's face is one of wonderment and excitement. The house applauds for her. Danielle is also visibly excited and relieved. Helen alone has an uncomfortable look. You know what we have to do now, she tells her other Power Puffs.

However, Big Brother says, all of the boys are now up for eviction. They're fate lies in the girls' hands. They will have the Power to decide which boys to save and which boys will face the public vote. Over the next 72 hours, the girls will have the opportunity to test the boys to help them decide who deserves to remain in the house and who deserves to face the public vote. Boys, you will need to work hard to impress the girls, starting right now. Remember, none of you are safe.

You all look beautiful, Chris says instantly. *sslicker, Jale jokes.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 23: Friday, June 26th, 2014 - Power Puffed Girls

Previously, divisions deepened in the house. Tonight, time's up for Hurricane Toya. Girl Power grips the house. But can they stay united?

9:56am The prospect of another eviction looms and later tonight the housemates will discover who will be the third person exit the Big Brother House. Housemates are getting up and ready for the day, eating breakfast and having a chat. Ash ask Danielle how she feels about tonight and she says she feels all right. I am more nervous about my reaction, she says. Ash asks Jale. She says I am sick of trying to guess the bloody thing, wondering who will go. Danielle thinks she is going to go. I think I am going to go and you think you are going to go, Jale says, going around the room. Everyone thinks they are going to go, Ash says. Jale asks Winston if he thinks he's going to go. I feel absolutely fantastic, Winston says. They all laugh.

In the bedroom, Kimberly tells Helen today's going to be interesting, what happens tonight. Helen says don't you think half of the people are apprehensive about going? Yeah, says Kimberly. I'm scared of the other bullsh*t that we have to deal with tonight as well. You know it's not just going to be evictions.

Matthew and Mark are in the toilet getting ready for the day. Matthew says Ash is going to. He's made a fool of himself this week. Mark agrees he's gotten himself into a little bit of trouble this week. Matthew says it's going to be hard for him to see himself from the outside. Mark says because we see all sides of the story and he only sees his. Matthew tells Mark his eyebrows are perfect. Mark says it is going to be a good day cause he is having a good eyebrow day.

12:52pm Ash is helping Mark wring out his jeans as Winston watches. Mark says I have never seen black jeans do this in me life. I've never had to hand wash them before. I always throw them in the washing machine. Mark swings the pair around in the air to Diary Roomy them.

In the Diary Room, Matthew tells Big Brother he doesn't want Toya to go. She is one of my closest friends in the house but I think as well, because some of the guys are really immature in this house, that if she was to go, they would probably just sit around, pathetic. But I think Toya could go. I think she has been very loud and direct with her opinions and she may have come across quite obnoxious to the public at times. I will really feel very isolated from the group is she went.

Jale, Marlon and Chris are in the bedroom talking about tonight's eviction. Jale thinks she will remain in the house. Marlon is looking at himself in the mirror and she calls out, Marlon, please, can you limit it to like twice a day that you look in the mirror? Chris starts laughing. Marlon says that impossible. Jale says what are you going to do when you get married ? Make sure there are mirrors in all ceremony ? Would you have sex with a mirror above you?

Marlon says when he get married, he won't even have to look at himself. Jale asks why he has to validate himself for another person and Marlon says I'm not. I like to look good. I like to look in the mirror and look good. Who doesn't? Jale says, me! Marlon says because you are your own person. Jale says true. Marlon says your addiction is to cigarettes mine is the mirror. My addiction is life, Jale corrects. Marlon looks at Chris and says that is a good way of putting it isn't it? Doesn't make me less of a person.

Jale protests, did I say it did? Marlon says I said people, I didn't say you. Why you taking it so personal? Jale says I ain't taking it personal. I am just being honest. Why don't you go to the bathroom if you want to pour cream all over you. She lowers head in shame, saying Oh Gd, that sounds bad and they all start laughing. You're really into your moisturizing, aren't you. Yeah, Marlon says. People say you have a soft spot for me. I do, she says but let's not twist that sh*t.

2:09pm Mark is styling Ash's hair in the garden. He says he's going to really define what's there, have it reflect his personality. It's a conversation starter and a great way to meet new people. His hair looks like he stuck a finger in an electric socket.

Ashleigh, Daniele, Kimberly and Steven are talking about Marlon and Toya. Steven says tonight if they will both stay, it's going to kick off, to be honest. Ashleigh says she thinks Marlon has a really big chance of going. Steven says that's the thing, the public is going to make a decision. Kimberly says we'll just have to find out tonight but I don't think either one of them is definitely going be fine. That's all that I am saying. Steven agrees.

In the Diary Room, Toya tells Big Brother she is going to hear her name and people are going to either cheer or they are going to boo and somebody is going to leave. I do want it to be me. I can't lie. The snide comments, the sly opinions is just to much. Watching people being controlled by alcohol is just so shocking to see.

There is a lot of tension is the house but I made a promise to myself that I would never engage in an argument or a heated exchange with anyone in this house, because no one deserves an audience with me. it isn't going to happen. I hear Marlon and his snide remarks and he is not getting a rise out of me. Sometimes it is better to allow people to keep digging, hand them the shovel and let them dig and before they realize it, the body's half way in. You don't need to scream from the rooftops. You don't have to be the loudest person in the room. Strength comes from the heart and we have a lot of weak people in this house.

3:24pm Ash tells Helen and Marlon in the garden that he used to be shy. I didn't have sex till I was 18, he confesses. Marlon says shut up. I was the last of my mates to have sex, he continues. He was shy his first year in college but from his second and third years, he just changed.

Toya , Ashleigh and Danielle are in the pod still trashing Helen. Ashleigh says it is freezing out today and she is wearing a see through jumper. Yeah, Danielle adds, with no bra. A black bra, Ashleigh corrects. And a see through top, Daniel says disapprovingly. Ashleigh says she needs help, I think. If Ash went, she'd wake up tomorrow and would be absolutely having a ball. As soon as he walks out the doors, I would say thank the f*ck he's gone. I'd dance on the table, Danielle says.

He's bound to underestimate her (Helen) too much, Toya says of Ash. They you're like this cause we influence you that's your greatest power. They focus on the fact you're eighteen and that is the issue. She's 18, she's a baby. She wouldn't say that, Toya must have said something to her. I guarantee you. Winston goes you f*cking b*tch and Marlon said your damn right. I did not say a word but the more he says, the more he digs. Ash needs to go because if he goes, she'll crumble and she will go nuts in the house. I need her to go as nuts as possible. She will dig herself so far in the hole she could walk in there.

4:05pm Winston, Ashleigh and Chris have been called to the Diary Room. For today's task, they must demonstrate their acting skills by doing impressions of their fellow housemates. If Big Brother can guess their impressions correctly, they will win a reward for the house. What they don't know is that the other housemates are watching and it is their answers that Big Brother will be relaying.

Winston is up first and time starts now. Winston does Kimberly and the housemates guess correctly. Ashleigh does an impression of Ash and the housemates guess correctly. Winston mimics Matthew and housemates guess correctly. Chris does his impression of Danielle and the housemates guess correctly. Ashleigh successfully does Helen and finally, Winston nails Toya. Big Brother revels that it was their their fellow housemates who correctly guessed all of their performances and there for passed their acting challenge.

4:36pm The boys are talking about Kimberly's best assets. Winston says she does have a nice *ss. Chris says yeah, it is actually there. And she knows it's there, Ash says, she looked hot in the cops outfit. If he gets the Power and people have to do what he tells them, she is wearing that everyday.

Jale and Helen are in the bedroom talking about Ashleigh. Jale says she is a young girl and I am worried for her based on the fact I think Toya's really sucked her in. I will be honest with you there's not many people that I found that I am really uncomfortable being around in this house to the point where if the energy touches my hand, I have to walk away but Toya doesn't sit right with me. I don't understand it. I don't get it. I don't know.

Helen says I am sick of constant conversations arising as I am on my own with them. Every time I am on my own, they know that I get along with the lads really well and they choose to talk about how they don't give a f*ck about being here and they want me to say something back but I am not going to. I'm just glad it's not just me Ashleigh's trying to get a reaction out of. Jale says I don't know if Ashleigh even knows she is doing that. Of course she does, Helen says, she's an eighteen year old brat. I think she'll come out of here feeling disappointed about herself, Jale says.

5:22pm Mark is gassing in the garden, telling Chris, Christopher and Matthew that if he needs to fart, he tries to get to a toilet. Mark says people fart more freely in 2014 than they used to. When did you study farting history, Christopher jokes. It's just human nature to know that, Mark claims, common sense. Christopher says dead people fart and Mark looks at him like he is crazy. That's actually supernatural, Mark says, the spirit leaving the body. That's a horrible way to think of your spirit leaving, Christopher laughs. If a dead body can pass wind, Mark insists, then that confirms the dead can come back alive.

In the kitchen Winston and Danielle are talking about Marlon. Danielle says you will be sad if Marlon goes tonight, won't you? Winston says yeah, I will be. You're very close to him? Yeah, he says. He's very close to Jale, Danielle says, and if Ash leaves Helen will be gutted. I will be sad if Toya leaves cause I am very close to her. Ashleigh will suffer more than me, so I will have to be Ashleigh's rock if that does happen. I don't know, I think she's (Toya) is quiet entertaining. Winston asks her to explain what being someone's rock means. They keep you grounded, Danielle says. That's what I thought he says.

6:43pm Helen is doing Jale's hair wash area. Matthew and Mark are in the garden talking about never being nominated. You, me and Ashleigh have never been up, he says. Mark says he hopes it stays that way. Next week will definitely be Ashleigh and I. You can't call it, Mark cautions. Matthew says Kimberly thinks she is going to be up next week. I think she can be, Mark says, and Matthew says really? Why? Because she was close to all them girls. I think they could ostracize her. Matthew keeps forgetting she is really close to Danielle and thinks it's strange. Maybe they like each other, Mark says optimistically. Maybe she wants to keep her enemies close, Matthew counters.

In the Diary Room, Christopher tells Big Brother he's a little anxious about the evening cause you just never know where it is going to go on a Friday night, and even though you feel comfortable and happy, you think the rug could be swiped out from under your feet and I could be up the staircase in a couple of hours time. You're really conscious that could be your last few hours in the house and that's a little unsettling, a horrible nervous energy. Especially with so many people up and worried about losing a friend in the house.

With audience sounds being piped in the house, Toya is giving Ashleigh a pep talk in the garden. She says one of the highlights in the house was meeting you. If I was like you when I was 18, I wouldn't be where I am - I'd be a lot higher. You are 18 but in your head you are 25. You better know i love you to bits and I have your back 100%. You don't need me in here at all. You are Ashleigh. Your not afraid to say your mind and be yourself. Don't ever allow yourself to get lost in this house because i almost did so don't let her , Helen, get the best of you. She's scared of you; you show her what she can never be. You're a confident, strong woman. Pick your battles. They hug.

10:06pmhousemates are on the sofas for the results of tonight's eviction. So far, Jale, Christopher, Chris, Winston, Danielle and Marlon have all been saved and the audience is chanting Get Toya Out! Ash (boos), Toya (boos) one of you is about to leave the Big Brother House. I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and third to be evicted is...

Toya is sandwiched between Matthew and Ashleigh. Marlon has his arms on Ash's shoulder and arm, Winston with a reassuring hand on Ash's knee. The audience chants Toya.


Yes, she screams! Sorry, she says to Ashleigh, it's my time. Danielle is crying as Marlon gives Ash a quick congratulatory hug. Why you crying, Toya says, you're wasting my time with Emma. Remember what I told you, she tells Ashleigh and gives Matthew a parting hug. Look after my Ashleigh, she says from the top of the stairs. All the housemates gathered at the bottom of the stares to see her go. Except Marlon who remained seated on the sofa.

10:27pm Mark can't believe Marlon stayed. Helen wonders what Toya did this week. And Ash second, Mark ponders. I know, Helen says. It just goes to show, he concludes, we know nothing. In the kitchen, Steven tells Kimberly and Jale that the only saving grace is the public agreed it was her time to go and that validated the decision I made. I look at it as a positive way. And she was ready to go. The scary thing, Steven continues, is Ash polled lower than Marlon. The public has made a judgment on certain comments he's made. Jale feels bad if he's in that position because of something she's done because he's not a robot and she put him in a bad position and has told him that.

Jale is still amped up after the eviction. Steven thinks something is still going to happen tonight. Of course it is, Kimberly says. On the sofas, Mark tells Helen he thinks Ash is feeling really smug. He got huge cheers last week and was safe again this week. He just needs to keep his cool, Mark advises. Helen says Ash's personality is that he doesn't mean anything nasty. Mark says people who are attractive can say things like that but people who aren't don't stand a chance.

10:44pm Big Brother has gathered housemates again to deliver some big news. This is Big Brother. Housemates, the Power is returning to the Big Brother house. Helen, please stand up. Ashleigh, please stand up. Kimberly, please stand up. Danielle, please stand up. Jale, please stand up. Big Brother has decided that this week, it's Girl Power! Girls, the power now lies with you. Each and every one of you, including Jale, safe from this week's eviction.

Everyone is happy for Jale but no one more than Jale herself.

However, Big Brother says, all of the boys are now up for eviction. They're fate lies in the girls' hands. On Monday, they will have the Power to decide which boys to save and which boys will face the public vote. Over the next 72 hours, the girls will have the opportunity to test the boys to help them decide who deserves to remain in the house and who deserves to face the public vote. Boys, you will need to work hard to impress the girls, starting right now. Remember, none of you are safe.

You all look beautiful, Chris says instantly.

11:01pm The boys are in the garden talking about Girl Power. Chris says the girls do hold the power in here, they cause all the drama, it all centers around the girls. Ash says the guys are all beasts around the girls. Guys just want an easy life, Chris says.

The girls are in the Diary Room cheering having the Power. Big Brother confirms they are all safe from this week's nomination but the boys aren't safe. Their fate is in the girls' hands. How do you feel about this responsibility? The girls say great except Helen who is not happy. She likes all of the guys and they don't deserve not to be here. Kim says I am not hesitant but I am concerned. Helen says it is going to be a fun 72 hours. Bring it On!

Big Brother says over the next 3 days, the boys will be set with task and challenges to them make their decisions. Jale wants to be pampered. Helen wants them to be treated like queens. Big Brother ask girls for their thoughts on which boy to save. Kim first thoughts aren't as rational as second thoughts and we want rational thoughts before we explain them. BB reminds them that all of them are in power and have an equal say. Helen claps and says glad you established that and Ashleigh says me too.

11:23pm Marlon is in the Diary Room celebrating his survival and Toya's eviction. In the living area, the girls are talking tactics. Kimberly tells Helen and Ashleigh they know who doesn't like them. I'm totally oblivious to my position in the house, she says. Nobody doesn't like you, Helen assures her. We'll find out tomorrow, Kimberly reasons. We can't be at each others' throats, Helen says, we have to accept we're going to do something horrible this week. Ashleigh says we need to look at the guys like the public is looking at them. Helen disagrees. Kimberly thinks it should be a mix of both.

Outside in the garden, Christopher tells Steven he was shocked at Ash receiving boos. Steven thought it would be Marlon and Toya at the bottom. Christopher still thinks it has to do with Ash being close with Helen. He thinks Tamara could also have been evicted because of her link with Helen. The public may really want to evict her but can't, he theorizes. And Jale's a favorite, they agree. The final 2 is going to be Jale and Winston, Christopher predicts.

12:10pm Ashleigh, Kimberly and Danielle are on the sofas, talking about which boy they want to save. Kimberly doesn't want to but Ashleigh starts reading off the names from the light boxes. Jale joins them. Kimberly says she can't do this. Ashleigh says we're going to have to. Kimberly says we are going to have to do this tomorrow. She admits she's going to have a bias because of Steven. What can I do about that, she asks helplessly.

It's like trying to digest 60 things, Jale says, I'm safe, someone's gone, the boys are up and we're going to... You realize, Chris thinks he's in good with the girls. It will be f*cking awkward. Kimberly needs some fresh air, leaving Ashleigh alone with Jale. Ashleigh says they're going to see her nasty side when they go up to discussing things. I don't give a sh*t. What's the worst they can do, I go home.

Some of the housemates are in the garden talking about Ashleigh. Ash says she's a brat. She's 18, defends Helen, and that's what I have to remember when having a conversation with her. What a week this is going to be, Steven says, it's going to be rough. Helen says we have to drill into her head not to go after the public's response. Mark says she's been influenced by 2 strong minds and is afraid to change her mind. She's not strong minded, Helen says, her my way or the highway is not the case with Kimberly, me and Jale. I'm strong minded. So is Kimberly and Jale.

Helen tells Kimberly her patience is going to be tested this week. I'll be the mediator, Kimberly predicts. Helen disagrees, then steps back and says she doesn't know. She says they (Ashleigh and Danielle) want the most boisterous men gone. Matthew says f*ck and Steven and Marlon unconsciously take a step back. Mark, Matthew, Christopher and little Chris are all safe, Helen says, in their opinions. Ash thinks Danielle wants him up but Ashleigh wouldn't do it. We're going to be b*tches and argue, Helen says.

1:10am In the garden, Helen tells Ash, Winston and Marlon that Toya was voted out because of what's she's been saying in quiet corners. Marlon disagrees and thinks it's because she didn't speak to him after calling him a pervert for 2 weeks. Helen thinks she was saying one thing and acting something other.

In the bedroom, Ashleigh and Danielle aren't happy to be sharing power with Helen. If she tries anything, Danielle threatens, I'll go through her like a ton of bricks. Me too, Ashleigh says toughly, if they get their way, we're done. You don't have to worry about that, Danielle says, me and you are in sync, you don't have to worry about nothing. I've not liked her from the word go, Danielle says, I think she's slag, one of the most vile women I've ever came across in my life.

In the kitchen, Kimberly tells Jale she's going to make an argument for Steven. Everyone else should make an argument (for who they want to save). Jale says we need to save people who are at risk. That involves Steven, Marlon, Winston, and Ash. Good luck with that, Kimberly says, we need to think about this.

What do you think the words of wisdom were that Toya gave Ashleigh, Jale asks, changing the subject. I'm dying to find out. Kimberly thinks it was to know who your friends are, because then Toya's framework could stay in place when she's gone. I think Toya really liked Ashleigh, but maybe not so beneficial towards this.

Back out in the garden, Helen has been drinking again and tells Ash she's relying on Kimberly on fighting with her. Ash says on a serious note, oh, say what you want. I will, Helen says, it's going to be absolute carnage. Ash says he's going to treat this week like it's his last. Them two, she says of Danielle and Ashleigh, can't even look at anyone in the eyes. If you get to the point, Ash tells Helen, where you think you can't fight my battles without a proper falling out with people, don't fall out with people over me. I will, she says. Well don't, he says. I will, she says.

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Day 24: Saturday, June 27th, 2014 - Spa Day

Previously, Toya was taken out and the girls got the Power. Tonight, the girls take control, but is the power tearing them apart?

9:54am The Big Brother house has been transformed pink, though Chris was slow to realize why. The girls are called to the DR for their first taste of Power. They are to show the boys exactly whose in charge. Big Brother's house is in a right state and needs a deep, deep clean. There's fifth everywhere and half the boys will need to tidy it up. Half, asks Helen?

Big Brother also thought you might like a treat. The girls get excited. So Big Brother has set up a spa in the garden for you to enjoy. Jale names Mark, Matthew, Chris and Christopher to staff the spa, leaving Marlon, Winston, Steven and Ash to clean the house. Helen finds that hilarious. Jale thinks Marlon already has the kitchen cleaned. They task Winston as the bob (toilet) cleaner. Steven is on dish duty while Ash is vacuuming.

Out in the garden spa, Helen recommends Chris's foot massage. Mark is providing facials, Matthew manicures and Christopher massages. Helen orders Christopher to the corner to repeat "I Believe In Girl Power". Helen adds a Girl Power sign. The try to suppress laughs at Mark's makeup for Jale. She goes to a mirror and sees a lines curling up her face from the corners of her eyes and orders Mark to squat and give her 50. She begins to chase him around the garden.

12:29pm and Winston and Ash discuss the past week in the garden while it rains outside. Ash thinks if he goes up again he'll go but if he gets 2 weeks he thinks he can get people back on his side. Ashleigh won't save him, he says. He hopes they can survive the week and then the lad's will get the power.

Danielle and Ashleigh tell Big Brother they don't like being in Power alongside Helen. Helen's too much work and Jale's a fence sitter. Danielle says chances are we'll both be up next week. Ashleigh says the worst would be if Danielle goes and she's still here. At least she still speaks to them. I have no bond with them, I can't stand them.

In the washroom, Jale, Helen and Kimberly are talking about Ashleigh. Helen says you know when we were all in the Diary Room last night and I joked we need the boys to be our slaves so they can woo us, she said she didn't need any boys to woo her. I can't deal with comments like that, Helen says, like it's a joke. Kimberly rationalizes that it's a character thing that she's projecting. But it's not just Helen she's doing it to. Why is she doing that, Kimberly asks? I don't know, Helen says. There you go, Kimberly says. Jale says you've tried to make an effort. I don't make snide remarks to her, Helen says, but that's all I get back. If you've tried to make an effort, Jale says, and they're making horrible comments, ignore her.

Back in the Diary Room, Ashleigh says she's never met a more horrible or vile person in her life. When asked what she finds so vile about Helen, she says the way she speaks to people, talks about herself, her voice.

12:50pm Winston and Marlon are singing in the rain, more like rapping. In the Diary Room, Mark thought a week of Girl Power would be amazing but they're starting to crack already. It's going to be tough for them and all the lads are in the same boat now. We don't know how many they can save and I'm a bit worried. I don't want to be the 4th one to go - I have so much more to give and so much more to learn about myself. I mean, I have natural eyebrows talking to you today.

In the bedroom, Jale, Kimberly and Jale talk about which boy to leave for eviction. Jale says Matthew is ignoring her perspective. Kimberly says he has to argue about everything. Helen says he's an interesting character and she would love to see his Diary Room sessions. Jale says Marlon and Steve crack her up, so she'd like to save them. Kimberly wonders how we pitch this to Danielle and Ashleigh so they buy into it. We have to list pros and cons, Jale thinks. Helen says Ash, Steve and Winston spend a lot of time cleaning the kitchen. They clean more than the other lads.

Jale says Danielle and Ashleigh want to save Matthew. Kimberly says the thing about Danielle is she only responds to first impressions. How shallow, Helen says. I don't know if it's shallow or judgmental, Kimberly says, but can you not go further than that? Everyone can have first impressions, she reasons, but it takes a bigger person to analyze new information and admit when they're wrong.

1:55pm For today's task, Big Brother has put Danielle in charge of a finishing school for boys. She must tackle the ungentlemanly behavior of Ash, Winston and Marlon, who have been tasked to write a heart-felt love poem to one of the girls. First up is Winston, who greets Danielle in her chamber, saying Foxy Lady. She shows him the proper way to greet a lady with a peck on each cheek. He reads her his poem:

Such a beautiful girl, he name is Danielle, when I first saw her I said. oh f*ckin 'ell, her big breasts and the way her hair just fell (Danielle, wearing prudish glasses and a smock, laughs). So in this poem, I'm gonna just have to tell, out bursting and blossoming, more than flower, got a hard on when I saw her in the shower, concealed in my pants like the Eiffel Tower. Yes, she's gorgeous, the girl with the power, got a great body shaped like an hour glass, pretty face, couldn't keep my eyes off her *ss. For her I'd do literally any task, and later on I'm going to give her a massage.

Danielle laughs, says bravo, very good. Very flattering physically, very sexual, but while a gentleman may have those thoughts, he doesn't express them out loud. Too forward, huh, Winston says. I originally put t*ts but changed them to breasts, he offers. Thank Gd for that, Danielle says. Next Danielle shows video provided by Big Brother demonstrating his ungallant behavior. She is speechless as they watch it. To a lady, that is extreme. Just bring it back a notch she says, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Ash is next and reads his poem: Roses are red, violets are blue, everyone in the house really likes you. You sometimes snore and grind your teeth, but what really matters is what lies beneath. You're calm and collected, you don't like to shout, you're sweet and beautiful inside and out. I love how you're positive, you take everything in stride, you are who you are, you don't like to hide. But most of all, you are really kind, you bring smiles to faces, especially mine.

Awe, Danielle says, that's lovely. Do I grind my teeth? No, this isn't about you, it's about Jale! Danielle laughs and then shows Ash the video of his poor behavior in the house. He doesn't think it was bad. She asks if he thinks he's a gentleman. He say says yeah. She disagrees. First, he's sitting with his legs crossed in the chair. He called Jale a maggot. Getting serious, Ash says he just snapped, it was just a random name. The slut comment, she continues, no gentleman I know would ever say that. Ash has no answer. Finally he admits that could hurt people, but says again it was just a random name. Just because you use certain words in jest, Danielle lectures, others may find hurtful.

Danielle's final pupil is Marlon who reads his poem: Dearest Helen, my everything, my darling, my love. Your peachy bum, your long wavy hair, that's how much I care. It's plain to see that you're the one for me. You're my angel up above, you're the only one I can see who'll save my life. Marry me.

He finishes by laughing at his own joke and Danielle asks is that for Helen? You like Helen that much? No, he answers. It was full of... emotions, Danielle says, grasping for words. She tells them they're going to watch a video on him now. Oh sh*t, he says. Language, she warns. Marlon is cringe-laughing but Danielle is no amused. I'm bad, he laughs. Danielle has a hard time maintaining her composure as she talks about how offensive calling a woman a slut bucket is and warns him to watch his language and not ogle women, be more respectful.

4:30pm On the sofas, Steven tells Ash that he can see Kimberly panicking but Helen is OK. Steven thinks that Winston, Mark and Chris will be safe with the voting public. He thinks neither Danielle nor Ashleigh would allow Marlon to be saved, particularly Ashleigh because they don't believe Toya was in the wrong in their argument.

In the bedroom, Christopher doesn't understand what a finishing school is. He wonders if it's where girls go to learn how to be upper class and get a husband. Danielle explains it's like that but she's not upper class, it's more upper middle class. Hers was expensive but her mom and dad put her through. Christopher doesn't think they exist in current times. Danielle says aristocrats still have them to marry in high society. Marlon doesn't know what a high society aristocrat is. Someone making six figures, he asks? Yeah, Danielle say, high upbringing.

What's that film with the cats and dogs, Winston asks. The Aristocats, Danielle tells him.

[Winston might be more interested in Lady and the Tramp. -- Morty]

Danielle says to go to Finishing School, a girl has to be well read, come from a good family, has traditional values. Marlon asks if he could, not having six figures, marry someone whose been to Finishing School? You could, Danielle allows, but her parents will have a checklist, for lack of a better word. Do I get a menu, he asks, a list of girls who have gone to Finishing School? Winston laughs. You just have to search for that special lady, Danielle says. There's not many girls been to Finishing School.

I would need to find someone who has a good job, she says about a man. Would you marry a fisherman, Winston asks? No. Not even if he had lots of money? No. If I wanted to marry a girl like you, Marlon persists, I'd have no chance? No. What if you fell in love with him? I would never marry a girl, Marlon says, because she's earning six figures. If you're passionate about something and you're only earning 25-50k a year, that's fine for me. Me as well, Ashleigh volunteers.

What I'm saying, Danielle explains, is that the caliber of guys you're introduced to once you finish Finishing School really do earn six figures. But I don't want it portrayed that Finishing School is about money. It's about etiquette and morals and being a lady. Would you marry a zoo keeper if they make six figures, Winston asks? A zoo keeper, Danielle exclaims. How many millionaire zoo keepers do you know, Christopher laughs. I'd live on the streets, Chris says romantically, if it meant I could be with the person I love.

6:16pm Winston is applying his first facial in the tub. Matthew is impressed with his smoothing around technique, says he would just lump it on. You need to get more out of the packet, Matthew jokes. He has more on his hand and between his fingers than on his face. Mark is watching Winston as well and Matthew says he should have done it for Winston. He's nearly done, Mark says.

Danielle and Ashleigh are staying out of the other housemates way in the Pod. Ashleigh feels like she needs to cry. She tells Danielle about her talk with Toya the night before her eviction and they were tearing up. Then Kimberly interrupts. If I wanted to talk to Kimberly I would have gone found her. Why would she come to me and ask what's wrong? Why does she think I'd tell her? Danielle doesn't have a clue. You can't trust her, she tells Ashleigh.

Kimberly joins the two girls in the Pod. They are enjoying the rainy weather. Any gossip, Kimberly asks? Nothing, they tell her. She asks Danielle if the boys learned anything from the Finishing School task. It may have made a slight dent on one individual, Danielle allows. They can hear Mark singing from below. Kimberly wants to go see what's happening and invites the girls to come down with her. Ashleigh says she's seen him do his Mariah Carey imitation. Kimberly is excited, running in place, saying come on, I want to see!

Danielle gets up and Kimberly heads down, but Danielle then sits back down next to Ashleigh who remains curled up on the couch. He's quite entertaining, Ashleigh says, looking bored. I wish she would just f*ck off, Ashleigh says of Kimberly. It doesn't matter what you say, Danielle says, if you say something, she just disagrees. And lectures you as well, Ashleigh says, and then she goes back to report to Jale and Helen. That's where the sh*t stirring starts, Danielle says.

8:08pm The Power Housemates are having a special night away from the boys, including pink champagne and snacks and a special screening of the boys in the Diary Room. Jale says this is her first treat situation of the season, and I'm happy to spend it with you lovely ladies. They toast a good night.

In the bedroom, the boys predict drama with the girls together. Helen will make a comment, Matthew predicts. Ash thinks Helen will make sure she doesn't say anything. He thinks Ashleigh and Danielle will go off. Marlon says they go off on stuff like pee on the toilet. Especially Danielle, Steven says. Matthew thinks Ashleigh doesn't want to start arguments. Ash says Ashleigh won't want to save him, he's seen his nominations and she's nominated him two weeks in a row. She's going to react badly to this, Steven thinks and Mark agrees.

Back in the living area, it's time to talk about favorites and Kimberly takes the lead, saying Steven is right up there but they need to take into consideration how, strategy-wise, they are going to go if all up on that board (the light box wall). As a pre-requisite to talking about who we want to save is how we're going to go about doing it. Do we want to base it off their reception and the chance of their actually going, or purely on levels of friendship and intimacy, how.

Ashleigh says if we put Ash, Marlon and Steven up, I think Steven would go. You reckon, Jale asks? Ashleigh nods yes. Let's play devil's advocate, Jale says. Ash, Steven and Marlon are the denominators. If we all go around and pick one of those names, the most commonest name that comes up, we put to one side and see what comes up after that. Ashleigh and Danielle agree that makes sense and quickly volunteer Steven. Kimberly doesn't want to choose. Helen chooses Ash and Jale chooses Marlon. Kimberly says it's between Steven or Marlon, I really can't decide. Helen says it's not like she's naming 5 people, she's got 2 on her mind and has to make a decision from that. We don't have to have the decision now, she points out.

8:41pm It's time for Big Brother's feature presentation. Mark is in the Diary Room describing his ideal partner, someone funny, sexy. Ash says gorgeous, big boobs. Really good at cooking, Steven says. The guys tell Big Brother how far they would go on a first date. They then play a game of Sung, Marry, Avoid with the female housemates. Mark chooses to marry Helen and Steven lays it on thick for Kimberly but yawns in the middle of his answer. Mark says Helen is funny, down to earth and super glam. Matthew says Helen is trashy, rude and has a mouth on her, too aggressive. She throws his image on the screen a bird.

Ashleigh is amazing, Chris says. Ash calls her a brat but says Kimberly's a strong character. Danielle is disinterested all together. Winston says Jale is a barrel of laughs, always has a smile on her face no matter what. Christopher says she is the art of control, Danielle is a Scottish slice of sugar, Helen's had a helluva bumpy ride, Kimberly is a slice of la la land perfection (She's from LA), and Ashleigh's a party prom princess. Ashleigh actually laughs.

Mark says Kimberly would be the biggest cheat in a relationship. Winston says Jale. Matthew predictably says Helen. She has no respect for herself, why should she have respect for other people? Chris names Helen and Helen says thanks. Ash says Danielle likes the idea of guys with money and would trade up for someone more appealing.

Helen and Jale say their opinions stayed the same. They'd marry me, Kimberly says, that's all I took from that. I'm a bumpy ride, Helen says. Ashleigh isn't sure how she feels about being a pretty prom princess. Helen wants to ask Matthew why doesn't she have respect for herself. Jale asks Danielle what she thinks. About what? Are you OK, Jale asks? I'm fine, she says. I'm not used to you being this quiet, Jale says. I'm grand, Danielle says without further explanation.

If people need to say stuff, Helen says, I think we need to face facts that until Monday, we're all going to have to sit together and discuss it. There's no point in going off in individual groups and discussing sh*t, then coming back. It's going to cause confusion. We have to make one decision. She gets no reaction from Danielle or Ashleigh.

9:06pm The boys are grilling Helen in the bedroom on what the girls saw. Helen tells Ash they saw him call Ashleigh a brat, and the thing you said about Danielle. She claims to not be p*ssed, but I've not heard a squeak out of her since it's been on. Helen said she got Matthew's one line about her. Matthew says he's sorry. Why are you sorry, Helen asks, but I am interested in why you don't think I respect myself. Did I say that, Matthew backpedals. She repeats what he said on the video for everyone to hear. Just because the way you handle yourself in arguments, he says. I go over the top, she says. Essentially, yeah. Fair enough, Helen says.

While the boys and Power Girls mingle, Ashleigh and Danielle have their own debrief off to the side. I just want everything over and done with, Danielle says. Ashleigh says we are not agreeing on Ash. To save him, Danielle says, Gd no. You were unsure about Steven earlier. Just because I'd save him doesn't mean that I trust him, Ashleigh says, but I'd rather save him than Marlon.

Ashleigh looks around to see if anyone is paying them any attention. She sees Jale talking to Ash. If he comes to you, Ashleigh tells Danielle, just laugh and say don't worry about it, it's fine. Don't let him know it insulted you, hurt you. That's the worst thing you can do. Don't let him victimize you again. I'm the only one who sat there and understood why you were being so quiet.

Helen says she got most of the cheap comments. Did Danielle not say I gave her a cheap one, Ash asks. No, Helen says. Ashleigh is putting on a fake smile as she joins the group. Ash says he called Danielle a cheat because he thought she could take it. it would be disrespectful to call Ashleigh a cheat. Ashleigh says you chose her because you're friends with Helen and Jale.

Helen says the best way to put it (to Danielle) and you should tell her, because she won't listen to me, is if Ash or Steven or Winston said it about me, I would be upset because I would have thought they actually knew be a bit. But if Matthew had said it about Danielle I'd understand her being p*ssed off, because she would think they'd actually have gotten to know each other. She's taking it that bad, Ashleigh tries to say convincingly.

In the Diary Room, Danielle is taking it badly, telling Big Brother she doesn't want to sit there and have someone she hs nothing in common with say she's the biggest cheat because she's influenced by money. Where does that even come from? I've never even had a discussion with the guy, let alone talk about relationships, money. I make my own money, love. It's so pathetic a reason, she says, it shouldn't be valid. Of course I think it's offensive. Jeez! I was gobsmacked.

9:43pm Marlon has a big problem problem in the garden. He gets up and walks gingerly, blaming the chicken. Ash says he's gone and sh*t himself. In the bedroom, Jale, Kimberly and Helen talk about Danielle. Kimberly says they are trying to understand everyone. I don't pretend to know you so well, she says to Helen and Jale, but I understand you for the most part in this game. I've tried my best but I don't understand Danielle. That's because she doesn't understand herself, Helen says loudly. What am I supposed to do about that, Kimberly asks? F*ck her off, is Helen's answer.

She went to Finishing School to learn manners, Helen explains, inebriatedly addressing Danielle in absentia, you have none. You're a f*cking rude person. Go back to Finishing School and finish it. Jale tries to put a cap on it, saying they've said what needs to be said, but Helen is wound up now. But I have to say it here because I can't say it to her or I'll get accused of being mean. F*cking twat. I can't believe I have to sit in a room with this person who I just want to grab by the shoulders and say wake up! Speak! Is Jesus in there?

11:25pm Mark asks Matthew to pretend he's a horse with him. What am I doing? Mark demonstrates, galloping around the kitchen and neighing. For about 10 seconds, Matthew actually does it before coming to his sanity. Keep going, urges Mark. This is embarrassing, Matthew says. Mark gallops over and then jumps on Matthew's back. Run hard, he urges, neigh, neigh! Matthew sets out with mark on his back.

In the bedroom, Ashleigh and Danielle are curled up on the bed. Danielle says it's difficult with these people, they're so loud and so crass. They've vulgar, Ashleigh says, not the kind of people I spend my time with. She begins tearing up and Danielle tells her it's OK. It breaks my heart seeing you so upset, she says. I'm stubborn, Ashleigh says, but I don't know how stubborn I am not to walk out that door. You're going to be huge after this, Danielle assures her. I can see your future.

12:06am Most of the housemates are in the bedroom, Kimberly snug in Steven's arms. Ash jokes he'll fall out with her if she doesn't save him from nomination. What, Helen says, you can't do that. I'm trying. I'm joking, Ash laughs. You're not joking, Helen insists.

Ashleigh is in the Diary Room crying about how hard it is in the house with people she doesn't get along with and doesn't want to be with. If you're not in their clique you're alone. They don't listen to her opinion because she's 18 with no life experience but her brain is 10x bigger than all of theirs put together. And Ash is just an *sshole whose quite thick. He tries to make out like he's everybody's best friend, but he doesn't really make much of an effort with anybody because his head's too far up Helen's *ss. Helen's a b*tch, Marlon's up Winston's *ss, Kimberly is joining Ash up in Helen's abdomen, Jale joining Kimberly up there as well.

The girls have the Power, Big Brother tells Ashleigh, then asks who do you think really has the Power? I think it's me, Jale and Kimberly, she answers. Helen thinks it's her, but nobody's really giving into her whole Ash thing. As sick as it makes me to say, I'd rather save Marlon than Ash. And Jale and Kimberly both said Marlon. So that's what I'm going to work on, so I can pretend to be open-minded. Apparently I'm not. Then they'll have an open mind on saving the housemates I want to save.

I'm smarter than the other girls, she says. I don't think they think I'm capable of thinking like this.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 25: Sunday, June 28th, 2014 - Hard Times

Previously, Girl Power tore the girls apart. Tonight, the boys turn up the heat, but is it the end of Girl Power?

9:44am Since Friday night, the house has been living under Girl Power. With all the boys facing eviction, the girls have to decide who to save. Jale and and Helen are in the Diary Room talking to Big Brother. Helen says it is is good to be in Power, but they really want to get into the roll a bit more. The girls are going to put the boys through Big Brother Boot Camp today as they are dressed as Drill Sergeants and ready to show the boys who is boss. They go through the house blowing whistles telling the boys to get up and lets go. You have 1 minute to get ready.

In the Garden the boys are supposed to be repeating what they say, "Girls are right and boys are wrong," but the boys are saying" boys are right and girls are wrong". The boys are not happy as they march through the garden. The boys complain constantly through push ups and jumping jacks as the whistle blasts non-stop. After a little exercising it is time for a game of tug of war. Ash and Mark are doing the tug of war and Ash yanks Mark across the garden.

Danielle and Kimberly watch from the side. I can't stand all that macho crap, Danielle says.

12:10pm Chris, Kimberly, Winston, Marlon, and Jale are in the garden talking about pigs. Marlon dislikes pork but not for religious reasons. Chris says they are clean animals. Jale tells them that they lick each others bum holes. Marlon says he has seen them eat their own sh*t on a farm. Jale says she was just joking. I seen it on TV, Marlon insists.

Ashleigh and Danielle are hiding up in the Pod again, watching the housemates below. Helen walks into the Garden and Danielle says her bum's always hanging out. Ashleigh doesn't want to see it any more since she has seen Helen's bum more than her own in the last three weeks.

Down below, Chris says he loves pigs. Ashleigh thinks he's funny. Danielle says he and Christopher are both fine. They say they have to make sure Christopher and Chris are safe by putting up an *ss hole up beside them. They also need to save Mark and Matthew.

In the Diary Room, Matthew tells Big Brother he doesn't feel happy, his mood keeps getting lower and lower. He's not really enjoying the task, being told what to do by females he doesn't like. He's out of his comfort zone being around certain people in the house. He's used to being around his girlfriend all the time, someone he loves and knows inside out. There's no one here I can relate to like that.

I'm not a masculine guy like Marlon, he says, conforming to what a guy i supposed to be, the way a boy should behave. These guys who think they are lads just behave bad. Marlon's an embarrassment, a pathetic, chauvinistic moron, looking at himself in the mirror, talking about sex all the time and looking at girls like sex objects. It makes him a bigger person, a better man, He should be embraced of himself.

Helen is walking around like she hasn't made her mind up. It's ridiculous. She doesn't like me and doesn't want me here, so I'm probably up for nominations and I don't need to hear her bullsh*t. People are afraid of Helen. Kimberly and Jale are friends with her because they're scared, not because they genuinely like her or have common interests.

12:32pm Christopher tells Matthew he can't understand why Helen and Jale are so tight. Jale used to sit on the outside to all of a sudden being in the "in" group. I'm more than happy she is making new friends as long as she doesn't get burnt by them and remembers who has had her back from day one. Matthew says that Helen is disgusting and vile but she is playing the game. She knows she's hated. Christopher says in her head, she's pretty much untouchable. She cannot take criticism. She's an obnoxious, self-righteous person, Matthew says.

Kimberly, Helen and Jale are in the bath area assessing their Girl Power. Jale says people don't want to make an effort any more. Well, two girls (Danielle, Ashleigh) don't want to make an effort. They're just making our decision easy, Helen says, if they don't respect our trying to come together as a 5, I'll just stampede all over their opinion. They are the two rudest people in this house, they're pathetic. Jale says a week ago, they were open minded a few weeks ago. They're hot and cold, Helen says. I can't stand people that you have to figure out what mood they are in that day, treading on eggshells.

Last night, Helen continues with Jale, you said you felt sorry for her because she doesn't know how to pull herself out of a bad mood. How old is she? That's what a child does, a child. An adult gets over it and gets on with the day. They are just nasty they sit in a corner all day to themselves. And they say I'm the nasty one.

2:33pm The girls have become ladies who lunch. They'll be treated to a nice alfresco lunch with boys as their staff. What the boys don't know is that Big Brother has given the girls secret ear pieces so they can hear everything the boys have to say behind their backs.

In the kitchen, Matthew asks if it is a bad idea giving Danielle a Bloody Mary. She might like it, the others say. Let her say something ridiculous, Ash says, it's only a Bloody Mary. Matthew asks if it's bad and Christopher says it has religious connotations. Mark says just call it a Queen of Scotland with a twist. Matthew says Helen's is a Choke On Anything Please, Ashleigh's is an Angelic Ice Queen Brat, Jale is Mass Manipulation, Kimberly's will be an I'm So Horny or the Stoic Horny One. Matthew and Mark serve the drinks and defensively explain the drinks.

Danielle did not like the taste or name of her non-alcoholic Bloody Mary. Back in the kitchen, Ash is upset. So what, he says, it's a cocktail. Marlon asks Steven what Kimberly's ass tastes like. Very sweet, he says. The boys are laughing and the girls are gasping. The girls move to the Bedroom and are not happy with the boys. Danielle says she's gutted. Ashleigh and Kimberly were shocked at Ash. Kimberly tries to spin it, saying he was saying who cares about the drink, but Danielle and Ashleigh believe it was about her being Catholic. He's not a religion basher, Kimberly says.

All the boys are in the sitting room throwing dough at each other, Mark squealing as he's targeted by the lads' lads.

5:46pm Ash, Chris and Winston are talking about getting Ashleigh and Danielle back to talking again because Danielle is lovely. Chris says he finds her really easy to get along with even though they have nothing in common. Just keep it simple, like warm tomato juice.

In the Diary Room, Danielle is upset over the comment Ash made about the Bloody Mary drink. What are the chances, if there is all these drinks made and named, why do I get the one insinuates something about religion? I don't get that. I'd never heard it before and think they made it up.. Big Brother tells her it's an actual cocktail. Crying, Danielle says she didn't know that. Big Brother asks if she may be looking into it a little too deeply? It tasted bloody awful, she says.

On the sofas, Ash asks Jale if he should just be quiet. No, she says, you don't need to change your character in here. No, not in general, he says. Helen says there's no point in saying anything. Ash said that he tried explaining it was just a cocktail. Just leave it, Jale advises. I feel like I'm treading on egg shells all the time. Everyone is. I'm not, Helen says. I'm not being unfriendly to her, he says, I'm being friendly to her. Helen says she picks who she likes, only certain people. I don't know why we're the bad guys because we swear, Ash says.

6:13pm Matthew is helping Mark with grooming his beard. Is there a baldy patch, Mark asks? Marlon, Ash and Winston are in the pool talking about the girls' big decision. Ash says they are not going to sit in the room and debate. We are going to all sit on the f*cking couch live and Big Brother will say stand up, you have to make a decision now or you're all up and the girls are just going to start flapping. They're going to have a minute to decide or all the girls'll be up. And the boys are safe, Marlon asks? They won't let that happen, Ash says, they'll make rash decisions so they won't go on the block instead of us. Someone will get f*cked.

Chris tells Big Brother every conversation is dominated by conspiracy at the moment and I'm really not that engaged in it. I don't want to come across to them as the old man because I'm the oldest person here now. I think what the girls will do is, instead of putting up people they think are safe, people are terrified of that here, they'll probably save the safe ones. Based on something Helen said to Steve, something like don't worry, it's going our way, Steve, Ash, Winston or Marlon will be saved.

I don't even want to think about it, become part of the conspiracy. I can't get bothered and worked up about something I can't change. It's all the speculation and garbage that baffles me. Steve only talks in questions. He never listens to answers. He never remembers anything, no investment in people. If you watch him around Kimberly, it's cringe worthy. It's like if you buy a really expensive clock, it doesn't tell you the time, it just ask you the time. Pointless.

Mark is worried about what he's done to his beard. Do I look like I have a disease, he whines? You look better now than you do in that picture, Matthew says, pointing to the Light Box. Mark throws himself on the sofa and cries, Oh My Gd!

9:02pm It's ladies night and the boys are tending to the girls every need. The sofas have been removed to create a large open space and Christopher, Chris, Steven, and Mark are each wearing bow ties on white collars around their neck. Waiting in the wings, Winston, Ash and Marlon are dressed as firemen. Absolutely go with it, Ash tells the other two. Big Brother tells the ladies to go wild for one night only, it's the Big Brother Strip Squad!

Ashleigh has a look of disgust as Danielle reassures her. Ash, Winston and Marlon enter and Jale says this better be good. Helen screams with delight. Even Danielle is laughing. The music starts and the guys begin dancing to Hot Stuff. The guys start slow, loosely in sync as they unzip their outer covering revealing their bare chests. Go boys, shouts Jale. They advance towards the girls and Ashleigh warns them to stay back.

The guys have massage oil which they pour in the girls hands so they can rub it into their six-pack abs. Danielle buries her head in Ashleigh's shoulder. Marlon rubs his hands up and down his belly and Danielle screams OMG! They step back from the tables to drop their firefighter trousers, revealing fire red cheek-hugging boxers underneath. Ashleigh appears shocked as they hip thrust in sync. Ash appears to be more excited than the others and Kimberly and Jale joke with Helen it's for her. The boys get up close and personal, Marlon with Jale, causing her to fall out of her chair.

9:34pm Kimberly tells Danielle you can always talk to me. Sometimes I think I can't, Danielle responds. Did I do something wrong, Kimberly asks? Danielle says I just didn't want to take you away from Helen and Jale, so I just kind of deal with it myself. Kimberly says she speaks with them to get other opinions. Danielle says she worries that Kimberly will take what they talk about to the other side. Why would you think that? Because you get along with them. Only because you've been talking with people I don't get along with very well, Kimberly says, I know you feel like you can't talk to me, but you can, she assures, you can. Ashleigh walks over and asks Danielle if she's OK.

Out in the garden, Winston, Marlon and Ash are still bare-chested and oiled up, talking with Steven, Helen, Jale. Helen asks if Marlon was a bit hard through that? Are you joking, Winston asks? Marlon came over, Helen jokes, and I told Jale he's got a bit of blood in there. Ash says they had their microphone packs in their pants. Helen it made them look like they was bulging out their pants. I was like Marlon's gone a bit far with this, she laughs.

Back in the house, Ashleigh tells Danielle to tell Kimberly that she always makes out that she's worse than what she is. I said it to Jale, Ashleigh explains, She's always like, are you ok ? Are you ok? Are you ok? Like all the time. Kimberly did that to Jale all the time and it annoyed her. Be careful of what you say to her. I don't trust her.

10:45pm Kimberly and Jale are in the Pod talking about Danielle in the Pod. Jale mocks Danielle, saying this experience has taught me to value what I have in my outside life, and I'm up for eviction and going to go and it's OK. Jale screams in frustration. Helen calls from below, asking if that was about her. No, Jale says as Kimberly motions for her to come up. Helen she says no, she's not going to be an afterthought. Jale tells Helen get the f*ck up here or we're going to start calling you Danielle Ashleigh.

In the Diary Room, Christopher has had a radical makeover with a pink boa on. I don't know who I'm anymore. I'm having an identity crisis. I've had a bit of a make over as Jale has done me face and clothes. These clothes belong to Jale.

Steven advises Matthew the thing with Helen is she would never say anything in the Diary Room that she won't say to your face. Matthew is saying one reason she doesn't like him is because he's friends with Mark and knows it bothers Mark. Second, she knows she's seen as a villain outside and is playing the part. Steven says trust me, other people are more closed, avoiding controversy in the house, reserving what they think for the Diary Room. What do you want me to do, Matthew asks. Take Helen at face value - what you see in Helen is what she is.

11:29pm Mark is in the Diary Room, posing for his best view to talk to Big Brother: I can't be asked to listen to anybody, he says, I don't know what's the matter with me. I'm a really direct person. I'm confrontational but not argumentative, confrontational in a way that's positive. I'm liked by everybody so it's frustrating hearing all their problems. I don't like hearing them talk crap. I'm a direct person. It's frustrating that everyone goes around talking about each other. it would be so easy if they just had a conversation about it.
In the garden, Helen says tomorrow is going to be a f*cking nightmare, a massive argument, because there
are 5 of us girls and I said that we've been put in a position to make a decision. The five of us should be talking, not to guys and not to anyone else and not in separate conversations. I thought Kimberly and Jale would back me up on that, but clearly not. Today they took a bath together, walked off from me together, and if they say something different than what I assumed tomorrow, I'm going to go f*cking mental. All it takes is five girls to sit down and make a decision. It doesn't take rocket science for f*cks sake. I've been pushed out of this, she says, they have no interest in what I have to say and I'm going to explode.

11:36pm Steven is teaching Kimberly how to hug, wrapping her arms around his waist, then his arms around her neck, and Helen walks in. Steven explains he's teaching Kimberly to hug and she says she doesn't like doing it (hugging). dismisses her, saying Kimberly should keep her looped in on circles more. Steven Gives Kimberly a shocked look. They go out to the Garden and Steven says it's going to kick off. Why's it going to kick off? Kimberly explains, Jale and I went to the Pod without her and it is bad and I don't get it. I said Helen come up, and she wouldn't. It's stupid and I hate this. Steven tells her to calm down and not go kicking off.

I'm over it, Kimberly says, I can't please all the girls in this house. Steven says he's going to say what she doesn't want him to say. Steven says I'll be furious if I'm up tomorrow. I'm not saying nothing else. However, I'll never blame you. My situation with you will never change. I'll be p*ssed off, but I won't blame you. He's looking for but not getting a reaction from Kimberly and it exasperates him. Just talk to me, he says, cuddling her in his arms, stop being such a closed book to me. He tells her to talk to Helen and everything will be all right. To Steven's chagrin, Kimberly immediately gets up to go talk to Helen. Should I come or leave you to it, Steven calls after her. She doesn't answer.

F*ck me, Steven says, it's going to go off now. Anyone got some smokes?

Kimberly heads over to Helen in the kitchen with a sly look in her eyes. Why you looking at me like that, Helen asks. Kimberly says I'm looking at you because of a comment you made. Helen says because I'm not being kept in the loop and I'm f*cking pissed off about it. Kimberly asks why? So they went up to the Pod. What's the big deal? You've had other conversations today, Helen says, and this is the nicest I can possibly be, but I don't want to speak to you tonight when we've both had a drink. I'll speak to you tomorrow and tell you how I feel about things being said behind my back.

Kimberly says she didn't do anything behind her back, we wanted you to come up. Now you're just patronizing me, Helen says. I've always been honest with you. I feel like the third wheel, Helen says, I thought we were singing from the same sheet but if tomorrow you say something different from what we talked about yesterday, I'm going to be p*ssed off.

12:46am The boys are in the kitchen, wondering who the girls will save from eviction. Matthew thinks it's Ash, himself, Marlon and Steve who should be worried. Ash says if he's up, he's going out. Marlon says if I'm safe this week, I'll be up again next week anyway.

In the bedroom, the girls are discussing their big decision. Helen thinks some girls in the room have Marlon's back. Now, I think Steven's got a raw deal and I think Ash has had a raw deal, Ash more than anyone because of the public reaction for his laddish comments. They don't see him being nice, being friendly and sweet. Ashleigh doesn't understand how Ash has had more of a raw deal than Steven because Steven has not made one comment or done anything wrong to anyone. He was booed because he was friends with Pauline.

Helen says Steven's made comments, similar conversations as Ash. Danielle says who do we think the public would vote out Ash or Steven? Helen, Jale and Kimberly think it is Steven. Helen respects what they're saying and admits she feels more strongly towards Ash. Ashleigh thinks the majority of the house would go for Steven because he's there for everyone, comforts whomever is upset.

He's a lovely guy, says Danielle, but (voting) girls would be more inclined to keep Ash in because he's eye candy. I don't think he's eye candy, Helen says, Ash was boo'd to f*ck and I didn't understand why he was there. I didn't understand why Toya was there. She was more vocal than him and was on even keel (audience reception) with her.

My fear, Ashleigh says, is we'll be sitting down for dinner and they'll come on and tell us to gather around the living area. Forget all this, Helen says, we don't know what they're going to do Friday night.

1:11am Christopher is working out late in front of the light box wall, doing jumping jacks. Ashleigh and Daniel whisper about Helen as they wash their faces in the washroom. She's an absolute nutter, they say. They think they'll be able to save 2 and 6 will go up. Ashleigh plots to get Jale and Kimberly into the Pod tomorrow to push Helen over the edge.

In the garden, is feeling the strain of Girl Power, telling Steven, Ash, Marlon and Winston she's taking it really seriously, but certain in this Power House position are taking it way too seriously they're taking it too far. Marlon says he doesn't care what happens. Why did Kimberly have to go off and talk to Danielle, Helen stresses. Ash thinks Danielle is the least involved of anyone. Don't believe that, Helen says, not for a second. I can't wait to explode on everyone in this house, Helen says, and when I do, they can say what the f*ck they want and I won't give a sh*t.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 26: Monday, June 29th, 2014 - Decision Time

Previously, the girls went Power mad. Tonight, the boys plead their case. And it is decision time.

9:46am Today Girl Power will come to an end. But before that happens, the girls will have the Power to save some of their male housemates from this week's public vote. And this decision is weighing on their minds. In the wash, Jale tells Kimberly that Ashleigh wants to have a talk with just them and Danielle about the decisions they have to make later today. Kimberly doesn't think it is fair to Helen to leave her out of the conversation but she understands where Ashleigh's coming from. Helen walks in and they stop talking.

Ashleigh tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that her plan is coming together to make sure that Ash doesn't come off the board. Rather than argue with Helen, she's going to make the case that Ash is going to be fine. But Ash and Steven are friends with everyone, so Ash needs to go. Helen has no idea anything is going on. Would it be bad if I say that I won't feel guilty if Ash leaves?

Ash, Mark and Matthew are in the garden talking about Kimberly. Ash says Kimberly is taking the Power the worst of all the girls. Mark wonders why Kimberly finds it so difficult and Ash says she thinks Steven will go. Mark thinks she's battling over whether to make a decision with her feelings or her brain. She's super emotional and I don't expect she planned to form any emotions in here.

In the bedroom, the girls are having a meeting without Helen. Jale says the vote to save should be for someone whose redeemed themselves. Ashleigh says they need to save someone who has an effect on everyone in the house. She asks what has Ash has done for anyone in there? If I need help, she says, I don't see Ash coming so you have to say this, is where it is going to stop? Ashleigh recalls yesterday they said that the three guys Jale and Kimberly wanted to save were Ash, Winston and Marlon. The three guys she and Danielle wanted to save were Chris, Christopher and Matthew. So if they get 2 saves, they take one from each group.

So if we agree on saving one person, Ashleigh says, we all agree on Steven? The girls says yeah. Then the next one is Chris, Ashleigh leads, and the third guy is Marlon. Jale says every guy she's talked to in this house after she's upset or having a giggle, Ash's the only one who hasn't, so that's her reason and that's what she'll tell Helen. We're all in agreement, Danielle says. Kimberly says they have all made valid points and Jale adjourns the meeting.

1:22pm Big Brother gives the boys a final chance to man up and impress the girls. They step up one by one to face the girls and state why they should stay in the house this week. Steven goes first and is told to stand in the gold circle.

Coming in this house, he says, I thought I wouldn't like anybody. I thought people would p*ss me off and I'd be one of the more argumentative characters. The last 4 weeks has been the biggest learning curve, finding out things about me I didn't know. In here I've learned everyone has depth and everyone has a story. All I ask you to do is consider I have never ever argued with anybody in this house and I've walked away from anyone who tries to argue with me.

Out in the garden, the other boys are waiting their turn. Christopher says Steven's still talking. It's like he's doing a business pitch, Mark says.

If given the opportunity to stay, Steven continues, I think I would grow even more from this experience, which in terms of my life, could be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Christopher is next and says this whole experience has been a culture shock for him and he's learned things about himself he never thought he would. I always thought of myself as open, sociable, can make friends with anybody. But that's not really the case, I'm a lot more shy than I thought I was, it's been harder to open up to people.

In the garden, Marlon doesn't understand why he should have to justify himself to a bunch of ladies. He thinks this whole thing is sexist. Why should he get judged?

Mark faces the girls and says he want to stay in the house because it has been the most incredible few weeks of me life. I didn't think I had anything to learn about myself, nothing to gain, and be completely me self. All the things I've learned in 3 weeks is unbelievable, not just about me but other people I'd never mix with in a million years in the real world.

Marlon says he's learned from being in the house that you can't judge a book by its cover. There are a lot of things I've done and said, this week especially, being reminded and shown back to myself, that I felt was a bit out of line. it's quite, you see, this public speaking, I don't really like it. I don't feel comfortable up here. That's it, really.

Jale tears up listening to him. Ashleigh, who has taken charge of the proceedings, simply says thank you. He returns to the garden, not talking to anyone, then slams open the bedroom door. Helen says he struggled because he had to stand before 5 girls and he's struggled this week with having to change how he perceives girls. Ashleigh says there was a lot of emotion from Marlon. He couldn't even look at us when he was talking.

1:44pm Winston is readying himself in the lieu. He faces the girls and says, some of you may call me the main man, or the Don, or the hunk of the house. However, I stand here today as myself, Winston. I have a dream that a guy can walk in here and tesh it up. I have a dream that a man can stand up in front of 5 gorgeous girls and get saved. I have a dream that all men around the world can treat girls with 100% respect for evermore. I have a dream that a man (he flexes his biceps) can just be a man.

The girls have been trying to hold their laughter bug break out once he's done, clapping. Well done, they say. Vote Winston, he says on his way out.

Matthew stands before the girls, saying I feel like through this process, I have been a good friend to all of you at one point. Despite the fact that I'm a bit grumpy, moped around and made sarcastic comments, you've seen my sincere side that is quite loyal, honest, caring and considerate.

Kimberly asks him if he has any regrets being in the house so far. Matthew answers, not really. The one thing I do regret was the comment to Helen's breasts. It was in the heat of the moment, it was meant to be silly, and I shouldn't have said things personal.

Ash tells the girls he feels like there are a lot of negative thoughts toward him. He mentions Danielle is bothered about the way he speaks. That's just how he speaks around his friends, he says. Ashleigh ask if he fells like he affects everyone's experience here positively? Ash says no, peoples negativity effects me and makes me negative. Negativity just breeds negativity. You can just feel it around the house. I just want everyone to get on.

Chris is up next. I am an actor, he says, a performer, and I am here for personal reasons. I had a very difficult year last year. I am not a happy person anyway, and there were a couple of times last year I pretty much didn't care if I wiped out. It doesn't matter to me that I get sad (Helen is crying), everyone gets sad, but was affecting how I saw myself and I started to doubt I knew how to trust people, and whether my instincts were right with other people. I don't really feel deserving of anything. Ever. I don't think people are deserving of winning or staying, but I feel slightly more connected now to those parts of myself. Actually, I'm pleasantly surprised my instinct to trust is pretty accurate.

Helen asks him if being in the Big Brother house and in this environment has helped with the way he felt last year. He says yes, it makes him realize it's all right to be in love with someone. It's OK and I'm happy for that, he says. Ashleigh is now crying as Chris continues, saying he can now feel those feelings and they're not a bad thing. I don't want to hate someone. Best of luck, Helen tells him. After he leaves, Helen says I must admit after watching that, I know we said we wouldn't go off what we've just seen, but I have backtracked. Jale agrees, saying she cant ignore that kind of thing.

3:49pm Kimberly is stressing over the decision they have to make. This is a really important decision that affects people in this house so much, she tells Ashleigh and Danielle in the garden, I will speak and I will raise my voice if need be. I will not be spoken over. If there is something I want to say. I am going to say it. I have not done that before, but when it's time to be serious, I can't sit there and say nothing.

Helen tells Chris that she is so sorry she didn't hold it together when he was telling his manning up. She says if he feels anything like that now, she'd just feel so terrible. Chris says no, until you asked a question, I hadn't really acknowledged it. I do feel OK. I really do. Helen says if he ever wants to speak, she has a good ear, she's a good listener. That's really nice of you, he says. I have bad quality's, she says, but my good quality is to be there for people. I like knowing people can ring me 24 hours a day if they want something, even if it's a 10 minute chat if it makes them feel better. Sometimes I've needed it, Helen says, from one particular person and they weren't there.

She takes his hand. It's rough, isn't it, Chris says, these are happy tears. You are the one person who I think is most opposite and I wanted to get to know the most. I've said I see something there, but we're a square peg and a round hole. I want to make sure we come out of here as friends. Without a doubt, Helen says.

5:55pm The girls are about to find out how many housemates they can save from this week's public vote. Big Brother tells them they have the Power to save 3 male housemates from eviction this week. Whomever they choose will not face eviction. The remaining 5 will face the public vote this week, and one of them will be evicted.

Ashleigh says Chris is a bigger character that we realized, especially after today, he opened up to 5 girls he's not very close with. I personally think he should be one of the three we save. Helen agrees, but Jale disagrees and says that there are others on the table that have a stronger case to be saved. Danielle also wants to save Chris. Helen agrees he deserves saving but wants to hear what everyone has to say about the other housemates, a few of which have a stronger chance of leaving. That's fair, Jale says.

Ashleigh moves to Marlon. She says last night he was one of her 3 to save but today he tried to open up but couldn't. Referring to his reaction after manning up, she questions if that's how he's going to react to anything frustrating. I get frustrated too, she says, but I don't bash doors and mope. Do we save him and give him another chance? Danielle says save him - if he was up, he'd go. He let himself down, Helen says, by the way he left the room.

The next boy they discuss is Steven. Helen says she'd like to save Steven, everyone knows Steven and Ash are her top 2. Everyone is in agreement on Steven. They move onto Winston, a strong character. He's getting stronger by the day, Helen says. They discuss Christopher next. Jale says he's a lovely guy and Danielle wants to save him. Ashleigh says at the start when everyone said he went from group to group, like Mark, he never come to her about any of the other housemates.

Mark is the next boy up for consideration and they all laugh. He's not going, Helen says matter-of-factly. Jale wants to confirm, is this a definite no? They are all in agreement. Ashleigh goes with Matthew next because she thinks Ash will be difficult. I wouldn't put him in the Save pile, Helen says. Ashleigh says she would much rather save 2 of the other 3 they are considering. And we haven't heard the last one as well, Jale reminds her. Danielle thinks he'll be OK up against the public.

Ash. Wow, Jale says. Helen? He called Jale a maggot, she acknowledges, and beat himself up over it. And when he saw it on a video, I think it really, really hit him, basically, he felt disgusted. I think he deserves the chance. He was saved last week, Ashleigh counters, he was saved the week before, I still see support. I don't think he would go, Danielle agrees.

6:50pm The girls have decided to save Chris and Steven and continue to discuss Ash. Helen thinks Christopher is safe due to his personality. His only negative is being a bit of a clown. They take him off the table. Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh all want to save Marlon but Helen remains with Ash. Helen can't believe they think Marlon is more likely to go on Friday between him and Ash. Ashleigh quickly hides a smirk.

Jale says let's say we save both Ash and Marlon, who out of Steven or Chris do we not save? Steven was #1 from the very start, points out Ashleigh, so that's not even a question anymore. Chris completely took everybody away today and it was Steven & Chris. I don't know why we keep rewinding. In that No pile, Helen attempts, I think Chris would be safe against characters like Matthew.

So basically you've got a pile of strong characters against the person you want to go on Friday which is Matthew, Ashleigh says. They're all strong characters, Helen says. Mark, Christopher and Chris, Ashleigh persists? I just think they're safe, Helen says. So that's 4 save people against Matthew, Ashleigh says. It's between Matthew and Ash, Danielle says, if they save Marlon. It's 3 strongly for Marlon, Ashleigh says, and Helen for Ash. Kimberly, we're waiting on you.

If I had to pick between the two of them, Kimberly says, I would pick Marlon, but I don't think its fair. I didn't say it's fair, Ashleigh says, I don't know Ash that well. I don't like this position and can't wait until its over. We can do this, Jale assures her. If he's to go out Friday, Danielle says of Ash, he's going to be up against Matthew. Matthew will go. If that's the case, Jale says, I'm staying with Marlon. Danielle and Ashleigh quickly echo, Marlon.

It's not f*cking rocket science, Helen says, deflated, I'm out numbered.

7:13pm The boys are on the sofa's about to learn their fate. The lights dim in the living area and the video screen comes on to show the girls in the Diary Room. Big Brother instructs them to name the first boy they choose to save.

The first housemate they will save is... Steve.

Ashleigh says they agreed he's a big character in the house, always there for whomever needs him, having a laugh. Steven says he's actually really touched.

The next housemate to save is... Marlon.

It was hard for him to tell how he was feeling, Jale explains, it broke her heart.

The last housemate saved is... Chris.

His speech touched us today, Helen says, after what he went through last year and he is used to putting himself second best all his life I can relate to that a lot. Now he can feel he is first in his life rather than an afterthought. All the girls agree with Helen's comments.

You have chosen to save Steven, Marlon and Chris, Big Brother confirms. This means Ash, Christopher, Mark , Matthew and Winston will face the public vote on Friday. One of these housemates will be evicted.

The girl Power is now over and the girls cheer. The boys congratulate the saved housemates. Matthew tells Ash he thinks it will come down to Ash or himself. Christopher asks if the girls are all right as they come down the stairs and that they seen it all on the screen. Helen says you did? Christopher applauds but the other boys don't join in. They do get up to hug the girls and the 3 they saved thanked them. Why is someone clapping, Jale asks. That was weak, Christopher tells the guys.

Helen asks if all they showed was the Diary Room or the discussion before that. Just the Diary Room, Christopher says. Then they showed the wrong thing, then, she says.

Jale heads out to the garden with Danielle and Kimberly. She can't look at Ash's face. She follows Helen into the bedroom. Helen says why did they show them the Diary Room but not the discussion? What was the point in that? The other three girls head into the bedroom as well. Jale is crying about Ash's face. She returns to the garden, leaving the others in the bedroom.

7:33pm Danielle tells Ashleigh Matthew won't go. Ashleigh hopes the plan doesn't backfire on us, it went to smoothly. Danielle says they could never have gotten Matthew on those three. Not in a million years, Ashleigh agrees, but could we have tried a little bit harder? Matthew will be OK, Danielle says, he won't go because my gut says he will be fine. Ash looked better than I thought he was gonna, Ashleigh says disappointedly, so that's annoyed me.

Helen is feeling she has no Power. Steven and Ash assure her they know she fought tooth and nail. They could tell when they saw her on the screen. She begins crying and describing the argument before they went to the Diary Room. Ash cuddles Helen to make her feel better and tells her not to be upset. Helen says she was outnumbered, laying the blame with Jale for siding with Ashleigh and Danielle. Helen was afraid of losing her temper. Kimberly adds that she was really impressed with how well Helen fought yet kept her composure. At the end, Helen says, our voices were invisible.

Helen describes how Ash was the last one to be discussed and again points the finger at Jale for leading the discussion. Kimberly says Helen had loads to say. Of course she did, Ash says comfortingly. He gives her a peck on the forehead.

8:06pm Mark is talking to Big Brother. I don't feel safe at all, he says, and for the f*cking first time, I have said to everybody in the house, the one thing you should never ever do is put somebody up for nomination just because you think they are popular and then they make it to the f*cking final. Its week 3. How can anybody say I am going to make it to the final in week 3? Like, really, I've been an escape goat and I am absolutely gutted. I have never been an escape goat in my life. I don't even like f*cking animals.

Ashleigh tells Danielle it's a horrible situation they were in as Ash comers in and ask how they are feeling. I will feel bad Friday if you are gone, Ashleigh lies. Ash says it isn't your fault. It's Big Brother's fault. You didn't put people up. You saved people, so don't worry about it. Don't look at the negative side. Tomorrow's a new day. Ash leaves and Ashleigh says I still want him gone.

9:58pm Mark tells says to Ash he will cry if Ash, Winston, or Christopher leaves leaves the house. If Matthew goes I'll hang myself. There's no comfort in this for me. Who ever leaves Friday, it's not right, he says, Ash says he's been saved 3 weeks straight. I got no right to get angry but I am f*cking fuming. I have no right to be, they made difficult decisions, but I don't want to see our faces up against each other. This is my worst ever ever ever nightmare. Ash says I can't believe the situation but I'm not going to let it get to me. Everyone's face is pink (nominated on the light box wall) and pink is not my color!

In the Diary Room, Matthew reflects on his chances of leaving. I knew I was going to be up for nomination, he says, it just depended on who was up with me. I'm nervous. I don't want to go. I think it will be between Ash and I. He's the only person who had a negative reception in the past. He had a bad week. Called someone a maggot. Boo hoo. He's not a bad person but some can't let go of that.

I can be a bit bitchy, say things I don't always mean, I'm miserable and grumpy, and I look down at people, and I can be very pretentious and people don't like it. So I think people will vote me out. But I don't want to go while people like Marlon are walking around the house, doesn't know who he is, checking himself out in the mirror or rubbing his nipples up and down. I'm just waiting for the inevitable now.

11:12pm Ash and Helen are in bed as Ash asks where Kimberly was in the discussion. Helen says Kimberly doesn't speak up enough. Did she say anything, Ash asks? There was no debate, Helen says. Ashleigh asked if I was OK and I said do I look OK? Helen says Kimberly said they had to make a decision but I told her there wasn't enough said for her liking. I may have just been smashing my head against the wall.

Ash says he's only saying this cause if he gets evicted Friday, if she starts crying, he will crumble. Helen promises not to do that, she'll just go off on her own. You won't even say goodbye? I don't like the feeling of guilt, she says.

Ashleigh tells Big Brother she said when they started this that Ash was going to be up for eviction. If Helen had gotten Ash down, she wouldn't have cared about the other two. I am proud of myself that I didn't let Helen take over. She was miserable as we delivered the news because she didn't get her way. I'm quite pleased with that. I hope the public sees how much of an *sshole Ash is whether he's going to "redeem" himself and have a "good" week, it's all fake.

I've never done anything like this before. I do feel like I made some evil plan, and it worked. I just hope it works.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 27: Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 - The Living Dead

Previously, Ashleigh overpowered her sworn enemy. Tonight, it's murder most fowl, and there's bad blood from beyond the grave.

10:09am The repercussion of the girls' decision to save Marlon, Chris and Steven are the topic of the morning. Matthew thinks Ash will be safe because he hasn't done anything wrong. In the was area, Kimberly asks Helen who she thinks will go. Helen says Ash. He's got a week to turn it around, she says.

In the Diary Room, Mark says the girls didn't save the right people. They laughed when they discussed me, and said I was going straight to the final. Please don't stay I'm going to the final in week 3. They don't have a crystal ball. I don't think they thought that through properly. They just assume I'm super confident because I've got big hair and big eyebrows, but everyone has insecurities. I'm not one for pouring my heart out to people, putting my insecurities on the table, or crying about them. I'm tougher than I look. I'm not going to let this get me down. let's f*ckin' do it!

11:30am, the housemates are dressed to kill in noir outfits for this week's shopping task. Three housemates are about to become assassins and over the next 2 days, these deadly housemates must kill their fellow housemates while keeping their identity safe. Inspector Winston will be investigating the murders. If he cracks the case, he wins a luxury shopping budget for the house, but the assassins will be forced to live on basic rations.

Housemates are listening to music on headphones except for the 3 housemates that Big Brother informs are assassins. Ash, Steven and Jale are told they are the assassins and must assassinate their housemates without getting caught. Ash is named the leader. After the housemates take off their headphones, Big Brother tells them the game is afoot and to report anything suspicious to Inspector Winston. They all eye each other with suspicion.

1:09pm Lead Assassin Ash is called to the Diary Room and instructed to bump off Christopher and Helen with a smoke bomb. Big Brother provides the bomb and detonator. The bomb must be planted behind the pink sofa. He can't figure out where to hit it in his outfit and chooses to put it in his pants. Big Brother also gives Ash an ear piece.

The housemates are in the garden. Today is Matthew's birthday. Kimberly thinks he'll get a cake. Something, Matthew says, even small, as long as it's recognized. Maybe a party, Kimberly says. Ash goes out into the garden to find out where everyone is and there's red smoke explosion behind the pink sofa in the. The sound of an explosion rocks the house and there's a scream. Inspector Winston rushes out from the bedroom.

What's happening, Ash asks, heading over to the smoke. Has someone died, Christopher asks? Someone's died, Ash says, excitedly. Everyone rushes into the living area. Christopher remains behind trying to clear the smoke. Big Brother announces that Christopher and Helen have been assassinated and should go straight through the coffin. A funeral march is played. Helen wants to know by who as she and Christopher step through a vertical coffin lid and into the afterlife. Inspector Winston looks around looking for any tell tale signs.

2:53pm After being assassinated by a smoke bomb, deceased housemates Christopher and Helen arrive at the Morgue where they find a clean white room with cadaver tables complete with mannequin cadavers. OMG, Helen exclaims! They have received a ghostly makeover with pale white skin and blackened eyes and body tags around their neck. Helen pulls back the plastic bag of one cadaver to see if it was anatomically correct. Of course you'd have to look down there, Christopher admonishes.

Ash is called to the lieu via his ear piece. Big Brother instructs Ash to have Assassin Steven to come to the Diary Room through the secret passage way in the bedroom toilet. Ash flushes and heads outside for a bit. Danielle is helping Inspector Winston with his investigation, telling him that Kimberly asked her in the bedroom to please not kill her. I told her it's not me, she says. Kimberly wanted to make a pact to not kill each other. So she's not the assassin, Inspector Winston asks. No, Danielle says. Are you the assassin, Inspector Winston asks? No, Danielle says. Swear on, what do Catholics swear on, the bible? Yeah, swear on the bible.

In the kitchen, Lead Assassin Ash quietly relays Big Brother's instructions to Assassin Steven. Steven heads to the bedroom toilet and Ash follows, saying he was asked to guard him. Steven makes his way through a secret door that opens to the Diary Room where he finds the Diary Room chair wrapped in plastic and a body suit to put on. Big Brother will call 2 housemates to the Diary Room and Steven wills strike from behind the Diary Room chair.

Big Brother calls Kimberly and Marlon to the Diary Room and are told to sit in the plastic-coated chair. Big Brother tells Assassin Steven to strike now and through a hole in the plastic, he throws a bucket of poison on them. You have been assassinated, Big Brother informs them. In the Diary Room, for f*ck's sake, Kimberly moans. Assassin Steven is told to return to the house via the secret passageway. He takes off his clean suit and makes his way back to the toilet. Chow, he says. it was Ash, Marlon says, I saw him go in the bedroom.

Back in the toilet, Steven flushes, tries to clean off some poison and returns to the bedroom where Ash is waiting. Kimberly and Marlon are told to go downstairs and through the coffin. They stop to check themselves in the mirror. Screams sound through the house as the newly dead housemates march through the living area to the coffin. Inspector Winston demonstrates his powers of perception when he sees them, stating, you're dead. Bollox, he says of Marlon, I thought it was you. They are gone before the rest of the housemates make it in from the garden.

5:56pm Recently deceased housemates Marlon and Kimberly join Christopher and Helen in the Morgue. Who are these f*cking people, Marlon asks. Kimberly informs him they are fakes. Oh, he says, relieved. Where's Helen Kimberly asks? She had to go to another room, Christopher said. Marlon is looking at one of the bodies, touching the face and saying it's so f*ckin' real. Chris tells him the cadaver even has a "package." Why are you touching his penis, Kimberly teases as Marlon goes to look. Christopher tells him to prepare himself for the body in the black bag. Marlon and Helen retreat to the far wall as Christopher begins to unzip it and Helen sits up. Marlon and Kimberly scream and then join Christopher and Helen laughing.

OMG, Helen says, I've been in there for f*ckin' ages!

Inspector Winston is called to the Diary Room for a report. I don't really know who the f*ck it is, he says. I try to gauge who it is by looking at them, and I just don't know. At first I thought it wasn't Matthew, but it could be Matthew. It could be Mark. It could be Steven. It could be Ash. The only person I think it isn't is Danielle, because she's Catholic and I got her to swore on a bible. He doesn't think he has a future career as a detective.

7:46pm Mark, Matthew and Ashleigh are in the kitchen talking about Friday's eviction. Matthew feels it's Ash going this week and Mark says as long as it isn't me. If Matthew goes, he says, he will walk off the f*cking stage. Matthew says no you wouldn't. Mark says I will. No tears if I go, Matthew says. The sad thing is I basically wish for Ash to leave. I know, Ashleigh says. He hasn't done anything wrong, Matthew allows, he's stepped it up a couple times. Yeah, agrees Ashleigh duplicitously.

Big Brother is allowing the dead to use their supernatural powers to spy on housemates. They hear Mark saying Helen told him last night that there was no chance he would be going. I wish she hadn't said that, he says, you don't know. Me and Danielle didn't want to go with that, Ashleigh says, we agreed that you weren't going anywhere but Helen was so... I know Helen was saying I wouldn't go, Matthew says, but if you do save Ash, then I'm obviously going to go.

Matthew wonders why Marlon got saved. Danielle says Jale and Kimberly wanted to save Marlon. Ashleigh says that in the bedroom Kimberly said she was closer to Ash than Marlon but then changed your mind. In the morgue, Helen asks Kimberly if she said that. No, says Kimberly. What a liar, Helen exclaims. Kimberly points out that Helen was there.

I'm surprised Ash didn't get saved, Matthew persists, Helen was fuming. Helen wasn't the only one on the panel, Ashleigh says sweetly, so why would you be surprised Ash wasn't saved? Danielle says it came down to a vote between Ash and Chris. Ashleigh says Ash wasn't taken off the board just because Helen was on the panel. Shut up, Ashleigh, Helen says from the morgue, wow.

Christopher is shocked. This is what I'm living with, Helen says. I don't know who I'm living with now, Danielle says. Marlon is confused. It's the lies, Helen says, I can't deal with the lies. Ashleigh just told two big fat lies. She did not defend Mark at all. Mark wasn't even an issue in that conversation. Kimberly says that they'll believe her because she's young and 18. I don't want to be stereotypical but they're not going to believe you.

I'm not even going to bring it up, Helen says, what makes me sick is whether they (the public) hate Ash that much because of me. He has to stay away form me this week, I can't be seen with him. Who, Christopher asks stupidly. Ash, Helen says impatiently. Why, Christopher doubles down. You heard what they were just saying, Helen's hated that much that Ash is being used as an escape goat.

That's what all 3 of them agreed with, Marlon says, Mark, Matthew and Ashley. It depends on what they show at home, Christopher says. That is not fair, Kimberly says, upset, but out of everyone, that is especially not fair to you, she tells Helen. Ashleigh is telling me one thing and saying something else to others. Helen is upset Ashleigh accused Helen of trying to swap Chris for Ash. She didn't say that after Chris's moving speech yesterday that we all agreed he would be safe Friday. I didn't say I wanted Ash more than him. She didn't mention that and is making me look like a complete c*nt.

9:53pm It's dinner time for the dead. Helen says oh my gawd, noooo, what is this? It looks like p*ss! Marlon says it's milk, enough to keep us going for the night. The phone rings and Marlon answers. I am not happy at all, Big Brother, what is this you have given us to drink? Big Brother says the liquid will provide his body with all the nourishment it needs. Helen takes a swig and moans, I can't drink that.

In the land of the living, a masquerade ball is being thrown to celebrate Matthew's birthday. The dead get to watch the party on their spy screen. Marlon says they are b*tches. In life, they toast Matthew's birthday with champagne. Lady Gaga comes on and Christopher says that's Matthew's favorite music. The living are singing and dancing and drinking. Helen says it is nice seeing them have a good time. A real good time, Christopher says unhappily. Helen says when I am there, that doesn't happen. We have missed the party of the series, Christopher declares.

The screen turns off and Christopher complains, Big Brother, you tempting teasing gob shite, why you want to tease us? Kimberly feels completely written off. I feel empty, Helen says and Marlon agrees. Worthless, useless, Christopher says, vile, hideous, pointless. Helen says I am going to feel very differently in thee house tomorrow after tonight. Definitely, agrees Marlon.

10:44pm As part of the evening celebration, Mystic Mark holds a séance using an ear piece, a spirit board and a bell. The dead housemates will take part in the séance by answering yes or now questions. The dead cannot lie so they must answer truthfully. They will be watching the séance on the screen. This isn't going to be nice, Kimberly frets.

Mark explains that they will communicate with the deceased housemates through him and the bell will ring once for no, many times for yes. He instructs the living housemates to all join hands and provide full concentration. Matthew stands up and Mark tells him sharply to sit down. The lights dim as Mystic Mark gathers his thoughts.

Matthew asks to ask a question of deceased housemate Helen. I need silence, Mark commands. The spirit of Helen! What would you like to ask dead Helen, Matthew. Do you feel you've been a malicious b*tch to yours truly? The living are laughing but the dead are stone cold. No, Helen says, and the bell rings once.

Mark moves on to Ash who asks a question of dead Kimberly. Does she feel like she's falling for someone in this house? Steven blushes. Ash says you told me to go deep. Not that deep, Steven says. Ash laughs. Marlon tells Kimberly to say no and shut him up. Kimberly says she should say yes and f*ck with them all. Yes, the bell rings. Steven has a big smile, but says it may be someone else.

It's Steven's turn and he wants to ask Helen a question. Under different circumstances, would you allow Ash to take you out on a date? Of course Mr. Cheese is going to do that, Christopher says of Stephen. Helen worries if she answers truthfully, it will affect him. You have to be truthful, Marlon reminds her, the dead can't lie. Yes, says Helen. The living cheer.

Mark tells everyone to close their eyes and stop talking. Using the full power of the Spririt Board and cards, he tells everyone to take a deep breath, in and out, feel the spirits rising up in them. He asks which housemate out of the living and the dead is the least trustworthy? Danielle wants Kimberly to answer the question. Ashleigh, Kimberly says, and Big Brother relays the response through Mystic Mark's ear piece. I knew she'd say me, Ashleigh says, herself channeling Pauline.

Mystic Mark's next question is which housemate is the biggest game player. Steven says Helen. Ashleigh says Christopher. She's overruled and Mystic Mark directs the question to Helen. Spirit of Helen, Mystic Mark calls out, which housemate is the biggest game player? Helen responds Ashleigh. That's painful, Christopher says. Ashleigh just says, Oh, when Helen's answer is revealed.

The final question for the dead is which housemate is the biggest liar? Mark doesn't want to ask Christopher because he sits on the fence too hard. Shut up, Mark, Christopher says from beyond the mortal realm. They agree on Kimberly, who asks Helen who she would have said. Ashleigh, Helen replies and that's who Kimberly tells Big Brother to tell Mark to say. Mark gets the answer and rolls his eyes in exasperation. The dead laugh at him as he pronounces for the living that Kimberly says Ashleigh is the biggest liar in the house.

Kimberly has such a problem, Ashleigh says condescendingly, just like the majority of the group thinks, Steven could be doing so much better. The dead gasp and Steven's face shoots daggers. I will not be having anything to do with her, Ashleigh concludes. The majority of housemates miss you, Mystic Mark says to the dead, and hope you're having a lovely time in the spirit world.

Helen says Steven needed to step in and say something. Marlon says lots more. He knows you sat here listening, she tells Kimberly, he should have told Ashleigh to not speak about you like that. Marlon thinks he should have told her to shut the f*ck up. He's not like that, Helen says. Silence speaks a million words, Marlon says. He has more loyalty to you than Ashleigh, Helen assures Kimberly. Apparently not, Kimberly says dejectedly, I'm not speaking to him, full stop.

11:39pm Ashleigh is upset at being called a liar. What class does she have calling me a liar, she asks Steven? At the end of the day, Steven says, when she comes back, you should sit down and talk to her. She called me a liar with no evidence, Ashleigh claims. Just try, Steven says. I'm not going to ruin Matthew's birthday, she says, no.

Out in the garden, Jale, Winston and Ash are steering clear of Steven and Ashleigh. They'll be back tomorrow to defend themselves, Jale says of the dead. Poor Matthew. His f*ckin birthday!

Back in the house, Ashleigh accuses Steven of being love struck by Kimberly. Stop it, Steven says, first responding then realizing she's teasing. I do really like Kimberly, Steven says, but I'm a real person and won't change my opinion. If she says she can't stand his hanging out with Ashleigh, he won't change it. I will speak to who I want to speak to. I'll look after you and stay in your corner. Thanks, Steven, she says smugly. But when you feel ready, he says, tomorrow, have a conversation with her. I'll even be there to make sure there's no dispute.

12:37pm It's Truth or Dare in the house and Winston has a question for Danielle. Has there been a point in the house where you got turned on and couldn't help yourself, he asks. Danielle laughs and says no but I have had a dream about a boy in this house. Matthew wants to know who. Ashleigh is shocked. Danielle refuses to name names. I can't believe you haven't told me about this, Ashleigh says.

In the morgue, Kimberly is still upset. I feel like sh*t. Came in here, felt like sh*t. I watched that, felt like sh*t. I can't say anything because I've not been on that level with a guy in the house, Helen says, Ash and me are completely different. Do you think he's just game playing me, Kimberly wonders? No, says Helen. Christopher tells her she has to let it go. Why would he not say anything, Kimberly asks, he says he's a gentleman but didn't look like a gentleman there.

In the garden, Chris says Kimberly has Ashleigh wrong. She's on the wrong track, Ashleigh says. If she was genuine right then, Ashleigh says, then she's proven she's a fake person because she's acted best buds with me but is not the honest up front woman she's pretended to be and proven right every negative thought I've had in my head about her. If she's not genuine, she's proved she's a pathetic b*tch.

I don't want it to get to you, Chris says. It's not, she claims, I went through far too much in school and my teenage life, to make me this maturity teen. She's so far off the mark, Chris says, there's no grounds. She has no evidence I've lied, Ashleigh maintains. She's a pathetic excuse for a woman, to be honest. I just don't want you to be upset, Chris says paternally.

1:29am Winston and Danielle are talking in the kitchen as Winston tries to pry out who she dreamed about. Who you think it is, Danielle asks coyly. I don't know. Were you quite excited in your dream, he asks? No. Have you ever killed one? No. But after, I thought it was quite strange and maybe I should talk to him more.

What types do you go for, Winston asks. Stock brokers, traditional boys. I don't like lad's lads. Don't know if you're one of them or not. I know you like physical stuff and that, she says, now flirting. She ask if he has ever dated anyone like her before and he says yeah, yeah. A traditional girl? Yeah. I would like to get to know you, Danielle confesses, I think your a nice boy. Silence. Then they both break down laughing. Give me something back, she laughs.

Chris, Ashleigh, Matthew and Mark are getting ready for bed. The people he didn't want there weren't there. Ashleigh asks him what his lowest point was and he says Helen denying the fact she's a malicious b*tch. I wanted to see how egotistically she actually was, knowing she'd say no. She can't admit she's a b*tch.

Mark asks when the girls are going to return? Hopefully never, Mark says hatefully, I felt so relaxed tonight. Me too, says Ashleigh. Completely relaxed, Mark says. I wanted to get to my birthday, Matthew says, so whatever happens, I've got to this point.

In the morgue, Christopher says Ashleigh is acting like a nasty little school girl who doesn't know how to handle the situation. I'm not speaking to her, Helen declares, she's dangerous. I don't think she's dangerous, Christopher says, I think she's just craving attention. Of course she's dangerous, Helen insists. We're girls, she says, that's where it's different. Me and Kimberly know she's trying to make us be perceived as b*tches.

I totally called her, Christopher says, I know she likes to have all eyes on her, I get that. That was nasty and that was out of order. Do you think anyone else there realized it, Kimberly wonders. People pick up on that, he says. And it was stupid, Marlon chimes in. No one said anything, Kimberly says. There's no one in there, Christopher says, they're useless in there. They sit around the table nodding and smiling and doing jack sh*t in there.

If I'd been sat there tonight and someone else had been in here, Helen says, and she'd said that, I would've gone f*cking mad. No, I would have gone over to her and said thank you so much for showing your true colors, we can now see what a jealous little b*tch you are.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 28: Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 - Who Done What To Whom

Previously, deadly assassins struck the house and the recently deceased turned in their graves. Tonight, can Inspector Winston crack the case? And is love in the air?

8:09am For the past 24 hours, assassins have been in the Big Brother house as Assassin Ash, Assassin Steven and Assassin Jale have secretly been bumping off their housemates.

Last night Assassin Ash was given instructions for his next hit: to pour blood on Mark in bed in the middle of the night. In bed, Assassin Ash asks? He is given night vision goggles to help complete the task. Assassin Ash goes to bedroom and, when everyone is asleep, he sneaks out of the bed, puts on the goggles, grabs the bucket of blood and pours it slowly on Mark. Danielle screams and Mark yells, what the f*ck it is on my face! Your killed, Mark, Chris yells, your dead! Assassin Ash says he about gave him a heart attack! Big Brother tells Mark he has been assassinated and must remain silent and go to the funeral directors through the coffin. Housemates say goodbye as he goes to the Morgue.

9:25am Inspector Winston tells Assassin Ash he thinks the Assassin is Chris. But it might not be Chris, it might be Matthew. Assassin Ash says it might be all three. It might be everyone left now. Steven taste something funny and runs to the sink to spit out out as he is choking. Inspector Winston says if it is Assassin Jale, she is really playing it up. Assassin Ash and Assassin Steven say it can't be Assassin Jale. Inspector Winston says if it is Assassin Jale, she is playing the game.

[isn't that the point? -- Mort]

Assassin Steven says it wont be Assassin Jale. Assassin Ash says she is to genuine. Assassin Steven adds she it would be to obvious with her facial expressions.

Recently deceased Mark enters the Morgue, freaking out, saying, I got killed in me sleep. Mark asks the other darted if they got to watch the living and Helen says all night. What did you think, Mark asks? Christopher they wondered if it was it worth it spending a month in the house. Did we not make any friends? That's how we all felt, I think. Helen says I look at everyone differently now. Even me, Mark asks? Yes, Helen says, you did shock me at one point, when you asked Christopher who had the most sex appeal and he said Jale, you made a face.

I like the way everyone thinks Ash is going to get voted out because of me, Mark says. I think the only reason Steven got booed was because he was so close to Pauline. Christopher says as they were watching, and you are included in this, Mark, no one gave a f*ck that we were all in here. Mark says I'm surprised you don't have splinters in your *ss cause your always on the offensive. It was a joke so I don't care. Christopher says I do care. Mark replies well, I f*cking don't. But I'm not an offensive person ever. Whatever, Christopher says, that's your opinion. That's not my opinion its a fact, he insists, I'm very forward like with my opinions. Just listen to me, Christopher tries to explain. I'm done listening to you Christopher, Mark declares.

[That's not offensive at all, Mark. -- Morty]

10:33am Danielle, Steven and Ashleigh are making breakfast. Danielle asks Steve if he is missing Kimberly? He says yeah. Steven asks how they felt after last night and Danielle says I really felt upset over Kimberly and what she said. It is really mean of me to think that of her and she is always around me. Ashleigh it doesn't make any sense to me. Steven says when they come back in and the time is right, we will discuss it.

In the Morgue, Helen says if Ashleigh were to come in this room, not one of us would speak to her . Marlon says no way, she would have to just sit there. Helen says if she walks through that door, she can sit there and feel like I have felt for the last 24 hours. ALONE, they all say. Kimberly says that after the séance, Ashleigh went outside and said sorry guys, I got a little into it then and just played it off. I was like, you know what? Helen says she was stomping around in that little room because we had those little cards and she would slam them down and yell, No! Why are we rewinding? Mark laughs. Helen says I sat there and watched her and thought, you are finally coming out of your shell. The b*tch is being reviled.

11:34am Matthew and Chris have joined Inspector Winston in the drawing room. Inspector Winston ask Chris if he is a murderer and Chris ask are you? I'm an officer of the law, Inspector Winston declares. Matthew asks if one of them is going to get murdered now? Inspector Winston says they are are under his protection.

Assassin Jale is in the Diary Room. Big Brother informs her she is to go breakfast with Inspector Winston, and when Inspector Winston leaves the room, she must murder Matthew with a bucket of blood hidden beneath the tea trolley.

In the drawing room, Chris and Inspector Winston and Matthew are talking about Ashleigh being so calm. Maybe she is the assassin. Assassin Jale walks in and asks, are we dead? Inspector Winston says come in, I have arranged for you to join us. Assassin Jale says thank you. Inspector Winston pours Assassin Jale coffee. Matthew ask have you been talking to the others and Inspector Winston says, no I called you here.

Big Brother calls Inspector Winston to the Diary Room. Assassin Jale gets the bucket of blood and throws it on Matthew. He says Assassin Jale how dare you? My hair you got it in my hair! Sorry, says says to Matthew. And my coffee, says Chris. As Assassin Jale smiles apologetically, Big Brother says, Matthew you have been assassinated. Please leave the room. Matthew walks out and accuses Chris of being an assassin too. Chris says no. After Matthew is gone, Chris says brilliant, absolute bloody brilliant.

Inspector Winston comes in and Assassin Jale says Chris just killed Matthew. Chris says why would I have all of Mathews blood on me? Inspector Winston asks where Matthew is and Assassin Jale says he's dead because Chris just killed him. Inspector Winston says so one of you is the murderer and Assassin Jale says he is. Chris tells Inspector Winston what happened and how Assassin Jale Killed Matthew and Assassin Jale says Chris went over and pulled out the bucket and said your dead and now Matthew is dead.

Inspector Winston says same identical stories. Chris says no, not really. Why would I have this blood all over me? Why would you not be dead if you had blood all over you, thank you very much, counters Assassin Jale. Inspector Winston asks what angle did the bucket come from and what hand did he use to throw it with. Assassin Jale says I don't know I just saw MATTHEW RUN TOWARDS THE DOOR AND CHRIS THREW IT.

Inspector Winston ask if Chris is right or left handed and he says right and Assassin Jale says he is the assassin! She says it is obvious. I f*cking watched it! Inspector Winston says for f*ck sake. Chris laughs and Assassin Jale laughs joins him nervously. Can't you see what is going on here, Assassin Jale asks? Inspector Winston says no. Assassin Jale says we need to win here, so you need to think really carefully about this.

Inspector Winston asks Assassin Jale says what is that on her hat? He looks at Chris and says there's blood on her hat. Assassin Jale says Chris has blood all over his f*cking right arm. Inspector Winston asks why she has blood all over her hat? Assassin Jale replies sheI tried to run away so Chris wouldn't kill her. Chris says that is circumstantial. Inspector Winston must now arrest one of the suspects. Chris says I'm not pleading my case I swear on my mother.

Inspector Winston places Assassin Jale under arrest for the murder of Matthew.

11:53am Inspector Winston places Assassin Jale in jail. Please, Assassin Ash protests, we are going to lose! Chris is a good actor, he says, just keep your eyes open or we are f*cked.

Matthew is in the Morgue and the dead welcome him to the land of the deceased. Matthew asked where they slept last night and Helen says the floor. Matthew ask if they saw his party? Helen and Kimberly say yes, were glad we saw it. I'm disappointed in you Matthew, Helen says, you said I'm a game player. Matthew says I said it? Helen says I told you I didn't say anything negative about you as we chose who to save from the public vote and you said I argued and I didn't.

Matthew says we all want to argue in this game but it is better to be civil. Arguments are over but feelings still hurt at the end of the day. Helen says I'm not a malicious b*tch and Matthew says he asked that question because he knew she would probably say no because she didn't want to start anything. Helen says I might be a b*tch and I might say things that are nasty, but that isn't malicious. Mathews says you say malicious things all the time and I feel like I was attacked.

2:28pm Inspector Winston is in the Diary Room to see if he can crack the case. Assassin Jale has already been arrested and now he must name the other two assassins. I don't know, he says. I ruled Chris out and I ruled out Danielle. I don't think it is Ash. How am I supposed to know? He says is it Ash and Steven and the people in the Morgue are cheering and yelling yes! I'm going to f*cking die if this is wrong, Inspector Winston says, I'm going with Assassin Ash and Assassin Steven.

Big Brother tells Inspector Winston he has cracked the case and have identified all three assassins. Inspector Winston is cheering then the whole house cheers. Big Brother says Inspector Winston has won a luxury food budget for the house but the assassins have failed and are therefore on basic rations for the week. Winston leaves the Diary Room and there are hugs all around. Matthew comes out the Morgue with the others and says we are back, b*tches. Kimberly ust wants to go shower.

2:57pm Ashleigh and Danielle are talking about Winston. Danielle says that he kicked her foot by accident. You know how the table cloth was kind of restricting, she says, then I felt a couple of times and kind of nudged back. Then Mark was sitting there and I didn't want to do it to Mark, so I just kind of moved my foot to feel what it was. Ashleigh says if you didn't like him, why did you do that? You don't do that to someone you don't like. You must like him. Danielle says I don't like him like him. It was some innocent play, actually.

Steven goes to the Diary Room and says he's fuming. I'm so p*ssed off, he says, I can't explain it cause when they came in the door no one came up to me. Kimberly ignored me and when I was sitting there, Marlon pulled me off to the side and said Kimberly was p*ssed at me cause she thought I had my hand in Ashleigh's lap and that Kimberly said I didn't stand up and have her back and I have stuck up for Kimberly for the last 24 hours. She doesn't know how much I missed her and how I wanted to go forward. And if she thinks I don't have her back after 4 weeks, then the way my voice is right now, I will talk to her like that too.

5:36pm Danielle asks Kimberly about the comments she made about Ashleigh last night, because she thought they were friends. Kimberly says I did too until I heard what I heard, because we were watching with the cameras. Danielle says I'm not going to not be her friend. I can't. Kimberly says I trust you and I wanted to make sure you were all right and that you were still my friend. Danielle blames it on alcohol. Kimberly says I'm not worried about her, I'm worried about you.

Ashleigh is in the Diary Room and tells Big Brother she doesn't plan on wasting her breath and energy on Kimberly. Why did she not bother to have that conversation with me before she decided to go and run her mouth and question my name? If she is so upfront and honest and such a strong woman, then why did she never talk to me before. Why did she have to wait to be in a different room then answer my name for three questions? So to me she isn't honest and upfront. I don't want her explanation. If there was a surprise eviction and she walked out that door tonight, I wouldn't care.

[Where does BBUK get these nut cases? First Pauline, then Toya and now Ashleigh, and not an ounce of self-awareness among them. -- Morty]

8:23pm Kimberly and Assassin Steven are sitting in the garden talking. He says he didn't get the reaction (from her return) he wanted and is probably the most p*ssed and upset as he has been since he's been in the house. She asks me? He says yes. I'm upset and I can not see a single thing I done wrong . She says OK, so you are blaming me for the way I reacted? He says I feel personally offended that you judged me on three clips and not 4 weeks. He says I was so upset I cried in there cause I'm up for eviction and now I'm crying inside cause I can't believe anyone is put in this position that I'm in.

He says he's sitting there looking in the mirror like a psychopath. What have I done wrong, he asks. Kimberly refuses to apologize because that's how I felt. Kimberly says did you think I was gonna watch that and say that's fine? I'm not that positive, I'm not. Steven says fine, but you should have not have directed it towards me but toward Ashleigh.

[Man up, Steven, when it comes to woman, you're always wrong. -- Morty]

11:15pm Ashleigh and Chris are talking about what was said about Steven last night. Ashleigh says she regrets saying that comment and Chris says of course. Ashleigh says I judged Steven and I shouldn't have and I do regret that so much. I'm angry with myself for saying that. Chris says of course. Ashleigh says I just don't think they are a good match.

1:26am Ashleigh and Danielle, Matthew, Mark and Winston are talking about Helen's pass to the final. Matthew says Helen doesn't deserve to be here longer than me. Mark says stop this. Matthew says if she wasn't given a free pass, she would have been gone anyway. Mark yells stop it. Ashleigh says I think a lot of people took their frustration out on Tamara and if Helen hadn't had that pass, then Tamara would still be here.

In the Diary Room, Helen says she has decided that Ashleigh is not worth it. I will speak to her, but I'm going to treat her like an 18 year old and I would not speak to her like that as an 18 year old. I have said enough in this house as it is. It will erupt.

Winston tells Danielle he likes talking to her and she agrees, saying be honest with me and I wont blow it out of proportion because it will make me feel uncomfortable. I would like to get to know you better, Winston says.

2:42am Helen is in bed with Ash who jokes, come on, give me one and she laughs. Kimberly is in bed with Steven. He says I did miss you. You know that, right. She says yeah. Winston and Danielle are getting ready for bed. He gets in bed with her, then leaves after a talking a little talking and goes to his bed. Ash and Helen are now under the covers. Kimberly and Assassin Steven are kissing. Ash and Helen listen and make a noises to scare them.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 29: Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 + Live Eviction

This week was girl power and all the boys faced eviction, But the girls had the power to save 3. Tonight Ash, Christopher, Mark, Matthew and Winston face eviction. But first, we return to Thursday in the Big Brother House.

10:15am Last night, Steven and Kimberly shared a bed and kissed for the first time. Kimberly says I am really happy. Are you, Steven asks? And Winston and Danielle got closer. Marlon ask Winston if he grabbed her boobs? He says what? Did you grab her boobs? Winston says no, we just chatted together.

Mark made curry last night. Marlon says everyone in the house has got stomach aches today. Steven asks why, because of marks cooking? Yeah, Marlon says, because of the spices. My belly isn't feeling to good today, he continues, and Jale has the sh*ts. In the garden, Mark, Jale, Matthew, Danielle and Chris are talking. Next time maybe not so much spice, Jale volunteers. Maybe everyone needs to cook for themselves, then, Mark snaps back. Maybe so, Jale says evenly, now we are all going to be ill and not be able to help clean up and contribute to the house as a whole because people are sick from the spices. Mark says I am sorry for poisoning the food. Jale says you know what you did, next time not a whole tub of spices. I thought it was nice, Mark insists.

Kimberly tells Danielle that Steven kissed her last night. Danielle asks if that was the first kiss and she says yeah. What was it like, Danielle wants to know, was it a French kiss? Yes, Kimberly says, it was nice In the garden, Ash talks to Steven about last night. Steven says that Kimberly told him he won't feel the same about her when they get out of the house. He asked her why and she said wouldn't tell him. He said he asked if it was something she had done and she told him yeah. He told her he didn't care if she'd slept with 20 men.

Winston is in the Diary Room telling Big Brother if you start talking to someone, then people blow things out of proportion you know? This whole Danielle thing, we're just mates. She did say she likes me, but we are just mates. She asked me if I would date a girl like her on the outside, and I said yeah, I like nice girls and she is a nice girl.

Danielle tells Kimberly about Winston. I don't really know how it all started, she says. Basically he wrote you a poem and you got all hot, Kimberly teases. Danielle says I have never in my life had a boy read a poem to me in that context, so it was pretty off the scale for me, you know? You liked it though, Kimberly probes. Yeah, it was sweet, Danielle admits, and we have talked a little more. Then last night night, rubbing feet . Kimberly says that was a lot for you. Danielle starts giggling.

Voting lines are now frozen.

2:30pm In the Diary Room, Helen sits down and a fart sound is heard. Big Brother says excuse you, Helen, and she yells OH MY GAWD, what are you doing? It freaking wasn't anything I ate. Helen, Big Brother is setting you a secret mission today to make your housemates laugh using your best jokes. Your mission is to get all your housemates to smile. Even Kimberly. Helen says that's not nice.

Helen must first try stand up comedy as she goes to the garden and sits down next to Mark in the pool. What did the owl do when he lost his perch? Mark says fly? Helen says he don't give a hoot. Mark laughs. Helen then spills a drink all over herself making everyone laugh then she goes out with a whoopee cushion in the garden where Steven is talking to Jale and Marlon and Matthew. She sits on the cushion and rips one and they all laugh at her. Steven says Helen just farted and Jale says it was marks curry.

Finally, Helen must take a soaking from the sprinkler then fall into the pool. Chris yells what the f*ck! Oh sh*t! Everyone laughs and tells her she's had a bad day. Marlon thinks it was a task. She says what the f*ck. Helen gets out of the pool in a white tee shirt and wrings her hair out as others are laughing. In the Diary Room, Helen is now in a clown suit, having passed her secret mission. This my reward, she asks?

[We're only laughing on the outside, Helen. -- Morty]

At Big Brother's urging, she blast her hooter horn. She leaves the Diary Room and heads down the stairs where Mark is laughing and her fellow housemates join in on her discomfort. Marlon and Winston, holding hands and feet, swing Helen he Clown and, counting to seven, and throw her in the pool as everyone is laughing.

3:41pm In the Diary Room, Christopher tells Big Brother he is really interested to see where Winston and Danielle go with this. They are nothing like each other, he says, Winston is a smart guy but Danielle is a lingerie model at the end of the day. I can see her bring out the good in him. She is a bright girl and he's an interesting boy, so I hope they have a lot in common. But what an unusual pairing.

Ash and Winston are in the kitchen. Ash says we thought you was going to end up sleeping with Danielle last night. Nah, Winston says, we are just mates, man, she likes me. Last night she laid her cards on the table and said, "I do like you."

Matthew asks Danielle, what is happening with you and Winston? Do you like him now? She answers she has had boys write poems before, but not like Winston did. Matthew asks if it was a bit rude and she says yeah. I really like him, Danielle adds.

Winston asks Ash about spooning with Helen last night. I know, Winston says, I just laid in Danielle's bed last night and was like whoa. Ash says I was just spooning normal and she kept pushing her *ss back.

For the first time this series, a boy is guaranteed to leave the house tonight. Shall we talk to the house?

Big brother house this is Emma. Ash, Christopher, Mark, Matthew, Winston. The viewers have spoken your fate is sealed. For the last 5 days, the British public has been voting to evict. I can now reveal the two housemates with the fewest votes and are safe from eviction are...


Mark sobs in relief. And, continues Emma...


Ash, Christopher, Matthew, I will be talking to you later in the evening to reveal who will be evicted.

We return to yesterday's highlights.

6:20pm In the Diary Room, Matthew reflects on his first night in the house. When I was in that box, he recalls, I thought I was going to be the first one out because I thought people thought I was a horrible person. Then when I came down and out of the box, it sunk in to me that I'm actually on Big Brother. Then people got to know me and see that I was nice. I think I've improved a lot. I know I was in a funky patch when Toya went, but I think being in power gave me a slight disadvantage but I was honest about my feelings at the time. I've had my ups and down and I think people think I will go because I'm not one of the popular ones in here, you know?

In the Garden, they boys are sunbathing. Ash says Matthew is going to get the most votes, you know. Marlon says if all the girls vote, then you are Safe. Matthew is very controversial because he has never had a reaction (good or bad) from the crowd, so we will see.

9:56pm Ashleigh and Danielle are in the bath. When Winston walks through, Danielle covers herself. Ashleigh says you so fancy him. I do not, Danielle says defensively. You do too, Ashleigh responds.

Steven wants a heart to heart with Kimberly. I can't like you and know that you are someone else's. She says I get you. OK, I need you to tell me that, he says, if you can't tell me that, I can't physically sit here and be comfortable. I can't even explain it right now, she says, that's the whole point. I can't explain any of these things right now. It isn't because of you. I can't explain it. Is it because we are on television, he asks? She shakes her head yes.

I just need to know that there is not a third person in this relationship, Steven says. Kimberly says no. Steven continues, I been in one already. Kimberly begs him to not compare her to other things she's have heard about him. She says in a natural world, I would take off my mic and tell you, but this isn't a natural world.

He tells her to take off her mic and tell him. She says no, they (Big Brother) will hear me. This type of sh*t is going to get me evicted, she whines. No, Steven counters, this type of sh*t isn't going to get you evicted. It's the fact that I am falling for you and I just want to make sure there isn't a guy you are already in a relationship with. Tell me about your life. Do you not think, she complains, I can't even get into it. No one is f*cking committed to me, she finally says reservedly.

10:03pm Winston is talking with Danielle. She says you have to be a very intelligent smart young woman to deal with the model industry. There are a lot of disgusting creatures, honestly, so I probably got it worse because half the stuff I wouldn't even do. That's probably why I have a brick wall against me, because I don't do anything I am not comfortable with. But I don't want to do it for much longer, maybe a couple more years. Winston says yeah.

Mark goes the Diary Room to tell Big Brother he's scared about tomorrow's eviction. I'm just F*cking sh*tting bricks for tomorrow, he says, and I ain't even scared about me going. I am, he confessions, I'm just pretending that I am not. I f*cking am. I am scared because of who I'm up against. Matthew is so sensitive and if he gets really badly booed or gets anything, he isn't going to be able to cope with that. I think Matthew is intelligent. He reads books but I don't read books. He tried teaching me about the three parties. The Conservative Party wants people who have money to keep it, the Labour Party thinks people should be given money who don't have it, and the Liberal Party thinks, uh, uh, I don't know. I don't remember.

11:56pm Ash and Helen are sharing a moment. Ash asks how long has it been since Toya left? I feel like she hasn't been here in ages. If I go, then next week it will feel like ages since I been here. Helen says no, you have friends here. You've been making solid friends for weeks now. Mark comes in and says are you going to bed? Ash he says yeah. Mark asks if he's feeling sick about tomorrow? I feel sick and every time, Ash says. I think about it. I feel sick, so I am not eating anything tomorrow . Ash says he's been up for three weeks straight.

Kimberly and Steven are still having that conversation in the kitchen. I can't believe we are still having this conversation, Steven complains, I've got to be told. Kimberly says I just hate that you are backing me into a corner. I'm not backing you into a corner, he says, you have to understand that's how I feel. I just need to know if you are with anyone else. I have shagged people before I came in here, Kimberly, but that doesn't mean I am committed with any of these people.

[Way to boost your relationship credentials there, Steven. -- Morty]

I am moving forward, Steven continues earnestly, which means I'm going to be committed to you and I'm not going to see any other of these other people. Your hiding something from me for a reason. Yeah, she says. But I have to know, he says. Finally, Kimberly admits she broke up with someone before coming to the show. Its just complicated, she explains without explaining, it was just right before. I didn't expect to meet anyone on this show and I didn't expect you to be on this show.

Steven cuddles her and says stop. What are you worried about? I've never met anyone as nice as you, Kimberly says. I have one question, Steven asks, do you want to be with this other person? Kimberly says no. Do you want to be with me? Yeah, she says meekly. There you go then, says and takes her into his arms for a cuddle.

The housemates are sitting on the sofas as they hear the crowds chanting Get Ashleigh Out, Get Ashleigh Out in between chants to evict Ash or Matthew. Emma says it's time to put one of the boys out of their misery. It's time to talk to the house.

Big Brother house, this is Emma: Ash, Christopher, Matthew the British public have been voting to evict for the last 5 days. The viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. I can now reveal that the housemate with the most votes and fourth to be evicted is...


Mark yells Oh No and starts crying. Ash can't believe he's staying. Matthew hugs everyone, telling them it's all right. They all clap and yell goodbye to Matthew as he ascends the stairs to the front door. He hears the boos from outside and stoically draws himself up to face the disapproving public.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 30: Friday, July 4th, 2014 - Ch Ch Ch Changes

Previously, Ashleigh came out fighting and housemates took it to the next level. Tonight, the fourth eviction rocks the house.

10:20am It's eviction day and Ash, Mark, Matthew and Winston all face the public vote. Matthew asks Winston in the shower if he is ready for tonight? I'm nervous and sh*tting myself, Matthew admits. Winston says yeah, a bit. In the Bedroom, Steven is asking Kimberly if she sleeps clothed or naked? She says usually the second.

Christopher and Jale are in the kitchen. Christopher says this is Day 30 of Big Brother. Jale says really? Yeah, says Christopher, it's day 30. Jale says I feel like people who liked me originally are wanting me out now. Matthew says really? Jale says Ashleigh and Danielle, completely. Matthew says what I get out of those two are, they get a little bit weird at times, distance themselves. He says he understands what Helen is saying sometimes. Danielle walks in and asks how they are doing. Jale says I'm good how about you? I'm good, Danielle replies.

Helen goes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother she feels a little bit nervous for the guys. It isn't very nice even though it was Big Brother that got us to do it, she says, I just feel a bit sh*t that we put them in that position. I have a really sh*t feeling about Ash going, to be honest. He just puts on a brave face and he doesn't mope around and go on and on about it the whole time like the others do are doing. He just excepts that he is going up and gets along with it. He is my best friend in the house, so I'll feel like I lost my best friend. I'd prefer it if Matthew went. I don't hope he goes, just rather he would go before the others. He is the only one I wouldn't miss.

10:47am Danielle asks Winston about his scar. You tackled a shark, she recalls? I still can't believe that. That must be a interesting story to tell people. She asks if he had the knife on him when he was swimming. Oh, you punched him didn't you? Winston says yeah. She tells him that's impressive.

Helen wishes she had more support to save Ash. She tells Kimberly that if Ash leaves tonight, Jale might feel a little bit guilty because she said to just stick with us three (when voting for who to save, which Jale didn't do. Neither did Kimberly). Kimberly asks if Ash knows and Helen says she told him. Kimberly said we would have had the majority vote if Jale had given a bit more thought. Helen says Ashleigh and Danielle never would have given in on Ash. if Ash does go tonight, I will feel really p*ssed off at myself that I didn't pursue the matter longer.

In the garden, Mark announces he's worried. I will f*cking go, he says. Christopher says I can't wait for you to hear your reception tonight. Mark isn't hearing any of it. If I get booed tonight, I'm going to chin ya. The only think I have done wrong is where you felt like you thought you had to attack Jale for me. Oh Mark, Christopher says, that's just stupid. That has been my downfall, Mark says. Christopher disagrees. I knew you were worried about that, he says, we bicker all the time. Steven says if I were in the public, I'd enjoy watching you two bicker. Oh stop it, Christopher says.

Ash says if this were the first eviction, I'd be more worried (it's his third). Mark says nobody wants to be the first boy to go. Steven says that's true, I never thought about that.

1:53pm Christopher and Mark are in the Diary Room while their fellow housemates watch from the living room. Big Brother says you have been living with your housemates for 29 days, but how well do you really know them? Would you recognize them before they were housemates? The housemates are totally embarrassed before the even see the pictures.

Big Brother will show you pictures of your housemates before they were housemates and all you have to do to pass the task is identify which housemate these pictures belong to. Mark says listen, we have to do this so don't just shout it out because you might get it wrong. We will discus it, Christopher assures him, in a gentlemanly style fashion. OK, you don't need to bite me head off, Mark says.

They are shown the first photo with the following description: According to his mom, when this housemate was 4 years old, he falsely told his nursery school class that his house had burnt down in order to get his classmates to donate money to buy himself a brand new toy. Mark initially says Winston, then Matthew, and finally they decide it was Steven. They are correct.

For the second photo, when this housemate was a child, she accidentally killed her pet stick insect bye falling asleep and rolling over and killing it. They see the picture and immediately think it was Helen and they are correct.

The third photo is of a housemate who admitted that the movie Tangled was one of his favourite films. The housemates go awe at his baby picture. Mark says it's Ash because of the ears. They are correct.

On the fourth photo, this housemate's first job was working at a hairdressers, washing heads. Flaming, Christopher says, his lips look filled with Botox. It was Matthew, the successfully decide.

The final photo describes an 18 year old housemate who had a job that involved dancing around dressed as a giant sandwich. Mark gags at his photo. He says it was him and he was correct! Big Brother says Christopher and Mark, you have correctly identified the majority of your fellow housemates before they were housemates. You have past the task and the whole house will receive a reward.

3:07pm Mark is delivering a hamper of treats and photos from home to the housemates for passing today's task. At first, everyone silently looks at their pictures. Winston sits alone as does Matthew. Kimberly stands off to the side looking sad, then crying in Marlon's arms. Everyone is walking around looking at each others photos, saying nice things and crying. Matthew's girlfriend attracts a lot of attention. Some are not willing to share right away. Danielle and Ashleigh are out in the garden alone sharing their photos. In the Pod, Danielle comforts a visibly sad Kimberly.

[Kimberly received a picture of her Russian friend, Sasha, who has described himself as her boyfriend, despite Kimberly telling Steven last night that he was unattached. -- Morty]

5:07pm In the Diary Room, Ash says he thinks it is probably going to be him to leave tonight. But I hope it is going to be Matthew, he says. You know its bad to say that, that I hope it's someone else, it's not very nice. But it will come down to us two. But I want tomorrow to come and me still be here.

Chris tells Ashleigh and Danielle in the Pod that he doesn't want Matthew to go. Ashleigh doesn't want him to go either. Chris says we also need to have Christopher here, we need to have a brain, we need it. Chris goes on a gossip and asks, is it just me or has Jale gotten really foul mouthed all of a sudden? Ashleigh agrees. It's like the uncool kid finally got in with the cool kids and becomes an *sshole to the other uncool kids. She is cursing more, Danielle says she don't talk to me no more and makes me uncomfortable. She is so far up Helens *ss. Ashleigh is quick to agree.

6:16pm Helen is trimming Christopher's hair. He had big hair as a kid, he says. I'm making a mess, she says. F*ck it, he says, who cares? I do, Helen says. I don't give a sh*t, Christopher says, it'll grow back. Mark comes over to inspect and says she should have wrapped a town around is neck. Helen says she is shaving the sides if Christopher's head because she f*cked it up in the back. Mark's mouth gapes wide as he sees what she's done. Christopher is laughing loudly as he is shorn like a sheep. The look on Mark's face, he laughs.

In the Diary Room, Chris tells Big Brother he really, really doesn't want to see Matthew go. If Matthew went, Chris says, the IQ of the building will drop completely and I will feel rocked by that. The general social intelligence will be massively depleted and I will feel slightly rocked by that.

Back in the garden, Mark wants to have a go (at Christopher's head). Christopher says no, Mark wants to put a giant penis on the back of my head and I wont appreciate that. Matthew and Winston are in the bedroom looking through the window and laughing hysterically at the disaster that is the back of Christopher's head. Mark walks in and they show him through the window. He and Matthew fall to the floor laughing.

I'm going to look ridiculous, Christopher realizes too late. Marlon takes the sheers and Christopher asks, am I going to need to call the help line? You said go short, Helen protests. You're going too high, she says to Marlon. Marlon, please don't giggle, Christopher begs, the giggling is making me anxious. The laughter from the bedroom can be heard in the garden. Mark is laughing at me, Christopher says, tell him to stop, you little sh*t.

All housemates are standing around watching now. You should shave him bald, Matthew suggests. Just take the sides off and leave the top, Mark suggests. That's what I said, Helen exclaims. He doesn't want to cut all his hair off, Marlon says. Multiple pairs of hands are moving his head around and grabbing for the shears. Mark gets a mirror and shows Christopher the back of his head. Oh f*ck! Sh*t! Oh my Gosh, he yells. Kimberly is speechless. I'm going to need a help line after this, good naturedly.

7:06pm Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh are getting ready for eviction night. Jale says if Ash leaves, she'll feel like sh*t because it will be my fault, if that makes since. It came down to Ash and Chris and I voted Chris. Ashleigh says tonight isn't about us so we need to stop. It's about the public.

In the garden, Chris tells Steven the general vibe is that it will be between Ash and Matthew tonight. Steven says I don't know. I couldn't even make the prediction. Matthew is cleaning his face while Helen helps Winston with his eyebrows. In the kitchen, audience noise is being piped into the house. Ash asks Mark if he's wearing his Sunday Best. Always, Mark says. Ash asks, your not to fussed about it? No, I'm just not stressing me self out because I have no control over this.

Christopher tells Ashleigh he's already missing Matthew if he goes. The boys gather in the garden where Ash says he'll be p*ssed off if he goes. How do you think I'll feel, Helen says, I'm still stuck with them (Danielle and Ashleigh). Better with me than being out there, he says. Matthew says his girlfriend likes his shirt, so if he's evicted, she'll be happy. As they gather on the sofas, Kimberly says that all you can do is be calm cool and collected because everyone is nervous. Even I'm nervous, she says. My balls are tingling, Winston volunteers.

Ash is lying on the sofa with his eyes closed. Whenever they flash it up on the screen, Christopher jokes, you'll be sleeping. Better than sitting here thinking about it, he says. I feel like I'm meditating.

Big brother house this is Emma. I can now reveal the two housemates with the fewest votes and are safe from eviction are...

Ashleigh realizes the audience is chanting Get Ashleigh Out. Does that mean I'm going next week, she asks Danielle?


Mark falls over sobbing in relief. And, continues Emma...


Marlon gives Winston a hug.

9:57pm Ashleigh and Danielle are alone on the sofas. Danielle says I'm so angry that you got chanted. Ashleigh says I'm not. There's no point wasting your energy being angry about it cos I'm not. You've not done anything, Danielle says, you're such a good person. There is no telling what they have showed them and I have probably done something to annoy them. I don't think I could get through this without you, Danielle says. You'll be fine, Ashleigh says.

The housemates reassemble in the living room where the chant to get Ashleigh out is louder and Christopher is shocked. Ashleigh plays it off, saying she can't tell if it's her or Ash.

Big Brother house, this is Emma. I can now reveal that the housemate with the most votes and fourth to be evicted is...


Ash is stunned as Matthew says his goodbyes. A disappointed Ashleigh stands off to the side. So scary, Matthew says, I don't know how I'm going to do this. Think about your girlfriend, Ash suggests. He runs up the stairs, shaking then stepping out to face his fans and detractors.

Mark and Christopher are in tears. The girls find Chris and are consoling him. I really didn't want him to go, Christopher cries. I know you didn't but look how brave he was, Helen offers. Seriously, how did that happen? He's got make-up running down his face. Story of my life, he says. Ash and Winston grab a celebratory man hug. Mark walks away from the others and is having a breakdown all alone saying, Oh f*ck.

Winston points out where Mark is and Helen says, oh sh*t, and goes running after him. I'm so upset, he says. I know you are, she replies. I feel ashamed, Mark says. Don't feel ashamed, she says. Matthew wasn't prepared to go, Mark sobs, I thought I was going to go. Helen says he wasn't going anywhere. These are emotions, so calm down, count to ten and calm down. He asks her to get his sunglasses for him but she says they aren't there.

Ash puts a hand on Mark's shoulder and asks how are you, mate? Not bad, Mark says stoically. He goes to the toilet. Helen asks, are you having a wee? He says no. I have your sunglasses, she says and he opens the door. He puts the sunglasses on and Helen joins him in the toilet. He's so scared, Mark says. You have to start thinking you'll see him in a few weeks, she says, just a few weeks. He's with Emma now, he's having a laugh. Think nice things. Mark says I look like such a twat, I look awful. Oh my gawd. Helen says no you don't, your gorgeous.

12:25am In the garden, Steven is sharing his feelings with Kimberly. I know it sounds corny and sh*t, but I wake up in the morning and don't want to leave your side. I don't want to leave the bed. I don't want to leave, like, do you know what I mean? Kimberly shakes her head yes. That's what's telling for me, he says, last night, I was feeling something I haven't felt for a long long time, forever, really.

Danielle and Ashleigh are in the bedroom talking about the boos they hear earlier tonight. Danielle ask if there is anything she can do to make her feel better. Ashleigh says no, it doesn't matter. I'm probably going next week anyway. Don't be getting upset, she tells Danielle. But it does upset me, Danielle says. It shouldn't, Ashley replies. Danielle starts crying, I don't want you to go, Ashleigh, I lean on you more than you do me and I need you here. You have Christopher and Chris, Ashleigh says. There's no justice, Danielle says, you're one of the sweetest girls I've ever met.

Big Brother has Mark in the Diary Room. I'm OK, he says, just a bit overwhelmed and I really am grateful that I got saved, I didn't think I was going to be saved and I was prepared to go. I was f*cking gutted that Matthew got evicted. He didn't want to go. He was scared. I'm not one for hysterically crying, but I actually couldn't get me breath there. I can't hardly f*cking speak, he cries. I never thought I would like make emotional attachments to people like this. I'm crying like he is f*cking dead. He is already over there and he only lives 10 minutes down the f*cking road. I got such a f*cking crying face. I'm so disappointed in me self for crying.

1:36am Danielle, Christopher, Chris and Ashleigh are discussing sleeping arrangements. Ashleigh asks Chris, what is the point in you jumping into my bed if I'm going to jump into your bed? Where's Jale going (he and Jale have shared a bed). Danielle says I think Marlon is sleeping with Jale. Christopher says wait, hold on, rewind, Marlon and Jale are going to share a bed together? He laughs. Embrace it, Chris rationalizes, because if he doesn't, he keeps a bed on his own and we have to continue to share. Best of both worlds, Christopher says, I still get Mark on one side, my husband on the other. I don't have clue, Danielle says.

In the garden, Winston wants to know why Helen didn't try to save him from facing the public vote. Helen says little Chris, I don't think he would have gone, but he deserved to stay based on his plea he gave. The plea you gave, Chris doesn't have your personality. He doesn't have the public vote like you do, I know he doesn't. How do you know, asks Winston, no one knows. I just know he doesn't, Helen says intuitively.

Winston, Helen says emphatically, you don't do anything wrong. Even if you do something wrong, it's funny. All I'm saying, Winston responds, is that your argument is you are saving people who are most at risk of going. OK, what if this week the guys were in power and we turn it around and save Ashleigh? Bang, we save Ashleigh instead of you. She says I will just have to deal with it. I don't want you to feel angry with me. He says no, no, no, I'm not angry at all. All I'm saying is your argument is ridiculous. Your strategy of choosing people most at risk to the public is ridiculous.

One thing I will say, Helen asks, is whether I would deserve to go more than her (Ashleigh)? No, Winston says, I'm just saying I'll use your strategy, the girls' reasoning around the other way, which would be to save Ashleigh over you. I can't compare you to Ashleigh, Helen says, frustrated. Your decision was to save the people most at risk, right, Winston says. No, it was also based off personality as well. So you said I got a great personality, I need to face eviction, Winston concludes.

I'm in the wrong, Helen says, giving up, I'm so p*ssed off that you think this. Why you pissed off, Winston asks. I'm pissed off because you f*cking misjudge me. She walks away, saying he makes it out like she completely wrote him out and that wasn't the case. I'm going off what I think people really think of you. I didn't want to make this choice but I was put in that position. I'm asking you, how would you do it?

He says he would do it in the way who adds the most character to the house. Go on the, who would you choose? Helen sits back down as Winston says he would choose herself, Jale, and.. Who do I have left, Danielle, Ashleigh... And Kim, Helen says. Danielle, Winston says. But if I was choosing on whose most at risk of going to save, it would be different. I'd be most at risk of going, Helen says. You'd be in front of the mix, Winston says.

Helen apologizes for reacting the way she did. She just doesn't want him thinking she said Winston's fine, f*ck him.

2:32am The lights are out in the bedroom and Kimberly and Steven are in a bed, and Danielle and Winston are also in a bed. Danielle tells Winston this is the first time she has ever shared a bed with a boy. You never shared a bed with a boy ever, he asks? Not overnight, she answers. Winston says he feels honored. Previous boyfriends never stayed the night, she says. Have you ever had a spoon, he asks? Yeah, she says. Do you want to spoon? No, she says, and they laugh. A lot will have to happen before I spoon with a boy. What, he asks? I'm not prepared to discuss it this minute. Not to let the moment pass, Winston asks if they should do some naked spooning? That's even further down the list.

In the Diary Room, Ashleigh says I'm so gutted Matthew is away, so gutted he is gone. Even though he was so negative all the time, you knew he was there and you could always get a good laugh out of him. That's the third week in a row that someone's gone who makes me happy in the house. I'm miserable a lot of the time here. I'm never in a situation where I'm unhappy or have reason to complain so this has been a culture shock for me in here. I'm not used being like this.

When it goes back to nominations again, I will be nominating Ash again because I don't get along with him and he brings me no joy. He makes me a negative b*tch in this house. Obviously my plan didn't work this week. Maybe that's why the public hates me so much, the think my plan was nasty. But it's not me putting him in the bottom two.

Winston snuggles under the covers and asks Danielle if she's warm. Yeah, she says sleepily. He asks if she wants him to get closer and she agrees for warmth. Thank you so much, she tells him. Under the covers, we can't tell just how much warmth he's giving her.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 31: Saturday, July 5th, 2014 - Christmas In July

Previously the 4th housemate was evicted and love was in the air. Tonight, Christmas comes early but not everyone is full of festive cheer.

9:30am Mark wakes up alone without Matthew. But Steven & Kimberly, Ash & Helen and Winston & Danielle are all waking up next to each other. In the kitchen, Danielle tells Chris the bed situation needs to be sorted tonight. I said to Winston that he could sleep with me tonight, she says, but they have to keep their clothes on and stuff. He had nowhere else to sleep you know what I mean? I was all right with it last night, but I don't want it happening again because I don't want people getting the wrong idea do you know what I mean? Chris says that's actually fair enough.

In the bedroom, Steven asks where Winston is and Marlon says in Danielle's bed. That's where he slept last night. Really, Steven says, ooh, very good Winston.

Chris ask Danielle if she managed to get some sleep though. She says no, not really. I never had a man sleep in my bed before. Chris says I wish you would have kicked him out. There was nothing I could do. I was put in a situation, Danielle says, implying that Winston forced himself into her bed.

In the bedroom, Mark sings, "tell me what makes a man." Then all the boys start singing it. Helen tells them they are worse than the alarm.

In the kitchen, Jale and Steven talk about Winston slipping into the bed with Danielle last night. Steven says he didn't see that coming. Jale says she saw it coming a mile off. There is a weird sh*t going on in this house, Steven says. I'm not saying that her sexual views are a facade or whatever, Jale says, but she's not bloody stupid. She's obviously dated men before she knows what a penis is, know what I mean?

11:32am In the bedroom, Christopher tells Ashleigh he's tired. I stayed up last night talking to Mark for ages, he says, he wouldn't let me go to sleep. I'm totally his new Matthew. He would say no, stay here and talk to me. I had to stay ''till I was at the point of exhaustion.

Ash, Helen, Steven and Winston are in the garden. Steven asks Winston how it was talking to Danielle last night? Winston says he had to bat away her advances and stuff, you know? You had to bat away advances from her, Steven asks? So she come on to you, huh? Helen is laughing at Winston's deadpan. Winston says yeah, quite a few times. He says he told her no, that she had to wait ''till she got married. She said he was cold. Steven asked if he gave her a cuddle. Yeah, Winston says, she said she was cold.

In the Diary Room, Danielle tells Big Brother she's OK, just a bit tired, really. I just didn't get to bed 'till quite late last night. I don't really know. I think my brain was in overdrive or something along those lines. I've had better sleeps but I slept OK. And It's awfully cold in that bedroom. So so cold everywhere, its freezing. I like Winston but I don't fancy him. I think he is a nice boy. He does make me laugh, but for now, as far as I'm concerned, it's just a friendship. That's it really.

1:13pm Danielle asks Winston, who is taking a bath, if he slept all right last nigh. He says yeah and asks how she slept. Good, Danielle says. More comfortable that I was next to ya, Winston asks? No comment, she says and walks away.

In the Diary Room, Steven says she's like everything you can dream of having. Her personality, she's just a nice person though she's vulnerable. I've never seen this side to her since I've been in here. Kimberly is a very intelligent girl, very strong willed and very focused. I've really seen a vulnerability in the last last days. She's been through a lot. Everyone has. It just makes me want to make sure she's happy and make her happy.

I think I can do that and I think she wants me to do that, so. Its amazing. It's a great feeling but It's kind of like, f*ck, makes you blush a little bit. I didn't expect it I get a funny feeling every time I'm with her. If you ask me if I could fall in love with Kimberly, the answer is yes. If you ask me if I'm falling in love with Kimberly, the answer is yes as well. I think I'm falling in love with her.

In the wash area, Winston is still in the bath. He asks Ash what's going on with him and Helen, does he fancy her at all? Not like that, Ash says, she's just like me mate. I get along with girls like that. We are just similar, the same banter. Winston says if Marlon started getting with her in your place in your bed, or Steven, what would you feel if he started sleeping where you were? I would be coy, Ash says, because I wouldn't be chilling with me mate. I won't be like jealous like I fancy her, you know. Like the first couple of weeks, I fancied her a bit because we were so similar, then it kind of fazed out.

2:24pm Christopher has been called to the Diary Room. Hello Christopher, Big Brother says, or should I call you Christmas? Well, Christopher says, that is my name in here. I've several names in here: Christopher, Chris, Chrissy, D*ck head. Big Brother says Christopher might like to spread some festive cheer by bringing Christmas early to the Big Brother house. Christopher says love it, sounds amazing.

Christopher is now dressed as Santa Clause, belting Ho! Ho! Ho!. Big Brother is treating the housemates to a Christmas feast and as Father Christmas, Santa Christopher has to decide who has been nice and who has been naughty. Only the nice get the feast. He gets to invite some of his housemates to Santa's Grotto (the Diary Room) to see who has been naughty or nice and who can attend the feast.

Santa Christopher invites Ashleigh, Chris, Marlon, Danielle, Helen and Mark to his Grotto. They come in one at a time, each greeted by Santa Christopher with a Ho! Ho! Ho!. Have you been a good boy, he asks Mark? Mark says yes. Helen says I'm always a good girl. Are you now, Santa Christopher challenges her. Yes, Helen says. Christopher asks her who deserves to be on the nice list. Helen says ME! Santa Christopher gives a belly laugh. He asks Ashleigh if she's ever been a naughty child. No, Ashleigh says, never. Chris says he's never been warned once for any bad behavior.

Danielle says the only naughty thing she's done is play footsie under the table. Santa Christopher says Father Christmas only does that with Mrs. clause after the cooking show. Marlon says when I'm around the ladies, I should lower my linger , lower my vulgarness and not be a chauvinistic bastard. Mark sings "I don't want a lot for Christmas." Christopher asks Helen if she can tell Father Christmas how she's have been a good girl in the house this year. I think I made a special effort this week to get to know certain people in the house that I haven't made an effort with, she says.

Marlon says I think a few people outside deserve it a little bit more than myself. I've also learned to bite my tongue this week, Helen says, and respect other people instead of choosing to be nasty. She has especially learned to respect a guy called Christmas. I better come to this part, Santa, she concludes. Mark finishes his song in a very high pitch. Santa Christopher says you have knocked the stuffing out of me turkey.

4:38pm Father Christmas is passing out presents and whoever gets a candy cane will celebrate Christmas with a feast. Whoever gets coal won't be celebrating Christmas tonight. Ash has a candy cane because he's a nice guy but is misunderstood at times. Mark has a little candy cane for his magical musical rendition. Marlon got coal because he told Santa everyone else should have a treat. Ashleigh got a candy cane for being the happiest housemate in Santa's Grotto.

Danielle got coal because she wasn't able to say how she'd been good or bad. With deep regret, Santa Christopher says gingerly. Kimberly, Jale, Steven and Chris all got candy canes. There's one candy cane and one lump of coal left and it's between Helen and Winston. Helen got coal. Santa Christopher says he's going to be stoned with coal. I don't know why you'd think that, Helen says dismissively. Santa Christopher says that she didn't open up about her experience in the house as much as others. Bullsh*t, she says. It's not personal, Helen, Santa Christopher says.

That leaves Winston to receive the final candy cane. Father Christmas wanted Winston to be on his Winter Dream Team. Having received lumps of coal, Marlon, Danielle and Helen are now banned from the living area and are asked to leave immediately and think about how to be nice in the future. As they go to the bedroom, Danielle ask what they will have for dinner.

Helen can't believe she reacted like that. Didn't open up enough, she says bitterly, we had a long conversation about how I feel like I made an effort this week. I sat there while he cries (when they were in the morgue). That's why I acted like that. Danielle says she totally gets that. You couldn't get any more personal, Helen says.

Christopher tells Winston and Chris that while Helen made an effort this week, that wasn't his justification. He gave the other three coal because they didn't speak up in the Diary Room when he was talking to them, they weren't as excited and their overall time in the house.

Mark goes to Helen and ask if she's OK ? She says, no he is a twat. I'm so p*ssed off at what he said.

5:57pm The nice housemates are enjoying their Christmas dinner, Kimberly tells Christopher there is such a thing as karma, so if you feel like you made the right decision and that's the reason you have given, then that's fine. Christopher agrees. Remember, Steven says, it was your decision. They all thank Father Christmas and make a toast of champagne to him. Christopher says merry Christmas one and all.

In the bedroom, Danielle asks if Christopher has said anything to Helen? No, Helen says, and I don't want him to no. I think he knows I'm upset with him. I feel like such an idiot. I can't believe how long you spent with him. He has really let me down, Helen says, you should have seen him, he was breaking down. Marlon confirms this.

Christopher is telling the nice housemates that Marlon said, and he quotes, "don't pick me. I will give to others first." Music starts playing and Mark starts singing " I don't want a lot for Christmas" and then everyone starts singing.

Never mind, Helen says, there's no use crying over spilled milk. It isn't the party and she doesn't want anyone thinking it's that. It's how Christopher made me feel personally, for making me feel so stupid. Why are you here, Danielle? I don't know, she says, I'm constantly around the guy. I'd understand if it was me, you (Marlon) and Ash, Helen says. And Winston, Marlon ads. But Danielle's here, Helen says. That doesn't make any sense, Danielle says.

The party continues in the main house with more pop Christmas songs. In the bedroom, Helen kisses her photographs.

7:36pm Chris goes to the Diary Room and says he's loving the party. It has been really lovely. I hate talk of Christmas or hearing Christmas songs in any other month but December, but I've loved it and I think everyone has. Unfortunately, Helen threw a strap in. There's always something. I fear it might come from Helen toward Christopher who has been the most upfront with her.

The party is over and Danielle and Marlon have rejoined the nice housemates. In the kitchen, Marlon tells Christopher that Helen is taking it really personal because she thought that when they was in the dungeon for 26 hours, he had no friends and she offered to be his friend. Christopher starts to explain and Marlon says no, explain it to her. He doesn't need to, Jale says defensively.

Helen didn't need to justify why Christopher wasn't picked (to be saved), Ashleigh says. But it wasn't just Helen making that decision, Marlon reminds her. Jale says you come in here telling everyone what they have been speaking about in there. If she's upset, let her speak for herself. Christopher says I have exact reasons for why I did what I did and if anyone wants to know them, they can ask me. I won't go shoving them down anyone's throat. Jale thinks he has nothing to justify. People need to stop jumping on band wagons around here. Its getting kind of boring now.

Mark goes to the garden to ask Helen if she's OK. Yeah, she says, over the moon as usual. I think he is a f*cking weapon, she says. Winston says that's a good name to call someone. Steven hasn't heard that expression before. Don't take his p*ss, Mark says, but Helen shuts him down. You didn't sit in a room with him while he was slugging you, Matthew, Ashleigh and Danielle off, reassuring him he had friends. Blah, blah, f*cking blah. No wonder he's got no mates. He is a f*cking stupid *sshole.

Winston asks you know that stuff you gave him yesterday, if you had the choice to give it to him or wipe your *ss with it, what would you do? I would slid it down my *cking crack, she says and Winston, Ash and Steven crack up laughing. Helen, stop it, Mark says, you know you'll get into sh*t for saying that. I said I'd rather to that, she says, I didn't say I'm gonna do it. Do you know who you're nominating, Ash asks. I've no idea at all, she says.

8:45pm In the bedroom, Steven asks Danielle if she's p*ssed off because Christopher didn't choose her? Yeah, she says, stunned, that's all. Helen says you were shocked though, weren't you? She says yeah. Steven asks what reason he gave her? She says I didn't open up enough or something like that. Steven asks Marlon if he's p*ssed off Marlon? Marlon says he's just upset Helen is. I'm fuming, Winston jokes.

In the kitchen, Ashleigh says Christopher is a sloppy eater. Mark tells Christopher now you eat with your f*cking mouth open, you need to stop it when your in social places. Christopher says Father Christmas can do whatever the hell he wants. Do you know what food taste like, Mark lectures, Nothing. It's for you to taste not for us to hear.

In the Garden, Danielle ask if Steven are Kimberly are together. Jale says you know what Kimberly is like. I think It's a sh*t situation because we are in here. You say something to someone and it kicks off. You know how couples fight when they are together 24/7 and Kimberly is trying to be sensible, I think. How about you and Winston? I don't know what's going on, Danielle says. Jale says he is so cute and such a lovely guy. Maybe in terms of respectfulness, Jale says, you know what to expect from him. He can be a wally with the boys, but all boys are like that. He doesn't fall into place with previous people I've dated, and I'm probably the same for him. But sometimes that can be good, Jale says.

9:20pm Winston asks Ashleigh if she was staring at him last night? Did you see me, she asks? Yeah, he says. I must have fell asleep fast then I looked and it was bright and I seen this big thing sleeping next to Danielle, and it was not Kimberly, and I was like, thinking Danielle didn't know he was there and I was thinking I needed to make you move before Danielle woke up and had a stroke.

In the bedroom, Steven, Ash, Marlon, Helen and Kimberly are talking about weddings and best men. Helen can see Steven and Kimberly getting married. Marlon gives them 5 years to get married. Steven asks if he'd take her name or she'd take his. Steven asks if Helen would be a bridesmaid but Helen says she might have her own friends. Steve would have Winston and Marlon and Ash as his stag men. Steven would like to get married abroad then come back and have a big wedding in England. Maybe at Westminster Abbey.

10:40pm Christopher goes to the Diary Room and says Helen has being a very loud, noticeable and stand out character in the house from day one and people have taken to her very quickly. Mark and Ash adore her, but she's fiery, very fiery. She's a way of dealing with conflict that other people in the house can't stand. In a group, she's the loudest person and not only is she loud, she kind of makes it very difficult for you to get involved in a conversation. I feel bad in a way, because she feels as though this week we have gotten on very well and we have. I think she feels as though I've betrayed her but I haven't, but I'm looking at the overall time in the house, not just the past week.

Mark is looking for Christopher. Chris says he might have gone to bed as he said he was feeling tired. No he hasn't, Mark says.

Christopher says he doesn't think Helen sees how other people see her and are different to her in how they deal with conflict. She expects people to be very abrupt and too the point and move on. Not everyone can do that. I can't do that.

Christopher, Mark calls, looking in the toilet.

If she wants to talk, Christopher says, it wasn't a big issue. Mark can be heard yelling from outside the Diary Room door. Are you in there, he calls. Yeah, Christopher says, I'm in the Diary Room. Mark says Matthew would have stayed with me. Will you come out now? Christopher says he's coming out. Christopher tells Big Brother that Mark is missing him and I was told last night that I've a new role in the house as Mark told him he is his new Matthew.

Danielle and Winston are laying in bed again. Danielle can speak Russian and a bit of Arabic. She ask him if he speaks any other languages? He says no, I'm stupid. He speaks a little French to her. Danielle laughs. I know the last one, she says.

In the garden, it's not gone unnoticed that Danielle and Winston are in the bed again. Helen says Danielle is not stupid, if she's comfortable, she's comfortable. Kimberly agrees, she knows exactly what she's doing. Mark says when you say Winston, she giggles a lot. Ashleigh says she's told him to keep his clothes on and stay on that side of the bed.

Danielle ask Winston if he goes on many dates. Yeah, he says. Do you just take girls out to see London and stuff? Yeah. Would you take them out for dinner? Sometimes. What do you do for first dates, he asks her. She doesn't like to go out for dinner unless she knows she'll enjoy their company, maybe just a champagne bar or something. She's been to the zoo and polo, that sort of stuff.

11:22pm Christopher and Mark are in bed, talking about nominations. Mark says he has no clue who will be nominated or when it will be. Christopher says if it's tomorrow, he will have to go to that board and find two names. Mark says don't just pick random names. Christopher says he won't pick random names. I will have proper reasons, he says. Mark says this house changes after evictions. Christopher says yeah, Matthews hit you really the hardest. Mark says yeah, I felt like a lost puppy so thank you inviting me to the Christmas party.

Ashleigh and Helen are talking in the Garden. I've let myself down on a few occasions, Helen confesses. Ashleigh says if I had left last night and you had watched my VT, you would be thinking that's not her. I was thinking last night and I got up this morning, why should I spend my last week being miserable? Why don't I get to know everyone here. There's no point. Helen says everyone deals with it in different ways. I've learned to not be so judgmental. I'm not on the outside. I came in there thinking I knew everything but have learned I need to learn a lot. Ashleigh says she's learned it's OK to say what you feel.

1:04am Ash asks Helen if she had a good day today. Are you being sarcastic, she asks? He says no, did you have a nice day? No, Helen answers, not really. I got left out of the Christmas party I was supposed to be at. She slaps him on the cheek in jest. Have you had a good day, she asks him? I've had a great day. I got to see you.

Mark has a stuffed robot doll and is hitting Christopher over the head with it. Stop it, Christopher says. Lights go out for the night and Steven tells Kimberly when he leaves, he will look for a place and if she leaves before him, he wants her to be there when he comes out. Because I'll get excited to get out of here and being you and I, he says. Have you ever proposed to someone before, Kimberly asks? Never. Have you? We've discussed this, she says. Have we, he asks? It has to do with what you can't talk about? Sort of. That's a sore spot, isn't it. He kisses her on the lips and gets a hair. You're so loud, she says as they continue snogging.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 32: Sunday, July 6th, 2014 - Shacking Up

Previously, the house went Christmas crackers. Tonight, it's nominations!

9:42am Today is nominations day. As Helen has Pass to the Final and Jale has the Killer Nomination, they cannot be nominated. Chris doesn't want to do nominations, he tells Winston. It's stressful, Kimberly says. Steven tells Mark he has one on his brain. Mark says I've got me two but I've got to come up with stupid f*cking reasons. These little reasons could write people off. Christopher joins Kimberly and Jale in the garden. In the kitchen, mark asks Ash if he's ready to nominate. As ready as I could ever be, Ash says, he kind of knows who he'll pick.

12:14pm Mark is trying to look nautical today. He wants to look like he's from a sea side city. In the kitchen, Winston asks Steven how he and Kimberly are. Good, Steven says, very good. I didn't really expect it at all. Steven says if Tamara were still here, Winston and her would be like him and Kimberly. I'm a bit gutted for you on that, Steven says. Nipped in the bud, Winston says.

In the Pod, Ashleigh wants to know what Danielle was talking about with Winston last night. Danielle describes their conversation about dating. Did you describe him as your type, Ashleigh asks? Nope, Danielle says, I said total opposite. He wants 5 children, 4 boys and a girl. He needs to get working quickly, then, Ashleigh says, he's nearly 30. Winston asked what would happen if she married someone who stepped out on her. Danielle says she would never marry someone who didn't have the same values as her, so it would never happen.

1:16pm Marlon is sleeping on the sofa. In the garden, nominations are the hot topic. Mark says Ash would be relieved if he didn't go up. More than anything, Ash agrees. He's never felt relaxed. He looks at it like he's Jale and assumes he's always going to be nominated. Helen doesn't think he'll be up this week. I hope not, Ash says, I well could do with a chill week.

At the dining table, Steven is talking with Jale, Kimberly and Ashleigh about his grooming habits. Every Saturday, my mom (who's 51), dad (who's 56), me (23), my brother Ben (21), Charlie (18), Sammy (13), my younger nan (she's 69) and my other grandad (who's 74), all of us go to the same salon every Saturday to get touched up. We all get facials and massages, every single Saturday. No way, Danielle says.

Christopher is called to the Diary Room. First up, Ash says. It's a shame you can't nominate me, isn't it, Helen calls after him. Indeed, Christopher says, you already got your coal, you've suffered enough. Christopher nominates Steven because Steven tries to tell him how he should feel and what he should think instead of listening to him. His second nomination is Winston because he won't speak his mind often, won't say how he's feeling and he should learn to do so.

Helen's first nomination is for Ashleigh. She pretends to be a victim but is one of the biggest gobs in the house, she says things insensitive to other people's feelings and everyone is supposed to feel sorry for her because she's 18 and that makes people uncomfortable. Her second nomination goes to Christopher who she's made an effort with, built up a report, but yesterday he said she wasn't open enough and spat it all back in her face.

Chris's first nomination is Marlon for being a bit stroppy and disinterested. He should be engaged and positive after being saved and and has wasted the opportunity. His second nomination is Steven because he's still unsure about him, he asks questions but doesn't listen for the answers. Their relationship is getting better but he can still be selfish sometimes.

2:05pm Marlon is feeling the effects of his workouts, walking kind of funny. His arms are swollen, he says, showing Jale and Kimberly his biceps. Jale shows Marlon her arms, saying this is my food with a little bit of muscle underneath.

Winston is next to be called to the Diary Room for nominations. His first nomination is Chris because in the last couple of weeks, he's sitting back and watching people including me, Winston says, putting me on edge. I feel like I'm being judged. My second nomination is Ashleigh. She can be quite rude about stuff. She picked up a dirty plate and asked which one of those b*stards outside left this? She complains a lot instead of doing things a different way.

Ashleigh's first nomination is Ash due to the massive lack of conversation between them. I wouldn't even notice if he wasn't here. We don't have anything in common. he has his friends and spends his time with them. If I am talking to Ash, it's always me who instigates the conversation, which is quite tiring. Her second nomination is Kimberly. This week clarified what Kimberly thinks of her. You have a problem with someone if they think you're untrustworthy and the biggest liar in the house. If she was honest and up front, she would have come to her first if there was a problem between them.

Steven's first nomination is Ashleigh for repeatedly saying he was too good for Kimberly. Not only is it completely incorrect and obviously insulting to her and to me, but it leaves me with no choice but to make her my first nomination. Steven's second nomination is Chris because of all his fellow housemates, he knows Chris the least despite several efforts to have conversations. He's good to talk to but withholds information about himself and his journey. If anyone was to nominate him, it would be Chris and Chris would have the least impact on him if he left Friday.

3:00pm Danielle and Ashleigh are talking about Helen's Pass to the Final in the Pod. No justice, Danielle says. In the garden below, Mark, Chris, Helen, Ash, Winston and Christopher are talking. Christopher says he's been up 3 weeks in a row and the day before nominations, he has to exclude 3 people (from Santa's party yesterday). We are always going to be pitted against each other, he says, every single turn.

Helen thinks there's some really sh*t decisions being made. There was Matthew & Toya's sh*t decision and your sh*t decision yesterday. Winston and the others laugh. Do you want me to get some scissors so you can finish off my hair now, Christopher jokes. You p*ssed me off, Helen says. I'll tell you my reasons, Christopher offers.

I don't want to know, Helen says, you really let me down. I sat there reassuring you for 26 hours that you had friends in the house, trying to make you feel better, felt very sorry for you. The night of nominations (I think she means Matthew's eviction) you were crying your eyes out and I was the first to come hold your hand. I opened up to you about my personal life this week, you did with me, we spent a lot of time on our own together. You completely moped me off.

Did you feel mugged off, Christopher asks? You had the audacity to stand there yesterday in front of everybody and say I'd not been open to you. What a f*cking joke! Christopher says Marlon was in the bedroom yesterday with Danielle (as the 3 naughty housemates). Danielle's been my made pretty much from the start. I didn't understand that as well, Helen says.

It wasn't based on who's my friend, he explains, it wasn't personal. It is personal, Helen insists. I wouldn't have deliberately excluded Danielle if it was personal, Christopher says. Up in the Pod, Ashleigh says it's up to Christopher to decide if it's personal - he made the decision. She (Helen) just has these pity parties for herself, all the time.

Winston and Ash are laughing as Helen again says she was surprised after having made such an effort with him to not get anything back. Up in the Pod, Ashleigh continues that Helen's posse stands behind her all the time. She's so rude. Back below, Christopher says part of his reason was the Golden Barge (her Pass to the Final) thing she's always talking about. Sorry, Helen asks, I always say that? You cheeky bastard, Helen says indignantly, to say that's what I only talk about.

That's not what you only talk about, Christopher says with exasperation. Don't speak to me, Helen says, putting up her hands, don't talk to me. Fine, Christopher says. You f*cking lying b*stard, she says with disgust. Ash isn't laughing anymore. If you won't even listen to me, Christopher says, what's the point. I've said all along I think it's a curse (the Pass to the Final), Helen says, and you make it out like I'm sitting here thinking it's great. If you'd just listen to me, Christopher tries again. No, I can't stand to listen to you, Helen says dismissively.

Let me finish, Christopher begs, it's hard to get a word in edgewise with you sometimes. Maybe I just don't feel like giving you the opportunity today, Helen says. Maybe you're just a d*ck, Ashleigh says from the Pod, she's here for 10 weeks and will have much more opportunities than whoever goes Friday. Chris says she's always said she hates being seen as on the Golden barge kind of thing and there's many people who'll be long gone while you're still in the Final. I'm just annoyed that your upset about it.

I'm not upset today, Helen claims, but yesterday I felt like a complete d*ck. You read too much into that, Christopher says, I didn't read as much into that. I take things very personally when I've opened up to someone, she says. Well you shouldn't, he says. Don't tell me what I should and shouldn't take personal. It's up to me. Mark is enjoying the show. Ash is laughing again. But you're telling me how I should and shouldn't make a decision, Christopher counters.

I had to make a decision. You have to give me free reign. I've never complained about any decision you've made. At least we know where we both sat, Helen says. But we don't, Christopher says, you seem to think I took it all in and slapped your face. I understand where you're coming from and you understand me, Helen says almost reasonably, so let's move on from it. Christopher says he's sorry for making her feel sh*tty. It wasn't intended. Very moff, Helen says. He winks at her. It's done, she says, I've forgot about it. Let's start again. You're a f*ckin' box, Christopher says.

[Really, I just don't get the British sometimes. It's their own language and they still speak gibberish sometimes. -- Morty]

4:14pm At the dining table, Danielle asks Kimberly and Steven if they'll live together when they get out of here. Yeah, says Kimberly. Really, says a surprised Danielle. We decided already, Steven says. The look on your face, laughs Kimberly. So you're in love, Danielle asks? I think that would be an inappropriate thing to be discussing at this time. It's a complicated word, Kimberly says, it carries a lot of weight that I don't feel like getting into.

But if you're going to be living together, a confused Danielle says. I've made it clear, Steven says, that the way it's going to happen is I don't have to say the word but it's pretty obvious. Kimberly smiles and flashes her eyes in agreement.

Marlon's first nomination is Ashleigh for saying rude things and telling lies, such as what she said about Kim not being good enough for Steven. I thought she was a sweet girl but that was below the belt. His second nomination is Christopher due to his telling Helen she didn't open up enough. That was an eyebrow raising moment.

Danielle's first nomination is for Christopher because she thought she was his friend and knowing she doesn't talk to Helen or Marlon, to exclude me from the Christmas party and put her in with them, he obviously doesn't value my friendship as much as I thought. Now visa versa, clearly. Her second nomination is Marlon because of what he said during the Finishing School task. He said he wanted to crack the nutcracker, which means he wanted to be sexually involved with me. Who are you to discuss that on national TV, are you serious?

[No, he wasn't. Just crude and immature. -- Morty]

Kimberly's first nomination is Ashleigh for how disingenuous she turned out to be. I tried really hard to be her friend and when I was in the morgue and she made the comments she did against me, that she couldn't give me the time of day and Steven could do better than me, I didn't have the right to reply, that was icing on the cake. My second nomination, and I'm disappointed to have to say this, is Danielle. I thought we would be good friends, but she broke my heart when she didn't stand up for me during the séance. I don't always show how I feel, but that upset me.

In the Pod, Danielle tells Ashleigh about her conversation with Kimberly and Steven. Danielle says Steven was going down the way of saying yes when asked if he loved Kimberly, but Kimberly said there are so many different meanings to that word. Why would you move in with somebody if you didn't love them? That's a big bloody commitment when you move in with someone. Especially when you've only known someone 4 weeks, Ashleigh says, and only been going with them 2 weeks. You're moving in together, Danielle says judgmentally, and you don't even love him. I can't get my head around that.

Unless they're going to have different rooms, she says, but I doubt that. Odd.

5:26pm. In the garden, Mark has a riddle for Ash, Chris, Winston and Helen. What's more powerful than Gd, more evil than the Devil, the rich want it and the poorest have it. It's got to be something obvious, Ash says without a clue. Money, Helen says, then realizes the poor don't have it. Love, she guesses but Mark says no. The world? No. Science? No. What's more powerful than Gd, Mark explains, nothing. What's more evil than the Devil? Nothing. What do the rich want? Nothing. And what to the poor have? Nothing. That's good, Chris says.

Danielle is in kitchen with Steven, Jale, Christopher and Kimberly. I was a bit hurt yesterday to not be invited to the party, Danielle says with little expressed emotion. Jale laughs. It's going to go off, Steven jokes. No, I'm not, Danielle protests, no. You had to do something at the end of the day, so that's it. But there've been times when Christopher was nominated and I was the only one sitting beside you. Pretty much, Christopher agrees. I just felt, you know.

Jale can barely hold in her laughter and her facial expression drives Steven to the brink as he tries to not break out himself and eggs her on. Christopher says he tried to not base it on who he was closest to in the house or you would have been at the top of the list. I had no idea they were going to lock you in the bedroom. Jale and Steven can't hold it in anymore and start laughing and Danielle doesn't understand why. Christopher apologizes and Danielle says it's done, she's over it. Christopher looks at the light box and says give it another hour, it'll be purple (nominated).

It's Ash's turn to nominate and he names Ashleigh, saying he thought he was bonding with Ashleigh early in the series but then found out she was slagging him off behind his back. I didn't really appreciate it. His second nomination is a tough one, but he says Danielle. Out of everyone in the house, they have the least in common. They do their own thing. I know they're best mates and stuff, they always sitting off together. They could join in.

Jale's first nomination is Chris for being up and down for the last week or so. I don't know where I stand with him, she says, I don't understand why he's here, why he always ends conversations saying he can't talk about something. I need to be around people who'll open up to me because it makes me feel I can open up to them. Her second nomination is Ash. Helen had described a conversation where she admitted she sometimes goes too far and she was proud of herself or being in control during the Girls Power Trip deliberations and his response was for her to not change who she is in the house. She feels he was trying to rev Helen's engines up. She might be justified but how she acts on it isn't justified.

Mark's first nomination is Kimberly. She's very intelligent but sometimes emotionally closed. She's not the most extroverted person but looked physically uncomfortable at the Christmas party. There were people who really wanted to be at the party and couldn't and she didn't really enjoy it for them. His second nomination is Marlon. He struggles with things and takes them personal. He told Christopher to pick others over him and then when he wasn't picked, he kind of was upset a little bit. He wants to learn and grow but if you're not willing to help yourself, who's going to help you?

Mark is the only housemate to have received no nominations.

6:12pm Danielle is praying in the Pod. Please grant me your strength and wisdom to get through this experience and make it as long as I can. Please grant me your serenity and trust and power to know that I am good in my ways, and I will be successful in this.

In the garden below, Ash and Winston talk about becoming flat mates. Ash will pay the first month's then they can split it. I'm in, Winston says. Ash jokes he'll be evicted first and get everything rigged up for Winston. I'll get a George Foreman and load the food in, and that's it, that's my room. I can't wait. Onwards and upwards, Winston says.

8:06pm Big Brother has gathered the housemates on the sofa and the lighting dims. Housemates, today you nominated and Big Brother has the results of those nominations. The housemates facing this week's public vote are:

Jale. Hi, she laughs, resigned to having the Killer Nomination back this week.


Christopher. Luckily purple's my color, he jokes.


Chris. Interesting, he says.






These 5 housemates will face eviction this week. Marlon tells Ash he's glad he got a week off. Jale goes to give Marlon a hug. Chris gives Ashleigh a hug. I got a week off, Jale says. I can't believe Ashleigh's up, Danielle says. 2 girls, 3 guys, Ash observes. He asks Chris if he's all right. It's a game, Chris says.

In the wash area, Mark gives Christopher a hug. Ashleigh says she's shocked for him. Seriously, Christopher says, I should start overreacting to things. That may just be the way to play things, make it seem I want to be up for eviction. You make it seem like you don't care, Jale says, when actually you do care. Of course I care, Christopher says. I just don't want to create a massive storm about it. It's the public's decision at the end of the day, Ashleigh says, they say whose in here.

Helen is shocked and surprised and a bit p*ssed off, she tells Chris. I the bedroom, Mark tells Ashleigh he doesn't want her to go. Danielle frets it will be 100 times worse if she goes. You have too much to give, Mark says. Yeah, agrees Ashleigh, I just want to have a good week. If she goes this week, I'll be gone the next, it's a fact. I told you you wouldn't be up this week, Ashleigh says, Helen's posse turned on me this week, the ones that were voting to get Toya out are going for me this week.

How could anyone nominate Chris, Mark asks? A bunch of two-faced b*stards, Ashleigh says bitterly. After he was saved last week, Mark says. I'm so angry, Ashleigh says. There's such an emotional connection to him, Mark says. And Christopher, Ashleigh ads.

9:53pm Winston is talking to Marlon and Ash, who is in the tub. Winston feels bad Ashleigh is up, even though she's been a bit of a b*tch this week. Who nominated her, Ash wonders. Huh, Winston asks, surprised? You don't have to answer that, Ash says with a smile. You feel bad that she's up because it affects Danielle, Ash teases. Not at all, Winston says. Marlon counters that if she's up, Danielle has only one other person's shoulder to cry on. I assure you I don't want that, Winston says earnestly and Marlon laughs at his gullibility. I have standards, Winston says.

Steven, Kimberly, Helen and Jale are at the dining table. Steven ask Jale who is the one person in the house she thinks is playing the game. She says no one. Helen doesn't agree. I know some people are, she says. Me too, Steven says. After watching the other night (from the morgue), we said hmmm, game player. Really, says Jale. You won't see it until you watch like we watched. When you sit around a table with everybody, you hear things totally different than what we heard.

Steven asks Helen who is the biggest game player, structured player. A massive one potentially is Christopher, she says. You're joking, Jale says. Steven says lovely guy, the biggest game player is Chris and I'm a very good judge of character. A couple times I've seen the shy, quiet boy turn and I might be wrong, but to me he's been nothing but pleasant, polite, kind and nice. All I really know about him is his name is Chris.

12:33am Ash is feeling a bit destructive in the bedroom. Helen says she might be a little mischievous. Steven is stroking Kimberly's hair and asks Ash if he's plotting mischief. Can't do anything with these lights on, Helen complains.

In the Diary Room, Christopher wonders why he's facing the public vote for the 4th consecutive week. He had hoped for a break this week, the only issue has been he had to choose 3 people not to attend the Christmas party, so he's wondering who nominated him. He says it would be frustrating if Helen's mates nominated him because he chose them to attend the Christmas dinner. His discussion with Helen had no affect on them and he thought he got on well with the boys.

The lights are out in the bedroom, but the Director has called for action as Steven and Kimberly resume nighttime snogging. Ash jokingly tells Helen not to grab his penis. Don't f*cking say that, she says, you f*cking mule. Ash laughs. Steven and Kimberly are oblivious as they are breathing heavily under the covers, what appears to be rapid hand movement at waist length. Open it, Steven whispers.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 33: Monday, July 7th, 2014 - Imagine Me & You

Previously, Nominations turned up the heat and temperatures were sent soaring. Tonight, secrets are exposed and gossip blows the house apart.

9:30am Housemates wake to face this week's shopping task. Over the next two days, the Big Brother house will be running on battery power. Housemates will be called to the App Zone where they will be tempted by various apps which drain the battery. To secure a luxury shopping budget, housemates must ensure that some charge remains by the end of the task.

First up to the App is Ashleigh and Steven who are been tempted with messages from their mums. Steven says let's do it. In the living area, the battery starts draining a little and Mark panics, yelling What's going on? Chris says they (Steven and Ashleigh) have said yes to something as the battery level goes down to 75%. Ashleigh's mom is first on the screen.

Hi honey, she says, I hope you are coping well. Well, it looks like you are coping well. I just want to tell you to have fun. It's a once in a lifetime experience and don't let anyone stand in your way. And another thing, don't isolate yourself too much. It's hard to watch you being unhappy. Your smile is beautiful. I would show the housemates and the public your beautiful smile. Ashleigh is crying and Steven says that was so nice.

Next is Steven's mum. I'm so so proud of you, she says, you have met some lovely people. The housemates are all wonderful. I hope you have some good friends for life. But just be aware that the closest person to you in the house, you don't want history repeating yourself. You got hurt already last year and you don't want it to happen again. So just make sure your feelings are mutual and make sure you understand the definition of dating. Anyway, darling, lots of love, kisses and hugs and see you soon. Ashleigh gives Steven a hug, says that was lovely. OMG, Steven mumbles to himself.

On the sofas, Christopher wonders what it could be that would make you sacrifice 20% of the battery power. Mark says 25% . Kimberly says I am sure they can justify it to us when they get out. Jale says I wouldn't do it. I am sure my mates would understand I ain't that desperate to see them. Kimberly thinks it will be fine.

Steven and Ashleigh come out of the App and Steven says can't speak, dude. Everyone yells why? He says he just had an emotional breakdown. I got a video message from my mum, he says, they gave us advice and it was very emotional. They feel bad they use d25% of the battery but it was awesome and he got good advice. He needs some time to think for himself, he says.

12:15pm Kimberly is wondering about the message Steven received, telling Kimberly and Jale and Helen she wants to know more. Danielle asks Ashleigh what happened with Steven? Ashleigh says his mom just came on and said they were really really proud of him and stuff. Then she was like, just be very wary of the person your closest to in the house. She was basically warning him off. He was a bit shocked.

Steven hugs Kimberly in the bedroom. She wants to know what was said but and he says he needs to go to the Diary Room before he can discuss it with her. He says it's something they need to discuss together, not in front with people. He needs a bloody fag while he waits to be called up. She ask if she can have a hint. He says no, don't, there's no reason to discuss it. I need to go to the DR first please, he says, I'm not mad at you. I wouldn't have given you cuddles if I was, would I?

She asks something was said about me? Yeah, he says. Is it bad, she asks? Steven flashes a smile, says to not worry about it, and heads too the Diary Room. Jale tells Kimberly not to worry about it. He knows you. His mum sees you 2 minutes a day. We know you best.

[How ironic that Steven hasn't been able to get anything concrete out of Kimberly, and now the shoe is on the other foot. -- Morty]

In the Diary Room, Steven needs to ask Big Brother something. The video that my mum filmed for me, thank you very much. That was very nice. Can you tell me when it was taken, please? Big Brother can't reveal when the film was made. The reason why is obviously, like, um, I am very very fond of Kimberly and I am falling for her more and more by the day.

I was aware she told me that she was in a relationship for 2 years and she split up with that person. If she has told me that and my mum has come on the screen today that something is not right, then that means what Kimberly has told me might not be true. She needs to clarify some things for me. I can't be seen distrustful just on my mum's word.

My mum just doesn't want me to get hurt like I done before. If that is the case, I need to approach this very soon and find out what the f*ck's going on because as far as I'm concerned, I'm getting brain f*cked and if there is any kind of relationship, she is in or out of it, then that needs to be clarified right away. I need to know.

Jale tells Kimberly that they will sort this and she doesn't really think this is going to be an issue. You know Steven gets worked up over nothing. OK, Kimberly says, unsure. Jale tells Kimberly she's very level headed. Don't get sucked into all of this. No disrespect to his mom, Jale says.

1:45pm Danielle is called to the App Zone where she is offered the Pet App, which will allow her to spend time with her pet Cocoa in the Diary Room. Danielle starts to cry. Downstairs, the housemates watch as the battery goes down another 20%. That's 55% after just 2 people, Ash says. 3 people, Kimberly corrects.

In the Diary Room, Cocoa comes out of her carry bag and is climbing all over Danielle. She is an amazing dog, Danielle says, I miss Cocoa more than I've missed anything in my whole life. She talks baby talk to the puppy who can't sit still with excitement at seeing Danielle.

3:07pm Winston, Ash and Helen speculate on what Steven was told by his mum. Ash says Kimberly's been lying to Steven. Helen asks why would she be lying to him? He gave her the opportunity to be honest, Helen says, from what it sounds to me, she has a boyfriend and it doesn't sound good. Imagine if it's Hugh Heffner, Winston says. Whatever it is, it's obviously affected him, Ash says.

Steven lays down next to Kimberly in the bedroom for a grilling. He says when you came into this house, you told me you were dating. She says yeah. Now his mother has asked him to clarify that with you. If you are serious about me and serious about us, you have got to be upfront with me. I didn't expect to come in and fall in love with somebody, which I am doing and for that reason, if you value our relationship I need you to put your trust in me.

OK, Kimberly confesses, I was in a very serious relationship on and off for, like, 2 years, and, like, I have tried to make it work so many times. It was, like, before getting in here. I was just, like, you know, it was, like, I am going to do whatever I want and I am just going to be me. Steven asks if she had that conversation before she came in? Be honest, he says, so up until a week or two before you came into this house you were still intimately involved with another man? Yes, she admits.

Great, Steven says, absolutely great. The fact is if we hadn't met on this show, there is a strong possibility then you would have been intimately involved with him again? Yes, Kimberly says, I didn't expect this to happen.

In the garden, Marlon tells Ash girls F*cking cheat. You can't trust her, Ash says.

I understand if you don't want to speak to me or something like that again, Kimberly says, I get that. Steven says you are in a relationship with another man. Kimberly, you have lied to me. You should have been completely upfront with me and told me you were dating. You allowed me to fall in love with you when there is another man that you knew you were going to get back with when leaving this house.

I am sorry to say that whatever you can say to me that is so out of order, how can you possibly say that that's not a relationship, Kimberly? It's not f*cking acceptable. You should have been honest. I asked if you were in a relationship and you said no. You are in a relationship.

3:42pm Steven gets up and leaves Kimberly in the bed after 32 minutes. F*ckin h*ll, Steven mumbles, what a f*cking d*ck I am. Kimberly asks herself, Why am I going to cry? Why? In the wash area, Steven tells himself, what a f*cking situation I'm in here, Jesus. Jesus, Steven, you're a prat.

Marlon, Ash, and Winston are enjoying the view from the Pod. Winston is standing on a bench and Marlon ask he can see? Winston he says trees, flying birds. Marlon asks, you see any people? He says no, just a couple sunbathing over there.

Kimberly goes to talk with Big Brother in the Diary Room. I just feel like a horrible person. I wasn't supposed to come in here and fall in love with someone. I wish I was a bit more honest and upfront with people, well, with Steven. I wish I was, because maybe he would understand better, he would have understood more. The relation I had outside of this house, even though it was established that we were somewhat on a break for the summer, we were living together. I really didn't expect to come in here and fall in love with someone like Steven and I don't want to lose him.

His mum warning him about me, like, if I was him, I probably wouldn't believe me either. I don't know how I can expect him to. I Just know that he wants to know answers but sometimes I feel like, when he's trying to speak to me, I just freeze and forget how to speak. I can't articulate myself. I want to, I want to explain everything, but coming in this house, I wasn't going to tell personal things, but that has backfired massively. I didn't tell the truth. I lied about certain things to protect myself and instead if protecting myself, I exposed myself. It's really sh*tty.

5:45pm Jale prepares for a surprise attack, hiding behind the door to the garden as Mark asks Christopher to come inside with him. I'm so bored, Mark whines. Jale runs up and smashes an egg on on the back of Christopher's head. Mark and Christopher laugh as Jale runs away. Christopher starts chasing after Mark for conspiring in the prank.

Kimberly and Steven are back in bed together. There is nothing your not telling me now, he asks? What, she asks? Just saying as long as you've told me everything. I'm not going to have this conversation again. Kimberly says she and her boyfriend were on a break, but you know and I know, this is, I mean, we didn't expect this to happen. I am trying right now to be as honest as I can.

Steven says OK, you were on a break, but after the break and after this game, were you to reconcile and get back together? Yeah, Kimberly says. That was agreed, Steven asks? Yes, it was wasn't agreed but understood. He asks her if she wants to do this and kisses her. She shakes her head yes. He says we will do this. Let's just be honest with each other because we've started on a bad foot.

I told you that you would always have my trust. I don't know how to deal with this, I'll probably have a delayed reaction. I don't not want to be with you and I am falling in love with you and I do see us having a very nice future together. I am telling you that this is not going to happen again (her lying). She says I know. I promise.

8:35pm Helen, Kimberly, and Jale are in the App Zone being tempted to listen to the Gossip App. They all three agree to accept and listen to what their housemates really think about them. They are shown the meeting between Kimberly, Jale, Danielle and Ashleigh when the girls were discussing which boys to save last week and they agreed to not save Ash.

Helen asks, where was I?

Next they are shown the Diary Room session where Ashleigh says she masterminded the whole plan last week.

Are you f*cking kidding me, Helen exclaims, now are you f*cking kidding! She had an evil plan and now it comes all together and she is excited about it. Jale says she doesn't understand. We are all sh*t about it because someone else's fate lay in our hands, and she is all sh*t about her plan. What a f*cking knob! She had a f*cking plot? Who does she think she is Cruella de Vil?

[i guess Helen missed the part where Kimberly and Jale conspired to exclude her. -- Morty]

Next, Helen, Kimberly and Jale watch Ashleigh and Danielle in the Pod saying they cant trust Kimberly. Kimberly comes up to the Pod and they pretend they aren't talking about her. Then they see Ashleigh coaching Danielle on how to put off Kimberly's offers of friendship after Kimberly was checking to see if Danielle was OK.

Jale can't believe it. Helen says she's saying something when they get out of there. Kimberly suggests they discuss it but Helen's on a mission. Leave Ash out of it, Kimberly suggests. I won't bring him into it, but I am not not saying anything. That nasty little two-faced b*tch. Kimberly says she's not surprised that Ashleigh said that, but she's very surprised with Danielle. Who needs enemies with friends like that, Helen wonders. Kimberly suggests it's a bigger advantage to them if they don't say anything.

Next they watch Chris and Ashleigh in the Pod where he asks Ashleigh if she's noticed that Jale has gotten really foul mouthed all of a sudden. Ashleigh says yes and Jale laughs at the screen. Helen is p*ssed and that makes Kimberly laugh. I'm so glad I'm spot on with this sh*t, Jale says. Helen is upset that Ashleigh said Jale was up Helen's *ss. Helen's on a roll, calling Ashleigh and Danielle f*cking two-faced c*nts.

They leave the App and head back into the house, yelling that was great, Amazing! Chris asks what was it, but they don't answer him. He asks Jale directly. You ignoring me, Jale? Jale walks away without talking. Chris laughs nervously.

In the garden, Mark begs them to reveal what was said. Kimberly says I think I'm going to pass for now. Tonight is probably not the night to get into this, Helen says, we just watched a half hour of gossip in the house. Tell us, Mark squeals. It was just two people slagged everyone off in the house, Helen says. Go ahead tell us, Mark begs. Helen says she agreed not to say anything. I wanted to say stuff, but nope. Mark says come on, who was in there? Kimberly asks him who he thinks? I DONT KNOW, Mark cries.

Jale says this is a conversation for when there are fewer people around. Helen says basically, Ashleigh is the biggest two faced b*tch. Aawww, that's nice, Ashleigh says, then tells Helen to get over herself. You have been exposed for who you are, Ashleigh, a two faced b*tch. The public has seen what you said, Helen says, and the rest of the house will see what you said as well. Helen repeats what Ashleigh said in her Diary Room session about her evil plan. Kimberly backs her up, saying she's seen the Diary Room session too, and what's come out is fine. What's the big deal?

Jale would rather have a private conversation with the 3 people involved. Winston says if you have something to say, say it to everybody. Mark says you should say it to everybody, not just Ashleigh. Jale says she wants to have a conversation with Chris because she doesn't want his little minions encouraging him. Kimberly says we can all be civil about this, I haven't said anything derogatory about Ashleigh. It doesn't need to be a war.

Winston complains that they said they weren't going to say any thing then they unloaded the whole thing. It was Ashleigh, Danielle and Chris, Helen says. At the end of the day, Helen said what she wanted to say. It's fine, Kimberly sates, but if I don't want to be pressured into saying anything, then I wont be. Mark is upset that they came out playing it off. Because it was funny, Helen says, we were shocked. It's not funny when people are being outed, Helen says, no one is amused by being shown for what they are. But it was funny to watch.

9:25pm Jale gets a chance to talk with Chris privately. Basically, I have a massive problem with this. There was a series of clips that were shown where you, Ashleigh and Danielle were sitting in the Pod and basically discussing your views on me. For me to listen to that, I don't feel like I deserved that and I am not happy with that. If there is a problem with me, don't sit in the Pod and talk about me. Come tell me to my face. Absolutely fair enough, Chris quickly agrees. I can't argue with you, he says, I understand it doesn't look good. I shouldn't have said it. The last thing I want is to hurt anyone's feelings.

Helen tells Kimberly that she confronted Ashleigh in a circle of peoples so I couldn't be branded a bully, so if I stepped over the line, people tell her she was saying too much. Helen tells Ash what Ashleigh said in the Diary Room about trying to frustrate his eviction and what they've seen on the Zone App. Mark needs to shut up, Helen says, he's not involved in this. Winston as well.

Ashleigh and Danielle are laughing nervously in the kitchen. Ashleigh says basically, we've been fed to the f*cking lions. What the h*ll, Danielle says. We've spent a lot of time talking about people, Ashleigh acknowledges. I bet when you go, touch wood it's not Friday, I bet you we'll see the exact same things said about us.

11:17pm In the Diary Room, Danielle says Oh my gawd, you just have set a nuclear war off downstairs. Things were just getting back on an even keel and you let the hoo haw hit the fan. It is just a nightmare? Do you have any idea how awful it is downstairs? It's like I actually want to leave out the other door. I am so uncomfortable. I am not going to do that because I have to stick this out, , but oh dear gawd, if that girl (Ashleigh) goes on on Friday, I have no idea what I am going to do.

Helen is yelling at Mark the garden about Ashleigh's plan to get rid of Ash. He got the last laugh, Mark says, because he's still here. What does that matter, an enraged Helen asks. That matters everything, Mark tries to reason. I hope to gawd that you two get to see someone in this house speak about you the way I watched about someone speak about him (Ash) and her (Kimberly) this week, Helen says, because you will feel like sh*t. But you probably will never understand it because it's not going to happen to either of you.

In the kitchen, Ashleigh says she could be out there defending herself, she says to Chris, I know Helen is out there stirring them all up. She's putting things into people's heads that aren't actually true. I'm going to save my energy, Ashleigh says. She'll just shout you down, Chris says.

Helen and Mark continue to argue in the garden. I used to call her my friend, Helen is shouting. I did as well, Mark says, and proud of it. If 3 people were jumping on you, Mark says, I'd stick up for you because you'd be one against three. Winston says she did it the wrong way. I didn't, Helen says. What is it we're never going to get, Winston asks? Where I'm coming from is what I mean, says Helen.

In the kitchen, Jale says she doesn't know what is going on in here any more. Why do people come in here if they don't just want to have fun? I don't understand why they're still arguing, Ashleigh says, I can still hear her (Helen). Chris comes in from the garden and reports Winston and Mark are defending Ashleigh. They are so sweet, Ashleigh says. They're defending the situation, Chris clarifies. Christopher can't understand how Helen isn't boarded already.

1:00am Kimberly apologizes to Steven in the garden. I'm sorry, she says. You said that a lot today, he says. He thinks on the whole he's dealt with it very well.

In the bedroom, Helen and Ash are talking Danielle and Ashleigh. She's not going to get into an argument with them. People think she can handle herself but it's not easy. Ash says they all kind of turned it on her, she's kind of getting picked on. Everyone goes against you because you shout at everyone.

Kimberly and Steven talking about building a life together, as if nothing every happened. As long as you tell me you're committed to me, Steven says, as long as you understand how strongly I feel, if you're outside this house, make sure my family likes you. As long as you don't go back to that place (she shared with her boyfriend) on your own and your goods are moved, and you don't have any communication with him, I don't have a problem. If you do, I won't be dealing with it.

I want you to explain to him for me, she says. No, Steven says, there is no explaining to him. Sorry, the only thing I ask is that if you value this relationship, if I'm in this house and you're not, if that's the case, that you potentially... I mean when we're out of the house, Kimberly restates. We'll do it together, Steven says. OK, she says.

At the end of the day, it is what it is, Steven summarizes, you lied to me, you upset me, but I am falling in love with you, and I do want to build a life with you. I do want to move in with you the second we get out of here. I want to enjoy a good life with you, because I think if there's 2 people who can have a decent life, it's going to be me and you.

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Day 34: Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 - Power Drain

Previously, Big Brother's apps short circuited the house and Helen blew a fuse. Tonight, the nominated housemates face a massive decision.

9:32am It's the second day of this week's shopping task. Housemates must make sure they don't use all their battery life to earn a luxury food budget. In the wash area, Kimberly is frustrated from last night because she was trying to say something. Ashleigh and Danielle would admit part but not all of what they said. That's why I gave up, Helen says.

In the garden, Jale asks Christopher if he knows what they saw on the clips. He says no so Jale fills him in on Danielle, Ashleigh and Chris talking about her, Kimberly and Helen behind their backs. For half an hour, Christopher ask, that was quite a lot of stuff. Yes, says Jale, then describes the conversation where Chris accused Jale of changing from the uncool kid to trying to be the cool kid by swearing and Ashleigh agreed, saying Jale was so far up Helen's *ss and Danielle agreeing.

Christopher says everyone's worried that Helen's too powerful as it is. Jale Reminds Christopher that Kimberly listened last week from the morgue, herself trying to calm Kimberly down, and Helen going mental. Of course it's going to kick off. There's no innocent parties here. But there are parties playing innocent.

In the Diary Room, Mark says he wants to try to stay out of it this morning, the air isn't nice in the house today, people weren't talking to each other last night. His instinct is to try to resolve things but by all means, he says of Helen, if you want to hold a grudge for 12 years, go ahead. But if you have to live with 11 other people, its going to be strained and awkward, snidy comments from both sides.

Helen argues by outshouting the other side. She may be in the right and making a valid point, but the way she puts it across makes it look like she's in the wrong. She's my mate and I don't think she realizes how bad it makes her look. She lets herself down a little bit.

11:23am Throughout the Shopping Task, Big Brother is giving housemates the opportunity to recharge the battery by sacrificing personal belongings to the generator. Mark has sacrificed his grooming products, Winston his hair spray, Marlon his hat and Ashleigh her pink dressing gown. The battery has recharged to 55%.

Winston and Christopher are called to the App Zone and Christopher says let's just do it, whatever it is. They get the Social Media app, which allows each to ask one question on Social Media and Big Brother will show them some responses. The battery quickly drains to 35% as they agree to do it. Christopher wants to know the public's opinion on how everyone handles arguments in the house. Winston suggests focusing on Kim, Danielle, Helen and Ashleigh and that's what Christopher tells Big Brother to do.

Winston's question is whether the gorgeous girls out there are feeling the Winstmeister? Big Brother wil call them back when there are some answers. Mark immediately wants to know what happened and Christopher tells them about his question. What's it got to do with you, Mark asks.

12:52pm In the kitchen, Kimberly tells Jale and Helen it's OK if people go about things in different ways. To Helen, she says I probably wouldn't have done it they way you did, but I'm happy that you did it and the way you did it. I'd exhausted every other avenue in this house when it comes to sorting things out. I tried the "can I have a word with you" bullsh*t; it doesn't get you anywhere. So if it means I have to expose people like I did last night, then that's what I'll have to do.

You and me had a normal conversation, Helen says to Jale, to sort things out. I know it's done and you're not going to hold it against me. They're (Danielle and Ashleigh) not like that. I can't have those kinds of conversations anymore because they throw it in my face. I don't regard you as someone who'll throw it in my face.

Mark is called to the App Zone and is offered the Beauty App. Mark smiles, already glowing. OMG, he says, thank you so much! But it will drain the battery by 20%. Mark doesn't care and the battery drops to 15%. A professional beautician does his eyebrows and gives him a spray tan. He comes into the garden to show off his new and improved look. Kimberly and Marlon comment on how tan he is. Mark says he asked to do one more.

2:06pm Christopher and Winston return to the App Zone for the answers to the questions they posed on Social Media. Winston had asked if the girls were feeling the Winstmeister. The first comment is his body and personality with Ash's face would be a win. What do you mean, Ash's face, he say. Christopher asks Winston if he's going to tell Ash about this.

The next comment says 100% love the Winstmeister, sweet and hot Definitely my winner. But Danielle and Winston are cringe! Amazing, laughs Christopher. There's nothing between me and Danielle, Winston says defensively. Are you sure about that, Christopher asks suggestively? Yean, Winston says, 100%. The next comment says to not be afraid to let his intelligence show. Drop the act and stay away from the "boy band." They aren't sure what to make of that one.

Christopher asked a more serious question, what the public thought about the arguments between Helen, Ashleigh, Kimberly and Danielle. The first comment reads that arguments between them all are always full of double standards, hypocrisy and self-importance. Christopher explains what "hypocrisy" means to Winston. Winston says that's what he was saying last night, how can you be angry when you've done the same thing?

The next comment says Helen and Kimberly showed their true colors attacking someone even though they think it's fine to b*tch about you. Christopher wonders if that was directed to him or Winston. They're talking about you, Winston assures him. I'm not surprised, Christopher says.

The arguments needed to happen, the next comment says, the others need to see Ashleigh and Danielle for what they really are. They do sit in the corner all the time, Christopher observes, bickering to themselves. No one's really aware what's been going on in the house. Winston realizes maybe they are as bad as Helen and Kimberly have said. They really are, aren't they, Christopher says, all four of them in the same boat, spending all day b*tching about each other, all as bad as one another.

3:08pm In the garden, Winston and Christopher have shared the answers they received from Social Media. Mark thinks the comment about Winston and Danielle being cringe is brilliant. Winston says I've told everyone I'm not with her. Yeah, Marlon says, but when you're sharing baths... I never shared a bath, Winston says. And pool sessions and foot rubbing, Marlon continues. I never, Winston protests. It was Jale in the pool and Danielle rubbed my foot, not the other way around. Marlon breaks out laughing at Winston's discomfort. I thought it was Mark rubbing my foot, Winston jokes.

After what she saw in last week's séance and this week's shopping app, Kimberly sits down in the other end of the garden with Ashleigh and Danielle. She tells them she wants to utilize this time with just the tree of them to resolve their issues. Danielle says she didn't feel she could trust her because of the kind of people she was around. You can always talk to me, Kimberly tells her, regardless of what you think of me, I'll always say what needs to be said.

I appreciate the time to speak with you, Kimberly says to Ashleigh, but there have been times I've tried to speak with you but you kind of just blew me off and I've found you to be unapproachable. I decided to give you your space because I thought that's what you wanted. Danielle says there are times you're not approachable either when you're with Helen. Why not, Kimberly asks? Raise your hands if you think Helen's approachable. Kimberly's the only one who raises her hand. I think she's the last person I would go to in the house, Danielle laughs.

Ashleigh goes back to the first week when Helen called Danielle fat and ugly. You said loads of sh*t against me, Kimberly reminds them, but I don't hold it against you. Not like the things Helen said, they say. I'm not going to compare words, Kimberly says, honestly. I'm glad we've had this chat, Ashleigh says, finally saying something, and sorted out this rift problem. I hope so, Kimberly says, unconvinced.

[From Ashleigh's body language, I don't think anything's been sorted. -- Morty]

4:53pm Nominated housemates Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher, Jale and Marlon have been called to the App Zone for the final part of this week's shopping task while the rest of the housemates gather on the sofas. Big Brother tells the nominees they have the chance to use the Safety App, which offers one housemate immunity from this week's eviction. If the app is used, it will drain all remaining battery life, meaning the housemates will fail the shopping task and have a budget of basic rations.

Christopher says he's not going to use it. Chris agrees. Jale says exactly. Christopher tells Ashleigh she knows what to do. What, she asks? Drain it, Christopher tells her. Steven has a double-take on the sofas. So, she says. What, Chris asks? Drain it, Christopher repeats mischievously. Marlon is silent.

The safety app, Big Brother says, will be live for one minute only, after which the app will expire. If a housemate wants to use the Safety App, they must do so during that minute. Whichever housemate that presses their silver button first will be the housemate to gain immunity. OMG, Steven says, this is horrendous. Christopher looks energized as he glances at the 2 housemates on his left and on his right.

Jale won't do it, Steven says, Chris won't do it. Marlon might do it. When the app goes live, Big Brother says, they may discuss whether or not to use it (but not until), or press the button whenever they like. The housemates on the sofas argue over who might press the button and if they should. What're we doing, Marlon asks? I'm not pressing, Jale says, stepping back, I'm out. I'm not pressing it, Ashleigh says. You sure, Christopher asks? Yeah, she says. Are you 100% sure, he asks again?

Big Brother reminds them they are to remain silent until the button becomes live. Marlon asks if they are all not pressing it and Big Brother repeats his command for Marlon's sake as Christopher shakes his head silently, no. This is tense, Ash says, don't press it. A one minute countdown appears on the screen in front of the nominees. Housemates, the time starts now.

2 seconds into the countdown, Marlon presses his button to the shock of his former fellow nominees and the housemates on the sofas. The battery immediately drains to zero. How did I know that was going to happen, Jale says. What, asks Christopher? Marlon's pressed it. Marlon says nothing. You stupid twat, cries out Mark back in the main house. My f*cking Gd, Steven says.

I'd like you to have pressed it, Christopher says. I know, Ashleigh replies, but I'm not a game player. I'd just be up next week and go then. I'll let the public decide my fate, Jale says, not me. OMG, Helen says, that's so wrong. He's done it that quick, Mark notes. He lied to them as well, Helen says. In fairness to everyone in that room, they all said they weren't going to press it, Steven says. Winston is fuming. That's a f*cking cowards' way, Mark says. That's really changed my opinion of him, Ash says.

I would have never pressed the button, Ashleigh tells Christopher. No, she wouldn't have, Ash agrees. Mark is incensed. Marlon's not saying anything, Steven says. He's lost his tongue, Ash says. Big Brother officially notifies Marlon he has used the Safety App and is no longer facing eviction this week. That is so self-centered, Steven says.

I guess no one's said it, Ashleigh says, well done, Marlon, congrats. Congratulations, offers Jale sarcastically. It's very awkward she whispers to Chris, who just looks disappointed. I'm so disgusted, Steven says. Mark says that makes us all on basic rations, no food, no ciggies, nothing. Big Brother confirms the battery is now dead. He complains about food more than most, Mark points at Marlon on the screen.

As the battery is dead, Big Brother confirms the worst, they have lost the shopping task and will receive only an economy delivery. Ashleigh says the other housemates are probably watching us. Jale agrees. We all have to suffer, Mark says angrily, because he don't have the f*cking b*lls to face the public vote for the week. I'm so disappointed, Ash says.

Whose going to say anything, Helen asks? I'm going to say something straight away, Winston promises. Mark says he's saying nothing at all. Don't start like a raging bull, Steven cautions Winston. I'd never force 11 people to suffer for a week out of harm. And he wouldn't have gone anyway, Steven says. That's just it, Helen says, now he's going to go next week, right?

The housemates are all reunited. Ashleigh asks Marlon if he's nervous. Not at all, Marlon says bravely. Gird your loins, Christopher advises. I'm f*cking disgusted, Mark says as they enter the living area. Why, Marlon challenges immediately. What a f*cking coward, Winston accuses aggressively. 2 seconds, he says, you didn't even discuss it.

I would never force everybody here except meself on basic rations, Mark says. Nobody wants to face the public vote but we do it. Ashleigh's the most likely person to go, Winston says, and you push the button. What makes you think Ashleigh's the most likely person to go, disputes Marlon. It's obvious, Winston says, she was getting boos. And she said she wasn't going to press the button. I never would have done that, Helen adds.

You felt like you were entitled to do that, Jale accuses him, I'm really disappointed. I want to be wrong about people for a change. I never thought you'd have done that. Why you so angry, Marlon asks. You hit the button in 2 seconds, Winston says, you had a whole minute to discuss it. You didn't even think, Mark says. Marlon says wait a second, say someone else pressed it. I don't think anyone else would have, Helen says.

I thought someone else would press it, Marlon explains. We all said we wouldn't press it, Jale says. Mark says we've all gone through sh*t, we sacrificed so we could get more power and pass this task and it was all for nothing because you couldn't wait more than 2 seconds to save yourself. You lost your tongue, Mark says. What should I say, Marlon asks? Justify yourself, Mark demands. You might be safe this week but next week you're going to go. That's fine, Marlon says.

I'm so disappointed, Winston repeats, thanks for the rations. Cheers, Mate, Marlon simply says. You wouldn't have been evicted, Mark says, grabbing his coat to follow Winston outside. You wouldn't have even gone. Danielle carries Ashleigh out horseback. Marlon is sitting alone on the sofa as all the housemates have left the living area.

5:14pm All the housemates except Marlon are in the garden. Ashleigh thinks he thought Christopher was going to drain it. Steven thought Ashleigh would, telling her he thought she might want to be safe. Ashleigh repeats that she's not a game player and would never make everyone else starve just to save herself.

[i think this actually is game play. She knows her game isn't being received well by the public and chose to not save herself this week to try and rehabilitate her public creds. -- Morty]

Danielle enters the house and asks a quiet Marlon how he's feeling. Feeling fine, he says. You shocked at the reaction, she asks? A little bit, he says, because yesterday we sat here and had a conversation where we said if anything happened today, you're on your own, so do things for yourself, not for people. How do you think your position will be in the house now? Fine, he says. No? No, he says, not at all.

Out in the garden, Jale is indignant that she defended Marlon. Can you imagine if I had stood there like a twat in front of all this, Helen says, I just couldn't do that. Who could do that? There's no excuse for it, Steven says.

Back in the house, Marlon tells Danielle he couldn't give two sh*ts about the shopping list. We've survived a lot worse. I'm just surprised at people's reactions. You know what they say about the underdog, Danielle says. I didn't come here to play a game, Marlon says, I just came to stay as long as possible and if I stay to the end, I stay to the end. If I don't, I don't. But that's a game plan in a way, Danielle reasons, to stay as long as possible.

I'm not going to do under my friends, Marlon says. But you have to take measures to do that (stay in the house), Danielle reasons, we all have friends in here, but true real friends don't exist in here. Food and cigarettes and alcohol and stuff is more important than friendship to a lot of people. You can't say you're the only person who would have pressed it, she says. No way, Marlon quickly agrees, they would have pressed it. So you can't put too much of a judgment on yourself, she says. Yes, I was shocked, she says, and disappointed but am I not going to talk to you about it? No, I'm not that thick.

Out in the garden, the rainy atmosphere remains frosty. He's really paid back that save last week, hasn't he, says Steven bitterly. He sh*t on every single one of us, Mark says. They are talking all over each other in their universal condemnation.

Marlon says he's only upset because how it's gone done. They're only upset because of the shopping task, not that he was at risk of leaving. That's the people you're living with, Danielle says, so open your eyes. You can't trust anybody in here. What a game, Marlon says.

For him to think any one of us would have pressed it, Chris says, shows he hasn't been paying attention. She (Ashleigh) wouldn't have pressed it. Me and you, Jale says of Ashleigh, knew straight away. He sold us down the f*cking river, Mark says.

5:39pm Marlon comes outside and asks Winston, Ash, Steven and Christopher if they want to talk now. Not really, Winston says. Marlon asks if Ash will talk and he says OK. Marlon wants Ash to come inside with him but Ash isn't moving. Talk here, he says. Steven walks off. I can't believe you done that, Ash says. I'll tell you why I done it, Marlon offers. Why, Ash asks.

Marlon reminds him that yesterday they had a conversation asking if you were put in a situation where you could do something for yourself, would you do it? Not that, Ash says, nobody'd do that. Christopher gets up to use the lieu. Marlon says if I said to you you could either risk leaving or stay and not eat for a week, as friends, what would you do?

Winston says there are 5 people up. Why are you a coward and not facing the public? When it's very likely Ashleigh's going to go, you know that. When people say you wasn't going, Marlon asks, what did you say? You said everyone thinks so but no one knows. Why does that mean nothing, then? No one knows Ashleigh is going.

Why do you think you should have been saved among those 5 people, Winston asks, changing tactics? Would you have pressed the button, Marlon asks? No, Winston says, never. Nobody would have pressed the button, Ash says. Even if I thought I was going to go, adds Winston, you made the wrong choice. So you'd rather me be up for nomination... And face eviction like a man, Winston says demonstratively, in front of 4 other people.

I actually thought, Marlon says, my closest people would have understood what I had done. Did you actually think that, Winston asks derisively, no, you've actually completely changed how I think of you. Not in a million years would I have thought you would do that. Why you worried about facing the public vote? I'm not worried about facing the public vote, Marlon says, I just didn't want to leave. I wanted to spend another week with you lot.

We want you to stay, Ash says, but we didn't expect you to press it to stay here. I thought you'd want me to press it, Marlon says, I thought you three would have definitely wanted me to press it to be safe. I don't want to spend another week with you, Winston says judgmentally. Not with somebody who'd do that, no way. He smacks his fists and walks away, leaving Marlon alone with Ash.

Everyone feels like you've thrown it in their face, Ash says, and were a bit selfish about it. That serious? Yeah, Ash says. This ain't going to blow over, Marlon realizes. You don't know, Ash says.

7:37pm While Marlon goes to bed early, Winston is unloading in the Diary Room. Every week we bust our *ss and do what it takes to get our shopping basket, and Marlon goes in the room with 4 people and hits the button to get off nomination within 2 seconds, just so he doesn't have to face to the public vote. He's an absolute coward and it hurt me so much because he was one of my closest mates.

He's done that and sh*t on everyone in the house after being saved by the girls the previous week. I can't believe he thought we would be all right. But chances are he wasn't going to go anyway. I've lost all respect forever. What he's done is cowardly.

In the bedroom, Jale tells Marlon that up until a week ago, she questioned where his loyalties lay. All the pranks and stuff, I've closed the door and carried on with it. I thought Marlon had my back. Last night was really hard because I thought my original group of friends who I thought did have my back confirmed they didn't. To you, this was nothing. When you did that, I wondered what the f*ck is wrong with me? Why do I believe in people who just throw that sh*t back in my face? I felt I trusted you and you threw the p*ss back in my face.

This is really the worst thing you could have done, Jale says. So do I walk now, he asks? Why you asking me that, she replies, don't ever ask me that again. You just made your own decision in there on your own accord, now you want to ask a friend, apparently I'm back to being a friend, whether you should walk? That's true, a defeated Marlon mumbles. You can't have it your own way all the time, Jale says, pick and choose when you're friends with people. This is what I'm trying to say to you - I don't need my own friends treating me like this.

I don't know what to say to you. I don't get you. Maybe I just need to take a step back and calm down and find some clarity. I just felt I had to say something to you. To not say anything would have been equally as ridiculous. Marlon thanks her for at least talking to him. Her and Ash are the only two who said something. (And Danielle). But it's fine, he says

9:56pm At the dining table, Steven has burning question for Kimberly: Do you think you could marry me? Do you mean are you marriage material, Kimberly asks non-committaly? That's a bit of a game joke, Steven says. Explain your question thoroughly, she suggests. Do you think you could see me as marriage material, he clarifies, as a husband? Yeah, Kimberly and Steven's all smiles. I can see you as well, he says, kissing her on the forehead.

Helen comes into the bedroom and lays down next to Marlon. She advises him tomorrow to tell everybody how he really feels and not to say what he thinks they want to hear. Marlon says to be honest, I don't really care about certain people. It is a group, Helen says, we're all in it together. I believe whatever I say or do, Marlon says, I have to be accountable. At least your open, Helen says. Hopefully people will want to talk to me, Marlon says.

What you did was unfair, Helen says, but you did it. No one should have pressed that button. People'll want to speak to you tomorrow, she assures him. But you'll have to deal with it. You f*cked it up for yourself. Massively. Helen gets up and Marlon is brushing off the hair she left behind from brushing. That was a test to see how selfish someone could be, she says. Just think about it, sleep, and deal with it tomorrow.

Out in the garden, Helen sits down between Ash and Winston. She tells them about her conversation and that Marlon only wants to speak to certain people tomorrow. He's brown-nosing his way through it, Helen says, and that isn't working for me. Don't believe a word that guy says ever again. Ever.

11:20pm Danielle and Ashleigh are worried about Friday. These are the 3 people in the house I wouldn't want to be up against, Ashleigh says of Jale, Chris and Christopher. If they (the public) don't go against me, I'd hate to see any of them go. I'd rather go than the other three. There's still hope, you know, says Danielle. Is there, Ashleigh asks, not believing. Yeah, says Danielle, there's still hope. I don't think we should write ourselves off right now.

In the garden, Jale is talking with Steven and Winston. Honestly, I thought it was an insult. He said he thought she'd have his back. You've had his back since day 1, Steven says. He just ran me over, Jale says. I'm not going to stand behind someone who plays darts in the mirror, Winston says.

Steven says he's disappointed in himself, because he feels like he's been a very bad judge of character. I thought someone was a genuine character and he basically got a shovel, put it in the oven to heat it up so it smells bad, then threw it in our faces.

Ash tells Big Brother he thought Marlon was the most genuine, selfless person in the house, and then we went and did that and it was the most selfish thing I've ever seen in my life. We were all so angry when he came out. I couldn't even speak to him. When everyone else was having a go with him, I thought if I had a go with him, I'd be overly emotional. He seemed so not *ssed about what he did. He was one of my closest friends.

Is he still, asks Big Brother? It's hard to say at the moment, Ash considers, my close friends wouldn't have done what he did. And because he's done it, I have to wonder if he's one of my close friends. People make bad decisions at the end of the day, no one's perfect. He's made a bad decision and feels sorry for it. He says he thought we'd look at it in a different way, so I can't just write the guy off. I'll give him the night to think about it. I feel like he let the team down and just thought about himself. That's what annoys me the most.

1:21am All of the housemates are settling down for the night. Steven and Kimberly are snogging loudly in their bed. There appears to be body action again under the covers and Kimberly's breathing deeply. Ash is spooning Helen, who turns to look at Ash with an open mouth. Ash says something and Helen laughs, then makes a circle with one hand and pokes a finger in and out through it with the other hand. She covers her mouth to stifle a laugh.

Steven's hips can be seen moving under the covers. Helen's laughter struggles to be contained. How romantic, she bleats out. Steven and Kimberly seem to completely zone out Helen's noise. Helen quietly slips out of bed and onto the floor, sliding up to Steven's side of the bed for a close up view of the show. She bumps her face on the bed frame and stifles her giggling breath.

Steven disengages and rolls onto his back, straining his head to look over the side of the bed where Helen can barely hold her composure. I see a person down there, Steven says. Who's down there? I just f*cking split my f*cking gum open, Helen reveals from the floor. What are you doing there, Steven asks stupidly. My f*cking tooth, Helen cries.

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Day 35: Wednesday, July 9th, 2014 - The Apology Tour

Previously, the house turned on Marlon. Tonight, housemates make a splash and Marlon is still in the dog house.

10:02am The housemates are waking up after an eventful night for Steven and Kimberly. Late last night, Steven asks what if someone heard you but Kimberly says I don't care. He kisses her and says love you. She says love you too. They start laughing. Kimberly tells him to not make her laugh. It's going to be a problem with your shorts, she says. Oh my gawd, Steven says, I can't believe you just said that. These shorts are going to be thrown away.

In the morning, Helen watches as Kimberly heads to the shower. Steven announces he's going to take a sh*t. Go wash those slug trails off your legs, she says derisively. Ash says he's got to be embarrassed hasn't he? Steven walks past Chris in the garden, who smiles at him knowingly. Helen says the walk of shame in Big Brother. I don't think there's any worse walk. Is it really the walk of shame, Ash asks?. Of course it's, Helen contradicts. It's a night of shame, Ash says.

Ash asks, do you think he was p*ssed? Helen says I think Kimberly was. They'll both regret it, Ash says. Imagine watching that, Helen says, what the f*ck were they doing? Ash starts laughing at Helen slinking on the floor beside the bed, smashing your teeth off. Ash says he's going to ask Steven about it in a little bit. Are you, Helen asks? I'll be like, f*ck, check you out last night! I'm gonna hammer him, 100%. He's going down to Chinatown, Ash jokes. The love machine, Helen says.

Helen will say something to Kimberly but she doesn't know how she'll take it. Ash thinks she'll be scared and embarrassed. Helen thinks so. I just think it's funny, she says. Sort of watching live soft porn, Ash says.

10:18am Marlon is taking a shower. Steven asks him if he's OK today. Marlon says no, not really. I would like to speak to you today. Steven says I know and we will speak today, I just thought it best to let things calm down first. How are you doing, Marlon asks Steven? I'm all right, Steven says, I'm disappointed but we will talk about it later.

Winston, Helen and Ash are in the crowded wash area. Ash tells Winston that Steven and Kimberly were shagging last night. Winston asks were they? Helen hits Ash to hush him up and Ash laughs. I'm going to tell everyone, he says. Steven walks up and Ash just watches him. Why are you looking at me like that, Steven asks? They all start laughing.

Chris and Christopher are in the Garden talking about the task yesterday. Christopher knew he wasn't going to press the button. But then I thought for a split second, should I press it? Then I thought, no, because it would kill me sitting there on Friday evening wondering, should I have gone? Don't tell anyone that, Chris advises, they'll take it completely wrong.

Marlon walks through the garden and Christopher ask how he's doing. Not too bad, Marlon replies, yourself? Christopher asks him to come talk later. Marlon agrees. Chris says he just doesn't buy the "he's an evil conniving b*stard" thing. Christopher says he's not an evil conniving b*stard. He's just a plunker, Chris says. Christopher says laughs and says yes.

In the bedroom, Helen and Ash grab Steven into the wash area. I didn't realize anyone was awake, Steven says, don't say anything to Kimberly. You were not very discreet, Helen admonishes him. I fricking thought I was f*cking discreet, Steven says, I heard you and thought you were having a little f*cking chat. I'm not joking, don't say nothing today. Helen promises. Ash says it was, well, funny. Steven says he's way f*cking embarrassed now. Ash is laughing. Kimberly walks in and Ash stops laughing.

[That wasn't awkward at all. -- Morty]

10:33am Mark visits Big Brother in the Diary Room, still harping on yesterday's shopping task. I'm still really disappointed in Marlon. Its kind of, like, natural I pity him just a little bit because he's going to be completely alienated. I don't think this situation is going to just resolve over night. I don't know if it's going to dissolved at all, to be honest with you. To a lot of people in the house, its an annoyance and disappointment and frustration. And the people in the house feel like they have been let down by their best mates.

You don't need to be a bad person to make bad decisions and everybody makes bad decisions now and again. We all do things we don't think about. But I think when you get in a situation like this, when you live with other people, every decision effects them, I gotta think, what's this word, conscientiously? Is that the right word?

In the garden, Kimberly asks Helen if she's looking forward to getting out? Kind of, Helen says, I'll find it very strange, I think. I'm going to need help, Kimberly admits, it's going to be a mess. Helen says she'll be fine, she'll have Steven. That's true, Kimberly says. Helen tells her it's like a new beginning. That's true, Kimberly says. You don't sound excited, Helen observes. Kimberly says I am excited, but I'm also Negative Nancy. I'm like that, a worrier, Helen says. It's better to be like that than f*cking delusional.

Ash and Steven are in the living area. Steven says he found a pubic hair in his cereal bowl. Steven says I'm not embarrassed, not really. Yeah they could hear us, but it's not like they could see anything. It wasn't like porn, was it. And you are in a relationship, Ash rationalizes. It isn't like it was a one night stand. Was that your first time together, Ash asks? I told her I wouldn't discuss it with anyone else. We told each other we loved each other last night. I bet that was the deal breaker, Ash jokes, wasn't it? Steven laughs.

We're getting really deep now, Steven says, this is like full blown, mate. Ash counts the stages on his fingers: (1) you're in love, (2) you've had sex, (3) you live with each other, the only thing left is you buy a dog which you can't do in here, or get married. Steven ponders that thought.

11:52am Ashleigh and Danielle are doing laundry in the bath about this weeks eviction. If I don't go this week, Ashleigh says, it will be a shock to everybody, especially after last weeks reaction. I think if it was between me and Marlon, I would go anyway. But knowing he saved himself, everyone's, like, Ashleigh's going.

Danielle says he doesn't get the Power and nominations aren't scratched, he'll get the nomination next week and he will go. Well, don't know if he will go but he'll be up. The public may relish in the fact that he done himself like that. Ashleigh says no, the public ain't like that. They're not fans of selfish people. I know if I was watching that from home, I'd be disgusted.

Mark, Steven and Ash are in the living area discussing Marlon. Steven says I can't see this situation resolving itself at all. I can't see me and you sitting here with Marlon, when he's sitting here on this sofa, and having the same relationship with him as before. I see him always walking around in a zone, and that's going to make him feel bad and us feel bad. Ash agrees. These are the worst 2 weeks ever, he says. Ash wonders if the public will keep him in to see if it kicks off again. No, Mark says, this is different. This isn't like being rich and pretty.

Marlon sits down with Jale in the garden. I don't know what to do, man, this is hard. Jale says it's hard for everyone. Marlon says no, not for me, for everyone else it's hard but not for me. Jale says it was because of the fact that you thought you were more important than everyone else, is the reason I'm most disappointed. Marlon says he's already accepted the fact that he'll be gone next week or the following week. When I made the decision, I was not looking at the bigger picture.

Now looking back on it, it was selfish. I didn't think I was going to get the reaction I got when I pressed that button. Not at all. Jale says she knows. It's another life lesson I've got to learn, Marlon says, be calm, don't put yourself before other people when you don't warrant it. Jale says well, the fact that you have kind of gone right, on point with other people in a group environment, expecting that group situation to pull you back in, is quite a hard ting to kind of turn around cause you singled yourself out to begin with. It's not going to turn around, Marlon says.

1:10pm For today's task, Big Brother is feeling romantic. Before entering the house, housemates took a compatibility test and now it's time to find out who make the perfect match. Over a series of relationship tests, couples will compete against each other with only the most compatible gaining entry to a special love-themed party.

Each housemate has a wrapped box, with each pair of housemates receiving the same colored half-heart necklace being paired with each other. Helen got a half a heart red necklace. Ash got red too, Steven a green one and Danielle a green one, Winston and Jale got blue ones. Marlon and Kimberly pink, Mark and Christopher yellow. And Chris and Ashleigh got gold. Do not mess this up, Mark tells Christopher, I want to go to this party. Don't you worry, Christopher says, you'll be going to the ball, Cinders.

For the first part of the task, the couples must prove how creative and comfortable they are with each other. One half of each couple must dip themselves in their corresponding color paint and try to smear it onto their partner without using their arms or hands. The other half must then go to their canvas and spread as much color on it as possible. The couple with the least paint on their canvas will not go to tonight's party.

Wearing white, each housemate pair rolls in the paint, all over each other and then on the canvas, putting as much paint as they can on the canvas. Everyone's laughing and getting colorful. When the task is over, Big Brother reveals the least compatible couple were Christopher and Mark. They will not be invited to the party this evening. Mark throws his heart half on the ground. Big Brother hopes you are not too broken hearted.

3:20pm Marlon decides to have a house meeting to talk to all the housemates about his decision to take immunity yesterday. Marlon tells them, I can't explain it, but I will apologize. I accept the fact that what I have done has jeopardized the whole house. It was very very selfish of myself and I just wanted to get everyone together and tell you I am actually sorry. I don't want people to feel that I am gonna be awkward around them. I've accepted the fact that my friendships with people in here has completely gone.

From the time I am gonna be here, it is gonna be the same. I am not gonna hold it against anyone to feel as if you should come up to me. I don't want anyone to feel awkward around me. I have accepted that whatever happens, between now and when I go next Friday is, I want to make it as enjoyable, as less sh*tty as possible for everyone else. I'm really sorry for what I've done.

They all thank Marlon and he leaves the garden. That took some balls, Helen says, I'm sorry. A lot of people would not do that. Ash agrees, says he nearly cried. Mark says it was very brave of him to do that. Marlon sits alone in the house. Winston says I suppose we could all cook him a nice meal, couldn't we tonight? Oh, no we can't.

Sitting alone in sitting alone in the living area, Ashleigh and Danielle come in and ask Marlon if he's alright. That was brave to do, Ashleigh says. Danielle says you don't like public speaking, do you not? No, he says, that's the worst thing I could ever do. I wouldn't have been able to do it, Ashleigh says. Decisions in this house rarely just effect you, that's the worst about it. That was a really brave thing to do, to sit in front of all them people.

What I should do, he says, is especially apologize to you two. Yeah, Ashleigh says half-jokingly, ou sold me out that f*cking door. Marlon says he's sorry. It's fine, she laughs. Chris walks in and says you are such a d*ck head. Come here. Chris gives Marlon a hug. You're a human being and it's a game, he says.

3:36pm Steven and Kimberly are back snogging in bed. Steven says I can imagine when we get out of here and see what happens, no one is going to see us for about a week.

Marlon, Mark, Ashleigh, Jale and Chris are in the Kitchen. Mark tells Marlon he was really brave to confront everybody like that. I'm quite forward person and I would've struggle to do that, so I think that was brave of ya. Marlon thanks him. I'm just being honest, Mark says, I think most people would struggle to do that.

In the Diary Room, Winston is still p*ssed off because they lost the task due to Marlon. Well, Winston says, he's just come down and apologized, which I appreciate, but I don't think anyone is going to forget what he did yesterday. Its like losing a girlfriend. I mean, like an ex, so your really close with someone and then you break up. If it was like a relationship problem, I would go to my mom and ask her. If they hurt me deeply, I would speak to my mom and she would make it better.

5:43pm For the second part of today's compatibly task, the five remaining couples must go to the Diary Room to see how well they know each other. One half of each couple will be asked a series of questions while the other half wears a blindfold and headphones. The couples must have the same answers. The couple with the fewest matching answers will not be allowed to go to tonight's love party.

Chris and Ashleigh go first. Ashleigh, which male housemate do you find the least attractive? Mark, she says. Do you think you and Helen could ever be friends? No. What is Chris's most attractive feature? His eyes. They swap headphones and blindfold and Chris is asked the same questions. Chris's answers are Mark, No, and Personality. They match 2 out of 3.

Winston and Jale are next. Winston do you trust Marlon? No, he says. Do you fancy Danielle? No, he says emphatically. What is your best physical feature? My Biceps, he says. Jale's answers are No, Yes and Arms. They also match 2 out of 3.

Next to go are Marlon and Kimberly. Kimberly, does Marlon regret his decision with the safety app? Yes, Kimberly says. Will you marry Steven? Yes, she says. Which housemate did you find the most attractive when you first entered the house? She says Steven. Marlon doesn't think she'll marry Steven, so they match 2 out of 3. Why would I marry Steven, Marlon asks? Not you, Kimberly says, me!

Ash and Helen take the compatibility test. Ash is asked If Helen could shave a housemate's eyebrows off, who would she choose? Ash says Marlon. Who is the best looking housemate? He says himself because Helen will say him. Do you think Ashleigh and Helen could be friends? No, Ash says. Helen would like to shave off Ashleigh's eyebrows, she is the best looking housemates and no, she won't be friends with Ashleigh. They only match that she and Ashleigh won't be friends.

Lastly, it's Steven and Danielle: Are Steven and Kimberly a good match? Yes, says Danielle. Who is the most gentlemanly housemate? Steven, she says. Would any housemate make you question your belief in no sex before marriage? Yes, Danielle admits. Steven also thinks he and Kimberly are a good match, thinks Chris is the most gentlemanly and no, doesn't think Danielle will change her mind about her beliefs. They also only match one question.

Danielle says she thought the question was whether she could make someone else question their belief about sex before marriage. Big Brother, she begs, change it now! Do not show this without including my not understanding the question, she says, or I will kick off, I will sue. People are watching this! Steven loves it.

As both Ash & Helen and Steven & Danielle have matched only one question correctly, Big Brother announces, but since Ash and Helen did better in the first task, they have earned a place at the love party. Steven and Danielle cannot go.

9:34pm Its party time for the most compatible couples. There are heart shaped sandwiches, cupcakes and punch. Ashleigh asks if they are vegetarian. As Jale and Winston have proven to be the most compatible couple, they get exclusive access to the Love Pod, decked out with champagne and romantic treats. The rest of the housemates have been sent to the bedroom and are playing a quiz.

Steven asks would you take the Finalist badge off of Helen and give it to yourself? You must be honest, he says. Christopher says no, I'll stay in the house only as long as the public wants me here. Mark says yes, but not give it to myself. Helen's used it as a crutch and has never had the experience of facing the public vote or knowing what its like to be saved. I'd probably give it to you, Steven.

In the living area, the boys are dressed in black suits and ties, the ladies in evening gowns. There is music and dancing. Jale is challenged to jump in Winston's arms and he says OK. If my boobs fall out, she warns... She jumps and wraps her arms around his neck and he supports her rear with his hands. Ash, Chris, Marlon and Helen are laughing as Winston bounces around with Jale in his arms.

Back in the bedroom, Steven asks if you had to name the next person to be evicted from the house in this room, who would it be? Danielle says herself. Mark asks if she'll give up if she loses Ashleigh. No, she says, she won't give up. She'll be devastated, though. Steven warns her if she continues in the vein she's going, she could potentially leave. She got really close with Ashleigh, he continues, but that doesn't mean you stick with her all the time.

He tells her to and integrate with the group, because everyone respects her. Mark tells her she's been on a journey and opened up to everyone. He wishes she could see how they respect her. Just because you have religious beliefs, Steven says, doesn't mean you're a boring person. People want to spend time with you, they like you. We all like you and want you to be here and continue on your journey.

I'm concerned you'll just revert back to that girl you were when you started after Ashleigh's gone. Just keep going, because you will be here to the final. Mark says even if Ashleigh's gone, there are still people here who love you. We don't know for sure, but the highly likely event is Ashleigh's going to go, Steven says, based on the public reaction. You must remember, this house does not dislike you.

11:16pm The party is over and the less compatible couples have rejoined the rest of the house. Steven tells Helen and Ash that Danielle shocked him today when she was asked who was the most gentleman in the house and she named him instead of Chris. That's called crawling up your *ss, Helen says. Ash laughs and says if she knew what we knew.

In the Diary Room, Danielle says her fellow housemates were was just reassuring me, and they was nice about it, that everyone does like me in the house. Despite my strong morals and beliefs and the fact that I am just very traditional, that it doesn't go unwarranted. They still respect me. That's good to know, because sometimes I do feel like a black sheep in the house.

People seem to think that unless you are sitting in the smoking area with a can of lager talking about sex, OMG, they've ostracized themselves. Nominate them, get them up for eviction. It's bloody ridiculous. Have you ever heard so much lut in your life? I mean, I don't understand where you got half of the people. Where did you get half of these people? Seriously, where have you picked them? I'm dying to know.

11:52pm Marlon visits Big Brother in the Diary Room. Yesterday, he says, Winston didn't even look at me and wouldn't talk to me. Today he is minimum chit chat. I know I disappoint him and Ash and Steven. Those three are my bestest pals in here. And Jale. I think I've let them down.

I really do wish I was still facing the public vote on Friday. But at the same time, I think to myself, if I had a chance of saving myself and getting nominated... If I could change it, I wouldn't push that button. I wouldn't have pressed it because it's not about myself, its about the house and we have to live here together. I just made it harder for everyone to get along. But I am big enough and ugly enough to deal with my actions.

Winston and Jale are in the Love Pod. Jale asks if Marlon spoken to him. No, Winston says, just an apology. It seems odd. I will speak to him tomorrow. In your own time, Jale says. She doesn't even know what to say to him, Do you know what you are going to say to him, she asks? Just gonna f*cking say, he says, I mean, I appreciate your apology, just gonna say I don't know, but it definitely won't be the same.

He was the man I did the workouts with, Winston recalls. Jale says you guys were tight. Winston says yeah, and you was tight with him as well. Usually on the outside world, she asks him, do you have friends you can trust? A select few, Winston says, that I'd really trust. But it's hard to find, he says. So hard to find, Jale agrees. I didn't come here expecting to find trustworthy people, she says, but it's disappointing, really. Some people are clearly here to play the game.

12:17am Marlon finally talks with Winston in the bedroom. Winston asks how he is doing and Marlon says OK. Can we talk tomorrow he asks? Yeah, Winston says, we'll talk tomorrow. Winston sticks out his fist but Marlon holds out scissors. They can't seem to connect but have a laugh. You're drunk, Marlon says, you're tipsy. Winston says he's drunk. I will talk to you tomorrow. Otherwise it won't mean anything.

Steven joins Kimberly in the bath room. I've come to see my wife, he jokes. He takes her in his arms. Your hair smells really bad, he says. I know, she says. I am sorry, Steven says, I am sorry. I have to be honest. F*ck off, she tells him, taking a swig of mouthwash. He wants to make her laugh so she spits it out. I'm going to replace you, he says, I'm going to replace you with Danielle. You are selfish, Steven says, I am not selfish. She laughs. No, no, no, Steven says, that's not fair.

Mark and Ash are watching Steven through the window from the garden. With Kimberly in front of him, it looks like Steven is talking to the mirror. Whose he talking to, Mark asks? Himself, Ash guesses, he's losing it. Kimberly steps out to the side and they go oh, there she is! Ash rolls on the ground laughing. Mark runs into the bathroom laughing, saying Ash said you was talking to yourself and I was scared. They have a group hug.

In the bedroom, Marlon says if I leave next week and they win the shopping task, that's the ideal week for me. Christopher says I am not so sure you will go next week, to be honest with you. The way I feel the public might see it is someone saw an opportunity and took it and everyone else has just been a bit of a hater. We'll know by Friday, Marlon says, if I hear the chants, "Get Marlon Out!". It's so intense in here. Extremely, Christopher says, sometimes you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 36: Thursday, July 10th, 2014 + Live Eviction

This week Nominations return to the house. Five housemates faced eviction but one chose to save himself. So tonight, Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher and Jale face eviction.

11:20am Most of the housemates have one thing on their mind: Eviction: Ashley says I'm really f*cking panicking in case I don't go. What f*cking entertainment am I providing? Nothing really. Danielle says it could be who's quite controversial. People might like that. Ashleigh says no, but I'm not nasty. Of course you not nasty, Danielle says. They don't want to keep someone in that's nasty.

In the garden, Christopher tells Helen he's excited to see what stuff he's done. But, he says, I don't want to go, honestly. Helen says you wont be going. Christopher thinks it will be between him and Ashleigh. I hope it isn't you, Helen says. If they decide to bring another person in, Christopher says, I would hate to be that person trying to settle in. Oh no, Helen says, I could never do that. When you finally get used to everybody and someone else comes in, Christopher continues. No, I wouldn't enjoy that at all, Helen says, you wont be going home tomorrow.

Marlon walks through the garden. But next wee I think it's pretty obvious who'll go home, Helen says. Christopher wonders if the public will think that they all over reacted in that when it was an opportunity to play the game and Marlon happened to play it? Helen says I know what you mean. People are watching and what's wrong with game playing? It's a game.

Kimberly is in the kitchen rubbing spices on the chicken. Steven ask if she likes rubbing spices into fillets? She says no, she finds it mildly disturbing. She has spices all over her hands and ask if he wants a hug. No thanks, Steven says. She chases him and he runs away. See, she she says, this is why no one likes my affection. That's the most affection you've given me in 4 weeks, Steven jokes, when you're covered in paprika.

Ash and Winston are in the bath talking. Marlon is just kind of not with us anymore, Ash says, squeezing a rubber ducky, it feels we're not lads anymore. I just can't be angry at people, you know? Winston says still just hurts, you know? Ash says well at the end of the day, its just different now. We'll be mates with him and stuff but...

Danielle ask Marlon if he has spoken to Winston? No, he says, he said he would speak to me but he is avoiding. Not avoiding, he just hasn't spoken yet. Danielle says your friends your friends on the outside world, there is no way they would react like that. They would have said to push the button, Marlon says, and push it as quick as you can. Danielle says what the f*ck is everyone getting their panties in a twist for? I saved myself, Marlon says.

Danielle says it's a game. We are all here to save ourselves. Marlon says if any one of those would have done that, I would have been upset with them for them first day, but the second day I wouldn't have even given two sh*ts. Ironically, Danielle says, I think you came out the stronger person. Yeah, Marlon agrees.

Before you were like a lost lamb, Danielle says, but I think now you realize sh*t, this is a game. Why the f*ck are you pleasing everyone in here? Do they give two sh*ts about you? No. Marlon says, I've realized that the last two days. It made me think to myself, is it a game? Do I pose a threat to people? Danielle says you nailed it. I'm telling you that you will not go next Friday. No chance.

3:23pm For today's task, Big Brother sets Steven a series of secret missions that will target his fellow housemates. Steven has a hidden ear piece to receive his instructions. What Steven doesn't know is that the rest of the housemates are in on it. And Ashleigh, who is also wearing an ear piece, will be told about each of Stevens missions. In order to pass the task, housemates must correctly predict who Steven will target for each of his not so secret missions.

Big Brother tells Ashleigh that Steven's first mission is to perform sexy moves for the person that he thinks is the sexiest. Ashleigh tells Kimberly and she thinks it will l be Kimberly. Big Brother gives Steven the secret mission and Steven says sh*t. Standing casually near Kimberly, he asks the other housemates, if you were in a club, would you have a sexy dance move?

I've never gone up to a girl before, he says, and he dances on Kimberly's back saying hey honey, you all right. And I would rub myself up against her. Helen says you just rubbed your D*ck up against her. He says no, I didn't, it was my leg. Kimberly says no, you definitely did. He says really? Mark says f*cking hell, Steven.

Big Brother tells Ashleigh that Steven's next secret mission will be to give an annoyingly long hug to the housemate that he thinks is the most annoying. The housemates think Steven's target will be Christopher. Steven goes to the Pod and, after some conversation, gives Christopher a long back-patting hug. Christopher is smiling and making faces as the other housemates down below laugh.

Steven's next secret mission will be to play rock, paper, scissors with the person he thinks is the biggest game player. The housemates think it will be Marlon and sure enough, Steven goes to Marlon and they play rock , paper, Scissors. Marlon wins (paper covers rock). You're the biggest game player and you won, Steven jokes.

Steven's next secret mission is to choose the housemate that is the next likely to be evicted. You must tell this housemate that you think they are definitely safe and wont be evicted this week, Big Brother says. Ashleigh thinks it's herself and she's correct as Steven goes to Ashleigh and tells her he doesn't think she's going home.

Big Brother gathers the housemates on the sofas and reveals that Steven had a secret task. Steven, Mark says as if Steven's been a naughty boy. However, Big Brother says, this wasn't actually the real task and it was not a secret. Steven feigns being shocked. Everyone laughs. As housemates have successfully past the task, Big Brother will reward housemates with a 70's Disco Inferno party.

5:42pm Mark and Jale are practicing dance moves in the garden. They do a Cha Cha and the sprinkler, with Mark finishing with some pelvic thrusts. Chris tells him he's ready.

In the Diary Room, Marlon says Steven has just kind of confirmed what everyone else was thinking, well, what most people are thinking about me as a game player. I've spoken to Steven, even though it was a task, at least he spoke to me and I kind of know where I stand with him. I will just take it from there.

I'm surprised that other people take this game so seriously, but other people are not the same as me. It's how people take things and interpret things that is totally different to how I would, which is fine. I've learned more in the last 5 to 6 weeks than I've learned about myself in the last 18 years. That's crazy. You walk in on your own and walk out on your own. People might not except you. They might not except the things you do or the decisions you make. But that's their problem, not yours. You have to respect the way you talk to women and respect women, and you have to pay the consequences of what you do in here.

6:25pm Winston is shaving his stomach in the bath room while in the bedroom, Steven shows Kimberly and Jale his family photos. Jale says he looks like his mum. She leaves to let them sleep.

Steven asks Kimberly why he hasn't seen her family photos. Do you have a picture of your boyfriend, he asks? Yeah, Kimberly say weakly. F*cking hell, he says, why would you have a picture of him while your on break? She says he is a good friend of mine. I would like to see it, Steven says. I don't know why, Kimberly says. I would just like to see it.

She gets the pictures and shows him. Happy? Steven is not happy. I don't understand why you brought a picture of him We've been friends for 4 years, Kimberly says, it isn't like I f*cking hate him. Why are you interrogating me? I'm not, Steven says. You are! You keep asking me the same questions and I don't know why.

Steven says he's just confused. Why, if your on a break, do you bring these? Because you don't sit there and look at pictures of a person that you are on a break with. You didn't even tell me about these. If I was me, I wouldn't have told me about them. I would have chopped them up and chunked them in the bin. Kimberly says she's sorry. I'm not psycho like that.

Steven says he wants to cry his eyes out right now. How do you think I feel, Kimberly asks. Why should you be crying, Steven says angrily. You just don't get me, she says. I do you get. I just don't understand your f*cking decisions. They're terrible, I feel really really bad, he continues, I feel like someone has whacked all over my face and said you stupid fool. I'm sorry I like dragged you into this, Kimberly says. It is clear like I made a mistake. That's fine, Steven says, so you made a mistake and you shouldn't have dragged me into it. Guess what? Too little to late.

Do you want me to leave? No, I told you we will leave together, so I'm going to bed. I just wanted the truth . What can I do to make you feel better, Kimberly asks. I just don't want to be in a situation like this why. Why should I be? She says fine, then don't. Kimberly leaves the room. Steven rolls over and asks Helen, who has been pretending to be sleeping all this time, am I wrong? You are not wrong, Helen assures him, I wouldn't have told you about them I would have shredded them. I just want to make sure nothing I said was wrong. I'm f*cking fuming.

When is Steven going to get the picture, Emma asks. Two housemates are about to breath a huge sigh of relief. It's time to talk to the house. Big Brother House this is Emma. Ashleigh (Boos), Chris (Mixed), Christopher (Mixed), Jale (Mixed), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 4 days, the British public have been voting to evict. I can now reveal the two housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction, in no particular order, are...

Chris! Chris, you are safe. Thank you, he says quietly.

the second housemate saved from eviction is...

Christopher! Christopher you are safe. He breaths a sigh of relief and Mark gives him a hug. Well done, Jale tells Chris and Christopher as the housemates congratulate the saved.

Ashleigh, Jale, we'll be talking to you later to reveal who is evicted.

Vote lines are back open, #OpenIt, it's last orders for one of them but whose round will it be? Back to yesterday's highlights.

8:39pm in the kitchen, Kimberly asks Helen in the toilet what would she would have done. Helen says me and you are very different so I can't really say, but if that was me, I probably wouldn't have told him that.

In the garden, housemates are ready for their disco party, decked out in what looks more like 60's hippy outfits than 70's disco. Steven tells Chris he looks like Elton John.

Back in the kitchen, Kimberly tells Helen she just tried to rip the pictures, but they are Polaroid. Helen says she needs to destroy them. You can always respect him in your mind, but while you and Steven are starting out, and the problems already this week, is it really worth it? Kimberly finds some scissors and cuts the pictures up.

9:38pm Housemates are getting their groove on at the disco inferno. Steven ask Helen what Kimberly said to her. Helen says she asked me what she should do. I told her she needed to do it, Helen says, I said you need to be a bit more courteous towards his feelings as well and she agreed. Steven says she knows she's wrong. I'm fuming. Steven says she is worried that I'm not going to, let it go isn't she? She's done it, Helen advises, so have a good night with her. I will, Steven says, but remember, I'm not stupid.

Chris does a terrific dance move on the disco floor and gets applause. It's all coming out tonight, Steven says, I can feel it. I just want to pounce. I think tonight is the night we might get into some serious trouble. No, Helen says, not trouble, just get drunk. Oh yeah, Steven says. The housemates are all dancing and laughing and drinking. Winston is encouraged to do a back flip and falls flat.

10:01pm In the Diary Room, Mark says he felt like Prince. I can't believe it. I look amazing! I look like a Hollywood star. I look like a cross between Prince and Dolly Parton. What more can anybody want in 2014? I absolutely love it. I'm just feeling it. I know I've quite a base attire look in general, but I never thought I would take so well to 1972 disco? This could be like my new look!

Helen offers Kimberly more advice, telling her that she will lose him if she lies or lose him if she tells him any more. In my opinion, she says, don't lie to him again or you will lose Steven. Kimberly says OK, she doesn't want to lose him. But she doesn't know how to show emotion, She says when we get out I will explain to you, but I can't show emotion. Helen says it isn't emotion he needs, he knows you can't show emotion. He needs to know that this guy is gone. Gone for good. Kimberly says OK. Where's my drink, Helen asks.

10:21pm After the party, the housemates are all talking about Steven and Kimberly's disagreement. Mark notes how awkward it was between them during the party. Chris says they had awkward silences the night before too. Christopher says he didn't find it awkward. You're off in your own world, Mark says, that's why. You wouldn't know awkward if someone slapped you in the face and said this is awkward.

Jale tells Big Brother she looks groovy. I can't see out this wig though, she says. It was funny, the costume's funny but the skirt is a little to skimpy. I'm kinds scared to sit in the Diary Room chair. I got to sort myself out. It's terrible!

On the sofas, Steven tells Kimberly he loves her. I love you too, she is. I do love you, he says. I'm sorry, she says. What you saying sorry for? For earlier. Don't say sorry because it makes me feel bad. I really shouldn't have done that. I cut up the photos. Did you? Do you feel better? Yes, she says.

Look at that face over there, Steven laughs, pointing at Helen who has a dour look. Sorry, she says, am I staring?

I do love you, Steven says. I hope so, she replies. Stop! Why would you say something like that? I don't know, Kimberly moans, things are getting serious and it scares me. I'm upset, he says, I'm taking a big risk is all I'm saying, and I don't want to risk my feelings ever. Not again.

11:36pm In the Diary Room, Christopher has a funny feeling that tomorrow evening it will be himself and Ashleigh being in the bottom two. You never call these things, he says, but I think hearing my reception last week and Ashleigh's reception, it's likely to be some disappointment and the house will be a lot less Irish tomorrow.

Danielle, Ashleigh are taking a bath (Ashleigh has a mud mask on) and talking with Chris about Steven and Kimberly. Chris thinks Kimberly is... I like her, he says, I just think she is approaching this the wrong way. The whole thing's made me cringe from the start. To deal with relationships in here is ugly. Its horrible and pointless. If you really want to do that, do it outside, you know, go on a date after this. If you like someone, you'll wait a year if you have to, 10 years. To the end of the world if it's right, Danielle says.

Steven and Kimberly are alone snogging in the living area. I love you, he says. Stop being angry with me, she says. I'm not angry with you but I'm p*ssed off because I would have dealt with that differently. I think it's because I've had to deal with things differently. I'm disappointed because I thought you would have thought more, She says I will think more. No don't say that, because it makes me feel bad.

I love you, he repeats. I love you, she answers back. Do you know how much I love you? Kimberly says no. He looks at her and says come on. A little bit, she confesses, I love you so much too. You know I will never leave you.

[i don't know what Steven's relationship history is, but both he and his mum have alluded to an emotionally scarring event. I can only wonder if he was in a serious relationship, maybe even engaged to be married, and the woman left him for another man. One thing's for sure - Steven falls fast, falls hard and falls cupid stupid. -- Morty]

2:46am The housemates are all asleep in a dark bedroom. Steven and Kimberly are the only ones awake. I love you so much, he says, then looks around to see if anyone (Ash or Helen) are still awake. He pulls the covers over their bodies and the sex begins. Steven is laying on top of Kimberly, her feet exposed at the bottom of the bed, his hips thrusting hard and heavy.

When they are done, she wipes the sweat off her forehead. He rolls off and says we are dirty people. He kisses her and says, I love you. I love you too. None of the other housemates appear to be awake. She asks if he enjoyed tonight? He says he did. He asks if she enjoyed it, and she says she did. It's not over yet, Steven says.

From one kind of business to eviction business, the vote lines are now closed. It's eviction time! It's time to talk to the house. Danielle is sitting next to Ashleigh and Helen has a reassuring hand on Jale's back, Marlon on her other side. Ashleigh smiles at the chants to get her out. Jale has her eyes closed in meditation.

Big Brother House, this is Emma. Ashleigh, (boos) , Jale (mixed), the viewers have spoken, your fate is sealed. For the last 4 days, the British public have been voting to evict. I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and 5th to be evicted is...


Ashleigh has a shocked look on her face. Jale assures everyone it's all right. Bye guys, Jale says. I told you I had a feeling about today. Have fun, don't worry. OMG, Helen says, giving her a hug. She makes sure everyone gets a hug and implores everyone to have fun. They shout her name as she ascends the stairs, checks her hair in the mirror, then joins in on the countdown from 10 as the door opens and she leaves the house.

Next week is Big Brother Armageddon. Join in live on Monday at 10pm (BBT) when somebody will be leaving the Big Brother House in a surprise eviction and three brand new housemates will be going in! Armageddon's coming!

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 37: Friday, July 11th, 2014 - Morning Regret

Previously, the course of true love never did run smoothly. Tonight, there's trouble in paradise. And another eviction rocks the house.

9:37am It's Eviction Day. Ashleigh, Chris, Christopher and Jale all face tonight's public vote. After a night of passion, Kimberly emerges from her bed. I can't believe it's eviction night again, Ash says, everyone sh*ts themselves. Kimberly returns to bed with Steven. Helen tells Ash she bets he's glad he got a week off. Christopher tells Mark it just freaks him out that it's Friday again. It's going too fast.

Steven whispers to Kimberly if she had a company and made, like, two and a half million pounds, your telling me you wouldn't make me sign a prenuptial agreement? She says no, I'm a bit of a sucker with these things, I probably wouldn't. He says no, that's what I'm saying. I wouldn't make you, But I just wanted you to tell me the answer, because if you had said yes, I would have gone nuts. He tells her he wouldn't make her sign an prenuptial agreement but he would have to protect the business in some way, not from you but from family. I love you though, he says. She says this is just an awkward conversation.

Jale visits Big Brother in the Diary Room. Friday again, she says, Friday comes around too quick. I was glad I had a week off last week but, I don't know why, but I feel like I'm more nervous. The longer you get in here and stay in here, the less kind of sure of yourself you get. Ashleigh didn't get a good reaction last time, but then, she might get a good reaction this time. You just don't know. But basically, if I'm gonna go out tonight, then I'm gonna get my head sorted and go out the door rather than assuming someone else leaving and feeling like a complete d*ck head.

11:49am Steven and Jale are reading tea leaves. OMG, says Jale, this is a bit of an interesting one, she says. Look at the bottom of the glass! Steven asks if it says Chris? Oh yeah, she says. See what I mean, Steven says.

It's Kimberly's turn in the Diary Room. Outside of here I would have taken it differently, she says. We been here now, you know, 5 coming on 6 weeks and, you know, 5 or 6 weeks of knowing someone, you wouldn't know them as well as Steven and I know each other. Just because your not just casually seeing someone like once every other week or a couple of hours. Your with someone 24/7 getting to know all the good and all the bad. There is nothing bad I can say about Steven. But just quite generally, I have gotten to know him a lot more than I would on the outside.

I'm comfortable with the relationship he and I have. You would sometimes want to have more privacy that you could have in this house. I just want privacy just taking a shower or using the toilet, so it's kind of like, realistically I would want more privacy. If I were to sum it up, I would say that this past week, I have kind of come to terms with the last chapters that I have had in my life and I'm looking forward to the new ones. I really am.

In the bath room, Mark and Ash are talking about Steven and Kimberly. Declaring your love for each other on TV, Ash says, I just don't think Kimberly feels for Steven as he does for her. Mark says he's asking for it, that is really like a wrong thing to do. Maybe her intention was to come in here and get with somebody in here, he wonders. Even though she had a boyfriend, Ah asks. Mark thinks maybe. Ash says what I'm worried about is, and I hate saying this, like she, umm, she knows that he has a lot of money. She's got an apartment in Chelsea that's 3 grand a month and she ain't got no money.

Kimberly and Steven meet up in the kitchen. What was that about, he asks about her Diary Room session. You were in there for ages. I know, she says. What were they talking about, Steven wants to know. You, Kimberly says. Was it good or bad? Good, she says.

Steven grills her on what Big Brother asked her but she doesn't really tell him anything. Everything, she says, general stuff. Did you say nice things about me, he asks? She just giggles as she eats her spaghetti. Maybe I did, she says coyly. That's nice, he says, maybe it wasn't nice. F*ck off, Kimberly says, I said nice things about you. That's nice, Steven says, about f*cking time. Kimberly laughs.

1:30pm Kimberly tells Jale she knows it's going to be difficult when she gets out of the house. I can't go to my old place. I have to actually get things removed or whatever. Jale says if I'm out and then you come out after me, I will be there to help you sort things out. Kimberly thanks her. Steven said the same, Kimberly says, he said he would sort it out, but I don't know. I don't know what the deal is.

Jale says if you just get a backup, then at least it's a bit of piece of mind, doesn't it? Yeah, Kimberly says, sometimes I get scared of not being with someone, you know. The logical mind goes through what-ifs. That's because you're protecting yourself, Jale says, you're like me, you'll just get on with it. I'm looking forward to having fun this week, Kimberly says.

Marlon ask Danielle what's her perfect date is. This is going to be quite extravagant, she says, so basically I'm picked up in a nice Bentley or a Rolls Royce, then go to a private airport and he meets me on the stairs of the plane. Then we fly to Paris for the weekend and stay in a very posh 5-star hotel. Then we go horse riding together.

Ash tells Winston that he saw Steven and Kimberly banging again last night. Me and Helen woke up in the middle of the night, he says, and them two was awake. I want to complain about it. I'm sick of the sex next to me. Winston is laughing so hard he can't eat his lunch. I don't want to have sex in here, though I would do other stuff, but I wouldn't bang, you know what I'm saying? Winston says yeah. I know you would, Ash says teasingly. I reckon you would, Winston replies.

Naaaa, Ash says, I couldn't just for my mom alone, she would be all upset about it. Winston says imagine if you was banging every night. But think how more relaxed you'd be, Ash says, if you just had a wang once in a while. Winston can't remember his last time. Have you, he asks Ash? No, Ash says, I'm scared to get caught. But you're in bed with Helen, Winston says. Ash just laughs.

2:42pm Mark, Helen and Winston have been called to the Diary Room for today's task, a series of 60 second challenges. Winston must eat as many chilies as possible. Mark must attach as many pegs as possible onto his face. Helen has to fish out as many balls as possible from a bowl of gunge using only her mouth.

Housemates are gathered on the sofas. Big Brother tells them that earlier today, Winston, Mark and Helen were each set a tough challenge. If they completed the challenge to big brothers satisfaction, they would win a reward for the whole house. However this was not the real task. Helen's face drops and Winston is worried.

Mark, Winston and Helen, by taking on your individual challenges, you have each set a personal best to win the real task. You each have to beat your personal best by taking on the challenge one more time. The three are horrified by the prospect.

Winston needs to beat his previous total of 4 chilies. He sets a new personal best with chilies. His housemates can't believe it. Mark has to beat 13 pegs (clothes pins) on his face. He successfully attaches 17 pegs. Amazing, Chris says. Helen needs to beat her personal best of 7 balls rescued from the gunge with her mouth. She collects 9 balls from the bowl. As Helen Winston and Mark all beat their personal scores, the housemates will be rewarded with a hamper of sweet treats.

4:11pm Steven and Kimberly are talking about their fetishes. Gd ,its embarrassing, Steven says. Just say it, Kimberly prods. He says he likes to have sex constantly 24 hours. She says that's not a fetish. It is, he insists. Even when it becomes like nigh impossible. think about it, we keep going and going and going and going, he says, what's your fetish? She says not really. I just like to have sex. I don't think I have a fetish. Steven says that means you're still a little kid. I've got nothing else to do, Steven says, let me get some tweezers and pluck your eyebrows.

[so does thinking you can keep going and going and going 24/7, Steven. -- Morty]

Mark and Winston are talking nominations in then garden: Do you think you have a chance this week, Mark asks? What are you gonna say this week? Kimberly is the only one who hasn't gone up yet I think she is the only person in the house who hasn't found out what the public thinks of her, who isn't afraid of the public.

Steven is plucking Kimberly's eyebrows in the bedroom. This is so weird, she says. Why, he asks? It just is, the tells him, I don't even know what to do with myself right now, Steven says you know you just said you like having good sex? Do you like having sex with me? She says yap. Ah, thanks, Steven says. I think we do quite well, considering how restricted we are, don't you? Yeah, she says, we need to be careful, more careful than we were. Why, Steven wonders. Because there are some things that I'm not comfortable with doing here, Kimberly says. So we got to be a bit more careful, Steven agrees.

5:44pm Kimberly asks Jale, want to know what's weird? What, bites Jale. Him doing my eyebrows. That's weird. Yeah, Jale says, that is weird. So f*cking weird, Kimberly repeats, he said he had to do them now. Have you told him that you aren't to sure about him doing that, Jale prompts? I was like all right then, Kimberly says. Jale says boundaries don't mean that you don't love him or what ever. It's just, if your not comfortable, then your not comfortable. He did them well, Kimberly says.

She asks if Jale feels like some people in the house don't like Steven and her together? Why, asks Jale. Just wondering, Kimberly says, it's just how people act, that's all. Based on Steven's theory earlier, Jale says, it may make it seem like he has no mates. I'm sure Helen's bothered by it. Mark hasn't said anything to her but he might have an opinion. I think he does, Kimberly says, he doesn't know me very well though. I've tried to be as open as I can.

7:02pm In the Pod, Danielle explains her new positive attitude to Ashleigh. I'm going to try to stick this out, she says, I want to be here, ideally, to the end.The only person I can be 100% honest with in this house is you. Being stripped of that is going to be very difficult and I'm going to miss you greatly because, like I said, you are the only consistent person. Before I met you, I was like, I want to go home. I don't like anyone here and I'm proud of you and I love you so much. You're an amazing young woman who doesn't realize how amazing you are. Ashleigh responds that she never talks about her feelings or shows her emotions. But I can't thank you for being here for me, she says.

In the Diary Room, Marlon says he's a bit nervous for the other housemates. I can't tell you how the others feel about me. Some are not happy. Most are not happy. Everyone's not happy, More to the point, I couldn't care no more. There is only so much time you can apologize and I say its whatever now.

In the Garden Steven tells Kimberly he loves her. You do know that don't you? She says I do. They kiss then he takes a drag on his cigarette. He feels much more comfortable now, he says, I love you and you apparently love me two and we've done exceptionally well under the circumstances and have our future to look forward to.

[i think we're getting the message, Steven. You're starting to smother her. -- Morty]

9:24pm Housemates are gathered on the sofas for the live eviction. Ashleigh says she's excited, not nervous. I'm set on going - I don't know how I'll react if they don't say my name. Chris says if you stay, you stay and if you go, you go. Ashleigh says I have already convinced myself I'm going and I won't know how to react if they don't say my name.

Big Brother House this is Emma. Ashleigh (Boos), Chris (Mixed), Christopher (Mixed), Jale (Mixed), I can now reveal the two housemates with the fewest votes and therefore safe from eviction, in no particular order, are...

Chris! Chris, you are safe. Thank you, he says quietly.

The second housemate saved from eviction is...

Christopher! Christopher you are also safe. He breaths a sigh of relief and Mark gives him a hug. Ashleigh says she heard half cheers. Marlon tells Jale he's shaking like a leaf for her. Don't worry about it, a nervous Jale says, there's nothing you can do about it. She wishes Ashleigh good luck. Ashleigh says you're not going anywhere.

As the housemates wait on the public vote , housemates can hear the public yelling, Get Steven Out and Mark is shocked. Danielle is sitting next to Ashleigh and Helen has a reassuring hand on Jale's back, Marlon on her other side. Ashleigh smiles at the chants to get her out. Jale has her eyes closed in meditation.

Big Brother House, this is Emma. Ashleigh, (boos) , Jale (mixed), I can now reveal the housemate with the most votes and 5th to be evicted is...


Jale is evicted and housemates are shocked. Ashleigh's mouth is agape.

Mark in the Diary Room says he's sad she is gone, I don't think she deserved to go, he says, she has been an amazing part of the house. We are all gonna miss her a lot.

Danielle tells Big Brother she's sad Jale left. We didn't expect that, she says. I'm just glad Ashleigh's here.

Marlon tells Big Brother it wasn't her time to go. I just hope and pray she finds what she is looking for in life and she gets exactly what she deserves. She deserves a lot.

Marlon tells Danielle he's actually heartbroken that she's gone. How could she go, Danielle wonders. She kept me going, Marlon says, told me she would be there for me forever, don't worry. Danielle says she was convinced Ashleigh was going to go. So was I, Marlon says.

Steven is concerned about the crowd chanting his name. I know what it's about, he says. I take it personally, he says, I don't like it. Helen says that how I felt. I wasn't up and everyone was, Get Helen Out and I was like what the f*ck!, I ain't even up and you hate me. Steven says it is what it is and in a funny sort of way, it's a little bit of a relief to know the public's feeling of me.

Kimberly asks if he knows why. I think it was those pictures, Steven says, I didn't make her cut them up. Kimberly she did it on my own. He tells Kimberly he will definitely be going before she does. Kimberly says no.

Marlon tells Chris he's going to have to pull him through this week. Chris says no worries. Marlon says it has just really turned my stomach, She didn't deserve to go at all. . If it weren't for me she might not be gone, Marlon says guiltily. You can't think that, Chris says, she isn't gone from your life.

10:55pm Steven is having a hard time understanding receiving boos. Is there anything you can think of that would dignify those boos, he asks Kimberly? Kimberly says sex? Yeah, Steven says, but I don't understand. We've done it three days before. People wouldn't have seen that. Kimberly says I don't know, but that is the only thing I can think of. She says they might see that you are a little bit controlling. They see me as a pr*ck, he says. I don't want it to land on you, that they don't like me. I'm the least controlling individual. Not in a negative way, she says, but a powerful way. It's nice.

Danielle tells Helen that Kimberly told her that she had been in a relationship with this guy and she did love him and all that stuff, but is her feelings towards that guy are totally finished? I mean, does Steven feel insecure about this whole thing? Helen says yes. I don't want to come across as q mean harsh, Helen says, but she had sex with him a week before she got here. My fear is that means an attraction.

100%, Danielle says, she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve, it's hard to know where you stand with her. She feels so sorry for Steven because he just gives and gives and gives. He is such a nice boy, she says, he really is. He's very loyal, Helen says, he's not used to a girl like her.

In the kitchen, Steven tells Kimberly he thinks it's their relationship that has done this. But I don't feel comfortable being chanted at like that. I actually don't understand what I have done wrong. If it has been cut a certain way to make me look like I have been possessive, then I can understand why the public would think I'm a controlling possessive twat. But I can't understand how that could be, it was a perfectly reasonable thing to expect. I don't dwell on things, I get upset and move on. My mother's going to be upset.

11:30pm In the Diary Room, Ashleigh tells Big Brother she really thought it was gonna be her (going home). I had been sitting and talking to Danielle about what I was going to do tonight and stuff. I got so so excited and, like, and like, I'm really happy with my reception. I expected it to be so much worse but there were cheers and stuff and that was nice. Definitely wasn't the worst reception of the night, even though that doesn't bother me if it was, but its nice to know that it wasn't.

Helen and Ash are speculating about the crowds reaction to Steven. Ash thinks it was the shagging that what got him. Helen says when I watched shagging on this program before, I felt horrible. What a nob, Ash says. I don't find it funny. Its not funny, Ash agrees. Helen says I was shocked, both equally as much. It's all over Twitter that they shagged, she says. Ash says it's on TV, no way. My mother'd have a f*cking heart-attack.

Danielle tells Marlon she's realized it's a game. Jale going home reminds you of that, Marlon says. From now on, Danielle says, I'm going to be everyone's friend and be all sweet and nice. Bring it on, she says, because this is a game at the end of the day, it's a Reality TV show. You can't take it too seriously. And true friendships that will expand, she says...

I'll never hold anything in the house against you, he says, you'll be my friend outside the house. That's true friendship, Danielle says, I know you'll keep your word on the outside. The other ones, as far as I'm concerned, can jog right on. Tonight has made me realize, nice guys finish last. Tonight has turned it around massively.

12:22am Helen tells Danielle the footage they saw of Ashleigh this week for the App task was mainly on Ashleigh. Was it, Danielle asks, was it bad? Helen says it was. She says Danielle looked like she was on the fence. Ash tells Danielle that Ashleigh keeps her to be just hers. Helen says I knew she was controlling. Her thing in the Diary Room was terrible, Helen says, I didn't want Matthew to go. We all thought it was a difficult week for all of us but not her. According to her it was her choice on who to go. That's terrible, Danielle says.

1:23am Once again, Steven tells Kimberly he loves her very very much and wants to show her how much. He wants to tell her every minute of the day. He wants to show how much he loves her. He kisses her and she kisses him back.

In the Diary Room, Danielle confides she's not one to bluff, but she's in there for keeps. I don't want to go. I worked my tush off to get here, she says, I enjoy it and I want to win it. I find it interesting. I find certain things you do are quite nasty and sick, but I understand you got a TV program to make. So with that talking, I'm playing my own game and no one's going to know what it is because I don't trust you, Big Brother. I really don't trust you and that's annoyed me.

So what I'm going to do, and I think it might work, we'll wait and see, but as far as I'm concerned, if people do notice a change in me, then so be it. One thing I know how to do, and anyone that knows me knows this, I can bluff until the cows come home. I'll keep it to myself. No one is going to know apart from me and Gd, and I think he'll be behind me on this because it's a bloody good game plan. People can say what they want, but they are going to see a pattern and it is on like Donkey Kong, I'm going to smash this.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 38: Saturday, July 12th, 2014 - New Bonds

Previously, the battle lines were drawn. Tonight, housemates enter a grave new world and it's all changed.

10:22am Disaster has struck the Big Brother house. Housemates are unaware that they have been stranded in the wasteland that was once the Big Brother garden. Split into two teams, housemates will compete against each other in a fight for survival. The housemates walk outside to the grave new world. The captain of the Red Team is Ashleigh and the members are Mark, Steven, Ash and Helen. The captain of the Blue Team is Danielle and the members are Christopher, Chris, Kimberly, Marlon and Winston

Big Brother has delivered the housemates their rations for the day. OMG, Helen exclaims, is that a cockroach? They yell that they have scorpions. Ash says he's going to eat one. Mark says met too. Helen puts one in her mouth and crunches it. Jesus, Ashleigh, does it even taste like anything? All the housemates are tasting the edible insects. Team Blue toasts themselves with bugs. Some are disgusted and others are laughing. Well done, boys, Danielle says.

11:47am Danielle is laying down the law to her team, If you want anything now, she says, you can have anything, but for now its the peanuts and insects only.

In the Diary Room, Mark says I think me outfit is cute as well now. I know if the world ever did end and we did ever go into an apocalypse, I know that I would quite cute in that kind of apocalypse outfit. I didn't think I would be eating a scorpion for breakfast. I was quite looking forward to me chocolate cereal. I got to be honest, I still got some of me scorpion in me mouth now and it is unusual texture. If it was a spider I couldn't have done it, but I actually love scorpions, believe it or not.

I'm a Scorpio, so I kind of relate to them on a different level and because it was a scorpion. It was fine, but can't eat any other insects. Some of them have got eyes and some I feel are looking at me from the spirit world, so defiantly ain't no no, but I have eaten me enough scorpion now to last me a lifetime.

He thinks Team Red is pretty strong, let me tell you. Me and Helen and Ash are the Northern Ninjas. Ashleigh is strong minded. I think Steven, he moans a little bit more than the rest of them. I don't think he likes getting his hands dirty or throwing himself in, but hopefully he's going to give it his all today, yeah. I think our team is a better match than the other team.

Listen Blue Team, you haven't got sh*t on us. We are gonna wipe the floor with you. You got no chance of beating the Northern Ninjas, the daddy destructor and Steven, we are gonna win. You got no chance. If this was the real Armageddon, we would be having you for dinner!

12:52pm For the first test of survival, the housemates will do battle to catch fish underneath the sewage pipe. The red and the Blue Teams must catch as many fish as possible.

Danielle and Ashleigh are under the sewage pipes trying to catch a fish. A fish pops out and Ashleigh shoves Danielle down to get the fish. Ashleigh gets the fish and returns it to her bucket. Ash goes in next for a fish as Danielle is still trying to get her first fish. Ash puts his fish in the bucket, then Mark tries to get a fish. Mark gets his fish and puts it in the bucket for the Red Team. Push him out of the way, Winston urges Danielle. It's Helen's turn to catch a fish. Helen just reaches into the sewer pipe and pulls out a fish. Danielle is getting frustrated.

Next for the Red Team is Steven, who runs up and grabs the next fish. Danielle finally gets her first fish for the Blue Team. Winston has the next fish for the Blue Team and pushes Mark out of his way. As the housemates battle for fish from the sewage drain, everyone is yelling to hurry. They are drenched in dirty water and smelling like fish. Kimberly and Marlon tell Danielle its fine, you did your best and we are all really proud of you. On the Red Team, Ash says when Ashleigh pushed Danielle over, that was the finniest thing. We took the p*ss out of their fight, Helen says.

The Blue Team captain Danielle steps up to count their fish, They have 3 fish. The Red Teams captain Ashleigh steps up and they have 12 fish. Big Brother says the Red Team has won with 12 fish. The Red Team captain may now choose three members of her team to escape the wilderness. Ashleigh chooses herself, Steven and Helen to leave the wilderness and access the house for the bathroom and shower and kitchen.

[A real leader would have chosen 3 people other than themselves. -- Morty]

1:56pm Danielle tells Big Brother in the Diary Room that she's really, really annoyed. I'm so p*ssed off you have no idea, she says. That fish came out of the pipe. I caught it and Ashleigh pushed me over while I had the fish and then grabbed the fish away from me. What the hell? That's obviously cheating.

There is a line, and that crossed it. I demand a rematch. I will fight back. I'm not giving up. Just keep throwing out these tasks. Just keep throwing them out, because I ain't giving up. Just bring on the next task, I'll smash it. And I'm not talking to the Reds because it is on now. It's personal.

In the New World, Mark says he absolutely loves this. Helen says this is one of her favorite tasks they have done. Ashleigh says an encouraging team leader. Danielle has abandon her team already. I would have stuck by my team even if we had only got one fish.

[seems to me you abandoned your team for a nosh and a hot shower. -- Morty]

Danielle calls the Blue Team together for a conference talk. Mark feels like a turncoat for hanging out with the Red Team. Ashleigh says she was up there strategizing in the Diary Room. We don't need strategy, Mark says, we have determination.

Danielle says lets sit down so they won't see what we are talking about. So obviously that f*cked up majorly, she says, it sucks but that's life. We need to crack on with this. We got to win this. We have to win it. Just to clarify, I want to get this out first, that was my f*cking fish. I was pushed over and the fish was taken from my grasp. It's Big Brother's fault for condoning such behavior. So its on its f*cking on like Donkey Kong. I ain't taking no crap, so lets go in and smash this and lets win!

2:58pm For the second part of today's task, teams will compete to build the most successful escape raft using scavenged material. The team that builds the most buoyant raft will be victorious. As Team Captains, Danielle and Ashleigh are up first whens the buzzer rings. Ashleigh shoves Danielle. Ashleigh and Danielle are grabbing things as their team members yell what to grab. After getting all the materials they can, the buzzer rings and now they must build their escape rafts.

In the Diary Room, Ash says the strategy for the Red Team to build their raft is to get the big blue barrel and two of the tubes and put them on either side so that it wouldn't topple over. Helen is helping put the raft together. This is what they used in Jaws, she says expertly.

Winston tells us in the Diary Room that the Red Teams strategy is, they have gone with this: stick a big barrel in the middle. I don't think there is enough stability there to like keep it, he says, I think it is gonna roll.

We got this in the bag, Marlon assures the Blue Team. Chris is worried the cardboard tubes will just soak up the water. Ash says the Blue Team's raft looks like scrap. Winston says our strategy is to put the rolls together and strap them together like a solid platform. Simple but effective. You could go to World War II with that thing, Winston tells his team confidently.

Ash has a message for the Blue Team: You stink of fish so you're going under the water where the fish belong. You Reds are gonna sink faster than the titanic, Winston boasts, the Blues are gonna win. You're going to sink faster than the iceberg did!

[Pretty sure the Titanic sank, not the iceberg. -- Morty]

The Titanic hit the iceberg and you're going faster than the Titanic into the ocean, Winston clarifies.

Ashleigh's Red Team puts their raft in the pool. The Blue Team can splash the water to make waves. They get more water on on Ashleigh than the raft. Hold tight, her team encourages her. I'm holding, she says, straddling the floating barrel like a bucking bronco. Hi team, she waves. Well done red team, Mark says, leading them clapping. Smashed it, Ashleigh says.

Danielle's Blue Team puts their raft in the water next. Danielle gets on the raft and it sinks. Immediately. And fast. The Red Team is laughing. It's falling apart, Danielle says. As the theme from Titanic plays, the Red Team makes waves and throw water on Danielle. She keeps falling off her raft.

The Red Team is celebrating already. Big Brother says the Team Captains have tested their escape rafts and the results are as follows. The Red Team captain, Ashleigh, managed to stay on their raft for 5 minutes. The Blue Team raft proved to be unseaworthy. The Red Team has won this challenge.

5:28pm The rival Team Captains speak for the first time today. Ashleigh asks Danielle if she really hurt Danielle's knee? Danielle says yeah, on the fish thing. Ashleigh apologizes. I didn't mean to do it. I was fighting with my eyes closed because I didn't want it in my eyes.

[That might ring truer if you hadn't pushed her out of your way a second time. -- Morty]

Mark lets Christopher get on the Red Team's raft. Swing your legs over, he encourages, there ya go. Wee! He pushes Christopher into to the middle of the pool. This is fun, Christopher says. Don't break it, Mark warns.

Kimberly tells Danielle the relationship you and Ashleigh is going to be beneficial for you in this little world but, do it. If not, just be careful. Danielle says I saw what you did with the pictures. I am surprised you did that. Photos are photos, Kimberly says, I didn't want any drama. You can rip up photos but you cant rip up memories. But when you do look at photos, it does bring back memories. And memories are bitter sweet for me, to be honest, so even though I'm going towards a new chapter in my life, I just want to remember the first one.

Danielle says I hope you do. Don't forget him. I can't, Kimberly says, I wouldn't. I just want you to be happy. That's the thing, though, Kimberly reveals, we weren't very happy. You love Steven, don't you, Danielle says. I don't want to, but when you do, you do, you know> You are going to be all right when you get out of here, Danielle asks, living together and stuff. Is that going to be all right for you?

I just want to be happy, Kimberly says, it sounds stupid. It's not, Danielle assures her. But look how much I've f*cked things up now, Kimberly says. You've not, Danielle says, you've handled everything in a dignified manner. Did you not see me crying the other day? You've done a great job, Danielle says, you've been a great support for Steven. I honestly don't think he could have done this without you.

7:08pm For winning the task today the Red Team has been rewarded with a sneak peak of the movie, Dawn of The Planet of the Apes, and now Big Brother has laid on a wild party. Mark says I love the Red Team. Ashleigh and Ash say I love the Red Team too.

The Blue Team has been locked out of the party. Christopher is looking out the window to see that the Red Team has cocktail jugs. Loads of sweets and fruits. Kimberly is jealous they have alcohol. Out in the garden wild, Helen says they have some good people on the other team but right now she wouldn't want to be paired with any of them. Steven says we have no arguments, no disputes, we do what we have to do. We did everything like it was easy for us, Helen says. It was embarrassing, Steven says of their victories over the Blue Team. It was cringy, Ashleigh says.

Inside, Christopher reports the Red Team are all stuffing their faces out there. Winston says he's fine with it. In the garden, Ash says the last couple of days, Marlon has been moping around. He needs to stop f*cking feeling sorry for himself, Mark says. I'm sick of smiling at him, Helen says, and all he does is mumble back. You put yourself in that position, Mark says.

When he made that speech, Helen says, I thought that took courage but since then he's not done anything. I think he should pick himself up and make things right with people. He is not f*cking making an effort with people. Self pity is the ugliest thing in the world.

8:46pm Helen is in the Diary Room: It's been good to spend the day with Ashleigh, she says, I think we just put things to one side and just got on with it. She is a really good team player and good captain. I enjoy being on a team with her because she is not a soft *ss. She cracks on with it. I think the reason we won is that we did kind of ignore the differences that we have had over the last couple of weeks. She will never be my best friend or anything but if we're going to be on teams, I'd prefer we get along like we did today.

Danielle tells Kimberly she sees her in a flat but doesn't know if Steven is there. I'll be alone, Kimberly asks? Maybe you do live alone for awhile, but in a house, but it is definitely a flat, she says. But with him, Kimberly asks? Danielle says she doesn't know. But I don't want to hurt you. You won't hurt me, Kimberly says. I can only see it short term. I can't see it long term. I don't think you will be with him in 6 months time. I think it will crack around Christmas.

Then what? You'll meet someone else, somebody English. Kimberly says an English guy? Danielle says yeah and around 26 and very successful a banker. That's so random, Kimberly says, I've never dated a banker. Do you think I should have waited till I got outside the house to be with Steven? Danielle says yeah, I said that to you three weeks ago. He comes across to me that he could get quiet paranoid and I think if you were to both have waited till you were out, I don't think that he would have been as anxious as he is now because that seed has been planted there. I feel it might stay for the rest of your relationship.

9:50pm Big Brother has allowed all the housemates into the garden. Ash says this is the first time we have all sat together and had a drink and had a laugh and everyone's gotten along and we are all very good friends and it is absolutely fantastic. CHEERS!

Mark says thank you Big Brother, for giving us this f*cking task today. If the task hadn't have happened, we all wouldn't be sat down like this. They're going to destroy us tomorrow, Ashleigh predicts, but I've seen a different side of you (Helen) today, I didn't expect it after what you've said behind my back before. When it comes to doing what we did today, I don't care, Helen says, if push comes to shove, we can work together. Danielle looks sad.

Mark and Steven says shhhhh. They hear music from inside the house. It's us, Chris realizes and they all run to the living area and start dancing to music. Happy is playing. Ashleigh and Helen hug and say this is a new start. Ashleigh says you all witnessed that, Ashleigh declares. Mark jumps in Christopher's arms and knocks him over.

10:29pm Helen, Steven Winston and Ash are in the garden talking about Mark and Christopher. Helen loved it when Mark jumped into Christopher's arms. Me mouth dropped, she says. Christopher really fancies him, Steven says. It's the same back, Helen says, I think they definitely like each other. In a big way, Steven agrees. Not in a big way, Ash says, but they do like each other. There's something there, Helen insists.

The rest of the housemates join in the Garden discussion. Christopher thanks Big Brother for the music. I love how spontaneous it was, Ashleigh says. And tomorrow, Helen says direly, they're going to sh*t all over us. Ashleigh says this should be a new start for everybody and not let Big Brother f*ck us over things that were said in the past. Remember the good things, Steven says. New start, Mark toasts.

Mark says whatever happens from here, lets all f*cking remember tonight. Christopher says this is gourmet picnic food. This is not normal ham and cheese sandwiches. Mark says he'd go on a picnic with Christopher. Cheers to the new couple, Steven says and everyone joins in toasting Mark and Christopher. All the housemates laugh and but Mark makes an uncomfortable face.

11:11pm Helen and Ashleigh talk in the bedroom. Ashleigh says I am happy that today I was put on your team and all our issues were pushed aside. For once I was able to sit with you and just make them disappear like that. I think we have just clashed and I think if we were to sit around and get to each other, we could be really good friends with each other.

Helen says I know I am a bitch, and you are a bitch, we have seen it. There is no point in denying it, saying like, oh no, we've got our wires crossed. We have both seen each other for what we are and that all it is. We've collided so much and I don't want to do that with you.

In the Diary Room, Mark is talking about Christopher. It's evolving definitely and I have seen a different side to him. In a positive way. I like spending time with him, but calling him my new Matthew is disrespectful to him, because he is not my new Matthew. He's just Christopher. But it has been nice to have somebody to kind of step in and be kind to me. Thank gawd he was and I am really happy he survived the eviction last night.

I think that maybe I downplay a lot on how much I like him but I have a high opinion of him. A lot of time I give Christopher sh*t, but I do appreciate he's here. I appreciate the fact that, yeah, I like Christopher a lot. I think we'll be friends after here.

11:41pm Helen and Danielle in the bath room talking about Ashleigh. Helen says the next couple of weeks is going to be bull sh*t. I rather just avoid fighting and work together. Danielle says it is good what you did. People will respect you a lot for doing that. And her, Helen says, I did have a lot of respect for her today. I thought she could have been such a b*tch about stuff, and I could have. Danielle says you did really well. Helen says she's off to bed, leaving Danielle in the shower.

In the kitchen, Christopher is watching Mark eat an ear of corn. They hear a beeping coming from the storeroom. Christopher tells him he's going to go see if he left freezer open on. Mark says no, princess, sit down. I'll go see I left it open. Stop the beeping, Christopher cries out, stop the beeping! The beeping doesn't stop.

Christopher goes to find Mark and asks him what the hell are you doing? Mark is in the storeroom. Christopher asks if he wants a moment to himself to eat your corn? Mark says no, come here as he sits in the storage room eating his corn. Did you have a good night? Oh bloody hell yeah.

Christopher says so what are we going to do tonight, throw some balls? Mark says do you think if we had more alcohol we would have a ball? Christopher says yeah. Big Brother, Mark says, please give me and Christopher more alcohol. You can go to bed and dream of Holly Locke, Christopher says. I love Holly Locke, Mark says. I love, Christopher says, who do I love? Me, Mark says. Head over heels, Christopher jokes. I'm going to bed now, Mark says as they both exist the storeroom.

12:15am In the garden, Kimberly tells Chris she's ready to see what tomorrow is like. After all of today, she says, it will be interesting for me to see. But I'm just going to go to bed and sleep on everything that happened today, you know? Chris says what a weird day. Kimberly agrees. I feel, for me, it has been a really weird day. Really weird, Chris says.

In the bedroom, Steven tells Helen he can see she and Ash are really good friends. But there is an attraction, he pushes. Sorry, Helen says, you are wrong. Very wrong. I will never see it as but a friendship, she says, I love him too much as a friend. Steven says I know, but fact is, he told me that you are really close mates. If he came to you and said he finds you attractive, would you tell him no way in a million years? That might not be how he feels anyway, Helen deflects.

I ain't saying nothing, Steven says cryptically. What do you mean, Helen asks? What you say to me, Steven explains, is the same thing you say to me. But I can tell, I've been around the block long enough, I'm not stupid. Steve, she says, be realistic. It could never be anything else. I see him as my best friend in the house. Steven reminds her she's told him a lot about her life and from a man's perspective, he's completely and utterly...

Helen confesses to Steven that she told Ash she was an escort and wondered why. But she couldn't keep lying to him. I thought he'd be weird about it, she says. You're attracted to him, Steven prompts. He's fit, she says, he's very fit. but I absolutely adores him to bits as a friend. I'll bet everything I have that by the end of this experience, you two get a lot closer.

2:29am All of the housemates are in bed. Helen tells Ash the first thing she will do when she leaves the house. I'll have a lot to read through, she says. You won't have negatives, she tells him, but I'm just preparing myself for the worst, she says. What would you read that on, he asks. I would go on Google and type my name in. F*ck Google off, Ash says, because Google is only bad sh*t, so what's the point? Please don't do that, Helen says. What, Ash asks. Put be on Google, Helen says, I'd hate that. I don't need to, Ash says, we're tight.

In bed, Christopher ask Mark if he had a good day? Mark says yeah. As they go to sleep, Mark moves closer to Christopher and snuggles under his bed cover. Christopher puts his pillow over his head, pulling up the covers to completely hide them. They move closer and there may be sounds of snogging. One of them says this can't happen. Then, sh*t! Chris's head appears on top of his pillow again. It's too hot in here, Mark says. Yeah, Christopher says. They say goodnight and turn over facing opposite directions.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Day 39: Sunday, July 13th, 2014 + Armageddon!

Previously, after weeks of bitching, fighting and tears, harmony reigned in the Big Brother House. But that's all about to change. Tonight, one leaves in a shock eviction. And three new housemates will enter. This is Big Brother Armageddon!

From now until Friday, the housemates world as they know it will implode. In the next hour, one will be leaving the Big Brother House, and who goes, the housemates decide. Unbeknownst to them, a trio of special housemates have settled in to their very own secret quarters. Later tonight, that bombshell will be dropped after a shock eviction. Armageddon has arrived!

But before that, let's get caught up with yesterday's action.

10:22am Last night, Mark and Christopher kissed. This morning, Christopher is out of the bed. Mark is running his fingers through his hair. Christ all mighty, he says. What's wrong with you, Helen asks. I feel a bit restful, he says. Why, Helen asks. I don't know, Mark says. Ash tells Chris there was a bit of Christmas last night, huh? Yeah, Chris says, an unlikely couple. It's so unlikely, Ash says, so unlikely.

In the Diary Room, Mark tells Big Brother he was a little bit merry last night. And by merry, he says, I do mean drunk. I just hope I haven't made a show of me self. I can remember a couple of things that might have made me show me self a little bit. He makes a face and laughs. Oh f*ck, flashback (to he and Christopher kissing in bed). I have no regrets. Sorry, actually, no, I don't regret anything. I came in here to have a full experience and to just throw me self into it, so no, I am not gonna regret nothing.

12:44pm Mark, Winston, and Ash are talking about Ashleigh and Helen. Mark says last night they was chatting and gave each other a big hug and a kiss. He thinks they are the two strongest girls in the house. I think they have got more in common than they realize. Really, I think that's why, when they had that argument, it went nowhere. Nobody was backing down from it. It's because they relate to each other. Ash says it's not like Ashleigh, because she was so b*tchy about people and got called out.

Marlon is trimming Chris's hair in the washroom. Chris says yeah, that's good, man. Tidy up, he says, it's all I an do at this point.

Steven asks Christopher if anything happened between you and Mark? Christopher says he doesn't know. In the outside world, we would never have met. Really, Steven says. Christopher says we would have met, but we would never have got together because I would have thought he was over the top and he would drive me up the wall. That's literally what I would have thought. I don't even have friends like Mark, you know what I mean? I might have thought potentially we could be friends, but never would I have thought that anything would ever happen between us.

I would see him outside of this and see if that could happen. I don't think we'll get together in here. I can't see us doing a you and Kimberly, saying lets get together and making plans to go out there. Simply because I don't think Mark's open enough about those things. He's pretty quiet about those things. He's quiet, shy and he doesn't want to talk about them on TV or anything like that, so we would just have to wait and see.

We would need to have like a couple of private conversations, I think, whenever we are out of here, to see if that could happen or if we are compatible outside of here. Because there are many things with Mark that are off limits in conversations that he won't talk about on television. Yeah, Steven says, he's very, ummm, he's probably had bad relationships in the past. Christopher says it's not that. It's just, he is very conscious of who is watching, like his family. He's never discussed relationships with his family and doesn't want to start now.

2:32pm Marlon and Winston are having lunch at the dining table. And not talking.

Mark and Christopher are alone in the bedroom. Christopher asks what do he wants to do today? Mark says he wants a down day today, he still feels a bit hung over. I'm mad at me self. Christopher says honestly, don't worry about it. You didn't do anything extreme. Where you worried about it, he asks? Mark says no, I just sometimes forget the cameras are here and me family are out there. You really didn't say anything, Christopher assures him, you was just being your usual self, to be honest.

In the pod, Danielle tells Ashleigh she'll l wait to see what happens with nominations. I'm prepared to be up for nomination, so. I know if I go up, I am screwed. Ashleigh says not necessarily. Danielle says all the 4 girls here are very very definite to one another, and you know I might not come across as such a strong exterior like you and Helen, so... Ashleigh says that has nothing to do with it. Well it does in a way, Danielle says, because I might not be as entertaining.

Ashleigh says you have to do something to annoy the public for them to pick up the phone and actually vote for you. If you go, you have done something to annoy the public enough for them to get off their arse, go to their phone, pay for you to get out of the house. Tell me what you have done to annoy somebody that much? There are people in this house that could be up this week that have been way more annoying than that, me being one of them.

Danielle says OK, we'll just stop talking about that. Would you rather me set here and tell you yeah, you're going, Ashleigh asks? No, Danielle demurs, I am not saying that. Then why are you saying that's enough of that? Because there's nothing more to say on that subject, Danielle says. All right, Danielle, Ashleigh says and they sit in silence.

5:18pm Earlier, Mark confessed all to Ash. Now Ash is telling Helen. What about last night, Ash asks. What, Helen asks, confused. Ash says Mark and Christopher. It's cute, Helen says, what did he (Mark) say this morning? He seemed really regretful they was up there flirting. Oh my gawd, Helen exclaims, did they do it? Ash just smiles and laughs, steels a glance over to where Mark and Christopher are sitting, then tells Helen that last night they snogged. Helen asks how do you know? Mark told me this morning, Ash gossips, but you can't tell anyone. Where, Helen asks. In the storeroom, Ash says. He can't stop laughing. Helen is just shocked.

In the Diary Room, Christopher confesses he wants to kill Mark half the time. I genuinely want to kill him half the time, he says, because I'm so nice to him. I will set there and listen while he babbles on about eyebrows. I know more about f*cking eyebrows and arches and tints and lifts and designs and shapes and patterns and the importance of a brow to the face than I ever thought I would dream of knowing in a billion and one years. And he never ever listens to me and I have to listen to him constantly and his little rants. But there is something quite lovable about him. He's like a little child that doesn't listen, which is lovely, and he does generally make me laugh.

We're like an old married couple long before our time, really. I never dreamed I would come onto Big Brother and meet someone I'd like a little bit, so I don't know. I'm just taking things very very slowly, so I don't even know where things are at. Everything seems to be, you know, at Mark's discretion. Mark seems to call all the shots and in this case, it's like he will decide tonight whether he wants a little bed time chat with me or not. Or if he just wants me to go back to my own bed. Sorry, I don't know where I am sleeping anymore.

Sometimes I share a bed with Chris and sometimes Mark's like, Christopher come on over and see me. And I am like, oh, for goodness sake, Mark. So I don't really know with Mark. But I think he likes me more than he will admit to anyone in here.

7:01pm Winston and Mark are in the garden talking about Marlon. Mark asks, so he not making the most of his time here? Winston says he sulks a lot. He's been through a lot, Mark says, but if that was me and I felt like I had been given a second chance to stay, I would make the most of it in here. Winston agrees. I would be, like, I saved myself. Marks says yeah, instead of walking around like a little boy lost. Be helpful, Winston says. It's like a tragic accident, Mark says, instead of being himself.

In the kitchen, Danielle is talking with Marlon and Christopher. I think they will put a new person in, she says. Marlon says no that'll be to hard. Yeah, Danielle says, but how many people would want to come in here? A hell of a lot. True, Marlon reasons, and they will know about the public and everything. They would know who was in the public's eye. Danielle says they will know how to handle it.

It would be tough to come in here, Christopher says, I tell you, this house would rip them and interrogate them and pull them to shreds. Danielle says she would be all right with it (new housemates) as long as they are not douches. I'd be paranoid for a day, Christopher says, because this person could win a hundred grand when I have done half (the series) and they haven't even done what we have had to go through for like, a day, But I would get over myself.

I wouldn't take a grudge against that person, Danielle says. Christopher agrees, he would take a grudge either. But I would be like kind of like, hmmmnm.... Well i wouldn't be surprised about that, Danielle says.

11:38pm Chris is outside in the garden singing Blue Moon and smoking a cig. He walks to the bedroom where Housemates are going to bed. Winston asks is everyone in the room? Is everyone here? Marlon says this is everyone. Hit the lights, Helen says. There's so few of us now, Christopher says. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Marlon counts. It's so quiet, Steven remarks. Christopher recounts and comes out to 11. Marlon accepts Christopher's number, realizing he didn't count himself. It feels really empty, Christopher says.

They turn the lights off and everyone is going to bed. Mark tells Christopher he should sleep with Chris tonight. Christopher asks him if he's all right? Yeah, Mark says. OK, Christopher says, getting out of Mark's bed, see you tomorrow. Good night, Christopher, Mark says.

Back live, is it trouble in paradise? The housemates need not worry because it's not going to be empty in there for much longer. In a moment, it's going to be the end of someone's Big Brother world. Yesterday, nominations took place as usual. But what the housemates don't know is the housemate who received the most nominations is going to be evicted tonight. Someone is about to be given the shock of their lives and it's time to lob in Armageddon's first grenade.

The housemates have been gathered into the living room, presumably to learn the results of yesterday's nominations. This is Big Brother. Housemates, yesterday you nominated. Big Brother now has the results of these nominations. The housemates with the most nominations this week are:

Ash. Stand up, Ash.

Ashleigh. Stand up, Ashleigh.

Marlon. Stand up, Marlon.

The housemates are all muttering nervously. Marlon is shirtless, not expecting anything more than the nominations reveal.

Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon received the most votes. However, these three housemates will not face the public vote.

The nominees are confused, laughing nervously.

This week Armageddon has hit the Big Brother House...

Oh, sh*t, the say, realizing something big is about to go down.

...and the housemate with the most nominations will be evicted.

Big Brother house this is Emma.

With Emma's voice, realization hits like a ton of bricks. Either Ash, Ashleigh or Marlon is about to be evicted. Oh my Gosh, Helen and Ashleigh exclaim.

Ash, Ashleigh, Marlon...

With no audience noise, the nominees are not sure how to react.

The housemates have spoken, your fate is sealed. I can now reveal the housemate with the most nominations and 6th to be evicted is...


Don't be upset, Marlon starts saying before his name is even revealed. Chris is the first to give him a hug.

Marlon, you have lost your place in the Big Brother house. You must say your goodbyes. Live the dream, Christopher tells him. Ashleigh still seems confused, asking him if he's leaving. Don't worry, he keeps saying as he makes the rounds of 10 hugs.

Marlon takes off his shorts at the bottom of the steps. In his underwear, he is told to leave the house via the Diary Room. to leave the house and runs out in his underwear. At the top of the stairs, he puts his shorts back on. See you later guys, he says, entering the Diary Room. Ashleigh says he's not going anywhere, he's going to watch us. Steven says there's no way he's leaving like that. Winston's in a daze. His screen's changed already, Christopher notes of the light boxes. This is too predictable, Steven says confidently.

Ash says at first he thought all three were up for nomination, then all three were being saved and everyone else was up... That's what I thought, Danielle says. Then Emma comes on, Ash continues, and I thought she said you've all been evicted.

Armageddon has claimed its first victim, but it's only just begun!

Marlon sits for his exit interview with Emma, who plays for him his nominations. He thinks everyone but Chris and Danielle nominated him. He was nominated by Helen, Winston, Christopher, Steven, Chris, Kimberly and Mark.

The housemates are about to learn they are not alone. We are about to meet 3 brand spanking new housemates. You're joking, Marlon says. The housemates are gathered again on the sofas.

This is Big Brother. Minutes ago, Marlon was evicted and became the first casualty of Armageddon week. But that's not the only shock this evening. Big Brother can now reveal that all housemates except for Helen face eviction this week. One of you will be evicted on Friday. But that is not all Armageddon brings.

Earlier today, three people entered the house and have been secretly living along side you.

The housemates are shocked to see a video feed of the three housemates in the secret room.

They are not guests. They are housemates. And they are here to stay. The party is over, housemates. This is Armageddon!

Winston recognizes one from his audition. Big Brother begins playing the new housemates' VTs.

Zoe is 29 years old and a professional singer in the West End (Britain's equivalent to Broadway). She was the final girl during a season of Pop Idol (the British version of American Idol). She loves funny people, won't tolerate b*tchy people, and if there's funny business in the bedroom she'll put a stop to it because that's disgusting.

Steven and Kimberly look at each other and smile.

Pav is 22 from Essex, a self-described ladies man who likes female attention. He's a manipulator who studied psychology in University and wills tand his ground in an argument. Can I win Big Brother, he asks, the truth is I've already won.

The third housemate is, Biannca, 31 years old and also from Essex. She's an exotic dancer who gets to rub herself against hot guys. Danielle has her hands over her mouth, a terrified look on her face. Biannca says she goes for well groomed Essex boys and Winston has a smile on his face as the other housemates tease him. She won't b*tch behind peoples backs, she tells it to their face. I will do whatever it takes to win. I will be taking my clothes off, I will be getting drunk, I will be having sex in the house, and I will win Big Brother.

Danielle has a look of horror on her face. Ashleigh wonders where they've going to come in from. Mark says he's so excited! Winston, you may be getting lucky, Ashleigh teases to dead silence.

Zoe, Pav and Biannca are in the Diary Room. Pav says they know everything about them (the housemates).

Welcome to the Big Brother house, Big Brother says. They yell in excitement.

Are you excited about going into the house? Yes, they shout. Housemates, this is Armageddon week and Big Brother has just told the other housemates that they all face eviction. However, this week they don't face the public vote, as their fate lies in your hands.

Give me the power, Pav boasts.

On Friday, you will decide which one of your housemates is evicted. It will be your decision and your decision only. How do you feel about that? Powerful, the new housemates yell, powerful!

You must not reveal any of this to your new housemates, the three are warned. If you do, you will suffer the severest of consequences. Housemates, you are now free to leave the Diary Room and enter the house.

This is Big Brother. Housemates, meet your new housemates. Everyone gets up screaming. The new housemates come downstairs from the Diary Room and Mark is the first to yell, Hello! Everyone is hugging and introducing themselves to each other.

Look at this house, Pav shouts excitedly. Zoe wants to make sure she greets all the housemates. The new housemates realize Marlon is not there. I can't believe 3 new housemates, Ashleigh screams. Biannca gives Steven a tickle. Zoe is excited to meet Chris, an actor.

In a nutshell, all the original housemates except Helen believe they are facing the public vote. But the power is actually in the hands of the 3 new housemates. They will decide who is next to be evicted. However, the three new housemates aren't here to stay. Only two if then will remain in the house after Friday night it's up to the public to decide which too. The new housemate with the fewest votes will get the boot.

For the latest news in the Big Brother UK House, check out our coverage page at http://mortystv.com/bbuk

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Yuck. The rumors about the new housemates were way more exciting than these 3. What a letdown.

I'm feeling a little like BBUK has jumped the shark with this season. Helen getting a pass to the final on day 2 goes completely against the show's tagline "who goes, who stays . . . you decide". Bad move.

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