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Monday, April 21 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:15 AM BBT Neda and Heather are in the WA, Jon has just walked in. The BR is dark, can’t tell who is asleep. Adel says goodnight and heads to the HOH. Lights are now dark or going dark in the BR and HOH.

12:34 AM BBT Wow! Early night in the BB House. Most of the HGs are sleep. Adel is in bed listening to his music cuddled up to teddy. Sabrina is restless and just got up. BB must be asleep themselves because they didn’t keep her on camera.

12:44 AM BBT Sabrina is now back in bed. In the HOH Adel is reading his letter.

12:55 AM BBT Rachelle got out of bed but returned quickly. Adel looks like he has gone to sleep. Now that all the HGs are in bed I’ll say goodnight Canada.

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#BBCAN2 11:40AM BBT: And we are back....We find Neda, Adel, and Heather changing. The Veto ceremony has just ended. Not sure what was done yet.

#BBCAN2 11:45AM BBT: Adel and Neda out at the hot tub. Adel says that if he somehow makes it to the end, that he would rather lose than get their votes. (I am assuming he is referring to the gremlins)

#BBCAN2 11:48AM BBT: Adel says to Rachelle and Neda that today is a mission day for someone. Yesterday was so slow. Jon and Heather are making lunch in the kitchen.

#BBCAN2 11:54AM BBT: Neda, Rachelle, and Adel are out at the hot tub sunning themselves. We still have Jon and Heather in the kitchen. No sign of Sabrina yet.

#BBCAN2 11:57AM to 12:00PM BBT: Adel says that the only way they get punished again is if they fail a mission. Neda says she wants a mission. Heather joins them out at the hot tub, while Jon looks like he is creating a huge salad in the kitchen. He ends up out at the hot tub and we see Sabrina come out of the DR. Rachelle gets called into the DR.

#BBCAN2 12:00PM to 12:07PM BBT: Adel comments how he was annoyed with Sabrina and her throwing up. Evidently she also had diarrhea and that is now the topic. Sabrina states how she has a very sensitive stomach. I should note that Sabrina was listening at the door hearing Adels comments about how it was unnecessary and she came storming through the door commenting on it. Jon finishes his food and heads back inside.

#BBCAN2 12:09PM BBT: Neda heads to the DR. Still uncertain whether she used the veto or not on either Gremlin.

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On last night's AfterDark...

[the first couple of hours apparently takes place before feeds came back on after the show last night.]

We find out right away that Neda won Veto. [This is confirmed a couple of times throughout the 3-hour show.]

Jon at one point tells Sabrina and Rachelle that they kicked his butt in that competition.

Neda folds laundry in the bedroom, distributing clothes to the owners.

(Jon has given his "One Direction" bracelets to the girls, one each.)

At one point, when Neda and Jon are alone in the bedroom, he tells her that maybe they should throw the next HoH (to Heather, I assume, not Sabrina!, so that they can both compete for the Final 4 HoH), and just gun for Veto. He promised that it it's a "how bad do you want it" type veto, he won't lose it. He'll take slop until the end, shave his head, whatever.

Adel comes in and invites them for some hot-tubbing.

As the Gremlins make themselves some shakes in the blender (in the storage room), they make fun of Adel's nomination ceremony antics.

Soon after that, they go out to the kitchen and they start banging on pots and pans.

Heather comes out of the bedroom and calls down to them to please stop, because Neda has a headache. (She's lying. Neda does not have a headache, but is actually feeling nauseous.)

The Gremlins go outside to the hot tub area, and do some funny imitating of Adel's nomination ceremony speech.

Adel and Jon come out and actually get into the hot tub (Sabrina and Rachelle are outside too, but are just sitting around, not in the hot tub.)

Talk turns to production (when the episodes air, how many episodes are left, who in their families wanted them to come on the show, the order they entered the house, etc.), and Big Brother just lets them talk, without warning them not to talk about production.

Talk turns to reputations, and how their actions can affect the reputation of their parents, friends. Jon is the one pretty much driving the conversation. He starts to talk about Andrew, and how he may not be liked outside the house because of things that he said, and the way he treated some people in the house. (It's a long, circular conversation.) Also how the company you keep reflects on you, if you hang out with people who aren't nice to others, it gets associated with you.

Finally, after what seems like an hour, conversation about Andrew wraps up, and Adel and Jon get out of the hot tub and Adel goes back inside. Ro, who has her feet in the hot tub, says she will cover the hot tub afterwards.

Sabrina tells Jon (sarcastically, about Adel): "I'm so glad he has his so game figured out. I'm so stupid. I speak five languages, I was going to be a lawyer, I lived in Mexico at the age of 18 with no p-"

Jon: "you were going to be a lawyer? Well, why did you drop out of law school?"

Sabrina: "I didn't - I, the, the - I got accepted to law school, and I moved -"

Jon: "which Uni?"

Sabrina: "I was going to go to, uh, uh, Université de Montreal, because I was doing, uh, business law and marketing, and then I got accepted at that school for the teaching program, in Mexico."

Jon: "that's unreal!"

Sabrina: "So at the age of 18 years old, I lived in a third world country, by myself, with no parents, doing everything for myself, making $600 a month."

Jon: "at what age?"

Sabrina: "18 years old"

Jon: "Yeah, I found it hard at 16 going away."

All this to say that she can't understand why Adel holds such a low opinion of her, when she's not a "dumb-dumb". They tell Jon that Adel will look bad because of that nomination speech. She says she wants to throw her transcript, with her 3.8 GPA, in his face.

Jon finishes dressing, and leaves to go inside. The Gremlins thank him for listening, then continue to talk about it after he leaves.

Sabrina gets emotional and near tears, about the things Adel said, and how rude and mean he has been to her.

Rachelle tries to cheer her up.

They talk about how Andrew has a good heart, he just has bad delivery.

When we come back from commercial, we are being shown the HoH room, with Jon, Heather, Neda and Adel. [Thank you, Big Brother!]

They are talking about how Jillian and Emmett might come back to do All-Stars together, if Big Brother Canada has one.

Adel is of the opinion that the fans would push for an "America versus Canada" all-star season.

Neda tells him that casting director Robyn Kass has said it will never happen.

Adel steps out of the HoH (destination unknown).

They talk about their reasons for doing the show. (Money, publicity, life-changing, etc.)

Jon and Neda start laying the groundwork for turning their final four with Heather and Adel into a final three with Heather.

Jon: "we have to think about who is a pawn, if one of us win this week."

Neda: "I would say Deli."

Jon: "that's what I think as well."

Neda: "Just because he won't take it to heart -"

Jon: "won't care"

Neda: "and he's already said 'as long as Sabs is out'. He's going to hate being on the block next to her."

Jon: "I think he'll LOVE being on the block next to her when she leaves."

Neda: "actually, that's true"

<short pause>

Jon: "Is everyone cool with that?"

Neda: "I am. Do you think HE would be?"

Jon: "We're not... don't bring it up to him until the four of us <mumble, mumble, incoherent mumble>"

Heather: "I think... we should see who wins HoH, and we'll all sit down afterwards."

Neda: "But it would need to be something where we ALL sit down together and tell him. Not..."

Neda mentions how Sabrina did REALLY well in the veto competition, and it scared her.

Heather says "you still schooled her, though".

Jon and Heather hope it's a physical endurance competition coming up.

They speculate that Canada could have the veto this coming week.

Adel comes back in, goes to the HoH bathroom.

Neda suggests they study the calendar of past events together, today or tomorrow.

(Adel heads out again.)

They decide to go get objects to help them study, now. (Like party mix and paper towels.)

In the kitchen, Heather tells Adel "we're going to go over the dates in your room".

Adel tells her "I don't care for that shit because I'm not going to rememeber. Everyone has their stronghold."

Heather goes into the storage room to get study supply foods. Adel follows her, asks about food because he is going to make something to eat.

Adel sings a bit of a song under his breath. (Not the Eminem song he did the same thing with earlier.)

He has not been warned not to sing, all night.

Feed switches back to HoH room, where Neda and Jon sit in silence, as Jon rips up little squares of paper towel and lays them out on the table in rows of 7.

Jon tells Neda (apparently not for the first time) about how Heather asked him "as close as you are with Neda, we're still good, right?"

Adel comes in, gives Neda replacement batteries.

Adel: "Ok, I'm going to listen to music, guys!"

Jon: "Hundo."

Adel: "because this is my kryptonite in the game we're playing" [LMAO]

Jon: "it doesn't matter. Yeah."

[Adel won't be playing in the next HoH anyways, and chances are that Sabrina will get evicted, leaving Adel, Heather, Jon and Neda as final four.]

Neda and Heather come in, and.... we switch to the Gremlins in the bedroom.

Sabrina and Rachelle are lying on one bed together.

It looks like Sabrina is not feeling well.

Rachelle tells her to close her eyes, then stares at her with wide-open eyes until Sabrina sees her, and they both laugh.

Back in the HoiH, we see Adel leave, as the others start studying with Week 1. [i guess they were too loud and distracting for him.]

(The paper towel squares are no longer on the table. Perhaps Big Brother warned them to "Stop that", as it's probably against the rules.)

Jon: "so how does this work? HoH's are on Thursdays, PoV's are on Saturdays."

Heather seems to know her dates better than the other 2.

They get comfortable with Week 1, then move on to Week 2.

They are going over and over the days.

We get a close-up of Adel's teddybear dressed up and wearing the "Wallah Bro" cap.

Now they try to figure out what day the Allison & Jon drinking challenge was. (They decide to go with it happening "Day 25", then aren't sure anymore. Now they are thinking more like "Day 20".)

Sabrina comes up and knocks.

They tell her to come in.

She asks them if they have tried sleeping, because she and Rachelle just got "roostered".

But they say it is around 11pm already, so it's kind of late to be getting roostered.

Rachelle comes up behind Sabrina. She is wearing glasses.

Heather says she hasn't seen her wear them all season.

She says they make her dizzy because they are a different prescription.

Rachelle grabs a couple of fuzzy peaches from the jar.

(Sabrina makes some kind of comment to her about asking first.)

Heather says "it's ok, she's not a have-not this time".

The Gremlins leave.

Heather says: "I'm so fucking happy, that Rachelle is going home and it's not Sabrina, because SHE'S A BITCH! Holy F!"

Jon (back on topic from before Gremlins came in): "I think it was Day 20."

They keep trying to figure it out.

Adel comes back in.

Downstairs, the Gremlins sit on the green couches.

Rachelle chews on her fuzzy peaches. We hear Sabrina complain about her stomach hurting her.

End of AfterDark.

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#BBCAN2 12:15PM BBT: Jon and Adel in the hot tub, with Sabrina, Rachelle, and Heather just sunning themselves. Neda still in DR.

#BBCAN2 12:21PM BBT: Neda comes back from the DR and Jon comments on her shirt. "Why don't you wear it a few more days in a row!"

#BBCAN2 12:23PM BBT: Topic of conversation out at the hot tub is about the different types of Yoga and the difficulty in each level. Rachelle likes the "Moksha" type. Says it really gives her a good workout. Jon comments how he has done Yoga and is amazed at it.

#BBCAN2 12:30PM BBT: Adel asks Jon if he was really studying to be a teacher. Jon says yes he is. Jon gets out of the hot tub and lays down near Neda.

#BBCAN2 12:35PM BBT: Adel asks if they would be surprised that Allison is Canada's player. The consensus from Sabrina, Neda and Jon is that she was. Sabrina even states that she probably had missions to accomplish, like getting into a showmance in 48 hours and such.

#BBCAN2 12:45PM BBT: Silence out at the hot tub until Adel perks up and says "I'm sweating balls" Sabrina is up in the WR cleaning up.

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#BBCAN2 12:50PM BBT: Neda asks what Jons 1st job was. They both delivered newspapers. Neda said she got fired from doing that. Well, not fired, they just quit sending her papers to deliver.

#BBCAN2 12:54PM BBT: Discussion out at the hot tub shifts to BBUS. Adel wonders how many Americans are BBCAN fans also. Neda says @mccraechum is a big BBCAN fan. Adel wonders who from the US would want to meat them. Jon thinks none of them would.

#BBCAN2 12:58PM BBT: Checking in with Sabrina. It appears that she has transformed into Mr Clean and is going to town on the WR

#BBCAN2 1:08PM BBT: Same crew still at the hot tub. Adel, Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Jon. Pretty quiet sunning themselves. Sabrina has taken her cleaning down to the kitchen.

#BBCAN2 1:24PM BBT: Nap time in the house. Jon, Rachelle, Heather, Neda and Sabrina out at the hot tub. Adel went inside to the HOHR.

#BBCAN2 1:33PM BBT: Sabrina went inside to make some toast because her stomach is still upset. Adel and Heather are no where to be found right now, while Jon is still out at the hot tub with Neda and Rachelle.

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#BBCAN2 1:40PM BBT: Jon is up in the bedroom with Adel listening to the headphones. Rachelle sitting down on the green couch trying to get her stomach to settle. Heather walks by and asks if BB gave her any pepto? Sabrina says she hasn't received any yet, but they are working on it. Neda and Rachelle still out at the hot tub napping. (The boredom there has to be making them stir crazy.)

#BBCAN2 1:45PM BBT: Sabrina heads out to the hot tub and talks to Neda about what Adel was complaining about earlier. Adel was going off for "10 minutes, while I was at the door about me talking about my diarrhea. I mean, seriously, its not that big of a deal." (I think Sabrina is just trying to find things to complain about)

#BBCAN2 1:51 to 1:57PM BBT: Heather, Jon, and Adel in the kitchen cooking. Looks like it's time to change the batteries as Sabrina comes in. She heads to the DR. Adel asks Jon if they are missing the playoffs. Jon thinks they just started because of what is covered on one of the cans in the kitchen. Out at the hot tub, Neda says that she thinks the person who finishes 3rd has the "crappiest" time because they don't get jury and no money.

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#BBCAN2 2:00 to 2:05PM BBT: Heather, Jon, Rachelle, and Adel are in the kitchen. They are currently chopping up veggies to add to the pasta. Rachelle goes upstairs to the bedroom and starts to talk to Sabrina. Sabrina is still complaining about Adel and how he views things. Says that him and Jon view things the way they want, and not how it really is.

#BBCAN2 2:10PM BBT: Rachelle is still talking to Sabrina in the bedroom. Sabrina says that Adel is so cocky now. She can't stand him. Down in the kitchen, Heather, Jon, and Adel are still cooking the pasta. Neda is probably still out at the hot tub, but not sure.

#BBCAN2 2:40PM BBT: Rachelle and Sabrina lounging in the bedroom, while the rest of the crew are eating lunch down in the kitchen. Not much talk going on in either area.

#BBCAN2 2:52PM BBT: Jedi training at the table between Neda and Heather while Jon and Adel clean up. Rachelle and Sabrina are napping in the bedroom still.

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3:41PM BBT: Sabrina sleeping in the main bedroom. Adel Neda Jon and Heather chatting in the HOH wishing something would happen. Rachelle left a moment ago threatening to go straighten up her clothes. Feeds in bedroom now show she is folding and stacking clothes in her hassock. Adel now tells Neda that her toes are gross. She painted one of them today and Adel says she needs to cut them all off. Jon now complaining that Neda gives him a hard time about everything. Neda now relating when she shaved off half her eyebrows. She tells Jon she does not tease him about things he has no control over. Adel buried under his yellow comforter on the bed, Heather under another yellow blanket on the couch. Neda asks if there is something they can do that does not involve moving. Adel suggests they play the eggs game (egg races with spoons). Neda is asking Jon for help finding a song on the iPod. Heather heads out the door. Bedroom cams show Sabrina still sleeping and Rachelle sitting on the floor sorting through her clothes.

3:46PM BBT: HOH crew now givng Jon a hard time about his dirty habits like having his hand in his pants constantly. Neda saying that Andrew was put on the show to be the asshole. (Adel fix your microphone. DRG) Jon tells Neda that if she had a boyfriend she would be the bossiest and she replies of course. He asks why and she says it is just her personality. Jon says some guys like that and Adel says he is one of them. Jon says that Janelle does wear the pants then says they both wear pants and that is the way they like it. Someone asks if he has a name for his hammer and he says no, then they go on to talk about someone else who did have a girlfriend that named his penis. Neda playing with Jon's foot that he has across her body. She wants to wax a toe and he says maybe later. She wants to burn at least one hair and he says she can light a fire. Adel asks if he has any hair on his butt cheeks and he says no. Jon volunteers this is the longest he has ever gone without being naked and he is always butt naked at home. Neda sleeps naked when she is at home but Heather usually goes in her underwear. Sabrina still snoozing and Rachelle still sorting clothes.

3:53PM BBT: Adel muffled under his comforter is giving Jon a hard time about being loyal to his girlfriend. (WAKE UP BB!! Tell him to fix his microphone.) Sabrina now awake and talking to Rachelle about her clothes. Neda says that if Sabrina wins next week it would be the most frightening thing ever. Rachelle asks if the stuff helped Sabrina's stomach and she replies a little. HOH crew talking about what would happen if they got physical with Sabrina. Adel wants to citizen's arrest the gremlins just because. Neda tells Adel that he is fucked. Adel mumbles loudly to BB that they are bored. Rachelle asks if she can get anything for Sabrina and she says no thanks. Neda closes her eyes and listens to the music. Rachelle heading out and Sabrina asks her for some brown toast with margarine.

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3:58PM BBT: Adel up getting something to eat. Neda says she cannot believe that they have two more days of nothing. (Tell me about it, hon. DRG) Adel jokes that BB is trying to poison us with fucked up candies. Heather says that they never got Adel's alcohol and they want him to go ask for it in the DR. Jon could really go for some day drinking. Adel says that they can hear us. Adel wants Jon to so something fucked up, Man! Jon says he would if he had some alcohol. Jon now telling Adel that he wanted to sleep with a girl the first night here and Adel says that he fucked up and was thinking outside the box about something else. (That's what she said. DRG) Jon now saying that Neda has not been horny the whole time they have been in the house. She says that she never said that. Now the question goes to Heather and she says she has not been that horny. Jon says she is always saying she wants to sleep with Will and she says yes, but she is not that horny just a little bit. Neda keeps calling to Adel who is in the bathroom to put on his microphone and they want him to ask BB for alcohol as he goes out the door. Jon asks Heather if she gives good massages and she cleverly says that she does not any more. Jon persists but Heather insists that she will suck really bad at it but he moves to sit on the floor in front of her anyway and she starts on his shoulders. She proclaims that she sucks and he says it is great and if she is trying to suck she is doing a bad job of it. Heather says she used to like giving massages and Jon asks if she feels that knot. Now they are talking about the music on the iPod. Adel returns wearing his HOH robe and says that they told him to tell Jon that they said no. They do not believe that he asked for it and tease that they will toss him out of the alliance. Jon now directing Heather where to rub. Sabrina now gets up and sneezes. Rachelle returns with her toast and some for herself as well. Massage has ended and Heather asks if it was OK. Jon wants to put his legs back on Neda but she says it was enough already. Sabrina munching on her toast and says that she is going to die. (because of Rachelle leaving) Jon teasing Neda with his feet trying to get her to lick his toes. She tells him to go bother Heather. Jon now asks if they will go tubbing with him and no one wants to move. Now they talk about Jon's dog and how he takes it to the park every day. Jon still trying to get Neda to kiss his foot.

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4:11PM BBT: Rachelle is going to go back to the HOH because she wants to listen to the music again. Sabrina tells her to sing in her head and she is mad at her. Major belches emerge from Sabrina. Rachelle wonders what it is from, something she ate? They leave the room. Heather calls out that they are final five. Jon says that final 5 is sick and Neda thinks that some others will be memorable like Andrew and Ika. Rachelle getting some munchies from the pantry. Jon rolls over and asks Neda to scratch his feet and legs again. She remarks that he has grass on his legs. Adel calls out to Jon asking him to come look for a sec. Heather goes instead and finds Adel in the tub in the HOH, He has sculpted someone in the bubbles and they all are supposed to make a guess who it is.

Neda now goes an looks and wonders where the eyes are. Heather says she would guess Paul. Jon says he already knows it is him. Adel says he is bored and Jon calls back that he sucks too. He wants to go to the hot tub but the gals do not want to go. Neda keeps saying that she is just taking his ingrowns out and is not pulling anything. Heather listening to the music and says she likes this song as it reminds her so much of this house. She gives the headphones to Neda to listen. Now they all want Adel to go to the DR and ask them for alcohol again. Adel says he is going to go eat so much nutella if they do not want to do anything fun. Rachelle takes something from the freezer and heads back out to the kitchen dropping ice cubes into her glass. She goes back to the pantry and gets down a jar of peanut butter. Heather says that it is really weird to go to bed knowing that people are watching them all the time like shift work. (Tell me about it, and we don't get paid either. DRG) Rachelle eating peanut butter off a spoon with her mug in the other hand. HOH crew now speculating about which girls they would date if they were guys. Adel asks Jon if he had a vajayjay which dong would he want to get pumped by and Jon says probably him. Feeds cut out but regretfully come right back up. Jon asks Adel which guy he would date if he had a vajayjay. Adel says none since they are all week. Jon says it would probably be him and Adel says he would not want his dong busting his vajayjay. Rachelle has headed out to the hot tub but thinks better of it upon arriving and heads back into the house. Now HOH crew talking about what happened right after Kenny announced he was gay and BB cuts the feeds (Guess they don't trust the hamsters to not embarrass themselves. DRG)

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4:24PM BBT: Rachelle now looking like red riding hood sitting on the green couches with a bright red shawl around her shoulders. Heather asks Neda if she will spray tan with her and Jon wants to go now and Neda tells him you have to do it right before bedtime since you cannot get it wet. Jon telling Neda to be careful and that what she is doing scares him. She says everything scares him and he says everything about her is scary. Adel calling out from the tub again. He says he got four things of chocolate milk and did not put alcohol on his request list. Jon says others did not either and they still got it. Neda still wants to pluck out his ingrown hairs and Jon squirms. Rachelle sitting alone on the green couches still making faces while looking up towards the HOH room. Adel has now migrated to the shower and complains that he ran out all the hot water. Jon tells him that he needs to cool off. Jon is humming/groaning as Neda works over his legs still. Adel calls out saying that he needs his underwear and towel, Jon tells them to not respond. Adel keeps hollering but the HOH is quiet. Jon gets up and slams the HOH door to make Adel think they left. Heather is muffling her laughter.

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4:31PM BBT: Rachelle now laying back on the green couches with her calves bent under her thighs. She is laughing at the noises coming from upstairs. Adel keeps calling out and no one is responding. He comes out with a towel wrapped around him and sees them sitting there and calls them dicks. Jon now sitting on top of Neda who is complaining that she cannot breathe. She calls out to Heather for help then asks if she can tie up her hair so it is a fair fight. She remarks PP1 face is coming out. He is back on top of her again calling out for someone to get the spoons. She says she actually can't breathe now and says this is so annoying and to stop. She is so over it. Rachelle puts her legs up over her hips then gets up and bends over aiming her butt at the camera. Jon back on top of Neda again and she is squeeling. Heather sing song voicing for BB to give them something to do. Neda saying that he was joking her you piece of shit. Rachelle asks BB where was Neda hiding in a British accent. Jon and Neda still going at it verbally. She says she wants just one good hit and he grabs her hands before she can get one in. Neda now telling him that he is actually being really aggressive and he replies that he was trying to leave. He tries again and she prevents him from leaving once more. Now she takes out her earrings and he lifts her up and tosses her on the bed. She tells him that he is dangerous he wonders how he wants to leave and she says after beating the crap out of her. Then she apologizes and the look over his scratched arms. ADel on the landing outside now performing his prayers. Neda telling Jon not to use hockey moves on her. He says he is bleeding from his finger and she says she does not care and he says he does not either. Now they want to argue about who started things trying to get Heather involved and she declines to take the bait. Neda says she is bored and Jon is too but that was fun for a few minutes. She tells him he should probably put some ointment on his arms. She remarks that the cameras are so obsessed with him. They are wondering where Sabrina is and when they ask Rachelle she tells them she has been in the DR for ten minutes. Rachelle comments in the British accent again, Is she on a mission, we will never know because missions are secret in the BB house. She now starts singing a song with lyrics about the house. HOH crew bounding down the steps heading out to play frisbee. heather comments that this shirt used to fit her boobs. Jon says they can't play out here because there are screws everywhere, Sabrina emerges from the DR and Rachelle asks if she was on a mission and Sabrina says no. She feels better but still a bit queezy. Neda saying she is so bad at frisbee but Adel tells her she got better then she throws the frisbee and says she cannot play. She says she does not do sports. Jon trying to instruct Neda. Sabrina and Rachelle talkikng about going outside but Rachelle says it is raining out there. Adel can see Neda ripping a whole in someones picture with the frisbee. Sabrina now putting on Rachelle's glasses and looking in the mirror. She quickly removes them, brushes her hair and heads out the door. Heather Adel Jon and Neda in a rectangle tossing the frisbee around in the BY. Sabrina now on the chairs in the red corner with her feet up across them.

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4:49PM BBT: Sabrina now in the bathroom brushing the ends of her hair. Frisbee is ongoing outside. Neda chides the guys that she does better with encouragement. Sabrina finishes arranging her hair then pulls her hood up over her head. She is intently reading a tube from the vanity then smells the contents closes the cap and puts it back. Adel asks if it is raining outside and Jon says it is. Adel wonders if it is hot tub rain and Jon says yes again. Adel wonders why they don't want to go out and Heather says she does. Heather calls out to BB that they would love a ball and Jon says he would love a hockey stick. Adel going to check on the rain outside and he says it is beautiful out. They all come to see and remark that it is beautiful. Now they are trying to guess the time and figure it is about four or maybe five. Rachelle in her red shawl now has joined Sabrina in the bathroom. heather commenting that it is hard to imagine that they have really been in there so long.

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8:27 Neda, Jon and Adel in have not room bouncing a ball against the wall. Sabrina and Rachelle in the kitchen eating pizza. They are completely bored. Neda and Adel tried to make a chess board earlier with paper towel but BB told them "no". Jon's pants are wet because he jumped in the pool earlier to try and stay awake.

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8:30 Neda, Heather and Sabrina now on the green couches bouncing the ball to each other. They are all super bored. Sabrina offers to cut Jon's hair but they decide to wait until tomorrow. Heather suggests they should spray tan tonight so they could see how it looks tomorrow. Jon now joins the girls on the green couches.

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You may have noticed some gaps in our coverage today. I'm hoping you'll all pitch in and cover 9PM to Midnight.

If you haven't registered to post, just go here to register, you'll be asked for an invitation code, use the number: 8298572 You'll need to reply to the conformation email, and that's it.


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8:50 Sabrina stops her monologue to discover a fruit fly. They decide to name it Fred. Heather and Neda bugging Jon that it looks like he peed himself because his sweats are wet from jumping in the pool earlier. Sabrina goes to join Rachelle outside. Talk turns to how much they want Sabrina to go home and that if she wins HOH she is going to put Jon and Adel up. Sabrina and Rachelle come back inside and break up the conversation.

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8:55 Sabrina and Rachelle go upstairs put some slippers on then go back outside. As they pass by they laugh about not winning the game and how boring everyone is. After the girls pass by the couches Adel says he can hardly wait until Sabrina goes home. (both sides are tired with each other and feel the same way) Jon goes to the pantry with Adel and tells him to say to Heather and Neda that Betty White juggles balls better than they do. The boys come back out to living room Adel tries to say the joke and stutters saying it. The girls laugh at his joke and Adel asks who the heck is Betty White? They tell him Golden Girls and he then figures out who she is. Talk then goes over where Ika is from and what interviews she has done since leaving the show.

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9:35 Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel still laying on the green couches. Adel doing Paul impressions and gives a shout out "I love you Paul" . Neda complains that it is so cold in the house. Heather than says she can't believe Arlie was a superfan but was so mean to BB. Jon says maybe that was the real Arlie. They all discuss working out again later tonight. Adel then gets them to play a game him and Paul use to play were you name a city, province or state and the next person has to name the next one with the last letter of the previous place. (finding out their spelling abilities really fast)

9:40 Sabrina and Rachelle sitting out by the hot tub. Sabrina talking about her trip to Las Vegas and all the famous people she seen.

9:47 Sabrina planning her and Rachelles trip to Vegas. That they are going eat at the buffets and then they are going to see this physic that she seen when she was there. The lady told her that in she was going to get back together with her boyfriend in three weeks and it happened. But she told her that she was going to marry him but that didn't happen. Rachelle wants to go see her and Sabrina says she has her phone number at home and she can phone the lady. Its only $30 and they have to pay by credit card over the phone. (hmm ) Sabrina and Rachelle head inside because Rachelle is cold.

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9:50 Inside by the green couches Jon is spinning Neda around on a chair for thirty mississippi's. Neda tries to go up the stairs and back down again (pretty funny to watch) Now Jon, Adel, Heather and Neda are spinning in a circle at the same time for 30 seconds bumping into each other than they run around the kitchen. Adel doesn't go he has to lay on the couch he couldn't make it. Neda wants to go and do it again. Jon says no way he is done. Neda is bugging Jon to wax his toes tomorrow.

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10:00PM BBT: Rachelle and Heather in the bathroom spray tanning one another. After doing Sabrina's legs in just her panties by the sinks the two have taken off their tops and gone into the shower stall to work on Sabrina's upper body. The others have moved into the kitchen now and Jon and Heather are getting some munchies. Rachelle saying she is enhaling the stuff while giving Sabrina directions regarding the application. They are giggling up a storm. Heather now in the pantry checking the lower cabinets. Jon eating Twistos at the counter and Neda comes over with a plate and they are joined by Heather. Spray tanning party wrapping up with Rachelle in her bra going to the sinks to wash her hands and says that her hand is fucked since her palm is staying brown. Quiet eating at the counter continues. Rachelle now putting on her PJs top (the ones that make her look like a dalmation DRG) Sabrina comes out of the shower braless with her high beams on. They think it will be interesting to see how it turns out tomorrow morning. Jon, Neda and Heather still munching away and Heather says that someone had an ice cream sandwich. The gals ask Jonathan who denies it was him and Heather asks if he is lying. Sabrina now picking up her clothes that were all over the bathroom floor and announces that tomorrow she is going to eat nothing. Jon comes in and asks what they are doing. Now Sabrina says they will have coffee and eggs in the morning since eggs are not fattening. Rachelle says maybe they should wait til later to have the eggs. Heather working on making some toast and asks Neda for help with the toaster. Jon now stripping in preparation to take a shower. Rachelle says to him that today was so boring and he echoes her remark.

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10:06pm BBT In WA Sabrina has been spray tanning (looking a little orange). In Kitchen area Jon Neda and Heather appear to be cooking up something (food - not a game plan). Adel is not on either of the screens.

10:13pm BBT Neda and Heather now in kitchen alone. Neda says something about someone being sketchy. Not sure who - but Jon did just leave. Neda says it puts doubts in people's minds. She then says she trusts everyone. (Neda doesn't trust anyone - Scarletkate)

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10:20pm BBT Jon's in the shower and that feed cuts out again. Neda in BR with Sabrina - Rachelle may be off screen. Sabrina wants to go to bed, but says BB won't let them for ay least another hour. Wondering what is in store for tomorrow. Sabrina asks Rachelle what Jon said to her in the bathroom - unable to decipher the whispering. Jon comes into BR and asks them if they just got woken up. They say mo, they figure its just too early to go to sleep. Jon says it must be almost 10:30 so he's going to try to lay down.

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