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GinaMarie - Final Week (Part 1 of HoH winner) BB15 Runner-Up


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While I do agree that many people see Elissa as a martyr and that they are voting for her due to that, I can say that I wasn't going to vote her as that until later on in the season for the following reasons:

1). She was a beast in the OTEV competition and I suddenly realized that she had been holding back on previous physical competitions;

2). When Elissa played in the wall HOH competition, she was a serious bad-a$$. Even though there was initial doubts on if her foot touched the ground it was clear later that it didn't and she got back on her step in one of the most thrilling moments of the season.

3). Even though EVERYONE was trying to get her to do their bidding both as MVP (she refused to nom Howard) and as HOH (refusing to nom GM) she did what she thought was best for HER game, not others.

4). She was one of the only players who put aside her feelings for a player in order to try and make alliances.

Now obviously she made errors in the game both socially and strategically but that game play that she did firmly put her as my favorite player. I simply have the added pleasure of knowing that it will piss the others off and I am also good with that. :-)

perfect reasons..i agree with every one of them..too many people refuse to give her any credit for game play ..in this season she was the ONLY one who played her own hoh..no matter who liked it and i will vote for her for favorite player because she was my favorite! :D

I guess her lies will be told as many times as that story, her health problems and Nick will be told here.

you know, if she didn't want to be talked about maybe she shouldn't have gone on this show....she knew what she was getting in to..if she wins she can get more fake hair and more liposuction


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I think that would be the stupidest game move either of them could make.

I could see GM winning over Andy depending on how Mcranda votes. I could understand them being bitter especially with the loyality comment that Andy made to McCrea. Andy has played a game that I don't like but it worked for him. I think alot of people will have issues with how he played the game and then again I could be completely wrong. I think GM has won and she didn't have to lie to many people because she was not aligned with many of the jury. I would prefer it be GM and Andy because Spencer had no game a big mouth but no game. This of course is just my opinion and I am probably so wrong LOL.
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